Realize youR Vision - DRC

Realize youR Vision - DRC


Edition 2007

Realize youR Vision

Wings Platinum is the most advanced multidisplay production and presentation system on the market today and is acknowledged the world over for

its wide range of functions and high performance in presenting incredible shows. With its cutting edge functions Wings Platinum has been part of the

most spectacular shows, exciting installations and astonishing presentations around the world.

The conceptual strength of Wings Platinum lies in media integration. Anything that can be presented or controlled in some way, can be arranged, edited,

controlled and presented with Wings Platinum very smoothly. Our main objective in developing Wings Platinum was unbeatably simple and intuitive

operation – a benefit for all users in producing impressive shows.

The new Wings Platinum 3 comprises numerous new features largely focusing on simplicity of show production and live interactive applications.

The completely redesigned user interface welcomes the user with a dark and elegant desktop and comes with a new keyframe editor and a very

comfortable and powerful in-screen editing tool. The unobtrusive design allows the user to concentrate on visual contents, which becomes immediately

apparent when adding images or videos to the timeline.

Perfect Multidisplay presentations

through softedge projection

The huge, the whole, the impressive image: use any display,

such as plasmas, LCDs, LED walls, stationary or moving

projectors – even mixed - and turn them into one huge

stunning overall experience.

Multidisplay presentations with several networked computers

for projection of huge pictures and videos in realtime. For this

purpose Wings Platinum uses a presentation network with

one master and any number of presentation computers.

Wings Platinum - Media integration come true

Wings Platinum lets you arrange and edit any type of

media in a timeline on layers. Take standard high-resolution

images, HD-quality videos and multi-channel sound and

merge them quite simply in Wings Platinum into a unique

show of stunning quality. Due to an editing concept similar

to other video editing and compositing applications - such as

Adobe After Effects for example - producers will find it easy

to create shows in Wings Platinum without having to spend

too much time on training. Realtime Rendering gives you

the chance of immediate and last minute changes.

mulTiDisPlay PRoDucTion

Pushing all limiTs WiTh Th

The intelligent multidisplay technology allows

to push at all traditional limits and boundaries

A file server automatically distributes the media to the

presentation computers. The softedge masks are created by

the graphics cards only during the presentation. This allows

adaptation of the masks to the local conditions and projectors

even shortly before a presentation. During presentation the

SmartSync-Engine TM ensures a frame-accurate playback

between all displays.

Complete Freedom in Show Design

Every kind of display technology can be used within one

show. Mix softedge projection with plasma displays – use the

displays horizontally or vertically or at any angle - change

the display devices and the output resolution at any time

without reprogramming or loosing the layout. All pixels of

all display are added to one fantastical total resolution.

The innovative warping concept allows individual adjustment

of the displays and of the entire presentation and ensures in

realtime that your presentation comes into its own on any

projection surface imaginable.

Create the presentation on the

production computer only

The computer used for show production constantly displays

the entire multidisplay screen even without the presentation

network being available. Therefore, a huge show can be

produced in the studio or on a notebook; the presentation

computers don‘t have to be connected. And a multidisplay

show can be presented at any time without multidisplay

hardware, e.g. on a single projector or plasma for a

customer presentation.

Easy Show Distribution

Winner of the

InfoComm Award

for “Best Software

Product of the

Year 2006”.

The presentation can be started in realtime at any time or

rendered in HD quality as MPEG-2, AVI or Windows Media

Video for easy distribution of the show. Video DVDs can be

directly written by Wings Platinum. This feature is perfect

for archiving the show, for show distribution, for Split-

Rendering or preview at the customer‘s without having the

entire multidisplay hardware available.

2 Realize youR Vision

anD PResenTaTion sysTem

e aWaRD Winning sysTem

Speaker Support technology allows clever design of your shows.

Wings Platinum features numerous Speaker Support

functions for a perfect combination between a superbly

composed show and the live comments of the presenter.

Using pause and start commands on the remote control,

the presenter can take his interventions into his own hands.

Live streams

VGA and video signals can be imported in realtime and

incorporate in the show. The total of 8 live video channels

combined with alpha channel masks and croma/luma

keying allow for unlimited possibilities.

Full control over the event: ShowControl

A project for a multidisplay show, in addition to audiovisual

media, may also contain commands for complex peripheral

installations. Any number of show control channels

are available for switching and control functions, e.g.

