Strategic Plan School of fine artS honor roll - Lake Ridge Academy

Strategic Plan School of fine artS honor roll - Lake Ridge Academy



Winter 2012

Strategic Plan

School of fine artS

honor roll

alumni newS

Winter 2012

Academics Community Opportunity


Board of


Robert M. Fairchild – Chair

Robert C. Smith – Vice-Chair

Benjamin P. Norton – Secretary

Deborah F. O’Neill – Treasurer

Michelle Belardo

Michael Bramhall

Sean Decatur

thomas J. Dresing ’83

Don r. esch

Lee C. Howley

Donald W. Kaatz ’70

Lakhbir S. Lamba

rebecca ruppert McMahon

Karen K. Miraldi

Bridget Moreno

Donna M. Plecha

Joyesh raj ’89

Chann Spellman

Hayden e. Stafford ’89

editor: Ken Moore ‘00

Alumni relations

On the cover: Byron Fouts, in his 34th year on the faculty, continues his first-rate instruction in our Fine Arts Department.

He is pictured here with Kaci, Class of 2014.


integrity, respect, Scholarship,

and Personal Best

the 2011-2012 lake ridge academy Board of Directors

Table of Contents

Message from the President 3

Strategic Plan 4

the Arts at Lake ridge Academy 6

School of Fine Arts 10

Honor roll of Donors 12

Auction Gala 18

thanksgiving Games & Gathering 18

Alumni news 19

Diversity Forum – 10th Anniversary 23

President’s Letter –

Carol L. Klimas

in this issue of Byline, we celebrate many recent school happenings as well as

accomplishments that occurred in academic year 2010-2011. the donors recognized

in this issue supported the school during that time period, and major initiatives, like

the School of Fine Arts, were launched as well.

Behind our key programs, the school’s strategic plan serves as a foundation for each

one of our decisions. Our plan drives all of our efforts that support our overarching

goal to strengthen the school for the next fifty years beyond our milestone

anniversary in 2013.

every member of the Lake ridge Academy community is part of our strategic plan

because volunteerism, monetary gifts, expertise, advocacy and referrals strengthen

the school every day. i pledge to you that each one of your investments is applied

specifically and purposefully in support of our goals.

i am happy to share the details of our plan with you here, and invite you to view my

State of the School Address (see the back cover). Please contact me anytime with

your questions and comments. thank you for the many ways that you support Lake

ridge Academy!


Carol L. Klimas



to send into a changing world confident young

people of integrity who think critically and creatively

while embracing the joy of lifelong learning


Overarching Goal:

Position Lake ridge Academy

competitively in the market place

to prepare, grow, and develop the

school for the next fifty years

% of Change

in Student


2010-2011 to



Strategic Plan

Our Vision for Our Students

• Prepare students for an ever-shifting life by helping them to attain a sophisticated

worldview and perspective of the times in which they live

• Foster the ability to adapt and embrace change by learning critical and creative

thinking skills, problem-solving techniques, and learning strategies

• Build outstanding communications skills that allow students to speak fluently; listen

attentively; write legibly, precisely and concisely; and read effectively

• teach students to work collaboratively while integrating their knowledge and expertise

into the group

• incorporate technology in purposeful, effective, creative and responsible ways

• Develop values such as stewardship, accountability, empathy, respect, responsibility,

work ethic, professionalism, honesty, integrity, perseverance, and patience that are all

needed to lead a rich, rewarding and ethical life

Lake ridge Academy 5.6%

Wellington 3.9%

Western reserve 3.2%

Hawken 3.1%

Old trail 3.0%

Laurel 2.9%

Maumee Valley 1.9%

Columbus Academy 0.5%

University 0.3%

ruffing Montessori 0.0%

Agnon 0.0%

Columbus School for Girls -0.8%

Hathaway Brown -0.8%

Gilmour Academy -3.2%

Grand river Academy -12.7%

Canton Country Day -14.5%

Lake ridge Academy’s enrollment

growth is higher than any other Ohio

independent school (again!).

Strategic Objectives

these objectives best support our Vision for Students:

1) enhance the educational program via a rigorous curriculum

2) Attract, retain, and develop the best faculty and staff

3) Grow enrollment to optimal school size while promoting


4) Build brand marketing and awareness

5) Grow philanthropy

6) ensure vibrant governance

7) Develop community relationships

in order to support these objectives, Lake ridge Academy

continues to devote its financial resources to the implementation

of specific educational goals and key projects that serve to

preserve the institution and support our students in their pursuit

of personal best.

Tactical Objectives (through 2016)

1) increase student body up to optimal enrollment while continuing to promote diversity (currently 39%)

2) Grow philanthropy every year

3) Continue to closely monitor expenditures

4) enhance our competitive position by holding tuition as close to flat as possible

5) Focus marketing in target areas

6) Maintain our educational product by recruiting and retaining talented faculty

By adhering to strategic planning goals throughout the six-year planning period, Lake ridge Academy will

be positioned to compete for students among northeast Ohio independent schools.


The Arts at Lake

Ridge Academy

At a time when school arts programs are being cut again and

again, Lake ridge Academy’s commitment to arts education

remains constant. Approximately 20% of the school’s classroom

teachers are fine arts instructors, and we are proud of their

accomplishments as practicing artists in their disciplines

outside of Lake ridge Academy. to provide but a few

examples, our faculty includes a bassist with the Akron

Symphony Orchestra, the president of the oldest American

Orff-Schulwerk Association chapter in the country, the

headlining artist at a west side art show, and a performer at jazz

venues around the city. Over half of our fine arts faculty

members have graduate degrees in their discipline, and their

excellence translates into a classroom experience where

students are challenged to pursue excellence and encouraged

to discover their own passion for the arts.

Aside from our high-quality faculty, Lake ridge Academy is

actively developing new arts programming for our students. We

are pleased to highlight a brand new initiative in the life of our

school, the Lake Ridge Academy School of Fine Arts. Currently

in its first year, the School of Fine Arts provides talented students

with greater access to fine arts coursework during their high

school career while allowing them to take advantage of the

academic opportunities at Lake ridge Academy. in addition to

this increased access, students move through a comprehensive

fine arts curriculum where close-working relationships between

students and teachers, as well as among students, provide an

enriched experience in the given course of study.

What makes the School of Fine Arts possible is that there is a

rich arts curriculum leading up to, and running alongside the

School of Fine Arts program. Starting in kindergarten, students

at Lake ridge Academy begin their exploration and study of the

musical and visual arts. in middle school, every student studies

theater, music, and visual art. Once in upper school, the fine arts

curriculum serves both the School of Fine Arts students as well


At Lake ridge Academy, we teach fine

arts because we know that what we

do in our classrooms teaches students

to create, to think critically, to pursue

beauty, and to push themselves to new

artistic heights and personal discoveries.

What takes place in our studios, our

theaters, and our rehearsal spaces

encourages students to explore their own

humanity and in turn, share it with others.

as students not enrolled in the program concurrently. enjoy the

following vignettes offered by the faculty of the Lake ridge

Academy Fine Arts Department!

Lower School Art Program – by Melanie Leonard

When people think of art in an

elementary setting, it is easy to

think of arts and crafts. this is

not true at Lake ridge

Academy. Parents, when

walking into the lower school

art room for the first time, are

pleasantly surprised to see the

various projects that are being

this sketchbook assignment

asked students to sketch their

“Junk Drawer.”

created or the amazing artwork

hanging on the walls. Students

begin their rich exploration

into the artistic world with artist

series and studies. they learn about various artists and focus on

the key elements of art and design while learning to mimic these

in their artwork. As students progress through their years in the

lower school, their capacity for various mediums and diversity in

their art is stretched. By fifth grade, students become

accomplished young artists.

An example of one such student who has grown throughout the

lower school art program is Faisal Reza ‘19, whose artistic talents

are easily spotted. Faisal’s creative thinking and passion for the

elements of art and design bring his artwork to the forefront. As

a young artist, Faisal participates not only in our annual student

art show, but also in art shows outside the Lake ridge Academy

community as well.

The Orff-Schulwerk Approach – by Jennifer Shaw

it is often said that

children’s work is their play.

the Orff-Schulwerk

approach to teaching

young children music and

movement makes the most

of this statement. Often

shortened to “Orff” or “the

Schulwerk” (“school work”),

it began as an experiment

over 75 years ago by the German composer Carl Orff alongside

his life-long colleague Gunild Keetman. it celebrates half a

century of practice in the United States, specifically right here in

Cleveland, Ohio, where the first Chapter of the American

Orff-Schulwerk Association (AOSA) was established. As a Lake

ridge Academy music teacher, it is a privilege to serve as the

current president of the local organization.

