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Important Books and Manuscripts - Bloomsbury Auctions

Important Books and Manuscripts

Thursday 27th May 2010


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Catalogue of

Important Books and Manuscripts

Sale 720

SeSSion i - Th u r S d ay 27T h May aT 10.30a M

Botany Lots 1-175

Birds Lots 176-312

Other Natural History Lots 313-323

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Books from the Library at Crowe Hall, Bath Lots 324-589

Continental Literature Lots 590-613

English Literature and History Lots 614-660

Children’s and Illustrated Books Lots 661-697

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All lots are offered subject to the Conditions of Sale and Business

printed in this catalogue, and reserves.

❦ Botany

The first part of the botanical library of the late Mike Walpole (1933-2009)

removed from Loughborough, Leicestershire and sold by order of the executor.

The second and final part will be sold on Thursday 23rd September 2010.

Mike Walpole was born in Loughborough, and apart from 2

years National Service, spent his life in and around the town. He

qualified as a chartered accountant in 1955, and in 1959 joined the

Leicestershire hosiery company of Towles Ltd. He became Finance

Director and Company Secretary, retiring in 1994 when the firm

was taken over.

He remained a trustee of the pension fund, resisting pressure to

increase their holding of Towles’ shares during the difficult times

that followed the takeover, and he thus played

a considerable part in ensuring

that when Towles ceased

trading in 1997 there was

still a realistic pension

pot. I remember his story

of one of the meetings,

packed with high powered

financial advisers, where he

started by asking everyone

present to say how much

their presence was costing

the pensioners.

His knack of asking

searching questions was also

useful in his parallel careers

as field naturalist and book

collector. Locally he was a

major force in the Loughborough

Naturalists’ Club, and played an

important part in ensuring that

the Charnwood Lodge Estate became the Shirley Clarke Nature

Reserve. Nationally he was honorary treasurer of the Botanical

Society of the British Isles 1971-97 and was elected an honorary

member of the society in 1991.

His book collecting started at a very early age. Ann, his wife for over

50 years, remembers his biking off to visit bookshops in their courting

days. We have been able to document much of his buying from the

invoices which we have matched with some of the books. Halliday of

Leicester seems to have been the first shop where he bought seriously -

the Disciples edition of Cuvier at £60 for instance - and he appreciated

that such prices would not maintain (nor did they of course). We

reproduce two bookplates which seem to

belong to this early stage in the library - but

he hardly ever used them, and his pencilled

initials on the rear endpaper are the most

consistent sign of his ownership.

1. Arnell (Sigfrid) and others. Il l u s t r at e d m o s s f l o r a o f

fe n n o s c a n d I a, 2 vol. in 7 parts, Lund & Stockholm, 1954-69 §

Brotherus (V.F.) Die Laubmoose Fennoskandias, Helsinki, 1923,

illustrations, wrappers; and others, v.s. (27). £40 – £80

He soon found his way to the two major natural history bookshops

of the time, Bernard Quaritch, 10 Grafton St. Mayfair and Wheldon

& Wesley in Lytton Lodge near Hitchin. They specialised in

serious natural history and he bought extensively from them both,

becoming a welcome figure to Howard Radclyffe at the former (he

even elicited a reluctant smile from E H Boxall, the dour head of

department) and Charles, and later H K Swann at the latter. Charles

Traylen in Guildford appreciated the beauties of natural history

books which might appeal to those outside a specialised circle, and

several of the highlights of the collection - the Redouté for instance

or the 16th Cent. panel portrait of Gerarde were bought from him.

In 1968, sixty items from the collection were exhibited

for six days at the

Loughborough School

of Librarianship, the

only public showing

Mike permitted. In his

introduction to the brief

catalogue, he hopes to

spread appreciation of

the delights of natural

history illustration, and

he ends by thanking his

many friends in the book

trade “without whom this

exhibition would not have

been possible”.

British botany was always at the centre of the collection, and

Mike sometimes sold Continental to buy British, so some 20% of

the exhibition books are no longer in the collection. He was a bold,

even a reckless buyer if there was a book he wanted; an essential

ingredient in any serious collector.

I remember the sale at Christies in1988, of Lord Bute’s

Botanical Tables, one of 12 copies. The estimate was £8/10,000

and we settled on a bid of £20,000. He was very put out when I

relinquished the book at £32,000 and was only mollified when

I said that we had been bidding against Mrs Mellon. He always

intended a bibliography of British floras - a more accessible and

less compressed Simpson was what he had in mind - but this

alas never came to fruition. I hope that our detailed cataloguing,

particularly of the second sale, the British botany, will document

at least some of his discoveries in the endlessly fascinating field

of natural history bibliography.

John Collins

2. Barkman (J.J.) Ph y to s o c I o l o g y a n d e c o l o g y o f c ry P to g a m I c

e P I P h y e s, 2 vol., plate margins a little cockled, Assen, 1958 §

Nowak (H.) Mitthyridium in Ozeanien, Vaduz, 1980 § Renzaglia

(Karen) A comparative developmental investigation of Metzgeriales

(Hepatophyta), Vaduz, 1982 § Tixier (P.) Contribution a la connaissance

des Cololejeunoideae, Vaduz, 1985, illustrations, original cloth or

boards; and others, similar, 8vo (35). £100 – £200

Important Books and Manuscripts



3. Barrelier (Jacques) Pl a n ta e P e r ga l l I a m, hI s Pa n I a m e t

Ita l I a m o P u s P o s t h u m u m e d I t u m an t o n I I d e JussIeu engraved title

(duplicated, as usual), 334 engraved plates, mostly of plants, but

including crabs, star fish, etc., minor water-stains, contemporary

English calf, gilt spine, bit worn and scuffed, flyleaf with scribbled

inscription that the book was bought for a guinea on 15 Dec. 1774

signed D[uke] of Ancaster, and with 18th century Bertie bookplate

(3 battering rams; motto “Virtus Arriete Fortior”), bought by MW

from Halliday of Leicester in 1965 and original invoice inserted,

[Hunt 432], folio, Paris, 1714. £1000 – £1500

* * * “Barrelier, a Dominican priest who botanized widely in France,

Spain and Italy, collecting many unknown plants, was preparing

this edition for publication and already had the plates engraved

in Rome (by an unknown artist) when he died suddenly in 1673.

His manuscripts were later destroyed in a fire. Antoine de Jussieu

discovered the plates nearly 40 years later and had them published

with his own text” [S. Massey], Hoffman sale lot 187


Lot 3

Lot 4

4. Bateman (James) th e or c h I d a c e a e o f me x I c o & gu at e m a l a.

one of 125 copies, lithographed title (foxed and frayed), 20 (of 40)

fine hand-coloured lithographs (numbered I-XX; lacking the second

half), with text, some margins a bit frayed, minor creasing, original

lithographed wrapper to part 3 bound in (this gives the limitation),

marbled boards, later cloth spine worn and loose, cutting pasted

inside front cover (lot 563; Hardwick Court, Chepstow; the book

was purchased by W&W for MW for £85 in 1963; letter inserted),

large folio, [1837]. £10000 – £15000

Lot 5

5. Bateman (James) vIgnettes f r o m mr. bateman’s or c h I d a c e a e o f

me x I c o a n d guatemala, 27 vignettes by George Cruikshank, printed

on India paper and laid down, original red cloth, g.e., bit worn, joints

repaired, inscribed by her brother to Margaret Wathen “Knypersley

Hall Dec. 10 1844”, bought from Foyles in 1980 for £145, invoice

inserted, oblong 8vo, Cook & Co., 1844. £200 – £300

* * * The first vignette (arms of Queen Adelaide) is not in the list of

plates (but neither is the title) and is perhaps special to this copy. The

recipient was Bateman’s daughter, who married Obadiah Wathen.

The final plate shows the eiphyte house at Knypersley Hall, the

Batemans moved over the fields to Biddulph Grange c.1840.

Lot 6

6. [Bauer (Ferdinand) and William Westall] or I g I n a l

wat e r c o l o u r d r aw I n g s f o r t h e v I g n e t t e v Ie w s o f mo u n t at h o s &

Ph y s c u s (t I t l e Pa g e s o f v o l. 8 & 9, sI b t h o r P, fl o r a gr a e c a) each

approximately 135 x 190mm., old gilt mounts, pencil captions on

versos, [c.1800 ]. (2). £1000 – £1500

* * * Sibthorp himself died before any of his Flora Graeca was

published, and the task of seeing it through the press fell on his

executors, John Hawkins and Thomas Platt. The former died in

1841 and Platt inherited many drawings and working papers. These

were purchased in 1923 from Wheldon & Wesley by G.C. Druce

(see Bodleian Library Record, II, 75-76; W.T. Stearn, Sibthorp,

Smith, the ‘Flora Graeca’, Taxon, 1967) who bequeathed them to

the Botany School at Oxford, and they form part of the basis of

the recent book by Lank The Flora Graeca Story, 1999. However

in 1930 Druce gave these two drawings to Major General Thomas

Bell Lindsay Churchill, CB, CBE, MC (1907-90), and he sold

them at Sotheby’s on 22nd March 1977, lot 247, when they were

purchased by Wheldon & Wesley for Mike Walpole. When I took

these in at the book counter at Sotheby’s (it was over thirty years

ago) I did ask the General when he had been given them, but

was too overawed to ask any further. His parents were in Ceylon

and then Hong Kong, and he was sent to the Magdalen College

School in Oxford, just round the corner from the Botanic Garden;

he and Druce presumably met then. In 1930 he was a recently

commissioned captain in the Manchester Regiment, shortly to

depart for Burma, his distinguished career as a Commando in the

Eastern Mediterranean lay in the future. The Botany School have

only the first 7 vignettes (Lank p.211 says the last 3 “no longer

exist”!), and they are in similar style to those present here. Apart

from the vignette to vol.10 (still unaccounted for) the present lot

is likely to be the only opportunity to buy originals for one of the

great botanical masterpieces.

Lank misunderstands Druce’s part in the transmission of

the Platt papers stating(for instance) that some views of the

Mediterranean “were not prepared for Sibthorp as they were

acquired in the 1930s after the death of GC Druce and not after

the death of Sibthorp “ (p. 108). Bauer visited Mount Athos in

1787 and a drawing survives; the executors used Westall to work

up his sketches into watercolours for the titlepages of the Flora.

see Lank, pp. 210-11 “Westall; designing the last frontispieces”

Lank’s suggestion that a third artist - Imrie - was involved

seems very unlikely as the published version of Mount Athos

is signed in the plate by Westall.

Important Books and Manuscripts



7. Bennett (A.W.) th e f l o r a o f t h e a l P s, 2 vol., 1896; the same, 2

vol., 1900, coloured plates, original cloth, first a bit loose § Gremli

(A.)The Flora of Switzerland, cloth, J.E. Lousley’s copy, with his

booklabel, [Stafleu 2146 records only an undated title, without

a London imprint], London, Nutt ,“printed at Zurich” ,1889;

and others, including a bundle of offprints, v.s. (50).

£50 – £100

8. Billberg (G.J.) ek o n o m I s k b o ta n I k 2 parts, all published, 12

hand-coloured plates, a fine copy in original printed wrappers,

8vo, Stockholm, 1815-16. £400 – £600

* * * This attractive work was hardly known until some 20 years

ago (not in Pritzel, Nissen or Stafleu, but see Jackson 499) when a

concealed remainder surfaced, now absorbed.


Lot 9

9. Blunt (Wilfred) and W.T. Stearn. ca P ta I n co o k’s fl o r I l e g I u m,

o r I g I n a l s u b s c r I b e r’s c o P y, number 93 for Mike Walpole

(subscribers’ list loosely inserted), 30 plates printed from the

original copper-plates, original half black morocco, by Zaehnsdorf,

cloth case, folio, Royal College of Art, Lion and Unicorn Press,

1973. £3000 – £4000

* * * Banks directed the preparation of the plates and had 3 sets of

proofs pulled. These were used to make lithographic copies for Sir

William Hooker’s Flora antarctica, 1844-47. and James Britten’s

IIlustrations of Australian plants collected in 1770, 1900-05.

Apart from the proofs the present publication is the only authentic

printing of these magnificent copper plates. The full set (apart from

5 lost by the Royal College) were subsequently printed by Editions

Alecto as Banks’ Florilegium, 35 vol., 1980-90; but the nature of

the plates makes it clear that the colour printing used in this edition

is historically implausible; see Bridson, Printmaking, 19. The only

occurrence of Banks’ proofs for sale seems to be William Pamplin’s

closing catalogue part III, Feb.1863 item 405 a volume of 28 plates

lettered “Botany Bay plants by Sir Joseph Banks” pencil notes by

Brown. It did not sell at a guinea and was lot 562 in J.C. Stevens’

sale of the remaining stock on 13/14 Oct. 1863.

10. Bonnier (Gaston) fl o r e c o m P l e t e I l l u s t r e e e n c o u l e u r s d e

fr a n c e, suIsse e t be l g I q u e, 13 vol. in 6, 721 coloured photogravure

plates after Julie Poinsot, [Stafleu 123], Neuchatel & Paris, [1911-

35] § Rouy (Georges) Flore de France, 15 vol., (the Conspectus

bound as last vol.), portrait, the W.A. Shoolbred (1852-1928,

surgeon and botanist) -J.E. Lousley (1907-76, botanist) copy,

with former’s signature and latter’s booklabel and a letter from

the author (about Shetland Ranunculus) bound in, [Stafleu 9706,

9712], Asnieres, etc.,1893-1927, texts browned, binder’s cloth, the

first a bit worn, 8vo (21). £60 – £120

Lot 11

11. Book auction catalogues. a c o l l e c t I o n o f fr e n c h n at u r a l

h I s t o ry b o o k a u c t I o n c ata l o g u e s, 16 in one vol., contemporary

half leather, rubbed, a few priced, several with the stamp of Albert

Foulard, 7 Quai Malaquais, Paris, who presumably collected them,

the binding suggests an origin in the reference library of Herman

of Paris, much sold by Pierre Beres in the 1970s (in tea chests, in

Hodgson’s rooms), 8vo, Paris, 1879-88. £400 – £600

* * * Includes some very rare, and perhaps unique catalogues; two of

them (Beclard, Grasset) are n o t In br I d s o n & Ja c k s o n Naturalists’

libraries. The following short title list excludes 4 anonymous sales

(one of Coleoptera) and is by collector. Durieu de Maisonneuve,

dircteur du Jardin botanique de Bordeaux, 1879; M.G. Delafosse,

professeur au Museum d’histoire naturelle, 1879; [Alexandre ?]

Leymerie, 1883; [Francois] Gervais, professeur au Museum, 1883;

R.Tournouer, president de la Societe geologique de France, 1883;

Adolphe Boucard, [pt. 1, apparently all published], 1883; Dr. P***,

1887; Maurice Girard, 1887; J. Beclard, professeur de physiologie,

1887; D*** & L***, professeur d’histoire naturelle, 1888; Alexandre

Perard, 1888; Arthur Grasset, voyageur-naturaliste, 1888.

12. Braithwaite (Robert) th e sP h a g n a c e a e o r P e at -mosses o f

eu r o P e a n d no rt h am e r I c a, 29 partly hand-coloured lithographs,

original cloth, publisher’s name ‘Bogue’ lettered at base of spine,

contents loose and some margins a little frayed, [Stafleu 701],

1880; the same, a plain copy in a remainder binding, base of

spine lettered ‘London’, 1880 § Welch (Winona) A Monograph

of the Fontinalaceae, illustrations, cloth, dust-jacket, The Hague,

1960 § Schuster (R.M.) Studies on Cephaloziellaceae, plates,

wrappers, Lehre, 1972 § Sjodin (Ake) Index to Distribution Maps

of Bryophytes, 2 vol., boards, Uppsala, 1980 § Engel (John)

and others. Bryological contributions presented in celebration of

Rudolf M. Schuster, illustrations, wrappers, Berlin, 1988; and

others, bryology, v.s. (c. 50). £100 – £200

Lot 13

13. Brookshaw (George) a n e w t r e at I s e o n f l o w e r Pa I n t I n g, o r

e v e ry l a d y h e r o w n d r aw I n g m a s t e r, title + pp. 46 (13-20 have 58

colour samples), plain plate of ‘strokes’, 12 engraved plates, each

in 2 states, plain and hand-coloured, contemporary diced russia,

neatly rebacked, bought by MW from Francis Edwards in 1963,

and the original invoice inserted, 4to, printed for the author by J.

Innes, 1812. £300 – £500

* * * First edition under Brookshaw’s name. What seems to be

essentially the same work was first published anonymously in 1797

[Henry 1167] and then under the pseudonym of G. Brown 1799-

1803 [Henry 522]. Our edition is Henry 518, citing only Kew ,

and her text collation of this is pp. [ii], 36, [2] ; there is no copy on

Copac or World Cat., the earliest being 1816. A printer’s imprint is

found on p.30 (but not on p.46) suggesting that this was published

in two parts. Brookshaw seems to have started as a cabinet maker

and switched to drawing master in mid career; see Lucy Wood’s

article in Apollo, May 1991.

14. Brotherus (V.F.) so m e n e w s P e c I e s o f au s t r a l I a n mosses

d e s c r I b e d, offprint, original wrappers, inscribed by the author to

Emile Bescherelle (1828-1903, bryologist), Helsinki, 1890 § Scott

(G.) and others. The mosses of southern Australia, illustrations,

cloth, dust-jacket, 1976; and others, v.s. (c 20). £40 – £80

15. Bruch (Philipp) and others. bry o l o g I a eu r o Pa e a, 6 vol., 640

lithograph plates, contemporary German binding of half roan, bit

worn, marbled paper sides, inscription on first pastedown by V.V.

M.C. who records the cost of the book and the binding in code (first

cmh; 2nd a), later a Linnean Society duplicate, with discrete stamp

on one title and duplicate notes in pencil, their sale at Christie’s

28.1.74 lot 160, £350 W&W for MW, [Stafleu 844], Stuttgart,

1836-55 § Schimper (W.P.) Musci Europaei novi, vel Bryologiae

europeae supplementum, 4 fascicules in 2 vol., 40 lithograph

plates, original printed wrappers, rebacked, [Stafleu 10.688],

Stuttgart, 1860, 4to (8). £600 – £800

* * * “Das Fundamentalbuch fur die Kenntnis der Europaeischen

Laubermoose” (Junk, Rara, 132-3 but “quarum 112 tabulae

photographicae”); “a master piece” (Margadant, p. 70); “probably

the most outstanding bryological publication of the 19th Century”

(Stafleu, Taxon, May 1972). A number of sets have early

photographic copies of some plates, as the publisher tried to make

up his overs; this set has original lithographs throughout.

Important Books and Manuscripts




Lot 16

16. Brunfels (Otto) he r b a r u m v I va e e I c o n e s, fIrst e d I t I o n o f t h e

fIrst Pa rt, title within allegorical border, Strasburg coat of arms,

both printed in red and black, 5 part woodcut border to 3 leaves, 86

full-page woodcuts by Hans Weiditz, with the blank B4, but without

the final blank, minor repair to blank margin of first four leaves,

some minor water-stains, generally a nice unsophisticated copy,

17th(?) century signature of Miguel Bunillo on title (trimmed),

bookplate of William Borrer (1781-1862, Sussex botanist) is

possibly added, old vellum, bit worn, ties partly defective, invoice

from Hammond (1976; £1400) inserted, [Adams B2923], folio,

Strasburg, Schott, 1530. £3000 – £5000

* * * The bibliography of this great book seems somewhat unexplored.

The Plesch copy, for instance had the misprint Eiconeb on title, and

index printed in red; this copy has Eicones and index in red; the

copy reproduced in Grolier 33a has Eicones and index in black.

The second edition of 1532 is completely reset, the most noticeable

feature being the smaller gothic type used for the captions; why

this was introduced is an interesting question. Stevenson in his

cataloguing of the 1532 edition [Hunt 30] compared it with the

1530 edition in NY Academy of Medicine ; from which it is clear

that there are text variants in the1530, since this copy does not

entirely agree with the New York copy. He remarks that the book is

“full of bibliographical puzzles which would take many months of

research and comparing of copies to solve”.

“Hans Weitz was a brilliant and original artist who set new

standards of truth and beauty for the printed herbal these vigorous,

well-observed drawings remind us of Durer, and much of Weiditz’s

work has in fact been falsely attributed at one time or another to

that great master, or to Burgkmaier. “ -Blunt, p. 62.

Lot 18

Lot 17

17. Brunfels (Otto) he r b a r u m v I va e e I c o n e s, 2 vol. in 1, second

editions, first title within allegorical border, Strassburg coat-ofarms,

both printed in black, 5 part woodcut border to 3 leaves,

135 full-page or near full-page woodcuts by Hans Weiditz, first vol.

with the two blank leaves, but without the final blank in the 2nd

vol., few minor stains, but a very nice set in contemporary Italian

limp vellum, lettered Herbario Duo on front cover, slightly later

paper label (Erbolario; in red and black) is perhaps German and

there are a number of early ink class marks on preliminary blank

which suggest a monastic library, head of spine a bit frayed, ties

missing, bought from Junk in 1977 with invoice inserted, [Adams

B2925, but without his 3rd vol.], folio, Strassburg, Schott, 1532-

36. £3000 – £5000

18. Bulliard (Pierre) fl o r a ParIeIensIs, 6 vol. in 5, handcoloured

engraved title in first vol., printed titles to vol.2-5, 640

hand-coloured engraved plates, each with a leaf of text, but lacking

the introduction including 2 plates (“manque souvent “ - Gilbert

) and other possible prelims (see Plesch sale lot 106 & Gilbert,

1952), a nice set in early 20th century half pink morocco, t.e.g.,

spine with gilt and onlaid roses in dark red, various inscriptions

of Rev. William Okes (Gonville & Caius; in the college living of

Wheatacre, All Saints, Norfolk, from 1832 to his death in 1858),

8vo, Paris, Didot, 1776-80. £800 – £1200

19. Burdet (Herve) and others. ou v r a g e s b o ta n I q u e s a n c I e n s d e

la b I b l I o t h e q u e d e s co n s e rvato I r e et Ja r d I n b o ta n I q u e s d e la vIlle

d e ge n e v e, o n e o f 30 c o P I e s sPecIally b o u n d In f u l l P I g s k I n, the gilt

block on the front cover (gilt in ordinary copies) blocked in black,

and the spine lettering different, numerous plates, Geneva, 1985 §

Hatton (R.G.) The Craftsman’s Plant-Book, original edition, coloured

frontispiece, numerous illustrations, original cloth, bit faded, 1909 §

Stevenson (J.A.) An Acccount of fungus exsiccati, wrappers, Lehre,

1971; and 15 others, similar, v.s (18). £100 – £200

* * * The specials of the Burdet were announced in the prospectus,

but are not detailed in the book itself.