DMX512, MIDI, 0-10V, RS232/485, switches, TCP/IP, UDP,

etc. Complex control commands can be programmed by

recording DMX commands, e.g. from light mixers, in data

objects in Wings Platinum, editing them and using them in

your show. Thus it is possible to record entire light shows

and play them in Wings Platinum. But what‘s more: You

can sync up Wings Platinum with external input devices,

e.g. external time code, via MIDI commands or DMX. But

you can also control your presentations via external signals

from motion detectors, sensors or even via keypads, the

SC TouchControl or mouse sensitive media objects.

Wings PlaTinum 3

Free running audio and video playback provide for some

music being played in the background or some background

images being displayed during the moderation. Automute

objects ensure that the show is perfectly in sync with the live

act. And the presenter himself becomes a part of the show.

Sound- and Lightshow at the pyramids of Gizeh (Egypt)

Realized by Toon Thellier (NL)

Pirates of the Caribbean at Disney World Orlando (USA)

Realized by Mastermind Control (USA)

Image © Christian Horn - Horncolor Multimedia GmbH

Image © Matthias Hultsch - Horncolor Multimedia GmbH


Create your show by placing media objects and control objects in the timeline. Media objects may be images, sounds, videos and texts. Control Objects may be light ramps, motion control,

color changes, remote control commands and many other things. During editing all media objects are time synchronized – by moving the locator in the timeline you can find out about

the exact point of time at a certain location. Editing of all these objects is based on a uniform concept and the editing steps are identical wherever possible. This is what makes using Wings

Platinum so incredibly easy. On the timeline layers, the different media are arranged as objects in the required order. Any editing is non-destructive, i.e. all media files on the hard disk

remain unchanged and editing steps can be undone or changed. There are certain layer types for different media, e.g. image, sound and video layers, the contents of which are output to

specific devices. An audio layer sends audio data to a selected channel of a sound card output. Or a video layer transfers data to a predefined image field on a screen.

No media need to be prepared for the Multidisplay show – all splitting, cropping and file distribution is done in realtime. The resolution of images is automatically adjusted when needed.


Every show has a minimum of one timeline


containing layers for arranging the media objects.

Several timelines are appropriate for interactive or multilanguage

shows. Show Control for permanent installations

or events requires several timelines for the arrangement of

complex projects. Jumping between timelines during a show

allows interactivity.

Increased productivity through

improved operability

Wings Platinum features a toolbar known from


professional editing programs. In combination

with keyboard shortcuts, operation is very time-efficient

and effective. The option to arrange all windows and menus

on one multi-screen workplace allows you to keep track of

your production.

Crossfade Layers

These layers allow crossfades of objects by


simply moving one object on top of another.

This technology provides for intuitive and fast show

programming. Crossfade tracks are available for image,

audio as well as video layers.

Audio Layers

Audio files of various formats can be used together


in one project. One stereo audio track can be

directly allocated to one of the 12 stereo outputs or be

routed to all 24 outputs via the mixer. A peculiarity in this

context is timestretching and pitchshift technology which

allows adjustment of the playing time of audio files without

influencing the pitch. In addition to this, there are 16

realtime effect filters available via DirectX PlugIns. DirectX

PlugIns from other manufacturers can be incorporated at

any time.



Text Layers

Text layers accommodate text objects for use of

text in a show, e.g. titles or credits. All keyframe

effects are available for text objects, too. The text can also

be run in a ticker loop and the information be updated in

realtime via live import from external text files. This feature

can be used for information stations, for example.

4 5

The concePT

Image, Video, Live Video Layers with Image Fields

Every screen has several image fields for

displaying images and videos. Each image field

can be assigned to image and video layers. If videos need

to be deskewed or if smaller images are always to be

displayed at the same location for a “picture-in-picture”

effect, additional screen fields can come in handy. This saves

time during production, because there is no need to place

new images and videos over and over again. Of course it is

possible to change the location of screen fields at any time

via keyframe animation. Live video is handled the same

way as images and videos.

