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replaced by a French one), Bozzi’s foramen by pata Mariotte (where the Italian

name was replaced by another French one); nevertheless, there have been

recorded instances where Italian names were given, in Romanian other

eponymous versions to include English or German names of persons, as in the

structures fallopian neuritis translated through paralizie Bell, and Galeati’s

gland rendered by glandele Lieberkühn.

Most of the eponyms pertaining to general English, even if not essentially

stylistic devices, have nevertheless a certain degree of connotational charge;

those belonging to jargons or professional terminologies are certainly lexical


Eponyms: an instance of linguistic interculturality

The widespread use of some eponyms, particularly those in the scientific,

technical and technological languages, grants them a certain degree of

internationality and allows them access among the other lexical units or

formations which have acknowledged international recognition.

And indeed they have, for simple eponyms have travelled from one

language to another and so did specialist ones. Thus, an extremely reduced

number of examples will be enumerated to account for the spreading of eponyms

originating in a certain European country in at least two other languages

(English and Romanian): dahlia - dalie (

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