Child-centered creativity and improvisation are at the core of the

Schulwerk, and musical experience is emphasized first and

foremost over musical literacy, which soon follows. the approach

is organic and challenging in music education. Students are not

asked to replicate the music and art of others; educators must

connect to children’s innate play and creativity in order to help

them create their own sophisticated and developmentally

appropriate music. Artistic integrity is at the heart of this

approach to music and movement education.

About Julia – by Byron Fouts

Julia Bouzaher ‘16 enjoys drawing

and painting. if you don’t look

closely, you might think her work

simply flows from her fingers. She

has been seen walking and drawing,

drawing and listening, drawing and

carrying on a discussion, drawing to

relax, drawing to de-stress, drawing

while eating, and drawing while drawing (really). it is a wonderful

experience to dialogue with Julia about rationales, ideas, and

thoughts about why and what she does. the transition of her

perceptions has been an event i will always remember.

the Manga style used in her early middle school years influenced

her line and use of shapes while her interest in impressionist

painting techniques brought about her painterly approach toward

color. She can embrace problems of relevance within her art and

harness other mental states in her work. there is a time to be

sequencial and logical, and a time to drift and daydream while one

draws and paints. (Hetland L., Winner e., Veenema S., Sheridan K.,

(2007) Studio Thinking The Real Benefits of Visual Arts Education:

teachers College Press).

Julia has an amazing aesthetic. Her choices to keep, change,

delete, modify, or rework forms and design elements create a

dialogue with whatever media she works with. While Julia may

represent the highest channeling of these elements, all middle

school students do this in their own way, as they should. How

cool is that?

And They Dance Real Slow in Jackson –

by Kristy Knechtges

As Shakespeare so eloquently said, the

purpose of great theater is to hold “the

mirror up to nature.” With their

empathic spirit, our students were ready

to tackle the 2011 fall play, And They

Dance Real Slow in Jackson, a play that

traces the emotional downfall of a girl

crippled by polio. respect, one of our school’s core values, is

shown in outward signs through the Upper School Honor Code,

which was written by the students and governs student conduct,

and the student-founded GSA group that works to foster an

environment of respect. these signs come from an understanding

among our students that dishonesty and disrespect can be present

continued on next page


in all of us, but ignoring these factors will not make them go away.

instead, our students make a positive impact by recognizing the

problem and making strides to effectively handle it.

it is this spirit of respect throughout our learning community that

enabled our students to delve so effectively into the mind of a

young girl who is misunderstood by all who surround her. even

after the lights have dimmed on this production, their respect will

live in the lives of everyone who had the privilege of seeing their

wonderful artistry on the Bettcher stage.

Jazz Fest – by Ed Leonard

Jazz legend Herbie Hancock stated

that “creativity and artistic

endeavors have a mission that goes

far beyond just making music for

the sake of music.” At Lake ridge

Academy, this is our goal. in a

culture where youth find jazz

antiquated and out-of-date, our program endeavors to connect

students to their music and to have fun throughout the process.

A great opportunity to share the creativity and excitement

inherent to jazz music with the Lake ridge Academy community

is the annual Jazz Fest. every spring, Lake ridge Academy hosts

an evening of jazz music accompanied by great art and food.

Last year’s headlining performer was Bobby Ferrazza of Oberlin

College. Mr. Ferrazza’s passion for both jazz education and jazz

performance shone through his entire set to the entertainment

of all in attendance. this year’s Jazz Fest, slated for May 4, 2012,

promises to be another engaging event where the jazz genre is

once again shown to be relevant, engaging, and meaningful to

today’s listeners.

throughout the year, we seek to hold true to Mr. Hancock’s

message that music is more than performing notes on a page; it is

a way to communicate creativity, build relationships, and have fun.

Travel in the Strings Program – by Tom Flowers

What did the

Upper School Lake

ridge Academy

String Orchestra

do after

graduation day last


The Arts at Lake Ridge

spring? travel to Disneyworld, of course! Last fall, this talented

Upper School group submitted an audition video to Disney with

the help of Mr. Fouts’ video class. they were accepted to

perform in Downtown Disney and also participated in a “You’re

instrumental” clinic at epcot Center.

the audience was appreciative of our performance. Disney

trumpeter, Davey Jones, was the clinician who introduced the

group to the process of music soundtrack production. the result

was a 5 minute DVD of a segment of the movie, Beauty and the

Beast, accompanied by the Lake ridge Academy strings!

A Lake ridge Academy tradition continues with our annual Ashland

Spring String Wing-Ding. Last May, many of our lower and middle

school string students participated in this weekend clinic at Ashland

University. Well-known clinicians were on hand to lead the students

in music skill development while having a great time. this year, the

Wing-Ding will be held on May 19 and 20. All string students in

grades 5 through 8 are welcome and encouraged to participate.

Choral Program: About Liv – by Tim Unger

the choral program at Lake

ridge Academy strives to

facilitate the musical and vocal

development of each

individual singer. Moreover,

the successful singer embraces

unfamiliar or foreign

approaches to singing, genres of music, and ways of thinking

about vocal music over the tenure of their choral education.

One student who embodies this openness to new vocal ideas is

Olivia Miraldi, a School of Fine Arts vocal major. Liv is a singer/

songwriter who, in her own time, focuses on contemporary styles of

singing and is currently considering future studies in commercial

music. Per the School of Fine Arts curriculum, Liv dove into

coursework that includes classical voice lessons, english diction, the

history of western music, and traditional choral music. At first

glance, none of these courses relate to Liv’s passion for

contemporary, popular music. However, as the semester has

unfolded, she has discovered meaningful, beneficial connections

between the study of these classical musical avenues and her areas

of personal interest.

What has made this all possible is Liv’s enthusiasm and

willingness to grow as an artist. Her openness to new musical


ideas has resulted in great musical and

vocal growth that she can apply back to

her own music-making.

Marilyn Crooker with the quartet the “next Best

thing.” Pictured: tony D’Amico ’97, Atif Peshiman

’96, Marilyn Crooker, David Kim ‘97, and

Andy Clark ’96.

Singing for Life –

by Marilyn Crooker

At age three, a child naturally sings the first

two pitches of “rain, rain, Go Away.”

At age eighty, “You Are My Sunshine,” a

song learned possibly in a music class, is

still remembered in the recesses of a now

failing mind.

every human being is blessed with their

own built-in instrument – their singing

voice – to use whenever and wherever

they may choose. Learning to use that

voice and being comfortable with it is

what a music teacher undertakes each

and every day with students.

My philosophy has always been that

everyone can sing, despite what some may

have been told earlier in life. Hopefully,

each person sings because it brings such

joy to one’s soul. it can be done in small or

large groups, and if one is daring enough, it

can be done solo! But even if only one

hums along quietly to a favorite song, these

words by Walter Landor hold true, “there is

delight in singing, though none hear

beside the singer.”

So, don’t be afraid to give your voice to

song throughout your life. it will bring great

happiness to your former music teachers!

As Virgil wrote, “Let us go singing as far as

we go; the road will be less tedious.”

A Painter’s Journey – by Jeff Yost

the young

painter often

begins with

exuberance and


curiosity about

what is seen and

what is made.

When given the discipline to cultivate and

give form to this curiosity, powerful things

will happen as s/he learns to think critically

and creatively. the painter’s mature work

calls on equal parts engineering and

philosophy to develop complex and highly

individual systems to both distill and

express the impressions of the surrounding

world. those impressions spring from the

painter’s own culture and the shared lives

within it, whether s/he is embedded in or

distant from it. these serve as the real

inspiration for expressing something

truthful and beautiful.

A painter’s real product is not a picture; the

images offered are to remind us of where

we might start to look for beauty in our own

continued on next page

“Creativity and

artistic endeavors

have a mission

that goes far

beyond just

making music

for the sake of



“Those who are able to develop

unique perspectives and envision

unforeseen solutions will be the

leaders of the next generation.”

lives. they are made to enrich our understanding of who and what we are; every

painting is an opportunity to consider our own perceptions. For a lifetime, the painter

cultivates these skills. the culmination is a refined mirror to reflect and sublimate the

beauty of our lives and how they are lived.