4 Realize youR Vision






The concePT

Wings Platinum offers full freedom in programming. It allows intuitive programming through In-Screen Editing, entry of exact values or live programming via external input values. Every

ramp can be individually designed and shaped with additional nodes. The Media Pool can be used for your own collection of ramps and curves. Dynamic visual effects, such as Zoom, Motion,

Rotation and Color control, allow camera movements, „picture-in-picture“ effects or spatial rotation and tilting of pictures. Alpha channels, usage of alpha masks and chroma/luma keying

allow creation of highly ingenious insert collages.

Non-destructive editing of images

Images at any resolution can be integrated into a Wings

Platinum show; embedded color profiles are considered.

During production, the system uses an editing resolution

to save resources. Only then are the images scaled to the

output format and sharpened accordingly. All this is done

without manipulating the original image files.

Marker Layers


8 9


Marker layers can be used for placing markers

for various purposes, e.g. for pausing, jumping

Wings PlaTinum 3


to a certain chapter or timeline or for controlling external

devices, e.g. via the internal drivers.

Universal Layers

All show control objects containing values


– DMX512, analog voltages, switches, etc. – are

placed onto this layer type. Universal layers can also be

used for note objects with text information and images to

be sent to an SC TouchControl unit serving as interactive


Media Pool


The Media Pool accommodates all media files for a

project, e.g. image, audio, video and text files. In

addition to this, other items of importance to your project,

such as screen configurations, timelines or devices and

trigger actions for Show Control, are also managed in the

Media Pool by means of the Project Explorer.

Project Explorer

The Project Explorer helps you to organize all data


contained in the show – independent of the real

storage location on the hard disk or in the network. You

can create as many folders and subfolders as you like and

name them accordingly. These folders are created, shifted

and renamed, just like in the Windows Explorer. It is also

possible to organize control ramps and triggers, in addition

to the media files.


The screen is the virtual display area in Wings


Platinum - the entire area is used as preview

area during editing and for presentation if desired. For this

reason preview and presentation on the master are always

absolutely identical to the real presentation on multiple

displays. Screen size, resolution and format can be freely

defined and changed any time during editing without

loosing the chosen layout.

Intuitive Production with In-Screen Editing

Simply grab any image or video in the preview


screen and modify the keyframes for this object.

Keyframe control allows camera movement, “picture-inpicture”

effects, movements horizontally and vertically,

distortion, zooming, spatial rotation around all three axes

and color changes. Even a combination of all these functions

is possible, which can also be applied to all visual media

objects, i.e. even to video, text or live videos.


The FeaTuRes

Timeline based show editing

All media and control objects are arranged on the tracks

in a timeline. During editing and playback they constantly

remain in sync. This applies also to any peripheral devices

that may be used. For some media, crossfade tracks are

available which allow for fades on one track by moving the

objects on top of each other.

Editing images

Images at virtually any resolution can be integrated into a

Wings Platinum show. Wings Platinum produces images with

an appropriate editing resolution to allow for swift editing

at any time. After scaling the images, Wings Platinum

will optionally sharpen them to ensure optimum image

sharpness. Every dissolve ramp can be individually designed

and shaped with additional nodes. The Media Pool can be

used for your own collection of ramps/curves. Dynamic

visual effects, such as Zoom, Motion, Rotation and Color

control, allow camera movements, “picture-in-picture”

effects or spatial rotation and tilting of images. Combined

with alpha control, it gives you the chance to design the

most ingenious insert collages, which can even be controlled


Sound editing

Audio files of various formats can be used together in one

project. Conversion of sampling rate and sound depth or

decompression of MP3 files is performed online by Wings

Platinum during playback. Add creativity to your crossfades

by defining individual ramp shapes and saving them in the

Ramp Pool for further usage. Audio files can be exported

very flexibly in a variety of different formats.

Video editing

Editing of videos is done in realtime, either based on

lower-resolution display data or the original video data.

The rendered output of apresentation media (AVI/MPEG

video, video DVD, etc.) is based on high-resolution original

data to achieve optimum quality. Frame-accurate cutting of

high-resolution videos up to HDTV is achieved by preview

technology. The size of original videos can be cropped for

use in a project. This allows you to cut out certain sections

of the image or cut off black edges. In order to ensure bestpossible

playback of interlaced material, Wings Platinum

contains a high-quality deinterlacing feature. Consistent

handling of MPEG 2 videos, i.e. editing in the timeline, as

well as presentation and writing onto CD using the codec

by MainConcept, recognized to be one of the best on the


Text function

Text objects can be used for titles in a show. The text is

displayed on a transparent background and can be

combined with all kinds of different backgrounds. Text can

be animated both horizontally and vertically. Virtually all

key-frame controlled effects, such as motion, rotation and

color control are available for text objects.

