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Grant Vogel tries to dazzle other junior

racers with his stunt driving.

Photo by BJ Fleming

Go Racing Magazine Page 7

Faster Than a Speeding Bullet?........No Way!

Chassis Specs:

30mm frame rails

3 Rail

Triple bearing cassette

2 optional removable torsion bars (front/rear)

2007 TopKart BULLET

Entry Level Pricing with Veteran Performance!

***The Most Bang for Your Buck***

FLASH 100cc|Tag

Flash 125cc

Bullet 100cc




Event Info:


Pit spots will be assigned when

COMPLETED entry forms are received

on a first come first assigned basis.

Los Angeles Kart Club

Presents Round 7

October 6th-7th

CalSpeed Kart Track, Fontana, CA

Gates Open 6:30am Daily

Registration opens 6:30am Daily

Friday Practice 10am-5pm

Reserved Pit Spots 10' X 40' $40 each Quantity_____ Total $_____

(Pit Spot Limit 2 per Driver)

Reserved RV Spots 20' X 40' $50 each (does not include camping pass) Quantity_____ Total $_____

Event Camping Pass $50 per unit Quantity_____ Total $_____

Transponder Rental Fee $15 per class Quantity_____ Total $_____

Friday Practice $35 Total $_____

Event Pit Pass $25 Quantity_____ Total $_____

One Day Pit Pass (specify day) $10 Saturday____ Sunday___ Quantity_____ Total $_____

IKF Membership $50 Total $_____

Family Membership $10 Quantity_____ Total $_____

TAG License $10 Quantity_____ Total $_____

Pre Entry Fee First Class $95 Each Additional Class $90

Onsite Entry Fee First Class $100

All pre entries must be received by October 3rd, 2007

Each Additional Class $95

One Driver Per Entry Form (all fields, including IKF#, must be completed)

Driver_______________________________IKF#______________Exp. Date_________Phone____________


Email_______________________________________________(required for registration confirmation)

Parent/Contact_______________________________________(required for minor drivers)

SATURDAY Weight TRF_____

Transponder #

_____ Kid Karts 150# Kart #____ Alt #____ __________ $_______

_____ Junior 1 225# Kart #____ Alt #____ __________ $_______

_____ Rookie Sportsman 225# Kart #____ Alt #____ __________ $_______

_____ HPV 3 340# Kart #____ Alt #____ __________ $_______

_____ HPV 4 Junior 320# Kart #____ Alt #____ __________ $_______

_____ Jr Super Sportsman 300# Kart #____ Alt #____ __________ $_______

_____ TaG Light_____Heavy (see web site for engines and #) Kart #____ Alt #____ __________ $_______

_____ Sr Sportsman 350# Kart #____ Alt #____ __________ $_______


_____ HPV 1 Cadet 240# Kart #____ Alt #____ __________ $_______

_____ Sr Super Sportsman 340# Kart #____ Alt #____ __________ $_______

_____ Formula CR80 Cadet 270# Kart #____ Alt #____ __________ $_______

_____ 80cc Junior Shifter 320# Kart #____ Alt #____ __________ $_______

_____ HPV 2 Junior 310# Kart #____ Alt #____ __________ $_______

_____ HPV 4 Heavy 390# Kart #____ Alt #____ __________ $_______

_____ HPV 4 340# Kart #____ Alt #____ __________ $_______

TOTAL $_______

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Words By

Andy Seesemann

Page 10 Go Racing Magazine

Shift Communication Group

z Karting Cup

Racing Center - Lights Up The Night

July 14, 2007 - There were more than a few storylines to look

after as the Gatorz Eyewear Golden State Karting Cup moved

into the newly renovated Apex Racing center in Lake Perris for

the weekend. There were championships to be decided and plenty of new

faces to keep things interesting.

The race marked the first time since 2004 that the series had raced

at the facility, and Apex Racing owner Dave DiMond was thrilled to

welcome the Gatorz Karting Cup to his Rocky Moran-designed track.

“I can’t think of a more fitting series for us to have here for our first major

racing event,” said DiMond during the driver’s meeting.

Series owner Andy Seesemann was equally thrilled to bring the series

back to Lake Perris. “Some people have criticized the facility, but the fact

is that for the facility to be able to continue its improvements, we have to

support them by coming to race here,” said Seesemann. “Dave has done a

lot of work to improve the track and he has a plan to continue improving

the facility. He’s done a great job with the track and we’re happy to be


Grange MiniMax

Save for the last race at Buttonwillow, Dakota Dickerson (Birel) has

had things his way in Grange MiniMax all season long. With but two

races left in the season, a win would lock up the season championship for

good ahead of Al Simpson (Birel).

But as he said in his trackside interview, Simpson was looking to win

and keep his title hopes alive. He demonstrated so by taking pole by a

mere .057 of a second ahead of Dickerson. Michael Davis (Birel) would

line up third.

Simpson kept his lead at the start while Davis slotted ahead of

Dickerson, with the three running in a freight train until Simpson crashed

exiting turn three on the fifth lap. Davis inherited the lead for three laps

until he threw a chain, ending his race and leaving Dickerson to take the

lead and win the pre-main, with Nicholas Silva (Kart Mini) second and

Cody Langevin (Top Kart) third.

Picking up the fumble and heading for the end zone, Dickerson

converted his pole position to a win in the final by a huge margin of 13

seconds and clinched the Grange MiniMax season championship. The

dominating win was a fitting way to take the championship, as the win

was Dickerson’s fifth win in seven races this season. Silva took second,

while Davis worked his way back up to third at the end.

Alive Design Rotax International

With a championship battle raging between Joey Collins (CRG) and

Cory Pollock (Birel), this class was made even more interesting with an

influx of drivers who would give the two a run for their money. Collins

took pole, but Grant Hebner (Tony Kart) was second, James Kennedy

(Sodi) third, Pollock fourth, and Pier-Luc Ouellette (Arrow) fifth.

Collins left them all behind in the heat race, which was uneventful

except for Connor DiMond (CRG) - who has done more laps at this

track than anyone - throwing away his seventh place starting position into

the turn two gravel. Kennedy and Hebner went backwards, with Pollock

taking second and Ouellette third.

Donny St. Ours

Joey Collins

Go Racing Magazine Page 11

Russ Jordan

Austin Nichols

Dakota Dickerson

The main took a while to get started, as the front row of Pollock and

Collins were both a bit trigger happy, but three wave-offs got them slowed

down enough to take the green. Pollock stormed around Collins to take

the lead, Hebner suddenly slowed exiting turn one - making a mess of the

midfield - and the race was on between Pollock and Collins.

Collins stalked Pollock until the 12th lap, when he stuffed it inside

Pollock in turn seven to retake the lead. Collins maintained a small margin

over Pollock until the pair hit traffic. While Collins made a daring move

to hurry past lapped traffic in turn seven, Pollock had to decide between

running into lapped traffic or going off the track, so he went straight off in

the esses - gaining massive airtime, passing the traffic and closing the gap

to Collins in one fell swoop. It was a move that rankled some - it left a mess

of the track - but was a crowd pleaser. Further back, Kenny Maler (Birel)

and Connor DiMond both crashed out in separate incidents.

In the end, however, Collins pulled out a gap again to win the race,

and clinched his second straight Alive Design Rotax International

championship. Pollock had second easily in hand ahead of Kennedy,

Ouellette, and Matt Ostiguy (CRG).

Dave’s Performance Rotax Masters

With a field that swelled with potential winners, this group promised

some of the best racing of the day. Last season’s champion Mike Mautner

(Birel) showed up for a one-off, and was joined by PKC TaG Masters

points leader Paul Bonilla (Birel), Rob Logan (Tony Kart), and Full

Throttle Karting owner Andy Seesemann (Birel).

Missing in action were points leader John Crow, and second in points

Waqar Meyer, who fractured some ribs during Friday practice. This race

would drastically alter the points standing.

After qualifying, it was Bonilla on pole, with Logan second, and

Mautner third. Buttonwillow winner Rob Whitley (Tony Kart) was

mired down in 13th. Bonilla led the heat race from start to finish, while

behind him it was Seesemann who was making moves, picking off

Logan at the start and Mautner into turn one later in the race to end up

second. Mautner finished third ahead of Tony Kart twins Logan and Ian


The main began frantically as Seesemann got the jump on Bonilla

heading into turn one, with Logan slipping into second. Logan’s run at the

front would be short-lived, as he found the turn two gravel on the second

lap, leaving a freight train of Seesemann, Bonilla, Mautner, and Thomas.

On the sixth lap, however, Thomas got into the back of Mautner - who

had gotten into the back of Bonilla - launching Thomas over Mautner and

taking off the former champions’ front nose. Mautner’s race was over while

Thomas fell back to 13th.

This left the battle for the lead solely to the dueling Birels of

Seesemann and Bonilla. Despite being slightly quicker, Bonilla only had

one shot at Seesemann during the 36-lap race, but couldn’t make it stick

and Seesemann quickly re-passed him.

Seesemann went on to win his first race of the season, with Bonilla

second and Rob Whitley making good progress to end up third, ahead of

Travis Irving and Brian Hommel.

MyChron4 Junior Rotax

The class, which has taken the lion’s share of drama and controversy,

has been MyChron4 Junior Rotax, and this weekend was no exception.

Heading into this weekend the points championship was a close battle

between Miles Maroney (CRG) and Justin Coplen (CRG) with Cameron

Jocelyn (Birel) close behind.

Qualifying threw a curve ball at both competitors, as Taylor Miinch

(Birel) took fast time but was a DQ at the scales. Victor Carbone (Kart

Mini) would up on pole, with Austin Childs (CRG) second and defending

Page 12 Go Racing Magazine

class champion Race Liberante (CRG) third. Maroney was back in sixth

and Coplen way back in tenth.

Drama began before the pre-main got underway as Coplen bounced

off a curb and threw a chain during the warm-up lap. He was able to get

it back on and drive to the pits for repairs, making it out as the field took

the green flag. Carbone had the whole race to himself, but action ensued

behind him as Lou Pagano clouted the turn three barriers, and got going

again, a lap down but wedged in the line of karts contesting the second

through seventh positions.

The results were predictable, and as the line of karts behind him got

impatient it came to a head on the eighth lap, dumping Jacob Pearlman

(Birel) into the dirt in turn nine. Once that was sorted through, Donny St.

Ours (PTK) outlasted Liberante for second, with Maroney taking fourth

after taking heavy pressure from Dylan Stalker (Birel) the entire race.

The main got off to an exciting start when Corey Neveau (Tony Kart)

got the first turn all wrong and spun through the dirt, causing a knockon

effect that knocked rookie Jeremy Kane (CRG) off the track and into

retirement. Justin Coplen also found himself in the dirt in turn two, going

down a lap and putting his championship hopes in jeopardy.

At the front, a raging battle broke out between Carbone, St. Ours, and

Miinch. Each led the race but Miinch controlled the race for most of the

second half, until Carbone got by with five laps remaining. On the final

lap, Carbone clearly wanted to defend his lead and ran a defensive line into

turn two - a prime passing opportunity, and again in turn seven. Miinch

dove for the inside in seven but ran into Carbone. Hard contact between

the two sent Carbone off the track and into the dirt, losing any chance of

the race win. Miinch crossed the line first, but was penalized for the move

after the race, and placed behind Carbone in the final standings.

Once that was cleared up, St. Ours won his first MyChron4 Junior

Rotax race, ahead of Miles Maroney and Cameron Jocelyn.

Metal Manipulations Club Rotax / Precision Works

DD-2 / G-Phactory TAG Senior

Having already wrapped up the DD2 Mini Series championship,

Antoni Czerniewski (CRG) took DD2 and overall pole ahead of the first

TAG Senior driver Ryon Beachner (Tony Kart). Third overall was the

Club Rotax of Ari Baquet (CRG) who was ahead of John Stewart (Birel)

and Russ Jordan (Birel) - the two battling for the points championship.

Beachner got the jump on Czerniewski at the start, but it took a lap

for Czerniewski to get by and streak off into the distance. However, he

fell off the track on the 17th lap, allowing Beachner to win overall and

Austin Nichols (CRG) to win DD2. Baquet had the Club Rotax field

covered until he parked it in the dirt coming onto the front straightaway

with five laps left. He was in the dirt long enough to let Stewart through

for the win.

Clearly on a mission, Czerniewski battled through the field in the

main to pass Beachner for the overall lead after 25 laps of battle. John

Stewart had thrown his Club Rotax lead away at the start, and a battle

raged between Nichols, Kyle Neveau (Arrow), Jordan, Chris Kindberg

(Birel) and Baquet. The first casualty was Baquet, who went off track in

turn one. But the big off was Czerniewski, who hit the barriers in turn

three - hard - and brought out a red flag. Since the race was more than

halfway, the race was called, with Beachner winning G-Phactory TAG

Senior, Jordan winning Metal Manipulations Club Rotax, and Nichols

winning Precision Works DD-2.

The series will go on an extended hiatus as many of the series

competitors travel to Colorado to race in the Rotax Grand Nationals. The

final Gatorz Karting Cup race of the year will be September 22, at Moran



Gatorz Buttonwillow

Saturday, July 14, 2007

Alive Design Rotax


Pos No Name

1 37w Joey Collins

2 7 Cory Pollock

3 210 James Kennedy

4 46 Pier-Luc Oullette

5 17 Matt Ostiguy

6 28 Michael Self

7 31 Jacob Neal

8 93 Bobby Stout

9 121 Taylor Castle

10 15 Daniel Parras

11 34 Steve Dzurilla

12 22 Clark Sanchez-


13 09 Bayan Salehi

14 69 Nick Haye

15 52 Frank Powell

16 93 Efrain Olivares

17 52 Frank Powell

18 9 Cody Garner

DNF 6x Connor DiMond

DNF 25 Kenny Maler

DNF 8c Sebastien Fauque

DNF 23 Brett Catron

Dave’s Perf. Rotax Masters

Pos No Name

1 51 Andy Seesemann

2 20C Paul Bonilla

3 49 Robert Whitley

4 52 Travis Irving

5 34 Brian Hommel

6 42 Greg Lawson

7 480 Gary Pesner

8 20 Douglas Kanaan

9 33 Sonny Arbiso

10 67 Terry Ballard

11 39 Brent Davis

12 91 Rob Logan

13 99x Erik Von Zeipel

14 4 Ian Thomas

15 23 Garrett LeVan

16 12 Mike Mautner

DNS 27 John Borroel

G-Phactory Tag Sr.

M Manipulations Club

TAG Senior

Pos No Name

1 5c Ryon Beachner

2 90 Kyle Neveau

3 8 Chris Kindberg


1 4 Austin Nichols

DNF 19 Antoni Czerniewski

DNS 11 Kevin Nichols

Club Rotax

1 12 Russ Jordan

2 46 John Stewart

3 26 Ari Baquet

DNS 55 John Whitlow

Grange Mini Max

Pos No Name

1 80 Dakota Dickerson

2 25 Nicholas Silva

3 5 Michael Davis

4 31 Al Simpson

5 52 Cheyenne Langevin

6 2 Cody Langevin

7 7 Breanna Miscione

8 27 Kalani Cabico

DNF 97 Jonathan May

MyChron4 Jr. Rotax

Pos No Name

1 22 Donny St. Ours

2 11 Miles Maroney

3 15 Cameron Jocelyn

4 9 Dylan Stalker

5 34 Race Liberante

6 07 Austin Childs

7 125 Jacob Pearlman

8 23 Johnathan St. Ours

9 70 Vinny Maestas

10 13 Victor Carbone

11 20 Taylor Miinch

12 14 Justin Coplen

13 2 Corey Neveau

14 64 Matthew Meech

DNF 5 Lou Pagano

DNF 3 Jeremy Kane

Go Racing Magazine Page 13

Design & Artwork by Red Bolt Visual Communication. Images: Adachi Tetsuro/Japan Kart

Australia New Zealand Canada

South Africa USA UK JAPAN!

Arrow’s success around the world continues at the

2006 Toyota All Japan SL Kart Challenge, not only

with Matthew Wall’s victory, but also with Matthew

Hamilton’s third place. Both were using the

renowned Arrow AX8 28/30 (designed specifically

for Yamaha classes) – proving again that Arrow

leads the world both on and off the track!

So Help Yourself. Get an Arrow.

For more information call

BTK Motorsports on (256) 351 0755

or visit

Help Yourself.

Driven by:

Racers in the WKA George Kugler Manufacturers Cup

presented by Bridgestone and driven by Mazda returned

to BeaveRun in Wampum, Pennsylvania for Round 5

of their series. We arrived in the Keystone state and were greeted

by the most beautiful weather our nations birthplace can offer, in

other words no snow this time. Racing at the BeaveRun Motorsports

Complex is always exciting, but this weekend at the SSC East / CRG

Nationals provided on track action second to none. The racing gods

spread the love around this weekend, with three drivers landing

two wins, one getting his first taste of Man Cup victory, and Cody

Robinson dominating the rest of the Juniors. WKA’s slogan is “The

Foundation of Motorsports” and it’s hard to argue that, but you don’t

see too many Daytona 500 winners come out to a Manufacturer’s

Cup race in Pennsylvania and run ICC and Tag, so I guess Jamie

McMurray can be listed as a highlight too.

The unbeatable Robinson went four for four this weekend in

HPV Lite/Heavy, and Supercan Lite/Heavy, but it wasn’t a cakewalk

by any means. Julia Landauer set the pace in Supercan Lite qualifying

with a time of 59.735 while Robinson sat three tenths off in sixth place.

Zach Busch went on to win the prefinal with Robinson sitting a pretty

second. The final started out with Busch and Colton Ramsey leading

the way, but soon Robinson was up to his old tricks and heading up

the charge to the finish. Landauer made a nice pass on the last lap to

secure second place. Busch came home third, and Robinson was one

for one. Only a few classes later in the schedule and Robinson was at

it again, this time in Horstman Manufacturing’s HPV Jr. Heavy. This

time it was Busch who landed the pole position and Landauer who

secured the top spot in the prefinal. It took Robinson most of the

race to find his way to the point, but as he did Bush and Jacob Sekey

traded the top position. Normally the season is kind of boring when

one driver has the record that Robinson does, but this year has not

been an easy one entirely. Guys like Busch, Lintner, Koyen and Sekey,

along with girl Landauer have drove Robinson to improve his game

week in and week out. Robinson brought this one home too, but a

nice run by Tommy Andersen landed him second place. Landauer


took another trip to the podium in third and Robinson two for two

on Saturday.

Sunday was another strong show of power and skill for the #33

Cody Robinson. He was able to complete his second sweep of the

year, but Sunday mounted it’s own set of challenges. TJ Koyen got

the ball rolling with a pole time of 1:00.054 in MRP/Birel Yamaha

Jr. Supercan Heavy. Koyen backed it up with a prefinal win over

Robinson and the stage was set for the final. Koyen, Robinson

and Josh Call headed things up in the final before Call came under

pressure from CJ Lintner. Robinson led the final few laps with Koyen

glued to his rear bumper waiting to make his move. Nothing was able

to stick and Robinson bested Koyen by a scant .122. Call managed to

keep Lintner at bay for third. Julia Landauer earned the HPV Jr. Lite

pole with a time of 57.926, but the prefinal finish ended with a bit

of controversy. Landauer and Robinson were running one and two

on the final lap of the prefinal when Landauer went for a spin. From

the scoring tower it looked like she had help so both drivers were

called to the race director. Turns out it was her bad and she admitted

to it, saving Robinson from being accused. She had a great run up

from the back to finish fourth, but in the end the race belonged to

Robinson, Busch, and Tommy Andersen. Robinson completed his

sweep in fine fashion with a flag to flag win.

