2010 HonoUr roll - United Way of Winnipeg


2010 HonoUr roll - United Way of Winnipeg


United Way of Winnipeg

HonoUr roll

Edward Kennedy

2011 United Way Campaign Chair

Last year, Winnipeggers raised over $18.9 million through United

Way to support thousands of vital programs and services delivered

in every corner of our community.

It’s a wonderful expression of a deep-founded spirit of caring and

compassion that has paved the way for the life we enjoy today in this

city, and creates a strong foundation for even better lives tomorrow.

Every single dollar of that incredible achievement will go to work

in our community ensuring stability and continuity of service for a

network of almost 100 agency partners that are changing lives for

our friends, family, neighbours and co-workers.

This book celebrates the many generous Winnipeggers – from first

time donors to veteran supporters – who recognize that United Way

is one of the best places to invest their time, energy and money.

Because of you, more kids have a safe haven from the threat of crime,

drugs and life on the streets; more individuals and families can leave

behind a life of poverty for a world of possibility; and more people

than ever will have a place and purpose to connect, respect and learn

from one another.

Because of you, there is a way.

Edward Kennedy

President and CEO

The North West Company

len Penner

2011 United Way Deputy Chair, Leadership

Imagine if just one more Winnipegger had the foresight to say “we can,”

the courage to say “we will,” and the determination to say “we did.”

The opportunity that might unfold before us if just one more person

believed a community worth living in is one worth investing in…a

leader who recognizes that change is constant, for better or worse;

that good things happen when people take action together and that

all it takes is one person to start something big.

In 2010, more than 2562 Winnipeggers from all walks of life decided

to be that person. By pledging between $1200 and $125,000 each,

these people became United Way Leadership donors. Together, they

contributed almost $8 million – 40% of United Way’s entire community

investment. Their names are recognized on the following pages.

And their ranks are growing in numbers – by more than 200 over the

past few years. It all adds up to powerful change in our community.

Thank you all for believing in our city and in a better life for everyone

through United Way.

Without leaders, there would be no way.

len Penner

President, Cargill Limited


United Way of Winnipeg

HonoUr roll

In recognition of Leadership giving: gifts of $1200+

Keystone ................................................ 2

Philanthropist ...................................... 2

Pillar .......................................................... 2

Benefactor ............................................ 3

Visionary ..................................................4

Patron ...................................................... 5

Humanitarian ........................................7

Trailblazer ............................................... 8

Pacesetter ...........................................12

Builder ...................................................14

Pathfinder ............................................20

Major Donor

Quantum Club ..................................46


2010 Tomorrow Fund

Contributors .......................................49

Named Funds ...................................51

Back to Our Roots .........................53

Celebratory Gifts .............................53

Gifts of Life Insurance .................53

2010 In Memoriam Gifts ............55

40th Anniversary Society ...........56

Quarter Century Society ............57

New Millennium Society ............59

Legacy Giving Circle ....................60

Bequests ..............................................61



Paul Albrechtsen*

Babs Asper*


$75,000 – $99,999

J. W. Burns, O.C., O.M.*

G. B. Gray•*


$50,000 – $74,999

R. A. N. Bonnycastle

Leo Ledohowski

John Loewen & Family*

Bert & Jean Polet

Dr. Donald S. Reimer &

Mrs. Anne Reimer*

Bob Silver*

Hartley & Heather Richardson*

Jim & Leney Richardson*

Sanford & Deborah Riley*

J. Derek Riley*

• Deceased

2 2010 HonoUr roll * 10+ years of Leadership giving


$25,000 – $49,999

David & Ruth Asper*

Gail Asper, O.C., O.M. &

Michael Paterson*

Leonard & Susan Asper*

Kris & Shirley Benidickson*

Greg Bieber & Gail Johnston*

Marjorie Blankstein, C.M., O.M. &

Morley Blankstein*

Kevin Dick, Rebecca Friesen &

Hannah Friesen

The Mark and Dorothy Danzker

Perpetual Trust Fund of the

Jewish Foundation

Cy Fien & Tana Christianson

Brian & Ruth Hastings, Qualico

Pat & Laddie Hutchison*

J. Robert & Elaine Lavery*

* 10+ years of Leadership giving

Bill & Shirley Loewen*

Douglas W. MacEwan, M.D.

Paul & Anne Mahon*

Dr. Arthur Mauro, O.C., O.M. &

Ms. Naomi Levine &

The Mauro Family Foundation*

Michael Nesbitt*

Doug Pollard & Kristie Pearson*

Gordon & Susan Pollard*

John & Beth Pollard*

Lawrie & Fran Pollard*

Bob & Margaretmary Puchniak*

Kathleen M. Richardson, C.C., O.M.*

Karen A. Somers

Murray & Charlotte Taylor

Marty & Michelle Weinberg & Family*

2010 HonoUr roll 3


$15,000 – $24,999

Arthur & Mary Anhalt,

National Leasing*

Robert & Joy Antenbring*

Carol Bellringer & Greg Doyle

Max Blankstein*

David G. Brown & Dawna L. Wallace*

Robert M. Chipman*

Barbara Coghlan & George Stevens*

Norman L. Coghlan & The Hon. Pearl

K. McGonigal, C.M., O.M.*

Chris & Gerry Couture,

PricewaterhouseCoopers LLP*

The Duha Family

Deborah Gray

Michael Guttormson & Peggy Alto*

Kerry & Kaaren Hawkins*

Eric & Carol Johnson,

Johnson Waste Management Ltd.*

Diane & David Johnston*

J. Laurie Johnston*

Edward Kennedy,

The North West Company*

Serena H. Kraayeveld, F.C.A.*

Nick Logan & Christine Skene*

Jim & Roberta MacDonald*

Robert D. McGregor*

George & Tannis Richardson*

J. Ross Robinson,

B. A. Robinson Co. Ltd.*

N. L. Rozek, Winpak Ltd.*

Paul Smith

Barry & Elane Talbot*

Susan Glass, C.M. & Arni Thorsteinson,

Shelter Canadian Properties Limited*

Curt & Catherine Vossen*

Gary Waldman

Doug Warkentin,

Wellington West Capital*

Conrad Wyrzykowski*

1 Anonymous

4 2010 HonoUr roll * 10+ years of Leadership giving


$10,000 – $14,999

Sean & Kristine Barnes

Pierre Blouin

Richard & Joyce Brownscombe

Tom & Donna Bryk*

Danny Bubis & Jennifer Blumenthal*

Mark J. Chipman,

Megill-Stephenson Company*

Rob & Sandi Coghlan*

John P. Crabb*

Susan & Paul Cunningham

Catherine Dale

Flatt Foundation

Barbara Hamilton*

Doug Harvey*

Evelyne & Roy Holenski

J. Gary Ibbotson,

Farm Business Consultants, Inc.*

Dave & Kathy Johnston*

Rob & Angela Johnston,

RBC Royal Bank

Marilyn Kapitany, Western Economic

Diversification Canada*

Blain & Barbara King

Dr. William Libich

John Maguire & Dr. Susan Collison*

Garth & Linda Manness*

Shandis Price Maykut &

Martin Maykut

* 10+ years of Leadership giving

Ray & Lynne Anne McFeetors

Donald R. & Eleanor McKenzie*

Al & Erica McLaughlin

Scott & Maxine Merrell

J. Gary Mills, University of Manitoba*

Marc Monnin & Donna Miller*

Employees of Globe General Agencies

Judy & Ken Murray*

Ken & Kaaren Neufeld

Cam & Carole Osler, InterGroup

Consultants Ltd.*

Bill & Angie Percy,

Thompson Dorfman Sweatman LLP*

Gerry & Barb Price*

Mrs. Shirley Richardson*

Colin & Jenny-Lou Ryan,

BMO Nesbitt Burns

Richard & Mary Scott*

Kelvin A. Shepherd, P. Eng. &

Debbie Wolfe

Don & Karen Solman

Gary & Gwen Steiman*

Bob & Cathy Tallman

Richard Wolfe

Darcy Zaporzan & Brenda Zaporzan*

4 Anonymous

2010 HonoUr roll 5

Scott, Alison & Cameron McKay

Vice President and General Manager

Giant Tiger West Store Division, The North West Company

“We are very proud as a family to donate to United Way. It’s so

rewarding to be part of an organization that makes such a huge

difference in the quality of life and opportunities for so many within

our city. We are inspired by the quote by Sir Winston Churchill: ‘We

make a living by what we get, but we make a life by what we give.’”


$7,500 – $9,999

Austin & Siham Abas, KPMG LLP*

Glen Agar & Pam Reimer*

Kirsten & Bryan Albo

Earl & Cheryl Barish*

Leo & Mary Blankstein*

Dr. Frances A. Booth*

Arthur U. Chipman*

Stephen & Ruth Chipman,

Birchwood Automotive Group Ltd.*

Tim Edginton, Winpak Ltd., &

Joan Hardy, Richardson

International Limited*

Michael Graham

Shelagh Hare

W. Bruce Henderson & Dianne Szelag*

Robert H. Jones*

Kish Kapoor, Wellington West Capital

Hon. Richard Kroft, C.M. &

Hillaine Kroft*

Rick Lee & Laurie Shapiro*

Susan Lewis,

United Way of Winnipeg*

Elizabeth Marr & Nick Slonosky*

D. Glenn Marr, Investors Group*

Barry & Carol McArton*

Dr. Tim McCarthy &

Mrs. Tracy McCarthy

* 10+ years of Leadership giving

Kevin & Betty McGarry*

Allan Morin*

Michael Nozick & Cheryl Ashley*

Rob & Tish O’Keefe, Investors Group

Richard & Bonnie Olfert*

Peter Pelech, Johnston Group Inc.*

Scott & Lorraine Penman*

Len & Carol Penner*

Herbert J. Peters,

Aikins, MacAulay & Thorvaldson LLP*

Dr. Bill Pope &

Dr. Elizabeth Tippett-Pope*

Brian & Sharon Postl*

Wayne Pratt & Tracy Cartwright*

Thomas Pundyk & Susan Clubb*

Patrick & Carla Rae

Chris & Judy Rousseau

Hal & Gail Ryckman*

Charlie & Dayna Spiring,

Wellington West Capital*

David George Strang

Ian R. Thomson & Leah R. Janzen

Greg & Gail Tretiak*

Dr. Donna Wall & Family

Bruce Warnock*

Andrew Yorke & Lori Yorke

4 Anonymous

2010 HonoUr roll 7


$5,000 – $7,499

Robert J. M. Adkins &

Nancy M. Adkins

Ida Albo & Rick Bel, Fort Garry Hotel*

Mrs. Elaine Ali*

Dick & Elaine Archer*

Philip Ashdown*

Don & Lesley Baizley,

Thompson Dorfman Sweatman LLP*

David & Gursh Barnard

Dr. Judith G. Bartlett and

Jade Enterprises*

Paul & Heather Beaudry

Drs. Bonnie Cham & Lorne Bellan*

Bruce Bennett & Shawna Cook

Roger & Stephanie Blanchette

Ruth Ann Borenstein

Dr. & Mrs. Ian & Judith Boult

Penny & Sheldon Bowles*

R. B. Brennan

John Bryngelson & Jeni Wykes

Gary & Trish Buckley

Mark & CariLyn Buller

Marilyn & Jim Burt*

Gus & Diane Campbell,

Ernst & Young LLP*

Deborah Seguin & Edward Carriere*

Carter Holdings Inc*

David Chatyrbok

Dennis & Sheryl Clarke

Albert D. Cohen, O.C.

Donald & Cheryl Courcelles

James Cristall*

Art & Leona DeFehr

Colin J. Demianyk

Ms. Susan Devine & Mr. Robert Tonn*

Tim Dewart & Denise Marks

Holly A. Skaptason Dreger*

Dr. Glen Drobot

Neil & Carol Duboff*

Gene D. Dunn*

David & Tina Durant*

Robert Dzisiak & Debora Mazur

Mr. Dan & Mrs. Dianne Edwards*

Gary & Judy Edwards

Albert El Tassi

Art Elias*

Dennis Engel & Kim Ross

Shannon Ernst

Ted Evans & Amy Pang

Bill & Margaret Fast*

Leslie & Derek Fewchuk

David & Catherine Filmon

Hon. Gary & Dr. Janice Filmon*

Allan Fineblit & Judy Elliott

Bruce Fink & Eileen Ricketts*

Doug & Pat Finkbeiner,

Taylor McCaffrey LLP*

David C. Finnbogason*

Anna V. M. Fontaine

Bill Fraser*

Jacob Freed,

The Jacob Freed Foundation

Arnold Frieman

David & Evelyn Friesen*

Barb Gamey, Payworks

Terry Parsonage & Paula Gardner*

Dr. Andrew Gauthier &

Dr. Margot Pilley

8 2010 HonoUr roll * 10+ years of Leadership giving

Trailblazer continued

$5,000 – $7,499

Michael, Joanna, Olivia &

Cameron Gies*

Joseph & Erika Goyman

Amanda & Blair Graham,

Thompson Dorfman Sweatman LLP*

John & Jacalyn Haen

Gary Hannaford, F.C.A. &

Cathy Rushton, F.C.A.*

Gregg & Mary Hanson*

Brian Hayward & Juanita Wilson

Wayne Hekle

Paulina Hiebert

John Irvine, University of Manitoba*

Dr. Sara Israels & Daniel Blankstein*

Bruce & Shelley Jack*

Herbert S. Jackson*

Mary & Terry James,

Richardson International Limited

Rev. Msgr. Ward Jamieson*

Duncan M. & Judith O. Jessiman

Peter & Dana Jessiman

Derek & Mary Johannson, Carlyle

Printers, Service & Supplies Ltd.

