1NG i i l B M - Northern New York Historical Newspapers


1NG i i l B M - Northern New York Historical Newspapers





Alt bodies preserved by the Embalming process

or by the use of ice as desired, immediate

attent ion given to all cases. Carriages furnished

for all funeral occasions.


Physician F. BODGE,



All work pertaining to the above promptly

attended to. Mew work made to order. Shades

made and hong, carpets laid. Residence and

shop on Railroad avenue, Brewster N. Y.

crrr OP NIW YORK, MAT 15,1807.

Please take notice that 1 have opened myoffloe

for tlie general practice ot Law. CmlandCnmnv

al cases tried In any Court of this State.


omee and P. O. Address.

4 and 0 Warren Street,

New York city



Electric Bortfar Alarms a .Specialty.


An up to date electric burglar alarm makes

house breaklog extremely dangerous and where

known to exist orten prevents burglary.

If you are desirous of having your house and

possessions thus protected, your store, office,

stable, barn, hennery, wood shed, or woodpile, I

will cheerfully furnish estimate of cost and do

work in a satisfactory manner. Electric door

and can bers lurhished and put In working




Teeth filled or extracted without

paiu by the Electric Treatment

Badly decayed teeth restored to

former usefulness and beauty by the

crowning system.

No charge for Painless Extraction

where Sets of Teeth are made.


251 Main St. Danbury, Ct

Over C. S. Andrew's Store.



"A Great Victory."


Sow is the tune to decorate your homes.

A laws stock of

Flags, Flags,

American and Cuban.

Large and Small

Buy before the price* ud vaunt*. Fine JUie ol

S p o r t i n g G o o d s ,

B a s e B a l l s ,

F i s h i n g T a o k l o ,

Croq.-u.st S e t s ,

H a m m o c k s , E t c .

i till iu., Closed Tcur Ducts, uud

no life or ambition, have a bad cold, uot stay with my friends on earth, I An-onus i r CATARACTS Ha,i Films.

in fact are completely used up. Elec­ would meet my absent ones above. i Remember "l)u LIKJO&'CI KK.*» KYKS"

tric Bitters is the only remedy that My husband was advised to get Dr. ] but he can't cure them unless you

will give you prompt uud sure relief. King's. New Discover*.' for Consump- jhbow tbeui to him. Vou can consult

They act directly on your Liver, tiou. Coughs aud Colds. 1 gave it a him free of charge in Brewster, July

Stomach aud Kidneys, tone up the trial, took iu all eight bottles. It has 2l» 30, Brewster House, Brewster; in


whole system aud make you feel like a

cured me uud thank God 1 am saved Patterson, July 28, American House,

yew being. They are guaranteed to

aud now well aud healthy woman." i Patterson; iu (Voton Falls, AUK- U

Trial buttle free at A E. DeFoicM's Crotou River House, Cretan Falls; iu

cure or price refunded. For sale at

Drug Store. Regular size 50c. uud PurdysStation Aug. 2. Oscar Miet-sch's

A- E. DeForest *s Drug Store, only 00

* 1.0Q. Guaranteed or price refunded. I Hotel, Purdys Station.

cents per bottle.


BREWSTER, JULY 13, 1808.


Our capture of Santiago after a

•IcKe of two weeks will be net down

«|M»II military records as an achievement

of extraordinary brilliancy.





Trains leave Brewster for JNcw York »t 0*2,

V :«,8 v&4. 10:1B. a, m., is A8,S -50.5 s» ind 7 *» p m.

Leave Brewster tor Pawling at 8no, 10 «8,

10 MO a. ::i.. 1 ::m, 4 :00. 4 '40, 0:10 and iftlli.m.

Leave Brewster tor cLatnam and Albany at

6:10,10:40 a in.. 4:40 and o:io p. in.

Leave i.rand central Depot for Brewster at

6:10. 6:10, 90S and 11:35 a. in., 2:06, 837,4:85,

5:S0. p. in.

ru - io:40; a. m. train connects wan the

Poughketpsle & Eastern Rallroail at Boston

Corners lor Pougtakeepsle.


fralni connecting with tiie Harlem R. n.,lenve

Leave Hston corners Tor Poughkcepsle at 7:10

a. in.; lrfO aud 130 p. m. Leave Pough-

keepslc tor Boston Comers, 8:40 and 11:80 a. m.

a nd .'•:" i p. in.

Sunday trains leave Poughkccpstc nt 9 s» a. m.

Returning leave Boston corners :i •:•*) p. in.


Trains leave Brewster lor Duubury* Waterbury,

Brist-.1. N< w Hritlnn. Hartford and principal

l ntermedlute points, at U :15 a. m., and 0 an p. :n.

For Flshklll-un-tlie-lludson, Newburgli and

principal Intermediate points 0:28 a. in., 8SJ0 p.

in. -I 'ii.--18,1697.

A. F. Lobdell received a consign­

ment of twenty carloads of coal, 400

tons, last week.

An artesian well is being pnt down

on the premises of W. E. Matter. P. F.

Real is doing the work.

About twenty-five couples attended

a dance at the residence of Peter

O'Brien on Wednesday evening. An

enjoyable time is reported.

The Putnam County Fair in.only a

few weeks off and the ladies are

already prepalring samples of cheir

handiwork and art for exhibition.

The owner* of several of Brewster's

best race horses took the animals to

the Cariuel truck Thursday afternoon

for a friendly race and a teat of speed.

The first baseball game of the season

will be played on the' Kleotrorone

Field to-morrow afternoon. Brewster

vs. Somers. Glume called at 4 o'clock.


NOV. IS, 1893.

Leave Brewster lor New York, at 7:00,9:40 a.m.

ftud .1:40 and 8:00 p.m.

Leave iSMh street, New York for Brewster,0tf>5,

ftud 6 :Vi u. m., and 4 aw p. m.

