booklet na ciotogi 2012

booklet na ciotogi 2012

Na Ciotógi

Trad. Irish Music from the heart

2012 Auftritte und Infos

Traditionelle irische Musik direkt aus den Herzen und den Feuerstellen der fünf

Iren – so würde die Band sich selber beschreiben. Ihr musikalischer Stil ist

traditionell und unverfälscht aus dem Kern. “Bei uns in Irland,sind

musikalische Stile wie Sprach-Dialekte, jedes Gebiet in Irland hat seinen

eigenen Charakter” sagt David McMahon. “Wir haben mehrere Dialekte in der

Gruppe. Sliabh Luachra steht für die ursprüngliche Musik des Südwestens wie

schnelle Polkas oder fetzige Slides und Timmy Mc Carthy ist unser Sliabh

Luachra Guru!” Die verschiedenen Erfahrungen und Lebenshintergründe der

Mitglieder fließen zusammen und geben Na Ciotogi den einzigartigen Klang.

Nicht weniger als acht Instrumente und Gesang leiten das Konzert.

Vier der fünf Musiker sind tatsächlich Linkshänder. “Unsere irische Musik lebt

von den Sessions die regelmäßig in Pubs oder Privathäusern stattfinden. sie

sind praktisch unsere Quellen für neue Musikstücke, dadurch bleibt unser

Programm immer neu und frisch.”

Timmy McCarthy (aka Timmy the Brit) comes from

Ballyvourney in the southwest of Ireland.

The Sliabh Luachra style of music he has learned has been

passed on in the traditional way from masters past and

present like Johnny Leary, Johnny Brosnan, Seamus Begley

to name but a few.

Timmy is a real inspiration to many people. His energy and

drive is unbelievable and his passion for tradition is


Timmy’s great love in life is set dancing and his mission in

life is keeping this tradition alive and healthy.

Tony McCarthy, son of Timmy originally comes from Cork,

Ireland. Tony is a musical wizard on flute and whistles and

has that rare talent of really making people feel pure emotion

and seeing wonderful images when playing a slow air. Just as

fantastic is his repertoire of reels, jigs, hornpipes, polkas and

slides. Tony also plays driving rhythms and pulsing melodies

on his bouzouki – he’s also a skilled bodhran player too and

has a unique and special voice, in many ways similar to John


Tony now lives and works as a professional musician in

Brittany, France and plays with a number of top Celtic

musicians there. His band there, Boys in the Gap have

released two Cd’s - “The Swallow” & “Time of Change.”

Eoin is the son of Michael 0 Riabhaigh, Cork Uilleann

Piper and teacher. He has been playing since 1968 and

tours the U.S. and Europe extensively. Some of the albums

on which he has played, and performers with which he has

appeared and recorded through the years are: Tom Russell

(U.S. songwriter), Dolores Keane, Iris Demente, Piper's

Rock , Jimmy Crowley and Stoker's Lodge, Mary Black ,

Matt Cranitch, Colm Murphy, Niall Toner, John Faulkner,

Conal 0 Gráda.

Eoin is holder of several All-Ireland Piping medals in all

age groups and has appeared on television and radio, both

in Ireland and abroad, since the age of ten. 'Handed On' is

Eoin's debut solo album dedicated to his father Michael,

and it features primarily tunes he learned directly from his

father. It also features tunes which display Eoin's lifelong

Interest In folk music from Scotland and America.

Peter Corbett is originally from Limerick in the west of

Ireland. He comes from a strong musical background,

which is clearly reflected in his fiddle playing. Over

the years, Peter has played and recorded with a number

of top performers of traditional Irish and folk music in

Germany. His long years of experience in trad. music

has provided him with a huge repertoire of reels, jigs,

hornpipes, slides and polkas, with which he delights

audiences all over Germany where he is now living.

Peter is also an accomplished guitarist and has a

wonderful singing voice.

David McMahon comes from Dublin, Ireland and is now

living near Landshut in Bavaria. It was in fact Timmy who

inspired him to start learning the C#D button accordion

several years ago. He also plays harmonica and sings with

Na Ciotogi. David is the man who organises the group’s

concerts in Germany.

“We’re not what you might call a commercial band. We a

group of close friends who come together once or twice a

year for some very special performances. The traditional

music we play is played with a passion - it’s not something

which, has had the life blown out of it by too many nights on

stage. Each time we come together every band member has

something new to add to the unique sound of Na Ciotogi.

We’ll continue to perform here as long as our audience

welcome us - long may that continue!”

Konzerte 2012

Irische Konzerte mit Na Ciotogi

15.11(Do) Wildthurn Haus 111 20:00

16.11(Fr) Straubing Alter Schlachthof 20:00

17.11(Sa) Landshut Salzstadel 20:00

22.11 (Do) Lauterhofen Kulturstadel 20.00

Bayrish - Irish Konzerte mit Na Ciotogi & daHuawa daMeier


14.11 (Mi) Roding Stadthalle 20:00

19.11 (Mo) Hengersberg Nothaftgewölbe 20:00

20.11(Di) Schlachthof München 20:00

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