Vol. 3

- \




mi-stnama im-uame

Jmm Ml -rate, intemperat >. 3 Un^uardid. Gu

m ,

, a. Immodest, immoral, unchaste. 2


nii-stuam,tchd s.f.inrf. Immo le-ity. 2 Intemperanc

. itnmoderatenes-:. 3 Unguardedness.

miteag, -ei^. -an, sec miotag.

mi'fagach, o. see rai itagaeh.

ini.h. -e, -ean, x.m. Obscure or humble person,

oue of the comm m peoile. pi The common

people Gac.i m. ag'is m >ith, rach pfasant and


lui-tnaitnea'lh, -eilh. s.->n. Dis;>lea-:m, act or

iafyiag. 2 State of bscoruiiiff

disploasiaij or disagreeable. 3 Oisagroeing

with. 4 Disagreeableness. A'm , pr.pt.

of ini-thaitinn.

ini- baitne;i.s, -eis, .. Offence.

ni-tbaitoieh, v.n. Same meanings as ml-taait-

mi-ihapaehd, s.f.lnd. Inactivity, slowness.sluguisnness,

slowness, unalercnjss. 2 Inexpertuess.

3* Cowardice.

mi-Miapa>lh, -aidh, -aidhean, s.m. Misfortune,

mi-ihap. 2 Same meaning-: as mi-thapachd.

Bii-lhapaidh, -e. a. 1'iaetive. slugg sh. dulU 2

Nut, stout, infirm. XI>MC) Unforward. Duine

in., a nrnm. t>lsrArran ; is rai-ttiapaidh (proa.

juiapaHh i. 'til pityArrai.

nn-tharohach, -aicue, a. Unsubstantial, unprofitable,

unfruitful, unproductive, fruitless.

I'lia ia I uil-j in., thry are a'.t nnprofitable.

uii-tharMhachd *. /. ind. Unprofitableness, unproductiveness,

unfrmtf ulness.

m. tli- an, n.pl. of mith.

mithear, -eire, a,. Weak, infirm, crazy. Gu m.,


mi-tlieist, -e, -ean, ./. Calumny, reproach.

ini-llieisteas,* *eis, t. f. Ill-repute, inisallegatioa.

mi--neisteil, -e, e. Reproachful, disgraceful,


uii-theistneas, see mi-theisteas.

mi-the6ma,** a. Artless, unacquainted.

iui-theouiaclid, *./. Artlessuess. 2 Sluggishness.

iiiiLhich, a. Tim^ous, opportune.

Riiihich, t.f.ind. Tune. pr.)per or fit tim *. or


s'n. Is m.dhuinn fa'bli, it is tunf wf thonld\

le .ff : is m. dluiibh iiriijh, it is time ,(/o nho'tld


ii'x-; cha'u naif roiinh a' mh. e, it is W an \

tour b'fnre tfiid, -a-i, s.f. see imothlach I.


nil-Uiabhachd. s.f.ind. Inefficiency. 2 Silliness,

weakness. 3** Meanness. 4** (Jncoineliness

5(i>M(J) Unbaring.

Bd-thibh&ehdaeh, -aiche, a. Inefficient, unsubstantial.

2 Weak, silly, fesble. 3 Unc

'in j ly. 4**Meau. 5 (.D.MO> Unventuresoma.

- m liabhach 1 is -as, see mi-thabh icnd.

niKl'iiic-'al achd, e f.i/ul. Feebleness, infirmity.

'2 I'nsubitantialness.

nii-thaiceil,** . Feeble, infirm, not stout, unable

to give suoport, 2 Unsubstantial.

Bi.-tnaing, -e, s.f. Thanklessness, ingratitude,


mi-'.tnin^ea'ach 1, Same meaning's as mi-thaing

u -thaingeil, -e, a. Unthankful, ungrateful,

n it easily satisfied or pleased. Gu m., unltmnkfnSy.

mi-thairbhe, t.f.inl. Disprofit. 2 Damage. 3

I'lefficacy. 4 Disadvantage.

ini-thaiiidn, v.n. Dissatisfy, displease, offend.

2 Dis igree with. Mh. e ris an Tighearn. it

mi*tnlachdar, see mi-thlach Imhor.

mi-th'ash lmh>r, oire, a,. Ill-favoured, unhand

som;. 2 Di**;rdeable, unpleasant,, ilicil'ingly.

idn. -ai>lh, t.m. Displeasing, aot of

displeasing or dissatisfying. 2 Dissatisfaction.

A' m -, pr.pt. of tui-tuo'lioh.

mi t,hoileach-is,tJ -ais, >-.nt. Discontentednass.

i-thoilicli, v.a. J)isplease, d.s-atisf/.

te, a. l3, not proud.

mi-a isal. -uaisle [



a. prog, for tmbagach.


m a ;, s^o i!;

r, -e, -ca.i, see nriodhoir.

, -e. a. s.^d mi- id i >iv.

-Mch, -eicho, a. se-j m' > l'i >ir.

. achd, s.f. see miodn >i> ::nrud.

miuiute. a Ladv-like.

mi-amhail. -lile, a. l)i< >b; Uent--, r.-b -llious.contM'.na'-i'jus,

uiisu auis-iive, ins'i'ior ii late.

; m -iun:itach'l, xf.in t. Ois >'"e 1 j;i-j3, robjlliousn

;>, disloyalty. insubordination.

mi in. * ?/. sea mi inn.

miii ran, -ain, -an, 8. HI. Carrot, parsnip. M.

goala, a parsnip.

ach, -aiche, a. Abounding in, or like, carrots

or parsnip*.

rai-urra.n, -aim, 8. m. Dishonour, disrespect,


eh, -aiche, a. Dislunjuri ig, disrespect,"

il. 2 Dishonourable.

ic'iiadh, -ai.lh, s.m. Dishonouring, act

of diMionouring or disob-jying. A' ua , pr.

pt. of mi urrAinaich.

nv-urr imiich, v. a. Dishonour, disrespect, disoboy.

2 Oisgraca, dJgrad-3.

miuc.hair, e, soe miodhoir.

exchd, *./. .see raiodhoircaehd.

rniiicnara,** see inio Ihoir.

nvia. (for m iathi) gen.nng. of b3an.

uinai, n. p>. of b^aa (see mnathan )

m,ia"h, (for mnathaibh) dat.pl. of baan.

rauai'ualachd, sea mnathalachd.

unaoi, dat. sinj. of bean. Thug e dha a n ;


'ua mnaoi, he gavt Mm hit daughter to

wtf' ; inar mhnaoi, as a wife.

BUftaobih, re ; cha iuh6 na thu fein a cjheibheadh e,

nun* but afi-imd like yourself would ly to questions answered with yes or no.

:ui i Ii n tiie forca of a nv> lifiid or quahfcled

assent, e.g. in reply to Are youtirel ? ic mrvns

a " little," tlio on rase d ino seadh, 'a 110 uach

:,.i.ii-ly us-.jd.

- m. soe fmodlu

in .

.. t f. Mob. 2 Tumult. 3 Mop, tuft.

.,* a. liushy, shas?> f .i'i, pr.pt. a' mobainn vfc a" mobaiuoeadM

v.'i. .'1-vkr.jat, abus3, tu*. handlfl rou^'ily.

... s m. A pr.pt. s->e mobainaaada. Kuuair

e ;i uih.,

- - Mojpy. 3


m. t.f. vrov. :


h jot himself rou-ihli/ It'tnll'd.

mobainnoadh, -eilh, s.in. Maltr-jatiug, act of

abasing. 2 Togftng, rough haadiiu,;. A' m >

jir.pt. of mobaion.

m >a, v.a >!.>/!, yield, give wav.

mo .-h, mr)i:h [& muiche,] a. Early. Odhu^galh

na m ii !ne moich, Jrom the awakening of early


mocti, aiv Early, b'itimas, soon. Eirich m., riseearly

, moch an dtf, earlu y-sttrday ; is m. a

dh' 6irich tnu ! how -arly you rote ! m. is anmoch,

ear'.y and lat? ; in. am inaireaoa, early

to-morrow ; j;u n\>ci, ear'y.

mocn, .ni. O iU'ioch g,i dubh, from

'lawn till 'Inik aun.s a' ; mlv, ta early dawn.

ua ) 'h-abac'id,** s.f. t&irly ripoaass.pre'n it/urity.

,** a. Soon ripd, prezuaLuro, preo-)rnj.-hairoach.CMS)

E irly.

-;t,(M3) s.f. Karii 1.3*3.

fmichd. s.f. Promotion, advaiL-emaot.

raoch-eirigh, .

mndhalachd 667 m&M

\l OW

niodhalan-buHhe.J -ain, s.in. Yellow ratlle o

ci-ck's-comb. p iiny^niss rhmanthrcs crista

galli. [** i-ivss Red-rattle.]

oJdlu-he mh., a cairn night

ir.6dharachd,**s/. Mildness, composedness setlateness,


m^lh-dharah, -.lhnmh,(AF) s.m. Plouh-ox

pat8-i r /V. 8** Ih'fect in a thread. A' dot

'nam m \ian, putt'nvj on their foiit-j-ar Ar~

ran in. ; bno:;ais, lhe ley of troitmrx ; duiha'cli

nam m. the namf given to Dnirinuh, Dunvj'

an by the inhabitants of Trotternish .

fmugan, -ain, s.in. Young hero.

mogunaeh, -aiclie, a. Of, or belonging to. old

stockings, or 2 boot-hose, or 3 whisky made

from oats. Am Feavann m., for mcg.iise >ch).

thf name given to Dniiini h, Dunvtyan, by the

inha'jilants nf TfOlttrilltk.

*. m Lonaeworfe, refl-rattle

see his-ri ibnach.

m -dh m, -ain, *. m. The sound of a ba.r>ipe o

other musical instrument. +2 Childbirth


m^'lhanach, -niche, a. see modhail. 2 Cere

nonial, customary.

IB tdhanaiche, comp. of modhanaeh.

modhanail, -e, a Kthical, moraU 2 Ceremonial,

(see modhail >


mndhannan, g.pl. Ethu-g. means, modes ceremonies,

principles. Lagh nam m., tht moral

la tr.

m'- lhar, -aire, a. Soft, mild, tender. 2 Quiet

calm, still. 3 Silly. 4 Gentle. 5 Limber

nvnnerly. 6 Precise. 7 Moving calmly 8

Mettlesome. An eleann m. nan sruthan liibach.

? n t*

moil 683

2 Height, >-\'.(*. hulk, dimensions.

r'.a rah. ga'u li-j e. p-'r,ha>ig he will not com*;

uim-. 1 ".-!/! !>u mh. a dh' iarr na h-Iudhaich a

mlrtrl'hadh, in cnn*'qii/.

Whea 12 pea's are plnced !n a circ'e to>

dry, they aro called tsinn'eanan VI placed

crosswise are boc^aichean ; peats placed diagonally

(generally in long lines) are air a

chois bhig ; set two and two diagonally in

rows they are said to be dafhdid air aon.

moineacb, see mbinteachail.

see tnointcaoriil.

moineag,** -cig, *.f. Dogberry.

ag. -ak' f -an, s.f. Pea- or bfan-pod.

moineas, (AF) -eis, s. Female seal. 2 seemoineiseachd.

moigean, -ein, -an, see mogan. 2|f Dumpy little

fellow, [mbigean In IP. of firm.]

moigeanach, -aiche, a. sje moganach. 2 Fat,

squat, plump, chubbed. 3 Jolly.

moigh, see muigh,

-each, see maigheach.

moigheanar,** a. Happy, festive.

moighre, a. Stout, robust. 2 Handsome. 3


moighre, -an, s.m. Stout or handsome man. 2

t.f. Bouncing female.

moighreag, sj. Plump girl, fat, plump, goodnatured

female child.

moil, -e, t.f. Hair matted together. 2 Heap

cast up. 3 Kind of black worm. 4 see maille.

511 Swelling caused by hammering on the

handle or head of a tool, [ft gives moile for

No. 5.]

moilcheann, (CR) Suth'd. for muinichill.

moile, s.m. Impatience 3f. Argyll, (boile.) [M.

is due to eclipsis.]

moileadair,** s.m. Molester.

moilean, -ain, -an, s.m. Plump, fat child. 2**

Bulb. 3 Little lump or heap. 4(AC) Kind of

cake made on the palm of the hand. 5**Diminutire,

rotund person. 6* Plump man. 7

Stout, yoiuifj male animal.

moileanach, -aiche, a. Plump, fat and of low

stature. 2 Bulby. 3 Having the hair matted


moileauach,* s,m. Plump young man.

nioille, }>rov. forraaille. - a< h,** a. Dilatory, tanly. 2 Pampering.

moilt,** seemuilt.


ttoir, ctn.ging mane, of nior.

moirb ** -ean.s.''. Emmet, ant.

tn.oirlih, sie moirb

tooirch'art. -eirt, s.m. Justice. 2**Mercy.

m6ir 639 momhar

tnoirc v

ieas,**-eis. s.m. Falling sickness.epilepsy.

Moire ! see Mhoire !

nioir^, yn.sinr. ffin. of m^r.

tn lirea-h 1, see moraireachd.

tnAiread, -eid, see rueud.

looir^a-r. -eig, -an, *./. Borer, toredo. 2tJSmall

shell t'Studfi exignfi.

moireagad, s.f. aed moirigeachd.

moireagan. dim. of moirea

moireal, -eil. an, *. in. Boring iron, wimble,

auger. 2 see moireag 'deign.)

moirealach, -aiohe, a. Furnished with augers.

2 Like an augur 3 Boring like an au jer.


TnornVnrarh 670 a' elite

nvim -:;irach.** a. ^tafely, noble, pompous.

I,M> mha.slailh ! int. Alas ! ^Itt. ui> disgrace !)

nio 'n, see mti "u.

t*non, -oin, s.m. Truck.

iiiona. fjen.kinj. of uioine.

inuiiibh:ui, r.m see monmhar.

iiioua-bhiiachnill, see muua-l>liuachaill. [ning.

monach, -aiche, o. see moiiadail. 2*"Wily,cunmu'-aclian,

t.vl. Hills, mountains. 2 Moors,

l better iiionaidhean.)

m -inadail, a. Mountainous, moorish, hilly. 2

mo naire 's uio leagh idti, int. Alas ! alas ! (lit.

my sham-j and my melting.)

tno naire 's mo mhasladh ! in'. O for shame !

monais, -e, s.f. Slowness, dulness. 2 Inatlentioii,

negligence. 3**Sedateness. 4** Gentleness.

5 (DMu) Sense, coherent talk, said

of a j.atient. 6 AH) Clumsiness or awkward-

ness in any iranual work. Am bheil in. aige ?

does ht talk coherently } Ulack Isle.

each, -eiche, a. Slow, dull. 2 Inattentive,

negligent. S^Gentle. 4**Sertate.

eachd, s.f.ind. see monais.

mona tir,** s.f. see mninistir.

TO'Hi'.r, -air, -airean, s.m. Dwarf, diminutive

person or thing. 2 Small matter, trifle. 3*

R- fa.se. 4 Conunn'tibie person or object. 5**

Mmmiir. 6 Purling noise. 7ff Uproar. f8

bmy. s^o muile;ig.

no ninr **

! int. Alas ! alack-a-day 1 woe is the

day !

niDinisg, seo monasg.

naop,* f

moip, see mob.

mopach, -aiche, o, see mabacb. 2 see mobach.

mi>Hg, see mobne.

m6r, fa', ,-oinp. m6. 2nd. comp. moid, Srd. coinp.

niuthad, a. Great, Inrjre, of great size. 2

Great, many, of gre'it number. 3 Great in extent,

extensive. 4 Important. 5 Chief, principal.

G Noble, of high rank. 7 Tall, of hi^h

stature. S Proud. 9 Lofty. 10 Familiar,

much acquainted. 11 Valued, esteemed. 12

Hard, difficult of accomplishment. 13 Spac-


monai'alachd.Jt s.f. Mountainousness.

monadh, -ai Ih, -aidhean, a.m. Mountain, moor,

range. 2 Heath, heathy expanse, desert. 3

Tolerably level hill-ground. 4(AH) Any hillpasture

as distinguished from meadow and

arable land. fo*"Money. Air feadh mhonaidh,

Ihroixjh thf moor ; '$ &' mlionadh, on (lit. in)

the hill ; mullach a* mhonaidh, the highest

part of the moor.

monag, see mouog.

an, (DC) s. m. Little child at the stage

when he or she goes on all fours.

monnghair, -e, -can, s.f. see monmhar.

each, -eiche, a. see mouuaharaeb.

monaghar, see monmhar.

monaidh, gen.$inn. *in (DC Notorious for evil qualities, or such as

are not to one's credit Argyll.

Duine m.. a grfat man ; slua

m">raichte 671 m6:--ftil lithe

Krbhacr>,t -aich, s.f. 'Land liable to sea-flood- nor-fha


m jr-bhaile, -bhatttean. s.m. see baile-mjr.

i!,**.m. Train oil. 2 Great growth,

uor-fhaar, see morair.

achd, see moraireachd.

nor -fiioarrann, s. Givat land, see roinu-ruith.

mar-flxlaitae. vL of miir-fhlatu.

mor-fl.Tath 672 m6r -tli orach

toor-fnlath, -aii.il, pi. -ailhe & -aithean, s. m.

Great cb vf. 2 Grander, one of the nobility,

mor-fiileadh,** j. - c, emulation.

5UI. Mdr-fhl'adk.

mor-fhModh, -a. *.m. Great masterwort pmce-

Uanum ostruithium.

ftn irg.icn,** -aiche, a. Rotten, corrupt.

morgaciiadh, see morgadb.

m ngadh, -aidh. s.rn. ilottenness, corruption.

inrg tich,** o.a, tie /t. Corrupt, rot, (also more-


m i.-gan.(AF) *.w. Dog-fl-h.

fuior^antacli, -aicln, a. M i/iiificent.

1, x./.uv.J. Mag iifii:ence.

noorgna, a. see mor.

morghadair, s.m.. -Jnvilt.

naorjfhaileaoh,** a iJoastfuL

o mor- r;hair'ie- .ciias,** -ais, s.m. Rapture.

m.rg.>an,(CK> *.. Gravel, shmgle. 2 Bank of

gravel or shi.igie. 3 Pebbly beach. West of



mor-sgoil, *./. Academy.

mor-si.ar, -air, 8. in. Hero, m'ghty hero. 2

s.f.ind. Heroism, prowess.

il, -e, a Heroic, of great prowess.

trident. 2

mor*bath,i 8. m. Fishing-.^pear,

Large spear, javelin.

ach, a. Armed with fishing-spears or

*. m. (Jreat value, great price.

ii t 'i.-an.-tinn air mh e, 1 would not do it for

(i g-'rnt rtwnrd.

finmniaiita. s.m. Woimwood.

see liath-lus.

mr-in tnta.J . .Muy>M>rt,


moi-inheaumnach, -aicae, a. [iigc-m.n lea, as-

piring. 2 High-spirited, 3 Magnanim

raor-mneaninnioLid, s.find. H'gh-iui

pride. 2 Magnanimity.

mor-mheaumnadh, see mor-mbeanmnachi.

uior mtieas, -a. s.m. IJiga esteem, admiration.

Am m., in h>'jh >>steie:.tlesotne hoi a*.

mornaich, -e, *. f. Considerable

n6r-thoraeh C73 niothar


mor-thriath, -a. -an, * in. Great prince or chief.

nior-tlmil," $.m. Deluge.

1m >ruach, -uaich, *./. Alerrmid, sea- monster.

nior-uacndaran, -ain, -an, a.m. iii^jh tjovc-rnur,

viceroy, regent,

nu-r-uaisle, t.f.ind. High nobility or rank.

an, s.pl. The noi-ihty. nobles.

mor-ua-iul,** a. Noble in birth 2 Most noble,

of the highest rank in nobility

niur-nrranta, -ainte, o. Ver> bold,daring .daunt*

less. 2*'Se!f-cunfideut. Uu m, buldly.

chd, i J.iml. Great boldness, intrepidity

moi'-uihach, -aicho, a. Big-uildjred.

fin >-, s.m. Manner, fashion.

uio's, ndv. Too. Tha a' c)io!iiain mo's mor, the

tomptimfHt is too great. [The 8 stands for is

as in " tuille's mor."]

fmjs:ich, o. Of, or belonging to, fashion or


mu-ach, -aiche, a Nasty. 2 Filthy. 3 Worth-

Jess. 4 Insignificant. 5 SonlM, mean, avaricious,

uipgardiy. 6* Inhospitable. 7 Bough,

bristly. S**0f dmy habits. Ni in., a filthy

thing ; is tu tha m. ! hutc inhospitable yuu are l

Wciubbitiess, dirtiness. 3 \VorthU-ssness,

in. igiiiflprehensiveae.ss,

mothal, -Ail.(DMKj s.in. Refuse, partiouhirly

offish. M. iasg, refuse of fttihW. coatt of



ni.^gail, pr. pt. a' mosgladh, v.a. & n. Waken,

iuothaiacbd,tt t.f.ind. Feeling, perception.

rou.se. 2 A\\ake, arise from sleep. Mosglaidh

iad o 'n tug, tl>ey shall auakef. orn death.

icosgai.i, -e, a. Rotten, musty, carious moully,

worm-eaten, n.oth-eateu. Fiaclan m. , rotten


each, see mosouineach.

i-achd, see mo-gain.

mosgal,(I U) -ail, s.m. Rt-fuse, leavings.

nm-Kal.K-h, -aiche, a. Watchful, vigiUnt, attentive.

2 Active. 8 (WC) Tta&liy, dirty.

d, s./.ind. Wrttchfulness, vigilance,

wakffulness, observance.

mu. galtach, see uios^alach.

d, see inosf.alachd.

moi-giiii.t -ain, s.m. MuMiness, rottenness, caricusnesg

2* Dry-rot.. Sffllotten tree.

I mosiuineachd,

t.f.ind. Devon tnt-ss.

mosrar-ii, -aicae, o. Caressing coars coarsely, using

lodaeetit freedoms.

mosrvlh, -ai.lh, s.m. Coarse dalliance, maudlin

civiii- i-/.s, indeceut freedoms. 2 Brutality,

biuial Iic3ntiousness.

mosraiche,* *./. see mo-iaich3.

tmota, s.m. Mount. 2 Mote.

tmotb, .-.7/1. Male of any creature.

moth,** s.m. Sex.

moth, " air a' mhoth "n dd," Arran for "air

bho 'n de," the day before ysterdny.

mot ha,(OR; Too (good, soon, &?.) Tha e motha

's tratli, it is too farly Arran for, tha e tailleadh

's truth CR.

tmothach, -aiche, a. Fertile, fruitful. 3 Pregnant.

mothachadh, -aidh, s.m. Act of feeling, perceiv-

ing. 2 Sense of feeling, sensibility. 3 Attending.

A' m , pr.pt. of mothuich. Chaill

e a mh., hf lst his sense of feeling ; muinntir

air dhaibh am m. a chatl, people who being

patt feeling ; duine gun mb.. a senseless -nan.

MOthftcliftH, -e, a. Seuxiblfi, observant, perceptive.

2 Feeling, kind, considerate.

nu thrnch, pr. pt. a' mothacha th, jj.o. Perceive,

observe. 2 Feel, know, UBitanfeu^L M. seo,

feel this ; mh. siun a ghuth 'ga thr^igsinn, we

noticed his voice failing ; mh. sinn gun luth a

inheoir, ice noticed his fingers wMout feeling,

becomiw /ee.blf ; an do mhothaich thu e 'do!

stachad ? did you obs^~of him pasting t ; mh.

iad do 'n rigii, Ituy obtervtd the kinf W.**Excitation. A' m , pr.pt. ol mosgail.

mu-g:idh,./wr.o;'.a of Mbthan.

mothan, s.m. Bog-violet


movi,inach, -eiche, a. Religiously inclined,


- pinguicula

2 ( AF) Steep srass, earning grass. On cows'

niilk it acts like rennet. 3 (AC) Love-philtre.

The woman who Rives it goes upon her left

knee and plucks nine roots of the plant (bogviolet,)

and knots them together, forming them

into a " cnach " or ring. It is placed on the

mourh of a .uirl to make the man who kisses

her her b; .nd.-man, under parturient women

to ensure safe delivery, and is carried by wayfarers

to safeguard them ou their journeys.

It a man makes a miraculous escape, it is said

of him, Dh'61 e bauine na b6 b a dh'ith am

in., he drank ihemilk of the guileless cow that

ate the mothan.

fmothar, -air, -airein [ & -thraichean, ] x.m.

Bunch, cluster. '2 Clump of trees. 3 Tuft of

crass. 4 Green grass. 5 Park, enclosure.

m&thar 674 mftch

m6tbar, -air, g.m. Loud or great noise. 2 Mur- mnadh-bhraighe, see | muabhrafghe.

mur. 3 High or swelling sea. 4 Deep toned muaidh,** a. Shapely, well-formed. 2 Nobl,

pound, as of a person in a cave. SifEcho. good. 3 Soft, tender. 4 Middle. Loingeat

Melodious sound. Thug e m. as, hf yaw a\ mh., a well-formed ship.

most appalling cry; chnala sinn m., ice hfard niuaidh,** s.f. Sound. 2 Cloud.

a mo>t un'u/'tfily sound.

mothar, -a're, a. see rnodhar.

ach, -aich", a. Iligh-soundiig, loud.

mothararhd, see modharachd.

moth-chat,, -ait, (AF) s.m. Tom-cat.

mithrach. -aich. s.m. Damp woody place,

uio thruaighe ! int. Alas ! (lit. my misery.) M

thruai h mi ! wot 'g me !

moihucnail, see mothachail.

mothuich, see mothaich.

. Moth-urach.

moth-urach, ,. Early orchis orcliit mascula.

m r . see


mrathan, see mnathan.

rnual. -ail, s.m. Top of a hflL

nvial.vch,** -aich, *. m Way, pa*-Age. 2 Cow.



'j s.m. (DMC) Bellowing Uitt.

mnasga i, (AF) s.m. Shellfish, said to open !ifc

a boot- Arran.


-,((,'R)pf- -ain & -anag, t.m. Shellfish

like the fresh-water pearl-mussel, about thi

same length 3 to 4 inches but broader and

thicker its ; shell is not so dark as that of the

madadh, and both are smaller than the eachan.

(brallach in Lewis.)

muasgau-caol, t.m. Prawn.

znubran,** -ain, s.m. Corn heated in the mow.

ach,** a. Heated, as corn in the mow.

muc, muic, -an, s.f. Sow, pig. 2 Perch. 3 The

h< ap raised over the mouth of a vessel ia measuring.


4tt Largo hay-rick. 6* Large ball of

tmuc, muic, -an, s. f. Instrument of war, by

which besiegers were protected when approaching

a wall. It was covered with twigs,

hair-clotn and raw hides, and moved on three


muc-abhainn, (AF) s.m. Bear,

mucach, -aiche, a. Swinish, piggish. 2 Abounding

in swine. 3 Heaped up, as a measuring

vessel. 4* Dirty. 6 Surly. 6 Stupid. 7 ft

Abounding in hay-ricks. A' ghra'sg mh., tht

sioinish mob.

an,** -ain, s.m. Clown. 2 Piggish fellow.

d,** s.f. SwiuUunees, h gjshness. 2

Moroseness. 3 Grimness.

muc 'g, -aig, -an, s.f. Hip, fruit of the dog-rose.

2 Little sow or pig. 3 ra eiy Cup. Mucagan

is jgeachagan, hips and haws; m. fh;;.

muc-fhinn,(AF) f.f. Milk pig, brood sow.

muc-forais,(AF) s.f. House-fed pig.

miic-ghaineamli, -eimh, s. f. Sandbank. 2


muc glasach.(AF) s.f. Fatted pig.

much, (AC) see moch.

much, v. a. Quench, extinguish. 2 Smother,

suffocate. 3 Pross upon, squeeze together.

much 675 .ggulaoh

4 Quell, pacify. 5 Mutter, hum, in


a lo

tone or voice. Is a rnuchaibh an spiorad, tl<

not lliug or paci

fyirr.:. 5 Act of muttering, hum "in,' or .injr

i'i in a suppressed voice. ii.xti.icUon. sur

location. 7 (DU) Asthma, [witu art.J A

m -, pr.pt. of much.

ni'ichag,'* -ais

mugan C76 mnileann

mugan, -ain, -an, see mugair. 2 pi. for muigcan,

pi. of muig.

mugan,** -ain, s.m. Mug.

inuganach,(CR) a. Damp and misty (of weather)

Perthshire, (muggy,)

fmngart,** -airt, s.f. Hog. 2 Hogs' flash.

muiih, v. a. Kill, destroy, 836 mulb.

niugha, see rnuthalh.

ch, a. Gloomy Suth'd.

raughadh, see mufchadh.

mughairn, see mugharn.

mngbairneach,* a. Having large ankles.

mughard, -aird, s.m. Mug-wort, see liath-lus.

mugharu,* s.m. Ankle.

mughu.cn, -aiche, o. see muiteach.

d, see muiteachd.

musna, see moghna.

rnuic, gen. sing, of muc.

muiceanach. -aieh, s.m. Mean person, plebeian.

muiceil. -e, s.f see muic-fheoil.

muic-fheoil, -fhe6l.a, s.f. Pork.

inuicha,** s.f ind. Earliness. 2 Dawn.

muieho,* s f Dulness, sadness. 2 Mistiness,


inuigh, adv. Out, without, outaide. 2 Super.

ficially. A m., on the outside ; a ebnm am

m. is am inach, that, by all infant ; a^air ris

a bhi an sco am maireach muigb

darkness, gloom.

muiche, corn/;, of moch, prow, for moiche.

'R a mien,

tfll h im to be here, by all m*i/i, to-morrow.

muigh,** v.a. Fail, falter. 2 Fall. 3 Be defeated.

4 Decay. 6 (DM0) Threaten.

muigh-buan, g.m. see uiuidhe-buana.

muighe, -an, -achau, see muidhe.

muigheach,- -eiche, a. see mnidheach.

,(MS) a. Dareful, darmg. 2 Hnflkh.

d, see muigheadh.

muigheadh, (MS).m. Bravado. 2 Menace,cinitiation,


muighear, (MS) 8. in. Bully, tbreatener. (for

maoidhear. )

mtiigbte,** past pi. Changed, altered, (mutate.)

ach, see mui teach.

muigire,* s.m. see mngair.

mui-i-mhonadh,** -aulh, i.m. Mistj mountain,

misty hill.

muil, -e, -idhean.s.m. s

nn.-'leilLh, a

ra.-gaoicho, a wind-mill.

in -.aimhe. a hani.m'il, qiurn.

m -!in. a lint mill.

m.-!uxidh, see in. Inadhaidh.

m -.iialhxi Ih, a fiilUnj-mitl.

ra.-mine, n mia'-mi'.t.

m.-si >hai.lh, a saic-mill.

muileann C77 muime

4 Hi I'.hailt, mill-hnpp'r, into which tht grain

if put toffd tht milf.

5 ('\*x\n,mUl-dcim>>r with thre* r!,8, xtrikin'i

th* xpniit nfhnpp'r in cnnitf th? grain to

fill into the fy?, of thf mi'l.

6 Suil a' mhuilinn, rye of mill.

m.-snaoisein. a *n'i!?-mit!, tnuf'bor.

m.-ti'>ini-ri-lair,(I)MK) *. m. The old t'irbiae

mill, with t;io horizontal water-wheel. The

axle passed ver.icxlly through th> nethar

millstone aud, there being no gearing, the

upper stons made only one revolution f >r

each turn of the \vater-wh u-1. Three of

these mills were at work in Assynt about

1860-.% but they were superseded soon after

by a modern mill.

na.-ui*gtt, a wat'r-mill. (see below.)

Air cul a' mhuilinn, behind tht mi'l.

muilennnach, -aiche, a. Of, or belonging to, a


muilleannachd, s.f. Occupation of a miller. 2


muileanu-bra, t.m. Qnern. ("for illustrations

and names of parts see bra.) The quern was

formeriy the only mill for corn-grin ling used

in the Gaidhealtachd. It is still in use in

many parts of northern Europe aud in Asia,

and the " "

two women grinding at the mill

(qiurn) may he seen to-day in Xazareth exactly

as they were in the days of Christ. The

implement consists of two stones, the lower

being about two feet in diameter, and commonly

hollowed to the depth of about six inches.

This hollow is of equal depth and diameter.

Within this is placed horizontally, a

smooth round flag about four inches thick,

and so fitted to the cavity that it can Just revolve

with ease. Through the centre of this

revolving fl ig there is bored a hole for conveying

the grain. In me lower stone, in the centre

of its cavity, there is fixed a wooden pin

on which the upper stone is placed in such


e^niponderance, that, though then be

Horn * friction from their contact, a little force

applied will raa'ce tUe upper stone revolve fr

several times, when there is no grain underneath.

On the surface of the upper stone,

and near the edge, are two or three holes, just

de;>p enough to hold in its place the stick by

which ir. is turned round. The working of the

quern is left to the women, two of whom,

when the gram is properly dried, sit squatting

on the ground, with the quern between

them -int.hrr side of upper

st'ins and upper si'lf of n'thtr ston*.

8 Aotroman, screw for inti'taxini or dcr*ti9ing

pressure of stones on the grain, and thus

making meal fin? or coarse.

9 Rothan a' mhuilinn, mill-wheels.

10 Cnoguisean, no fiaclan nan rothan, cogs on

milt-ii'h 'els.

11 An Criathar mor, mill-sieve, with two or

three hfts, and work'd by water power

presume to grind quneit, maisloch

or rye, with hand mylnes. except he be

co npelled by storm, and be in la'-!v of mylnes

i;uhilk should grind the sam ;n and , in this

c:i- 3. if a in in grinds at haud-mvln s he shall

yivy the threttuin measure as maker ; and

gif uny man coturavein* this our prohibition,

heshill tyne his hand-mylues perpetual! i?."

oi. ill ,-aun-uisge, s.m. Water-mill,


1 Loch a' mhuilinn, mill-pond.


2 Eas a' mhuilinn, m ll-rcice, stream of ioater

that tiirm the mttl-whrft .

3 Roth mor a' mhuilinn, th; mill-wheel which

drives the mill.


of by hand.

muilear, see muillear.

muileid, -e, -ean, s.m. &f. Mule. 2 Mullet


aach, -eiche, a. Mulish. 2 Abounding

iu mules. 3 Abounding in mullets.

-eachcl, s.f. Muu'shriess. 2 Bad smell.

muile-mhag, -aig, pi. -acha-mag, s.f. Toad. 2**

Froe. Cha b" ann air muileacha-uaag a

chaidh m' arach-sa, it was not on toads that I

was reared* saying current at the time of

the Napoleonic wars and indicating the absurd

contempt that then prevailed towards

the French.

mnilichdeann, neighbourhood ofL. Ewe for muinichill.

muilicheann, -an, s.m. see muinichill.

ach, -aiche, a. see muinichilleach.

muilichinn, -ean, see muinichill.

each, see muinichilleach.

muilichinnean, s.pl. see muirlinn.

muilionn, -inn, -ean, see muileann & builionn.

ran ill, nen. sing, of moll. 2 Arran for muinK


muill, v. a. Prepare, gab ready.

muille, s.f. see muileid.

muille, Arran fir muinichill.

ach,+* -ich. s.m. Puddle.

an, -ein, -in, s.m. Husk, particle of chaff.

2 Truss of thrashed hay or straw. [DU hai

hoard a precocious youth describe the puffs

out of a smoker's mouth as " muilleanan."] 3

Little bell.

anach, -aiche, a. Husky, chaffy. 2 Abounding

in bundles or trusses of straw.

muillear, -eir, -an, s. m. Miller,

m.-cardudh, a cnrdinj-milltr.

m.-lin, a fax-mill? r.

m.-luadhaidh, a fuller of doth.

m.-mine, a meal-millfr.

achd, s. /. Business of a miller. 2


m'ul-lea^hann,** a. Flat-headed.

muilleid, soe muileid.

mail lion, -an, s. m. Million. [Followed by a

noun in the gen. pi. unaspiraced.] Muilhonan

de shluagh an fheoir, millions of the tenants

of the grass.

muillnean, -ein, -an, see muillean.

muilneach.tt a. Of, or pertaining to, amilL

mailnear, see muillear.


mufme C78 mulrbhrinn

8 Godmother. 4 Midwife. Fhuair i m., the

got a nurse.

ach, -che, a. Novercal.

-ch\oh, *,/. Wet-nurse.

-altnun.** s.f. Dry-nurse.

main, rpn.rin?. of mun.

mum, s.m ind. Making water.

mnin, v.a. Teach, instruct, educate. 2 Show,

point out. 3 lien r. 4* Instruct in lesson of

politeness or good-breeding.

mnin, sj.ind. The back, back part of the neck.

U Fat adhering to the entrails of an animal.

3** Mountain. +4 The vine, see crann-fiona.

6 Gaelic name of the letter M. t

muir-bhrurM 679 muir-spginnearachd

muir-bhruehd, -an, t. in. Jlightide. 2 I ;MM; throiijr. ill-provided for fa nilv. Mathairna

sbbh,ch,** -airh. s.f. Squadron,


muirighinn,*"_*. /. Noise. 2 Burden, heavy


ui'iircheartach,** .m. Kviert.

frnuir-cbreach,** t.f. Wave. 2 Piracy, seaplunder.

m urcinn,(CR) s.f. Ankle Svtt'tf. [Oblique

case tb^i correct num. is luuircuaun ]

cnuir-dhealbbadh, see U3uii 4

charge. 3 Family.

each,** a. Burdensoino 2 Having a

heavy charge. 3 Poor. 4 Numerous, as a



niuir dlie

m!iirine;tch, s.m. Sea-maram, sea-umtweed

ammo/ihi^a an-naria nj him ; an durdail inh., the pleasant

murmur ; each mor-mh., a ?iigh-8pirited horse.

muirneachd, s.f. Daintiness.

nuirne,\dh, -aidh, *. m. Fondling, caressing,


muimeag, -eig, -an, s. f. Cheerful woman or

girl. 2 Tender or delicate woman. 3 Darling,

beloved woman. 4ttCivu or polite female.

5 Affectionate girl.

ach,** a. Cheerful. 2 Fond, affection.

ate, as a girl.

muirnealaehd, s.f.ind. Nicety,

muirneamh,** -imh, s.m. Overseer,

rauirnean, -em, -an, s.m. Dearly- beloved person,

darling. 2 Petulant person. 3 Minion.

4ff Polite man. 5tfPompous man. 6**Cheerful

young person.


7**Arfectiouate young per-

ach,** a. Affectionate. 2 Cheerful. S

Beloved, fond. 4 Caressing,

muiruear, (MS)rf.m. Cheerer.

nuirnich, v. a.


Burden, load. 2 Caress,

fondle, dandle. 3 (MS) Joy.

tnmir-gh ilt, s.f. Mermaid.

muirnin, v.a. Caress, fondle, dandle,

in i iv ht-ji,lh, pi. of muir-gheadh.

muir-reubaun, -ainn, s.m. Piracy.

inr.iru'liin-niuire. see inaii:hdean-mhara.

lir-seiK-he.(AF) *./. Tortoise. 2 Turtle.

n>i.irj;hii]-na-tuinnL', see maighdpan-mhara. mnir-Kgian, -^gein A -iain, pi. -an, s. m. Spout-

nnurKMineach, -eiche, a. Dull, stujld.

fi>h, razor-fish.

d, s.f.ind. Dulrie.ss, stupidity.

acii, -aicho, a. Abounding

niMir-gbinnench, see inuirighinneacb.

inuirgijieas,** ^i-, s.m. Dulness, stupidity,

niniruhe, see niuiighoadh.

muir^rim, t.f. Naval engagement,

muirichiun, see nmirighinn.


mniricbinu, r.pl. Childreu, family. 2 Burden,

eare. 3* Hurry-burry. 4 Inmates or 1 occupants

of one house Sai--0lair. i>* Young |

in spoutfish.

2 f,ike a spout-fish,

muir-sgriobhadh, -aidh, s.m. Hydrography.

muir--ipuinue,** s.f. Piracy.

adair, see muir-spuinnear.

uir-spuinni-adh, -eidh, -eidhean, A-. m. Piracy,

mnir-spuinnear, -eir, -an, s. m. Pirate, sea-robber.

achd, s.f.ind. Piracy, sea-robbery.

muirt tuullacb

fmuirt, s.f. Riches.

muirteachd, . m. General term for the genu

medusa of naturalists, vu'g.irly called " sea

blubber." 2 Uunavigable sea. fmuirteacb

W. f.oast of Ross.}

muir-tha.-ar, -air, -an, s. m. Sea-spoil, what

ever goods are found on the sea-shore.

Sea-ciiance. (juso tacar-mara.)

muir-theud, ifia, -an, s.m. Cable,

muir-thoradh,** -aidh, t.m. Product of the sea

muir-thuil, -tean, s.m. HLjh tide. 2 Inundation

by the sea.

muirtis,** Gaelic spelling of mortice.

nmir-titheachd,* see muirteaclid.

inuir-tiughiichd, see mu>rteachd.

muir-traigh, s.f. Low-water,

muisde, Qairfask for rauidse.

umiseach,** a, Surly.

muHeadh, -eidh, -eiilhean, s.m. see muiseag.

muisea;, -eig, -an, s.f. Tlireat, threateaiag. 2f

Fear, terror. 3 Severe treatment. Fo

mhuiseig, diqnfcUd (lit. under threatening )

acn, -aiche, a. Threatening. 2 Fearful

terrified. b*JProne to threaten.

adh,**-aidh, s.m.Tnreatenitig. 2 Threat

rnuiseal,-eii, -an, *. m. Muzzle, curb, check. \

Muzzle of a plough.

ach, -aiche, a. Having a muzzle or curb

2 Like a muzzle or curb,

mui.sean, -eiu, -an, s.m. Mean or sordid fellow

2 Ramacallion. 3 The d^vil.

d, tj.ind. Changeableness, fickleness,

variableness, inconstancy.

muithteach, see muiteach.

muitse, Gaelic spelling of mutch (headdress.)

see muitse.

inul, -nil, -an, s.m. Conical heap, mound. 2

Bank or heap of sand. 3 Pebbly or shingly

beach. 4 Axle-tree. f> Axis. 6**Mnltitnde.

mul,( MS) *.m. The pole.

mulabhar, -air, s.m. Dwarf elder, see fllodh-a'hhalla.

rn-ilach, -aich, . m. see ruullach. 2 (AF) nee


mulach,** -aich, s.m. Puddle, water, dirt. X


mulachag, -aig, -an, s.f. A cheese, the lump, a

kebbuck. Giulain a' mhulachaig, carry th

ach, -aiche, a. Abounding iu cheeses.

2 Shaped like cheeses.

mulachaa, -ain, pi. -an [ & -ain**,] s.m. see mulachag.

nriUyl, -aid, -an, s. m. Sadness, melancholy,

grief, dejection. Thie math a in., good comet

out of s&dnes.

muladach, -aiehe, a. Sad, sorrowful, melancholy,

enduring sadness, grievous. M. a ghnarh./or

ever sad ; is m. an gnotha^h e, it in a m

aneholy busin'ns ; naidhiachd mh., distressing

muladachd,** s.f. Afflictedness. 2 Pensiveness.

3 Piteousness. 4**Di .tressing nature or circumstances

of a case.

muIadaich.tJ P.O. Aggrieve, vex.

mulag,** -aig, g.f. see mullag. 2 see muileid.

3 Little heao, knoll.

mmsean, -ein, -an, s.m. Cowslip, palsywort

primula veris. 2 Primrose.

ach, -aichi*, a. Abounding in cowslips or

primroses. 2 Like a cowslip or primrose.

ni'iiseanach, -aiche, o. Low, sordid, mean, dirty,


muiseanachd, s.f. Meanness.

iiiui--gean, s.m. Spout-fish Arran.

inuis>;inn, -e, -can, */. Gaelic spelling of mntch-

Isin (pint,) see bodach.

miiisigieh, v.a. Huah.

1 muitu, a. Dumb, mute.

Diuiteach, -eiche, o. Changeable, changing, ir-

ach,** a. Hilly, knolly.

mulaid, gen.siny. of mulad.

mulaidaaoh,* s^e inu'alacb.

rmi-laiLn'n, adv. Indifferently.

muiaa, -ain, -an, s. m. Smill stack or rick of

resolute, fickle, unsteady, giddy, volatile, variable.

2 Feverish.

corn. 2 Little hill, hillock, knoll. 8 Conical

hillock. 4 Large conical wave or billow. 5

Little field. e(MS) Knob. M. tomailteach,

bulky stacks of corn. [* says t4 never applied

to hay ;" but it is in Argyllshire.]

mulanach, -aiche, a. Abounding in .small ricks

or stacks, fall of stacks. 2 Full of lumps. 3

Hilly, abounding hi hillocks, knolly.

mulard,** -aird, s.m. see malard (appendix.)

mulart, -airc, -an, s.m. Dwarf-elder, see fliodba'-bhalla.

nulbhnch.(AF) s.m. Sea-calf, seat 2 Porpoise.

mule, pr.pt. a' mulcadh, v.a. Push, butt with

the head, as a calf or rain. 2 Dig with the

srout, as a pig. 3*Dive, duck.

mule,* muilc, -an, s.m. Lump, shapeless lump.

2 Duck, die.

mulcach, -aiche, o. Pushing with the horns or

head, butting. 2 Digging with the snout. 3

Jostling. 4**Apt to push or butt.

uiulcadh, -aidh, s.m. Butting, act of bnttiug. 2

Digging, act of digging with the snout. 3ft

Stuff, ram down. 4 Snoving, jostling. 6 Push,

shove, jostle. A' m , pr. pt. of mule.

mulcan, see mulchan.

ulcha, see mulbhach.

mulchan,** s.m. Long-eared owl, see camhachag-adharcach.

mul-cheann, 4nn, s.m. The pole.

lul-chu, *.m. The pole,

mul-dhorn,** s. Fist,

mulghart,** -airt, s. The pole,

mull, see maol.

mullach, -aic.h, -aichean, s.m. The top, summit,

or upper extremity of anything. 2 Heignt,

hill, eminence. 3 Height. 4 Roof. 5 Apex,

ridge. 6*Essence. 7 Puddle, water. 8 Owl.

9 see mulbhach. 10 see mulchan. 11 Main

dorsal, portion of plough-beam. M. na beinn-

e, the ridge of the hill ; air mullach an taiuhe,

on the roof of th? house ; m. an t-sl?\oightire,

a most complete rogue ; m. liath, lorn, a grry,

bleak eminence ; na m., in her tog ;jn. nan


, the h'iyht of th- tttirs.

tunliachAil, -e, a. Coronal

nmllaeh-tlubb 5 -au-h-dhuibh, -ean-dubha, s.m.

Knapweed c*n'urca myra, sea cnapaudubh

mull'tchd, -an, Suth'd for mallachd,

imiUa-chlach, .'. Pebble. Mu ml

an R' ch'iolaich. abou' th> u-a'er-u-oni xt-itin

"f t l

>e bfa^hSgtidcuche-nan-i'aol, p. 10

mrlnfth 682 mu

mur!aich,(CRi see nvarthn.il.

mu.'iainn, see niurVv;. (Sects,

murlati,* -.iin t.m. U.jly or rouga head of hair.

2 Dirty, matted hair. S** Rough head or top.

nrirlaocli, (AF) s. Dog-fish, soe murlach.

mnrloch, (AF) s.m. Djg-Q-m, se^ murlach.

Tiiurluinn, sea nmrlag.

umru,(AO) s m. bar, ing. 2 Maiden, damsel, girl.

umrrach, -aioh, a. Able, cn.;*.tble. 2 Efficacious.

3J Rich. 4 Adequate, Tha mi m. air a dheanamh,

/ am aJrte t3 do it ; ciol an ni a's naurraiclie

? what is mor* able f

murrachaii,(MS) a. Adequate. Gu m., adtquately.

miirracha", -ais, . m. Ability, capability. 2

cogency, adtrquateness. 3 Superiority, suflicieucv.

murrachd,* s.f. (MS) Solrency. 2 see murrachas.

tin ir-r i lhach, -aich, * m. Orator. 2 Babbler.

uurruichd,* s f. Handsome present. 2 Spoil on

til.? set-shore.

murraiche, comp. of murrach. More or most


muriaichvj,** s.f. Ability, capability,

su riciency.

m'ir-a^,(AF) s.f. Razor-fish.

tmursana;-h, -aich, s.m. Subject.

nmrinla,** a. Servile.


chd, s.f.ind. Subjection.

murt, see rnort.

-~ achail,** o. Murdero is, massacring.

mnrtnchd, sf. ind. Sultry heat, sultriness. 2

Weariness or dnlaess produced by heat.

murtalh, -aidh, see uaortailh.

murtaidh, -e, a. Sultry, suffuoatin;. 2 Languid

or weary from excessive heat. 3 Murderous,


Biurtair, -pan, see mortair.

eachd. see mortaireachd.

murthail,((JK) ./. Grumbling Perthshire.

tmnrlill,** a. Dull.

murusg, -uisg, s.m. Sea-shore. 2 Sea-marsh.

urns, (m6 's or moth a 's) a. Too much, exceeding.

2 Exhorbitant. M. Ian, too full.

mus, con), (i.e. mm an) see mu'in, mu n. Ere,

before. Mas fhaillinne-idh aran, ere bread

should failSwifi'd. ; mus tainig an dil' o

nearnh, before the deluge came from heaven

R. $, 5.

turns, a. Pleasant, agreeable. 2 Handsome.

mu ach, aicho, a. see mosach.

mu-:iji, see air,** .?/,. Musketeer.

raus^ai 1, ./. see mu


tnu thimchioU naimhdealas

altnit her ; m' ar t.. a?iout iti ; m' ur t., about

us ; m' an t., about thnn.

nm theinn, ale. J3u-iy Arran. A phrase in

constant use, e.-r. tha tlui mu th-nun, you art

tmtf ; thft na m^daidh mu theinn, the dogs are

bitty (bark'nj.)

muth-iona la -h, -aicho, rt. Inverse,

muthtach, -aiche, see inuiteach.

d, . see inuUeachd.

muthteachas, see nmueachd.

ma thn.aiream, prep. About (in estimate.) Mu

thuiiream fi -head la, ahwt ticentj/ davs dh'


fhag mi mu thuaiream seo e, / If/l it hereaboutt.

n, nuin. fV ash-trtf ; the twelfth letter of the

Gaelic alphabet at pre*^ in ns3. N, when

immediacely prt'c Hied bv (', souri Is li'.ie n in

Knglish ic in ; nn, when intinodittdty prcc-.'cL'd

*n, cont. for an, r.'l.nron. Mu 'n d'thubhairt iad,

of whom they tUtffitd,

'n, cont. (or an, po*$.p,-oit. Le 'n lamhan 's le 'n

casan. with their hand* and f-'t.

*n, cont. for an. 'N taigh, ma house.

*u, cont. for an ? mX-r. particle. 'N d' fha'j; thu

mi ? have yon Itfi m,> *

'D, con', for an. f-ai'ticlt. A chrmn gu 'n robh

eagal orra, hewing th*;/ were afraid.

O-, is placed between the possessive pronoun"

ar, ear, and blmr, your, and the noun following

when it begins with a vowel. Mar sin

rum bhar n-aiturichean, so did your forrfathrrt.

na, gm ring.few. of art. an. Fo ghruaim na hoidhche,

under thfgtooM of th> ni;jht.

na, now.* da', pi. of ait. an.' Air na beanntaibh,

on the M0wn/at'/M.

na, cnnj. Than. NA'S fhearr na sin, better than


na, pron. fulfilling: the function of an antecedent

an i relative in English (=^an do, contract

-d.) That which, what, those who, those

ft hi -h. Mu m, thubhair&'s na rin'i thu, concfrniny

what tkon ha^t said a. id don*; na thain-

JL r , th'yxe thit canv ; na 's urrai-m mi, that

vh-i-h I can ; n\ dli' fh.vnjts, thus* that remain,

tha' irhich rfma'ns.

na, aot, let uot. Na tig an seo, do not

comf h >rf.

na, pro*, fur do 'n. Chnidh e tiabhaile, A went

to (into) tJi' town BlMfnock, Ac.

fna, con}, for no.

na. par i id', Used before preterites of verbs

(i.e. an do.) Far na tii'od's'ai.- sinn an Lriuir,

where we IMV buried the titi-ee.

'n a, c-^nt. fir ana. Fanaibh (ja-'h duine 'n a

a'te fein, a'ride y fvry man in his own p'ace ;

*na choigreac'i, ftp b'inrj a, 8tranj"r.

'11-4, b >fore a potg. pron. for au & ann, prep. Am

bheil thft 'nad shla/nto ? are yon inh-al'/i .*

tha iad 'nam fitmii ihh *.ian aghaidh fein,

they arewiin'8*es ajainst th-mg^lvt.

na, adv. (i.e. o'n a) Since that, whereas, forasmuch


nab:\c!iail, -e, rt. Neighbourly.

nab ich-is, -ais, s.m. Neighbourhood, vicinity. 2

Ne ighbourlinnss.

niba^-hd, j>rov. for nabaidheachd.

nabaidh, -ean, . m. Neighbour. [* ears " a

neighbour " in the North, and " a North

Highlander " in the Wtrt.]

eachas, seonabaidheachd.

eachd. s.f.ind. Nai^hbourhood.vicinity.

2 Neighbourliness.

nkbuidh, see nabaidh.

nach, pron. int. Who no*, which not, whom

not, that not. An t-.aon nach ti.c, t'i one

that will not com? ; suinn nach be6, h>rofs

by i', soun Is like gu in I'Veuc'i jpiignf, orn/

in English sing. Wh"n preced >d and followed

by broad vowels, nn ha* a particularly deep

an I broad sound, which has n:> e ]uivaU>nt

in Knglish. The m >nosyllabLe an. when the

a-.'xt woril begins with c or 7, .sounds like aw,

as, an cu, the doy. Tlie letter n when aspirated

is not followed by h in writing, and a

distinct! >n between th > pla'n and aspirated

sounds is n >t generally ma lo in Northern

Gaelic, although there i-; an apptvc'able diff-jrenc-s

botwwen the n in, nigh do chasnn.

tra h your fe t. which i< plain, an I tint, in,

igh e*. chiican. li trashed fits th>.it are not living

nach, adv. nn n.

'eilan righ a' toirt fogaraich air an ais,o?cai(S'

the king r^t.

'n ad, co>it. for an a I (au do.) 'Nad chridhe, in

th :i heart.

fna !a, s. Nothing.

na iar, -air, -air.eao, see nadur.

rac v i, -nich?, see t adurra.

nadmhorrach, a. s^e nddurra.

uadur, -uir, -uirean, s.m. Nature, constitution

of the material world. 2 Constitulion of any

particular thing. 3 Disposition, temper, mind.

4 Nature, constitution or (itness of things. 5

Sinful or depraved nature of min, in a spiritual

sense. 6 Bent, inclination, instinct, naturalness.

Obair na luir, the work of nature ;

do dhroch n.. your la t ti-mp'r.

ra, a. Natural, according to nature. 2

Good-mtured, of a g >od natural disposition.

3 Affectionate. 4 In a s f ate of nature, unrenewed

by dhine grac\ 5**Humane. Nigi>ean

n., an a/^ti->nitf fUwg\tir ; dea:j;h-n., or

math-n., good-trmp-r.-d.

rach -aich a. see , nadurra.

rachd,* sj.in 1 . see nadur.

rail, -e, a., proc. for na-lurra.

nngair,** a. Comply, handsom;.

fnaibh,** s.f. Ship.

t eag,** -eig. s.f. Littlj ship.

naid, -e, -can, s.f. Lamprey. 2* 'Husband,

naid'ieaciid, s.f.ind. News, tidings. De dv> n. 1


what ncics lav t/oit ! droch u. dhuit-se, bad

intd'.igwf for j/ou.

fnail,*" a. Another.

n.ii'l-bJieul,** bheoil, s.m. Bridle-bit, (an ail 1bh^u'J


nahnhdean 684 imoi-deng

.rai;niidean, p j . of na'n'uaid.

---- as, see naimhd-as.

lia mhdea.s, -eis, s.m. (*.f. in Had'noch.) Enmity,

hostility, mil.ce. ^**Vici >u ,nes, ranco'ir. 6

Keeuness, eagerness, vehemence. 4* Viudictiveness,


-fnaindean,** -ein, s. m. Valour, chivalry. 2


f--ach, a. Valorous, chivalrous.

f-- ach,** s.m. Valorous person.

iiaimhdeil, -e, a. Hostile, warlike, like an enemy.

2 Malicious. ii**Uaneorou3, vicious.

4 Keen, vehement, eager.

fiia-'ng,** s.f. Mother.

t- -mV.or, -mhoir, s.f. Grandmother.

nair, -e, see naire.

'11 aird, adv. Aloft, up, upward. 2 From balow.

3 On hi-h. Oha'dh e 'n aird, he went aloft.

fnaire,** a. Clean, neat, tr;m, tidy.

naire, s.f.ind. Shame, di-graee, ignominy. 2 The

feeling of shame. 3 Bashfulnosa, modesty.

Mo n. ! for aha me ! fy ! gabh u., feel dnhamed;

gun n. gun athadh, without shame or confusion

of ja:e ; fo n., ashamed ; air bheag n.,


fnaireach,** a. Brave. 2 Generous.

naireach, -eiche, a. Shameful, disgraceful. 2

Bashful, modest, shamefaced, sheepish. 3*

Easily abashed. Ni n., an ignominious thing ;

tha 'u duine n., the man t* bashful.

naireachadh, -aidh, s. in. Ashaming, act of ashaming

or causi.'ig shame. 2" Abashing, disgracing.

A' n , pr. pt. of nairich. Tha nai

air mo u., / am ashamed.

niircachd, s.f. see naire.

iiairich, v.a. Shame, affront, make ashamed,

browbeat, insult.

-ear, fut.pass. of nairich.

-ulh.fnt.a/. a. of nairich.

te, past pt. of nairich. Ashamed, made

Mhamed, a/fronted.

naii ne,** s.f. Purity, chastity, modesty.

nai.s,** s.f. Furnace. 2 Fire-hearth in a forge.

naisti:',(AI-J) s.f. Old inhabitants of a conntry.

naisg, pr.pt. a' nasgadh, v.a. Burl, make fast,

5J .Seal. 3

'Deposit, money, pledge. Nai--geadh

each le cairdeas, let the rest be bound by


tn us;*, -o, -ean, s.f. Ring, seal.

nais^ear, -eir, s.m. Conjunction in grammar.

-,** fut.pass. of naisg. Shall be bound.

naisgidh, fut.a/.a. of naisg.

nai.sgte, pa*t pt. of naisg. Bound, made fast,

secured. 2 Sealed.

naisii h, v.a. Embellish.

nai.-inn,* see naistinn. [* gives, Deep and overdelicate

sense of duty, excessive sense of gratitude,

particularly in matters of hospitality

that puts to inconvenience.]

fna>ir,** s. Old inhabitants of a country.

,mai-,neach, -ciche, a. see naistinneacn.

naisneaohadh,*' s.m. Decoration.

uai nenchd, see naistinneachd.

naisjiich,** v.a. Decorate, embellish.

nai.tinn, -e, x.f. Care, wariness, attention, vigilance.

2** Circumspection, modesty. S Native.

4 (AH) Sense of duty, as in a servant

towards his master's interests. 5 (DMC) Nation,

trioe. Na bitheadh n. sam bitn ort

air mo slum-sa, don't put you>'$"lf to any in-

! C"ntinent, sober, temperate. 4**Cosm-iie.

ft* Feeling a deep senne of obligation. 0*rVrsevt-ringlyconvenience

on iny account is ; beai n. a th'

onn air a shon sin, / do not feel nny cxc-'.^stve

s->tS" vf propriety u-.

tnall, s.m. Bridie.

nail, (i.e. a nail) adv. To this side, hither, to-


wards us, from the other side. A mum a

i.all, thither and hither ; thigjadh e a uall,

Ift him come ooer.

tiiallod, see allod.

tnallus, see fallus.

na 'm (i. e. na + am, particle) con}. If. ^a 'm

bitheadh, if it were ; na 'm bitheadh nao

chliu-sa cho maireann, were m;/ praise *o lasting.



..,,'!, -jicho, a. Caroful, wary, att-utivo.

before verbs beginning with a

labial. ]

nam, gen.pl. of art. an. Glac nam bi-ann, th*

gor.j*. of the hills. [Used before a labial}

"nain, coat, for an am, in their. 'Nam m^adhon,

in their midst.

'nam, cont. for an mo, in my. *Natn f liearann,

in my land. [Followed by aspirate.]

namh, -aimo, see Dauahaid.

namhach, -aich, a.m. see namhaid. Mar dba

u., like two enemies.

aiche, a. see naimhdeil.

ail, -e, a. see iiaimhdeil.

as, -ais, s.m. se uaimhdeas.

namhad, gen.slng. of namhaid.

namhadach, -aiche, o. see uaimhdeil.

n4m!iadas,** -ais, s.m. Fierceness, 2 Enmit

namhaid, gen.infj. uam'nad, pi. ndimhdeau [

namhai lean] x.m. Enemy. 2 Antagunist.

each, -eiche, a. see nairandeil.

namhaidealachd, xj.ind. see naimhdeas.

nimhiiideas, -cis, see naiuihdca-i.

uauihaideil, -e, a. see naiuandeil.

nan, gtn.pl. of an.

na'n, conj. If. [Used before verbs beginning

with a vowel or lingual.]

'nan, cont. for an an, in their.

'n ami, ? cont. for an ann ? is it i 'N anu mar

sin a lha e ? i* it like that, f 'n ami rnvr sin ;\

dh' aithn midhuit ? is U so that I commanded

you !

tnaochad, a. Ninety.

tuaociiadamh, a. Ninetieth.

nuodn, -see naoi.

fnao thamh, a. Ninth, (naothauih)

aodhan,** -ain, s.m. Well, foi.n am.

na-'gad,** a. Ninety. N. fear, ninety men.

arnh,** a. Ninetieth.

fnaoi, y^f. Hip. 2 Man, pors.ui.

naui, a. Nine. An coaiui n. inioaan, at tha

T na'a

fiaoidh. see naoi.

n lO'dhe. see nai>iiihean.

moMheach,** a. Infantile, like a babe or suckling.

-- ail, -e, a. Infantile.