Art in the Digital Age – by Carolyn Ballou


the professional field of digital art has

grown from programming and data

processing to the manipulation of these

technical skills to create commercial and

fine art. the digital arts program at Lake

ridge Academy has, in turn, evolved to

follow this real-world trend.

By completing offerings in the digital arts,

our students prepare themselves for one of the fastest-growing and evolving sectors of

commercial art. Students develop an understanding and working knowledge of the

foundations and principles of art which are then transferred over to complex visual arts

software that challenges their technical skills. All of this is done in the pursuit of creating

visually effective artwork.

technology and art are taught in tandem, requiring students to develop the capacity to

think both artistically and logically. Fostering this duality of thought is one more way that

Lake ridge Academy is preparing students for the 21st-century workforce.

Art, Once School is Finished – by Ann Bort

in this Digital Age, access to technology increases with every new phone, tablet, and

automobile, putting infinite amounts of information within an arm’s reach every hour of

the day. While technology has become second nature to most of us, the future of

innovation and entrepreneurship belongs to those who can create something new.

those who are able to develop unique perspectives and envision unforeseen solutions

will be the leaders of the next generation.

the hands-on experience of creating, through designing and building a sculpture,

choreographing a dance, or interpreting a piece of music, engenders a student who is

inventive, empathic and analytical. By taking artistic risks at Lake ridge Academy, our

students are more likely to act on creative ideas that will make tangible, useful, and

innovative contributions to any field of work or study.

School of

the School of Fine Arts is more than a

collection of coursework. it is a

comprehensive, four-year immersion in

a discipline that is designed to foster

the development of the artist. there

are currently seven disciplines, or

courses of study, supported by the

program: Voice, instrumental Strings,

instrumental Jazz, Musical theater,

Acting, Studio Arts, and Digital Arts.

Students are auditioned into the

program and work through a

multifaceted curriculum designed to

give them a well-rounded and in-depth

arts education that prepares them for

their futures and sets them apart from

their peers as they enter college. there

are four main components to the

School of Fine Arts program, each

designed to address a different side of

artist education:

the first is artist training. each student

works through eight semesters of

coursework over four years that will

the School of Fine Arts Advisory

Council includes individuals with a

variety of backgrounds and

experiences in the Cleveland Arts

Community. the Council’s role is

to assist in the development and

growth of the School of Fine Arts

by providing input and insight into

the program and curriculum,

Fine Arts

provide a breadth and depth of

knowledge required for each discipline.

Specific details of each

program of study can be

found on the Lake ridge

Academy website.

the second piece to artist preparation is

the exchange of ideas and the

development of the individual artist’s

voice. this is facilitated by the Fine Arts

Seminar, a cross-disciplinary seminar,

attended by all members of the School of

Fine Arts. through this forum, students

can share their artistic growth and

development with one another and

examine their discipline in the larger

context of the Arts.

the third element of the program is

artistic growth in non-curricular areas.

Students have extra-curricular

expectations that are tailored toward their

individual courses of study to foster

growth and development. this keeps

bringing ideas and innovations to the

discussion about what the School of

Fine Arts offers, and facilitating

relationships with artists and

organizations in the Cleveland area.

We are incredibly grateful for the

commitment and efforts of our

Advisory Council who include the

following individuals:

students engaged in their art form outside

of the classroom walls and provides a

greater opportunity to foster growth in

the area and at the level each individual

student needs.

Finally, Lake ridge Academy is committed

to giving School of Fine Arts students

access to art and artists of the highest

caliber from across the Cleveland region.

this means that School of Fine Arts

students are given unparalleled access to

some of Cleveland’s major arts institutions

and their personnel. Members of the

School of Fine Arts Advisory Council often

facilitate these important networking

connections. (see below.)

the School of Fine Arts is completely

integrated into the upper school

program. School of Fine Arts students are

a part of the day-to-day community and

culture in the upper school. this means

that our arts-focused students work and

learn alongside students with other

ChRiS BReueR


DR. JuDiTh e. BuRNS

Professor of Music education,

Baldwin-Wallace College

Director, Baldwin-Wallace Women’s Choir

Director, Conservatory Outreach Honors


JiM heuSiNgeR

Art Collector


Development Director,

near West theatre

passions and pursuits, giving all students

the opportunity to learn from one

another. in the same way that upper

school students have the opportunity to

rehearse and create in the arts classes

alongside our School of Fine Arts

students, our School of Fine Arts students

have the opportunity to investigate and

explore alongside the rest of our talented

student body in the science labs, english

classes, and other curricular areas.

As we move forward with this innovative

new offering, we are thrilled to have the

consistent enthusiasm and support of the

Lake ridge Academy community. We

believe that we are creating an

educational journey for our students that

will tap into their passion and creativity as

developing artists. By providing them with

the structure, time, and opportunity to

pursue their discipline, School of Fine Arts

students will go forward from Lake ridge

Academy equipped to succeed and

embrace their futures.


Professor of Jazz Guitar, Oberlin College

Chair of Jazz Studies, Oberlin College


Supervisor, School residency Program,

Great Lakes theater Festival

DR. MeLViN uNgeR

Director, riemenschneider Bach institute

Professor of Music, Baldwin-Wallace College

Director, Singers’ Club of Cleveland


in the first year of its six-year strategic plan, Lake ridge Academy received $1,365,985 in philanthropic support – a 25%

increase over the prior year. the donors recognized below helped the school reach its financial goals and are inspiring

other donors to follow their wonderful example in the current academic year.

Donors are recognized below for the total dollar value of their confirmed commitments made between July 1, 2010

and June 30, 2011. Support levels include the values of outright gifts, new pledges (some of which will be fulfilled in

future years), gifts in kind, will commitments, planned gifts, auction gifts, golf outing sponsorship or participation, and

company matching gifts that were facilitated by these donors.

All of these donors provided support to many different areas of the school. Donors who supported the school’s highest

fundraising priority, the Annual Fund, are recognized with an asterisk (*). 1963 Society members are noted in italics when

their Annual Fund gifts totaled $1,963 or more.

Lake ridge Academy students benefit every single day from these gracious donors, and we thank you!


Donald ‘70 and Linda Kaatz*

Chann and Edward Spellman*



Robert and Cynthia Fairchild*

Bernie and Bridget Moreno*

Kent ‘72 and Gail Sommer*

The Focus Foundation*


Mark and Julie Anne Grossi*

Lee and Jo Ann Howley*

John and Betty Kemper*

Benjamin and Jane Norton*

John and Deborah O’Neill*

Ferdinand ‘79 and Donna Plecha*

Mercedes Benz of north Olmsted


Gregg and Madelyn Foster*

Charles and Charlotte Fowler*

Benjamin and Brenda Norton*



Dale and Brenda Alexander*

Kathryn Bilski

George and Lora Blaha

Vaughn and Karen Kauffman

Daniel and Carol Klimas*

Lake ridge Academy Parents Association

Michael Shaulis and Sarah Durn*

Cleveland indians Charities, inc.

national Foundation for Philanthropy

The Stocker Foundation*


Honor Roll


thomas ‘83 and Janna Dresing*

George elliott

Darrin and Meredith Farrow

Pat Hemmer

Myron Miller

Phillip and Clare navratil*

James and Vanita Oelschlager*

Joyesh ‘89 and Kelly Raj*

Joe and Nancy Scarpitti*

robert and Susan Smith*

richard and Sheila tatham

John and Doreen Ziska*

Bettcher industries, inc.

FM Global Foundation

Chas. S. rivchun & Sons, LLC



Dennis and Debra Allen

Joe and Amy Arno

Christopher ‘86 and Patricia Baker

William and Linda Baker

Lee and Michelle Belardo*

Philippe and Lori Berenger*

Alok and Cristine Bhaiji

Calvin and Keisha Booth

Derre and Diana Buike

nicholas and Vasiliki Diamantis

Don and Sherry esch*

Scribner and Ann Fauver*

Michael and Koren Furrey

Marla Gerrek and Dwight Johnson

Jeffrey Gwinnell and Margaret Benham*

Atul Hulyalkar, M.D. and Renuka Diwan, M.D.*

robert and Kellie Huxtable

John Kastelic*

Karen Kemper

Michael and Pamela Kolczun

David and Cindy LaRue*

Dean and Michelle Martens

Cameron and ester Mitchell*

Douglas Potoczak and Karen Mihalik-Potoczak

robert and Melanie Shock*

Donald and Karen Strang

Paul and Barbara Swasey*

Bruce Szabo and Julie rehm*

David tatham

Craig and Cynthia tellerd*

Betty Weiss

Kam and Lo Wong*

Christine Zirafi, MD

Calfee, Halter & Griswold LLP

Carnegie Management & Development Corp.