Mike Giessen had two wins on the weekend, first in MCP Brake

Systems Yamaha Lite – Sunday’s biggest Senior class with 25 drivers,

and the ICA category, which scored a record 10 entries for the first

time this year. The Yamaha Lite Final was a great battle with the top

five swapping positions in the early stages of the race. On lap 11, the

group went through turn three with Tony Jump dropping a wheel

thanks to pole sitter Chris Wehrheim, mixing up the top five. Giessen

assumed the lead and pulled away for the win. Mark Dismore, Jr., the

early leader, controlled second while Wehrheim, who was looking for

his third win of the weekend, recovered back to third. David Kraeer

moved up to fourth in the final stages with Mike Rolison edging

Jump for fifth at the line.

Go Racing Magazine Page 15

BeaveRun Motorsports Complex




Dismore Jr.

ICA (aka IC-DOA) was all Giessen, leading every on-track

session of the day. Behind him, Chris Livengood and Hunter Short

had a great battle until the two made contact in turn 13, allowing

the rest of the field to pass by, handing Matthew Machiko second

place and Thiago Parazinho third in his first ICA race. Cale Wyse and

Jennifer Williams rounded out the top five.

Chris Wehrheim proved his winning in Shawano was no fluke,

scoring the TAG win again this weekend. TAG,

the best senior trophy awarded on the event was a plethora of who’s

who including one Jamie McMurray. Of course McMurray thought

he was getting a past champion’s provisional or something since he

missed qualifying and had to run the consi. In his defense he was

concentrating on ICC and missed the call to the grid. Wehrheim was

on a roll, snagging the pole and the prefinal win. Mile Rolison got a

great start, leading the final’s first circuit around the mighty Beave.

His time out front didn’t last long as Wehrheim made his way around

him for the lead in turn one. Kyle Wiegand joined Wehrheim and

Rolison after a few laps and the three of them broke away from the

pack. Wehrheim scored his first of two wins on the weekend, but he

was unable to shake Rolison and Wiegand who came in second and

third. Two classes later he was right back at it, scoring the pole in

HPV Lite. Jesse Wirtz brought it home in the prefinal, but came up

short in the final, just missing his first WKA Manufacturers Cup win.

Wehrheim, Cale Wyse and Wirtz all led the HPV Lite final, most of

those 15 laps by Wehrheim. These three went back and forth along

with Cale Wyse (Margay) until Wirtz climbed the back of Wehrheim

exiting turn one and spun. That allowed Wehrheim to run clean to the

victory with Wyse. Our favorite prom girl Jamie Theil had a solid run

to finish with a nice third.

Anthony Furfari was fast all weekend in the Cadet categories,

scoring one win Saturday, and looking for two more on Sunday. Sage

Karam was the RLV Tuned Exhaust Products Cadet Final 1 pole

sitter with a time of 1:03.857, but Furfari sat along side to start the

prefinal. Furfari and Karam were the class of the field in the prefinal,

easily distancing themselves from the pack. Furfari’s flag to flag finish

was ruined by Gresham Wagner who led three of the 15-lap final.

Karam was a little off on the start and got dropped back to third. The

driver on the move was Canadian, Garrett Grist who fell back to sixth

Page 16 Go Racing Magazine

on the start, but was climbing back up into contention. Third through

seventh were up for grabs to the end with Grist claiming the prize

over Killian Bloat and Jacob Donald. Up front it was all Furfari and

Karam, pulling out a massive four-second lead on the pack. Side by

side at the finish line, hands in the air and Furfari nearly lost it. Great

drive by Furfari put him in an elite group of drivers who have beaten

Karam this year. HPV Jr. Sportsman started with Furfari on the pole

and dominating the prefinal. The final was much closer as he, Sage

Karam and Austin Self put on a great show. This time Furfari was

able to lead every lap taking the win at the line by 0.104 over Karam

with Self in tow. Jeff Myers, Jr. was only slightly off the leader’s pace

and finished in fourth, while Dakota Bell rounded out the top five.

In Team OVRP/Nevoso Kart Cadet Jr. Sportsman final #2 a

great qualifying effort by Christopher Barngrover landed him the

pole position over Cody Humphreys. In the prefinal and final Austin

Self and Furfari were at it again, this time Self showed the way ahead

of Furfari. On the final lap, contact was made with no position change

but Furfari lost his nosepiece and crossed the finish line with his front

fairing sticking straight up in the air. Minus the nosepiece, Furfari

was removed from the results, moving Garrett Grist to second and

Jacob Donald to third. Once again the battle in the main pack was

fierce and Grist, Donald and Humphreys did a great job to hold the

podium positions. With a spectacular drive of his own Karam, who

DNF’ed in the prefinal drove through the field to finish fifth behind

Cody Humphreys.

L&T Racing clutches Yamaha Jr. Sportsman saw another new

face rise to the top of the podium. Austin Self picked up the fast time

award with a 1:04.262, After qualifying fourth, Dakota Bell ran up

to earn the prefinal victory over Sage Karam. Bell took it one step

further in the final; leading every lap and pulling out a four second

lead out on Anthony Furfari. Furfari, Jeff Myers Jr., Karam and Jake

Cole battled every lap as the leader drew away from them, and they

pulled away from Self.

The Precision Karting / Yellow Fin Performance class pretty

much belonged to WKA Gold Cup regular Ryan Phillips. Phillips

squeaked out the pole by just .035 over Jonathon Horgas. Later,

Phillips was awarded the prefinal win after a great battle with Casey

Neal- who was disqualified for coming in light at the scales. In the

Final, Phillips took a commanding four-second win over Ryan

Stewart. Stewart in turn had four seconds on Mark Dismore, Jr. at

the final. Yet another four seconds back was Chris Birch and Horgas

to cap off the podium.

Chuck Tate started his WKA weekend off right with the pole in Yamaha Heavy, a full two tenths ahead of Ryan Stewart.

Tate ran a good heat race, but Kevin Nelson was a bit better, taking

the win. Nelson took off at the drop of the green with Tate, Scott

Ferris, Kim Carapellatti and David Kraeer in tow. These four fought

hard behind Nelson as Mark Dismore, Jr. climbed his way past all

but Nelson. After 15 laps, Dismore was the only one up to the pace

of Nelson, in fact he was faster as the race wore on, but he ran out

of laps. Nelson locked up another Yamaha Heavy win to go with his

already fine season. Dismore came away a close second, while Kraeer

got past Tate on the last lap for third.

After getting sick of seeing Nelson win Masters last year we

almost had a Nelson win in this weekend’s Tore Motorsports / Tibi

Kart Masters class, Missy Nelson-Tate. The only thing standing in

her was the always-fast Jeff Jewell. Scot Carapellatti was the Masters

pole sitter, but Jewell, Nelson-Tate, and John Dixon all beat him to

Go Racing Magazine Page 17





the line in the prefinal. Nelson-Tate got the jump on the field, leading

for the first half of the final. Jewell managed to stay close and the two

of them slowly pulled out a gap on Dixon. Jewell made one move and

that was all he needed. Once out front he was able to keep clear of

any passing attempts by Nelson-Tate and score another Masters win.

Dixon came away with third, while we saw the return of Peter Vetter

land fourth. It’s been at least eight years since I’ve seen Vetter in a kart.

In fact, the last time he was holding a dead squirrel that was presented

to him on the podium at Quincy in the Park’s 30 th anniversary race.

Good to have him back in the mix. Our pole sitter, Carapellatti

finished in fifth.

Starting from the pole, Ryan Phillips tried to give Bandit Racing

Chassis its third victory of the weekend, running in Sunday’s Michigan

Kart Supply Yamaha Sr. Sportsman Heavy class. Mark Dismore ran

up front in all five of his classes, finally getting his win in his last race

of the day. Dismore and Phillips stretched out a good gap early on the

field and then began battled for most of the 15 lap race. On the final

lap, they ran nose to tail until they entered the backside when they

criss-crossed each other in a few corners before Dismore came away

with the lead. Phillips tucked in behind and pulled out for the pass

exiting the final corner, coming up just 0.021-seconds short. Kevin

Nelson won the battle for third over Jesse Wirtz and Ryan Stewart.

You’ve got to give mad props to anyone who can win at this level

and it is always something special to get your first Man Cup win,

especially after you’ve been telling his dad he either needs to win or

crash to get in the magazine for the last few years. Well, Jesse Wirtz

you did it! The UEMSI HPV Heavy first place trophy is all yours.

It only took years of dedication, tons of money and a little luck. Cale

Wyse set the pace in qualifying and in the prefinal, but Wirtz, Chuck

Tate and Mark Vielgut were all tied together with him. Wirtz got a

great start at the drop of the green, slotting into the lead with Wyse

and Tate right behind him. In the 15 laps Vielgut was the only driver

in the top five to make a pass for position and keep it. He managed to

snake Tate out of third place with only a few laps remaining. When

you get your first win you want it to be glorious and there is no better

way than to win the start, lead every lap, and take the checkered flag

one second ahead of accomplished racers like Wyse, Vielgut, and Tate.

Arie Ouimet rounded out the podium in fifth; a few seconds back of

Page 18 Go Racing Magazine

the leaders.

ICC saw the return of Ron White to karting competition. White

was back aboard his trusty CRG under the SSC East banner and set

the pace in Saturday’s Streeter Super Stands ICC final #1 qualifying

with a time of 53.335, very close to the track record. A record 12

entries were on hand this weekend including White and NASCAR

driver Jamie McMurray. White went on to the prefinal over David

Carmendy and Chris Kuenning. The final was very exciting as Kyle

Wiegand threw his hat in the ring. Wiegand came up from fourth

to second and made a move in turn one, making contact with White,

spinning both. White was able to continue while Wiegand sat on

the sideline. White fell back to fourth and began reeling in leader

David Carmendy. When White got within striking distance, the two

swapped positions and then made contact in the notorious turn three.

Carmendy wasn’t able to continue but White did, dodging another

bullet and taking the win. Championship leader Chris Kuenning was

second with Nick Daninzo finishing third.

Sunday’s Grand Products / Maxter ICC final #2 worked out pretty

well for Grand Products’ driver Kyle Wiegand. Along with turning

21, Wiegand dropped the hammer in the final and led every lap.

Carmendy was the pole sitter and the prefinal winner, but Wiegand

gained the hole shot and never looked back. Carmendy dropped out

early in the contest, but fellow CRG pilot White picked up the reins

and set out after Wiegand. Wiegand masterfully brought it home 2.5

seconds ahead of White and 3.5 ahead of Kuenning.

Julia Landauer proved the best man for the job is a girl in the MKP

JICA class. She set the pace in qualifying, and bested the bunch of

guys in the prefinal. David Ostella got a great start to begin the final,

but the JICA point’s leader didn’t last long out front. Landauer had

more than enough for him and quickly regained her place in the lead.

We sat and watched, hoping for an epic dual, but Ostella busted a few

laps into the contest leaving Julia to run uncontested for the win. After

having solid performances all weekend Landauer was finally atop the

podium. Michael Furfari turned the fastest lap of the race on his way

to a second place finish while Josh Call finished a few seconds back

in third.

I love this track when it is not snowing or raining on us. Racing

is consistently good here and the track changes all weekend long to

keep drivers on their toes. The Pennsylvania winters are hard on the

surface so it has a few rough sections, but nothing to complain about.

Many racers were glad to see it back on the schedule this year. The

final round of the George Kugler Manufacturers Cup presented by

Bridgestone and driven by Mazda will take place at the famed New

Castle Motorsports Park in Indiana. This will be the first time the

Man Cup racers have experienced this fine establishment, and many

of them will have to “man up” to get it done on the long NCMP circuit.

Hopefully we see old man Dismore out there to show these kids how

old school is still fast. Nothing hurts more than drivers wearing $400

driving suits getting beat buy an old guy racing in jeans.

WKA Manufacturers Cup

SSC East/CRG Nationals

Yamaha Heavy

Pos No Name

1 01 Kevin Nelson

2 4 Mark Dismore, Jr.

3 24 David Kraeer

4 7 Chuck Tate

5 02 Kim Carapellatti

6 37 Adam Crepin

7 56 Michael Burton

8 9 Matt Sides

9 77 Steven Minkon

10 78 Earl Douthwright

Yamaha Jr. Sportsman

Pos No Name

1 81 Dakota Bell

2 77 Anthony Furfari

3 41 Jeff Myers, Jr.

4 3 Sage Karam

5 36 Jake Cole

6 07 Austin Self

7 24 JT Lewis

8 74 Dalton Prime

9 6 Kyle Noonan

10 19 Michael Fortner

Go Racing Magazine Page 19






Pos No Name

1 16 Chris Wehrheim

2 25 Mike Rolison

3 86 Kyle Wiegand

4 76 Matt Codalata

5 21 John Ferris, III

6 4 Mark Dismore, Jr.

7 20 Conor Daly

8 05 Cale Wyse

9 11 Marshall Vortriede

10 6 Sean McDonald

Yamaha Jr. SuperCan Lite

Pos No Name

1 33 Cody Robinson

2 70 Julia Landauer

3 45 Zack Busch

4 68 TJ Koyen

5 08 Colton Ramsey

6 4 Sam Beasley

7 00 CJ Lintner

8 5 Justin Jennings

9 15 Josh Call

10 99 Cole Mann

HPV Lite

Pos No Name

1 0 Chris Wehrheim

2 05 Cale Wyse

3 10 Jamie Theil

4 24 David Kraeer

5 55 Wyatt Gooden

6 23 Arie Ouimet

7 52 James Brock

8 13 Jesse Wirtz

9 48 Bobby Trimper

10 57 Blake Deister

Cadet Jr. Sportsman Final 1

Pos No Name

1 77 Anthony Furfari

2 3 Sage Karam

3 19 Garrett Grist

4 8 Kilian Bloat

5 00 Jacob Donald

6 07 Austin Self

7 13 Aidan Landauer

8 28 Tristan DeGrand

9 43 Cody Humphreys

10 82 Ian Tilbor

Yamaha Masters

Pos No Name

1 41 Jeff Jewell

2 25 Missy Nelson Tate

3 7 John Dixon

4 9 Peter Vetter

5 43 Scot Carapellatti

6 71 Lawrence Ubell

7 8 John Ferris

8 24 Dale Roller

9 5 Bobby Haun

10 88 Jeff Hawley

Yamaha Sr. Sports Lite

Pos No Name

1 17 Ryan Phillips

2 70 Ryan Stewart

3 4 Mark Dismore, Jr.

4 07 Christopher Birch

5 74 Jonathon Horgas

6 68 Mike Giessen

7 22 Tony Jump

8 13 Jesse Wirtz

9 48 Bobby Trimper

10 44 Michael Jenkins

ICC Final 1

Pos No Name

1 71 Ron White

2 99 Chris Kuenning

3 14 Nick Darinzo

4 57 Sean Noonan

5 3 Cole Mathewson

6 26 Jamie McMurray

7 12 BJ Anderson

8 80 Brian O’Hara

9 58 Jason Lee

10 22 David Carmendy

HPV Jr. Heavy

Pos No Name

1 33 Cody Robinson

2 8 Tommy Anderson

3 70 Julia Landauer

4 2 Zachary Wood

5 63 Sterling Shaw

6 99 Cole Mann

7 68 TJ Koyen

8 5 Justin Jennings

9 15 Josh Call

10 71 Forrest Hull

Page 20 Go Racing Magazine

Sunday, July 22, 2007

Yamaha Lite

Pos No Name

1 68 Mike Giessen

2 4 Mark Dismore, Jr.

3 16 Chris Wehrheim

4 24 David Kraeer

5 25 Mike Rolison

6 22 Tony Jump

7 55 Wyatt Gooden

8 8 Scott Ferris

9 70 Ryan Stewart

10 5 Alan Hamilton

Yamaha Jr. SuperCan Heavy

Pos No Name

1 33 Cody Robinson

2 68 TJ Koyen

3 15 Josh Call

4 00 CJ Lintner

5 45 Zack Busch

6 2 Zach Wood

7 63 Sterling Shaw

8 5 Justin Jennings

9 71 Forrest Hull

10 3 Randall Potter, III

HPV Jr. Sportsman

Pos No Name

1 77 Anthony Furfari

2 3 Sage Karam

3 07 Austin Self

4 41 Jeff Myers, Jr.

5 81 Dakota Bell

6 71 Kyle Crump

7 5 Grant Krieger

8 36 Jake Cole

9 19 Michael Fortner

10 43 Cody Humphreys

Yamaha Sr. Sports Heavy

Pos No Name

1 4 Mark Dismore, Jr.

2 17 Ryan Phillips

3 1 Kevin Nelson

4 13 Jesse Wirtz

5 70 Ryan Stewart

6 07 Christopher Birch

7 47 Jeff Jewell

8 8 Scott Ferris

9 26 Anthony Riccardelli

10 05 Jimmy Digirolamo


Pos No Name

1 68 Mike Giessen

2 03 Matthew Machiko

3 27 Thiago Parazinho

4 05 Cale Wyse

5 99 Jennifer Williams

6 32 Blake Krieger

7 11 Marshall Vortreide

8 28 Chris Livengood

9 64 Hunter Short

10 19 Doug Kekich

HPV Jr. Lite

Pos No Name

1 33 Cody Robinson

2 45 Zack Busch

3 8 Tommy Andersen

4 70 Julia Landauer

5 08 Colton Ramsey

6 99 Cole Mann

7 63 Sterling Shaw

8 68 TJ Koyen

9 00 CJ Lintner

10 24 Steve Nemeth

Cadet Jr. Sports Final 2

Pos No Name

1 07 Austin Self

2 19 Garrett Grist

3 00 Jacob Donald

4 43 Cody Humphreys

5 3 Sage Karam

6 28 Tristan DeGrand

7 8 Kilian Bloat

8 82 Ian Tilbor

9 9 Breyton Santee

10 91 Trenton Walko

HPV Heavy

Pos No Name

1 13 Jesse Wirtz

2 05 Cale Wyse

3 41 Mark Vielgut

4 37 Chuck Tate

5 23 Arie Ouimet

6 5 Jimmy Digirolamo

7 7 John Dixon

8 52 James Brock

9 24 David Kraeer

DNS 0 Chris Wehrheim


Pos No Name

1 70 Julia Landauer

2 13 Michael Furfari

3 04 Josh Call

4 4 Sam Beasley

5 7 Jacob Duvall

6 35 Bill McLaughlin, Jr.

7 16 David Ostella

8 21 Jimmy Simpson

9 31 Patrick Nirschl

ICC Final 2

Pos No Name

1 86 Kyle Wiegand

2 71 Ron White

3 99 Chris Kuenning

4 3 Cole Mathewson

5 12 BJ Anderson

6 80 Brian O’Hara

7 14 Nick Darinzo

8 22 David Carmendy

DNS 16 Voytek Burdzy

DNS 26 Jamie McMurray


Go Racing Magazine Page 21

Words by

Photos by Mitch Bowers

The 2007 Champ Car Rotax Kart Challenge Grand

Nationals is now in the books following the event

held at The Track at Centennial just outside Denver,

Colorado. Championship Saturday was exciting and dramatic with

a crazy ending to a long week for the Mad Maxers of the United

States. When the final checkered flag fell, five drivers earned their

first Grand Nationals title with 11 drivers awarded the honor of

representing the United States at the Rotax Grand Finals in Al Ain,

UAE as part of America’s Team presented by Mazda.


Local favorite Kyle Ray (Arrow) got the jump on Prefinal pole

sitter Curtis Cooksey (CRG) to lead the opening laps of the 16-lap

race. Though he was dominant in the first two heats, the rest of the

lead group caught up to his pace, including Stuart Marsell (Arrow).

By lap four, Marsell had worked by Cooksey and took over the lead.

With the pass, Ray fell to third with Cooksey following Marsell

through. The Florida driver went on to take a four-second victory

over his brother Brandon as he worked by Cooksey and Ray for

the runner-up spot. Defending Grand Nationals champion Jordon

Musser (Birel) moved up to fifth from starting ninth.