The t rain which leaves New York at 8 *S a. m.

reaches Brewster at it SJS a. in. and makes direct

connection with the New York and Now England

R.- R. for D.inbury, \Vaterbury,BrlBtol,Plnlnvllle.

New Britain, Hartford and points east to Boslont

New England train irom the cast makes dlrec-

eonnectlons for New York by the 3:40 p. m.,train.

Train leaving Brewster at 7*0 a. in., connects

with express train on Elevated R. It, arriving at

Rector street. Ot! avenue line, at 9:35 a. in. Re­

turning, leave Rector street, 9tk Avenue nne, at

and 5:00 p. in., arriving at Brewster at

a nd 7 :*.ii p. in.


on the Putnam road the passenger train

leaves lV.th st., at 7:30 and Shift a. m. Tor New

York HI 4 -.40 p. m., and 7:30 p. m. (mixed train).

On the Harlem road the passenger trains going

nil a. in., 0:59 and 7:12

south leave Brewster at fi...

p. tn. uolng north the passenger trains leave

at n :1S L m., tm and 0:07 n. m. Milk train

goes north at < :50 a. in., and returning leavcB

Brewst»T at 8:40 p. m.


Dr. and Mrs. R. M. 81 rat ton, have

gone to Northport, Long Island, where

they will spend a month's vacation.

An auction sale of musical instru-

im nt--, etc., will be held at the Brpw-

eter Music Store to-morrow evening.

The ladles of the Presbyterian

church held an afternoon tea and

cuke sale at the residence of Mrs.

Hanimli Towner this afternoon.

The new side walk between the

village and the milk factory would be

improved if it was raised and a neat

i run fence erected along the top of the

retaining wall.

The fishing in the lakes in this

vicinity is excellent. One hundred

and sixty line white perch were taken

from one of the lakes in this town on

Wednesday, two men making the


Charles C. Holmes took a pleasant

trip on his bicycle last Sunday and

Monday. He wheeled from Brooklyn

to Port Jefferson, on Long Island,

took the ferry to Bridge port, Conn.,

and pedaled home from there in quick


Rev. T. Vassar Cau Ikins, pastor of

the Baptist church, lias gone to

.Jaim stown, N. V., where he will spend

a vacation of one month. Regular

hervices will be discontinued during

his absence. Young People's prayer

meetings will be held as usual.

The old trestle on the New York and

Putnam Division which crossed the

swamp aud Harlem tracks just north

of this village is nearly a thing of the

past. The long span which crossed

the Harlem roadbed was pulled down

on Tuesday. A locomotive was at­

tached to the framework aud the

work of demolishing was soon accom­


Pott Waaler L. A. Shove, was taken

- ml. i'-ul y with a severe attack of colic,

on Monday while on his way to New

York. He consulted a physician on

his arrival iu the city and was enabled

to reach his home in this village before

the malady took a serious turn. La-


IM ton« that night to lesra Sue's mlad~

Joe Bmkly wm the roiwon.

A rival's good at times, I find,

To make UB force a naaon.

r«l dallied for a year till Joe

. Set Jealousy o-lrartiin.

An then I wrote I'd call to know

Jest how ahe viewed my yoarnin,

An In the letter that I sent,

Although a sorry aoholler,

I paid her many a oompllment«

Seen aa the onea that toiler,

"I've heard in songs your voice ariaa

An neon the flowers springln.

An often, lookin in your cyoa,

I've heard the mockbirda ainginl"

But when I called ahe seemed more aby

Per somo canae or another

An tried, I thought, aa time flew by,

My fondest hopes to smother.

"Dear Boe, be mine!" I said at last

An edged a little nlghor.

But not ono word—hor eyes downcast

Or lookin in the Are, .

An then she raised her eyes ag'ln

An aald, my bosom thrillin:

•Too say you've heard, by lookin in

My eyes, the mookbirds trillln.

Why abould I speak, then f Booms to me

That you'ro a curious man, sir,

For If you look once more, yon sea,

Why can't yon hear my answerl"

—Will T. Bale In Chicago Times-Herald.


"A fine public house," mid Blanco

Watson, the humorist.

"YOB," I replied, looking at the

building we were approaching, "but a

strange position—away from the highroad,

and surrounded by villas."

"A very strange position. We will

rest in the public house, and I will tell

you how it camo to be built in such a

very fitrange position." .

I smiled and followed him into the

saloon bar. We sat at one of the tables

"•nil werejrfjenj for J^time, he thinking

and I watching MUT" ""•• -* -~

^^Tbej|ory begins," be said .present-

Ift with a burglary committed by a

certain Bill Jones one night long ago.

"Bill was a young member of his

profession. Hitherto he had not attempted

anything very big, but continued

success in small things had made

him bold. On this night he broke into

* the country house of a well known aotress,

in the hope of carrying off her


"He succeeded in getting the jewels

and was leaving with them when he

found that the slight noise he had made

had attracted attention. A servant girl

met him at a turn of the stairway and

began to shriek. He rushed by her and

to the window through which he hod

entered. As he passed through it again

he heard doors being opened and knew

thgt the house was fully aroused."

> ~^ T I understand," I said. "Bill escaped.

The actress employed a detective.

The detective built this public house in

an oat of the way place, hoping that

Bill, as on oat of the way young man,

would call in one day for a drink. Curiously

enough, Bill did." .

Blanco Watson frowned.

"This is an intellectual story," he

said. "It does not depend on coincidences.

"I will continue. Bill avoided the

first pursuit by a long run across country,

and then walked toward his home,

not daring to use the railway. He kept

to the byroads as much as possible, and

at the close of the uext day hod reached

the neighborhood of London.

"A spade lying inside a field gate

suggested to him the advisability of

hiding the jewels until he had arranged

for their sale. After making sure that

he was not observed he entered the field

and picked up the spade. A tree of peculiar

growth stood just beyond him.

In the manner of fiction, he counted 20

steps due north from the tree and then

dug a deep hole, placed the jewels in it

and filled it up again.