Community West Foundation

FirstMerit Bank, n.A.

Fairchild Management Company

Goodyear tire & rubber Company

the Laub Foundation

ross environmental Services

UBS Matching Gift Program*

The Clara Weiss Fund*

Wickens, Herzer, Panza, Cook & Batista

Winfield Associates, inc.



Safaa Al-Haddad and May Al-Abousi

Brian Adams and Gretchen Anderson*

Oakley Andrews

Larry thomas and Caprice Bragg*

Michael and Lisa Bramhall

Marcus and Jane Buehrer*

randall Chriss and Beth Llewellyn*

Daniel and Lindsey ‘99 Sommer Braddock

richard and Joanne Clark

Saji and Lisa Daniel*

J. B. Shaw iii and Ann Marie Davis*

Sean Decatur and renee romano*

Peter and Athena Diamantis

richard and natalie Drake*

Cole ‘79 and Susan Fauver*

tracey Frierson*

robert and Stephanie Fulop

Kenyon and elizabeth Glor*

tom and Kari ‘01 Sommer Halko

James and Christine Heusinger*

Sally Hudnutt*

randy Hutchison

David Kuentz*

Suresh and Lori Mahajan*

Kevin and Jenifer McCarthy

ronald McMahon and rebecca ruppert


Michael and Laura ‘78 Osgood Meadors*

James and Karen Miraldi*

ravi Vedula and Chandana Mozumdar*

John Mullaney and Barbara Sawhill*

robert nemetz and Laura DiVincenzo

David O’neill ‘01

robert and Brenda rice*

John Scofield and Deborah Mills-Scofield*

James and Cynthia Seidel*

robert and Linda Smigel

Hayden ‘89 and rachael Stafford*

Jack Streepy and rebecca Daniel

Joseph and Melissa Williams*

Al Wilhelmy Flowers

Barnes & noble*

Commercial Properties Associates

First Growth Properties

international excess insurance

Madd Chef

Maloney + novotny

Microsoft Corporation*

northwestern Mutual - northeast Ohio Group

national Shelter Products, inc.

Ocean reef Club

O’neill Management

Sommer’s Mobile Leasing

timan Window treatments


richard and Kathy Ader*

Grant Alexander ‘96*

Peter and Gayle Andre de la Porte*

Sabry and Maryam ‘87 nasr Ayad

Kathy Barr

Mark and Adele Bartlett

Maria Beltran*

robert and Sharon Bennett

Jan ‘84 and Cynthia Beseler*

Bryant Bitar ‘01

Jihad and Sandra Bitar*

Alex Brickley

Dennis and Gayle Brickley

William and Susan Colley*

eric ‘92 and Aida Collings*

Gabe Despres

Michael and roseanne Deucher*

Matthew ‘82 and Jane eppley*

John and Lisa eyring*

Byron and Deborah Fouts*

Matt Gatchell

Marten and Lisa ‘84 Khosh Granger*

O. Mark and Barbara Hastings*

Wendall Hinkle and Carolyn Kmieck-Hinkle*

Barry ‘77 and Jamie Hyman*

Jeff Fowler and teresa Jenkins*

Jack and Sherry Kahl

John and Diane Kahl

Michael Kemmer ‘77

Colleen Kilbane and Solur Udayashankar*

Gwang Kim*

Brian and Cathy Kingsley*

Jeffrey ‘83 and Annette ‘84 Wasem Knapp*

Herman and Joanne Kopf

Marvin Krislov and Amy Sheon*

Mr. and Mrs. Lakhbir Lamba

Anthony and Dottie Laurinaitis

ralph and Kathy Leroy*

Gary and Cathy Martz*

Mary Miles

Kenneth and Karen Moore*

Kenneth ‘00 and Sarah ‘00 Moore

Masroor Mustafa and Marina Magrey*

eric and Carissa nettle

Garey and tracey noritz*

Christine Weiss Pfeil ‘70*

ramon and Judy rivera*

Mark and Kristin ‘84 Kemper roshkowski*

todd and Molly Sommer*

robert Sweet ‘96*

Fred and Mary tavakoli

Kate theobald

Matt thompson

Vincent and Susan thomson

William ‘80 and Lora VanSickle*

Li-zen ‘87 and Vanessa Yieh*

Lynn Yieh ‘87*

Christine Zarafi

AA Kenpo Karate

Academy Graphic Communication, inc.

All Pro Freight Systems

Anthony Battle/Pack Alpha Dog training

the Capital Group Companies*

Charles Scott Salon & Spa

eric P. Mull Photography

Great Lakes Gymnastics

Ge Foundation*

GK’s Custom Polishing, inc.

J. Barker Landscaping

Kaya Day Spa

Kinsale Golf and Fitness

Kolczun and Kolczun Orthopaedics/

Cleveland Clinic

Lawrence Schreibman’s Gems


the nord Family Foundation*

north ridge racquet Club

the norton Family Foundation*

Shore Catch Guide Service


UBS Financial

Walden inn

the Western reserve Historical Society


Garrett Blaha ‘10

Jeff Parsons and Candice Champion-Parsons ‘97

Albert Chan and Annie tan

Cynthia A. Cromling

Kass and Marilyn Crooker*

Andrew Culberson

Louis and evon D’Amico*

robert and Paula Dempsey*

Brian Duffin

Mehrun elyaderani


onald and Linda Gordon*

Frank and Sharon Groh-Wargo*

ronald and Katherine Hatcher*

Gregory and Meghan ‘98 Flannery Hayes*

Howard and Kathleen Kerber*

Martin ‘00 and Ashley Kilbane*

Paul and Patricia Koethe*

Daniel Latham‘90

Michael Liebeskind*

Barb Lozada

Charles Lozon

Mark and Barbara McClusky*

tom and Ann Medwetz*

thomas and Gail Moran*

trina Muzingo and Michelle Muzingo

Bradley ‘86 and Debbie norton

William O’neill ‘07*

richard Pfeil ‘05*

Fred and Marion Plecha*

Linda radigan

Olan and Veronica reese*

Christopher and Linda rothgery

Scott and Heather russell

Ferenc and Jennifer Sanderson*

Meredith Scerba

Katie and tim Schulz*

Sally Stewart

Gint ‘90 and Katrina Strautnieks

Mark and Marlene tagliavoni*

nancy Valek

Joseph Vincent and Susan Mathai*

Jeff Yost

robert and Carrie ‘79 Moore Young*

terri Moore Zajac

Seth Zaremba ‘90

the Abbewood

Anna’s Sewing Center

Blue ridge Farm

Bramhall engineering & Surveying Co., inc.

Cleveland Cavaliers

Cleveland Magazine

Columbus Marriott northwest

Cuyahoga Community College

the Fedeli Group

Five Seasons Sports Country Club

Hitesman Photography

Holistic Massotherapy

J.D. Byrider

KeyBank Foundation*


Marigold Catering


Mid Ohio race track

no Place Like Home inspections

On the Spot Gourmet

Pine needles Golf Club

Princeton review


Honor Roll

Provide - Commerce

the ritz-Carlton


Shurtech Brand

Solari Quintessentially italian

Super tan

William e. Pappas CPA, inc.