Dave & Lesia Johns*

Grant & Shannon Johnson,

Johnson Waste Management Ltd.

Jeff & Tammy Johnson,

Johnson Waste Management Ltd.

Rees M. Jones, FCA*

Jack & Lesly Katz

Sam Katz & Family

Bob & Gail Kennedy

Prof. Audrey Kerr*

* 10+ years of Leadership giving

Robin M. Kersey,

Thompson Dorfman Sweatman LLP*

Drs. T. Ali Khan & Aliya Khan

Murray & Jacqueline Kilfoyle*

Dwaine & Leslie King*

John & Alison King

Mr. Scott Kitching &

Ms. Barb VanWalleghem

Terry Klassen

Catherine Kloepfer &

Kerry Stevenson*

Mr. & Mrs. R. M. (Bob) Kozminski,

Keystone Ford Sales*

Linda Brazier Lamoureux,

United Way of Winnipeg &

Kenneth K. Lamoureux,

Province of Manitoba*

Jody Langhan & Marcia Dzik

John Langstaff & Barbara MacDonald*

Doug & Jane Latter

Jim Lawton*

Sean & Michelle Lawton

Janice Y. Lederman*

Dr. Peter Lemon*

Dr. Babette Cohen &

Dr. Keith J. Levin,

Winnipeg Orthodontic Group*

Myrna H. Levin

Irene M. Lewis nee Bilous

James R. Lewis*

Charles Loewen

Reginald W. Low, Sound Concepts Inc.*

Jackie Lowe & Gregory Tallon*

2010 HonoUr roll 9

Trailblazer continued

$5,000 – $7,499

John & Patti Lund*

Bryan & Penny Lupe, Bryan H. Lupe

& Associates Limited*

David & Nancy MacAngus

Donald MacDonald, Investors Group*

Dr. Peter & Sherry MacDonald

Dan & Michelle MacLean

Garry T. Markham*

Jamie & Julie-Anne McCallum

Kim & Valerie McCartney*

Sean McCoshen & Chris Papageorge,

TransGlobal Commodities Ltd.

Ken & Charlene McCrea,

Wawanesa Insurance*

Craig McIntosh, Acrylon Plastics

Scott & Alison McKay

Michael McKernan,

Stantec Consulting Ltd.*

Marilyn McLaren,

Manitoba Public Insurance*

Sam McLaughlin &

Aveeve Heyens McLaughlin

Michael & Debra McMullen

Alan Harold Menkis

Ron & Sandi Mielitz*

Donald Minarik

Grant Mitchell & Catherine Lambeth,

Taylor McCaffrey LLP*

Dr. Catherine Moltzan & Paul Brault

Gail M. Morberg

James Morden*

Nicole & Jeff Murray

Patricia Nesbitt & Paul Infuso*

Laurie & John Neufeld*

Francis Newman & Barbara Goldman*

Cathy Nieroda, HP Canada &

Ed Nieroda, TransX*

Dr. Linda Nugent*

Sandra R. M. Oakley

Brian & Tania Oddy

Mindel Olenick*

Gary Pachal

Ivy Kopstein & Murray Palay*

Chrys Pappas, Q.C. &

Kaye Dunlop, Q.C.,

Thompson Dorfman Sweatman LLP*

Carol A. Paradine

Donna & Bill Parrish*

Bill Parrish*

Beverly Passey FCGA,

United Way of Winnipeg &

Russell Passey, Assiniboia Downs*

Michael Paterson

Janet Handel & Ted Paterson*

Sam & Caterina Pellettieri,

Wellington West Capital

Larry Pelzer

Peper Family

Kim & J. P. Perron

Glen & Lorene Peters,

Fillmore Riley LLP*

Colin & Maria Pewarchuk

Doug & Pat Poapst*

Bruce & Lynn Popham,

Hewlett-Packard Canada &

McNally Robinson For Kids*

W. John Rae*

Edward & Carolyn• Ransby*

• Deceased

10 2010 HonoUr roll * 10+ years of Leadership giving

Trailblazer continued

$5,000 – $7,499

Carrie & Ross Ransby

Heather Reichert & Dwayne


Joan Richardson

Meril & Eveline Rivard

Thomas P. Robson

Cheryl Rockman-Greenberg

Dr. Leslie L. Roos

Rob Rose &

Madam Justice Joan MacPhail*

Craig Roskos & Mary-Lynn Oke

Jean-Marc & Hélène Ruest

Sandra & Harvey Secter*

Rena & Barry Shenkarow

Ted & Marnie Sherritt,

FloForm Countertops

Shindleman Family

Jeffrey Shypit & Diane Robson

Michael & Bonnie Silver

Fan & Abe Simkin, Q.C.

Irene & Jim Snell*

Darwin & Heike Sobkow

Patricia Solman

Paul & Christine Soubry

Richard & Sylvia Spitzke*

John & Nancy Stefaniuk,

Thompson Dorfman Sweatman LLP*

Jason & Heather Stefanson

Don Streuber

* 10+ years of Leadership giving

Hugh Swandel & Signy Kuch

Brian & Geraldine Taillieu*

Drs. Hugh & Susan Taylor

Jim & Janice Tennant*

Louie Tolaini

James Umlah & Heather Welch

Kevin Van

Paul & Meredith Vogt*

Frank Wade, RBC Dominion

Securities Inc.*

Mike & Connie Walker

Dr. Eric Walli & Mrs. Anne Walli*

Raymond Wan

Edward & Irene Warkentin,

Aikins, MacAulay & Thorvaldson LLP*

Margery Weiss*

David White

Arlene Wilgosh

Peter & Gwen Wintemute*

Frank & Roma Winter

Elden & Diane Wittmier,

Lawton Partners*

Susan Wortzman

Dr. Brock Wright*

Dave Wright & Gail Wylie*

Jo Wright*

Clifford & Heather Yaffe*

Mitch & Wanda Zajac

13 Anonymous

2010 HonoUr roll 11


$3,600 – $4,999

Dr. Elizabeth Adkins*

Debbie Albert LeBlanc

Mrs. Mildred C. Bjarnason

Judy Payne & Michael Bligh*

Joan Blight*

Gerhard Bock & Helga Bock

Frances Bowles*

Sheila & David Brodovsky*

France Adams & Stephen Brodovsky

Don & Barbara Brownell*

Julie Carl

Tony & Silvana Catanese*

Jeoffrey Chipman*

Clifford & Rita Clark

Chuck Cohen

Joe & Dawn Cyr

Sally R. Dowler*

Dr. Harry Duckworth &

Dr. Mary Lynn Duckworth*

Jacqueline Dupont*

Michael & Brenda Evans

Rob Giesbrecht &

Shannon MacFarlane

Jeff Goy*

George & Irene Graham*

Patricia & John Gray

W. E. (Bill) Gray*

Howard & Lindy Greenberg

Wilson & Nancy Griffiths

Irene A. Hamilton & Timothy J. Killeen*

Kelly & Brenda Hearson*

Louise Hunter & Ken Hunter*

Richard Irish*

Elaine & Richard Johnson,

University of Manitoba*

Ginny Twomey & Terry Johnston*

Nora Kaufman*

Cliff & Val Kolson*

Stefan & Christine Kristjanson

Paul M. Lacap & J. Signy Gerrard

Hon. Deborah McCawley,

Court of Queens Bench &

Hon. Otto Lang, P.C., O.C., Q.C.*

Dr. W. Wayne Lautt, University of

Manitoba & Melanie L. Lautt*

Daniel Levin & Lilian Bonin*

David Loewen & Marie Loewen*

Rob & Karen MacDonald,

Meyers Norris Penny LLP

Rick & Merril MacKay, Deloitte*

Mary Ellen McDonald, C.A.

Lee & Debbie McFadden

Karen & Bob Milani,

The North West Company*

Murray & Carolyn Mitchell*

Dr. Michael E. & Sharon Moffatt*

Howard & Hope Morry, Pitblado LLP

Dr. Arnold Naimark*

Jack & Lianne Neima

Robert Owen*

Esther Patzia

Sandi & Norm Promislow

Michael Rawluk

J. A. Riffel*

James Ripley & Diane E. Jones*

Nicole Ritchot

12 2010 HonoUr roll * 10+ years of Leadership giving

Pacesetter continued

$3,600 – $4,999

Dr. Wes Robinson

Alfred A. Schleier

Cliff F. Schmidt*

Ed Sikora*

Mark Single

James J. Smith,


Ray Somorjai &

Roxanne Deslauriers Somorjai*

Gary & Melanie Speer

Rodney H. Steiman &

Pauline Wood Steiman

Dennis & Tammy Stewner

Ken Stone & Lorraine Stone

Andrew & Alice Storey

T. Benoit & T. Strike*

* 10+ years of Leadership giving

Karen Sutherland*

Dennis & Patricia Tole, Birchwood

Automotive Group Limited*

Mark Tooley, The Whitwell Group Inc.*

Wayne & Carolyn Townsend,

Lawton Partners*

Dan Trotter

Peter Veselinovich &

Tammy Veselinovich*

Florence & Don Whitmore

Diane McGifford,

M.L.A. for Lord Roberts &

Ed Wojczynski, Manitoba Hydro

Debra Woodgate

Sonya & Scott Wright*

11 Anonymous

2010 HonoUr roll 13


$2,400 – $3,599

David Ablett*

Debbie Ammeter & David Huminicki*

Richard G. Andison

Dawn Power & Guy Arbez

Kristine & Shawn Arnason

Jim & Sharon August*

Al & Cindy Babiuk

Gary & Carolyn Bachman

Ron Bailey, CFRE*

Dalbir Bains

Irka & Bill Balan*

Cathleen Bambrick

Dan Barchyn

Brian & Beth Bell

Sheldon Berney, Ada Holding Co.


Sonya Bertoncello-Dale

Steve Biggar

Tod & Heather Blanchard

Liane Chalmers & Ted Bock

Clara & Eric Bohm

Louis & Yvette Bouvier

Diane Boyle, Ketchum Canada Inc.

Barry & Lynda Brown

Mavis & Eldon Brown, (Retired) F.C.A.,

PricewaterhouseCoopers LLP*

John & Michelle Brownell*

Brock & Sophie Bulbuck

David J. Burdz

Ace Burpee

Bill & Karen Burrington*

Lori & Todd Campbell,

Aikins, MacAulay & Thorvaldson LLP*

Bernard C. Carling

Jeff & Lisa Carriere*

Dr. Erma Chapman

Chris Chmelyk

William D. Chornous

Maureen & Courtney Christie

Kimberley Clare

Heather Clarke, Investors Group &

Tom Frain, Scarrow & Donald*

Ab & Marilyn Clearwater

Jan & Kevin Coates*

Shalom & Terry Coodin

Rob Cook

Dr. Juliette Cooper,

University of Manitoba*

Spencer & Sylvie Cottee

Gary Craven & Ann Bailey

Terry Cristall

Dr. Dauna Lynne Crooks

Ken & Nancy Crozier,

Crozier Enterprises Ltd.

Dr. Raymond F. Currie,

University of Manitoba (Retired) &

Dr. Charlene Thacker,

University of Winnipeg (Retired)*

Nick Curry & Debbie Lindsay

Kerry Dangerfield*

Alison & Bob Darling,

Investors Group (Retired)*

Corinne & Michael DeWiele

Michael Dobush

Paddy & Tracy Douglass

Randy & Kim Drewry*

Michael Dubowec

14 2010 HonoUr roll * 10+ years of Leadership giving

Builder continued

$2,400 – $3,599

Alan S. Dunnett,

RBC Dominion Securities Inc.*

Dr. Scott Sutherland &

Dr. Lindsay DuVal

Dr. Marty Dveris*

Robert Eastwood,

Number Ten Architectural Group

Michael & Franziska Edney

Cheryl Edwards

Paul Edwards & Anne MacKay,

Duboff Edwards Haight &

Schachter LLP*

Hugh & Eileen Eliasson*

Roland R. & Doris Engel &

Family Fund*

Harry Ethans & Margot Haig

Barry & Daniela Evenson

Ashleigh Everett & Stuart Murray

Gerald Farthing

Dr. Grant Ferens

Liz Findlay

Harry H. McKay Finnigan

Sanford Fleming & Kathleen Fleming*

Cynthia A. Foreman

John F. (Jack) Fraser

Robert P. Gannon*

Jacquelynn & Joe Garcia,

Birchwood BMW

Jon & Naomi Gerrard

Don & Catherine Gilman*

Craig & Barb Gilpin

Valerie Gilroy & Bruce Barr

Lloyd & Lea Girman

Richard I. Good*

* 10+ years of Leadership giving

Mrs. Carolyn Graham*

Joseph A. Graham*

James R. Grant*

Jim Grapentine*

Mark & Anne Gray*

Lucien P. Guénette, C.A.,

BDO Canada LLP (Retired)*

Jea & Gina Guertin, Mara & Cayli

Sylvia Guertin-Riley*

Bruce S. Guest

John & Nicola Guttormson

Ralph Guy & Kris Owen

Thomas George Hague

Sande Harlos

Kurt & Janice Harper & Family

Pat & Jack Harper,

Jack Harper & Associates*

Kelly Harris

Gillian & Shaun Hauser

Wilf & Dale Hayward

Joe Healey

David & Sue Hicks*

Jack & Elsie Hignell*

David & Barbara-Anne Hodge*

Kathryn Hofley*

Ray Holder

Margaret Houston

Joel P. Hunt

Harold K. Irving, Q.C.*

Allan & Evelyn Jacks*

Shelly & Tony Jamieson*

Corey D. Johnson

Betty Johnstone,

Aikins, MacAulay & Thorvaldson LLP*

2010 HonoUr roll 15

Joan Hardy

Assistant Vice President, Transportation

Richardson International Limited

Tim Edginton

Director of Operations

WinPak Ltd.