"He arrived home safely that night,

but was arrested in the morning. The

servant girl had given on accurate description

of him to the police, and they

hod recognized it.

"In due course he was tried. The evidence

against him was very (strong. The

r.ervan t girl swore thut ho was the muu

eke met on the stairs. Some of the villagers

swore thut they had seen him

near the house previous to tho bur-

• glary. He was found guilty and sentenced

to .seven years' penal servitude.

"Bill behaved very well iu prison

and ut tho ond of five years wus released

on a ticket of leave. He decided to wait

until the ticket hud expired and then

t•> get the jewels and leave the country.

But a day or two after his release he

walked out to look ut the field.

"There wus no field. During the five

years he hud been in prison tho estate

of which tho field was iwirt hud been

built upon. He wandered ubout the

houses iu despair. But us he turned a

corner he saw something which suggested

hope. Behind some railings wus a

tree of curious growth.

"It was the tree 20 steps due north of

which he hud buried the jewels. He

recognized it immediately and run toward

it Again he wus iu despair. A

yard or two north of the tree was a

chapel, and the jewels were under the

chapel. He leaned uguiust the railings,

covering his face with his hands.

"It happened presently thut the head

deawm of the chap;!, a kindly old muu,

come down the road. He saw Bill standing

like oue in trouble uud stopped uud

asked what WUS the matter and whether

he could help.

"For a few moments Bill did not

know what to reply, but then be spoke

well, lie said t hat once he had bueu a

burglar, hut that he had learned iu

prison that burglary if wrong; that now

he was trying to live an holiest life, but

that as he had no friends it was not


"The old Juau was touched. He hud

found Bill leauiug against the chapel

railings, uud Bill hud said thut he hud

He was a builder in the neighborhood,

he explained, and had a vacancy in the

works. Bill gratefully accepted tho offer

and began his new career on the following


"Months passed. Bill had changed

wonderfully. He had forgotten his old

habits and learned now ones. The deacon

was delighted. Not only was Bill tho

best of his workmen, but he was the

most regular attendant at tho chapel

"Bill longed for the jewels, and ho

worked hard because ho knew that

money would help him to got them. Ho

attended the chapel because while there

he was near the jewels, the seat he had

taken being just 20 steps due north from

tho tree. At first he had meditated digging

down through the floor one night,

but the chances of detection were great

and he had given up the idea.

"Years passed. The deacon had become

an invalid, and Bill practically

managed his business. He was an important

man at the chapel, too, and was

often intrusted with a collection box.

One day the deacon died. Soon afterward

it was known that having no near

relatives he had left his property to his

friend William Jones."

"I see," I exclaimed. "Bill"—

Blanco Watson shook his head.

"Bill was Bill no longer," he said.

"He had become a man of wealth. At

the next election of deaoonB he was ono

of the successful candidates. In future

we must refer to him as Mr. Jones and

not as Bill.

"Mr. Jones was a most energetic

deacon. He introduced new Members,

and he persuaded old ones to attend

more regularly. He started a young

men's literary society and a series of

Saturday entertainments. He made the

chapel the most popular in the district,

and then, at a New Year's business

meeting, he struck boldly for the jewels.

"The ohapel was too small, he_said

in tho course of an eloquent speech.

They must erect another on a larger

site. There was but one suoh site in the

neighborhood. They must secure it bofore

others did. He himself would undertake

the building operations, charging

only what they cost him. He wonld

also purchase the old ohapel. The net

expenditure need not be very great

S. E. Parker, Sharon, Wis., writes:—

"1 have tried DeWitt's Witch Hazel

Salve for itching piles and it always

stops them in two minutes. I con-

Bider DeWitt's Witch Hazel Salve the

greatest pile cure on the market." A.

E. DeForest.

Gladstone u* m Llufulit

A remarkable illustration of tho scope

of Mr. Gladstone's power us a linguist

wus given many yeurs ago when he addressed

au assembly on the island of

O'jrfu iu modern Greek, a little later

spoke to an assembly iu Florence iu

Italian, a few days later conversed with

ease iu German with Bismarck, soon

afterward responded iu fluent Freucb

to a toast at u banquet iu Paris, and

thi-u crossed the channel to deliver a

live hours' speech iu parliament on the


The Treatment That Cures



NKNTLY, CliKAl'LY, Al.WAYfc. A inelll-

IM! that reaches every inflamed or

ulcerated surface, from the orriflces of

the nostrils to the dee|H*st pari* of the

Lungs or Ears with local upplicutiou*

soothing, healing, curing while constitutional

remedies are removing the


. "You don't seem to take any Interest

in this discussion on the pronunciation

of Spanish names."

"What's the use? The chances are

that there won't be any Spanish names

in a month or two."—Indianapolis


No Fortnight.

Lakefront—Did you notice how Dearborn's

little child seems to shrink from


Wabash—Yes, poor fellow I You see,

be named her Enlalie daring the infanta's

visit here in 1892.—New York


8. M. Geary, Pierson, Mich., writes:

—"DeWilt's Witch Hazel Salve is

curing more titles here today than all

other remedies combined. It cures

eczema and all other skin diseases."

A. B. DeForest

Cstcntta's Latrit Scare.

Far worse than the plague is the inoculation

score now prevalent in Calcutta.

There is not a cbaprassie, servant

or baboo who is not persuaded that

orders have gone out that everybody

must bo forcibly inoculated, and in support

of this belief cases are quoted of

people having been forcibly inoculated

in the streets by being pricked on the

neck and back with some instrument

resembling a lancet There can be no

reasonable doubt that there are some

budmashes making capital out of the

scare, and so firmly rooted is the idea

in the minds of the ignorant people

that nothing short of drastic measures

on the part of the government will restore

order.—Calcutta Englishman.

"I have used Chamberlain's Cough

Remedy in my family for years and

always with good results," says Mr.