Yorkshire entertainment

Zone Aviation

$1-249 anD other giftS in KinD


Paul and Amy Ackerman

timothy and JoAnne ‘90 Bell Adams*

Grace Adams ‘19*

Jeffrey Ader ‘04*

Mikio Akagi ‘04*

George and Becky Alex

Charles and Laura ‘77 Kneale Anderson*

Arizon Anderson*

Jerome V. Andrews

Chris and Sara Arnold*

George and Christina Asimou

Gary and Sandra Bacher*

Scott and Donna Baker

russelle and Holly Balog*

David and Carola Bamberger*

troy Barnes

troy and Heather ‘98 Kaatz Barnes*

Franz Bauer ‘88*

Brian and Karolyn Beals*

ralph and Marianne Betters*

Susan Biegel*

thomas Bilski

Peter and Karyn ‘79 Van Sickle Bishop*

Constantine and Catherine Bitounis

James and Joyce Blakely

richard and Ann Bort*

tara Bowen*

Anita Stilz Boyle

Daniel and Lindsey ‘99 Sommer Braddock

Alan and Barbara Braverman

Andrew and Victoria Brobbey*

Marc Brown

Pete Harrison and Denise Buell ‘83*

Charles and Margaret Busser

Ashley Busser ‘96

Paul Butler ‘75*

Benjamin ‘86 and Christina Buttriss*

Jack and Margot Calcut*

H. Boyd Cameron*

Carolyn J. Carr*

Kevin and Heather Carroll*

Brent and Fawn Carson

Alex and Alicia Cassady*

Francesco Catanese

norman and Carol Clary*

Coleta and Jackie Clifton*

Jeffery and Shuijun Coble*

Deborah Cocco*

edwin and Jayne Cole*

Bernadette Colegrove

robert and Bonnie Cowie*

Damion ‘93 and Dawn Crannis*

Anne Marie Cronin*

ronald Davis and Laura Guggenheim*

Carrie Kuss Denning ‘92*

Alan and Ann DeWerth*

Gus and Argyro Diamantis

Paul and Helen Diamantis

Paolo C. Diamantis ‘17

ralph DiOrio and Denise Fugo

Phil and Brooke Doerner

Meredith C. Dresing ‘17

Samuel L. Dresing ‘22

William and Victoria Dufford*

Christopher and renee Dugan*

rodney and rebecca Dummitt*

rollin and Deanna edgar*

Charles and Lizabeth emrick*

Marko Farian and tiffany Farian ‘96*

rita Farry*

Amber Fisher*

Andrew and Karel Fisher*

Michael and Paula Fitzgibbon

Mark and Kim Flash*

thomas and renee Flowers*

Michael and Stacie Foor*

John Foster*

Michael Fradley ‘97*

Steven and Mary Ann Francis

Louis Frangos

Heather Harris Freiberg*

russell and Margaret Friedrich

Frank Furiga*

Gary and Christy Garbinski*

ronna-Jean Gedeon*

Brett and Patricia Gerber

Debby Ghezzi*

Harry and Angelike Giallourakis

Francis and tori Gibbons*

richard and Anne ‘74 Marshall Gieryn*

David and Lisa Gilchrist*

Harvey and Marilyn Glor*

ethan Glor ‘07*

Benjamin Glor ‘10*

ronald and Veronica Gosselin*

Carl Goudas

Marilyn Goudas

Clifford Goytowski

raymond and Mary Graber

Mellissa Granzier

Judge Lisa Locke Graves

Clarence and Carol Gray*

Valerie Greathouse

edward and rene Guest*

nancy Gwynne*

Michael Prud’homme and elizabeth F.

Gwynne ‘82*

Margaret and Michael Haase*

Susan Haendiges*

elaine Hagan

Victoria Hahl ‘12

richard and Frances Hamper

ray Hanna*

Michael and elisabeth Hanrahan*

Jennifer Hanrahan*

David and Julie Harris*

Stephen Harris*

Christopher Harter

Ben and Jody Haserodt*

William ‘78 and Karen Hassler*

Lucille Hassler

John and Jean Hastings

Kiki Hatzis

Frank and edwina Hawkins

Joseph Heider

norman and Marjorie Henderson*

robert and Janine Hendricks*

Christopher and elizabeth Hickey

Luke Howley ‘09*

Donald and Suzanne Huebler*

norbert and Sharon Huebsch*

Gene and Kellie Hughes*

G. ‘84 and Kelly ilg*

Gary ilg ‘81*

Bojan and Kerry ivkovic*

John and Chris Janas

David and Lisa Jilbert

Barry and toris Johnson*

John and Helen Johnson*

Kathryn Joyce*

Angela Jumbert

William Kaatz

Paul, Sandy, Peter, and Koula Kadras

David and Margaret Kamitsuka*

Joe and Jeanette Kanaan

George and inger Kantzios

efigenia and George Kantzios

tom and rhonda ‘87 norton Kean*

robert and Jeanette Kirwin*

thomas and Laura Klein

Kyriaki Klidas

Kristy Knechtges*

David and Marilyn Koethe*

Alumni Participation

each student who attends Lake ridge Academy relies on the support of alumni who

preceded them. Students are made aware of alumni support and learn that they too

will one day have a responsibility to continue the tradition of philanthropy. this cycle

strengthens the school over time and helps to sustain Lake ridge Academy’s unmatched

community of support.

Lake ridge Academy recognizes the following

top classes for their giving participation rates

and dedication to our students:

1979 – 42% 1977 – 27%

1983 – 30% 1984 – 25%

1970, 1987, 1990 and 2001 – 20% (tied)