In the Final, Stuart lead all 24 laps to take home the DD2 Grand

Nationals championship and one of his biggest achievements in his

karting career. What made it even more special was the fact that his

brother Brandon finished second behind him. Cooksey put on the

pressure but was not able to get by Marsell for second and settled for

third to join them on the America’s Team presented by Mazda. The

fast driver on track was Andres Lopez (CRG). Starting 11th, he fell

back to 17th in the opening lap but put his head down and drove up

to finish fifth in the closing lap, behind Ray.



As predicted, the Senior Max class was a wild one on Saturday.

In the Prefinal, nearly 10 karts piled up in the opening corner near

the middle to back of the pack, mixing things up quickly. Up front,

it was CRG 1-2-3 as Collins assumed the lead spot and would go on

to take the win over Arie Ouimet and Victor Pedrosa. Prefinal pole

sitter James Kennedy (Sodi Kart) was shuffled back during the 16lap

race with clutch problems, finishing seventh behind 2005 Senior

Max Grand Nationals champion Wes Phillips (Birel), Cory Pollock

(Birel), and Thiago Parazinho (Zanardi).

With very light sprinkles coming down on the track, the Senior

main event - the final race of the week - were sent out quickly

following the DD2 Final. From outside row one, Ouimet led the

field early on followed by Collins and Phillips. The driver on the

move however was Parazinho as he was up to second place by lap

six. On lap seven, Phillips tried a pass attempt on Collins but the

two made contact, sending both off track and dropping Phillips to

10th and Collins to the tail of the field. This moved up Kennedy and

Pedrosa fighting for third. Entering turn seven on lap 10, the two

made contact, with Pedrosa landing on top of Kennedy’s kart on the

right side. Corner workers came to the scene and brought out the red

flag for an apparent injury to Kennedy.

During the red flag situation, Rotax officials deemed Pedrosa’s

move to be a blatant take out move and removed him from the race

while Kennedy walked away and began working on his kart with

the officials giving the drivers a 30-minute repair break. During that

time, the rain would come and go, leaving everyone to question the

open choice of rain or dry tires.

Page 22 Go Racing Magazine

When the race was restarted, Ouimet had the lead with

Parazinho in second. Michael Self (Arrow) moved up to third with

Clark Sanchez-Figueras (Kart Mini) and Roger Scott rounding out

the top five to begin lap 10. Parazinho quickly took over control of

the race, getting by Ouimet. Parazinho pulled out to a small gap on

Ouimet while Self continued to hold off Sanchez and Mike Giessen

(Birel). On lap 19, Sanchez was able to get by Self as the track began

to get damp with a heavier rain falling down. Watching the battle

for third, Giessen snuck by Sanchez when he went wide through

a corner. As the field came down to complete the lap, the flagman

waived a red and checkered flag, cutting the race four laps short as

the official deemed the track unsafe. This gave Parazinho the Senior

Max Grand Nationals title with Ouimet and Giessen joining the

winner on America’s Team presented by Mazda. Sanchez crossed

the line fourth with Demeter and Self rounding out the top six.

Though Self missed his chance at joining the Grand Finals team,

Mazda presented him with a Skip Barber Regional Series scholarship

at the awards ceremony. Also at the awards, awarded

the five pole winners on the week with a $200 certificate.


Alex Raine (CRG) would assume the Masters Prefinal lead from

the pole position at the drop of the green flag. The fast driver on track

was Maverick Bartlett (Arrow) who came from sixth to assume the

top spot on lap nine. He would pull out to a comfortable lead until

his chain popped off his drive line on lap 13, ending his race. Raine

reassumed the lead and held off Erik Jackson (Arrow) at the line by

0.373-seconds. Behind them, Jerry Shawn Tatum (Arrow) moved

up to third with Mike Price (First Kart) and Andy Seesemann

(Birel) - from 12th - rounded out the top five.


The Masters drivers got through the opening corners clean to

start their main event. Raine led all 24 laps to take the Masters victory

and earn a spot on America’s Team presented by Mazda. Jackson

and Tatum ran second and third behind Raine, never able to make

any moves for positions. Behind them, the show was Bartlett who

started 28th and came all the way to 10th on the final lap. Trouble

however came for Jackson in the tech barn as he was removed from

the results, moving Tatum to second and Seesemann up to the third

step on the podium. Keith Karr (Birel) would end his fun weekend

in fourth with DJ Ortiz (Margay) completing the top five.


Jose Zanella (FA Kart) led early to start out Saturday’s events in

the Junior Prefinal after a clean start through the opening corners.

Jarvis Gennari (Tony Kart) ran a close second until making a move

for first into turn one on lap five. Gennari kept Zanella at bay for

most of the race until Zanella began to fall back, running into some

trouble and dropping back to fourth behind Cody Robinson (Arrow)

and Justin Coplen (CRG). They ran that way to the checkered with

Zanella holding off Taylor Miinch (Birel), Cameron Jocelyn (Birel),

and Danny Buecker (CRG).

Robinson would get the jump from outside row one to lead

the opening corners of the Junior main event. That would be short

lived as Gennari quickly reassumed P1 with Zanella and Coplen

following through in turn six. Gennari’s stint out front would also

come to a close early as Zanella made the pass stick for the lead,

bringing Coplen with him. They ran that way for most of the race

until Jocelyn was able to capitalize on Coplen and Gennari battling

to pass both through the last corner to assume the second spot.

Zanella continued his fast pace and was able to cruise to a 2.413second

victory for the Junior Grand Nationals championship. It

Go Racing Magazine Page 23

S. Marcell

looked as though Gennari was going to settle for third until making

a pass for second in turn six and holding Jocelyn off to line. Coplen

was fourth with Robinson completing the top five. The results

would however change in the tech barn as Jocelyn’s engine had a seal

that was installed backwards, thus being removed from the results

to move Coplen onto the podium and America’s Team presented by

Mazda with Zanella and Gennari.

Mini Max

The Mini Max Prefinal began with a red flag situation as over

11 karts piled up in turn one bringing out a red flag with no one

seriously hurt in the accident. Rotax officials gave the drivers a 30

minute repair time and allowed the Masters group to run their

Prefinal. After getting the green for the complete restart, Jake French

(Margay) pulled out to a big lead early as second through sixth ran

nose to tail. French took an eight second victory over Jordan Perry

(Tony Kart), Dore Chaponick (Birel), RC Emerson (Tony Kart),

Taylor McKeever (Tony Kart) and Santino Ferrucci (S-1) from the

tenth starting spot.


No one would be able to match French’s pace in main event as he

again pulled out to an early advantage and would never relinquish

the top spot, winning the Mini Max Grand Nationals title over

Chaponick and Perry. The race was however controversial as the

flag man waved the white flag two laps in a row then followed by

the checkered flag. Emerson, who was running fourth, came on to

pit road before receiving the checkered flag. That moved Santino

Ferrucci up to the provisional fourth spot with McKeever fifth as

the race is still unofficial.


Stuart Marsell

Brandon Marsell

Curtis Cooksey

Team USA 07

Jr. Max

Jose Zanella

Jarvis Gennari

Justin Coplen

Sr. Max

Thiago Parazinho

Arie Ouimet

Mike Giessen


Alex Raine

Page 24 Go Racing Magazine

Champ Car Rotax

Grand Nationals

Saturday, August

18, 2007


Pos No Name

1 140 Stuart Marsell

2 82 Brandon Marsell

3 41 Curtis Cooksey

4 58 Kyle Ray

5 23 Arie Ouimet

6 1 Jordon Musser

7 12 Kris Shaw

8 30 J.D. Mobley

9 175 Chris Jennings

10 16 Nathan Mauel

11 26 Austin McCoy

12 44 David Chapel

13 17 Peter Bortolussi

14 27 Jack Warrington

15 20 Derek Kozak

16 24 Phillip Gordon

17 74 Glen Poy-Wing

18 56 Allie Vaughan

19 31 Cole Bosanoz

20 9 Gregory Liefooghe

21 69 David Simonar

22 07 Gary Scharlach

23 6 Mike Beeny

24 33 Michael Mair


25 97 Guillermo Freile, Sr.

26 22 January Grove

Junior Max

Pos No Name

1 387 Jose Zanella

2 02 Jarvis Gennari

3 14 Justin Coplen

4 330 Cody Robinson

5 19 Danny Buecker

6 33 Matthew Mair

7 20 Taylor Miinch

8 18 Neil Alberico

9 05 Louie Pagano

10 34 Race Liberante

11 27 Jordan Jadallah

12 0 Gabriel Bargas

13 70 Vinny Maestas

14 83 Jesse Toby

15 16 Devin Mauk

16 25 Taylor Stawicki

17 08 Markus Josephson

18 115 Clint Korte

19 38 Jack Bradley

20 141 Andy Dunne

21 1 Anthony Siewert

22 88 Colby Yardley

23 111 Jesup Studer

24 99 Grant Schilling

25 555 Jesse Runkle

26 56 Mark Pellegrini

27 07 Austin Childs

28 333 Miles Maroney

29 125 Jacob Pearlman

30 75 Brandon Scheiber

31 44 Carlos Castro


Pos No Name

1 108 Alex Raine

2 81 Jerry Shawn Tatum

3 51 Andy Seesemann

4 8 Keith Karr

5 17 DJ Ortiz

6 161 David Harwin

7 33 Tim Hannen

8 777 Maverick Bartlett

9 31 John Crow

10 65 Brad Theys

11 29 Russell Hamel

12 4 Mike Jones

13 14 Mike Daniel

14 07 Sammy Valafar

15 141 Mark Hubbard

16 61 David Fiedler

17 3 David Carlisle

18 77 Eric Vaughan

19 333 Marc Mair

20 41 Ian Thomas

21 11 Matt Mandino

22 117 Ihor Bilyy

23 88 David Pergande

24 43 J. Mark Krivanek

25 9 Dave Lehman

26 171 Mike Price

27 44 Kurt Fisher

28 58 Roman Gutierrez

29 12 Brad Smith

30 511 Gary Hattersley

Mini Max (Super


Pos Name

1 Jake French

2 Jordan Perry

3 Dore Chaponick

4 RC Emerson

5 Taylor McKeever

6 Santino Ferrucci

Senior Max

Pos No Name

1 07 Thiago Parazinho

2 230 Arie Ouimet

3 268 Mike Giessen

4 21 Clark Sanchez-


5 09 Kyle Demeter

6 412 Michael Self

7 107 Clayton Snow

8 278 Eddie Coffin

9 57 Roger Scott

10 0 Nicholas Boulle

11 223 Guillermo Freile

12 25 Kenny Maler

13 2 Clayton Smith

14 37 Joey Collins

15 210 James Kennedy

16 102 Spencer Raine

17 180 Garrett Maxfield

18 77 Michael Zaccaria

19 23 Martin Anderson

20 88 Salvie Zaccaria

21 17 Matthew Ostiguy

22 6 Wes Phillips

23 179 Ariel Castro

24 08 Shelton Wright

25 722 Cory Pollock

26 157 Phillip Arscott

27 85 Brandon Jones

28 471 Cody Tracy

29 50 Ben Searcy

30 10 Dean Boyd

Go Racing Magazine Page 25

Earl Po-Wen Ma

September 11, 1971 – June 7, 2007

By: Jerrette Kamaka

A little over a decade ago the name Earl Ma began appearing

as a by-line in various motorsports publications and eventually Go

Racing Magazine. Back then most of his articles were written after

watching the races on TV while living in Hawaii. But his admiration

for motorsports started at a very early age.

“One day when we were on a family walk around the

neighborhood near Koko Marina shopping mall there was a group

of people racing radio controlled cars in the parking lot,” says Earl’s

mother Cheng-Ruey Ma. “Earl was about 7 years old and his dad

told him, ‘This is a clean sport; you don’t get dirty.’ And that’s

when Earl started watching auto racing on TV.”

The comments made by Earl’s father, Yau Woon Ma, about

racing sparked an interest that quickly turned into a passionate

way of life, which also brought out a talent that only few friends

would know about. As Earl grew, so did his craze for racing, which

became apparent when his parents noticed him building miniature

Indy cars out of products he found around the house. He used

cardboard from unused boxes, drinking straws and the centers

from paper towel rolls to make Champ Cars and Cup Cars -- that

includes the paint scheme and sponsor logos. And for a young race

fan to create models with great details out of garbage meant that

if he had access to genuine material, he could really impress model

enthusiasts. This talent led to his father (who is an authority on

pre World War I Naval battleships and a professor at the University

of Hong Kong) asking Earl to build him a model of a famous 19th

Century Chinese Naval battleship named Ting Yuen. All Earl had to

go by was an old black and white photograph of the German made

iron clad ship and the same house materials he used to build his

model car collection.

“As part of his application to the Architect School at the

University of Texas I asked Earl to build a model of the battleship

Ting Yuen, which he did out of scrap materials,” says Yau-Woon.

“I chose architecture for Earl for two reasons. I said, ‘Look, you

are good at drawing, and you have an artistic will, plus you’re

good in mathematics and if you combine these together you get


Earl did attend UT and majored in architecture but during

his junior year at Punahou High School (one of Hawaii’s elite

private schools) he did mention to his parents that he wanted

to pursue a degree in sports journalism, motorsports specifically.

But the reaction from his father was, “You’re Asian and with your

last name being Ma you won’t be able to make a living.” So

throughout his college years Earl had regrets about his major but

began to write about motorsports anyway when he returned to

Hawaii. And because he had little experience in the professional

level of journalism he sought the help and advice from his longtime

friend and Punahou classmate Patrick Williams.

“Earl began sending me stuff that he wrote, so I could

edit them back in 1996, and this was when I was working as

a newspaper reporter in Pennsylvania,” says Williams, who has

since moved back to Hawaii. “And I must add that Earl hated being

edited. I would send the article he wrote back to him with changes,

and he would nit pick all of the changes I made, and he eventually

stopped sending stuff. So that was about the time when I noticed

Earl was moving from a fan of motorsports to a journalist.”

By 1999, Earl was traveling all over the United States and

covered all types of professional racing like Champ Cars, Grand-Am

and attended every Indy 500 right up until 2004. That year, Earl

had a bad cough that wouldn’t go away, and he went to see a

doctor just before leaving for Indy. The doctor treated the cough

as if it was a cold or flu and prescribed Earl some medication.

While in Indy, Earl began to have trouble with his vision and was

seeing double. He went to see a doctor there and had a CAT scan

done on his brain but the slides showed no abnormalities so he

continued to cover the 500. When Earl returned to Hawaii, his

cough had worsened and his double vision made it hard for him

to drive. One night while attending a high school class reunion

meeting Earl collapsed and was taken to the ER. This time a full

set of tests was ordered along with X-rays, which uncovered the

reason for Earl’s four-month long cough and bad vision. It was

thymoma along with myasthenia gravis, and at the time it was

deemed through a biopsy that the large tumor near his chest was

non-cancerous. But it was too big to remove surgically, so to shrink

it down to a size that could be removed through surgery, they

treated it with chemotherapy and radiation for five months. In

December, the tumor shrank down to the size of a fist, which was

successfully removed and a CAT scan that was done in January

2005 showed no tumors.

By March 2005 Earl’s double vision returned and the results

of a CAT scan showed two abnormal spots on his left lungs. This

second round was going to be the toughest battle Earl would

ever face, and through it all he continued to be in high spirits. He

continued to go to work at Architects Hawaii even though he was

drained of energy from the chemotherapy and radiation treatments.

But as strong as Earl was, the disease began to overrun his body

and in the years to come the cancer continued to grow and worked

it’s way to his spine in late 2006. In February 2007 doctors found

a fracture in Earl’s T9 vertebrae and treated it with radiation, but

that didn’t stop him from flying to Daytona where he covered the

24. After that race he and close friend Memo Gidley traveled to

Canada to attend Michael Valiante’s wedding, where Earl did his

magic as their photographer.

Back in Hawaii Earl’s treatment is stepped up because there is

no positive progress and another spinal compression is found after

more CAT scans. This time it’s the T-12 vertebrae that’s fractured,

and Earl has already made travel arrangements to cover the Toyota

Grand Prix of Long Beach and Houston in April. A few days after

returning from that trip Earl’s back pain eventually led to him not

being able to stand and use his legs. While in the hospital doctors

tell him that there’s a chance that he may never walk again.

“He really suffered tremendously during his illness,” says

Cheng-Ruey. “He braved the countless X-rays, CAT scans, MRI’s and

the hundreds if not thousand of needles and blood transfusions.

In the end he lost the war but never surrendered. Some cancer

patients describe chemotherapy like going through hell and he

hardly ever complained. He bit his teeth and took it. To avoid

throwing up, he would sleep for 48 hours without eating after each

treatment. It really broke my heart to see him go through the last

six months of his life but he never lost hope.”

After being released from the hospital Earl made one more

trip and that was to cover the 91st Indianapolis 500. Like previous

trips before, he saw a lot of his friends that he made over the

years but now he was in a wheelchair. And even from a wheelchair

Earl proudly mentioned that even though he was ill and couldn’t

walk he still showed up for the race, unlike a certain celebrity

who usually sings “Back Home Again in Indiana” who called in

sick for that race.

When Earl returned home from the airport he was taken to

the hospital by ambulance because his Mom noticed his legs were

swollen and he had a fever. While in the hospital, Earl continued

to edit his photographs that he shot and posted them on the

respected media sites even though his body was rapidly shutting

down. And on June 7, 2007 early in the morning Earl passed

away in his sleep.

“A few years ago I told Earl that it’s going to be cool to

grow old together and I’ll get to see you as an old guy,” says

Gidley at Earl’s memorial service. “He was definitely a lot of fun

and I think about all the great friends, best friends and very good

friends. Earl is definitely one of them. And as far as the amount

of fun we’ve had together he was number one. He did a lot for

me and I feel very lucky to have known Earl for eight years and I

speak for everybody in racing. They say the candle that burns the

brightest, burns the shortest, and Earl certainly was larger then

life and somebody I will always respect. I’ll miss him and seek his

advice even though he’s gone.”

A website that’s dedicated to Earl Ma was created by

longtime friend and colleague Tony Johns. The forum is open to

the public for anyone who wants to leave a short message. www.

Editors Note: Earl was Go Racing Magazine’s Senior Hawaii

Correspondent, our go to guy for anything Memo Gidley related,

including bio, stats, and current location on the globe, and a sure

bet to get me any shot I needed from Indy of past karters. Earl first

worked for us sending in articles on Memo’s karting clinics held

in Hawaii. That progressed to writing driver profiles on Hawaiian

karters, and eventually covering the famed Hawaiian State

Championships. He attended the State Championships numerous

times for us as well as himself. He was a true motorsports fan

from karting to F1 and he will be missed by many in paddocks

around the world.

Hand made Indy Cars

Page 26 Go Racing Magazine

Ma family photo

USA International


Story by

Photos by OTP

The racing was tough from the front to the back as the

Snap-on Stars of Karting Eastern Division finale at the

USA International Raceway in Shawano, Wisconsin.

Got under way. Two drivers unofficially wrapped up the Eastern

titles with three classes still undecided heading into Sunday. Gary

Carlton clinched the ICC East championship with his finish today

while Sage Karam earned the Cadet East championship with a

victory today. Carlton’s championship would be the only upside to

the day as Jordy Vorrath ended his rival’s six race win streak with a

dominant performance in ICC.


The 15-minute ICC Gatorz Pole Qualifying session began with

Canadian Michael Vincec (CRG) grabbing the provisional pole early

until veteran Alan Rudolph broke the track record (57.043) set by

Phil Giebler at last year’s event. The driver posted

the first sub 57-lap with a 56.979 pace. The record did not stand

long as Matt Jaskol put his Team Top Kart USA ride on pole with

a 56.828 fast lap. The attention then turned to championship leader

Gary Carlton (CRG). The PCH Motorsports driver got a slow start

to the session, opening up in the fourth position. The next two laps

he moved up a spot each lap, eventually ending the session in second


After Jaskol grabbed the hole shot at the drop of the green for the

15-lap Prefinal, the field settled in with Carlton and Vorrath tucked

in behind. Jaskol controlled the pace, but on lap five Vorrath made

the pass and never looked back.