W. 6. Cooper, ofBl Rio, Gal.. "For

email children we find It especially

effective." For sale by A. E. De-

Forest's Drag Store.


If yon are going to sea, ship with a

wreckless captain.

If fortune's wheel doesn't revolve to

One of the newest skirts has a very

deep flounce arranged in box plaits,

covering all but the front breadth. Ou

the outside of each plait is a band of

trimmiug which extends to the waist


A beautiful and stylish hat is of pink

chip The brim is turued up ut the buck

uud trimmed with loops of black velvet

ribbon uud upple blossoms. A roll of

black silk muslin aud a large wreath of

upple blossoms ure placed about the

uiAvu.—New York Lodger.

DR. R.

Is coming. He cures

chronic diseases and

will examine your case

free of all charge. He's

often been here before,

and cures hundreds

who have tried other

remedies and other

doctors without benefit.

But he can't cure

you unless you apply

to him. He cures

Blindness, Deafness

Catarrh, Eyes, Ears,

Throats, Female Diseases,

every form of

Nervous Exhaustion,

and Chronic Diseases

of any and every kind

-he cures them. His

charges for treatment,

always reasonable, will

be greatly reduced during

these Hard times

with farmers Consult

la Brewster, Jnly 29*80, Brewster

Hoase, Brewster; at Patterson, Jnly

28, American Hoase. Patterson t at

Croton Falls. Aug. 1, Croton Hirer

ilonse, Croton Falls: ?t Pnrdr's Station,

An* 2, Oscar Mlemh's Hotel,

Fnrdy's Station.

J. Wesley White.



Park Street, - Brewster, N. Y.

A foil supply of TAINTS'. OILS, VAliSJEIlEr

BRL'SHES, ETC, constantly on hand

at the lowest city 1 decs.


Newest designs from 0 cent per roll np. Alio


Mattresses made over equal to new. rerfect

satisfaction guaranteed In all work.


Monumental Works


Manufacturers of and dealers In

Cemetery fork of 111 Kinds.

From any of the Foreign or American Granite or


Vaults, Monuments, TaUets, Headstones

Enclosures, Etc

Lettering Done in Cemeteries.

A good stock of finished work 'always

on hand. Designs and prices famished

on application.



Of students take positions in the last

three months,



Tho style of the popular QUEEN PH£T0N, with

tho meritorious points of the TRAP, and, with

nil the advantages of «»• •hlftlni sr Stationary

6tit Surrey. O


HAVING New, novel and beautiful des.__.

cosiest and roomiest entrance ever made, or

reason of the tilting seat with Pantl Attached.

rBoth seats of equal com fort. Most room for Its

oundi and Inches, weigh irig 60 to 100 lbs. less for

t B capacity and more room than any Cut>under

Burrey made, and as much as a straight-Bill

Surrey. Bnrrey. Actys4 weight, only 440 Tea. lbs, targe

carrying room for packages " a.and and pnrc parcel _.

closed cack panel when back seat.Is turned

^ ow °* Jfe!* Hr^-^'K^RSl 0 *.^"**?' ofeach

_. Best arrangement I . _

convert ius It Into a two or four passenger rehl*

ole ever offered. Quality and workmanship

the Tery belt.

Morris WoodhullL




Brewster N Y.

Also a full line of new stock consisting of

Carriages, Surreys. Road Wagons.

Spindles, Business Wagons.

Phaetons. Trucks and

Farm Wagons*


Harness, Whips, Robes &c


suit yon, pump np the tire.

If riches didn't have wings, they

"The proposal was well received, and wonld be unable to roost so high.

a committee, with Mr. Jones as chair­ If it wasn't for tho weather, some

man, was appointed to consider the de­ people would bo oonversationless..

tails. Their report was very favorable, If you have to cover the distance, it

and at another business meeting it was doesn't lend enchantment to the view.

decided to carry out the proposal.

If some men felt as bad as they really

"Tho necessary funds were subscribed

are, it would bo useless to call in a doc­

or guaranteed. Contracts were made


with Mr. Jones. In the spring of that

year the building operations were com­

If you train servants in the way they

menced", ami by the autumn they were i



go, the first thing you know


finished. The congregation removed to j ^5 :.t*. •*»

the new ohapel. Mr. Jones "purchased If some men's reputations were visi­

the old one at a high price and entered ble, they would look very much like

into possession.

porous plasters.

"And then," I said, "I suppose he If a man pays a girl a few compli­

got the jewels?"

ments, she is very apt to feel hurt when

Blanco Watson laughed.

he suspends payment

"No." he said, "he did not. Ho broke If a man could yell as loud in propor­

up the floor himself, counted the steps tion to his sizo as a baby can, telephone

due north from the tree again and dug. companies would soon bo unable to de­

He did not find the jewels. He counted clare, dividends,—Chicago News.

the steps again and dag deeper. He did

not find them. Then he tried other S. C. P. Jones, Milesburg, Pa.,

plaoes; but, although he kept on until


be hod tried everywhere beneath tho

floor, be never fouud the jewels."

"Why, whut had become of them?"

"I cannot say. It is possible* that

when the foundation was being laid a

workman had discovered and appropriated

them. Again it is possible that

there were two trees of similarly curious

growth, and that the oue outside the

chapel was not the one Mr. Jones first

saw. Again"—

"And what has the story to do with

the public house? But I can guess."

"Of course you can. Mr. Jones was

very angry with the chapel members.

He considered that by false pretenses

they hod led him into' buying the old

chapel dearly uud building the new oue

cheaply. He resigned his dcacousbip

and then sought a way to be revenged

on them. He fouud oue. On the site of

tlie old chapel he built a public house—

this public house iu which we have sat

so long."—Edgar Turner in Sketch.