Larry and Anna Kontokanis

George and Popi Kopasakis

Bruce and Juliann Krous*

Vikram and namrata Kumar

Kostas Kypriotakis and John Kypriotakis

Panos and Lana Kyrkos

Anne LaFrance

Steven and Beth Lamb

Jeff Lamparski

edwin Langhenry

timothy and Linnette Lavelle*

rob and Katarina Levit

Scott and Anissa Lewis*

Shea Loper ‘99

Gregory and Loreen Lucas*

Jerry and Kimberly Luccioni*

Jim Lucsik*

William MacKay*

Ganesh and Phani Maddali*

Kostoula Markos

George Marountas

robert Marshall ‘76

Manu Mathews and Shiny Abraham*

Stephan and Kristen Mayer*

Susan McDonald*

Fallon Mcnally ‘07*

tim and Colleen Mcneill

Milton and Lynn Midis

robert and Sharon Mier*

Michael and Debra Miller*

Frank Milluzzi and Joan Jesse Milluzzi

David ‘71 and Leslee Miraldi*

todd and Stephanie Moore*

Adam Moreno ‘14

Kathryn Moreno ‘10

Kevin Moreno ‘17

emily Moreno ‘12

Konstantinos and Maria Mougianis

Frank and nancy nagy*

William and Diane nahorn*

George and Ann nakis

Samir and esmat nasr

nancy nordlah neville

Charles and Virginia newcomb

Bradley and Susan norpell*

Barry and Penny norris

John norton*

Benjamin norton ‘22

eileen novello

Frank and Gail Opaskar*

William and Betsy ‘77 evans Owens*

Dale Pagano

Wayne and Beth Palmer

Peter Palos

nathan Pangrace ‘01

George and Helen Papadorotheou

nikolaos and Antonia Papanikolaou

Peter ‘86 and Kimberly ‘87 Kemper Parrish*

Monty and Danielle Parrish

tony Paskevich

rahil H. Patel ‘12*

Peter and Lorraine Patsouras


Laura Paxton*

rebecca Paxton ‘01*

Ann Peckham*

Harry Persaud ‘11*

Dametra and Panagiota Petsas; Konstantinos


Jimmy and roberta Pettit*

Carolyn Pfeil ‘07*

John ‘82 and Sheila Plecha*

Heather Potantus

Christopher Poulos

Steven and Jane ‘70 Mercer ramsay

Arash rashidi and Zahra Karimloo*

Gary and Angela rasoletti*

Stephen rasoletti ‘12*

S. r. and Basabi ratnaparkhi

Beth Ann raymond

Annouska Askaridou remmert

Barbara reynolds

James and Barbara ridel*

robert and Michelle robertson*

norman and Lynne rose*

Brian and Debra roy

Kevin and Dina-Maria ruehlman*

Jeffrey and Laura ‘80 Pettit rusick

David teal and Sally Saddler ‘73*

Constandinos and Maria Samarellis

Alexzander S. Schasfoort ‘17

Bart Schasfoort and Karen Stary

Spencer Scheeler ‘11*

Benjamin Schiff and June Goodwin

Amanda Seidel ‘10*

Janelle Sekerak*

Julia Bilz Sertich ‘01*

Michael Sertich ‘01*

Jennifer Shaw

Bud Shaw

terry S. Shilling*

Brian Shimko ‘04*

r. Michael Shock ‘20

George and efty Simakis*

Dana taylor and Carolyn r. Simmelink ‘73*

Jim and Hala Soliman

ricardo and terri Soto*

Joseph Soukenick

Peter and Susan Sour*

Kevin roberts and Hilary Sparks-roberts*

Les and Sandy Spike*

Carole Stark*

Jon and Cecilia ‘88 Shin Steinman

nick and erin Stellato*

Marilynn Stoxen*

Gerald and eileen Strauss

robert and Deborah Sutherland

Brett ‘90 and Gretchen Swasey*

richard and Bonnie Sweebe

Mark and edie Sweeterman*

Gudrun Swoboda


Honor Roll

Jutta Swoboda*

robert and Cathy Szabo*

Joseph tagliavoni*

rachel tansey*

thomas e. tavolara ‘12

Cathy thompson ‘70

Brian tian and Wendy Li*

Peter titas and Ann Marie Bertke

Dustin trabert ‘06*

neil and Jennifer ‘84 Moore tramer*

richard and Deborah troy

tom and Chris tulcewicz*

Brian and Melanie Urban*

Mark Vandevender ‘07*

Sarah Vandevender ‘05*

Albert and Karen Vargas*

John and Mary Ann Vargo*

Steven and Dinah Volk

George and Vivy Voutsiotis

Lloyd and Deborah Wakefield*

Frank Walsh and Bob Walsh

Judge Walther

Lisa Waltz*

Brady Weinstock ‘91*

thea Wellons*

Wendel and Doris Willmann

Jennifer and Mike Wish

William and Dani ‘79 Linn Woods*

Candy Worley

Andrew and Carol Wright*

Lee and Fran Yenny

Bo H. Yoo and Vicenta Gaspar-Yoo*

Joseph and Karen Yost*

Michael and Lisa Zidar

Sarah Ziska ‘10*

Kori Zurawski ‘04*

Wade and Janice Zwingler*


Anything Weather

Avon Fire Department

B. Fazio Salon

Bella Capelli Sanctuario

Biscotti’s restaurant

Brio tuscan Grille

Brockamour Manor

Brown Derby road House

Buffalo Wild Wings

Camp Bow Wow - Westlake

Carrabba’s italian Grill

Champps, Crocker Park

Cherry ridge Golf Course

Chez François

Cleveland Botanical Garden

Cleveland Browns Foundation

Cleveland equine Clinic

Cleveland Metroparks Zoo

the Cleveland Museum of Art

Cleveland Museum of natural History

Cleveland State University


Dairy Queen, north ridgeville

Dervish Mediterranean & turkish Cuisine

Deweys Pizza

Distinctive Cabinet Designs

Don’s restaurants

the Fine Wine and tobacco

First Watch

Giant eagle

Gordon Food Service Marketplace

Gran Fiesta

the Grateful Dog Bakery

Great Lakes Science Center

Great Lakes theater Festival

the Greater Cleveland Sports Commission

Harvest Cafe


Hinckley Hills Golf Course

Hot Dog Heaven-Amherst

invisible Fence West

Joe’s Signature Grill

Johnny’s on Fulton

Kim’s Martial Arts School

Kleen Carpet Care


Lake erie nature & Science Center

Lake road Market

Lather A Salon

Laurel run Cooking School

Longhorn Steak House

Lu’s Pizza

Madison eye Care Associates

Max and erma’s*

Max’s Deli

Metro Lexus

Mezcal Mexican restaurant

Mezza Mediterranean

Moosehead Hoof and Ladder


Moss’ Prime rib & Spaghetti House

John P. Murphy Foundation

nail Fusion

nancy’s Diner

the national Basketball Academy

national Weather Service

nordson Corporation*

north Coast Aesthetic Center

north ridgeville Mayor’s Office

norton’s Martial Arts School

Oberlin inn

One Kings Lane


Parties to-Go, inc.

Passage Maker Magazine

Pauline Lewis Photography

Peace Within

Pearl of the Orient

Pickwick & Frolic

Pizza Hut


rock and roll Hall of Fame

rosso Gelato

rPM international

School of rock

Sculpting Studio

Sheiban Jewelers

Shoreby Club

Shubert nursery

Richard and Kathy Ader

Dale and Brenda Alexander

Peter and Dana Corogin

Scribner and Ann Fauver

Ralph and Barbara Fisher

Sky Salon

Spa West

Squire, Sanders, & Dempsey, LLP

Stino da napoli

Sweet Designs Chocolatier

Sweet Melissa

today’s Business Products

tranquility Day Spa

ty Fun thai Bistro

the Unicorn restaurant

Vandemark Jewelers

Lucille hassler

Lee and Jo Ann howley

Sally hudnutt

Donald and Linda Kaatz

Lawrence and April McCormack

Vineyard Vines


Western reserve Pilates Studio

Westlake Massotherapy Clinic

Westlake Mayor’s Office

Wild Flour Bakery

Williamsburg Cleaners


Woodbine Products Company

Yeager Jewelers

Every effort was made to recognize donors accurately for their support of Lake Ridge Academy in academic year 2010-2011.

We apologize for any errors or omissions.

Legacy Society

Members of the Lake ridge Academy Legacy Society have thoughtfully planned for

the school’s future through their own estate planning. these members share a

commitment to preserve and refine the school’s proud history of excellence

through will commitments, trusts, gift annuities, charitable remainder trusts,

and gifts of life insurance.

Some members will benefit their own heirs with their gifts in addition to

supporting the school. Others have made gifts that allow them to receive a

fixed life income while naming the school as the beneficiary of the principal

of their gift. All Legacy Society Member gifts will one day sustain academic

initiatives including technology, scholarships, campus beautification, the

School of Fine Arts, foreign languages, and other programs. We acknowledge

their generous spirit and thank them for their planned gifts.

Have you too included Lake ridge Academy in your will?

Would you like to learn more about how to benefit your heirs or receive a guaranteed

life income by making a gift to Lake ridge Academy?

if so, please contact Michelle robertson, Senior Director of Development

440-387-5408 or

gary and Angela Rasoletti

Kenneth Sommer

Kent and gail Sommer

h. Robert Wismar, Jr.

and hope Wismar



2011 Auction

the annual Auction Gala, the Stars Are

Out Tonight, was held for the second year

at the ritz Carlton on november 19. the

title sponsor for the event, the Collection

Auto Group, and the efforts of Auction

Co-Chairs, Janna Dresing, Bridget

Moreno, and Brenda norton, helped Lake

ridge Academy raise a record-breaking

gross revenue of $350,000!

Over 300 people enjoyed the evening’s

festivities as the audience was entertained

with video presentations of all our students

and exciting silent and live auction items.

Some of the most popular auction items

were the private jet for a day, prime seats

to the rock and roll Hall of Fame induction

ceremony, and five-day accommodations

in the City of Lights – Paris!

the outpouring of support from our

generous community was incredible, and

donations from the Gift from the Heart

alone raised over $91,000 to transform

Lake ridge Academy to a wireless

campus, with additional funds purchasing

laptop carts, projectors and smart boards.


Fred Plecha ’79 and

Chairman of the Board of

Directors Bob Fairchild

looking dapper for the

Auction Gala

Will O’neill ’07,

Kippy Kemper

roshkowski ’84 and

David O’neill ‘01

thank you to all the alumni (over 25 in

total), parents, grandparents and friends

of the school, who donated items,

sponsored tables, or attended the event.

Lisa Khosh Granger ‘84 with

Your participation was key to make this

Co-Director of Admission

event a success for the Lake ridge

edie Sweeterman

Academy Community.

Dr. Glor, Blake Oatey ‘01, nate Pangrace ‘01 and Dr. Mozumdar take a

minute away from the silent auction

Thanksgiving Games

and Gathering

Over seventy alumni convened on the day after

thanksgiving, november 25, to partake in the

traditional thanksgiving Games & Gathering. the

basketball game was held in rob Hall on Lake ridge

Academy’s campus. Joining the crowd were longtime

faculty members, Señor Catanese, Dr. Glor, and

Coach Crowell. twenty-five alumni participated in

the basketball game while others reminisced and

connected with old friends. Later in the evening,

alumni gathered at Deagans Kitchen in Lakewood as

the socializing continued.

Jeff Ader ’04 and

Brandon Cannaday ‘02

Amy nemetz ’07

and ethan Glor ’07

enjoying their night at

Degeans Kitchen

tim Soliman ‘99 ready to

launch a three-pointer

alumni giving Back

Phil Paoletta ‘03 instructs the

Humanitarian Aid Society how to

draw a camel during their lunch


Alumni News

Participants in the Basketball game gather together

On november 15, Lake ridge

Academy upper school students

gathered in Bettcher Convocation

Center as usual for their A-Day

town Hall Meeting. As faculty

members gave their essential

announcements followed by the

students, Phil Paoletta ‘03 noted the

proceedings with great nostalgia,

acknowledging how little has

changed from the ‘standard’

decorum and protocol from his

student days.

