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An automated workflow

environment for file-based content.


Primestream’s FORK provides

a customizable platform with

automatic scripting capabilities

for tapeless workflows.



Discovery Latin America is unique amongst Discovery

Communications’ subsidiaries in that they do a little bit of everything:

They cut their own promos and commercials, create

their own graphics, and broadcast content to almost a

dozen countries in Latin America and Brazil. “We’re a

nonstop, one-stop shop,” says JC Sierra, Digital Media

Engineering Manager for Discovery Latin America in

Miami, Florida.

The facility’s primary function is to take the programs

produced for US markets by Discovery and its

affiliated networks (such as Animal Planet and TLC),

and adapt them for Latin American markets.

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The division offers over 8

channels in two languages

(Spanish and Portuguese for

Brazil) with channel feeds

customized according the

needs of advertising and sales


Discovery Home & Health

TLC: Travel Latin American


Discovery Science

Discovery Turbo

Discovery Civilization


HD Theater

Liv (Latin American TV channel)

Content is re-edited to match the broadcast timing

for the destination country, while the voice dubbing is

performed in the destination country itself.

Texted versions of Discovery’s U.S. shows are retitled

with Spanish and Portuguese graphics. “There’s a

group here for each region,” Sierra explains. “If you’re

going to air a show in Argentina, the content will be

slightly different from the same show we’re airing in

Mexico or Brazil, because there are different cultures

even amongst the Spanish-speaking countries.”

Discovery’s Tape Acquisition Racks


“The idea is to get rid of tape in this office,”

JC Sierra, Digital Media Engineering Manager

Teams of producer-editors (called “preditors”) within each regional group

produce and edit their own spots on Final Cut Studio, Final Cut X, or Avid

Media Composer, taking in and sending out more than a hundred hours of

content per week. Currently, an initiative is underway to streamline the flow

of that content, starting with the adoption of a completely file-based workflow

and system automation via Primestream’s FORK Media Asset Management


“The idea is to get rid of tape in this office,” Sierra remarks. “For the most

part, the programs we air are file-based. We have the ability to go to tape in

case of an emergency, but we don’t usually send anything to tape. If a tape

is sent to us from Discovery headquaters or any of our affiliates, it’s ingested

and becomes a file and it will always stay a file.”

Traditionally, editors had to QC their spots from a tape machine, which usually

meant a monopoly on the content or playback machine. “With the FORK Media

Asset Manager’s Production Server and Production Client software, now we

have a tape machine on everybody’s desktop,” Sierra says.

Discovery’s Storage

Q & A with JC Sierra:

How many preditors at your facility?

Over 20.

What’s the shortest turnaround for content?

1 week.

How many people are in your department?

4 with myself.

What’s your background?

1995 – 2001 editing graphics,

2001 – 2012 engineering.

What version of Final Cut?

FCP 7 and FCP X.

How many nonlinear editing systems?

11 Avid and 24 Final Cut.

What version of After Effects?

Version 5.5

What version of Media Composer and

DS? Version 5.0.3 soon 6 and DS 10.5.1

Is the facility Mac or Windows based?

Or both?


“It’s the next level of filebased


My environment here is just

not possible without FORK.”

–JC Sierra,

Digital Media Engineering Manager



“Every file that comes in, no matter what format, has to go through a

script,” Sierra states. “They’re the livelihood of my system.” –JC Sierra

The FORK Production Client is a versatile cross-platform

software application that allows users to view the clips

and modify their metadata, as well as perform a number of

powerful and highly customizable action scripts available

within FORK Production Server application. Discovery’s

unique action scripts are customized by Primestream to

perform all automated actions in the background as well

as actions initiated by the users.

“We had a lot of meetings with Discovery to address

their workflow needs,” says Primestream’s engineer Tang

Kanjanapitak. “Discovery wanted something that was

easy to use and completely automated, as a responce

we developed and implemented a solution that’s 99.99%

suited to his workflow.”