Drag and drop

Easy software operability has always been one of the top

priorities of the Stumpfl development team, resulting in a

few completely new features for version 3. Just imagine

looking at your latest pictures and videos in your favorite

browser and wondering how to turn them into a show. Well,

just open the screen in Wings Platinum, i.e. the virtual

projection screen, and drag the relevant images one after

the other from the image browser into the screen window.

Now take a look at the timeline and you will see that the

images are already available as a sequence of dissolves

which can be played back immediately.

Unlimited number of crossfade layers / PiPs

The FeaTuRes in DeTail

On audio, image and video tracks, crossfades can be created

simply by moving two objects on top of each other. This is

not only a very quick way but saves tracks and allows a

better overview. Any number of tracks can be used, which

can be organized in group tracks.

Project management on several timelines

Complex projects can be structured by using several

timelines. This may be appropriate for interactive or multilanguage

shows. For permanent installations or live events

with Show Control requirements several timelines are

actually indispensable for the implementation of complex


Keyframe control of alpha, size, aspect

ratio, position, 3D rotation, color

All visual effects, such as motion, size, rotation in all three

axes and color can be controlled in realtime via keyframes.

Flying layers and PiP‘s can easily be realized. Via „In-Screen

Editing“ this can be done quickly and easily: your images

are edited directly in the screen. As an alternative you can

also use the Keyframe Editor, which allows very accurate

editing based on parameter objects. Keyframes can be

mofied live and recorded by linking it to external inputs

like DMX and MIDI.

Keyframe control via In-Screen editing

Animation of visual objects is possible directly on the screen.

You can edit the picture on the screen by grabbing and

moving it, thus causing motion, zoom or rotation, etc.

Keyframe control via timeline editing

Graphic editing allows very accurate control of objects based

on the displayed keyframe curve.

6 Realize youR Vision

The FeaTuRes in DeTail

Interactivity for live shows

Realtime rendering and live interactive layers with flying PiPs

via DMX and MIDI remove the boundaries to interactivity

in live shows. Several timelines with the possibility of

jumping between them are appropriate for interactive or

multi-language shows. The mix group function can be used

for spontaneous and differentiated fades of parallel track

contents during playback. Mix groups can be formed from

one or several tracks and can be faded in or out or to a

certain transparency level during the presentation. The

optional Show Control license allows also external controllers

with faders to be used. Interactive control through variables

is also possible. Mouse Sensitive Media Objects in the screen

can be used for interactive info terminals or games. Via

SC TouchControl all functions of Wings Platinum can be

supervised comfortable from any place.

Realtime rendering

Wings Platinum can virtually play back the entire timeline

contents immediately in realtime at full quality. There is,

however, a certain limit when it comes to high-resolution

picture sequences and complex montages of videos and

images. If playback is no longer possible in realtime on

the available computer there is still the option of creating a

video mixdown with Wings Platinum.

Unlimited number of display

devices and pixel resolution

The number of displays within a presentation network

is unlimited, provided that a sufficient number of slave

computers is available.

Adi Dassler Brand Center (Herzogenaurach, DE) | Softedge panorama | 25

Projectors | 106 meters width | Installation by ict AG (Kohlberg) | Audio visual

content by Horncolor Multimedia GmbH (Munich) and AG4-Medien (Bamberg)

Free arrangement of displays -

Combined hardedge and softedge

Image © Christian Horn - Horncolor Multimedia GmbH

Displays can be freely arranged on the screen, with both a

combination between hardedge and softedge being possible.

Wings PlaTinum 3

For overlapping displays Wings Platinum generates softedge

masks. It is possible to define a number of different displays

in one location, e.g. when the show is to be shown in the

foyer on three plasma displays in addition to the large

softedge projection.

Frame-accurate synchronisation between multiple

displays with SmartSync-Engine via LAN

For efficient hardware rendering and highest-possible

playback quality we have equipped Wings Platinum

with the SmartSync Engine offering optimized, frameaccurate

playback synchronization of all computers within

a presentation network.

Seamless soft-edge blending

horizontally and vertically

The softedge masks for the overlapping areas are

automatically created when opening a multidisplay project.

