2010 Annual Report - Lee Carlson Center


2010 Annual Report - Lee Carlson Center

CReAting Hope……

2010 Annual Report

Lee Carlson Center


Dear Friends,

in 2010 the economic crisis caused stress and uncertainty for many of us.

Anoka County and the northern suburbs were among the hardest hit areas of the twin Cities. Many residents lost

their jobs and many their homes.

parents struggling to make ends meet and striving to function under their own mounting stress often don’t understand

how hard times affect the entire family.

Stress in children can manifest in many ways, depending on age and personality. School-aged children may become

withdrawn and express feelings of distrust or being unloved. this can cause physical symptoms like headaches,

stomachaches or insomnia.

teens under stress may show anger and disillusionment and hold onto these feelings longer than usual. they may

exhibit a lack of self-esteem and a general distrust of the world. this can all lead to high risk behaviors like drinking,

using illegal drugs and getting into trouble with the law.

Half of all substance abuse disorders as well as mental illnesses like major depression and anxiety start by age 14. By

diagnosing and treating the causes of stress early, Lee Carlson Center helps families and children get the help they

need to become healthier and happier.

Youth and families have long been our focus. As a charitable organization, we continue to offer sliding fee scales or

no charge for many of the programs and services we provide to uninsured and underinsured clients. Many of the

individuals and families we serve have no where else to turn and we’re proud to be able to offer a beacon of hope in

hard times.

on behalf of our board, staff and the over 4,000 individuals and families we serve every year, thank you!


CReAting Hope


tougH tiMeS

Dale Jensen Kathy Samilo

Board Chair executive Director



even with a tough economic climate, we were able to maintain the quality and

accessibility of our services by diversifying revenues, increasing the efficiencies of

our administrative services and attracting new donors and supporters.

• We installed infrastructure for an electronic medical

records system, increasing efficiencies for the agency

and for our clients.

• thanks to Sauer Children’s Renew Foundation and the

Weyerhauser Family Foundation, we launched a Restorative

parenting program within our domestic abuse program.

this program helps male batterers, women survivors and

their children heal wounds and improve family dynamics.

• We met all 27 of the Charities Review Council’s Accountability

Standards. We now proudly display the Council’s “Meets

Standards” seal on our website.

• in collaboration with north Metro Cable tV, we launched

a half hour cable tV show to over 30,000 households in

the area. “putting a Face on Mental Health” covers various

mental health topics and is an ongoing series.

• We held our first fundraiser for Bridgeview. “Framing the

Mind” at Hell’s Kitchen in Minneapolis featured art and

stories from Bridgeview members and others touched by

mental illness.

• Local mayors, county commissioners and business executives

participated in two key fundraisers. We raised over

$35,000 and received great media coverage.

• We were recognized by YipA (Youth intervention programs

Assn) for our innovative Fundraisers in recognition of the

annual RoofRaiser.

All these accomplishments were possible because of continued support from funders, community partners, donors and volunteers.

thank you!

2010 HigHLigHtS

Dancing With Our Local Stars – a fundraiser at Fridley High School

Local dignitaries partnered with Cheek to Cheek Ballroom Dance Studio and the ‘nMotion Dance Center to learn and

perform a ballroom dance. top prize went to Fiona Devan, Vp of global Human Resources for Cummins power generation.

Framing the Mind – a benefit for Bridgeview at Hell’s Kitchen

Hell’s Kitchen owners Mitch ohmer and Cynthia gerdes, who are strong mental health advocates, welcomed Bridgeview

members and artists as well as friends and families. We enjoyed great food, beautiful art & inspiring words and music

from local musician, Diedrich Weiss.

2nd Annual RoofRaiser – raising dollars and awareness for mental health

Seven community leaders camped overnight on roofs in their communities to support Lee Carlson Center.

over $12,000 was raised and the event garnered lots of attention in the media.

Lee Carlson Center continues to be a place where residents of Anoka County

and surrounding Northern Suburbs can turn when they need help.

Our Mission

to provide exceptional and affordable mental health services for families, children, youth, and adults in our


Core Programs

For individuals and families struggling with mental health issues

At our main clinic in Fridley, we provide individual counseling for all ages, marriage and family

counseling, psychiatric services for children and adolescents, play therapy, psychological testing as well as

parenting classes.