( •eStrnrpxg—*)eoq « jo iuo euros

Mwp treo i ?mn no£ j&oqs n.I Moxromoj

puno.ro treo i uaq.w \\\q eu\% vCnd o) paxod

•eideaa no! Bsamn *ue>A\—jropanoQ

270 Slain St., Danbury, Conn.

dinm* « jo jno poo[q %Q9 3, una no£

Avomf noa^nq *£uos raj—luanbtrfiarj

Open all summer. Ten per cent

Any size, toy the Ton or Carload.

discount to all who enter now for the


»Foster Iron Mines, Tilly Foster, N. Y.

'001)119 tlBUOQ

mu«nv—,,|B8on{Bnn, op dn OJJOJIJ no

Huoi, eoioo uosoas uojnitmajBM op USIIM

euff. JOJ qSnoua nam m^atf ui paaaons

aa) qnoqj9Bap ZUAYT |UIA\IJ esnou H,1}—

que 'on,, IBAVOIJOJ so pajjodoa •m.'mjsip

puna 01(1 U| ij nam j 804 n dn 998 oj tf ui AJ j

uaaq peq OIJAV , jauojoa,, paramo v

•D3«|,I pUOMg *X **M

Late to bed and early to rise, pre*

pares a man for his home In the skies.

Early to bed aod a Little Early Riser,

the pill that makes life longer and

better and wiser. A. E. DeForest

tfraelng the Public

Great Editor's Wife (laying down a

wpy of his Sun day edition)—-Why do

yon print such a lot of trash?

*I have used DeWltt'a Little Great Editor—My dear, I do not

Early Risers ever since they were in print a paper to please cultured readers

trod need here and must say I have like yon and L I try to please the gen­

never used any pills in my family eral public.

during forty years of house keeping

that gave such satisfactory results us

Bridget (in the kitchen)—Any good

a laxative or cathartic" A. E. J)e readin in th' master's noosepaper tb'


iay, Mary?


Mary (chief dish washer)—No, Biddy,

FRILLS OF FASHION. nawthin bnt trash.—New York Weekly. SWSTSR ST

, There is great variety in wraps this

Our baby . has been continually

troubled with colic and cholera infan-

season. They range from the merest tuin since his birth, and all that we

New Store

neck ruffle to Che loug ulster.

could do for him did not seem to give

A rather starting novelty is a dress of more than temporary relief, until we

red silk gauze trimmed with yellow tried Chamberlain's Colie, Cholera

lace and tiny ruffles of dull green

and Diarrhoea Remedy. Since giving

that remedy he has not beeu troubled.



We want to give you this testimonial

Owing to its excellent dust shedding as an evidence of our gratitude, not

Tin* best that can be secured in market.

qualities and lightweight, black tuff eta

that you need it to advertise your

meritorious remedy.—G. M. LAW,

will be exteusivey used for outside gar* Keokuk, Iowa. For sale by A. E. De-



Forest's Drug Store.

Tlie Pioneer Druggtit of Brewster.

Lace flounces are sgain becoming

popular. Thoy vary iu width, oue re­

A Light on th« Subject.

After a five years sickness aguln to the front, as well as evei

and with fffk-leut clerks will be pinibcd Ui see evwry one

cently seen ou an imported costume be*

Come and see me even If yuu don t want ffooda. We have

a rare assortment of every kind of

iug about 14 inches deep.

Tho old fashioned grenadines with

Drugs and Patent Medicines.

colored silk stripes are in favor this

season. They ore being trimmed with

ruffles of black net edged with ribbon

tho color of tho stripe.

Important to Hor£=e O^smers.

1 have just added to my private formula a guaranteed powder for the removal of all worms Is

Very pretty petticoats to bo worn

iior»i-d. 1 bhall continue thumaaufueturvof theMHtrlvlioiw; Powder for condltloulug the horse

Also the mauuiH'.'turlucot the world-renowned Eirypliou Liniment for Van or lieust. All the

with thiu dresses are made of light col­

above In iay quantity. W. T. GANl'NG.

ored batiste with embroidered flouueos.

These uud white skirts will take tho

pace of the silk petticoats.

A very handsome hat is of black chip.

The brim is slightly turued up at oue


side aud a bunch of cherries is pluced

next the hair. The trimmiug is of black


silk muslin,cherries and white aigrets.

First Chuppie—Weally, we seem to

ho queutiug u semutiou.

SowJud Chappie—Aw, we're such

doueod Hue felluhsl—Judy.

The Treatment That



HviNo. It invariably grows worse.



the cuuaes and restore your hearing.

causes. Remember "D11 LIM*

Cur« bead noises, discharges from the

OI KKS C'ATAllUH," nor fojgel, "that If it wutm't for the suu, the ruin eare, catarrh, deafue*H. by the most

M-rupiug, sntifliug, blowing, hawking, would never he mist

nii'.r.rrstul treatment iu the World.

hocking, are symptom* of cutarrli. too

often followed when uegleeled by

If lovers ur


LVMOII Fo • the Week Begfntat Jolr IT.

Commei t by Rev. W. J. Ystoa, A. M.

Topic, Exhortation to

BcmPTtrit READIKQ.~ECC1.HX, 10. "Whatsoever

thy hand flndcth to do, do it with thy


There ire many old maxims which

enforce the same sentiment as this verse

from the Bible. They are good guides

to conduct Most people aresocoustitut*

il t ha; they need frequent reminders

of duty. Indolence and indifference nlmost

iuscusibly creep over us, and effort

Is relaxet and excuses are found for

idleness and abandonment of work. It

is a singular fact, and as true as singular,

that bony natures outer with great


whether] in the office, in meetings of

the boards or ou tho platform addressing

great assemblies he is master of Ins

business aud a worthy successor of John

II. Vincent aud Dauiel Wise.

His work is Ultimately related to that

of the Epworth Loague. Better work

has m?v«|x boeu douo by tho two societies

of whitlh he is secretary than at tho

present (iiue. The League should heartily

assist, iu distribution of the uew and

admirable tructs now available. The recent

iu|proveiueuts in The Classmate

place it in the frout rank of young poopie's

papers, alougside The Youth's

Couipauiou and Epworth Herald, while

The Sunday School Advocate stand*;

without u peer iu its class. Dr. Hurl-

but's hand aud brain have had much to

do with the recent improvements.