The main event was all Vorrath. Just as Carlton did in the

previous six finals on the year, Vorrath stretched out to big lead early

on cold tires, giving himself a comfortable gap on the rest of the field.

Jaskol held the second spot with Schreiber in front of Rudolph and

Carlton. They stayed that way until lap four when Carlton was able

to get by Rudolph. A few laps later, Carlton got a bad exit out of the

last corner and the two went side-by-side into turn one resulting in

Karam - Cad

contact at the apex. Rudolph was able to continue on but Carlton

dropped back to ninth.

Up front, Vorrath continued to stretch out to a two-second lead at

the halfway mark with Schreiber now chasing him down after getting

by Jaskol - who continued to drop back in the later stage of the race

with Rudolph and Jan Velez (Intrepid) getting by. Rudolph, running

some of the fastest laps of the race, was able to reel in Schreiber

with a few laps remaining. On his bumper, it looked as if Rudolph

was setting up for a pass on the final lap when he lost some ground

exiting turn five, giving Schreiber breathing room as they headed to

the checkered flag.

Vorrath took the 0.796-second victory, his first of the year

and ended Carlton’s six Stars race win streak. Schreiber was the

provisional second place finisher until being bounced in the tech

barn. That moved Rudolph to the second step on the podium - also

being awarded the Mazda Fast Lap cash prize - with Velez earning

his first podium with Team Intrepid/Champion Racing. Jaskol

was moved up to fourth with David Carmendy aboard a Cameron

Motorsports CRG rounding out the top five. Carlton finished sixth

ahead of the charging Vincec - who went from last to seventh in the

22 laps. David Jurca (Italkart), Jon Allen (GP) and Philippe Gelinas

(Birel) completed the top ten.


Victor Cabrera put his Kosmic on the provisional pole early on

in the ICA Gatorz Pole Qualifying session and held it for the full

15-minute session. The J3 Competition driver ran a 57.652 fast lap

with Mike Giessen putting his MRP-Birel America machine on the

outside pole position. The early stages of the 15-lap ICA Prefinal saw

a five-kart battle for the lead until Cabrera was able to break away

from the pack.

Cabrera got out front early in the lead for the ICA main event

with Giessen and Dueck getting by Johnson in the opening corners.

The front four put space between each other as they ran unchallenged

Page 28 Go Racing Magazine



to the checkered flag with Cabrera earning his first win of the year.

Giessen ran to a strong second with Dueck and Johnson finishing

third and fourth. The drive of the race was by Chris Wehrheim (Top

Kart). After starting 19th, he quickly worked up to the top ten and

began picking off drivers one by one. His favorite spot was the turn

back onto the oval, using it near the end of the race as he got by Sodi

Kart drivers James Kennedy and Aaron Neliton for fifth place.

Spec Racer

Like ICA, new Team Top Kart USA driver Conor Daly led the

Spec Racer Gatorz Pole Qualifying. The second-generation driver

posted a 1:00.037 lap time to start from inside row one with Nic

Johnsrud (Merlin) set to start outside the championship contender.

Daly went flag-to-flag in the 12 lap Prefinal, stretching out to a 4.725

victory over Johnson. The rest of the top five was spread out after

early shuffling

The original Spec Racer final was ended after one lap when

multiple drivers flipped in different corners. They were given a

complete restart following the Cadet final except after two false starts,

the front row was sent to the second row, allowing Wyse and Freytag

to take the green flag. Johnson quickly took care of them, moving to

P1 in the opening corners with Daly moving in behind Freytag. Wyse

fell back to sixth with Robert Stout (Birel) and Codalata.

Daly moved up to second the following lap as the field sorted

itself out to set his sights on Johnson. Lap four saw a change for the

lead as Daly got by heading into the back section of the track. The

front two repeated the Prefinal, pulling away from the field as a good

battle continued for third with five karts running nose to tail. Things

got interesting toward the end when Codalata made contact with

another driver, sending him straight off turn five, putting him back on

course in turn eight - getting a disqualification for cutting the course.

This allowed Freytag to steal third. Behind him, they continued to

battle on through the final corners as Robert Stout (Birel) and Wyse


Vorrath Vincec



got together, pushing them back to 12th and 13th. This allowed the

Merlin drivers of Cody Elliott and Johnsrud round out the top five.

The Eastern Championship battle came down now to the top two

drivers from Saturday as, unofficially, Daly has a 42 point lead over

Johnson heading into Sunday.


The JICA division was the first group out for the Gatorz Pole

Qualifying. Most of the drivers recorded their fast lap early on in

their laps with Brendan Langlois (First Kart) scoring the pole for

the Prefinal.

Langlois was able to pull out to a good size lead in the early laps

of the prefinal until a red flag came out for Jaime Ortega (Birel)

and Sean Rayhall (Kosmic). Both were sent to the hospital for

observations. Getting the restart from lap three, Langlois continued

to lead with Mercado running second, and they finished in that order

with Spencer Pigot (First Kart) winning the battle for third.

Mercado was able to grab the front spot from the outside row one

starting position. He and Langlois hooked up and were able to pull

out a small lead on the rest of the field. Menezes was able to reel in

the leaders to form a three kart lead group when contact was made

resulting in Menezes on top of Langlois. The three fell back to the tail

of the lead group after pulling apart the karts.

This gave Pigot a comfortable lead; as he went on to take his first

Stars JICA win. The battle for second came down to the two drivers

who were penalized in qualifying, Phinny and Miinch. Phinny had

the spot after getting by Angel Caban (Kosmic) earlier with Miinch

eventually working his way up as well. The two battled in the closing

laps with Miinch getting the edge at the line. Caban finished fourth

with Dusty Davis (Maranello) moving up to fifth.

Langlois held the unofficial championship lead heading into

Sunday, 15 points in front of Gennari with Rossi 15 back from him.

Go Racing Magazine Page 29


Championship leader Sage Karam (Birel) took the Cadet Gatorz

Pole Qualifying session with a 1:07.554 lap time. Karam looked to

have the Cadet Prefinal in his hand after a first lap bunch up in turn

five gave him plenty of room to cruise to victory. As the laps went on,

the second place pack led by Tyler Thomas (Top Kart) caught the

leader with a few laps remaining. Thomas was able to earn the win to

start the main event from the pole.

The day was just Karam’s as he wrapped up his second Eastern

Division Cadet title with a victory in the main event. Will won a great

battle for second over Thomas with DeGrand and Andrew Murray

(Top Kart) completing the top five in typical Cadet fashion.

The Snap-on Stars of Karting completed its Easter Division

finale Sunday at the USA International Raceway in Shawano, WI.

With great weather the first to days, the clouds came through for

the final day, putting down some moisture during the early part of

the day, mixing up in the results in qualifying to supply great racing

in the Prefinal and Finals. Canadian Michael Vincec earned his first

Stars ICC win of the year in what was the most extreme main event

of year. Chris Wehrheim earned the first Stars ICA victory for Top

Kart while all five Eastern Division championships were decided

following the day’s action.


After the drivers adjusted to the wet conditions for the ICC

Gatorz Pole Qualifying, the provisional pole shuffled with nearly

15 drivers holding the spot at one time. As the checkered flag fell,

Carlton put down the fastest lap of the session - 1:04.407.

The rest of the day was dry for the ICC field, throwing another

curve ball at the field. All on fresh Bridgestone slicks, they took the

green flag with Carlton getting the hole shot. In the opening lap, Jordy

Vorrath (Intrepid) was trying to advance in position heading into turn

five when he locked up his brakes and spun off course. Carlton and

his PCH Motorsports crew made the right changes overnight and

found the speed they were lacking. He went on to lead flag-to-flat to

start the main event from inside row one. David Jurca (Italkart) also

found some extra speed, moving up from sixth to second in the race.

The curtain call of the weekend - the ICC Final - was one of

the best shows put on by the class all year. At the drop of the green,

Carlton got the jump with Velez and Jurca falling in behind. The

action began quickly on lap two when Velez attempted to advance to

first in the backside 180 degree corner but he and Carlton connected

resulting in the unofficial Eastern Division champion receiving

radiator damage to end his race and Velez falling back to sixth. This

gave Jurca the point in front of Jaskol, Jammin’ Jon Branam (Tony

Kart), and Thomas Cadieux (CRG) up from the ninth starting spot.


Spec Racer

Jurca’s stint at the front didn’t last long as Jaskol was able to make

the pass coming onto the oval section as they completed lap four.

Jurca would not go down quietly as he came back two laps later inside

the leader but was shuffled out, moving him back to fifth. By that

time, both Vorrath and Rudolph who had started from the last row

were now in the top ten.

At the halfway mark, Jaskol’s lead slowly began to fade as second

place Vincec began chasing him down. Behind them, Vorrath was

on a mission, picking off a driver each lap to eventually getting into

third by lap 13 and closed on the front two. Three laps later, Vincec

made his move into five, bringing Vorrath with him. Vorrath kept

Vincec in sight but the Cameron Motorsports pilot was able to hold

off the Saturday winner to earn his first Stars win of the year. Velez

was able to get by Jaskol for third with Cadieux putting in his best

performance of the year rounding out the top five.

Along with Vorrath’s hard charge through the field, Rudolph was

running sixth with two laps to go when the shifter lever broke on his

machine, dropping him out of contention. That put Branam to six at

the checkered followed by Benitez, Jon Allen (GP), Jurca, and Ryan

Kinnear (Intrepid).

The results would be altered however following tech as a Vorrath

was bounced for a spark plug inaccuracy, moving Velez to second,

Jaskol to the podium and Philippe Gelinas (Birel) into the top ten.


With the drivers hitting the track on slicks for the ICA Gatorz

Pole Qualifying, a small shower began to fall, making the track very

slick and forcing a red flag. Giving time for the drivers to make the

change over the rain tires, the session continued with 11 minutes left

in the session. The times in the rain were 10 seconds slower than then

before the red flag, thus the laps the drivers recorded in the first four

minutes were the best times recorded. MRP-Birel America drivers

Mike Giessen and Christopher Larson were 1-2 to start the Prefinal

from row one.

With the qualifying session mixing up the field, the Prefinal was

interesting as some of the front-runners from Saturday were toward

the back. Giessen took the lead at the drop of the green flag with

Rosenzweig and Jones pulling away from the field until both were

able to get by him. At the checkered, Rosenzweig took the win with

Jones and Giessen crossing behind.

The start to the ICA Final was a wild one. As the field began

to exit the oval section after the green, James Kennedy (Sodi Kart)

lost a rear tire, spinning in the middle of the track and forcing the

rest of the field to take evasive action. That resulted in fellow top ten

drivers Christophe Boisclair (Arrow) and Johnny Johnson (Kosmic)

to retire. A few corners later, Giessen went straight off into turn five,

ending his final early.


Page 30 Go Racing Magazine

Rosenzweig paced the field in the early stages after he and Neal

swapped the spot a few times. They would not last long up front as

Chris Wehrheim was on a charge from sixth. His favorite spot on

track was turn five, making the pass for third, second, and then first

in that corner in consecutive laps. From there he would not relinquish

the spot and cruised to a 3.206-second victory.

Though he was out from comfortably, he was not the fastest

driver on track. Saturday’s winner Victor Cabrera (Kosmic) - who

was collected in a wreck during the Prefinal to start the main from

23rd - clawed his way through the field, eventually getting to the top

five and working by for second on the final lap. That put Neal back

to third at the line with Iannucci - his best finish of the year - and

Guillermo Freile (Tony Kart) rounding out the top five. Rosenzweig

fell back to seventh behind John Mossey (Gillard) and with his result,

gave Scott Jenkins (Intrepid) the unofficial ICA Eastern Division

Championship despite not running in Shawano this weekend to

compete at the CIK European KF2 Championship.

Spec Racer

Team Top Kart USA continued its hold atop the Spec Racer

category early on in the Gatorz Pole Qualifying as Saturday winner

Conor Daly and Adam Johnson were 1-2. When it was done, the last

two karts to get the checkered flag won the battle with Daly earning

the pole running a 1:07.946 with Jared Woolf (Intrepid) following

him across the line.

Johnson got the jump at the start of the Spec Racer Prefinal with

Daly falling in behind. The two again pulled out to a lead over Beard

and Robert Stout (Birel) who were battling for third. Johnson took

the win over Daly as Stout put space between him and Beard for


Johnson and Daly repeated the Prefinal, making it a 1-2 finish

for Top Kart both days, this time Johnson took the top step of

the podium for his second win of the season. Daly however would

earn enough points for the unofficial Spec Racer Eastern Division

championship. Beard would get the better of Stout this time for

third with Searcy regaining fifth toward the end of the race. Searcy

however would be penalized for not reporting to tech, removing him

from the results and handing fifth place over to Johnsrud.


The JICA division hit the track under dry conditions with

Saturday winner Spencer Pigot (First Kart) continuing on the

momentum from his first Stars JICA win in today’s Gatorz Pole

Qualifying. On his third lap, Pigot ran a 1:00.171 fast time on his

third lap with teammate and championship leader Brendan Langlois

coming up just 0.012-seconds short of the pole. Taylor Miinch was

in the bottom half of the standings until he pulled off a fast lap late



in the session to move up to the third starting spot for the Prefinal.

Jarvis Gennari (Tony Kart) was fourth with Sean Rayhall (Kosmic)

rounding out the fast five.

The JICA Prefinal was the first on track after the lunch break,

with the track drying out all the drivers were on the slicks. After

the first few laps of initial dicing between the front runners, Pigot

was able to pull away for the Prefinal win with Caban moving up to

second ahead of Phinny, Gennari and Phil DeLaO (First Kart).

Caban was able to get the jump in the Final from the outside of

row one but would not last as DeLaO led the field across the line for

the first time with Caban, Mercado, Phinny and Pigot the early top

five. The top five shuffled around and ran close together until near the

halfway mark when Mercado was able to slip away and never look

back to earn his second win of the year for Tony Kart and JC Karting.

DeLaO was able to move back up to second in front of Phinny.

Langlois and Gennari ran nose to tail to advance up through the field

from 16th and 17th. Gennari would however finish one spot ahead

of the Canadian inside the top five, but Langlois would earn enough

points to claim the unofficial JICA Eastern Division championship.


Under the wet conditions, Jacob Will (Top Kart) was quickest

in the Cadet Gatorz Pole Qualifying session with Canadian Garett

Grist (CRG) posting the second fastest time. Unofficial Cadet

Eastern Champion Sage Karam (Birel) was third with Mason

Chelootz (Intrepid) and Tristan DeGrand (Kosmic) rounding out

the fast five.

Four karts broke away in the lead pack for the Cadet Prefinal with

the spots decided in the final corners. Heading into the final corners,

Santino Ferrucci (S-1) was running first after starting tenth when he

went wide and off track. This allowed Karam to take the lead and the

win with Grist and Ian Tilbor ( Juncos) - who started 11th - crossing

the line behind him. DeGrand and Will rounded out the top five.

The Final came down to five drivers, putting on a great show for

the fans along the fences. Tilbor controlled the top spot coming into

the oval section of the final lap when he went wide, allowing Karam

to slip through and grab his sixth straight Eastern Division victory

and the East championship. Carlos Abreu (S-1) finished third with

Grist and Will completing the top five, all crossing the line with

seven-tenths of a second.


Go Racing Magazine Page 31

Stars of Karting USA

International Raceway

Saturday, August

4, 2007

Spec Racer

Pos No Name

1 420 Conor Daly

2 486 Adam Johnson

3 432 Nick Freytag

4 416 Cody Elliott

5 490 Nic Johnsrud

6 421 Garrett Olsen

7 429 Cy Schumacher

8 404 Adam Zeen

9 425 Edward Fortier

10 466 Max Riddle


Pos No Name

1 222 Victor Cabrera

2 286 Mike Giessen

3 6 Tyler Dueck

4 224 Johnny Johnson

5 216 Chris Werhiem

6 210 James Kennedy

7 206 Aaron Neliton

8 228 Cody Jolly

9 200 Nick Boulle

10 291 Nic Le Duc


Pos No Name

1 307 Spencer Pigot

2 320 Taylor Miinch

3 366 Brendan Phinny

4 327 Angel Caban

5 6 Dusty Davis

6 373 Jarvis Gennari

7 377 Phil DeLaO

8 313 Michael Furfari

9 365 Bryce Cornet

10 326 Sean Rayhall


Pos No Name

1 3 Sage Karam

2 38 Jacob Will

3 03 Tyler Thomas

4 28 Tristan DeGrand

5 9 Andrew Murray

6 5 Santino Ferrucci

7 19 Garett Grist

8 2 Rumil Leal

9 17 Nick Neri

10 45 Carlos Abreu


Pos No Name

1 147 Jordy Vorrath

2 125 Alan Rudolph

3 9 Jan Velez-Walter

4 155 Matt Jaskol

5 122 David Carmendy

6 151 Gary Carlton

7 105 Michael Vincec

8 192 David Jurca

9 123 Jon Allen

Sunday, August

5, 2007

Spec Racer

Pos No Name

1 486 Adam Johnson

2 420 Conor Daly

3 5 Zach Beard

4 457 Robert Stout

5 490 Nic Johnsrud

6 405 Cale Wyse

7 425 Edward Fortier

8 432 Nick Freytag

9 416 Cody Elliott

10 404 Adam Zeen

ICA - Unofficial

Pos No Name

1 216 Chris Werhiem

2 222 Victor Cabrera

3 233 Jacob Neal

4 218 Pat Iannucci

5 223 Guillermo Freile

6 249 John Mossey

7 235 Jake Rosenzweig

8 228 Cody Jolly

9 284 Brandon Jones

10 292 Michael Hogg


Pos No Name

1 311 Chemill Mercado-


2 377 Phil DeLaO

3 366 Brendan Phinny

4 373 Jarvis Gennari

5 4 Brendan Langlois

6 307 Spencer Pigot

7 320 Taylor Miinch

8 6 Dusty Davis

9 327 Angel Caban

10 317 Mikael Grenier


Pos No Name

1 3 Sage Karam

2 82 Ian Tilbor

3 45 Carlos Abreu

4 19 Garett Grist

5 38 Jacob Will

6 17 Nick Neri

7 24 James Michael


8 3 Tyler Thomas

9 0 Mason Chelootz

10 2 Rumil Leal


Pos No Name

1 105 Michael Vincec

2 9 Jan Velez-


3 155 Matt Jaskol

4 101 Thomas Cadieux

5 109 Jon Branam

6 148 Richard Benitez

7 123 Jon Allen

8 192 David Jurca

9 188 Ryan Kinnear

10 134 Philippe Gelinas

Page 32 Go Racing Magazine

Go Racing Magazine Page 33

Your TopKart Customized Solution

When you buy your TopKart at PKS, you are buying much more

than a Kart. You are purchasing the opportunity to be

up front when the race starts.

PKS will customize your Kart with forty years of kart racing

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At PKS no kart is the same because each driver is unique.

We personalize your kart with every small detail that

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Stadium, home

of the San Diego

Chargers and all-pro running

back Ladainian Tomlinson, was the

backdrop to a picture perfect day for ProKart

Challenge racing in Southern California this past weekend. As

the best player in the NFL, Tomlinson owns the yardage that

is Qualcomm on any given Sunday. However, on this day it was

-- of course – PKC Saturday. Racing ruled, in spite of the fact

that the stadium was packed with over five thousand Chargers

fans for fan appreciation day! Yep, the 2-stroke sights and sounds

actually over-powered the ‘Bolts rally, and even managed to lure a

few hundred curious eyes over to the PKC event to see just what

exactly was buzzing over in parking lot section P1.