Lot 20

20. C. (M.) a c o l l e c t I o n o f b o ta n I c a l d r aw I n g s. mc d e l[I n e av I t]

68 watercolour drawings, in an attractive style, perhaps based on

the Botanical Magazine, though these are larger and more spacious,

manuscript title and each plate with leaf of manuscript description,

one plate once removed and stuck back with stamp paper, 3 others

removed, contemporary straight-grain green morocco, gilt frame

sides with star and floral swags, gilt spine, g.e., a bit worn and

loose, 4to, [c. 1800-20]. £200 – £400

21. Camus (E.G.) Ic o n o g r a P h I e d e s o r c h I d e e s d’eu r o P e, 4 vol.

atlas with 110 coloured and plates 111-122 plain (not 112, fide

Stafleu 971), loose in cloth-backed portfolio, text in wrappers,

Paris, 1921-29 § Nelson (Erich) Gestaltwandel und Artbildung

Orchidaceen europas, 2 vol., limited to 700 copies, coloured plates,

original cloth, Montreux, 1962; and others, orchids, including a

bundle of offprints, v.s. (28). £100 – £200

22. Candolle (Augustin-Pyramus de) or g a n o g r a P h e v e g e ta l,

2 vol., 60 engraved plates, with the half-titles which read ‘Cours

de botanique; premiere partie’ [all published], a nice copy in

contemporary half pink calf, by [Jerome] Bruyere [of Lyons],

bought from Gilhofer in 1974 (invoice inserted), [Stafleu 1004],

8vo, Paris, 1827. £150 – £200

* * * “Fundamental textbook for its period, giving a wealth of details

concerning the organs of plants” - Magadant, p. 78.

23. Cave (R.) and Geoffrey Wakeman. ty P o g r a P h I a n at u r a l I s,

n u m b e r 313 o f 330 c o P I e s, 5 plates, including several original

nature prints, quarter morocco, Wymondham, Brewhouse, 1967 §

Gunther (R.T.) The Greek Herbal of Dioscorides, original edition,

plates, cloth, Oxford, for the author, 1934 § Hudson (Noel) An early

English version of Hortus Sanitatis, illustrations, cloth, dust-jacket a

bit soiled, 1954; and others, similar, v.s. (27). £100 – £200

24. Chaumeton (Francois Pierre) ab r e g e d e l a f l o r e m e d I c a l e,

fa I s a n t s u I t e a u dI c t I o n a I r e d e s sc I e n c e m e d I c a l e s 100 colour

printed plates, mostly by P.J.F. Turpin, irregularly numbered as in

the full scale Flore medicale (Stafleu 1091), edges a bit browned,

recent calf, the prospectus bound in, name Geo. S. Elliot on title,

8vo, [Paris], Panckoucke, 1821. £200 – £300

* * * The prospectus calls for 100 plates, and explains “Les

numeros des figures et du texte etant ceux de la grande edition”.

The work seems to be scarce (only the University of Georgia copy

located, dated 1826) but probably is often catalogued with the


Lot 25

25. Clusius (C.) ra r I o r u m a l I q u o t stIrPIum P e r Pa n n o n I a m,

au s t r I a m & v I c I n a s q u a s d a m P r o v I n c I a s o b s e rvat o r u m h I s t o r I a

fIrst e d I t I o n, fIrst Issue, 361 woodcuts by (probably) Gerard van

Kampen after Dieter van der Bocht, few headlines just trimmed,

minor water-stains, a slightly browned copy in 18th century

English calf, recently rebacked (see below), bound (as often) with

the Stirpium nomenclator Panonicus, Victorian ms. index bound at

the end, [Voet 1007, 1009], 8vo, Antwerp, Plantin, 1583-84.

£800 – £1200

* * * A complete copy of the first issue, conforming to Voet; for the

second issue Clusius forced Plantin to reprint the final gatherings

and add an index; see Voet 1008 for the details.This copy, however,

has been incorrectly ‘perfected’ with photostats from the second

issue, presumably before 1980 when the first vol. of Voet was


26. Coats (Alice) th e b o o k o f f l o w e r s, n u m b e r 17 o f 100 sPecIal

c o P I e s, plates, full leather binding, slip-case, 1973 § Sitwell (S.)

and W. Blunt. Great Flower Books, n u m b e r 90 o f 295 sPecIal

c o P I e s, signed by the authors, half morocco, slip-case, 1956; and

others, similar, folio et infra (42). £150 – £200

Important Books and Manuscripts



27. Coste (H.) fl o r e d e s c r I P t I v e e t I l l u s t r e e d e l a fr a n c e, 10

vol., text-illustrations, main work in binder’s cloth, the 7 parts of

the supplement in wrappers, Paris, 1901-90 § Nodier (Charles)

Promenade de Dieppe aux montagnes d’Ecosse, fIrst e d I t I o n,

folding map, 3 hand-coloured plates (one of a chef du clan, the

other 2 botany, by Bory de St. Vincent), contemporary prize calf,

gilt, joints repaired, arms of Institution Hallays-Dabot [Paris], on

covers, Paris, 1821; and others, v.s. (20). £60 – £120

28. Cotton (A.D.) cry P t o g a m s f r o m t h e fa l k l a n d I s l a n d s,

c o l l e c t e d b y mr s. va l l e n t I n 1915 § Dixon (H.N.) A Contribution

to the Moss Flora of Borneo, 1935 § Arnell (S.) Hepatics from

Tristan da Cunha, Oslo, 1958 § Chopra (R.) Taxonomy of Indian

Mosses, New Delhi, 1975 § Whittier (H.) Mosses of the Society

islands, Gainesville, 1976, illustrations, first 3 wrappers, bit worn,

other 2 original cloth; and others, similar, mostly offprints, 8vo (c.

30). £40 – £60


Lot 29

29. Curtis (William) fl o r a lo n d I n e n s I s, 6 parts in 3 vol., 435

hand-coloured plates on 432 sheets, bound in systematic order,

second edition, (using the Walpole criteria of the ornamental rules

dividing the Latin and English descriptions), bound without some of

the fasicule indices, dedication to the Earl of Bute and the optional

extras of subscribers’ lists and the catalogue of Settle plants, 1777-

89; the same, new edition, edited by W.J. Hooker, vol.IV, 159 handcoloured

plates on 150 sheets (the last 6 are from vol.4), 1821, 582

hand-coloured plates in total, a few browned but generally in good

condition, the text in some places a bit worn, used or repaired, one

leaf with portion torn away, small holes and dust-soiling, bound

in four vol. mid 20th century half green morocco, partly uncut,

probably a made up set, bought from W&W in 1961 for £120 with

two letters inserted , folio £6000 – £8000

* * * The fourth volume supplies most (but not all) of the additional

plates proper to the new edition. Mike Walpole’s paper, Notes on

Flora Londinensis (J. Soc. Bib. Nat Hist, 1976) distinguishes for

the first time a contemporary reprint of Curtis.

“The copy at Sothebys this week fetched £200 a good deal more

than we expected, but we did in fact consider that the book was

due for a rise. However, the copy we are selling you was purchased

from another bookseller at his price, which was a good deal lower

than we should have paid, if it was up to us to name the price.” -

HK Swann, in one of the W&W letters.

Lot 30

30. Cuvier (Georges L.C., Baron) le r e g n e a n I m a l Pa r u n e

r e u n I o n d e d I s c I P l e s d e cu v I e r 22 vol. in 20, engraved title, 993

plates of which c.870 are finely coloured by hand, minor foxing,

a good set in contemporary half red morocco, gilt tops, spines

faded and a little scuffed, contemporay bookplate of C.Milligan,

bought by MW from Halliday of Leicester, with the original invoice

inserted, 4to, Paris, [1836-49]. £2000 – £3000

* * * th e m a g n I f I c e n t dI s c I P l e s e d I t I o n. A very full account of the

work, including a detailed collation, is given by Colonel Cowan (J.

Soc. Bib. Nat. Hist., Vol.8, pp.32-64). The last four copies to occur

at auction have all had the correct number of plates counted, but all

were catalogued as imperfect as Cowan was unconsulted.

Lot 31

31. Darwin (Charles) on t h e va r I o u s c o n t r I va n c e s b y w h Ic h

brItIsh a n d f o r e I g n o r c h I d s a r e f e rt I l I z e d b y I n s e c t s, fIrst

e d I t I o n, 33 text-woodcuts by G.B. Sowerby II, inner blank margin

of title slightly damaged by adhesion, contemporary half plum calf,

marbled sides and edges, rubbed, [Freeman 800], 8vo, 1862.

£100 – £200

* * * “His first botanical book The orchids were well chosen to

illustrate Darwin’s insistence on the adaptive nature of floral

morphology, and they also served to emphasize additional points

made by Darwin in the Origin” - R. Ornduff, Darwin’s botany

Taxon, 1984.

32. Descole (H.R.) ge n e r a e t s P e c I e s P l a n ta r u m ar g e n t I n a r u m,

5 vol. in 7, all published, 810 plates (156 coloured), original cloth,

folio, Buenos Aires, 1943-56. £100 – £200

33. Dioscorides. [co d e x v I n d o b o n e n s I s m e d I c u s gr a e c u s I d e r

os t e r r e I c h I s c h e n nat I o n a l b I b l I o t h e k] coloured facsimile, without

the vol. of commentary published 5 years later, tawed pigskin over

wooden boards, large and heavy folio, [Graz, Akademische Druk],

[1965]. £60 – £120

Lot 34

34. Dodoens (R.) tr I u m P r I o r u m d e stIrPIum h I s t o r I a; Po s t e r I o r u m

t r I u m d e stIrPIum h I s t o r I a 2 vol. in 1, 439 + 272 woodcuts,

without text except for brief descriptive note beside each plant,

device on titles and enlarged version at the end of the first part,

portrait of the author on first title verso, the second part without

the 8 leaves of appendix (added later as the anomalous signature

EE8 makes clear), with the blank leaf at the end of the first part,

contemporary ms. notes in an English hand, extensive note on

the last blank page (which has thus clearly always been the last)

starts with motto Adultaire q[ua?]tre marriage Roupre, followed

by notes on heliotrope and chicory (one paragraph crossed out

but recoverable), 19th century vellum, the Chetham’s library copy,

with gilt coat-of-arms of Humphrey Chetham on front cover and

Manchester Library bookplate, bought by MW from Junk, with their

description inserted, [Hunt 608 (first part only); Adams D723],

8vo, Antwerp, Joannes Loes, 1553-54. £800 – £1200

* * * “First edition of Dodoens’ second botanical book. It contains

only the illustrations(and very brief notes) taken from his

Cruydeboeck these two small books were practical for those who

could not afford the more elaborate Cruydeboeck” - Hunt. The

woodblocks recur in later Dodoens books; in April 1581 Plantin

brought about 1000 of them from Loes’ widow.

Trium was particularly aimed at medical students, and other

annotated copies are British Library and de Belder .The

annotations in this copy are in a strictly contemporary English

hand. They start with the English name of the plant, and then (in

a very difficult hand, with some admixture of Latin among the

English)give medical uses; see for instance p.1 with a long list of

what Southernwood is “good for”

Important Books and Manuscripts



35. Dodoens (R.) fl o r u m e t c o r o n a r I a r u m o d o r ata r u m q u e

a lt e r a e d I t I o, imperfect copy, lacking the first two leaves (supplied

in photostat and bound in), all the 109 woodcut illustrations

present, by A. Nicolai and G. van Kampen after Pieter van der

Borcht, a few with old colour, with the last leaf of approbation,

recent half calf, [Voet 1098], 8vo, Antwerp, Plantin, 1569.

£100 – £200

36. [Dozy (F.) and J.H. Molkenboer.] Pr o d r o m u s f l o r a e bat ava e .

vo l. II Pt. I-II (mu s c I, lI c h e n e s e t c. c o m P l e t e) 2 parts in 1 vol.,

3 fine lithographed plates by A.J. Kouwels, half green leather,

bit worn, [Stafleu 679, the whole work], [Leiden], sumptibus

societatis, 1851-53 § Hampe (G.E.L.) Icones muscorum, 3 parts in

1 vol., 30 lithographed plates, unbound, in original wrappers and

lithographed wrap-around wrapper, [Stafleu 2347], Bonn, 1844;

and 6 others, similar, including a vol. of moss papers collected by

R. Braithwaite (1824-1917, bryologist), 8vo (8). £50 – £100


Lot 37

37. Dumont d’Urville (Jules S. C.) vo ya g e d e l a co rv e t t e

l’as t r o l a b e. at l a s [o n ly] bound in 5 vol., vignette title (7 copies),

printed list of plates (omits the entomology), double engraved

“Tableau synoptique”, portrait, 580 lithographed plates and maps,

173 coloured or partly coloured, the total including 3 plates in two

states, faint blind-stamp (signed with the publisher’s initials) which

guarantees the paper in most lower margins (found in several of

the great French voyages about this date), a trifle of foxing, but a

very nice copy in contemporary full French scarlet leather, spine

gilt with contents and small tool of the Astrolabe, minor wear to

joints, the J.W. Six copy, with his booklabel in the hydrography,

bought from Lawson in 1973 for £1300 with invoice inserted, folio,

Paris, 1833. £20000 – £30000

* * * Lacking the 8vo text, but a complete set of the magnificent

folio plates ; conforming to the BM (NH) cat. II, 603. As well as the

bis plates called for in the table des planches, this copy has three

plates (176, 177 & 189) in the Histoire du Voyage in two states,

lithographed by Lermercier, or (probably the cancels) one by A.

Belin & two by Richebois aine.

J.W. Six van Vromade had a library of natural history distinguished

by its fine condition; it was sold in two sales, The Hague, 1932 &

Amsterdam, 1936.

Lot 37

Important Books and Manuscripts




Lot 38

38. Dumortier (Barthelemy C.) he Pat I c a e eu r o Pa e. Ju n g e r m a n n I a e

eu r o Pa e, 4 hand-coloured lithographs, contemporary boards,

original front wrapper pasted on, spine a bit worn, [Stafleu 1570],

Brussels & Leipzig, 1874 § Pabst (Gustav) Cryptogamen-Flora

Flechten und Pilze; Lebermoose, 3 parts in 1 vol., 12 (uncoloured),

25 (mostly coloured, a few partly coloured) + 8 (partly coloured),

lithographs, original cloth, rebacked, [Stafleu 7175-6], Gera,

1875-77, 8vo and folio (2). £60 – £120

39. Dykes (W.R.) th e ge n u s Ir I s, half leather, repaired, rubbed,

cutting about the author pasted to title, and a letter from him

and some cuttings inserted, Cambridge & Chicago, 1913; Notes

on Tulip Species, original cloth, dust-jacket a little worn, the

prospectus inserted, 1930, t.e.g., other eges uncut, coloured plates,

folio (2). £300 – £400

* * * 4pp. A.L.s. Charterhouse, Godalming, 8.xii.18: “The

Californian species mostly do very well here, but my soil is so poor

& sandy that ”

Lot 40

40. [Ehret (Georg Dionysius) or Simon Taylor] rI v I n a c a n e s c e n s.

(rI v I n a h u m u l I s; r o u g e P l a n t, o r b a b y PePPer) bodycolour on

vellum, c.340 x 500mm., mounted on thin card within painted

green frame, unsigned, caption with reference to Linnaeus Species

Plantarum p.177, the drawing numbered 134, auction cutting

(1960-70s; probably Sotheby’s; attributed firmly to Ehret) partly

pasted to verso, [c. 1800]. £100 – £200

* * * We cannot trace the sale; verso of the cutting is lot 204 a Gould

pencil sketch for Birds of Australia of Honey-*** dated 10th Feb.

1849 which may provide a clue. Pencilled beneath the Ehret is what

looks like a hammer price of £280.

The lettering, the numbering, and the mount agree with other

drawings in an album at Knowlsey; vol.VIII plants by Ehret &

Taylor. Calman p.114 gives the provenance of Lord Derby’s

vellums and it seems likely that our Rivina came from Sir Ashton

Lever or Lord Bute. Simon Taylor, 1742-90, his drawings “are a

painstaking imitation of Ehret’s style, often deceptively close to

the manner of the original” - Calman. We should like to thank Dr.

John Edmondson and Kirstin Waibel for help with the cataloguing

of this lot.

41. Ekart (T.P.) sy n o P s I s J u n g e r m a n n I a r u m In ge r m a n I a 13

lithographed plates, foxing, and few stains, contemporary half

cloth, [Stafleu 1658], Coburg, 1832 § Brotherus (Viktor) Etudes sur

la Distribution des Mousses au Caucase, wrappers, worn, inscribed

by the author to J.F. Duthie (1845-1922, Indian botanist), [Stafleu

813], Helsingfors, 1884 § Warnstoff (Carl) Die europaischen

Torfmoose, original half cloth, bit soiled and rubbed, [Stafleu

16.746], Berlin, 1881 § Pilous (Zdenek) and others. Klic k urcovani

mechorostu CSR, illustrations, cloth, dust-jacket [only the NHM

copy on Copac], Prague, 1960; and others, similar (includes some

pamphlets), v.s. (c. 40). £60 – £120

Lot 42

42. [Fourcade (Charles)?] an a l b u m o f d r I e d mosses a n d f e r n s,

c o l l e c t e d In lu c h o n a n d e n v I r o n s. 54 leaves, specimens mounted

two to a page, French captions in neat manuscript, names followed

by locations, and sometimes the season, mounted in an album,

contemporary half green morocco, gilt, a little scuffed but in nice

state, bought from W&W in 1985 for £70, with their invoice inserted,

oblong 4to, [? Luchon], [c. 1860-70]. £200 – £400

* * * Luchon, Esquierry, Cazeril, Vallee de Lys, lac d’Oo, Cascade

de Montaubon, lac Bleu, etc. The fact that the album is carefully

guarded throughout partly explains the excellent state of the


Lot 43

43. Fourcade (Charles) he r b I e r c o l l e c t I o n d e P l a n t e s m e d I c I n a l e s

I n d I g e n e s printed title, 2 leaves of index, 120 leaves, most with 2

dried specimens and printed text pasted in, contemporary cloth,

worn, Luchon, Champol, 1872. £300 – £500

* * * Not in Sayre, though it does contain a few cryptogams. All

Fourcade’s collections are very rare. Copac has only the Kew copy

of Herbier; plantes des Pyrenees (there was another copy of this in

our sale 20.8.09 lot 265) and the Bib. Nat. & a library in Lyons have

a Herbier agricole, 1874 His Traite de botanique, 1884 of which

some copies have specimens as additional illustrations seems to be

just as rare. The specimens in this example are generally in very

nice state.

44. Frye (Theodore C.) and Lois Clark. he Pat I c a e o f no rt h

am e r I c a, 5 vol. in 2, illustrations, binder’s cloth, Seattle, 1937-47

§ Lawton (Elva) Moss Flora of the Pacific Northwest, plates, cloth,

dust-jacket, Nichinan, 1971 § Ireland (Robert) Moss Flora of the

Maritime Provinces, cloth, Ottawa, 1982, illustrations; and others,

similar, v.s. (c. 50). £100 – £200

Lot 45

45. Fuchs (L.) co m m e n ta I r e s t r e s e x c e l l e n s d e l’h y s t o I r e d e s

P l a n t e s n o u v e l l e m e n t t r a d u I c t z e n l a n g e fr a n c o I s e. fIrst fr e n c h

e d I t I o n, translated by Eloy de Maignan, 509 woodcuts of plants,

with the 2 blank leaves bb4 & Z8, issue with *** at line 6 of title,

the title a little frayed and soiled, but a nice copy in contemporary

vellum, sewing guards from a 15th century liturgical manuscript,

minor wear, ties partly defective, later spine lettering, in an illfitting

morocco box by Sangorski, old Jesuit library inscription

partly ereased from title, bought of Quaritch, ex. the Willis King

III sale, with cutting and invoice inserted, [Hunt 60 (imperfect);

Adams F1105], folio, Paris, Gazeau, 1549.

£4000 – £6000

46. Fuchs (L.) de h I s t o r I a stIrPIum a c c e s s I t IJs, s u c c I n c ta a d m o d u m,

fIrst e d I t I o n of this pocket version, with 516 small woodcuts by

Clement Bussy, after the 1542 orginals, contemporary, probably

Lyonese calf, sparingly gilt with central device and fleurons at

corners, bird tool in compartments of the spine, spine hatched at

top and bottom, a style that (in England) is assocated with Oxford,

joints repaired, ownership inscription Ex lib. Joaun. Tsalii(?) 1629

at head of title, booklabel of Pierre Lambert, [Adams F1102; Hunt

61], 8vo, Lyons, Arnoullet, 1549. £300 – £500

47. Fuchs (L.) de h I s t o r I a stIrPIum, portrait and 516 woodcuts,

title guarded and blank portions renewed, minor browning and

stains, without the blank leaf, recent calf, the book resewed, 15th

century manuscript sewing guard preserved at end, Society of

Apothecaries bookplate transferred to the new binding (ms. note

“From the library at Chelsea Garden 1832”), bought from Junk

with invoice and description inserted, [Adams F1103], 8vo, Lyons,

Balthazar Arnollet, 1551. £400 – £600

Important Books and Manuscripts




Lot 48

48. Fuchs (L.) Pl a n ta r u m e f f I g I e s a c q u I n q u e d I v e r s I s l I n g u I s

r e d d I ta e device on title, portrait on verso, 516 woodcuts by Clement

Bussy, with the two blank leaves, contemporary brown morocco,

sides with central diamond filled with conventional ornament

was perhaps once gilt, blue edges, head of spine renewed, leaf

at end with few notes in elegant 16th century French hand, 18th

century name on title: Joannis Nep[omucene] Raffay, the Kenneth

Mackenzie-New York Hort. Soc.-Quaritch copy with their collation

note at the end (not in the Rick Watson catalogue or the Christie’s

sale in 1997), bought from Quaritch with invoice inserted, [Adams

F1126], 12mo, Lyons, Balthazar Arnoullet, 1552. £800 – £1200

49. Gessner (C.) hIstorIa P l a n ta r u m. fa k s Im Il e a u s g a b e h e r a u s g e g e b e n

v o n heInrIch zoller [ a n d o t h e r s] 8 vol., limited to 550 copies, high

quality reproduction of watercolours in Erlangen University Library,

original half vellum, slip-cases, part invoice from Quaritch inserted,

folio, Zurich, Urs Graf, 1972-80. £300 – £500

* * * “Gessner’s illustrations were at last published in eight volumes

the woodcut illustrations of Gessner’s time could not do justice to

these delicate and beautiful drawings” - Blunt, p,. 86

Lot 50

50. Gillet (Claude C.) and J.H. Magne. no u v e l l e f l o r e

f r a n c a I s e t r o I s I e m e e d I t I o n, 2 vol., interleaved throughout, c.130

wat e r c o l o u r s o f rIvIera f l o w e r s on the interleaves, by the Rev.