Winnipeg is a great place to live and raise a family. We have the

support of family and friends here, but understand that not

everyone has that network. That’s why United Way is so important.

Through our workplace campaigns, we have had the opportunity

to meet the amazing people working on the front-lines to help

address issues like poverty and crime, support families and make

our community better. The success stories we’ve heard have

inspired us to give.”

Builder continued

$2,400 – $3,599

Dr. Fern C. Karlicki

Tana & Bill Karras

Kevin & Els Kavanagh*

Russell Kernaghan & Maria Kerkinos

Paul & Lorraine Kerr*

Dave Klakowich

Brian & Lois Klaponski*

Bryan Klein & Susan Halprin*

Myron & Marion Klysh

Alan & Christina Kowalec*

Ruth Kristjanson*

The Hon. Guy J. Kroft & Hester Kroft*

Lori Lamont

Russell Lavitt, P. Eng.

Rob Lee

Katrina Lee-Kwen & Jeff Neufeld,

The Great-West Life

Assurance Company

Jane Enkin & Justin Jaron Lewis

Dr. Ahmet & Gail Leylek

Rose & Dick Lim*

Richard Lobdell

Marlene Lock, Shaw Cable Systems

Howard William Loewen

Claude & Sandra Lorange*

Monika & Glen MacAngus

Barry MacBride

Dr. Andrew MacDiarmid &

Dr. Leanne Docking*

Dr. Sharon M. Macdonald*

Alex Mackay*

B. Mackenzie

Ken S. Maclean,

Thompson Dorfman Sweatman LLP

* 10+ years of Leadership giving

Peggy & Bruce MacMillan

Michael MacNeil

Wayne & Janice Malo

Adrian & Grace Man

David & Terri Marr,

Campbell, Marr LLP*

Chris Martin & Dr. Nancy Wightman*

Ken & Dana Martin

Mr. Gerard Matte &

Mrs. Lydia Surasky-Matte*

Gerry Mauthe

John & Deborah McCallum

Kathleen McIlroy

Karen McIvor, BMO Nesbitt Burns

James B. McKerchar

Grace & Sterling McLeod*

Hubert Mesman &

Renee DeMeyer Mesman*

Benji & Tannis Miles

Susan C. Millican

Marion Mills*

Jennifer & Hugh Moncrieff

Ron & Maureen Monson

David & Colleen Mortimer

Grace & Gary Mowat*

Robert & Susan Murdoch,

Investors Group*

E. Louise Nebbs

Debra Vanance & Dave Negus

Frank & Tracy Nelson

Anne Nemecek*

Jim P. Newton

John & Darcie Oades,

Beaver Truck Centre

2010 HonoUr roll 17

Builder continued

$2,400 – $3,599

Mike & Kathryn O’Gorman

Leslie Ormel*

Robert J. O’Toole

Sheila Page

Jeff Palamar & Angela McBride,

Taylor McCaffrey LLP*

Dan Panisko

Wayne & Linda Paquin

Adam & Cindy Pawlikewich

Mr. Charly Pazdor, Eckler Ltd. &

Ms. Liz Magnifico, Liz Magnifico

Management Resources*

Paul Peters

John Peterson & Kathy McNamara

Tanis & Gale Petreny

Jennifer Levitt,

Lawrence Pinsky & Family

Keith & Terri Pitzel

Grant Platts & Claire Maxwell*

John & Elizabeth Prall

Jocelyne Prefontaine

Paul Prendergast

Karen & Tom Price

Patricia Regan & John Kiernan,

City of Winnipeg

BJ Reid & John Rempel

Shelley & Stephen Reid

Hali & Blain Rempel

George & Lesley Rempel

Tom & Dorothy Rice,

TJR & Associates

Michael D. Richards

Patrick & Deborah Riley*

Marilyn Robinson*

Jim Robson

Harriet & Elliot Rodin*

Chris & Donna Roed

Dr. Bruce Rosner

Peter Rowe

David Sachvie

Lori Sain

Russ G. Sawchuk

Lynn Schellenberg

Mike & Irene Schwartz

Jack & Jackie Scott*

Ray & Leanna Senez, Telenium Inc.*

William & Claudia Senkiw

Craig Sheldon &

Tiffany Johnson-Sheldon

Charles & Dawn Sherbo,

Fillmore Riley LLP*

R. G. Siddall, The Great-West Life

Assurance Company*

Carol-Ann Borody-Siemens &

Peter Siemens

Tim Siemens,

Online Business Systems

Michael Sinclair, Q.C.,

Thompson Dorfman Sweatman LLP*

Drs. Sach & Meera Sinha

Skakun Family

Kelsey, Duncan & Lindsey Smart

John N. Smith

Judge Marva J. Smith & Arne Peltz

Richard L. Soenen

Ali D. Soko

Mike & Jenn Sorobey

Bill & Kim Sprague*

18 2010 HonoUr roll * 10+ years of Leadership giving

Builder continued

$2,400 – $3,599

Tom & Diane Stefanson*

Curtis & Lorane Steiman*

Chris & Lori Stevens

James & Anne-Marie Stewart

Robert Stewart &

Leslie Ross-Stewart*

Dr. David Kuhn & Dr. April Boyd

Milton Sussman & Helen Quinn*

Colleen A. Sveinson Geary

Max Tapley & Angie Bruce

Gwenda Templeton*

David Tetlock

J. Thistlethwaite

Dudley & Eleanor Thompson

Nigel Thompson & Anne Crawford,

Aikins, MacAulay & Thorvaldson LLP*

Todd & Ramona Thomson

Lynn Laval Tougas & Dan Tougas

Len & Shawn Trotter

Ben Van Den Bosch

* 10+ years of Leadership giving

Helga Van Iderstine

Linda & Steve Vincent, Hill Sokalski

Vincent & ICE Futures Canada

Helmut & Gwen Waedt

Martin Watts, CIBC Wood Gundy

Janet Weiss

Michael Werier & Lainey Danzker*

Dr. John R. & Alvina Wiens*

Les & Terry Wiens, Investors Group*

Ron Wiklund

Mitch Wold

Ted Wright*

Daniel & Meghan Wright

Pamela Wright & Wes Peters

Terry & Melba Wright*

James Yamashita

Robert Young

Robert D. Ziegler

27 Anonymous

2010 HonoUr roll 19


$1,200 – $2,399

Bill & Nora Abbott

Douglas & Glennis Abra

Clint Abram & Kerry Dunlop

Daniel Adelman

M. M. Aitkenhead

Annette R. Albo

Brock & Donna Alexander

Nancy Alexander

Heather Allan

Helen Elise Allen

The Hon. Madam Justice Laurie P. Allen

Ian Altman

Walter & Connie Alward, (Retired)

James Richardson & Sons, Limited*

Al & Margaret Amyot

Aaron Anderson

Brayden K. A. Anderson

Christopher Anderson

Lynne & David L. Anderson, C.A.,

BDO Canada LLP

Doug Anderson

Janice Anderson

Judy E. Anderson

Lisa M. Anderson

Paul Anderson

Thomas A. Anderson

Wayne & Lee Anderson

William & Gail Anderson

Harvey Andres

Patrick Angott

David Angus*

Dr. Joel A. Antel*

Larry Antoniuk

Holly L. Arabsky

Paula Araya-Alvarez

Colleen Armstrong,

Aronovitch Financial Group &

Glenn Armstrong,

Measurement Canada*

Harlaine Armstrong

Brian & Debbie Arnal

David M. Arnold

Sisay & Zoe Asaminew

Betty & Ted Ash*

Margaret-Lynne & Jim Astwood

Mrs. Cheryl Atchison

Josie & Mario Audino

Youri Audy

Kevin & Brenda Augusta

Hedley Auld & Megan McLeod

Bob & Barbara Axworthy

Daniele Ayers

Ramon Ayre & Connie Swayze

Mike Babb

Cam Babiuk

Jeff & Sandee Bachalo,

Woodhaven Lexus Toyota*

Louise Backman

Katherine B. Bailey

Bill & Liz Baines

Judith Baker

Murray Ballance

Gary & Holly Banner*

Leah Bannister

Lia & Mike Banville

Dr. & Mrs. K. Baria

Cheryl Barker

Bob Barnes

20 2010 HonoUr roll * 10+ years of Leadership giving

Pathfinder continued

$1,200 – $2,399

Joe Barnsley

Douglas Barrett & Donna Devins

Dr. & Mrs. L. C. Bartlett

R. Robert Basham, Wawanesa

Mutual Insurance Co. (Retired)

George Bass, Q.C. & Wendy Weight

Jack & Kim Bassey

Debra L. Bassham

James G. Baxter

Richmond J. Bayes

Gerry Bazin

Richard M. Beamish,

Tapper Cuddy LLP

Jim & Donna Beaque

Paul Beatty & Kim Elcheshen

Mike Beaudry

Michael Beaulieu

Elizabeth E. I. Beaupré

Barbara Bebee

Craig Becker

Tom Beggs

Andrew Behnke

Terry P. Beley

Douglas Bell,

Winnipeg Elevator (1978) Limited

Edward Bell & Gertrude Bell*

Mary-Claire & Monty Bell

Roger Belton,

Belton Financial Services Ltd.

Wade C. Benjaminson

Craig Bennett

Rob & Jodie Bennett

Murray Bennett

Michelle Kirkbride & Ben Benton

* 10+ years of Leadership giving

Judy Berezay

Gaylynne M. Bergen

Daniel W. Bernaerdt

Kathryn A. Bernard

Bruce & Joyce Berry

Shayne Berthaudin

Laurence Bertram,

Manulife Securities Inc.

Donald F. & Edith Besant

Randy Besharat

Kirby Betle

tamara rae biebrich

Patty & Rob Bielik

Paul Biggar

Denise Billings

Douglas Fraser Birt

Ron Birt

David P. Bissky

Darrin Bizruchak

Sherry Bjornsson

Linda Black

Ashley Blackman

Gord R. Blaine

Cecil C. Blair*

Karlee Blatz

Doug Blaylock

Joseph D. Blazek

Remo De Sordi & Trudy Blight,

Taylor McCaffrey LLP

Heather Block

Diana Bloodworth

Brian Bodnarchuk, C.A.

