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The base ingredient in

newspaper ink is soybeans.

Good Read

The Young Journalist's

Book: How toWrite and

Produce Your Own


by Nancy/Guthrie,Donna


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Word Of TheWeek

ambitious –am•bi•tious


a: having or showing astrong

desire and determination to


b: describing aplan intended to

satisfy high goals and therefore

difficult to achieve

Recycling Bin

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one year in the United States,

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Daily’s Punch-lines

Knock Knock

Who's there?


Boo Who?

Don't cry it's only ajoke.

N e w s p a p e rs In E d u c a t io n



These are some words used

everyday inthe newspaper

business.Gothrough the

newspaper and find each of

the items that appear below in

red. Label each one on the

newspaper page.

Copy: The text used in articles

or ads

By line: The name of the

reporter who wrote the article

Cutline: The copy that

accompanies and gives

necessary information about a


Dateline: Opening words of a

story giving its place of origin,

usually in all capital letters

Feature: An article that may

not have news value, but is of

interest to readers

Flag: The newspaper’s logo

on the front page

Headline: The title of a

newspaper story

Jump: To continue astory

from one page to another.

Kicker: Ashort headline, in

smaller type, under that main

headline of astory

Lede: The first paragraph of a


Wire service: The national

and international news

services which provide news

and photos by satellite

Proof: Acopy ofapage on

which corrections are marked

before the page is printed

What to do with


Look through the newspaper and

find three different places in your

community.Write the names of the

places and why you think each

one is important or interesting. Did

you learn anything about these

places from the newspaper?

Ronald wants toknow, what do you call

the text that is used in articles or ads?


Newspaper Hat

The more pages you use, the stiffer your

hat will be,but if youuse too manyitwill be

hard tofold.

Youcan find the answer on today’s NIE page. Write your answer on the line.

Bring in your answer for



Look through the newspaper

weather report for symbols

used to illustrate the weather.

Make your own symbols for the

weather conditions such as

showers, thunderstorms,

partly cloudy, sunny. See how

many you can come up with..


Newspaper Carriers

Everybody gets their start some where and many ambitious

people began their climb up the later with apaper route. The

following individuals started their career delivering the


•Diddy (Sean Combs)

•Walt Disney

•H.Ross Perot

•Bob Hope


•Danny Thomas

•John Wayne

•Bing Crosby

•Jimmy Durante

•Dwight D. Eisenhower

Youwill need:



The gray and red are used to make the

folds easier to see. Fold each corner so

that it is almost touching the center. Fold

the bottom edges up on each side. Make

sure that your hat opens up. Tape down

your flaps so they stay secure.

•Herbert Hoover

•Martin Luther King Jr.

•Harry S.Truman

•Isaac Asimov

•Carl Sandburg

•Tom Brokaw

•Wayne Gretzky

•Jackie Robinson

•Dr. Norman Vincent Peale

If you don’t know who some of these people are look

them up and find interesting facts about them.

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Newspaper Activity:

Many different sports make up the Winter and

Summer Games.Different sports are covered in your

newspaper’s sports section each day. Turn tothe

sports section and determine how many different

sports arecovered. Next determine howmanystories

about each sport are in today’s newspaper. Graph

your results. Dothe same thing for each day of the

Beijing games.Which sports didthe newspaper cover

most often?










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Find thesewords in the story. You

can use the story to help you

understand their meaning. If you

aren’t sure of their meaning look

them up and then try using them

in asentence.

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Ohio:TheInside Story

Ohio’s OlympicHistory

Ohio has along and illustrious history ofinvolvement with the Olympic

Games.Itwas the home, for instance, ofthe man many consider to be the

greatest Olympian of all —track and field’s Jesse Owens.

The “Buckeye Bullet” competed for The Ohio State University after

completing hishighschool career at Cleveland East Tech.AtOSU,Owens’

most notable achievement was setting or tying four world records in less

than an hour during the 1935 Big Tenchampionships.

Thatafternoon helped setthe stage forthe 1936 Olympics in Berlin,

where Owens won four gold medals under the cloud of Nazi Germany. His

victories inthe 100- and 200-meter dashes, the long jump and the 4x100meter

relay were seen as apublic humiliation of Nazi leader Adolf Hitler’s


In the years followingOwens’triumph in Germany, anumber of Ohio

trackand fieldathletes built upon hislegacy.Another Clevelander,Harrison

Dillard, won the 100 meters in 1948 in London, then followed that with a

goldinthe 110-meter hurdles four yearslater in Helsinki, Finland.Heisstill

the only maleOlympian to winboth events. Dayton’sEdwin Mosesbrought

home Olympic gold in1976 and 1984 with triumphs in the 400-meter

hurdles.Off the track, archer Darrell Pace of Cincinnati won golds in 1976

and 1984.Infact, he and Moses are the only two Americans to win events

in each ofthose Olympiads.Because ofthe state’s lack ofmountains and

consistent snowfall, Ohioans haven’t done as well in the Winter Olympics.

In 2002, though, Granville’s Lea Ann Parsley returned from Salt Lake City

with asilver medal in skeleton, asledding sport comparable to luge, that

features speeds of up to 80 miles per hour. Afine overall athlete, Parsley

happened upon skeleton while doing research online. Three years before

winning her medal, she gave the sport a shot … and caught

on quickly. Miami County also has arecent Olympic athlete. InFebruary

2006, Piqua native Kristin King helped the U.S. Women's Hockey team

defeat Finland and earn asilver medal during the Winter Games in

Torino, Italy. Kristin is a1998 graduate of Piqua High School.

Jesse Owens salutes

the U.S.flag atthe

1936 Olympics in Berlin

(photograph courtesy of the

Columbus Dispatch)


Our mission is to provide Miami, Shelby and neighboring county school districts with aweekly newspaper learning project that promotes reading and community journalism as afoundation to

communication skills, utilizing the Piqua Daily Call, the Sidney Daily News and the Troy Daily News as quality educational resource tools.

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and tissue donor.

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“Ohio: The Inside Story” is produced through agrantfrom The

Ohio Newspapers Foundation, anonprofit charitable and educational

organization affiliated with The Ohio Newspaper Association.

This is one of aseries of 24 Ohio profiles.

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