--an, -ain, -an, i.w. Infant, babe. 2

Young chiM

t---duch. -aich, a. Chief, principal.

uanidhean, -em, -\n. s. in. Infant, babe, suckling.

2 Bantling, urchin. 3** Kravery.

-- < ach, -aicne, a. see na.> Infanta.

acnd, see naoi Iheant.tchd. -- ta, n. Childish, cudd-hice infantile.

-- tachd, g.f.ind. Infancy, childliood. 2

--- tas. -:iis, s.m. see naoidheantachd.

law, the canon law.

naomh-riaghailt,** s.f. Ths canon.


' DMoid'i-m r -a,s.w. Infanticide.

air, a.m. Slayer of infants.

i)**mh, yrn -tiny. ivine. 3 Sacred, consecrated.

-- a, a. s-e naonih.

naomhachadh, -aidh, s.m. Sanctifyin ', act of

sanctifying or consecrating, sanct fioation,

consecration. A' u , pr.pt. of naomhaich.

naomhachail,** -e, a. Sanctilicatory, a lorable.

iiaomhachd, *. /. imi. Holiness, sanctity. 2


na imhadii,** -iddh, s.m. Sxnetifying.


2 Sancti-



naomlia^,** -aig s.f. Coble, see p. 78.

ra.'rnh-dheirc. -e. -ean, s.f. Pious sift, deodand.

2 Coilt-e'iion made for the poor at church.

Daomh-dmon, -a, -an s.m. Sanctuary, asylum.

naomh-ilhiDn ** v.a. Give refuse in a sanctuary.

2** Take refiiL'e in a .sanctuary.

----- . achil, /. Protection aforded by

a sancMiary.

naornh-dhionta,pasrnh-chiste,** s.f. snipes.

naosgair,** -ean, s.m. Inconstant man.

eachd,** *./. Fickleness, inconstancy.

na >stramh, -aimh, s.m. see naosga.

naoth, see naoi.

naothadh, see naothamh.

uaothamh, o. The ninth. An naothamh bliadhna.

the ninth year.


, naothamh-deug a. Ths nineteenth. An naothamh

fear deug, the nineteenth man.

nar, ado. Not, may not, let not. Nar leijjeadh


Dia ! God forbid!

naornh-chleachdas, -ais, s.m. Pious habit.

'uar, cont. for au ar, in our. 'Nar cadal, in our

naomh-chii-srig, v.a. see coisri'4.


---eadb, -ulh, s. see coisrigeadh.

---- te, see coisrigte.

naomh-dheau,** v.a. Canonize, deify, sanctify.

amh, -aiiah, s.m. Canonizing, deif-in.


; 'nar meadhon, in the midst of ua ; tha

sinn 'nar luighe, we are in bed.

'nar, adv., prov. for 'nuair,

'uar, (an bhur) see 'uur.

nar, -air, s.f. see riair.

nar,** -aire, a. Asham''d.. 2 Shameful, disgraceful.

3 Feeling affronted. Is n. au guothach

e, it is a shameful business.

fnar,** a. Good. 2 Happy.

n&rarh. -aich, a. see naiivach.

narachadli, -aidh, see naireachadh.

narachair,** s.m. Affronter.

naraich, v.a. see nairich.

oar, see nairichear.

naraichidh, see nairicuidh.

nar lichee, see nairi 'hte.

nard,** s.m. Science, skill, knowledge.

narrach,** a. Cross, ill-tompered.

tnas, -ais. s.m. Anniversary. 2 Band, tie (nasg.)

3 Dta'h. 4 Assem'dy.

ua'3, comparative particle. Than. Cha b' ur-

na's 686 neamhann


riii'in iln na's ftioarr a dhanam i, lie could nut


do better ; tl:a Dumhnall na'.s airde na Seu-

mas, D'jnald is taller than Jaach.

ua-ach, see neasach.

tua-uch, a. .Noble. 2 Famous, noted.

fuasadh, -aidh, -aidhean, a. in. Fair. 2 Assembly.

3 Fame, reputation, report.

casag, -;\ig, -an, .1 Empty shell.

nasc.iAF) s.m. Chained dog, see nasg.

nasg, v.a. see naisg.

nasg, naisg, -an, *. m. [. A in Badtnoch.'} Tieband,

wooden collar for a cow, formerly made

of plaited or twisted birch or othor twigs. 2

Seal. 3 Deposit, pledge. 4 Store, provision.

o, not he.

hicabuuMh,** s.m. Enemy.

ieahhan,(AF) s.m. Roy stun crow, raven.

ueucadair,** -tan, a.m. Noccar.ne. Crann n., a

n?ctariii" tre.

-each,** a. Abounding in nectarines.

2 Like a neciarne.

neach, s. m. iitd. Person, any person, one, someone.

2** Apparition. M. sam bith, n. air bith,

any on*. ; u. eile, another person; gach u.,

evtry one ; n. &iu, someone ; n. no n. 4igin,

someon" or other.

hneachd,*' s.f. Tribe, family. 2 Pledge.

nach'lachd,** *./. Neutrality.

neachdair, .>.?/. Xectariue (itind of peach)

5 Chain. 6 Riug. 7 V AF) Chained dog. 8

(MS) Air. 9 (DM0) Wooden ring of a sieve

or fau. 10 (DM0) Film. Tha 'u c-airgiod an

n.,the money it left in pledge, is deposited as security.

nas,;icii, -aiche, a. Having collars. 2 Like collars

or tie-bands. 3 Binding, that binds. 4

Obligatory. 5 "*Chaiued. 6 ** Full of rings.

Basrah, -aidh, a.m. Biu-iim;, as with a coilar.

2 Collar. 3 Chaining. 4 Covenant, treaty.

5 lie, bond. 6**Ooligiug, obligation. 7**oealin^.

8* Pledging, dupuoiting. A' n , pr. pt,

of naisg. Coir ort le n. a' cnleir, a rijht to

thft> by the bindinj af a clergyman wedlock.

nasgriich,* see na-sgaidh.

niv.sgaidn, (i.e. a UMgaidh) adv. phrasf, Freely,

\si.hout price, gratis, as a pledge, deposit;

or g'ft. Fhuair mi a n. e, / received it free ; a

n. fhuair sibh, a u. thagaibh bhuaibh, freely

ye hao j received, freely yio'; tnug e dhomh a u.

e, he ijaoe it to me as a 'jratuvty.

nasgaidh,** s.f. Treasurrj, gift.

.. eachd,* s.f.ind. Freeness, unconditional

freeness, gratuity, gratuitousuess,

nasnair,** s.m. Surety.

nasgar,** -air, s.m. Surety. 2 Defence, fortification.

nasg chu,(AF) s.in. Chained dog.

natar, -air, s.m. Nitre.

tnath, s.m. Science, knowledge.

fnathach, a. Learned. 2 Dark, grey, gloomy.

uathair, nathrach, -thraichean, *./. Serpent, viper,

snake, adder. Mhaallan u. mi, the nerp

-lit beguiled, me ; n. chailtuiun, a harmless


naihai reach, see nathaireil.

uathaireag, -eig, -an, s.f. Little serpent.

natiiaireil, -e, a. Viperine.

. nathair-ghainmheach,(\VC) f. Sand-serpent,

fouiid in tnj sand on sea-shore.

aachair-gun-phuinnsean, (AF) s.f. Snake.

nathair-lus, s.m. Ground-ivy, see iadh-shlat-

|-neachdar, adv. Neither. 2 Outwardly, without.

fneach larach,** a. Neutral.

nead. n"l, s.)/?. [A ia Argyllshire.] Nesb. 2

Circular h.iliow.

ead tch, -aicha, a. Abounding in nesX

.ulh, -aidh, s.in. Nestling, act of nestling.

2 Act of :na'ving or bail. ling a njst. 3

(D17, metaphorically,

r,h .linhaitin.

nachair-in;iara,(DMC,) s./. Sea-serpent.

uathair-nimhd, s.f. Cockatrice. 2 Poisonous

>-jrp(!Ut, adder, asp.

athaIr-thr*jfoaa,(AF) s.f. Small sand-flsh or

nel. -L Snore- or sea-serpent.

Dathair-Hffiathaoh, (AF) s.f. Dragon.

n:uhair-ttmha, s.f. lirazen serpent.

n;ttnair-uisge.(AF) s.f. llydrus.

fn-tihan, a. Noble. 2 Famous.

uaihra-h, gen.smj. of nat/liair.

iiathraiclieau, n.pl. of nathair.

-ne, i-mi'iiat. particle. A certain emphatic adj

Action to the posx.pron. ar, our; placed after

i hi noun with which the pass. pron. is associated.

Ar n-athair-ne (better, an t-athair agj

inne) our ou

neamhnad. see slexmh n.

nramtving in.tr -ain, ../. stye on tha eye.

naanihn.u 1, n. f.f. Napkin, handkerchief

N pora a pocket hanlk'i-chitf ; u. amhaicli, (


551. NKp-jlidlaSn.

at, haple-is. i**lrglorius. 3**Joyless.

aohd,** *./. Un.suceessfulness. 2


nvo-a'shmhor, see neo-a


hte, a. ufa**.

ne-bh'Ji'lb>ach, -eiche, a. Not pretty, uuhan 1vmie,

nn--e mly.

tieo-tihrathanul, -e, see u^o bhrathaiml.

no bhraih.'urealachd, t.f.ind. Unbrolhurlin >--i

u-o-bnratha.ireil. -e, a. Unbrotberly. (jiulun

ii., itnhrotherly conduct.

nso-bhrathrail, -e, set* neo-bbrathaireil.

neo-bhngh. -e, . /. In.-sigu ficanci*. unimportance,

'i Contempt. 3 Ineftic.icy. 4 Want of

Mihutamv. Chuir aibh an n. aitline Dhe, you

have mads the command of Goil of no e/ect.


neo-bhriijhfach, -eiclns, i. Insipid.

T)ro-bhrijluchte,*' o. Cancelled.

neo-blmghmhor, a. Unsubstantial. 2 Unnutricious.

neo-bhruAilleanach, a. Gentle.

d.(MS) if Rest

neo-bhnairtja^ach, -aiche. a. Inoffensive.

Deo-bhnairle, a. Undisturbed, untroubled. 2**

Untempted. unprovoked.

neo-bhuan, -uaine, a Not lasting, not durable,

transitory, evanescent.

neo-bhuanach, a. Gainles^, unprofitable.

. neo-bhuanacbd,** f. TnuuttorraMS, raomeufcariness,

evanescence. 2 GainleeiMMMt

-^ dail, -e, a. Fruitless.

ttto-bhuidheach, -eiche, a. Unth-inkful, discoulented.

neo-bhuileachaHh, a. Inalienable.

neo-bbnnailteach, see neo-bhunaiteach.

d, see Deo-bhun&itetvcluL

neo-bbunailteas, see neo-hhunaiteas.

neo-bhunaiteach, -eicha, a. Unsteady, unfixed,

changeable. 2 Groundless a Not well founded.

d, * s.f. Unsteadiness. 2 Want

of sure foundation.

neo-bbunaiteas, -eis, g.m. Want of steadiness,


neo-bhuinnigeach, a. Gainless.

neo-bhuinuigeacbd, s.f. Cainlessnesa.

neo-bhuntuuineach,** a. Disinterested.

neo-bhuintmnoach,(M$) a. Impalpable.

neo-chadalacb, -aiche, a. Sleepless.

neo-chail, -e, s. Iua;>petence.

neo-cbairde:\ch,(MS) a. Alien.

neo-chatrdealachd, *./. ind. Coolness.

neo-chairdeil, -e, a. Unfriendly. Qu n.,

unfritndlft manner.

neo-chaldachail, a. Untameable.

in an

neo-chaochl lideach, -eiche, a. UncbangeaMe.

neo-chaocbUuleachd, i. c.miingness.

nro-cbeangail,* v.a. Untie,

neo-cheangailte, a. Unbound, disengage I. fr-n

at liberty. 2 Absolute. 3(M8) Incolierent.

neo-cheangailteachd,** *./. Absolutent3ss.

(MS) Incoherence.

neo-cheangaltachd, see neo-cheangailteachd.

neo-ohean^altas, -ais, t. m. Freedom, liberty

ur constraint. 2(MS)

J. Unchai^geableness,


neo-caochlaidheach, -eiche, see neo-chaochlaidvacb.



see neo-chaochlaid-

no-chaochluidhpach, see neo-chaochlaideach.

ncwchaomhanUich, -aiche, a. Unthrifty.

neo-charach, -aiche, a. nesiunles3.

neo-characi>;ilh,(MS) a.m. Indolence.

neo-charainh, *.m State of not being pnt up, as

hair H'm. Kut.


nec-chlelrencb 690 neo-chulach

neo-cli!6ireach,** -ich, a.m. Layman

nio-chli, a. Ni't awkward, expert, dexterous. !

Not weak, rn_-tivo.

neo-chnuHsaci.d,** s.f. Indigestion.

nt-'O-clmuasaici'te, a. Undigested, unchewed.

n:;o cliogach, -aiche, a. Immarlial.

nt:o-choUiseach, -eiche, a. Inconscionable.

neo-ctioh;ealtach. -aiclie, a Unthrifty, profuse

neo-choi}:.ilt, a. see m-o-cl.o ;


each,** a. Unthrifty, profuse.

neo-choigreach (MS) a. Home-born.

m'O-choigreachail, a. Domestic.

neo-choimeas;!ch,** o. Incomparable,

neo-choimeasachd, s.f. Poerlyssness.

neo-choimeasgach, -aiche. a. Immiscible.

ueo-choimeas!Ua, a. Unmixed,

neo-choimhea.-h, -eich^, o. Kind, affectionate.

2 Affable, not surly, not .stingy, free, not shy,

not strange, easy of access, frank, generous

3(MS) Ilom -born.

as, see neo-choimhicheas.

neo-choimheartach. a. Incomparable.

neo-choimhic!'.eas,-eis. s.m. Kindness, affection.

2 Affability, condescension. 3 Freedom. 4

Complacency, want of shyness. 5* Making

oneself at h->nr?.

neo-choimhlionia, a. Incomplete. 2 Half-strain-


neo-choimhlk>ntachd, s^. Incompleteness.

neo-choingheallac!i, -aiche, a. 111-nauired, unaccommoilat'.ng,

diariblirtox. 'I Perfidious,

neo-choireach, -eiche, a. Blameless, not blamable,

innocent, incalpabte.

neo-choireachd,**./. Blamelossness, innocence,


neo-choisrigte, a. Unhallowed, not consecrated.

2 Not dedicated.

ne-o-choitcheann u'hd, /. Aiiomalon.suess.

neo-chon\arach.(MS) a. /vi.lless.

neo-cliomaraich, t.f.


neo-chunmchd neo-fha:>i/ismuaineach

neo-chuinachd, r.f.ind. Infirmity.

ail, -e, o. Infvjrmoim

neo-chuina 'ail, n. Unshapely, untidy.

neo-fhmnadh,(MS) . Asymmetry,

tico-chmnnireachd.* s.f. Deformity,

neo-cbiunaltach, -aicbe, a. Irretentive.

nuo-cfiuni.Aiita, -ainte, a. Uncommon, unusual.

cbd, sj.ind. Uneommonness, rareue**,


neo-chiimhnantach. -aiche, a. Unconditional,

admitting of no conditions,

neo-ciiunblialacb, -aicbe, a. CapricJous.changeable,

inconstant, deciduous, variable.


*.i>i Fugitive

. d, */. Capaciousness.

neo-chnnbhalas, s.m. Inconstancy.

no-chiiraidh,** n. Gentle,

iieo-oliuram, -aim, *.tn. Negligence, carelessness,

neglect, indifference, inattentiveness. 2 **


. ach, -aVhe. a. Negligent, inattentive,

inadvertent, indifferent,, cart-less. 2

Pnxlinal. 3 (DMC) Irreligious.

. achd, s. /. ind. Inconsiderateness.

2 Desperateuess.

tieo-churanta, -ainte, a. Unwarlike.

neo-dhaichealachd, s.f.ind. Unhand-someness,

want of gentility. 2 Improbability, uulikelihood,


neo-dhaicheil, -e, a. Unhandsome, ungenteel. 2

Improbable, absurd, unlikely,



ueo-'UUea-nach, -a. eh*!, a

rents, undutiful, iiT'jvrr

no >-.lmMnaoh.

Disubjtlieat to pa-

neo-dhlf-asnas, -ais.s.m. f)isob-jdieuce to parents,

uudutifulness, irrevereiane^.s.

neo-dblighcach, -ei^he, a. Uudniifiil. ? Lawless,

uulawiul, illegitimate. 3 Not hereditary. 4

JJUnnaturaL 5* Un>lue. Do dhaoine n., tt

lan'/fss mm.

neo-dhliijheachas, -ais, a.m. Illegality.^

neo-dhoigheil, -e, a. bi--urjfrly,

neo-rlhreachmhor, -oire, a. Implausible.

neo-dhuirie, pi. -dhaoitid, n.m. Insignificant or

unmanly fellow, ninny, a nobody. 2*Decrepid

person, useless person.

neo-dhuinealaehd, *./. see neo-dhuiuealas.

neo-dhuinealas, -ai- 1

, s.m. Unmanliriess, softness,

etfemi' afeii'is-!, (.'ti'^nnnacy, covrardico.

iu:o-dhuineil, -e, a. Cowardly, unmanly, effeminate.

i.uo dliurachd, s.f. Negligence, heedleasness. 2


3 brraoiuteiMM.

ach, -eichrt. a. Negligent, careless.

2 Insincere. 3 Irresolute. Gu u,, n?-jliiit!ijnco-eagalach,

-aiche, a. Fearless, bol.t, not

fearful, unappalled. -J Causing uo fear. 3**

Not skittish.

Qeo-eMgnaidh, -e, a. Inexact, inaccurate. 2 Ignorant,

unlearned. 3 Foolish, imprudeat.

neo-dhaimh, -e, s.f. Inconnexion.

neo-dhiiiuheach,(MS) a. Alien,

noo-dhaimheil, a. Alien,

neo-dhaingneachd, s.f.md. Laxness.

neo-dhaiit$mcl>te, a. Unbound, unfixed.

ratified, unconfirmed. SjJDiueugAged,

2 Uu



4 Unsatisfied,

neo-dhaonnach, -aiche, a. Inhuman, unkind. 2


neo-dhaonnaclid, ./. Inhumanity, unkindness.

neo-dhealbh, -eilbh. s.m. Infertility.

neo-dhealachaidh, a. Ina'ieaable.

iteo-dhean,** v.n. Annul, undo,

neo-dhearbhachd, n.f.inii. Inconsequence.

neo-dhearcach, -aicbe, a. Inattentive.

. d, *.f. Inattentiveness.

neo-dherbha,(MS) a. Precarious, unreliable,

neo-dheas,** a. Nut active. 2 Not neat.

achd, s.f. Inconcoction.

neo-dheisealachd, s.f. DLsaccommodation.

neo-dheithichte, a. Uusmoked.

neotlheo'hasach,** a. Cool,

neo-dhiadbaidh, -e, a. Ungodly, impious.unholy,

profane, irreligious,

neo-dtnadhaidhcachd, s. /. Ungodliness, irreligion,

impiety, atheism,

nec-dhiadhuidh, see neo-dhiatiliaidh.

net.-dhibi reach, a. Accurate.



nco-fhasanta, -aiute, a. UufasMonable, uncommon,

ol uliuted. Cairbii spr&dh neo-ghlain,

th' ('.areas? of unclean fa,'.

neo-ghlic, -e, a. Foolish. unwise. witless.thoughtle

>s. Anam un clirine nan gnioran n.,thou littk>

soul ofunwig" de-ds .'

neo-ihlk>cas, -ais, .m In-tipiency.

neo-.w'i>loicealacbd, s.f. Wisdom, prudence.

neo-gnloiceil, -e, a. Wise, prudent.

neo-^hioidhcealachd, see neo ghloicealachd.

neo-^hloidnceil, see neo-ghloiceil.

neo-ghloine, s.). seo ueo-ghlaine.

neo-ghlnaisneach. a. Hush.

neo-ydluaisn acud,(M8) s. f. Rest. 2 ae neoghluasadachd.

neo-ghluai?te, a. Unmoved, nnagitated, unrufneo-gh!uasadach,

-aiche, a. Immovable, undisturbed,

unruffled. Gnm.,M*wot>aMj/.

lasadaclid, *. f. Imraovableness. 2


neo-gblutail, -e, a. Abstemious.

neo-g'nnaichte,* a. Unacciistomed, unpractised,

abrogated, unusual.

neo-g mathach, -aiche, a. Not customary, onusual,

strang", extraordinary. 2**Idle.

neo-g 'inathHcnaidh,** a. lmpr.tct'c.ible.

neo-g mathaichte, a. Unattetupted, unpractised,


2 Kxtraord nary, uucpuimon.

neo-p:iniomhach, -aiche, a. Llle, negligent, indolent.

neo-g luiombacha-i -ais, s.m. Inactivity.

neo-gn.ireasach, -aiche, a. Inconvenient, unfit,.

2 Unfavourable, a Immoderate, excessive,

intemperate. 4* Unnecessary.

s.f. neo-ghoirea^sacbd.

Inconvenience. 2 Iinmod

T it

neo-^hoirt npo-liomhta


neo-ghoirteachadh,** -aidh, s. m. Process of

taking away the acid from any .substance. 2

Not fermenting'. 3 Not souring, sweetening.

neo-ghoirtich,*" c.a. Take off sourness, sweeten.

2 Unacidulate.

nfo-ghoirtichte, a. Unfernaented, unleavened.

2 Unacidulated. 3 Sweetened,

neo-gnr.ul, -ai ie, a. Not quick, not sudden,

slow, sluggish, dilatory, unapt. Is n. e,

he it slow, slitjgixh.

neo-ghrad-charach, -aiche, a. Lazy, sluggish,

in lol< nt.

neo-ghramail, -e, a. Fla'iby.

nso-jihra-mhor, -oire, a.Unmjroiful.ungracious.

2 Graemes*, without grace. Gu n., ungraciously.

neo-ghrasmhorachd, *. /. TJnmercifulness, ungraciousn

-a*. 2 Gracelessness.

nso-ghreanntachd, ./. Clums.ness.

neo-ghrinn, -o, a. Inelegint, un idy, awkward.


2 >ot showy. d*Coai se, unmannerly. 4*Unkind.

nco-gorinneas, -is, t.m. Inelegance, untidiness,

awkwardness. 2* Unkindness. 3**Lack of

fn.-oi !,*' a. Strong. 2 Stout, thick. 3 Penurious

scanty. 4 Wicked.

neni !,** s.f. Wound.

neoil. g'n.'ing.

neo-liotaeh 69* neo-onorach

e ,-liotach, -aiche, a. Not --tainm tii.?, having

no stammer. 2 Easily pronounced, of easy

neo-loch lach, -aiche, a. Harmless,

2 Blameless, unblemished, spotless, unspotted,

fixities*, sinless, unconfcamiaaned.

Ka-tnh agus n , ho'ii and un>d"inishei.

neo-ioinnei., -e, a. D.formed.

neo-loisgeac'i, -eiche, a. Incombustible, not

burning, nncau-itic.il, a--.be-tive. 2 Not hasty,

keen or passionate. 3**-Not corrosive.

-. -- d, s.f. Incombustibility.

neo-'oi -ge tniaoh, a. Deform xl. 3 Uninflammable.


noo-loijvear, a.m. Asbestos.

reo-lvm. a. Gnarled.

nsJo-luAchmiiorachd, s.f. Worthlessness.

neo-luaineach, -eiclie, a. Steady, constant. 2

Sedate. ----a^ -ais, s.m. Steadiness, constancy.

neo-Iubadh, -ai'lh, ?. m. Inconformity, unbendingn

iss, unyieldingness.

neo-iuchdaich, v.a. Disburden, unload, unship,


--to, past pt. of neo-luchdaich. Disburdened,

unloaded, lightened.

neo-lueh'im'ioircaciid, s.f. Inoapaciousness.

neo-)u.i;hdachai Ih, a, Bateless.

iien.luthach, -aiche, a. Nerveless.

neo-mhairsinneachd, s.f. Discontinuance.

iieo-mhaitheach, -eiche, a. Unforgiving, unrelenting.

2(DU) Indifferent to public or

other opinion, uncouveitioual. v(AU)Stra g'-.tforward,

outspoken, downright, bluut, unflat-


neo-iuhaithf>ana''ach,(MS) a. Unpardoning.

neo-mhaithteach, sea neo-:nh-iitheach.

neo-mharbhach, see neo-mharbhtach. -- d, see neo-inharblitacM.

neo-raharbhtach, -a'che, a. Not killing, not

d -adly, not mortal, immortal. 2 Not sanguinary.

---d,** g.f. Immortality.

nao-mheadhooafh, -aiche, a. Immediate, without

intermediate cause. 2* Not central, out

of place, eccentric. 3* Awkward in point of

neo-mhinichto, a. Unpolished,

n .jo-mhio>ail,** see neo-mh'-^ail.

nj-.'-mhis^each, -eiche, a. So >or, not addicted

to drunkenness or tippling.

neo-mhisgralachd,* g.f. Sobii -ty.

neo-rmiMgjil,* a. see n^o-mhi g


----d, s.f. Immediatenass. 2 Ec-


neo-inhodhail, -e, a. Kude, unc iKured.

aao-mbodhalaeha, s.f. Inson-tibiliw.

n.!o-m:iothachadh, -ai \h, a.m. Ins -n ibil'ty, nnfe.iliugn^.ss,

apathy, stupor, c.tllou -nass. 2


nen-m lothachail, -e, a. InsensibX unf 'eling,

cal.ous, torpi.l.uofoeliug. 2 Stupi 1. 3(Ali)

Unmannerly, im-iolite.

n jo-mhothachalachd,* s.f. see neo-m (


nej-mhothuchadh, see neo-mhothachadh.

njo-mhuchalach, a. Unquenchable.

1, */. Un iu?nc!iableoess.

neo-mhuigheach,(MS) a. Inditlgent.

neo-mriurrachas, -a's, s.m. Incompetency.

; n io-in iuiha(;h, -aic.-h ;,o.(J .Tiain, unchan jeable.

neonach, -aich-?, a. Curious, surprisin;r, droll,

eccentric, amusing, strange, whimsica',n ivel,

rare, capricio'is, imu^'iaJl. SttTriflin^. Ni M.,

a novi or cioinis tldni ; duine ;

n., ad'-o lf'lloiv

; is 11. learn, / am turprited is n. ; kit, he

t'< inks it sti-anyt.

as, -ais, s.m. Curiosity, surprisingne^,

drolln^is, ec.-entricity, strangeness,

c ilniss, surprise, wonder. 2**Prpll per-on.

N. an ni sso, the strangm'S* ofthisthinj ;'tfoa

n orm. /



aeo-phairteachd, s.f. Neutrality.

neo-phairti Iheachd, sj. Incouimun'cability.

neo-pheacac'i, -aiche, a. Impeccable.

neo-phearsanta, see neo-phearsautail.

neo-phearsa'itachd, *./. Impersonality.

no-phearsantail, -e, a. Impersonil.

neo-phoile-irachd, *./. Abstemiousness in drinking

or diet, sobriety, temperance.

neo-phoiti'il. -e, a. Sober, abstemious, temporal*,

not giv-n to excess in eating or drinking.

oeo-phris, -e, */. Want of value, uselessness. 2

Disrespect, contemptibleness, contempt. Na

cuir an n., do not despise.

oil, a. Abject.

MO-phroantaeh, -aiche, a. Inimalleable.

neo-phurpail,** a. Inaccurate. 2 (DMy) Nonsensical.

neo-rag, -raige, a. Flaccid, docile.

neo-rann-phairteach, -aiche, a. Incommunicable.

-d, t.f. Incommunicableness.

neo-ranntach, -aiche, a. Blank.

neor-eisiomail, s.f. Independence, not being in

one's reverence.

neo-reiteach, -eiche, a. Irreconcilable.

is, -ais, s.m. Irreconciliation.

neo-reusanta, a. Unreasonable.

neo-riaghailt, -e, -ean, *./. Incongruity.

each, -eiche, a. Irregular, anomalous.

2 Turbulent, quarrelsome, heteroclite.

eachd,* *./. Irregularity, anomaly.

2 Turbulence.

neo-riauail, a. Unruly, disorderly.

neo-riaualachd,** t.f. Contrariety.

neo-riantanach.(DMC) a. Needless, uncalled


neo-riatanach, (MS) a. Needless.

neo-riochdail, -e, a. Inelegant.

neo-roiunteach, a. Indivisible.

neo-roiuntealachd, s.f. Indivisibility.

neorra-tha, phrase, Indeed it is Arran.

neorra-thaing, see neo-ar-thaing.

neo-sgailich, v.a. Unveil.

neo-sgairte. a. Inseparable, not to be divided

or parted.

il, -e, a. Dull, spiritless, inactive.

neo-s^arail, -e, o. see neo-sgairte.

neo-sgathach, -aiche, a. Fearless, undaunted,


neo-shoillelr 696 neo-thoileachadb

transparent, not brig-lit, dark, gloomy, uninteli


neo-shoilleireaohd,** s. f. Indistinctness, abst'iic-i

of litflr., uni itoir&ibleness, state of

be ng dark or not bright.

ni'o-sLioirMu'achadt), -aidii, *.m. Unsuccessfuln

,'ss, st.iu; of uot succeeding or prospering.

ueo-slioirbhhonruirhte, a. Indefinite, undetermined,

unresolved. 2 Not remarkable,

aeo-shrianach, -ait-he, a. liitle^s, unbridled, uncurbed,

unrestrained, uncontrolled. 2 (DAIyj

stripeless, without stripes,

oeo-shuaimhneach, -eiche, a. Restless,

aeo-shnarach, -aiche, a. Not iusignificant, not


oeo---hughar, seo ueo-shugf!imhor.

Deo-shughmhor, a. Juiceless, sapless, arid. 2

(D.My) Without strength,

ni'o-shuidhic'ite, a. Unsettled, unsteady, discomiKMetl,


neo-shnidhichtcaohd, ./. Levity.

neo-shui^-;u-tach, a. Heavy.

ne-i- huilbliir, -e, a. Morose, not merry or cheer-

modest, not forward.

neo-striochdail,** a. Disobedient. 2 (DMK1


nep-Miruidboll, -e, a. Not extravagant, frugal.

ful, peevish, gloomy, cheerless, unobliging;,

. neo-shirme,** /. Carelessness, indifference,

ni'gligt n ie. Na oiiir an n. naotair, a. Neuter.


dtxpise not.

neo-shuimea!achd, sj. Inattention, negligence,


neo-shuimuil, -e, a. Negligent, indifferent, iaattenti


neo-shulchair,** a. Distant.

i,eo-shuund,(I)MC)s.m. Dulness, spiritlessness.

iieo-shunndach, -aiche, o. Dispirited, dejected,

melancholy, spiritless, morose. 2 In bad

health. S Backward. 4*Drowgy. GUU..&jectedly.

neo-shusbainteach, a. Frivolous, unsubstantial,

without substance, inefficient,

neo-smiorail, -e, a. Spiritless, dull. Daoine n.,

spirirlfti men.

rieo-smioralachd, s./. Spiritlessness, dulness.

neo-smuaintealachd, t.f. Inconsiderateness.

neo-sparragsw;h, -aiche, see neo-shrianach.

neo-speiseach,(MS) a. Favourless.

neo-sp^isoil, -e, a. Underrating, undervaluing.

2 Heedless, careless, inattentive. 3*Unloving.

neo-speisichte, a. Unregarded.

neo-shioradachd.(M.S) t.f.


neo-spioradail, a. Abject. 2 (DMy) Unspiritual.

neo-sporsail, -e, a. Not merry, not inclined to

merriment. 2 Humble, not proud, not scornful.

3 Not prone to deride,

neo-spraiceil,* see neo-smiorail.

iieo-stathach, -aiche, a. Null, bootless,

neo-stdidheachd, s.f. Indetermination.

nao-stolda, a. Incomposed, restless.

chd.(DMC) s.f. Restlessness.

neo-traicealachd, s.f. Want of pride or conceit,


neo-straiceil, -e, a. Not conceited, unassuming,


a. Futile, pithless, weak,

impotent, unimportant, immaterial, ineffectual,

unprofitable, unavailable.

d, s.J. insufficiency, futility, pithless

ess, weakness, unimportance, impotence,


dach, -aiche, a. Ineffectual, futile,

pithless, unsubstautial.impotent, immaterial,


dachd.JJ t.f. Imbecility.

neo-thabhalrteach, -eiche, a. Stingy, niggardly,

not inclined to give.

ieo-thacmhor,(MS> a. Aidless.



a. Uncontroverted, unclaimed,

neo-thairbhe, g.f.ind. Unprofitablensss, unproducuveness.unfruufuluess.unsub.itantialnegs,


neo-taaise,(Ms) y. Apathy.

neo-tnaisichte, a. Infusible,

eo-tbaitiun, v.n. Displease, dissatisfy, disagree

with, disapprove. N. i ris, she did not tatii/y


neo-thaitneach, -eiche, a. Disagreeable, unacceptable,

unwelcome, displeasing, unsatisfactory,


neo-thambaiche, -e, g.m. t:intial.


neo-thtagaisgte, a. Untaught, unlearn*!.

neo-theaganinach,(MS) a. Assured, undoubted,


neo-lhea^amhachd, s.f. Assuredness.

neo-the;vgmiiriidheachd,(MS) s.f. Assurance.

ueo-theanntachd, *.''. Lax ness.

ueo-thearbach, a. Inseparable.

neo-thearbaidheachd, s.f. Inseparability.

ueo-lhearuiute, a. Insecure, unsafe, unprotecbunsaved.

neo-tliearuinceach, see neo-thearuinte.

d, t.f. Insecurity, want of

safety, unnrotectedm>ss. 2* [ncautiousness.

neo-th-omi, 'a. Unskilful, inexpert, iguorant.

2 lutirm. weakly. 3 Awkward.

neo-thebmadh, soe nooneo-theth,**

o. Not hot, co>l, not zealous.

neo-tliimc-iioll-ahearr, v.n. UuCireumebe.

ueo-thimchioll-ghearradh, -aidh, s. m. Uacircumci-ion.

neo-thimcinoll-gliearrta, p. Uncircumcised.

neo-thimail, -e, a. Abortive, untimely.

aeo-tbltixail, -e, a Incoui|>asiouat .

neo-thlustlachd, x.f. Incotupassionateneas.

neo-tliogirrach, -aiche, a. Disinclined, averse,

passionless, amort. 2 Reluctant, a* a person.

3 Uniuvki.ig. a . weather.

ueo-thoil, -e, s.f. Disinclination, aversion, unwillingness,

backwardness, reluctance, nolineo-thoileach,-eichc,

a. Di- inclined, unwilling,

averse, backward, reluct i-.C.

neo-thoileacliadh, -aidh, *.m. Dissatisfying, act

of diMatinfyirg or di .ipleosin^. A' n , pr. pt

of neo-thoiiich.

Beo-th >ik'acha.-i-inntinn, i. m. Dmatisf vction,


reluctance, disg.ut

n'-'o-thoih-il,** a. Stubborn, reluctant, perverse.

neo-thoilich, t> n. Dissatisfy, displease.

te, p-istpt. of neo-thoilioh. D!ssa f isfied,

displeased, discontented, averse. lochd-

;ira'i n., a infiL'ont -n .

nc-o-th"i!!tiMn;i.is. -ais, j.m. Unworthiuass, deuieiic.

ba 1 desert, undjservediiess.

neo-t,iuiluauac-i, see ueo-thoilltinneach.

beo-thoilitiumach, -eichu, a. Undeserving, unwortny,

m.m Thing.

nfo-thji'id-g.-ach.-eic.ie, a. see nco-thoinHgMl.

neo-iaoiui y4vil, -e, a. Foolish, senseless, stupid,

uninbeUifreBO. 2(i)MO Inconsiderate.

n -o-Uioirt, -e, s.f. Indifference, uegli:;enc.3, disinclination.

2 Contempt.

, s.f. Uufruitfuin )ss, unproductiveness,

barrenness. M. do churn, ths barrtnn'S*

of thy u-omb.

aeo-tnoraioh -ad, t.f. Degree of unfruitfnlness,

barrenness, ab >rtiveness, or infocuudity. 2

Female barrenness

neo-thoraicheas, .m. see neo-th >raichead.

neo-thraigh^ach. -ticiie, a. luexhaustible, infinite,

thac cannot be drained.

-j j-thrai hte, * Uuexhausled, undrained.

neo-thra >ighte, see neo-thi'iigh*e.

neo-th,-a "had, -e, o. Late. 2 Unseasonable, untimely.

neo-thrathalachl, t.f.

neo-thr^'gsinueach, -eich, a. In.ieftctible.

neo-thrforach, -aic'ie a. Invalid, week, aidless.

neo-threoraickte, a. Undirected, uuguLled, not


nco-throcaireach, -eiche, a. Pitiless, unmerci

ful, cruel, relentless, call >us.


d, *./. Cruelty, relentlessness,


neo-ttirtiacanta, -ainte, a. Pitiless, unfeeling

unc< m. a siona'.e, unmerrii'ul, crueL Is u, a

't'l'f* in hix tUp.'Ct.

end, ./. Onfoelingness, uncom

passjo'iat 'nss, unm rcifulness,

neu-tliruacanUn, see neo-tuiusalac id.

ueo-thruauiichte, o. Unadulterated, undefined,

uiu-.jrfu;)ted, ununl.d, unm.irred. u iv^

neo-tinuaillidn, -e, a. 1

Incorrupiib* ,

uncoiTupted, un leflK-d, onadaiceratwi.


:aeti'l, t.f [nc'jrruntiou, undofil-

2**incorruptible purity,

neo-tnrua-ail. --, SDO neo-thlusa'l.

U'!u-thru-i a ciit .-,( .1S) a. U.i.ni.ie 1.

r> iieo-tlru-isa ach 1, see iiec)-thlas," a 'id

|- lieo-th'i^i;' t)each, a. ilu tlv:ss.

3 l


j .-ac -ai.l'j, n >: .ui^na-i u ;.

eo-thuairpeac;td s.f. ludi.iiurba'.ice.

eo tliua ; ai ! >ac'i, -oio n, a. Not qn*rrHl*Q0%

u go, t.f i:ui. \Van f < of s^'n^^


^, absurdity, l.ujcof j

neo-thoileaehd,** ,

. */. Stubbornness, reluctance.

perver!rnes, . 2 Disgust.

ornness, aversion,

di-i icliirition. 2 Disgust.


. o-thoilealachd, f. Stubb

r\c'i, -eich. a. BMMeta*. f lo'.i-ih, stupid.

aninbttlliiceBt, irrailoaal. Ciuneach n., a

i fo i*i m'ion.

o- ;huigiinueac'Kl,(MS) s.f.


neo-thi\irseach, -eichc, n. Not sal, not moTirnfal.

2** Not ca-ning s:iJ less.

iieo-thuislo.-ich, - iche, a. luf .bible, stable, es-

Labli^hed, noc li 'bla lo stum >!li '.g, stj.ul/, sure.

d, g.f.ind. Infallib\eness, firmnoss,


)eo-t,huraU, -;, a. Injii'Iiciims. 2 (DMK) Uainvontive,

unintelligent, a (DMC) Senseless.

ie3-u visie, s.f.ind. Illib"rality.

neo-uailach, -aicne, a. Humble, not vain, not

concoited, not proud, unambitious.

noo-uasal, -uaisle, a. Ignoble, mean, unassertir-j

of ra ik, no^ pro'i 1

lKj o-thoirtealachd,** *.J. Negligence, indifference,

carelessness. 2 Harm essness.

neo th >irteil, -e, a. Indifferent, negligent, careless,

ina'tentiv;;. 2 Causing no Harm or loss.

neo-tholltac'i, -aich

neuT 899 ni h-ft

Caithness; mar neul ruiteach, Ilk* a ruddy

cloud ; air c'nul nedil, behind a cloud.

neuiach, -aiche, . Cloudy, dark, obscure. 2

Ghostly, pale. 3 Coloured,

neulachas, -ais, s.m. Mistiness,

neulachd, t.f. Mistiness.

neuladair, -e, -eau, s.m. Meteorologist. 2 Astrologer.

'u i ? (for an i ?) Is it she ? Cha'n i, it is not the.

tnia,** s.m. Sister's son.

t iach, -a, -an, s.m. Champion, hero,

niadh,** a. Strong.

,** s.m. Honour, veneration. f2 Champion.

niadhachd, s.f. Bravery, chivalry.

fuiadhas, -ais, s.m. Valour, bravery.

nirtdh-chus, see niadhas.

mag,* s.f. Squint-eye.

niatjach,* -aiche, a. Surly. 2 Squint-eyed.

jiial, -a & neoil, see neul.

tu.al, s. Letter.

nialach, -aiche, a. see neuiach.

nialadair, -can, see neuladair.

liial-eide,** s.f. Mantle of clouds. Traigh nau

nial-eids, the cloud-covered shore,

nial-mhagain, Suth'd for mial-mhagain (toad.)

niamli,** s.m. Brightness. 2 Colour or appearance

of anything,

niamh,** a. Beautiful,

n-anih,** v.a. Gild, cover over, gloss,

niamhachd, **./. Brightness, v Pleasantness,


.sea neas.

faiat,** sea uia'ra.

niata, a. Brave, courageous. 2ttFierc9. 3 (D(7)

Inexorabla -Ui-it.

chd, s.f. Bravery, valour.

niatal, -ail, -an, t.m. tl33d.

ui b' fhai le, adv. Longer,

neuladaireachd, s.f. Meteorology. 2 Astrology.


3 Astronomy. 4**Sneaking and gazing about,

neulaich, v.a. cf n. Obscure, darken, caver as

wii-h a cloud. 2 Becoma cloudy. 3 Become

pallid. 4**Colour, gloss. f>** Assume a colour.

N. paircean agus miodair gu has, parks

and meadows took on th? hue of d?ciy.

neular, -aire, a. Well-coloured, having a good

colour, well-complexioned, well-favoured.

neuUlubh, see uuder neul.

tuenl-fhurtadb,** -aidh, s.m. Slumbering,

neuluihor, -oire, n. Cloudy, cloud-bearing,

neul siila, s.m. Cataract (.of the eye.)

neulta, pi. of aeul.

neultach, -aiche, a. Cloudy, misty, dark. Lin.,

a clou iy Ua>/.

d, *./. Cloudiuess, mistiness. 2 Gloominess.

neup, -a, -an, see neip. Neupaia, turnips **.

neuuach, -a che, a. see neipeach.

ni, adv. Not. Ni h-ea'ih, no, It in not. Also used

for c*:a. Ni 'u guth mi o neul, 1 am not the

voice from a cloud.

ni, pi. 'lithe.nithean & riitheana, s.m. ind. Thing,

circumstance, affair, business, deed, fact.subatancj.

Ni sam bith (or ni air bith), anything;

ui d.gin, something ; ba;>g mthe, a small quantilti

: air bheag nithe,a/?/>os

ni h-e 699 ndlh

crMhe agus ni h-e b'nur n- x.dach, rend your

hearts a-i / n-it j/onr jarm n'<

ni h-oadh, Nay,not. not so, it is not so.

oi 'in, fur ni mi> I will do or in ice. 2 (for ni

urn) Not. Ni 'ui f-ii'/n mi, / iviit njtyet.

Him ', -.. x.m. see neitnh.

nimh. *./. Dr >p

Bhuhe, I A . P) Bxjinnt cattle.

fnimhcitch, see ueimbnefti'h.

n mhmviiaciid. , a. u*e tieun i.-il

nira')-fhb,'rach ** a, Alexiphanuic.

'n ii.-h, see n ;i.utneh.

vat that ira>/ ; thi< a nis. cmn* aloni now ; a

is 'd a rithis, now and. ajn; nis, '.s fh^udar

dlioinh innseadh dliuir, note I must, plainly

tell j/o.

ni's, cont. foroi, ., ft is, ., (i.e, ni'a,)

n'se, yt.x'ny. of neas.

niseiiii, ^'tth'd for tiis, nojp.

niste, Mui'faft rni ijj

were the first day," th^ ovcning before bjing

counted as belonjjin.s; r.o the dav, and uot tiie

evening after, as is the pres-int Knsrlish maj^.

nochd, v a. Show, rete*!. dfsclofta. diicorer. 3


Pres?n:, offer. 3 S ri;>. ma'ce nakud. 4 P-ial.

N. an t-airgio 1, shou1 ;

t\ mon>/ ; nochda lh

mi dhuit, / tv.l' *hoto yon ; ni m ith co a nocadas

dhuinn a uis '! who will now show us any

gond tinny f

nochdiich, -aiche, a. see nochhdaidh.

adh, see nochdadb.

d, soe noch laidhe-achd.

nochdadh, -aidh. s.m. Showing, act of showingrevealing,

disclosing, discovering. 2 Present

in?, act oi' presenting or offering. 3 Strippng.

making bare. 4tf-Kxomplificitioo. 5ft

Manifesto. 6 (DM0) View. A' n , pr. pt.

of nochd.

nochdaich, pr. pt. a* nochdachadh, see nocbd.

nochdaichidh, fut. a/, a. of nochd.

nochd aichte, past part, of nochdaich, see


nodHaidh, -e. a. Naked, bars, exposed. 2 Desolate,

bleak. 3 Revealing, i Stripping. 5

(DMC) Visible, apparent.

,fnt.a/.a. of nochd.

, (jen.sim. of nocndadh.

eachd,** ./. Na'cedness.

nochdam. ltt.ting.imn. of nochd. Let ma dlfclose.

2 for noctalAid h mi, I shall disclose.

nochd tr, /

tiod'i,** a. Noble, excellent.

north 700 nunllach

n > lha, see miadh. Ur nodha, quite nno.

tran, see nogean.

ibhiseach,** -ich, s. m. Gaelic spelling o


noig, -e, -cnn, s.f. The anus. 2* Old-fashioned

fa':e. 3 Nock (Scots for clock.)

nui.nean, -ein, -an, s.n. Cup. 2 Wooden cup. 3

Nogain (.measure of | pint.) 4 (DAIC) Short

stout fellow.

noigeanach, a. Snufry.

noi;;ean-creadha, -ein-, -an-, s.m. Earthenware

(1 j '

npi{;easacb,* -aiche, a. Snuffy.

uoiii, s.m.ind. Noon, mid-day. Ts eisgaidhe n.

na madutnn, noon is more iivtly than m-j

in;. [Most people are more lively after dinner

than before.] In Welsh it is applied to noon,

but in Manx to "

evening:. Trath noiue

bhivagha, a fine evening," i* quite a cmtomary

salutation in Ireland. Bia lii n., dinner ;

tra n., noontitlr.

; n6 n-iihorchadh,** -aidh, s.m. Eclipse of the sun.

noinean, -ein, -an, s.m. see urbinean.

;-- ach, -aiche, a. see nebineanach.

fnoin reult,** s.m. Evening star.

no.r, s.m.ind. see ear.

HioLs,** o. Excellent. 2 Noble.

nois,** -e, adv. see nis. (Irish.)

tibin,** gtn.fina. of n6s.

no sean, Gaelic form of notions, s.pl. Trifles, bagatelles

Ddin I. Ghobha.

tnoit, s. Church. 2 Congregation.

f-noitheiich, a. Noble.

noil;i,(?) (AC) 8. Greatness.

Nollaig, -e, -ean, *./. Christmas. La Nollaig,

Christmas Day.

Mollaig bheag, -e-bige, -ean-beaga, *. f. New

Year's Day.

Nollaig mhdr, -e-m6ire, -ean-mdra, i.f. Christmas.

noiuha, see nuadh.

nonu, see nunn.

norra, J s.m. Wink of sleep, nap.

norradrtich.(MS) s.f. Sleepiness, dozing.

SJSS^ } aeenorr.

norp,**#.m. House-leek.

n^s, -ois, -an, s.m. Custom, manner, habit.

Cha bu n. do Dhiarmad eagal, D. was not.

wont to fear.

nos,** -ois, s.m. Knowledge.

n6s, -uis, *. m. Cow's first milk after calving,

chyle, boastings. 2 First of anything. Bheir

e nos a mhathar as a shron, ht will make the

chyle drop jrom his nose ; bainne nuis, bfasty

mi b -Argyll.

fnos, a. White, milk-white. 2 Pure.

nbsach, -aiche, a. Usual, customary. 2 Ceremonious,

adhering to customs, habitual.fashionable.

nbsachd.s. /. ind. not,** s.m. Gaelic spelling of (bank-)no-j*.

nbtachan, s.pl. Notes.

ubtair, -ean, s.m. Notary.

eachd, */. Busiuess of a not vry.

nothaist, -e, -ean, . m. & f. Foolish peraoa.

idiot, half-witted pemm.

each, -eiche, a. n\>r>li$h, idiotical.

eachd, s.f. Idiot i^m.

nothaistealachd, see notliaMteachd.

nuacnallachd,** s.f. Asti n; ihm n,.

tuuachar, -a,ir, -ean, a.m. i

\-\ h a

br glu, lilutifiowor .sc:irc-jly i i..^h m li;u.ioCeri

(.iliU-^t 'J)J on p. 7U1.J

nil-ill ad 'n 701 obadb

555 XuaUach

ninlladh, -aiilh, s.m. Howling, wailing, roarin


nuallsan,** n. Nolde. eenerous.

: nualra ch,** s.f. Howling, roaring.

nuamhanair,** s. Em'n-oi lery.

tnuar, m'. Alas ! woe 's me.

iiuar, -air, s.ru. Woe, gloom. 2 Frown.

pui-llwii (kju). vlv. (MS^ Acc^sorily.

nui'j;, j>r-i>. ,( atlv. fu miig is tbe correct form,

l.ut gn rnig t!u> usual one.) To, uuto, as far

as. 2 Till, until.

ruiin'rir, -e, -can, K. Number.

earn,** tt. Nnmrvou*. 2 Numerical.

f;ich.** -fich, s.m. Acc.mnc.int, arithrn

'Hci'in, calculator.

niiiinhn-achadh ** -:iid!i, g.m. Calculation. 2**

Niini ..erin-r. coraputing.

miiru r>-c aH,** a. Anthinfitlcii

iuiuiiidch,** r. Calculate. ~2 Nauib.>r, cora^niLe.

tnuin, */. Ths ash- tree. 2 Old Gaelic name of

the letter N.

tmiiuoan,** -cia, s.m. Dwarf.

'n uiddli, ado. (an uiridh) see uiridb.

null, adv. (a null) see a nunn.

uuallaeh,(AF) s.m. Germ.iudor goose, (lit. roarer

or uowK-r.)

nuna,** s.m. 11 tinner.

nunn. a /u. (a nuun) Thither, to the other side,

beyond, over. Thi-irig a nunn, 170 over ; a

nunn 'a nail, hithtr and thithfr; dh' eubb e

oirre a nunn n 'cha >bh, hecnlltd k>f ovr to

his $t. JNunn is the correct word, null i-r

merely the northern erroneous dialectic form

atiala^ous to nail.

'nur, ale. see 'uuair.

nur. contr. foraan blmr.

U'laM.-m-h,** s.f. Howling, yelling, howl, bellowing,

yell. A* n , pr.nt. of nuallaich.


, pr.pt. nuallaich, v.n. Howl, roar,


tmaU.ui, -ain, -an, s.m. seenuall. N, thonn, the

murmur of u-avfa ; n. na pioba, the sound of

the liarjpipes.

tch.tee nuallacb. Piob n., a, loud-soundiivi


nnallanaich s.f. Continued howling,roarin

obadh 702 ochdarahach

4 State of failing, fainting or giving over. 5

'Provocation. 6**Force. Ag o , pr. pt. of


Oba^:, -aig, -an, t.f. Hurry. 2 Abruptness. 3

Confusion. 4 see gormag. 5 (DU) In pi. - -

Convulsions. Anns ria u-obaga.ii deireanuach,

KV.fterini the final convulsions.

obag s (AF) -an, s.f. Witch. 2 dim. of ob, tpell.

obannachil, *J. Suddeautias, uuexpecfcednew. 2

Quickness, nimblKtiess. 3 Ra->hues4, fi^rin?^.

4 Abruptn-,(. o**Hastine-n of temper. 3 *

Perlness, imp-rtinence. 7* Bea-line.m COIL

i cerning things not yo ir own.

obar,** -air, *.?/. Refusal, denial,

obar fut.pag.-t. of ob. Hhtll b? refused or il .nied.

o. leis Cha^u an ta l| hadh, he thvtil not

rj?ct the nfttMtfion of d'lityr.

l^obh, see abh.

ibhan, -ain, t.m. see uin'iau.

[obhaiun, see abnaiun.

obnanach, -aiohe, see omhanach,

(obhanu,** -:iin'i, see uamhiuu.

o bharr, pr?n. Q!f , from the top.

obhnaig,(CR.) v.n. Touch, lued'lle with Psrtk'

shir*. (Scuts, own.)

3 (AF) Hobby falcon.

oba,'al. of obair.


obta, past pt. tfc a. Unaccepted,

obuig,** a. Abrupt, suddeu. 2 Rash,

obuinn, -e, a. see obann.

3,**.A Ra:,*' -ais, s.m. Mallows,

ochd, -an, s.m. see uchd.

ochd, a. Ei^ht.

och lach,** -aich, s. m. Good key of voice. 2


ochial,* a. Eighty. O. fhear, eighty men.

o.ih-lail (gu h-;>-) Eighthly,

och I imh, a. Eighth. Air an o. bliadhaa, on the

eighth y.-ar.

ochdiioii, -aimh, *. m. Four penuyUnds, aneigh:h

of a daroch a mea^ire of land,

\ch,* -aii-h^, a. Octangular.

- -ich.* -aich, s. m. Octagon, figure of

eight ai.lea.

ochd-bhallach 703 bg ghnaths

ochl-l h%llach,(AF) s.m. Octopus,

ochd-bhliaihnach Jf a. Octennial,

och l-bhileach.JJ a. Octopetalous.

oehd-c %

hearnach.tf -aich, s.m. Octagon,

ochd-deug, o. Ei^uteen. Ochd bliadhua deug a

ogh. One of tha nam^s of the letter o.

to;n,** -a, s.f. Vir;iu.

fo;;h, a. Pure. 2 sincere. 3 Whole, entire.

ogiia, pi. -clian & -ichoau, s.m. Gran Ichild, 2

jSvpluew. Is ia 1 oghachan peacliar is bratbar,

th-y ar> se^on.l cona.ns.

\ fcghaohd,** *./. irgi.ii.y.

oghan, sea omu-in.

ach, ed ouihanach.

oguar, see ptlhar.

fuglium, -u;m, s.m. The occult manner of writii

g u^ed by tha aucient Gael ; polygraphy.

Tiie oguatu alpiiabet was formed on a protoiel'4r,tptHc

system by -so many strokes for

each letter, above, through or below a stem

liii'-j, wliicn was often formed by the angle of

a stone monument thus :

iSSlL M""

704 oi.lhe.-ui

of nrxiog together. 5 A^i a. ion. Ag

o , pr-

pt. of oibrich. An caocl'a i a : o., the

it ; is goirt a tha e

air 'o. ! hmo lard fit i* woik jd !

oibreachail,** a. Effective, effectual, operative.

^tt^^chanical. SULaboiious. 4 Industr'oiu.

oibrich, pr.pt ag oibn.-acli:idii, r.a. .It n. Wortt,

operate, labour. 2 Mix, work to a coiisistfiicy,

as liuie or clay, a tf.-ruieut. 4 Effect b/


e, -an, s.m. Worker, workman, labourer.

O. ealauta, an ingenious work-nan.

te, past pt. of oiricb. Wrought, accomplished,

effected. 2 Operate- 1. 3 Mixed or

wrought iuto a certain consistency. 4 Fermduced.

O. le obair gureis, wrought with


oich ! in'. Expression of bodily pain.

I I! II :* III


J* Occult sciences.

oglach, -aich, s. in. Lad, youth, stripling. 2

Alan-servant. 3 Soldier. 4** Vassal. 5 Young

hero. Ban oglach, a han.hnaid,mrid-s>rvan f .

- as, -ais, s.m. Farm-service. 2 Servitude,

Slavery, vassalage. 3** Fourth stage of human

life, from 34 to 54 years of age.

oslacuas,** -ais, s.m. Kind of Gaelic verse. .

Off-losgaon. -ainn, -an, t. m. Tadpole, young

fros, little fro?.

ogluichd, see og:uidheachd.

ogiuidh, -e, a. Awful, gloomy, dismal. 2 Afraid,

awe-struck. 3 KashfuL 4 Peevish. BftWild.

6(DMy) Unsteady. Tha 'm bata o., the boat it



eachd, g.f.ind. Fear, dread, terror. 2

Gloom. 3 Tearfulness, awfulness. 4 Bashfulness.

5 Wildn -ss. 6 Peevi.shuess. 7(DMy)

Sqaearaishnen, as when a person is ready to

vomit with sea- or other sickness. Lan o., full

ofg'ootn; la o.. a goile, x.m. Schoolmaster.

oidiiche, -annan, -au & -achan, s.f. Night, evening.

2 Darkness. Beul na h-oidhche. th

evening; an o. nochd (gen*rallt/ an uochd),

to-night ; 'san o. dhuibh dhuiich, in the

pitch-dark night ; r6 na h-oidliche, ai-t nit/ht ; a

la 's a dh' o., by day and night ; air feadii na

h-o., during thf night ;meailhon-o., midn>'ght ;

ineadhon ua b-o., the middle of the nijht ;

marbh na h-o., th* dead of midnight; o.

rnhath dhuit, good night to thee.

oidhcheach, -eiche, a. Nightly.

oidhcheil, -e, a. Nightly.

oidhche-mheirleach,** s.m. Night-thief, nightrobber.

oidhcue-nain-baima2,(MMcD) */ Christmas-eve





oidheachd, see aoidheachd.

foi'lheadh, -eidh, s.m. Tragical death.

oiitheam, -eim, -ean, s.m. Kook. 2 Secret meaning,

inference, idea. 3 Slight decree of knowledge.

4 Hint. f4t>5ensatio!i, feeling. 'Nnair

a dii'fhosgail e an t-oi'lbean^wAm he expound*

ed the meaning ; is e sin an t-o. a thug mise

as, that is the inference I drew from it ; gnuthach

gun o., a tuinq without meaning ; c6 is

urrainn o. sam bith a thoirt as ? who can

make any sense of it ?

ach, -aiche, a. Tractable. 2 Ideal 3


oidhearp, see oidbeirp.

ach, -aiche, see oidheirju>ach.

oidheas,** -tis,ji.i/i.in>uujajn, cuunsdl. 2 Freeatoue.

oidheirp 705 oilean

Oidheirp, -e, -can, $. f. Attempt, endeavour,

undertaking, trial. Dean o., or thoir o.,make

an att-^njit ; thug e o. air, he tried it.

each, -eiche, a. Endeavouring, attempting.

2 In.lustrious, diligent, persevering.

eachadh, -aidh, s.m. Attempting, act of

attempt inif, endeavouring. Ag o , pr. pt.

of oidheirpich.

ich, pr. pt. ag oidheirpeachadh, v.a. Attempt,


-iche, -an, $.m. Attemyter.

oidhirp, see oidheirp.

eachadh, see oidheirpeachadh.

oidhre, *J. see eighre.

oidhre, -aachaidh,* t. m. Familiar spirit. 2 Instructor

in occult sciences.

olt'-ionnsaicb,** g.m. Instructor. 2 Guide. O.

a h-bige, tJie guigrac 'ful, scandalous.

--achd, s.f. ind. Reproachfulness. 2.Scandalizing,

.scandalousness. SttBlasphemy.

oilbheumaich.ft v.a. Offend. 2 Blame.

oilbhrfiiuiaiche, coinp. of oilbheumach.

oilbhiast, see uile-bheisd.

toilbhreo, s.in. Funeral fire.

to.lcheas, -chis, s.m. Doubt, hesitation.

f-ach, a. Doubtful, hesitating. 2 Scrupulous.

bighean, n.pt. of bigh.

oigheann,** oighne, see aghann.

ach, -aich, ./. Thistle.

bigheil, -e, a. Maiden-like, modest.

oishidh,** t.m. Guest.

oighionnach, -aich, *./. see oigheannach.

oi. h-mhara, y. Mermaid, sea-nymph , nereid.

oigb-nair,** t.f. Virgin modesty, virgin bashfulness.

oitfh narach. -aiche, a. see bigheil.

pifjhnHach,** a. Liberal, generous.

buh-nUhean, -ighue, -ao, *./. Virgin-daughter,

unmarried daughter.

oighre, ./. ne deign (ice.)

oighre, -achan, .m. H"ir, heiress. Roiridlibean

mac, acb 's e l)i i a ni o.. a w-.nan '.nay bear a

ton, but it it Qo-1 that muk t :h,- heir.

foile, see eile.

oileaDhan,(AF) s.m. Elephant.

oileadair,* -wan, a.m Professor.

oileac;,(r).My) -an, a.f. Flat stone, larger than a

pebble, tortltrowinf at horses, cattle, Ac.

oil amiMch, s.f. Uuiversity.

oileamhai>l,* s.f. University.

oileamuaiu, -e, t. f . see oileau.

oileatnhnach, -a ch, -ean, see oileanach.

oileamhn ilch, n. see oiloantoh.

oilean, -tin, -nan, a.m. see fHean.

oilean, -ein, -an, s.m. K luca'.i 'n, instruction. 2

Househ -ild instruction, breeding. 3 Nurture,

food. 4** Aisln of a church. 3** Uoir-y.

suckle. l>roch uiL-an, bad 'ire-d'ni ; g'i bra li

cha iK'aiait-h o. iiul, breeding *ha!.i. n^on

oilean 7

forfake the/>.

oileanach, -aiche, a. Educating, training, instructing.

2 Nourishing. 3 Well-bred. 4

Educated, trained, polite, civil. 5 see eileanach.

oiifHnach, -aich, pi. -aich (t -aichean, s.m. Student,

pupil, scholar, academician.

adh, -aidh, s.m. Instructing, act of

instructing or teaching. Ag o **Liberal person.

oin 'ach, -eiohe, a. Merciful, compassionate. S

Liberal, bountiful.

d,** s.f. Mercy, mercifulness. 2 Liber*


, pr.pt. of oileanaich.

d,** s.f. Doctrine, teaching. 2ft Curing.