Mr. & Mrs. P. Boenders

Wayne M. Bohn

2010 HonoUr roll 21

Pathfinder continued

$1,200 – $2,399

Lucy Boivin

Wayne A. Bollman

Phil Bone

Mrs. Tracy Bonneville*

Elly Bonny

Philipe Bonomo

Ramona Bonwick

Rick Borchert & Beth Kettner

Ralph Borger

Rick & Heather Borland

Terry Borys

Vince M. Boschman

Harvey Bostrom

Heather J. Boswick-Stanus

John G. Bouchard

Priscilla Boucher

Janice A. Boulet

Dianne Bourbonnais

Gaetan R. Bourdon

Denis Bourgeois, Investors Group, &

Susan Bourgeois*

Christopher & Frances Bourque

Kevin L. Boutilier

Brent Bowen

Susan Goldie & Kingsley Bowles*

Jess Bowyer

David J. Boyd

Donna L. Boyd

Stephen Boyd & Aynsley Welsh

Richard R. Bracken,

Royal Canadian Securities Limited

Sharon Brand

Norm Brandson*

Per Brask & Carol Matas

Jason Braun & Carmen Pankratz

John R. Braun,

Aikins, MacAulay & Thorvaldson LLP

Joseph P. Brekelmans

Cynthia Brick

Barry Briscoe

Dianna Brisebois, CIBC

L. Brockman

Leo Brodeur

Doneta & Harry Brotchie*

Donald Brouillette

Barbara F. Brown

Brian G. Brown

Tom Brown

Alexandra M. Bruch

Terry & Bonita Bruneau

Coralie Bryant

Peter M. Brzezowski

Cameron W. Buchanan

Myles Buchanan

Dee Buchwald

Bruce E. Buckley

Brian & Candace Buckmaster

Nestor Budyk & Alexis Kochan

Trevor Buhnai

Michael & Trish Buhr*

Steve C. Bulejsza

Laureen & John Bulman*

Jeff Burmaster

Peter A. Burnett

Bill & Margaret Burnett*

E. Patricia Burrows*

R. S. & J. C. Burton*

JoAnne Buth

22 2010 HonoUr roll * 10+ years of Leadership giving

Pathfinder continued

$1,200 – $2,399

Jim Butler

Edward H. Byard

June Bydak

Lou & Anita Caci

Paul Cadieux

Wayne Cadogan & Yvette Milner

Nicola Calamusa

Lesley Dawn Caligiuri

Don I. Campbell

Gerry H. Campbell

Gordon & Ann Campbell

Janet Campbell

Margaret Campbell

Mary C. Campbell

Rob Campbell

Sandra Campbell*

Sherry Cannon

Paul & Laurelyn Cantor

Deborah Capek

Guido Caputi

Florence Carey

Angela Carfrae

John & Sonja Carney*

Dan Carpick

Jim Carr*

Chris Carroll

Tom & Louise Carson

Todd & Tamaura Cascisa

Kevin W. Cass

Joel Catania

Bob Cavanaugh

Steve E. Cavanaugh

Peter Chackowsky

Richard Chale & Barb Williams*

* 10+ years of Leadership giving

Judith Chambers

Markus Chambers

Phillip M. G. Chambers, Levene

Tadman Golub Law Corporation

Paul Champagne

Natalie Chan

Leo & Louise Charrière

Mel & Shirley Chartrand

Christina L. Cheater

R. D. Cheney

The Hon. Saul M. Cherniack,

P.C., C.M., O.M., Q.C.*

Shirley A. Cherrey, RBC

Doug Chervinski

Dave Chimuk

Debra Chiplin

Dr. Aaron Chiu &

Dr. Leslie Simard-Chiu

Leo Cholakis

Rob Rabichuk & Lindy Choy

Milt Christiansen,

Aikins, MacAulay & Thorvaldson LLP*

Dave Christie

Douglas I. Christie, Fillmore Riley LLP

Allan Chu*

Rick & Cynthia Chuckree

Martin Cielen

Loren & JoAnn Cisyk

Darell J. Claeys

Paul & Kiran Claire

Kenneth F. Clark

Ramsay Clark

Tracy Clark

Michelle & Gordon Clarke

2010 HonoUr roll 23

Pathfinder continued

$1,200 – $2,399

Brian J. Clement

Pat Clements

Spencer & Bonnie Clements

Scott & Norah Clendenan

Brenda & Peter Clendenning

Réal Cloutier & Karen Palmer*

Patricia Clunie

Blaine & Catherine Coates

Mark Coates

Trevor Coates

Joel Cogan

Berdie & Irvin Cohen Memorial Fund

Cindy Coker & Sherman Kreiner*

Keith G. Collins Ltd.

Alex Colonello

Bob Conarroe

Barbara J. Cook

Catherine Cook

Cathy & Glen Cook,

Self Employed/Manitoba Hydro

James L. Cook

Andrew L. Cooke

Dr. Robert L. Cooke*

Ruth Grahame Cooke*

Dennis O. Cooley

Steve Cooper

Ian & Annette Coopland

Kim Corrigal

Cheryl Costen

Derrick Coupland

Robert Gillespie & Anne Courage*

Jack Courtney

Bob Cox

Brenda & Gerry Cox

Graham E. Cox

Scott & Bernice Craig

Kate Craton

Ian Craven

Kevin Creighton

Kim Crichton

Alan T. Crocker

Russ Crook, Westburne Electric

Supply (Midwest)

Paul Croteau

Blake Crothers

Prof. Gary Crow

Barbara L. Crutchley

Ian & Alison Cummins

Bob & Irene Cunningham

Bruce Curle

Jeff Curtis

Shandra Czarnecki

Randy S. Dacayo

James Dalton

Mrs. L. Daniels

Doug & Verna Danylchuk,

Peterbilt Manitoba Ltd.

Keith Davidson,

CIBC Imperial Service

Claude Davis

J. M. Dawkins

Marjorie A. Dawson

Kevin Day

Michael De Coutere

Dr. Victor de Korompay*

Marcel De Leeuw

Susan, Frank & Kiara De Luca

Silvia V. de Sousa

24 2010 HonoUr roll * 10+ years of Leadership giving

Pathfinder continued

$1,200 – $2,399

Elizabeth & John Deacon, Q.C.

Dr. Heather Dean

James Michael Dean

Richard & Rosalind Dearing*

Peter DeCourcey

Edward A. Defehr

Brian & Leigh-Ann DeGagne

Marco DeiCont

Annalee Helene Deighton

Blair Delveaux, CFP

Timothy & Heather Demetrioff

Wayne Demkey

Heather Dennison

Brian Denysuik & Stella Denysuik*

Don & Laurie Deprez

Michel Desbiens

Dave E. Desrochers

Diane & Raymond Desrochers, C.A.,

BDO Dunwoody LLP

Michelle Desrosiers

David & Tracey Devine

Ginny Devine

Wayne Devlin

Rodney & Gina DeVos*

Bob Dewar

Romel Dhalla, BMO Nesbitt Burns

Ranbir Dhillon

Daryl & Karen Diamond,

Diamond Retirement Planning Ltd.

Dr. John M. Dillon

Ms. Claire Dionne

Ken D. Dobson

Janice Green Dodd

Jeff Dodgson

* 10+ years of Leadership giving

Dwight Doell

John (Jay) Doering

Kim A. Doherty

Brion Dolenko

Caley B. Dollmont

Ms. Geraldine Donnelly

Kevin A. Donnelly

Tom & Karen Donston

Linda Dooley*

Thomas P. Dooley

Martyn W. Doran

Doug Dornan

Leslie Dornan

Michael Dow

Graham Dowdell

Gord Dowhan, CA

Jacqueline & Gord Down

Susie Draho, CFP,

RBC Wealth Management

Brent M. Dreger

Angela Driver & Max Wehrle

Joel & Andrea Druwe

Dr. Hy & Donna Dubo

Harold & Judith Dueck

Diana & Peter Dueck, F.C.A.,

Ernst & Young LLP*

Peter Isaac Dueck

Mark D. Dufresne

Shaun D. Dufresne

Dumore Dental Corporation

Matt Duncan

Stuart A. Duncan

René & Lise Dupuis

Anne M. Durcan

2010 HonoUr roll 25

Arlene Wilgosh

President & CEO, Winnipeg Regional Health Authority

“As a nurse and healthcare leader, caring and having compassion

for people and patients are very important to me. United Way

lives these values daily as they care for the health and wellness of

individuals across our community. I’m proud of my commitment

to United Way and proud of the growing list of health care leaders

further demonstrating their care for our community in this way.”

Pathfinder continued

$1,200 – $2,399

Beverley Duthoit

Bill Duthoit

Eve Dutton

Darlene M. Dziewit

Dr. Donald Dziewit

Ross Eadie

Jeff & Tamara Eckstein

Betty Edel

James G. Edmond Law Corporation*

John Edwards

Andrew Craig Eisbrenner

C. H. Eisbrenner

Ms. Susan Ekdahl

Dr. Lawrence Elliott

Alonzo Ellis

Darryl Embury

Jane C. Emslie, Manitoba Blue Cross*

Dr. Chris & Ms. Linda Engel

Howard R. R. Engel & Esther G. Juce

Charlene Enns

Heather & Philippe Erhard

Carrie Erickson

Emily Etcheverry

Gloria Rathwell & Mark Etkin

Bruce & Brenda Evans

Ivan Eyre

R. A. (Sam) Fabro, C.M.

Melvin S. Fages & Arlene Fages*

Peter & Blondina Falk*

Kenneth James Fanstone

Sylvia Farley,

Manitoba Federation of Labour

Jason Farrell

Thelma Fast*

* 10+ years of Leadership giving

K. W. Faulder

Nancy E. Faulder

Brad J. Favel & Corinne Ratuski

Charles Feaver & Maureen Matthews*

Drs. Glenn & Tammi Feltham

Jean M. Fenwick

Barry Glen Ferguson

Darron Field

Shannon R. C. Fijal

Marc Filiba

Robert Filuk, F.C.A

Carmyn K. Finch

Ted Finkbeiner

Joe Fiorentino

Susan Flanders

Don Flatt

Dr. H. Fleishman & Mrs. B. Fleishman

Ms. Karen Fletcher*

Philip Fleury

Greg & Cheryl Flom

L. M. Flynn

Evelyn C. Fondse

Jim & May Foran,

Aikins, MacAulay & Thorvaldson LLP*

Doug & Laureen Forbes,

Thompson Dorfman Sweatman LLP*

Alex R. Forcier

Randy Forde

Evelyn L. Forget

Ward & Mona Forsen

Arlene Forsyth

Stephanie Forsyth

Andy P. Fosty

Ken G. Fox

2010 HonoUr roll 27

Pathfinder continued

$1,200 – $2,399

Dr. Jennifer Frain

Kara Frain, United Way of Winnipeg

David & Marion Fraser*

Robert & Shirley Freedman

Christine Freeman

John Frejuk

Daniel Friedman & Robert Dalgliesh

Eric & Adeliene Friesen

F. R. Friesen

Russ Friesen

Adrian Frost

Felicia & Trevor Frost*

Dr. Donald Fuchs

George Funk

Miral & Robert Gabor,

Aikins, MacAulay & Thorvaldson LLP

Janice Gagnon

Lorena Galante

Ingrid A. Gamble

Bill Gammon

Larry R. Gander

L. A. Gardner*

Valerie E. Garneau

Brent J. Geake

Dave Geddes

Earl Geddes

Klem A. Gelowitz

Barb & Dave Gemmell

Terry Genik

Jenny Gerbasi

Glen Gerrie

Cindy & Rob Gerry

Colin W. Ghostkeeper

Cam Giavedoni

Geoff Gibson

James Giesbrecht

Rod Giesbrecht

Bart Gilbert

Mona Gill

Jonathon Giller

Ian Gillies & Hélène Poirier

Margaret Redmond & Greg Gillis,

Lawton Partners*

Brent J. Gillon

Debby & Bruce Gilmore

Kimberley Gilson

Roger Girard

Joe Girdner

Monica Girouard

Derek Glazema

Jennifer Glen

Peter & Monina Glowacki

Alan Goddard

Allan W. Godfrey

Linda Godin-Sorin & Louis Sorin

Irene Goerz

Larry Goerzen

Yhetta M. Gold, C.M., O.M.

David & Barbara Goldenberg

Elaine & Hugh Goldie

Ken & Carla Goldstein*

David C. Golub, Levene Tadman

Golub Law Corporation*

Elmer J. Gomes

Chris Good

Troy Gording

William & Catherine Gordon*

Glen Gosling & Wendi Meisner

28 2010 HonoUr roll * 10+ years of Leadership giving

Pathfinder continued

$1,200 – $2,399

Cathie & Greg Gowryluk

Kathryn C. Graham

Marjory G. I. Graham

Jason Granger & Jason Kasper

Bruce Granke

Karen Ruth Grant

Michelle Grant

Heather G. Grant-Jury,

UFCW Training Centre*

Janet Gray

Neal Gray

Perry R. Gray

William H. Gray, F.C.A.,

PricewaterhouseCoopers LLP*

Patrick Green

Leonard Joseph Greenwood

Marie Gregorashuk

Mr. Darin Brecht & Ms. Debbie Grenier

Marc & Janis Groenewegen*

Marjorie & Kenneth Grower

Paul Grower

Rodger & Marion Guinn

Jo-Ann Gusdal

Gio Guzzi

Mr. & Mrs. Marc Hache

Glen Hagen

Ken Hahlweg & Lynne Squair

Jesper Hahn

Bill Haight & Sofia Goswin, Duboff

Edwards Haight & Schachter*

Kevin & Chandra Haines

Diane E. Hainsworth

Scott & Heather Halbesma

Richard Haldane-Wilsone

* 10+ years of Leadership giving

Ms. P. Hall

Helen Halliday

Richard Hallock

E. John Hallonquist, InfoTech Inc.*

David Halstead

Roy Halstead

Bruce S. Hamilton,

Royal Canadian Properties Limited

Murray Hamilton

Patrick A. Hamilton

William Hamilton*

Rod W. Hamm

Rich & Connie Hamon

Ms. Leslie Hancock

Doug Hanna

John Hannah

Pat & Carmen Hannah,

Avant Systems Group

Dave Hanning

Gord Hannon

Thor Hansell

Ron Hanson

Denise R. Harder

Michael Hardy

David & Louise Hargrave

Jake E. Harms

Jody Harris

Pam & Don Harrison

Shelley M. Hart

Norine Harty

Blake Hasiuk

Greg Hasiuk

Margaret & Troy Haugen

Ken & Ruth Hayes, Investors Group*

2010 HonoUr roll 29

Pathfinder continued

$1,200 – $2,399

Tim Hayward

Stewart Heaton

Harold O. Heide

John Heinrichs•

Wayne Helgason,

Social Planning Council

Joan Helms

Kelly & Kerri Hemmett, Investors Group

Ryan Henderson

Derrin L. Henry

Karen Herd

Michiel Heringa

Roy Sherbo & Monica Herzberg

Susan O. Hester, C.A.