Staff includes two Child & Adolescent psychiatrists and more than 20 experienced ph.D.

level therapists

For at-risk students

As part of our community outreach, we have staff at more than 20 schools K-12 in the north Suburban School

Districts. in these school settings, we help more than 1,250 “at risk” students with chemical dependency

issues, anger management and many who suffer from severe emotional and behavioral issues that prevent

them from functioning in school and at home.

At Rivertrails Learning Center, Lee Carlson Center staff provides therapy for students with disabilities and/

or significant emotional and behavioral needs. these are students who are unable to function in a typical

classroom setting. Without these programs, provided free of charge to families, most would not receive the

services they need.

For families impacted by domestic violence

At the Blaine Human Serivces building, we offer a family-focused domestic abuse program offering hope and

healing for the whole family – from batterer to spouse/partner to the childen involved in their lives. Services

also include a Restorative parenting program which focuses on teaching improved parenting skills. it’s the

only program of its kind in Anoka County.

For female survivors of sexual abuse or assault

Also offered at the Blaine Human Services Building, our Sexual Assault program is the only therapeutic support

program in Anoka County for women who are survivors of sexual abuse or assault. groups are led by a

Licensed psychologist who ensures a safe, confidential setting, where participants can focus on recovery and


For adults with chronic mental illnesses

At Bridgeview, our drop-in center in Spring Lake park, we provide support to adults who have a diagnosis of

serious & persistent mental illness. Bridgeivew provides support groups, recreational activities, mental heatlh

education and a locally-recognized art program.

it’s a warm, non-threatening envoirnment where members can share their experiences, provide understanding

and support, and help each other find new ways to cope.

Who We Serve


in 2010, we helped over 4,000 individuals and families challenged with mental health issues. Although our primary focus is Anoka

County, we also draw clients from Hennepin, Ramsey and surrounding counties. Almost 60% of our clients are between the ages

of 15-22. We remain one of the few mental health providers who accept uninsured and underinsured clients. 60% of those we

help receive our services free or at very reduced costs.

ANOkA COuNty 2010 GeNder 2009

Andover 210 Female 54%

Anoka 293 Male 46%

Bethel 7

Blaine 557

Burns township 1

Cedar 14 ethNiCity

Centerville 14 African American 12%

Circle pines 76 Asian 1%

Columbia Heights 327 Hispanic 3%

Columbus 2 Multi Racial 5%

Coon Rapids 841 native American 1%

east Bethel 46 White 76%

Fridley 431 not Known 2%

Ham Lake 133

Hilltop 4

Lexington 18 AGe

Lino Lakes 71 1-5 1%

new Brighton 26 6-9 4%

oak grove 25 10-14 12%

Ramsey 142 15-17 31%

Spring Lake park 125 18-22 27%

St. Francis 20 23-54 22%

not Recorded 54 55-64 2%

65+ 1%

COuNty BreAkdOWN PAyMeNt StruCture

Lee Carlson Center is the top provider of comprehensive mental health services insurance 40%

in Anoka County & the northern Suburbs. Residents of Hennepin & Ramsey counties Medical Assistance/ 27%

as well as four surrounding counties also used our services in 2009. Free services covered 33%


Anoka 84%

Hennepin 10%

Ramsey & other 6%



reVeNue dOLLArS %

Local School District Contracts $ 912,263 36.15%

third party payments $ 812,712 32.20%

Anoka County $ 363,947 14.42%

Fundraising $ 166,017 6.58%

united Way $ 120,099 4.76%

in-Kind Contributions $ 103,450 4.10%

Youth intervention program $ 41,013 1.63%

Federal grant $ 4,000 0.16%

______ ______

$2,523,501 100.0%



program Services $1,998,158 82.31%

Administration $ 357,335 14.72%

Fundraising $ 72,227 2.97%

_______ ______

$2,427,720 100.0%

tHAnK You to ouR MAnY 2010 SuppoRteRS

We are grateful to the following individuals, businesses, civic/faith based groups, foundations,

school districts and government entities for their generous financial support in 2010.