What was buzzing of course, were 101 race ready go-karts

that comprised the 8 th round of the Eagle One ProKart Challenge

presented by Mazda race series. It was PKC’s first visit to the

facility – which is managed expertly by the SDKA and president

Mike Nadeau – and it likely won’t be the last. The challenging

parking lot layout, combined with the arms-wide-open reception

the series received from the San Diego locals, is reason enough to

return as soon as possible. A special shout out to PKC driver Bill

Cox is also in order as he considers the facility his second home,

and was more than helpful in making the weekend go off with out

a hitch for all involved.

Sean Buur

of Go Racing was

in attendance handing

out hot-off-the-press issues

of the magazine that featured the

last PKC round in Santa Maria. Mazda, who

has been the PKC presenting sponsor all season, brought a couple

of vehicles down – including the new MX 5. The Chargers fans

who came to celebrate the start of the NFL season invariably

left with a taste of being turned on to a new sport – and their

interest aided in the event’s overall atmosphere. Throw in the

fantastic turnout of PKC family members and friends, who were

there partly because of what San Diego has to offer (Sea World

is where many headed the day before), and it simply made the

race feel a bit more important than usual. A notable observation

was seeing drivers all over the pits explaining to the newbies in

attendance just what these amazing machines are capable of doing

out on the racing surface. One Chargers season ticket holder even

commented that perhaps he’d scalp a few home game tix for a

down payment on a new kart. Amazing! Frank Bain and FX: were

you listening?

There was attrition on the track, and lots of it, in fact. The

abrasive surface challenged the MG Tires for the first time ever

in the series. Even so, the rubber performed flawlessly, despite

the wear and tear. As tires went away during the main, it was

impressive to see who managed tire wear the best. Fritz Leesman

and Nick Halen were the most notable in that department. It

Go Racing Magazine Page 35

was remarkable to see them turn fast laps late in the main

just shy of their Qualifying efforts. In the S1 class, it was Leesman

again emerging the victor, but Halen’s impressive showing shined

bright. On his CRG, Halen turned an identical fast lap as Leesman

of 56.424 in the main, which is no easy feat. Look for Halen to

show well at the ’07 SuperNationals; however, look for the Fritzer

to be a Vegas odds- maker favorite to win, come November.

S1/G1 Racing Action by FX RACING/


S1 saw Leesman in the top spot followed by Halen and Nick

Brinkman. Brink is back on a Tony Kart and a lot happier

to boot. At least we think so! Nick is a tough


In G1 it was PP Mastro

showing well. Well enough

to now go to Moran in

September and “Sunday von Zeipel

drive it” for the

Championship in the

class. Yeah, like that’s

his style. Mastro is

what kart racing over

age 35 is supposed to

be about. Here’s a guy

who brings his B game to

the starting line all the time. Yep,

B game. See, his A game is off the track.

A genuine guy with a great attitude, he’s all about camaraderie

first and on-track action second. He may dispute this, but it sure

seems like he races for the fun of it, not the glory. He defines the

G class in every way possible. Of course it goes without saying

that Mastro’s B game is light years ahead of others’ A games. Troy

Butts brought home second place and Machado third (he had

fast lap in the main). Nick Firestone, who in Santa Maria drove

from last to second, also performed better than his result here




showed. He’s another good

guy with one heck of a shiny Tony

Kart. Thanks for always making the trip out, Nick.

S2/G2 Racing Action by HITCHHIKER/KELLER-


S2 saw Craig Caringella, Eric Ortega and Cameron Parsons in

the top three spots. And it’s read that way all season. It’s likely that

PKC will fold the S2 class next year into S1, as the skill break at

this level simply is no longer necessary. These three are top pilots

-- needing to hone their skills at a higher level to improve. G2

suffers a similar identity crisis, as well. It’s really

a class that should be combined with

G1, based on the fact that all

participants have years

of experience and are

terrific drivers. The

numbers are huge,

but so is the talent.

That said, leave it

to PKC to decide

where the G classes

are headed in the offseason,

but not without

putting it first to the drivers

to vote on in the off-season. Brad

Dhesi took another convincing win, and

that’s no shocker as Dhesi is as quick as they come.

Wally Wright overcame a measurable amount of controversy to

place second and Steve Donia took third…but the real story was

the attrition and a controversial call during the race. Dan Aspesi

was black-flagged for an infraction with a left rear tire, though

according to Aspesi it was unfounded; also contributing to his

DNF was the flagman that stepped in his way -- to avoid him,

Aspesi swerved and damaged the kart. Also out of the main for

various incidents: Jim Barnes (who lead the first few laps), Mark


Page 36 Go Racing Magazine


Black, Matthew Maas, and Craig Cutler. All

suffered bad days, and all likely will rebound nicely at Moran. The

G2 salad days are now. Live it. Love it. Guys, you are all likely to

step up a notch in ‘08.

TaG Master Racing Action by BLUE AGAVE GRILL

The TaG Master race was the Von Ziepshow. Erik von Zeipel

bested Jerry Henderson and Paul Bonilla in a 20 lapper that saw

five overall DNF’s. It was a tough day on karts, that’s for sure.

TaG Senior Racing Action by MAZDA

Let’s say it didn’t get much better for the Senior TaG racers as

more than half the field DNF’d during the main. Because of

the shuffle, 2 Wild’s Ryon Beachner took top

honors, a position that has been waiting

for him for a while. Beachner’s

been in the seat more than

ever lately – and it’s Mastro

starting to show. Scott

Kennedy took second

and Tanner Cemper

third in a class that

saw Will Martindale,

the number one

nationally ranked TaG

driver in the country

DNF alongside CRG hot

shoe Joey Collins, Harley Owen,

Grant Hebner, Mark Emerson and John


S4/S5 Racing Action by BIG O TIRES

Austin Newmark ran the S5 class solidly- and while there are

only a couple of active S5 participants, the motor package proves

to be a strong one. In S4 Heavy, Bill Quackenbush took over-all

honors in front of Larry Powers and Dave Van Gordon. In the

S4 Light class Willy Musgrave placed first and Billy Musgrave

third. The Musgrave sandwich was completed by Jeff Smith in the

middle. Willy’s best time came in lap 15, showing that even with

tire wear, the guy is fast. Of course, he worked his way up from a

h Vawter


fifth place starting spot via hard

work and some others bad luck.

S3 Racing Action by AMERICAN HOME


Due to AHM company challenges, the PKC sponsor and

S3 heavy leader Fernando Diaz had the skip the race – and it

wasn’t the same without him. For Diaz, though, he really didn’t

miss anything. The entire S3 heavy class DNF’d out of the race,

except for winner John Espinor. In S3 Light, the spectators on

hand saw the show of the day. Connor De Phillippi took the win,

but not without a fight. Bobby Legate was inches

from his bumper throughout the

afternoon, and the excitement

that their battle brought

to the day was terrific

for the onlookers.

The always-solid

Jeff Littrell finished

third. After the main,

a delighted Legate

stood tall, knowing

he was ever so close to

pulling off the win. Look

for Legate to get plenty of seat

time and finish in the front of the

Moran pack next month. He should be

able to pull off an exciting season-ending statement.

It will be the race to watch. Also impressive as usual is Littrell,

as he is carrying far more weight than Legate and De Phillippi;

one must figure Littrell’s skills are right there with the young’uns.

Remember, too, Littrell won the Spec heavy class in last year’s

SuperNationals. After that, most guys would run heavy and

sweep the season. Not Littrell -- he goes where the fight is, and

the fight is in Light.

The season finale for PKC is set for September 8 th at Moran



Go Racing Magazine Page 37

ProKart Challenge

Qualcomm Stadium

Saturday, August

4, 2007


S4 Light

Pos No Name

1 422c Willy Musgrave

2 14y Jeff Smith

3 322x Billy Musgrave

4 48c Scott Farris

5 14c A.J. Patrick

6 00 Brad Dunford

7 48 Mike Nadeau

DNF 36x Andrew Quackenbush

DNF 25c Kyle Zirkle

DNF 76c Jason Robinson

DNF 27u Patrick Cushenberry

S4 Heavy

Pos No Name

1 24c Bill Quackenbush

2 33c Larry Powers

3 53c Dave Van Gordon

4 62c Jim Miller

DNF 69x Tony Morrison

DNF 23c Paul Taylor


Pos No Name

1 47 Austin Newmark

Event Liability Programs

available for:



outlaw karts


baby grands


dwarf cars



& more!

An association of Independent

Promoters & Clubs Since 1985!

S3 by American

Home Mortgage

S3 Light

Pos No Name

1 00x Connor DePhillippi

2 51c Bobby Legate

3 4c Jeff Littrell

4 111c Clinton Schoombee

5 46 Flemming Tranberg

6 55c Doug Hayashi

7 800c Wayne Mello

8 77c Jeff Krueger

DNF 19c Bruce Carlquist

S3 Heavy

Pos No Name

1 42 John Espinor

DNF 10c Phil Conte

DNF 49c Rob Whitley

DNF 31x Marty Henderson

DNF 65c Grant Westmorland

TaG Master ½ by

Blue Agave SW Grill

TaG Master

Pos No Name

1 99x Erik von Zeipel

2 10c Jerry Henderson

3 20c Paul Bonilla

4 42c Scott Austin

5 23 Ben Lukosky

DNF 86c Erik Jackson

DNF 54c Steve Wiener

DNF 54x Matthew Cheresh

TaG Master 2

Pos No Name

1 79x Jared Vawter

2 39 Charles Scott Rogers

3 181 Brian Campbell

DNF 9x Allan Svela

DNF 12 Jared Booher

TaG Senior ½


TaG Senior

Pos No Name

1 5c Ryon Beachner

2 38 Scott Kennedy

3 77c Tanner Cemper

4 24k Kyle Hatcox

5 29x Airel Jimenez

6 21x Jamie Faulkner

DNF 37c Joey Collins

DNF 24x Harley Owen

DNF 33c Grant Hebner

DNF408y Will Martindale

TaG Senior 2

Pos No Name

DNF 9c Mark Emerson

DNF 17k John Flasser

Joe Janowski - 317.774.7021

P.O. Box 2166, Noblesville, IN 46061

S2/G2 by Hitchhiker/



Pos No Name

1 28c Brad Dhesi

2 91k Wally Wright

3 46c Steve Donia

4 911c Tim Wyatt

5 37c Harris Koenig

6 41x Darrell Tunnell

7 14c Bryan Tunnell

8 8x Kurt Brunner

DNF 4x James Butts

DNF 33b Dan Aspesi

DNF 10y Jimmy Barnes

DNF 3x Mark Black

DNF 6x Matthew Maas

DNF 11c Craig Cutler


Pos No Name

1 46x Craig Caringella

2 72x Eric Ortega

3 88y Cameron Parsons

DNF 91x Dean Woods

S1/G1 by FX Racing/



Pos No Name

1 161y Fritz Leesman

2 107 Nick Halen

3 86c Nick Brinkman

4 149c Mark Elliott

5 66x Jimmy McNeil

6 1c Slava Prikhodko

7 79c John Chott

8 5c Vivek Tandon

DNF121cDairek Lewis


Pos No Name

1 1 PP Mastro

2 172c Troy Butts

3 151y Sergio Machado

4 6c Nick Firestone

5 18b Robert Marks

6 49 Ethan Wilson

7 48 John Lewis

8 72c Christopher Painter

DNF 9y Jim Kidd

Wide Open

Pos No Name

1 15 Robby Mott

2 36c Steve Buckner

3 248 Ray Pisarski

4 33 Michael Barlow

5 None Jeff Lott

DNF 48 David Lara

I n s u r i n g Yo u r R a c i n g S u c c e s s !

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Page 38 Go Racing Magazine

By Jeff Grist & Memo Gidley

Photos by Sean Buur

Wide open Slide and Butterfly style Carbs.

Complete exhaust system requires

mounting brackets.

Tech Article Four

This next installment from Memo Gidley’s Secrets of Speed for

Four-Cycle Kart Racing we will continue our look at kart set-up. This

second installment will provide a look at proper engine installation, a

quick overview on getting your engine started and a base line set-up.

Engine Setup

Now, let’s move to the engine side of the kart. In this section we

will look at the throttle adjustment, carburetor installation, exhaust pipe

mounting and chain tension.

Let’s start with the carburetor. The clamping boots on the

carburetor manifold should be snug but not overly tight. Over tightening

the clamp will bend the clamp and excessively squeeze the rubber boot,

which may result in an air leak. Make sure you have the style of clamp

that has rounded edges so it does not cut into the rubber boot. The fuel

lines need to be tie wrapped on the carburetor nipples to make sure no

fuel or air leaks occur. Some carburetors bolt on directly like the Honda

GX200, so be sure the nuts are snug on the studs.

Next, we need to check to see that the throttle slide closes


First, remove the air filter. For engines such as the F200, which

use a butterfly style carburetor, it is important to make sure that the

butterfly shuts completely when you release the throttle pedal. To check

the butterfly operation, push the throttle pedal until it contacts the stop.

Now, look into the carburetor and make sure that the butterfly is fully

open. It is possible on this style of carburetor to open the butterfly past

center which will slow the motor down. Only go until the butterfly is

laying flat when looking straight into the carburetor. Now release the

throttle to be sure the butterfly closes completely.

For engines like the Animal and the World Formula, which use a

slide style carburetor, push down on the gas pedal to make sure the slide

rises all the way out of the carburetor bore. Adjust as necessary using the

pedal stop or the adjustment screw at the top of the carburetor. Put the

air filter back on and tighten the clamp.

Step back and make sure that everything looks right with the

routing of fuel lines. The flow needs to be natural and smooth, with no

kinks or sharp turns.

Keep an eye on sharp edges that could cut into a line. If you are

concerned with chaffing, wrap the hose in some type of anti-chaffing

material. Remember that on a kart everything moves and vibrates.

Next, be sure to check the header pipe. The flange needs to be

tight and you should be sure to use lock washers to ensure they stay

tight. Your header will need a support of some kind. You can use a short

support mounted to the engine as used on the Raptor or Honda GX200

or a frame-mounted support as used on the Animal, World Formula and

F200 pipes. In some cases, like the World Formula, the support bracket

uses a self-tapping bolt to secure it in the pre-drilled hole in the engine

block. A loose or unsupported header is more likely to break and result in

a black flag or DQ. Also, you may want to wrap your pipe in header wrap,

an asbestos material designed to protect you and your suit from being

burned on the hot pipe. In some race series they require the silencer to be

safety wired to the bracket.

The final step is to set the chain tension. Loosen the engine

adjustment bolt and the engine mount bolts. This is a good time to

check the bolts and the engine mount for cracks or wear. Push the engine

forward until the chain has slightly more play than you might want. Now

snug up the bottom motor mount bolts. This will help to make sure that

the motor is resting on the frame and that you will have a little tension on

Page 40 Go Racing Magazine

the adjuster when you are ready to set the chain slack. Bring the engine

adjustment bolt forward to touch the mount. As soon as it hits the mount,

you should start to feel a little bit of extra tension. Now, slowly turn the

adjuster until the chain has approximately 3/8” (12mm) of slack. When

the desired free play is reached, tighten the bottom motor mount bolts

and the chain adjuster lock nut.

Now slowly rotate the axle to make sure that you have the same

slack in the chain throughout the entire range. A problem you might find

when adjusting your chain is getting a tight spot. A sprocket that is not

quite centered on the hub usually causes tight spots in the chain. Most

sprocket boltholes are slightly larger than the bolt. If you find a tight

spot, back off the tension on the sprocket bolts so that they are just snug.

Rotate the sprocket until you feel the tight spot. With a rubber mallet,

lightly tap on the back of the sprocket.

This will shift the sprocket slightly forward and give you a little

slack. Rotate the sprocket and again check for uniform tension. If you

went too far or not far enough, try again. When you get the proper

tension, tighten the bolts. Make sure the chain guard is in place. This is

a tech item and is good protection for you if the chain breaks. Also, the

chain guard will keep your kart free of flying grease.

Getting it Started

Now that you have completed your routine check, you are

almost ready to fire up your kart. Before you fire up the engine, you need

to add fluids to your kart. Make sure you follow all the manufacturer’s

recommended type fluids and specified amounts. Check with your local

dealer or engine builder if you are not sure what fluids your kart requires.

With four-cycle engines there is no need to mix oil and gas. The crankcase

of the engine will take any 30-weight oil. Some engine builders will

recommend very thin oils. In most cases, your four-cycle engine will run

with regular grade pump gas.

It is a good idea to fill the fuel system before you try to start the


After putting fuel in the tank, take the fuel line off the carburetor and

aim it into the gas can. Blow into the gas tank vent line until fuel flows

through the fuel line and into your gas jug. Now that the fuel line is full

of fuel, attach the fuel line back onto the carburetor. Filling the line with

fuel will keep you from having to turn the motor over excessively to start

it. Make sure you put a small tie wrap over the fuel line to keep it secure

on the carburetor nipple.

Have your friend stand at the front of the kart applying

approximately an eighth of throttle. Put the starter gun into the nut or

pull the starter cord and turn the engine over. Once the engine starts, run

at a low RPM until the engine warms up. If the idle is set properly, the

engine should idle nicely at about 1,500 to 1,600 RPM. If not, adjust the

carburetor idle by adjusting the cable or the idle screw.

Base Line

To make sure the handling of your kart will be accurate and

correct, you need to do a basic chassis set-up before you go out onto the

track. This will include setting the ride height, front and rear track widths

and tire pressures.

It is recommended that you ask your kart manufacturer for a

basic set-up starting point based on your height, weight and skill level.

If this information is not readily available, here are some quick generic

settings to get you started. Most karts have adjustable front and rear ride

heights. For the front, start with the middle setting in order to give you

room for adjustment. If the rear of the kart has only two settings, high

and low, choose the higher setting to begin with. The front track width

Always support the exhaust system to avoid

any unnecessary problems.

Be sure the engine mount is tight.

SOS for 4-Cycle Racing

SOS for 2-Cycle Racing

SOS for Shifter Kart Racing

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Go Racing Magazine Page 41

Check the chain tension after tightening

the engine mount.

should also be set in the middle of the available range, so split the spacers


Rear track width should be set depending on the compound

of tire on your kart. A good starting point for hard compound tires

is approximately 52”, while a softer should be close to 55”. This is the

measurement from the outside of the left rear tire to the outside of the

right rear tire. Make sure the front and rear hub bolts are tight.

Next, you need to get a basic tire pressure. Each tire compound

has a different optimum operating pressure. This information can be very

difficult to find or not available at all. Generally speaking, the front tires

should be two to three psi less than the rear tires. This is because the front

tires have a much shorter and stiffer sidewall and don’t need that extra air

support like the rear tires.

Normally, the harder the tire compound, the more pressure you will

want to ensure maximum grip.

Go Go Kart Kart Engine Engine Storage Storage &&

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Scribner Plastics has provided professional strength engine

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Photo: Todd McCall Superior aerodynamic styling +

The first thing I do is set my air gauge in the

seat. I never have to look for it.

I would recommend 10 psi in the front and 13 psi in the rear for a

soft compound tire, a 12/15 psi front/rear setting for medium compound

tires and an 18/23 psi setting for hard compound tires. These are COLD

tire pressure recommendations. This means that your HOT tire pressures

should be two to three psi higher after your run.

The next installment from Memo Gidley’s Secrets of Speed for Four-

Cycle Kart Racing we take our kart onto the track. This includes a look at

those first few important laps and what to look for along with an overview

on good maintenance practices.