Tim Hibbard*

Stephen Hicks

Melody Hiebert*

Ray Hignell & Barb Heiliger*

Ken Hilash

Dr. Keith Hildahl

Ken A. Hildahl

Darlene Hildebrand

Ainsley Hill

Peggy Hill

Rob Hilliard

Kameron Hilroy

Jeff Hirsch & Liz Murray

Carol Hiscock

Ted Hlynsky

Dean S. Hnatiw

Patricia & John Hodgert

The Hoey Family

Michael & Hélène Hoffer,

Watermart Water Centre

Phillip & Linda Holbrook

Keith D. Holliday

Patrick Hood

Kevin J. Hook

Fred & Leanne Horbaty

Leanne Michelle Horn

Dianne & David Horne*

Tom R. Hosfield

Janet & Bill Hoskins

Rob Hotel

Ken Houssin

Patricia Houston

Caley Houtop

Dr. Kenneth Howie

Dennis Hrycaiko

Brock Huebner

Elsie Hughes

Ian Hughes

A. J. Hunter

Caroline J. Hunter

Glen & Penny Hunter, Birchwood

Automotive Group Limited*

Linda Hunter

Daniel Hurley & Kimberley Martin

J. F. Hurst

Dr. Lorne Hurst &

Dr. Elly Hoogterp-Hurst

Roberta & Larry• Hurtig

John Hutton

Dr. Gary Hyman

Murray Hyman

Cameron & Sally Inglis, Lawton

Partners Financial Planning

Services Ltd.

• Deceased

30 2010 HonoUr roll * 10+ years of Leadership giving

Pathfinder continued

$1,200 – $2,399

Derek Innis

L. John Isaac

Nicole Isfjord

Ralph N. Jackson

Trevor & Sabrina Jackson

Patrick Jacob

Rosie Jacuzzi

Deb Jamerson

James McAdam Smith Fund, held at

The Winnipeg Foundation*

Donna Janke

Lisa L. Janke

Bridget & Gilbert Cabral

Brian Janzen

Robert Jay

Digvir & Manju Jayas

Russell & Nancy Jeffrey

Rick Jensen & Family,

Boeing Canada, Winnipeg Division*

Travis Jensen

Claire & Gerald Jewers*

Dr. Danielle Jobb &

Mr. Brendan Roddy

Jeffrey Johnson

David Clarke Johnson

Lori Johnson & Audrhea Lande

Shannon Johnson & Paul Wiebe

Craig Johnston

Janine Johnston

Jeff & Noreen Johnston

Jeff E. Johnston

Keith Johnston

Lorne & Lorraine Johnston*

Allison Robertson & Ryan Johnston

* 10+ years of Leadership giving

Sindy Johnston

Barbara Jones

Casey Jones

Tim Jones

Mike & Tina Jones*

Ron Jonkman & Kriss Major

Trish Jordan

Deepak Joshi

Joan & Ernie Joyal

Darren G. Juby

Leilani J. Kagan

Kevin & Katie Kaiser

Karen Karpoff

Fareez M. Kassim

Sue & Rick Kathler

Shirley-Anne & Christos Katopodis

Bo Kauffmann

John E. Kearsey

Deidre & Scott Keddie

J. Keddie

Gord & Liz Keith

Denny & Eryl Kells,

Thompson Dorfman Sweatman LLP

Doug Kelly

Penny Kelly*

MaryAnn Kempe

Dale & Barbara Kendel*

Margaret Kendrick

Alyson H. Kennedy*

Marna Kenny, C.M.A.

Mark L. Kernaghan

Lenore Kersey

Dr. Joanne Keselman

Christina S. E. Keys

2010 HonoUr roll 31

Pathfinder continued

$1,200 – $2,399

Brenda L. Keyser & Peter Murdock

Robert M. Kidson

Jon Kilfoyle & Jennifer Muir

Jim Kilmister

Bruce H. King, Pitblado LLP*

Cliff & Betty-Ann King

Brad King

Janet Kinley

Randall & Yvonne Kinley,

in memory of J. D. Lyon

Craig Kirby

Tom Kirk

Kevin Kirkness

Eileen & Ken Kirton

T. E. J. Kjartanson

Gregory D. Klassen

Jeff Klassen

Jon Klassen

Michael Klatt

Karin Kliewer

Patricia Kloepfer

Ron J. Knight

Barbara G. Knoll*

J. Keith Knox

Sheldon & Gail Kobewka

Marvin & Jolanta Kocay

Karen & Paul Kochan

Herbert Koehl

Steven & Michelle Kohn

Mike B. Kolas

Heather Kolisnyk

Francis A. Kolla

Dan & Adriana Koshowski

Ed Kostusik

Zane Kowal

Robert Kowalchuk

Steve & Paula Kreitz

Dennis G. Kremski

Art Kroeker

Jonathan & Cara Kroft

Steve & Lisa Kroft

Joseph Harry Kronstal

James Krovats

Mark & Twylla Krueger

Margaret M. Kubas

Kenneth P. Kuchma

Richard Kuffel

Michael Kukelko & Family

Mr. Tim Kurbis, Taylor McCaffrey LLP,

& Dr. Carol Kurbis

Stan Kurtas

Brent & Margie Kvern

Crystal Laborero & Sean King

Kevin Lacey

Maurice & Victoria Lakusta

George Lamont

Mark Lamont

Jeff & Jillian Lamothe*

Duane & Jody Lamoureux

Shaun & Cindy Lamoureux

Ms. Patricia Lane &

Mr. Steven Lennon*

Garry Lang

Jessie Lang*

Tyler Lanoway

Cathy Lantz

Doug C. Larcombe

Gary Laspa

32 2010 HonoUr roll * 10+ years of Leadership giving

Pathfinder continued

$1,200 – $2,399

Beverley L. Laurin

Jack & Zina Lazareck

Wendy Lazer

Gus & Gail Leach

Patrick & Sandra LeBlanc

Ted LeBlond

Nancy J. LeBlond

Dr. Scott & Tracy Leckie*

Jeff Leclerc

Lane Ledohowski

Gary J. Ledoux

David J. Leduhowski

David Lee

Ed Lee

Edward Lee

Gord & Lynn Lee

Wade S. Lee

Jeffery Leech

Irene Legg

Jason Lehman

Dr. David & Beatrice Leisle*

Del A. Lekopoy

Nelson A. Leong

Bruce Leppky

Brian Lerner & Hilary Kaufman Lerner

Richard Lesiuk

Kemal Leslie

Ghislaine R. Leveille

Mr. & Mrs. David S. Levene, Levene

Tadman Golub Law Corporation

Stephanie Levene,

United Way of Winnipeg

Clifford & Carol Levi

Moses B. Levy*

* 10+ years of Leadership giving

David L. Lewis

David & Olwyn Lewis

Larry Licharson

Eric William Linden

Michael & Mona Linton

Dr. & Mrs. Jack N. Lipkin*

Donald K. Lischka

Ted & Wanda Lismer

Christy Little

R. C. Lloyd

David Loch, Loch Gallery*

Randy Lock*

Brian David Loewen

Harry Loewen

Liz & Tim Loewen

Laura Lomow

Shannon Lotocki

Shawna Lounsbury, C.A., KPMG LLP

Natasha & Hartley Lowenthal

John Loxley

Ken G. Lugg

David Lui

David J. Luke & Nicole Kirovac Luke

Don Lundgren

Charles F. Lunn

Anne-Marie Lussier

Daniel & Lisette Lussier

Don & Joy Lussier

Travis Lussier

Dr. David Lyttle

Joan Lytwyn

Colin R. MacArthur, Q.C.

Alexander William Macaulay

Dawn MacAulay

2010 HonoUr roll 33

Pathfinder continued

$1,200 – $2,399

Don MacDonald

Graeme R. MacDonald

Peter & Maureen Macdonald

Bonnie Macdonell

Miles & Laurie Macdonell

Brendan MacDougall

Josef A. Macek

Ted Maciurzynski

Gord & Maria Mackay,

MTS Allstream Inc.

Brad Shayne Mackid

Linda MacLeod

John D. MacLise & Shelley Morris

David MacMillan

Darcy Lawrence MacPherson

Aileen & J.P. Madden

Lorne D. Madden

Robert Mader

Suzanne & Henri Magne, C.A.,

BDO Canada LLP

Lynette Magnus

Roger & Carolyn Maguet

Trevor L. Maguire

Dr. Bryan Magwood*

Gordon Maher

Drs. J. & W. Kinsner

Barbara Main

Sylvia L. Main

Tom & Joanna Malkiewicz

Brian Mamrocha

Paul Manaigre

Evan Mancer

Howard E. Mandshein

Abby Mann & Kris Swedlo

Ms. Leslie Manness

Dennis Marand

Charles L. Marcoux

Samax Investments Ltd,

c/o Gary Margolis*

Margolis Capital – Commercial

Mortgage Professionals

Rob P. D. Marion

Neil & Chris Marnoch

Steve & Trudy Martens

Ms. Christine Martin

Frank & Terry Martin*

Gary Martin & Marjorie Anderson

Liam Martin

Aaron Martyniw

Oscar Marx

Carl Alan Matheson

M. E. Mathies

Ken Matsukubo

Carol Matsumoto*

Ms. Valerie Matthews Lemieux*

Jim & Nicole Matthews

Thomas K. Matthews,

McDiarmid Lumber Ltd.*

Blaine & Heather Maxwell

Darrell May

Brenda & Darren May

Christoper M. Mayman

Joan I. Mayman

Peter & Sharyn Mayberry*

Lorna Mayer

Debbie A. Mazur

Brian & Meredith McArthur

Doug McBurney

34 2010 HonoUr roll * 10+ years of Leadership giving

Pathfinder continued

$1,200 – $2,399

Keith R. McCaskill

Jean McClellan

B. McClintock

Dan & Kirsten McConnell

A. M. McDonald

James McDonald & Beth McDonald

Paul A. McDonald

Robert D. McDonald &

Bernice R. Bowley*

Patrick Mcdonnell

Hugh McFadyen

Linda McFadyen

Laura McFarland

Cath & John McFarlane

Lesley McFarlane

Dr. John McFerran,

People First/Boyden

Anne B. McGarry

Rob J. McGee

Ryan McGee

Elizabeth McGuire

Valerie I. Mcguire

Brenda & Geoff McInnes

Alan R. McIntosh

Campbell McIntyre

Richard O. McIntyre

Rob & Tammie McIntyre

Mrs. Dawn R. McKeag

Ms. Ruth McKenzie

David B. McKibbin, P. Eng., Smith

Carter Architects & Engineers Inc.*

Joann V. McKillop

Gordon McKinnon,

Thompson Dorfman Sweatman LLP*

* 10+ years of Leadership giving

John P. McKinnon

Guy McLachlan

John McLennan

Susan A. McLennan

Barry McLeod

Chris & Shannon McLeod

Lorna McLeod

Barb & Rick McMillin

Penny & Ivan McMorris

Mr. Robert McNamara &

Ms. Dorothy Hooper

Brigitte & Kevin McNeill

Barrie McPherson &

Marvelle McPherson, C.M.

