2011 Grobet Inc Price List - Clarkson Laboratory and Supply


2011 Grobet Inc Price List - Clarkson Laboratory and Supply

2011 Grobet Inc Price List - Authorized Distributor Clarkson Laboratory & Supply Inc.

www.clarksonlab.com E-mail: sales@clarksonlab.com Phone: 619-425-1932 Fax: 619-425-7917

Please e-mail us for applicable discounts

10.1434/B 5X16MM MTD BULLET FINE BX 1000 $1,876.65 EA

10.1434/C 5X16MM MTD BULLET FINE BX 100 $211.55 EA

10.1435/B 14.5X2MM MT WHEEL FINE BX 1000 $1,876.65 EA

10.1435/C 14.5X2MM MT WHEEL FINE BX 100 $211.55 EA

10.1436/B 14.5X2.5MM MTD KNIFE FINEX1000 $1,876.65 EA

10.1436/C 14.5X2.5MM MTD KNIFE FINE X100 $211.55 EA

10.1437/B 5.5X15MM MTD CONE FINE BX 1000 $1,313.30 EA

10.1437/C 5.5X15MM MTD CONE FINE BX/100 $144.00 EA

10.1438/B 6X11.5MM MTD CYL FINE BX 1000 $1,313.30 EA

10.1438/C 6X11.5MM MTD CYL FINE BX/100 $144.00 EA

10.1439/B 11X2MM MTD WHEEL FINE BX 1000 $1,313.30 EA

10.1439/C 11X2MM MTD WHEEL FINE BX/100 $144.00 EA

DWO 10.144 PNK ALUM OX WHL KNIFE 1/2X1/8 $0.50 EA

10.1440/B 11X2.5MM MTD KNIFE FINE X 1000 $1,313.30 EA

10.1440/C 11X2.5MM MTD KNIFE FINE BX/100 $144.00 EA

10.1441/B 5.5X15MM MTD CONE COARSE X1000 $1,313.30 EA

10.1441/C 5.5X15MM MTD CONE COURSE X100 $144.00 EA

10.1442/B 6X11.5MM MTD CYL COURSE X1000 $1,313.30 EA

10.1442/C 6X11.5MM MTD CYL COURSE X100 $144.00 EA

10.1443/B 11X2MM MTD WHEEL COURSE X1000 $1,313.30 EA

10.1443/C 11X2MM MTD WHEEL COURSE X100 $144.00 EA

10.1444/B 11X2.5MM MTD KNIFE COURSEX1000 $1,313.30 EA

10.1444/C 11X2.5MM MTD KNIFE COURSEX100 $144.00 EA

10.1445/B 5.5X15MM MTD CONE MEDIUM X1000 $1,313.30 EA

10.1445/C 5.5X15MM MTD CONE MEDIUM X100 $144.00 EA

10.1446/B 6X11.5MM MTD CYL MEDIUM X1000 $1,313.30 EA

10.1446/C 6X11.5MM MTD CYL MEDIUM X100 $144.00 EA

10.1447/B 11X2MM MTD WHEEL MEDIUM X1000 $1,313.30 EA

10.1447/C 11X2MM MTD WHEEL MEDIUM X100 $144.00 EA

10.1448/B 11X2.5MM MTD KNIF MEDIUM X1000 $1,313.30 EA

10.1448/C 11X2.5MM MTD KNIF MEDIUM X100 $144.00 EA

10.1449/B 5.5X15MM MTD CONE X-FINE X1000 $1,313.30 EA

10.1449/C 5.5X15MM MTD CONE X-FINE X100 $144.00 EA

DWO 10.145 PNK ALUM OX INVERT CNE 3/8X1/8 $0.50 EA

10.1450/B 6X11.5MM MTD CYL X-FINE X1000 $1,313.30 EA

10.1450/C 6X11.5MM MTD CYL X-FINE X100 $144.00 EA

10.1451/B 11X2MM MTD WHEEL X-FINE X1000 $1,313.30 EA

10.1451/C 11X2MM MTD WHEEL X-FINE X100 $144.00 EA

10.1452/B 11X2.5MM MTD KNIF X-FINE X1000 $1,313.30 EA

10.1452/C 11X2.5MM MTD KNIF X-FINE X100 $144.00 EA

DWO 10.1453/C 7/8X1/8 PUMICE WHEEL MED X100 $59.55 EA

10.146 PNK ALUM OX INV CONE 5/16X1/8 $0.50 EA

10.149 PNK ALUM OX CYLINDER 1/2X3/16 $0.50 EA


10.170 3M FLEX DIAMOND BANDS MIC.250 $14.90 EA

10.171 3M FLEX DIAMOND BAND MIC.125 $14.30 EA

10.172 3M FLEX DIAMOND BAND MIC.74 $13.70 EA

10.173 3M FLEX DIAMOND BAND MIC.40 $13.35 EA

10.174 3M FLEX DIAMOND BAND MIC.20 $13.35 EA

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