A.C. Smith, and his note that he bought the book in Menton in April

1878 and had it bound and interleaved in July, half calf, rubbed,

[Stafleu 5222], 8vo, Paris, 1873. £200 – £300

* * * The Rev. Alfred Charles Smith, 1822-98, was the rector

of All Saints, Yatesbury, Calne, from 1852 to c.1878 (he sold

the advowson in 1882); perhaps, like old Braithwaite of Much

Matchingham, he had been ordered to the south of France by his

doctor. His watercolours are attractive and generally well annotated

with date and place. He is best known as the author of The Birds of

Wiltshire, 1887 but also wrote The Attractions of the Nile, 1865.

51. Grove (A.) a suPPlement to elw e s ’ m o n o g r a P h o f t h e g e n u s

lIlIum, part 1 only, engraved title, by W.G. S[mith] after W.H. F[itch],

4 fine hand-coloured lithogaphs after Lilian Snelling, original

wrappers, dusty and a bit worn, folio, 1933. £50 – £100

52. Hahn (Gotthold) mo o s-he r b a r I u m, 90 original specimens,

mounted on 10 leaves, loose in original printed portfolio (which

has a printed key to the specimens pasted inside front and back

board), ties and one flap missing, [Sayre p. 210], 4to, Gera, 1882.

£100 – £150

* * * Hahn’s Die Lebermoose Deutchlands, 1885 (Stafleu 2265) has

12 plates keyed to these specimens.

53. Heathcote (Evelyn) fl o w e r s o f t h e en g a d I n e, d r aw n f r o m

n at u r e. 224 hand-coloured plates, original cloth, scuffed, 8vo,

Winchester, printed for the author, 1891. £100 – £200

Lot 54

54. Hedwig (Johann) th e o r I a g e n e r at I o n I s e t fructIfIcatIonIs

P l a n ta r u m c ry P t o g a m I c a r u m lI n n a e I fIrst e d I t I o n, 37 handcoloured

engraved plates, by J.S. Capieux, bound without the errata

leaf at the end, contemporary mottled calf, worn and repaired,

bookplate removed, [Stafleu 2526], 4to, St. Petersburg, 1784.

£500 – £800

* * * Beneath the imprint Capieux sculp. 1783 on the first plate is

added in ms et nativ; coloirib; express: . The same inscription, in

the same hand, is found on plate 1 of the Plesch copy of Hedwig’s

Fundamentum, 1782 (sale 1975, lot 329); as I wrote then, “it is

difficult not to believe that this is Capieux himself”.

Lot 55

Lot 56

55. Hedwig (Johann) th e o r I a g e n e r at I o n I s e t fructIfIcatIonIs

P l a n ta r u m c ry P t o g a m I c a r u m lI n n a e I fIrst e d I t I o n, 37 uncoloured

engraved plates, by J.S. Capieux, title backed and motto on verso

penned onto backing sheet, original boards, uncut, spine very worn,

inscribed to [Richard] Pulteney by [Charles] Hatchett (1765-1847,

chemist) on Feb. 22 1792 and with considerable annotation by

Pulteney (his books sold by Sotheby’s in 1802), later in the Sion

College collection, sold in 1938 with release stamp, [Stafleu 2526],

4to, St. Petersburg, 1784. £100 – £200

* * * The book was probably given to Pulteney during the West

Country tour undertaken by Hatchett, Thomas Rackett and Tiberio

Cavallo in 1792; see R.H. Jeffers, Richard Pulteney and his

correspondence, Proc. Linn Soc., 1960, p. 25.

56. Hedwig (Johann) de s c r I P t I o et a d u m b r at I o m I c r o s c o P I c oa

n a ly t I c a m u s c o r u m f r o n d o s o r u m. 4 vol. in 2 vignette title, 160

hand-coloured plates, a large copy in contemporary half sheep, rather

worn but sound, contemporary flyleaf inscription, ”cet exemplaire

en papier fort et tres grand a coute trois cent quarante francs”,

bookplate of “Museo Mouton-Fontenille Academiae Lugdunensis”

(Marie Jacques Mouton-Fontenille, 1769-1837, “director of the

natural history cabinet at Lyon; pensioned off in 1830 because of his

ultra-royalist attitude” Stafleu III, 610), later in a Sotheby’s sale of

the 1970s with a lot ticket in the hand of John Collins, [Stafleu 2527],

folio, Leipzig, 1787-92. £2000 – £3000

* * * “Distinguished above all for exact and patiently repeated

observations, Hedwig’s work depended on the skillful use

of dissection and the compound microscope He recorded his

observations in accurate drawings the figures in his Descriptio are

among the most accurate and beautiful illustrations of mosses of

his own or any other period.” - P.W. Richards, DSB, VI, 219-20.

57. Hedwig (Johann) de s c r I P t I o e t a d u m b r at I o m I c r o s c o P I c oa

n a ly t I c a m u s c o r u m f r o n d o s o r u m, vol.1-3 only (of 4), vol.1 :

vignette title, 40 hand-coloured plates, lacking sig. Y (pp. 83-86)

with contemporary ms. note of imperfection at base of title (partly

trimmed away), old half purple roan, gilt spine, joints worn,

bookplate removed, vol.2 and 3: 80 uncoloured engraved plates,

contemporary marbled wrappers, uncut, worn and loose, [Stafleu

2527, 4 vol.], folio, Leipzig, 1787-92; the lot sold not subject to

return £100 – £200

Important Books and Manuscripts




Lot 58

58. Hedwig (Johann) th e o r I a g e n e r at I o n I s e t fructIfIcatIonIs

P l a n ta r u m c ry P t o g a m I c a r u m lI n n a e I. re t r a c ta e t a u c ta. second

edition, plain plate of lens investigation of a moss, 42 handcoloured

engraved plates, by J.S. Capieux, contemporary half calf,

worn and backstrip missing, contemporary inscription “Fraulein

Julia par Dr. Shlund London”, on front pastedown, at some time

catalogued for Sotheby’s by Dr. Feisenburger, with lot ticket (174)

author name in his hand, [Stafleu 2526], 4to, St. Petersburg,

1798. £300 – £400

Lot 59

Lot 59

59. Hedwig (Johann) sP e c I e s m u s c o r u m f r o n d o s o r u m o P u s

P o s t h u m u m e d I t u m a fr I d e r I c o sc h wa e g r I c h e n. fIrst e d I t I o n,

folding table, 77 hand-coloured plates, after drawings by the

author, without the additional leaf p.353 “not available at the time

of the original publication of the book” (Margadant), recent half

cloth, uncut, [Stafleu 2532], Leipzig & Paris, 1801; Supplementum

primum (-quartum), 4 vol. in 3, 326 hand-coloured plates (I- XXXV

+ III*), some minor stains, the part issue titles not preserved (as

was intended),several plates with cancel captions pasted on, and

one (plate 259) changed in ms. (see Margadant, p. 222), binder’s

cloth, spines faded, 2nd title with contemporary inscription

“zu Turnero auctor” (? Dawson Turner, 1775-1858; he wrote a

commentary on Hedwig), 4th title with what seems to be a paper

duty stamp “Vertrag vom 13 Mai 1848”, later stamp and release

stamp of Royal Microscopical Society on titles but nowhere else,

[Stafleu 11.427; Margadant pp. 217-23], Paris, 1811-42, 4to (5).

£2000 – £3000

* * * The starting point for the nomenclature of mosses,(except

Sphagnaceae). “Hedwig has often been called the Linnaeus of

Bryology”; PA Florschutz, in the introduction to the 1960 reprint,

(a copy of which is included with the lot).

Complete copies are very rare outside the old botanical libraries;

auction records over the last 35 years show a copy with the first

supplement only(in 1976) and the Horticultural Society of New

York-de Belder copy which made £1200 hammer in 1987.

60. Hegi (Gustav) IllustrIerte fl o r a v o n mIttel-eu r o Pa, 7 vol.

in 13, fIrst e d I t I o n, 280 plates, of which 253 are chromolithographs,

original decorative cloth, several vol. a little worn, booklabel of K.

Pogge, [Stafleu 2571], folio, Munich, [1906-31]. (13). £200 – £400

61. [Henderson (Claude W.)] so m e bu t t e r f l I e s o f ne w gu I n e a

& t h e a d J a c e n t I s l a n d g r o u P s manuscript title, 8 leaves of thin

card (265 x 420mm.,), with 23 watercolour figures, unbound,

[Loughborough], c.1963. £100 – £200

* * * Exhibited: Natural history illustration 1485-1968 from the

collection of Michael Walpole, Loughborough, School of Librarianship,

1969, item 51, part of one sheet illustrated. This exhibition with a

16pp catalogue, was the only public showing of MW’s remarkable

collection (and, he told me, he regretted even that).

62. Hoefnagel (Jacob) ar c h e t y Pa s t u d I a q u e Pat r Is [a] 50 engraved

plates only (of 52), lacking 7 & 12 from the first part, trimmed to

borderlines and mounted, occasional minor defects, and soiling,

modern vellum, oblong 4to, [Hollstein 17-64; Berlin Kat. 4409],

Frankfurt, [15]92. £6000 – £8000

Lot 62

Lot 60 Lot 61

Important Books and Manuscripts




Lot 63

63. Hooker (Sir William J.) mu s c I e x o t I c I, l a r g e Pa P e r c o P y, an

imperfect copy in parts, comprising parts 1-14, 16-22 (of 23), 167

(of 176) fine hand-coloured plates, lacking plates 113-119 of part

15 & plates 174-75 of part 22, and all the final part (text only), also

present are duplicates of plates & text 5-8 sewed into both parts 1

& 2 (which might raise problems of when they were published),

original printed wrappers (except the first part, plain), rather worn

and defective in places, [Stafleu 2990;Margadant, Hooker 3], 4to,

1818-20. £150 – £200

* * * “No.1 2s 6d and no.II 5s. A few copies are printed in 4to, with

the plates coloured, No.I price 4s and No.II 8s” - advert slip tipped

into part 4, partly quoted by Stafleu from this copy. As against

Margadant the part numbers are printed, and, additional to Stafleu,

pl.158 was published one part late.

Lot 64

Lot 66

64. Hooker (Sir William J.) a ce n t u ry o f In d I a n o r c h I d s, 101

hand-coloured lithographs, after C.G. Dass, L. Singh and other

Indian artists, portrait of Roxburgh to the memoir of him by G.King,

minor foxing, loose in original portfolio, trifle worn, ties missing,

contents in good state, [Stafleu 2984], 4to, Calcutta, 1895.

£1500 – £2000

* * * The Stationery Office code includes the number printed; in this

case 360 copies. This is often found on oriental official printing,

but rarely at home.

65. Hoppe (D.H.) and J. Sturm. ca r I c o l o g I c a g e r m a n I c a 112

hand-coloured plates, contemporary English calf, gilt spine,

rubbed, coniferous bookplate of KG Lazenby, 12mo, Nuremberg,

1835. £100 – £120

* * * Sedges; published as 7 Hefte of Deutschlands Flora; see

Stafleu 13.335 p. 69.

66. [Hortus Sanitatis].- ort u s s a n I tat I s. de h e r b I s & P l a n t I s

a n I m a l I b u s & r e P t I l I b u s P I s c I b u s l a P I d I b u s title within woodcut

border, 3 full-page woodcuts, upwards of 1050 column-width

woodcuts, about half of plants, the rest of animals and everyday

scenes (eg milking a goat), with the final blank, title with inscription

removed from blank portion and blank corners renewed, about

15 leaves of index with similar marginal repairs (cc6 the most

extensive) but text not affected, the cut of two pigs coupling (on

A4) altered in ink, generally a clean and crisp copy in old vellum,

recased, a few contemporary notes (eg K6, much in the index)

are in Latin, [Hunt 12], folio, Venice, B. Benalius & G. Tacuino,

1511. £12000 – £15000

* * * “First edition printed in Italy, and the first to include the

pseudo-Galenic tract De Facile Acquisibilibus.Tacuino’s woodcut

title-border, which incorporates dolphins’ heads in the floral design,

was used in several works from that press and became ’one of the

most influential pieces of ornamentation of the sixteenth-century’

(Mortimer 238)” - [Stephen Massey], Christies NY, 4 June 1997

lot 69 (a similar copy to the above, $18,000; it reappeared in the

Freilich sale in 2001 and made $24,000; both hammer prices).

67. Host (N.T.) Ic o n e s e t d e s c r I P t I o n e s g r a m I n u m au s t r I a c o r u m,

4 vol., 400 hand-coloured plates after drawings by Johann

Ibmayer, a clean copy, small repair to blank portion of first three

titles (probably removal of a small stamp), contemporary English

straight-grain red morocco, sparingly gilt, g.e., b y he n ry wa lt h e r,

with his ticket in the first vol. (rubbed, joints repaired), bought from

Junk in 1979, with invoice and cat. cutting inserted, folio, Vienna,

1801-09. £10000 – £15000

* * * “While it was still in course of publication praised for the

‘elegance and correctness’ of its plates. Both adjectives are justified;

the botanical details, in particular, are beautifully done and often - to

those of us who think of grass as being simply green - surprisingly

colourful Host, the namesake of the Hosta, was personal physician

to the Austrian Emperor, Francis II. He established a botanic

garden for the cultivation of Austrian plants, in the grounds of the

Belvedere in Vienna ” - Coats, 92.

68. Hulten (Eric) th e a m P h I-at l a n t I c P l a n t s; th e c I r c u m P o l a r

P l a n t s, 3 vol., wrappers, 2 inscribed to J.E. Lousley (1907-76,

botanist), Stockholm, 1958-71; Flora of Alaska, original cloth,

dust-jacket, Stanford, 1968; and others, mostly similar, v.s. (c.25).

£100 – £150

69. Hunger (F.W.T.) th e h e r b a l o f P s e u d o-aP u l e I u s, n u m b e r 75

o f 200 c o P I e s, plates, original boards, white cloth spine a bit soiled,

folio, Leiden, 1935. £50 – £100

Lot 67

70. Hunt (Peter) a b o o k o f o r c h I d Pa I n t I n g s b y Ja m e s f. wa l f o r d,

n u m b e r 29 o f 490 c o P I e s, signed by the artist, half vellum, slip-case,

1972; and 2 others, orchids, folio (3). £50 – £100

Lot 71

71. Hunt (Peter) or c h I d a c e a e n u m b e r 134 o f 620 c o P I e s, 40

coloured plates by Mary Grierson, full vellum, g.e., slip-case,

several letters from the publishers inserted, large folio, Bourton

Press, 1973. £150 – £200

Important Books and Manuscripts




Lot 72

72. Husnot (Pierre Tranquille) mu s c I ga l l I a e. 19 vol., each c.50

specimens, the first 17 vol. re-arranged in alphabetical order of

specimens, the last 2 parts nos. 851-959 as issued, each specimen

with printed caption, possibly lacking 3 leaves of specimens, and

with only one leaf of index, generally in good state in the original

portfolios, with printed labels, ties intact, invoice from W&W

inserted, [Sayre p. 219 ; Stafleu II, p.372], 8vo, Caen, [1870-1970];

sold not subject to return £300 – £500

* * * Very rare in commerce; Sayre records 6 sets, of which 3 are

complete (but they may have been distributed among the general

herbaria). The only auction sale with a number of exsiccatae was the

Eton sale(Bonhams Oct 15th, 1996) and this had no Husnot at all.

Lot 73

73. Husnot (Pierre Tranquille) he Pat I c a e ga l l I a e, fascicules

I-III only (of IX), each with printed title, list of contents, and 25

specimens, 75 in total, each with printed label, loose in original

portfolios, invoice from W&W (for £15) inserted, [Sayre p. 218

; Stafleu II, p. 372], 8vo, Caen, [1870-75]; sold not subject to

return £120 – £180

* * * Sayre lists only the Helsinki copy; Stafleu adds another 12 sets.

74. Husnot (Pierre Tranquille) sP h a g n o l o g I a e u r o Pa e a, 4

lithographed plates, E.D. Marquand’s copy (1848-1918, Guernsey

botanist), with his signature and a 4pp. ms. key inserted, [Stafleu

3153], Caen & Paris, 1882; Flore Analytique et Descriptive des

Mousses du Nord-Ouest, 2 lithographed plates, [Stafleu 3150],

Caen & Paris, [1873], original printed wrappers, bit soiled worn;

and 4 others by the same, 8vo (6). £50 – £100

75. Inoue (Hiroshi) Il l u s t r at I o n s o f Ja Pa n e s e he Pat I c a e; nI h o ns

a n ta I r u I z u k a n 2 vol., plates, boards, slip-cases [only the BL copy

on Copac “the Japanese and English texts each contain information

not in the other”], Tokyo, 1974 § Mitten (W.) On the species of

Musci and Hepaticae recorded from Japan, lithographed plate,

wrappers, bit worn, [not in Stafleu], 1891; and others, similar, v.s.

(21). £60 – £120

76. Jacquin (N.J.) alPInIa c o m o s a ( Pl. 202 f r o m Ic o n e s P l a n t.

r a r.) hand-coloured engraving, [Vienna], [1786] § E.M.L.

three watercolours of Gladiolus gracilis, G. spathacens, Erica

cerinthoides, each c.50 x 165mm., mounted as one, [c.1920]; and 9

other botanical plates, mostly hand-coloured (11). £50 – £100

77. Jussieu (A.L. de) ge n e r a P l a n ta r u m, fIrst e d I t I o n, minor

foxing, contemporary half sheep, worn, 8vo, Paris, 1789.

£200 – £300

* * * “Antoine Laurent de Jussieu is today acknowledged to have

been one of the most intuitive and perceptive specialists in plant

classification that the world has yet produced.” - Hunt 703

78. Kleinhans (Rodolphe) al b u m d e s m o u s s e s d e s e n v I r o n s

d e Pa r I s 30 plates, each with a leaf of text, lithographed after

the author’s handwriting, minor soiling, later cloth, [Stafleu

3720], Paris, 1869 § Balsamo[-Crivelli] (G.G.) and J. de Notaris.

Prodromus bryologicae mediolanensis, original printed wrappers,

uncut, spine worn, [Stafleu 292], Milan, 1834; and 4 others, 8vo

and folio (6). £100 – £150

Lot 79

79. Kniphof (J.H.) bo ta n I c a In o r I g I n a l I s u e h e r b a r I u m v I v u m.

ce n t u r [II] nature printed title, 97 plates only (of 100), nature

printed in colours, contemporary half calf, worn and repaired,

folio, Halle, 1758. £500 – £800

Lot 80

80. Knoop (J.H.) be s c h r I J v I n g e n a f b e e l d I n g e n va n d e b e s t e

s o o rt e n va n a P P e l e n e n P e e r e n (vr u c h t b o o m e n e n v r u c h t e n;

Pl a n ta g I e-g e wa s s e n) 3 parts in 1 vol., 39 hand-coloured plates

(12 apples, 8 pears, 19 soft fruit), minor soiling but a nice copy in

recent half calf, gilt, uncut, perhaps a Bayntun binding, bought from

Hammond, with invoice inserted, folio, Amsterdam & Dordrecht,

1790. £800 – £1200

* * * First published in 1758. “The fruit monographs are among the

earliest books on the subject to be illustrated with coloured plates,

the Pomologia ones packed with a dozen or so varieties, each with

a label giving its time of ripening.” Raphael, Oak Spring Pomona,

, p. 131.

81. Lange (Jacob E.) fl o r a a g a r I c I n a d a n I c a, 5 vol. in 2, 200

coloured plates after watercolours by Lange, half dark red morocco,

by Maltby of Oxford, spines a bit rubbed and faded, obituary of

Lange by A.A. Pearson inserted, bought from Quaritch with their

stock number at the end, [Stafleu 4178], folio, Copenhagen, 1935-

40. £200 – £300

Lot 82

82. Langhorne (Joanna Asquith, b.1945) fI n e wat e r c o l o u r o f a

y e l l o w f l o w e r e d Ir I s, on board, c.330 x 570mm., signed in pencil

and dated 14.8. [19]84. £150 – £200

* * * J.A.Langhorne was tutored by John Nash and Mary Grierson;

she was an official artist at Kew 1973-80, and produced over 80

plates for Curtis, see S. Sherwood, Contemporary Botanical

Artists, 120-121.The invoice from Watch House rare books,

which accompanies the drawing, states that the plant was from the

Rothschild collection.

83. Law (Joy) ca P ta I n co o k’s f l o r I l e g I u m; a n o t e o n I t s

P r o d u c t I o n, n u m b e r 93 o f 175 c o P I e s, plates, quarter morocco,

Lion & Unicorn Press, 1976 § Grieve (M.) A Modern Herbal, 2

vol., plates, original cloth, 1931 § Lisney (A.A.) A Bibliography

of British Lepidoptera, plates, original cloth, 1960 § Catalogue of

the Library of the Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew, 2 vol., 500 copies

printed according to the SO code, both interleaved, the supplement

clearly an internal copy, annotated with press marks, and subject

notes, half morocco, and very worn boards, 1899-1919; and others,

similar, v.s. (38). £100 – £200

84. Lawalree(Andre) and others. P.J. re d o u t e. facsImIle P r I n t s

m a d e f r o m m o s t ly u n P u b l I s h e d o r I g I n a l d r aw I n g s, 2 copies,

coloured plates, loose in original half leather portfolio, Regensburg

& Pittsburgh, 1972; and 3 others, similar, folio (5). £40 – £80

Lot 85

85. Lestiboudois (Francois-Joseph) bo ta n o g r a P h I e b e l g I q u e les

Plantes d a n s les P r o v I n c e s sePtentrIonales d e la fr a n c e, 23 folding

engraved tables (several badly folded, but complete), contemporary

half green vellum, base of spine defective, contemporary inscription

“Le chev[al]ier Le Vavasseur, officier d’artillerie” , a Geneva

duplicate, with 1922 sale stamp, the Kenneth Mackenzie-Hort. Soc.

of New York-Quaritch copy, with the donative bookplate, [Stafleu

4429], 8vo, Lille, 1781. £50 – £100

86. Lindenberg (Johann) sP e c I e s h e Pat h I c a r u m, 5 parts in 1

vol., 67 hand-coloured lithographs, without the part issue titles,

contemporary half leather, bit worn, [Stafleu 4632 calls for a plate

39 in error; Junk, Rara, I, 66 is correct], Bonn, 1839[-55] § Ekart

(Tobias) Synopsis Jungermanniarum in Germania, 13 lithographed

plates, contemporary boards, worn, [Stafleu 1658], Coburg, 1832,

some foxing, 4to (2). £60 – £120

87. Lindman (C.A.M.) bI l d e r u r no r d e n s f l o r a 3 vol., third

edition, 663 attractive chromolithograph plates, binder’s cloth,

neat, 8vo, Stockholm, 1922-26. £80 – £120

* * * Stafleu 7247 (note) records that the plates were prepared for a

continuation of Palmstruck, Svensk botanik, 1802-43, but never used.