Upon tho whiu- mm, sand

Tuuro sot a pilgrim buiid

Telling tiio loitawt that their liven bad known

WJiih) thu evening wain d uwu>*

From brooxy cliff aud bar

And thotjtrung tide want out with weary moan.

ftjioe tulkcd of vanished gold,

bef ore legal steps are taken. J OHM A. RHD,


Maui street. Brewster N.Y.





Persons troubled with diarrhoea

will be interested in the experience of O. P. TOWNSEND'S

Mr. W. M. Bush, clerk ot Hotel

Dorrauce, Providence, II I. He says: BOOT AND SHOE :EMPORIUM.

"For several years I have been almost

a constant sufferer from diarrhoea,

the frequent attacks completely pros­ Elegant Store. New Goods. Increased Stock. FOR ONE WEEK

trating me aud rendering me unfit for

my duties at this hotel. About two We are handling an entirely new line of goods together with Beginning Monday, January 90th.

years ago a traveling salesman kindly those which have given (he greatest satisfaction in the past.

gave me a small bottle of Chamberlain's

Colic, Cholera ami Diarrhoea

Beiuedy, Much to my surprise and Odd ZdOXM "Will "be Sold Out at Heductd FrioM. H AIMS

delight its effects were immediate.

Whenever I felt symptoms of the SPECIAL LADIES DEPARTMENT.

disease I would fortify myself against

the attack with a few doses of this Parlt Street

Bre-wster, 3>T TT,

valuable remedy. The result has beeii

very satisfactory and almost complete

relief from the affliction." For sale

by A. E. DeForest's Drug Store.

The l»iek«t Ciuard.

Missionaries are the picket guard of

civilization. Bo much may certainly be

said that the gospel aud the mission

schools are at present the most truly civilizing

iuflueuces which work upon the

natives, aud that upon those influences

more than upon any other agency does

the progress of the colonial races depend.—-Jlryce's

"Sooth Africa."

IHlIboard Death Notices.

Not uncommon on the billboards of

Borne are death announcements. I translated

one from a white poster with a

heavy black border, perhaps 8 feet long

by 2 feet wide:

Yesterday, at 6:80 a. m., after a severe ill

ueas, succumbed (Husoppo Btazl of the recorder's

otttoe of tho Cl uiin bur of Commerce ot

Rome, a man most uoble and patriotic. His

friends are invited to acoompanv the body to

it* lust abode, starting from the house for the

Lingara at U o'clock on Wednetiday next, the

0th. TUK 1'AltLNTB.

This placard, like all others iu Borne,

bore a 1 cent internal revenue stamp.

liven the placards iu shop windows,

Wheu conveying any announcement, are

thus stamped. It is a tax which certainly

meets some of Adam Smith's famous

caucus, being, at any rate, cheap and

easy of collection, for it would be very

easy to discover auy attempt to evade it

—Press and Printer.

When You Need Spectacles

How to Get Fitted.



A Ci'ii&K. More eyes are injured by

improperly fitting glasses than by all

other causes. Dr. Listen fits Spectacles

acieutiacally, jjerfectly, ]SOT


Every lens is ground from u pellucid

crystal expressly to fit each eye and

each frame mode expressly to fit each |







Fiasaaral Orders 3?roaitly Attended To.

Telephone Call at Peoples Matket.

Sugar Cured, at 81-2 and 9c.


Peoples Market,

W. E. Maher, Prop


Salt Pork 8 cents per pound. All other

meats cheap for cash. No trading



„ fur CtUckuUrt Mm/UUDU-d

rluboB. Take

•tier. Mtfu—



General Toral Finally

Forced to Surrender

the City.


Capitulation Includes a Large

and Populous Zone.


The Ceded Territory Will Aid

17B la Future Operations


mission to draw up conditions and ai

Vint Cftwpalsn lit Cute I M UMB m rangements for carrying out the term

BrUIUnt Ou«LMM Ugkt !• Comparl- of surrender. This Is very gratifylni

M «o the Vantage Oalaad— Spanlili

rrl—nwn to Be Heat .Back to Spain as

m B f dlly M rOMlblo — They Numbr r

as General Shafter and the officers an

men of this command are entitled t

great credit for their fortitude in ovei

* AkMt SO.ooo-riie PrMldont and HI*

' A4«IHI • Elated Over t lie Taking: off Han-

tUgo Without Additional LMI of Ufa.

Play* del Este, Cuba, July 1G.—General

Toral, commanding; the Bpanlth

forces In Santiago de Cuba, yesterday

morning sent a communication to General

Shafter indicating his willingness

to accept the terms of surrender propoaed

Wednesday and asking the American

commander to appoint commissioners

to meet the Spanish commissioners

to arrange to send the Spanish

troops back to Spain.

This will be promptly done.

The surrender of General Toral no'

only means the fall of Santiago, but by

the terms of surrender the whole east-

J. ifcs • **&* - - **)*»•* —


era end of the island falls Into the

hands of the United States without fir.

ins s shot.

The surrender is to include all tin

Spanish troops at Santiago, Guantanamo.

Caimanera and Sagua, romp sing

the Fourth corps of the Spanish army.

The portion of the province of Bantlago

de Cuba that lies east of the tin

from Sagua, via Las Palmas. to Asseraderos

is surrendered to the l*n ted



The Taking or Haitilago a Brilliant Military


Washington. July 15.—The surrender

of Santiago, following wiihin ten days

the destruction off southeastern Cub:-.

of the only formidable naval squuurnn

left to Spain on the high seus, marl s

another notable mllepost In this country's

prosecution of the Spanish war.

