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Mabruk Oil Operations (MOO) - Mabruk Oil Operations Website

Mabruk Oil Operations (MOO) - Mabruk Oil Operations Website

Mabruk Oil Operations (MOO) - Mabruk Oil Operations

1.0 Acceptance of the Purchase Order: Mabruk Oil Operations (MOO) GENERAL TERMS AND CONDITIONS FOR PURCHASE ORDERS An unqualified and unconditional acceptance of the Purchase Order (P.O) must be returned by email to MOO signed by an authorized executive of the Vendor within five (5) working days following the issuance of such P.O. by email. Such an unqualified and unconditional acceptance covers all terms and conditions of the P.O., particularly the MOO General Condition for Purchase. This acceptance, these General Conditions and the Particular Conditions specifically written on the P.O. shall then form the only contractual document binding the vendor and MOO. No other contractual condition previously submitted or referred to by the Vendor in its quotation or in any other document shall form a part of the P.O. unless specifically agreed in the Particular Conditions. The failure to receive this acceptance will give MOO the right to cancel the P.O. without any compensation paid to the Vendor. This right will however, not be exercised during the first five (5) working days following the P.O. issuance by Fax. As the case may arise, original copies of the P.O. bearing appropriate stamp duty, will be exchanged by mail among and between MOO and Vendor. 2.0 Reference: The P.O. number shall be indicated on all correspondences and invoices. 3.0 Prices, payment and taxes: The prices, rates, lump sums, and currencies indicated on the P.O. are firm and not subject to any escalation, variation or addition. They include all applicable taxes according to the prevailing laws of the countries having jurisdiction over the P.O. The vendor shall supply MOO with one original and three copies of each commercial invoice, on which the bank references and account number shall be specified. All commercial invoices shall be submitted with their relevant delivery receipts or tickets, attachments, job tickets…. etc. In the case of a P.O., such supporting documents must evidence the delivery of the goods, materials or equipment (hereinafter referred to as “the goods”) at their point of delivery, by the MOO designated Representative. The commercial invoices shall be submitted to: Mabruk Oil Operations (MOO) Finance Department DHAT AL EMAD COMPLEX TOWER 2- FLOOR 11 PO BOX 91171, TRIPOLI LIBYA (GSPLAJ) All commercial invoices will be paid within 30 days from the end of the month of their receipt by MOO. In case of scheduled payments before actual delivery, MOO shall acquire ownership rights pro rata to the P.O. total amount. If MOO disputes part or all of a commercial invoice, MOO shall return such invoice to the Vendor with a written notice specifying the reason thereof. The Vendor shall then issue a new invoice either corrected to MOO’s satisfaction or, covering its undisputed portion. The payment of any commercial invoice shall not deprive MOO from its right to contest in writing, any irregularity or raise any claim relevant to the concerned goods or services. MOO shall not be bound to pay any commercial invoice received more than 6 months after the actual delivery of the concerned goods. 4.0 Marking - Packaging - Customs Invoices - Shipping documents: See MOO Shipping Instructions. 5.0 Warranty and Inspection: The P.O. shall be governed by and interpreted in accordance with the prevailing laws of Libya disregarding any conflict of laws rule which would apply the law of any other jurisdiction to the extent that the laws of the GSPLAJ 6.0 Vendor Qualification:

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