Important Books and Manuscripts




Lot 88

88. Linnaeus (C.) bI b l I o t h e c a b o ta n I c a.f u n d a m e n t o r u m

b o ta n I c o r u m. 2 parts in 1 vol., fIrst e d I t I o n, nice copy in

contemporary calf, gilt spine a bit worn, emblematic ex-libris of

[Joannes Baptiste Verdussen] with motto “Virtus pietas homini

tutissima” on both pastedowns, [Soulsby 250; Stafleu 4710-11],

8vo, Amsterdam, Schouten, 1736 [1735]. £1500 – £2000

* * * “The Bibliotheca is a concise history of botany in a dry

enumerative but very efficient style. Linnaeus describes the

development of botanical science by subdividing botanical authors

in various categories the often englightening and amusing names for

the various categories of botanists show not only a good knowledge

of the literature but also an awareness of the fact that botanical

history is human history” - Stafleu, Linnaeus, p. 35

This first edition is rare. There is no auction record for the last 35

years, but the de Belder copy was in lot 473 in the von Hoffman sale

at Christie’s (New York, 5 June 1997) amongst other Linnean items

and Rick Watson had a copy in his Cat.9 (1998; £1550). One might

assume that this was the same copy, but the bindings don’t agree.

Lot 89

89. Linnaeus (C.) ho rt u s cl I f f o rt I a n u s engraved title and 36

engraved plates, mostly after drawings by Ehret, a very nice clean

copy in contemporary Scandinavian half calf, marbled sides,

edges, and endpapers, minor wear to joints and corners furbished,

bought from Wheldon’s with their cost code, John Heller’s paper on

the book inserted (includes, inter alia, a learned discussion of the

catalogue of Clifford’s botanical library which occupies 17pp. of

preliminaries), folio, Amsterdam, 1737. £800 – £1200

* * * “Marks the beginning of a new era in botanical illustration and

foreshadows the golden century of great flower-book production.”

Stearn, introduction to Species Plant. facsimile, 1957, p. 44. Later

he quotes a letter from Gronovius to Richardson “I assure you it is

one of the most curious books ever printed. But it is strange that Mr.

Cliffort, who is at the whole expense, will not sell a single copy,

being resolved only to make presents of the book, or to exchange

it for other curiosities. Almost all my new plants from Virginia are

curiously described there ” (p. 49)

Lot 90

90. Linnaeus (C.) cl a s s e s P l a n ta r u m, fIrst e d I t I o n, contemporary

mottled calf, gilt spine , rather worn, with a v e ry r a r e PrIvIlegIe

bound at the end (see below), bought from Bjorck & Borjesson

in 1984 with invoice inserted, [Soulsby 332; Stafleu 4720], 8vo,

Leiden, Wishoff, 1738. £700 – £900

* * * “Linnaeus published three systems of his own, of which the

sexual system has had the greatest impact. He set down his rules

for systems in his Fundamenta botanica of 1736 but elaborated

them further in his much less known but equally interesting Classes

plantarum published in Leiden in 1738 consists of a review of 16

‘universal’ and 13 ‘partial’ systems of plants of other authors as

well as of his own.” - Stafleu, Linnaeus, .p.115.

The book collates pi4, A-YY4. The leaves are numbered partly in

columns and partly in pages; the former begins at col. 5 ( not 1, pace

Soulsby & Stafleu; the Bodley collation has this correct and has Y2

blank at end); no folding plate is called for (pace Macclesfield lot

57). The privilege, which is from the States of Holland and West

Friesland to Wishoff, lists 5 books including this Classes. It fills 3

pages with the final three pages of the last gathering being blank.

Two of the other books listed are Linnaeus published by Wishoff in

1737, viz the Genera (but this is a 4to) and the Critica; we could

not trace a copy of our privilege in either of these. None of the

bibliographies, either printed or electronic, call for the privilege

in the Classes and it is not in the two copies from Linnaeus’ own

library in the Linnean Society. However they have a third copy,

presented to them by the great bibliographer Jonas Dryander on

their foundation in 1788 and this contains these two leaves; it is the

only other copy we have been able to trace.

91. Linnaeus (C.) am o e n I tat e s a c a d e m I c a e, vol.1-9 only (of 10),

a mixed set, the last 3 vol. being from the revised Schreber edition,

engraved plates (lacking one plate in vol.6), some browning, recent

half morocco, bought from W&W in 1979 with invoice inserted,

[cf Stafleu 4753-54], 8vo, Stockholm, 1749; Amsterdam, 1752;

Amsterdam & Leiden, 1756; Leiden, 1760-64; Erlangen, 1789-85;

sold not subject to return £200 – £300

92. Linnaeus (C.) sP e c I e s P l a n ta r u m, 2 vol., fIrst e d I t I o n, s e c o n d

Issue, with the three cancelled leaves E6, F5 & R2 in vol.1, some

foxing as usual, contemporary English calf, gilt spines, worn,

labels renewed, bought of W&W, [Soulsby 480], 8vo, Stockholm,

Salvius, 1753. £600 – £1200

* * * The first volume was published in May; by the time the second

volume was published in August the cancels had been actioned,

since the index refers to the corrected texts.

93. Linnaeus (C.) fl o r a s u e c I c a e d I t I o s e c u n d a, a u c ta e t

e m e n d ata, folding engraved plate of Linnaea borealis (small

tear in blank margin, without loss), contemporary Scandinavian

calf, gilt spine, rather scraped and worn, early signature partly

erased from title, slightly later one O.F.L. Ewsel (?) added and a

note on abbreviations on flyleaf, [Soulsby 409; Stafleu 4731], 8vo,

Stockholm, Salvius, 1755. £60 – £120

Lot 94

94. Linnaeus (C.) sPecIes P l a n ta r u m, 2 vol., second edition, engraved

portrait, contemporary English speckled calf, labels missing, joints

cracking, considerable 18th century annotation in an unidentified

hand, mostly giving English names, and some locations, [Soulsby

500], 8vo, Stockholm, Salvius, 1762-63. £400 – £600

* * * The first edition “abounds in misprints and many taxonomic

judgements recorded there were later revised In the second edition

Linnaeus tried to make good its deficiencies and added material

that had come to hand meanwhile The third edition of 1764 is

essentially a re-issue of the second editon These three are the only

editions published during the lifetime of the author.” - W.T. Stearn,

introduction to the 1957 facsimile, p.135.

The annotation is of considerable interest and seems to have a West

Indian or American bias. The hand varies but this may be a reflection

of advancing age rather than different persons; the details suggest an

experienced botanist (eg p.793 “Linnaeus hic confundit duas species

); a connection with the Collinson circle is a possibility.

Important Books and Manuscripts




Lot 95

95. Linnaeus (C.) ge n e r a P l a n ta r u m e d I t I o s e x ta, without the

portrait sometimes found, contemporary calf, rebacked, front cover

off, the Duke of Buccleugh copy with contemporary bookplate and

gilt cypher on covers, later bookplate of Ashton Allis, [Soulsby 305;

Stafleu 4823], Stockholm, 1764; Classes plantarum, fIrst e d I t I o n,

some browning, later half calf, gilt, front cover off, contemporary

name F.M. Shelund (?) on title and Linnaeus’ Cryptogamia (col.

483-4) and Scheuzer’s grasses (col. 561-72) with much annotation

presumably in his hand, [Soulsby 332; Stafleu 4720], 8vo, Leiden,

1738. (2). £300 – £500

* * * One of the notes in the Classes reads “Illus: Linne propria

manu scriptsit GB (?)”

96. Linnaeus (C.) ge n e r a P l a n ta r u m e d I t I o s e x ta, without the

portrait sometimes found, later half green calf, title creased,

[Soulsby 305; Stafleu 4823], Stockholm, 1764; Supplementum

plantarum systematic vegetabilium generum plantarum editionis

sextae, contemporary English calf, gilt spine, the Burton Constable

copy, with William Constable’s bookplate, [Soulsby 574; Stafleu

4854], Braunschweig, 1781 [1782]. (2). £150 – £200

Lot 98

97. Linnaeus (C.) sP e c I e s P l a n ta r u m; a facsImIle I n t r o d u c t I o n b y

w.t. st e a r n, 2 vol., cloth, dust-jackets a bit worn, the prospectus

inserted, Ray Society, 1957-59 § Bryk (Felix) Bibliotheca Linnaeana

I (of 2), limited to 100 copies, wrappers, bit worn, Stockholm,

1923 § Wise (Rosemary) In the Footsteps of Linnaeus, 2 coloured

prints, c.290 x 460mm., each 30/250 copies, signed and captioned

in pencil, and with printed keys, 1988; and 11 others, similar, v.s.

(15). £60 – £120

98. Loddiges (George & Conrad) th e b o ta n I c a l c a b I n e t, 20 vol.,

c o m P l e t e s e t, l a r g e Pa P e r, 20 engraved titles, 2000 hand-coloured

plates plus the 3 uncoloured plates (2 of hothouses), contemporary

calf, bound for Thomas Joseph Trafford, with his bookplate, and

crest in top compartment of spines, inherited by Sir Humphrey de

Trafford, Bart. (some wear, 7 vol. repaired, 12 rebacked neatly

to style), bought from Traylen in 1970 for £525, copy of invoice

inserted, [Stafleu 4914], 4to, 1817-33. £6000 – £8000

* * * “The quarto edition has fully coloured plates; those of the

duodecimo are partially coloured ”. In 1879 a family member

reported that the work could not be reprinted “the whole of the

2000 copper plates were stolen by one of Loddiges men from his

library in the Garden” - Stafleu.

Lot 99

99. [Mattioli (P.A.) ne w kr e u t e r b u c h d u r c h ge o r g I u m ha n d s c h

v e r d e u t s c h t dI s t I l l I e r o f e n] lacks the first seven leaves (signature

1 plus first leaf of signature 2), and the last leaf zz6 with colophon,

the first surviving leaf mounted and defective, though the portrait

of Mattioli is more or less intact, the rest of the book, with upwards

of 810 woodcuts in good crisp state apart from a few water-stains

(mostly marginal), old speckled calf over wooden boards, rebacked,

bought from Halliday of Leicester in 1964 for £42, invoice inserted,

[Hunt 91, complete; not in Adams], folio, [Prague, G. Melantrich],

[1563]. £1000 – £2000

* * * A complete set of the woodcuts of plants. “First edition in

German; first appearance of the fine series of large woodcuts made

by Gieorgio Liberale and Wolfgang Meyerpeck” - Hunt.

Lot 100

100. Maw (George) a m o n o g r a P h o f t h e g e n u s cr o c u s, 81 handcoloured

plates, coloured map, 2 double tables, attractive vignette

views, minor browning, original cloth, rather roughly repaired,

bought from W&W in 1972, invoice inserted, 4to, 1886.

£800 – £1200

101. Mee (Margaret) fl o w e r s o f t h e br a z I l I a n fo r e s t s n u m b e r

87 o f 100 sPecIal c o P I e s, w It h a n o r I g I n a l wat e r c o l o u r b y t h e

a rt I s t, mounted at the front and signed by her, original full vellum,

gilt, slip-case a little worn, invoice from Quarich inserted, folio,

Tryon, 1968. £1800 – £2200

Lot 102

102. Meymott (Jane Carolina) an at t r a c t I v e a l b u m o f

wat e r c o l o u r s, c o m P r I s I n g; Pa P h I l I o; Ph a l a e n a; [ f l o w e r s ] [b I r d s

a n d m o n k e y s] 57 very attractive watercolours, mostly of butterflies

and flowers (34, comprising the first two divisions; each of these

has a lettered title in black), the remaining plates comprise flowers

(12), and animals (11), one illustration signed ECM and dated 1831,

the early drawings with elaborate ms. captions, some suggesting a

West Indian or other exotic provenance, contemporary pink calf,

tooled in gilt and blind, g.e., gilt green leather label with artist’s

name and date on front pastedown, quotation from Traylen (£105;

1965) inserted, 4to, 1834. £800 – £1200

* * * Following the first title are two watercolours; the first perhaps

an unfinished presentation plate, initials I.F. surmounting trompe

l’oeil drawings, and flowers, the second a coat-of-arms, presumably

that of the Meymott family. There is a possible connection with

Charles Meymott, 1813-67 homeopathic doctor and cricketer; in

1855 a Miss Meymott attended a fund raising Bazaar at the London

Homeopathic Hospital.

Important Books and Manuscripts




Lot 103

103. Micheli ( Pietro Antonio) no va P l a n ta r u m g e n e r a, 108

engraved plates, each with engraved dedication to a patron (we

illustrate 2 of the English ones), recent vellum, signature of J.S.

Albrecht (?) on title, and a few notes on plate margins perhaps

in his hand, invoice from W&W inserted, [Stafleu 5974], folio,

Florence, 1729. (2). £600 – £800

* * * “Micheli was the first author to employ a microscope in the

study of cryptogams the vast number of new fungi, lichens and

liverworts described and the accuracy of his illustrations testify to

the author’s patient and critical observations. In this work which

has been termed epoch-making by bryologists, lichenologists

and mycologists alike, we see the start of a system for cryptogam

classification many facets of which are still being built on today

“ - Hawkesworth, in the introduction to the 1976 reprint (a copy of

which is included with the lot).

Lot 104

104. Mougeot (Jean Baptiste) and others. st I r P e s c ry P t o g a m a e

vo g e s o-rh e n a n a e, fascicule XIII only (of 15), printed title, 100

actual specimens, with printed captions, numbered 1201-1300, the

specimens generally in good condition, original boards, printed

label, bit soiled and worn, [Sayre pp. 37-8] 4to, Vivot, 1850.

£60 – £120

105. Munting (Abraham) ve r a h e r b a br I ta n n I c a (al o I d a r I u m)

2 parts in 1 vol., an imperfect copy, lacking the printed title (portrait

on verso) to first part, and with 23 (of 24) engraved plates, lacking

that at p.28, second part with first plate only, lacking the other 7,

some water-stains, contemporary calf, worn, 18th century Coward

College [Market Harborough] library bookplate, 4to, Amsterdam,

1680; sold not subject to return £50 – £100

106. Mutis y Bosio (Jose C.B.) fl o r a d e l a re a l e x P e d I c I o n

b o ta n I c a d e l nu e v o re I n o d e gr a n a d a, 6 vol. only (i.e.

vol.1,7,8,27,30 and 44), numerous plates, many coloured, original

full calf, one in half calf, folio, Madrid, 1954-76. £100 – £200

* * * All published up to 1980; since then ten or so further volumes

have appeared, but the work is still far from completion.

Lot 107

107. Necker (N.J. de) me t h o d u s m u s c o r u m, folding plate,

contemporary marbled boards, the Kenneth Mackenzie (1877-

1934, amateur botanist)-Horticultural Society of New York-

Quaritch copy, with their collation note at the end, [Stafleu 6666],

Mannheim, 1771 § Nees von Esenbeck (C.G.D.) Naturgeschichte

der Europaischen Lebermoose, 4 vol., 2 lithographed plates, some

marginal water-stains, contemporary boards, somewhat worn and

scuffed, with the booklabel of Carl F.P. von Martius (1794-1868,

botanist) and pasted in three inscriptions to him from the author

(blue paper; probably from the original wrappers), [Stafleu 6689],

Berlin, 1833-38, fIrst e d I t I o n s; and 4 others, similar, 8vo (9).

£200 – £400

Lot 108

108. Nees von Esenbeck (C.) and others. bry o l o g I a ge r m a n I c a,

2 vol. in 3, 43 hand-coloured plates, 3 folding tables, with the

interesting leaves of advertisements at the end of vol.2 & 3,

contemporary half sheep, worn, 2 backstrips missing, old stamp

erased from titles, inscription Lejeune ?D[octor] M[edicus]

veuv[e] 1832 on pastedowns (headed with 1927, probably a

classmark), stamp Ex Libris Prevost on titles, [Margadant 188-89;

Stafleu 6682], Nuremberg, 1823-31 § Nemnich (P.A.) Worterbuch

der Naturgeschichte in der Deutschen [& 8 other languages], minor

stains, later cloth, Hamburg & Leipzig, [1796-98], 8vo and 4to

(4). £200 – £400

109. Nelson (Erich) dIe or c h I d e e n de u t s c h l a n d s Munich,

Selbstverlag, 1931; Gestaltwandel und Artbildung der Orchidaceen

Europas, 2 vol., 700 copies printed, Montreux, 1962; Monographie

und Ikonographie der Orchidaceen-Gattungen Serapias [usw.], 2

vol., Montreux, 1968; the same, Dactylorhiza, 2 vol., Montreux,

1976, coloured plates in portfolios, original cloth, the first a bit

worn, folio and 4to (7). £100 – £150

110. Nissen (Claus) dIe n at u rw I s s e n s c h a f t l I c h e Il l u s t r at I o n,

Bad Munster, 1950; Die illustrierten Vogelbucher, Stuttgart, 1953;

Die botanische Buch-illustration zweite Auflage, Stuttgart, 1966;

Die zoologische Buch-illustration, 2 vol., bound without the 4

leaves of prelims in vol.1, vol.2 in parts, inserted in binding case,

Stuttgart, 1966-78, 4to and 8vo, original editions, original cloth or

boards (5). £50 – £100

111. Nissen (Claus) he r b a l s o f f I v e c e n t u r I e s, n u m b e r 99 o f 100

c o P I e s w It h en g l I s h t e x t (there were another 200 in German), 50

original leaves from herbals and later botanical works (includes 12

incunables, and a coloured plate from Jacquin’s Hortus botanicus

vindobonensis, 1770), mounted and with printed captions, original

canvas portfolio, 92pp. text in wrappers strapped inside front cover,

as published, bought from Marlborough in 1963 for £75 (invoice

inserted), folio, Zurich, etc., 1958. £1500 – £2000

112. Nissen (Claus) tI e r b u c h e r a u s f u n f Ja h r h u n d e rt e n, n u m b e r

42 o f 200 c o P I e s, 60 original leaves, ranging from incunables (2) to

Meyer’s British Birds, many coloured, mounted and with captions,

original canvas portfolio, printed labels, 110pp. text in pocket

inside front cover, folio, Munich etc., 1968. £2000 – £3000

* * * No English edition appeared, so there were 100 fewer copies

of the animals as opposed to the plants.

113. [Odo, of Meung] ”Macer Floridus” ma c r I d e m at e r I a

m e d Ic a d e h e r b I s a c P l a n t I s v u l g a r I b P l a n t I s P e r e g r I n I s.l a P I d I b u s

a c g e m m Is , device on title and last leaf, some water-stains but a

crisp copy, recent boards, some contemporary annotation in a

German hand seems to be adding vernacular names, bought

from E.P. Goldschmidt with invoice inserted, [Adams O66], 8vo,

Frankfort, Christian Egenolph, 1540. £300 – £500

* * * VD 16 records 9 copies, and notes that the work was edited by

Janus Cornarius.

Important Books and Manuscripts




Lot 114

114. Oeder (G.C.) and others. Ic o n e s P l a n ta r u m s P o n t e n a s c e n t I u m In re g n I s da n I a e e t

no rv e g I a e f l o r a e da n I c a e; su P P l e m e n t u m. 54 fascicules in 18 vol., a c o m P l e t e s e t, 3240 handcoloured

engraved plates, mostly with Latin text, but four fascicules with German text and one

with Danish (no. 32), a few fascicules with early 20th century reprinted text, sometimes avowed

(fasc.28,1902; fasc.46, 1933), sometimes not, some of the accompanying plates presumably restrikes

from the original copper-plates, first nine vol. uniformly bound in contemporary marbled sheep, gilt

spines, contents lettered, minor wear and worming (the latter not touching the plates), a few plate

margins folded in so that details were not trimmed, remaining nine vol. in later half calf, gilt, bill and

correspondence inserted, from which it appears that MW bought the first 9 vol. from Hammond of

Sutton Coldfield (1963; £500!) and the rest from Ole Dam (Boghallen, Copenhagen; inserted letters

show a dispute about the reprints) in 1975, [Stafleu 7001 & 7008], folio, Copenhagen, 1764-1874.

£20000 – £30000

* * * “With 3240 plates, ranks among the finest national floras ever compiled. The Danish realm at its

inception included Holstein, Denmark, Norway, Faeroe Islands, Iceland and Greenland. The Flora

Danica accordingly illustrated plants from all these, not simply modern Denmark.” - Blunt, 187-

88. The printing history of the text is very complex, and this copy does not entirely agree with the

collation in Stafleu; e.g. our vol.1 first title is dated 1764 (his 1766) and the text collates pp.10;6;6

(as against his 12;12;10) but is clearly complete.

Lot 114

Important Books and Manuscripts



115. Oeder (G.C.) en u m e r at I o P l a n ta r u m f l o r a e d a n I c a e early

19th century cloth, leather label, a trifle spotted and rubbed,

[Stafleu 7006], Copenhagen, 1770; and 3 others, similar, v.s. (4).

£80 – £120


Lot 116

116. Palmstruck (J.W.) sv e n s k a b o ta n I k, Vol. 1-11 part 1, 738

engraved plates only (of 774), of which all but 36 (nos. 577-94 &

721-38) are coloured by hand, lacking the last 2 parts, of the final

volume (which is much the rarest) with plates 739-774, first 8 vol.

in contemporary Scandinavian half calf, rubbed, the last 3 vol. in

original parts, uncut, printed wrappers, the 1843 Register inserted,

bought from Hagelin & Gidland in 1980, with invoice inserted, [cf.

Stafleu 7247], 8vo, Stockhom, 1802-30; the lot sold not subject to

return (11). £1000 – £1500

Lot 117

117. Passe (Crispin van de) ho rt u s f l o r I d u s, 5 parts in 1 vol.,

Latin text issue, engraved title, 2 other printed titles (summer &

autumn), 5 frontispieces and 220 plates of flowers on 161 leaves,

texts on facing versos, exceptions are all accounted for except for

last plate of summer: cariophylus, a few figures lightly coloured, a

nice if probably made up copy, title mounted and a couple of tiny

marginal defects, some other margins renewed, early 20th century

dark green morocco, gilt, g.e., by Riviere, bought from W&W

cat.110 item 2266 for £180 in 1967, the original invoice (which

lists much else) inserted, oblong 8vo, Arnheim, Jansson, 1614.

£5000 – £7000

* * * Comprises; [sPrIng] plate of garden, with points of compass,

plates 1-41; ae s ta s, printed title with Utrecht & Arnheim imprint,

garden plate, plates 1-20; au t u m n u s, printed title with Utrecht &

Arnehim imprint, engraved leaf, Epigramma. Flora naturae. signed

A.B., garden plate, plates 1-25 + 25bis (the narcissus bulb) + Radix

utriusque cyclamini (unumbered); [w I n t e r], garden plate, plates

1-12, [a lt e r a Pa r s], title “Cognoscite lilia agri”, plates 1-120, all

but 53 & 120 two to a leaf. Spencer Savage’s paper in The Library,

1923 starts to attack the issue points of this complex work; however

it can only really be applied to undisturbed copies in contemporary

bindings, otherwise brain fever ensues.