My the terms of General Total's capitulation

not only does the city of Santiago,

a naval and military bus* of the

utmost Importance, fall Into American

hands, but possession of the whole eastern

end of Cuba is ceded to the American

forces, which have wiihin a month

and In the face of almost insuperable

obstacles succeeded In reducing a

stronghold second in defensive sliength

on the island only to Havana itself. So

brilliant a culmination of the first offensive

campaign in Cuba adds fresh

luster to the record—already slgnully

insplring—made in the scant linemonths

since hostilities opened by

American arms.

To have undertaken, with forces in a

measure raw and far from faultlessly

equipped, the invasion of Cuba at a

point more than 1.200 miles from the

nearest base of supplies and re-in'orccroents;

to have effected a landing en a

difficult coast and overcome without

loss (he most extraordinary natural obstacles

to the prompt establishment of

iiu Investment: to have carried with

numbers little greater than those of

the city's garrison lines upon lines of

rifle pits and Intrenchiuent*: to have

fouKht not only Spanish, but the more

insidious attacks of s deadly tropical

climate in the first months of the rainy

season, and. In spite of such discouragement

and hardships, to have driven

the enemy to bay by a series of brilliant

and desperate assaults and to

have held him fast within his lines until

surrender became inevitable-these

achievements by the American troops

iit Santiago have been fitly crowned by

a triumph as significant and decisive as

that won by the guns of Dewey at Manila

or by those of Schley and Sampson

in the waters of the Caribbean.

Kuropo'n J-.»*•• Are Opoued.

Inti-iest centers hue now perhaps

more keenly In the political than in the

purely military results of the fall of

Santiago. Kuropean opinion, certainly,

it Spain's court* is to be raided by the

tiendly advice of other powers, wlh

uirt In the striking success of Shafter'i

trmy at Santiago an emphatic confirmation

of the hopelensness of Spain's

druggie agalnt the newly organised

.nd overwhelming forces of the Unite*


As European doubts of the efficiency

>f the American navy vanished In the

•moke of Dewey's guns at Manila, s<

ire continental criticisms of the ama

leurlshness and ineffectiveness of th

American army likely to be silenced b;

the splendid triumph of Shaffer's mei

over obstacles, military and natural

which few armies have been called ot

to face, and none have faced wit)

greater spirit and courage. If Spain I

it all in the mood to acknowledge de

feat. It Is thought here that today*

capitulation will open the way for som

jronosals through a friendly power fo

.he cessation of hostilities. If, howevei

the succession of national disaster

which organ at Manila nan not yet bro

'n.V. eeuHUH, 6 96

progressed against Spain's easternmost

Mrs. .lohiiHitii, scrubbing, 84 00

West India island.

Abrum J. Miller, counsel,

Peace Itnmars Itevlved.


110 76 THE BON TON.

Rumors were afloat to the effect that

A. F. LobdelLcoal,

IMolJo 1908 00

98 00

the Spanish government at last had


made overtures in the direction of peace,

1907 60

FOB SCHOOL Bl'ITI.IEB. Special for One Week.

but their basis probably was the cur­

(-1X111 A CO

19 00

rent belief that one more reverse to the J M. Olcott,


Spanish arms would be sufficient to R. Hutch A-Sons.

9 00

oompel the Spanish government to sue

1 07

c. w. Bardeen,


Looking beyond the fall of Similar- for peace, and this reverse was furnish­ J. B. Wilson


which for several days has been o nes ed by the surrender of Torsi's army. 11. S. Purdy,

11 06

certainty, the president had given i The navy department has not been af-

1 00








11 00

great deal of thought to the dispositio fected by these rumors to the extent of |n. ll. s. S. Purdy Purdy,

60 49c a Pair.

of the prisoners. He lias come to regar relaxing any of its precautions or aban- H. Michell,. 0 U

the return of the prisoners to Spain n

duning any of Its • .|ana for Rwrctnrv Dene hiiiltb, 100

best for this country. At the same tim


Long stated unequivocally plans, for secreiaty yesterday HturrfiuNun. 9 08

he has been Informed that such actio

Flunk Wells


that Commodore Watson's eastern

Is regarded by European nations as a

SilverBurdett Co,

10 00 THE BON TON,

squadron would certainly go to Spain

act of magnanimity.

W. T. (ianuug,

10 76 203'Main Street

Danbury. Conn.

as soon as it could sail.

1 96

J. M. Oleott,

After Napoleon's campaign in ISgyr In the matter of transports the de­


II. S. Purdy,

prisoners were sent to their homes n


partment is fully prepared for the next II. S. Purdy

the expense or the conquerors. Thei


We Make a Specialty of the

move. The acquisition recently of a J. M. olcott,

have been other instances In the nalur

8 81

number of transatlantic liners capable II. U. Bead

of precedents for the arrangement mad

1 90

practical application of nvw ;»nd

of currying several times as many men 11. G. Rood

1 96

with Toral at Santiago.

as the smaller transports has put It on American Book Co

•-• -i>


Just how the soldiers shall be dellv an excellent footing, and It was an­ C. W. Burduen


ered In Spain Is yet to be arranged. In" nounced yesterday that no more shipF A. Vail Smiths co

the deportation will he made as quick 1:


8 85

were being bought for the Atlantic Elmer A: Emend ,

us the transportation can be provided

M. B. Biowu A Co.. wuter stands,...

coast. Many of the transports which Consolidated Fire works Co.. Hug,.

for. As the United States has few trans­

carried soldiers to Cuba are now being

ports to spare, it may be necessary ti

used for other purposes, chief among

charter foreign steamships to currx

IIOKI) ssi) IK•rnu.fr.

these prisoners to Spain. There is sonv

which Is tliut of bringing the sick and

cent rul Bunk of Westchesur, bond

doubt as to numbers.

wounded to the I'nited State*. Th,

for the relief aud cure of hernia

ccntiul Buuk ot Westchester, interest.

ships available by the department are

It is asserted that the surrender o>

Fit and all cases.

distributed ubout us follows: Twenty-

Toral carries with It "iO.OOO men. Thli


five ut Santiago, M at Tampa, three at

number, however. Includes the army oj


Charleston, four at New York, four ut

SI iiiidiini Electric Tune Co.