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• Rotationally molded from UV stabilized polyethylene

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Page 42 Go Racing Magazine

Past Karters Show

the way @ San Jose

The 2007 CART series found itself on the west coast for the second time this

year. The 3rd Annual San Jose Grand Prix presented by Toyota and the Canary

Foundation at the Redback Raceway Park came upon the nations 10th largest

city to host another event on the streets of a major metropolitan area. The west coast

undoubtedly is known for its open wheel roots as the east is known for its solid roots of

NASCAR Fans. CART (Championship Auto Racing Teams) began setting up their efforts

to showcase this event months in advance. When I arrived in San Jose on Wednesday

afternoon to pick up credentials. I could not help but notice that the streets were not

blocked off and the course was not set up yet. Within 48 hours some of the nation’s best

open wheel drivers will navigate this 1.5-mile road course through the heart of downtown

San Jose at speeds approaching 200 mph. I said to myself it would take an army to get

ready for racing in such a short amount of time. It reminded me of some of the efforts

our local and national promoters must endure to host a major regional or national event in

karting, whether it is IKF, Stars or SuperNats. There are logistics that must be planned and

executed to present a race for the fans and racers alike.

My primary focus was to get information on karting’s most recent drivers that

have crossed over into the upper levels of open wheel racing. Drivers like Adrian Carrio,

(Atlantics) Jonathan Bomarito, (Atlantics) James Hinchcliffe, (Atlantics) Alan Sciuto,

(Atlantics) Graham Rahal, (Champ Car) Alexander Rossi, (Formula BMW) Billy Goshen

(Formula BMW). I have personally seen Rossi, Sciuto, Goshen

and Carrio in their early days of karting and all were impressive

to watch and even more impressive to see how they conduct

themselves at the various karting events in which we


Witnessing first hand the team effort that has been

assembled for each of these drivers instilled in me the fact

that karting is a major source that the major leagues of

open wheel racing depend on to guarantee longevity for its

teams, sponsors, and the overall future growth of open wheel

racing. As I mingled amongst the other photographers, simple

conversation began as I spoke of the

above-mentioned drivers. I was

surprised and concerned that

many of these “Motorsports”

photographers never heard of

karting and its organizations. I

made small talk about my son

beating Goshen at a national

karting event and also losing

to him in the same day in

another class. The question

came-up…why isn’t your

son racing here? I laughed

inside and almost engaged this

photographer in our story but

spared him the details.

Photos by Jose Sanchez

As I entered the pit areas of the drivers I noticed first hand some of the parallels in

karting. The haulers were of a grand scale, the tuners were abundant, and the pits were

spotless. If you look around at your next karting event, whether local, regional or national

you will notice that many of the successful teams in karting have adopted this physical

presence. The appearance of professionalism is often the key to getting noticed. This

simple attention to detail attracts sponsors. I can say that our professional levels of open

wheel racing are struggling for entries not as much for talent. With the IRL Series in direct

competition with CART and vice versa I also see many parallels that we as karters struggle

with. The IKF, WKA, Stars, etc are all competing for the same racers on different levels yes

but nonetheless still competing.

Perhaps we as karters can take from what our upper levels of racing are using as

a recipe for success in that they present an image of professionalism, commitment, and

desire to win races.

I know many of the karters share the same values, however we don’t always

practice these disciplines consistently. As with the hundreds of volunteers it took for

David Rahn the director of marketing for the San Jose Grand Prix to pull off this

event we too must ask that out supporters find a way to support our local drivers

and their aspiring teams get noticed, maintain professionalism and win races.

Jonathan Bomarito

Page 44 Go Racing Magazine

The Rock Island Grand Prix has been a huge success in years past as an epic event that

attracts drivers from Canada, Europe, and South America. The Rock Island Entertainment

group has supported this event hosting over 400 drivers for many years. Sponsors like

AT&T and Mazda have supported this event since its outset. Mazda is a big supporter of

the CART series as is Snap-on Stars of Karting supported by Bryan Herta with ties to IRL.

The SuperNats also attract some of the best karting talent and has also become a draw for

both of the above-mentioned promoters, sponsors and drivers.

At this year’s San Jose Grand Prix, local driver, Jonathan Bomarito (#23 Miracle

Sealants, Konica Minolta, Dynacor) picked up his first Atlantic series win. With Adrian

“Ace” Carrio (#17 Carrio Cabling) besting his best efforts to date in his rookie season with

a sixth place finish. Alan Sciuto also (#20 WS Deans, The Room Source) earned his sixth

top seven result of the season. Our local karters are doing well.

A quote from race Atlantic race winner Bomarito: JONATHAN BOMARITO (#23 Miracle

Sealants/Konica Minolta/Dynacor) of PR1 Motorsports: “It just feels incredible. Being

here in San Jose, I have so many friends and family here, and just the season we’ve had,

up to this point, it’s just a remarkable feeling. It’s been a tremendous weekend from the

second we put the car on the track. It’s been really good. I can’t thank the team and the

guys enough. When you have such an up-and-down season, to stay positive week-in and

week-out and keep working as hard as they have is very difficult to do. My hat’s off to the

whole Miracle Sealants/PR1 team. It’s great to be back up here. What a great feeling.”

Bomarito’s team celebrated in San Jose. Their win was a result of a well-balanced

recipe of skill, luck, and determination. This win came to the team collectively as they

overcame issues that others may use as an excuse or a reason as to why they didn’t


The next time you are at a karting event, pay special attention to the teams that are

winning. Most likely they are representing a professional, polished appearance and they

most likely have a team. We call them a family!

Words by John Valerio

Photos by Jose Sanchez

& John Valerio

Adrian Carrio 6th place Atlantics

Rafael Matos clinched the championship

with a nice championship pay check!

Billy Goshen, Formula BMW Hearn Motorsports

Go Racing Magazine Page 45

Photos by Jose Sanchez Photos by John Valerio Photos by John Valerio


Photo by John Valerio

Photo by Melanie Miller


8-8-07 IKF Region 11 Action packed in Stockton

This last weekend The Jim Russell IKF Region 11 Series

sponsored by Bridgestone competed at the Stockton Motorplex.

Recently the track went under some track repairs receiving a facelift.

Known for the bumps, the track received a Grinding in the bumpy

areas then a sealant and some track grip in some other areas. Action

started Friday when the racers took to the track for practice. The

rubber went down quick and by midday the buzz through the pits

was the problem of the chassis getting over hooked. As the sun went

down the BBQ by Stockton Motorplex started and beverages by provided a great party and social hour(s) for all.

Saturday morning the racers began to fill in while the track served

breakfast. the first class to take to the track was Jr Comer. Bordogna’s

Jon Norris grabbed the pole with a 34.327, which is flying for a

Comer. Jon Norris got the lead early in the heat but was tailed by a

pack of five. Norris got pole for the main but was again tailed by the

top four. Kaiser and Tifft both attempted to mount a challenge but

Norris was able to hold them off. Norris got the win. Kyle Kaiser

was second, Bobby Tifft and Logan Wyman was fourth.

Next up was the very competitive 125 National Cup.’s Chris Scribner got the pole with a 30.567. In

the heat Scribner and Kartworld’s Jason Toft checked out. Toft later

broke a throttle cable and fell way back. Scribner got the pole for the

main. Scribner got the lead early with Emmick’s Jesse Gwin, MMS’

Mike Botelho, Jr. and Corsa Karts Cody Hodgson all in tow. No

moves were made, and Scribner became the fourth new winner this

season. Gwin, Botelho, and Hodgson all stayed the same. Jason Toft

drove from eighth position on the starting grid to fifth.

Page 48 Go Racing Magazine

Photo by Melanie Miller

Photo by John Valerio

Photo by John Valerio Photo by


Formula 80 Limited took to the track next. Last Years Champion

Robert Towne from the Fastech racing pit got the pole with a 31.240.

MMI’s Trevor Schmid got the lead on the start of the heat and never

looked back to grab the pole in the main. Trevor got the lead on

the start again in the Final and walked away to 2.4-second victory.

Towne was second, Dave Mead, Travis Duhn, and Anthony Valerio

was the top five.

The Zamp Helmets HPV-4 Jr grew to seven entries this race.

Colby Potts got pole with a 31.416. Timothy Weddle stole the show

in the heat to setup an epic battle for the main. The Final provided

great close racing. As laps wound down, the top four in Bordogna’s

Colby Potts, Timothy Weddle, MMI’s Kelsey Nilsson, and Cody

Kay all led the fight as they pulled away from the rest. Last lap a pass

was made for the lead in the back section and collect the top four.

Hayden Parrino running in fifth was the first to cross the line for

Go Racing Magazine Page 49

Photo by John Valerio

Photo by John Valerio

his first win. Trackmagic’s Bret Felkins was second, MMI’s Wyatt

Nilsson was third, Cody Kay and Kelsey Nilsson was the top five.

Tyler Agan won the Animal Super Sportsman with Brian

Glasgow second, and Paul Carter won World Formula over Jacob

Wemmer. Last up on the day was the Jr Superbox. Cody Kay got

pole with a 32.412. MMS Karting’s David Brant wasted no time

and walked with the heat. But this battle wasn’t over. Brant would

DNF with mechanical issues. Kartworld’s Donavan Wheeler would

grab the lead and capture the victory. Kartworld’s Kiel Spaulding,

Cody Kay, Cambrian’s David Vasquez was fourth, and Ryan Garcia

was the top five.

Day two brought a new twist to the race day, as an offshore breeze

blew in creating a chilly environment. This lasted throughout the

day making the backstretch draft an important aspect to being fast.

First up Sunday was Jr HPV-1. Again Bordogna’s Jon Norris got

fast time with a 34.327. Norris and MMS Kartings Austin Dement

went head to head in the heat but, Norris prevailed for the pole

position. On the start Norris got an early lead. Dement got into a

battle for second with Justin Cole, and this allowed Norris to cruise

to an easy victory. Justin Cole got the second position and Dement

third. Mike Graves and Logan Wyman rounded out the top five.

National Cup Masters was next up and this was a great race.

Matt Kattanek got the pole with a 32.161. Kattanek got the heat

race win. In the Main, MMS Karting’s Glenn McKinnon went to the

early lead. McKinnon looked to dominate early, but Emmick’s Lance

Grimm came up fast and soon overtook the lead. Grimm would get

the win, but later get moved back a position. Glenn McKinnon was

the winner with Lance Grimm second. Matt Kattanek was third,

Darren Leipelt and Wayne Lorenz fifth.

The Kartworld HPV-2 took to the track next and Cambrian

Karts hot shoe David Vasquez got fast time with a 32.222. David

Vasquez walked with the heat race win. In the main Vasquez opened

up a lead early, but a red flag bunched up the field. On the restart

Tyler Bradstock dove in on Donavan Wheeler for the second spot,

and began to put the pressure on Vasquez for the top spot. Vasquez

held on and Bradstock had to settle for second. Kartworld’s Donavan

Wheeler and Kiel Spaulding were right behind them and Kelsey

Nilsson passed Timothy Weddle for the fifth spot late.

Josh Veloz got the pole in the Sr Superbox light division. But

Fastech’s Bryan Stephenson continued his dominance and got the

heat race win. In the Main, Stephenson jumped to a lead early and

did the familiar Sunday drive many come to expect in 2007. Jeff

Mason got second with Veloz third. Chris Gomez and Jamie Wilson

was the top five.

Formula 80 Masters hit the track and Cody McKinney got

fast time with a 31.978. McKinney got some bad luck and DNF’d

the heat. Emmick’s Tony Rodriguez won for the pole position.

Rodriguez would dominate the Main winning by over 5 seconds.

Jay Neely came home second and Jeff Wamre third. Chuck Hastings

and Wayne Robinson fifth.

The TAG Jr class was up next and Cody Kay claimed the pole

with a 31.515. Kay was dominant in the heat and the main winning

by 5 seconds over MMS Karting’s David Brant. Tyler Bradstock was

third, Chelsi Wagner and Amanda Johnson fifth.

Last up was 100cc National Cup Sr.’s Chris

Scribner got fast time with a 31.890. In the heat Scribner led from

Page 50 Go Racing Magazine

Photo by Melanie Miller

Photo by Melanie Miller

Photo by Melanie Miller Photo by Melanie Miller

the beginning with Corsa Karts Cody Hodgson stalking him. With

two laps to go Hodgson pulled the trigger and grabbed the lead for

the pole position. On the Start of the main contact sent Scribner

off and Hodgson to a big lead. Hodgson was unchallenged to the

victory. Scribner came from last to finish second, Chris Alexander

Kevin Knight and Craig Nilsson was the top five.

Next race IKF Region 11 will compete in Reno for round six of

the eight race series. Practice begins Friday August 24 with racing

on the 25-26. Reno Kart club will be hosting a Racer appreciation


Article by

Photos by Melanie Miller,

John Valerio,

How to

Be Consistent

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IKF Region 11

Stockton Motorplex Park

Saturday, August 4, 2007

Junior 1 2 Cycle

Pos Name

1 Jon Norris

2 Kyle Kaiser

3 Bobby Tifft

4 Logan Wyman

5 Austin Dement

125 National Cup

Pos Name

1 Chris Scribner

2 Jesse Gwin

3 Mike Botelho, Jr.

4 Cody Hodgson

5 Jason Toft

Formula 80 Limited

Pos Name

1 Trevor Schmid

2 Robert Towne

3 David Mead

4 Travis Duhn

5 Anthony Valerio

HPV-4 Jr

Pos Name

1 Hayden Parrino

2 Bret Felkins

3 Wyatt Nilsson

4 Cody Kay

5 Kelsey Nilsson

Super Sportsman Heavy

Pos Name

1 Bryan Stevenson

2 Joshua Veloz

3 Brett George

4 Jesse Rigg

5 Jamie Olson

Animal Super Sportsman

Pos Name

1 Jacob Wemmer

2 Paul Carter

3 Mille DaVera

4 Tyler Agan

5 Guy Gentry

Jr Super Sportsman

Pos Name

1 Donavan Wheeler

2 Kiel Spaulding

3 Cody Kay

4 David Vasquez

5 Ryan Garcia

IKF Region 11

Stockton Motorplex Park

Sunday, August 5, 2007

HPV Jr 1

Pos Name

1 Jon Norris

2 Justin Cole

3 Austin Dement

4 Mike Graves

5 Logan Wyman

125 National Cup Masters

Pos Name

1 Glenn McKinnon

2 Lance Grimm

3 Matt Kattanek

4 Darren Peipelt

5 Wayne Lorenz

Go Racing Magazine Page 51

HPV-2 Junior

Pos Name

1 David Vasquez

2 Tyler Bradstock

3 Donavan Wheeler

4 Kiel Spaulding

5 Kelsey Nilsson

Super Sportsman

Pos Name

1 Bryan Stephenson

2 Jeff Mason

3 Joshua Veloz

4 Chris Gomez

5 Jamie Wilson

Formula 80cc Masters

Pos Name

1 Tony Rodriquez

2 Jay Neely

3 Jeff Wamre

4 Chuck Hastings

5 Wayne Rodoni

100cc National Cup

Pos Name

1 Cody Kay

2 David Brant

3 Tyler Bradstock

4 Chelsi Wagner

5 Amanda Johnson

100cc National

Cup Senior

Pos Name

1 Cody Hodgson

2 Chris Scribner

3 Chris Alexander

4 Kevin Knight

5 Craig Nilsson

IKF Region 11

Top 10 - 2007

Point Standings

125cc National Cup

1 427 Jason Toft 987

2 23 Jesse Gwin 971

3 67 Mike Botelho, Jr. 932

4 17 Chris Scribner 920

5 55 Cody Hodgson 912

6 5 Michael Rojas 867

7 25 DJ Agee 833

8 44 Andrew Kemp 627

9 3 Nic Le Duc 534

10 24 Johnny Loucks 489

Syd White World

Formula Heavy

1 2 Paul Carter 801

2 48 Jacob Wemmer 771

3 45 Tom Agan 761

4 24 Guy Gentry 533

5 90 Josh Wemmer 353

6 20 Jason Gentry 353

7 27 Mike DeVera 352

Leading Edge

Jr 1 2 Cycle

1 66 Jon Norris 1040

2 15 Austin Dement 980

3 88 Kyle Kaiser 965

4 20 Logan Wyman 905

5 1 Justin Cole 875

6 4 JR Raczko 786

7 11 Nicky Prichard 769

8 25 Grant Ereth 521

9 94 Austin Elliott 386

10 17 Dain Davirro 356

Kart World Jr HPV 2

1 52 David Vasquez 1061

2 11 Colby Potts 934

3 12 Melissa Cole 834

4 101 Kelsey Nilsson 797

5 3 Wyatt Nilsson 796

6 40 Timothy Weddle 784

7 25 Joey Loucks 721

8 94 Donavan Wheeler 688

9 4 Hayden Parrino 686

10 13 Nick Viscusi 549

Emmick 125cc National

Cup Masters

1 17 Glenn McKinnon 1011

2 3 Lance Grimm 961

3 20 Matt Kattanek 760

4 8 Ray Zarick 705

5 31 Paul Hohlbein 699

6 32 Wayne Lorenz 696

7 5 Carol Brown 645

8 45 Danny Mohr 493

9 67 Tony Rodriguez 376

10 2 Bill McCallister 363

Fastech Jr Super


1 52 David Vasquez 1005

2 2 David Brant 875

3 94 Donavan Wheeler 773

4 17 Bradley Genseal 725

5 26 Ryan Garcia 710

6 5 John Waldrop 670

7 40 Timothy Weddle 522

8 2 Cody Kay 397

9 11 Colby Potts 382

10 8 Kiel Spaulding 198

Fastech Super

Sportsman Heavy

1 2 Bryan Stephenson 1006

2 14 Brett George 946

3 182 Chris Gomez 906

4 7 Joshua Veloz 735

5 3 Todd Wallace, Jr. 379

6 Bob Snow 362

7 40 Jamie Wilson 357

8 24 Jordan Bianco 196

9 4 Jesse Rigg 181

10 98 Damien Shanoian 172

Zamp HPV-4 Jr

1 10 Wyatt Nilsson 562

2 11 Colby Potts 537

3 2 Cody Kay 389

4 14 Hayden Parrino 379

5 101 Kelsey Nilsson 360

6 28 Marcelo Montore 197

7 35 Brett Felkins 197

8 13 Nick Viscusi 187

9 3 Troy Buckman 177

10 40 Timothy Weddle 172

Ram Mechanical

Super Sportsman

1 2 Bryan Stephenson1027

2 182 Chris Gomez 912

3 55 Jeff Mason 897

4 7 Joshua Veloz 756

5 85 Ryan Wakabayashi 535

6 40 Jamie Wilson 372

7 3 Todd Wallace, Jr. 369

8 46 Kial Bonetti 349

9 4 David Bixler 334

10 24 Jordan Bianco 186

XM Animal Super


1 27 Scott Smith 942

2 44 Tyler Agan 821

3 1 Chip Mooneyham 545

4 39 Brian Glasgow 538

5 2 CJ Mooneyham 377

6 10 Keith Foux 196

7 86 Dan Pellizzari 186

8 4 Brent Redmond 177

9 13 Richard James 176

10 7 Chris Baldwin 167

Zamp Jr 2 Animal

1 29 Sheldon Crouse 788

2 42 Trevor Agan 788

Fastech Formula

80cc LTD Masters

1 11 Jay Neely 982

2 24 Steve Dow 962

3 61 Darrel Dean 720

4 31 Jeff Wamre 718

5 3y Cody McKinney 717

6 17y Ben Fisher 544

7 57 Tony Rodriguez 421

8 32 Chuck Hastings 344

9 81 Jeff Jarvis 341

10 Wayne Rodini 337

MMI Formula 80cc LTD

1 18 Robert Towne 980

2 3 David Mead 956

3 5 Trevor Schmid 921

4 89 Gary Gwin 894

5 8 Adam Booker 880

6 2 Travis Duhn 874

7 24 Steve Dow 815

8 19 Anthony Valerio 794

9 29 Merrick Miller 767

10 52 Kevin Tanaka 739

Bordogna Jr HPV 1

1 66 Jon Norris 1007

2 1 Justin Cole 932

3 88 Kyle Kaiser 927

4 15 Austin Dement 912

5 20 Logan Wyman 907

6 4 JR Raczko 854

97 Tucker Dunbar 640

8 11 Nicky Prichard 508

9 36 Jacob Koeberlein 501

10 38 Cole Trickel 479

Fastech 100cc

National Cup

1 55 Cody Hodgson 989

2 17 Chris Scribner 959

3 23 Jesse Gwin 756

4 8 Kevin Knight 710

5 83 Jon Ban 703

6 31 Tyler Wamre 691

7 3 Nic Le Duc 559

8 32 Matt Brauer 337

9 5 Michael Rojas 199

10 13 Chris Alexander 188

Fastech 100cc

National Cup Jr

1 2 David Brant 584

2 16 Tyler Bradstock 574

3 12 Chelsi Wagner 544

4 2 Cody Kay 410

5 1 Melissa Cole 179

6 12y James Ellis 175

7 6 Amanda Johnson 175

Page 52 Go Racing Magazine


Photos by Melanie Miller

HST 25mm Stub Axle

BS7 Front brake System




BS6 Brake system •

MXP Mag wheel

Anti Skid fl oor plate

Of ficial U.S. Distributor for

8233 Oliver Road Erie, PA 16509 • P. 814-864-1846 • F. 814-866-2697

Round #2

E lliott

CSC Round 2 – Grand Junction Motor Speedway

The second meeting for the 2007 Colorado Sprint

Championship took place on June 10 th at the new and

improved Grand Junction Motor Speedway on Colorado’s

western slope. What? New and improved? Isn’t GJMS just a few years

old? Well, that’s true, but the Cook family added a huge new shop

to the facility in the off-season, and introduced real bathrooms and

running water to the Colorado karting community, making for an

even more professional and spectacular destination for the region’s


Unlike at the first CSC race at Bandimere, the only water under

discussion was the new plumbing, with sunny weather keeping any

precipitation off of the track. Without the rain factor that made for

some very interesting results at Bandimere, a slightly clearer picture

of how the season’s championship might end up emerged this time


One of the most interesting classes this year is the fastest – Billet

Performance Karting Pro 125 Shifter. With several of the shifter

protagonists altering their focus this year (like defending champion

M eek

Kyle Ray, and past winners Marc Elliott and Matt Kistler), some new

faces are showing up in the spotlight. Last year’s Novice 125 frontrunner

J.D. Mobley (Birel/Pavesi) has upped his game significantly this year,

joining The Track at Centennial’s Doghouse Racing team with tuner

Anthony Figuieredo honing both the hardware and “software”. The

combination is working well - J.D. bagged his first pro-class win in the

rain at Bandimere in explosive fashion, nearly lapping the field. Could

that level of domination continue?