“The most striking feature of the figures is the degree of atmosphere

that has been achieved with so difficult and mechanical an

instrument as the burin In many of de Passe’s plates the plants are

shown growing in the soil, the artist’s eye-level being chosen so

low that the flat Dutch landscape gives place to a plain sky against

which the flower and leaves are firmly patterened. The book, like

Camerarius thus anticipates Thornton’s Temple of Flora. Delightful

touches of humour enliven de Passe’s work: bees and butterflies

hover about the flowers; insects crawl among the leaves; a little

mouse gnaws contentedly at an uprooted corn ” Blunt, p. 109.

Lot 118

Lot 117

118. Poiret (Jean L.M.) Le c o n s d e FL o r e, 3 vol., 2 engraved

tables (one very large), 64 plates, printed in colours and finished

by hand, mostly after drawings by Turpin, the text to the 2nd vol.

runs to p.158 (159) as called for by Stalfeu in the 4to issue (he says

there should be 174pp. in this 8vo, but the last page describes the

last plate, so it is hard to think anything is missing), contemporary

half calf, gilt, head of last spine a bit defective, [Stafleu 8115], 8vo,

Paris, Pancoucke, 1819-20. £200 – £300

* * * “Pierre Jean Francois Turpin (1775-1840) was possibly the

greatest natural genius of all the French botanical painters of his

day in particular his drawings of botanical details have rarely been

surpassed. The Lindley library possesses the originals of Poiret

and Turpin’s Lecons de Flore (1819-20) his work shows great

indebtedness to the tradition of van Spaendonck and Redoute;

Goethe much admired it and regretted that the artist was not at hand

to make illustrations for the Metamorphose der Pflanzen.” Blunt,

pp. 205, 208-9.

119. Quaritch (Bernard) nat u r a L h i s t o ry c ata L o g u e s; 1881,

1902, 1907, 1912 & 1916 5 vol., cloth, first worn, second the

Thomas Parkin-Francis Edwards copy, 1881-1916; and c. 80 other

Quaritch natural history catalogues (some 30 bound in 3 vol., cloth),

a file of MW correspodence with the firm; and c.200 others, similar

(Junk, John Chancellor, Summerfield, etc.), v.s.; sold not subject to

return (c. 300). £100 – £200

Important Books and Manuscripts




Lot 114

120. Redouté (Pierre Joseph) Le s Li L i a c é e s, 8 vol., First e d i t i o n, engraved portrait, plain plate of

Amaryllis bulb, 486 plates printed in colours and finished by hand, with the half-titles (except vol.2)

and the rare dedication to Chaptal, first state of plate 95 and both states of plate 428 (see Plesch

sale, lot 626), some minor offset or foxing but a very nice large copy, uncut, and the plate marks

visible (they are usually trimmed away, as in Hunt copy), half orange morocco, gilt, by Sangorski &

Sutcliffe, a printed livraison wrapper (mounted with slight loss) bound at the end of each vol., the

Major Albert Pam copy (OBE, 1875-1955, banker and collector), with his bookplate, featuring the

orchid Pamianthe, sold Sotheby’s May 7th 1956 lot 83 to Sawyer, for £900 (lot 84 was a Les Roses

with plates in 2 states, bought by Traylen for £1400), then item 394 in their catalogue (? 183) (cutting

inserted; £5000), bought by MW from Traylen in 1972 for £9,500 with the original invoice inserted,

[Stafleu 8747 “280 copies”], folio (c.545 by 355mm.), Paris, chez l’auteur, 1802-16.

£100000 – £150000

* * * When Major Pam’s books were sold the catalogue justly stated that his books were all selected

copies in fine condition. He published an autobiography Adventures and Recollections in 1945, but it

has only a disappointing half paragraph on his book collecting; it was perhaps one of those things that

a gentleman did not discuss.

The Jardin de la Malmaison and the Liliacees “constitute the highest peak of Redouté’s artistic and

botanical achievment; both books are among the most important monuments of botanical illustration

ever to be published This magnificent publication brings Redouté to the top of his artistic career and

amply justifys his fame as one of the most eminent botanical illustrators of all time.” - A catalogue

of Redouteana exhibited at the Hunt Botanical Library, 1963, p. 21.

Lot 114

Important Books and Manuscripts



121. Reichenbach (H.G. Ludwig) ic o n e s F L o r a e g e r m a n i c a e

e t h e Lv e t i c a e, vol.1-21 only (of 25) bound in 28, 2674 fine handcoloured

engraved plates, with plates 320-23 in vol.9 which Stafleu

says were never published, contemporary half roan, gilt, bit worn,

nice woodcut bookplate of George Roffavier (1775-1866, French

botanist), and with some discrete annotation (mostly reconciling

plate numbers, which are something of a nightmare), some of the

later vol. with Edinburgh bookplate of a member of the Napier

family (motto: “Usque fidelis” ; crest of a conifer), perhaps Walter

G. Napier (d.1934, botanist), bought from Frank Hammond in

1963 for £475 (invoice inserted), [Stafleu 8885], folio, Leipzig,

1834-67; sold as a periodical, not subject to return

£3000 – £5000

* * * High quality plates, finished with varnish, and in some cases

silver pigment - for the willows. The first vol. title is Agrostographia

germania “although not provided with an Icones title page it

counts as its first volume.” - Stafleu. The work was issued in at

least 4 different versions (see Stafleu), several of which have partly

coloured or uncoloured plates. The final part was not published

until 1914.


Lot 121

Lot 122

122. [Rice paper drawings] a s u i t e o F r i c e pa p e r d r aw i n g s o F

b i r d s. 12 watercolours of birds, each c.200 x 120mm., blue fabric

frames, some cracks and tears but mostly in good state, mounted

in original fabric album, worn, ties partly missing, 19th century

inscription “GW Buxton from MA”, oblong 8vo, [Canton, possibly

Lamquoi], c.1840-50. £500 – £800

123. Saule (Marcel) La g r a n d e F L o r e i L L u s t r e e d e s py r e n e e s,

First e d i t i o n, 330 plates by Helene Saule-Sorbe, original cloth,

dust-jacket, Milan, 1991 § Aeschimann (David) and others. Flora

Alpina, 3 vol., numerous coloured plates, original boards, slipcase,

Berne, 2004 § Beckett ((Kenneth) Encyclopaedia of Alpines,

2 vol., 2 copies, coloured plates, original cloth, 1993-94; and

others, similar, v.s. (24). £100 – £200

Lot 124

124. Schimper (Wilhelm P.) sy n o p s i s m u s c o r u m e u r o pa e o r u m,

First e d i t i o n, folding coloured distribution map, 8 uncoloured

lithographs, some foxing and minor stains, old half cloth,

signature of Rudolf Uechtritz (1838-86, botanist at Breslau) and

a reasonable amount of annotation by him, [Stafleu 10.685],

Stuttgart, 1860 § Geheeb (Adalbert) Bryologia atlantica; die

Laubmoose der atlantischen Inseln, 2 parts, 20 chromolithograph

plates, original wrappers, [Stafleu 1983], Stuttgart, Bibl. Bot. heft

73, 1910 § Lindenberg (Johnann B.W.) Monographia hepaticarum

generis plagiochilae, 33 partly coloured lithographs, text rather

browned, part of the Species Hep., the second title is bound after

the preliminaries, contemporary half leather, faded and a bit worn,

[see Stafleu 4632; Junk Rara, I, 66]; and 3 others, 8vo and folio

(6). £200 – £300

Lot 125

125. Schkuhr (Christian) be s c h r e i b u n g u n d ab b i L d u n g

d e r ri e d g r a s e r n, 2 vol., portrait, 93 hand-coloured plates,

contemporary half leather, i n t e r L e av e d t h r o u g h o u t w i t h a m i d-

19t h c e n t u ry en g L i s h pa rt i a L t r a n s L at i o n in m a n u s c r i p t, (alas we

cannot see any indication of the botanist concerned), binding a bit

scuffed, bought from W&W with an (incorrect) note of imperfection

on the flyleaf, [Stafleu 10.728], 8vo, Wittenberg, Verfasser, 1801-

06. £300 – £500

Lot 126

126. Schlechtendal (Diedrich) and others. FL o r a v o n

de u t s c h L a n d F u n F t e au F L a g e. re v i d i rt, v e r b e s s e rt v o n dr.

er n e s t ha L L i e r, 30 vol., upwards of 3200 chromolithograph plates,

without the General-Register of 1888, publisher’s half leather, gilt,

minor chips and rubbing to some spines but a sound set, bought

from Quaritch, [Stafleu 10.754], 8vo, Gera, 1880-87.

£1000 – £1500

Important Books and Manuscripts



127. Schmidel (Casimir Christoph) ic o n e s p L a n ta r u m e t

a n a Ly s e s pa rt i u m e d i t i o ii. 3 parts in 1 vol., 75 fine hand-coloured

engraved plates, minor marginal worming, half calf, rubbed,

manuscript names added at foot of some early plates, title verso with

cancelled 19th century stamps of Royal Library at Berlin (Jammas

11, not after 1840) and the Ducal library of Mechlinburg-Strelitz at

Neustrelitz, bought from Quaritch with their stock number at end,

and invoice inserted, [Stafleu 10.854], folio, Erlangen, 1793-97.

£1000 – £1500

128. Seguier (J.F.) and others bi b L i o t h e c a b o ta n i c a, second

edition, title correctly dated (it looks as if the numerals have

been adjusted), contemporary calf, gilt spine, worn, bought from

Marlborough in 1981 (order, invoice, and catalogue cutting

inserted), [Stafleu 11.624, with a very long note], Leiden, Haak,

1760 § Miltitz (Friedrich von) Handbuch der botanischen Literatur,

with the 2 titles, interleaved, contemporary calf, rebacked, worn,

front cover off, [Stafleu 6080a], Berlin, 1829, 8vo and 4to (2).

£100 – £150

* * * Seguier is “a re-issue of the old sheets [1740] with a new titlepage

and the addition of Gronovius’ Auctuarium” - Stafleu p. 486.


Lot 127

Lot 129

129. Seringe (Nicholas Charles) co L L e c t i o n d e m o u s s e s d e

L a suisse, 1ere centaine [all publshed], 100 leaves with original

specimens, printed captions, nos. 16 & 83 have a packet of spores,

but no specimen (this may be correct), and the label to the first is

partly defective, loose in contemporary cartonage cover (backstrip

worn), [Sayre p. 254], Berne, 1809; and a herbarium of labelled

Hepaticae;Jungermannia, 38 specimens, names but no locations,

[c.1820], 4to and 8vo (2). £100 – £200

* * * Sayre records the NHM & Geneva copies, and a third in the trade

130. Sibthorp (J.) FL o r a gr a e c a, coloured title to vol.2 (cut

down, soiled), 44 hand-coloured plates (odd; between 500-681 +

768, 774; from vol. 6-8), some soiling, loose in old covers, folio,

[1825-35]; sold not subject to return £500 – £1000

Lot 131

131. Sillen (Olof Leopold) mu s c i F r o n d o s i sc a n d i n av i a e

e x s i c c at i, 2 vol., titles, list of contents, 506 specimens, mounted

on 80 leaves, with printed captions, a little dusty but in very good

state, original leather-backed cloth, title blocked in gilt, first vol.

with presentation slip pasted to title (from the author to Count A.G.

Oxenstierna, and with the latter’s heraldic label in blue on white),

folio, Gavle, 1875-84. £500 – £700

* * * Sayre, pp.254-5 records only 2 copies, NY Botanic Garden &

Uppsala; no copy on Copac, and no copy at Kew.

Lot 132

132. Sims (T.R.) ch e c k L i s t (ha n d b o o k) o F t h e bry o p h y ta o F

so u t h aF r i c a, 2 vol., hectographed from the author’s handwriting,

boards, spines faded, both inscribed to Miss Owen, and 2 letters

from Sims to her inserted, together with several lists of mosses,

[Stafleu 11.993-94], 8vo, Maritzberg, 1915-16. £100 – £200

* * * Enthusiastic letters ; “your present sending - which is one of

the best that has ever come out of the Little Berg.”

Lot 133

133. Spieghel (Adriaan van den) is a g o g e s in r e m h e r b a r i u m

[cata L o g u s p L a n ta r u m ho rt i ac a d e m i c i Lu g d u n o-bat av i ad o L F o

vo r s t i o a c c e s s i t in d e x pL a n ta r u m i n d i g e n a r u m q u a e prope

Lu g d u n u m n a s c u n t u r] 2 parts in 1 vol., engraved title, second

edition of the first text, first edition of the second, few minor waterstains,

old vellum, red edges, bit soiled, old inscription “ex libris

Bernardini Ben.(?)”, later stamp and signature on title verso Mario

Pedro Arata is probably the Argentine painter and printmaker

(1891-1946), bought from Hunersdorff in 1976 (invoice inserted),

12mo, Leiden, Elzevier, 1633. £150 – £200

* * * The Isagoges is “the first book to give detailed instructions for

the forming of a collection of dried plants” (Hunt 184, first edition

1606). The Catalogus by Adolphus Vorstius (1597-1663) is the

first edition of the second printed catalogue of the famous Leiden

botanic garden, founded in 1587; there were 4 succeeding editions,

all separate publications, the last in1658 (see Dryander III, 102).

The list of Leiden plants (Anon in Dryander III, 140, but Vorstius

must surely be likely) seems to be the second Dutch local flora,

preceded by Pilleterius on the island of Walcheren, 1610.

134. Spruce (Richard) on ce p h a L o z i a, o n e o F 200 c o p i e s,

original printed wrappers, a little soiled, Malton, printed for the

author, 1882; Hepaticae Amazonicae et Andinae, 22 lithographed

plates, without the alternative title in English or the leaf of preface,

sometimes found, contemporary half purple calf, bit worn, bought

from W&W with their invoice enclosed, [Stafleu 12.712-713],

Edinburgh, 1884[-85]; and 2 others by the same, 8vo (4).

£100 – £200

* * * “100 years after its publication, it is still the single most useful

volume on South American hepatics “ Buck, in the introduction to

the reprint of the 2nd work, 1984.

135. Stapf (O.) in d e x L o n d i n e n s i s, to i L L u s t r at i o n s o F FL o w e r i n g

p L a n t s, F e r n s a n d F e r n a L L i e s 8 vol. (including 2 vol. Supplement),

original cloth, some in dust-jackets, Oxford, 1929-41 § Tralau

(Hans) and others. Index holmensis [later: holmiensis]; a world

phytogeographic index, Vol.1-7 only (of 10), original cloth, Zurich,

Stockholm, 1969-92 § Kuchler (A.W.) International Bibliography

of Vegetation Maps, 4 vol., wrappers, the first vol. (cloth) a reprint,

Lawrence & Naarden, 1965-[71]-70; and others, botany, v.s. (39).

£50 – £100

Important Books and Manuscripts



136. Stearn (W.T.) th e au s t r a L i a n F L o w e r pa i n t i n g s o F Fe r d i n a n d

ba u e r, o n e o F 515 c o p i e s, coloured plates, half leather, cloth case,

large folio, Basilisk Press, 1976. £100 – £200

137. Steenis (C.J. van) th e m o u n ta i n F L o r a o F Java , coloured

plates by Mir Hamzah and Moehamad Toha, cloth, Leiden, 1972

§ Hoehne (F.C.) Iconografia do Orchidaceas do Brasil, coloured

plates by Ruth Carvalho, original half leather, Sao Paulo, 1949;

and 2 others, v.s. (4). £60 – £120

138. Stephani (Franz) sp e c i e s he pat i c a r u m, 6 vol., contemporary

black leather, bit worn, last vol. stained on covers, W.H. Pearson’s

copy (1849-1923, cryptogamic botanist), with his signature and a

few inserted notes, [Stafleu 13.000], Geneva, 1900-24 § Wijk (R.

van der) Index muscorum, 5 vol., original cloth, faded, Utrecht,

1959-69 § Husnot (Pierre, editor) Revue bryologique, vol.1-20 in

4, text a bit browned, lithographed plates, first 17 vol. in 2, half

calf, neat, the other 3 (with a lot of duplication) in 2 vol., binder’s

cloth, Caen, 1874-93 § British Bryological Society. Transactions,

vol.1-11, plates, binder’s cloth, Cambridge & Oxford, 1951-80, 4to

and 8vo; sold not subject to return (26). £150 – £200

* * * The Stephani is “of great importance to all hepaticologists

because it gives a monographic enumeration of all liverworts

known at the time” - P. Geissler, Taxon, vol.39, p. 254.


Lot 139

139. Stephenson (John) and James Morss Churchill. me d i c a L

b o ta n y, 4 vol. in 2, 185 hand-coloured plates, of which 7 (22, 45,

104, 109, 132, 154 & 160 are double), some plates just trimmed,

some minor soiling (the double plates tend to be the worst), 19th

century stamp of the Medical Society of Edinburgh on plate versos,

recent half blue leather [by Mr. Coleman, of Red Lion Square],

bound for Quaritch, with their faint pencil code at the end, [Stafleu

13.011], 8vo, 1831. £800 – £1200

* * * One (only) of the auction records mentions a frontispiece, but

there is no sign of it elsewhere and it is almost certainly a ghost.

140. Stern (F.C.) a s t u d y o F t h e g e n u s pa e o n i a, coloured plates

after Lilian Snelling, 1946; Snowdrops and Snowflakes, plates, 1956,

original cloth; and 11 others, similar, folio et infra (13). £50 – £100

Lot 141

141. Stones (Margaret, b. 1920) Fi n e wat e r c o L o u r o F Fr i t i L L a r i a

imperiaLis on board, gilt and black lined mount, c.290 x 430mm.,

signed on the leaf, caption with name of plant and “ACW 1259

62.426 Cult. Kew 7.4.1972” £150 – £200

* * * “For many years she worked as an independent painter at

Kew and from 1957 to 1981 she was a major contributing artist

to Curtis’s Botanical Magazine. She has had 17 solo exhibitions

”; Sherwood, Contemporary Botanical Artists, 196-97. With the

drawing is the original invoice from Colnaghi (no.22 in their Stones

exhibition of 1974).

142. Streuil (C.A., cure of Magnee, Belgium) [he r b a r i u m],

ie r e pa rt i e, 50 specimens, each neatly mounted with manuscript

captions, marbled paper portfolio, ms. title in paper heart pasted

on, letter from Streuil to [J.P.B.] Delessert inserted, 4to, [c.1845].

£50 – £100

* * * The letter is dated 1848, talks of a journey to Beaufays (both this

and Magnee are SW of Liege) and speaks with great admiration of

Delessert’s hebarium “One of the most considerable private herbaria

of his time” - Stafleu I, 614. However by the time this letter was

written Delessert had died, so it was probably never sent.

Lot 143

143. Sturm (Jacob) de u t s c h L a n d s FL o r a iii ab t h e i L u n g: die

pi L z e de u t s c h L a n d s, b e a r b e i t e t v o n L.p.F.di t m a r [a n d o t h e r s] 7

vol., 464 hand-coloured plates, 19th century half brown morocco,

neat, bound in manuscript indices in French with references to

Saccardo, in purple ink, later in the collection of [E.W.] Mason

(1890-1975, mycologist) with his notes of a collation with BM(NH)

copy, and a letter to him from Arthur Anselm Pearson (1874-1954,

mycologist) inserted (“The end of the fungus season leaves me

not quite so pressed with work ” dated 28.12.43), [Stafleu 13.335,

pp.70-71], 12mo, Nuremberg, 1817-53. £400 – £600

144. Sturm (Jacob) FL o r a v o n de u t s c h L a n d z w e i t e, u m g e a r b e i t e t e

au F L a g e, 15 vol., 888 chromolithographed plates, text a bit

browned, original printed cloth, bit scuffed, the Lacaita copy, with

the joint bookplate of Charles C. Lacaita (1853-1933, botanist and

bibliographer) and his wife Mary, later in the Quaritch stock, from

whom MW bought it, [Stafleu 13.335, p. 71], small 8vo, Stuttgart,

1900-07. £150 – £250

Lot 145

145. Sturm (Jacob) and others. de u t s c h L a n d s FL o r a, ab t. i

[ph a n e r o g a m i s c h e ge wa c h s e]. heFte 1-96 (L a c k i n g 47-49, 58, 61

& 69) 90 parts only (of 96), lacking 47-49, 58, 61 & 69, (a number

of the later Hefte have double numeration), c.1400 hand-coloured

plates, original wrappers, 60 in contemporary board cases, rest worn

and loose, and several parts defective (too thin),the bulk bought from

Junk in 1976, with invoice inserted, Nuremberg, 1798-1855; together

with two copies of the Uebersicht (index) 1839, one interleaved and

annotated; and c. 40 duplicate parts, in worn wrappers, with another

c.600 hand-coloured plates, [Stafleu 13.335],12mo; sold not subject

to return, (c. 120). £900 – £1200

* * * “it is easy to be carried way by the bulk and grandeur of the costly

folio works, that more humble volumes of great merit and utility

recieve less than their due appreciation. Such a work is Deutschands

Flora Sturm deliberately chose this minute fomat in order to make

a knowledge of the German flora available by pictures to as many

as possible and as cheaply as possible. Despite their smallness they

carry a surprising amount of detail. “ Blunt & Stearn, pp. 259-60.

As is usual such small popular books have a lower survival rate than

larger ones; the last copy at auction was nearly 20 years ago, when

Hefte. 1-40 made £1400 hammer to Mytze.

146. Sturm (Jacob) and others. de u t s c h L a n d s FL o r a ii

ab t h e i L u n g . cry p t o g a m i e. he F t e 1-29 29 parts in 25 (19/20,

22/23, 26/27 & 28/29 in one), lacks 30-31, the algae, c.460 handcoloured

plates, original printed wrappers, worn and loose, [Stafleu

13.335, pp 69-70], Nuremberg, 1798-1835; and a duplicate copy

of Hefte1-8, in 1 vol., c.120 hand-coloured plates, contemporary

cartonage binding, bit worn, Nuremberg, 1798-1805; and 2 odd

parts, in Schuber, 12mo; the lot sold not subject to return (28).

£100 – £200

Lot 147

147. Sullivant (William S.) mu s c i aL L e g h a n i e n s e s a ma ry L a n d i a

u s q u e a d ge o r g i a m p e r t r a c t i s m o n t i u m, 2 vol., printed titles &

half-titles, 2 leaves index, 292 specimens with printed labels on

blue paper, mounted on 100 leaves, 2 specimens with taxonomic

note signed R.B., original black cloth, backstrips (defective)

lettered with title, [Sayre 258-60], folio, Columbus, Ohio, 1845.

