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Making it look easy

Hinsdale sprinter Derek Canen breezes through the first heat of the the long jump & triple jump to help Hinsdale-Saco walk away with the

100 Meter Dash during the District 3C Track & Field Meet at Scotty team title, as did the HinsdalelSaco girls. The East C Divisional will

Field. Canen went on to win the 100,200 & 400 Meters, and claimed be held on Thursday, May 21st in Sidney. Here are the 3C results:

Team scores, boys - Hinsdale- 5:29.5; Ackerman, Nas, 536.1; Discus - Calvin Odom, Oph, 134-7; Team scores, Girls - Saco-Hinsdale

Saco, 170; Scobey, 102; Nashua, 92; Jaynes, Dod, 5:43.8; Ryan Dahl, Nas, Buer, Sco, 126-10; Jaimie Beston, 142, Peerless 103, Scobey 95.5,

Whitewater, 35; Frazer, 32; Opheim, 5:47.7; Chris Moccasin, Fra, 547.8; Fra, 120-4; Layne Williams, Fra, 115- Nashua 67.5, Opheim 61, Whitewater

31; Dodson, 26; Lustre, 8. Jordan Jefferson, Dod, 6:33.4. 8; Joseph Stevenson, 108-1; Hansard, 17, Frazer 17, Lustre Christian 2.

100 - Derek Canen, H-S, 11.9; Dylan 3,200 - Dakota Gaustad, Sco, 12:03.4; Nas, 107-5; Clark, Nas, 106-9; Sheldon 100 - Shelby Snare, Peer, 13.6; Casey

Solberg, Sco, 11.9; Kirk Capdeville, Drake Molina, H-S, 12:12.0; Dahl, Brown, Frazer, 102-3. Johnston, Nas, 14.2; Ellina Maldonado,

H-S, 11.9; Anthony Bengochea, Nas, 13:20.3; Moccasin, Fra, 13:32.5; Javelin - Stiles, Whi, 148-4; Odom, Peer, 14.6; Cyd Handran, Peer, 14.9;

Nas, 12.2; Shae Stein, Nas, 12.3; JordanJefferson, Dod, 13:48.7;Charlie Oph, 141-6; Brown, Fra, 124-4; John Amanda Lenihan, LC, 15.0; Krista

Jace Anderson, Whi, 12.3; Charley Stephens, Dod, 16:25.4. Bauer, Fra, 123-3; Stein, Nas, 123-1; Hauk, Peer, 15.1.

Hawbaker, Sco, 12.6; Nathan Carlson, 110 hurdles - Solberg, Sco, 16.2; Beston, Fra, 122-3; Clark, Nas, 118-3; 200 - Shelby Snare, Peer, 27.6; Mary

Oph, 12.8. Capdeville, H-S, 18.7; Stephens, Dod, Fisher, Nas, 109-1 1. Kelly, Peer, 28.4; Sacarra Molina, SH,

200 - Canen, H-S, 24.1; Capdeville, 22.5. Long jump - Canen, H-S, 20-7; Stein, 28.9; Casey Johnston, Nas, 30.2; Leah

H-S, 24.1; Bengochea, Nas, 25.4; 300 hurdles - Solberg, Sco, 41.6; Jace Nas, 20-5 112; Capdeville, H-S, ,16-10; Olson, Whi, 30.3; Cyd Handran, Peer,

Carlson, Oph, 26.8; Brett Jaynes, Dod, Anderson, Whi, 45.3; Capdeville, H-S, Molina, H-S, 15-9 112; Witkopp, Lus, 32.1.

28.8; Aaron Horsman, Fra, 31.5; Paul 46.6; Stephens, Dod, 56.4. 15-5 112; Joseph Stephenson, Oph, 400 -Shelby Snare, Peer, 1:02.3; Mary

Weinke, Lus, 32.1. 400 relay - Nashua, 48.4; Scobey, 15-2 112; Carlson, Oph, 14-10; Weinke, Kelly, Peer, 1:03.3; Christina Mogan,

400 - Canen, H-S, 54.3; Charley 48.6; Hinsdale-Saco, 59.5. Lus, 14-5. SH, 1:04.5; Emili Crowder, SH, 1:06.8;

Hawbaker, Sco 57.7; Pick Ackerrnan, 1,600 relay - Scobey, 4:Ol.O; Nashua, Triple jump - Canen, H-S, 40-6; Stein, Derni Henderson, Sco, 1:08.3; Macey

Nas, 57.9; Dillon Fisher, Nas, 1 :01.2; 4:21.1; Hinsdale-Saco, 4:28.4. Nas, 39-3 112; Christensen, H-S, 98- Cox, Whi, 1 :08.8.