Kerry M. McQuarrie Smith

Pat Meagher

Darin Meakin

Roger Meilleur

Jack B. Meller

Brian Melnyk

Linda Melsted

Dr. Charles Meltzer

Quinn & Michelle Menec

Gordon Menzie & Family

Bill Menzies

Patricia French Merrett

Greg Michie

Glen J. Middleton,

STRATA Benefits Consulting Inc.*

David S. Miles

Gary & Ricki Miles

Gordon & Jennifer Miles*

J. A. Miles

Derryl Millar

2010 HonoUr roll 35

Pathfinder continued

$1,200 – $2,399

Joanne Kristine Millar

Bruce W. J. Miller,

United Way of Winnipeg

Chris K. Miller

Don W. Miller

John & Cathy Miller

Peter & Brenda Miller

Rob J. Miln

Dale Milne

Tannis M. Mindell,

Government of Manitoba*

Susan L. Misner

Dennis & Linda Mitchell

Paula Mitchell & Arnold Leventhal

Ryan Mitchell

David & Sheila Mitchell-Dueck*

Christopher D. Moffat

Valerie Mollison

Sheila & Patrick Molloy

Diane Molyneux

Angela Morelli*

Luis Moreno

The Morgans

Marilyn Morrice

John Morris

Deborah L. Morrison

Michael & Shawn Morrison

William Morrison

Karen Morrow

Jeffrey & Mary Morton

Charles & Marion Mossman

Sandi Mowat

Travis Muhr

Bill Mukaniuk

David Mullins

Judy Munoz

Suzanne & Kenneth Munroe

Kirk L. Murdoff

Tom & Bonny Murphy

Hamza Musaphir

Angela Myall

Barbara & John Myers

Todd H. Nadeau

Brendan Nagle,

Technologies For Learning Group

Holly Naherniak

Robert Napper

Richard Neill

Ryan Neilson

John & Margy Nelson

Laurie D. Nesbitt

Rea Nesbitt

Gord Neudorf

Bruce D. Neufeld

Robert & Lois Coleman Neufeld

Tony Ng

Rene & Marlyn Nicholson*

Dr. Robert J. & Dr. Barbara E. Nickel*

Wendy J. Nightingale

Harvey Nikkel

Walter Nikkel

Ted Nocita

Ms. Betsy Nolin

Chris & Karina Noonan

Ron Normandeau,

Birchwood Honda Centre

Helen & Bill Norrie

Paul & Danielle Norris

36 2010 HonoUr roll * 10+ years of Leadership giving

Pathfinder continued

$1,200 – $2,399

Bob Norris

Tim Nosworthy*

Claudette E. Novak

Jeff Nowatzki

S & E Nystrom

In memory of Donald MacAngus

Edward Oczerklewicz

Mark Odegard

Andrew D. M. Ogaranko, Q.C.,

Pitblado LLP*

Michelle O’Keefe

Teresa Okerlund,

Aikins, MacAulay & Thorvaldson LLP

Brian O’Leary

Brian Oleson

Brian & Jodie Olson

Glen & Julie Ominski

Wayne Onchulenko &

Amanda Onchulenko, Levene

Tadman Golub Law Corporation*

Dr. Luis Oppenheimer

Cathy Oresnik

Rhonda Orr

John Osadczuk

Michael Osborne

Philip Oswald

Barrie J. Ottenbreit

R. Brydon Owen

Mike Pagtakhan

John Paisley*

Michael & Elana• Palay

Margaretha Pallen

Nicole Palmer Jones & Patrick Jones

Alison E. Palmer

• Deceased

* 10+ years of Leadership giving

Pandey/Cosway family

Trudy & Russell Paradoski, C.A.,

BDO Canada LLP

Tannis Pardon

Bernice Parent

Dr. Jason Park

Christopher Parker

Craig Parker & Krystyna Szelag*

Kyle Parker

Leslie Parry

Terry Parsley

Jack Parsonage

Tyler & Carly Parsons

Dr. Gordon Partridge

Dr. Hans Pasterkamp

Doug Patenaude

Dale Paterson, Canadian Auto

Workers Union Retiree*

Kent Paterson

Thomas W. Paul

Jay A. Pauley

Philip & Michelle Pauls

Marc Payette & Diane Boyd

Payne Transportation L.P.

Steve & Sue Pazdor

Brad & Christine Peacock

J. Peake

Rod Peeler

James & Rosanna Peeling*

Brian Pekarchuk

Aaron & Maureen Penner

Allan Foran & Audrey Penner

Chad Penner

Derek Penner

2010 HonoUr roll 37

omel Dhalla

Investment Advisor, BMO Nesbitt Burns

Board of Governors, University of Manitoba

“My mentor, Bob Chipman, suggested I consider supporting United

Way. Since then, I’ve been volunteering as an Account Executive and

became a regular donor. This year, I stepped up to the Leadership

level to reflect the generosity and commitment of my co-workers

at BMO Nesbitt Burns and the staff and faculty at the University of

Manitoba where I’m a board member. I think we all feel that United

Way is one of the best ways to reduce poverty and improve lives

in Winnipeg.”

Pathfinder continued

$1,200 – $2,399

Patti K. Penner

Stephen Penner

Shane Perlmutter & Marni Wiseman*

Jan & Gerry Perras

Jennifer Perron

Dushant Persaud

Walter & Carmele Peter

Peter J. Peters

Robyn Peters,

United Way of Winnipeg

Gerald I. Peterson

Kenneth Phernambucq

Maureen & Alan Philp

Kim Picklyk

Sarah Piercy & Jason Miller

Christine Pierre

Dennis & Margo Pike

Vic Pinchin*

Margaret Pitt

David Plummer & Debra Schweyer

Mitchell B. Poirier

Ryan Poitras

Darryl Pokrant

Philip Poon & Lori DePauw

Hugh L. Popham

Corinne Popoff

Joanne & David Porteous

Timothy Preston

Terry P. Price

Merv Pritchard

Manfred Proch

David L. Proulx

Travis & Alethea Prouse

John Proven

* 10+ years of Leadership giving

George Pryce

Holly Puckall

Sean Quigley

David Quinton

Ms. Tamara Rabkin

Cosmo D. Racano

Vivian E. Rachlis*

Dr. Peter Rae

Regina Ramos-Urbano

Roger L. Ramsay

Shayne Rankin

Lynne Ransby & Gerry Hodson

Pam & James Rea

Kevin Rebeck

Strini & Emilia Reddy

Ross Redman

Elizabeth Redston

Dennis Reed

Brent Reed

Warren Reeves

Pat & Bill Reid

Darlene Reid

Christine & James Reimer

Curt Reimer

Iris Reimer

Laurie & Dan Reimer

Mavis Reimer

Pearl Reimer

Robert Reimer & Alison Thiessen,

PricewaterhouseCoopers LLP

Edith Reisacher

Loren & Nancy Remillard

M. Remoquillo

Dan Rempel

2010 HonoUr roll 39

Pathfinder continued

$1,200 – $2,399

Kelly Rempel

B. Remple*

John C. T. Rendell*

Gayle Restall

W. J. Rettie & J. Joyce

Chris Reykdal*

Joyce E. Rich*

Laura & Harold• Richman

Amy Richmond

Janice A. Ricken

Robert Riddick

Eric Riel

Amarjit Singh Rihal

Dennis & Marie Riley

Ellen Ripstein*

Robert Jason Ritchie

Don Ritson

Norman Rivard

Wayne Rivers

Dennis W. Robb

Leif A. Roberecki

Art Roberge

Rob J. L. Roberts

Lorinda J. Robidoux

Mr. A. C. Robinson

Alex Robinson

Colin S. Robinson & Yvonne Tavares

Charlene Robson

Paul F. Robson

Estelle Rochon-Fraser &

Warde Fraser*

James A. Rogers

Michael A. Romanow

Linda Romsa

Lewis C. Rosenberg

Daryl J. Rosin & Judith M. Blair

Beverley Ross

Deb Ross

Karen J. Ross

Murray J. Ross

Timothy C. Ross

Mike Routledge

Sandy Rozecki

Michael J. Ruiz

Cheryl Russell

Allan D. Rutherford

Tom Ryan & Isela Arroyo

Cathy Salter

Edith Samuels

Scott & Marlene Sanders

Matt Sanderson

Brigitte & Felix Sandron

David Sauer

John Saunders

Cheryl L. Saurette

Kieran Savage

Lynda Sawkins

Ms. Alice Sayant

Dean I. Scaletta

Leonard J. & Lillian E. Scammell*

Tom & Sherrie Scarcello

Dr. Brent Schacter,

CancerCare Manitoba

Catherine & Jonathan Schinkel*

Bertha Schmidt

Larry G. Schmidt

Lucy Schnaider

Glenn P. Schneider

• Deceased

40 2010 HonoUr roll * 10+ years of Leadership giving

Pathfinder continued

$1,200 – $2,399

Jeffrey Schnoor, Q.C.*

Tamara Schock

Wes Schock

Mark Schollenberg

Ana Schor, United Way of Winnipeg

Ainslie N. Schroeder

Janet M. Schubert

Sylvia & Perry Schulman

Wayne Schultz, C.I.M.

Manny Schulz

James & Caroline Scollan*

David J. Scott

Carole Scrivener

Carol Mary Scurfield

Betty & Sam Searle

Rudy Sebastian

Karin Seiler

Darren Selk

Doug Sexsmith*

Brian Sexton

Robert William Shaver

Grant & Signy Shaw

Kevin & Carol Shaw

Inga Sheane*

Norm Shelton

Blaine & Brenda Shewchuk

Diane M. Shindleman

Melet Plastics Inc.

Marvel Showers

Paul & Margaret Shuckett

Eleanor & Bob Siddall

Kevin Sie

Ken Siemens

Douglas Sigurdson*

* 10+ years of Leadership giving

Richard F. Sigurdson

Sandra Sigurdson

Walter & Nicole Silicz

Filomena Maria Silva

Louise Rolande Simard

Louise Simbandumwe

Scott Sime

Joanne Simes

Dr. Ruth Simkin

Abraham Simon

Karen Simonsen

Vern & Ann Simonsen*

Andrew Simpson

Anne M. Simpson

R. A. Simpson, Fillmore Riley LLP*

William Simundson

Dr. Jeffrey Sisler

Scott Sissons

Casey Sisterson

Daniel Samuel Sitar

Michael Skaftfeld & Shannon McAteer

Dr. Ken & Mrs. Susan Skinner,

Assiniboine Dental Group*

Walter & Annette Skomoroh

Mr. David Skwark &

Ms. Vivian Hilder-Skwark

Nancy Gray & Allan Smeall

Don Smirl & Twila MacNair*

Mavine Smit

Danica Smith

Elaine Smith

Barbara & Gavin Smith

Harvey Smith

J. Bert Smith

2010 HonoUr roll 41

Pathfinder continued

$1,200 – $2,399

Justin Smith

Mrs. Karen Smith

Louise Smith & family

Marcus Smith

Jon D. Smitten

Terry R. Snell, Lawton Partners

Financial Planning Services

Jim R. G. Snusher

Jennifer Snyder

Rod Snyder

Kevin Sokolowski

Taras M. & Janice M. Sokolyk

Dr. G. D. Solmundson,

Assiniboine Dental Group*

Dr. Kardy Solmundson,

Assiniboine Dental Group

L. Soluk

Raymond L. Somers

Brian Sorensen

Suzanne & Frank Sottana

Vic & Carol Sparling

Laurie Speers

Lori & Darrell Spencer

Brenda Spenst

Dino Speziale

Stuart E. Spitzke

Robert Spriggs

Rozelle Srichandra & Michael Kaan

Karen & Steven Stang

Leslie Stanier

Bev Staniland

Liz & Perc Stapley*

Dr. Doug C. Starodub

Mike Stasiuk

Walter Statz

Amanda Steadman

Eric & Myrna Stefanson*

Grant & Shannon Stefanson

Leonard Steingarten, C.A.

Annitta L. Stenning

Wesley & Virginia Stevens,

University of Winnipeg*

Cyndy & Doug Stewart

Dr. Greg Stewart

Heather M. Stewart

Linda C. Stewart

Paul D. Stewart & Jane Nicholls

Robert & Judy Stewart

Carrie R. Still

Kevin A. Stire

Lisa & Dan Stiver

Carol L. Stockwell, FCA,

PricewaterhouseCoopers LLP*

Ron Stoesz

Randy L. Storoschuk

Larry Strachan

Ellery G. Strell

Jim Strong

Carolyn L. Strutt

Tom & Shirley Strutt

Ken R. Stuart

Lucia Stuhldreier

Mike Styre

P. Colleen Suche*

Rick & Marty Suche

Herb Suderman

Harvey M. Sumka

Linda Sundevic

42 2010 HonoUr roll * 10+ years of Leadership giving

Pathfinder continued

$1,200 – $2,399

Garett Surcon & Jennifer Sime

Darrin Surminsky

Ron & Shelley Suzuki

Pamela J. Sveinson

Elaine Frances Swan

Fay Swartz

Dr. David Swatek, P.Eng.

