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BlackBerry App World - Insight

BlackBerry App World - Insight

Discover a whole new

Discover a whole new world, right now. With apps for social networking, online shopping, personal productivity, gaming and so much more, you can engage with everything and everyone you love – when, where and how you want to. 1,2

Create the WWorld You’ve ’ve Ima Imagined i Whatever your interests and your passions, there are thousands of great apps at BlackBerry App World to help you pursue them. At BlackBerry App World, it’s easy to browse and download apps to create the world you want. Find an app you love and you can access it in a few quick clicks. Search for an app Browse the catagories Browse the top 25 lists Build your world, right now with the easy-to-use features in My World When you download an app, it’s stored digitally in your own personal storage folder called My World. My World now gives you a streamlined view of all your apps and their status. At a glance, you can see which apps are installed, archived, deleted, or pending. And when new updates are available for your apps, you’ll be notified.

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