Jaynes, Dod, 1:03.9. Shot put - Chase Buer, Sco, 39-7; 11; Anderson, 36-2; Jaynes, Dod, 29- 800 - Ernili Crowder, SH, 2:37.8; Mary

800 - Chisholrn Christensen, H-S, Brandon Hansard, Nas, 38-8; Layne 2; Jefferson, Dod, 27-8 112. Kelly, Peer, 2:43; BriAnn Nelson, Oph,

2:lO.g; T.J. Snare, Sco, 2:19.3; Fisher, Williams, Fra, 38-1; Greg Ohlson, H-S, High jump - Anderson, Whi, 5-8; 3:00.5; Krista Hauk, Peer, 3:01.2;

Nas, 2:33.9; Ackerrnan, Nas, 2:37.7. 37-2; Dane Stiles, Whi, 35-7; Bradley Capdeville, H-S, 5-8; Joe Stephenson, Jennifer Rarnsbacher, Nas, 3:06.8;

1,600 - Christensen, H-S, 5:Ol.j; Clark, Nas, 35-2 112; Jairnie Beston, Oph, 4-8; charlie Stephens, Dod, 4-4; Lizzy Jackson, Fra, 3:22.

Snare, Sco, 5:08.6; Michael, Lus, Fra, 34-8; Sheldon Brown. Fra, 34-7. Fisher, Nas, 4-4; Bengochea, Nas, 4-0. continued on page 2

3C Girls

contined from front

1,600 - Brittney Selvig, Oph, 556.4;

Jennifer Ramsbacher, Nas, 6:49.3;

Krista Hauk, Peer, 657.2; Alyssa

Hoffman, Oph, 7:40.2; Ashley Phillips,

Oph, 8:08.7.

3,200 - Brittney Selvig, Sco, 12:35.8;

Deborah Rustebakke, Sco, 1556;

Carni Rosencrans, Oph, 15:58.3;

Alyssa Hoffman, Oph, 16:37; Cyd

Handran, Peer, 19:14.2.

100 hurdles - Ernili Crowder, SH,

17.5; Demi Henderson, Sco, 18.0;

Macey Cox, Whi, 18.5; Leah Olson,

Whi, 18.9; Colleen Kinsey, Oph, 19.3;

Carni Rosencrans, Oph, 20.4.

300 hurdles - Emili Crowder, SH, 50.9;

Derni Henderson, Sco, 51.5; Sacarra

Molina, SH, 52.0; Colleen Kinsey, Oph,

54.5; Leah Olson, Whi, 54.6; Macey

Cox, Whi, 54.6.

400 relay - Peerless 53.8, Nashua

57.1, Scobey 58.1, Opheirn 1:01.5.

1,600 relay - Peerless 4:36, Scobey

4:38, Nashua 5:41.6.

Shot put- Kassidy Sibley, Nas, 31-0;

Jessie Davis, SH, 30-1 112; Shelby

TalksDifferent, Fra,30-1 ;TealHansard,

Wall elected PI psident of SGA

Kyla Wall, daughter of

Harvey and Karen Wall of

Glasgow, has been elected

president of the Student

Government Association

(SGA) at Cottey College.

She will begin her term as

president next fall.

This past year, Wall

served as the secretary

for SGA, was on the

Dean's List for academic

achievement, and earned

her second level in LEO

(Leadership, Experiences,

Opportunity), Cottey's four-

level leadership certification

program. She has also been

inducted as a member in

Phi Theta Kappa, the two-

year college academic honor

society; Sigma Kappa Delta,

the two-year college English

honor society; and Golden

Key, the campus ambassador


Wall plans to major

in business marketing and,


Nas, 29-3; Brittani Overton, Fra, 28-5;

Brittany Stenglein, Oph, 27-6.

Discus - BriAnn Nelson, Oph, 87-

9; Shelby TalksDifferent, Fra, 85-2;

Gwynn Sirneniuk, Oph. 81-2; Brittany

Stenglein, Oph, 80-0; Jessie Davis,

SH, 78-10; Colleen Kinsey, Oph, 77-8.