Elan Swatek

Lynne Sweeney

Jenneth Swinamer

Charlotte & Glen J. Sytnyk

Dr. Emöke J. E. Szathmáry,

University of Manitoba*

Dr. Teresa Sztaba

Mr. & Mrs. Martin Tadman, Levene

Tadman Golub Law Corporation

Ken Talbot

Sam Tamoto & Terry Wilson

Richard Tapper

Sue Tardi

Jill Tardiff

Tony Taronno

Tom & Sally Tasker*

Anne Louise Taylor

Brad Taylor

Brian G. Taylor

Justin Taylor

Mandi Taylor

Shirley Taylor

Ken Tennenhouse

Karen & Leonard Terlinski

Carole Tetreault

Jacques Therrien

Martin Thibodeau

* 10+ years of Leadership giving

Brad Thiessen

Henry & Katy Thiessen*

Brent Thomas

Ms. Mary Ann Thompson*

Maureen T. Thompson

Russ Thompson

Warren & Kelly Thompson,

Prairie Edge Management Inc.*

Marlene Thorarinson

Allan Thordarson

Dr. R. H. Thorlakson, Winnipeg Clinic

Dr. T. Kenneth Thorlakson, C.M. &

Mrs. Lorna Thorlakson

Robert W. Thorsten

Michael J. Thul

Gary Timlick

Nestor P. Timog

Lisa Tinant

Colin Tirschmann

Douglas & Deanna Tkach

Satvir K. Tkachuk

Coleen Todd

George Todd

Lorraine Toderash

Catherine Tolton

Arthur Tooley*

Susan & Jock Tooley*

Adam & Monique Topp

Dan & Dawn Torbiak*

Glen & Sharon Torgerson

Gisele M. E. Toupin

Holly Toupin

Mike A. Traa

Gord & Lorena Trann

2010 HonoUr roll 43

Pathfinder continued

$1,200 – $2,399

Darrell Trask

B. L. Treleaven

Dom Trotta

Denis Tsai

Cory Tucker

Leslie G. Turnbull

Jodi Turner

Teresa & Craig Turner

Robert L. Tyler

Kelly Ukrainec

James Urchenko

Teri-Lyn Urquhart

Paul & Lissette Vallee

Chris Van Bastelaere

Shannon L. Van Walleghem

Kendra Vanbeselaere

Christine Van Cauwenberghe &

Chris Mainella

Bob & Audrey Vandewater

Dorothy & Brad Vannan

Bethany Varcoe

Jeff & Lori Vassart

Hugo & Anny Veldhuis

Norman A. Velnes

Tony Ventresca

Andrew Verbeek

Paul Vermette

Herb Vielhaber

Robert Vineberg*

Dr. Irvin Vinsky

Julie Vogelsang

Lucy Vogrig

Frank Vogt

Brad R. Vollrath

Irene Wagner

Lorraine Waldbauer

Nelson Waldbauer

Christa Walkden

Kieron Wall, Birchwood BMW*

Lori Wallace

Ken Walus

Dale Ward

Dave Wardrop

Ena Warkentin

Erwin Warkentin

Adair Warren, Seven Oaks School

Division & Lorne Warren,

Cambrian Credit Union

Robert Warren

Jennifer Wasney

Brett Wasny

Maureen & William Watchorn*

David C. Waters*

Tim & Katie Watters

Scott Waugh

Glen & Sherry Weaver

Fiona M. Webster Mourant

Maris & Gordon Webster*

John H. Webster

Tyler Weinrauch

Leslie E. Weir, The Winnipeg

Foundation & Terry E. Cheater*

Dr. Rina Weiszner

Darrell A. Weselake

M. & L. West*

Michelle Wheatley

Anna & Sam White

Robert White

44 2010 HonoUr roll * 10+ years of Leadership giving

Pathfinder continued

$1,200 – $2,399

Brian Whiteside

David & Wendy Whitmore

Mark & Eva Whitmore

Charles T. Whittaker

Gordon & Eleanor Wiebe

Ayn & Brent Wilcox

Timothy Wildman

Ken W. Wilk

Catherine Wilkie

Doug R. Wilkie

Kevin T. Williams & Kyle L. Dear,

Taylor McCaffrey LLP

Martin Williams

Randy Williams

Tim Williams

Chuck Wilson

Craig Wilson

Keith & Kristen Wilson

Lee & Angie Wilson

Tom & Norma Wilson*

Tom Wingrove

C. Reed Winstone*

Spish Wisniewski

Mike, Lesley & Liam Witoski

Krysta Wojtowicz

Lori A. Wolstencroft

Helen Helen Wong

Joy & Gavin Wood*

Randy & Patti Wood

Eric Woodard

* 10+ years of Leadership giving

Tim & Arlene Woodcock

Colleen Woods

Grant Woods*

Tom Woodward

Rick Workman*

Day R. Woytko

Lyn Wray*

Byron & Tracey Wright

David C. Wright

Paul & Margaret Wright

Steve Wright & Eileen Askew

Klaus & Dorit Wrogemann,

University of Manitoba

Barbara Wynes

Dennis & Diane Yanchycki

Douglas & Hendrieka Yard*

Shelagh & Ross Yarnell

Ken & Bonnie Yee

Iva J. & Archie Yeo

David Young

Timothy Young

Ken Zealand

Ed & Jacqueline Zeghers

Lev E. Zentner

Robert Znidarec & Dr. Jane Moody

Jacob Zorzos

Susan Zuk & James Rogowsky

Eric & Helena Zutter

David John Zyla

241 Anonymous

2010 HonoUr roll 45

Major Donor Quantum Club

In recognition of donors who made a 50% donation increase in 2010

Kirsten & Bryan Albo

Kris & Shirley Benidickson

Richard & Joyce Brownscombe

Catherine Dale

Brian & Ruth Hastings, Qualico

Robert H. Jones

Kish Kapoor, Wellington West Capital

Nick Logan & Christine Skene

Employees of Globe General Agencies

Judy & Ken Murray

Michael Nesbitt

Bill & Angie Percy,

Thompson Dorfman Sweatman LLP

Patrick & Carla Rae

Paul Smith

David George Strang

Dr. Donna Wall & Family

Doug Warkentin,

Wellington West Capital

Richard Wolfe

Andrew Yorke & Lori Yorke

46 2010 HonoUr roll * 10+ years of Leadership giving


Gifts to the

ToMorroW fUnD

United Way of Winnipeg’s endowment fund

Serena Kraayeveld, fCA

Chair, United Way’s Tomorrow Fund Committee

“Each year the Tomorrow Fund has grown through gifts of cash,

securities, insurance and bequests from donors who understand

the importance of creating a permanent endowment fund to

support our community’s needs in the future. We’re proud to say

the capital value of the Tomorrow Fund reached $9.5 million in 2010.

There is an old saying that tomorrow is the busiest day of the

week. We thank all of our donors and volunteers who have taken

action today to ensure the Tomorrow Fund supports United Way’s

important work in our community tomorrow.”

2010 Tomorrow fund Contributors

Arthur & Mary Anhalt,

National Leasing

Will Arnett & Amy Poehler

Todd Baranoski

Donald F. & Edith Besant

Leona Billinkoff

Mrs. Mildred C. Bjarnason

Marjorie Blankstein, C.M., O.M. &

Morley Blankstein

Dr. Frances A. Booth

Stephen Boyd & Aynsley Welsh

Don & Barbara Brownell

Shola Bubb & David Ansah

Dr. Alice Cheatley

Barbara Coghlan & George Stevens

Norman L. Coghlan

Rob & Sandi Coghlan

Alex Colonello

Dr. Juliette Cooper,

University of Manitoba

John P. Crabb

Irene Crofts

Bob & Irene Cunningham

Shawn Cutler

Colin J. Demianyk

The Mark and Dorothy Danzker

Perpetual Trust Fund of the

Jewish Foundation

Dr. Glen Drobot

Georges Druwe

Dr. Joanne Elizabeth Embree

Siegfried J. Enns

Denise Erskine

Cy Fien & Tana Christianson

Ted Finkbeiner

Eileen George

Mrs. Carolyn Graham

Joseph A. Graham

Tony Havelka

Jack & Elsie Hignell

Joyce Hill

Margaret Houston

Patricia Houston

Harold L. Hunter

Pat & Laddie Hutchison

Robert Hyman

Gladys J. Ingraham

Robert Jacob

Wayne Johnson

Adam Johnston

D. C. Kerr

Robert M. Kidson

Fred Theodor Kisil

Johnny Kit

Serena H. Kraayeveld, F.C.A.

Mrs. Miriam Lampé

Doug & Jane Latter

Rick Lee & Laurie Shapiro

Sherrill Ann Levene

Dr. Babette Cohen &

Dr. Keith J. Levin,

Winnipeg Orthodontic Group

Myrna H. Levin

Dr. Ahmet & Gail Leylek

Rose & Dick Lim

Nick Logan & Christine Skene

Douglas W. MacEwan, M.D.

Kevin Mackay

2010 HonoUr roll 49

2010 Tomorrow fund Contributors


Garry T. Markham

Stanley A. Martin

Joanne M. Maxwell

Barry & Carol McArton

Dr. Tim McCarthy &

Mrs. Tracy McCarthy

Robert D. McGregor

Sam McLaughlin &

Aveeve Heyens McLaughlin

G. A. McMurray

Paul & Catherine McNeil

Barrie McPherson &

Marvelle McPherson, C.M.

Marion Mills

Charles & Marion Mossman

Faye Parks-Micay

Beverly Passey FCGA,

United Way of Winnipeg &

Russell Passey, Assiniboia Downs

Janet Handel & Ted Paterson

Bradley Dean Perkins

Arthur Peters

Henry Poettcker

Bert & Jean Polet

Dr. Bill Pope &

Dr. Elizabeth Tippett-Pope

50 2010 HonoUr roll

Rick Preston

Edward & Carolyn• Ransby

Joyce E. Rich

Kathleen M. Richardson, C.C., O.M.

J. Derek Riley

Velma G. Ryckman

Issy Schechter

Lynn Schellenberg

Maier Silverberg

Ursula Skene-Rufli

David Skinner

Eric M. Souque

Gary & Gwen Steiman

Robert & Judy Stewart

Larry Strachan

Douglas B. Sumner

Rose Szajewski

Gwenda Templeton

Jim & Janice Tennant

Glen & Sharon Torgerson

Edward & Irene Warkentin,

Aikins, MacAulay & Thorvaldson LLP

Dr. John R. & Alvina Wiens

Pamela Wright & Wes Peters

Paul & Margaret Wright

Conrad Wyrzykowski

• Deceased

named funds

Your personal legacy, a $5000 gift to the Tomorrow Fund, allows the

donor to establish a Named Fund to which contributions may be

made at any time.



The Moffat Family Fund

The David & Ruth Asper Fund

The Kathleen Richardson Fund

The Alan & Erica McLaughlin Fund

The Mark & Dorothy Danzker

Perpetual Trust Fund of the

Jewish Foundation


$75,000 – $99,999

The Gail Asper &

Michael Paterson Fund

The William Lawrence Palk

Family Fund

The Coghlan Family Fund


$50,000 – $74,999

The Wyrzykowski Family

Memorial Fund

The Serena H. Kraayeveld Fund

The Dr. Gordon P. Fahrni Fund

The John P. Crabb Family Fund

The Jean Polet Fund

The Polly & Derek Riley Fund

1 Anonymous


$25,000 – $49,999

The Rose & Paul Rudko Fund

The Penny & Sheldon Bowles Fund

The G. B. Gray Fund

The Babs Asper Fund

The Robert McGregor Fund

The Pat & Laddie Hutchison Fund

The James Burns Fund

The Margaret Houston Fund –

The Winnipeg Foundation

The In Memory of

Henry William Levin Fund

The Douglas & Elizabeth

MacEwan Fund

The Gary & Gwen Steiman Fund

The Jo Wright Fund

The Logan Family Fund

The Beverly Craven Fund


$15,000 – $24,999

The Les & Terry Wiens Family Fund

The Susan Lewis Community Fund

The Molly & Ted Finkbeiner

Family Fund

The Dennis & Marie Riley Fund

The Bateman Family Fund

The Joseph & Carolyn Graham Fund

The Jean M. Walker Fund

2010 HonoUr roll 51

named funds



$10,000 – $14,999

The Joan L. McAdam Fund

The Rick Lee & Laurie Shapiro

Family Fund

The Gus & Diane Campbell Fund

The Dr. Bill Pope &

Dr. Elizabeth Tippett-Pope Fund

The Aveeve &

Samuel McLaughlin Fund

The Ross McKenzie Fund

The Morley &

Marjorie Blankstein Fund

The Patty & Doug Everett Fund

The Brenda & Darcy Zaporzan Fund

The Dzisiak Family Fund

The Anhalt Family Fund


$7,500 – $9,999

The Frances Bowles Fund

The Barrie & Marvelle McPherson Fund

The Gwenda Templeton Fund

The PricewaterhouseCoopers LLP Fund

The Rees & Pat Jones Fund

The Dr. R. F. & Eira Friesen Fund

The Ernest Johnson Fund

The Barry & Carol McArton Fund

The Paul & Margaret Wright

Family Fund

The Dr. Alice Cheatley Fund

The Elizabeth Marr &

Nick Slonosky Fund

52 2010 HonoUr roll

The Mark Norrie Memorial Fund

The Carolyn & Edward Ransby Fund

The Daniel Blankstein &

Dr. Sara Israels Fund

The John (Jack) Fraser Fund

The Dr. Donald & Edith Besant Fund

The Brian David Schellenberg

Memorial Fund


$5,000 – $7,499

The Mildred C. Bjarnason Fund

The Jim & Jan Tennant Family Fund

The Madge O. Stevens Fund

The Rosy & Dick Lim Fund

The Dr. Ahmet & Gail Leylek Fund

The Mike Miller Fund

The Miriam Lampe Fund

The William & Dorothy Atkinson Fund

The Dr. Keith Levin &

Dr. Babette Cohen Fund

The Burt Family Fund

The Doug Harvey Family Fund

The Doris & Gordon MacDonell Fund

The Faye Parks-Micay Family Fund

The Doris & Rod Hunter Fund

The Sara Penner Fund

The Robert P. Gannon Fund

The Harvey & Carole Scrivener Fund

The Jean Purdy Fund

The J. Keith Knox Fund

Back to our roots

Keeping Winnipeg strong for future generations, these former Winnipeggers made

generous gifts to the Tomorrow Fund.



R.A.N. Bonnycastle

Bryce & Nicki Douglas

The Grenon Family

Chris & Pam Hodgson

Michael & Joy Phelps

Royden & Beverly Richardson

Karen Somers

Ronald Stern

Graeme & Sara Thomson

In memory of

Frances Verstraete-Waugh

Chuck & Libby Winograd

Celebratory Gifts


$50,000 – $99,999

Alex & Kathleen Ramsay

1 Anonymous


$25,000 – $49,999

Gerald Schwartz

Thank you to those donors who made a gift to United Way in

celebration of a special occasion such as a birthday, anniversary,

retirement, or bar/bat mitzvah.

