culture, subculture and counterculture - Facultatea de Litere

culture, subculture and counterculture - Facultatea de Litere

culture, subculture and counterculture - Facultatea de Litere


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replaced by a French one), Bozzi’s foramen by pata Mariotte (where the Italian<br />

name was replaced by another French one); nevertheless, there have been<br />

recor<strong>de</strong>d instances where Italian names were given, in Romanian other<br />

eponymous versions to inclu<strong>de</strong> English or German names of persons, as in the<br />

structures fallopian neuritis translated through paralizie Bell, <strong>and</strong> Galeati’s<br />

gl<strong>and</strong> ren<strong>de</strong>red by gl<strong>and</strong>ele Lieberkühn.<br />

Most of the eponyms pertaining to general English, even if not essentially<br />

stylistic <strong>de</strong>vices, have nevertheless a certain <strong>de</strong>gree of connotational charge;<br />

those belonging to jargons or professional terminologies are certainly lexical<br />

instruments.<br />

Eponyms: an instance of linguistic interculturality<br />

The wi<strong>de</strong>spread use of some eponyms, particularly those in the scientific,<br />

technical <strong>and</strong> technological languages, grants them a certain <strong>de</strong>gree of<br />

internationality <strong>and</strong> allows them access among the other lexical units or<br />

formations which have acknowledged international recognition.<br />

And in<strong>de</strong>ed they have, for simple eponyms have travelled from one<br />

language to another <strong>and</strong> so did specialist ones. Thus, an extremely reduced<br />

number of examples will be enumerated to account for the spreading of eponyms<br />

originating in a certain European country in at least two other languages<br />

(English <strong>and</strong> Romanian): dahlia - dalie (

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