Javelin - Deborah Rustebakke, Sco,

105-0; Jessie Davis, SH, 97-1; BriAnn

Nelson, Oph, 96-2; Christina Mogan,

SH, 95-6; Shayla Drurnmond, Sco, 86-

11; Leah Olson, Whi, 86-7.

Triple jump - Christina Mogan, SH,

33-10 112; Sacarra Molina, SH, 32-9

112; McKenzie Kilgore, Sco, 28-0 112;

Karsen Drury, Sco, 27-6 112.

Long jump - Christina Mogan, SH, 15-

5 112; Sacarra Molina, SH, 15-1 112;

Casey Johnston, Nas, 14-1 1 112; Ellina

Maldonado, Peer, 14-1 1 112; Karlee

Guttenberg, Nas, 13-9; Cyd Handran,

Peer, 13-6 112.

High jump - Christina Mogan, SH, 4-

6; Kassidi Sibley, Nas, 4-4; Deborah

Rustebakke, Sco, 4-4; Chrystal

Mavencarnp, SH, 4-4; Karsen Drury,

Sco, 4-2; Rachel McMurry, Nas, 4-0.

Pole vault - Ernili Crowder, SH, 9-6;

Sacarra Molina, SH, 8-0; McKenzie

Kilgore, Sco. 7-0.

That's Kyla, on the left,

enjoying the college life. She

was part of a small group

of runnen who traveled to

Bolivar, Missouri, to participate

in the Polar Bear Run earlier

this year. Kyla took third place

in the 5K.

this summer, will travel to

London to look at Richmond

University as a possible

transfer institution following

her graduation from Cqttey

in spring 2010.


Duties will be varied-resource,

study hall, etc. 3 month.

probationar wage-$9.34/hr

and $I 1.01 thereafter, all

benefits exce t insurance

included. starPday is Aug.

24th. Submit online a lication

at htt :/I I k !?maclick

DO^ rk~;~~~!nt tab a

May 8th - May 14th

4:lO, 7:15 & 9:15 pm


Deli htful. Quiet. AVAILABLE

NO*. 1 Lar e 2 bedroomll.5

bath. AlC. %uality neighbors.

Laundry room. Non smokin .

$380. Call 360-750-6748,

228-4787, or 230-0302.



$7.50 a dozen for minnows.

Give us a call! CALL 263-

8796 OR 263-7654.

select classl1f~ a lication.


detailed information, contact

MARJ MARKLE AT 228-2485.





a~~llcatlons for a full-trme

cikhier. Starting wage is Lot with old building.

$7.50/hr, usual1 a 4 day work Former water treatment plant


Located adjacent towinter Harbor.




FOR SALE: Four 8 hole Sold with conditions.

16~16.5 RIMS with 33112.5 R


For more info. contact the

16.5 tires about 314 thread.

Town Office at 406-526-3220.

Off 1996 Dodge 314 ton.

CALL 406-228-21 82 LEAVE



(due to weather)



(12 Packs Available this year:I (BUY z4- Get 1 Free(

RC Cola, Orange Crush,

Starting April 1"'.

Mug Root Beer,

For every 24 ride punch

& Sienna Mist.

ticket purchased, the first

Annual fund-rai5er for Glaagow

I Non-Smoking Bar1 Restaurant 1




-& 228-2377


Underworld: Rise d the Lycans

Hatching Pete & Dadnaped

Taking Chance High Hopes

BTK Personal Effects


The Grudge 3


Women walkers welcome

If you are a woman interested in being part of a walking/

hiking group you are invited to meet at 10:OO a.m., May 18,

at the Congregational Church parking lot in Glasgow for the

first walkhike.

Wear good walking shoes, preferably with ankle

support, and bring a sack lunch and a beverage. The walks,

two-to-four miles in length, will be done at a pace leisurely

enough to enjoy the wild flowers, birds, wildlife and scenery

and will be held at various points of interest in the area.

For more information, call 228-2853 and ask for Barb.

Mayor Carney to seek re-election

Filing is now open for municipal offices in Valley

County including the city of Glasgow and the towns of Fort

Peck, Nashua and Opheim. Filing deadline is Thursday, July

2nd with the Primary Election in September and the General

Election in November.