Gifts of life Insurance

Individuals who named United Way as a beneficiary or transferred policy ownership.

Dr. Alice Cheatley

Colin Demianyk

Kathryn Hofley

Eric Moscarella

Faye Parks-Micay

Ted Paterson & Janet Handel

Pamela Wright

2010 HonoUr roll 53

Dr. Douglas MacEwan

Tomorrow Fund Donor

Eleanor Wiebe Q.C. and James MacEwan are very happy with their

father’s decision to establish the Dr. Douglas and Elizabeth MacEwan

named fund within United Way’s endowment, the Tomorrow Fund.

“Very often people think their contribution doesn’t make a difference.

But it does. If everybody does or gives something, you can deal

with all kinds of problems. And I think that’s my parents’ legacy…if

you can’t give money give time, but make sure you do something

for our community.”

2010 In Memoriam Gifts

With love and respect for the following friends, family and associates.

John William Brice

David Bruce

Wendy Louise Buckner

Bill Burns

Neil Churchward

Henry Lewis Dahl

Edwin Roy McKerchar Essery, FCA

Gordon Fogg

William Foster

Max Frank

Gladys Luella Fraser

Charles Gordon

Gerald B. Gray

Amalia Grun

Roderick (Rod) McDonald Horne

Rene Hudon

Douglas Sheffield Hurst

Diana Marjorie Jones

Anna Gwendolyn Karr

Stephen Karr

John Krasnianski

Elizabeth (Betty) Kyle

Hilderguard Lizak

April Macaulay

Mr. MacPhee

Bruce Phillip Menlove

Gilbert Miller

Lois Miniely

Thomas Gerald Ostry

Nancy Ann Peterson

Herbert M. Pickard

Denis Prenovault

David Ritchie

Brian Schellenberg

Bill Sim

Ronald Sproule

Benjamin J. Squires

Sally Stern

Arnold Vossen

Dorothy Elizabeth Weisflock

2010 HonoUr roll 55

40th Anniversary Society

Gifts to the Tomorrow Fund in celebration of United Way’s first 40 years of work

in our community.

Babs Asper

Gail Asper, O.M., O.C., &

Michael Paterson

Morley Blankstein &

Marjorie Blankstein, C.M.

Penny & Sheldon Bowles

J.W. Burns, O.C., O.M.

Gus & Diane Campbell

Norm Coghlan &

The Hon. Pearl K. McGonigal,

C.M., O.M.

John P. Crabb

Mark & Dorothy Danzker

Perpetual Trust Fund of the

Jewish Foundation

Robert Dzisiak & Debora Mazur

Senator (Retired) D.D. Everett

Ted Finkbeiner

John F. (Jack) Fraser

Carolyn Graham

G. B. Gray•

Justice Barbara M. Hamilton

Margaret Houston

56 2010 HonoUr roll

Pat & Laddie Hutchison

Ernest Johnson

Rees M. Jones, F.C.A.

Serena H. Kraayeveld, F.C.A.

Rick Lee & Laurie Shapiro

Myrna H. Levin

Susan Lewis

Elizabeth Marr & Nick Slonosky

Al & Erica McLaughlin

Sara Penner

Robert G. Puchniak

George & Tannis Richardson

Kathleen M. Richardson, C.C., O.M.

Dennis & Marie Riley

Polly• & Derek Riley

Carole & Harvey• Scrivener

Laurie E. Stovel

Gwenda Templeton

Jim & Janice Tennant

Jean M. Walker

Jo Wright

Conrad Wyrzykowski

2 anonymous

• Deceased

Quarter Century Society

The official launch of the Tomorrow Fund to commemorate United Way’s 25th Anniversary.

Paul Albrechtsen

Norman J. Alexander•

Estate of C. V. Antenbring

E. M. Antenbring•

R. E. Archer

Judge & Mrs. Philip Ashdown

I. H. Asper, O.C., O.M., Q.C.•

Raymond R. Bailey

In memory of Joan Bailey

Mr. & Mrs. C. Richard Betts

Marjorie Blankstein, C.M.

Frances Bowles

Penny & Sheldon Bowles

Harold Buchwald, C.M., Q.C.•

W. John A. Bulman

Barbara M. Burns•

Albert D. Cohen, C.M.

Leatrice J. Cohen

Peter D. Curry•

Emeric V. Duha•

G. Clarence Elliott

E. Roy Essery•

Senator D. D. Everett

R. Fern Fields•

John F. Fraser, Q.C.

Dr. & Mrs R. F. Friesen

Mr. R. P. Gannon

Dr. & Mrs. Percy Goldberg

Richard I. Good

Donald M. Gordon•

Dr. & Mrs. William L. Gordon

Carolyn Graham

John D. Green

Lucien Guenette

• Deceased

Graeme T. Haig, C.M., Q.C.•

Charles F. J. Harvey•

Doug Harvey

Kerry & Kaaren Hawkins

Roderick O. A. Hunter•

Laddie Hutchison

Drs. June & Ralph James

Ernest G. Johnson

Rees M. Jones

Sol Kanee, O.C.•

David S. Kaufman•

Robin M. Kersey

David L. Killam

Mr. & Mrs. R. M. (Bob) Kozminski

Serena H. Kraayeveld

Richard H. Kroft

A. Searle Leach, O.C.•

Bill H. & Shirley Loewen

Miss Suzanne Lucas•

Mr. & Mrs. K. Bruce MacMillan

Mr. W. Steward Martin•

Mr. & Mrs.• Arthur V. Mauro, O.C., O.M.

Robert B. May

Marvelle McPherson, C.M.

Randall L. Moffat

Allan M. Moore•

Hon. Justice Peter S. Morse

Margaret I. Morton

John R. Nesbitt

Jane Paterson•

Lawrie O. Pollard

2010 HonoUr roll 57

Quarter Century Society


Dr. W. D. B. Pope &

Dr. Elizabeth A. C. Tippett-Pope

Iser S. Portnoy•

Mr. & Mrs. George T. Richardson

Kathleen M. Richardson, C.C., O.M.

Mrs. C. S. Riley•

Allan Sair

Stewart A. Searle•

Sandra & Harvey Secter

Mrs. M. A. Sellers

Max Shore•

Abe L. Simkin, Q.C.

Dr. & Mrs. J. B. Squire

58 2010 HonoUr roll

Gary T. Steiman

Mr. & Mrs. Bruce S. Thompson

Dr. T. Kenneth Thorlakson

Hon. G. E. Tritschler•

Cargill Limited

Comcheq Services Limited

Dominion Tanners

Investors Group

James Richardson & Sons, Limited

The Eaton Foundation

The Great-West Life Assurance Company

Wawanesa Mutual Insurance Company

5 anonymous

• Deceased

new Millennium Society

These individuals celebrated the millennium with special gifts to the Tomorrow Fund.

Gail Asper, O.M., O.C., LL.D.

Donald G. Baizley, Q.C.

Jan Belanger

Betty Black

Max Blankstein

Joan Blight

R. A. N. Bonnycastle

Frances Bowles

Penny & Sheldon Bowles

Marilyn Burt

Gus Campbell

Cecile Cassista

Mr. & Mrs. Robert Coghlan

Mrs. Leatrice Cohen

Scott & Bernice Craig

W. Parker Fillmore

Dr. & Mrs. R. F. Friesen

Barb Gamey

Robert P. Gannon

Irene A. Hamilton

Jack R. Hignell

Margaret Houston

Dr. Sara Israels & Daniel Blankstein

Marjorie Johnston

David S. Kaufman•

Susan Kennedy

Hon. Richard H. Kroft, C.M. &

Hillaine Kroft

• Deceased

Janice Y. Lederman

Frederick A. Lee

Dr. Keith J. Levin

Susan Lewis

Hon. Peter M. Liba, C.M., O.M.•

Mr. James MacDonald

Mrs. Doris MacDonell•

Gordon T. MacDonell•

Albert Mallett

Elizabeth Marr

Michael Miller

William & Helen Norrie

Dr. Linda Nugent & Dr. Peter Lemon

Dr. Bill Pope

Mr. & Mrs. George T. Richardson

Kathleen M. Richardson, C.C., O.M.

Karn Sandy

Murray Sigler

Gary & Gwen Steiman

Thomas Strike

P. Colleen Suche, Q.C.

Arni Thorsteinson

Edward C. Wright

Jo Wright

Evelyn• & Conrad Wyrzykowski

4 anonymous

2010 HonoUr roll 59

legacy Giving Circle

These community members have made arrangements for United Way in their Estate Plans.

Joan Blight

Diane Boyle

Tom & Donna Bryk

Gus Campbell

Dr. Alice Cheatley

Alex Colonello

Colin Demianyk

Don Dick

Sam Fabro

Anna Fontaine

John F. Funnell

Jean & Mark Gendron

Joseph & Carolyn Graham

Kathryn Hofley

William Janes Horner

Herb Jackson

Eric & Carol Johnson

Rees M. Jones

Serena Kraayeveld

Larry Lee

Susan Lewis

Joan McAdam

60 2010 HonoUr roll

Barrie McPherson &

Marvelle McPherson, C.M.

Claire Miller

Eric Moscarella

Linda Nugent

Faye Parks-Micay

Ted Paterson & Janet Handel

Mark Perry

Lawrie Pollard

Gordon C. Richardson

Lynn Schellenberg

George Sigurdson

Anne Skarapat

Richard Stecenko

Lee Anthony & Cynthia Turner

Norm Velnes

Les & Terry Wiens

Pamela Wright

Jo Wright

Darcy & Brenda Zaporzan

4 anonymous


United Way remembers the following individuals who left us gifts in their Wills.

Gordon & Alice Aikman

Noreen Allen

Mae Anstruther

Clarence Antenbring

E. M. Antenbring

James H. Ashdown

Peter Balak

Alfred S. Bell

Terrance Benfield

Cecil Biglow

Dr. Elinor Black

Patricia Boyce

Shirley Margaret Bradshaw

Issy Brass

Marion T. Bremner

Samuel Brickman

H. S. Broadfoot

Lillian Rose Browne

Simon Brownstone

Jessie Anne Buckingham

Anson Campbell

Ina Caners

Anne Irene Chapman

Mary Chorlton

Flora Collinson

Alice Cook

Audrey L. Corbett

Frederick Corrigan

Stanley Crawford

F. R. Daherisky

Grace Davidson

Mark & Dorothy Danzker

M. Jean Davis

Vera Dewet

M. Yale Diamond

Ruth Drew

Norma E. Dunnett

Pearl K. Ebin

Mollie English

Eva Epsten

Dr. Gordon Fahrni

Dorothy Louise Falconer

Olive B. Flaws

Jack Forgan

John Fox

Margaret Garrett

Vera Garvin

Marion Gaworsky

Lillian Gibbons

Goldie Gruber

Margaret J. Hartland

James Barclay Hartman

Eileen Hepple

Mary Hughes

Samuel Jarnieuski

J. Kaufenhofen

Jospeh Kemel

A Laverne Kerr

Norma Kitchingman

Katherine Laing

Walter R. Lawson

John Eric Leech

N. Leishman

Allan Bruce Lockhard

Dorothy Catherine Menzies

Cameron Lync

Mireille Marrin

V. McCoubrey

2010 HonoUr roll 61



Aaron McCrea

John H. McIver

John McLeod

Sheila McNeill

Harold Meyers

Allan M. Moore

Anne Narvey

Samuel B. Nitikman

Richard Oatway

Katherine Olsen

William & Eileen Palk

Natanis A. Phillips

Florence Lilian Pierce

Ivy Primmett

Arthur Remington

Louisa Richards

Evelyn Russell

Lenore Scotchmer

Helen Scotland Smith

Stewart Searle, Jr

Joseph Secter

Sybil Shack

62 2010 HonoUr roll

Ernest Shaw

Bernard Shibou

M. Slusmans

Goldie Smiley

Maxwell Starr

Robert Stewart

Dorothy E. Thompson

Earle Thompson

Robertina Tod

Cressie Tritschler

G. Tritschler

W. M. Alexander Tucker

Lloyd Waddell

Jessie Pow Watson

Wilma Weekes

Mildred C. Wallace

Robert Henry Wieler

Bessie Florence Wilkinson

L. M. Williams

Charles Wright

1 anonymous

580 Main Street

Winnipeg, Manitoba R3B 1C7

Phone (204) 477-5360 fax (204) 453-6198

Email uway@UnitedWayWinnipeg.mb.ca

Web www.UnitedWayWinnipeg.mb.ca

This book is generously sponsored by rBC.

The RBC Community Blueprint includes building prosperity by contributing to the

communities in which we live and work. The RBC tradition of philanthropy dates

back to our roots, with donations on record as far back as 1891. Our priority is to

make donations that offer a lasting social impact, and we know United Way is a key

community partner making a positive difference in the lives of many people.

RBC Royal Bank is pleased to support this year’s Honour

Roll and the many caring individuals and outstanding

organizations who so generously support our community.

People in our community have the vision and willingness to

invest in United Way in helping to create opportunities for a

better life for everyone. We thank the many supporters who

are investing in our community through United Way.

rob Johnston,

Regional President, Royal Bank of Canada Financial Group

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