Fine-adjustment of the softedge masks is done centrally

for all overlaps. Individual masks for every individual

video projector is also possible as an option. Editing of the

Softedge masks in realtime is possible for immediate and

perfect results.

High quality offline preview on master

The master computer offers a preview of the entire show at

full monitor resolution. The graphics card used for displaying

can be flexibly adjusted in order to provide for optimum

quality on the master on the one hand and swift editing

on the other. This allows editing of your show without slave

computers, too.

Master computer can also be used

for supplying a display

A master computer can additionally perform the task

of a slave for supplying a display. This may be helpful

for low-budget installations and less complex shows. For

programming and adjustment of softedge masks, however,

it is advantageous to use a separate master.

Presentation of extremely complex

shows via mixdown video

For highly complex shows which can no longer be run in

realtime without any problems a mixdown video of the

visual contents can be prepared and added to the project

on a video track in Exclusive Mode. For the presentation

in full screen mode the mixdown video will be used but

the objects in the timeline will continue to be available for

further editing.

Warping for projection on curved,

uneven or off-angle screens

The Warp function allows the entire screen contents

or individual multidisplay areas to be warped so as to

geometrically adjust the projected image to curved or

uneven projection areas. Also distortions produced by

projection lenses, which have a double effect on the overlap

areas can be compensated for. Warping is possible on two

separate levels for screen and displays, with a combination

of both also being possible. For Display Warp you can

choose between Uniform Warp and Individual Warp for

every individual display.

Multiple simultaneous live video inputs

Wings Platinum allows integration of up to eight live video

sources into a show. Usage of suitable computers and

corresponding video input cards will reduce the delay to a

minimum. Live video objects can be animated by all the

available keyframe-controlled effects.

Live interacive layers and layer groups

The mix group function can be used for spontaneous

and differentiated fades of parallel track contents during

playback – these can be pictures, video or sound. Mix

groups can be formed from one or several tracks and can

be faded in or out or to a certain transparency level during

the presentation. Control of mix groups is via triggers and

keys linked up. The optional Show Control license allows

also external controllers with faders to be used. Interactive

control through variables is also possible.


Subtractive coloring via keyframes

The keyframe function for color changes is a useful tool for

coloring text, images or videos. Since it is a dynamic effect,

the color can be changed continuously, e.g. a picture with

a bluish early morning atmosphere can be turned into a

picture with normal colors within seconds.

Video and live video input masking

Videos can be masked and be made partially transparent.

For this purpose, an alpha channel from an image file is

assigned to the video.

Chroma-/Luma-Keying for video and live video

Chroma keying allows certain colors in a video to be displayed

transparent. For a picture showing people and objects

against a monochrome background this color range can be

defined as transparent, thus allowing people and objects to

be shown independently and a different background to be

used instead. In place of color, brightness (luma), too can be

used for transparency control. This works also for imported

live video sources.

All image, video and audio file formats

Wings Platinum supports all common pixel-oriented image

formats. A color depth of up to 24 bits, for TIF files one up

to 48 bits is accepted.

Supported video codecs

All AVI codecs and WMV (Windows Media Video) are

supported, provided they are installed in the operating

system. AVI is a sort of container for videos created by

means of any sort of codec, e.g. Intel Indeo, DivX or DV.

For output of video in WMV format there is a particularly

comfortable dialog.

Full alpha channel support

Some picture areas are displayed transparent in accordance

with the alpha channel. Since an alpha channel offers up

to 255 tonal values, it also allows progressive or partial

transparency. This is a very useful tool for displaying texts,

changing the transparency of picture elements and masking.

Image formats that allow alpha channel interpretation are

Photoshop, TIF, PNG or TGA.

Color-true display through evaluation

of integrated ICC color profiles

Color-true representation of images through evaluation

of the embedded ICC color profiles. An ICC color profile

deviating from sRGB contained in a JPEG or TIFF file is

considered for display ensuring correct color rendering. The

original files remain unchanged.

Import of picture sequences

By importing picture sequences it is possible to use, for

instance, slow motion recordings or 3D animations for a

show. Any resolution is possible as they are displayed as

videos based on low-resolution display data for editing. Full

quality can be achieved through output as a video. e.g. in

MPEG 2 or WMV format.