£2000 – £3000

* * * Contents in very nice state, despite the worn binding. It was

originally intended that about 50 copies should be prepared;

however the list of recipients (printed in A.D. Rodgers, ”Noble

fellow” William Starling Sullivant, 1940, 314-15) lists only 26

copies + 9 to Asa Gray “his share in full”; most of them were

probably taken apart to be integrated into herbaria. The labels were

also printed separately, without specimens; the first edition was

almost all destroyed by Sullivant, the revised edition was printed

in 100 copies, of which 25 were in black cloth, with the title on the

spine. Sayre records only 2 copies of the specimens, and 3 of the

labels and there was no copy in the Eton sale.

Important Books and Manuscripts



148. Sullivant (William S.) th e m u s c i a n d h e pat i c a e o F t h e

un i t e d stat e s c o n t r i b u t e d to t h e s e c o n d e d i t i o n o F gr ay ’s

ma n u a L o F bo ta n y, pp. i-iv, (8), 9-121 (122), 22 plates (of which

I-VIII are grasses, IX-XIV are Filices and Lycopodiaceae, and

XV-XXII are Musci; according to the list of plates and title these

latter should be I-VIII), lower margins rather water-stained,

contemporary dark green cloth, publisher’s cypher on front cover,

marbled edges, [agrees with 2 copies on World Cat.; not mentioned

by Stafleu 13.403], New York, Ivison, Blakeman, Taylor, 1871;

Icones muscorum mosses peculiar to the eastern United States, 129

engraved plates, original black cloth, trifle worn, contemporary

bookplate of J.A. Swan, lacks the supplement published 10 years

later, [Stafleu 13.409], Cambridge, MA, 1864 § Austin (Coe)

Musci appalachiani; supplement 1 [only one published], decorative

wrappers, bit soiled, Closter NJ (printed at Oquawka, Ill.), 1878

§ Weber (William Alfred) and Patricia Nelson. Key to Genera

of Colorado Mosses, [16]pp.text + folding leaf of instructions

+ orange slip ‘random-access key ‘+ 203 green punched cards

+ 1 yellow overlay card, together in card box, [Boulder], 1972

(slip ‘revised edition 1974’ pasted on) § Tuckerman (E.) and C.C.

Frost. A Catalogue of Plants growing without cultivation within

thirty miles of Amherst College, water-stained, original printed

wrappers, chipped, [Stafleu 15.284; 5 entries on World Cat.],

Amherst, 1875; and two others, similar to the third, v.s. (7).

£60 – £120

* * * Punch card keys must have had a short floruit, and a very short

survival span. No copy of the Weber on Copac or World Cat.(!)


Lot 149

149. Tournefort (J.P.) in s t i t u t i o n e s r e i h e r b a r i a e 3 vol., third

edition, vol. 2 & 3 with factotum title (view of Jardin des plantes),

489 engraved plates by Claude Aubriet, contemporary vellum, bit

warped but a nice copy, copy of the invoice from Bernard Halliday

of Leicester inserted (1965; cost £22), 4to, Leiden, 1719.

£300 – £500

* * * “Claude Aubriet attracted the attention of Tournefort, who

commissioned him to make the engravings for his celebrated Elemens

de botanique, 1694 which in its later Latin version Institutiones rei

herbariae 1700 had so far-reaching an effect on plant classification

by defining the genera. These illustrations, made no doubt under

Tournefort’s direct supervision, are remarkable for the accuracy of

their dissections.” - Blunt, p. 124. This is the final edition of the work

and has more plates than the two preceeding ones.

150. Trattinnick (Leopold) th e s a u r u s b o ta n i c u s, 80 fine handcoloured

plates, contemporary half calf, gilt spine, binding a bit

worn but sound, the Plesch copy with his bookplate (sale 16 March,

1976, bought for £3500 by Wheldons for MW), folio, [Dunthorne

307; Stafleu 14.879] , Vienna, sumptibus editoris, [1805]-19.

£15000 – £20000

* * * “The plates are of high quality, with careful and precise

colouring” (Stafleu); “superb Amaryllis plates a beautiful work,

finely coloured” (Dunthorne).

Lot 151

151. Trattinnick (Leopold) die e s s b a r e n sc h wa m m e d e s

oe s t e r r e i c h i s c h e n ka i s e r s ta at e s, First e d i t i o n, 30 hand-coloured

plates, contemporary half cloth, bought from Junk, with invoice

inserted, [Stafleu 14.880], 8vo, Vienna & Trieste, 1809 [1807].

£200 – £300

* * * “Eines der fruhesten popularen Piltzbucher “ - Volbracht 2121.

152. Trelease (William) and others. ha r r i m a n aL a s k a s e r i e s,

vol. V, cryptogamic botany only, plates, original cloth, an offprint

of Trelease’s introduction (wrappers, worn; on superior paper to

the book), loosely inserted, Washington, 1910 § Schuster (Rudolf)

The Hepaticae and Anthocerotae of North America, 6 vol., original

editions, illustrations, cloth, one vol. rather stained, but not

stuck together, New York, 1966-92 § Frye (T.B.) and Lois Clark.

Heptaticae of North America, 5 vol. in 2, illustrations, the note that

a mimeographed bibliography accompanies the first part has been

struck out (it doesn’t), binder’s cloth, neat, Seattle, 1937-47, 8vo

(9). £50 – £100

Lot 150

Important Books and Manuscripts




Lot 153

153. Trew (C.J.) pL a n ta e s e L e c ta e, First e d i t i o n, general title and 10 section titles, all illuminated

in red and gold, 3 fine mezzotint portraits (Trew, Ehret, Haid; the 4th portrait of Vogel is normally

missing when the decuria titles are present, according to Cleveland; it probably belongs to the

supplement, 1790-92 which he edited), 100 m a g n i F i c e n t h a n d-c o L o u r e d p L at e s a F t e r d r aw i n g s b y

eh r e t, first portrait creased, few marginal water-stains, otherwise a good copy in a contemporary

English binding of diced russia, thin gilt border on sides, gilt spine (joints repaired, somewhat worn),

18th century bookplate of Joshua Smith, with motto “marte et ingeni(o)” (probably the MP for

Devizes, d.1819 who landscaped Earlestoke Park), folio, [Hunt 539; Cleveland 429], [Nuremberg],

1750-73. £20000 – £30000

* * * Calmann pp.95-97 gives a full acount of the production of the book, held up by the 7 years war

and Trew’s advancing years, and ends by quoting modern verdicts. “C. Nissen wrote ‘the Plantae

selectae became t h e m o s t b e a u t i F u L ge r m a n p L a n t-b o o k; even among foreign works there are few

which could compete with it’”.

Lot 153

Important Books and Manuscripts




Lot 154

154. Tutin (T.G.) and others. FL o r a e u r o pa e a, 6 vol., cloth, dustjackets

a bit worn, Cambridge, 1964-83; and 14 others, similar,

mostly the Atlas, but including three number of The tea phytologist,

8vo and 4to (20). £100 – £200

* * * The Tea phytologist, an entertaining jeu d’esprit of the Cambridge

Dept. of Botany includes such things as a plate of herbarium labels

(“I would rather not name this. F.J.H 1906”), the Flora Europa

football team, and Waiting for Godwit. Loosely inserted is a lively

retrospect by D.A. Webb (extr. Taxon) “There were at least two

desks in Central Europe on which unanswered telegrams from the

editorial committee lay thick as autumn leaves in Vallombrosa.”

Lot 155

155. Vaillant (Sebastien) bo ta n i c o n pa r i s i e n s e, folding engraved

map, portrait, 33 engraved plates by Wandelaar after Claude Aubriet,

contemporary sheep, block printed endpapers in red and green, bit

scraped and worn, but sound, engraved bookplate of Bon du Charmel

with Montaigne motto “Qu scay je?” (no. 2686 in manuscript),

inscription of Dr. John. Schnell on flyleaf, folio [Hunt 470; Stafleu

15.748], Leiden & Amsterdam, 1727. £500 – £700

156. Vaillant (Sebastien) bo ta n i c o n pa r i s i e n s e, folding engraved

map, 33 engraved plates by Wandelaar after Claude Aubriet, but

lacking the portrait, some water-stains, a large, perhaps large

paper, copy in recent half calf, [Hunt 470; Stafleu 15.748], folio,

Leiden & Amsterdam, 1727. £400 – £600

157. Veitch (James H.) ho rt u s v e i t c h i i; a h i s t o ry o F t h e r i s e a n d

p r o g r e s s o F t h e n u r s e r i e s a c c o u n t o F t h e b o ta n i c a L c o L L e c t o r s

numerous plates, special edition on hand-made paper and in half

purple morocco, t.e.g., uncut (standard copies are in red cloth),

folio, private circulation, 1906. £100 – £150

158. Wager (Horace A.) a c h e c k List o F t h e mosses o F so u t h aF r i c a,

wrappers, soiled, staples rusting, [Stafleu 16.477], Pretoria, 1917 §

Arnell (S.) Hepaticae of South Africa, illustrations, cloth, dust-jacket,

Stockholm, 1963; and 8 others, similar, v.s. (10). £30 – £50

Lot 159

159. Wagner (Hermann) cry p t o g a m e n-he r b a r i u m, Li e F e r u n g

i-v; ii. se r i e i-iv Lieferung I-V; II. Serie I-IV (all published),

c.220 actual specimens, neatly mounted with captions “printed

on the pages to which the specimens are attached” (Sayre), in the

original 9 parts, printed wrappers, loose in original black cloth

portfolio, stamped with title, ties broken, slightly dusty, but in good

state, [Sayre, pp.53-54], 8vo, Bielefeld, Helmich, [1852-62].

£150 – £250

160. Weber (Joseph Carl) die aL p e n p F L a n z e n de u t s c h L a n d s u n d

d e r sc h w e i z v i e rt e au F L a g e, 4 vol., 400 hand-coloured plates,

a nice copy in original cloth, gilt, Munich, 1880; and 5 others,

similar, 8vo et infra (9). £100 – £150

161. Wheldon (John) a c o L L e c t i o n o F n at u r a L h i s t o ry c ata L o g u e s

30 catalogues in 2 vol., running between No.110 & New Series

1-58 (at this stage Wheldon issued less than 50% natural history

catalogues), slightly dusty but in good state, several with notes of

items ordered, binder’s cloth, bit worn, bound as part of a run of

“Trade Catalogues; Science”, perhaps for Quaritch, London, Great

Queen St., 1895-1912; Catalogue of astronomical & geological

works, original wrappers, ib., 1881 § Botanical catalogue, later

wrappers, ib.,1886 § Wheldon & Wesley, New Series. Catalogues

84-159, 76 catalogues in 10 vol., binder’s cloth, 1956-82; and others,

including earlier and later catalogues, 2 box files of correspondence

of the firm (mostly HK Swann) with MW, etc., 8vo; sold not subject

to return, 8vo (qty). £100 – £200

* * * Apart from the file set (Maggs Cat. 1364, item 505; now in a

private collection) there are slim pickings elsewhere. Copac has

1857-8, 1860 at Cambridge & a run from 1912 at NLW; the Dutch

Catalogus has 1856 & 4 catalogues 1908-19.

162. Wiggins (Ira) and others. FL o r a o F t h e ga L a pa g o s i s L a n d s,

fine copy in dust-jacket, Stanford, 1971 § Leighton (Frances) The

genus Agapanthus, Cape Town, 1965, plates, original cloth; and

others, mostly floras, v.s. (c. 50). £50 – £100

Lot 163

163. Willmott (Ellen Ann) ge n u s ro s a, 2 vol., 132

chromolithograph plates, 83 uncoloured illustrations, all after

Alfred Parsons (“his best botanical illustrations” - Blunt),

publisher’s quarter dark green morocco, t.e.g., original wrappers

bound in, small stain on front cover of first vol. otherwise a nice

set, bought at Sotheby’s 14.v.63 (“The distinguished natural history

collection of the late A.W.H. Harvey”), lot 531 by W&W for MW,

with letter inserted, 4to, 1910-14. £1500 – £2000

* * * The plates are possibly German; the printers are not mentioned

in the acknowledgements or on the illustrations; Parsons appears

only on the title-pages.

Lot 164

164. [Winkler (Karl G. Adolf)] “A. Carex “ Le i d e n u n d

Fr e u d e n d e s b o ta n i k e r s ( iL L u s t r at i o n e n z u r d e u t s c h e n FL o r a

zw e i t e, v e r m e h rt e au s g a b e) in Fe d e r-ze i c h n u n g e n v o n a.

ca r e x. 2 parts, 30 + 51 lithographed caricatures of botanists, and

caricature human illustrations of botanical names, original yellow

lithographed wrappers, loose, [Stafleu 17.937], small 4to, Berlin,

H. Muller, 1870. £400 – £600

* * * Extremely rare; we can trace only two copies of the 2 parts;

one in the Staatsbibliothek, Berlin, the other in Engler’s offprint

collection at Stanford (Dudley herbarium; not on world Cat.). The

former includes an 8pp. Rand-glossen by “Myosurus minimus

“ not present here, and the second part is the first edition of 1864

(coloured plates, but only 31 of them). Notre Dame has a copy

of the second part (only) and that seems to be a complete roster.

Several German libraries on KVK appear to have other copies, but

when checked these are the 1976 or 1982 reprints.

“The cartoons illustrate the joys and hardships of a field botanist in

central Europe” - Stanford.

Important Books and Manuscripts



165. [Wonnecke (Johann, of Cube)] [ga rt d e r ge s u n d h e i t] 246

leaves only (of 248), 2 columns, 40 lines, lacking the first leaf with

full-page woodcut (supplied in reasonable facsimile) and the final

blank, some 400 text woodcuts, based on those in the 1485 first

edition, c o L o u r e d in a c o n t e m p o r a ry h a n d, a somewhat soiled

copy (the index leaves are most used), with a few minor defects

(k3 short, but stains agree; corner torn from q1 with loss of a

few words, a few repairs without loss (eg q6), 16th century blindstamped

pigksin, 2 rolls with portrait medallions, outer with the

great men of the reformation (Erasmus, Luther, Huss, Melanchton)

quite likely bound in or near Lindau, which went reformed in 1528,

some wear and old repairs, clasps intact, ownership inscription at

the end of Phillip Bausle, Burger of Lindau, 1564, on front flyleaves

19th century notes on the history of the text, with reference to Miltitz

etc. by G.H.Peurbaund (?) of Dabroth bei Lauend (?) 1873, printed

label of ”Bibliotheca Julinska” the library of Alfred Potocki

(1817-89, politician and Austrian minister of agriculture; he seems

to have had a number of herbals; a Tabernomontanus of 1613 with

the same provenance is currently on the market), partly pasted over

this, bought from Francis Edwards in 1971 for £1800, with invoice

inserted, [BMC II, 535-6; Hunt 6; Goff G103], folio, Ulm, Conrad

Dinckmut, 31 March, 1487. £12000 – £15000

* * * The British library copy lacks 2 leaves and Hunt 8 leaves; both

are without the frontispiece also missing here. ISTC lists 17 copies in

Germany, but about two thirds are imperfect, some consisting of a few

leaves only. Of the 4 copies in the US 3 are imperfect, and the 4th is

made up. No copy of this edition at auction in the last 35 years.

First published in Mainz in 1485 “indisputably the most

splendid and important of the incunabula herbals one of the first

incunabula on a scientific subject written in the vernacular.”

Blunt & Raphael, p. 115.


Lot 165

166. Wood (William) cata L o g u e o F a n e x t e n s i v e a n d va L u a b L e

c o L L e c t i o n o F t h e b e s t w o r k s o n n at u r a L h i s t o ry, a r r a n g e d in

c L a s s e s a c c o r d i n g to t h e Li n n e a n s y s t e m; Fi r s t a n d s e c o n d

e d i t i o n s, 2 vol., first with hand-coloured frontispiece, and the

prospectus for Wood’s Index Test., original boards, uncut, worn,

bookplate of J.W. Gutch, second with 3 hand-coloured plates,

original boards, rebacked, worn, [Soulsby 163-164 (as Systema

naturae, appendix)], 8vo, 428 Strand, 1824-39 Tavistock St.,

1832. £200 – £400

* * * William Wood, 1774-1857, FRS, author of Freeman 4144-50

was also an important natural history bookseller; these seem to be

his only surviving catalogues. BBTI gives his dates as 1839-46 and

cites only the second address. David Allen, Books and Naturalists,

226 says he started in The Strand in 1815. Copies often occur with

uncoloured plates.

Other Properties

Lot 167

167. Alisova-Klobukova (Eugenia Nikolaevna, 1889-1962)

[co m m o n spring F L o r a in t h e vicinity o F t h e ni k o L s k-ussurisk

m o u n ta i n s], 24 bifolia only (of 25; lacking 5, Populus tremula),

e a c h w i t h a n o r i g i n a L s p e c i m e n, 2 additional bifolia (title, index),

some specimens a bit worn, original printed boards, stained

and worn, [apparently unrecorded], Nikolsk-Ussurisky, 1919 §

[Arboretum of the Maritime Forestry Society], 250 copies printed,

18pp., self wrappers, worn, Vladivostock, 1923 § Tolmacheff (V.J.)

Berrys and Fruits in Markets of Northern Manchuria, illustrations,

wrappers, Harbin, 1932; and a quantity of others, similar, v.s.; sold

not subject to return (qty). £100 – £200

* * * A number of very rare items, apparently from the archive

of I.V. Kozloff. It includes a copy of his offprint Notes on the

Plants collected by Mr. Arthur de C[arle] Sowerby in Eastern

China, Shanghai, 1950, ms. notes on vinegar and vodka making,

contemporary photographs of the Soviet far east, etc.

Lot 168

168. Botanical.- a n a L b u m o F b o ta n i c a L s t u d i e s, 52 original

watercolour studies of various plants on 33 leaves, some captioned

and dated in pencil below, some soiling, quarter morocco album,

worn, oblong 8vo, [France], 1877. £250 – £350

Lot 169

169. Brunfels (Otto) to m u s herbarii iii, First e d i t i o n, 118 leaves only

(of 122, lacking I6, L6, M5 & P3), top half of E1 & M2 cut away, 90

woodcuts by Weiditz and others, mostly full-page, some worming, upper

outer corner rotted away (mostly blank, woodcut generally unaffected),

half calf [by Bernard Middleton], [Adams B2925, 3rd vol], folio,

Strassburg, Schott, 1536; sold not subject to return. £300 – £400

170. [Colla (Luigi Aloysius) ho rt u s r i p uL e n s i s] the 40 lithograph

plates only, unsigned and possibly proofs, without text, old boards, worn,

[cf Stafleu 1166], [Turin, 1824] § Dickson (James) Fasciculus plantarum

cryptogamicarum Britanniae, parts 1 & 4 [only], 6 plates, original

wrappers, uncut, worn, [cf Stafleu 1442], 1785[-1801]; and 5 others,

botany odds; sold not subject to return, v.s. (8). £80 – £100

Lot 171

171. [L’Heritier de Brutelle (C.L.) st i r p e s n o va e a u t m i n u s

c o g n i ta e. Fa s c. 7.] 12 plates after Redouté, printed in colours and

finished by hand, numbered LXXXVI-XCVII, minor stains but in

good state, later half red leather, scuffed, bound for [Neil Boyd]

McEacharn (1885-1964, created the Villa Taranto garden. lake

Maggiore), with his bookplate and name at base of spine, folio,

[Paris, c.1805]. £500 – £1000

* * * L’Heritier published only plates I-LXXXIV (plus bis plates)

in his lifetime and the additional plates (up to 39 of them) are

extremely rare; they probably stem from the author’s posthumous

sale in 1805. “only a few copies generally in black and white but

in the HBL and W copies they are all colored we must accept them

as effectively published” - Bucheim, Huntia 2, pp. 43-45. None

of the 15 copies sold at auction since 1976 contain more than 91

plates (even the stupendous Duke of Marlborough copy; $210,000

in 1997) and several had less.

Important Books and Manuscripts




Lot 172

172. Loudon (Jane Webb) th e La d i e s’ FL o w e r-ga r d e n o F

or n a m e n ta L pe r e n n i a L s, vol 1 only (of 2), 43 hand-coloured

lithograph plates only (of 45), occasional light spotting or soiling,

one plate tipped in and affected by insects, contemporary covers

further covered in cloth, front hinge detatched, worn, 4to, 1843.

£600 – £800

Lot 173

173. Morison (Robert) pL a n ta r u m historia un i v e r s a L i s

ox o n i e n s i s, parts 2 & 3 [all published] in 3 vol. (including

plate vol), First e d i t i o n, half-title in part 3 only, part 2 folding

frontispiece (with relating text tipped-in on image), part 3 engraved

portrait, engraved Sheldonian vignettes on titles and 292 engraved

illustrations on 152 leaves, some light browning and staining,

occasional foxing (sometimes heavy in text vol.), part 2 with one

or two plant specimens loosely inserted, part 3 with marginal

wormhole in gutter, plate vol. with a few marginal ink annotations,

contemporary panelled calf, worn, covers detached, [Henrey 259],

folio, Oxford, 1680-99. £1000 – £1500

* * * First edition of Morison’s work which aimed to construct a

logical and natural system of plant classification. Part I, on trees

and shrubs, was never published.

Lot 174

174. Tenore (Michele) FL o r a na p o L i ta n a, vol.3-5 only, 150 stippleengraved

plates (of 250), printed in colours and finished by hand,

no titles or letterpress, 2 plates with short marginal tear, a couple

slightly creased, generally clean and crisp, contemporary half calf

over marbled boards, rather worn, [Stafleu & Cowan 13.901; Nissen

1939; Pritzel 9142], folio, Naples, [1811-38]; sold as a collection of

plates, not subject to return £8000 – £12000

* * * Fi r s t e d i t i o n o F t h i s v e ry r a r e ita L i a n r e g i o n a L F L o r a. Stafleu

records only three copies, one of which is incomplete and one of

which is on microfiche. Copies rarely appear at auction (4 copies

in the last 35 years, only 2 of which were complete). The work

describes not only the indigenous plants of Naples, but also some

of the rare exotic plants cultivated in the Royal Gardens of which

Tenore was director. Two separate appendices were published in

1823 and 1826. The plates are by Carlo and Raffaele Biondi, Carlo

Cataneo, Clener, Raf. Estevan, Filippo Imperato, Nic. Morghen,

Ant. Pinto, Nicco Ricci, Vin. Scarpati and Luigi Vocaturo after

Federigo Denhardt, Gius. Lettieri and Steurnal.

175. Willkomm (H.M.) pr o d r o m u s F L o r a e hi s pa n i c a e, 4 vol.

(includes the r a r e supplement), First e d i t i o n, half dark green

morocco, marbled edges, by Riviere, joints worn and corners

stubbed, armorial bookplate of John Gray and motto Tenebro, last

vol. in later cloth, [Stafleu 17.851, 871], 8vo, Stuttgart, 1870-93.