In Glasgow there are three openings on the City Council

and the position of Mayor is up for election this year. Mayor Dan

Carney has filed for re-election for another four-year term.

Off a+ Five, Subper by S;x

Corn-Burger Pie

l 1 pound ground beef, lean 1 1/2 teaspoons salt

l 1/4 pound bulk sausage l 1 cup cornmeal

l 1 small onion, chopped l 1 cup milk

1 clove garlic, finely l 2 eggs, well beaten

chopped 4ouncesshreddedcheddar

l 16 ounces canned cheese

tomatoes Cook and stir hamburger, pork

16 ounces corn, drained

sausage, onion and garlic until

l 24 black olives

2 teaspoons chili powder, or meat is brown; drain. Stir in

to taste- tomatoes (with liquid), corn,

olives, chili powder and salt.

Heat to boiling. Pour into

ungreased baking dish, 9 x 9 x

2 pan.

Mix cornmeal, milk and

eggs; pour over meat mixture.

Sprinkle with cheese. Cook in


350 F. oven until golden brown,

'Fmm Footlngs to Finkh

40 to 50 minutes.


Garnish with parsley sprigs


and black olives if desired.

1. Bathing vessel

4. Actor Chaney

7. Bunch of


1 1. Mineral source

12. Clock's


14. Not ashore

15. Long-smed


17. - mst you

16. Domestic


19. Chronicles

21. Santa-

24. Fanwr and


25. Thmw


26. Sports


27. Approvals

30. Shade tree

31. Seoul's land

32. Vied for offica

33. Take a plane

34. Treated a


35. Start for van

or sldrt

36. ~ddtii sign

37. Washington's

- Sound

38. Graphs

41. AcVess Novak

42. Valinnt person

43. S l i away

48. In need of


49. Building plot

50. Pasture

51. Legurn

52. Muskel ending

53. Quebec artidn


1. One-

customer (.?

2. Large vase

3. Belnmnl


4. - apse

5. Horse's snack

6. Compass pt.

7. Advances

8. %Man'


9. Little -

10. Guys' parbwrs

13. W e d

16. Wy Name Is


20. Cape

Canawral gp.

21. W e r wok

22. Quii momeo(

23. Ant Qroup

24. Stallii'


26. Adjusls a


27. W s



28. BatrnBn

CreatM Sob

ust be 3 p. old by 9-10-09 or 2 daylweek

bob rennick 'TBA

Letter to the Editor

A letter within the letter

To the Editor,

If my mother were alive yet in Glasgow she would bust

a gut over this cute letter to the Editor published in a Eugene,

Oregon newspaper.

For those who are still alive in Glasgow, my mom

would wish for all to have a good laugh by publishing this

letter in the GEG. A headline could maybe read, "When

visiting Oregon leave your TP at home".

Signed, "Announ-ee-mouse"

Editor's note: Normally we don't publish "Announ-ee-

mouse" letters in the GEG, but here's to busting a gut for

Mom. Also, we've got a pretty good guess as to who this

"Announ-ee-mouse" from Oregon is. Here is the letter which

was published:

Don 't paper the forest

OK, girls. What is it with all this toilet paper?

Every time the sun comes out, little toilet paper

gardens blossom like spring flowers behind the trees and

brush along hiking paths and roadways all over Oregon.

Contrary to what you may think, chipmunks do not

eat toilet paper, and these disgusting messes take a long

time to go away by themselves. So, for those of you whose

mothers failed to teach you how to pee in the woods, I offer

two little words of instruction: Drip dry.

That's right. You don't need toilet paper. Pee freely,

with gusto. Then give it a little shake, pull up your panties

and walk away. No fuss. No unsightly mess.

If you simply must use toilet paper, pee, blot, then

fold the damp paper and put it in your pocket. If a little

dampness in your pocket grosses you out, bring a plastic

bag and put the paper in there until you can dispose of it


Women, and men of course, in my family have been

peeing in the woods of Oregon and dripping dry for more

than 150 years with no adverse outcomes. So I say to you, as

my great-grandmother said to her girls when they traveled

the Oregon Trail: Drip dry. Oregon will thank you.

Mike Helm

Eugene, OR

in the Sagebrush Lounge

- '=tieah A 4 4 +a add mamy 2 2 -A

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