Yusef Abul & Fadia Abul-Hajj

Janice & paul Anderson

Julie Anderson

Stephan & Judy Antonello

Suzanne Aoun

tom & Joy Archibald

Clark & Mary Arneson

Heidi Arnson

Monica Arroyave

Jason Ashline

Roger & Lavonne Avery

Ron & Kathleen Backstrom

Donna & Jerry Bahls

Rebecca Barghart

Adam Barghart

Denise & Stephen Barnett

Jim & Leann Barnett

Sarah Barnett

Juliana Barth

Asha & Andrew Baskaran

Mary Battmer

Jeff Beck

gloria Bedran

Mary Louise Berg

tom & gloria Bergstrom

Sara & John Bidler

Dorothy Bienias

Cynthia Blesi

Dena Bohn

Ann Bolkcom

Martha Bolinger

Stuart & Diane Bonniwell

tim & Diann Boonstra

Linda & pete Borman

Morris & Madeline Brandenburg

Lavonne & Leonard Brandt

Anthony & Alyssa Branitski

Frank & Linda Brathen

Kathrine Brathen

Rolf Brathen

Barbara Bridges

Susan Burbank

Dr. & Mrs. William Burns

William Burns

David & Joan Bushman

Sue Butler

terry Camorillo

Donna Cantele

Jean & Darren Capra

Arlene Carlson – in memory of Richard


Arlene & gary Carlson

Barbara & gary Carlson

Heidi Carlson

eric Carlson

Marlys Carpenter

Mary & neil Charpentier

Robert Christenson

Margaret & Brian Chisolm

Jeanne Christoffer

Madeline Cieslak

Betty & Lawrence Cipperly

Mary Clarkson

Melanie & Jeff Cleveland

Anthony & Bonnie Coffey

Roberta Collins

nancy Cook

Alfonso Cota

Rebecca Cudo

Ann Curtis

Deborah Dahl

Bud Dauphin & Marcia Schaaf

Jaime De Queiroz

Jill Desrosier

Fiona Devan

tammera & Jeffrey Diehm

Cynthia Doerr

Scott Donley

Karlene Dorazio

Roger Doughty

James Dow

pat & Melissa Durand

Linda Dyer

pat & Shirley earley

Steve & Mary eggert

Arthur & Clarice elbert

Kent & Jamie elbert

Bill elrite

Dan & Kathleen erhart

Jolynn erikson

Susan Fanucci

Mike & Betsy Farley

tim Farley

Velma & Lewis Farr

Walter & Linda Fehst

Joan Fenendael

tamara Ferguson

Brian Fernandes

Amber Fischer

Alan Folie

Wendi Francisco

Brian & Julie Fulwiler

patricia gabel

Dorothy gargaro

tom gasser

Jackie gehrke

Lyndsey & Jeff gehrnbacher

James & Lana glaser

Larry & elna goodspeed

theresa gormley

Dan & Shirley gourde

neil greco

Casey & Mark green

David & Diane griffin

David grossman

Kelly & Steven Haigh

Beth & greg Halvorson

Joann Halvorson

Marty & Laurie Halvorson

Mark & patty Halvorson

gary Hanson

Michael Hanzel

Mark & Julie Hartley

Helen & phil Hartley

Charlotte Hartley

earl Hatten

Richard & Miriam Heggerston

Leann Hess

Scott Hickok

Larry Highland

Mary Lou & thomas Hlavinka

Rodley & Cynthia Hogetvedt

Carol Hoiby

Bill & Suzanne Holm

Adam Holmbo

J. Hooker

David & Jolanta Howard

Mary Hoyt

Rick Huesman

Stevie Humphrey

peter & Barbara Hutchinson

Madhavi isanaka

tina Javinsky

Dale & Bonnie Jensen

Mary Sue & Christopher Jensen

Ray Johnson

Roberta Johnson

terry Johnson

theresa Julkowski

Mary Kahle

gerald & Jeanette Keller

Lynette Kelley

Bruce Kelzenberg

glennard Kline

D.p. Kondrick

Jim Kordiak

Jim Kugler

Steve & Vicki Langemo

John Larkin

erin Lasley

Melissa Lee

Joyce & Richard Lekang

Marie Lenzmeier

Ann & Herb Lewis – in memory of Lee


Lisa Linz

M. Rebecca Loader

Walter Logacz

Cathy Lombard

Bonnie Loncorich