For multidisplay, picture sequences can be converted into a

(background) video of any resolution via split rendering.

Pitch shifting

This function causes a certain „Mickey Mouse“ effect when

compressing audio objects, as the pitch changes as well. On

the other hand, stretching causes the sound to be lower. This

function can be used for sound effects or if the music needs

to be adjusted in pitch to match other material.


This function allows extension and compression of audio

objects without altering the pitch; there is no „Mickey

Mouse“ effect. This is a useful tool for adjusting music,

comments and sounds in length to match them up with

video scenes and picture sequences.


The FeaTuRes in DeTail

When Loop Playback is enabled for an audio object you may

extend it as desired; the contents of the audio file will be

repeated again and again. With an additional asynchronous

audio track playback continues even if the Locator stops a

pause marker. This way some music or other sounds can be

continued in Speaker Support Mode while the presenter is


24 channel audio mixing

Via a multi-channel sound card or interface up to 24 audio

channels can be played back, thus allowing surround sound,

multi-language shows or extensive sound installations.

HD audio up to 24 Bit / 96 kHz

Audio formats with up to 24 bits and a sampling rate of 96

kHz are supported. Internally, Wings Platinum even uses „32

bit float“ format, which continuously offers optimum quality

and prevents losses even in cases of overdrive problems,

e.g. with incorrect PlugIns for sound effects are used.

Interface for Realtime DirectX Audio PlugIns

The DirectX interface allows integration of PlugIns for sound

effects. In addition to the Stumpfl PlugIns also DirectX

PlugIns by other producers can be used.

8 Realize youR Vision

The FeaTuRes in DeTail

News-Ticker with Live Feed

Text objects on text tracks allow text for a show to be

displayed. Text objects feature a ramp band for controlling

the transparency and can be faded in or out just like images.

The same applies to keyframe control. In addition to this,

the text can be aligned horizontally or vertically, e.g. for

displaying the credits or a ticker.

Text objects can be used for news tickers with stationary

text or text running in a loop. As an option, text can also

be added as live import from a text file. When the file is

modified during the presentation, the text objects are

updated automatically before they are displayed the next


Playback of unlimited HD+ Content

via Split-Rendering Technology

For highly complex shows which can no longer be run in

realtime without any problems a mixdown of the visual

contents can be prepared as split videos. For this purpose,

a video for the corresponding screen section is rendered

for every display. These split videos are then used for

presentation, i.e. every slave computer only needs to play

one video.

Rendering as MPEG-2, WMV, AVI, DVD

An entire show can be output as video file at any size and

in various formats. These videos can be passed on to other

people or created when a show is extremely complex and

can no longer be run in realtime from the timeline. For

video creation all the AVI codecs installed in Windows, as

well as the WMV and the supplied MainConcept MPEG-2

codec can be used.

MainConcept MPEG2-Codec

Wings Platinum includes the high-quality MainConcept MPEG

2 codec, which is one on the market. It supports picture size

of up to 1920 x 1080 pixels and data rates of up to 80

Mbits/s. Various presets facilitate standard-conforming

Wings PlaTinum 3

creation of videos for certain applications, e.g. Video DVD


Direct output of video DVD

You can output non-conforming MPEG-2 videos (PAL/NTSC)

of your show and burn it directly onto DVD in Wings Platinum.

An ISO-image can also be created as an alternative.

Timeline Programming of Show Control

Channels for DMX512, MIDI, 0-10V,

RS232/485, Switches, TCP/IP, UDP, etc.

Show Control Basic-Functions

Even without a Show Control license you can program and

output up to 32 channels (switches, DMX512, 0 - 10 Volt

or servo motors). One of these 32 channels may even be

a serial channel (RS 232). Output is via the corresponding

hardware, which needs to be integrated into Wings Platinum

via the device ports in the Media Pool.

Full Show Control Capability

The Show Control license offers Wings Platinum

programming and output of a nearly unlimited number

of Show Control channels (switches, DMX512, 0 - 10 V,

servo motors or RS232 commands) and the full support of

the SC Net system. Output is via SC Net Modules or other

hardware (DMX, MIDI, RS232 ports, etc,), which needs to

be integrated into Wings Platinum via the device ports in

the Media Pool.