“Every file that comes in, no matter what format, has to

go through a script,” Sierra states. “They’re the livelihood

of my system.” Using the “Send To” command, files are

distributed to unique folders to be archived, transcoded,

or tagged before moving to a 378 TB SAN storage area

network or a Diva-controlled Spectra T950 LTL5 tape

archive. Discovery Latin America is currently a standarddefinition

operation, so all HD content is down-converted

to SD by a Telestream Vantage.

For file-based drops into FORK, a script registers the

full-resolution files with Edit2Playout, a FORK watch

folder and media verification application, then a FORK

Render Farm Unit running Telestream FlipFactory and

Episode generates a standard-definition MPEG2/IMX 50.

VFT proxy for editing in Avid or Final Cut, or for viewing

it with the Production Client. The QC “Send To” delivers

the files to an Omneon Media Server once a program is

ready to air.

“We don’t touch any of the scripts. They just work,” says

Sierra. If a script needs to be rewritten, a Primestream

engineer can remotly access the Discovery system and

make the changes.

Meanwhile, Sierra is able to monitor system activity with a

customized FORK Production Server and Client interface.

“When a file is ingested, the file name pops up green,

which means there’s no proxy. When it turns red, a proxy

is available, but it hasn’t been archived. When it turns to

grey, it’s been archived,” he says.

“The great thing about FORK Production Server is that

I don’t have to teach people 100 different interfaces,” he

continues, “though in an emergency I still have access to

the native control GUI’s for the SAN and Diva archives.”


The producers, editors, and technicians at Discovery

Latin America also make use of the web-based FORK

Xchange client to view, edit, add metadata and create

markers on the proxy content.

“With the web interface I can watch transactions as

they’re happening, and I don’t have to install the client,”

says Sierra. “Connecting to the server is as easy as

launching a browser.”

FORK Xchange also offers mobile device support

(Android and iOS), an HTML5 media player,

and “Smart Bins” with preset query fields that

will automatically organize media into formatted,

downloadable documents.

1994 Launched

225 Million Cumulative Subscribers

12 Entertainment Brands

32 Feeds

37 Countries and Territories

3 Languages

“With the web interface I can watch transactions as they’re

happening, and I don’t have to install the client,” – says Sierra.

A web-based interface means that system

maintenance and upgrades can be simply performed

on the main server with little to no effect on the

working environment “You come in today and it’s one

version. You come in tomorrow and it’s completely

different one, no installations,” says Sierra. “We do an

upgrade on the back end and use the same web link to

access the server.”

Primestream’s technical support license not only

encompasses FORK and all its elements, it also covers

everything FORK touches, including Discovery’s

hardware and third party software. “We’re immersed in

their system 24/7,” says Kanjanapitak.


FORK, it’s a media management platform

flexible enough to adapt to any production

enviroment. “It’s the next level of file-based

workflows.” JC Sierra

Jc Sierra has seen media technology evolve over and over again in the

nearly two decades he’s been with Discovery Communications, and he’s

had to adapt to any production enviroments workflows. FORK, it’s a

media management platform flexible enough to adapt to any production

enviroment. “It’s the next level of file-based workflows,” he says.

“My environment here is just not possible without FORK.”







The Primestream FORK line of products combine multiple modules in a single, integrated software

suite. This feature-set includes industry-leading media asset management, advanced metadata and

scripting that empowers media organizations to implement automated workflows – freeing humans

to do what they do best — create.

Based on an open and hardware-agnostic architecture, FORK integrates with a wide range of

hardware and software solutions from multiple manufactures. This high level integration provides

complete control for end-to-end management of the production process, with significantly improved

efficiencies that maximize the use and value of our client’s media assets.

Primestream delivers its solutions through a dedicated professional network of partners and systems

integrators — a team that adheres to the industry’s best practices and ensures the highest possible

engineering standards. Deployed in more than 300 broadcast operations across 40 countries,

Primestream’s proven solutions are implemented by some of the world’s leading broadcasters, news

and sports organizations, uplink services providers, online digital media operations, production and

post-production facilities.

Thank you.

More information about Primestream‘s FORK solutions:

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