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Lightweighting Your World.® - Fiberforge


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As a leader in thermoplastic advanced composites,

Fiberforges delivers cost-effective solutions for

manufacturing high-performance products.

Fiberforge offers:

Manufacturing Equipment

Rapid, efficient tape layup equipment

Automated processing

Production of Composite Parts

24,000 sq. ft. production facility

AS9100 compliant

Formed parts up to 1m x 1m

Precision part finishing

Advanced bonding and welding

Ultrasonic non-destructive inspection

Lean manufacturing

Engineering Services

Product and process development

Design and prototyping

Technology transfer

Partnership with system integrators

With advanced composites, fibers are oriented within

a part so that loads are carried along the fiber direction,

improving performance and minimizing cost. The

Fiberforge process places material only where it is

needed. Thus, scrap and cost are reduced significantly.

All in all, the Fiberforge solution embodies the best

characteristics of advanced composites while

overcoming traditional process limitations.

Fiber-reinforced composites offer significant

advantages over common materials such as

aluminum, titanium or steel. However, the cost to

produce them has traditionally been prohibitive

due to high raw material cost, high scrap rates

and long production times. Enter Fiberforge.

Benefits of thermoplastic advanced composites:


Chemical resistance

Damage tolerant

Indefinite shelf life without refrigeration

Low manufacturing costs


Reshaping and reforming flexibility


The Fiberforge Process

Fiberforge’s patented process comprises four automated,

discrete steps: Layup, Consolidation, Forming and Trimming.

Each step takes place rapidly and on a dedicated station,

freeing up the prior station to produce another part and

reducing the total production time to minutes.





The Fiberforge process starts with a state-of-the-art layup machine

that produces tailored blanks.



Tailored blanks are flat multi-ply laminates of unidirectional tape where each

layer of the tape can be rapidly laid up in unique configurations. This allows

such features as complex shapes, many fiber orientations, variable thickness,

and multiple materials to be incorporated into tailored blanks.

After the layup step creates the tailored blanks, then the tailored blanks are

moved on to be rapidly consolidated. Finally, the parts are formed and then

trimmed to their final shape. The Fiberforge patented process fundamentally

changes how composites are produced.

Simply put, the Fiberforge process produces high‐performance

thermoplastic advanced composite parts at higher volumes and

for lower cost than any other competing technology— in minutes.

Click HERE to see the Fiberforge process in action.

� � Tailored Blanks

Manufacturing Equipment

Fiberforge’s RELAY® Station is an automated

thermoplastic tape layup system. RELAY

stands for “rapid, efficient layup,” and both

the equipment and the process are protected

by patents.

Fiberforge designs and produces its

RELAY Station equipment and sells to

manufacturers, worldwide to make strong,

lightweight and cost-effective parts.

Fiberforge partners with other equipment

suppliers and system integrators to offer

a complete manufacturing solution.

Fiberforge currently offers the RELAY Stations

in two sizes:

RELAY Station 1000, which can produce

parts up to 1m x 1m in size

RELAY Station 2000, which can produce

parts up to 2m x 2m in size

The RELAY Station utilizes high-speed automation to minimize labor

and improve efficiency. Our proprietary, user-friendly TailorGen

software makes it easy to program the RELAY Station to make custom

unidirectional tailored blanks consistently and rapidly, enabling

engineers to design parts with unprecedented strength and stiffness

to weight ratios.

Production of Composite Parts

Fiberforge produces high-performance composite parts in our AS9100

compliant production facility primarily for the aerospace, defense, and

automotive industries. At our lean manufacturing plant, parts can be produced

up to 1m x 1m in size. We also offer customers advanced joining techniques,

such as induction welding and fusion bonding, and advanced capabilities such

as ultrasonic non-destructive inspection.

Aircraft seat frames, window bezels, secondary structures, and any other parts

with complex contours and variable thicknesses are all possible at Fiberforge.

Demonstrator part produced at Fraunhofer ICT

with the Fiberforge process and Ticona material.

Thermoplastic advanced composites are:

185% tougher than thermoset composites

600% stiffer* than injection-molded plastics

65% lighter than steel

550% stiffer* than steel

40% lighter than aluminum

65% less scrap than sheet goods


* specific modulus

“We are extremely happy with the

Fiberforge parts. Not only are they

significantly lighter weight and more

functional for our customers, but

they are actually more cost

competitive and have saved us

significant labor expense.”

— Dana Gleason,

founder and president of Mystery Ranch

In partnership with Ticona

and Oxeon Inc., this automotive

underbody shield was produced

at Fraunhofer ICT using the

Fiberforge process and

over-injection molding process.

Fiberforge’s innovative tape layup

process opens new possibilities for

producing thermoplastic advanced

composite parts in a fast and robust

process for large-scale manufacturing,

and in combination with other

technologies such as compression and

injection molding. The Fiberforge Relay

Station is key to these developments

and will expand our research and

development portfolio of methods,

materials and process technologies for

fiber-reinforced plastics.”

— Dr. Ing. Frank Henning,

Deputy Director of Fraunhofer ICT

Working with Fiberforge

Fiberforge is a global company with customers in the U.S., Europe and Asia.

As experts in thermoplastic advanced composites, our goal is to help our customers

move rapidly through the development process and emerge with winning products.

We offer manufacturing equipment and production of composite parts in our AS9100

compliant manufacturing facility. Fiberforge’s manufacturing equipment can produce

composite parts up to 2m x 2m in size.

Fiberforge’s advanced composite team is one of the most experienced in the world,

having designed and launched products ranging from life-saving military protective

equipment to performance-critical aerospace systems. No other company in the

industry has the level of thermoplastic expertise, design experience, process

knowledge and production capability.

Fiberforge is a partner with you—whether you choose to implement the Fiberforge

process at your facility or ours.

Fiberforge Corporation

1420 Devereux Road

Glenwood Springs, Colorado

81601 USA

phone +1.877.945.9377 | +1.970.945.9377

Fiberforge GmbH

Mattweg 3, CH-6340 Baar, Switzerland

phone +41 (0)



Contact Fiberforge to discuss

how we can help you innovate

with composites.

We understand our customers’

needs. We operate globally. And

we always enjoy a challenge.

Fiberforge’s technology is protected by

U.S. patents 6,607,626; 6,939,423; 7,235,149;

8,007,894; 8,048,253 and patents pending.

© 2012, Fiberforge Corporation.


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