Kay Lowinske

John & Debra Lund

Josh & Jesscia Lund

Robert Lund

Scott & Cindy Lund

eric Lundell

elizabeth Lutton

James & Loann Madden

gerald & Margaret Maeckelbergh

Linda Magee

Mary Makens

Mandy & Ross Meisner

Benjamin Mauthe

Ray & Betty McAffe

thomas McAffe nan & James


patrick & gerri McFarland

Brenda McMahon

Marina McManus

Zoe Merrell

Larry Mickelson

Deanne Miller

Don & Carole Miller

Malcolm & Annette Mitchell

Joe & eleanor Moen

Richelle Moen

ellen Mooney

Leonard Moore, Jr.

DJ Moser

Sonia Murphy

Bruce nawrocki

tom newland

Steve nicol

Charlene niemczura

Steven novak

Connie & Ronald nyquist

Chelsea ogren

paula & uzo okorafor

osa omoruyi

David ostwald

Ramona owens

tony palumbo

Leanne patchen

Adam & elizabeth pawloski

Dorothy penate

Kassie peterman

Marilyn peters

Ron peterson

Shelley peterson

Bernadine phillips

Sue piva

thomas plash

ginger pogainis

Jeremy powers

Marie prezinkski

Dean & Diane prince

Jaime & olga Queiroz

David & Judith Ranheim

eileen Rathbun

Lori Reiners

Randy & Diane Rengo

esther & Joseph Retzer

Joe Rhein

Alice Ribbens

Brad & Leslie Richter

Bryce Richter

Marlene & David Richter

D.A. Roberge

Jack & Heidi Roe

Robert & Joan Roe

Mark Roskop

Ray & Doris Rucinski

Dave & Wendy Sallman

Alexandra Samilo

Kathy & Myros Samilo

Jackie & Daniel Sandusky

tony Satterthwaite

Linda Sauvegeau

Sandra Schmidt

Michael Schneider

Charles Scholzen

Sharon Schwartz

Frank & Maija Sedzierlaz

Keith & nancy Shaw

Harold & Virginia Sheff

Carmel Sheridan & Michael Claus

MaryBeth & Ron Siemback

Maryanne Simonitsch & greg gersch

Carolyn Smith

Julie Smith

eric Snyder

Miriam Sparre & Roxanne Ricci

Malkim St. Hilaire

Joe & Joy Stinson

Cathy Stoeckel

Don & Carlotta Stomberg

Dolores Strand

Joe & pamela Strauss

Julie Streitz

Dawn Strommen

James & Lisa Stuart

Richard & Joni Stulac

Harry Sundeen

prem Suppogu & Maria thrall

Leslie teesdale

Kathleen & Jeffrey thayer

Michael thews

Samantha thomas

Anita thomas & Karl Sluis

Mitch thraczyk

Dale tranter

Lynda tucker

Jean & Jerry udesen

Chad & Kathryn unger

Luis uribe

Michelle Vance

Dolores & Stephen Varichak

Loeroy & Kathleen Venne

Mary e. Vorhes

Colleen Vranish

Robert Walkowaik, Jr.

Laura Wallace

thomas Walthour

Harley Warren

Kathryn Watson

gary & Linda Wax

Robert Wehling

Diedrich Weiss

Kevin & Jennifer Weist

grayson West

Robyn & Jay West

Lois & theodore West

Lisa Westerlund

Fran Westphal

Amanda Wieliard

Lori Wilczek

Dawn Williams

Sharlene & Lance Wimpfheimer

Ann & Leonard Witucki

Joe & pat Wotruba

Cynthia Wrecza

teresa Wright

gaylynn Wyant

Mireille Ziade

nyle & theresa Zikmund

Jane Zilch

Judith Zimmerman

Maureen Zinda

gretchen Zunkel

Anita Zurn

nancy Zurn


A&A insurance

ACe Solid Waste

AiD electric Company

Allegra printing & imaging

Anchor Bank

B&e tool Company, inc.

Barna, guzy & Steffen, Ltd.

Blue tow Service, inc.

Bob’s produce Mart

Bosch packaging

Bromley printing

Carson, Clelland & Schreder

Cummins power generation

Discount 70

Film tec Corporation

great River energy

High tec, inc.

Hoffman & Swintek

Jetson, inc.