3tt Drilling.

oilrta laich,* s.m. Scholar, student, pupil.

oileanaicb, v.a. Instruct, teach. 2 Rear. Sft

oingeal, -eil, -an, s.f. see aingeal.

6iuich,(JM) W. Isles for ainich. Panting, especially

when struggling hard with an enemy,

or to get out of a difficulty.

oinid, -e, -can, s.f. Fool, idiot. 2 Foolish woman,

silly person, stupid person.

each, -eiche, a. Foolish, idiottcal, of, or

pertaining to an idiot. 2 Absurd.

eachd, s.f. Foolishness, folly, simplenes*.

Cure, remedy. 4tt Drill.

te, past pt. of oileanaich. Reared,

brought up, nourished. 2 Instructed.taujjht.

3 Well-bred, polite.

oileanda, -aiude, see oileanaichte.

oileanta, -ainte, see oileanaichte.

>inidli,** -e, a. Generous, liberal, magnauiniims.

ni^h,** s.f. Prostitute. Air gradh na h-o. n*

tog trod,

oileautachd, (MS) s.f. Scholarship.

oilear, -eir, -ean, for eilthire.

ach, -aich, see eilthireach. 2 Nursery.

adh, -aidh, s.m. see eilthireachd.

oileas,** -ais, s.m. Custom, use, habit, usage.

t ach, a. Frequent, usual, customary.

oileid.* s.f. College.

oilich,** v.a. Frighten.

oilire,* s.m. Professor.

oillbhastair,** s.m. Alabaster.

oillbheint,** *. Elephant.

cfo not raise a quarrel for a harlot's


each,** a. Whorish, like a harlot.

eachd,** s.f.ind. Whorishness, prostitution.

-e, JMnanid, -ean, s.f. oinid.

iomiildn,** see oinid.

imnhideaeh, a. see oinideach.

d, see oinideacbd.

iunean, -in, -an, s.m. see uiunean. 2**Pebble.

ach, see uinneanach.

inseach, -ich, -ichean, t.f. Foolish w.nnan 2

Harloc. 3**Idiot. 4 Bagpipe. Cha leanuan

oinsich e, he is not a fool's choice

inseachail, -e, a. Foolish, idioticai. 2 Like a

foolish woman. 3** Whorish. Uu h-o., fool'

s. Elephint.

oitlmueidh,** -ean, s.f. Balance, weight,

ui It, -e, -ean, s.f. Terror, dread, horror, detestation,

disgust. Dluth-chritu air g ich cniimh

le h-o. , every bon shaking with horror.

oillt-chrith, -e, s.f. Trembling from fear or terror.

2 Horror.

each, -eiche, a. Trembling from fear.

2 Causing to tremble from fear,

oillteachadh, -a ;

db, s.m. Trembling, act of trem-

bli'ig. 2

Dreading, detestation, horror. Ag

o , pr.pt. of oilltich. Tha mi air m' o. ris,

I am sfi.ock-d at him.

oilltealachd, s.f.iml. Terribleness, horrihleness,

dreadfutness. 2 Ugliness. 3**Detestableness.

oillneil, -e, i. Terrilic, dreadful, terriblu, horrible.

2 Ugly, di Busting in the highest degree.


oillthaigh, see oi'-th.iigh.

oillth ;ud,** -theid, -an, s.m. see oil-theud.

oilltich, v.a & n. Frighten, terrify. 2 Be afraid,

bo horrifinl. 3 Tremble from fear. 4

K>'g trd with horror, shudder with horror, de

tos> .. Dh' o. mi ris, / detest him, 1 am hor

rifed at him.

te, paxt ;it. Afraid.



oinseacha*, see oinsealachd.

oinaeachd,** s.f. Whoredom.

oinsealachd, s.f.ind. Foolishness, stupidity.

oinseaun, for craobh-uinnsinn.

oir, conj. For, because that. Oir ciiuimhnich

iad, for they rem-'in hered ; oir is I'hearr learn,

becaus* that I prefer

Oir a b' aanas au leith-

id 'san fiionn, for their lik; were scarce in tk*

land Rob Donn.

toir, prep, see air.

oir, v. Befit, b com?.

toir, a. Fit, becoming, proper.

oir, -e, -ean, s. m. Border, edge, margin, hem,

selndge, boundary, limic, coast. Oir an aodaich,

thf hem of the cloth ; oir an t-srntha'n,

Ihe margin of the brook ; gun o., without a

border ; air leth oir, sideways.

toir, -e, -ean, s.f. Furze, whins, gorse. 2 Old

Gaelic name for the letter O.

oir, s.m.ind, see ear.

oir, jjen.sinj. of or.

oill'ioil, -e, a. soe oillteil.

oili>ha.nt,** . Behem >th.

oil '. oil ! in'. Form of address to an infant.



of derision at finery,

oil-thaigh, -ean, s.m. School, seminary, college,


each, see oil-thaigheil.

eil,** a. Academical.

oiltheireachii, see eilthiroachd.

toil-theud,** -th^id, s.m. Cable, rope,

oi -thire, s.f. see eilthir.

ach, -eiche, a. see eilthireach, a.

oil-thireach, -ich, s. see eilthireach, .

d, see eilthireachd.

5.57. Oir.

o'r, ./. Th-3 spindle-tree -et'onirnvit europ&iit.

oirb i, prfp. proa. On you. 2 Owed by you. S

The mttter with you. 4 You under the necessity.

Bbeir mi o., / will fore.* you ; beiridh mi



it ciod a tua ; cur oirbh ? what ails you t

/ will cats.h you cniribh o. ; e, put it on

you ; tha e o. a dhoan.imh, you are ohliyed to

oil-threu'ahach,** a. Valiant, truly braye.

d, s.f. Transcendant valour.

j.au, -o, -cau, ./. Loan. 2 The thing lent,

oin,* s.f. Death-agony.

oiueach, -ich, *. m. Liberality, geuerosity.

Clemency. SJjTruce. 4**MerciIul person. 5 | do


am bheil dad aig* oirbh F 7a* hranv c'om on

yov f do you pit** Aim anything .' ua gabhHfbh


oirbh e, /ato iV not on you. take no h,"d of him

(or it.) [emphatic, oirbh-se. :

see a r.


irbheart, -tire, -an. * MI. Hood deed or action,

exploit. Bu o ilhnit a dheanam't, i were on

tt' -

f nj ehanty m t/cn/ o do if; cha'n o. sam

bill) dhuit a leittnd a dhfanamh, >t would be

no act of tharity in you to du the like.

acb, -aicb*'. o Performing good deeds

or actions. 2 Charitable. S Great, noble. 4


oirbbeirteach. see oirbheartacb.

oirbhidinn. '*./. Honour, respect, veneration,

oirbti^as *

see uirhnearU

oiil-hidneacb,** a. Honoured, respected, veneiated

oiibhir,** */ Reproach. 2 Curse. 3 Armful,

oubh-se rmphatic of oirbh.

toirc Jt *. I apdog. 2 Lapwing, see adharcanluachrach.

Oirceadal, -ail. t.m. Instruction. 2 Doctrine.

oircean.(CR) s.tn. Horizon, heavens, only used

to " tha stoirui air an oircean," said when a

storm or squall is sen approaching A rran.

oircean. -ein, -an, see uircean

oireeart," -eirt, s.m. Hurt, bruise, wound.

oirceas. -eis, *.w. Mess,

dirt-heard, -eird, -an, see 6r-cheard.

oircheas, -eh, -an, t.m. Hly, mtrcy, clemency.

2 Kindness. 3 Act of charity. 4 Fitness,


~ ach, -aiche, a. Pitying, merciful. 2

Charitabl.;, benevolent. 3 Kind, generous. 4

Needy, in want. 5 Fit, prooer.

achd, t.f.ind. Charitableness. 2 Need,

necessity, poverty, want. 3 Fitness, propriety.

4 see oirchfas. 5** ra-ly Mean.

aich.(MS) v.a. Aid.

6ir-chiabh, -a, -an, t.m. Yellow or golden lock or


ach, -aiche, o. Having yellow or gold

en locks or ringlets.

f oirchill, -e, -ean, s.f. Provision reserved for the

absent. 2 Reward. 3 Conceahnent, ambush

foirchill, v.a. Carry, bear,

oircbilleacb.** v. Bearing, carrying,

oirchind,** '*./. Providence,

oirchios,'* -chise, a. Proper, meet.

oirchios, -a nt do if, tha e o. a lihe.inamh,

ice must do it, it is our /.:// to do it ;

togauiaid o., lf n< bmtir ours'lves, let. us be

mooing ; na f,'abh.ini.\id o. o, le: t.< not heed

hhn, Ift us tokens notice of ,'tiui ; thairis o.,

over t< ; a Thixhaarnfc seall oirnn, Lord look

upon UP.

oirune r eMphatlCjOn* of oirnn.

oirp, see oidheirp.

oirj.., } *. House-leek, see lus-nan-cluas.

oirpe, -an, see oidheirp.

oirp 708 olo

oirre, prep.prcm. On her, upon her. 2 Owed by

her. 3 Matter with her. 4 Over her. 'De

a th* oirre 'f what is the matter with bur ? tba

e o. a dheanamh, she is bovnd or obliged to do

it : 'de tha 'cur o ? iv hat ails her ? Me a tb'

figad oirre ? how much do*s she owe you * cha

'n 'eil eagal oirre, she is not afraid ; moran

uachdaran o., many riders OPT hr ; chai IL

e o., he had carnal connection with her ; dh'

eMrich e o., he belaboured her ; togadh i o., let

her bestir herself, let her be off.

oirsceart,**>. The East.

oirthir, -e, -can, *. f. Coast, shore, beach. 2

Border, frontier. 3 see ear (east.) 4 The

Eastern world. O. ghaineimh, a sandy shore,

a sandbank ; bathadb mor aig o., wrecks are

frequent near a shore.

each, -eiche, o. Of, or belonging to, a

coast, border or frontier. 2 Maritime, bordering

on shore. 3 Terminal. 4 Kastern,


oisbheas,** -an, s.m. Epicycle.

ach,** a. Like an epicycle. 2 Of, or belonging

to, an epicycle.

toisbbreug,** -an, s. Hyperbole.

ois-cheum,** s.m. Eminerice, superiority.

ois-chreidearnh,** -imh, s./. Superstition.

tpis-chreideimb, -e, s.f. Superstition.

biseach, -icb, -ichean, s.f. see binseach.

ail, -e, a. see binseachail.

bbealar:hd, see biusealachd.

oiseann, see oi>>inn. [** gives gen. oisinn.]

bis ;, -e, -can, s.f. see othaisg. 2 see oisriun.

oisgealachd, see othai^gealaehd .

bisgean, for othaisgeaa, n.p/. of othaisg.

oisneach. *. Rifle Sar-Obair. (isneacu.)

6isgeil, see othaisgeil.


olo on-xra-'d

cuis gu d*ireadh, put of tk" nil part to th*

last ; 'H fhaarr au t-olc eol ich. na 'n t-o'c aiu-

H>lach, the known evil it better t'ia-i the unknown

evilond is better prepared to meet it;

cha bhi olc an aona bhliadhna fada 'dol

seachad, one year's grievance, will soon pat*


olc, adv. (gu b-olcj 111, badly, wickedly. Is o.

a fbuaradh tu, you behaoed very badly ; is olc

an airidh e, it it a pity; is trie fhuair " olc-anairidh

" car, oflen " 'tis a pity" has been


olc, g^n.sing. uilc, a. Bad, evil, wicked 2

Evil, untoward, unfortunate. 3 Had, incumplete,

not illamhnaioh, v.a. In-itrict. ti-ach. 3 Solemnize.

tr o and mo.

omar. -air, s.m. Amber. 2 see amar.

ach, a. Amber, made of amber.

aich, v.a. Amber.

ombra, s.m. see omar,

fomh, a. Lonesome, unfrequented, solitary,

omhail, -e, s.f. see umhail. 2 Act of



omh," to express

(LL.D.) ; o. ri leighis,

a doctor of m*licine (M.D.)

ta, -ainte, a. Learned. -- tas, -ais, t.m. Professorship. 2 Doctorship.

3 Superiority.

ollarnhnarhadh, -aidh, *. m. Instructing, act of

in-itructing, instruction. Ag o , pr.pt. of oilamhnaich.

ollamhnachd, ij. Superiority. 2 Preparation.

a doubt or disagreement,

or to indicate discomfort. 'De" an o. a th 1

ort ?

what are you grunting about ?

oinhaill, .s.A Heed, attention. 2 Care. Gabh

o., pay attention ; ciod an o. a th' ann ? what

matters it t ciod an o. a th' agad? what do

yon care t

ombailleai-h,** a. Heedful, attentive. 2 Careful,

tomhan, -ain, s.m. Fear.

umhan, -am, s.m. Froth of milk or whey, especially

the thicker whey pressed out of curds.

[* gives omhar.]

ach, -aiche, a. Frothy, abounding in froth

of milk or whey.

achd,** s.f, Frothiness, foaminess.

tomhnach, a. Terrible. 2 Frothy.

Tomhn-i-ar, -eir, s.m. Embryo,

fomna, s.m. Oak. 2 Lance. 3 Spear,

tomfid, v.a. Obey,

omoideach, a. Obedient,

omrann, -ainn, s.f. Share, division.

o '/i, crmj. -we o.

o 'n (o + an) O 'n taigh, from home, abroad ; is

fhada o 'n la, it is long sincet he day broke ; is

fhada o 'n da la sin, it ii long since we met before

;o'n aitoriohibh, /rom their father*.

Ion, oin, -v.!/i. '2 Advantage, profit. Loan. 3

Thing lent. 4 Cause, reason. 5 Blemish,

stain, blot, fault. 6 Reproach. 7 Sloth, laziness.

8 Anger, rage.

ton, -a, a. Kxcellent, noble, good. 2 Advantageous.

ouadh. s^o oufhadh.

ouagai l,J s.j. Confusion, row, disturbance.


onfhadh. -fhai.lh, -fuaidhean. s.m. Bi .*t. storm.

2 Raging of the saa. 8** Furious billnw. 4

Rage, fury. 5-HNoise of the waves. 6**Storm

at sea. 7 (DU) Raging banger.

nch, -aiche, a. Stormy,

Cuan o., a stormy



ong, v.a. see ung.

tong. s.m Tribulation.

sea.se. 4 Restraint.

2 Chastisement. 3 Di

tong, s.m. Sorrow. 2 Sigh, groan.

4 Fire. 5 Hearth.

3 Healing.

tong, a. Clean. 2 Clear, bright.

ongadh, -aidh, see ungadh.

tonualar, see ong, *.

onial,** s. Corner.

tonn, -a, -an, t.m. Stone. 2 Entire horse, stall

ion. 3 Furze, gor*?. 4 Name of the letter O

6ran aiche

onii'l. see olnid.

onHidec'id,( MS) see oinideaehd,

omir, see onoir.

ouairich, see onoraich.

te, soe onoraichte.

bnar. see aonar.

aich, see onoraich.

an, see aonaran.

on-chu.(AF) Wolf. 2 Otter.

ones, g.m. Stfnlock Arran.

nda,** a. Simole, silly.

ondhreag, -eig, s. f. Meteor. O.

tfri-ible meteor.

onfha, see onthadh.

uamharra, a

or ghru lairoacbd, to tpail

or na h-Aona, th* Friday gpfll.

or sheaml-ichais, chirm tn induce one cow to

lak* to th,< calf of nntttJt^r.

or stoirm. tpell to ra!$e agtorm to drown a fn;

tor, a.m. see oir. 2 Month. 3 Voicw. 4 Houml.

ora. see or A drag.

ora. a see orach 4 orail.

orabhar,** a. Bashy, as hair.

orach.tt t.m. KnchaDtment

6rach, -aicb, o. Abounding in gold, golden, auriferous

- ii.n, -;\\n.pl. -an A 6rik'h'au, n. Juw I,


-d,* t.'.ind. Fict4tiu ornimnf, faoU.^'-- .

fantastic dress. 2"* Hoarding goUL Tuill'dh

's a ch6ir de orach Ian, too .-

many ftnteutie

namtnm 01 a*#r/wn' air*.

oracuil. s. f. Oa->Hc spelling of oracle.

prad;tii,(MS) jt.m. Hild-r.

oradh, -aid i, * H Gilding, act of gilding. 2

Burnishing. 3 Reflection of the sun's raya. Ag

o . pr.pi. of dr

oradh, -aidh, s.m Chanting iucantations, 2

[** gives oinn as gtn.aing. of 1 & 2 ]

onnchon, -oin, -an, s.in. Ensign, standard.

onnchu,(AF,).m. Leopard.

onoid.(MS) .f. Sot.

onoir, -e, -can, *./. Honour, magnanimity 2

Respect, estei-m, reverence. 3 Fame, renown.

4 High rank or place, dignity. 5 Honesty,

integrity. Na bitheadh m' o.-sa air a haonadh.

lt not mine honour be united; gun

o., without honour.

onoirich, v. see onoraich.

te, .see onoraichte.

onorach, -aiche, a. Houourable, honest. 2 Distinguished,

exalted, famed. 3*"Honorary.

Ball o., an honorary mnntitr ; duiue o., an

honttt man ; gu h-o., honourably.

adh, -aidh, s.w. Honouring, act of honouring

or reverencing. Ag o , pr. pt. of ouoraieh.

onoraich, pr. pt. ag onorachadh, v.a. Honour,

reverence, respect, revere.

te, pott pt. of onoraich. Honoured, respected.

onrac, Arran for aonrachd (solitude.)

bnrachd, see aonrachd.

ach, see aonrach.

an, see aonrachdan.

anach, see aonrachdanach.

op,** *. Hop, see lus-an-leanna.

6par,(CR) Gaelic spelling of hoover (of a mill.')

opar, (MMcfj) s.rn Mark of travel. Tha 6. air,

hf is travel-stainrd.

or, -oir, s.m. Gold.

to, pr.pt. ag oradh, v.a. Bedeck.

or, P.O. Gild.

or. t.f. seeorra.

or, ora, pi. ora, orfchachan, orrachan & orthannan,

(AC) s. Prayer, rhymed prayer, hymn,

supplication, petirion. incantation. Domhnall

beng nan o., lit'le Dt,ald of the titprlimtiont.

Or and ob are now used indiscriminately.

or bhais, dtttih'tptli.

or blialbh, charm to silence an opponent.

or ghlas ghuib. ifpefl tn lor.k an 658. Orafoirt. 559.

orafoirt.5 *. White horehonnd marrubiui*


brag, -aig, -an, ./. Sheaf of corn set up to dry.

2 Young of birds in the downy stage, especially

*nemy'a mouth.

or ghonairlh, wounding incamation.

the swan, shag and cormorant.

an, -ain, -an, g.m. Marjoram, orgrany onganum

marjorana (f oiiganttrn vulgare. [ill.

559 represt-nta o. vulgare. J

oragan, -ain, -an, s.m. see orgain.

drauanach, -nichf, a. Abounding in, or like,

marjoram or urgany.

braid, -e, -ean, s f. Speech, harangue, oration,

essay, prayer. Rin'i e b., he made a speech

each, -eirhe, a. Of, or belonging to, speeches

or harangues, orator ial.

each, -eifh, t.m. Speaker, orator, decl;iimer.

car, -ir, s.in. Orator, declaimer.

ich, v.n. Declaim, liarangTie, speech fy.

iche, a.m. Harangudr, orator, declaimer.

orail, -e, a Gold, golden. 2 Gilt.

brstm, gen.ting. & n.pl. of 6rau.

bran, -ain, -an, *.m. Song. 2 Poem. Cha dean

sinn 6. dheth, we will not make a tong of it.

6.-)-uachaill.* Eclogue.

6.-luHdhaidh,***.m. Catch. waulking-3onp.

o.-neamhaidh, s.m. Hallelujah.

ach, -a iche, o. Of songs. 2 Fond of singing

songs, tuneful.

achadh, -aidh. a.m. CanLation.

aich, v.a. Berhyme.

-aiche, -an, t.m. Singer, songster. 2 Ballad

singer. 3 Blue-throated warbler, see

ceileiriche. Deagh 6., a good ringer.

orair 711 orpr.m

forcam, s.f. Murder, killing 1


orcan, see uircean & ore.

ach, see uirceanach.

6r-cnainnt, t.f. Rhetoric,

orchai),** ain, s.m. Incantation.

or-rhasarh, a. Gold-hilted.

or-cheaunach, a. Gold-headed.

6r-cheard, -cheird, s.m. Goldsmith. 2 Jeweller.

or-chiabh, -a, -an, s.m. Golden lock. 2 Golden-coloured


ach, -aiche, a. Yellow-haired.

fcr-chleac, -a, -an, t.f. see 6r-chul.

or-choilear, -eir, t.m. Golden collar. 2 Golden


6r chrndh, -rildh, g.m. Grief, sorrow.

or-chul, -chuil, -an, s.m. Yellow or golden lock.

orc-iasg, s.m. Torpedo (fish) '2**Cramp-fish.

6r-ghruag, -uaig, -an, see or-chul.

6rd, Oird, 6irdean,ft g.m. Log of wood, piece.

6rrl, utrd, s.m. Mountain of a round form and

great tn- ,,f t 1

fir right fft ; an 6 an aghaidh

na jrlaic, thfth'tinb rviaint* th*>pafm, th

at &'.rif? Ti-ith th^^alm ;o.-

nan-gad (p. i.63) ; tbug 6.

bhun a ch'uaise. th> tn of his foot ;;ao* A

hin> o.- whigitfr to (xt ruck) th? root ofhi's ear,

a gr iphic p cture of the violence of the throw

In- v\,i> not only thrown on his back, bu

his fe. j t flew up in the air, an-l his head so far

rebou i le I tliat, toe an I ear ra^t ; 6rda^, ->golba,

fionna-fada, Mac-an-aha, cuibhte.ig (the

names of the ringers or toes among chiidr-n,

beginning at the thumb or great toe.) Another

rhyme of these names in Arran is "6.,

calagag, fionna-fad, inac-an-ab is cuisteaa:,"

another, " 6., corraij, ineur-meadhon, mathair

an liidain(or na ludaig,)"&c. als:o, "seoan tea

lea^an sal)hal, seo an te a ghoid an sil (not

siol), seo an te a sheas ag ainharc, seo an te

a ruith air falbh, seo an t^ bheag a b" fheudar

dhith a pliaigheadh air fad," the last b,:in"

apparently only a Gaelic translation of tlie

Scottish rhyme, this is the man that broke tht

ba--n. this fa the man that, stole the the corn,

this is *he man that stood and *aw, this is the.

man that ran awa', and wee peeriwinkif paid

orair, -can, * m. Porch.

6:n. -e, -ean. *./ Tumultuous noise.

oraLsd, -ean, */ Orange.

each, a. Full of oranges. 2 Like an orange

6raisg, t>.r. Vomit Arrati.

oran-nan-car, s.m. Cant.ua.

orb.iu.** -ain. s.m. Patrimony.

orbhaire,** t.f. Mercy, go dness.

fcr-bhann, -ainn



oman. see ora.'jan.

or,:anaiclie,(M"v s.m Organist.

6r-glirua^, -aig, -an, see or-chul.

ach, -aich, s.f. Yellow-haired maid.

ach, a. Yellow-haired.

forgun, s.m. Death.

orlachadh, -aidh, s. m. Bespewin?.

br lasta, -laiste, a. Shining or burnished like


il, -e a. see 6r-lasta.

or-leathair, **s.m. Paternal uncle.

or-loinneach, -eiclie, a. Highly elegant, beautiful,


d, *./. Extreme elogance.

ortn, prep.pro'n. (air + mi) On me, upon Tie. 2

Owed by me. 3 Wrong with me. * In iny

possession. 'De* a th' ai;j' orm ? what -'o / awe

him f 'de" a th' orrn ? what its ivronj with me f

a' cur orm, dressing myself ; tha e orm a

dheanamh, / ain oMifftd to do it ; tlie"id aig'

orm. he will net th> better of me fuirich ; orm,

socair onn, softly, leisurely !



orrai-*. -p, -can, t.f. Squeamishness, nausea. '

\Vater-unish. Chuireadh tu 6. air math*

ghamhuinu, your conduct would mak' a benr

squeamish ; tha 'n 6. ri m' fhiacail fad an la,

water-brash annoying me the live-long day. see



each, -eiche,

6r-mhadmnn, -mhaidue, -can, t.f. The break of

day, morning.

or-mheas, s.m. Orange.

6r mheinn, -e, -ean, s. f. Gold ore. 2 Gold


each, -eiche, a. Abounding in, or

having g >ld ore.

orm sa, emphatic of orm.

torn, -a, s.f. [m.**] Slaughter.

drna, see eorua.

ornaich, v a. Adorn.

ornaid,** s.f. Ornament.

each, a. Ornamental.

ornail,** s.f. Upper part of a door-case.

drnaileK ./. Tissue.

ornais, g.f. .Naus'-oiisniiss, qualm.

orp, x.w. Orpine, house-leek

ted urn telephium.

orr, g. see orra.

orra, prtf>. pron. (air+iad) On

them upon th ;ra. 2 Owed bv

tht-m. 3 VVronsr with them. 4**

In their possession. C'jir o. e,

put it on th">n ; cha'n 'eil ni

o. Squeamish, qualmish. 2

eachil, see orrais.

-thi'gMh, see orrais.

orrar, see orair.

orra-san, emp^at'c form of orra.

orrlai-i, see edrlain.

foirtha, s.m. Music, melody. 2 Melodious

voice. 8 B.-witchery.

orrthannau,(MS) pi. of or. Enchantment,

prruidh, -e, o. see drbhui.lhe.

or-sgiathach, -aiche, a. Having golden wings.

2 Having golden shields. Dream 6., a golden*

shielded people.

6r-sheud, -a, -an, t.m. Jewel of gold,

ort, prep. pron. (air + thu) On thee, upon thwe.

2 Owed by thee. 3 Wrong with thee. 'D6 a

th' aig' ort ? how much do you owe him .' ro

inhath an aivi.lh each ort, others well det'rve

youR. fit* ; cuir o. e, put it on thee ; nach

cluinri mi o. ? shall I not hear of thee ? ci.i I

tha 'cur ort P what ails thee .* tba e ort a dheanamh,

you rt, s Killing, death,

orta,* a. see ordha.

orthi, see or (prayer.)

6r thaigh,* -eau, n.m. lYeasury.

:>rt-sa, emphatic form of ort.

5r-ulhal, -ail, -bhlan, s.m. Orange citrus


oruin.j *. Bet-ch O'Reilly, see craobh fhaidhbliile.

2 Ash-Z?iW#, seeuinnsean.

os, prep. Above. ov?r Os do cheann, superior

to thee (lit. above thy head) ; os (as/ do sheas-

\tr.h.on the spot (lit. on thy standing) Dtnn /.


GS, -H &o *, pi. -an, s.m. fe/. Elk, deer, sag.

Lean thus' an os bhallach, follow thou the

spotted sta,(>.

a;am orra,Vj/ ow m* nnthin/t\

ch.a'n 'eil sfjillinu o., the'/ hane

not one penny in their pof^^y.

ion ; bheir mi-*\> orra a dlieanamh,

/ will m'ike them do it ;

cio.-l a th'orra P wh-it is wrong

with them ? how mne?i do they

owe ? 3 how ar" they d/v&>'isa~h, -ai-lli, -ai'lhean, s.m. see fosadh.

>sa^, -ai,^, -an, s.f. Bltvst, breeze, jrust, wind.

O. a' bhals, the Mast of death.

-aiche, a. Breezy, squally, gusty.

An, n.pl. of


os-i r>!, adv. Op


n!, adv. Opuuly, publicly. 2 Loudly.


ti>n i.,f ihe hand* in .s.viuiiL.int{.

scarach, -aiehi\ a. Hold, IHT- pM. Mv-i^-fir.

B Renown*!, fvmoax 3 Lou 1, 4Vu-r-e. 5

0* ludel.ece. 7**

osi.-H.rac 1

id, t.f.'H'l. Boldness, intrsyidity. 2

ch.l, see cwcarachd.

oscarra, see oscarnc/i.

oscurra-lar.n,** -la nn, t.m. Hospital.

OS C'-ann. adv. Over, aboye.

os-cheumachadh,** -aidh, s.m. Superiority, pretTTuru'uce.



pabadfc 71* pailliunaeh

tangled or twisted together. 3 Overgrowth,

luxuriance, as of gra^s. 4ft Buffetti. g. A'

p , pr.pt. of pab.

pabag,* see babag. - ach,* -aiche, a. see babagach.

pabar,* -air, s.m. Crew.

pab-cheann, -chinn, s.m. Shaggy head. __ ach,tt a. 8 baggy -headed.

pabhail,* */. see pail-chlach.

pae. pr.pt. a' pacadh, v.a. Pack up. 3 Get out

of the house.

pnc,(CR) t.m. The sheep that a shepherd is allowed

to keep as a part of bis remuneration

W. of Ross-shire.


paca, -nnan, tn. Pack, wallet, knapsack. 2

Hndget. 3 Mob. A ! phaca /< vilf crC'irity. 3



A' p . prj>t. of paidhiuch.



. Turhot, halibut, flounder.

pacadh, -aidh, s. tn. Packing, act of packing.

A' p , pr.pt. of pac.

pacaich, v.a. see pac. v.

pacaid, -e, -ean, t. f. Packet. 2 Packet-boat.

3* Ft- male tell-tale or tattler. P. litrichean,

a pack't of letters.

-e*ch, -eiche, a. Of, or connected with,


p-..caig, v.a. see pac, v.

jwicaigeadh, see pacadh.

j'cainn,** pr. pt. a' pacainn, v.a. Pack up. 2

Load. 3 Heap up.

.- , ./. Packing. 2 Loading. 3 Heaping


up. A p , pr.pt. of pacainn.

pacair, -ean, *. m. Packer, one that packs. 2

Pedlar, packman.

3 Churl.

--eacbd, t.f.ind. Pedling, business of a pedlar,


racharan-chapuill, s.m. Marsh trefoil, see ponair-chapuill.

pacarras, -ais, t.m. MASS of confusion.

pachd, -a, -an & -annan, se pac.

-- akh, see pacaich.

-- air, see pacair.

paclach, -aich, -aichcan, s. m. Armful, packed

burden, the fill of both arms of hay, straw,

pailliunach 715 paisd

tub -rnaclos.

pailm. -i'. -;>m y. Palm-tree (craobh-phailm.)

p.ulm-chi: ilinh. a.f Palmer-worm.

pailmjacM, -e;cbe, a. Palmy.


pHilm-s:;ath, h, -an, * in Gourd.

pailt, -e, a. Plentiful, abundant, full. 2 Capacious.

4 Copious. 4 Numerous, abounding.


Tiir p. le ceill. a mind abounding knowlelge

; b anna;ch sinn gu pailt, Ulei>3 us abundantly

. tha e pailt cho ard riuiu-sa, he iv fully

as tut I a* / iiw.

pail tea cud, see pail teas.

pailteas. -eis, s.i. Plenty, enough, abundance,

amplitude. Tha 'in p. again, / have enough ,

liu ph., quit? tnough.

pailteasach, -niche, a. Plenteous.

paim ileid, ***./. Gaelic spelling of pamphlet.

pi.iivilei liche. t.m. Pamphleteer.

tpu'i. .*./. Bread, cake.

paihd,* .s.-e pun lea*.

pai i.K-a,',* iir [M--T.& D., t, U, and tfgire

p.-craioinn, >,arc!>

p -glas, b>-nn:n pfipfr, grey paper.

p.-uai'th- aclid. a newspaper.

p.-S'jnobh ndh, writing-paper.

p.-sugliai Hi, blotting-papfr.

piipearach, -eiche, a. Paper, papered.

paip^arachadh, -aidh.s.m. Papering, act of cortnng

with paper. A' p , pr.pt.


p.-Jo n n, brown paptr*

of paipearaich.

paip3araclid,tt ".^. Papering.

paipearachd, s.f. Stationery.

pa.pea auhe, s.m. Statlmar.l

paipe.ira.ch, pr. pt. a' paipearachadh, v. a.

Pap^r, cover with paper.

p-npin, -ean, s.m. Poppy, see meilbheag.

pairc, o. see pairci'-ii.

paitc, -e, -eau, *./. Park, enclosure, enclosed


pairceach, -eiche, a. Abounding in parks. 2

Euelosed, as a park.

paircaachaclh, -aidn, s.m. Enclosing round, act

of enclosing, making into a park. 2 Confining,

act of confining in a park. 3** Forming into

parks. A' p , pr.pt. of paircich.

paircich, pr.pt. a' pairceachtdh, v. a. Enclose

with a wall. 2 Park, form into parks. 3 Confi

le in a park.

paircichte, past pt. of paircich. Enclosed, formed

into parks. 2 Confined in a park. 3 Walled


pairilis, s f.inn. Palsy, paralysis.

p lirinn, -ean,'* *.?*. Paring of moss-turf,

. pairislench, -eiche, Palsied.

pairseil,(MS) *./. Pa-sloy.

pa:rt, -e, -ean, *./. Part, share, portion. 2 Connection,

interest. 3 Relation, kindred, rela-


tion -h p. i**Confuderacy. P. dtieth, some of

it , ghabh ea ph., h? took hln part; cha bhi

cuid no p. agvvm dlieth, / will haoe no connect*


ton with it ivfialfor. P4 rL, with the possessive

pronouns, corresponds in Arran to Eug

lish luin 1

?, ours, &c. , e.g. am bheil do latnh.ausa

tioram ? tha m > phairt-sa fliuch, are your

han ^ dry ! min' are wet.

pairt-dhath'a ;h, -aiche, a. Parti-coloured.

pairtoach, -eiciie, . Sharing, having a share.

2 CommutitcftfciBg. 3 Generous, liberal. 4

Divided into parts or shares. 5 lieaJy to

share. bJJ Related.

. pairteach, see pairtichs.

pairteachadh, -aidh,.77t. Partnership. 2 Sharing,

aci of shariiii, dividing, act of dividing,

3 Comraanication, act of communicating. A*

p , pr.pt. of pairtich.

pairt.-aohail, -e, a. Divisible. 2 Sharing, ready

to snare, comuiunicatina;, portiouable.

pairteachas, -ais, s.m Participatioa, partnership.

pairteachd. s.f mi. Bountifulness.

pairtea'j, Gaelic sp.-Ming of fMrtrirlgf.

pairtean, pt. of pairfc. 2 vulgarly, Abilities,


pairtaar,** -eir, -an, g.rn Sh trer, partner, one

who possesses or recei/es a part. 2 Participle

in grammar.


pairte l, -e, a. Favouring, kind. 3** Partial.

3ftParticipi.tiii4. Iriorfilp., humMf and ki mU

pairt-fhear, -fhir, s.m see (.>airtear.

pai-rici), P.O. Shire, divid). 2 Communicate,

impart, bestow. VJ Partake.

pairticin, -au, a. m. Partner. 2 Abettor. 3

Distributer, sharer. 4 Accomplice. 5 Partalc

"r 6 Associate.

i pair'idn, -fan, *. (Jac-hc -p-Iling- of pa /'//.

! p-us, s. /. Slap, blow withiheopju Hand. 2

I'vix on the ear ^dr-0'>air.


i tpais, -e, s.f. Passion, sufteria,'.

paisd, -e, -ean, *. m. it f. [in. in Badrnoch]

Cliild, infant, babe. 2 lu W. of Ro

p'tisd 716 partanachd

this word in restricted to a female child, although

fcho term " paisd nighinn " may be

heard Mi ere (CR)

p>iind^richas,(MS) -ais, s.m. Boyhood, boyism.

a^hd, g.f.ind. Childishness, puerility,

pii4d.mii, nvl.

pai^Iean, -in, -an, g.m., dim. of paisd

paisaran-ch.1t a. Childish.


pkis-loil, -e, a. Childish, puerile, babyish.

pai^uan, -pin, -ean, H. m. Fainti'ig tit, swoon.

Ciiiri ih mi p. ort, I will knock you sensfless ;

p. bais, a dea-l faint.

paiseanach, -aiclie, a. Swooning, subject to

swoons r fainting fits.

paiseanadh, se" panean.

paisein, see paisean.

paisg, -e, pi. -ean t,-ry. >. P..

pa>a?ias, -an, s.in. see papanc>)as

papar, flan>>rh t Qknwquher'. d-c. lot paip^ar.

] arahal, -ail, s.vi. Gaelic spelling of pa.ra.ale.

paracait,** *./. Paroquet. 2 I'arrot.

paracas, -ais, x.m. Rhapsody.

paradb, -aidh. s.m. Pu hing, act of pushing

2 Brandi hi.ig.

Paraidh, (variat on of Par.i, Patrick, often erro

ieou*ly ur Fe>>r) s. Stormy -petrel.

Lewis. So Ciill'j 1 from its twiog aiw.tys oa

the water, and thd f=tct that .Sfc. i'^ter walke

tnrtan-tuathal 717 peanasachail

pnrtaii-tuathal/ DC) Hermit-crab,

p -



peanasaich 718 peasantachd

, pr.pt. a' peanasachadh, v.a. Pun"

2 Torture. 8 *Anuoy. 4 Avenge. 5**

rhatis6, correct,

ppfuia-taiche, -an, t.m. Punisber, chastiser. 2


pe^nasuichte, past pt. of peanasaioh.

H.(, oiiastised, corrected.


-e, a. Actionable. 2 Penal, punishable.

3{J Inflictive. 4** Deserving punishment.

pMua-s-cuirp, s.m Corporal punishment,

a Penal.

p 'a-ia^da,*" 1

peanas-ea^lais, s.m. Ecclesiastical punishment.

P'jang, -am4, -au, 8.' Tenon in joinery.

pnaun, -a, -tan, s.m. Pen. P. iaruinn, an iron


peanuagan, -ain, -an, t.m. Pen-case. 2** Penner.

peannaid/* s.f. Pain,

peauuair, -ean, s.m. Penman. 2 Good writer.

3** Pen-case.

pcannaireachd, *./- Penmanship,

peannar, -air, see peauuair.

peann-ite, *in. Quill-pen,

peann-leac, s.rn. Slate-pencil,

peauu-luaidhe, t.m. Lead-pencil,

peannsair,** s.m. Fencer. 2 Pair of pincers,

peannsal,** -ail, -an, . m. Gaelic spoiling of


peanntach.tf a>. Of, or belonging to pens,

peauntair, v.a. Scribble, scrawl.

eaehd.**. f.ind. Scribbling, scrawling.

peanntan, pi. of peann.

peapag, -aig, -an, *./. Squash, pompion,

peapog, see paapig.

pearla,** s.m. Ueua, precious stone. 2 Gaelic

spelling of i>earl.

pearlach,** a. Abounding in gems or pearls. 2

2 Like a pearl. 3 Plaited, corrugated,

pearlaich, v.a. Bedeck with pearls or gems. 2

Plait, corrugate,

pearluinn, -e, -ean, t. /. Fine linen, muslin,

Ciimtiric, gauze,

pearluinneach, -each, a. Of, or abounding in,

fine linen, muslin, cambric or gauze. 2 Like

tine linen, &c. 3 Made of fine linen, &G.

tpears, see pearsa, 8.

pearsa, -chan & -nnan, t. m.


- 9e pe*,sir.

*K. pel"*:. -*n . */ Gash, notch. kiV.cranny

2 Ch;\p on the skin, incision, buritin^ of the

skin, as with cold. 3 Crevice, a> in wood

peasg, pr. pt. * peasgadh. ca. dr Notch,

gash, slash. 2 Become gashed or notched,

chink. 3 Chap, as the hands, burst m the

skin with cold, 4tt Irritate, the skia a* with

nalt water.

peasgach. -aiche. a. (iashed, cut 2 AbotMKfcnfr

10 pushes or no'chos. I Chapped, -burst, as

the skin with old. 4 Causing gashes or


ootcbe*, 5 Causing the skiu to burst with


pt-a* ghadaiche, -ean. i. tn. Pick-pocket, cut



4 hur^tiug of the skin. A' p . pr pi of pe.is^.

p*agta. a Chapped.

peasracli * grn ting, ofpeasair.

,+t a. Pertaining to pulse or pease

pev?r,iichean, pi. of peasair. Kinds of pease,

fields of pease.

f>eata, pi. -ii fc -chan, i.m. Pet, tame animal 2'

Spoiled child.

pwtach.tt a. Petted.

peatadn, -aidh, -aidhean. s.m. see peata.

peatag(AF) ./. Plover Dean of Li-*-morf.

peata-odhar,(AF).m. Cormorant Deanaf Litmore.

peatarnachd.* s.f.ind. Fondling.

peta-ruadh,1 g.in. Puffin.

p,-athair, -e, -can, s.m. see peithear & pci-hir.

peathar,* qen. tinj. of piuthar.

pt-atb achas, -ai3, .m Sisterhood.

peathraiche, (a ph !) voc.vl. of piuthar.

an, n.pl. of piuthar.

peath-shaileachXAK) *. Pea-hen, see peucag.

pecoc, see pucag.

pe^hinn, see peigninn.

peic, -e, -eannan, s. m. Peck (measure o/ two

gallons. 2 The resael used f




p.-tairnidi 'ind'rbo't.


i, a tkiuid


aich^, a. Frivol ou

peile-astair, sin. Quoit. 2flSiual -fti^

set p'

eileia, ileia, -e, -ean, *./. Cod, hinfc. 2 Rn-jr. 3

Manglrd sht*>p-v, slap on the

Cheek. 5* see peilh;.

each, -eiche, a. Covered with or

husk. 2 Furnished with bogs. 3 Like a b 14*

peiloir, ee pailear.

e;ioh, -wiche, a. Abound ng in balls or

bullets. 2 Like a ball or t-iUec.

peil-jjhuin,** *./. Pang, torment,.

each, -ek-hc, . That bormenietb or

giveth pain.

. piilig, -e, -ean, /. Porpoise, sea-ho^.


ircl- a->. -I/-' of poi

p^irr,, ein3adh,'* -idh, .n R^-ge fury.

tpircaal, -ail, t.m. see poirijfiil.

p*fr-AH, t>r pairilis, pi, :n,

bewi' Isrirnnt. A' cb-xn-n a ohur y\ p. *'g

dilxi U nno-dora'n. A-'* A.ui 6i,

p. 97.

peirean, xjnl. The but.,oeks. 2 pi, oJ peur.

peir> 3 id.* s.A Ferret.


peni-iil, .,- & -g-ie, P J.

. Can k -.clean, * r.

ger, p-jril. 2 Urg.-nt u^c-"*sty, t>ro :i \.*is'-.m. Musician.


d, *. f. Rigour. 2 Tyi an ny, cruelty.

fp'-inn, -e, -ean, *./. see b^inn.

pt-inneag,* *./. Chip of stone for filling crevices

in a wall.

peinnt,* see psinnteag.

peinnieag,* -eig, -an, t.f. Small pretty shell or


peinnleal, -eil, -an, s.m. Snare. 2 Straitening-,

conriuement. 3* Mare.

- ach, -aiche, a. Of, or pertaining to,

snares, snaring. 2 Straitening, compressine.

3 Penurious.

. ach , -aich, s.m. Slend-r, tightly-laced,

dandified person. 2 Strait article of dress, as

coat, trousers. Ac.

Tpeiih-bhog, *./. Gaelic name of the letter

achd,** *./. Penuriouness.

peiLhireacad,* s.f. Running of mossages.

peinntealalh, -aidh, *.wiCo)piog, compressing, peif'iear,(MS) s'r.i. Parker.

straitening, cramping. peithir, -ean, s. m. Forester, t G'

peinntealta, -eilte, a. Straitened, compressed, S Hunter. 4 Message-boy. 5JTh

2 Punctual, precise, f>roo. 3 (MS) Stiff. p?i'irich,( AC) s.pt. see pea(iaire*ch.

peintealtaohd,(MS) *./. Rig-mr. p^iiseag, -eig, s.f. Peach amyJa'its pe--s ; ca,.

peinn ealtaicii, (MS) v.i. l-t-ifi i


penc,** s. Lonqr tail. 2 Any

! piastaij, -aig, -an, see bi wtag.

sharp-pointed pia*tava, s.in. Vermicelli.

thins. 3 Sprouting germ of any vegetable.

peacach, -aiche, a. Gaudy, showy. 2JjLong-

Uiie I.

; . -aig. -an, t.f. Peahen. 2 Peacock.

Beautiful woman.


piata.(DU) t.m Poor eater.

ba taking an ordinary quantity of

pil), -e, -can, /. see piob.

pibhinn, -e, -can, *./ Lapwing, se


ach. -aiche, a Beautiful, as a peacock. 2

ding in p-a-hens.

e, a. Trim, neat, cleanly,

leach, s >n. se.

pi-uihdig. see pvicag.

u'h, >e peuo.tnach.


eiche, a. Abounding in lauwings.

1 1,* .m Milk-pail. Gaelic spelling of pail.

prur. -dire & -a, pi. -an & -4irean, s.f. Pear. 2

liutiock SVi/'

ach, -iiichi. a Full of pears. 2 Like a pear,

peurd, v.a First c\rd m carding wool.

peurJ\. -an, .m Tuft of wool orf the cards in

me first car.liun 2 Roll of carded wool,

peni'tag. -JUR, -an. if. Partridge. 2 see peurda,


-ach.tt a Ab'undin? in partridges.

a. Corrugint, corrugated, wrinkled,

-aidh, -s.>rt Corrugation, wrmkle.


v Corrugate

peurlat;.; AF) *./. Partridge.

p-ui-iMnn. tin. Perry,

p ui->," v F t drawiinjly.

p-uvsa, !MC) ,v m. Signal pole,

peurtag.lf s.J ParLrnl^-, see oearc-thomain.


Like a lapwng,

fpic, -e. ./ Disorder in the tongue and throat

of fowls.

pic, -e, -ean, i./. Pike (weapon.) 2 Pick-axe. S

*Ni?gardliriess, churlishness,

pic, -e. -eau, s.f. Pitch. Cdmhdau hidh tu a

staigh 's a inuigh le pi.-, thou shall cooer it

witkm and without with pitch.

pic. pr pi a piceadh, v.a. Pitch, cover or daub

with pitch

pic-catha. s.f Battle-axe, balber 1.

piceach, -eicne, a Armed with j'ikeH. 2 Ilitfhpeaked,

as a ship. 3 Furnished with pickaxes

4 Like a pick axe.

piceach, -eiche, a Abounding in pitch, pik-hy.

'2 Like pitch. 4 Asphaltic.

adli, *.n. Same meaning* as picea Ih.

piceadh, -idh, a.m. Pitching, act of

layiug or daubing with pitch.

A' p , pr.pt. of pic.

pic-i.-b.lach,** s.f. Asphalt,

iiiceal, -il, -an. s.f. Gaelic spelling o? ni>-klt

-dnearn-chasach.ir see cearc-thoniain


pe'irianan,(CR) Slratfisnry for feursann.

yx]. For words beginning with ph, see under

11 P-

Ph\iriseach, -eifhe, a. Pharisaical.

ail, -e, a. ^e Pnairiseaoh, a.

Piiairisn^ac-K, see Phairi.>cach.

P'iarasa-h ft a. Pnarna:cal.

pi! 1, .

pill, -e, -ean, t f. Cloth or skin on which corn in

wiu7u>wfd. 2 (DC) Chun" or patch of lu-ather.

An n- ?d am p. fiaoich. thr nft> in a pat h

of htaihrr ; pill-lraihai: n. quern-doth, pillfbasguaidh,


pill, pr.pt. a' pilltmn & a' pilleaHh. v a *am.

piuuich, v.a. Pin, fasten with pun. nt^'ieice.

.-te, pastpt. of pmaicii. Pioned. fastened

with pins.

pinnt, -eau, s.m. Pint, Imperial liquid measure,

pint Scots. Slop pinnt. a quart pot ; tri

atliranrian pinnl, thref-quarttr* of

e, , see pinniciius.

piimteachadii, (UMC) -aidh, t.m. see binmteachadh.

pinntich, see binndich.

pinteal,** v.a. Paint. -- ta,** past pt. Painted.

piob. -a, pi. -an & -aclian, s.f. Pipe, 1 agpipn. 2

Pipe, tube, syphon. 3 /fgurattVrly, smoke.


1 Altan-gleuaaidh, tuning-glide*.


568 A'

2 Bsmn, f/rrtft,

S dnrbac. ***>.

4 Cupan, cvp ^id^ terrult at top f arontt,

5 Dos, oi. -an, rfron*.

6 Feivlao, Seanasair, chanter.

7 Gaothaiche. mottth-pvt.

8 M*U bag.

9 Eibheid, rftd.

10 Stimair, dro/t.

11 Sionuach, b+ltowt in an 7nVi bogpip*.

12 Stoc, gfocJb, that part of eoehof tkfftv* pipft

to which thf btui it tied. Stoc an Riea'HtiJi,

thf thantrr-*tudc ; fltoe an do ruh

piobalr pionnsarachd

can only play one tune.)

piobftiraachd, t.f.ind. Art of playing on the bag-

P !> piping. 2 Act of piping. 3 Buaiiia, -ainte, a. see piol>anach.

ptuii.ir, -air, s.m. Badrnoch for peaar.

piob-cneol, -chiuil, t.m. Pipe-music.

pioi -fnuail, -an-, t.f. Catheter

piobhar.** *. m. Searce, sieve. 2 p *Honeycorub

piob-leijridh. pi. -an-, sj. Cock of a barrel,

piol'-mhala. pi. -an-mala. *./. Bagpipe. [McL

A D. gives piob-mhaJaidh j


pic, --t, -an, t.m. Crumb, small portion. 2 Nip,

pinch with the nails or teeth. 3*Piokaxe.

pioi-^ck, -aiche, a. Pinching. 2 Nibbling. 3

Pungent. 4**Tauuting.

piiMch, -aich, t.m. The coal-fi-^h in its third and

fourth vears Argyll. Z (DU) metaphorically,

small fellow.

pioc*ehadh, -aidh, s.m. Digging, act of digging

or working with a pick-axe or mattock. A'

p . pr.pt. of piocaich.

piocadair, -ean, . m. Picker, nibbler, carper.


pi>ca4h, -aidh, *. m. Picking, act of picking,


pinching , nibbling or nipping. 2 Digeing with

a ruAttock. 3 (DU) Pecking as a bird. A'


p , pr.pt. of pioc.

pux-ig, -aig, -an, ./., cfin. of pioc. Little crumb.

_ slight pinch. 3 Pair of nippers or pincers.


plonsa 724 plahadaich

pionsfi.** -ai, s.m. Artifice, wil.

pioradh (AH) s.m. Fierce gust of win!.

piora-ghruag. -aig, -an, see pioridiiiic.

pipraid, -e, -ean, see biorraid. 2**Gaelic spelling

of pirate. 3**Tarrot.

pior-vid^a'-h, -i-.iche. a. s&c, biorraideach. 2**

Piratical. 3**JLike a parrot.

pioraruig.ft see piorbhuie.

each, set; piorbhuicench.

pioibhuic, -e, -can, s.f. Periwig, wig.

piorbhuiceacn, -eiche, a. Wearing a periwig

or \v ig.

piorr, pr.pt. a' piorradh, v. a. Scrape, dig.

Make a dash at. 3 Pierce. 4 Purr.



Uist for phpftohofl, -e, a. Fortunate, prosperous. 2 Prolific.

pi eacb/1, s f. Sam^ m>a-)i 'g^ a-i piseach.


plseftf, -cier, -'tn, *. f., -ihn. of pios. Patch, c'ou ,

raa, fr-iii a

sin .in luiniach. a yub-h on a h'tlt is S'lo'^r,

but a pa'c.h upon ra'rh r>* tk>.i a rayveJ


>huic, see piorbhuic.


piseng, -iiig. -'iigj in s.f Ivitcen. young cat. 2

Sorcerr, irirchcr;'fr., dS .''nation.


}, a. lla.vi.iff kitten-*. ? Li'ce a

kitt. n.

i'>u, like a wizard or sur-


Kagg xl.

3 Sup^r^ti

pis a^aiche,

a. In r>g in pieces, as cloth. 2


s.m. Eiiehanter, wizard. 2 Su

piorra l

piorradh, -aidh, s.m. Scraping, act of scraping

or di^jg ng. 2 Dashing at. 3 Stabbing quickly.

4 Pi'jroin*. A 1

p-, pr. pt. of piorr.

piorradh, -aidh, -aidhean, s.m. Squall, blast. 2

chreutair, a poor, puny creature, or mere appearance

oj a creature Svth'd u iranc^.

piattach, 4iieha, a. Having a querulouv.;ic n 2

liavinga mean or sorry lo-ii;.

piuirn,(CR}s.n. Bobbin, Gaelic spelling of pirn.

ptuirneach,** a. Full of pir.is. 2 Oi, or relating

to a pint.

puithair, da' & voc.sing. of piuthn.r.

piuthar, n^n. s. prathar, da' piutbair. voc. a

phiutliair ! pi. p -atbr rchrviM. voc.il. a ph^av.hraiche

! s.f. sister. 'S i mo ph. i, sh' tx mi/

sister ; claim do phealhar,f&y sister's r.h iUirtn;

ogha peathar is hrathar, second cousins.

pmtbaireil, see piiuharaiL

pititha.ra.jj, see p'lithrag.

piutharail, -a l

-"ri;a' aunt.

piuthar-ci eil'i, p aoliar-ch-,


f not -ch in /)f. | x.f. Sister-in-law. Mo phiuthar-cheile.

my iist-r-in->i>r\

piuthar-iuathar, piiitbav-rn. , pe ithraichi^an-m.,

s.f. Moth T s sister, mavrn il aunt, Piuthar

mo mhathar, my ma^'rna 1


piuttiar-seanamiiar. po.v iiar-s-, pca*:hra.io ! lPH.a

s-, s. ^.Grandmother's sister, grand -iunt. Piu-


thar mo sh '.in vm'iar.m// graii'hntkn of pi'ithar. f.ittla

sister. 2 Conli l-ntial f< u 11 1 or gov; p.

piu f .hragac'u,* -aicb, s.m. God-ip'n.^.

plab, v.n. HOP plub.

plab. -a, -aidhtsan, s.m. see pl'.ib. 2 Siuut. I

match .' cha do shaltair ueach air a ph., no one

*ver prevented tiis fate.

Fillip. 4 Spot.

acii, -aiche, a. see plubach.

adaich, sej plabartalch.



p! "bvlh -aidh,-aidh,?an,i?.ni.p'aidsech.

p 'in,* a. Curdled.

, -aim, -an, s.m. Anything curdled or clot-

-fiing, -an & -autian, j.nt. Plack (Scots


* coin val ie I. J (2 bodies.) 2**Gaelic spelling

of plank. 3 (DMC; Any small coin, also


plang ich,** a. Having planks. 2 Like a plank.

3 Made of planks.

pi tngaich,** v.a. Provide with planks.

plangai-1, -e, -ean, *./. Blanket.

-blian, s.f. White plaiding.

ghorm. s.f. Blue plai.iirig.

plangaidich, (M-S) o.a. Blanket,

plan'ida, -n


bird. 2 Sudden " leap


plap'.DMC) pr. pi. a' plapail, v. Flutter with

the wings.

ail, -e, *./. Fluttering with the wings. A'

p , pr.pt. of plap.

plapald. 2 Patch, mend. 3**

Wreathe, braid. 4 Seam. 5 Tress,

fplat, -a. s.m. Gaelic spelling of p'at*.

plat,* v a. Thrust in, clap upon. Ph. e a lamh

air, he dnr>p''d his hand, on it.

platach.(CR) s.m. Mat of plaited straw for putting

on a horse's back under the crook saddle

w. of Ross-shire.

plataichean, pi. of plat..

platan, -ain, -an, see plafc.

plath, -a, -an, see plathadh.

plath. * v.a. Puff, blow upon. 2 Flash. 3(DC)

Momentary glance.

. ach, -aiche, a. Glancing, twinkling, momentary,

transient. 2 Flashing, shining suddenly.

3 In clouds or volumes, as smoke. 4

Gusty, in gusts or squalls, as wind.

plathadh, -aidh, s.m

eye. 2 Instant of time, moment. 3 Beam of

light, flash. 4 Volume a< of smoke. 5 Gust

of wind. 6 Swoon. 7** Momentary appearance

of anything, as of pleata,*

lightning. 8 Meteor.

9* Puff of wind. 10**Sudilen gloom.

Volume of flame or wind.

*. m. Pa r ch .piece.

pleatach,(AC) a. Flat, broad, even. 2 Wreathed.

3 Plaited, folded, doubled. Ca.-w.ii p.,

broad ftft, flat fr?t, as in a flat-footed p'raon ;

fait p., braid'd hair.

pleatadh/DMC) s.m. Folding. 2 Seaming.

pleath. pr.pt. a' pleathiinn, v. n. Be,; a tning

to be paid for.

pleathainn, s.f. Actof begging a thins; you ar

to pay for. A' p , pr.pt. of pleath.

pleid, see bleid.

pleidear, see bleidir. 2 ^. twinkling of the


(DMC) Beggar.

pleideil, see bleideil.


A' p ,pr. pt. of plarh. l'ha nig p. oirnn.apu/ pleideir,* v.n. Plead, beg importunately or iu-


cam." on us ; am p.. in a ifn'nt ; fhuair "inn ! cessantlv.

p dheth, ice had a gtimpte nf it ,- a' p. ra' ar pleigh.t */ Quarrel. ftsht.

n-aodann, puffing

ni:ii --W. of Ross-skirt.

a !>ont


our fa-en : a' ghrian .(CR)

pleodar 727 plodadh

iar,** t.m. Harum-scarum. 2 Soft, spiritf-llow.

3 see feodar.

:\ch, see feodarach.

a r, see feodvr.ur.

ih, see pleoisg.

,:\, s. in. & f. Simpleton, booby,

ch, - -ich?, a. B>>oby-lik-5, silly, foolish.

., -ei;, -an, s. f. Fjo.ish, silly, stupi I

worn m.

ple6i4iteftlaoh.il, ../. ni. Stupi Uty, silliness


_' -.in, -a n, s.m. Dolti,n, stupid b>y.

plrfbisj'eil, -e, 'i. Ool'ish, sotcnh, stupid.

i^.(i)J.M) a. Elinltf dogfish.

pliad, -a, -an, a/r.

. .* -aiche, s.f. Splay-footed female.

pliadhaiche, s.f.ind. Splav-fwtedness.

.;r,* -eau, s.m. Splay-footed or bandyi


pliaram, -am, s.m. Babbling, prow.


pliiramich, -niche, a. Babbling

, prov.

pliath-rod,** -roid, s.m. slipper.

pliunro'd, see pliath-rod.

plib-an,** -ein, *.m. Plover.

piiobair, t.m. Flunkey, worthless fellow. 2(T>C)

Mean fellow Litmort. Gille pliobair, an undTlin>.

p i >dair,* . .seepliotair.

ptioghtaire, seepliotair.

pliona.s, -ais, *.m. Hypocritical smile Argyll.

puotair, -ean, t.m. Fawner, sycophant, mean

cr npinv,' fallow, caj'der, flunkey.

pliofa.r, pr.pt. a'pliooairt, v.n. Cajole, seduce by


pliotairra hi, s.f. Cringing, mean flattery.

piiotairt,* t.f. Cajoling, caressing, as a child.

\- p _ > pr.pt. of pliotair.

pint, -a, -an, s.m. Clumsy foot or paw. 2 (D

Mi' in d vision. Hand or foot.

p!iu'aun lin ia clols.

p! ,di>-h -aione, a. Lukewarm. 2 l'arb>)ilmg,

ihicpa.-b.iU 3 Parboiled. 4 Scnltling. 5

B'lovaiU, floating, like, or bilongmu to,

fl.>ac. L T

ixge p., l^k'warm uafr.

.y.m. Floatinif, baoyancy.

a tree. 7 Bun?, stnpp-r. 8 Ml >ci, palljy. 9

. had. 10 U.mip h'inch. II Oh'imp.

1 Ch-^c. 13 Pdtato-m.vsn^r. II L'imp.s!

pr .n 'titory. 15**R!'>c ladh, -aidn, s.m. Scriki.ig, ac- of striking or


pelting rtth clodn. 1 \ct of parbnimg. S

Sc\ldi' T , sail I. 4 **l>uoytucy. 5 Jfl >ac.

6 ft^.nu.tnsj clods frjui turn p-lan 1. -Xfaye.

7**Kleet. a (All) Jettisoning. A p , pr. pt.

of piod.

plodag 728 plncadh

plodag, -aig, -an, *./. Water grnel, warm posset.

Deocb phlodrtig, a drink of gruel.

plod:iicb, ti.a. see plod.

plodaiclie, s.f. hid. Lukewarmness. 2 State of


p'u iteuch,* -etche, a. I'ov. ny.

ploiUag, (DC; s.f. Earuiworui Uitt,

}'loiteau,(MMcl.) x.m, Downy peat.

,** a. Quick.

?, pr.pt. a' \)!ogadh, a' pl.'sgail & a'

gsrtaich, v.n. Palpitate. tt:r-'b, start, part,

fcai>p. 2 iSi^h, sob. A cbridh' a' plo nail, &i*

hGrt palpitating.

plof-g, -oig, -an, see plosgadh. Can ph. air

dd'.a, lifeless on th? bier.



p;umaich.* v n. Coagulate without yeast, as

milk 2 Stagnate.

te. a. Curdled. Bainne p., ciinile.l

pluuiaid,(CB) t.f. Gaelic spellinj of plummet.



plucaieh, v.a. Plus.

u. s.f.tnd. Lurnpishoess, bunchiness.

plncair. -eau. *.m Person having a swollen or

pimpled tacei. 2tf Beater, thumper 3 Chubby

laced fellow.

eaclul.'* t /. Chubbmess. 2 Impertinence.

plucui*.** *./. Flux.

plucan, n.nf. of pluc.

. -aii. [pi- -am & -an."| t.m..

pocacliadh 730 poit-dhubh

r>afj. 2 State of bncomine: like a bag, bagging-

A' p , nr.pt. of pocaioh.

pooachadn, -aidh, s.m. Pocket i'lp, act of pocketing.