Qualifying suggested otherwise. Though Mobley put his Birel on

the pole, it was only by a tenth over Grand Junction regular Jake Snider

(CRG/TM), with the Billet Performance pairing of Mike O’Connell

and Mike Petrie recording the exact same time on their identical

Arrow/TM rides. GJMS’s Critical Zone driver Ben Schermerhorn

(CRG/Pavesi) was also close behind, as was another Billet Arrow/

TM entry, Taylor Broekemeier. All six were within a half second, so it

wasn’t going to be an easy repeat win for Mobley.

In the heat race the battle remained close. Mobley took the checker,

but Snider, Petrie, and Schermerhorn were all within a few seconds

of the leader. Snider actually got the jump in the main, but retired

quickly, allowing Mobley some clean air up front. Just behind, class

C onyers

Words by Kurt Freiburg

Photos by Mitch Bowers

Page 54 Go Racing Magazine

M obley

newcomer O’Connell put his Arrow into second, while Broekemeier

had charged from the back after a heat race retirement to take over

third. Not for long, though, as his traditional rival Schermerhorn got

past to take the spot. At the end of the 20 laps, Mobley held a nice

4.5-second margin over O’Connell (thanks in part to a 52.74 second

lap, fastest of the day), with Schermerhorn another four seconds back.

In the season points battle, Mobley has the maximum possible point

total, with the quickly improving O’Connell in second. The win also

speeds up Mobley’s fast rise in the national driver


When the Spec Moto class started a few years ago, predictions

were that this would be the most hotly contested class in karting. In

the CSC this year, this has proven true. The entire field is full of some

of the region’s fastest racers. Two teams in particular are battling for

supremacy here – A.J. Noud’s Rocky Mountain Kartworks team on

GP chassis with reigning CSC champ Keenan Schmitke, Matt Kistler,

Ian Koentges, and Chris Waterman for drivers, and Utah’s Reaction

Karting squadron on their custom First Karts with Supernats podium

finisher Eddie Olpin, Supernats pole winner Cody Tracy, Wyatt Lloyd,

and team GM Brandon Anderson. Qualifying was intense, as every

G utierrez

C arey

hundredth counted, and less than two seconds covered all 12 karts.

Olpin pulled off P1, but Kartworks’ Kistler was just behind. The heat

race ran NASCAR plate style, with Schmitke re-establishing himself

up front at the flag, with Lloyd-Olpin-Anderson-Kistler-and Jake

Snider (CRG) crossing practically in unison.

In the final, Eddie Olpin went to the front on the first lap, and was

able to pry open a gap for the remainder of the race, crossing the line

with almost eight seconds in hand. Behind him there was no room for

that crowbar, as Kistler, Schmitke, and Lloyd came through within

half a second of each other, in that order. Olpin set the fast lap of

53.76, helped by the fact that the entire field finished well within the

same lap, As the only person to finish on the podium in both rounds,

Matt Kistler now leads in points.

TaG Senior has several new recruits from the junior ranks

establishing themselves up front this year. Kartworks’ Dale Kistler-

Collins in particular has benefited greatly from his team’s support, and

seems to be getting even faster every weekend. This one was perfect

for the former 80 Shifter standout, who put his GP/Motori Seven

out in front each time on the track. His biggest challenge came from

Shockwave’s David Zippie (Shockwave/Leopard) who lead more than

B ird

Go Racing Magazine Page 55

L azier

half of the final, and might have re-challenged for the lead if not for

problems with traffic. TaG Masters regular Tom Dennin successfully

challenged the seniors with his old faithful Arrow/Rotax kart and was

rewarded with a strong third place finish. Kistler-Collins set the fast

lap at 55.31, and now takes over from Shockwave’s Greg Welch as the

series points leader, and also moves up the driver


The new AutoConnection TaG 4 stroke class ran concurrently

with TaG Senior. Well, sort of. Kartworks’ leader A.J. Noud (GP/

Vampire) has been demonstrating the capabilities of the more

powerful package all year, and took off in front of the combined field

for most of the weekend. Unfortunately for A.J., a last lap retirement

handed over the win to teammate Roman Gutierrez (GP/Vampire)

who also maintained his lead in the points series. Noud’s fastest was


The Track at Centennial TaG Masters class was once again

the largest field of the weekend with 17 entries, and was also, once

again, one of the most fiercely contested. Doghouse Racing’s kahuna

Jim Keesling (Birel/Rotax) started off the proceedings with a pole

position, but was knocked out of the heat race early on, seemingly

ruining his chances for a win. Defending class champion Roman

Gutierrez (GP/Motori Seven) took the heat race, but a first lap

incident relegated him to the back during the main. IMI Motorsports’

Ron Reed (Margay/Biland) took over the point for much of the main,

but a six-kart pack had formed on his bumper, including, incredibly,

Keesling and Gutierrez. After some of the best racing the CSC has

ever seen, Kartworks’ Mike Jansen (GP/Motori Seven) emerged

with the victory, followed in by Troy Howell (Trackmagic/Leopard)

and Gutierrez. Fast lap was actually set further back in the field, by

CRE Motorsports’ Gunter DeSanti (Arrow/Motori Seven) at 57.39.

J ansen

Jansen now leads a very tight points race over Mike Price (First Kart/


Sterling Service TaG Junior saw another perfect weekend for

a Kartworks driver, Christian Bird. The MiniMax graduate, now

in a GP/Leopard, took pole position in qualifying, and fended off

challenges from Shockwave’s Jesse Runkle (Shockwave/Leopard) and

Critical Zone’s Sabre Cook (CRG/Rotax) in the heat race. Runkle

got the jump in the final, but it only lasted a couple of laps before

Bird took over. Meanwhile homegirl Cook made up for a slow start

for the second step on the podium, after battling with Nick Burton

(Maranello/Leopard) who took third. Bird set fast lap once in the

clear at 55.59, and now holds a strong lead in the points over Burton.

Meek Motorsports MiniMax was a game of “chase Chase” as Billet

Performance’s Chase Elliott (Karit) defended his perfect season. Team

Arrow USA/CRE’s Colby Meek (Arrow) kept Chase honest all day,

and even set fast lap in the main at 57.66 while inspecting Chase’s rear

bumper, finishing second. Doghouse Racing’s Cole MacEwen finished

out the podium. Elliott’s two wins give him a dominant points lead.

The new IMI Motorsports Jr.1 Honda class had a watershed

weekend, as a couple of the frontrunners broke away from the

K80s that shared the track. Newcomer Mitch Carey lead the field

in qualifying and the main, only getting beat in the heat race by his

closest challenger, Sammy Vickery, who ended up second in the main.

Doghouse Racing’s Wyatt MacEwen (Birel) took home the third place

trophy, and held on to his points lead. Vickery was actually the fastest

in the class with a 1:04.0 lap.

Junior 1 K80 was a little easier than MiniMax for Colby Meek

(Arrow), as the Stars Cadet Class rookie lapped the track more than

two seconds faster than his competition (1:04.8 was his fastest),

getting in some excellent preparation for his upcoming Stars race

in Utah. Landon Smith (Nevoso) was the best of the rest, holding

down second all day, while newcomer Giovanni Velasquez finished an

excellent third. Meek’s two for two stretched his points lead.

The Honda KidKart class was a three-way battle between

defending champion Tate Holleran, Flinn Lazier (son of Indy 500

winner Buddy), and Mitchell Cody. Cody took the pole in qualifying,

but it was Lazier who took the heat race – by .002 seconds, with only

062 seconds back to Holleran in third! Compared to that, the final

was relatively relaxed as Lazier took over from Cody after three laps

and finished with a two second gap back to Holleran, with Cody in

third. Holleran edged the field for a single lap time at 47.197 on the

short circuit, and kept his points lead.

The Performance Fabrication Novice 80 Shifter class looked like

Doghouse Racing speedster Cole MacEwen’s own for most of the day.

K istler-Colins

Page 56 Go Racing Magazine

Cole put his Birel on the pole in qualifying, and was even second overall in the combined

Novice 80/Junior 80 field, putting a few Junior 80 karts between him and Billet’s perennial

frontrunner Chase Elliott (RBI). Chase cleared the way in the heat race, finishing one and

a half seconds behind Cole, then turned the tables in the main by getting a fantastic start

and keeping one or two karts between him and Cole for most of the race. Cole did track

him down, setting the fastest lap at 55.33 seconds, but came up just short, a few lengths

back. Rookie Grant Owen (Shockwave) backed up his impressive rain drive at Bandimere

with a third here. Elliott’s near-perfect season put him out front in the points race also.

Meanwhile in the concurrent Junior 80 Shifter class Sterling Motors’ Jack Bradley

(GP) pulled off a perfect day, fending off several challenges from Kody Adcock (CRG),

who lead briefly in the main and even set the fastest lap at 55.24 before settling for second.

Cory Milne brought his TopKart home just ahead of the Novice battle for third. Bradley’s

second perfect day in as many starts this year has him solidly in first in the points.

There were three protagonists in the Masters 125 Shifter class.

Kartworks’ David Conyers (GP/Pavesi) took the pole – barely – over Mike Adcock

(CRG). But it was Jet Davis who took the heat race over Conyers. In the main, Davis

retired early and Conyers took the lead. Adcock had to work back through the field after

a DNF in the heat race, and even though he ripped off an impressive 53.72-second lap,

he came up .9 seconds short of Conyers at the checker. Kartworks’ Aaron Sherman (GP/

TM) took third, following up on his Bandimere win, and preserved his points lead over


The CSC now moves on to the still-new The Track at Centennial circuit for round

three in July, and with only five rounds and no drops this year, the pressure will be on.

B radley

O lpin

Colorado Sprint


Sunday, June

10, 2007

Jr. 1 Honda

Pos No Name

1 11 Mitch Carey

2 24 Sammy Vickery

3 58 Wyatt MacEwen

4 2 Courtney MacEwen

5 26 Grant Copple

6 3 Coleton Cody

Jr 1 K80

Pos No Name

1 33 Colby Meek

2 34 Landon Smith

3 21 Giovanni Velasquez

4 6 Jake Graser

5 18 Lindsey Freier

6 8 Duncan Campbell

7 24 Jacob Hansen

8 59 Kayla Fisher


Pos No Name

1 14 Dale Kistler-Collins

2 32 David Zippie

3 141 Tom Dennin

4 45 Greg Welch

5 02 Shawn Kelly

6 9 Melissa Yount

7 15 Marco Ferrero

8 22 Grady Johnson

9 440 David Chapel

10 08 Jon Bachelor

TAG 4 Cycle

Pos No Name

1 39 Roman Gutierrez

2 82 Scott Burke

3 211 AJ Noud

4 3 Scott Falcone

Spec 125 Shifter

Pos No Name

1 14 Eddie Olpin

2 22 Matt Kistler

3 132 Keenan Schmitke

4 7 Wyatt Lloyd

5 21 Ryan Hansen

6 17 Chris Waterman

7 23 Jake Snider

8 27 Justin Simonson

9 76d Ken Kawakami

10 3 Matt Burton

Mini Max

Pos No Name

1 9 Chase Elliott

2 3 Colby Meek

3 4 Cole MacEwen

4 6 Beau Cook

5 5d Tristan Cook

Masters 125 Shifter

Pos No Name

1 3 David Conyers

2 24 Mike Adcock

3 4 Aaron Sherman

4 25d Mike Cunningham

5 17 Craig Neff

6 2 DeJohn Walker

7 13 Hans Campbell

8 8 Pat Koentges

9 27d Alex Dicharry

10 10 Scott Allen

TaG Junior

Pos No Name

1 324 Christian Bird

2 317d Sabre Cook

3 9 Nick Burton

4 77 Conner Thomas

5 13 Joey Allen

6 49 Dylan Brening

7 55 Jesse Runkle

TaG Masters

Pos No Name

1 27 Mike Jansen

2 3 Troy Howell

3 58 Roman Gutierrez

4 84 Jim Keesling

5 6 John Tidwell

6 95d Ken Petrie

7 47 Ron Reed

8 33 Brett Stewart

9 7 Gunter DeSanti

10 29 Troy Smith

80 Junior

Pos No Name

1 38 Jack Bradley

2 12 Kody Adcock

3 5 Cory Milne

4 57 Brady Balderston

80 Novice

Pos No Name

1 9 Chase Elliott

2 3 Cole MacEwen

3 31 Grant Owen

4 12 Colin Wogrin

5 4d Cameron Wogrin

6 5 Connor Wogrin

125 Shifter

Pos No Name

1 30 JD Mobley

2 5 Mike O’Connell

3 55 Ben Schermerhorn

4 126 Taylor Broekemeier

5 13 Tom Taylor

6 42d Cody McIntyre

7 2 Nick Kamenov

8 12 Shawn Young

9 69 Tim Otto

10 23 Jake Snider

Kid Karts

Pos No Name

1 88 Flinn Lazier

2 1 Tate Holleran

3 7 Mitchell Cody

4 8 Aaron Atchley

5 33 Lauren Holleran

6 4 Brandon Fisher

7 38d Nathaniel Freier

8 57 Riley Cook

2 3 Troy Howell

Go Racing Magazine Page 57

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Motor Work

23272-A Vista Grande Drive, Laguna Hills, CA 92653

Phone: 949.206.9906 FAX 949.206.9930





Todd Thomas

Racing Kart Rentals


Chassis sales, Instruction, Tuner

ph. 760-680-6756

ph. 760-680-6757

P.O. Box 403030

Hesperia, Ca 92340-3030

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Race winning performance you can count on

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Go Racing Magazine Page 59


1140 South Tremont St.

Oceanside, CA 92054


Fax 760.754.8650

Jerry & Chris


Chassis and Engine


(951) 678-6365


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Shop 951-678-7570

Mobile 951-440-7391

Reine Persson


10463 Grant Line Rd., Ste. 106 Ph (916) 714-3980

Elk Grove, CA 95624 Fax (916) 714-3981

Carl Woltjer (918) 258-0598

Daniel Woltjer

1279 - G West Stowell Rd. Phone (805) 922-8322

805 West Elgin Street, Broken Arrow, OK 74012

Page 60 Go Racing Magazine


Kart Club


Race Schedule

February 25

March 18

April 22

May 20

July 2

August 19

September 23

October 7

October 13-14 = IKF

November 4

Race Dates are subject to Change so please call.

Post Office Box 447

Atwater, Ca 95301

More Information


Mike Genseal



Race Schedule

February 11th - BKC Series Race

March 11th - BKC Series Race

April 15th- BKC Series Race

May 12th - BKC Series Race

May 27th - BKC Series Race

June10th- BKC Series Race

June 20-24 - IKF Grand Nationals

September 16th - BKC Series Race

October 14th - BKC Series Race

Nov 11th - BKC Series Race

Dec 2nd - BKC Series Race

December 3rd - Michael Clark

Memorial Superbox Pro Race

For Club Events

Gates open at 7am

Rain or Shine - Nine club

events with one drop

All Races will be held at

Buttonwillow Raceway Park.

Directions: Take I-5 to the Lerdo Hwy

exit. Go West over bridge about 1 mile to

the entrance road into track, turn left and

drive straight to the gate.



Blue Max Kart Club

Davis, CA

All club races on Sundays

Race 1 February 11

Race 2 March 4

Region 11 IKF #1 March 10-11

Race 3 April 15

Race 4 June 3

Race 5 July 15

Race 6 August 19

Race 7 September 9

Race 8 October 28

Check website for details:



Calhan, Colorado

Rocky Mountain Western Division

Colorado State Sprint Championship

2007 Schedule

April 15th *RMC

May 12th *RMC

June 17th *RMC

July 8th *RMC

July 29th *RMC

August 12th Race #6

Sept. 16th Race #7

Oct. 14th Race #8

* WKA/CSSC Series

** CRE/SoCo Rotax Challenge

** CRE Easykart Championships

Further Information

Contact - George Durdin



Race #1 - May 6

Action Karting at Bandimere Speedway

Race #2 - June 10

Grand Junction Motor Speedway

Race #3 - July 15

The Track at Centennial

Race #4 - Aug 26

IMI Motorsports

Race #5 - Sept 23

Grand Junction Motor Speedway

5 races, no drops


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FTK - Andy

(714) 289-0432



2007 NW Gold Cup/

RotaxMax Challenge Schedule


Motor Circuit


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Kinsmen Kart Club

2007 Event & Race Schedule

March 2,3,4

Xplex Seattle

April 14-15

Tri-Cities, WA

May 5-6

McMinnville, OR

May 26-27

Boise, ID

June 8-10

Champ Car Weekend

Portland Int. Raceway *

June 16-17

Tri-Cities, WA

July 14-15

Medford, OR

August 11-12

Tacoma, WA

August 24,25,26

Centralia Street Race **

September 1-2

Spokane, WA

* Unconfirmed date.

** Not a Max Challenge Points race

For More

Information Call:

Bill Hettick



Race Schedule

Tri C Club Race

September 15th

Tri C Club Race

October 13th

Open Practice 7 Days a Week


Call or check the website for

current practice schedule.

Track is location: Take I-15 towards

Las Vegas, exit Bell Mountion Stoddard

Wells. Turn left (East) to Central Road,

go right (South).