Kugler Financial Services

M&i Bank

Matrix Laser Care, inc.

Mobile Maintenance, inc.

the ‘nMotion Dance Center

north Hennepin Area Chamber of Commerce

northeast Bank

nucleus Clinic

perfect 10 Carwash

peterson’s Bacon & egg Café

p.S.D., LLC

Robo Automation, inc.

Sam’s Club

Stylmark, inc.

target Community Relations

telecide productions, inc.

Vision Woodworking, inc.

Wells Fargo insurance Services of Mn, inc.

Wells Fargo twin Cities Business Banking

Civic Groups/Faith Based/Community,

Schools & Government:

Anoka County AFSCMe Local union 2454

Anoka County Chapter of thrivent Financial for


Blaine High School

Church of St. patrick of Cedar Creek

City of Andover

Clarence LaBelle post #217

Columbia Heights Athletic Boosters Club

Columbia Heights School District #13

Community Health Charities Mn.

Corporate Commission of the Mille Lacs Band of


Fridley Lions Club

the House of Hope presbyterian Church

Kiwanis Club north Suburban St. paul

Kraus Hartig VFW 6587 Men’s Auxiliary

Metropolitan Regional Arts Council

Spring Lake park Lions


Athwin Foundation

Beverly Foundation

CDgB grant

gray plant Mooty Foundation

Lifetime Fitness Foundation

Mutual of America Foundation

pentair Foundation

Sauer Children’s Renew Foundation

H.e. & Helen Warren Foundation

Wasie Foundation

Wells Fargo Leadership Council

Weyerhauser Family Foundation

We’re also very thankful for

generous in-kind donations

of products & services from

the individuals and businesses

listed below:

Consulting & Services:

Cisco non-profit Donation program

gray plant Mooty Law Firm

grossman Design

M Kahle photography


north Metro tV


uS Bank & Forsythe

events & Auctions:

Aaron’s Home Service

All Season tire

Anoka Massage & pain therapy

Axel’s Bonfire


Bar 508 Restaurant

Big top Liquor

Bob’s produce

Brian graham Salon

Bromley printing

Buca di Beppo

Denny Kemp Salon

Diane Bryers

Brick’s pub

Brunswick Bowl

Annie Burns

Butler Ceramics & gifts

Café Maude

Cheek to Cheek Dance Studio

Chisago Lakes golf Course

Clearly Clean Carpet Cleaning

Coborns grocery

CRAVe Restaurant

Cub Foods

D’Amico & partners

Dudley Riggs Brave new Workshop

Dunn Bros. Coffee


Mike gamache

gander Mountain

Ham Lake Lanes

Helen Hartley

Haven Salon

Hell’s Kitchen

Holyland grocery & Deli

Marya Hornbacher

infintea teahouse

izzy’s ice Cream

Bonnie Jensen

Jensen’s Foods

Jungle theater

the Lyndale tap House

M Kahle photography

Mandy Meisner Hair & Make-up

Miller Ford photography

Minnesota opera

Mobile entertainment

the nature of Beauty

neat Freaks Cleaning Company

the ‘nMotion Dance Center

Jill ness


Karen nippoldt

now Boarding

the old Log theater

park tavern & Bowl

pebble Creek golf Course

perfect 10 Carwash

pioneer Creek golf Course

the ponds at Battle Creek golf Course

punch pizza

prairie pride Farms

precision tune oil Change

Dean prince

Rick Bronson’s House of Comedy

Ringo Restaurant

Rustica Bakery

Kathy Samilo

Alexandra Samilo

Savii Formalwear

the Shorewood

MaryBeth Siemback


Source one graphics

Spill the Wine

Spirit Dancing

Stella’s Fish Cafe

Stevie Ray’s Comedy Cabaret

Stillwater Hot Air Balloon Rids

Suburban Auto Body & Repair


Super target

tangletown gardens

terry Jacobson therapeutic Massage

terry overacker plumbing

texas Roadhouse

tires plus

top Value Liquor

uptown Dermatology

Jennifer Vickerman

Diedrich Weiss

Wild Mountain

Yellowtree theatre

YWCA Mpls.