2 Act of furnishing with pockets. A'

?-, pr.pt. of p6caich.

porachan, -ain, -an, s.m., dim. of poca. Little


pocaich, pr.pt. a' pocachadh, v.a.

pri f -dhubh


ttill-irorm (lit. the crooked sheep) p'at-f.ay.

p.-nan-tnnnag. the tl tick-pond.

p -a!ainn a scu't pit.

pol!ac'i.-.CK> s. in. Oo-.l Si/iVd mn) Feaddan,

DM) t>if chMtt for fuppl/iiny >h* wormtub

icith cold water tor condensinj t?if vapour

that pass** from the stilt to the worm.

poite, see poit

poire, t.f. Drinking. tippling, drinking to excess.

says excess ia easing or drinking. McL It


S** >, J, it give poit,]

pratencb, -eiohe, a. Drunken, addicted to drink.

p;i teach, -ei-.'he. . Ilavinar pots. 2 Using pots.

idh, e.m. Tipping

, -fig, -.in, >./., (iii/j. of poit. Little pot.

ach, a. Having or using small pots.


-eil, -ealan, i.m. Pottle (-=four imperial


poicoan. see boitean & poiteag.

ach, see boiteanach & poiteagach.

po'tear, -oir, -an, f.m. Drinker, bottle companion

2 Drunkard, gourmand.

p.,i ..tMi-,** -eir, ?.m. Potter, pot-maker.

|-6it' arach, -ak'he, a. Tippling, addicted to

drinking, drunken.

d, t.f.ind. Drinking, drinking to exress,

carousiag, banqueting. 2 Habit of tipphng

or drunkenness. 3**vjormandizing.

pi'itearachd.** #/. PoL-making.

p-i:-f!ie61a,* s.f. Flesh-pot.

-fhua'l, */. Chamber-pot W. 'coast oj Ross,

fbluran, *./. Flower-pot.

-chfftnaidh, t.f. Fining-pot.

p-.itidb ! (Cli) int. Call to a pig.

))OTtigir,(MS) s.m. Phannacopist.

l> -it-lea bach, t.f. Chamber-pot.

Inibh, -e, -can s.f. Pot-herb.

-luibliean,** s.f. Flower-pot.

-ninuin, t.f. Chamber-pot, Jordan.

poit, na h-adhairc, s.f. Ludicrous name for a


puit-phronnaidh, *./. Mortar.

poit-ruadh/ s.f. Still.

poi'/-she6mair, *./. Chamber-pot.

>..it-thogalach,* *.f. Still.

l"l," -oil, s.m. Pall.

l"li,(l>My) s. Bowl. P. bainne, o bowl of milk. (AF) !

see polla?. P. na sroine,

p.i:c])->n,'v .M.McD) s.m. Small clay jar about 16 pollaran, s.m. Th -d&mhair, a r.'ttmj-placc for deer.

\-.- tomhain, adesp poo/.

p. #:, I a nsh.-i'om1, t a i>oo' where pollta, pa*t pt.


of poll. Bored.

polltach.tt a. Full of holes.

pdloich, see b6ilich.

])olt,* B. Nostril.

poi-ach.J -ak-h, s.m. Roy, lad. 2 (CR) Child up

to '2 or 3 years Perthshire, [poineach in A rp6naidh,

-ean, s.m. Pony, small horse. 2 *'

Docked horse. [garis.

ponair, cim. p6narach, t.f.coll. Beans fain vttl-

- -aiin.ach.J fij.coll. Kidney beans.

-- -chapull.v l. f. coll. Bo^-beans, buckbeans,

mar*>h-trefoil menyanthes

p6nair-churaicb 732

5?*. Pdnair-chaputt.

ponaiF-churaicb, see ponair-chapuilt.

each, -eiche, a. Full of beaas, like beans

of beans. Aran p., bean-bread.

-Fhrangach, s.f.coll. French beans.

-r -nan-each, s.f.coll. Horse-beans.

ponarach, see ponaireacb.

pone, -umc, -an & -umcean,


ponc.uch, see puncaich.

iimiivtchas. see puncachas.

see pane. 2 {AF

.pon.-aireacbd. see puncaireachl.

ponu r . -a ing, -an it ean. see puao.

ch, -aiche, see puncacn

aH, see puncaid.

aideach, see puncaideacb.

ail, -e, see puncail.

aileachd, see punealachd.

pon;alachd, see puncalachd.

pon^an, pi. of pong, see punc.

ponjin.nnan, pi. of pong, see punc.

pong-labhairt, see 1 punc- abb airt.

ponsr-Hbhraiche. see punc-labhraiche.

ponnan.(MS) s.m. Bunch, cluster, group, herd


aich, v.a. Herd.

tpont, a. Fierce, vehement. 2 Cruel.

por. oir. -an, *. *. Seed. 2 Grain, corn. ;

rop* generally (corn, potatoes, turnips, &c .]

Ciamar lha 'm p. agaidb ? how are your crops

progressing .'

Race, clan, progeny. 4 Pore of the skin. Am

p. dubh, the wick'd race : drocb ph., baa seed;

mo pb6ran duintc, my pores stopped ; p. nan

gearr-mheann,A' race of young kids , p. Dhiarmaid,

th ract of Dennidthf. Campbells ; p.codiuiil,

p.-cochullach, pulse.

porach, -aiche, a. Full of seeds, grain or corn.

2 Seminal. 3 Porous,

tporaiste,** s. f. Pari ;h.

ach, -ich, s.in. Parishioner.

pore.** -an, *.m. Sow, pig. 3 Gaelic spelling of


an.(AF) s.m. Little sow, young pig.

porcanta,** a. Piggish, swinish. 2 Porky,

pdr-co'-hullach, -aiche, a. Leguminous

plants, see luis ra




porc-thriath.(AF) s.in. Stall-fed hog.

porfaor. s.m. Porphvry.

por-neimhneach, -eiche, a. Venomous, poisonous,

radically venomous.

porsan. -air>. -an, s.m. Gaelic spelling of portion.

ach.lt ft Partial.

aich.u a Portion, give a marriage portion.

tport,** a. Fierce, vehement. 2 Cruel, 3 Severe.

port, -uirt, pi. -uirt & -an, s.m. Port, harbour.

2 Ferry, passage. 3 S rait, firth. 4**Gate. fft

**Fort. t6**Oarrison. t'**liank. tS** Area of

a place, t^"* House. \ 10**Coiumon food til

Door. 12(AI1) I5ay Ri port, ttorm'Staytd,

baile pnjrt, a seaport ton-n.

port, -uirt, p|, -uirt & -uu, s.m. Tune, tune sung

or played on a mu.-cic U MI6sai

postni h tei.lh


" p.-nan-unn."

posta-'ftch, -ak-ho, a Having stout legs or sup-



,* -aich, s.m. Thick-set child just b->,

pinning to walk. 2** Porson with stout lejs

2 Th.it which has prop*,

poste, past pt. see posde.

fpota, -an, s. f. see poit. 2 (CR) Hole from


prab, -nib. -an,>.m. Rheum in the eyes,

tjirab, a. Quick, active, " clever."

p f.bach, -aiehe, a. Disorderly, confused, out of

order. 2 Shiggy. 3 Dishevelled, ravelled

n.it neat,

prabach, -aiohe, a. Blear-eyed, rheum-eyed.

p chunntais, a smattering of arithmetic.

in-abarsaich, see prabardaicn.

prabht.(CR) s. Trick.

sh i re.

From Scots prat Perthed,

ach,(AH) a Flat-fooled. 2 Splay-foot-

prabhch.i -aich. . m. Sea-ware, tangle,

jiiMpx-h. ?** Thr-Tid or hair entangled.

Anvtlnnn mucli entangled.

pr:b:.ilii. OMy)



s. m Grasping suddenly, at-

prab-shuil. -*hula, -ean,-.r; Blear-eye, rheumeye

each, -eiche, o. Blear-eyed, having

rheumy eyes.

pia'-ta, see prabte.

prabie, patt pt. of prab. Entangled.

|>ran>i Romi* ff*,,r-'cii*. (ill. r-7') >

-feidh.J .f. Pen n v -ores-;, bastard mustard,

boor'a or mithrida^e mustar

575. Pr'iiseach.lrathar.

pratseach-teidh 73* prcab

57C.P l -aii*ac!i-feid/i.

piais.a.-h-'fhiadhain.f *. /. White goose-foot


prea' ach 735

forrabach. see trenbicL.

tpre.i'ia lair, see lirt'.tba.lair.

].reab:tg, s;.e lnvabig.

preabiil, see brtvibaM.

preabalr, see breabair & breabadair. 2**Brave


eachd. see broabadair:>achd. 2**Actir.g

bravel/. gallantry.

|>reab n, ** s.j/i. Circus. 2 sec breaban. S**Wincorse.


ich, a. see breabin ch.


achd, see breab iuac i'l (appx.)

aiche, see bre;ibanaich >..

** v. Crucify. t2 Hold. f3 Stand.stay.

f4*V.ra-p. f5 Punish,

preach.' *./ Bog, marsh, moras*. 2**Gra=p,

bold. 3* Little fen Ar:ij't. Chaidh a' bhd

*sa p ireach, the cow &tck )' the bog.

preach, "v.a Speak as withth vo'ce of a bittern.

ach,** a. Graspitig, greedy, ravenous.

Gu p., grrtdily.

air,* -can, s.m. Croaking preacher, miserrvble

orator. Am p. gran n 'la bodaich, the

ugly f'ld rroil-m.7 orator

ag.(DMy) $./. Any substance tbat, owhirj

to its consistency, spread* when poured on

th* ground, as porri-lge, QIC. When a woman

falls in a heap, it, is said, Thuib i 'n i preachaig

air an talamh.

preacha'n.*" s.f. Bones taken out of pork when

unking bacon.

preach-in, -aia, s.m. Mean orator,

pr-aciian -am, -an. s.m. Crow. 2 Raren. 3

Kite. 4 Moor-bittern 5 Little leu Argyll.

b tAK).Jackdaw. 7 (AF) Vulture 8 Any ravenous


. ach. s.m. see preachan

acn, -aiche, . Ravenous, vul uriac,

grasping, grjely. like a kite or other ravenous

bird. 2 Qu -rulous, croaking 3 Full of

little pits, kites or ravenous birds.

. achd, t.f md. liavenousness, voracity,

greed 'iioss.


-ceanmnn, (ceann-fhtonn) Osprey.

ceirteach, Kite.

-cnaimheach. Raven.

. -cnaimhlitligheach, see p.-cniimheacb.

-crrtosacti, Vulture.

gearr, Buzzard.

p -n-tm-lion'-jg, a c.rl. of preas.

preasant, Gaelic spelling of present [" "preasautan

" hens' eggs given to landlords by tenants

as a part of me rent m Irish, a wedding

present. " preasanta," a hen so given.]

p!vaholr for pramh (slumber.)

tpreamh.** t.m. Root, stock, z Tribe, (freumh)

pre.is, pr.pt. a' preasadh, v.a.

. Preat-nangormrihearc.




p.east,ti,|h,**a Unable to bear cold. 2 Timid

pttviUjiil.** -ail, -an, s.m. Dizziness, see breith-

eachd, t.f. Meannes* o spirit. 2. Ava-


prioi airneach, -icb, s.m. Rousing, any sudden



I Cathedral, a Kitablisii id o..u.c


priomhear, -ir, t.m. soe priom'ia'r.

sou prlo >ih-easl


priomh-easbuig, -ean, *.m Metropolitan, arch


each, o. ArohepiscooaL

eachd. t.f. Archbi.-hopric. 2 Dig

nity of an archbishop,

achd, *. /. Supremacy, supreme

rule or authority.

priomh-ughtlair, -eau, t.m. Original author, inventor,

tpripinh-urlarah. -airahe, a. Ready-banded. 2

First engaging.

priompallan, -ain, t.m. Beetle. 2 Noise like that

of a beetle.

ach, a. Like a beetle. 2 Making a

noise like a bWtle.

prionnia, pi. prionnsan, prionnsaiJh & prionnsach:n,

t.m. Prince,

prionnsai.-h, -aiche, a. see prionnsail.

pnonn-iacliAil, -e, a. see pnonn-ail.

prionn->achau, n.pl. of priuntiHa.

piioimsachd, t.f. sen pri nnsalachd.

prntnn-idh, see prionn-^a.

prionnsaidh, n.pl, of prionnsa.

prioimsail, -e, a. Princely, like a princa, royal,

authoritative, influenti mh-*honas, -ais, s.m. Supreme or chief haprnn

'as. 'Se am a. p. hhi 'creachadh, their chief

hatpin's* 'i to plunder.

primnh-shlnagh, -shl-.iaijrh, t.m. Aboriginal inhabitants

of any country.

pri>iuh-thus, -uis, s.m. Beginning, origin. 2

Foundation. 3 Pr.nc'ple. 4 Elem >nt.

prioinh-uachdaran, -ain, pi. -ain & imprl^uniug, (mpri Mmmaut, keeping in bondd\,.

A' }> , rtr.pt. of priosanaieh.

I,.?/. Imprisonment, captivity.

ptio WBaish. pr.pt. a' 'p:-ijai>,\chadu,"w. a. luipri-o

i, iiicarcdrate. i! Take cap i/o.

, g?n.*in'/. & n.p'.. of priosiiaach.

*o, pist \:-t Tmoririoued, incarcerated.

prkmntachd,** s.f. Arcration.

priosun, -uin, see priosan.

pris, gen.&iii'j. &n.p!.

-an, *. m.

Chief ruler.

of preas.

prb, -t), -ean, ./. PricJ, value, rate, worth. 2

Respct, e^te-m. Ci'>d a' ph. dt ? whnt in it*

price t 'ga chur am p., raising it in eitima'ion:

tha e am p., it is in ftijh estimation ; p. na

circe, th'va',>t'ofthhn;p.a,' phrine, the

value of iha pin.

priseachvlh, -aidh, s.m. Estimating, act of estimating

or valuing, valuation. A' pr. pt. of


prisaad'i, -ei Ih, s.m. Valuing, valuation, [ness

prtsealachd, s.f.ind. Value, preciousness, daarpriseau,

-ein. -an, * m., dim. of preas. Lictle

bush. 2 f.ittle thicket.

prjsean, n.pl. of pris.

prlseil, -e, a. Precious, valuable, dear.

prisich, v.a. Estimate, fix the price, price, value.

2 Prize.

pri-taoil.(CR) *./. Clatter Perthshire. Na leig

a mhain e le p., do not let it down with a clatter

or swllenty ; thainig e staigh le p., hr came

rvxhing in.

pr6,(DMy) o. Croaky, harsh. 2 Stentorian,

leep, as a bass voice. 3 '.Jhe opposite of binn.

tproltbafih,** -aidh, .*. i'roof.


'aid. ->. -ean, t.f. Profit.

each, a. ProfltabM>.

eii, -, rt. /^^Mitaaeous, profitable.

ich, v. ProTi:, .-*drantagc>.

prohliaist, -ean, . in. J'r:.vot. 2 in derision,

Corpulen'/ or clumsy fellow.

each, -eiHio, 'a. Of, or belonging to, a

provost. 2 Cor pul

pr 738 pronnnig

proi'iistear, P'rth for p >\\ ia y.

pminn. -e, -can, s.f. Di.iner. 2 Meal. 3 Voraci'.y.

4 ronn.

I>ru:iiii8, coin . of prnn.

aeh,;,A.J) ./. Fi-h of a go

>d *i?e. Bha

D sgi.dan a dh' ias^aioh s'mn an noir p. laghaoM.

t'i hfrri'inj ir" cau'jht last niyhl were of

a fair 8>,zc. '

(also b.-oiont-a,-;.)

achadh. -aidh, s.m. Dieting. 2 Diet.

3 Dinner 4 Dining

p'.-j'nnich, p ".nt. a' pr.nnneach idh, v.n. Diae.

2 Take a m >al.

pi- >in listea , sea pr mnasg.

proinQ-lana, -a, -ainn, -an, s.m. Refectory, dining

room, ea> ing-room.

proina-lios,** see proinn-lann.

pr uunte, a. rth for p'-onnusg.

pro's, -e. s.f. Pnd \ haughtiness. 2 Flatter-/. 3

Humouring;, eaj-jling. 4 Ceremony,

ft N ;a .

punctilious little female, prude. 6 (DU)Conccifc.

7**Niceness. Bsati gun ph., a irife

without pri't.

prois,** v.a. Tiddla. 2 (CR) Resech. entreat

urge Perthshire. 3** Flatter, c ijole, put in


proitseach, -i-'h, s.m. Boy, stripling. 2* Good

lumD of a boy.

pronaistear, W. Perthshire for pronnasg.

f>ronastal, seo pronnasg.

4**Smoofch. MuTictrp., mn!t f $ -MW.

pr nurric'i, -ai'-h >, a. Th it p'un It or breaks into

fragments, pnlvritair, Arrttn for pronnasg.

pronna j

g-ichd,(MS) s.f. Sulphnreousness.

pronn-bhi i.dh, -bhidh, s.m. Fragments of victuals.

'2**Minf-edmeat. 3 Krigmouts of nuts.

pronnastail, St rot' h-o't

pronastan,(CR) Sleat cf Lrwis for pronnasg.

pronn, -oiuu & -uinn, s.in. The coarsest part of

oa'.m?al with the seeds left in sifli ig. 2

(AF) Pollard (fish.) 3 Food. 4 Dinner. 5(D

My) Ground oats fur sowens. (also p.-c-oirce.)

Gnabh iad p. agu.s deoch, they too!; food and


pronn, pr.pt. a* pronnadh, v. a. Pouiu'.. bray,

ma^h, bruise. 2 V * Grind, pulveme, mi ice. 3

^iaul. 4 *Mutter. t5 Give, bestow, distribute.

Ged ph. Urn amadan, though thou bray

a fool ; thug e la air pronnadh 6ir, ht spent

a day in quaciou3, ttxttliu^.

2 Whispering.

pronn-gbldrach, oe pronn ghloireach.

pronn-lios, see proinn-lann.

pronnmhor, -oiiv. o. Ground, minced, pulverized,

in fragments.

pronnt, st3 pronntach.

pronn 'a. a. y part nt. of pronn. Pounded.brayed,

ma-hed, bruised, pulverized.

pronntach, s. in. Meal obtained by pooscti'if

grain in a atoue mortar still used in som ^


s.f. pronntachd,(AC) Prosperity.

tpronntain, -e, s.f. Provender.

pronntair, -can, see pronnadair.

pronnte, see pronnta.

pronuu.sg, -uisg, see pronnasg.

prOTimisgach 739 pmlhnr

proiinngach, sw proiim'-ij'ich.

pn>p. -.1 & -ii'p. -nchHO, g.ui. Prop, support .pillnr.


pi-aM-v: "Ore W.


pmlhirach, o. ilunfu 1

, harmful, injurious, 2

UU'i'rous, having ulcers.

adh, -aidh, a.m. SJupp'iration.

ach, -aiche, ft. Abounding in sorreL 2

Of, or pertaining to, sorrel.

s.m. Sorrel.


puinneanach, -aich, . TO. Same meanings as

P'tinnean ten wlh. 2** Bruiser, pugilist,

puiuneanachadh, -aidh, *. m. Beating, act of

beating or thumping, thrashing, belabouring.

A' p , pr.pt. of puiimeanaich.

puinneanaich. pr. pi. a' puinneauachadh, v. a.

Beat, thump, belabour, bruise.

puiuog, see puuc.

ptn'ase, Gaelic form of punth, toddy. Amp. milis,

guauach, the s>ce't h*ady punch.

puin/jeat-h, a. Abounding in punch. 2 Of, or be-


ed, killed hy poi-xm.

puiTiseatita, a. Poironou*, renoainuo.

pninicantachd, ./. 8aoi9 maauingg an pui

pu ihnraieh.(MM) V. Suppurate.

p;ulharan,(DO) s.m. 1 u.-k stalk of corn found

occasionally ia a fl ;ld of growing oats U'ist.


iadh,** -aid'), . m. Publishing.


puibli,,'h, -e, o. Public,

tpui'dich, v.a. Puhli h, proclaim,

puic. -e, -oan, x./. Bri'j\ l''rmair e p., hf ha*

t>>en brib"d ; cha d' cnu e p.



thing , prov.

purlagach. -aiche, a. Ragged, tattered.

purp,* -uirp, t.m. The faculties of the mind. 2

Full possession of mental powers. Chaill e a

ph., hf toil hit facttltiei ; u fheadli 's a

Dhitheas mo ph. agam, while I possess my

faculties; gun ph., uncott'cted.

purpaidh.J t.f. Purslane-like orache atriptex

portulacoides 2 Poppy. 8** Purslane.

purpaidh.U -e, a. Purple .^uth'd n'iv'r, -ean, s.m. One who confines straying

cattle, pounder. 2 (DU) Shepherd paid by a

district to herd sheep during summer.

eachd, i.f. Cnfining of straying cattle,

pounding. 2 Herding; sheep. Tha e ris a'

ph., he is tngaied as a dittrict shepherd.

pnnnt, i.in. Couch-grass.

panntiUBB.tc.fi Benumbment (also funntainn.)

punt, -uint. see punnd.

pu.-itain, -e, see tunntainn.

pupaid, Gaelic form of Scots poopit.

purgadair, -ean, t. m. Purgatory. 2 Purifier.

3 Tormenter. 4* The greatest anxiety to get

freedo-n, or to shift quarters.

pur nadai reach, -ich, s.m. One undergoing the

changes and pains of purgatory,

purgadaireacii, -aiche, a. Purgatorial,

purgadaireachd, ./. Purification. 2 State of

purgatory. 3**Chang0.-j of purgatory. 4**

Doctrine of purgatory

purgadaireadh, -eidh, s.m. Purgatory,

purgadoir, see purgadair.

purgaid, -e, -ean, ./. Purge, purgative, ap?rient

medicine. P. duine, a dour man (DMy )

pur^aideach, -eiche, a. Purgative, cathartic

cleausing, vomitory.

purgaideachadb, -aidh, t.in. Medication,

. pur^aicleachd.** /. Laxativeness, frequent


purgaidicb, v.a. purp-ilaohd,* . /. Collecrive.

iioss, full possession of faculties.

2 Punctuality,

purpur, -uir, s.m. Purple colour.

purr, pr. pt. a' purrailh. v.a.

Push, thrust.drirf, urge, t

Jerk. 3 Bntt, strike with tha

bead. 4 Poke. 5 Jostle. 9

Dash at, as a bull.

purrach,**a. Apt


purlag, -aip, -an, ./. Tatter. 2 Fragment of any-

to push or

shove, pushing, shoving. 2


purra-Jair, -ean, t.m. Putter,

pnrradh, -ai.lh, -aidhean, t.m.

Pushing, act of pushing,

thrusting, shoving or driving.

2 Jerking, jerk. 3 586. Parpaidh.^

Butt, act of butting with the head. 4 Joselin*.

5 Push, thrust. A' p , pr.pt.

of purr.

A* p. la 'adharcaibh, butting u-ith. hit hums ;

an reithe a' p., the ram butting.

purraghlas, -ais, s.m. Cat.

purt.puirt, see port,

pus, -uis, -can, Gaelic formt of putt.

pus, -uis, -an, see bus.

pus, see pod.

pusach, see busach.

pusacha?, -aig, -an, t.f. Whining girl,

pusachan, -aia, -an, s.m. Whining boy.

uaadh, see posadh.

usag, -aigr, -an, s.f.,dim. of pus. 2ftsee buaag-.

nsaidh, see


pusda, see posda.

>ust' t see posda.

ut, -a, -an, s.m. The cheek,

put, pr.pt. a' putadh, v.a. Push, fchrust. 2 Jostle.

3 Put with the head.

)ut, s.m. Push, shove.

>ut, -a, -an, s.m. Young of moorfowl, voung

grouse vp-)nt.) 2 Large buoy, generally of

sheepskin, inflated. 3 Corpulent person. 1

Any bulging thing. Su'h'd. [2iutain, gsa.sinj. Jc n.pl. uf puiau.

pntair 742 rabhdach

put air, -r>an, s.m. One who pushes or impels. 2



pu (nil-each (I, *./. Pushing;. Dibbling.

pu'ai), -ain, -wi, s.m., dim. of pa". Young grouse,

Ir tie poult. 2 (AF) Youi.g animal. 3**

Yong hans.

pntan, -aia, -an, i.m. Button. 2 Sny or toggle,

see bata, No. 1, p. 76. P.-duirn, a sleevt button.

pnfcan, see


putanach, -aiche, a. Buttoned. 2 Abounding

in buttons. 3 Like a button.

patanachadh, -aidh, t.m. Buttoning.

putanach'l, tf. Button-making.

putanaich, v.a. Button.

puranaichte, pant pt. Buttoned.

putan jrrirm,{ x.m. Sheep-hit, see dubhan-nancaora.

puianta,** a. Shy, as young mor-fowl, coy.

pu:anta^hil,** tf. Shyness, coyness.

pntar, fitf.vasJf. of put.

pnth. x.m. Snort. 2 Puf. 3 Sound of a shot.

4 Syllable. A' cur putuan as a hr&ta, *fwrf.

W; with h in no*e.

pnoiiag, -aig. -an, s.f., dim. of puth. Little puff

or explosion. 2 i'o-poi-**, grampus.

puc. aid, (Ficmn) t. /. Revesx in th wall for

Holding small artir'es -2 Veuiilator in a byrs

wall, so call t>d because it resembles the recess

in ahou-e wall.

pu ..ai;i,1f s.f. Marsh-harrier, we clam'i.i.n-loi".

pmhar, -air, -an, a.m.. Harm hurt. -J Wound,

^car. 8 Sore, cause of .sorrow. 4 Suppurating

sore, (ja -tic sp'jlli'ig of Sc-ots prottu ici.ition

of po,vi-.

'S rha 'ennlai'h f> p'uif.'iar 'an d.jbhar a

chr lachan C> vahan, (CR) .. Kind of grass that grows iu

still water, which sbeep often wade in to eat

and are drowned. It is sometimes cat f. r

fodder, rabhann in W. of Ross. Pronounced

rafan in Rrau Cortntry A heights ofKildoncm,.

rabhan, a.m. Remains of spate or tide on the

shore Suth'd.

rabhanach, -aiche, a. Rhapsodical, tedious. 2


lahhanach, -u-h. s.m. Rhapaodist, tedious

story teller. 2**Haranguer.

r.ibhanachd, sj. Rhap^wdy, harangue.

rnbhanaiohp.*' s.m. s .-e rabiianair.

rabh'.n iir,** -an, s.m. Rhap^odiU. 2 Harangn^r.

3 Proser.

rabhann,(OR) s.m. Gra*s or reed th it grows in

p.H>ls ai'd i.< cut for fodder. It has ma iy largj

joints which b irst when dry, and whit* root,-*

Sfratkconan. 2 Water-lily W. of Roxs-xhir'.

3 Plant with leaves brancning alternately on

each sid,; of the leaf-stem and floatin* on the

water W. of Ra*8~shirr.

rabhart,** -airt, *.m. Upbrakling. 2 Senseless


rabhart, -airt, t.m. (AH) Fun, pleasantry, t

see rabhd.

ach, -aiche, a. see rabhanach.

frabhartha, a. Ovemmaine.

rabh'l, -a, -an, s m Idle or nonsensical talk.

2 Coarse, tiresome language, vapouring, tedious

harangue, uoast. 3 Idle talker. 4 Kan:.

rabhdavh. -aich'j. a. Talking idly, given bo idle

talk, uarajujttting. 2 Usiug ooarse or unbecom-

abbdaeh 74S raeh

Inn language.

rbti truth, S'jarabtid.

tabh'lair. -win. *.m. Idle, tireouao talker, boast-

Mr, (fosdip prater, riups-id.it, rap ner. 2**

K flv. :i OIM wh > usos cotroir,(CR) * in. Corn-craik.

racanta.** a. Clashing, noisy. 2 Croaking. 3


racas. -nis, s.tn Sail hoop prov.

rach, for rachadh (would go )

rach, def. v. Uo, proceed, move, travel, walk.

Active Voice

IND jast, chai'Ih mi,

escaped from


inf. rvaA-nl me : cbaidb an teine

as orni (he fire 1 kindled (or UKI* tending** wtm

out : chaidli as daibh, they died, U'fre killed.

geall caiihrtMtn, the. birds began chorusing ;

na li-i^heanan n bbidhuhe 'the'id air urlar, the.

lam'* who dance most elegantly an nijjhean

a'sdeise 'theid fo 'a.lideadh.tA* qirl who dresses

most tastefully ; an la theid clo ur air faicbe,

the ilay the new cloth or drew m uported in

public ; theid lad air faoigh. they will goon a

gfiilfft beggniq expedition ; Lb6id iad air a'

bMannau;, they will go on a bannock- begging

Ckrittmiu round ; theid lad air au deirc, they

u'tll go beijqinrj for alms ; thfeid iad air ch^ilidh

chuige, their will go on a vitit to him ;

th^id iad 'nan deannaibh, they mil go. run-


radan. n.pf. of iad

radanach. -aiclie, a. Abounding in rats. 2 Lik

their influents ceased , cha teicl auaiu a mac

bodau-ti le muiseig. threats wilt it(,> kitt a

cAii'l'a son , is mairg a rachadh to do mheachaiinas,

pity // it'Ao would trutt to ymir disfrrnon

or mercies . chaulh Ri.'ih LochlahiB am

nieinn >i Fe'inne, th' hint) of Loiltlami toegr/'d

Iff cl'iiwnni / the F-ngaliant , chai'Jn mi au

745 rai^neaeharth

tc bheart, -bh-'irt, -an. * in Obstinacy, ft Villainous,

mischievous or wicked need. 3 Forced

work. ___ neb, -aiche. a Obstinate, perverse,

bpndstrong. 2 Committing mischievous or

villainous deeds,

^__ ;ichd, s.f in

2 Raft of wood. R. shaiyhdearan, a rank of


ra;rha, see roghainn.

raghacl>i, -aHti, see roghainn.

. ragh-udh.(CR) Warning W of Rott for raghadh.

(pron. rao'i.)

raghain, see ro^hainn.

raghaircin, * m rnirl-aq;.*' ?]. s f. Mvrtle.

rai 1-^al i'-h

Eyebnght (plant.)

raghan. -ain. an. s.m. Churchyard.

raghar. -air. an. s.m Arable land not in tillage

2 mc/iw* Grazing ground enclosed

between the arable land aud the open moor

** a Cunning, sly, insidious

fraidealaciid, s.f.mtl. lnveniii)ti, readinHf^ in

devising plans. 2 Cunning, slyness, artfulness.

raideil. -e. a. Inventive. 2 Sagacious. 3 Cuuning,

crafty, sly.

trai Ih, v a. Threaten, menace 2 Appeal, look.

traidh. s.f. Radius.

raidh, -e, -ean, s.f. Arhitration. 2 Deci-'on.

3 Anpeal, entreaty. 4 Threat, thre itetiin^. 5

Umpire. 6 Good will. 7 Competition. Leig

gu radb nan daome seo e, sninmt it to the arbitrati'm

nf (hes" in-n ; tha mi-se, a dhaoin*

uaisle.a' lei^eil a ghuothaich seo q;' 'ur raidhse,

/ a>>ea,l to you gsiil'riri'ii, m tfnx matter ;

fear-raidh \ n nr bit rat or a' , raidn air a

cheile, cnmn'tin-/ with each other , thoir r.,

th.-fa'fn. [*" gives s.m. for Nos. 1 2& 3 J

Per I ti shir*

. rng-bheirteach.(MS) Mad-brained.

rag niheirl^-ach. -ich. s.m Arrant thief.

rag mhumealach, aiche, a. Stiff-necked, stubborn,

headstrong, perverse.

d, * / mil. Contumacy, stiff-neckedness,

ob-itmacy, stubbornness, perverseness.

2 Denravity.

rag-mhmnealas, -ais, *. m. see rag-mhumealachd.

tag-roth. ** s.m. Torturing wheel.

rag-sheallac'i, -aiche, a istiff looking, awkward,


rag-slmil, -shiila, -shuilean, *./. Dim eye.

--each,** a. Dim-eyed.

fraib, g.f. Turnip. 2 Rope.

raiheach,** a. Luo ".

fribn, see robb. (Irish form.)

raidh,** s.m. Judge.

raidh, -ean, s.m. Rank, a,s of soldiers (ragh ) 2

Speech. 3 Entreaty. 4 Intercession. 5 see


raidli/CR) ./. Boasting, bratr, vain-glory Tha

pailteas r ann, he is much given to boastinj

W. of Rnss-sh.re.

rai Ih, -e, -can, s.f. [McL & D gives m.] Quarter

(of a year.)

raidhe. s.find. TJmpirage, arbitration. 2"Arbiter.

ach,** a. Prone to threat, threatful. 1


achd,** t.f.ind. Habit of threatening, minaciousne.ss.

2 Circumstance of appealing.

raidhean,** ein, s.m. Crowd, rabble.

raidhean, -ein, s.m. Quarterly, as a paper or


raidheil,* e, a. Challenging, fond of challenging

2 Boasting.

raidheil, -e, . Quarterly.

raullur, see raoir.

raidhm, f. Rheum.

fraidbmheas, -eis, -an, s.m. Dream 2 Romance.


t ach, -aiche, a. Romantic, fabulous,


fraidhreach, -eich, -ean,


t.m. Prayer, petition,

raidhu-ach, -eiche, a. see raiteach.

raidse, -an, s.m. Prating fellow, idle talker. 2


ach, -aiche, a. Prattling, garrulous, prating,

verbose, prov.

ach,* -e'ch, s.f. Chief witch.

achns, -ais, s. m. Habit of prating, idl


raibhe $ t.f. Radish raphnnut.

raibhe'.c.* nee raoic.

il. * f % see raoiceadh.

raibleachan,** -am. t m Scullion.

taic-. -e. * f. Impertinence, imnndence 2

Idle prattling. 3 Gibheri-h. 4 Boast fulness.

- eal-u-hd, $ f.md. Habit of talking idly. 2

see raic. - eil, -e. o Impertinent. 2 Troublesome.

3 r.ivf-n to idl- talk.

; ra chd. -e, see raic.

fraicn"acli. -ich. f. Queen.

r^id. 'fx.s ng nf ra>l.

raide.** s.f. Cunning, slyness. Luchd raide,

Eoastful speecn, arro-

talk, verbiage. 2 Witchery, enchantment

raidis,** -ean. *./. Gaelic spelling of radish.

rnige, y.f.iitd.

idt.-Hchas.** -ais, t.m.

gant language,

?, pride. 2 Saying.

Report. 4 Irial ol skill.

Stiffness. 2 Ob^t;nicy.

rjiige, comp. of a. rag.

raigaad, -eid, X.T. Degree of stiffness or obstinacy.

2 Tightness, toughness, tenseness.

Is r. an c6rd an tarrai.ig sin, that pull hat

mailf the cord tig*>tr.

raigealachd,** .f. Impetuosity.

raigealtach, (CR) s. m. Rascal. 2 Rollicking

fellow Pwth shire.

raigeann,(DC) .m. Obsti-t^cy, stiffueckedness.

fist. 2', MS) Slowness. Harshness.

fraigh, *./. Frenzy.

raighe, s.f. see ruighe. 2 Rank or file of soU

diers (ragh.)

raigheil.** a. Frantic.

raigionn.(DC) see raigeann.

raigle, s.f. see r^ili^.

ar,** -eir, g.m. Ragged, ttitidy person.

rai^neachadh,* -aidh, t.m. Stiffening, benumb-

* A.

Taigneachadt 748 raineas

ed. A' r , pr pt of raignicl Tba '&o Jamh-

au air raigneachadh, nut hands are Li-numbed.

Taiii'iich,* v a. Stiffen. 2 lieuuinb.

rail, 5*. Oak, see darach.

railidh. s. Oak, see darach.

raihi:, se reilig.

railleach.(AF) Redshank.

rajlh.lh," 1 */ Fight, fray (rally.)

Kt'isterou.s fun or sport

raimh, gen. sing & n.pl. of ramh.

traimh, t.f Brimstone,

2 (AH)

rannhdeas,** -eis, s.m. Fatness, greasineaa.

raimhe, see reamhra.

ramihead,* -see reamhrad.

rannhre, see reamlira.

ra.migil, -e, t.f. Confusion, prow,

ranuisg,* t.f. Coarse, vulgar person,


[An inflection preserved chiefly in the North.]



596. Raineach-vainr.

rainfi;,(DMK) *. /. Ring of mealthat forms around

the edge of the upper mill-stone when

^the mill is grinding Caithness. [reached.

raimg, past ind. of ruig. R. sinn, we arrived,

ramitjeadh, past. ind. past, of ruig. R e., it was


rainn, yen. & pi. of rann. 2 see roinn.

rainn-an-uisge,* s.m. Eyebnght.

frainne-rui.sg, g.f. Eyebright.

rainu-mhill,** v.a. Abolish, abrogate,

rainnsich,** v.a. Arrange, put in rows or ranks.

ean, s.pl. Ranges, rows, ranks.

te, pant pt. of rainnsich. Arranged.

rainnt, Gaelic form of rent.Suth'd.

rainnte,** a. Articulate.

rain-sgrios,** v.a. Abolish.

raip -e, g.f. Filth. 2 Foul mouth, prov. 3*


raipeach.tt a. Filthy. 2 Foul-mouthed,

raj peas, -eis, see raip.

raipteach, -eich, -aii, ./. Filthy or slovenly wo-

747 ramh


raipleachag, -aig, -ag, s.f.,dim. of raipleach. Little

squalid woman.

ra'pleachau,** -am, s.m. Scullion.

rair, see (au) ra rir.

trais, s. f. Path, way. 2 (DMy) Play. R. a'

chnilein ri.s an t-seann chu, the puppy't play

with the old doy.

raisean, -ein, -an, s.m. Goat's tail, prov. 2 (AF)

Goat. 3 (AK) Tousy-headed child. ['gives

raisinu for No. 1.]

rais-mhaol, see ras.

raitche,(AF) s f. Bitch, female dog.

raite, -an, s.f. Saying, word. 2 Aphorism, proverb,

adage. 3*ndle conversation, gibberish,

verbiage. 4 Arrogant language, boasting. 6

One who talks idly.

raiteach, -eiclie, a. Verbose, sententious. 2

Boasting. 3**Flueut. Mor r., babbling ; beg

r., ta iturn, quiet.

raiteach, -ich, .rn. Desultory prater.

ail, -3, a. Boasting, vain-glorious, arrogant,

enailenging. Daom^ r., boasters.

as, -ais, t.in. Boasting, vain-glory, ostentation,

pride, arrogance, bluster. 2 Saying,

speech. 3 Competition, contest, emulation.

4 Lie, report, idle surmise. 5*lnal of

strength. A' r. air a cheile, competing, emulatiiig

each other ; a raiteachai-i, his lies.

d, s. /. Same meanings as raiteachas.

Luchd-r., idle talkers.

raitealachd,(MS) s.f. Arrogation.

riiitean,** -t-in, s.m. Pleasure.

raiteauas, -ais, see raiteachas.

raith, see raidh.

raith, v. Threaten. 2 (OR) Scold Perth-shire.

R e air, he scolded him.

raith,} -e, -ean, t. f. Common brake, see an

raineach mhor.

raith-dorch,'.m. see rath-dorcha.

raithe, see raidhe.

acli, see raidheach.

achd, see raidh eachd.

raitheil, -e, a. see raidheiL

laithne, s.f. see raineach.

r.iitlmeach, -ich, see raineach.

riiitinn, see radh.

raitse,** s.f. Idle conversation, boasting. 2 Desultory


raitseach.(CR) s.f. Strong and lazy young woman

'. of Roxg-shire.

rails,* v.a. .see rac.

rallsa.* s.in. seeracan.

rallsadh,* -aidh, -aidli, see racadh.

ramacii.lair, -ean, s.m. Coarse, vulgar fellow. 2

Romping, noisy fellow.

eachd, s.f.ind. Coarse play.romping.

ramachdas, -ais, s.m. Coarseness.

ramair,* -ean, s.m. Romp.

Vulgar coarse fellow.

2 Blockhead. 3*

^eachd,* see ramachdaireachd.

ramaiiceil,((JH) a. Romping, noisy Arran.

ramaiair, -ean, s.m. JRambler. 2 see ramachdair

ramallag,* -aig, -au, s.f. Puvldle.

raiuas,** A-.J/I. Rhyme. 2 Romance.

ach,** a. Kumaobic, fabulous.

ram isg, -aisg, s.m. Sea-oak, a kind of seaweed.

Scot*, tangle.

ramh, -aimh, -an, *. m. Oar. 2**Tree. 3*

Branch. 4**\Vood. Talamh nan r., the court*

try of woods.


1 Cnotau, box, placed on the oar to protect ifc

from wear. Cladan (All) cleat.

2 L)rn, handi or ijrip. Ooirneag. dorn-churc

3 Luuu, part between theuau^le and bux,

8 A 2

4 Seasgadh, part between the box and feather.

6 Liaiyu, feather, btfrle.

amh,J s. The family ot plants known as rhamnacce

individually rhenium*.

v4uiii,** 0.1. Row a boat,

ramhach. -aiche, a. Oared. 2 Woody. 3


not of human beings IP. of Ross. [U*d of

persons also in Gairloch DU.J (freamhag)

rauihaich, v.n. Row (iomair ) 2**Supply with

oars. 3**Man with oars.

rainnaiche, -an, s.m. Rower, oarsman.

ramhaichte, a. & past pt. of ramhaich. Furnished

with oars. 2 Impelled by oars, rowed.

ramhair, -ean, s.m. Rower.

eachd, s.f.ind. Rowing, employment of

rowing. 2 Oar-making.

ramhan, n.pl. of ramh.

ramhan, Perthshire for rabhan.

ranihar, -mhra, see reauihar.

ramn-braghad,(AH) s./. Forward, or pilot oar.

ramh-deiridh, s.m. Stroke-oar.

rimh 748 rannghall

tran,** a. Clear, evident. 2 Nimble. 8 Noble.

ranach,* -aich, s.m. Cave that gives an echo. 2

Large ill-furnished house.

ran ich,(Ctt) a. Hoarse A rran.

raaaich, s.f. Rjari/i

ann-leabhar 749 rapach

tann-le>bhar,* -air, s.m. Anthology.

raun-mluas, -a, s.m. Scummy of verse.

raim-phairt. -e, ./. Participation. 2 Participle.


tann-p ,;iirteach, -eiche a. Partaking, sharing,

api to su-ire. 2 Communicating.

WDD-phiirCtfachadb.-aidh, s.m. Sh'trine;,communicating.

A' r , pr.pt. of rann-phaircich

rann-phairteachail, -e, a. see raun-puairteach.

rantaireachd,** s.f. Noisiness, ranting. Is ann

ort tha 'n r. ; how noisy vou art !

raob.** v a. see reub. 2 Prop.

ach,** a see reubach.

raobactid,** s.f.ind. see reubachd. 2 Excess. 3


raochrl, see raoic.

raod, -aoid, -an. see rud.

raod, see reud.m.

raodach.(CR) a. Kindly A rran.

raodan, -am, see rmidan.

ra/idhair, raodhraichean, . m. see raghar. 2


rani?, -acig, -an, s.m. Rushing, prow.

rao^uc, -aig, -an, ./. Woman of au Impetuous


taogha. see rovba.

raoi^iinaich, see roglmaioh.

raoic. o.n Roar, bellow 2 Kelch. Mar a raoiceas

leomhan, a- a lion roar.--.

raoic," t.f. Mellow, r ar. 2 Voice of a deer 3

Belch'nn noise. 4 Sound made by cattle when

fi':hiing. r>*)Me r..ar that a cow gives when

ured by another.

raoiceach, -eiche, a. Roaring, bellowing. 2 Fla*

tulout, making a belching noise. 3 Making a

hoars" noi-e.

raoiceadh, -idh, s.m. Roaring, act of roaring,

bellowing. 2 Belching. A' r , pr.pt. of raoio.

raoic^il, see raoiceadh.

rao'ch.leil, see raoicea Ih

rnoicodich, see raoiceadh.

raoichd. .see raoic.

rao chd^ach, nee raoiceach.

raoiJ/AC) g.j. Sheaf of corn consisting of H

haiidfuls, each bound with three stalks

Taracn 750 rat ban

Tapach. -n'che, a. Noisy.

rapail,(M4) a. Sumptuous.

repair, -can, s. in. Frothy, noisy fellow. 2**

Slovenly fellow. b'Woi'tblesS fellow. 4*

I)rawiing fellow.

rapaireachd, g.f. Noisiness, habit of noisiness.

JttFoolish. idle talk.

rapa reachd.** s.f.ind. Slovenliness.

rapais, -e, s.f Filth, nastiness, slovenliness. 2

Drab, careless female.

rapal, -ail, t.m. Noise, bustle.

./. rapal.* Nonaens cal talk.

rapalach, -aiche, a. Noisy, bustling.

rapas, -ai, see rapais.

r' ar. (for ri ar) By or beside our, to our. R' ar

taohh, to our aide.

ras, -ais, x. Fury, rage Ddin I. Ghobha.

ras, -ais. s.m. Shrub, underwood. 2 (AF)Seal,


rasach, -ait-he, a. Shrubby, boughy, branchy.

lasach.(MMcD) s.f. Grating pb'ced ag unst the

wall, in which grass, Ac. is placed for feeding

young sheep wintered in the bourse Lewig.


tasaclid, *" r isdair,** n.f Great satiety.

ra-dal, -ail, -;m. g.m. R.ike. 2 Hand-harrow. 3

Harrow. i**j;atvb>>ne. 5 Fnzziing sound, as

of tfe

-an, u.m. Suretv, security. Crmidh

ritha . -am.

e :t>i r air, h j becamt surety for him ; theid

fica'ibaob, -aichd, a. Subtle, crafty, cunning. 2


reabhaoh,** -aich, s.m. Mountebank, one who

plays tricks, hence a wicked fellow, a devil.

2 The D.jvil. An r. thu, devil take you.

reabhag.(AF) ./. Linnet, titling.

. mhonaidh.(AF) s./. Mountain linnet,

meadow pipit, heather liotie.

-fhraoich,(AF) see reabhag-mhonaidh.

reabhair, -ean, t.m. Crafty, subtle fellow.

reabhair,(Cfl) .m. One fond of running about

Perth s*iir!/. Great vexation, keen sorrow

'^t'-'juil -.:>b r -iigl'i. 3 Knution, tears, shed-

d. 5

Sorrowful, tearful.


6 . Oomjiiddi.ig 7 I.n.

perative. 8 Legislative. 9 Vexatious, torminting.

10 Easily offended. 11 Hand

fair. 1^* Productive, as corn. SeaoM diasaa

r. agus malh, seusn ears of com, ranis


ei!->h(.rd, -c iiurd, s.m R 'in of a bridle,

an, pf. ,f refd-chord.

readh. see rjadh-g

rea'th, s,- ra.-i a Ih

readh,** a foiun. hard Chi^r.ti

ft-' ico'i'd .hn- a tough, spear.

readh, see. riadh.

s Mad oull or ox.

e sleajh r^


10 Ribbed, as a boat or ship.

Tean^achidh, -aidh, g.m. Starving, act of starving

with hunger. 2 State of becoming lean

or emaciated. 3 Putting in ranks or rows.

A' r , pr.pt. of reangaicn.

reangadh, see reangachadh.

re;tng!iich, v. see reaug.

reangaichte, post pt. of reangaich. Starved with

huuger. 2 Lean, cadaverous.

reang'iir, -ean, s.m. Loiterer, lingerer.


2 Wran

eacbd, ./. ind.. Indolence, lingering,


freadh-sgaoileadh,** -idh, s m. Flux.

reafog, -oig, -an, s.'. Linnet.

freag,** -eig, s./. Night.

reag-dhall.** a. Purblind.

reaghlorach,*' a. Resounding.

real, see reul.

reall. see reul.

reallag,(AF)s./. Linnet.

realt, see reul.

ream lid, sae rachamaid.

reauiain, t.f. B ;ginniug.

reamalair, Perthshire for ramalair & ramacbdair

frearnh, see roimhe.

ream b -I, see reamhra.

ream iad,** -aid. s.m. Bulk, fatness.

reamhag, see nabiia^.

reamhMin,*' t.f. Foretelling, prognostication.

reamhair,** -ean, s.m. Traveller.waytaring.man,


reamhar, -mhra, a. Fab, plump, fleshy. 2 Pat,

greasy, oily. 3 Bis, great. 4 Thick, gross, of

great circumference. 5**Coarse. An soeachd

nach tigmuShamhuinn, ting gu r mu Fh6ill-

Brighde th* snow that comes not at Hallowmas

will com* thickly at Candlemas ; r. am

fnoil, /oMfeata*.

freamh-cheuman, s.pl. Ancestors, forefathers.

reamhra, cmnp. of reamhar.

reamhrach, -aiche, a. Coagulative, thickening.

2 Fattening.

. . aati>ince. 4** Contuniacy. 5ftR*aghne3B.

6 Skittishness. 7**Ac!iin^.

raasgaiehe, see reaiachd.

roa^gaicheachd, see rea^achd.



freibh, see ribh.

reic, s.m. Sale, auction, selling, act of selling.

A' r , pr.pt. of reic.

reic, pr.pt. a' reic. v.a. Sell, vend,

reic, pr.pt. a' reiceil, v.n. Roar. howl,

reic-chead,** .. License or permission to sell


__1 ach.** a. Licenced, authorized to sell.


reiceach, -eiche. a. Selling, fond of selling,

trucking. 2 Saleable,

riiceach, -eiche, a. Roaring, howling.

re 1C earlair, -can, t.m. Seller, salesman, broker.

2 Auctioneer.

. eaohd, s.f.ind. Selling, business of sellin"

SjJMerchaudize. 3 Auctioneering.

reiceadh, -idh, *.m. pr.pt. of reic, see reic.

re ceadh, -idn. s.m. Roaring, act of roaring or

howling. A' r , pr.pt. of reic.

reicealachd.(MS) t.f. Vendibleness.

reicear. fut.past of reic. Shall be sold.

s'm. Seller, auctioneer.

reiceil, -e, t.f. Roarin?, act of roaring, howling.

A* r , p>\pt. of reic.

reiceireachd, see reiceadaireachd.

reic-fhollaiseach,(MS) */. Auction.

reicidh./uf.n/T.o. of reic.

reicte, past vt. of reic. Solo*

reide, see reite.

reideach, see re'iteach.

. adh, see reiteachadh.

reidh-la v .hrach, -aiche, a. Eloquent, speaking


r6idhleacli,* -eich, s.m. Down.

re' ;

dhlean, -tMn, -an, .v.m. Green, levul pla'n.m^a

daw. -J** Bowling-green. 3 (All Scope, rang*

latitude, elbow-room. Air an r., on fAi

plnin ; chun an r., to the plain.

reidhlean, -ein. -an, s.m. Wheel of a pulley, see

ula?, 6, p. 78.

re'idhleanach. -aiche, a. Abonnlin? in pla ; ns or

mea'tow^, meadowy. 2 Plain, level. 3 (AH)

Unconstra-ned, unconfined, unrestrained.

reidhlic, see re'ilig.

reidhneach,(AF) s.m. Barren cow Suth'd.

reidhne-mairt.(CR) s.m Cow that does not givd

milk and is not with calf IT. of Ross-shire.

reidh-rain^ach,? s. Polypody, see clacb-rainech.

reidh-shnasaich, v.a. Anatomize.

reidhte, see reite.

ach, see rei teach.

reidich.(DMy) v.a.


Cut oats or barley with a

r&dicb, v.a. Reconcile, conciliate, appease. *

Clear away, disentangle, adjust, (see reitich.)

te, pa*' -pt. ofr^idich. Reconciled, conciliated,

propitiated. 2 Cleared of obstruction,

disentangled, adjusted.

reige, s.f. Ridgling.

. treighlios. Church, shrine, sanctuary.

reil, gen.sinfi. of reul.

freil,** a. Clear, manifest.

rdile, -an, s.J. Pebble.

rrfideachair, see reiteachair.

reideadh, t.m. Reaping. A' r , pr. ft. 01 Widich.

freidh, s.m. Rope. 2 Withe.

reidh, -ean. $.m. Plain, meadow, level ground.

reidh, -e, a. Plain, level, smooth. 2 Polished.

3 Straight, uninterrupted, clear of obstr .ction.

4 Free, ex. mpt. 5 Recouciied, at peace,

appealed, conciliated. 6 Safe, uot dangerous.

7 Keady. prepared. 8 Disentangled. 9

Unravelled. 10 Harmonious, clear, melodious.

11 Ordered, arranged, disposed, in order.

12** Allied. 13** Regular. Aite

r., a plain or cleared pine? ; tha. mi r. dheth,

/ have done with it ; tha iad r. a ms, they OTV

at peace now ; r. ri l)ia, at peace with God ; am

bheil thu r. ? are yon prepared ? gu h-6rdail,

r., well-ordered and harmoniously ; gur., a' leisure

; fiodh r., smooth wood ; gabh r. a' l>hla r,

betake yourself to the plain ; fuuair e reidh 's

e, re")dh 's a' cbuis, he got clear or rid of it, rid

of the business Arran ; ni mi r. e, 1 wilt appease

h im.

tlidh, g'n. sing, of riadh.

ri dh-bheart, bheirt it -e. pi. -ean. s.f. Concord,


ach, -aiche, a Harmonious, agreeing.

reidh -charbadair.it *. m. Hackney-coachman,


rei Iheachd, s.f.ind. Plainness, state of being

plain or level, smoothness. 2 Polish. 3 Uninterrnptedness,

straightness. 4 State of

beirit; free or exempt. 5 State of bein-; reconciled

or at peace. 6 Safety 7 Readiness,

state ot being prepared 8 State of being disentangled

or unravelled. 9 Harni'iny, melody.

10 State of b -ing arranged or regularly

disposed. 11 Ready service, ofticiousnesj.

freMheadli, -idh, s.m. Agreement, asseut.

rtidnealachd,,.MS) s f. Acconrvnodat.iuu.

reidheas,* -eis, t.f. Peace. Faigh le r. e, get it


in iieac', without disturbance.

rei.ih-fh'Mdh, -a. s.m. Plane-tree.

reidhir, see raoir.

reilh-labh.irt, -a>rt. s.m. Eloquence, smoothness

of speech or utterance.

see reilig.

ach, see r^ilie;each.

r^ilig, -e, -ean, s.f. Grave, burying-place. 2"

Church. 3* Crypt or burying place nnler a

church. 4* Stone chest where bones dii'j out

of graves are placed. BiMii Ih elonging to a churchyard.

reil'eag, -ig, s. ;

f.,dim. of reul. see reultag. 2

Herb robert, see righeal-cuil.

ach, a. see reultanach.

re"iltean, -an, [ **pl. -tein,] s.m. dim. of t reul.

Asterisk. 2 Little star. 3** Astrolabe.

reim, Gaelic spelling of rheum.

reim.(CR) s.f. Wheel of a spinning-wheel. 2

Grooved rim of a spinning-wheel. 3 Rim of


reim, -e, -ean.'s./- Power, authority, dominion,

sway. 2 Way. 3 Progress, order. 4 An order.

5 Calling out. 6 Troop, band. 7 Evenness

of temper 8 Course of life, career. 9**

Consistence. 10 CR) Self-command, self-control.

W of Ross- shire. ll**3eries. 12 (MS)


treitn-bhriafhar, -thran, s.m. Adverb.

re mealacbd, s.f.ind. Sway, authority. 2 Constancy.

reimeas,** s.m. Rhyme.

reinvMl, -e, a. Authoritative, bearing swav. 2

Persevering. 3 Even-tempered, constant,

even-minded. 4** Progressive. 5 (MS Rheumatic.

6 (MS) Pituitous. 7 PhloijmaMc. 8**

Rampinfc. Ste6rn;\dh r., tt"n

l*im< >nch, -ich, -an, s.m. Coarse, sturdy wom


i-p'tig -e, -ean, see reang & rong.

t>nve>tly your husbani's glad praise.

Ddin I. Ghobha.

trfisa, (i*n. s>ng. of riasg. Le 'n sr6in ag

inrraidh nan aiphean riabhachfeadh shliabhchnoc

rei-ig, seeking with thrir noses the brin-

--- . a. "see reibeachail.

reitc-achadli, -ai Ih, s.w. Act of reconciling, settling-,

agreeing. 2 Act of clearing, unravelling

or disentangling, disentanglement, adjustm

'n.~. 3* Putting in order. 4* Smattering.

6**Harmony. fi*Tnion. 7*^Covenant. A'

r , pr.pt. of leiticli. R. posaidh, a betrothrn.'xt.

ma rri aye -contract.

t&teacliaii, -e, a. Reconciling, that reconciles

or conciliates. '2 Ready to be reconciled, fond

of reconciling. 3 Fond of clearing away obstructions

or entanglements. 4 Appeasable,

arbi. r.ible. 5 That unravels or disentangles.

re'iiv-i.chair,** s.w. Appea*er, reconciler, couciliatnr,

mediator, one who clears away obstructions.

r&tenclid, s.f.ind. Reconciliation, agreement,

state of being reconciled. 2 Disentanglement,

starve of being disentangled. 3 Peace, coneord.

feiLear, (MS) a.m. Peact-maiccr, reconciler, ap-



rditli, -e, see rei.lh.

rm'th. v.a see reitich.

r r.g-an-rui :

rj. see lus-aa,rl''ac.

reiii^a"h,** -ich, s.m. Ship-timber.

----, -eiche, a. Abounding in, of. or like


freir, see raoir.

reir. (

gen. rlat.sini. of riar.

re :

r. a r^ir & do re'ir'* phras*. According to, as,

like fii. Nil/in bitliinn 'nad r., // / w-re of the

game rmin : n n* you; ionvvdh grille 6^ am r.,

inn'i'i o, i/',uth fond nf m' tua sinn a r. a


che"il?, ire'ir' vleas'd with each other, on thf

b*st nf terms ; flea Ih dom* r., a feast worthy

cfiri'; a r. cuimhne d'lomhsa, to the best of

vn^i rteo'.lec'ion M' a reir, is ofbun used for


fr3?,";i.l'-'ig iad m'a re"ir z,th*y set him free.

ri'irr-' ire,' -V?) s. Plover.

rpir -chearc,(An s.f. Grouse. 2 Heather-hen.

re"is -e, -ean, s.f. Race, chase. 2 Span (9 in.)

3 Run'iingco'irse. Ruith e 'r., he ran his

ra-. r. d' a theangaidh, a span of his tongue.

re"isde, Therefore, then. Is lea an t-ioghnadh

a r. ged robh teanga'dh do bheoil-sa

'semn gu binn cliu eibhinu t' fhir p6sd', it is

littl u-on1er,ther>'fore, that your tongue should

re"ith-bheart, see reidh-bheart.

aoh, see reidh-bheartach,


'cache, -ach an, s. m. Ram. 2 Dimmont tup.

3 The siga Aries (T ) in the zodiac.

reitheaoh, -eiche, a. Rammish, like a ram. 2


reith.>achadh, -aidh, s.m. Lining, rutting, as

ram. A' r , pr.pt. of reithich.

reitheachan, pi. of reithe.

reitheacha-s -ais, *. m. RammLshness, tuppishness.

2 Ramming. 3 RuUui; of sheep.

reitheachd, s.f. see reibheachas.

reitheadh, -Mli. *. m. see reitheachadh. A' r ,

pr. pt. of reith

reiUiean, s.m., dun. of reithe. Young or little


reithe-cogaidh, pi. -achan-cogaidh, s.m. Battering-ram.

reithe-slachdaidh, pi. -achan-slachdaidh, t. m.

see reithe-cogaidh.

freithe-raobhta, s.m. Battering-ram.

rnithe-seisdidh, s.m. Battering-ram.

reithich, v.a. Line, rub, as a ram,

re'ithleach, -ich, -an, see r&dhlean.

reithlean, see reMdhlean.

reitich, v.a.

eoth, see re&dh.

reotha, see roo'lhadh.

reothadh, soe re6duadh.

reothart, -airt, -an, t.m. Spring-tide. 2 The time

of spring-tide. l.anr., tfiring-tide : air>lereothairr,,

hn'rjht of winn-tidt ; r. on din^h

aerus c&ntraigh am maireac'i, un to-day and

(town to-moroow expressive of too much a:i I

too little; r. nan eun. the spnnn-tid? of the

birds also called "r. mor na FelU-Padruig,"

thfhigh sprinci-tidt of St. Patrick's day. At

that time of the year the spring-tides ara usually

very hi;*h. and large quantities of seaware

are cast ashore, which is occupied later

on as a nestling-ground for large numbers of

birds. I f'in. in Argyll-shirt.}

reoth ta. see reo Una.

re 'r. (re + ar

eumhair riadhan

rovor. vajrab'>nd.

reu'iihair aehi,**./ Travelling, wayfaring, roviug,


reusa'i, -a n, -a n. -an. s.rn. Reason, causa, morive,


reusanach, -aicha, a. see reusanta. 2 Argumentative.

reus in tchadh, -ai lh, s.m. R.-'asoninij, act of

na'-', r-cv. for ruub.

ri ma Hi. pt-fiv. for reubadh.

r.ab i, see rluuh.

r.-asoni'ig or arsnLv,ia'"'iocriation.a i< * | riabhi-'h, -aich, K. f. Common lousewort.

i nab ich, -aic i, f. m. Gr.sy or grilled person.