• 19 .»

volunteers of Santiago. . Guautanaim

J. M. T. 1'euny

Key West and others en route to and

9 -15

and Ba racoa. who are residents of these

J ohn Thorp,

places and who In most cases will pre­

from different ports.

Mory w


Mory 1. M W. T. Penny, Smith,


fer to remain with their families and

F. It. Hull

9 95

their business interests. At Santiago, ut

I' I.IH h «;uubuut Hold Up.

Il.c. Huvlb.

H 76

nearly as can be estimated, there art

Play a del Kate. Cuba, July ID.—A

IV. K smith &-Co

1 SO

5.000 regulars: at Guantanamo and at French gunboat of about 2.000 tons dis­

J. 11. Mcouuy

07 U

Baracou perhaps 6.000 more.

placement attempted to enter the har­ J. K Smith,

•JO 14

bor of (juiiutunamo ubout dusk last

1 96

It is not believed the United Stale*

V. W. Bardeen

night without permission and met with

as no

will find more than 10,000 Spanish sol­

W. E Smith A- co

69 li-l

a surprise purty. The cruiser Murblediers

who will take advantage of the

J. M. T. Fenny

1 60

hcad tired a blank shot as the gunboat


free passage to Spain.

"»990 44

cams Into the entrance to the burbor. LtUU 1/ '.see, I'll uneu lis | UX

ICIcli and Fruitful Couutry.

SO 97

! but no attention was paid to this, and ii'lini i Bruiidage, CITOIMHJUS tux,

97 88

The territory surrendered by General u shot from a 6 pounder was sent across Carrie uuO Josic Kmipn, " tax, 8 «

Toral Includes about one-third of the ; ht.r bows. This. too. was disregarded. UuUie Foster, " ••

00 69

province of Santiago de Cuba. The west- ,ne gunboat coming along under full E. W. Addlh, printing uud advert (slug,.

ern line, as described by General Shuf- jiteain.

tar, begins at Asseraderos. a point on Kor a few minutes It looked us if a

the southern Cuban coast about 25 miles r,w WUM j,uBnible. The trumpets on the

west of the city of Santiago de Cuba. Maiblelnad rang out a call to quarters

and runs almost due north Ml miles to and unotlur shot was sent across the

Dos Palmas, ther.ee northeast to the French gunboat's bows, this time in

3 S I M O N , r 3 3a . C4--

Corner White and Ives Streets. Danbury.

A Pleasure Exclusion

And Not

A Pleasure Exertion.

You will flinl the coolest store and the most obliging; clerks

in the city at No. 11 White Street. Special ottor to out of town trade. To

$ any customer buying a Dress Pattern at 50o i»er yard or over, we will allow

H.&'f^y,foveungexpensea,.......'.' ii « you what we would have to pay for having the skirt made. Special prices


Discrepancy in accounts, , .8 ^ ^ S m u u l e r G(jQd^

ritcullucluu tuxes. 9 79

*!•> 4tt



I'liii.ie biKiii..


city of Sagua de Panama, on the northuncomiortable proximity. That warn­

11 White Street, Danburv, Conn*

ern coast. It comprises something like ing was suttlcieut. however, and the State of New York.)

5.000 square miles, with u population ex. Frenchman stopped with extreme sud­ Put muu Count», J as.

ceedlng 185.000 when the country is in its denness.

Town oi bouihcubt.)

normal Mute.

We, the uudcrslgm-d, the Uourd or Education

It is against naval custom fur a war Ol UieWBtcr fulou Free School District, No. 18, Bombardment. Bombardment.

It Includes the important cities of vessel of one nation to inter a i«>n or Southeast. N. V., hereby wabv make th tJie following | au.arv tin- piuudur belt re It escape* your grasp. A. V All. SMITH A; CO., will deliver to the time

Santiago de Cuba. (Guantanamo. Sagua which vessels of another nation ate St lllcllielit Oi UlC esUUUtU imuu-d " ordinal v expcndl- ,uw, t.Uhu«uejii who can read this notice uud comply w mi conditions.

de Puna ma and Hfcracoa. It is exceed­ blockading unless permission Is given. tuns ueccshaiy fur t in.•umlnu-uancc

of the school Klrbt. A fltty dollar Tribune bicycle.

ingly rich in mineruls. sugar and cof- The caplain of the French gunbout was lor the ensuing uiiool year:

Second. A Chalu Gear 0 loot cut Worcester buckeye Mowing Maculae.

fee. The large iron and copper mlnea either in Ignoiuncc of the American ..- Ti aeUei-s' wages,

fJi.-MM IKI Third. A baudsoinc Three Burnt r Vajxir Oaaollue Stove with oven.

at Juragua. Ilalquiri and vicinity are cupatlon or chose to disregard It until

Jaultors' wages

tSfoo M 00 Tribune Bicycle. Geat'a Fifty Dollar Wheel.

owned by American companies. In the forcibly reminded of the fact by Com­

Clerks' wuges

90 0UI Uet this wheel will cash dollais live lorly and oDeiu in come* the tlrM ix-rsou who.

Guuutanamo district are the extensive mander AlcCallu.

Treasurers wages,'

00 00:

A Six Foot Chain Gear Machine

BUgar plantations of Soledad. Espeian­

Truant onicers wages,


The gunboat was allowed to anchor in

Let shall we deliver aud up nr.st to the give* who oue us ihe turty eight at purchase to required

sa, Los Cunos, Santa Cecilia and others.




the lower harbor for the night.

Ba racoa carried on on extensive fruit


400 895 , 00

w i Vapor Gasoline Stove

trade with the I'M ted States.

Soudera Must Sl»ujp T«-n

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