Remote Control via RS232 and TCP/UDP

Various functions of Wings Platinum can be remotely

controlled and it supports a variety of different input devices:

our SC Master Show Controllers or the SC TouchControl

System, a universal media control system, MIDI or DAW

controllers, such as Tascam US242/428, Mackie Control or

Behringer BCF2000, DMX control units, PC hardware, such

as keyboard or joystick, and, finally, any other controllers

which can output programmable, serial commands.

Controller Inputs for Recording and

Live Control of Media Objects

Wings Platinum allows usage of external controllers for live

control of various control channels. Alternatively, the control

data can also be recorded in data objects. Live intervention

in programmed sequences is also possible. For this purpose,

controllers with touch-sensitive motorized faders are

particularly suitable.

Extensive trigger functions

Triggers allow various functions to be executed in a

number of different ways. These are trigger actions for

playback control (Play, Pause, Stop, Locate, Jumping across

timelines), extended control functions (Restart for Wings

Platinum and/or PC, Autostart, Scheduler, network functions

for multidisplay setups.

Different ways of executing triggers

The trigger actions are as manifold as the ways of executing

a trigger: via a mouse-click in the preview window, a PC key,

via markers in the timeline, RS232/TCP/UDP command,

DMX, MIDI, time-controlled via the Scheduler or via a touch

screen containing screen objects.

Control Panel for timeline-independent operation

The Control Panel can be used for direct and timelineindependent

operation of devices and for direct execution

of trigger actions. Moreover, it also allows control of all sorts

of devices via serial driver commands. The Control Panel

offers status displays for control channels, switching states,

incoming timecode and variables. The Override function

makes it highly suitable for live applications which require

direct intervention in programmed sequences. The Control

Panel can also be individually designed.

Recording, Editing and Playback

of DMX512 Light Shows

If you prefer programming light or show effects on the

DMX console you are familiar with you can later record the

control information of up to 512 channels in Wings Platinum

and execute the corresponding commands in sync with the

show. This means that no additional hardware is required

for an installation. Suitable interfaces for recording are the

SC Master 16 or the SoundLight USBDMX-IN.


The Wings PlaTinum 3 licenses

Wings Platinum Demo Version

The Demo Version is free of charge and offers all available functions except hardware

output, presentation functions and rendering output. The demo version of Wings Platinum

can be used to create and edit Multidisplay shows without buying a full license. Producing on

multiple workstations, education and trainings are possible now without having full licenses

for all machines. The created show can be loaded on a full version and started immediately.

The Demo Version can be downloaded from our homepage or can be

found on our Wings Platinum DVD-ROM.

Wings Platinum Starter License

Audio, images and videos at standard resolution (PAL/NTSC) can be arranged on two

crossfade layers each, allowing for a number of effects and parallel montage of similar

objects. Additionally the starter version if perfect for cost effective show control only projects

in combination with the Show Control License.


layers for Speaker Support (Pause, Play, etc.)


of video DVDs

Wings Platinum Advanced License

Wings Platinum Advanced is a powerful full version for ambitious and advanced users. In

addition to all the basic functions for designing extensive shows it also offers functions for

controlling external devices. Audio, images and videos at HD resolution can be arranged on

any number of crossfade layers to achieve spectacular effects and complex montages.


number of crossfade layers for image objects, any number of crossfade layers for

audio objects, any number of crossfade layers for HD video objects up to HDTV resolution


creation of backup copies for projects on CD&DVD or in a hard disk folder


of external input devices for remote control purposes, e.g. Start Button


Show Control Functions

Wings Platinum Pro License

Wings Platinum Pro is a highly comprehensive full version for particularly demanding or

professional users. In addition to all the functions of the Advanced Version it also offers

sound effects and multi-channel audio output as well as extended functions for professional

presentations. For exact details of this version please refer to the table.


layer for extended commands (Position, Jump, etc.)


layers for note and data objects, as well as group layers


audio output on up to 24 channels via appropriate hardware


stretching, pitch shifting (changing the playing

time with and without pitch alteration)


loop for interval music in Speaker Support mode with live comments


effects and DirectX interface for additional PlugIns


presentations can be integrated


display for panorama and 3D projection on one computer


Live Video Channel

Wings Platinum Multidisplay License

Wings Platinum opens up new multimedia horizons for Multidisplay users. The Multidisplay

License can be used as a master or a slave license and permits multi-image projections via

networked computers or even Display Warp functions, if necessary.


based audio, video and show editing with full preview on the master and

an unlimited number of crossfade layers/PiPs with keyframe control of alpha, size,

aspect ratio, position, 3D rotation and coloring offer the full range of possibilities for

astonishing productions. Realtime rendering and live interactive layers with flying

PiPs via DMX and MIDI remove the boundaries to interactivity in live shows.


synchronization between multiple systems via SmartSync-Engine

over TCP/IP network ensures a perfect image on a limitless number of display devices.