An riibhach uior, the >lf0 'd.

riabhach, -aiciia, a. Hrindled, greyish, grizzled.


iJr >.vn, drab. 3 Yellow-^rey Arfan. Rb

i'nent. r., a grizzl'd cow ; slrag'i r., a brown pfa,r.

expostulation. A" r . r-r. fit. of rju^oaiich i riabhag, -aig, -an, ./. Lane. 2ttHedgi-3p-*,rn>w.

reusiimu-hd, .?. f. ind. Rationality, ility.reasonable- reasonable- j riabhag tch,tf a. Abou tiding in larks or hedgeness,

reason TIM;, avgu'iignt, justness, just,

grounds. i-on ci'iiHbbMiess.

teas mnicli, v.a. Reason, argue, ratiocinate, expostulate,


ieu :an,uche, -an, s.m. Reasoner.

reu ; ri saorsainnparhd, employfd as

acarpent-r ; ri 'laimh, at his hand; ri linn

Thearlaich, in the days of Prince Charles ; ri

la gaoithe, on a windy day ; mar dhuilleig ri

dolnionn, lik* a leaf in the blatt ; na caomh-

Hichriiih, (he fri-nds at pmce ; gun duil ri

pilleailh, ivithout, sparrows.

riab iag-choille,ir /. Wood-lark, see mxe.igchoi

lie. 2 Tree-pipit anthuft arboreits.

riab-nii-fhrHnjch.il s. f. Mountain linnet s9

riiibhag-nv. s.f. Tit-lark, see snathad-

2 Mouuta'n linnet littota mon'.ium. [

gives iilandn prattfiisis.]

riabhaiche, ^.f.fiid. Greyi^hness.

riabhaichcad, -ei I, x.f. Degree of greyuess, bria

dledn-w-s, >;rayisiiuo.ss or brovrnnedM.

riabhan, -ain, -an, t.m. .*ee riadhan. 2**Hand.

some young sl-ripliug. 3 Dappled, speckled

price. 4 (DMu) Chain of


riabhauach,** n. Haavlsujne, like a stripling.

riach, see riabhach.

riach, pr.pt.

hope of returning ; an raineach

ri turram 'sa ghanithe, the fern whistling

in th wind ; cho ciuin ri aiteal, as mild as a

a' riachadh, o.a. Oat tha surface,

graze or ploiiih along the surface. 2* (Jut,

as when flaying a boast. 8 (DO) Rule, aa a

slate or paper. ii. e air mo chraicionn, it

(jrazed mu thin.

riachadh, -ai In, s.m. Act of cutting the surface,

slightly cutting, grazing or Derate iiuij the

skin, slight cut or scratch. 'Z(DU) liuli ;g, as

a .nas, -ais, *.m.NcHsity, want, indigwnce,

misery. 2 Indisponsabie duty. 3**l?oi -


uncleannes-s. 4 /N ectxwarLis. 5 J^orce.

riad,(CR) *. Crack, split in wood Blair Atiiok.

riadh, r^idh, *.m. Interest of aioney. 2 Usury,

reut, hire. H. aguscalpa,, in'erest '.

riadh, see ria^n.

riadh, s.m. ROW, dnil, as of jwsafxjes Baden-

breath of wind ; bha 'n righ 6g ri morau abhintich


gainnri d-il na's fhaide,

we hav not toyo any further W.H. M4;thainig

e gu aoise dnl ricenird, he came of a/jf

to Ifarn a trad" ; thainig e ri a bheatha fein,

7t j took hit on'nfif'', cntrrmitted suicide ; uibhir

ri each, as much as th? /f.st ; beul ri tri mios-

H.n, n a arly three inontht ; liha e, ri tighinu. he

irav to corns. Ri in Lewis often takes tho

place of achd, the young king was a*

W.H. 1.19 ,-clia'n 'eilagainn

riadhach, -aiche, a. Usurious. 2**Hired,

riaauadair, -jan, *-.i. Usurer.

friadhadh, -aidh, *.nw Hanging. A' r , pr.pt.

of r.a Ih.

fria lhadh a.m. QaiiuWA

a^.as, tha e ri bual >dh, he.is strikim. riadhau. (DMy>

Compounded thus with the personal pronouns


Rium, to mi ; riut, to the? ; ris, to him; rithe,

to hrr ; ruinn, to us ; ruiuh, to you ; riu, to


t \ int. see righ !

ria. ee lithe.

'. m. 'i rail, as \vhdn grain or

meal is escaping fiom a bag while earryini ic.

2 Halving of hay, aayi.inu; coiiliniKul in aLniif

line. 4 Stroat. 6 Temporary p;ui.>a^o 1'or

water to run in.

riadhaii.(CK) s.m. .Swathe of hay that

turned with ttierake W. of Jiost-shire.

aeti riadhau.

iadh lann 767

ffh lh-lann,** -lainn, a.m. Honse of correction.

Ii;. i.i-mh irtair,** x.m. Hired a -sp.ssiu. bravo.

ria liainch,** -aicn, t.f. Old maid. 'I Cast-off



ria-ih, see ria. 'h.

a-. Re'igious.

fii -g.i. -a [& r.igh**.]Dl. -an, s.f. Cro.^, gallows.

liagliail, pr.i't.

a' mi>hlad'i. v.a. Rule, govern,

rei,cn, re^uiat-i, onle.r, seicl?, dh\>et, arrange.

RiaghH'dh lamn an dichiollaicii, the Land of

th" diligent slall govern.

riajihail, -e, -ean, t.f. see nag-hail t.

ringhailt, -e, ean, J. Weaver's rule. 2 Rule,

n-^ul-'tion. 3 Law directory. 4 Mariner's

OOiapam. fiftFoot-rule. 6 S-.-nse, judgment.

7** Ascertainment. 8 Government, di-^cHon.

Is math an r. tain, that is a good law ; ch;udh e

as a r., h lost his senses ; r. englais, a law of

the church ; dean r., apportion ; dean r. air au

annlan, apportion thf sauce carefully.

- .chearnach,(DM) a. Square, rectan-


riaghailt-chlaonaidh, s.f. Joiner's beveL

riasnailteach, -eiche, a. Regular, according to

rule. 2 Peaceable, orderly. 3 Accurate. 4

Moderate, sober.


s.m. Adjustment.

tjaghailtearhd, f.f.ind. Orderliness, regularity.

2 Sobriety, sedatoness. 3 Peacefuluess. 4**




rianalarhd, s.f.ind. see rian. 2 Arist

riau-ath,arrachadh, -aidh, s.m. lnvr.v

r'an-grein^, s.m. I'be solar systoui.

dan-roighe, s.m. The Herb Robert, 8 -e ri


ria;ac l

i,(CR)a. Untidy, slovenly.

cbd, see rtaghailteachd.

riaghaltair, see riaghladair.

riaghan -aiu, -an, s.m. Swing. 2 Exercise of

-swinging. Sttinill. 4tfGibbet. 5(MS) Sling.

ria-.rh!uiai:H,tt - Abounding in riapail,

swings, drills or


rirghhch, -aiche, a. Regular.

frioghlacb, -aich, s.f. Old woman.

riayblachadh, -aidb, see riaghladb.

riagnladair, -eau, s.m. Ruler, governor, regulator.

ri;>j;hlaiaireachd, s.f.ind. Ruling, governing. 2

v.a. clumsily.

Mangle. 2 Bungle, "botch, u

riapalaijn, -aidh, s.m. Ma.nglino;, act of

ling. 2 Bungling, aotcuin{i.

A' r -, pr.pt. of riapaiL

ria.pailte, past pt. of riapail.

1 l>i, ofcched.

Mangled. 2 Bung-

riar, rcir, s.m. Pleasure, will, inclination, dictate,

de.siro. 2* Approbation, aatli4kC^t

iarairh 758 ribean

liaraich. pr.nt, a' riarac-hadh, v.a. Please, satis

fy. 2 Divide, distribute. 3 Dispense th

sacrament. 4**Carvo. 5**Dish. R. orra e

distribute it amunj them.

riaraiche.ti ~an, s. m. Steward,

food. 2 Economist. 3 Sharer

dispenser o

riaraichte, past pt. of riaraic v

i. Pleased, satis

fied. 2 Shared, served, distributed, supplied

riarainniche,(MS) t.m. Administrator.

riaraiste,** s.pl. Arrears.

riarfa,** past pt.* Shared, served out, distribu

ted. 2 Content.

riasail, v.a Tear flesh asunder, mangle/'tousle. 1


ibe&n 759 rief

worn by f?male3.

ribeanach, -aiche.a. Of, or belonging to.ribhons.

-- s

ribear, ir, -an, s.m. Ensnarer, sharper.

, fut+nau. of rib. Shall b> rideilich. Riddled,

2 Handsome maid-


ri'>n, prrv.jtmn. (ri + sibh) To you. afjaimt you.

J Wich you. 5* MoUttttOf you. 4* .Mastering

vuu. A' briiidhinu r

glt-achd r., ijtamng with

is '/ rdeilichte, past pt.

.' ,>Iis. 5* i-'rinjje 6 Man in ra^s. 7ft

Anything iu tatters. 8 Shagginess. Tha 'n

cord 'na r.. the rop* is quite entaivjlfd.

ribleav-h,** a. Entangled. 2 Raggetl, torn.

adh,**-aidh, s.m. Entau^Ling.entanglemeat.

-d." s. /. Entanglement. 2 Anything

mtii-h entangled. 3**Knottiuess.

riblich,* o.a Fringe. 2 Make hairy or 3 Entangled.

rib ic.ie. -ean.^.m. Man in rags.

ri'.i'i, j.ast pt. of rib.

ribti-ach, **

o. Entangling, ensnaring. 2

vulvinq;. 3 Apt


to entangle or ensnare.

n,H s.m. " Carbunculus."

fri.-iiead, -eid, -an, s.f. Kingdom.

}riclean, -ein. -an, s.m. Dwarf.

ricus,** i. m. One of the Gaelic names of the

letter R.

nd-ag,j -eio;. -an, s.f. Bog-myrtle, sweet myrt-l'',

sweet gale, see roid.

ri-lcal, see ndeil

rid- alach,** see ridealacb.

* Ih. see rid lead h.

ri'^ealair,** .w. Sifter, winnower.

ridt-alach,** a. Like a rid tie or sieve.

rideala'lh, -aidh. v.t/i. Riddling. 2 Act of rid-


ribh id-achd,** s.f.ind. Canorousness. 2 Mel-


3 see righil.

ridhle, gen. sing of ridhil.

ridhleach, -eiche, a. Having reels. 2 Like a

a reel,

ridhleadh, -eidh, s m. Winding. 2 Act of windiut:

yarn up >n a reel. 8 Hurling, rolling. A'

r , pr.pt. of ridhil.

ribhid, see ribheid.

each, see ribheideach.

ribhinn, -e, -ean, s.f. Nymph, maid. 2 Beautiful

f male. 3 (AF) Serpent. J4 Young lady. 5J

Queen. GttQueau. R.-shlLh, a fairy ; a r. tr !

thott blooming mail ! [Professor MacKinnon

that it is a mistdk*.' for righinn, which

^e.sied by righiihean in Irish. In Neil

MacLeod s poems he has made ribhinn " ridhlean, -ein, -an, s. in. Small reel. 2**LHtle

wheel. 2 Wheel of any vehicle. & Sheave of

a pulley, see ulag, 6, p 78.

ridhiic'iean, -ein, *.. Small reel.

ridnreadha-hd, *./. Verity.

ridil, see rideilich.

ridil, see ridt- il.


(AF) *./. Barren ewe.

ridir, -ean, g.in. Knight.

r. bed-shlainte, a knight-bachelor.

r. oighreachd. a leniyht-baroti't.

r. spleadhach, r. nan sleagh or r. claidbeiuib,

a kniglit-erran'.

R. a' Cnlu irain. Kmg'it of th/> This'l' (K.T.)

R. i'hatlruii;, Kmqht of *t. Patrick (K.P.)

R. a tihartam, Kni


see riof.

rif 760 righnfrhte

rift-'id, see ribheid.

each, see ribheideach.

rip, see ruig.

frig, *. Spy.

rige.(AF) s. Ram. 2 Semi-castrated ram Skye

Je Argyllshire.

risean, see ridean.

rjs>ar, fut.paxs. of rig.

righ, v. Lay out or stretch a body. 2* Dress

or shroud as a corpse. A righ, nach robh thu

air do righeadh ! / wish to God you were

shrouded .'

righ, pi. -rean ferighre, a.m. King. An ceud r.

Tearlach, King Charles 1. ; has R. Seumas, (he

d-a'h of Kmy James ; r. nan dul, the governor

of the figments ; r. nan gris, the dixpo.i'r of

sovereign grace ; A. Righ gleidh sinn 1 Lord

preserve us ! r. nan uainhann, the king of terrors.

righ ! int. Strange !

righbhiun, see ribhinn.

each, see nbhinneach.

riEh-bhuth,** s.m. Royal residence. 2 Royal


righ-chathair, -chathrach. -chathraichean, *. /.

Throne, 't Metropolis (from the supposition

that it contains the king's residence.)

righ-chiste, -an, s.f. Royal treasury.

righ-cholbh, -chuilbh, -an, s.m. Sceptre.

righ-choron, -om. -an, s.m. Royal crown.

righ-chrun, -uin, s.m. Royal crown.

r\t?h-(larnhna,** a.m. King's heir.

righ-dhail, -e, -ean, s.f. Assembly, parliament.

2**Congress of sovereigns.

rUfhdir, see ridir.

righe.(CR) a. Stretched, tight, tense. Tha 'n

cord righe, the cord is tense W. of Ross-shire.

righe, s.m. Field.


2 Bottom of a valley.

Wrist. 2 Arm. 3 The fore-



riah*, -an, .

arm. 4 Outstr ;tched part or base of a mountain.

5 Slope. 6 Summer residence for herdsmen

and cattle, sheiling. 7 Reproof. Bac n.i

righe, th* hollow or bend of the arm. [McL &

D gives also for pi. righeachan & righeannan.

** gives s.f.'}

righeach.iMS) a. see rioghail.

righeacn, -ich, -ichean, s.f. t Thong, pinion. 2

**Arm. S fDMy) Sinew, muscle.

, -eiche, a. Having strong arms. 2

Having handsome arms. 3tt Pertaining to,

or abounding in, sheiling huts.

ripheacliadh, see rioghachadh.

righeachau, (for ridheachan & righean,) pi. of


righeachd, see ruigheachd.

rigiieachd, see rioghachd.

righeadh, s.m. Stretching out. 2 Act of stretching.

A' r , pr.pt. of righ. Corp a r., to shroud

a, corpse.

mhealadair, see riaghlair.

ri^healair, see ritghlair.

righeal cuil, s.m. The herb Robert, stinking

crane's bill, geranium Rohertianuin.

righeal-rUb, s.m. The herb Robert, see righealcuil.

60S. Righeal-cud.

righ-fh6innidh. see n

iihnichte 761 riochdail

' Stiff

righ-p la.lliun, -iuin. -iuitean, t.m. King's pivi.

ri. '>**r*berni -le.

ri-ih-pVibtiU, -nill, -an s m see righ-pha ; llinn.

riu -rain ->ch,? s. f. Royal faxn, see raineach

r -a-i >c i.

rij,' i -ra'h, -i, -an, s TH. Royal fortress or seat.

ri :hre & rig ire in, pi. of ruh.

ri^'i-s i-::, -e, .?n. Greater bur-reed, branched

bur-r 'I'd, see sei-g-riiiti.

rijh-sMat, -ait an & -theadidraichean, t.m.

Eriv .>y.a nha;sadur, plenipotentiary, ernoassy.

(teachd* r-rig'i )

ri :h-'ii!lf ian>t tne', th*?/

wit n ''/ to us ; an ^piorad a" cur r., th Spirit

at'p'iting to tit ; cba tig e r., it wilt not pitas*

or satisfy ut clia ; tig ui r., no harm will btfal


rinn, -e, -ean, s.f. Acumen, acuminat ion. 2 Prora

-ntory, point. 3 Planet (reann.) 4**.vfinio. 5

'Barb. (i**Nib, 7 **Foot. 8**l'iil 9(M.S)

Apex. lOttEdg?. ll(OO) Poi.it of a pin. 12

**Hee roinu. An irvchdar na Rinne, in thr

farthest off partso/ the rhinn* or peninsula ;

Rteh narinnr-, King of th? planets ; r. snathaid,

t lie //0'tr nf all !> -oiiM do.

nnn-an-.ung, -ea-i-nan-ro-ig, *. f. Appl -3 or pupil

of the eye 2 Kyebright, see Ins-n in-lnac.

triun-biteftrthaf. -aig. -an, ./. Surg on'=i knife.

nun foiiior, -a, -an, a.m. Sharp .stake. -- ;toh. -aicho, a. Sharp-p >i.ited.

ch,* see rib >ach.

chan, pi. of riob.

ch-1,* s-je rib^aclid.

dh, -aidh, s.m.


riocbdail 762 ris

riochdail,* s. Skeleton, poor-looking person.

ri>ch(l-ainm,-e, -Banna i, s.m. see riochdair.

. each, a. see rioclidarail.

riochdair, s.m. Representative, substitute. 2*

Delegate. 3 Plenipotentiary.

riochdair, -an, s.m. Pronoun in grammar.

eil, -e, a. Pronominal.

riochdalachd, s.f.ind. Reality. 2 Comeliness of

snape or dress. 3|t Portliness. 4 Manifestuess.

Fond of. 6 Stately. 7 Regal. De chulaidnean

r., of gory/fovs ^


riomhacha ?, -ais, s. m. Fineness, elegance,

handsomeness, beauty, superbness. 2 Costliness,

praciousuess, valua'ilene.ss. 3 Gau(li>

nejs. 4 Coneeiteduess. 5 Oorgeousuess. 6


riomh.ichd, s.f. see riomhachas.

riomhadh, -aidh, s. m. see riomhachas. 2**

riocndall, -aill, -an, s.m. Dwarf. 2 Fairy.

riociid-.bhfiathar, -air, -thran.f.rn Metaphor.

riucnd-bhriathrach, -aicha, a. Metaphorical.

riochil-drualbhach, -alette, a. Mosaic.

ri'xvul-fhacal -ail, -an, s.m. Pronoun.

riochd-f lisar,** s.m. Agent.

rio"hdrahor,** -oire, a. Shapjly, proportioned.

triochos, s.m King. 2 Rule.

triodh, s.m. ftay or bjam of light.

riof. vl. -a, -an nan & -acuau, s.m. Reef of a sail.

2JJSunken rock.

riogh, see righ.

rioghach,* ,/. Pinion, string to tie the arm* of

a prisoner. An r. air an olach, may the fdloto

be .' pinion"/ dtuce take the fellow !

doghacbadh, -aidh, s.m. Keigning. 2 Act of

reigning. 3 Reign. 4 Governing, governance.

A* r , pr.pl. uf rio^haich.

rio^hachd, -an, *./. Kingdom, realm, empire. 2

Dominion, sway, government. Is farsuing

do r. 's gur fial, extensive and ho.>pitablt is thy


.ail, -e, a. National.

rioghaich, v.a. & n. Reign, rule, govern. 2*Piuion,

tie. R. e da bhliadhna dheug, he reigned

twelve years.

rioghail, -e, a. Royal, kingly. 2** Princely. 3

Loyal. Lios r., a royal court; taigh r., a


riogbainn, (CR) pr.pt. a' rioghainn, v.n. Reach

to, arrive at. An r. thu air ? can you reach

it t Perthshire.

rioghair,* -can, s.m. Royalist.

rioghalach, -aich, s.m. Loyal subject.

d, s.J.ind. Royalty. 2 Loyalty. 3

Dignity of port and character. 4 Regal pomp.

5 Priuceliness. 6 Majesty.

rioghaun, se

ii 763 rolihas

liv adv. {I. e. a rU)see rithis.

rit, *.t/i.mic. s./. Attix.

tri.Mon, -an, s.m. Historian.

t . see ris-san.

n-leadu, i?,a. Rustle. 2 Move things about

ri. A' r . pr.pt. of riseil.

ris-san, emphal. of ri^.

list, s. r.

jsho wtti tueddliny with you ? cha tijf iiud r.

nothing icil'. ha m \i'>f riu.

riut-sa, ewp.'ta'/. of ritit.

ro, a-/r'. \V-rv' much, exceedingly. Used as a

prefix to adjectives, and supplying thj n!:\ 'a

of a superlative. Math, good ; ro muirli,

v?ry good. The initial consonant of ttio

ailjectiva following 'n always asfi.-at-l,

except < \\-h-jn followed by any conson mr. buc

I, n or r 2 Too much. Tha e ro fhunr, it

is too cold. 3 Used as ao intensive particle.

Aira, attention ; ro aire, great attention

Ro maor, too lary, too (jreat ; is tu an Dia

ro mlior, Uiou a>t the very ijreat God ; ch i .

'eil mi ro chuinteach, / am not very siv , iha

e ro bliochd, he is v,-ry si-ij

slippery bu ro , chaomh learn tighinu,/ s : ioul>t

very much like to coine& common idiom m

Gaelic for expressing very much.

ro,* s.m. Romance, gasoon iditig. Tha e cho

lao r. 'sa thach'las e, he is as fall of ramanc*

ing as he can hold -he " draws a long bow."

ro, (AC) *. Path.

ro', see roimh.

ro' seo troimli.

ro-aire. s.f.ind. Great attention, care or diligence.

Thoir an r. air, take great care of/nui.

ro-amaiileacb, a. Ridiculous.

ro-aoibhneas, -eis, -an, s.m. Great joy or.'gladnsss.

rob, -oib, s.m. Coarse hair. 2 Sha^. 3 Hairiness,

shag;iufss. 4 Slovenliness. 5 Filihin-ss.

6**soe trap. 7 Gaelic form of robe. Li.bhrat,

a shayyy mantle.

rub, see rpp.

rob-trh, -aic.ie, a. Roug'n, hairy, 2 Slovenly 3

Filthy. 4 Not clear-sighted. 5* Shaggy. 6

ft \Vefc, as weather.

robng, -aig. -.'in, s. f '. Coarse, slovenly, sluttish

woman . slut, drab.

robag,( I)(J) *./'. let name for a littl-i gii-l U >alaich,

a devsi- iitti* boy ; r. eitheir, a litde


rob tic ie, s./.ini. Slovenliness.

robaidh-rat'ignd^.OVC) s.m. Robin.

robail,*" * r. Robb-iry.

robain, s.pl. Towering waves, swjlliog, roai'inj

them. Cuir riii, vMtna-jt them, a Id to them',

cum r., kftp up to thrm, supply Ifftn, (to not

yield to them ; na bi ritV do nit viol st them,

do not annoy tkfin ; th'g e riu, lie or it wi'l

pl'ast Ik'm ; cba tig* dud riu, no harm will

Itffall th'm.

friubli, S.IH. Brimstone.

riuglia, see rudha, rudh A rudhadh.

riCi'lean, see rudan & randan.

acli, -aiche, seu r^udanach.

aich, see reuda'iaich.

riuni, (ri + iui) prep, jn-nn. To me. 2 Against me.

3 Towards mo. 4 With me. Thnbhairt e r!, he

gnid to rrv: cura rinm, k-fp vp (o nf, supply m?

s / i"an',hl-'a *' in-f, it wtll btcoine in>' ;

na l.i ri nu, do nut tnolfst vie, do not meddle

vith vie ; ab;nr r., say to m* ; c6mhla r. , nlonj

with me ; an robh ting-liair a^ad r. ? did you

exfifct vie J c'na tip: dad rium, no harm trill befall

me ; riiirn-riut, a falte person ; maille r.,

ttgtiker with \w.

rium-sa, emphat. of rimn.

iriu-sftn, e'.nphdi. of riu.

ri>it.. p-ftp.pron. (rH- h.i) To thoe. 2 Agxinst

tln-0. iTowardt ihee. 4 Wi-h thee. An tig

e riut ? wi-l it p'.'a*'- ll?

o-bheagan, -a.n, s.m. Very small quantity.

robh'd, s. Lump, bitBadtnoeh.

r-'oheus,** s.7/i. Good breeding.

iv>b-ruadh,(AF) s.m. Robin-redbreast.

rouuist,** s.f. Custody.

robunn, -uinn, s.m. see reubainn.

roc, -oic, -an, s.m. Gaelic form of rock.

roc, ruic, *./. Any tiling that tangles a fishinghook.

2 Entanglement. 3 Curl, wrinkle,

plait or corrugation, particularly in clothwaulkinj,

caused by drawing threads too

tight in weaving. 4(AH) Tangle, species of

seaweed. 5"* The tops of seaweed that appear

above water. 6(AF) Skate, thornbick

(fhb.) 7 Fold, plait. 8 AH) Sunken, tangle-

rocadh, -aidh, s.m. Becoming wrinkled. A' r ,

voice. 3** Person with a hoarse or rough

voicj. iffWooden clip for seaweed.

roontch, -airlia, a. Crisp. 2 Wr.nkled. 3

Plaited, folded, in folds. 4 Mantled, hooded.

5 Of, or like a cot or hut.

ricaaach, -aicho, a. Hoarse, having a hoarse or

rou^h voice. 2 Hawing.

roc uiaehd, s. f. ind. Hoarseness^ continued

hoar .s i) sound..

"64 r6'ladh

rbcan uch,* ./. Hawing, tiemmiuy.

roc-aodann, x. Wrinkled fac;.

ach, -aichi, a. Having- a wrinkled


rdc.i.s, -ais, -in, s.f. (in. in Badenoch.] Rook

eorvut frugil'gns. 2% Crow. [ pi. -an in

roc-eadainiieacii, see roc-aodaunach.

roc-eudaati, sen r.jc-aoilanu.

acb, swe roc-aodannach

rocas-dhearg-chasach. (AF) ./. Choug'i -Sky.

The chough which.is characteristic uf the arim

grown rock. 9 (AH) Hollow, impotent or

gurijlin,* cough as that emitted by a m vn with

with a bone or a cow wioh a turnip stuck

in its throat. Cuiridh tu do cheaau

an r., you w\ll entangl' yourself ; roc aodaunach,

havhij a wrinkled face. [McL & D gives

od art h 765 rbid


r., tht potatoes art coming through the


rodaidh, -e, a. Coarse-featured. 2* Ruddy. 3

Darkish, prov. 4**Rotten. 5**IIaving a rotten

smell. 6**Shrunken. 7 Rough, forward.

eaehd, s.f.ind. Coarseness of features.

2' Ruddiness, prov.

rodail,** a. Prospjrom. 2**Lancin2, scarifying.

rodair,** t.m. Wayfaring man.

eil,** -eil, ..J*. Strolling. 2 Wandering.

rodan, n.pl. of r6d,

rodan, see radan.

rodh." -a, s.m. Water-edge. 2 Water-mark.

rodha,** see rolatlh.

ro-dlie"idh, -e. .ean, x.A Great desire, striving.

ei',H a Very desirous.

ro-dhoineanta, -eiute, a. Very stormy.

ro-dhoinioun, -mn, -an, s.m. Severe tempest.

ro-dhuil, -e, -ean, *./. Eag.jr or earnest expectation.

2** Jealousy. 3 Earnest hope.

fro-illunne, pi. -aom-3, s.m. Nublem i'i. 2** Excellent

man. 3**Oom!H'juer. 4**il-jgii n ..

desire.L 2 Opii^nable. 3 Preforabln. 4

Choosin?. pl-.-king, selecting. An r jgan ti.vn

leat seo ? do you prefer th ar 1. 5 Moustache, w'iit

th> kiss of the squalid little black beard -Gill.


acli, -aiche, a. see r6ib?ach. 2 Having

a moustache or whiskers. 3 Bushy, as a

beard. 4 Ropy. 5 Aloppy.

achd, s.f.inJ. see roib. 2 JBushines-!, as

of aboard. 3 Moppiness.

roib-fhetisa^ach, -aiolie, a. Having a squalid


roibho,5 f.m. Sneezewort, see cruaidh-lus.

fribno,* -an, s ?. J)arr, lance,


Very d m^oro-is.

: t

.-air, sm. see rwithar ft ru-'imhir.

. *oguiiacli, -aichu, Kl giblw i.o ba choson or

rt. Siiarp. 2 Pointed. 3 Like %

lance or dart. 3 Armed with a iance or dart,

roic, v.a. Tear.

, -can, t.m. Banquet, sumptuous but unrefined

f.ast. 2 Luxury of the table. 3 Fon I.

ness for good eadng. 4 Eating greedily, gl'ir.

tony. 5* Superabundance of the good things

of life without any of the refined manners of

good society. ["r&ce.J

roic, sea raoic.

roic-chuilm, *'. Carnival,

roi.-faeli,** -eich^, a. Bellowing, roaring. 2 Rift;in

i. 3 Belching. An eas r., the. roaring ca*~


rbic'.-acli, -oiche, i. see rdiceil.

roif-alarhd, s.f.inl. Luxury, luxurioasnoss. 3

Epicurism, sort of brutish luxury or gluttony,

roi-.'eil, -e. a. Roaring, bellowing. 2 Rifting.

3 I* -bliinj.

r6'C''il, -o, a. Luxurious. 1 Gluttonous, eaMn,j

vor-iciously. 3 Fond of fat moats, epicurean,

roio'id, -see raoic.

. trid, Run f i^t.

i-oi.l, Giolic f-n-m of road. 2 gen.siny. of rod.

TOMi, -e, R.A Bog-myrcl,sweet-

. m rtle, sweet-y; ila m.y/'iVa

g-\i. [Ba iga of certain sep^

uf th3Cam,'b-Hs.]

roid, -e, -ean, s /. Short rac*.

b >unca, race bff-ira a leap. 2

roH 766 roimh-bbriathar

Gal. 3 Force pro lucad by

motion. Thug e r. a st'iiji,

lie bounced in or rnsJi >d in; a'

dol r. do 'n bhail' u I th ill,

going for a little ivhil' to 1/011

tow/t; [euro r.,a runninj Leap*

arunainj lony l


j ap. (.cruinnleum,

a bound.)

roi'l-ciiinu, . Head-stretch

Dzin I. Ghobh*.

roide, s.f. VVonnwooi, see burmald.

roidean,** -ein, s.m. Wildfire.

roideas, -eis, s.f. Running ubjut, frisking, prov.

alsoruideas )

roid-ghuilitneadh,1[ *-wi. Bar-tailed mo.vd rufct.

godwit U-

roidli'eag-urchrach, s.f. Cartridge.

roidh^e,** -au & -aehan, s.f. see roinnse.

--ach, see roinnsaacii.

---achd, see roinnseachd.

voidh iea, sae roinn;ich.

froididh, -e, a. Rotten. 2 Shrunken

roi c, x. Den, cave Rub Donn.

roighchd, see raoic.

roighns, see roghaian.

roi iii n each, see ro^hnach. ---a Ih, see


roigiinich, see rojihnaich. - -- te, see roghnaicbte.

roil, (j-n n!nj. of rol.

t6il (!>\I.v) s. slaver.

roileach, a.. Slavering.

roilbh,** -e. s.f. Mountain.

-each,** a. Hilly.

froile, for ri clieile.

sgrio^ th^id uabhar, pride lime.

Combined thus with the personal orono'in.H :

; rom 'am, before me ; romhad, b'forf f ;

roimhe, before him ; roinipj, b'fors ht>r ; ro'ntiainn.

before ns ; ronviaibh, heforf i/on ; r->mpf*,

before th-m. Iiuich romhad, or g(bh r m 1 1 1,

ffo fnricarrt ; 9 ijo about your buginfis$ ; C'lir

romhad, determin*, resolve, in'eml ; tha tun

'cur romlia

oimh-bhriathrach 767 roimh-thagh&dh

roimh-bhriathrach,** a. Adverbial. 2 Prefa roimh-innh.


roimh-chao-'hail, v. Pre-decease,

roimh-chara la, -aidh, s.m Predisposition,

roirnh-ch^ik', see troimh-ehSile.

roirnii-cheum.** t.m. Precedence. 2 Generation

before or past.

roimh-iunsear, -eir, -an, t.m. Predicter.

roim'i-ionnsuich, v.. Pre-instruct.

roimh-laimh, dv. Beforehand, previously.

roimh-'fc mh, a. .see roimh-laimjieaca.

each, a. Prelusive.

ich.(M.S) VM Ante-date.

roimh-lka, a. Pluperfecc in grammar.

ror.nh-lathaicii.fiylS) v.a. Ante-date.

roina.'i-lon, -16ia, -an, s. m. Provision for a jour*

ayy, via,' icu.u.

roiuah-luaidhutj, a. Above-c'ted.

roimh-;nheadh':M-!a.** s.m. Forenoon.

roiia i-mhealtuinn,** s.m. Anticipation.

roimh-maeasrachadli, *.m. Preconception.

roimh-ui'aeasraich, v.a. Preaouceive.

ronnh-rnheirbheadh, -idh. s.m. Predigestion.

roimii-inh'mieh, v.a. Preurse, preface.

roirnh-;iithy, g.p!. Premises.

roimii-oi Ihirpirh, v.a. Pre-uccupy.

roimh-6r tacha-lh, -aidh, s.m. Ordering beforehand.

2 Act of ordering beforehand. 3 Fore-

roimh-chiallaehadh, -aidh, s. m. Presignification.

A.' r , pr.pt. of roimh-chi illaich.

roimh-"hia.lL-iioh, v.tt Pra signify.

roira 1-ehluii'h, -e, -can, s.r. Prelude.

roiiuh-clin-ia^achadh, -ai Ih, s.m. Premeditation.

roiinh-e.iomhairleAchadh,** s.m. Premo lition.

roiuih-cuom lairleachail,** a. Premonitory.

rnimh-fh'mih*irlich, v.. Preadvise.

r imh-.-hr .-linioan, -inn, -en j aa, .m. Foreskin.

roiinh-chr^id, v.a. Presuma.

roimli chmr, v.a. Precede.

roimh-i-huK -a, -e;ui, s.f. Prelude.

roirau-chum'onanl, -ai1. !

roimh-fhirinnean, t.pl. Premises.

roimh-'jhabli, n.a. Anticipate.

ail, f.m. Antic'pition. 2 Antepast.

A' r , pr. pt. of roimh-ffhabh.

roimh-ph^all,** v.a. Promise beforehand, preenpnpe.


A' r-, pr.pt. 01 roimhgheal).

roi-nh gh'af, r.a. Anticipate.

rornh-jjhoil'!, ?./. Ante-st 'raach.

roimhvhoirea^, -ois, s.m. Prerequisite.

roirah iarr, v.a. Pru-roquire.

roirnhi >>, s?e roiukflibb.

roimhid,* ado. see roiruhe.

romhid-a-che'ile, prov. for troimh-ch^il'?.

roiuih-iiiic-aolid, t.f.ind. Precedence. A' r , pr.

pt. of roi'iih-imich.

roimh-'mich, pr. pt. a* roimh-imeachd, p. n.


roimh-imiH. v. a. Foretell, predict, tell beforehand.

e;'c', -eich?, a. see roimh-mnseach.

carlh, -fcidh. see roimh-innseadn.

ear, see roimh-innsear.

roimh-innoeach, -eiche, a. Predictive.

roimh-innse-ulh, -eidh, s m. Foretelling, prodictiug.

***Divination. A' r , pr^ pt. oil

ordaining, predestinating, 4 Act of predestioa'_4'i.

A' r , pr.pl. of roimh-6rduieh.

roimh-6rduich, v.a. Orler boforehaiid or pre-

viously. 2 Fore-ordain, predestinate.

te, pttst pt. of roima-orduich. Ordained

beforehand or previously. 2 Fore-ordained,


roimiipa, see roimpe-.

roidih-ra:lh, -aidh, -an, s.m. Preface, preamble,


> ich, -aioha, a. Prefatory.

roiDih-ruitheack, -eiche. a. Precursory.

roimh-rnithear, -eir, -an, s.m. Fore-runner,

roimh-niith-fhear, ses roim.i-ruithear.

nt-si,** s.f. ,Sin, iniquity.

roim-i-sgri )bh, v.a. Ante-date.

roimh-s .am-iiachail, -e, a. Prtfi Curative.

roimh-shca'bhadair, -yan, s.m. P'reposses.sor.

roimh-sheall, v.a. Look forward. 2 Provide


roinah-shBallach, -aiche, a. Looking forward,

forjseeing, cautious, prospi-ient.

roimh-shealladh, -aidh, -aidnean, s.m. Foresight.

2 Previous look or sight. 3 Front view. 4

Prospectus. 5 Cantion, propicieuce.

roimh-siiealltainn, #.m. Loo Kin.; forward, 2 Acb

of looking forward. 3 Act of providing against.

4 Fiir-sitj.it, precaution. A' v,pf.pi.oi roimhshsall.

roimh-sheomar, -air, -sheoraraichean, s.m. Anti-


oiiah -hocrachadh, -aidh,

m --fit.

oimii-shocraich, v.a. Pre-establish,

uimh-sma-jiii, -e. -lean, s.f, see roimh-smuain.

oiiuii-sinaoinexchadh, -aidh, see roinih-smuainicha


roim'i-sniaolneachail, see roimh-sniuaineachaii.



e. m. Pre-establish-

n'ch, v. see roimh-smuaitiich.

ruimh-atauain, -P, -lean. s.f. Foruihought, previous


eachatlb. -aidh, . m. Actofpre~

con-i Icrmg r an iei t > toin

oimh-thaghadh 768 roiseal

Act of lore-choosing or pre-elecbing. 3 Predestination,

pre-selection, pre-election.

roitnh-tha^hca, past pt of rurali-tha^h. Foreciiosen,

pre-elected, predestinated.

roimh-thaisbean, v.n. Prelude.

roimh-^hiachtlair, -ean & -chdraichean, s. m.


roimii-theagaisg, v.a. Pre-instrucb.

roimh-thion.j.sgainn, v.a. in, (graat land.) It prevailed, of

old, all over the British Islands and the continent

of Europ3.au ! was common in Ireland.

It is now extinct in England, an 1 obsolete in

Scotland, except in parts of the \Vesteru Isles.

roinnse, -achan, s.f. Rinse.

ach,* a. Rinsing, scouring. 2 Acting

as a rinse, like a rinse.

Fitting or dressing with hair, as fish-hooks.

A' r , pr.pt. of roinich.


I, s.f. Hairiness 2 Roughness.

6"neag, -eig, -an, s.f. Single small hair. 2 Small

quantity of wool or any hairy substance.

. ten, -aiche, a. Hairy. 2 Bough. 3 Having

small quantities of wool or any hairy substance.

r&in j-chl6imh,(WC) s.f. Bunch of wool pulled

from the shorn fleoce and given to the poor

wom^n who frequent the sheep-fold at shearing



r&iuiuh, v.a. Sluf with hair. 2 Provide with


nair. 3 Dress with hair, as a 2sh-hook.

roinn, gpn.si-ng. of rann.

roi-in, -e, -ean, s.f. Share, portion. 2 Division,

dividing, class, distribution, proportion. 3

Svct, dividon, schism. 4 Section in writing

(.) 5 Pair of c

oiseal 769 r6mach

rdiseal. -eile, a. The lowest, most base.


v ,a .

1 Display, mike a pornoo'is display.

ach, -aiche, a. Abouoitia ; in high waves

or surges. 2 Making an ittack or a-sault. 3

Boastful, boasting. 4 Xailin; swiftly. 5*

Pompous, ostentatious. 6* Fond of displaying

ond's feats or ability.

achd," s.f.ind. Boasti.ig. 2 Pomposity,


roisean,(DC) g.m. Flail, the striker of which

is made of strong thick rope, us-l f>r taking

the grain from c >rn, but not so completely

as an ordinary flail. The process of using a

roiAfan is called roiseadh, and sometimes tapadhUist.

roiM. Little WiueL 2 Rim of

a .vheel. 3 Gro -ved waeel of a pailjy, sjj

nlag, p. 78. 4 Knee-pin. 5 \V'orm,-v.> )

I, gall.

6 Trucks of a boat, see 113. p. 7 :. 7,Ms;iAy.

8 Pulley of flyers iu a spin.iinsi-wneel, tue

gro >ved drum th it receives ch ; drivia^-c.ir.l.

roithi -anach, -aiohi. a. H. uriag .smill whjjls.

adh.(MS).>rt. Twirl.

roiohlear, -ir, -an,.?rt. Wajelwri^iit, cirtwright.

2* see rolair.

roithlearachd, *. / ind. Business of a wheelwright

or c.irtwright. 2**iioliiug.

ro ich leas, see roileas^.

roithleis, see roileasg.

roithleiseach, see rjiij isgach.

troithleun, -eio, -an, s.tn. sea rjithleaa.

roiDhlich, -e, s.f. Noise of the shrouds of a ship

in a storm.

roithre,** s.m. Prater, babbler.

aclid, *./. Prating, babbling, loquacity.

rol, see rola.

rol, v.a. Roll, make into rolls, as h\y, roll together.

rbl,(CR) s.m. Long-continued n >ise -Sk-ie.

rola, -oil & -a, -an, g.m. Volums. 2 Rjll, as of

tobacco. 3** Swathe or roll of hay or grass.

4** List.

rolach, (MS) s.m. Sally.

rolach, -aiche, a. In volumes or rolls.

roladh, -aidn, s.m. Rolling. 2 Act of roll'nj, or

making into rolls. 3 Roll, sw ithe. 4 Volume.

A' r , pr.pt. of rol. A' r. na criath lir,

shaking the sitve to separate the husks from

the corn.

rolag, -aig, -an, s.f., dim. of rola. Little roll. 2

Anything small rolled together. 2 Swathe ot

grass, line of cut grass as left by the scythe.

4 Rowans, the long roll of wool as it leaves

the cards for the spinnin^-whejl. 5 Li r tle

volume. R fheoir, a roll or swathe of hay

or grass.

rolagach, -aiche, a. Rolled. 2 In rolls, like

carded wool or hay.

rolaj?an,(Dtr) -ain, -annan, s.m. Half-sized cod.

-truisg, s.m. Half-sized cod.

r6laich,(CR) *./. Long-continued noise Skj/f.

R. oraiu, an interminable sony ; naoh aim orra

tha 'n r. ! ivhat a noise they are making .'

said of cattle when making a great lowing.

rolaiK,(DC) -ean, s.f. (variant of r^ihg) One single


rolair, -ean, s.m. Roller. 2 Ruler. 3**Cylinder.

4**One who rolls ground.

rolaire.ichd,** s.f. Rolling. 2 Ruling. 3 Employment

of rolling ground.

rouus,(DMy) s. Slip-shod way of working.

rolaiseach,(DMy) a. Slip-shod. Buain r., slipshud


rolaist, -ean, s.m. Romance. 2 Declamation. 3

Exaggeration. 4ttRiSmaro l e -

rolaisteach, -eiche, a. F.ibulous. 2 Gfv;>n to

exaggeration or declamation. 3 Restless ^of

children) Suth'd.

rolan, -ain,** s.m. Roll, volume. 2 Roller which


turns flyer of sp nning- wheel.

roltach,(MS) K.m Run.

r6m,* ./. Pubes. 2 Shag.

r6mach, -aiche, a. Hairy, rongh with hair. 2**

I Bearded, shaggy. Am fear r., f.'t? hairy cater


\ r6uiach,(AF) s.m. Hairy caterpillar.

omac'md 770 ronnag

roma-'nd, see r6ntciead.

romag, -ai.% -an, *./. Ataolj brose drink of oat-

HIJ '.Uioiu-y an I wliis-iy 2 jDriak of o atmaal

aud whi.sk/. -^ntk'd. 8 ** Peinala with a

beard. 4** PuL'ula of a f^m ila.

ro.naj;aco,** -a ch a. II , ivi:ig a beard, aa a female.

2 H ii'-y, rough, shaggy.

r6 uaic \-*., comp. >>f rom i -11.

-, s.f. sea rom lichead.

romalc'idad, s.f. i nil. ilairiaeaj.roughness.shaKgintHj,

rom is, -ais, -an, s.m. Hairiness.

romi-sach, .so3 rotnach.

Tha r., you ar* d-'tennimd ; gabhaion r. ! begone,

go your ica / /

romhaibh-se, emp-'iaticol romhaibh.

roiiiuaina,** v.a. ror,nse ; the"M mi r., / will go my

way ; 's iomadh linn a chuir mi r., many a

generation have I put pas'. in*.

rouih:im-.sa. nnphat. of romham.

rouiha-i, -ain, -an, s.m. Groan. *2 Wheat, brank,

se cruithnaachd. 3(CR)Wild talk, raving,

rig narole, prov

romhan tich, -,./ Groanin-j, uttering of hollow

groans 2 Irrational talk. 3 Wild exclamation,

ravino; D th- s'al,

but. not the S'al's nnos which is, that bad

weathir is at hand ; ron loniil, a cird' of

hair round the ffothinj-itick ; ionad falaicb

nan r. slapach, thf hiding-p .ace of the svlathiny

s -als.

frjn, a,. S'.T ng-bodied.

rouacn, -aich, s.m. Seal-hunt. 2 Saal-huntin^.

ronach, -aichj, a. Abounding

opposition to tliem.

Dh' iir.ioh iad r., they -c"nt n tdurra, a. Very natural.

ronan, -ain, -an, s.m., dim. of r6n. Little seal or


roncais, see rongais.

mg, -a A -oin^e, pi. -an, s.f. Joining spar. 2

Rung. 3 Any piece of wood by which others

are joined. 4 Kib or timber of a boat. S

Staff, bludgeon. Lean, cadaverous-looking

person. 7 Idle or louuinn.' per.soa. 8 Dronisu

person. 9* Bandy. 10*Hop.

jnsi, -jin*, s.m. The vital spark, life. Cha'n

'eil r. a:m, he is lifflets.

rougach, -aicho, a. Of, or belonging to, spars, 2

bludgeons or slaves. 3 Ribbed, as a boat. 4

Lean, cadaverous. 6 La/.y, idle, droninj,

lounging 6 Tedious, linger n.j, delaying. 7ff

Languishing. 8**Having rungs or spars.

rongtciiadh, -aidh, s.m, State of oeoming lean

orm>agTv3. 2 Act of iin^nringor delaying. A'

r , pr.pt. of rongaich.

rongaich, v. n. Becom-j lean, bony, meagre or

cadaverous. 2 Linger, delay, lounge. 3tfr


rongtichi, s.f.inl. Leanness, ra3^greness. 2

Idleness, laziness. 3 Loonging.

ron^air, -ean, s.m. Loiterer, liu^erer. 2 Indolent,

idle or listless fellow. 3 Lean, miagr

or cadaverous person. 4 Lounge, lounger.

5**Uoop-driver. 6 Ugly, bi^-noned anun a or

person. 7 Languishing person.

rougaireachd, s.f.in*!. Loitering, lui^ring, delay.

2 Laziness, idleness. 3 Leanness, meagreness.

4* Tedious.drawling, lounging m tnner,

sluggishness. dronUhness. 5**Hoop-driring.

rongais, -ean, s.m. see rousas.

ron^as, -ais, pi. -an A -ais, *. m. Joining-spar,

rung. 2 Timbers or ribs of a boat, see bita.

E3, p. 73. 3 Staff, bludgx>n. 4 Bnt, ban ly.

5 Baluster. 6**Hoop. 7**in derision, Dronish


rdn-inara.(AF) a.m. Seal.

ron-mulbhach,(AF) s.m. Sea-calf.

rou-mullacii, see ron-mulbhacn.

tronn, -a, -an, s.m. C.iain. 2 Bond, tie.

ronn, -oiiin, -an, . m Slaver, spittle. 2 Any

drop of lijuil of a ropy consistency. 3

Rheum. Piobair nan roan, a nickname for

a slovenly plpjr.

ronnach, -aicho, a. Abounding in spittle or saliva.

2 Ropy, visoo is, ^1 uinous, (of liquors.)

3 Slavering. 4 Causing saiiNaiiou. 5 (WC)

see reannach. Rim balgam r. dheth, he

ma ie it a th of xtavfrmy *-..//.

rounach,* -aich, *./. .Slav-'.-in^, "irty female.

, -aich, s.m. sou ranuaoh.

rounaouadh, -aidn, s.m. Act or state of slavering

or emitting -saliva. 'i State of baeomiugf

r.imb.,* see roi.nli.

ro.uiiad, i>rep.:>ron. rjlrn i + thu) Before thoo or

you. 2 Previous to you. 3 In your contemplation

or iut -mio'i. 4 At you. 5 Of you. 6

With you. 7 In jpp nici.m -.o you. 6 In pref<

j r"tice to you. Bithidh miser. fhatha;t, I

will b. ui

onnagach 'Hi. roscla-lh

tonu.sach, -aich;acii.

rouuaicu, v.a. J: n iSpii, emit stliva. 2 Become

rop> ur viscid, 3 iviuue ropy or viscid.

roa.ian, -.au, $.m. Slavering person, driveller,


- 'lachd, s.f. Discharging of spittle or sailvu.

2 ilabil uf slav-jruig or spitting.

ronuairi-aciiU, \V

.-./. hen u>e UJt.es ui the bnjpipes

necin to be payed with senile in the

ru inter J/'ir.i//ni

osdadh 772 roth

605. Rdg-an-t-soluis.

rosdadh, see ror-tadh.

ro-'ihool, K.m. Highest of a ship's sail*, top-gallant.s.

2 KuH *f\.i\*Sdr-Obair.

r6 .lh ir je, a lilushin? as the rose.


oth 773 rnafdhe


6 Orann-aisil, axle-tret.

7 Cuairsgean, f-ltot, Foilea*. Roth, thf fellor*

tg>thtr. Reim. (\VC)Uuairtloan.

8 Orarauiohe. t/-v; ; /'r a catch to hold the

whoel \vlien driving ou ste^p gr jund.

Heam, rim. Roithlean. Ruitnleau.

10 Tarunn-aisil, lynch-pin pin that keeps

the wheel on axle. Tarruug-cuibhle.

11 Slioa, Haiyjt.

roth, t?.o. Wheel, coil, alio rothaig.

rotha, -n, a.m. Screw. 2 Vica. 3 see rola.

rutha'.'h. -aiche, a. Furnished with wheels. 2

dimmed, as a wheel. 3**Rotular.

rothachadh, -aidh, s.m. Swathing. 2 Act of

ruad'iagiil.J -e, s.f. Thrift,

ruadhaich, pr.pt. a' ruadhachadh, v.a. & n Rodd?n,

ra i!je red. 2 Redden, become rod. 3

Embrown, b 'comj brown. 4;DMy) tixpj-jeor

poiut out a p -rson. R. e mach mi, h? expns'd

swathing, wrapping up or shrouding. A' r ,

pr.pt. of rothaich.

rothach-trasha, see praiseach-tragha.

rothadair, -an,*.w. Wheelwright.

eachd.tfs-/. Business of a wheelwright.

rothadh, -aidh, s m. Wheeling. 2 Coiliug. A'

r , pr.pt. of roth.

rot had h, Arran for redthadh. Uiageanan rbdhadh,


rothaich, pr.pt. a' rotbacbadh, v. a. Twine, roll,

swathe, wrap up, shroud.

eadh. -eidb, see rothachadh.

te, past pt. of rothaich. Swathed, wrapped

tip, shrouded.

rothaidhs, -an, s.m. Cyclist.

achd, s.f.ind. Cycling.

rothaig, v.a. see rothaich.

eadh, -eidh, s.m.

uaidhe 774 rubaigeadh

in fir timb3r. 3 Erysipelas [with the art. an.]

4 NVUic-raih Arran. 5 (AFjRash in cattle.

6* Herpes, shines,

ruaidhe, comp. of ruaxlh.

ruaidhie,** g.m. Po.n1 worn-down creature,

ruai'lniniv,** *'. Cochineal,

truaidnneach. -ich, sf. Hair,

ruaidli-rinn,** s.pl. Bed points or edges,

ruaig, (OR) s.f. Shower of r iin P^rllishirt.

ruaiy;, -e, -eau, s.f. Pursuit, hunt, chase. 2

FlT-lib, defeat, prec'picat-3 retreat, 3 Persecution.

4 Scaring a\vav, dispersion, banishment.

ThogUd an r., ike-i Look up th-> parsuit

; chuir sinn an r. orr.i, itv p-.it th^in to

digging; with a spulo. 3 Stirring up. 4 ie

ruaihar. A'r~,pr.i. of ruimhur.

ruamharac)i, ** a. l>i;gi"g. delving. 2 Stirring,

rutmhirtiche.tt s.m. Oelvur.

rua utiradh, -ai In. see rirnnlrir.

ruim irai In, /(/.'. aff a. of rua nh tir.

ru imnich,** a. [nlgninr,, .uigry.

rua'n.iadii,** -ai.lh.s.yn,. Beprojf. 2 Reprehensi.^n.

ruanauh, a. Firm, steadf ist, stony. 2 Fierce,


ru^ifi.c id, s.f. Fiction, novel, romance. 2 liarang'ii.

ruanaicho,** s.m. B'im incer. 2 Harauguer.

rua'iaidii,** a. Bed, reddish. 2 Strong, ole. 3


ru tnii Hi,** x.f. Anger.

boisterous fellow.

2 Darkness. 3**Strong

flight; gibh iad an ruai.jf, tA-'.y took to.fti-j'" ; r.

an tuirc, the buar-hnni ; ruaig siounaich.a/jj;ch


ruaig, see ruag.

ruauidh, fut.a/.a,. of ruaig

ruaille, -an. s.f. Poor, wretched female.

ru ailpeach, s.m. Alpine rue.

ruaim, -e, -ean, s.f. Flush of au^er on the face.

Bffftdd scum. 3 Fi^himj-liuo. 4 Line,

fruaim, -ean, s.f. Aid.si-tree,

ruaimeanach,** -icl), s.m. Marsh,

ruaimhseanta,* a. Jolly, hearty though very

old. Islay.

ehd,* s.f.ind. Heartiness of an

old person, vigour.

ruaimill,* v.

nbaigte 775 rudhrach


nos-s, c tvuni'i'.anc''. - -Sin ill quantity of any-

riii>iil, a. f. Tumult. I Rambling. 3 (AH) ih'ng. 3 i

Rumbling niisa in the intesti u-s.

runir, -san, .*.m. R'ibber, one who rubs. 2 Any

ins:rument with which oni rub* or scrapes,

truoan, -am, -an, t.m. ft arrel, anker. 2 Rab iar.

rubin, -ain, -au, t.m. Ruby. 2(DM/^ Ribbon.

rii baa^, s. wi. Lesser maa-low rue thalictrtun


rn bhallaidh,} *. m. Rue fern a*pZ*/mm rwfa


rubhadh, -aidh, g.m. see rugha-lh

rubrng,** -aig, ./. Thong of b?mp or flax. 2

Shoemaker's wax-end. 3*Pulling, snatching


rubta, ?>a..i.-ti/ini ? r mho-a'ch lyo'inaa-ft/ thing.'

ag.n r. eiie di^th, an I icio 'h->r 1:11,19; an r.

iia.'hbni-i d'ir, na bun da, do not md\i',e

with tcha' d')-* :t,ot co.-icern you ; rud air cuur-

';i'^nin, ti.ini't'ii-ij ur ot'ttr.

ru 'a, see rufci. t Age I tip or three-s v

iear riia

in L*wi*, wlurj a young ram i; ,-eithe.

ru lach, -aic'K-, a. Concjrui'd i.i many things,

busy. 2 O'fiei.ms, m I i.ing 3 Ir II. .g. 4

(Oft) Kindly alt^n.ive. 5 Arrt-ciion ..ce

Perthtkir*, tij H>>p;table. 7** Particular

ah.iut small m i.tter.s.

rudadh, (A(J) a. Obitinate.

riidail,(OMK) s.f. Uumblmg noise in the bowel


udhrach 776 ruig


rudhracna Hi, -aidh, s. m. . Searching 2 Act o

thej hart 1 children ; r. i uin, she yeam'i ; r. i

meann, she kid foaled ; r. i uj;h,

the laid an 'gg ; r. i uircjauaa, she farrowed;

r. sinn oirre, ive ovti'took h'r : r. e air bhua-n,

he laid hoi I of it out of tn>/ hands ; r. a' bhanrigh

air an ugh, the qit'en seized thtegyW.H.

1. 19.

ruga,* s.f. Rough cloth or female.

rugac'n, -aiche, i. Wrinkled. 2 Plaited. Aghaidh

r., a wrinkled fac*.

>, -aich, *.w. Old man.

rugadh, 'given by grammars AS past pats. v. beir,

but it is a different word.) Was born. 2 (with

the prep, air) Was caught or undertaken. R.

air, he was caught ; o 'n r. mi, since. I was



wovl I rrach.

fut. (m ) rnigeas mi,&c., (0 /, *>'. r?ach .

IMT. lit. per. .'n;. rui-ceam, M me reach.

INFIN. a tU'gh'SHchd

uHeanta 778 ruithteil

610. Ruis.

Tuiseanta,** o. Hasty, rash. 8 Disorderly.

ruiseil,** a. Bash, hasty, precipitate. 2 Disorderly.

ruisg, pr.pt. a' rusgadh, v. a.

nith--giuv9:\dh 779 ru gadh

rnith-suiursadh,** -aiati,*.7.Runnin^ the gauntlet.

ruitnteach, see ruithe ich & ruiteach.

d, see ruitoacnd.

fruitin,***. Hucklebon-i. 'J AnkK 3 Pastern.

ruladh,** - liilh, s.m. Slaughter iog, massajrj.

ruin. -ii in '. -an -aic'aean, & -anaa i, is. m

' K I'll, . p'ac spa-e. 2 Rio u, cham >er. 3**

Floor. R. ueoi , et, front room ; dean r., m-iki


rum ich, -aich, -aichean, t.f. Marsh.qua^raire,

pud lie, slough.

rum ich idh, -aich, * m. Act of making room or

enlarvn; a *.pac-). A' r , pr. pt. of rumnch.

rum icliail, -e, . Marshy, boMjjy.

ruma ch, -aicheau, $ ./. see rumach.

rumi.ch, pr.pt. a' ruinacnadh, v.n. Make room,

en, tr_je a -n, bent,

dispos r.on. 3 Regard, love, fondness, desire,

affection. 4 Object beloved, ft Person

beloved. 6 [ntenLion. puroose, design, deter-

. mination. 7 Wish. 8**Ac'orl.

Tha r. an Tig-isam aigan dream d' an easjal

) e, tli' pnrpot" f t.'if Lori i.< with th?m that

; Me tlia 'n ad r. ? tchat do you wan



*de an r. am bli'*il e dhuit ? how i< h a dispois'd

towards ? tha e an r. nan ifiii tuagh dhomh. h'

\ would wish lo i-'it. m-'. down , an r. nam bi >das

d' a cheile, at tlai /*/-' drawing ; na innis do

r. do na uh aid t;hlic no docharaiil ghoraeh, do

no f r'DRa 1 yiitr tinxlne*! to a wiS" 'wmii nor

to a f'l'il'^'i f.-l."H'l : tiia. a ruin ! yes, inn loo*!

mo r. a' tig -inn. m>i lovt coming ; cha'n 'eil a'

bhag de m' r. dhuifc, i/on hane nought of mi/

lov ; iir mo riii i, th Ian I nf m>i a^'cHo* ; a

dh' aon r., of on* mind, muMimoNl ; ma ni

thn r. orm j agus g'i'in fai^h mi' e, if yon will


privately irrnny ivtth m* so that I can gel it;

thn r. orm. / suppos* or in'end.

runach, -aich >, a. Beloved. 2 Lovely, partial,

fond. 3 Confi lent, trusty, trustwortnv. 4

Dark, mysterious, mystical, secret. 5 Purp


runach, -aich, t.m. Beloved person. 2 Confidant.

S^Mistress. 4 Secret code oc writing,


adh, -aidh, t.m. Inclining. 2 Act of inclining

or tru-i-airm T C nuici! chamber.

fiiin- D ),-i:i,** -am, s.in. PreLauo-3.

run-o'u eir^ ic i, -ic'i, x.m. Secretary. 2 Private


d, s.f.ina. Business of a secretary.

run-cue r-maav-'iid,** s'./.i7i/. Secretarysaip. i

Pri -ace s^c.-i'iar/ship.

rii'i-di >m lair, -uin-, pL -uin-, -u ntean ae.i,** a. My^terijus, m/dtical. I


run-falaicu, -uia-fh ilaich, .w. Secret love.

rungas, see


runnach, see ruraach.

runuag, see reaiinaj.

runnsa, s. sae ruintne.

ru'insau.(MS) n.m. Rump.

run-phairtsaeh, -e.ch-1 a. , Comnjnnicative.ready

to ominu dcite, communicaole. 2 Apt to reveal


, -ich, s.m. Partaker of a secret 01


ru'i-phairfceachadh, -aidh, t.m. Coramunicatins

2 Act of communicating secrets. 3 Consult

ing. 4 Act of consulting together. 5 Par

talcing of a secret. A' r , pr.pt. of run-phairtich.

run-phairtich, pr.pt. a' rin-phairteachalh, v.a.

Com uunicabe or disclose secrets. 2 Delibarate,

consult together. 3 Partake of a secret.

run-phairtichte, a. & past pt. of run-phairtich.

Communicated, disclosed. 2 Communicable.

rinrach,* s.m. see rulhhach.

riiaraich,* v a. see rudhraieh.

run-raite, -iiin, ^.-uiu- d -untan-raite, s.f. Resolution,

solemn vow, prov.

run-^h '6mar, -air, -she6inraichean,.m. Council


runtan.ono of tha pis. of rui.

rupail,** s.f. Rumbling sound, continued rumbling.

ruparachadh, s.m. ScaudaHzing Suth'd.

-ra.CcJHJ ado. Jumbled, cjufused, mixed up>

JK. of Rnss-shirr. 2 Topsy-turvy Arran.

ruracli.H- a. see rudhrach.

rurach ulh,tf-\i'lh. a.m. see riidhrachadh.

ruraii-h, .see rudhraieh.

riiraich, see ru Ihrach.

r irgaid, s.f. llhubarb. 2 prov. for purgairt.

rur^ai leaca,**a. Abouu ling in, or like, rhubarb.

fi-us, -ah, * m. Knowledge. 2 Skill. 3 Wood.

ru-s ir.

rusg,** n.ti. :Jeat, strike, pelt.

ru-i'i, -ui g, -aa, s.m. K

skia, uus.c. Bark of a tree. 3 Kieef

posing, intending or determining. 4 Loving.

A' r , pr.pt. of rurial-h.

runag, -aisi, -an, /. Beloved woman. 2 Little

runaich, pr.vt. a' runacbadh, v.a. & n. Incline,

wish, desire. 2 Resolve, purpose, design, inten

l, determine. 3 Propose.

- -ean, .m. see runach.

e,** s.m. C>nfllant. 2 Discreet person.

3 Beloved person.

te. ptst pt. of runaich. Desired, wished.

2 R.JS lived, fixed upon, designed, definitive.

: run-a mhleis, t.m. Intrigue.

riinair. -can, t.m. Secretary.

jaclvl, t.f. ind. itary.

Secretaryship, office of

wojl. 4 S lull. M.*6il 'nan rii^gaiba ban i,

ctoii'lii in wlii e H'"'.'ex.

ris.^aca, -ai.-lie.a. Having a cover! nij, as a ri'i'i,

wionor au>!c. 2 Kluo/. 3 Fleeciu?, tiiafi

fljece^peils, or takes off t.hc^veri'i'i or husk,

srrioping. 4 Having m lay rials, as an oui a

5**Crus acrf.iu-t Hdich.J ga:'b!i-ru3.,ac'a, a

tkick-Hwl ram.

rusg i Ih, -aidh, n.m Poeling. 2 Act of p^eU;isr fc

fl secin :, ir caking off b.3 ba-k or any cov rin^

3 Discovering 4 Act o~ disjov-M-in;, disciosinj;

or revealing. 5 Driving thatch off. 9

Shelling. 7 Fleece. 8 Husk. 9 Stripping, nndressing

making bar j or n iked. 10 Unshsat'iiiig.

