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Love Immortal - Felicity Heaton

Love Immortal - Felicity Heaton


Love ImmortalFelicity Heaton Chapter 4 Tremendous pain engulfed him. Julian’s knees hit the dirt beside her. His vision blurred with hot tears and his heart tore in two, ripping him apart until he felt as though the sense of loss alone would kill him. Emptiness followed in its wake, sweeping up from below and turning him numb. He pulled her off the dusty ground and into his arms, cradling her broken body against the solid armour covering his chest. His hand found hers and he held it, desperately tried to close her bloodied limp fingers around his but they would no longer hold him. He brought her hand to his face and pressed his lips to the back of it, until he tasted his tears on her skin. Illia was gone. He closed his eyes and buried his face in her long dark hair, holding her tight against him. She couldn’t be gone. What was eternity without his love? She’d given him a cruel gift—a world without her. “Illia,” he whispered, rocking with her. The Fates had played a terrible trick on him. They had sent him back to Earth too late to save her. He couldn’t go on without her. He couldn’t bear the pain. How could he live without his heart? It had shattered, scattered on the wind along with her last breath. His Illia. Julian looked up at the man who had taken her life. Lycaon. He stood a few metres away, bathed in 1

Love ImmortalFelicity Heaton moonlight and towering over them, his dark armour scarred and his body bloodied from the battle. The warm summer breeze carried the scent of blood and earth, and tousled the long wavy strands of Lycaon’s black hair, blowing them across his face. They caught in the short stubble that covered his jaw. He stood motionless save the rise and fall of his chest with his heavy breathing. His dark brown eyes fixed on Illia where she lay in Julian’s arms. A flicker of regret shone in them and then he turned away, his blood-soaked sword held limp at his side, and walked into the night. A sickening swirling feeling grew inside Julian. He braced himself, clinging to Illia as he became aware of what was coming. In the darkness of his closed eyes, he saw horror after horror. Death after death. In one bright blinding burst, he saw the last moments of every incarnation of Illia. He saw their final fight, each more violent and bloody than the last, and witnessed the change in Lycaon. All sign of regret at taking Illia’s life faded until Lycaon showed nothing but glee as he drew out their death, toying with them. They didn’t stand a chance. Nothing Julian did could save them. No amount of time to prepare helped them. Lycaon was too strong—his skill with the sword and his lust for death unparalleled. Lycaon’s laughter rang in Julian’s ears as he held each incarnation of Illia while they breathed their last and looked at him with fear in their eyes. Every shred of pain Julian had felt compounded into one burning feeling that 2

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