Unlimited pixel resolution, free arrangement of the displays, seamless soft-edge blending

horizontally and vertically and warping - there are no restrictions to your creativity.


Platinum supports all important image and video file formats with full alpha

channel support and playback of HD+ content via Split-Rendering technology.

The complete show can be rendered to MPEG, WMV, AVI or written directly onto

DVD for further distribution. Masking and chroma-/luma-keying can be used for

pre-recorded content as well as for multiple simultaneous live video inputs.


Audio up to 24Bit/96kHz, 24 output channels and timeline based editing with

realtime DirectX audio effects are unmatched tools to draw people‘s attention.


Show Control functions: 32 channels (switches, DMX512, 0 - 10 Volt, 1x serial)

Wings Platinum Show Control License


The licensing concept compared to Wings Platinum 2 has completely changed in order to offer all users a balanced range of functions at a good price-performance ratio. The modular concept

of Wings Platinum consists of a demo version, four full versions and an show control extension for master computers. You just pick the corresponding version that covers your required range

of software functions and upgrade it at a later time whenever this is necessary. Full versions of Wings Platinum are supplied with a USB copy protection dongle.

A full feature comparison table can be found under

This license can be installed as an independent full version with a separate dongle or be used

as an extension for an existing full version of Wings Platinum.


full show control capability, it can output DMX512, MIDI, 0-10V,

RS232/485, switches, TCP/IP, UDP, etc., in sync with the show, of course.

Recording, editing and playback of DMX512 light shows are supported as

well. Wings Platinum can be controlled using the wireless SC TOUCHCONTROL

or via RS232, TCP/IP, DMX, MIDI from any other system.


multichannel audio feature for show control projects

10 Realize youR Vision


The concept

The SC Media Engine is a Wings Platinum 3 server and a HD video server. The SC Media

Engine has beed developed in order to deliver a turnkey solution including Wings Platinum

3. The SC Media Engine comes in a very small 1U rack mount case with low depth. A

powerful Intel ® Core2 Duo and a high-end ATI 3D graphics card provide the performance

needed for exciting shows. The built in watchdog functionality and Matrix RAID controller

ensure failsafe operation in unattended installations.

The concept

SC TouchControl is a software solution which allows a wide range of remote control and

monitoring tasks to be implemented. Our system philosophy is based on existing standards

and time-tested technologies. At a low cabling and programming expenditure, it allows

control of the following electronic systems: lighting, light shades, climate control, DVD

player, VCRs, TV devices, projectors, CD player, amplifiers, speakers, Computer, screens,

switcher, home appliances - and of corse Wings Platinum.

Interactive presentations

In close cooperation Wings Platinum all control functions can be performed, e.g. fading in

the next picture during a Speaker Support show or displaying some text or key words to help

Wings PlaTinum 3

Use with Wings Platinum 3

As an option the SC Media Engine comes with installed Wings Platinum 3 as a multidisplay

system ready for use.

Use with SC Media Engine Player

The standard version of the SC Media Engine Player software is included in all SC Media

Engine products. This player gives the possibility to run scheduled video, image and text

information up to HD quality. Therefore the SC Media Engine is a perfect solution for digital

signage, HD video playback or information stations. The SC Media Engine Player has an easy

to learn and use convenient graphic user interface.

the speaker along. It is also possible to import videos in live mode or to control the routing

between the various input and output ports

The fields of applications

Be it a bar, a show, a museum, a conference room, a home cinema or a detached house - SC

TouchControl software allows a wide range of applications to be planned and implemented

within a very short time. Modifications are only a few mouse clicks away so that an installation

can be extended by adding a few extra rooms in the twinkling of an eye.

More information can be found in the SC TouchControl brochure

or under



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We grant two years warranty. We reserve the right to make modifications in the interest of technical progress.

Creative productions require outstandig tools. Put your visions professionally into practice.

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