A" r , m-.n*. of ruis

on thf palms.

rusgail,"* a. Epispastic.


ru gair, -eau, s.m. Strong clumsy fellow, prov.

ru-gaireachd, s.f.ind. Ciunasy strength, prov.

611. liusjan 6.

rusgan, -aia, -an. s.m., t(in. of ruig; Any little

or thin covering, as a riad or husk. 2 Piece

of skin paeled orf. 3 Little fleece. 4 Circular

dish made of roots, used to measure meal, Ac.

5 Small uoat m ule of bark. 6 Kiad of basket

(ill. by M. AleD.)

S s

780 sabh

phen is silent, as an t-.sluaigh, of the people

(pron. an ilooay.) 'S in expressions such as


's e sej an daine," is itonnded as sh.

The slender sound of is iieard in Arran io

iseal (iusal, low,) and treise (treasa, rtronjer),

esan, (pron. eisean) piseir (p?ase,) uir.sino

(door-post,) dels (ready.) dilis ^faithful,) faileis

(shadow.) There "is no sound in Arran

and Kitityrt in the combinations rd and rr,

as, bdrd, mart, cairt, &c. In rtl, neither *

nor t is heard as, ceirtle, fairtlich. An

seo, an sin, an siod, are sometimss pro*

nounced ant-seo,ant-sin,an t-si^d, and sometimes

ami a seo, anna sin, anna .siod ; ant

ana an seo, ann an sin, ann an siod. Initial

r has no inserted (., as, srath, sruth (not

ruslach,** a. Scratching, excoriating'.

rusladh, -aidh, s.m. :i Searching. Act of searching

or overturning things in searching. 3

Scraping. 4 Act of scrapiug or scraucuing.

A' r , pr.pt. of nasal.

fru.soach, a. 4 Undo, clownish, Gaelic form of rustic.

fruicach, -aich, -aichean,. t.m. Boor, churl.

Gaelic form of rustic.

rustag,** -aig, s.in, Bear.

rustau, -aia, -an, s.m. Lump. 2 Hillock, heap.

rut,* v.a. Rust, corrode Ar ran.

ruta, rutau, -cliau & rutaichaan, . m. Bam,

2 Riddling, tup. see ruig.

*uta,** ) s.m. a.m. Herd, rout. 2 Tribe of

ruuwih, -aidh, > people,

rutach, a. Abounding m rams.

rutachd, s.f.ind. Hutting,

ruiaidh, a. Surly, butting, bumping, bumptious,


tutan, -aiu, -an, s.m.dim. of ruta. Little ram or

riddling. 2 Horn of a roe-buck.

ruta=>, s.m. Greed.

*utb,(AC) s. Desire, genesis, generation, procreation.

2 Prosperity. Car. Oad. 9. 254.


ruth,** s. m. Chain. 2 Link, 3 (Ab ) Skate,

thjrnback. 4**Salary, waged, hire,

rutha, -ciiau, s.m. see rudha.

rucha, -chan, .m. (Atf)M>idgehog. 2 see soruan.

rutuach, -aiche, a. see rudhach.

ruthadh, -aidh, -aidhean, s.m. see rudhadh.

rut'nag, -aig, -an, s.f. see rudhag.

rnLhau, -ain, see rughan.

ruthar.ich, -aiche, a. strath, struth), except str.ic (to tear) strac,

(to stroke) and strub (a spmt.) Some dialects,

on the contrary, have strath, str6u,abh.]


aabh, -aibh, pi. -aibh & -an, *.m. iw. S.- tairah,

ors.-8'rio'.i, a hand-

n e i i A r*w-pt.



. -.in. */. see sanah.

aba r.?t. a sabhkdii, .a. Saw, cut with a


ab'a^h. -a'oha, a. O', or belonging to, sawa. 2

Cu.v. g. a* H w. 3 Ol, or beijugi.ig to, omCine-v-

or sdves. 4 lluviu-c healiug ointme

:s. 5 Li^e a healing oiutineut.

gabu ten, -aiche, . see ewmhach. 2**Qu*rrel-

aabliaa, see samhan. 2;(AF) Mastiff, cur. 3**


Babhan, -ain, pi. -an & -ain, .m., dim. of sabh.

Little saw.

Babi:an, n.pl. of sabh.

Babiian.xch.;a. Pertaining to a little saw. 2 Like

a liUle saw.

tsabh;is, -ais, see sabhs.

fsabhasair, -ean, see sab''isair.

sabhd, -a, -an, s.tn. Lie, fable, prop.

abud, a. Strayiug. Cu a., a stray dog ; chaidh


e *\r s , h>

b^id-vrh, -AJo pr.i;t. of sabh, Air ash., taw-n ;

mu.lea'.n sabhaidh, a tmc-miU ; sloc-sabhaid.i,

a ta'j-pit,


sab i hl i, -aitih, J.TO. see samh. 2 Quarrel.

abaaig. v. see sabh.

---a ;h, x.rn. see sabhadh.

--te, sej sa!>hta.

abhail. pr.^t. ;\' aabhaladh, v.a. Save, rescue. 2

Sp ire. 3 Protect, defend. 4 Preserve, use frugally.

sabha.1,** v.a. Store up in a barn.

sab a;l, jj'n. sing, of svbhail.

sabimil.** s./. Sa dug, protecting, sparing. 2

Protection, 3 Frugality.

exch,** a. see sabubailteach.

--eo.cu.1, see si ihailteachd.

gibbailich, see aa^hail.

aabha Ikh, tean, .. Preserver, one wht save

or rescues. 2 Economist, frugal persons.

Babhuiliche,** *.m. Frugal man, economist. 2


abhiiilt, -e, a. Safe. 2 Saved, rescued. 3 Spared.

4 Protected, defended. -- e, paitt pt. of sto. iliailt.

-each, -eiche, a. Saving, rescuing. 2

Sparing. 3 Protecting, defending. 4 Frugal,

economical. -- eachd, *./. Security, safety, a*-** atate or

condition. 2 Saving disposition.

Sabhair, see sabha lair.

-eac'id, see sabhadaireachd.

aabhairL-,** .M;isti:f, cur. --an.-AF) a.m. Mastiff.

abhal, -fkil.pl. -an & aaiblilean.s.m. Barn, granary.

-ach, -aiclie, o. Of, or belonging to barns. 2

Like a barn.

abhivlach. see sabhailteach.

aabhalaclid, .see sabhailteachd.

aabhaLxdh, -aidii, a.m. Saving. 2 Act of Bavins;,

res uing or spari.ig, salvation. 3 Protect n^,

defeading. 4 Preserving. 6 Retrenchment.

6 Preservation. 7 Frugality. A' s , pr.pt. of

abhiil. la mur an s. sin, that is a great re-

sabh-Uuirn. .n. Whip-saw. 2* Hand-caw.

sabh J ach w a. Healing, llXe a %lve, unotnmi*,

94bhlach,** -ak-h, .m. Spittle,

sabhbtdh,** -aidh^.m. Salve, healing ohitment.

2 Stirring up. as of corn in a barn.

sabh-m6r,* a.m. Whip-saw,

sabhs, Baibhse, -an, t.m. Sauce of any kind, I


Gravy. 3 (DU) Water in which ftsh has beett

boiled". S. 6i3g, fah-.i(iu&>.

bhsHeh, -aiche,


8abh%iaicb, see sabhailiche.

--e,** .>/. Frugal person. 2 Protector,

preaerver, saviour.

abhaltachd, ./.inei \ see sabhailteachd. 2

-ais, .m. /**Parsimony, frugality,

a. Of, or belonging to sauce.

2 Like sauce. 3-Abounding in h'sh-soup.

sabhsachadh, -aidh,*.m. Seasoning. 2 Acfe of


ac'iut, Gaelic spi'.li 'g of sac.kbut.

t iach, v.n. Sack, b3s e;e.

sun iir. -e, s.f. see sa-nh -hair,

sichasan, -ain, -an, s.in S,m I- -el, lesser lanuce.

sichasan ich, -aiche, u.0f,>ir b --longing to.saudoeis

2 Abou idiug in sand-eels.


of a serpent. 3 Spire.

lag trt, -airt, -an & airtean, s.m. Priest. 2

C.inrcliman. Cio I is fhiach s. sun chWireach ?

of what use is a pri'st without a clerk ? cha

bhi duthchas aig mnaoi no aig MVt, neither

a woman nor a priest mvy have any local

tifS t/igy mutt go where the necessities of husband

or church d'mand.

aa^art, s.m. Bam with one of its testicles wanting


gagartach, -aiche, ft.

78? saidir

sajartachd, s.f.ind. Priesthood.

sagartail, -e, a. Priestly, priestlike, clerical. 2

rar.'-ly Pious, holy.

saafartalachd, s.f.ind. Priestlinesa.

Ksa.'h, saih, *./. Bitch.

tsagii, v.a. Drink, suok' guzzle.

-a.,'ii, see sath.

sacnd, }*e3sac.

SUM laciiadn, see sac ichadh.

.sacu'.lalh, see sacachiln.

sichdaioh, s -e s acaicn.

sac Ian, ***.// S.audard.

8 v .am Dust. 2 Beat dust out of cloth.

te, past pt. of sadaich. Dusted. 2


sa lanach, -aiche, a. see soideanach.

sad-bhuiile, -*,n,s.f. Smart stroke, thump.

sad-bnuilieach, -eiche, a. Giving smart blows or

sa.lhail,** a. Pleasant.

sa.lhail,** s.f. Neglect.

2 Delight. 3 Good


sadha!,**-ail, -an, s.m. Saddle.

sadnaUnhd, se sodhalachd.

sadharcan, (AF) s.m. Lapwing, see adharcanlua'-hrach.

2 Grey plover,

saduich, see sadaich.

f-sa)th s Labour, tribulation, disease.

sagnach, see sathach.

sa^haidli, -e, -ean, see saobhaidb.

saghail,** iy. Attack.

^hain, see samhan. 2 see saigb.

saghal,** a. Nicj, tender.

agh Uaehd,** s.f. Delight, content. 2 Voluptuousness.

sagharlachd,** *. /. Del ight.satisfaction.conteob .


Roundel, circle. 2 Fold


Kaghnviair, a.m. Sink, kennel.

saibh, gen.sing. of sabb.

saibitiu, see samhan.

bliir, see saoibhir, a. & saoibhricb, v. 2(MS)

a. Able.

saibhir.(MS) a. Lascivious.

iohif, -eau, n.f. Watarooursa below a road

for a stream to run through, covered with

stone lintels, as a s*rer, conduit.

saPmire, coiwp. of saibhir.

saibhireach, .see saoibhreach.

s ubhirda.-hd, see saoibhreas.

aibbleach.tt a. sea saboalach.

saibtileau. n.pl. of sabhal.

saibhiich,(-VI-i -lir

said,e 783 sailloadh

oaidse, -an, jr./.Sound wood. Cruth sailthea

figures. 8jeidaick --m

-e-va, *./. Willow-tree.

of a falling body. 2 Crash.

BaidSi*,(DMK) *. Hurry, haste. Cuir s. ris an

tfiu3, blow up the fire and add fuel to it ;

chuir iad & ris a' bhuain, they expedited the


aidse, s.f. Chives, see feuran.

sa'ds ach, -eich, a. Making a noise, as a falling

body, crashing.

sai is rich, -ich, s.f. Beggar's mantle, prow. 2**


i* 'sear,* s.m. Heavy, clumsy man.

saKeir, -eir, s.tn. Gaelic form of sapphire.

-a fearach, a. Abounding in, or like, sapphires.

sai.jeui, -ein, -an, S.HI. Corpulent, little man.

HUiiemaeh, -aiche, a. see saigeanta.

wai;eanach, -aich, s.m. see saigean.

saueauua,** see siigeanta.

saigeanta, -einte, a. Short and corpulent,

saigaautach, a. Short and brain* with en/rxv A



tsiil, -e,

2 The letter 3.

sail,* s.m.ind.

sail, seetaileidh.

fsail, v.a. ''alul.;.

sail, -e, **sil & salach, pi. -ean & -Itean, . f.


[leel. bemue, th* font O f a hitl.

sail, v.a. Provide with heels, a.s shoes.

tsiil, s.'. Guird, custody.

sail-bhrea^.iadh, -aidh, "s.m. Rejoicing.

sail-bhroiliioh, s.f. Front cross- jeatn of a cart


siil-bhruth, see sail-bhruthadh.

sail-bhrAtiia Ih, -aidh, s.m. Bru seen the h"el.

sail-bhuinn, -e, -ean-b-, s.f. The ;ole. 2 l.owor

beam of a partition. 3 Loer cross-bar of

"crann-de Ibhe."

corpulent. Duine s., sail-bhuinn, -e, -ean-b-, s./.Grouadsel, sea bual-

a ihort, corpulent man.


saigeantacbd, *./. Corpulency and shortness of sailche, comp. of salach.


sailchead, -eid.s.m. Dirt, degree of dirtiness. 2

iigh, -e. -ean, t.f. Bitch, female dog. f2 Sharp tt Untwine* 3 Deflle.u^ac.

e l

sailleann. -inn, s. m. Weaver's paste, used to

smonthe tlie thread.

sailU'ar, -ir, -an, s.rn. Halt-cellar, tub or cask. 2

Cellar for storing salted tish. 3ft Salter.fishcurer.

, a, see sailleir.

, fut.pass. of saill. Shall be salted.

ach,** a. Of, or belonging to, a salter or


achd,** s.f.ind. Business of a salter or


s&illeil/* a. Unctuous.

sailleir.tt a. Fat, fed. 2 Greasy. 3 Corpulent.

4 Lusty,

sail hn hor, -oire, a. Fatted, fat and full. 2

Greasy. 3 Pickled.

UMom.l s.f. Flat foot.

saiHte,;. d: past pt. of saill. Salted, seasoned,

pickled. 2 Salt, tasting of salt, briny, .burn

s., salt-water.

saillceacb, see saillte.

d, s.f.ind. Saltness. 2;M8) Brine. S.

t' uisgeachan, the sattnest of thy wa(?rs.

aailm, -e, -ean, s.f. Decoction. 2$ Oak-bark decoccion

to staunc'.i blood. 3} Consumptive

pectoral. S. uchil, aprc/oral

9 Flesh cl mr.

anintreabh.** x. Pam'Iy. house.

saip-H,-v AH) */. Full meal.

K iip iir, s^f sapair.

;-. M-) s. Slid*.

uir. '!'ii.*ini. it /i.;^. of sir.

s;, i r.>",** ./. Sieve,

sa rbh. igh, -e, -can, g. f. Attribute, [also sar-


s6tir-caiv.il, -clieille, x.f. Good sense.

sairJcal, -HI, -an. neo sar.lail.

ac'h, see sard liieaoii.

; sa r 61 \s, -;ii-i, s.in. Great skill.

Fair-f >i:.-. see sar-f'iios.

SA i-.glniom'i. -a. -ara, s.m Noble action.

sai-d .{ s.m.( f .**) GarJeu sage, see atrriir-liath.

saisdeaeh,** ft. Of, like, or abounding iu, sage.

s.ti drt bh-'a^f,** s./. Smill garden sage saivia

htr'.fntlt major vulgar is.

sai- If oiiuuic, s.m. Mountain-sage saloia al


fftiUdtt-coitlp ? s.in. Wood-sage

dwa. [** ^ives saivia,

inter iumscoro-

7S-. saltrachadh

nasty, u-iolean, polluted. 2 Troubled, agitated,

.s i fluid. (Juan s. nau garbli-th/>mi, */t*

troit'il.'d billowy ocran ; fuil sh., polluted orjotil


salachalh, -ailh, s.in. Defiling, act of defiling,


polluting , rendering uncl-an, sullying, soiling.

2 Filth, defilement. 3 Adulteration. A* s ,

f salaich.


salachar. -air, -an, ft.m. Filth, fllthiness, gros*rie.ss,

na-tiness, imparity, corruption, dross. 2

-- .ichd. it.f.ind see salachar.

salag,** -aus -an, s.f. Heei-piece.

-- fin,(Oft) K.?/i. Pyrosis, water-brash Loch-


broom ()'

I salaioh, pr.pl. a' salarhadh, v.a. Defile, pollute,

sully, concamin tto, spoil, soil, make dirty.

!Sh. th:i am paipaar, yon soiled tht paprr.

-te, part L of salaich. Defiled, polluted,

soil"d. contaminated, spoiled.

salaid, Gaelic furm of ralad.

salainn, >j>m.ginicii. see sathach.

Siii:h. -ean, S.JM. The backbone. 2 Joint of the

neck or backbone. :>**Mu!titude. ^Piercing.

6**Space. 6**Hal't. 7**Treasure, abundance

of money. 8 see sath. 9 (AF) see

sa gn. 10 pi. Stages. 11 swarm rm of bees.

:iiili,** a, Vulgar, vile. 2 1


saith,* s.f. Bellyful, satiety Islay.


saitlieach, -eic te, a. see sathach.

saitbeanbil, s./.ind. .Satiety, repletion, gormandi/.ing

, frequent stuffing.

aithuan, JJ -in- -an, .m. Stake or pole driven

into the ground.

saitheas, -eis, s.m. Vileness, badness. 2 Cheapness.

eaithich, see sal La ich.

-te, see sa'haichte.

saithte, see sathta. An sleaghan saithte 'san

ieirg, their spears thrust in the plain.

Baic.-se, see saUde. 2 (AH) xj. Hatch of a ship.

'San loingeas daraich a 1

crionadh, dh' oilte

fion air an saitse, and their oaken ships decayini,H'iiie

was drunk on their hatches Ian Loin

p. On.

cure or season with sait, pickle.

icbte. past pt. of salaiunich. Cured or

seasoned with salt.

salami, -aiuii, s.m. Salb. An Fhaire Shalainn,

the Sait S^a; poil-salainn, a salt-pit.

ach, see salainneach.

an, -ain, -an, a.m.


Salt-pit or -pool. 2ft

salann-fuail, a.m. Sal-ammoniac.

salann-tia-groide, *.?n. Alkali.

salann-tatnaidli, s.m. Horax.

sal-bhodach, s.m.. Dustman.

salchadh, -aich, see salachalh.

salobar,** .see saiachar.

sal-cluaise,**s.w. Cerumen, ear-wax.

sal-chuach, see ^ail-chuach.

sal-faciul,(AH) s.vi. Distasteful and offensive

memento. Dh'fhag

sal, 51^/1. sail & saile, s.m. Tb.e sea. 2 Sea- or

silr.-water. A' leum thar an t-sal, bounding

V'i- the *-a.

sal, sail, s.m. Filth, impurity. 2 Mud. 3 Dross,

refuse of anything. 4 Dust. 5 Spot, blemish.

6 scum. 7 Coom of a wheel. 8 Wax of the ear.

9 Will,,w, s:e seileach. 10 (AF) E^a;s of the

moth. ll*.Slimy dirt. Air s. an raoin, on the

il'is' of thf p'a>H.

alach, -aiche & sailche, a. Foul, dirty, filthy,

e sal-faclid glau aig a

cliaraiil, he yave his friend a fin? memento at

pa r inf) (ironically. )

fsa'.l,** -aill, s. in. .Bitterness. 2 Satire. 3 Invective,


Dalian, -ain, s.m. Singing. 2 Harmony.

.-aiklair, -e, -draichean, s.f. Chalder, Scots measure

of 16 bolls. 2 Chaldron, imperial measure

of 36 bushels.

sahn, sailm, s.f. Psalm. 2* Anthem.

salmaoh, -aiche, a. Siiijiingprnlms. 2 Abounding

iu psalms or psalm-tunes. 3 Like a psalm.

salmailair, -ean, s.m. Psalm-book, psalter. 2tf

Psalmist. StJSongster, chorister. S. chraoibii

dhluth-dhuillich, the sonytiter of the leafy tret.

eachd, s.f.ind. Psalm-siDgmg. 2 The

office or business of a clerk or precentor.

salmair, -ean, s.m. Psalmist, songster, precentor,

clerk, cnorister.

each 1, see salmadaireach 1.

tsalt, -ailt, -an, s.m. see suit. 2**Colour.

t-saltair, -ea:i, s. m. Psalter. 2 Psaltery. 3

Chronicle. 4 Salt-monger. 5** The title of

certain Irish traditional records, as, S. n

Tearab racli.

saltair, pr.pt. a' saltairt & a' saltradh, v.a.

saltrachd 786


ealtrachd. (MS) s.f. Insult.

saltraich,** s.f, Trdading, trampling. 2 Con tin

ued trampling. 3 Tramp, tread,

saltraich, v. see saltair.

te, past pt. of saltraich. Trodden un

der foot.

aJlnidh,/Kt./. a. of saltair.

t*am, s. Rest, ease,

fsam, s.in. Sun.

saman, *. m. Wood-loosestrife.yellow pimper

nel, see seamrag-Muire. Mid Highlands.

MUieaich,** v.a. Sprawl.

sanih. -aimh, -an, s.m. Common sorrel nimex

acelosa. 2} That part of the sheep's sorre

(ruinex ar,etosella) that, bears seed. 3 see seam

rag. (ill. on p. 785.)

samh, -aimh, -an, s.m. Stiuk. 2 The suffocatin,

smell occasioned by excessive heat or close

ness of air in a room., 3 Clowuish or rustii

person. 4 Savage. 5 (AC) Flock, fold, herd

ti(AC) Fish. 7 Giant, strong petson, a god

S rarely, The sun. 9 The sca-tfwM'rf. 10 (A

F) Pig. S. eisg, fish odour ; s. trom e'isg,

sfroni/ smell as ft om a large body of fish at sea

samh, (AC) a. Fat, rich, productive,

samh, s.m. Surge, agitation of waves on the

sea-beach. 2 Crest of whitened billows Sdr


gainh, -aimh, see saimh.

samh, 8'je sabh.

samhach, -aiche, a. Abounding in sorrel. 2

Rustic, clownish.

samhach, -aiche. a. Quiet, still, calm, serene. 2

Peaceful, undisturbed, at rest, easy. 3 Silent

4 Mild, pleasant. 5 Peaceable, peaceably

disposed. Feasgar s., a calm still evening

hithibh s., be still ; fan s., kc"p ijuiet.

samhach, -aich, -aichean, s.f. Wooden haft or

handle of any instrument, as an axe or ham

mer. 2**Shaft. 3+*Kdgeof a weapon. 4* Axe,

hatchet. Chaidh an tuagh bharr a s., the axe

n'ent off its handle ; s. samharcan,*' -am. *.w. *ee sambaircean.

tsamhas, -ais, -an, s.m. Deiigiit, plea-sure, satis,

faction. 2 Ease.

t ach,** a. Causing delight or pleasure,

2 Agreeable. 3 Causing satisfaction. 4 Uudisturbed,

at ease.

t aiche,** s.m. Suttler.

samhchair, -e, s.f. Quietness, tranquility, rest,

repose, ease, atraxy, calmness, composure.

each, -eiche, a. Quiet, tramiuil.peaceful,


eachd, g.f. see samhchair.

samhla, see samhladh.

samhlach, . -aiche, Likening, comparing. 2

Embleirnticat, typical. 3 Ghostly, spectral. 4

Allegorical. Dath s., copying ink ; fasgadh

s., a copying press.

adh, -aidh, s.m. Comparing, act of COMIparing

or likening. 2 Comparison, simile, ima^e,

type, analogy, emblem. 3* Lajiug som ;thing

bad to one's charge. A' s pr. pt of


ail, -e, a. see samhlach.

an, seo samhladh.

as, see samhladh.

samhlachd, t.f.ind. Comparability, state of

being comparable. 2 Affinity. 3;MS)l;r,ui

sarahraMh 787 saobh-chomhraideach

runhraidh, g -n.sin/. of samhradh.

sainnrail, -e, a. see samaracnail.

gimhvi. see samhsadn.

si.nhsacli,** o. Abounding in, of, or like sorrel.

taamhs ulh, s.m. Sorrel seebh ich.frt a. U.ssimulating.

. sa,oi>hridn, -aidh, -in. Turning aside, act of

turning as de or misleading. 2 Infatuation,

act of infatuating.* 3 State of becoming silly.

* Act of gom; wrong. 5 Dissembling, act of

dissembling or prevaricating. 6 Imprecation.

7 Fooiis.mcss. 8 Error. 9 Amusement. 10 Asservatioii.

A' s , pr.pt. of saobh.

saob iai Ih, -ean, s.f. Taeden of a wild beast.

Litter and den of a fox.


saobhad, a. Er.onuous Dain I. Ghobha.

saobhal, 3uLfi'd. for saogaal.

.saobu-aoradli,** -aidh, s.m. Superstition.

sa-ooa-onainat, -e, -ean, s.f. Foolish or imperti-

as a teaming to every country.

tsu;ias, -a.s, -au, s.m Dictionary.

aiiasach, -aiche, a. Warning, giving hints or

cautions, hinting, whispering. 2 Allusive. 3

xirceciug, saluting.

san.isaich,** v.a. Allude.

e, s.m. Etymologist.

Binasail, -e, a. see sanasach.

air, -ean, s.m. Suggester.


2 Monitor. 3**

anaian,** -ain, s.m. Glossary. 2 Etymology,

a Pr.vate hint, low whisper, warning.

aiche.** a.m. Etymologist.

f.-anct, (.ia'jiic form of LaMu sanctuf.

fstiiccair,** a.m. Sanctuary.

ban l.i.i, see -arda.il.

g uinadh,** -aidh, s.m. Loodeuing, looseness. 2

-e i.iratin^.

sa ii.d.ig, see .sacliasan.

sanm, -ainat \ -a, s.m. Inclination, desire.

*,oVetuusncfed, avarjce, t;reed. 2 Ami>itu>u.



*l.ust. TIIH s onu, / int'iid ; s, gnioinii, incuna

inn to work ; s. jiiui son.is^indh an donas

dua, hop.-l-ss greed ill L/etidet ; ea^i o du'

fi.ii itn dun.' u s., h^ that iia'-'S cooeiousn^ss ;

ina tna s. sin air, if he h'i# a deire for tual ;

< all. a' mhillteir, from the am'niiun nent talk. 2 Prattle, gabble.

---each, -eic.ie, a. Prattling, gabbling,

talking foolishly. 2 Fond of idlo or toolish


s loo.i-ciiar, -chuir, see saobh-ghnothac!i.

saobh- :ni ill, -cheill, s.f. Nonsense. 2 Folly,


h,** -aiche, a. Fooiisn, nonsensical,

nf ihe

-an & , -achan [**-choiricheau,]s.m.

-- ---ach, a. Har'ng wMrlpooIa.

sajbii-c'hoiulirada, s.-e s lOJii-chaiuut.

saoba-cnomhi'.iideich.-eiche, see saobu-chainnfc-

saobh ch6mhra i d each 788 saoibhreaa


aaoUi-chrabhach.tt -aidi, s.m. Hvpocrite.

saobh-chrabhach, -aiche, a. Superstitious.

Insincere, false-hearted, hypocritical,

gaolih-chrabhadh, -aidh, -aidhean, x.m. Super

stition. 2 False devotion, hypocrisy,

saobh-chrabhair,** s.m. Hypocrite,

saobh-chreideach, see saobh-chreidmheach.

saobh-clireidiche,** s.m. Superstitious or credu

lous person. 2 Heretic,

saobh-clneidimh, s.m. Superstition. 2 Hetero

doxy, heresy. 3"* Wild opinion,

saobh-chrei'hnheach, -eiche, a. Superstitious.

Driving, as cattle.

sapdachadh, -aidh, a.m. Driving. 2 Act of driring

cittle to pasture, or to a restinst-placi fjr



3 Conducting,jruidiog,ten Uti.;. 4

**Taki(igcxre of. A' B-,"pr.pt. ofsaodaicb.

saod^ich, pr.pt.. a' saodachadh, v.ct. Drive cnt!e

or flocks to pasture, or to a resting place for

the nisjht. 2 Conduct. 3 Tend, take care of.

4 (MS) Run. 5" Coax away in good humour.

Heterodox, heretical.


, -eich, *. m. Superstition

person. 2 Holder of heterodoxy or heresy


saobii-c'ircMdmheachd, *./. see saobh-chreidimh

aobh-fhaidh, -ean, s.m. False prophet.

eachd, s.f. False prophecy.

saobh-ghlbr, -oir, s.m. Vain-glory. 2JJsee saobh


ach, -aiche, a. Vain-glorious. 2 sei

saobh-chainn teach.

sajbh g-hnothach,tt -aich, -aichean, s.m. Job.



2 Pr.Mperity.success.

3 Plenty. 4(M3) Blisaf


S.VM* 'Invasion, see saoibhir.

BHoibhreasaich.OIS) v.a. Klate.

Sai'i 'iiricii, pr.pt. a' -aoibhr -achvlh, .a. & n.

Enrich, make rich. 2 see soirbhieh.


te, past pt. of saoi'lhricu. Enriched,

made rich.

Bioibhsgeul,** -sjj"6il, t.m. Fable, [also saobhs^.-nl

with hyphen.]

aoidh, -ean,.Tj*. G >o 1, worthy or dwarving person.

2 "Righteous in in. 3 Generous, brave

or mapnauirnuns tu;vn. 4 Warrior, hero. 5

Learned man, mm of letters 6 Tutor, preceptor.

7 (AF) Mars. 8**Nbl-..-mui. 9 s^e

sa -idhean. 10** Worthy. Saoidheau Mhanuis,

^f (inns' warriors.

a 'idh, -e, a. Good, worthy, deserving. 2 Generous,

brave, magnanimous. 3 Godly, pious. 4



tf44h.(CR1 *.m. Tub Arran.

aao do,** s.f. HAV. S. I6in, ineado>r-hay; muinntir

na saoidh, the hay-makers Feur-saoidhe,

natural hay that yrowt on alluvial soil not

m~attoH'-hay (DMK.)

aoidh-dana, t.m. Poet.

toidh-dhearg. *./. Sainfoin (plant.)

8ft->idheadair,** -ean, t.m. Hay-cutter. 2 Haymaker.

eachd,** ./. Hay-cutting. 2 Haymaking.

aoidhealachd,** t.f. Generosity.

- an, ".m. Supposition. 2 Thinking.

t-iou^'ht, refl. cvio.i. Proo. A' s , pr.pt. erf


sao leadh, -aidh, t.m. & pr.pt. of saoil, see seuladh.

saoil'.vun, v. " ; M->th !rh,(AF) . 7n. Coal-fish in its 5th.

year, iu s >me places erroneously called lythe.

aoidhean-raor, see saoulhean-dubh.

sa-ndhear,** *.m. Hay-maker.

* toil, -e, -ean, t.f. .Seal, see seula.

aaoil, pr.pt. a' saoilea Hi, v.a. see seulaich.

aaoil, pr.pt. a' saoil-sinn, a" saoiltinn, & a' saoila>.:lulaiun,

v. n. Think, suppose, imagine. 2*

Seem. Sh. mi, / thought or ima-rin-d ; nn s.

thu ? do you think ? sh. e gur e namhaid a bh'

Min. hf thoiwht h" wan an tneriiy; nach s.thu ?

do you not think ? shaoileadh duine, on? would

t"i>otf ; ma shaoileas tu.iV you think or ju j ;

c ait' an duac-i e, saoil thu ? u-fi/re do you j

tttiiJe he has- gone t

saouas.tf -ais, *-./. Vexation.

Ghabh e 8., he took offence.

-ach,** a. Peevish.

-- achd, t.f. Peevishness.

saor, -aoire, a. Free, at liberty, not enslaved. 2

Uucotnpelled, unrestrained, free from engagements

of any kind. 3 Permitted, allowed. 4

Freed, set at liberty, delivered. 5 Exempt,

clear. 6 Free, gratuitous, not purchased. 7

Free, liberal, frank, not parsimonious. 8 Free,

unrestrained, unrestricted. 9 Cheap. 10 Free,

famdiar, unreserved. 11 Free, without obstructions

or impediments. 12 Kasily split or

broken, as wood or stone. 13*Abaolute. 14

15 Ran -ionied.

Sometimes used before its noun, as, saorthabhartas,

a frf offrnni. BuntaLa s.. cheap

potato,-* ; claim na mna sioire, lh" childr.i oj

ill" fr.-e tvu'iian ; s o 'u mui innan. fr.^ f>-om

th? oath ; s. o 'M alladh s'.n, />> '// that aspersion

; i>heir mis' a nvich sa.>r thu. / sltaLl taki

you out free of exi>fnss ', oh.-ir mi dua t;u a.,

saor 790 saotliail

1 thnll rjivfJiim' freely ; clach sh.. // '-stone ;

uine sh yard, , ion, holidays; saor chairtealan,

frrr hulgings.

iaor, pr.pt. a' saoradh, v a. Free, deliver, rescue,

liberate. 2 Save, redeem. 3 Except. 4

Acquit, ft Set at liberty, disentangle 6 Cneapen,

make cheaper. 7 Au.solve. 8*Pur^e. 9

(AH) " Ship," as an oar. 10* Free of aspersion

or calumny. S. am hoireann tch seo,

clear this woman (from scandal); cha sh.

un thu, / w>l'. not acquit you ; s. do raimh,

"ship," or ta'ce in your oars.

or, (jfii.

.mothail 791 sir-laoch


Rothalr, gen. -thrich [saoUhreach,**] -thraiche*n.

t.f. Labour, toil. work. 2 Travail, p:vins

of child-bed. 3** Ado. 4** Mervic* .work,

drudgery. Is s. leis. hf thinks it -t /,a/ -

sar leat 792 's e

sar leat, for soraidh leat.

.iir-lion, v.a. Increase.

ear-mhaise, s.f. Great beauty or handsomeness.

aci, -eiche, a. Exceedingly ii"autiful.

sar-mhaith, a. Exceedingly &ood, excellent.

Bir-ogan,** -ain, s.m. Exoelleut young woman.

sar-nu'h,** s.m. Czar.

samcha.lh, -aidh, see sarachadh.

saruchail, see .sarachail.

saruich, see saraioh.

te, see saraichte.

sar-uinhal, -aile, a. Very obedient, very submissive.

eas. -ais, s.m. Straits, difficulties, adversity. ?

Confinement, bondage, restraint, custody,

durancw. 3 Hold, grasp, grapple. 4**l)istress,

trouble. Tha e 'n s , he nt in cut'odti ;

air dha bhi an s., having happened to be in

durance ; is mafh au s. Uiu fhein an sin ; you

yourslf a.rf tve'l 'rjiial to that ; tha thu daonnan

an s. an rud-eisjin, you are always bug// at

sotne'hin;/ ; an s. teaun, in sore trmible ; tha

ua balaich an s., t'ie hoy* ar' fight in-j or wr-xlliwj

; tha 'n crodh an s. a che"ile, the cattle are

pushiri'i rach of for.

sas,*~ a. Fast, laid hold of. 2 Straitened. 3 Distressed.

4 rar.'ly. Capable Tha'n cas MI an

s., their feet are fatt (cnxnared) ; chiidh an

snaihad an sas 'nam chois, the nredt* piercfd

my foot ; chaidh e 'n sas (ia Suth'd cha' 'sas,)

he stuck fatt.

sas, -ais, -an, s.m. Instrument, engine. 2 Means.

3 Cause. 4** Arms.

gas, r.a. Lay hold of, sieze upon. 2 Fix upon,

adhere to. 8** Grasp, grap'ile.

sasach, -aiche, a. Apt to grasp, lay hold of or

fasten upon. 2 Satiating, .satisfying or glutting.

3 Satiated, glutted^ 4**Uf a grasping


sasachadh, -aidh, s.m. Satiating, act of satiat-

ing, fiili'ig or cloying. v^'Greediness A' s ,

pr. pt.

of S'lsaieh. A* s. na feola, satisfy inj

thelittts of th -flesh.

sasichd, f.f.ind. Readiness to grasp or lay h >ld

of. 2 Abundance, satiety, cioyment, sufficiency,

repletion, saturation. 3 Greediiu-ss. 4

ft Bonds, fetters, res.raint.

sasadh.*" -aidh, x.m. Satisfaction, comfort. 2

Content. 3 Sufficiency, fu n -ss.

sasag, -ai.s;, -an, *./. Straw-chair, a rude chair

made of twisted straw. 2 Vessel, sea bra No.

sasagach, -aiche, a. Having straw-chairs. 2 Of,

or belonging to, straw-chairs. 3 Clumsy awkward.

4 Corpulent, thick-set.

sasaich, pr.pt. a' sasachadh, v.a. Satisfy, till, satiate,

cloy, glnt. gorge. 2(MS) Bestick. 3**

Saturate. 4*Jmproperly used for sas, as sh. e

sasdadh, see sasrta.

sas;las, -ais, S'\) sas lachd.

sas-:iihnrt, -mhoirt, s.m. Massacre, revengeful


ach,** a. Massacring, murdering from


adh,** -aidh, a.m. Massacre, reveng.-ful


air,** a.m. Murderer, revengeful murder


sas; a, past pt. o' sfis. Fixed, fixed upon.

sasta. a. Neat, !i mdsome, elegant.

si.s.icnadh. s w sasach idh.

sasaich. see sasaicii.

sa:.i,(Ml-mhuir a* chutin ;

8CV--H hei-ringx, a foil in-a 1

. for a ta'nion ;

s>feen siflitinii. it fall ine'i! j'm-a sea'.:

xt'veu s -a'.s a f it'll in'ai fur a fmad ichnte ,*

frorn s.nall ichal'-s a full m>-aljor a larg white;

seven lar.ie whales, a full nt,fa( for a tm'.l wh

'8 e 793 seach

questions, as, An e seo e ? 's e, is this he f


e, p j rs.p'-on. He.

-*-, ^n phut, particle, see -sa.

e. a. -SIK. se taighean, six housfs.

KM, a s^e se.

*ib,(OU) a.m. (m .mosyllahle) Great quantity

f r-l taKuu ac one meal. 2 The repletion

or -urfeit, resulting therefrom,

eab. i-.a. n. cj- see siab. 2 sea seap,

eii, sc-e >e u>a"h.

se-ibadh, see seap ullu

eabair, 8--* seipair.

eachd,** see seapaireachd.

*ahn,* v.n. Stray.

,** a.m. Quit! of tobacco.

itch, -niche, a. Neat, trim prov.

achas, -ais, .m. Trimness, neatness, prov.

616. Seabhetg.

r, -ale, -an, s. /. Peregrine falcon fdlco

pr grlnni. Cearc-sheabhai ; tin raise los sin uile a thoirt leara, s.

a bhi 'fagail pairt dheth 'nar deidii, I intend

a D

Reach 794

to tak r all this with me, rattier than leaoepart

behind vs ; deb-gre*ine a chaidh a., a sunbeam

that has rjon' by.

seai-h,*" v.a. Shun, pass by.

eacii, prep. Past, beyond, farther than. 2

More than, rather than.

S an dorus. ptst the door ; cha t&d e s seo,

he will nnt pass this, or here ; s. aon eile, rattier

than anyon? tine , s. leig^il da dol seachad,

rnlhfr than he should pats by ; do aon 3.

aon, to one more than to an ith.fr ; s. a cheile,

(>n- from another , 9 oar petit the nthtr ; (ear s.

f -ar. on" man more than another; cha'n aithne

rthonih non seach a cheile, / do not know one

frum ihf other; s innsaadh air, rather than.

injorm anain*t him, cha tid e s. am built;

seo. he. H,-

sinne gu math dheth s. MIMgh bochd n in

Innsean, iff are well ny in comparison tn the

poor people of the Indie* ; fear mu s., man by

man, on* by one, each in rotation ; uair mu s.,

tim* about ; grathuinn mu s., while about ; a

la, still alive ; am bheil e seach la fharhast, ?

is he still alive t Suth'd. seach is used as a

prep, in two ways as Seach u'n iarradh iad i.

geeini that they ivould look for her -and, s. iad

'ga h iarraidh, rather than that they should

look. for herC'ltlc R'View, xii. 357. [Followed

by tbe nom. case.]

seachad, adv. By, along, on, onward, forward.

2 Aside. 3 Out of the way. 4 Past. 5 Beyond,

more. 6 Gone by.

A' dol s., pausing by or along ; a' dol s. air t'

ais 's air t' aghaidh, not catling, pasting and

repotting; au la a dol s., the day panning ; a'

cur s. na h-uine, pasxiiuj the time : cuir s. seo,

put this by ; s. oirnn, past us ; na cuir s. orm e,

do not it

pyl by me, ? give, me the option (of refted

him fullt/.

suachanta, -ainte, o. Shunning, avoi liug. 2 Tu

b suunned or avoi le

each t-ihli-m-a*, -eitf, -au,.A ifeptagjn.

eacn-l-ii >na, AO) Tne seven elements (fire, air,

eariii, wat.er, ice, wind and lUh nin r )

ftch |-:M lobhach,* sej s -a-hd-shli-H e-;h.

fceac'idua-i,** -;

796 seal-coise

tain ing to I rye. Mftll'hadiail, -e, a. Inheritable,

eagh, -a, -an, t.m. Meaning, sense, purport. im- i sealbhachas,

port 2 Discourse, dialogue. 8 Sense, under- J lucky,

standing. 4 Cause, reason, purpose. 5 Es- ; Malbkachd,

-HIS, i.m. Luckiness, state of being

fortunate or prosperous. 2ftStock.

*./. see sealhhachas.

teem, value, msp^et. 6 Crop of a bird. I)e sealbhadair, -ean, *. m Possessor, owner proprietor.

2 Occupant.

eachd, sj. Ownership, possession.

sealbhadh,** -a.dli, t.m. Possessing, inheriting,

2 Possession.

sealhhag,$ -aig, -an, a. is s. dha ? what is the purport of it ? a. na lice

seo a dh'fheoraich, to enqui rt into the import


/. Common sorrel, see

this toinbston* ; gabh s., pay att^n ion.

[Seadh is the form used in the Bible and

in the dictionaries, but seagh is better.]

seagha,** a. Curions, ingenious.


seayhach, -aiche. a. Discreet, sensible, prudent. sealbh;igach, -aiche, a. Abounding in sorrel.

2 Weighty, important, having much meaning. Of, or like sorrel.

3 Sagacious. 4 Fit, proper. 5 Courteous, sc,ilbhag-na-noclha, s.f. Wood-sorrel,

respectful, of gentle manners. 6** Attentive, rag.


seaghacha-lh, -aidh, x.m. Act or sfate of signifying.

2 Holding forth, showing, importing,

meaning. A' s , pr.pt. of seaghaich.

seaghach.(AF) a.m. He-goat.

seaghachail, -e, a. Implicatire.

seaghachas, -ais, s.in. Sense, intellect, understanding.

2 Sagacity, acuteness, penetration.

3 Courtesy, gentleness. 4 Attentiveueas.

seas;haich, v.ct. Signify, import, imply.

seaghail, -e, a. see seaghach.

eeajrhalachd, n.f. see seaghachas,

seaghar, -aire. see sea^hacb.

seaghas, see'seaghachas.

seaghas,** -ais, s.m. Wood.

seaghlan,** *. Column, post. 2 King.

seaghlan,** s.m. Old man. 2 Infirm person, i

Pithless person.

seagh lanar-h,** a. Infirm, stiff. 2 Columnal.

seaghmhor, -nihoire, see s^a^hacb.

seaghmhorachd, s.f. see seaghachas.

eeagh-suiridh, -a-, -an-suiriilh, *./. Lo?e-token.

eeagsaid, see seasaich.

sea^uil,* see seagal.

seal, -a, -an, a.m. While, space of time, season

2** Glimpse. 3 Course, turn. 4 Spot. 6 see

seul. 6 (MS) Mean. Car s., or re a, for a


sealach, -aiche, a. Momentary, of short continuance,


sealacha/CR) s.pl. Seals.

617. Sealbhag-namfiadh.

sealV.nasr-nam-fia.lh,? s.f. Mountain sorrel oxy

rict reniforinis.

sealbhag-nan caorach, s f. Sheep-sorrel,

sealbhaich, pr.v*. a' sealbhacbadh, r.d.Possess.

inherit. 2 Enjoy, own. 3 Gain, acquire,


sealbhaiche, -an, s.m. see sealbhadair.

sealbhaichear, fttt.pass. of sealbhaich.

sealbhaichte, past pt.\ot sealbhaicn. Possessed.

2 Won, acquired.

sealbhaidh,** s.f. Encounter, encountering,

sealbhan, -ain, -an, s.m. Herd, drove, number of

cattle, or of small cattle (sheep, goats, dc.)

fsealadach, -aiche, a. Alternate, by turns. 2 2 Multitude, company.


Bealaidheach,** a. Transitory.

sealaidheachd,** s.f. Transitoriness, alternation.

2 Vicissitude, change.

3 The throat, throttle.

4(AF> Tocher, possession of cattle. 5 Little

possession, little inheritance. An s. a cheilo

senlan, -ain, -an, s.m., dim. of seal. Little while.

2 Halter or rope for execution.

Bealan, -ain, -an, s.m. Sheep-louse, tick,

sealanach, -aiche, a>. Abounding in sheep-lice

or ticks,

gealanach,** -aich, t.m. Executioner. 2 Villain.

3 Meagre man or beast.

sealmach,tf a. Of

il-coise 797 siamhsail


iit. a'

pi'. sal,i!.o. 'ce i. spVn -tic.

ealjrad!i, -:iMh, t.m. Same meanings s sealg.

A' s ,p.p'. of sealg.

8ea^4;i Forester. 6 Falcon, see seabhag, 7*

Sneaker S. a theab, ou unsucc&spd hnnifr.

eealgaireach,** a. lake, or pertaining to, a hunter

or huntsm in.

Bea'^airra'-hd, s.f.ind. Hunting, hmwkinir, fowl-

'_' ing Bu*ines* of a hunitsm'iu , gamekeeper,

h;iwker or fowler 3* Watching narrowly.

e-Ugairm6r, (an), a.m. The constellation Orion.

The cri'>s .Orion's bt-lt 1

) is made up of three

star-; of a good second magnitude. A' bhiodag,

(the dirk), is slung from two of these it ;

show.- as three small stars with a larger one

at the end of the sheath. An sporan, is suspended

from the other, and Am breacanguailne

is blowing away on the breeze to the


Be.ilji-bhata, -aite, -aichean, s. m. Hunting pole.

sealghag, Lewis for senlgrxg.

seal-ioiuairt, -e, -ean, t.f. Temporary convenient.

senl-iomairteach, -eiche, a. Affording temporary


seall, pr.pt. a" sealltainn, v.a. See, look, behold.

2 iCR> Show W. of Roes. Seallaidh mi dhuii

e, I will shon' it to you ; seall orm, look at me;

Dia s. oirnn ! God hav:' mrcy on us ' am fear

naeh s. roimhe, seallaidh e as a dhe"idh, Jif

who will not look before him must look after


call ! int. Look ! see ! behold ! S. an gai.sgeach

treun a' teachil, s?e thf conquering hero coin**:

eellach.ft a. s e < ing. viewing.

tealladli -aidh, -ai Ihean, t.m. Sight, spectacle,

yie\v. 2 Coiupa 1^ of vision, extent to which

one can see. o Sinht, eye-sight, power of vision.

4 Look ca^t of the eyes. 5 Sight, gliince.

>.>r; s. cuil, a back-look; s.-ta 'iMi,

a iidflot>k,nid"y'auce ; le s.-taoibh bu inhor

an aire, -with side looks th*y waiched a'tentiwly

; s. annas.vch, or s. nosarh, a rar-e-

$ho v .' s. g"bhiach, a miuhit ; a' dol as an tseallad)i.

t me ltt.perttity.imp s^e.

Beall-fhios,** .in. Ocular proof ? certainty. Tlia

s. again air, / am quite certain oj it.

seallan. see sealain.

eea -rnara, S .a . oe from which the tide has re-


c-^'lyrl. j(l)Ms) The per o I of about s>x hours

/if Howinif to ebb and vice v:rsa. A' d >i do

*n t-sca.-mara. juinj tu look ware,

for uhtlks, sea-


sealltainn, s.m. Looking, act of looking, seeing,

viewing. 2 Observation, view,

-'ach.tfa. C treful.

sealtuidh,** s.m. Sheltie, Highland pony.

fsealtuir,** s.m. Sword.

fseahiidheachd, 8..f.ind. Course of time.

seam, -a, -an & -annan, s. m. Hook, peg, pin

2 Mote.

seam, pr.pt. a' seamadh, v.a. Forbid, prohibit.

2 Knjoin, warn, caution, b >dge.

seam, s.f. Entreaty, earnest petition, request.

Is ionvulh s. a thug mis' air, many an earnest

request I made.

seam,** s.m. Mote, atom. 2 Any small object

seamarh,** a. Warning, hinting, winking.

seaiua'lair,* -ean, s.m. Petitioner.

seamadh,** -aidh, t.m. Caution, warning, win. Iting.

2 Act of warning or cautioning. 3 Forbid-ling.

3 Act of forbidding or prohibiting.

A* s, pr. pt. of seam. Tha mi a' s. dhuio,

1 give you warning ; thug mi s. dhuit, I gave

you warning.

seama-guad,* t.m. Shuffle, quibble.

seamaide.J s. Blades of grass.

seamair,* sj. see seamrag.

seamair Mnire, see seamrag Muire.

seaman, -ain, -an, s.m. Litcle stout person. 2

Small nail riveted. 3**.Pm. 4**Nail. [also


ach, -aiche, a. Stout. 2 Jolly, cheer-

3**Rivetted, ae a nail.

ai-h, s.m. One sturdily indifferent to the

rights of others. S. balaich, a rough, churlish

bulli/ini character.

seamanach.(AF) s.m. Wasp.

seamanach'l, s.f.ind. Stoutness. 2 Jollity*

cheerfulness. St+Inattentiveness.

seamann,(AF) s. Small snail.

seauiar, see sebnmr A seamrag.

seamasan,* -ain, see seamsan.

ach,* aiclie, o. see seamsanach.

achd,* see seamsanachd.

achadh, see seamsanachadh.

aich,* see seamsanaich.

B imh, -a & seiinhe,a. Peaceful, quiet, tranquil^

calm. 2 Mild, modest, gentle. 3 Sin ill.slim,

slender, tender. 4* Enchantment to mako

ou'- friends prosper. [**seamh.]

seamhach, -aicne, a. see seamh.

d, s./.inrf. Peacefulnesp, tranquility,.

qui^-Diiess, uiildness,m'>desoy,genLleness,c:ilnkness.

2 Smallness, thinness, slimness, tenderness.

3 **CVnvliness.

seainhaich,tt pr. pt. a' seamhachadh, v. n. B

i qu t Calm, tran()U'llize.

ie.iniha.idh. -e, a. Discreet, prudent. 2{JSleuder.

i>**StiLttle. 4 see soamn.

eac)id, s.f. see seHiniiHchd.

semihiil, -;\


eamhsail,* -e, o. Fortunate, lucky,

jeamh^aiaebd,** *. Foriunatene^s, luckiness,

seauiiisar, -aire, a. see seamhasach.

seamlach, -aim, -aichean, s. f. Cow that gives

milk without her calf beside her. 2* Cow that

allows another cow's calf to suck her. 3 Impudent.troublesome

fellow. 4 Silly person.one

easily imposed upon,

seamlachas,* -ais, s.m. Imposture. Chuir thu

an orra-aheamlachais orm, you duped me.

seamlachadh,* aidh, *. m. Dnping, imposing

upon. A' s, pr.pt. of seamlaich. 'Gam sh.,

duping me.

seamlaich,* v.a. Je n. Dupe, impose upon.

618. Seamrag (*.) 619. Seamrag bhim.

eftmrag, -aig, -an, t.f. Shamrock, trefoil, clover,

Breac le seatnragan is neoiueanan, studded

with clover and daisies. 2 Wood-sorrel oxa

690. vVt Seamrag octc//n bhuidhe.


bhuidhe, *. f. Yellow cloyer or hop

trefoi til trifolium porcumbens,

seamrag chapuill, . /. Red clover, purple tre

foil tri folium pratense.

seamrag coig-bhileach, see coig mheoir Muire.

seamrag chrd, s. f. Common speedwell, se

lus chre\

seamrag dhearg, s.f. Purple clover Colonsay.

seamrag gheal, *./. White clover -Colonsay.

seamrae Muire, #./. Wood loose-strife or yello)

pimpernel lysimachia nemrum.

seaiarag-nam-buadh, ./. Four-leaved clover.


691. Seamrag chapuVl. 695*. Seamrag Muir*

(AC) Five-leaved clover.

seamrag-nan-each, *./. (AC) Four- or five-leaved

clover, see searnrag-nam-buadh. 2 Knapweed,

hard-heads Colontay.

seamrag-nan-searrach,(,AC) see seamrag-naiv


seamsag,** -aie:, t.f. Small nail or peg. 2 Woodsorrel

oxalis acetosella.

seamsan, -ain.-an, s m. Hesitation. 2Delay. 3

Sham. 4 Quibble, to gain good time or ends*

quirk, stupid evasion. 5 Laziness, indolence.

ach, -aiche, a. Hesitating. 2 Delaying.

3 Lazy, indolent. 4 Evasive, tricking. 5* Absurd

in the extreme.

achadh, -aidh, *.n. Tricking, deceiving.

A' s , pr.pt. of seamsanaich. 'Gam sh. air

an doigh sin, tricking m* like that.

seamsanachd,* s.f. in/I. Evasiveness, quibbling,

lit acetosella.

^ ach, a. Abounding in shamrock. 2 Per

taining to shamrock.

seamrag-an-deocadain, see quirking. 2 Shamming habits.

seamsanaich,* v.a. & n. Shan*. 2 Shuffle, evade.

3 Coax one out of his right.

, -e, * /. Hesitation. 2 Delay. *

seamrag-an-deocain Laziness, indolence.

seamrag-an-deocain, (AC) t.f. Four-leaved or sean, 1st. comp. sine, tiul. co7p.sinid, Srd.comp.

five-leaved shamrock, see seamrag-nam-buadh sinead. Old, aged, ancieut. C' ar son a dh*

eamrag bhan, s. /. White or Dutch clover fhasas iad s. ? why do they become old .* an &

trifolium repens. [This name is never applied sruthan sin, that ancient stream ; o sh., an-

to wood-sorrel.J

ciently, of old ; fhuair e bas 'na sheann duiue,

he died an old man ; cha sean do m' shean

agus cha 'n 6g do in' 6g tha, you are ne-ither

old with my old not young with my younq

i.e. as you are not related to me I will havei

nothing to do with you. [Sean does not aspirate

a word following if if begins with d,

* or t. It is pronounced and spelt seann when

preceding a noun beginning

with d, s,t, I, n,

or r, but spelt fan and renounced ttann


when placed before a UOUB beginning with

any of the other letters.]

fsean, -a, s.m. Supper.

fsean, s.m. Prosperity. 2 Happiness, Cuir

sh., squander.

sean, -a, -an, s.m. see seun.

, v.a. see seun.

seanacach, -aiche,

crafty, wily.

a. Sagacious* 2 Knowing,



*./. Sagacity. 2 Craftiness,

sean vcar, -air, a. Sagacious. 2 Old-looking,

old-fashioned. 3** Prospective.

achd, s.f.ind. Sagacity. 2Oldness of


seanacas. see seanachas.

seanach,** a. Crafty. 2 Lucky.

seanachadh, s.m. State of becoming old. A*

s , pr.pt. of seanaich.

seanachaidh, -can, s.m. Reciter of tales or gt


one skilled in ancient or

i*m. S 5th. stage of human life, from 54 to 84

years of aj;e. 4**Hird-catchiug. S'^Ancestry.

(J (MS) Primogeni ure.

seanait,** see seanaiil.

seanalair,* -ean, s.m. General.

seanamhair, s.in. see seanmhair.

seanan, see seunan.

seanan,(AK) s.m. Kite.

seananach,** -aich, t.m. Wasp.

sean-aois, -e, t.f. Old age. 'Na s., in her old



les ! AHtiquaiian,

mac ;" i i ;'.i X 3 Historian 4 Recorder.

keepiT of records. 5 Genealogist. Bha e- 'na

gh., he nut a. n-corfcr.

p-u-h, -eiche, a. Versed in tales, history

or antiqui ties. 2 Fond of, or reel. ing,

tales or antiquities, 3 Like a reciter of tales

or stori >=. 4 Ski'.l.'.l in genealogy.

eanachar, see s >a car.

aehd, Be,- seanacaraehd.

aeanachas, ais,-an, s.m T.Uu, story, narration

2 Conversation, discourse, talk. 3 Speech,

language. 4 Tradition, chronicle, history. 5

Ahisrory. 6 Anti inities. 7 Genealogy, 8*

Biography, 9* Talk about eld etories, Tha

droch sii." li^e./)" cv had lamjuag?; cron seanean

icliasach, -aiche, a. Abounding in conversati

in. talkative, hiring many tales, narrative.

8 Of, or b^loniing to, speech. 3 Conversable.

4 Skilled in history, genealogy or antiquities.

5 Fond of reciting tales, stories or genealogies.

6 Traditionary.

eea'iachiiail, see seanachasach.

seana-cheann, -chinu, t.m. Wise or experienced

>. person. Lu-nder parson. 6 J

Small yellow clover trifolium minus. Imicri

chum an t-seangan, go to th- ant.

seang inach, -aiche, a. Abounding iu ants or IB

seanganach 800 searbhaeh

2 Small yellow clover.


3 Like an ant. 4 Of

sea'igalachd.(MS) s.f. Slenderness.

fseangan-mhathair, s.f. Great-grandfather's or great-grandmother's mother,


seangant, a. Wily.

sea'igarra, -airre, a. Old-ltee, having an old

appearance. 2 Becoming old. 3 Sagacious.

4* Withered in person.

searig vrrachd, g.f.ind. Oldishness, old appearance.

2 State of becoming old. 3 Sagacity.

seang-bhoc,(AC) s.m. Roebuck.

seang-fhiadh,(AC) s.m. Roebuck,

t&eanghain, s. m. Conception, child near the

dm* of its birth.

seau-ghall,(OU) s.m. Wiseacre,

sean-ghille,* see seana-ghille.

achd, see seana-ghilleachd.

sean-ghnalhach,(M.S) a. Antique.

sean-sgeulach,(MS) a. Antique,

sean-gliin, s.m. & f. Child begotten in old ajye.

sean-lith, s. Happiness.

seanmhair, -ar, -airean, s.f. Grandmother. 2

2 Aged mother. 3 In some places applied to

a brood sow. Am fear adh itheas a sheanmhair,

faodaidh e a h-eanraich 61, hf that eats

his grandmother may sup her broth. When

Farquhar the leech had tasted the " bree " of

eannsalair,** s.m. Chancellor.

eachd.** s.f. Chancellorship.

eann-sgeul,** -sgepil.f.m. Old tale, legend,

seann-s^eulach, -aiche, a. Legendary. 2 Arc'ia*.

ological. 2 Of, or belonging to, old tales or

legends. 4 Skilled in old tales. 5 Foud of reciting

old tales or legends.

eann-sgeulachd,** s.f.ind. Old tale, tradition,

legend. 2 Archaeology.

eann-sgeulaiche,** *.m. Archaeologist.

eanntach'l, see seanndachd.

3aun-talamh, -aimh & talamhainn, s-.n*. Fallow 5

field, land long unploughed, " old lea."

eann-Tiomnadh, -aidh.s.m.The Old Testament.

eann-turach, -aiche, a. Well acquainted. ?;

Frequenting a particular place,

seanta, see seunta.

eantaidb, a. Senile. 2**PrimevaL 3**Primitive.

eachd,** s.f. Primitiveness.

eanntur, -uir, -an, s.m. Old acquaintance. 2

Old acquaintance or familiarity. 3 Frequenber

of a place.

eap.(MMcD) s.m. Gaelic spelling of shape.

seap, v.a.

aearbhaeh 801

"623. Searbhay mhilit.

searbhag mhilis,?*./. Woody nightshade, bittersweet

solatium dulcemona.

Bearbh iich, pr. pt. a' searbhachadh, v.a. & n.

Make bitter, embitter. 2**Acidulate. 3 Become

bitter. 4* Disgust. 5 'Tease. Sh. e

mi, hf disgusted me, teased me or embittered

mv liff.

Beari.haichte, past pt. of searbhaich. Embittere.i,

made bitter, become bitter. 2*i'eased.

enrbhaia muc, . Endive, see eanach-gharaidfi.

s.va.-bhalachd, see .searbhachd.

uearbhan,** t.pl. Oats. 2 (WG) Disgust. Chuir

e s. orua, hf disjusred me.

earbhau, -aiu, a.m. Tribute. 2(DU) see searbhac'id.

searbhan-muice, see eanach-gharairlh.

earbhaata, -n. s.f. Servant. 2 Maid-servant,

indoor or {outdoor. S. Mhic Dhdmhuuill

J)lmibti, (Lochiel's servant^ a name applied

to tiioscs dry easterly winds which often prevail

in September, and are such a go 1-send to

the f.trmor whose harvest is late. The origin

of the connection with Lochiel is not clear.

end,* t.f.in-i. Service. 2 Office of a

maid servant. 3** Handiwork of a female


svariihas, see searbhachd.

nearbhas.ichd,** ./. Sourness, bitterness, asperity.

2 Harshness, severity.

earbh-bhriathar,** -air, t.m. Bitter saying. 2


earbh-bhriathrtch/* a. Bitter in language. 2


2 sharp, severe.

rbhchadh,** -aidh, t.m. Act of making bitter.

2 State of becoming bitter. 3 Act of

mtking or growing sharp or severe. A' a-,

pr.pt. of searbhai.-M.

wrbhachd. tJ.faA. Bitterness, acidness, sourness,

t Harshness, severity. 3(MS; Gall.

, -aid. t.m. Degree of bitterness, sourharshness

or severity. A' dol an s.,

growing more and mnre sovr.

narbhadh. -aidh, s.m. see saarbhachadh.

aarbhadair, -em, see searadair.

e*rbliadas,(MS> -ais, t.m. Gall.

efcrbhadas, -ais, t.m. Bitterness, sourness. Z*

Disgust, dislike, displeasure. 3 Severity.sharpness.

4 Harshness of taate or sound. Piob

ri s., a pipe making a harsh sound.

eirbhag,(.CR) *./. Smxll-pale-green.sorrel-tastiug

trefoil growing in cool, shady places If.

/ Ross-shirs.

searbh-chainnteach, -eiche, o. Maledicent.

d,** s.f. Maledicency.

searbhdaich.* v. see searhtriich.

