MOTION - Arbonne

MOTION - Arbonne



What an incredible, eye-opening journey this has been for me!

Three different people and one full year is what it took for me to

finally try the Arbonne products. Cursed with sensitive skin, which

reacts to everything, I was very reluctant and stubborn. Lucky for me,

my sponsor, ERVP Tanja Cole, persisted. I fell in love with the products

and finally signed on as a Consultant who buys product at a

discount in October 2004.

I was not, however, interested in the business. After all, I am a chiropractor

and run my own practice. I work part time so I can be at

home as much as possible with my children, Elijah, 7 and Isaiah, 6.

I thought I did not need anything else. Ha!

Over the next six months, I watched ERVP Elizabeth Sanchez and

ENVP Tracey Gatchel build their businesses and get their white

Mercedes-Benzes. I knew these women personally and professionally,

and it got my wheels turning that maybe I could do this, too.

Although I had flexibility with my hours, I had to fight with insurance

companies and endless paperwork. It also was difficult to go on

vacation or be home if the boys were sick. If I was not in my office,

I did not get paid. No personal time, sick days, vacation or disability

policy. A minor injury to my shoulder in February was a

wake-up call. What would we do if I could no longer practice?

So, I began to look at the Arbonne opportunity. I wish I could say

that I “got it” and jumped in with both feet. Instead, I made the decision

to try it. I just wanted to make enough money to pay my student

loan (our second mortgage). There would be a lot of personal

growth to go through and an ego to get over in order to succeed.

My first Presentation produced my first Ace, AM Cathy Karp. Her

Stacey’s Why: Her family, Jeremiah,

Elijah and Isaiah.

ea o


Stacey with good friend and sponsor, ERVP Tanja

Cole at a Managers’ retreat in Arizona.

s t a c e y j o n e s

Independent Consultant, Regional Vice President

Stacey Jones Region; Kempton, PA

incredible excitement and enthusiasm helped set my business in

motion. I promoted to DM in June 2004 with high hopes of promoting

to AM by August. But, my business stalled. I was standing in my

own way! When people asked me what I did, I said I was a doctor

and also did Arbonne. I was worried about what people wouldthink.

I mean, I had obtained my bachelor’s degree at a prestigious

university, went on to earn my doctorate and now I was going to sell

lipstick! I could not tell people that!

ENVP Cecilia Stoll gave me a mirror to reflect on myself and why

my business was stuck. At a training, she told us that when we realize

how little people think about us, we will quit worrying what peo-

continued ...

ENVP Cecilia Stoll and Stacey at a training in August 2004.

success strategy:

It is your life … take control.

Just do the do, get over yourself

and stay out of the way.

ple think about us. I made the decision to make this business happen

and I did not care what people thought. It was not my degrees or practice

that would give us time and the potential for financial freedom.

I promoted to AM in December 2004 and in April 2005, while

returning from NTC 2005 Las Vegas, my amazing team jumped to

first step Region.

My Why has always been my family. My husband works very hard

and makes a decent salary, which allowed us to live modestly. But,

we still had dreams we could not see ever coming true because of

financial and time limitations. We were still in debt and living paycheck-to-paycheck.

We wanted to take control of our time, finances

and lives, but we did not know how. Now we do!

To ENVP Cecilia Stoll: Thank you for all of your eye-opening wisdom.

I am so proud to be learning from the best.

To ENVP Linda Parker: Thank you for your vision, leadership and

bringing Arbonne to Pennsylvania!

To ERVP Elizabeth Sanchez: Thank you for planting that initial seed

and all your words of advice. Your determination is inspiring.

To ENVP Tracey Gatchel: Thank you for all your support and not

giving up when I told you I did not really want the Mercedes-Benz

or to be an RVP. What was I thinking?

To ERVP Tanja Cole: I am forever grateful to you and what you have

given me. Thank you for persisting, keeping the big picture clear

and coaching me — even when it was not what I wanted to hear. I

cherish our friendship and look forward to watching our families

grow together.

To RVP-in-qualification Cathy Karp: How lucky I am that you came

Stacey with some of the Jones & Co. team. BACK, L–R: Debbie Dunton, DM

Marney Lorah, DM Tammy Gordon, DM Patti Jaeger, Renee Krause, ERVP

Tanja Cole, Stacey, AM Jeremiah Jones, AM Cathy Karp and DM Beth

Wright. FRONT, L–R: DM Karen Marles, Natasha Leitgib, Jeanne Mackes,

DM Cindy Schellhamer, Pam Walbert and Cheryl Karcher.

Stacey with her upline, ENVP Tracey Gatchel, ERVP Tanja Cole, ENVP Linda Parker

and President Rita Davenport at a Managers’ retreat in Arizona.

that Sunday afternoon. I thank God every day for that. Your excitement

has kept me going. I do not know if I would have persevered without

you right there at my heels. Thank you for joining me on this journey.

To my team leaders, AM Jeremiah Jones and AMs-in-qualification

Patti Jaeger and Amanda Morrison; DMs, Beth Wright, Beverly

Baptiste, Cheryl Braxton, Cindy Schellhamer, Cristi Moll, Joyce

Davis, Karen Marles, Kate Gugliandolo, Marney Lorah, Marilyn

Freeman, Stacey Leonard, Tammy Gordon, Wendy Adams and

Valerie Tardiff: You each bring something unique to our team. I

appreciate each one of you!

To my two little men, Elijah and Isaiah: Thank you for all your help

with sorting orders and supporting my business by yelling,

Arbonne, Swiss skin care” on the school playground! I know it has

been hard when I was not home — sometimes every night. But that

season is over. We can start to enjoy all that life has to offer and,

yes, go on more vacations. I love you both!

To the love of my life, my dearest friend and husband, Jeremiah:

You never cease to amaze me. You step in and take care of things

when I cannot, no matter what it is! I know that a lot has been

placed on you these past few months and you have never once complained

(at least not to me!). I would not be the person I am today

without all the support and unconditional love you have given me all

these years. You never doubt me, and believe in me when I have no

belief in myself. I love you with all my heart!

Arbonne is a gift; do not wait to open it … embrace it, let it change

your life and allow yourself to take control.

“Annual Test Drive a Mercedes” Day. DM Cristi Moll,

AM Cathy Karp, ENVP Tracey Gatchel, ERVP Tanja Cole,

Stephanie Micci, DM Patti Jaeger and DM Tammy Gordon.

DM Cheryl Braxton and Stacey at

NTC 2005 Las Vegas.



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