Wedding Warehouse

Wilde Roast Cafe

gayle Wyant

gretchen Zunkel

Anita Zurn

And last, but not least, our

heartfelt thanks to 120 dedicated

volunteers/community advocates

and interns who donated over

3,500 hours in 2010.

Suzanne Aoun

Shari Barmash

Sarah Barnett

Dave Bartholomay

Bradford Bartz

Harry Benson

Dorothy Bienias

Linda Borman

Boy Scout troup 454-Brooklyn park

Kathrine Brathen

Jacob Breth

Diane Bryers

Annie Burns

Sue Butler

Amanda Cantele

Donna Cantele

Jean Capra

eric Carlson

gary Carlson

Betty Chevalier

Liz Chevalier

Jon Coffey

Dora Degenstein

Fiona Devan

emmanuel Christian Center Youth group

Mike Farley

Amber Fischer

todd Francisco

Wendi Francisco

Chase goodman

Jared goodman

Stephanie goodman

Casey green

patty Halvorson

Amanda Harrington

Helen Hartley

Stevie Humphrey

Dale Jensen

Bonnie Jensen

Chris Johnson

Mary Kahle

Danika Klyve

Damian Kussian

Melissa Kinney

norah Knutson

Kristen Lang

Cheree Langmade

erin Lasley

Joyce Lekang

Lisa Linz

Scott Lund

Liz Marten

Ken Mattson

Donna McDonald

Heidi Mcelroy

Brenda McMahon

Mandy Meisner

nikki Metzger

DJ Moser

Brian Mules

Bob nelson

Jill ness

Steve nicol

gary peterson

Ron peterson

Dean prince

Bob Ramsey

Lori Reiners

Diane Rengo

Benjamin Revier

Brad Richter

Leslie Richter

Linley Richter

Sara Rivera

Dawn Rutt

Kathy Samilo

Myros Samilo

Sam’s Club local marketing team

Linda Sauvegaeu

Karrie Schaaf

Jackie Schuh

MaryBeth Siemback

Michael Sinclair

Julie Smith

Ray Sowada

Dawn Strommen

prem Suppogu

Chuck Switzer

M’Liss Switzer

Rachel Switzer

Myrna Vest

Laura Wallace

Diedrich Weiss

Robyn West

Ben Wolff

Woody Woodcock

Andrew Worm

Joe Wotruba

gayle Wyant

gretchen Zunkel

Anita Zurn

We’re dedicated to ensuring

the accuracy of our donor

and volunteer information.

We apologize if we’ve omitted

or misspelled any names.

please contact patty at

763-230-7836 or mail to:


to provide updates or corrections.


Dale Jensen, ed.D

Retired Superintendent of Schools & former Director of the Mn Assn.

of School Administrators


Mary Beth Siemback

Vice president/Bank Manager

Anchor Bank


gary Carlson

Retired engineer


Sue Butler

Retired Director of Special education

Anoka Hennepin School District

timothy Culbert, Md

Behavioral pediatrician

Childrens Hospital & Clinic

Casey Green

Director Child Care Support Services

Anoka County Community Action program

Jean Capra

Human Resources

Medtronic, inc.

Steve Nicol, Jd

Defense Attorney

nicol & greenley, LtD

2010 BoARD

oF DiReCtoRS

We are honored to have benefited from the leadership and commitment of the following individuals who served on our Board.

Gretchen Zunkel, Ph.d.

psychiatric nurse practitioner – Regions Hospital

Assistant professor of nursing – university of Mn

2010 Leadership team

executive director

Kathy Samilo, MA, Licensed psychologist

Chief Financial Officer

prem Suppogu, MBA, CpA

Clinical & Program directors

Mary Kahle, MA, Licensed psychologist

paula okorafor, MA, Licensed psychologist

Joseph Wotruba, ph.D., Licensed psychologist

Marketing/development Manager

patty Halvorson, BA Marketing/Communications

Lee Carlson Center


MAin CLiniC

7954 university Ave ne

Fridley, Mn 55432


763-780-0784 (fax)

DoMeStiC ABuSe pRogRAM

Human Services Building

1201 89th Ave ne, Suite 375

Blaine, Mn 55434


763-783-4756 (fax)


1121 80th Avenue ne

Spring Lake park, Mn 55432


763-786-1510 (fax)


graphic services donated by Lori Kainulainen.

photography donated by M Kahle photography

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