Phil returned to campus to discuss his

travels in West Africa, where he

discovered many important and crucial

social projects led by West Africans. His current websites, and, aim to highlight the

positive social endeavors taking place in an area of the world that does

not receive much or accurate press coverage. it is his goal to document

these programs to raise their profile to illustrate how West Africans are

implementing effective and innovative programs.

For example, Phil recently wrote about following a Health Worker from

Project Muso, a Mali based organization centered on providing medical

1970 – Class Agent – Chris Pfeil

Jamie Barth recently celebrated her 10th

Anniversary leading the Learning and

Development function for Lexington insurance,

located in downtown Boston. Her life in the city

is mainly involved in the thriving acoustic/folk

music scene, though she’s never personally

developed any discernable music talent. She

enjoys having her brother Paul ‘77 and his wife,

Kathy, living in the area. She recalls, “How did

it come to be over 40 years between those

days of eating lunch in the hallway, happenings

in the newly re-floored gym, and red paint

spilling on the new Upper School green

carpet? i surely hope that those now in Upper

School find themselves, 40 years from now,

thinking equally nostalgically of these days.”

1984 – Contact Ken Moore to become the

Class Agent!

eleanor Becker is teaching english at

Cuyahoga Community College and tutoring in

its writing center. Although her current classes

are traditional face-to-face classes, she will be

teaching hybrid courses starting next semester,

a mix of online and traditional formats. eleanor

reports that husband eric and son nigel are

doing well.

assistance, counseling and education to a population in dire need of

medical support. in addition to elevating the profile of these projects,

Phil assists in raising philanthropic funds for social enterprises in West

Africa through his knowledge of drawing camels. By donating through

his websites, you too will learn how to draw a camel and, as Phil

describes, experience increased confidence, wealth and happiness!

During his presentation, Phil fondly remembered his own educational

experience, crediting his pro-active humanitarian spirit to his years at

Lake ridge Academy. He noted how teachers were essential in

cultivating his critical thinking skills through their genuine interest in

conversing and working with students.

On Monday, november 28, Kusha tavakoli ‘02 returned to campus to

speak to the entrepreneurial Studies class about his experiences in

consulting and working with a Silicon Valley educational start-up


Kusha said, “It was wonderful to come back to Lake Ridge Academy and

share some of my experiences in consulting and entrepreneurship with

Mr. Kaatz’ class. It was certainly interesting talking to an audience that

had never heard of management consulting, and in many ways it was

intimidating to speak to a group of insightful students who are

accustomed to being instructed by fantastic teachers. I’d encourage any

of my classmates to come back and talk to students about their careers

as well — it’s one way that we can all ‘give back.’”

1989 – Joe and Kelly

Raj married on July 8th in

Florida. She is a doctor of

osteopathy, and Joe is a

plastic surgeon. the

couple lives in Bay Village.

1999 – Class Agent – Lana Knox Guthrie

Jake Matthew lives in Chicago with his wife,

Sarah, and their 2-year old son, Ben. in

September, Jake started his new job as Art

Director for “the rosie Show” on the cable

channel OWn. Jake always knew that he was

destined for television work after starring in

Lake ridge Academy’s production of Much

Ado About Nothing in the Fall of 1998.

2000 – Class Agent – Ken Moore

Rahkee Patel married Jacob Young on August

27, 2011 in Los Angeles, California. Lake ridge

Academy Alumni and Friends joining the

happy couple included, sister Rachna

continued on next page


Fruchbom ‘95, cousins Monica Patel ‘92 and

Payal Patel ‘00, friends Satya Patel ‘01, Kristen

golem ‘00 and Shannon Selby ‘95 and family

friends, Kent and Gail Sommer. rahkee recently

finished her Ph.D. program in statistics from

UCLA, and Jacob is a tV comedy writer.

rahkee remains an avid Cleveland sports fan

and is beginning to turn Jacob into one as


rakhee Patel ‘00, her husband Jacob Young, mother

Minal Patel, and sister rachna Fruchbom ‘95.

Rob Selby recently got engaged to Lisa Powell

on October 20, 2011 and plans for a wedding

in november, 2012. Both are graduates of

Loyola University Maryland, and rob currently

is a senior business analyst at Faculty

Physicians inc. (FPi), which works very closely

with the University of Maryland Medical

Center. rob has started running again after

taking a hiatus from his illustrious career on the

Lake ridge Academy track team. He ran his

first 5K in 12 years this past September and has

since run 3 additional races this year (2 more

5Ks and a 10K). rob and Lisa are signed up for

the D.C. half marathon in March 2012.


2001 – Class Agent – Julia Bilz Sertich &

Lakshman Swamy

Nate Pangrace

married Leslie

Hines on July 16,

at the Club at

Hillbrook in

Chagrin Falls.

Leslie is an

attorney at Hahn,

Loeser & Parks

LLP while nate is

at roetzel and

Andress. the couple enjoys sailing, traveling,

reading, and cooking and resides in Lakewood.

2002 – 10th Reunion May 2012, Class

Agent – David Ader

Congratulations to Andrea evanthea Venizelos

and Daniel Andrew nunney, who married on

August 20. Andrea is currently studying

dentistry at the University of illinois at Chicago.

Jon Stout has been working for eSPn in Bristol

Ct for the past few months as a web developer.

2003 – Class Agent – Megan Gardner

Marissa Sertich never expected to find herself

submerged in the gritty world of pots, pans

and panna cotta. Yet, sometime after Mr.

Shaulis’s Social Studies class and high school

musicals, she started making cakes in rocky

river, decided to go to the Culinary institute of

America, and was thrown into the position of

the pastry chef at a small hotel, the Castle on

the Hudson, outside of new York City. three

months ago, Marissa accepted the position of

pastry cook, but, when the pastry chef quit she

Alumni News

cathy weiss thompson, Jane mercer ramsay, chris weiss Pfeil and Betty weiss

enjoy a class of ‘70 mini reunion at Jane’s lake norman, nc home in october.

assumed the role. now, every weekend, she

makes the wedding cakes, does dinner for one

hundred in the dining room, and set up

banquets of desserts for one hundred and fifty.

She adds, “There are hours of complete

madness and moments when a dropped torte

seems like end of the world, but I love it. It’s a

piece of cake.”

Jonell Price Toth married

Peter toth on September

4th in Virginia Beach at the

Signature at West neck, an

Arnold Palmer golf course.

Katrina escuro ‘03 and

Caitlin Whiteman ‘03

attended and enjoyed the

evening’s festivities. Jonell

and Peter have a home in

Virginia Beach that they

share with their two Jack

russell terriers, Bodhi &

ellie, and their cat, KiKi.

Jonell currently works as a

Marketing Assistant for a

company called S&K Sales,

brokers who do military

resale to the commissaries

and exchanges. Peter is in a

special warfare unit for the

U.S. navy and is scheduled for his third

deployment with his unit in September of 2012

to Guam. they enjoy traveling around Peter’s

schedule; they visited Germany and France last

Christmas and spent Christmas of 2008

together in Guam both while he was deployed.

2012 – early college acceptances

these Seniors have made early commitments to the following schools.

DaVonna Bradford, University of Detroit Mercy

Jordan Guidish, Miami University

Sam Potoczak, Lafayette College

Stephen rasoletti, Xavier University

Jimi Seidel, rochester institute of technology

Sherry Zhou, George Washington University

2004 – Class Agent - Jeff Ader

Jeff Ader is completing his master of public

administration degree at Georgia State’s

Andrew Young School of Policy Studies. He is

also currently working at the Atlanta BeltLine, a

large urban redevelopment project focused on

transforming a historic 22-mile railroad corridor

into a network of parks, trails and transit.

After living abroad for two years, Marissa Slany

will be returning to the US this summer. in her

time abroad, she joined the ranks of perpetual

students, doing two masters programs in two

years: an MA in the History of Art at the

Courtauld institute of Art in London, followed

by an MBA at inSeAD in Fontainebleau,

France. this summer, she will be returning to

the US in order to rejoin her previous

employer, the consulting firm McKinsey &

Company, in Chicago. Ultimately, Marissa

plans to combine her interests in business and

art through a career in museum management.

2005 – Contact Ken Moore to become the

Class Agent

Amanda Soliman has just started a new job

doing advertising with Grey Group in new

York City. She works in digital advertising for

red Lobster combining her love of the internet

and food.

Marlisa Serrano,

Amanda Soliman

and Alison Zaleski

gather together in

new York City to

reminisce about

their infamous trip

to Peru in 2005.