For More Information


Jim Granger at

(760) 963-1360

Hearn Competition Karting

Team Endurance Racing

Date Track

20-Jan-07 Grange'

3-Mar-07 ADAMS

5-May-07 Las


16-Jun-07 TBA

21-Jul-07 TBA

8-Sep-07 Grange'

20-Oct-07 TBA

1-Dec-07 TBA

(702) 459-5278

April 15th

Whiteland GP

Whiteland Raceway

April 28-29th

Lafayette Square GP

Lafayette Square

May 5th

Saturday Night Lights


May 20th

Harry Alkire Memorial

Forest Park

June 23-24th

Take Down Club GP

Western Boone HS

July 14-15th

Warrior GP

North Knox HS

July 28-29th

Greenwood GP

Craig Park

August 12th

Little Italy GP

Streets of Clinton

September 8-9th

Linton Rotary Club GP

City Park

October 5-7th

Mooresville GP

Pioneer Park


Speedway Kart Club

2007 Schedule

@ Lowe's Motor Speedway

NASCAR Stars - Shifters/TaG's and Junior karts

Wednesday, April 4, 4pm – 8pm

Wednesday, April 25, 4pm – 8pm

Wednesday, June 5, 4pm – 8pm

Sunday, June 10, Noon – 5pm

Wednesday, June 20, 4pm – 8pm

Wednesday, June 27, 4pm – 8pm

Wednesday, July 11, 4pm – 8pm

July 21, Noon – 5pm – Tentative Race Event

Wednesday, August 1, 4pm – 8pm

Saturday, August 4, Noon – 5pm

Wednesday, August 15, 4pm – 8pm

Sunday, August 19, Noon – 5pm

Wednesday, August 29, 4pm – 8pm

Wednesday, September 5, 4pm – 8pm

Wednesday, September 26, 4pm – 8pm

Wednesday, October 30, 3pm – 7pm

Saturday, December 1, Noon – 5pm

December 15, Noon – 5pm – Tentative Race Even

Contact is: Maria Harris


#1 at DIXON

Mar 18, 2007

#2 at DIXON (backwards)

April 22, 2007

#3 at DIXON

May 6, 2007

#4 @ DAVIS

June 3, 2007

(crossover with Davis and Prairie City)


June 24, 2007

(crossover with Davis and Prairie City)

#6 @ DIXON (backwards)

July 29, 2007

(crossover with Davis and Prairie City)

#7 at DIXON

Aug 12, 2007

#8 at DIXON (backwards)

Sept 2, 2007

#9 at DIXON

Sept 23, 2007


Sept 29/30, 2007

RAIN DATE (if needed)Oct 7, 2007

#10 at DIXON (backwards)

Oct 21, 2007

Go Racing Magazine Page 61

2007 Race Schedule

**Subject to change**

CalSpeed Kart Track

at California Speedway

January 21

February 11

March 18

April 22

May 20

*New date June 10

July 22

August 19

September 16

October 5-7 Region 7 IKF

(grande backwards)

October 21

(grande backwards)

November 18 -option

9 of 10 races — rain or shine

Gates open at 6:30am

Practice at 8:00am

Saturday night camping

Champ Car Rotax Kart Challenge local series

For Information:


Guy Keesee at (805) 905-9921

Dave Jimenez at (661) 222-9229

Region 11


2007 Schedule

March 10-11, 2007

Blue Max Kart Track, Davis, CA

March 31 - April 1, 2007

Prairie City Kart Track, Rancho Cordova, CA

April 28-29, 2007

Shasta Kart Track, Redding,CA

May 26-27, 2007

Jackson County State Park, Medford, OR

August 4-5, 2007

Stockton Motorplex Park, Stockton, CA

August 25-26, 2007

Desert Park Raceway, Reno, NV

September 29-30, 2007

Dixon Kart Track, Dixon, CA

October 13-14, 2007

Tom Dash Memorial, Atwater, CA



MRP Series RMAX Challenge


April 22 April 22


May 20

June 10

June 24

July 1

July 15

July 29

Aug 12

Aug 26

Sept 9

Sept 23

Oct 7

May 20

June 10

June 24

July 1

July 15

July 29

Aug 26

Sept 9

Sept 23

Oct 7

Oct 21 (non points)

April 27 - 29

Midwest Sprint Series

May 4-6

WKA Manufacturer's Cup

June 1-3

Great Lakes Sprint Series

Track Phone: 574-288-4922

2007 Schedule

Feb 3-4

CalSpeed, Fontana, CA

March 3-4

Buffalo Bills, NV

March 31 April 1

Moran, Beaumont, CA

May 5-6

Grange, Victorville, CA

June 2-3

Buttonwillow, CA

September 8-9

Willow Springs, CA

October 6-7

CalSpeed, Fontana, CA



Don St. Ours

951 809-7509

Eau Claire Raceway - Eau Claire, WI


April 21 Track Clean Up

April 22 Testing & Practice

May 04 Practice

May 05 Race 1

May 06 Race 2

May 18 Practice

May 19 Race 3

May 20 Race 4

June 01 Practice

June 02 Race 5

June 03 Race 6

June 29 Practice

June 30 Race 7

July 01 Race 8

July 20 Practice

July 21 Race 9

July 22 Race 10

Aug 10 Practice

Aug 11 Race 11

Aug 12 Race 12

Aug 24 Practice

Aug 25 Race 13

Aug 26 Race 14

Santa Maria

Karting Association

2007 SMKA Track Schedule

Date Track

February 11 E

March 11 H

April 15 L

May 20 K

June 10 K

*July 6 & 7 Pro-Kart Challenge

August 12 K

September 16 K

October 14 O

November 11 D

December 9 B

1 throwaway race given for

SMKA Club Championship

*Non-SMKA Sponsored Event.

For More


April 28-29

Michiana Raceway Park

Southbend, IN

June 9-10

USA International Raceway

Shawano, WI

July 7-8

Badger Raceway

Dousman, WI


August 11-12

Concept Haulers Speedway

Norway, IL

September 8-9 *

New Castle Motorsports Park

New Castle, IN

For Info:


San Diego

Kart Club

February 25


March 10

Qualcomm WEST Course

April 7

Qualcomm WEST Course

April 28

Qualcomm SOUTHEAST Course

May 20

Perris APEX Day Race

June 9

Perris APEX

July 8

Qualcomm SOUTHEAST Course

July 29

Qualcomm SOUTHEAST Course

August 18

Perris APEX (Night Race)

September 30






Located 8 miles south of Superior, WI, on State Hwy #35

2007 Schedule

Wild Wednesday

April 18

April 25

May 2

May 9

May 16



June 6

June 13

June 20

June 27

July 11

July 18

July 25

August 1

August 8

August 15

August 22

August 29

Registration starts

at 8am for All Races





2007 Race Schedule

January 27

February 24

March 24

April 28

May 25

June 23

July 28

August 25

September 22

Super Sunday

April 22

April 29

May 6

May 13

May 20

May 27

June 3

June 10

June 17

June 24

July 1

July 8

July 15

July 22

July 29

Aug 5

Aug 12

Aug 19

Aug 26

Wild Wednesday’s Racing begins 6:00 pm Oval and Dirt

Super Sunday’s Racing begins at Noon Oval and Dirt

October 27

All races held at Adama Kart Track

which is located at the 60 Fwy and

Market Street. Overnight camping

is okay on Friday evenings. Offered

is WKA’s Joe Karter weekly racing

series. You race against everyone

in the USA for year end prizes at

For More Information

Contact: Bill Manuel

(626) 798-9110

Registration starts

at 8am for All Races


Long Island

Kart Club

Preliminary 2007


February 11

March 17

April 1

May 6

May 12

May 20

June 10

June 17

July 22

July 29

August 12

August 26

September 9

September 15

September 23

October 6

October 7

October 21

November 4


Today LIKA maintains a

road-course in the parking lot

adjacent to Nassau Coliseum.

CONTACT: Charles Janosick



Kart Racing











SEPT. 1st & 2nd





Track is located at Spokane

Motorsports Complex in Airway

Heights, WA. Take HWY. 2 to Hayford

Rd. North on Hayford Rd. to Sprague

Ave. West on Sprague Ave. to

Spokane Motorsports Complex.

For more information contact:

Bob or Diane Thompson

(509) 924-6755

Page 62 Go Racing Magazine



February 17

Buttonwillow (IKF Race)

March 17


(IKF Winter Nationals)

April 21

Reno-Fernley Raceway (IKF Race)

May 12

Thunderhill Raceway

(IKF Spring Nationals)

June 16

Reno Fernley Raceway

(IKF Summer Finals)

July 5 - 7

Reno Fernley Raceway

(IKF Roadrace Grandnationals)

August 18

Thunderhill Raceway (IKF Race)

September 1

Thunderhill Raceway (IKF Race)

October 13

Reno Fernley Raceway

(IKF Fall Natioals)

November 24

Infineon (Non IKF/NCK Points Race)

Contact: Ray Bobo

Phone: 415-479-3259




Motorplex Park

No Race In June

JULY 14th

IKF August 4 & 5


Night Races Night Races Night Races






Best of 10 Race Series

Swap Meet Dec 1st

Practice Days

Tuesday-Sunday 10am-5pm (excluding race days)

( Wednesdays 10am-10pm, “Weenie Wed” free BBQ )

$25.00 practice fee for non-members

Information call Chris:


Track side support:

MMI store- Scotty




April 1 KRA #1

April 7 KRA #2

April 14 - 15 SKUSA Great Lakes

April 21 – 22 Route 66

April 29 KRA #3

May 12 – 13 KRA #4 & #5

May 18 – 20 STARS of Karting

June 1 - 3 CIK FIA North American Cup

June 10 KRA #6

July 1 KRA #7

July 14 – 15 OVKA, KRA #8

July 25 “Race for Riley”

August 5 KRA #9

August 11 – 12 SKUSA Great Lakes

August 18 - 19 OVKA, KRA #10

August 25 – 26 Route 66

September 1 KRA #11

September 7 – 9 WKA Midwest Sprint Series

September 16 KRA #12

September 21 – 23 WKA Great Lakes Sprint

September 28 – 30 WKA Manufacturerʼs Cup

October 5 – 7 TaG World Championships

October 13 – 14 200 Mile Enduro




(Medford, OR.)

2007 Race Calendar

April 1 Club Race Track #1

April 22 Club Race Track #2

May 6 Club Race Track #1

May 25-27 IKF NorCal Weekend

June 10 Club Race Track #3

July1 Club Race Track #4

July 13-15 Gold Cup Weekend

July 29 Club Race Track #1

August 5 Club Race Track #5

August 26 Club Night Race #1

September 15-16 Vintage Karts

October 14Club Race TBA

Directions: I-5 to Exit 30, East on Hwy

62 5 mi to Hwy 140, 3 mi East to

Kershaw Rd to So. Oregon Kart Track


Brad Garfield


2007 Race Schedule

March 4th – Tune-up race

March 25th – Race #1

April 15th– Race #2

May 6th – Race #3

May 19th – Race #4

June 9th – Race #5

July 15th– Race #6

July 29th – Race #7

August 18th

Rick Jerome Memorial Race,

(Night Race)

September 23rd – Race #9

Oct 7th – Race #10

Track located Highway 395 North from Reno to

Exit #74, Lemmon Dr., exit on Lemmon Dr,

6.5 miles to track. Last 1/4 mile dirt.


HOTLINE (775) 788-RACE

web site:

Sunset Speedway

Presented by DIGATRON

1/5 Mile Clay Oval


April 28th Day Race

May 19th Day Race

June 2nd Night Race

June 23rd Night Race

July 7th Night Race 2x Points

July 21st Night Race

Aug. 4th Night Race

Aug. 18th Night Race

Sept.8th Night Race

Sept. 22nd Day Race

Oct. 6th Day Race 2x Points

If a race is rained out, we will try to make

it up the next day if possible.

Day races=Gates open 10am, Practice

12pm, Qualifying 1pm, Racing 2pm

Night races= Gates open 3pm, Practice

5pm, Qualifying 6pm, Racing 7pm

Track is located at Spokane

Motorsports Complex in Airway

Heights, WA. Take HWY. 2 to Hayford

Rd. North on Hayford Rd. to Sprague

Ave. West on Sprague Ave. to

Spokane Motorsports Complex.

For more information contact:

Diane Thompson

(509) 924-6755

Race 1 - 28 Jul

Race 2 -11 Aug

Race 3 - 25 Aug

Race 4 - 15 Sep

Race 5 - 29 Sep

Race 6 - 14 Oct

Race 7 - 28 Oct

Enduro - 18 Nov

Race 8 - 02 Dec

Gates Open 7:00am

Registration 8:30am

Pre-Tech 9:00am

Open Practice 9:30

Drivers Meeting11:00am

Race Program11:30

For more information, contact

Barry Davies

Or visit for the latest

information about the finest Kart

Racing track and club in the nation!


February 10th

Moran Raceway

March 10th

Moran Raceway

March 30-April 1

IKF Region 7 Moran

April 14th

Moran Raceway

May 12th

Moran Raceway

June 9th

Moran Raceway

July 21st

Perris (night race)

August 11th

Perris (night race)

September 15th

Grangé Motor Circuit

October 13th

Grangé Motor Circuit

November 10th


November 23-25

Cal State @ Perris

For More Information

web site:

2007 Schedule

January 6 - Moran

Season Opener

February 3 - Moran


March 3 - Perris

March 31 - CalSpeed

April 21 - Grangé

May 12 - Willow Kart

June 2 - CalSpeed

July 7 - Santa Maria

August 4 - Perris


����������� �����

September ����� ������ 8 - Moran

���� ��������

For Information: ���� ���������

����� ��������

����� ������

����� ��������


March 4th Race Day

March 18th Race Day

March 30th 1st Race Night

April 13th Night Race

April 28th

State Champion Race Series

Lake Havasu - night Race

May 11th Race Night

May 25th Race Night

June 8th Race Night

June 22nd Race Night

June 23rd

State Champion Race Series

Tucson Kart Club - Night Race

June 29th possible Rain Date

July 29th Practice

August 3rd Night Race

August 17th Night Race

September 14th Night Race

September 28th

Night Race - Iron Man

October 12th possible rain date

October 19th possible rain date

Ocotber 27th

State Champion Race Series

Speedworld - Day Race

October 28th

State Champion Race Series

AKA - Day Race

November 24th Race

3rd Annual Tucson Shootout

November 23rd Practice

Practice & Day Races - open at 9am Start at 11 am

Night Races - open at 5pm Start at 7pm

Kim Wheeler at 520-245-8660



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Willow Springs

Kart Club


Double Header

February 17th & 18th


March 18th


April 15th


April 14th


May 20th


June 17th


July 17st

Night Race

August 18th

Double Header

September 1st-2nd

IKF Region 7

September 7th-9th


October 21th

Double Header

November 17th-18th

For information

Mike Manning 661-256-7500

Tim Holden 818-701-7151

Go Racing Magazine Page 63

2007 Schedule

4/14/2007 Practice

4/21/2007 Opening Day

4/22/2007 Racing

5/6/2007 Racing

5/13/2007 Racing

5/20/2007 Racing

6/10/2007 Racing

6/17/2007 Racing

7/1/2007 Racing Fair Race

7/22/2007 Racing

7/29/2007 Racing

8/12/2007 Racing

8/26/2007 Racing

9/9/2007 Racing

9/22/2007 Racing

9/23/2007 Racing

10/6/2007 Racing

10/13/2007 Racing

Saturdays Gates open @ 2pm

Sundays Gates open @ 8am

Tentative Schedule

Keep Checking Web

Site for any changes

Garage Sale


2003? Track Magic Slayer

roller. Raced in HPV

classes, $500.00. Contact

John (760)802-0637

2005 Mike Manning

Championship kart, 2005

chassis, 125cc Rotax engine,

fresh motor – 1 hour,

Passport, My-Chron. Ready

To Race, $3,199.00 obo.

Ryan (760)912-7650

Karting 911 DVD,

Thundering Images presents

a super compellation of

karting thrills and spills

from around the sport. Low

cost DVD to amaze your

friends. (480)228-0903.







MAY 20




















April 6th-7th

*May 18th -19th

*June 15th-16th

*July 13th-14th

*August 17th-18th

September 21-22nd

(Location TBA Temp Course)

Day Races gates

open 7am

Night Races

gates open 4pm

* Night Races

Tri Tip Dinners

ALL Events


CRG kart with a 2004

Yamaha kt100 the engine

and kart are blueprinted by

Precision Works. Kart is

in excellent shape. This is a

great first starter Kart. Many

Extras. $1500.00 OBO

(909) 855-0463

New like Kid Kart

$1200. A must see buy

951-686-3826 Nick or Troy

2007 Sprint Race


March 31st & April1st- Club #1

April 28th &29th- Club #2

May 26th & 27th - Club #3

June 16th & 17th - Club #4

July 14th & 15th - Club #5

August 25th & 26th - Club #6

September 8th & 9th- Club #7

October 6th & 7th. - Club #8

Track location: CARTBC Track. See web

site for details

For More Information

web site:

2005 100cc Yamaha

MS Kart. Won a few

championships and now

must go. In great condition.

$2,200 -

951-686-3826 Nick or Troy

Amsoil Northwest Champ

Car RotaxMax Challenge Series

May 5-6 McMinnville OR

May 26-27 Boise, ID

June 16-17 Tri-Cities, WA

July 14-15 Medford, OR

Agust 11-12 Tacoma, WA

Sept. 1-2 Spokane, WA

Sept. 22-23 Pat's Acres,OR

IKF Region 6 Gold Cup

May 5-6 McMinnville, OR

May 26-27 Boise, ID

June 16-17 Tri-Cities, WA

July 14-15 Medford, OR

Aug. 11-12 Tacoma, WA

Sept. 1-2 Spokane, WA

Oct. 6-7 McMinnville, Or

(Regional pts only)

Northwest SKUSA Series

May 5-6 McMinnville, OR

May 26-27 Boise, ID

June 16-17 Tri-Cities, WA

July 14-15 Medford, OR

July 21-22 Cascade Locks, OR

Sept. 22-23 Pat's Acres, OR

Special Event

Aug. 24-25-26

Hub City Grand Prix Street Race

Centralia, WA 206-353-6569


2007 Pro Tour


July 1 Enduro

Grattan Raceway, MI

July 14 Sprint

Circleville Raceway, OH

July 15 Sprint

Circleville Raceway, OH

August 11 Sprint

New Castle Motorsports Park, IN

August 11 Sprint

New Castle Motorsports Park, IN


2006 like new MS Kart

HPV 1 Cadet w/ a Position

One motor. This package

is a must see and comes

with spares. 2,450.00

951-686-3826 Nick or Troy


Three CRG 250’s ad 1 Rotax Max 125

All very low hours and excellent condition. Semel tire changer, 8

suits, 6 helmets, radios, extra tires & polished wheels, tools, and

the truck rack shown. For more info go to or

call Bob (818)848-8575.

Page 64 Go Racing Magazine



All you need to know...And more, about life in the (very) fast lane


CALL 1 (866) 462-9773


RACER basic subscription price is $27.97 for 1 year (12 issues)

$130,000 in Sponsorships to be Awarded

The Skip Barber Karting Scholarship Shoot-out is the largest

and single most important event for karters transitioning into

race cars. Approximately $130,000 in total sponsorship will

be awarded – the largest fund in the 10-year history of the

Shoot-out – with the largest prize being a full-season ride in

the 2008 BFGoodrich/Skip Barber National Presented by

Mazda, an award worth more than $40,000.

The Skip Barber Karting Scholarship Shoot-out is a critical

component of the fully integrated Mazda-powered motor-

sports ladder system now in place in the U.S. Each year’s


Karting Scholarship Shoot-out

Skip Barber National champion wins a full-paid season in the

following years Star Mazda Championship. And each year’s

Star Mazda champion earns a full-paid season in the follow-

ing year’s Champ Car Atlantic powered by Mazda.

For more details on the shoot-out and to download your appli-

cation, please go to

The Skip Barber Karting Scholarship Shoot-out application

deadline is October 31, 2007. Shoot-out entry is limited, so do

not delay. 800.221.1131

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