£300 – £400

Important Books and Manuscripts




The remaining portion of the library of the late Peter Tate (1926-2009),

removed from Loudwater, Rickmansworth, and sold by order of the executors.

Part-time bird tour leader 1970-89. Treasurer BOC 1962-74.

Chairman Stocker’s Lake (reserve) Management Committee,

Herts and Middx Trust for Nature Conservation 1982-90. Author

East Anglia and its birds, 1977, A century of bird books, 1979,

2nd ed. 1985, Swallows, 1981. Birds men and books, 1986, The

Swallow, 1986, The nightjar,

1989, Flights of fancy, birds in

myth, 2007: lightly adapted from

John Pemberton’s Who’s who

in ornithology these are Peter’s

ornithological credentials.

He spent his working life

as a stockbroker with Lazarus

Brothers, in Broad Street Place

EC2, and his book collecting was

influenced by the senior partner

George Lazarus. George was a

collector of modern firsts who,

rather than following fashion,

adopted the unusual criterion of

collecting only those authors he

read and liked; see Anthony Rota

in The Book Collector, 1955.

Inspired by his boss, Peter took

to dropping in to Quaritch and

chatting to Howard Radclyffe;

many of his best books came

from this source. His collection really took off when Quaritch

bought part of the collection of Capt. Vivian Hewitt (1888-1965).

“…in 1965 the fabulously wealthy English eccentric Vivian

Hewitt died, leaving his affairs in chaos. Throughout his life he

had collected furiously on a number of fronts and at his death

his vast assemblage of possessions was left crammed into his

176. Atkinson (T.W.) tr av e L s in t h e r e g i o n s o F t h e upper a n d

L o w e r am o o r, tinted frontispiece, folding map, 1860 § St. John

(H.C.) Notes and sketches from the wild coasts of Nipon, plates,

folding map, Edinburgh, 1880; and 6 others, 8vo (8). £50 – £100

177. Babington (Churchill) cata L o g u e o F t h e bi r d s o F su F F o L k,

1884-86 § Ticehurst (C. B.) A History of the Birds of Suffolk, 1932

§ Hele (N. F.) Notes or jottings about Aldeburgh, Suffolk, 1870,

plates, original cloth; and c.55 others, similar, including a run of

the Suffolk Naturalists Society Transactions vol. 1-39 (1929-2003),

v.s. (c.60). £75 – £100

178. Baker (E. C. Stuart) in d i a n bu s ta r d s [in d i a n sa n d g r o u s e;

th e bu L b u L s o F no rt h ca c h a r], 3 vol., offprints, colour plates, all

inscribed, vol.3 to ‘Aunt Sophie with the author’s love’, original

cloth or half calf, 1892-1913; and 6 others, mostly Finn, 8vo (9).

£100 – £150

❦ Birds

house, many of the items…still in the boxes in which they had

been delivered” Fuller, Great Auk, p. 228. Certainly some of

the books Quaritch bought were still in booksellers’ parcels; they

formed the basis of Quaritch Cat. 868 (see reproduction) though

the Hewitt provenance was not mentioned.

The other main source of Peter’s

books was another eccentric, viz.

Ronald Courtenay Witting, who

was for many years at Rowland

Ward, and edited the 11th edition of

their Records of Big Game. Africa,

1962. His large and decaying house

at West Horsley was stuffed with

books, many with his neat pencil

collation note which we reproduce.

Peter commissioned a bookplate,

apparently from Allan Harris, who

illustrated his The Swallows, and

it is found in

most of the

books in his

collection. A

portion of this

was sold by

Maggs in 2003

(cat. 1348) and


are delighted to be selling the final part of this attractive library.

Peter was a long time member of the Royal Observer

Corps, and Pemberton gives his unbird interest as ‘twitching

aircraft types not previously come across’; he had a substantial

collection of aeronautical books which will be sold in a sale in

our Godalming rooms on 17th June.

179. Bannerman (David Armitage) th e bi r d s o F t h e british

is L e s, 12 vol., First e d i t i o n, numerous colour plates by George

E.Lodge, captioned tissue guards, 2 a.L.s. F r o m t h e a u t h o r to

‘my de a r tat e ’ each 4pp. and with interesting ornithological

detail both loosely inserted, original buckram, dust-jackets, spines

a little browned as usual, some fraying at edges, 4to, Edinburgh &

London, 1953-63. £100 – £150

180. Bannerman (David Armitage) th e bi r d s o F t h e ba L e a r i c s,

1983; Birds of Cyprus, 1958 § Stewart (P.F.) and S. J. Christensen.

A Check List of the Birds of Cyprus, typescript, [Nicosia, 1971],

the first two with plates and illustrations, original cloth, dustjacket,

the last with original wrappers; and c.20 others, similar,

some pamphlets, 8vo & 4to (c.23). £60 – £80

181. Barrett-Hamilton (Gerald E. H.) a hi s t o ry o F british

ma m m a L s , 21 original parts, parts 1-7 original printed wrappers,

rest in later wrappers, 1910[-11] § Medway (Gathorne-Hardy,

Baron) The Wild Mammals of Malaya, original cloth, dust-jacket,

Kuala Lumpur, 1969 § Harper (Francis) Extinct and Vanishing

Mammals of the Old World, original printed wrappers, New York,

1945, plates, some colour; and c.110 others, vertebrates, some

pamphlets, v.s. (c.130). £100 – £150

182. Barrington (F. J. F., F.R.C.S.) bi r d s at co L i n d a L e [ho s p i ta L

nw9], 10pp., manuscript note by ‘W.S.’ giving background to

pamphlet on front cover, original wrappers, [Ballance lists only

the Edward Gray copy], Colindale Handcrafts, [1941] § Eales-

White (Major J. C.) Bird Life in Richmond and District, spotted,

original printed wrappers, [Ballance quotes only wrappers],

[1935] § Lockley (R. M.) Birds of the Green Belt, original cloth,

a very good copy in dust-jacket, 1936; and c.95 others, including

a continuous run of London Bird Reports from 1936-2006, mostly

bound in cloth, 8vo (c.100). £200 – £300

183. Barrington (Richard) th e mi g r at i o n o F bi r d s, a s o b s e rv e d

at ir i s h L i g h t h o u s e s, folding map, original cloth, rubbed, [1900]

§ Kennedy (P. G.) An Irish Sanctuary: Birds of the North Bull,

plates, original cloth-backed boards, Dublin, 1953; and c.18

others, on Irish birds, many pamphlets, 8vo & 4to (c.20).

£200 – £400

184. [Bennett (E.T.)] th e g a r d e n s a n d m e n a g e r i e o F t h e

zo o L o g i c a L so c i e t y, 2 vol., illustrations by Edward Lear and

others, original cloth, printed labels, 1830-31 § Montagu (G.)

Ornithological Dictionary, 3 vol. in 2, coloured frontispiece,

24 engraved plates in the supplement, similar but not identical

contemporary calf, gilt spines, rubbed, London, 1802-Exeter, 1813;

and 9 others, 8vo (13). £150 – £200

185. Bewick (T.) british b i r d s, 2 vol., seventh edition of the Land

Birds & fifth edition of the Water Birds, both with supplements,

wood-engraved illustrations, original grey boards, pink printed

labels, uncut, somewhat worn and defective, [Roscoe 24-25c & 26-

27c], demy 8vo, 1821; and a rough copy of the first edition, 8vo

(4). £100 – £150

186. Bonhote (J. L.) and N. C. Rothschild. ha r r o w bu t t e r F L i e s

a n d mo t h s, 2 vol., plate by Frohawk, original vellum-backed

printed boards, Harrow, 1895-97 § Morley (Claude) The Coleoptera

of Suffolk, original printed wrappers, Plymouth, 1899 § Punnett

(R. C.) Mimicry in Butterflies, Cambridge, 1915 § Hammond (C.)

The Dragonflies of Great Britain and Ireland, 1977 § Russwurm

(A. D. A.) Aberrations of British Butterflies, Farringdon, 1978,

plates, some colour, the last three original cloth, the last two with

dust-jackets; and c.95 others, Invertebrates, mostly butterflies, v.s.

(c.100). £200 – £300

187. Booth (E.T.) ro u g h no t e s o n t h e bi r d s o b s e rv e d d u r i n g

t w e n t y-F i v e y e a r s s h o o t i n g a n d c o L L e c t i n g in t h e british is L a n d s,

3 vol., 114 uncoloured lithographs, without the 2 maps, old red

cloth, worn and stained, folio, 1881-87. £150 – £200

188. Brabourne (Wyndham W. Knatchbull-Hugessen, 3rd.

Baron) and Charles Chubb. th e b i r d s o F so u t h am e r i c a.

vo L.i [a L i s t o F t h e b i r d s; a L L p u b L i s h e d o F t h e t e x t] pp. xx, 540,

inscribed by Chubb to Arthur George Bennett of Port Stanley,

interleaved throughout and annotated by Bennett, with ms. note

on title ‘corrections for Falkland Islands 1912 to 1945’ (but there

is at least one note dated 1949), cloth, worn and loose, roughly

rebacked, 4to, [1912]. £150 – £200

* * * “Owing to the death of Lord Brabourne at Neuve-Chapelle in

1915 only vol.1 of the text has been published” (Copac). Stanley

published A List of the Birds of the Falkland Islands, 1926 and a

copy of this is included in the lot.

189. [Brereton (J. J.), M. Dilke and Peter Scott.] ad v e n t u r e s

a m o n g bi r d s, L i m i t e d e d i t i o n s i g n e d b y a L L t h r e e a u t h o r s, James

Fisher’s copy (with a presentation inscription ‘from Daddy’),

illustrations, original cloth-backed boards, rubbed and a little

browned, Oundle, 1926; and 23 others, by or illustrated by Peter

Scott, v.s. (24). £60 – £80

190. British Ornithologists Union. th e ib i s, a m a g a z i n e o F g e n e r a L

o r n i t h o L o g y. 149 vol., a c o n t i n u o u s r u n F r o m c o m m e n c e m e n t in

1859 to 2007, very numerous colour plates, those in the first 50 years

hand-coloured, original red cloth, gilt, the last 30 vol. or so in amateur

cloth, the last 3 vol. in parts as issued, 8vo & 4to, 1859-2007; sold as

a periodical, not subject to return. £3000 – £5000

* * * Comprises: the first 14 series (6 vol. each) continued as vol. 85

-149 ; includes a number of supplements and index vol.

a F i n e, c o m p L e t e r u n - r a r e t h u s.

191. Brown (Leslie H.) and others. th e bi r d s o F aF r i c a, 7 vol.,

1982-2004 § Hall (B. P.) and R. E. Moreau. An Atlas of Speciation

in African Passerine Birds, 1970 § Clancey (Dr. P. A.) The Rare

Birds of Southern Africa, Johannesburg, 1985 § Cave (Col. F.

O.) and James Macdonald. Birds of the Sudan, Edinburgh, 1955

§ Houlihan (Patrick F.) The Birds of Ancient Egypt, Warminster,

1986, plates, some colour, all but the last original cloth with dustjackets,

the last original wrappers; and c.110 others, on Birds of

Africa, v.s. (c.120). £300 – £400

192. Brusewitz (Gunnar) wi n g s a n d se a s o n s, Stockholm, 1980

§ Berg (Arnoud B. van den) and others. Avifauna van Nederland,

2 vol., second edition, 2001 § Blotzheim (Urs N. Glutz von) and

others. Die Brutvögel der Schweiz, Aarau, 1962 § Aus Deutschlands

Vogelwelt, cigarette cards pasted in, Altona, 1932 § Vara Svenska

Fåglar I Ton, set of original 45 rpm records, original cloth box,

[c.1960], the first two plates, the first three original cloth or boards,

the fourth original wrappers; and c.65 others, on Birds of Europe,

v.s. (c.70). £200 – £300

193. Buick (T. Lindsay) th e my s t e ry o F t h e mo a, New Plymouth,

1931 § Gill (Brian) New Zealand’s Extinct Birds, Auckland, 1991 §

Fuller (Errol) The Great Auk, Southborough, 1999, plates, original

cloth, dust-jackets, the first a bit worn; and 12 others, similar, v.s.

(15). £100 – £150

194. Butler (Arthur Gardiner) bi r d s o F gr e at britain a n d

ir e L a n d, 2 vol., 107 chromolithograph plates of birds after

H.Grönvold and 8 of eggs after F.W. Frohawk, tissue guards,

some spotting, binder’s cloth, new endpapers, [1904-08] § Gray

(George Robert) The Genera of Birds, a bundle of loose parts with

c.60 uncoloured lithographs, loose in wrappers, [c.1840-50]; and a

bundle of others, including vol.1 of the first mentioned, 4to & folio;

sold not subject to return. (sm qty). £100 – £200

195. Chapman (Abel) wi L d spa i n, L a r g e pa p e r c o p y, c. 257 x

160mm., 1893; Wild Norway, 1897, plates, original cloth, little

rubbed; and another, 8vo £100 – £150

196. Chapman (Abel) me m o r i e s , 1930 § Elwes (H. J.) Memoirs

of Travel, Sport and Natural History, 1930 § Lodge (George E.)

Memoirs of an Artist Naturalist, 1946 § Palmer (A. H.) The Life

of Joseph Wolf, 1895, plates, original cloth, the second and third

with dust-jackets; and c.100 others, similar, including a run of The

Journal (later Archives) of the Society for the Bibliography of

Natural History, vol. 1-35 (1936-2008: lacking vol.12 part 3), v.s.

(c.105). £75 – £100

Important Books and Manuscripts



197. Collins (William, publishers) th e ne w nat u r a L i s t Li b r a ry,

134 vol., First e d i t i o n s, original cloth, dust-jackets, one or two a

little worn, mostly in nice state, 8vo, 1945-2009. (134).

£2000 – £3000

* * * Comprising: main series no.1-111 (including both editions of

no.82), Monographs no.1-22 (a complete set).

a v e ry n i c e s e t, e a c h v o L u m e b o u g h t n e w o n p u b L i c at i o n.

198. Collins (William, publisher).- Corbet (P. S.) dr a g o n F L i e s,

n u m b e r 186 o F 400 s p e c i a L Ly-b o u n d c o p i e s, original leather, g.e.,

slip-case, 2008; and c.25 others, New Naturalist, including nice

copies of: 55, 56, 60, 62-3, v.s. (c.25). £150 – £200

199. D’Urban (W. S. M.) th e bi r d s o F de v o n, 1892 § Loyd

(Lewis R. W.) The Birds of South East Devon, 1929 § Davis (Peter)

A List of the Birds of Lundy, Lundy Field Society, 1954, plates

and illustrations, occasional foxing, the first three original cloth,

rubbed, the second with stained dust-jacket, the third original

wrappers; and c.70 others, similar, 8vo & 4to (c.75). £75 – £100


Lot 200

200. David (Armand) and M.E. Oustalet. Le s o i s e a u x d e L a

ch i n e, 2 vol., 124 hand-coloured plates by M. Arnoul, small foreedge

stains in text vol. and inscription (probably a chop) erased

from title and half-title, some foxing and browning, original blue

cloth, scuffed and a bit soiled, first vol. with new endpapers, second

vol. rather roughly repaired, with Ronald Courtenay Witting’s

initals and collation note (dated March 1963) at front, royal 8vo,

Paris, Masson, 1877. £800 – £1200

201. Davis (William James) th e b i r d s o F ke n t, frontispiece,

folding map, original cloth, recased, Dartford, Davis, 1907 §

Kennedy (Alexander) The Birds of Berkshire & Buckinghamshire,

4 photographic plates, coloured by hand, original cloth, scuffed,

front inner joint repaired, [Goldschmidt , Truthful Lens, 96], Eton,

1868; and 2 others, 8vo and folio (4). £100 – £200

* * * The second mentioned is the first photographically illustrated

bird book.

202. Dharmakumarsinhji (R. S.) bi r d s o F sa u r a s h t r a,

Bhavnagar, [1954] § Ali (S.) The Birds of Sikkim, 1962 § Smythies

(B. E.) The Birds of Burma, second edition, Edinburgh, 1953,

plates, original cloth, dust-jackets; and c.30 others, Birds in India,

v.s. (c.35). £60 – £80

203. Dole (Sanford) bi r d s o F t h e hawa i i a n i s L a n d s s e c o n d

e d i t i o n, original printed wrappers, [Forbes 3260, 6 copies],

Hononlulu, Thrum, 1879 § Hume (A.O.) My Scrap Book Oology

and Ornithology, all published, half leather, worn, Calcutta, 1869

§ Allouse (Bashir) Birds of Iraq, 3 vol., plates, wrappers, Baghdad,

1960-62; and others, similar, 8vo and 4to (22). £100 – £200

Lot 204

204. Dresser (H.E.) a h i s t o ry o F t h e b i r d s o F eu r o p e, 9 vol.,

First e d i t i o n, 723 lithograph plates (721 hand-coloured) after

Keulemans, Neale, Wolf and Thorburn, early issue, the first 5

vol. with temporary titles, the substitute pictorial titles bound

with the index as vol.6, the plates (apart from the supplement)

without the stamped numbers which were added later, first 8 vol.

in contemporary half green morocco, gilt, t.e.g., the last vol. added

and in slightly later half maroon morocco, t.e.g., [Anker 120; Fine

Bird Books p.92; Nissen IVB 267], large 4to, Privately published

for subscribers by the author, 1871-96. £5000 – £7000

205. Faber (Friedrich) pr o d r o m u s d e r i s L a n d i s c h e n or n i t h o L o g i e,

First e d i t i o n, half calf, bound for Aalborg Skole, with his stamp on

title and initials at base of spine (spine slightly wormed, text not

affected), 8vo, Copenhagen, 1822. £100 – £150

* * * The first book on the ornithology of Iceland; includes 2 pages

on the Great Auk. (“Dieser so seltene Vogel ”).

206. Fisher (A. K.) th e haw k s a n d ow L s o F t h e un i t e d stat e s,

25 chromolithograph plates, Washington, 1893 § Goss (N. S.) A

Revised Catalogue of the Birds of Kansas, Topeka, 1886 § Brandt

(Herbert) Alaska Bird Trails, colour plates by Allan Brookes and

others, Cleveland, 1943 § Wood (Charles) The Birds of Swan Point

Cemetery, plates, Providence, 1981, original cloth, the third in dustjacket;

and c.125 others, mostly Birds in America, v.s. (c.130).

£150 – £200

207. Forshaw (Joseph M.) au s t r a L i a n pa r r o t s, Melbourne,

1969; the same, second edition, Sydney, 1985 § Barrett (Charles)

Parrots of Australia, Melbourne, 1949 § Cayley (Neville) The

Fairy Wrens of Australia, 1949 § Hindwood (K. A.) and E. S.

Hoskin. The Waders of Sydney, Sydney, 1955, plates, all but the

last original cloth, dust-jackets, the last original cloth-backed

wrappers; and c.35 others, on Australasian Birds, v.s. (c.40).

£200 – £300

208. Forster (Thomas) ob s e rvat i o n o n t h e swa L L o w t r i b e, 5

wood-engraved plates by E. Willis, original boards, uncut, worn,

backstrip renewed, inscribed by the author to James Sowerby,

and with the Sowerby’s Museum inscription on title, 1817 § Blyth

(E.) The Natural History of the Cranes, 6 plates (2 coloured),

contemporary half cloth, J.H. Gurney’s copy, for the author, 1881 §

Grieve (Symington) The great Auk, plates, original cloth, scuffed,

1885; and others, cuckoo, etc., v.s. (21). £200 – £300

209. Frederick II, Emperor. de a rt e v e n a n d i c u m av i b u s, 2 vol.,

coloured facsimile of the ms. plus vol. of commentary, original calf

and half calf, slip-case, folio, Graz, 1969 § Russow (K.E.) Bruno

Liljefors, plates, original half morocco, gilt, dust-jacket a bit worn,

Stockholm, 1929; and four others, folio (7). £50 – £100

210. Gatke (Heinrich) he L i g o L a n d, Edinburgh, 1895 § Snow (D. W.,

editor) Proceedings of the XIV International Ornithological Congress,

Oxford, 1966 § Ratcliffe (D.) A Nature Conservation Review, 2 vol.,

1977 § Sibley (C. G.) Distribution and Taxonomy of Birds of the World,

New Haven, 1990, original cloth, all but the first with dust-jackets; and

c.35 others, similar, v.s. (c.40). £75 – £100

211. Gladstone (Hugh S.) ha n d b o o k to Lo r d Li L F o r d’s co L o u r e d

Fi g u r e s, interesting A.L.s. from Howard Radclyffe about Lilford

loosely inserted, original cloth-backed printed boards, 1917; and 3

others, similar, 8vo & 4to (4). £60 – £80

212. Glegg (William E.) a hi s t o ry o F t h e bi r d s o F essex, 1929 §

Christy (Miller) The Birds of Essex, 2 copies, Chelmsford, 1890 §

Laver (H.) The Mammals, Reptiles and Fishes of Essex, Chelmsford,

1898, plates, original cloth; and c.30 others, including a run of the

Essex Naturalist (1888-1901), 8vo (c.35). £60 – £80

213. Gould (John) an i n t r o d u c t i o n to t h e b i r d s o F gr e at britain,

original cloth, inscribed by Gould to John Clarke Hawkshaw

(1847-1921, engineer) and with his bookplate, for the author, 1873

§ Catalogue of a Collection of Birds belonging to H.B. Tristram,

contemporary cloth, by Andrews of Durham, with his ticket, Osbert

Salvin’s copy, Durham, Advertiser Office, 1889; and 7 others, v.s.

(9). £150 – £200

214. Gould (John) mo n o g r a p h o F t h e pi t t i d æ, 1988; A Monograph

of the Ramphastidæ, 1988, full size facsimile reprints, colour plates,

original cloth, Melbourne, Hill House; and 13 others, by the same,

v.s. (15). £60 – £80

215. [Grant (Maurice Harold)] “Scolopax”. a bo o k o F

t h e sn i p e, 1904 § McKelvie (Colin Laurie) The Book of The

Woodcock, 1990 § Owen (Myrfyn) Wildfowl of Europe, 1977,

plates and illustrations, occasional foxing, original cloth or

boards, the last two with dust-jackets; and 8 others, similar, 8vo

& 4to (11). £60 – £80

216. Gray (George Robert) cata L o g u e o F t h e bi r d s o F t h e

tro p i c a L is L a n d s o F t h e paciFic oc e a n, original cloth-backed

boards, 1859 § Armstrong (J. S.) Hand-List to the Birds of Samoa,

original cloth, dust-jacket, 1932 § Hagen (Yngvar) Birds of

Tristan da Cunha, original wrappers, Oslo, 1952 § Ryssen (W. J.

van) The Birds of the Tristan da Cunha Group, original wrappers,

Cape Town, 1976 § Staub (F.) Birds of the Mascarenes, original

cloth, dust-jacket, Port Louis, Mauritius, [1976] § Bregulla (H.