-te, see searbhaichte.

searbh-dharach, -aich, *.m. Cirrus.

searbh-ghloir, -e, *./. Vain-hoastini;, vain-glory.

2 Raillery, sarcastic language, cacophony.

eachd, t.f.ind. Habit of boasting.

searbh -ghl6racn, -aiche, a. Boasting, vain-gior


searbh-ghuthach, -aiche, n. Absonous.

Benrbhag, -aiu|. -n, s.f. Bitter draught. 2 Refuse

of liquids. 3 Acid. 4* Pickle. 5*Bitter,

sircastic female. 6 (AH) Toil, travail,

Struggle, difficulty, tough job, perplexity.

searbhlachd. s.f. see searbh ichd.

searbh-luibh. s. /. Wormwood, see burmaid.

Formerly used instead of hops to increase the

intoxicating quality of malt liquors. Cbuir e

air mhisg mi le searbh-luibhean, hf made me

dnrnfepN with worm-cool.

searbhos,** -ois, t.m. Deer, roe, stag.

searbh-radh,** pi. -raite, *. m. Bitter saying,

sarcasm, cacophony.

searbh-raiteach,** o.iiifcter in language. 2 Sarcastic.

searbhla, past pt. of searbh. Soured, embitter-,

ed, acidulated. 2 Pickled.

searbhtach.** a. Causing sourness, embittering,


searbh-ubh U,** -ubhlan, t.m. Tart apple, crabapple,

coloqui itida.

searb6s, see searbhos.

scare, -eirc, see seirc.

fsearc, v.a. Love.

searcadh, -aidh, see seargadh.

searcag, -aig, -an, s.f. see seirceag.

searcail, see seirceil.

searcall, -aill, a.m. Flesh. 2 Delicate meat,

best part of flesh-meat.

searcan, -aiu, -an. s.m. see seircean. 2(AG) see


searcoll,(AF) s.m. Flesh of the woodcock.

seardair, see searadair.

tsearg, *. Consumption.

searg,* a. Dry, withered, shrivellsd.

searg, -eirg & -a, pi. -an, s.m. Trifling.insignifi.

cant or puny man or beast. 2 Person or beast

shrivelled with age or infirmity. 3*Shrivelled

or decayed person. 4 (DU) (an t-searg) Disease

common to sheep.

se,ir, pr.pt. a' seargadh, v.a. Jc n. Dry, wither,

fade, scorch, cause to dry, wither or fade.

blast with heat, drought or cold, decay,

shrivel. 2 Fade, wither, pine away. Sh. na

lusan, the herbs u-ithmd.

seargach, -aiche, a. Fading. 2 Causing to fade

or wither, bla.stiusr, scorching, withering. 3

Apt to fade wither or become blasted. 4ff


seargachadh, -aidh, s.m. & pr. pt. of seargaich,

see seargadh.

seargadair, -ean, s.m. Languishes

searg tdh, -aidh, s.m. Withering, act of withering

or causing to wither, fade, decay or pine

away. 2 Blasting, as of corn. 3 Scorching.

4* Fading, pining. A' s , pr. pt. of searg.

Air s., withered ; tha 'n duiue sin a' 8. air

falbh , that man is pining away.

sear-aich, pr.vt. a' seargachadh, v.a. & n. Same

meanings as searg.

ear, fat pass, of seargaich.

te, past pt. of snargaich.

seargair,* -ean, *. m. Pining person, withered

or puny person.

seargan, s.m. see searg.

searganach, -aiche, a. Withered, dried up. 2

Causing to wither, that withers.

searganach, -aich, s.m. Person of shrivelled appearance.

earganta.tf a. see searganach.


searrachach, -aiche, a. Abounding in foals, colts

or fillies. Ctnre s. uanacn, a ddl ivhere foalt

and lambs abound.

searracnail, -e, a. Like a foal. 2 Slim, small.

3 Sender-footed, as a foal. 4 Abounding in


searradh, -aidh, s.m. Cutting, act of cutting or

hacking, as with a knife. '2 Reaping, act of

reaping or mowing. 3 Slaughtering, act of

slaughtering. 4 (DMy) (searra'th) Stretch of

the leg. A' s -, 'i>r. pt. of sjarr. Fichead

trofdh searradh ah fheidh is troidh tbar fhichead

s. a' mliial-clioin, twenty feet the deer't

bound ani twenty-one the greyhound' t.

searrag-, -aig, -an, s.f. Bottle,flask, phial, stoup.

2 Leatheru bottle. 3**Cup. 4 (Bundle of hay.

This is simply a translation of cue English

phrase "a bottle of hay." (cearmag fhedir.)

searragach, -aiche, a. Of, or belonging to, bottles

or phials. 2 Like a bottle or phial. 3

Full of bottles or phials.

searragaich, s.f. Pilewort, *cole-wort ranunculus


searragaich,** v.a. Bottle, lay up in bottles.

te, past pt. Bottled, laid up in bottles.

searra^-ph6caid,* *./. Flask.

uearr-fhiacall, -aill, -an & fhiaclan, *. no milk.

seasg,* s.m. Barrenness.



/. Sharp

searr-fhiaclach, -aiche, a. Having sharp teeth.

2**Having teeth like a sickle.

sekrr-shuil, -shula, -ean, s.f. Squint-eye.

searr-shuileach, -eiche, a. Squint-eyed.

s.m. Sedge, water-sedge. 2 Burr-reed. A'


)2 seaigach

leargte, past pt. of searg. Dried up, withered,

faded, consumed, blasted, shrivelled. Fraoch

8., withered heath.

learmasr, W. of Hogg for seamrag.

jearmaid, see searmon.

learmon, -oin, -an, ,*./. Sermon, discourse, lecture,

pleading. Cionnas a ni iad s ? how can

they pi-oach ?

searmonach.tt a. Abounding in sermons.

learm machadh, -aidh, s.w. Preaching, act or

business of preaching. A' s , pr. pt. of searmonaich.

seavnionaich, pr.pt. a* searmonachadh, v.a.&n.

Preach, perf >rm the act or olfice of preaching,

lecture, discourse. 2 Harmonize.

gearmonaifiie, -an, s.m. Preacher.

learmonaichte, past pt. of seArmonaich. Preached.

searn,** v.a. Loose, untie.

,** a.m. Youth, stripling.

fsearnach,** a. Dissolvent.. 2 sears.J v.a. Gaelic form of charg*. 2'Brandish

sear.sadh,** -aidh. s.w. Charge, as of a gun.

searsaiim,** v.a. Charge or load a gun.

sear8a-mach,(GR) *.m. Notice to quit Perthshire.

searsanach.J -aich, s.m. Sheriff-officer.

searthonu.** -uinn, s.m. Chief poet. 2 Prince.

3 Art. 4 Knowledge.

seas,** s.m. Plank for stepping into a boat. 3

Bench made on a hay-rick by cutting off

part of the hay.

seas, pr.pt.


fsearnadh,** -aidh, s.in. Dissolution, separation,

loosening. 2 Yawning.stretching of the limbs,


searpan,** -ain, s.m. Order. 2 Custom. 3 Swan.

searr, -a, -an s.f. Sickle, reaping-hook. 2 Scythe.

3 Saw. 4*+Phial. [** gives s.m.]

searr, pr. pt. a' searradh, v. a. Cut, hack, as

with a knife. 2 Reap,mow, shear. 3 Slaughter,

kill, make havoc, massacre. 4** Yawn. 5**

Stretch the limbs.

searr, (AF) s.m. see searrach.

jsearrach, -aich, *. *. Foal, colt. 2 (DO) Colt

till housed Uist. 3 Filly. [A Gael considers

it a bad omen to have a back view of the

first foal or young of any grazing quadruped

of that season he sees in any year.] Deich

searraich, ten foals ; camhail le 'n searraich,

camels with their foals ; cnunnaic mi s. 's a

chulaibh rium, / saw a foal with its back to


searrach,** a. Edged, pointed, sharp, like a hook

or scythe.

searrach-ruadh.(AF) s. Buzzard.

a' seastrah.w.a. & n. Stand. 2 Maintain,

support, defend, 3 Continue, endure. 4

Profit, avail. 5*Stop. 6**Lust. 7**Stand by.

SftCause to stan.l. An s. thu 'uam fhiauuis ?

will you stand in my presence; co a sh'ea


eagacha, -is, see seasgaiche.

easjj.ichd, .f. Barrenness. 2 Herd of barren


95. Seic. (ill. by


geas.ari, -ain & -a, -an, * m. Shock or handful

of Cleaned corn. 2** Gleanings of corn. 3

Truss of "leaned corn. 4 Moorish ground,

fenny country ft** Land tha' has been gleaned

5 Reed-grass ariinrto r>hrar)m.it".

seasganach, -aiche, a. lu handfuls or shocks, as

glea-ied corn. 2 Abounding in gleaned corn.

, aich, * m. Bachelor.

d,** s.f. Celibacy.

seasija-m, see seaman

ach,** a. Marshy.

?a!jar,** -aire, a. Soft, effeminate. 2 Still,

calm. 3 Comfortable. 4 Dry and warm.snug.

, also sea^gair.]

M*fbh6, -bh iiu, *./. Barren cow, heifer.

seas^ cliorp,** -chuirp, *. m. Barren body. 2

Co'i-aitutiontl barrenu -ss.

seass-choipAch, -aiche, a. Barren, farrow, unpioiiKc.

seasg-chrodh, s.f. see crodh-seisj.

seasglach,** -aich, s.m. Barren cattle.

seasglaicli,(AF) 8. see sea.sglacn.

seas-gnrian, -ghr^ine, . n. The solstice. 2


able. 4 Positire, in grammar 5 (I)U) Reliable.

Daine s., a man of his word , aitec6mhnuidti

8., a fixfd abfi.'.? ; bilhidh gach

fKcals., wry H'O'-d shu'L b" rstnblish',1.

seasmliachd, g.f.iml. Firmness, steadiness, stability,

sieadfastnr-ss, consia.icy, durableuesa,

2 Settled st uc, as of wen .'her.

seasrach," 1 * -aich. *.v. Lad, youth.

Beasgul. -aid. i.w. Degree of sterility.

. r-*tfadh.(MMcD) m. The part of an oar between

tiie box and foathtr.

BH&s s'mich,** t.f. Barren c >vf.

das.naicne, *./ nti. Barrenness, sterility, state

of being barren.

8 a

seicheach 804

or sk''ns. 2 Like a hide or skin.

seich -adair, -ean, s.m. Skinner, currier.

seich >a laireachd.ft s.f. Spinning.

seicnearnach,* -aici ),*./. Tan-work. 2 Cube.

seickim,** x.m. 8hohem-wood.


seicil, s. **#ra.ce. 2ftll.'clcl i f >r flix, flaxcomb.

seicil, pr.pt. a' saic'.eadh, v.a. Dress or comb

flax. 2* Beat or scold lustily.

seicilte, past pt. of seicil. Heckled.

seicle. s. Flior of a spinning- wheel, (also seicle)

seicleadh, -aidh, a.m. l>rd

MS Seiieach. 6*7. Stittachvn

69S Seilfachan-Franvach. 699. Seimhean.

seileachd,(MS) s.f. Defluxion

Beileach-geal, s.m. Sallow,

seilearh ui.sge, a.m. Osi^r Colonsay.

seileadac-h, -aich, see ^ileadach.

aeileadach , -aich. x.t/i. Pocket-handkerchief.

geileadan.* -see s-ileadach. 2 Spitting box.

SOS seinn

iris, yellow water-flag or sedge.

sell lean, -ein, -au, t.tu. Bee. heath or field- bee. S

Teasing request or repetition.

8 -achaidii, o fietd bfe.

s.-iiioinhain, a di one or idle bee.

s.-lunndach, ariron* bee.

s.-mor, a hwnble bee.

s.-niiuh, a hornet.

s.-se'mhid. a snail.

seilleanach. -a'che, a Full of bees. 2 Teasing,

importunate. 3 Capricious, flighty

seilleanachd, s.f tint. Caprice.

seilleann,(AF) * Ked, sheep-louse, ticlc, sea


-acb. see sealanach

seilliunn,** -uinn, s.m see sealan.

seilrniger,(AF) * m Imperfect ram. 2 contemptuoitsly.

Useless man.

seilt,** *./. Dropping 2 Drivelling, slavering,

mucous salivation.

seil teach,** a. Slavering, causing salivation.mucons.

seilteachd,*' .f. Infirmity of slavering, course

of salivation. 2Oozmess

seilticbean, s

pi. Scrofulous sores.

seil uisge. *. Leech

seim, -e. s f. Squint. 2 Squinting. S. shuileach,


Tseiin. -e, s.f. Publishing.

seirmeachd, s.f. ind. Sonorousness.

seimh, -e, a. Mild, tranquil, placid, smooth, 9

Affable, gentle, soft, kind 3 Delicate. ***

Comely 5** rarely Little. 6**Single. 7**

Quiet. 'San fhairue sheimh, in the calm sea :

s. gu'n robh do thanih. toft bt thy repose ; gu

s.. quietly, sojtly ; na's seimbe, more mild.

(also seamb.)

siimhe, sf.tntt Mildness, pentleness.quietness.

calmness, smoothness 2 Kindness 3** Softness


seiiuheach. -eiche, a. Making calm, producing

calmness 2 Quiet, cairn, mild. S see seimn.

seimheachadh, -aidh.i.m. Calming, act of calming.

quieting or soothing. A' a , pr. pt. of


sennt'.eachd. s.f. see seiuihe.

se!mhea!achd,(.MS) t.f. Dispassion, coolness, 2


seimhean -ein, s.m. Bog-rush tchtxnus nigri-

ee'.lea^, -eig, an, g.f. see bileag.

ach, see si'eagach.

seileanu. inn, an, see sealan.

ach, -aicti, see sealanach.

seilear, -ir, -an, s.m. Cellar. |_" gives seileir as


a ,-h, -aiohe. o. CeMared. 2 Cellular.

Sei'ear-bid'i tf s.m. Pantry

sei'ear dihhe.* s.m. Spirit cellar. ? Public bouse

geil^ar inchdrach.tt s in. Under cellar.

se.lear lair,* * m Vault

aeileifheag, see

seinn 81

an . clag Arnial. 4 Knend, co')r>a >

ion. 5** .Satisfaction, 6** Treat, *.it.rwuument.

7*~*C>mpiny 8** Anything th^t a^rwes

ill or well wuhone. 9ff Plea-ure, delij-hs..

Chad' fhuair Kionn a sheis nainh, ls mat.,h ; thn contact unth you; barr.vchd sa an.,

more than hts match.

s^is. -e?n s. m . Tane, musical air. 2 Nntte, tumuli,

bustle. 3 V AC> Dirge. Seis-biiais, deatli-

gfl3 .

to (URl rm. Hum or buzz made by wild bees

in th*ir nest when disturbed- W.of Ross-shirt.

K\VC) Anv hissi IR souud.

f9eis, -e, -ea'n, t.f. Skill, knowledge.

Kind of chest, see ciste-chaol.

is (MMcD) *.

riia v. W. of Rost for seMst.

Slsd -ean *.m. [i.f.'M Siege. 2 see stab. Cuir

s., fe##iM;fosh., im/frr a si^*.

g&sd, ?/r.j>t. a' se"isdeadh, v.a. Besiege, invest. 2

Straiten, reduce to difficulties.

a&sd, -e, -ean, t.f. see se"id.

sejbdeach, -eiche, a. Besieging, investing. 2

Straitening, reducing to straits or oifflealtias.

--d.** s.f.State of b-ing beiieged, siege.

S Act of reducing to straits or difficulties. 3

Act of surrounding or besetting. 4**Frequent

or continued besieging. A' s , pr. pt. of

seis I

itetatlh, -idh, t.m Besieging. sien

i, see s.-isi-mada,idu.

s the modern pronunciation and is the

old form, it is us^d in this work.]

seo. nmn. & inf. H^re.see here, take used in


h in ling or offering anything to another, also

used in a tdre-ssin ; one when a thins,-- is about

to he done or atrem^^d. [Generally so 'It so,

but as s jo represents the modern pronunciation,

;md is ih'i old form it. is used in this


Seo, sn, falbh fiiai I, ";n-. com.? W ut go ;

rinn nii mar sj >. / a:'ed thu* ; c' ar saa Sdo2

why go ? uiar soo, in this

gluais as an seo ! leave this place, be off ! ; mar

seo i mar siod, in this way and that way; gna

an seo, till now ; gus an seo bu treun e, till

now he was vatiunt ; o 'n am seo, henceforward,

hence ; seo a^ad e ! here you h.aoe him

(or it) ; thoir a seo e, take him hence (or away);

seo mar a ni thu, thus will you do ; an seo 's

an siod, here and there.

seobhaj, see seabhag.

sebbhgan, for seabnagm Oran namfineachan.

sebc, -eoic, -an, see sebcan.

seocach,** a. Plumed, plumy, as a helmet.

seocail, -e, a. Active. 2 Portly and tall. 3

Having a proud gait. 4 Precocious. S. air

mo chasa i, active on my feet.

seocair,* -ean, s.m. Portly fellow.

sebeair.(MS) s.m. Falconer.

seocalachd,* s.f.ind. Portliness and tatlness.

sebcan, -ain, -an, s.m. Plunii of a helmet. 2

Helmat. S. air 'aguaulh, a plume (or veil) on

his face.

. seoc-da-ieig,** Kind of clasp-knife. A cor-

its invent-

ruption of the name John de Liege


seochaidh,(WC) a. Lazy and canny.

seochlan,-ain,-an, s.m. Feeble person, one who

performs any service feebly or awkwardly. 2

Pithless fellow. 3 Old man. 4ttStaggering


acb, -aiche, a. Feeble, pithless. 2 Performing

any service feebly or awkwardly. 3tf


acud, f.f.ind. Feebleness. 2 Performing

of any service feebly or awkwardly. 3 Pithlessness.


Bebd, -bid, s. tn. Jewel. 2 often figuratively,

Hero, valiant man, chief, warrior. f3 (AF)

Cow as property, i Cow with calf. 5 (AF)


Bebd, see seud.

eo t-ghabhta,(AF) *.m. Cow with calf.


Braigh-sb., a top-tail ; chunnaic sinn s., w

taw a, sail ; a. -mullaich, top-gallant ; s.

sprebid, a jib ; s. beag toisich, a jib ; priomhsh.

or a. mor, a mainsail ; a. toisich, a forttail

; siuil dhalla, topsail and jib ; s. uachdrach,

topsail ; s. meadhonach, a mainsail ; m*

anam mar sh. 'san doinipnn.w/ soul lik? a sail

in the storm; crann-siuil, a mast ; thog iad

an siuil, they hoisted their sails ; a. ciun, jib.


[Gaelic names not marked are from DMy.]

1 Am pic, an coise. gaff

2 Lubach. Cainb-a'-mheurain,(AH)criTyZ.

3 Sg6d thoisich, clew.

4 Bonn, foot.

6 Ceann, head.

6 Taam, luff.

7 Ceanglaichean, reef-points.

8 Crann-ssbide. Slt-bhuinn,(AH) boom.

9 Ball toisich. Cluas an t-siuil.(AH) tacit.

10 Ball deiridh. Leud deiridb(A.ii)ajterleech.

11 Sgbd dheiridh, clew-piece.

12 (MMcD) Corse, the part between upper

reef-points and yard Lewis.

13 (MMcD)Durino; very bad weather when tha

end of the yard is tied to the foot of the

mast and the point of the yard hoisted, it

is called a' chrois Lewis.

sebl, pr.pt. a' sebladh, v.a. Sail. 2 Navigate,

guide a vessel. 3 Float. 4 Direct, guide,

conduct. 5 Instruct. 6 Point out, show. S.

an rathad dha, show him the way ; sh. sion,

we sailed.

tsebl, -oil, -an, s.m. Weaver's loom. 2 Bed. S

sebg,(AF) *./. Little falcon. 2 Merlin.

sebtf. p f -pt. a* *ebg.tdh,v.a. .Swing to and fro. 2

Dandle. 3 Jog. 4** Shake laterally. 5**Hobble.

6 (OR) Fly Arran.

ach, -aiche, a. Swinging anything to and

fro. 2 Dandling. 3 Pendulous. 4 Shakiug.

5 Vibrating.

adh, -aidh, s.m. Swinging, act of swinging

to and fro. 2 Dandling, act of dandling. A*

9, pr.pt. of sebg.

sebgain, see sebg.

seogal, -ail, see seagal.

seb^an, -ain, s.m. Swinging or pendulous motion.

2 Hobbling.

sebganach, see sebgach.

-d, s.f. Sanu meanings as seogan.

seojanaich, -e, s.f. Same meanings as sebgaa.

tsebid,** a. Strong.

sebid, gen sing. & n.pl. of sebd. L** gives it as

nom. too.]

sebighn, a. Bare, superior, out of the common

order, eccentric Sar-Obair.

eebiu, *. Feast Suth'd.

seol, -oil, -an, *. m. Method, mode or way of

doing a thing. 2 Way, means, opportunity

3 Aim. 4 Direction, instruction, guidance. 5

Expedient. 6**Shawl. Air s. eile, by another

method ; gun s. air dol as, hav'mj no

icaii of escape ; aus. ceart, the proper m-thod;

s. labhairt, a manner of speech, an idiom ; air

an t-sebl seo, in this manner ; cuir s. air, arran)*,

inakt preparation, s't in order , thoir

s. dha, direct him; s. f eichidh, a way to Pasture.

seblach, -aiche,


a. Having many sails. 2 see

seblach, JJ -aiche, a. Guiding, directing. 2 Willing


cha'n 'eil s. air biadh fhaotainn, there is no

wa'/ofytlinqfondW.H., 1. 17.

sebl, siuii, siiiil, s.m. Sail. 2**Ship.

to guide. 3 Having many expedients, ingenious,


seoladair, -ean, s.m. Sailor. 2 Steersman .navigator.

"each, -eiche, a. Nautical,

achd, s.f.ind. Sailing, act or process of

sailing. 2 Seafaring life. 3 Art or business

of a sailor. 4 Navigation, steering, sailing.

Bha s. cunnartach, sailing was dangerous.

sebladh, -aidh, s.m. Sailing, act of sailing. 2 Act

of guiding or navia;atinii a ship. 3 Directing.

4 Act of directing,teaching, pointing or showing.

5 Instruction, direction. 6**Fir.st semimetre

of a verse. 7 Floating. A' s , pr.pt.

of sebl. 'Gam sh., directing me ; air 9., afloat.

seblaid, s. f. Pier, haven. 2 Passage for vessels

-Dainl. Ghobha. 3 Anchorage, harbour

Sar-Obair. 4(DC)l (

meadhon 800

eol-meadhou, *.m. Mainsail.

. acl), see se6l-meadhon.

eblta. a. f pa*-' pt. of s.-6l. Instructed, directed.

taught, guided. 2 Methodical, ee seo-ua la.reT.ehd.

seomilta e.; so'nalt.a.

eum.ir. -air [& -mracli not a good form.]jM.

-miaich-as *.w. The aj.artmmt or division

of a h .us ; among the poorer Highlanders

consi U-red the pnooipal OQ6, " ths room."

!i Chain- er, room.

agnai Hi, s.m. Front room. 2 Ante-chatnbcr

'- -aoidheachd.Jt t.m. linin-room, ban


-and ichai In,** *.m. Vestry, robing room.

-araieh. *.nu Nursery for children,

-biadli'MMid,* a.m. D.ning-room.

-heirl, s.in. Front rooiu.

-l.idh. *.in. Larder.

-cadail.* .in. Bedroom.

eiojine. x.m. Xutscry.

-cui'leacinl,* S.T/J. I >ra wing-room.

-c-iiil,* *.. Back room.

-cul.iMh x.in. Vestry.

-di uiihair, *.. Ccnsnlting TOOK.

.jili>li>. s.m. l)n ssmg-ruom.

seoina .icii. -aic n 1

, u. Havi'i many rooms or

chambers, 'i Cellular, vasou'ar.

d, s.f.iml. see se. chamb^n-r.


c.ichd, *.f. Oitice of cham erlain or

Chamberin .. rakishuess.

tr asuer. >.

seomraic ican, j>t. uf seomar.

. 6e.mailn.** -aidli, in. Augury, sorcery. 2

Driiidi-in. Martin --ays that S-imaiiih is the

name of a waier-sjiirit which the inhabitants

>f Lewis ii6 .'d to propitiate l>y a cup of ale in

tin- folluwing mann-r. They came to the

churcn of St. .Mulway, each man carrying his

own |>roYigine. Every family gave a pack of

male, and the whole" was brewed into ale.

(> ie of tlmir tiumb.-T was chosen to wade into

tlie sea up to ni waist, carrying in his hand

coiidnjj year." He rhen thr.^w th al* into

the sea. Tnis cen jm >ny was perfann-'d ;n cht*

nijjnr-time. On his c uuing to land, tlitjy atl

rt-paireil to church, wh^rn toore was aoaii'lle

boratBC on the altar. Tilery thoy stood e ill

for a time, when, on a signal given, th-rau t.n

WHS put out. ;ind straightway they adjour:ied

to the fields where iho n.glit wa> sp-uc

mirthfully over tho ale. Nexc m)rnin^ c,.ey

returned to thoir resneccive hOiiubha. seesaonadb.

seora-Jt, s Prou.

seorbh. see s-arbh.

s-i.npan.(.MS) a.m. Politk-ian.

seorsi, -chan, sin Sort, kind, genus, species.

se6r.sach.ft n. Aruiinding in .sor; -.

H.ln, -,ii Hi a.m. Arran^.n^, act of arra

iging or classirying. A' s -/-

, -.pt. of seorjaich.

65?. .SV6;v-a cdinnick.

seorsa coinnich,?

-fc6'a. s.tn. Larder.

giK.tiiaicti. *.m. Business-roora, office.

'Icabhraichean, s.tn. Library.

lea;^.ch. .s- f. Bedroom.

-luidl'e. s.n. Bedroom.

-marsan'ac'id, x.m. Simp, ware-room

-indid. s.rn. Court-room, court of justice.

-niuMaich. *.- Upp-r room, garret.

-samhrudh, .s-.m. --Mimmer parlour.

1 7

-s u ileara-h'l, *.m. S;u I . .

-sui.i'ie. s.-./i. Siitiiig-r OIH.

tao i!i. .i*. Ante-i-hamber.

-tui^icn. PB>! s.binar-raob i.

s. Mossy cyphel chfrlerfa

sviit bis(^. ..>! as to send us plenty of s

caw are for eniicliii.g our ^rouud during the


.rg, seo Btsavg.

aeseau, s.m. Dawn. Bha mi air uio

seulta, past pt. of seul. Sealed.

seum,* see seam.

seumadair,* see seamadair.

seumaich,* see seam, v.

heumalair, see seumarlan.

seumar, sea se6mar.

seninarlan, . m. Factor, Gaelic spelling of


achd, s.f. Factorship.

Seumaaach,** .m. Jacobite.

seumas ruadh.1l s. m. Puffin .Earra. SJ (AF)


aeuu, v. a. Def erxd by eachautm^ttO, d Avoid,

810 seusrach

na maidne, / wan up at dawn Lewis.

ae-shiisneach, a. Hexagonal.

,** g.m. Hexagon, cube.

se slilisneag, -eig, -an, s.f. Hexagon, hexagonal

Beth, (i.e. gu seth) adv. Severally. 2 Moreover,

also, likewise. 3 (with a negative preceding)


sedv.MS.) * Purport.

se-tliaobhach, s.m. Cube, hexagon.

, a. Hcxaaronal.

senbh, see seabh.

seubnas,* -ais, s.m. Wandering, as beasts.

seuchd, -a, -an, s.m. Mantle, Covering, tunic.

send, pi. -au& seoid, fjn. Jewel, precious stone,

2 Darling. 3 Reward. 4*Thing, nothing. 5

llero. 0** Instrument. 7** Way, path. Cha

'n 'eil s. math air, it is n>t worth anything;

gach s. a th' again, eotry thing 1 have; cha

bhi s. orb, nothing will he wrong ivifh you ; &.

suiridh, a love-token ; mar sh. ghointe, like a

destructive instrument ; seudan oir is seudan

airgid, jewels of gold and jewels of silver.

seudach, -aiche, a. Abounding in jewels, jewelled.

2 Like a jewel or precious stone.

adh, -aidh, g.m. Adorning-, act of adorning

with jewels. A' s , pr. i>t. of seudaich.

an, -ain, -an, s.m. Jeweller. 2 Jewelbox.

3 Jewel-house, museum.

seudag, -aig, -an, s.f. Little jewel, charm. 2 Excellence.

ach, -aiche, a. Abounding in little jewels.

2 Like a little jewel.

seudaich, pr.pt. a' seudachadh, v.a. Adorn with

jewels, garnish, bestud.

te, past pi. of seudaich. Adorned with


seudail.tt a. Abounding, in jewels. 2 Pertaining

to jewels.

seudair, -can, s.m. Jeweller, 2 Cedar-tree.

eachd, s.f.ind. Setting of jewels. 2 Making

of jewels, occupation of a jeweller.

seud-Chaluim-Chille, s.m. St. John's wort, see


seud-ghlasaidh, -an-g-, s.f. Loekeb.

seud-lann, -runn, -an, s.m. Jeweller's shop. 2

Casket. 3 Jewel-house, museum.

seudraidh, s.f.coll. Jewels. 2 Collection of jewels.

fseughal, -ail, see seula.

seul, see seula.

seul, pr.pt. a' seuladh, see seulaich.

seula, -n & -chan, s.m. Seal, stamp. 2 Impression

of a seal. 3 Any mark or impression. 4

Resemblance, likeness.

seulach, -aiche, a. Sealing. 2 Having seals. 3

Like a seal. 4 Of seals. 5 Sealed.

adh, -aidh, s.m. Sealing, act of sealing.

A' s , pr.pt. of seula ich.

seulaich, pr. pt. a' seulachadh. v.a. shun. 3 Forbear, r.-frain. 4 Refuse, deny. &

Cross, make the sig.i of the cross. 151'ess.

7 Make sacred. 8 Conceal. 9(MS;Admonislw

10**l'ef^nl from the power of enchantment.ll(MS)

Recant, ^h. na h-o-ghean, the maid

ens fo< bore ; sh. a' ghealach

Seal, mark

wir.h a seal. 2 Mark.bestow a mark.

ear, fut.pass, of seulaich. Shall be sealed.

-te, past pt. of seulaich. Sealed.

i fiSin fa neulaibh,

the moon concealed herself nnd" a cloud.

seun, -a, pi. -an & -tan. *.m. Charm for protection,

spell, charm, amulet. 2 Protec. ion. 3

Denial. 4 Sign of the cross. f>**Prosperity

good luck.

seunach, -aiche, a. Of, or belonging to charms

or enchantments. 2 Like a charm or amulet.

3 Having magical power or virtue. 4 Defending

by enchantment, or 5 from enchantment.

6 Concealing. 7 Apt to conceal one'*

self. 8 Denying, ap;, to deny or refuse. 9 Avoiding

anvth n*;a* if enchanted. 10 Forbear

ing. 1 1 Conjuring.

d, xJ.ind. The power of charms or enchantment.

2 Defence by enchantment. 3

Defence from enchantment. 4 Sbabeof being

defended by enchantment. 5 Refusal, denial.

6** forbearance.

seunadair,-oaB..m. Charmer, one using charms

or enchantments 2 Conjurer. 3**One who*

refuses. 4 Defender from enchantment.

eachd, s.f.in>l. Using of incantations,

conjuring, enchantment, charming.

seunadh, -aidh, -aidhean, s.m. Act of defending

by charms or enchantment. 2 Defending

from enchantment, charm-ins;, augury, druidism.

3 Act of avoiding anything as if defended

by incantations. 4 Denial, refusal. 5 Act

of denying or refusing. 6 Hiding. 7 Act of

concealing. 8 Sense, intellect. 9 Meaniug,

10 Blessing. 11 Forbearing. A' s , pr.pt. of

seun. Tha mi 'jram sh., / am crossing myself

; cha ghabb mi s. no aicheadh, / will be

neither refused nor denied.

seunail, -e, a. Happy, prosperous, fortunate.

2 Like a charm or incanoatiou. 3 Happy,

prosperous. [or lucky.

seunalachd, s.f.ind. State of being prosperous

seunan,(i.?. breac-sheuuain) s.pl. Freckles.

seunas,* -ais, s.m. Beauby-beeth.

seun-hholadh,** -aidh, s.m. Stench.

seun-Chaluim-Chillfi,(AC) s.m. St. John's- worb.

(St. Columbia's charm.)

seumnhoire,** comp. of seunmhor.

seunmhor, -oire, a. Enchanted. 2 Having magical

or enchanting power. 3 Using charing

or enchantment.

achd, s.f.ind. Magical power. 2 State

of being enchanted.

seunsail.(DC) a. Risky, open to the influence

of enchantment. Uisi.

seunta, a.


's fheudar 811 s..ai

fheudar, v. impert. A def past. It behoveth.

:-. mint t>e, it n.ust be so. See also ei^in.

j"i;a, see ngath.

Rgab, Gaelic form of tcab.

sgiib, see >gap.

Bgabach. -aicho, a, Scabby, scabbed.

fsgabadh, -aidh, see sgapadh

ugabag. -aig, -an. *.f Cow killed for winter provisi

'ii. - Beef prov

an, n.pl of b^.tbatr. Beeres.

ggabaiste, -an, *.m. Anything pounded macerated

or hashed 2"*Kubbery felony, rapine.

[** /)

. ach, -eiche, a. Pounded, bruised, hashed.

2**Ci'tnmirtinjj robbery or rap. ne, feloni-

sgubhaiste, s.f. Good. f2 Advantage

fjrabhal,'** -a I, -an. *./j. Scaffold. 2 Booth, hut,

snop. 3 Screen covering the entrance to a


sgabhal,** -ail, -an, *. m. Cauldron, kettle. 2

Baking-tronga. 3 Larire bowl.

sgabhrach, -aich, t.m. Club-footed man.

, -aiche, a. Club-footed. 2 Splayfooted.

d, s.f. Infirm ity of a club-foot or splayfoot.

agabhrag, -aig, -an, ../. Splay-footed woman. 2

Club-footed woman.

cfjabhraichf. s.f.hid. Club-footedness.

s^abull, -uill. see sga^all.

."g :'f sccLt'mld.

sgafai'lach, a. Sca'fol.le I, havin/

sgx.al'la-cn, v.a. Krect scAttoIita.

8if.-i.fall,** -aill, *.w. Gaelic form of .

b:\i-steachadh, v. a.


Beat down, pound, nnsh.

te, f-ast pt of sgabaistich. Beaten

down, pounde i,

sftafarra, airre, a. Sp'rited, manly, )>rave 'i

liandsom 3*+ Hearty. 4**Aclive, alert 5


ma-h *d.

sgabnll, -aill, -an, s. w. Helmet, beal-pieco,

hood. 2**Guard for the shoulder used by tiie

ancient Caledonians. x**Scapuiar. 4**Cauldron.

[* gives s.f. fr No. l.J

. ach, -aiche. a. Wearin;; a helmet hood or

headpiec^. 2 T.i*e a helmet.

;ich.** -aich, t.m. Wardrobe keeper.

sgabar,** a. Thi-i.

sgabard, -aird, -an.s.ra.Gaelic form of scabbard.



ach, -aiclie, a. Having a sheath. 2 Like

a sheath

sgabh, -aii.h. t.m Snw-d'ist.

ach, o. Abounding in saw-dust.


t'hpin,-nt in spit-en. 5* Venomous IM -*gaf i-c,* s.f. Scol in^ fenvile.

s-'g. pr.pt. a* sgagidh. ' a. s. 3 Apt to spU; or

crack, as the surface of anything. 4 Causing

to split or crack. 5* Chinked, cracked. t>

Filter;n;, straining;. 7 Winnowing. 8 Lean,

emaciated. 9**Cleansiutf. Teas n. sarahraidn,

thf. crackin i h-a' ' sum-nf.r.

sgagadh, -aidh, * m. Act of splitting or cricking.

2 State, of crvclcing, chinking or burs

ing. 3 Act of tiUvTitu; or straining. 4 \c of

winnowing. 5 State of becoming lean or emaciated.

6 S[>lit, as on the surf.ve of anv--

thinij, chink, cranny or crack. 7**Cloaa4ing.

8**Filtering. 9**Filter. 10**Winnow. A 1

8, r-r.pt. of -'BTai.

3gag;iid, -e, -ean, s.f. S'>Ht, crack, as on the

surface of deal, cleft, fissure.

each, -eich, a. Abounding in snlits,

cracks, clefts or fissures. 2 Causing splits,

cracks or clefts

S}ia^ai(ih,(DMy) a. Ins ;

p/'d. lasg s ,, a taxteleu

f'skoiif n'it'ifr fr*sh iwr stale.

sav;a.idh, fnt.af.n. of s^ag. Shall split, &

's gach. In each, in e>ery. \S gach am, ctlicai/x,

at every UVM.

gad. -aid, . -an, m. Loss, ruis'-hanee, misfortune,

urief, wos. ruin. 2 see sgat. Mo s, !

U'Ot't me ! iny ruin .'

sgadadh. -r>idh, *.rn. Scissure.

i^ad'in, -ain, s m. Herring oivp >a Jiai'enjus,

s. bleac, pair or thoticn htrrtnj.

s. blia. see s. bleac.

s. garbh, large herring, " aleun/e."

8. gearr, fprttl.

s. goile, gut-pock herriny.

s mi'&rlannach, pilchard, see seirdean.

s. sliseach, pilchant.

g.'danach, -aiche, a. Abounding in herrings. 2

Like a herring.

sga'larlarh, -aich, *.m. Set of low persons, 2*

A'tvthing scattered I sgaitartacii J ]

spaf.** Gaelic form of fkif Cock-boat.

egi-.-iir, -ean, s.rn. f'our-iijeous, sto it or brave

man. '> sg-i-aJr.* s.m. Poltroon, coward, one that chinks

at appearanje

Hand-iom .uin. 3 Scolding inan.

*t*Hold hoarred mi i.

of dang.-r.

eachd,* s./.inl. Cowardice, unfounded


s.^agait,** see [*.m.**l

e,* 4 d. Split, crocked, burst. 2 Cleansed.

3 Filtered. 4 Winnowed.

sgajjai teach, see S'^atjaideach.

sj;ai;ta. p-ist p'. of sgar etence.

(> Uower. Fo s. do sgeuhe, n / / t if

of thy u'iny ,

their cur-

an sgaileach^u,

sgail 812 sgainnsart

tains ; s. a' bhais, the shadow of death.

- . pr.pt. 'A sgaileadh.w.a. Shade, oversbade,

d.trkeu, cover, as with a cloud. 2*Spr inkle.

3' 'Eclipse. ;$* Approach. Cha -s. seo air,

this u'i'l tvit c >\e ti'dr tit thiny ; cha dean e

s. air, it will no' gn near if.


a. glan, let Htnif

such stones falling along a steep and rockv

hill-side. 3 Continued howling. 4*Deserteil

quarry. 5 Great number of stones, like a deserted

quarry, on a hill. 6tt Large heap of

stones. [No's. 4 & ft, *./-*]

, -eiche, a. Abounding in heaps of

loose stones. 2 Like a rocky hill-side covered

with loose stones.

sgairneil, -e, s.f Shrieking, crying out. 2ttsee


t-sgairnigh, -e, s.f. Separation. 2 Broken pieces.

sgairp, -e, -ean, s f. Scorpion 2 The sign Scorpio

(1H,), in the zodiac.

sgairpeach, ** a. Like a scorpion. 2 Full of

scorpions. 3 Of scorpions.

gairt, *./. Flux Dam 1. Ghobha.

sgairt, v. see egairUcii.

sgairt, -e, -can, s.f. Loud cry. rour or shout. 2

Stinek. 3 Strength, vigour, activity, bustle 4

The midriff [with the art.] 5 Diaphragm oc

caul covering any of the intestines or viscera.

6 Energy, business. 7 Appearance & Authority.

9*Smart bree/.e. JO War. 11** Tuft ol

trees, shrubs, branches or bushes 12**biuih.

Dean do ghnothach le s., do your bvsinrxu-\>.h

fiifi-yy ; le s. de ghaoith tuath, with n

xmart breeze of northerly wind : 8 an ctnlbj,

the caul of tlietr hearts , thaimg e le s.,/i* cam*

tetth a bustle.

each, -eu-he, a. Tiiat bawls aloud, shout

ing. 2 Shrieking. 3 Acrimonious. 4 Roaring,

clamorous 5 Active, bustling. G ila .

in:i a caul. 7 Like, of, or belonging to, a caul.

8** Having a large caul

eachailh, -anlh,< TH. Slum ting, act of shouting

or crying. 2 Shrieking, act of slin 'kuij

or roaring 3 Bustling motion. A' s , pr.j>'.

of sgairtich.

eachd,*./ Same meanings as sgairteachadh.

Na tannais a' s . the sp'ctrea shrirktnj;

s gru.ur, ft picrctny shnrb or cry.

eadh,** -eidh, . m Shouting, roaring.


bawling, shrieking. 2 Bustling noise. 3

liustling moiion

sgairte falaich, see sjarta falaich.

sgairtealachd, s.f.tml. Vigour, liveliness, activity.

2* Half s'ormy weather. 3 Boldness o/

manner. 4 Vigoroasuess. o"* BusLlmg m.uiner

sgairtear, -ir, -an, s.m. Crier, one who cries or



Business of a crier.

sgairteil, -e, a. Bns'c, vivacious, lively, vigorous.

2 Loud, shrill, sharp 3 Bustling, ai-ti? -,

energetic. 4 BoKl in manner. 5* Breez>.

Duiue s., an en^ry'tic person, an la s., the hatfstormy

or blowy day.

sgairtich, pr. pt. a' sgairteachd & a* sgairteach.

adh, v.a. Shout, cry aloud, utter a loud and

piercing cry, shriek.

servants. '2 Of, or belonging to, a male farm


fsgMisto, * m. Robbery, rapine,

sgait, n.f. sae sgat.

snake, s-e >gaithte.

stjaite, -an. x f. see sgaiteachd.

sg.iit.t *. Pickle.

sgaite,** s.f. Short angry rebuke. 2 Cut. 3

Snarl. 4 in (tuition. Short-tempered person

Th-.ig e s orm, he rfbulctd in- angrily, he

snarled Q> in*.

sgaiteaeh, -L-iche, pi -a. a Sharp, bavins a

Keen edge, i Cutting that cuts 3 Keen,

piercing 4 Satirical, using cutting; words or

MCter language, cynical D Stormy boisterous,

b Destructive 7 Active, lively 8 A

bounding in skate (fi>h ) 9 lake a slcate 10

Biting, as a don. 11** shabby 12 (D.MK)

Penetrating. 13**EnrgetJC 14**Angrv Gun

na s.. o pew tratm i rjtin ; mar cblaKlheaml)

s., lib? a aharp sword . gu s.. rharpti/. cuttinv

ly gaoth s.. a piercing icind . camnt s , cuttiny

'tinfiuajf , iathauln bilean dearg daithte.

tea:u; udhs.. loin, ghearrta, red lips may surround

a imttr, cutting tonyuf. R.61

sgaiteachas, -ais. 8. in Same meanings as sgaiteacbtl.

sgaite achd, *./ ind. Sharpness, keenness of edge

2 Sharpness, keenness, as ol cold. 3 Bitter

ness of speech 4 Raillery. 5 Storminess,

boistwrousness. 6 Liveliness, activity. 7 Asperity.

suaiteag, -eig, -an, s.f. Little skate. ',

sgaitear, -eir, -an, s.m. Cynic.

sjjaitean, s.w., dim. of sha low. 2 Small shade, parasol,

siiaiihieach, see siaileach.

jjgaithte, past pt. of sgath Lopped off, cut off,

pruned. 2 Bitten. 3 Slung. 4 Destroyed.

sgaiuehead,** s Acrimony.

tsg.il, *.m. Man, hero, ciiampion. 2 Scorching.

sig-al, -a, -an, * m. Shriek, yell, loud shrill cry

2 l>l;ist. sound of high wind. 3 Appearance of

the sea in a squall. 4 Howl of a dog when

hurt or ; when huntim:. t5 (AK) Calf 6"*

Skirl of the bagpipes. 7 see sgaladh 8(DU)

Out' ur.st of speech, crying,

sgalpan 31 5 eaotlteacVl

off oats only calgan is the barley


gam -aim. t.m. Spot. 2 astonishment 2**Dtffunatimk 3 Sudd-n dis-

| p^r-iou. 4 Asto.iishmeno.

Spot on linen. 3 Iron- Sganir. -aoi^, -(.u, t.m. -persfd.

sgaoii,* x.m. Liberty, freedom. Mu s., at liberty

; cuir nin s s^t. , sail, wfti'j't anchor.

sgaoile, .see -igaoilt-adh. 2**Scat-tered state. 3

-- ach,** a. Causing to spread or scatter. -2

Diffusing. 3 Dishevellii'.ji, loo.senirig, unfolding

4 Divulging. 5 Diffuse.

lh, -idh, K.tft. Spreading, act of spreading.

stretching out, extending. 2 Sea' tering,

act of scattering or dispersing, o Disp;-?rsijn.

diffusion. 4 Dishevelling. 5 Knl,:rgii!g, act

of enlarging, dilating or expand; ;;. (j Dismissing,

aci of dismissing, sending a\v;


ality, bonntifulness, profus"n"ss.

sraoiltfcA^,** -eig, s.f. Sueet. 2 \Vinii nheet.

sgaoini, -e, pi. -eau & -annan, a.f. Fright, sudden

terror, alarm. 2 Starting or sudden movement

frc;m fear or terror. .*S'>m: 'nhness, as

of a horse or beast. 4* Terr-r from false alarm.

sgtoimeach, -eiche, a. Apt to be fruhtened. 2

Restless, unquiet. 3 Terrified, timid, skittish.

5 Causing to start.

d, t.f.ind. Aptness or readiness to

be terrified. 2 Timidity, skittishuess. 3 Restlessness.

sgaoiraealachd,* see sgaoinmarachd.

sgaoimear,** a. Timid. 2 Skittish.

sgaoimear, -eir, -an, s.m Coward, timid fellow.

2 Restless fellow. 3

achd. s.f.ind

Any shy creaturp.

Cowardice, timidity. 2

Shyness. 3 Restlessness.

pgaoimeil. see sgaoimeach. 2* Skittish.

sgaoimeiche, see sgaoiineachd.

sa,aolar,** a. Coy.

achd,** s f. Coyness.

sgaoll, -aoill, s.m. see sgaoi>n.

air, -ean, a.m. see s;a >i 'near.

air, -e, a. see sgaoime ich.

aireachd. see sgaoimeach'l.

mhor, -oire, a. see sga imeach.

inhorachd,"* *./. Timi lity, shyness.

sgaoman uisge.(CR) s.m. Light shower Lochbromn.

sgaoth, -a, -an, s.m. Swarm, great number, multitude.

2 Flight of birds. StfFlock. [fffn.


ach, -o.iche, a. In swarms or multitudes.

aich, v.a. An. Crowd.

sgaothan,** -ain, y.in. Chamber-pot.

sgap, pr.pt. a' sgapadh, v. a. Scatter, spread,

disperse. 2 Squander. 3 Afflict. 4*llack,

hash. 5* Distribute profusely.

sgapach, -aiche, a. That scatters or disperses,

scattering, sproading, squandering, diffuse. 2


Apt to scatter, spread or sinander."

sgapadair, -ean, s.m. Scatter.tr, on who scatters,

disperser, disseminator. 2* Hasher.


ing, dispersing, spreading or routing, dispersion.

2* Hacking, hashing. A's , pr. pt. of

sgap. A" s. raise, hackini down clifese.

, 3rd. pen. siny. tf pi. imp. of sgap. S.

e, let it scatter ; s. iad, let thrtn scatter.

, past pass, of sgap. Was scattered or


sgapaidh, fut.a/.a. of sgap.

sgap ur, -ean, see sgapadair.

eachd,** s.f. Scattering.dispersion.rout-

harass, gall. 4 Divorce, part. 5*Secern. 6**

Unfold for drying. 7**Wour.d.

Sgar, -air, -an, s.m. Knot on the surface of wood,

i- Fissure in wood. 3 Seam or joint, as in a

boat. Tairnean sgair, seaming nails ; s. an

droina, or s. an leigeil, rebate, see bata, A 3,

p. 73.

sgara, see sgaradh.

sgarach, -aiche, a. Knotty, having 'knots or asperities

on the surface. 2 Having fissures (of

wood.) 3 Separating, disjointing, severing,

disuniting, schismatic. 4 Tearing-asunder. 5

Tormenting, harassing, gallirg, atiJicung. 6

Distinguishable Dain 1. GhoU.ta. 7** Wound-

81 fi

I '"g

! sgarachduinn,


s.m. Separatinij, act of *e? arab

ing, disjoining, severing, disuiiilint;. 2 Act of

tearing or pulling asunder. 3 Wounding. 4

Haras-ing, ft* Separation by force. (5**Ois

sension, diviMon, faction, schism. Tha s. 'nut

mensg. th>r' are diviion.-s among i/ou. A' s

pr. vt. of sgar. [v./.*j

sgaradair,** .m Separator. 2 Tearcr asunder*

3 Harasaer, tormentor.

eachd,***./. Separation, schism, separ


sgaradh, -aidh, *.n>. Same meanings as sarachduinn.

2 Faction, divisou. 3 Shed of the

warp in weaving. 4 Mark, as of a blow. j>

Torment, woe. 6* Ruin. A' s , pr. pt. of


-.(MS) -aidh, s.m. Aperture.

Vint. Imprecation, expression of illwill.

sgaraa;,(AF) see er's collie at

Boreraig in Skye. Uavin; had skate to dinner

oue day, which he di l not apptove; of.

an I p :ivin- afterw trj.-!


n !i,-tVivn iy,

a-i.e i what was wro i; with him. " Inesri'e

at cl:s t) HIV Hngr-rs," was Mix ivply. M*

c'leannaic eas tu ia ? ceaiitiaich ia s '-t ^'R -.

if >ii)', i,ny ft>\. linn xtn'-- Th; II >.'li;an I p ;

to scr/e as a portable pL>reh at a Highlander's

door. (,/.*]


, -aich, s.m. Drink of water and milk in

equal proportions and the sour thick milk under

toe en-am that was-kept for but ter.churut-d

into a froth- Gasl.Soc.Inn xiv />'

an, #. rn. Tail. Feumaidh fear na haona

bha car d' a h-oarball, no a s. tn' a

thorn, lt

s:jeachanach 818 screen ach ,is

sgeachradh, -ai'th, -aidheau,

Briar, bramble.

sgoach -spionnaii.** -ain. s m. Gooseberry-bush,

sgead.** s.w. Speck, white spot 2 Ornament.

ach.*~ o Fond of dress. 2 Speckled. 3

Skv-coloured. 4 Cirrocumulated. Neul s., a

cirrocumulus cloud

sgeadacn.* -aich. tin- see sgeadas. [s.f.*]

adh, -aidh. s.rn. Clothing, act of clothing.

2 Dress, clothes. 3 Adorning, be Peking,

ornamenting. 4 Oniam-iuc 5 Dres^m*;

6 Dress, clothe*. A' s , pr [>t of sgeadaich

S. gu ledir, r>f

fiiong't prnnm-nt.

sgeadachail.** a Orn.imsncal 2 Beautifying.

3 Fond of ornament, fond of dress \ (jallant.

sgeadachair.** s.m One who adorns or beautifies,

uarmsher, decker.

sgeadachd, s f. Drapery 2(MS) Honour,

sgeadnich, pr. pt. a' sgeadachadh. v. a. Dress,

clothe. 2 Dress, garms'i, adorn with dress.

3 Conjugate 4**Accomplish. 5(MS)Rlason.

6(M-S) Prank. S. an teme. mikt up the fire ;

s an lampa, trim ih* lamv

ear, fat pass, of sgeadaich. S. na 16in,

thf meadows shall br adoni'd.

te, past pt of sgeadaich. Clothed,

dressed. 2 Adorned, ornamented with dress.

3 Conjugated. 4 Accomplished,

sgeadas, -ais, -an, c m. Ornament, gayness of

dress. 2 Decoration. 3 Spottedness.speckledne-s

ach, -aiche, a. Having a gay dress; 2

Fond of gay dress. i>*'Ornamental. 4**Spotted,


achd, t.f.in**Sherd. Air sgeilb creige, on thf fragment

of a rock ; chaidh am bata 'na sgealbaibh, the

t>oat went to tplinten.

sgealb, pr.pt. a' sgealbadh, v. a. $ n. Split. 2

J>ash into pieces or fragments, splinter,

liecome pieces or fragments. 4 Fritter.

Tear. 6**Snatch.

ach, -aiche, a. In pieces, fragments or

.splinters. 2 That breaks into pieces. 3 Ha

ing a tendency to break or disunite into fragments

or spliiiters,3plinterin(r,sinashing,cleaving,

rending, snatching. 4**Smastied.

-adh, -aidli, s.m. Act of splitting or dashing

into fragments or pieces. 2 State of fall

ing into fragments. 3 Splintering, smashing,

cleaving. 4 Plucking, snatching. 5 Fragment,

rent, splinter. A' s , pr pt. of sgealb.

s-jealbag. -ai;;, -an, s.f,

u lh, se>s -if -una h

. aig, -an, /. Sp.cies of edible sea-


iea lag. sea sgeunag \' sgian.ig.

geanail, -e. a. Clean, neat. tidy. 2 TCrisk, lively

-Ddi/i /. Gho',ha.

geainlachd. $ J.ind N-itn'ss, rlea-ilin >ss.

g-an unh vil. a. *e* s ea-.a'l. ft o K;i direirh.

tana, gi< s., a '>at ;;M ifiYfc, f/iiu n, jeering, jib njj,

uiu, scorning, burlu^4uo.

ir aa Plausibleness.

MS dress 4 ( 5 Gnrrul ()tls

nes< talkativeness.



*./. hupertinont prattle or gar


Bg'Pmrich,***. Chatter.

s^ims;. .. /. i>il. Surprise, sudden attack

Tiiaini^ iad oirnn 'nan S'*ailnne, they attacks

ach, -oiche, a. Attacking or coming upo

one unawares.



geo.(AC) gen s^iach,

Dimness Da/ /. Qhn>,ha.

fHUTnv it.

sg.'nl-the-tchdair, -em. v.m Tale-he irer.


A rrin

jjroc. -eoie. -an,

bottle or phial.

m. Long neck.


2 Neck of a sgeiunli. -a, se* s^eimh.

sgeuu, -eiu, s in. shyness. wildir-ss. readiness


to be frightened. 2 Sadd-n frig it or droa 1,

causing to start or fly awav su ld-;uly 3 Look

expressive of fear, dread or terror. 4*S uint.


5**Mad lok, terror, astonishment. 6J Dread.

Dh'flialbh an i -each air s., th* horse bolted.

sgaun. se s^ian.

sgeunach. --licae, n. Shy. skittish, easily fright-

en a d, wild, mettled, apt to run off in frignt,

as a horse. 2 Suddenly frightened, flying off in

fe i r. 3 Having a look of fear or terror. 4


sgeunachadh, -aidh, s.m. Scaring, act of scaring,

affrighting or chafing away for fear. A' a ,


a project-

of sgeunaich.

; jennachas, -ais, s.m. see sgeun.

gennadh, -aidh, s.m. see sgeun.

geunaich, pr.pt. a' sgeunacnadh, v.a. Terrify,

scare, chase away for fear.

te, past pt. of sijeanaich.

scared, chased away by fear.

sjeunail, -e, a. Neat, in good order.

3 see sgeunach.


2 Pruned.

sgia. see sgiath.

sgiab, -a, -an, s.f. Quick or sudden movement,

start. 2 Snatch or pull at anything.

vjiab, v.a. & n. Start or move suddenly. 2 Pull

or snatch at anything. 3**Skim. 4(AH)Open

widely, us die less of a com >ass str.i Idle .m?'s

lers. 5' AH) Gape, yawn Argyll. S. do ch Asi-

an, straddle your legs.

sgiabach. -aiche, a. Moving quickly or suddenly.

2 Snatching- or pulling at anything. 3

(ATT) Yawning. 4

sgiamhail 822 sgilHm

Bgiamhail,** pr.pt. a' RgiamHllil, .. Shriek,

yell, mew caterwaul. 2 Squeal, as a pi a;.

Hjr'unhnil. *, s.f. 1a, *. f. Lancet.

sgian-luthaidh .* s.f. Clasp knife.

.*gian-ph"ann, s.f. Pen-knife.

suian-phitu!, s^e s>rian-pheann.

agian phdca, s.f. Pocket-knife.

sgian-phronnaidli, *.f. Ch^'p .ing-knife.

sji'aTsyar, -air, s.m. Side starting, as of a horse.

2 Sudden fear.

ach, -aiche, a. Skittish, apt to shy. 2

Easily frightened.

sjrian-syathaidh, sf. Bill.

sgiap,** s.m. see siab.

sgiap, Gaelic form of scow. 2**Skip.

ssr apach, se siabach. 2**Skipping.

sg'arnag.f AF) s.f. Hare.

sgiatan,** -ain. t m. Dart.

sgiath, -^ith & -eithe, pi. -an, s.f. Wing, pinion.

2 Wing of a house or army. S Portion of laud

iuttinginto the sea. 4 Shelter, protection. 5

Shield, buckler, target. 6 Bilge-piece in boat,

see bata, F 8, p. 73. 7 Furrow-board of a

plough. 8 Top-sides or floats of a cart 9 pi.

(na sgiathan) Ca't^ness for liaghra, which see.

10 S'de-wing of a boat, see p. 77.

S.-mhuilinn :

gaoithe, fan of a windmill sm&)\

circular apparatus at back to keep the sails to

the wind ; s. faochaig, th* disc, which forms

th door f a whelk ; fo d* sg^ith, un



nginnich, . see sginn & sgemnich.

,* t.f. see sgemnidh.

sginnichd,* v. see sginn.

sginnichte, pott pt. of sginnich. Squeezed,

forced out.

agiob.* t.f. Dutch-built boat. 2 Scoop. 3 see


giob,* v.a. Man. as a boat. 2 see sgiab. Air a

sgiabadh le gillean sgairteil, manned icith

smart fcUmet.

sgioha, -n, t.m. A: f. Ship's or boat's crew. 2

Any party or company associated for any purpose.

Fo Ian s., having a full complement of


sgiobach. see sgiabach.

sgiobach,** o. Like a ship or boat. 2 Having ,

ships or boats. 3 Of ships or boats. 4 Tidy,

spruce, trim,

giobadb, gee sgioba.



ling. The old meaning is still retained i

land denomination. S. Shasunnach, an Enj

lish shitting ; s. Albannach, a Scts shilling

(1* H. in bonn-a-s&, tu:'-ha!jpenny ; gu

uiread in s., without so much as n -penny. [Use*

hi the tiny, with numerals requiring plura


flgilm, see sgeilm.

strilm.tt *. m. Mouth made for scolding.

Gabbling. 3* Razor-lipped month. 4 Expres

ion of countenance indicating a scolding.perfc

prating, impertinent disposition.

Bgilmeil, *ee >g-eilmeil.

eaehd, see sgeihneileachd.

sgilp, SP sgeilp.

sidlte, yrtvt j>t. of sgil. Unhusked, hulled (o


8C .meach/MS) n. Mucilaginous,

ssiimheal,** -eil, s.m. Pent-house,

sgiinilcar, -eir, -an, t.m. Vagrant parasite. 5

Gossip, intruder, moucher. 8ff Instrument

for skimming. 4*Mean person that steals out

of pots.

ach, -aiche, a. Obtrusive, impudent.

achd, *. f. Obtrusiyeness, impudence,

intrusion. 2*Mean habit of popping in upon

people at meals, living and doing nothing

a>>out gentlemen's kitchens.

sgine, g'n.xirvi. of sgian.

sgineach. -ichean/DMy) i.m. Cutlet.

n meat-r.uttet ; s.

ggiolcantachd 824 sgithealachd

sliding in or out. 2 Elasticity. 3 Agility,


SRi'tlcarra, see sgiolcanta.

gjjiolcarracbd, see .sgiolcantachd.




s' ;

olt,"* v.a. see s-;il.

s''iolladh,**-aidh, s.m. Decidence.

,s"'iollag (AF) *. /. Minnow. 2 Small fish. 3



sgiolmhor,** -oire, a. Talkative.

8-i >Ha, a. Tidv, trim, n.-at. 2 Active, nimble,

quick. 8 Small, Blender. 4 see ^gilte. f)tt

HI iquent. U^Bald. Am buicean s., thr liijht

itunni buck.


s.f.ind. Tidiness, crimne Mischief, harm. A' s , pr pt. of

sgiorr. Gun s. guu tubaist, without glip or


-facail, see sgiorr-fhacaL

sgiorrag,** -aig, s.m. Flatus.

sgiorradail, -e, a. Accidental. 2 Hurtful in consequence

of an accident. 3 Risking. 4 Calamitous,

mischievous, disastrous.

saiorrail. see sgiorradail.

eioorralachd.** t.f. Accidentalness.

iriorran, -am. -an, s. m. Sturabler. one wno

slips or stumbles. 2 One who runs a risk 3

citm. of sgiorra In. 4 Slight accident, mischance.


sgiorr-fhacal, -ail. -an, s.m. Random expression,

hasty word. 2 Mistake in speaking. 3

sgireach'lair,** -ean, s.m. Parishioner.

sgireil,' MS) a. Parochial.

sgirt, sea s^iord.

sgiru-an, S.IH. Disease in cattle, called in Scotland

3**Ill-timed expression.

egiorr-fhaclach. -aiche, a. Using random ex-

" the black spaul " or " quarter-ill."

sgisrear,** -an, s. m. Droll, prater, talkative


achd,** s.f. Prating, drollery.

sgite, see sgith.

sgite,** s.f. Mai len-ray (fish.)

sgiteal, -eil, -an. see sgi leil

sgith, -e. a Woary, fatigued, tired. 2 Fatiguing,

wearyrig, that wearies or fatigues,

laborious, oppressive. Seac s., quilt tired,

utterly fatigued.

sgith. 'AF) t. Maiden-ray (fish.)

sgitheach, ft a. 8?e sgith.

sgitheach. -eich, * m. Whitethorn, hawthorn

cra(ceg".s oxacantha. 2 Thicket of hawthorn.