Sam Potoczak and DaVonna Bradford don new headgear on their official signing day. Sam will be

playing for the Lafayette Leopards Women’s Soccer team next fall, and DaVonna will suit up for the

titans of Detroit Womens’ Basketball team.

2006 – Contact Ken Moore to become the

Class Agent

emily evans is currently

living in Aspen,

Colorado, where she is

enjoying the winter ski

season. For the past few

two summers, she has

been managing a

collection of Lilly Pulitzer

stores in nantucket,

Martha’s Vineyard, and on Cape Cod. She has

enjoyed the opportunity to travel and to

experience life at its finest.

georgia DiOrio graduated from the College of

Charleston in 2010 and returned home to

Cleveland to join the family business. She has

recently moved to Lakewood and is working at

Sammy’s Catering as a Special events


2008 – Contact Ken Moore to become the

Class Agent!

Tessa LaRue has been named to the Dean’s

List at Fordham University in new York, new

York, for high scholastic achievement during

the 2010-2011 year.

Col. Matthew W. Nahorn, Director and

Founder of the new indian ridge Museum in

Amherst, has been named Curator of the

Amherst Historical Society. He is excited to

accept the responsibilities of this new position

in an effort to continue his lifelong passion of

preserving local history. He stated, “The

Amherst Historical Society is a prestigious local

institution, and I am pleased to have been

chosen to curate its important collection of

artifacts, historical documents, and buildings

here in Amherst. As a lifelong Amherst

resident, I look forward to continuing to study

our past while preparing for our future.”

2009 – Class Agent – Luke Howley

Nathan Kafity, a junior Cross Country runner at

Ohio Wesleyan University, was a Second-team

north Coast Conference honoree for his 12th

place finish at the Conference Meet. He also

won all-region honors at the nCAA Division iii

Great Lakes regional championships meet,

held at Oberlin College. His 24th place

individual finish helped the Battling Bishops

earn 4th place overall as a team.

2010 – Contact Ken Moore to become the

Class Agent!

Amanda Seidel, a current sophomore at

Purdue University, is studying Chemical

engineering. During this upcoming summer,

2012, she will be working for General Mills in

West Chicago.

Mary Shimko received the University Athletic

Association All-Academic recognition as a

student athlete who received a 3.3 or higher.

2011 – Class Agents Terra Soto & Robert


Janna Powell, currently a freshman at

Hampshire College, spent her summer in

California at a World Wide Opportunities on

Organic Farms (WWOOFing) internship. in late

november, the Los Angeles times

documented the WWOOFing movement and

interviewed Janna as she became an essential

member of the efforts to rebuild an organic

farm in Santa Barbara named ArtFarm.


September 11th Remembered

Michael Shaulis – Head of Academics and Upper School Director

if you have the 2002 edition of The Peak,

Lake ridge Academy’s yearbook, take it

out and open it to page 2. Dominating

the page is a large photograph of upper

school faculty and students taken during

the morning of September 11, 2001. the

photo shows us gathered in the newly

renovated Upper School Commons

watching the horrors as they unfolded on

the television screen. no caption is

needed as the faces tell the story of our

shock, pain, worry, and sadness.

two years later, Meredith Swayngim

would write in the Senior Farewell edition

of the school paper that her most

memorable moment at Lake ridge was

9/11 because of the way Mr. Michael, who

was the Director of the Upper School, and

the upper school teachers handled the

day and comforted the students. it helped

her and all of the students deal with the

pain. She went on to write that from that

day on, she really felt that “Lake ridge

Academy was a community.”

the iconic photo taken of the Lake ridge Academy Upper

School Commons on the morning of September 11, 2001.


i know how she felt because as i stood in

the Commons with my colleagues and

students watching the television, i, too,

drew comfort from being in this place with

these people. As tragic as the events of

that September 11th were, that day

marked the beginning of the upper

school that we were to become. A new

sense of community emerged as well as

new traditions as a result of the attacks.

One of these traditions is Diversity Forum.

Organized by Dr. Mozumdar, Diversity

Forum was a reaction to the acute sense

of alienation that our Middle eastern and

South Asian students were experiencing,

best expressed by senior Omar Al-

Jadda’s words to Dr. Mozumdar, “i didn’t

do it.” these Lake ridge Academy

students began to feel that they were

different and that perhaps even their

fellow classmates viewed them as being

different, as a fearful American public

made a person’s ethnicity a reason for


Our first Diversity Forum, held in the fall

of 2001, brought together a number of

students from the surrounding area who

met with a panel of Buddhist, Christian,

Hindu, Jewish, and Muslim religious leaders

as they discussed the commonality of all

religious philosophies. Growing in size and

scope over the years, Diversity Forum has

since become one of the pillars of the Upper

School as each year we continue to educate

our students on the various issues of diversity.

this year marked the tenth anniversary of

the September 11th attacks. At various

ceremonies around the country, people

remembered those whose lives were lost,

the sacrifices of first responders at Ground

Zero, and the heroic efforts of a group of

passengers whose plane flew briefly over

the skies of northern Ohio. Here at Lake

ridge Academy, we also remembered how

many of us came together as a community

on that day, how we comforted each other,

and how we sought to educate ourselves

in a time of tragedy to find common ground,

understanding, and hope for a better world.



“i didn’t do it!” With these words, the

American High School senior sought

absolution from his teacher. this young

man, who had been as American as apple

pie, felt that he had been relegated to the

role of the “other” in the single horrific

moment when the twin towers of the

World trade Center came crashing down.

these simple words became the driving

force behind Lake ridge Academy’s

First Annual Diversity Forum. the theme

that year was “united We Stand.” the

question before the participants was:

Could the united States of America

overcome the religious divide that had

been created by the catastrophe?

in subsequent years, the Lake ridge

Academy Annual Diversity Forum has

sought to provide a venue for student

voices, and ultimately produce student

leaders who will be future decisionmakers.

the forum, consisting of students

from independent, parochial, and

public schools, has grown from an initial

attendance of seventy-five students from

ten schools to nearly six hundred students

from twenty-five schools. Lake ridge

Academy is committed to community

outreach as an institution, and this has

become a foundational goal of the forum.

enabling inner-city public school students

a platform to voice their social and

cultural concerns and convictions, and an

Megan Leake ’09 with Paul rusesabagina

and Dr. Mozumdar

Lake Ridge Academy’s

Diversity Forum

opportunity for the suburban students to

step out of their “protected” sphere has

imbued the forum with a dynamism that

continues to grow every year. For one day

in October, young men and women from

diverse socioeconomic and academic

backgrounds come together here at Lake

ridge Academy to voice their opinions on

a central theme and listen to an expert or

experts in that field.

in 2002, the forum centered on what

was the young adult perspective on

American foreign policy in the post

9/11 world; in 2003 the forum turned

inwards and discussed “Whether or not

there is diversity in public education.”

During these events, students listened

to and participated in conversations with

the guest speakers. the 2004 Diversity

Forum focused on the role of women and

immigrants in American life in the twentyfirst

century. the foundation questions

for discussion were: What is a woman’s

position in the political arena in the 21st

century and does her traditional role

as a “nurturer” add to or detract from

her credibility as a political leader? Our

keynote speaker was Secretary Madeleine

Albright due to her unique qualification

to address all these questions. Listening

to Secretary Albright was a life-changing

experience for most of the young people

attending the forum.

tom Klein ‘05 and Jelena Lovric ‘05 join former

Secretary of State Madeleine Albright

the 2008 forum had the honor of hosting

Paul rusesabagina, the extraordinary

humanitarian who saved the lives of

hundreds during the rwandan genocide.

the question before the attendees was

this: What is the price of silence? Only

by admitting to and speaking up against

seemingly mundane everyday bigotry

do we create an environment that will

never produce a rwandan genocide.

Our 2009 forum reacted to the economic

recession in the country by enacting a

poverty simulation enabling students

to experience firsthand some of the

tough economic choices families in our

communities have to make.

this year was our tenth anniversary, and

we re-created our first forum to check

the pulse of our nation, ten years after

9/11. Students interacted with a panel

of religious leaders – Christian, Jewish,

Muslim, and Sikh – on the question, what

is the role of religion in a national crisis?

it is our hope that we will always be the

gadfly that continues to ask the questions

that are good for the soul of a nation.

— Dr. Chandana Mozumdar,

Dean of Students,

Chair of History Department.

taken from this year’s Diversity Forum, seated on

stage are members of the religious panel


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