Preas s^itheich. a hawthorn bush , s. an fhasaich,''/'ie

thorn of thf wild-mms. (ill. 634.)


tgitheaa 825 sjflamhadh

634. Sgithfach,

ee sgios.

l. a. Wear some, tiresome, tedious. 2JJ


sgi hich, fir. pt. a' snitheachadh.p.a.

sglamhaah sgleoid

or snatch, clutch.

8glamhaich,** v.a. Engross to one's self, monopolize.

sjilanmaiche,** i.m. Curmudgeon, engrosser.

sglarnhai'l,** s.m. Glutton.

sgliimhair, -ean, s.?/i. Sc>hler. 2 Abusive, foulmouthed

fellow. 3ttUa.r-!S. 5 Awkwardness.

sgleat, -a, -an, s.m. Slate. Creag sgleata, a iZat*-


sgl'-mhaireachd, sf. Seizing violently. 2 Greedin"S<

3 Usurpation, iftttaupping. 2*Voracky,

glut, monopoly.

s^lamhaireachd, s. f. Abusiveness, scolding,

'i wrangling;, Rid Ian 'ua;e.

Bglamhrach, -aiche, a. Contumelious, scolding,

abusive, wrangling.

sglamhradh, -aidh, a.m. see ssjlanihruinn.

Bgiamhradh, -aidh, s.m. Clawing, scratching of

the skin, itch.

s g)amhrnig,(M8) f. Squabble.

B^ianihruinn. -e, -ean, *. f. Scolding, abusive

words. 2jJA.sp8ritf. 3 Wrangle, reprimand.

4 Ribaldry. 5 Scold, one given Lo scolding.

6 Raillery.

Bglimhrufnn,** v. Abuse.

fg amhruinntach, -eiche. a. Scolding-. 2 Scurrilous.

3 Apt to scold. 4 Abusive.

glimhrutuneiond, s.f.md. Habit of scolding. 2

Aptness to scold.

B^liimhruinnte, pa^t pt. Abused.

B'.'.lanrachd, see sglam'uruinn'iachch

Bg airadh, see s-lamhruiun.

h^lanruinn. .see sglamhruina.

^aruinn, see sglamhruinu.

8; lead, see sgleat. Taigh s., a slated houte.



lebide*ch. -eiche, a,. Silly, senseless. 2 Slovenly,

filthy, drabbish. 3 Gawky. Ou &,

(leoid!*i(, -e, a. see sgleoideaeh.

kjleoit. 8"e-8!;ld.

ileep.'.CR) v. Slap,

gleotha'-h.* -aiche. *ee sgU%6dhack.

jrleoihail,* -e, a. Romtncing.

gl-6 p

h;iir,* -ean, s.m. Ronsa'tcr. 2 Swaggerer.

tjfiiamai-li, -aiche, a ^lij>p.Ty-fac >d.

tfliamair. -ean, *.?*. One having a slippery face.

ullftiiihach. -aiche 8eegliamach.

gli.tmhair, >>e sgliamair.

see s.

ircactid. see sgleapaireachd.

se*i sgleat.

Sffli.ttach, see sgle itaeh.

sgliita Ih, see agleatadh.

sgliatair, see sjrieatair.

- >achd. see ^gleataireachd.

r, S-M sgleatar.

n, -ein, *.. Speckled or spotted creature.

gii^fan;ich,** nr. Speckled, spotted.

glimeach, -t iehe, a. Troublesome, as an unwelc

>m ; guest.

sglina^acnas, -.iis, *.T. Troublesoraencss.

B^liiiii'ar, -ir, -an, s m. Troublesome guest.

slim-ievr, -ir, -an, t.m. Flattering fellow. 2


rliinsiHrachd, s.f. Sordid, parasitical flattery.

vr ad -W. ,>f lings- -thire.

rgoigi?,*' s f. '1'hroat.

gloisvaoh,** a, (Guttural.

8gling,** s.f. Snot.

floin^ean, see sglougaid.

s^loi'iiieaiiacli, -aiche, a. see sglongaideach.

Kg'loingeaMachd, see sglongaidttachd.

sgiong, we sglongaid. 2* x.f. Horrid snotter.

iglongwh, -aiche, see sglougaideach. 2*Dirtily


glunuacnd. see sglongaideachd.

*gl m^aid. -e, -ean, t.f. Snot, saliva, apit, mu- ,

us. -.>*Term of oersonal contempt

uglon^aid-ach, -eiche, a. Snotty, mucuous,

. Hnbit

s. f. Snottiness,

>f snivelling.


Klongair.tt .in. Snotty fellow.

eachd.ft s.f. Snottiiir-ss.

>jriorach, x.in. Hi^ slattern Itlay.

Hfluim.(CR) s.f. Slattern A irjn.

gno ,, s. tfr v. see "*grog

ignoganach, Mull, Ac. for

\o, , Stray cloud Evjg ot 6'Arj/e.

sgob, .. Snatch, pluck, pull. 2 Sting, bite. S

Scoop ont. * Nibble lightly. 5(Dt*) Peck,

as a bird.

sgobach, -aiche, a. That snatches plucks or

pulls. 2 Stinging, that stings or bites. S

Scooping. 4 Apt to pluck.

sgooadii, -aidh, s m. Snatch, act of snatching,

plucking or pulling. 2 Act of stinging or bitmsc.

3 Twitch, wound. 4* Short while. 5**

Pluck, tug, pull. 6* Nibbling. 7(DU) Act

of pecidng. S. bho 'u bh tile, a little while


from hom; ; s. d


-aicliean ft-] A s . pr.pt. of sgob.

ieth, a little white of it. (pi.

sgobag, -aig, -an, s.f. Little twitch or wound,

2 Small dram, small quantity of any liquor to

drink. 3(i>U) Spoonful of porridge, gruel,

pudding, 4e.

ach, -aiehe, a. Twitching or woundinr


sgobair,** s.m. Biter.

sgoballach, -aich, s.m. Piece or morsel to eat.

scobanta, -ainte, a. Eager, voracious. 2ffSnatching.

end, ../. ind. Eagerness, voraciousness.

2ft Snatching.

sgobhachan, s.pl. Pieces Badtnoeh.

sgobhraa;,** s.f. Fairy.

sgoch, pr.p'. a' sgochadh,

t>. a. Gash, scarify,

hack, notch. 2(D My) Sprain. S. mi mochas,

/ tnrainfd m>/ foot.

sgoch,* s.m,. Gash, incision, notch, cut, slit. 2

(AC) Bursting. 3 First shot from a still


sgocha, see sgich.

sgochach,** a. Full of cuts, slits or incisions. 2

Causing cuts or slits.

sgocha. lair,** s.m. Scarifioator.

afocha-lith, (DU) ./. Sprain. E6las 8., the

cl-a,i"M by which sprains were hectl-d.

sgochrai-h,* s. Liver.

sg6d, -bid, -an, s.m. Corner of a cloth or garment,

lapn^t. 2 Sheet of a sail (rop3.) 3 Corner of

a sail. Error, defect, blernisii. 4 Coni-eit, affectation,

pri'le, airiness, coquetry, foppery,

vanity. 5 Comra ind, lordliness rule. 6**

Disposal. S. an t-siiil mheadhoin, th mainsheet

; s. an t-siiiil thois:ch, the foresail-sh'ft ;

8. an l-siuil chirm, thf fib-shi > "t. ; ainnir giin s.,

a ina d without conceit ; fuidh d' s., itnd'r thy

ritle ; cra-m-sgbid, ship-boom ; cainnt gua s^

luwfiing-' loithoitt Qijetl&tion.

sp6dach, -aiche, a. Having corners or lappets.

2 Furnished with sheets (ropes.) 3 Defective,

blemished. 4 Trailing, dragging. 5 vCB)

"RiiggmlSkyr. [ssjebdach in Gairtoch.] d

Awkward. 7 C. nc.-ited, affect -3d, pedantic,

beauish. proud, haughty, airy, flashy, fopp.sh.

8 Lordly, having com nand.

sgbday;, -aig, -an, s.f. Slovenly, awkward woman.

2 Conceited, vain girl, coquette, airy

or affected female.

sgbdaich.(MS) v.a. Eke.

8:bdail,** a. Big. 2 see sgbdach.

sg6dan, -ain, -an, s.m. dim. of s^bd. Little cor-

ner or lappet. *2 Small defect or blemish, ft

Sheet of a sail. 4 (MS) Patch.

sgog. -oig, -an, s.m. Fool, idler.

sgog,* .n. Hesitate, waver.

Hgogaoh, -aiche, a. Foolish, sensaless. 2 Idle.

8g6id, proo. e sg'.id. 2*. f. **Neok. 8 gen.sitia.

of sgod. 4**Shirt.

sg6i.leacli, -eiohe, .sue xgbdaoh,

stfoideag, -eitf, -an, see s^odug.

ach,** a. Vain, airy, us a girl, coquetti.^h,


aa, -eia, s.f. Pageantry, vuln show, oateu-


sgoideas SRoinneil


tation, pride,airiness,coquetry, flirting, vanity

[* gives sgoideis for nom.]

aoh, -aiche, a. Showy, foppish, proud,

airy, coquettish, flirting, formal, fond of pageantry,

vain, conceited.

sg6ideil,** -e, a. Vain, airy, conceited, foppish,

flirting, showy, formal, fond of show or pageantry.

sgoideisexeh, see female,

sgoil . eamachd, /. ind. Habit of loquacity ot


sgoilear, -eir, -an, .m. Scholar, school-boy, stu

dent. 2 Scholar, man of learning. beagb

s., a good tcholar.

ach, -ait-he, a. Scholastic, learned, li k

a scholar, academical.


achd, s.f.ind. Scholarsliip, learning, era

sgoige,** s.f. The throat.

dition, edueation, intelligence,

an, n.nl. of s.a. School, teach.

sgoil, -e, -can, s.f. School. 2 Education, learning,

knowledge, 3 Science, literature. Am

bheil s. aige ? it he educated .* a' dol do 'n s.,

going to xc.hool ; eha'n 'eil s. agam air, I know

nothing of it ; taigh na sgoile, the school-house.

s.-na-crainne, doctrine of the sphere.

s.-aitean, topography.

s.-bh ilbhan, deaf-mute schooling*

B.-bhasbaireachd, fenring.

s.-bhuirt, boarding-school.

.-cnlaidheamh, sword-exercise.

s.-chogaiilh, military academy.

s.-chreige, g*olofiy.

s.-cheair I, m j chaiiics.

s.-chruinne, geography.

s.-d in'isaidh, danc.ini-school.

s.-dindhaireachd, theology.

s.-iliomhair, nrivate school.

s.-dorn, boxing.

s.-dreag, mrt-orology .

s.-i1reagaireachd, see sgoil-dreag.

8,-duiih, th black art.

s.-ea'-h'lraidli, historiography.

s.-cun, ornithology.

8.-fliacal, etymology.

s.-fhairgr, navigation.

a.-fhearainn, apiculture ; 9* land-turvtying.

S.-fhryumhaehd, see s.-fhacal.

s.-fhuaigneil, sewiny-class.

s.-leughaidh, reading-school.

B.-lusan, botany.

B.-mhara, navigation.

8.-mharcachd, riding-school.

g.-mharsintachd, book-keeping,

s.-mniotail;, mineralogy.

s.-oide, schoolmaster, usher.

s.-oMhche, a school taught at night-time,


Shrew, tioulcl, aooidiug

S. acrais, a vehtm~nt attack of


sgoiun, -e, .f. Care, attention, carefulness, moment.

2 Heed. 3 Efficacy, power, effect,

good effect or purpose. 4 Neatness, trimness.

6 Decency, taste, propriety. 6 Affection. 7

(CB) Small pool in the rocky bed of a stream,

in which salmon get imprisoned and caught

when the tide is low. W. of Kots-ahire. 8 (D

U) Potential or active energy, force, activity.

Tha s. air, he is active ; dean le s. e, do it ta^t,


goirm. -e, -pan.*,/. The throat. 2 The lowe:

parts of a hill or heap. 3*Bnw of a hill. An

droi-h--;in gorm air s. nan earn, the t n .- th' iii-o->c of the cairns.

tag -U/* '. Shi -Id, target,

-eh. -tiche. . Qu ick.


d,s.f.ind. Quackery.

fsgoi'h. v see s:ath. thing

B.oithfMn,** *. i/i. The best or prime of any

*gc'itich, -ean, s m Quack, mountebank.

agoiH Iheachd, . f. ^e sg>it< jacnd. sgoi. pr.nt. a' sgoladh, v a. Rinse, wash, make

c'eau. 2 Drench. StfScull.

tsg>l, -oil, s.tn. >kull -J Loud laughter.

gl (A 11) * ** Viscous watter usually exuding

from and covering an ill-dressed wound.

egol.-ulh, -aidh, x.m. Rinsing. .cleanuBg. washing.

2 Act of waehi ig. 3 Draugnt 4tt~^' addling.

5+tSculling. A' s, pr.pt of sgol.

sgolag, aig. *.f. Olive-tree. 2 ee sgalaj.

sgolag-ig,(DC) s. /. Forefinger coigag or sgola

i>ag in Argyll.

flgola ;

s 1, see

sgo'ap, G.ielic form of scr>Up.

agolb. -uilb, -an, t.m. Splinter. 2 Prickle, thorn.

3 Wooden piu or wattle, used (for fixing thatch

on a roof. 4 Single floorings (nails.) 5**Skirmi*h

or fight with knives or dirks. 6**Doubt.

7 Split.

Sgolbtch, -aiche, . Prickly, thorny. 2 Splinttered,


,** t.m.. Spray or wattle, used in thatching


d.uMS) g.f. Prickliness.

golbaich,(MS^ v.a. Split.

njrolbauach, -nich, *.m Stripling, youth.

golba-.)ta, -H.in.1,', a. Thin, slender. 2 Apt to


break into splint. -rs. 3 *Snarp, prickly.

end, t.f.ind. Thiimess, slenderness. 2

Tnllius*. 3 Aptness to break into splinters.

sgolgair.** -ean, s.rn. Scold.

tsgol-gniir >,** ./. Loud laughter, horselaugh.

g-dl,* v.a Scull, as a boat. 2 see sgol. 3**

Deplum >. 4 Scold in a high koy.

goll,* t.m Scum, as on proud fles'i.

Bjjolla'.-han,* -ai i, s w. Unfledged bird.

K11''.;, -aij, i./. Ming y. s.^e p. 78.

sgolt.** -dilc,, -an t.m. SplU, .slit, cleft, rent.

agoltach, -a eh -. a. Sp.iaing, cleaving, slitting,

rivintj. 2 iiurstin^, breaking 3 Ape to split

or cieire. 4 Apt to burst or break.

agoltadh. -aidh -ai.lh^tn. s. m. Split, chink,

clsft, cracK, sit. 2 Splitting, act of splitting,

slitting, c'eavi-ig, rending or riving. 3 Bursting,

act of oiirsting or breaking asunder. 4

Ear-mark on su-i-p. see under comharradh-

fig >i'in-bhaid (.' >1 i x.jn. P.it>tH>ter.

toan.icii, -a.ciic, a. Lump.sU, coarsj,

less. 2 Stupid, s.-nsckss. 3 liud Large mouthful, gulp,

giut y Uu ff .., nnsh-ip'ly person. 10 (i)U)


j.ar,:es! ce .m i of r .-a. I, ni.-at, &/o'>'K'>lij ; s cabair. a '>'ock "/ ivood;

s cl'iich , o i'1'ick J sinn-' ; s. gille, a h.-avyh

-a .1 i fg 'In '(<

; s. arrtin a hlvck of hr a

agor-bheinn 830 sgrainpean

g6r-bheinn, -e, pi. bbeannta & -eanntan, n. f.

Rocky, conical mountain. 2 Mountain cliff.

3 Projecting clitf. 4 Blasted cliff. 5 Cliffy


fsgor-chailbhe, see sgorn-chailbhe.

sgor-e"ild,** t.m. Hill frequented by roe-deer. 2

Upl iud rock.

sgor-fhiacail, -cla, pi. -clan, t.m. Buck-tooth.

8gor-fhiacUch, -aicne, a. Buck-toothed.

sgorn, -6irn, -an, *.m. Throat, windpipe, gullet.

sgornach, -aicb, see sgdrnan.

s^ornan, -ain, -an, s.?/. The throat, neck, throttle,

gullet. 2* Windpipe. Tha 'n s. fosgailte

m.ir uaigh, their throat it an open sepulchre.

ggornan, n.pL of sg6rn.

i ach, -aiche, a. Wide-throated. 2 Bronchial.

3 V MS) Guttural.

- achas, -ais, t.m. Gutturalness.

aich, v.a. Gorge.

sgoru-chailbhe, -an, ./. The epiglottis.

sg6rr, -a, -an, see sgdr.

ssrorr,(DMy) v. Secure a boat with two or more

sticks to bold it on an even keel.

8g6rrach, see sgorach.

sgorrach,(AF) s.m. Perch (fish.)

*gorradh,(DU) -aidh, t.m. Act of propping up a

Doat on even keel. 2 The props takeu collectively.

(Sgorraidhean, the props taken individually.)

8gorrag,(DMK)./. Small bannock of oatmeal

with a hole in the centre, made for children


sgorr-bheinn, see sgor-bheinn.

gor-slmil, -shula, -shuilean, s.f. Blink-eye.

sgor-shuileach, -eiche, a Blink-eyed,

sgor-shruth,** -ach, t.m. Rocky stream,

figorthanach, see sgoranach.

sgot, -oit, -an, t.m. Small farm. 2 Piece of land

cut off another. 3 Small flock. 4* Small village.

sgot, see sgod.

tsgot, -oit, s.m. Shot, reckoning. 2 Part or

portion of a reckoning. Tba s. agam ort, I

hnvf cappnd your witticism Le^vis.

ggotan, -ain, s.m Small farm. 2 Small flock. 3

Small {iroup of persons. 4 Small blemish.

Bgot-bhaile,* t.in. Village.

Bgoth,** v.a. Pull.

ggoth, -a, -an, s.f. Boat, skiff, large winter fishing

boat, yacht, i'2 Flower. 6 (AC) Shade,

shelter.hut for concealing sportsmen. 4**Son.

5**Ctioice part of anything. 6**Disease. 7

(DU)Boat with stem and stern vertical sgoth

in Gai.rloch. Jmich 'nad s., depart in thy skiff.

sgolh, -achan, s./. (AC) Steep rock, abrupt hill.

2 (AC) Bank of cloud, overhanging haze. 3

(CR) The shade caused by a cloud obscuring

the sun. W. of Ross-thirf.. 4 (CR) Dimness

on glass caused by breath Strathspey.

Sgothadh. -aidh, s.m. Pull. 2 Gash, slash, cut.

sgothap;, -aig, -an, s.J.dim. of sgoth. Little skiff,

small yacht, cutter.

sgochaich,(MS) v.a. Overcloud.

sg than, see sgot.

Bgoth-loug, -luinge, -an, *./. Yacht, ship's flyboat,

seep. 78.

sgjth-luath, s.f. Cutter (boat) see p. 78.

8;rab,**v.a. Erase. 2 Scratch. 3 VVrite.

j8grab,1T s. Great shearwater, see sgriab. 2 Razor-bill

Barra, see coltraiche.

sgrabach, -aiche, a. sgrrabail.f St. Kilda for stjriab.

sgrabair, -ean, t.m. Greenland dove, see sgriab,

sgraban. -ain, s.m. Currycomb.

sgrabanach, -aiche, see sgrabaeh.

sgrabanachd, see sgrabachaa.


Rough, rugged, shaggy. 2

Rare, scarce.

sgrabachan, -ain, s.m. Roughness.

i;rabachas, -ais, s.m. Roughness, shagginess,


egrabadh, see sgrobadh.

a.m. Gold-foil, tin-foil, gold-leaf, spaagle.

sgragallach, -aiche. a. Spangled. 2 Like tin-foil

gold-leaf or gold-foil,

. sgraibhseadh, -idh, -idhean, m. Hand-saw.

[*sgraii)hse, *./.)

sgraicheag.fl' -aig, -an, t.f. Jay garruliis glanriariits.

2(AF) Redwing, see sgiath-rtheargan,

& sgreuchag.

ghlas,f *./. Missel-thrush. 2 Redwing,

see sgiath-dheargan. ~

g.f. Night-jw,

635. Suraicheag-oidhchf.

IgrUd, s.f. Old hag. t Old mare or cow.

encii, -eiche, a. Shrivelled and ugly.

sgrai.leach,** a. Diminutive. 2 Of a shabby exterior.

sgraHfag, -eig, -an, g.f. Small morsel. 2 Small

or ugly female. 3 *Small potato. 4*Any small


ach,** a. Diminu'.ive, puny. 2 Shabby.

3 Ugly.

sgraidean, -ein, -an, .rn. Diminutive, dwarfish

man. 2 Shabby-looking fellow. 3 Ugly little


sgraideanach,tt -eiche, a. Diminutive and ugly.

2 Shabby. 3 Having an ugly diminutive person.


sgraidht, -ean, s.f. Shrivelled and ugiy old woman.

each, see sgraid^acb.


sgraid-sha )h, s.f. Han>l-saw.

sgraig, v. a. Strike, hit one a blow.

sgraigea'lh, -idh, *. m Striking, act of striking

a blow. A' s -, pr.pt. of sgraift.

sgraigte, past pt. of sgraig. Struck.

sgrail.H s.f. Manx-shearwater pufinus anglor~


sgraill, v.a. Rail at, revile, sntirize, abuse with

words, scold harshly. [Usgraill.]

sgrailleadh, -idii. *.m. R tiling, act of railing ab

one, sitirizing, abusing wilhj words, reviling.

2**Offensive language, greatest abuse. A' s ,

pr.pt. of sgraill.

sarrailleag, -eig, -an, ./. Sand-piper.

sgraill ig.vAF) s.f. Dunlin.

Stfraing-, -e, -ean, s.f. Anj;ry look, frown, scowl,

gloomy, contracted countenance. 2 Forbidding

a-pact. 3 Nigg/irillinass. 4**Gloom.

flgraiugeach, -eiche, a- see sgraiugeal.

sgraiMgeag-, -eig, -an, *./. Surly, sullen-looking'

woman. 2 Niijzardly woman.

sgramsealachd, 's.f.ind. Sulleunass, gloominess*

of '2 aspect. Forbidding look. 3 Nigg irdliness.

4* Surly morosity.

sgraingeil, -e, a. Gloomy, sullen, frowning,

scowling. 2 Of a forbidding aspect. 3 Niggardly.

4**Having a frowning or forbidding


sgraingean, -ein, -an, s.m. Surly-looking fellow,

one with a frowning or gloomy visage. 2 Nig.

far My fellow.

tgr a n^--ar ,* -eir, -an, rm.Soowler. curmudgeon,

grai* -ran, i.m. Sluggard, slothful person. 2

*" " gg ea'ch.** o. Sluggish, indolent, slothful.

gratlia oiite, fiaft pt. of sgrathaich. Peeled,

skinned. 2 Pared, as a surface. 3 Thatched

with Mirf.

agrathail, -e, a. Destructive, tearing, destroying.

2 Pernicious. 3 Terrible. 4 < *t >



agratliair,* -ean, * m. Skeleton,

sgrathal, f.tn'l. Sin ill ones of anything. 2 Refuse,

rubbish Ograthall.]

a. -an,*.''. >;i-ab, blotch. 2 Mango. 3

Toe itch. 4 Scurf. 5(MS) Authrax. 61


*Cnrst. 7 r.]>t. of sgr--a'i.

sgreagag, -aig, -an, s.f. Shrivelled old woman.

'J Penurious, stinjy woman.

sgreaj/air, -ean, . m. Shrivelled old man. ft

Close-fisted, stingy man.

sgreaga'i, -ain, -an, g.m. Anything dry, shrunk,

or sliri/elltid. 2**,iarl, rocKf gtxmud.3 (DMv4

Cord p'a-ed abost a span between the n.,lf

hitches OH the Lops of lishia^-rod*. ialtuh


Horrify, highly disgust. 2 Loathe, abhor,

sgreatakih, -e, a. Sam .3 meaning as sgrearahail

eaehd, s.f. Same meanings as sgreamhalachd.

Bgreatas, -ais, s.m. Queasiness.

sgreath,* see sgreubh, sgreag & sgreumh.

ail, see sgreamhail.

sgreig,** s.f. Rocky ground.

Bgreig,** v.a. Fry.

eadh,** .v.m,. Frying.

sgreiteachd, see sgreamhalachd.

sgreitheil,** a. see sgreamhail.

fcgieitidh, see sgreambail.

sgreitidheachd,** see sgreamhalachd.

sgre6d,(CR) s.m. Group, crowd W. of RotS-sh.

s^reoth,* v.a. see sgreubh.

Bgreothainu,** s.f. Straw used in the place of

hair-cloth on a kilu. 2 Drawn straw.

Bgreubh, v.n. Dry up, crack by drought, parch.

ach.tt a>- Drying, as by heat.

ailh, -aidh, s. m. State of drying up or

cracking from drought. A' s , pr. pt. of


Bgreuch, pr. pt. a' sgreuchail, . n. Scream,

screech in a croaking and drawling manner.

2 Whoop. 3 Cry wim a shrill anil loud voice,

832 spriobachan

hard, rocky ground.

ach, -eiche, a. see sgreagach.

ta, -ainte, a see sgreamach.

Sjreagav,** >i. Rocky.

Bgreamh, -eimhe, A -a, s.m. Loathing, abhorrence,

disgust, nausea. 2** Disgusting sight.

3*1 tiin scum, rhrt or ugly skin. 4** Disgusting

object. S no sgaoim, disgust or fear.L. na

Feimif, WS/J 5. v *-fiamb no sgatb); ghabh es.,

he was ditjustfd.

ach, -aiche, see sgreamhai).

aohadb, -aidb, s.m. Nauseating, act of

nauseating. A' s , pr.pt, of sgreamhaich.

aicn, v.a. -DU.)

sgrialj,^ *. Greater shear water-^tt/ui >* ina)t>*.

sgriach, -a, -an, prov. foi i' sgreuch *


wriobachan 833 sgrob

jriobadaireaehd.tt s.f. Scrap :

na Ih, -aiilh, t.m. Scraping, act of scraping

sgriobhainnear,** -eir, s.in. Writer, clerk.scribe.

2 Notary. 3 Scrivener.

Sgriobhainn,** s.f. Hill, writ, evidence.

Bgriubhair, -ean, s.in. Writer,scribe,clerk,agent,

penman. 2 Notary. 3 Attorney.

Igriobhaireachd, se-^ sprriobhadaTrtachil.

Bgriobham. Ixt. stn-;. ii.ip. of sgriobh. Let me

write. 21,-'. fut.afT.i. I will write.

grio!.h;ir, fut. pa**, of s^riobh Shall be written,

wriobh-lochd, -an, s.in. Fault or error in writinij.


griobh thai^'h.* s.m. office,


griobhtach,** a. Writing. 2 Fond of writing.

3 Writing frequently.

sgriobhta. pa*t pt. of sg iobh. Written, recorded,

registered, composed.

flgrioljtuir, -ean, a.m. Scripture.

each, -oiche, a. Scriptural.

eil>* a. Scriptural.

sgriobhninn,** -ean, t.f. Bill or evi.lenca. S


S2;rioch,** s.m. Scratch, score, line, furrow,

sgrioeh,** v.a. Dash. 2 Scratch, score, uotch,

draw a line or furrow,

sgriodadh, -aidh, s.in. Shingle,

sgriodan, -ain, -an, #. m. Stony ravine on &

or scratching. 2 Ace of scribbling, drawing

lines or furrows. 3 Act of carrying off or taking

away. 4 Laying waste, act of laying

waste. A' s , pr.pt. of sgriob.

griobachan, -ain, -an, s.in. .nee sgriobadair.


egrob 8Si srrufbleachan


sgrob, -a, -an, *./. Scratch, scrape, line, scrawl.

sgrobach, -aiche, a. That scratches or scrapes,

scrawliug, scratching, inclined to scrape.

fir6badair, -ean, s.in. Scratcher, scraper.

sgrpba'laireachd, s.f. Scr itching.

Bprobadh, -aidh, t.m. Scratching, act of scraping

or scratching with talons or nails, scrawling,

scratch, scrawl. A' s , pr.pt. of sgr6b.

sgrobag, -aig, -an, t.f. Slight scratch.

8gr6bagach,tf a. Scratching.

8gr6baich, see sgrob.

sgr6bair, -ean, see sgrobadair.

SjiTobaireachd, s. f. Unskilful writing, scrawling.

away with, finishing. A' s , pr.pt. of sgrog.

Bgroarag, -aig, -an, s.f. Anything shrivelled and

contemptible. 2 Little old woman. 3 Useless

old timber. 4 Stunted "rowing timber. 6**

Oath. 6(.AF) Old cow or ewe. 7tfLittle horn.

armorial b'-ariii'is.

sgrogaid,* s.f. Old hat or cap.

sgrugair.-eau, s.w.Siirivellcd old fellow. 2 Biter.


sgrogan,** -ain, . ra. Skull-cap. 2 (DU) Little

man, dwarfish person.

grotfauaetM.m. Short-necked m n. S. de bhodaeh

cdir, a thick-set, sturdy, elderly kind little

titan. Syi-ttl.-nati-r ml, p. 294.

egroidhseach^CR) s.f. Hag,

lioss-s fiirt.

cormorant W. of

sgrui^.tf -e, -ean, t.f. see sgroigean.

sgroig. gtn.sing of sgrog. [?jom. in Gairloch

Bgroban, -ain, -an, t.m. Scraping or scratching

with the nails or talons. 2 Crop of a bird, b

Dewlap. 4**Uizzard.

8r6banach, -aiche, a. Scratching. 2 That

scratches with nails or talons. 3 Of, or belonging

to, a bird's crop or gizzard. 4 Having a

crop or gizzard. 5 Having a large crop or gizzard.

6 Hanging down, as a dewlap.

Sgrobha, -a, -acban, s.m. Screw. 2**Vice. 3 see

sgrath. 4**Corkscrew.

sgrobha, v.a. Screw.

sgrobhach, -aiche, a. Twisted, like a screw ,spi

al. 2 Having screws.

sgr6b-bhearnaeh, a. Do dheud s., your scratched

an I distorted tethDonn. ban, p. 133.

groch, see sgr6b.

ail,* v.a. Scrawl, scribble.

ladh, -aidh, *. m. Scrawling, scribbling.

2 Scrawl, scribble. A' s , pr.pt. of sgrochail.

jrrod, s.m. Host, large number. S. chloiune, a

host of children ; s. bhuntata beaga, a quantity

of small potatoes Dain I. Ghobha.not good


sgrodha, see sgrobha.

sgrodhach, see sgrobhach.

sgrog, -oig, -an, s.m. The head, side of the head,

in riiiiculf. 2 The neck, in ridicule. 3 Hat,

bonnet. 4 Bite, mouthful. 5** Skull-cap. 6

tfBiting word. 7 see sgrogag. A sgrog, his

nob an expression used in playing cribbage.

,(AF) s.f. Old cow or ewe. 2ttShrivelled


grog. v.a. Put on the bonnet sgroigean, -ein,-an, s.m. sae sgruigean.

sgroill, -ean, *./. Feeling, paring, anything torn


sgroill, v.a. Peel, pare, excoriate.

sgroille,** s.f. Peeling, paring. 2 Any part that

is torn off a skinned or coated surface.

sgroilleach, -eiche, a. Peeling, excoriating, that

peeis or pares. 2 In peels or parings. b**Apt

to peel or pare.

sgroilleachadn,** s.m. Scarification.

sgrdilleag, -eig, -an, s.f. dim. of sgroill. Little

peeling or paring. 2**Scale. 3 Any part torn

from a coated surface.

sgroilleagacb, -aiche, a. sea sgrdil leach.

sgioillicu, s

firmly, pull on, as

a helmet. 2 Doff. 3 Cock. 4 Compress, shrivel.

5 Become shrivelled. 6 Do away with. 7

*Bif,e, as a horse. SftNag. S. e mi, he bit

me ; s. do bhoineid ort, tighten your bonnet on

your head ; s. e am balach, he killed tht fallow.

Bgro-jach, -aiche, a. Shrivelled. 2 Impotent. 3

Mean, contemptible. 4 Having a hat or bonnet.

Bgi'ogadh, -aidh, t.m. Act of putting on a hat or

Motmet. 2 Shrivelling, act of shrivelling. 3


State of becoming shrivelled. 4 Act of doing

j .


sgroingean,** a.m. Barebone, curmudgeon.

sgroingeanach,** a. Clostf-ha'ide-t, illiberal.

Hgroingeanachd,** s.f. Illiberality.

iniifjach, a. .1 Ragge Arran.

sgroitheacii, -eiche. a. see sgrathach.

sgroithean, n.pl. of sgroth.

siir61,(CR) s.m. Multitude, crowd, great number.

S. chluiune, a crowd of children W. of


fsgroll,* s.m. Large wide piece.

sgroth, -oith, -oil/bean, s.m. see sgrath.

sgrothach, -aiche, see sgrathach.

sgrothach, -aich, s.m. Sea furbelows, bulbousrooted

tangle laminaria bn'.bosa.

sgrothachd,(MS) s.m. Scalinoss.

sgrotha'lh, see sgrathadh.

s^rothaiche,(MS) s.m. Epidermis, morphew.

sgrub, t.m. Hesitation, scruple.

sgrub, v.a. & n. Hesitate, delay. 2 Be niggardly,

act in a niggardly manner.

grubadh, -aidh, s.m. Delaying, act of hesitating

or delaying. 2 Act of playing the niggard.

3 Scrubbishn^-ss. 4 Draught (liquid.) A' s ,

pr.pt. of sgrub.

grubail, -e, a. Hesitating, dallying. 2 Scrupu.

lous. 3 Niggardly, parsimonious,

sgrtibair, -enn, a.m. Churl, niggard, miser,.scrub.

igrubaireachd, a.f.ind. Churlishness, scrulibis)-.ness.

igrubal, -ail, -an, s.m. Scruple. 2 Doubt.

igrubalach.tt a. In scruples. 2** Hesitating,


grubauta,* see sgrubail.

igrud, v. a. Search, scrutinize, pry, examine.


sgrudach,** a. Examining, catechising, quistiouing,

prying, searching, inquisitive.inva-itigating.

sgru 'lachadh, -aidh, s.m. & pr.pt. of sgrudaich,

see sy;rudadh.

8(CR) Crumpled horn W. of Roifthirt. 9((J

B) Mythical a-{uat :

c animalSty* 10 (DU)

Drinking-horn. Lan na, sgroga g, a hornfiU

(of liijuor); be"ist na sgrogaig, the unicorn in

grudadb, -aiilh, s.m. Searching, act of searchjug,

scrutinizing, prying, examining, questioning,



search. 3 Inqiiisitivouess,

curi'js'ty. 4 Audit (of accounts.) Utmost


groid,(A.C; v.a. Sean-h.

of anything in a dish. A's ,

pr. pt. of Sjfrii'l. A' s. gach ionaid, searching

evry p?ace.

gruduich, v.a. see sgru-l.

grudaichte, past p\ of sgrudaich.

amine' t, searched.

Triad, ex-

gru'lair, -ean, s.m. Searcher, investigator, scrutinizer.

grudaireachd, s.f. Searching.

grugaill,:CR) s.f. Neck of a bottle.

a lien Sutk'd.

gruibleacb, -iob, s.f. Refuse, rubbish,

2 Neck of

ruibleachiu,** -am, -an, s.m. Scribbler.

sgruidt* 835 suuidilear

ruidte. past pt of s-jrud,

ruige-in,J-ein,-an,*.m Neck of a bottle, or anything

shaped for the hand. 2 The neck, in ridicuie.

3**Short neck, in ridicul* 4**Shortnecked

person, in ndi

Bga.d.learach I, t.f.int. Foul drudgeay, siuctish

suu.di, v.a. Thrash, switch, lash. 2 Drive. 3

Ureas flax. (Scots, skutch.)

Sguidieach, -ich.-icaeari, s.m. & f. Stripling,pro.

i* Very tall, slender yoiMsj man. H Prosti-

tute, prno. ttfl^a ik younu; girl.

Iguidseadh, -idh, s.m. Switching, act of switching,

thrashing or lashing. 2 Act of dressi i.g

flix. A' x,vr.pt. of s;uids. Deireadh mo sgtSii

mj s., the end of m>/ tat? iviil be whipping.

i.-?. confess an I be hanged.

s^uidse ir,** -eir, s.m. Bedtle, thresher, dresser

of fl.ix.

Bgaiilseiueaoh, -ich, sm. sl 2 Slattern,


slab 837 siantachd

A' cur 's a' siabadh, tnowinij and drifting.

iab,* s.m. Wipe, rub. 2 Cleansing. 3 Fhuching.

Thug OB. dha, he gaos il a rub.

ach, -aiche, a. Wiping, rubbing, cleansing

by rubbing. 2 Passing along with a quick

Continuous motion. 3 Snatchi.ig, that snatcheth.

4 Flinching. 5 Sarcastic, cutting.

adh, -aidh, s.m. Wipinjj, act of iadair,* v.n. Stink.

siadaireachd, * /. Filthiness. 3 Laziness. 8

Slinking, hutting, sly conduct, sneaking. 4

Meanuess. 5 Stupidity.

si i-il.'uir, see se-deug.

8iadha,(AC) lesacle. S. coin-ghearr, the tcstick


wiping or

rubbing. 2 Cleansing by rubbing. 3 Act of

passing along with quick coutinujus m jtion.

4 Snatching, act of snatch! ug away. 5 Breathing

away. tit fS weep ing. 7ttPlying a risiiin^

r>i. 8 Drifting A rran. A' s , pr.pt. of siab.

Biabail,** a. Abstergent.

the wolf.

siadnail,** s./. Sloth, slu'igishn^ss.

siadh in, -ain, s.m. State of confusion.

sia than,** a. Confused, topsy-turvy.

sia ach, o. Harum-scarum A rran.

siaman. see siomau.

Biabail (a 1

), pr.pt. of siab. Angling IT. of Ross-


Biabair, -can. t.m. Wiper, one who wipes or rubs.

2 Hnatcher, one who snatches. 3 Awkward

si id.]

Bia I. see sebd.

sill,* v. n. Sheer, po obliquely. 2**Sneak,


Bia I, -a, -an, t.m. Stink. 2 Laziness, sloth. 3

JtKilthinens. 4 Fns'.y >m -II.

Bia lach tf -aiche a. Having a fusty stn -11.

Bi> Uir. --an. i.m. >r.inK.ir 1. '1 Kilthy person. 3



gia'itaH'i, n.pl. of sian.

, -can, t.m. Hardy man, hero.

niant-aii, pi. of sian

sia;.>,* v.n. see seao & siab.

sia rs, nron. ?,id. pers. '. Ye, you. [Used

ins;e,id of thtt, whj-i a I Ir3>siuu; a person older

or of holier s>--ial rin* t.ian th) speaker,

also when speaking to m )re tlian one person

si*>hin,J s. Bulri-h, sje luachair-.^hobhlac'i.

siohn-ac i,*-eich, -an,*.7. Fairy, spect-re, appar


aib'iroachail,* -e, n. Fairy-like.

si ibr.-ag. OB) x.f. Fairy.

sibh-9',, "mv'iatic fo.-in, of sihh.

sibht,* Gaelic sp.-lling of thift. Plan, contrivance,

sub;erf;i :e.

sibhteach,**a. Full of shifts, schemes or plans,


giblHealachi,*./ Providentness. 2**Contrivanca.

3 Cuuning, craftiness.

sibhteil, -e, a. Shifty, inventive. 2 Provident,


sic, -e, -can, ./. The prominence of the belly.

2 Peritoneum. 3 The inner s'cin which is nexb

the viscera in animals. 4 (AC) see sicean.

Bnris an t-sic, th? inn*r skin broke ; mam-sio,

rupture, hernia. 5 see seic.

sic.(CR) -e, -ean, t. f. Snatch. 2 Attempt. S

Sudden effort to t ike hold of one. 4** Sud-

den personal onset, swoop. 5** Firmness,

strength. 6**Inside of the skull. Rug e la

tions) SwM'rf.

siarainnich, pr.pt. a' siarainneachadh, v.n. Languish,

pine away. 2ftTurn, become sour, as


sia-ramhach, see se-ramhach.

siaranichadh, -aidh, s.m. Languishing. 2 State

of lang- iishin,} or plain ; away. A* s , pr.pt.

of siaranaich.

siaranaich, pr.pt. a' siaranachadh, v.n. Languish,

piue away.

siar-shuil, -shula. -shuilean, s.f. Squint-eye. 2

**Obli pie or side look.

-:ach, -eiche, a. Looking awry. 2


sias, (for sios.) Cha bhi slat a sias (sios) o chrun

deth, miann gach sul e auns an ffoaidhir,

not a yarl of it will be les* than a crown,

'twill bf sought by evryone at the market

Do/tn. Ban. p. 15-5.

fsiasar, -air, s.m. Session, sitting of a court assizes.

Bia-sulisneach, see se-shlisneach.

sia-shlisnea-j, see se-shlisneag.

siasnadh, x.m. Wasting, decaying, fading away,

Rof) Dimn.

siat,** s.m. Tumour, swelling, puffing up.

-,** v.n. Swell, puff up.

siatai Ih ! int. Puss ! (call to a cat.)

siatair, s.f. Sciatica, rheumati-tm.

siathamh, see seafcham 1


sibeau, see siobin. 'Xuair a chuir iad sinn air

tir am moasg sib'3in (siabain; is m s , he grasped suddenly ; thu? an cu s. air, the

dog snanped at him ; thuj

irain, when

e s. as a dheidh, he

mad" a snap after him. All from Bertnthire.

sic, v.n. Dash to, lay hold of.

tsic, a. Dry, parched, droughty.

sice, ./. see craobh-shice.

sicean (AC) s.m. Particle, grain, infinitesimal

quantity. S. .sil, a smM grain of seed.

sichd, -e, -ean, *./. see sic.

sichd,* v.n. see sic.

siciamin, *. Mulberry, (sycamine in Bible), sea


sicir, -e, a. Shrewd, sagacious, wise. 2**Acute.

3 Prudent, steady, firm, sure. 4 Accurate. 6

**Advisable. 6**Advised. 7**Not easily imposed


eachd, s.f.ind. Accuracy, acuteness. 2 Management.

3 Considerateness. 4 Advisablenesa.

5 Prudence, sagaciousness.

si 1,J see sio 1.

. sid, -e, f. Weather, good or bad. 2 Abatement

of a storm. 3 Abatement of rage, pacification,

cessation. 4** see sioda. 5* Mood,

humour. (_McL & D gives s.m ] 'Nua'r a ni

e sid, when the. storm a'tales ; d6 an sil a th'

ort ? in what humour art you ? am bheil s. air

a nis ? is his rage abated? sid mhn.lh, good wca*

thtr ; droch shid, bad washer.

sid,** s.m. Lair, as of a bear.

sideach,** a. see siodach.

d,** *./. see siodarhd.

fsideadh, -idh, -idhean,.m. Blast, as of wind.

sideil,* -e & sideilictie, a. More mjJerate, ai

wind. 2 In good humour, in good temper, as

a person.

sidhe,** */. ses sidheadh.

ach,(AF) t.m. Wolf.

sidhe idh,** -idh, s.m. Blast.

tsi lhean, x.m. Infamy.

tsidhich, v.a. Prove." (suidhicn.)

sid-aaich, (an), emphat. form of sid Btd'noch

collectiv.il/ of any a,j;e or rank. [Q Arran,

th i u

sigfiantachd sin

ness. 3 Deliirhtfulness. 4* Cheerfulness. 5

Affability, comHacency.

igh," v.n. 'Glide, skip, dash forth. dart. A' sigheadh

air mullacn n:\rn b^anu. skipping on the

ton of the hills ; sh. i seachad, she glided by.

Igh, see sith.

igheach, see siiheach.

igheadh,* -eidh, *.w. Gli ling, vanishing, skipping,

see sitheadti. A' s , pr. pt. of sigh.

Thug e an s. ud. h made such a bolt.

igheann, see sithionn.

ighear,** -eir. *.m. Mountaineer.

ighich, *.m. - ifot'ii'l dian-nS inut ; fo sh. an t-Seanu

Tiomnaidh, iind'r the Mo*aic dispensation ;

ileag. -eig, -an, s.f , dim. of .sil. Little drop.

ach, -aicue, a. Falling in Mii.Ul dropT, dripping.

il-an,', AC) see sicean.

ilea-i, -din. -an, s.m.,dim. of .siol. Small single

grain. 2 The worst part of grain. 3 Stunted


ach, a. Abounding in small grain.

ilK-r^um, s-e sile-rnu.

Ue-ronn,* .m. Salivation.

silich, pr.pt. a' sileachadh, v.n. Spit, slaver.

similear, -eir, -an, s.m. Cnimney, vent. Gaelic

form of chimney. Ceanu -imdeir, a chimney*

statk ; troimh an t-simileir, through the v nt

similearach, -aiche, a. Of , or beion,;int; to.cUimneys.

similearaicb, v.a. Put a chimney on.

te, past pt. Chinmeye I.

similidh, -e, a. Cowardly, dastardly. '2, Feeble,


simisd,(OR) s.f. Beam, of which tnere were

three, laid across a corn-kiln to support tho

" sticleau bea^a," s-e sticil. W.iifiivsa-thire,

gach s.. every dr;> ; s. n;i h-o'dhune, n^w ; s.

n^n speur, rain ; s. nan sul, t'arg ; a siiil a' s.,

h"r t-a' s .'rtl'mjli'. her eyes sheddiug.

ileadh, 9rd.9en.ting.Jepl.ivip. of sil.

-iUitn,(l).MK) *. m. Rai'i percolating simleag, -eig, -an, s.f. Silly wom.tn.

through the sooty thatch of a bouse andfall- -im in.tch,** 't. Smvxiiacal.

ing in ;arge black drops indelibly staining

d,** ./. Simony.

everyttiinji it comes in contact with Caith- 4m >n liche,** s in. M!i guilty of simony.

simplich, 4 **

v.a. Sim : ilify.

si.upiidh, a. Simple, smgle-hearte 1, artl^s. t"

SilU. 3**Plain, HIK. mean. 4**LfiiakTL.

cachd, t.f.ind. Simpleness or sing! ness

of h. j art, plainness, honesty. 2 Silliness. a

UiiafteiitrdiK-ss, ineeun-sa. 4 Unalrrtness. ^

**Meann -ss. Na bioilh s. oirbh, ist thrr- be

no unaiefntsa in you.

sin, demons uron. That, those. Na daoine sm,

thone irt'/t ; an 'iumu sin. that in'tn ; an t-am

in, that tim,' ; m u si i, in that manner ; 'so

am ri radii, that u Lo ay ; au aiu, then, on

sin 840 sinte

t.'.rt* occasion ; therein that place ; an sin fhein,

at that very time ; in that very place ; sin mar

athainig e, it icas in that manner he came ;

ma' sin sio*, ami so on ; o sin, since.

Bin ! int. Th^re ! Well don a , ! Sin ! sin ! enough!

enough ! ; sin th'i, a la >chai'i ! well d'nie, my

good fellow .' as an sin thu ! \> off ivith you ;

sm agad sin ! there it is fur you ! Bin thufhe"in

! veil done yours-'lf !

Bin, pr.pt. a' sineadh, v.a. Stretch. 2 Increase

in 1- ngth, stretch out. 3 Hand, reach anything

to another. * **Prolong. 5* Pursue,

chas^'. 6**Grow in stature. 7* Lean or lounge

on a bed. 8 Lie at full length. Qff-Extend.

10 (DU) Begin, commence.

S. dhomh sin, hand me that ; s. do lamh,

ttretch out your hand ; s. do lamh dha, extend

your hand to him ; drub him : tha e a" sineadh,

he is g rowing ; ma shineas Dia mo laithean, if

God prolong my days ; sh. sinu orra, we purs

r '-d them with all our might; an deidh sinidh,

having commenced ; sh. i ris, she was reduced

by him ; s air, chaxe hem ; tha e 'n shin

eadh. he it franm.gr or lonr>vtn'i on fh" beiM>?m

cflvla. [Not found in the Highlands, but common

in Ireland. j illusb. 63tt.

sino m, se : sp>;alt.

sine- >hog,(AF) *.f. Soft crab.

Biigii!** v.a. Dress flax, prepare flax for the

In. tch.-l (s jit il.) 2 Belabour, give a thrashing.

singil,** v. Swinge.

hiufjii, a. see simpiidh.

singilear,** -oir. -an, *.m. One who prepares flax

fur Uie halciiel.

656. Sineat.

sinfo 841

in;'e. -au, t.in- Traces by which ahorse draws


einu-ach. -ich, ichoaa, *.f s'jesinte.

( .eichc, a, fe-lra'jrht, long, 6X*6l)dlDfl!

far. extended, tall. 2 *r*n.strati;. 3 Stretching.

4 With long steps. 6**Gvowing fast in


au'. -eiii. -an ../. Skip, b >und hop. 2 Pace,

stri.le. b*'Straigiit li< e. 4 ft


svi>imiHsi. Oha ghibh mi na

# tA* iva'j fts; r'>ke-. in

shit sa^aa,/ of the steppingor.

, Skipping, bounding.

g long strides or paces.

;ch. -aich

Str di-'g. maki


n. rintemrHici?,** Pac.

Mrueag-fe.'lh, *.f. (star's leap.) Old Highland

lin.-j.r injure t>qu.l Lo W Knylish feet.

, nidtean forsian an. n pi. of sian.

si'\tea'achd, MS) .,* ". see siab.

Mobadh. -;vidh, s./t see s'abulh.

si.'b-ig, -ai, -an, s.f. Blast of the inouth, whiff,


siob.ii 1,** s.f. Scallion, onion, see uinnean. 2

The plant cibjl.


gl'ichaileacbd, s^e 6i->clial:u.-b.d.

suu-haiiit, -e, * f. Prfact;,

repose. 2 A*suage.ni>?Lt.

peaccfalness, quiet,

each, -eiche, a.


Sili-nt. 3**Silencing.


Peaceful, tran juil. 2

4*Undisturbed, unmo-

eachd,* s. f. ii\d. Pe.icefu'n^ss qui'-tii'l-*.

2 Anpeavi bleness. 3 Happy reoose and p-ac

siochair, -e, -ean. s. m. Dwarf. 2 Fairy-iiKe

person. 3 Contemptible fellow, trining person,


--- ach,** a. Abounding in scallions, onions

or ci'.Mds.

sol-ail,* v. s >e *rab.

siuban, seesiabunn.

sioban.'AU; -tun, s.jn. Spindrift, see siabau.

siocMaiut.Ml,(M8) a. Appeasable.

siocha'utiche, s.m. P ace-ruaker.

ochaireach, -eiche, a. Dwarfish. 2 Mean, contem


siocn ureachd, g.f.ind. Dwurfishness. 2 Contemptible

habits. 3 Personal ins.ninVaniv.

4 Puiilai>imousnes8. 5* Trifliug conduct,

quantity or cons'derat.ion.

siociiaire-baic.(AH) s.m. IJoy who, when p^a'a

are beiu,i cut, lifts on to the bank any tha'u

may accidentally fall off the p t-ac-.spade. siochalachd,* K. /. Peac-iubu-ss, quietude. 2

Peaceable Mess. 3 Peaoo-makingi

siocharra.(AC) s.pl. Fairy dar^s

s./. Pea'-e, tranquility, abstainmeut

from war. 2 Silence.

siod, df^nons. pr^n. Yon, that, there. An siod,

yonder, there ; s. an duine, yonder is the man ;

an siod 's an seo, thrs ami here ; s. e, yonder

he is ; siod agad siod, there is your match ; s.

fbein, for every rfawni, because I thought it

pro-per ; mar s. 's mar seo, that wan o.'^- 'hit

icft.V ; s. an t-aito, yonder is the^lace ; 'de ulia'n

s. ? what wax that ? ; c* ar son s. ? wbb:'ule, a. Klinhting. 1^ .-ai^hdean s. suibhiat-h

'(.'am Ie6n. woiiruiinff me with blighting

suift ar.-dirs - D*in 1. GUobha.

aiobbaiU, s.-e .-i>biialta.

siobnaiit^acM't, >>e^ sio''haltaclid.

eiobhalta, -aiiu-, o. Civil, courteous. 2 Peaceful,

mild, placid. 3 Obliging, kind, urbane.

iobha! t . \

did, s.f.ind. Civility, courtesy, peacefulness.

--- s, -ais, s.r/i. s^e siobhaltachd.

siobhas, -ais, r.m. Rage, madness, fury.

-- ac'i, -aiclie, s, Furijus, frantic, ujad.

siobbrajc,** s. f. Elf.

tsiMihraich, -e, -can, *./. Fairy work, magic, euchtiitineut.

sioblach,* -aich, s.rn. Streamer. 2 Long person.

3ftse.- si.jbladh, 4 (1>U) " Cast " of a fishingline

or tackle.

siot.iadh, -aldn, s.m. Fishing with the boat IMder

wti-.h. 2 Tim- of tide suitable for fishing.

atrttf.sult of one's rod-fi hing. A' s , pr. pt.

.f si -bnii. 4 (1)L T

) Fish.ng by trailing the tlies

on i.h,. C ail lo a mat - )'. of />'os.

tsioc, s n. Front. 2 Tne umbilical region.

tsioc, v.a. Fr;ezp. - Dry up, grow bard.

t- aclU-', p-is' pt. Frozen, t Dried up, grown

hart. 3 Obdurate.

sio'.uiir,** t.iH. Motire, reason. 2 Natural. 3

Opi> >rtuniiy.

ofh* c. st-e siacli.

si.icb,* s.f. Peace, f|nict, repose, comfort.

Biochadh,* -aidh, s?e siachadb.

ui )ciia ;


ch,** v.

siopada-sinn-seanaireach 842 sioll

na Maoile (Maol Cbinntire), as great-greatgreat-grandfatherish

as the fox of the Mull (of


siogaid, -ean, s m. Lean, dwarfish, weakly fellow.

2 Starveling.

each, -eicb, .m. see siogaid.

each, -eiche, a. Lean, cadaverous, famished

looking. 2 Dwarfish, bouy, ill-made Sar-


si igaidn,** -ean, s.m. Fairv. 2 Pigmy,

siogiidh, a. Twining applied to the motions

ot a serpent, aud hence to music, which twines

and coils rouud the heart. It is translated

calming in W . H. Tales.

fniogail,** a. -Streaky, striped,

wog.us-leach,** a. shapeless and long in person.

2 Having long limbs, 3 Tough.

d,** s.f. Shapelessness of person.



siogan,** -ain.f.tn. Gizzard,

siog.achadh, -aidu, s.m. Milking or sucking to

the last drop Steal.

siogladh, -aidn, s.m. Sucking an udder to the

last drop.

siogar, Gaelic form of cigar.

Hiogaran, s.m. Cigarette.

sioi. sil, a.m. Seed of any kind. 2 Progeny, descendants.

3** Ancestry. 4 Tribe, clan. 5

Spawu or roe of tish. 6"*Corn. 7**0ats. A

Bhll uam foun ! children of .' sung i.e. bards.

[Generally aspirates a proper name following

it, except one commencing with T.} Siol

Dhiaruiaid also Siol Diarmaid (iia Duibhiiich.)

the Campbells ; Siol Torcuil, the Mac-

Leods of Lewi* ; s. gruinud, seed for sowing.


siol ! int. Mode of calling geese,

siol, s.m. Sprat (fish) clupea sprattus.

siol,** v.a.

sfoll 843

st:i gh fhatf'RSlP has your turn cow roundyttf

violin, see si >la,

sioiladh. -aidh, -ai'dhean, t. m. Syllable, see

s ol.utl).

ioilainieach.i(dtaichefor Nos. 4&5.J

briiac.lf s.m. Smew msrgux aHicllnt.

I -ain, x. m. Red-breaeted merganser,

; siolia (ili'-arg it l.ich tiacailleach.

ban, IT *."*. Sinew, see sioltaich breac. - br ac,^ n.in. see sioltaicii breac.

fltol-tn-iibh** -treibh. maid.vin,* see siraid.

simnain, see sioman.

innit!, -ail, m. (J ilinjj.

8 ouialtacn (MS) a. M^rry.

siom in, ain, -HII. *.m : Rop of twisted straw or

nay. 2 Ro, e of twisted heat tier -^'fc'/". 3**

R.)pe,oord. 4 in derision, Tall, s lapeless frillow.

L'orr-shi^main, ln-nt. stick, u*ed for mifcing

8'rj.ic-rop'x ; cbo nn-ar ri c ann-sioniain,

as nwry ax a rope's en I. (?icot$, thraw-crook.)

--- ach,** a. Lake a rope of si >n,** s.m. Whisper.

siraw, bay or

2 Phenomenon. 3 ness. 4 Warning.



,v.w. Craw-fish, cray-Gsh.

tsiona, s.m. Delay.

Si'inadh, -aidh, -aidhean, . in. Lord, noble,

chief, prince. [**

siouail,** see siauail.

o?n. sionaidh.]

sion-b iuailte, see sian-bhuailte.

ion-bhu lilteach, see -ian-bhnailteach.

ion-.ihualadh, see sian-b.maladh.

siongailLe, see sii.gdte.

SK)n-^iomach,(AF)*.wt. Craw-fish, cray-fish.

t.sionn, adv. In this place, here.

si>nn, s.in. Foxglove, see lus-nam-ban-silh 5

(AC) Li^hfc, brightness, lurid light. 3 iAC>

Region of lurid light.

sionn,(AC). Mysterious. 2 Phosphorescent. 3


siotm, s.m. Phosphorous Da/n /. Ghnblta.

sionnach, -aich, x*m. F'ox. 2 J{apipd-reed. ft

Wind- valve of a bagpipe. 4 Wind-valve of

smith's bellows. t> Tub, keeve.

air,** -ea i, s.m. Fox-hunter.

.in, -ain, s.m. Will-o'-th i-wisp. 2(DIT>

Phosphorus. Teine sionnacliain, phuiDh'irnit

thas. 'sa mhuir, tfie seu.i

slnn-steud 841

ion-steud, see sian-steud.

sioiitaeh, seesiantach.

d, see siant;>pis

Mos 345

towards one is nuitf. 2 shios) Resting: below, siothiim'i (MX) s. Ai;>

In FT. nfRos< shi is an I sios naturally m.vin si ith.ilach I, ,


ch,** a. Schismatic. 2 Conferring privateserotinous.

2 Lem, poor.

sireachd, *.f. & pr.pt. *a.iue meanin!js as sireadh.

siread,** -eid, s.rn. Ferret.

ach,** a. Like, or abounding in, ferrets.

sireadair, -ean, s.rn. Que^-tant, inquirer.

>irea 'an,** -aiu, .m. Sound, probe, in surgery.

STeauh, -idh, s.m. Searching, net of searching

2 Seeking, act of seekinjj. '6 Asking, requasting,

demanding, begging. A' s , pr. pi. of


s'reamh, -eimh, t.m. Dise;ise.

siris, -ean, s./. Cherry, see era /bh-shiris.

each.-eiche, a. Of, or belonging to, cherries.

STist, see siris.

each, .. pi-ov. for siiis^ach.

each,* s.m. Shelty, pony.

sirnearan,(AF) x.pi. see siaridean.

sir-shileadh, see sior-sluluadh.

tsist, c. Time, while.

sisteal,** s,m. Cistern. 2 Fiaxcomb.

sistealach,** -aich, t.m. Flax-dresser. 2 Wool-

comb r.

.sistealach,** o Having cisterns or flaxcombs '4

Like a c sVrn or flaxc"mb.

d,** */./-*. Flax dressing. 2 Wool-

combin , or car< I ng.

lUstr-alan 1

,** a.m. Flax -dresser. 2 Wool-oomber.

site, -iiflian. s.f. (Jaelic fonn of nhtet. S. pha ptir,

a sh*i-t of i ^a per.

ach, a. Sheeled. in sheets. 2 Like a shee'..

-e:g, -an, l.f. Dunglnll. Originally auto

thj dung that was allowed to accumulate

in a byre for twelve montlis.and cleaned

out in the spring time. The custom s^i'l

obtains in Ltwit. -DMK. X Nice yuan fe

sttea* 84ft nittiichte

male. 3 (DU) In Gairloch, applied to outside

generally. Cuir cbun na siteig e, turn him


ach, a. Abounding in dunghills. 2**Nice,

as a young female. 3**Effeminate.

Bitealachd,** s.f. see sihhtealachd.

tsitearn, -eirn, * m. Harpw [*s/.]

siteil, a. Cunning, crafty, designing.

sitli, -ean. Hill, mount. 2 Prefix in the names

of many hills.

-eachd,** s.f. Proclaiming of peace,

office of a herald of peace.

sith-bhreitheamh, -eimh, -an,*.n. Justice of the

))< j ace.

sith-bhriseach, -ich, -ichean, s.m. Rebel.

Bith-bhrise'ich,** a. Peace-breaking, riotous, reballiou*.

sith-bhnseadh,** -idh, *.m. Disturbance, rebellion.

Bith-bhrog, see slth-bhrugh.

fcitb-bhrngh, -a, -uighean & -ughan, s.m. Fairy

hill or mansion.

ach, a. Abounding in fairy-hills.

ith-hhruth, see sith-bhrugh.

sitli-hhrufhach, see .sith-bhrugh.

sith-bhuan,** a. Eternal, immortal. 2 Perpetual,


taehd. s.f. Eternity, immortality.

sithchail, see sitheil.

Bith-rhainnt,***./. Salutation. 2 Words of peace,

peaceful language.

each, a. Saluting. 2 Speaking peace-

keeps the peace.

sith-dheanaclach, -aiche, o. Pacific.

sith-dhuiue, pi. -dhaoine, s.m. Fairy.

sith-dhun,** a.m. Fairy knoll.

sitheach,* -eich, .s.m. Male fairy AnylL

sitheach, -eiche, a. Making long and quick

sith, -ean, s.m. ess.

Policy, cunning, art-

sithich, pr.pt. a' sitheachadh, . a. Pacify be-

f illy.

Ubche, -an, s.m. see sithich.

an, pi. of sithich.

gith-cheangail,** v.a. Join in a confederacy. 2

Hind over to keep the peace.

Ub-cheanglach,** a. Confederalive. 2 Binding

over to keep the peace.

aith-cheangladh.** -aidh, s.m. Confederation. 2

Binding over to keep the calm, quiet, allay, agree, reconcile. 2 Grow

ealm, grow pacified, grow