L.) Birds of Vanuatu, original cloth, dust-jacket, Oswestry, 1992,

some with illustrations; and c.40 others, similar, 8vo (c.45).

£100 – £200

217. Gurney (J.H.) on t h e c o m pa r at i v e a g e s t o w h i c h b i r d s L i v e,

offprint, revised in ms. with a considerable number of additions

and corrections, binder’s cloth, with c.70 other offprints by the

same, probably bound for Dr Sydney H. Long, Hon. Sec. of the

Norfolk and Norwich, with his initials at base of spine, minor

wear, 8vo, 1867-1922. £100 – £200

218. Hachisuka (Masa U.) a co m pa r at i v e ha n d Li s t o F t h e bi r d s

o F Ja pa n a n d t h e british is L e s, Cambridge, 1925; A Handbook of

the Birds of Iceland, 1927; The Dodo and Kindred Birds, 1953,

the second and third mentioned with plates, original cloth, the

first and third with dust-jackets, 4to (3). £150 – £200

219. Hachikusa (Masa U.) va r i at i o n s a m o n g bi r d s (ch i e F Ly

gam e bi r d s), 1928; Birds of Jehol, 1935 § The Feathers of

Japanese Birds in Full Scale, text in Japanese, folding poster

loosely inserted, original cloth, 2004, colour plates, the first two

original printed wrappers, all Tokyo; and c.20 others, Japanese

Birds, v.s. (c.25). £100 – £200

220. Harting (J. E.) the bi r d s o F mi d d L e s e x, tinted lithographed

frontispiece, 1866 § Harrison (J. G.) Handbook of the Birds of

the Malvern District, Bickley, 1941 § Norris (C. A.) Notes on the

Birds of Warwickshire, Birmingham, 1947 § Peake (E.) Birds in a

Rectory Garden, Huntingdon, 1944, all but the last original cloth

or boards, the last original wrappers; and c.95 others, similar,

8vo (c.100). £75 – £100

221. Harting (J. E.) hi n t s o n t h e ma n a g e m e n t o F ha w k s ,

original boards, rebacked, 1884 § Michaelis (H. von) Birds of the

Gauntlet, original cloth, dust-jacket, 1952 § Upton (Roger) A Bird

in the Hand, original cloth, dust-jacket, 1980, illustrations, some

colour; and c.35 others, similar, some pamphlets, v.s. (c.40).

£60 – £80

222. Harting (J.E., editor) th e zo o L o g i s t, 67 vol. (including

duplicates), a L o n g iF b r o k e n r u n, plates, previous owners include

F. W. Frohawk, Miller Christie and Ronald Witting, various

bindings, 8vo, 1843-1916; sold as a periodical, not subject to

return. £100 – £200

* * * Comprises: first series vol. 1, 4-6, 17 & 19; second series vol.

2, 4-9 & 11; third series vol. 1, 3-4, 6-20 and fourth series vol.

1-20 (complete).

Important Books and Manuscripts



223. Harvie-Brown (J.A.) sk e t c h o F t h e o r n i t h o L o g y o F t h e

L o w e r pe t c h o r a, offprint, ms. sketch map tipped in, leather,

rubbed, bound with 7 similar offprints, probably from Harvie-

Brown’s library (a bookplate has been removed), [HB 75], 8vo,

Glasgow, 1876. £200 – £300

* * * The others include: H. Seebohm and J.A. Harvie-Brown, Notes

on the Birds of the lower Petchora, 2 coloured plates of eggs, and

hand-coloured map, e x t r a-illustrated by the insertion of 4 fine

watercolours of eggs, 1876. This is HB 77 where it is noted that the

map did not appear in the original Ibis paper, and the 8pp. appendix

is also new. Following this is a ms. note of the recipients of 11

copies of what is probably this paper (though the source is not

correctly given); perhaps 12-15 copies were printed.

224. Harvie-Brown (J.A.) traveLs o F a nat u r a L i s t in no rt h e r n

eu r o p e: Norway, 1871; Archangel, 1872; Petchora, 1875, 2 vol.,

plates, maps and illustrations, half-titles, n.d. § Gurney (J. H.)

Rambles of a Naturalist in Egypt & other Countries, [1876] §

Moseley (H. N.) Notes by a Naturalist on the “Challenger”, 2 colour

plates, folding map, 1879, occasional spotting, original cloth, a little

rubbed; and 10 others, similar, 8vo (14). £100 – £150

225. Haverschmidt (F.) bi r d s o F su r i n a m, Edinburgh, 1968 § Sick

(Helmut) Birds in Brazil, Princeton, 1993 § Fjeldsa (Jon) Birds of

the High Andes, Copenhagen, 1990, plates, the first two original

cloth with dust-jackets, the last original boards; and c.90 others,

Birds in South America, v.s. (c.95). £75 – £100

226. Helm (Christopher).- a co L L e c t i o n o F t h e or n i t h o L o g i c a L

pu b L i c at i o n s o F ch r i s t o p h e r he L m (s o m e cr o o m he L m), 57 vol.,

plates, original cloth, dust-jackets, 1992-2007; and 14 others, Pica

Press, 8vo (71). £75 – £100

227. Hewitson (W.C.) co L o u r e d i L L u s t r at i o n s o F t h e e g g s o F

british b i r d s, 2 vol., tree calf, spines worn, bookplate of John

Clerk Brodie, 1846 § Morris (Rev. F.O.) A Natural History of the

Nests and Eggs of British Birds, 3 vol., original green cloth, gilt,

bit worn, bookplate of Charles Sanderson, 1875, coloured plates,

8vo (5). £100 – £200

228. Holmberg (A.) and others. pa J a r o s s u d a m e r i c a n o s, n u m b e r xv

o F 24 c o p i e s, duplicate set of the plates, and an o r i g i n a l wat e r c o l o u r

b y ax e L am u c h a s t e g u i, heightened with gum arabic and signed, the

colophon signed by the authors, full red morocco, the separate plates

in a matching portfolio (front joint breaking), together in original slipcase,

folio, Buenos Aires, 1947. £300 – £400

229. Howard (H.E.) th e british wa r b L e r s, 2 vol. in the original

11 parts (1-9 + 6[*], 9*), 51 plain and 35 chromolithograph plates,

12 maps, original cloth-backed printed boards, [Anker 213; Nissen

454], royal 8vo, 1907-14. £200 – £300

230. Howard (H.E.) th e british wa r b L e r s, 2 vol. 51 plain and 35

chromolithograph plates, 12 maps, a large copy in modern cloth,

[a binding by Peter Tate], [Anker 213; Nissen 454], royal 8vo,

1907-14. (2j3). £50 – £100

231. Hoyo (Josep del) and others. ha n d b o o k o F t h e bi r d s o F t h e

wo r L d, vol.1-13, Barcelona, 1992-2008 § Cramp (Stanley) and

others. Handbook of the Birds of Europe, the Middle East and North

Africa, vol.1-9, Oxford, 1977-94, plates, original cloth, dust-jackets;

and c.130 others, on Birds, v.s. (c.150). £100 – £200


232. Hudson (W.H.) on L i b e r at i n g c a g e d b i r d s, coloured

illustration by Gronvold, first issue with address at 23 Queen’s

Gate, [Payne A32a], RSPB, [1914]; Roff and a Linnet, [Payne

A35a], Humanitarian League, 1918, First e d i t i o n s, wrappers, F r o m

de n t, t h e p u b L i s h e r’s a r c h i v e, marked up in pencil for publication

in ‘Dead Man’s Plack’ 1920; and 9 others, by the same, 2 with the

same provenance, 8vo and 4to £100 – £150

233. Im Thurn (Everard F.) bi r d s o F ma r L b o r o u g h, H. W. Feilden’s

copy with bookplate, Marlborough, 1870 § Whitaker (J.) Notes on the

Birds of Nottinghamshire, Rowland Ward’s copy with his bookplate,

Nottingham, 1907 § Chislett (Ralph) Birds on the Spurn Peninsula,

part 1 [all published], original wrappers, Hull, 1958, all but the last

original cloth; and c.10 others, similar, 8vo (c.15). £50 – £100

234. Ingersoll (Ernest) bi r d s in Le g e n d, Fa b L e a n d Fo L k L o r e,

1923 § Hulme (F. E.) Natural History, Lore and Legend, 1895 §

Swainson (C.) Provincial Names and Folk Lore of British Birds,

1885, the first two original cloth, the last binder’s cloth, scuffed; and

c.50 others, similar, 8vo & folio (c.55). £60 – £80

235. Ingram (Geoffrey C. S.) and H. Morrey Salmon. bi r d s

o F gL a m o r g a n, original wrappers, ‘with the author’s compliments’

inscribed on upper cover, Cardiff, William Lewis, 1936 § Buxton

(John) and R. M. Lockley. Island of Skomer, original cloth,

dust-jacket, 1950 § Lockley (R. M.) and others. The Birds of

Pembrokeshire, original cloth, Cardiff, [1949], plates, occasional

spotting; and c.30 others, Welsh birds, many pamphlets, v.s.

(c.30). £60 – £80

236. Irby (L.H.) th e o r n i t h o L o g y o F t h e s t r a i t s o F gi b r a Lta r

s e c o n d e d i t i o n, r e v i s e d a n d e n L a r g e d, 8 chromolithograph plates

after Thorburn, 6 plain plates mostly after Willoughby Verner, 2

folding maps, contemporary half morocco, t.e.g., joints repaired,

folio, 1895; and the W.H. Mullens copy of the first edition, original

cloth, 1875, folio and 8vo £200 – £300

* * * The first edition has the same 2 maps, but no other


237. Iredale (Tom) bi r d s o F ne w gu i n e a, 2 vol., colour plates by

Lilian Medland, original half leather, slip-case, Melbourne, 1956 §

Ogilvie-Grant (W.R.) Report on the Birds collected in Dutch New

Guinea, 8 colour plates, original wrappers, Ibis Supl., 1915; and 3

others, v.s. (6). £100 – £150

238. Jackson (Christine Elizabeth) bi r d iL L u s t r ato r s, n u m b e r

7 o F 45 s p e c i a L Ly-b o u n d c o p i e s s i g n e d b y t h e a u t h o r, and with

the title-vignette printed in blue, original half morocco, 1975 §

Heilmann (Gerhard) The Origin of Birds, plates, original cloth,

1926 § Keulemans (Tony) Feathers to Brush, limited edition,

colour plates, original half morocco, Deventer, 1982; and c.85

others, similar, v.s. (c.90). £75 – £100

239. Jackson (Christine Elizabeth) di c t i o n a ry o F bi r d art i s t s

o F t h e wo r L d, plates, original cloth, dust-jacket, Woodbridge,

1999; and c.30 others, miscellaneous, v.s. (c.30). £60 – £80

240. Jardine (Sir William) hu m m i n g-b i r d s, 2 vol., 1833 § Selby

(P.J.) Parrots, 1836, hand-coloured plates, those in the second

mostly after Edward Lear, original cloth, uncut, trifle worn,

Edinburgh, Naturalist’s Library; and 14 others, Naturalist’s Library,

ornithology (17). £300 – £400

241. Jardine (Sir William) and others. th e n at u r a L i s t’s L i b r a ry;

i c h t h y o L o g y 6 vol., complete set, hand-coloured engraved plates,

original cloth, 8vo, Edinburgh, 1835-43. £250 – £350

242. Jardine (Sir William) and others. th e n at u r a L i s t’s L i b r a ry;

e n t o m o L o g y 7 vol., complete set, includes ‘Bees’, hand-coloured

engraved plates, original cloth, 2 vol. a bit worn, 8vo, Edinburgh,

1835-41. £250 – £350

243. Jardine (Sir William) and others. th e n at u r a L i s t’s L i b r a ry;

m a m m a L i a 13 vol., complete set, includes ‘whales’ & ‘dogs’ 2 vol.,

hand-coloured engraved plates, original cloth, 8vo, Edinburgh,

1833-42. £250 – £350

244. Jardine (Sir William) and others. ma g a z i n e o F z o o L o g y a n d

b o ta n y, 2 vol., all published under this title, 33 engraved plates

(1-18 +1* xvi 2; 1-13), some hand-coloured, including a double

plate of Victoria regia, few margins just trimmed, old cloth, worn,

not uniform, 8vo, Edinburgh, 1837-38. £150 – £200

* * * Vol.1 contains a paper by J.S. Henslow, Description of two new

species of Opuntia, pp.466-69 + pl. XIV, drawn by Henslow and

engraved by Lizars. “I have named this interesting cactus after my

friend C. Darwin Esq., who has recently returned to England, after

a five year absence, on board his HMS Beagle ”; both of the cacti

are from the Galapagos, and this is among the earliest publications

of any of the Beagle material.

245. Jourdain (F.C.R.) th e t r u t h a b o u t t h e k i t e, 2 leaves,

privately printed, 1932 § Goodwin (Derek) and Beryl Patricia Hall.

Bird Room Ballads, [32]pp., without the 2pp. typescript postscript

in the Tring copy, wrappers, [printed for the authors], [1969] §

Witherby (Diana) The Heat and the Cold, cloth, dust-jacket,

inscribed and with a letter (to Darling Tony [Witherby]; “I was

full of dismay when I heard that old Cyril was determined to review

it.”) inserted, 1965; and others, including a spoof issue of British

Birds, an imperfect but heavily annotated list of birds, with a letter

from G.M. Mathews to ? dear Gordon inserted, an odd part of the

8vo Meyer, etc. etc., v.s.; sold not subject to return (c. 40).

£100 – £200

246. Krause (Georg) oo L o g i a u n i v e r s a L i s pa L a e a r c t i c a, 78

parts, all published, 158 chromolithograph plates, loose in original

wrappers, one or two detached at spine, in two cloth slip-cases,

4to, Stuttgart, [1906-13]. £800 – £1200

247. Lack (David) is L a n d bi o L o g y i L L u s t r at e d b y t h e L a n d

b i r d s o F Ja m a i c a, Oxford , 1976 § Ffrench (Richard) A Guide to

the Birds of Trinidad and Tobago, Wynnewood, Penn., 1973 §

Paterson (Andrew) Birds of the Bahamas, Vermont, 1972 § Bond

(James) Check-List of Birds of the West Indies, second edition,

Philadelphia, 1945, all but the last with illustrations, occasional

spotting, all but the last original cloth with dust-jackets, the last

original cloth-backed boards; and c.15 others, similar, 8vo (c.20).

£40 – £60

248. Lloyd (L.) sc a n d i n av i a n a d v e n t u r e s, 2 vol., coloured map,

12 tinted plates, long inscription from the author to Admiral Sir

Charles Napier “ in hopes that after he has muzzled the Russian bear

”, 1854; The Game Birds and Wild Fowl of Sweden and Norway,

second edition, folding map in pocket, 48 chromolithograph and 4

woodcut plates, 1867, original green cloth, gilt, shaken and a bit

worn, 8vo (3). £150 – £200

249. Loche (Victor) cata L o g u e d e s m a m m i F e r e s e t d e s o i s e a u x

o b s e rv e s e n aL g e r i e, contemporary half red morocco, bound at

the end a relevant offprint with 2 hand-coloured plates, inscribed

by the author to ? Aronthomages “Premier Lieutenant” in

Algeria, later acquired by F.C.R. Jourdain, with his signature,

Paris, [1858] § Finsch (Otto) On a Collection of Birds from

North-Eastern Abyssinia with notes by the collector, William

Jesse, folding map, 4 hand-coloured plates, recent cloth, 1869,

8vo and 4to (2). £100 – £200

250. Lubbock (Richard) obs e rvat i o n s o n t h e Fa u n a o F

nor F o L k, Norwich, 1845; another edition, 1879 § Emerson (P.

H.) Birds, Beasts and Fishes of the Norfolk Broadland, 1895,

plates, original cloth, the first worn; and c.15 others, similar,

Patterson etc., 8vo (c.20). £60 – £80

251. [Martinet (F.N.) histoire d e s o i s e a u x, p e i n t s d a n s t o u s

L e u r s a s p e c t s,] 46 charming hand-coloured plates (only),

English calf, worn, front cover off, name W. Bucklow at base of

spine, [Paris, c. 1790] § du Bus (Bernard, Vicomte) Esquisses

Ornithologiques, Liv. 2-4 (lacking the first part), 32 handcoloured

plates only (6-37), loose in original printed wrappers,

Brussels, 1846-48 § Jardine (Sir William) Contributions to

Ornithology for 1851 (1852), 2 vol. in 1, 12 plates (2 coloured)

+ 20 plates (6 coloured), several trimmed, binder’s cloth,

wrapper bound at end, Edinburgh, 1851-52; and 6 others, all

with coloured plates, v.s.; sold not subject to return (11).

£150 – £200

252. Meinertzhagen (Col. R.) pir at e s a n d pr e d at o r s, plates,

Edinburgh, 1959 § Delacour (Jean) The Pheasants of the World,

colour plates by J. C. Harrison, 1951, original cloth, dustjackets;

and 5 others, by Delacour, 4to (7). £100 – £150

253. Moulton (J. C.) gui d e t o t h e co L L e c t i o n o F bo r n e a n

bir d s, plates, original cloth bound at the ‘Sarawak Gazette’

Office on 22/07/1914 with label on front pastedown, stained,

[Kuching], Sarawak printing office, 1914 § Ogilvie-Grant (W.

R.) Report on the Birds Dutch New Guinea, colour plates,

binder’s cloth, Ibis, 1915 § Smythies (B. E.) The Birds of

Borneo, colour plates, original cloth, dust-jacket, Edinburgh,

1960; another copy, second edition, colour plates, original

cloth, dust-jacket, Edinburgh, 1968; and c.10 others, similar,

8vo (c.15). £100 – £200

254. Mullens (W.H.) and others. a g e o g r a p h i c a L b i b L i o g r a p h y

o F british o r n i t h o L o g y, F.c.r. Jo u r d a i n’s c o p y, with his

detailed and meticulous annotation, binder’s cloth, 1920 §

Morris (Rev. F.O.) Letters to the “Times” about Birds, etc.,

original cloth, scuffed, [1879] § Witherby (H.F.) Forest Birds,

plates, original cloth, the author’s copy, with his bookplate,

and a letter to him inserted, 1894 § Ennion (E.A.R.) and N.

Tinbergen. Tracks, plates, cloth, dust-jacket, letter from Ennion

to “Dear Mr. Tate” inserted, Oxford, 1967; and 11 others, 8vo

(15). £100 – £200

255. Pashley (H. N.) not e s o n t h e bi r d s o F cL e y, no r F o L k,

F.c.r. Jo u r d a i n’s c o p y with his monogram, 1925 § Riviere (B.

B.) A History of the Birds of Norfolk, 1930 § Taylor (Moss)

Guardian Spirit of the East Bank R. A. Richardson, Sherringham,

2002, plates, original cloth, the last two with dust-jackets; and

c.70 others, similar, some pamphlets, v.s. (c.75).

£100 – £200

Important Books and Manuscripts



256. Paton (E. Richmond) th e bi r d s o F ha r e s h aw m u i r, revised

and reprinted, map, original wrappers, Kilmarnock, 1925 § Gray

(Robert) The Birds of the West of Scotland, tinted lithographed

plates, spotted, original pictorial cloth, gilt, worn, lacking front

free endpaper, Glasgow, 1871 § St. John (Charles) Note Books

1846-1853, illustrations, original cloth, Edinburgh, 1901 § Baxter

(Evelyn V.) The Geographical Distribution and Status of Birds

in Scotland, map, original cloth, dust-jacket, nibbled and soiled,

Edinburgh, 1928 § Harvey-Brown (J. A.) 2nd-9th Report on the

Migration of Birds, one inscribed by W. E. Clarke to G. E. Lodge,

original wrappers, worn, 1881-89; and c.40 others, on Birds

in Scotland, including vol. 1-11 of Scottish Birds 1958-81, v.s.

(c.45). £200 – £300

257. Pearson (H.J.) be y o n d pe t s o r a e a s t wa r d; th r e e s u m m e r s

a m o n g t h e b i r d s o F ru s s i a n La p L a n d, 2 vol., plates, original green

cloth, gilt, nice copies, 1899-1904; and 3 others, similar, 8vo and

4to (5). £200 – £300

258. Peters (James Lee) and others. ch e c k-List o F t h e bi r d s o F

t h e wo r L d, 17 vol. (a complete set including the only vol. published

of the second edition), original cloth, Cambridge, Ma., 1931-87 §

Thorpe (Adrian) The Birds of Edward Lear, limited edition, colour

plates, original cloth, dust-jacket, torn, The Ariel Press, 1975 §

Ripley (S. Dillon) Rails of the World, colour plates, original cloth,

dust-jacket, Boston, 1977; and c.180 others, on Birds, v.s. (c. 200).

£150 – £200

259. Peterson (Roger Tory) th e Fi e L d gu i d e art, 2 vol., Boston

& New York, 1990 § Andrade (Carlos Selva) Love Life of the Birds,

Buenos Aires, 1952 § Fleming (C.A.) George Edward Lodge:

Unpublished Bird Paintings, 1983, plates and illustrations, some

colour, original cloth, the last two with dust-jackets; and c.20

others, similar, folio & large 4to (c.25). £100 – £150

260. Pollard (H.B.C.) wi L d F o w L & wa d e r s, colour plates by Frank

Southgate, original vellum-backed boards, 1928 § Arnold (E. C.)

British Waders, colour plates, original cloth, a little stained, dustjacket,

rubbed, Cambridge, 1924 § Howard (Eliot) A Waterhen’s

World, plates by Lodge, original cloth, dust-jacket, Cambridge,

1940; and 19 others, similar, v.s. (22). £100 – £150

261. Poyser (Trevor and Anna, publishers) an e x t e n s i v e

c o L L e c t i o n o F t h e i r b o o k s o n b i r d s, 85 vol., plates, original cloth

with the distinctive white ground dust-jackets, 8vo & folio, 1973-

84. £400 – £600

262. Prentis (Walter) no t e s o n t h e bi r d s o F ra i n h a m, 1854

§ Ticehurst (Norman F.) A History of the Birds of Kent, plates,

Rowland Ward’s copy with his bookplate, 1909, original cloth; and

c.25 others, similar, some pamphlets, 8vo & 4to (c.30). £60 – £80

263. Read (Robert H.) List o F b i r d s o F t h e L o w e r br e n t va L L e y,

28pp., drophead title, bound with four others (one with 2 handcoloured

plates by Keulemans), contemporary calf, worn, 8vo,

[Ealing], from 19th Report of Ealing Natural Science Soc.,

[1896]. £50 – £100

* * * Not in M&S or Ballance; only the NHM copy on Copac, with

a slightly different title.


264. Ridgway (Robert) bi r d s o F t h e ga L a pa g o s ar c h i p e L a g o,

binder’s cloth, original wrappers bound in, Washington, 1896 §

Eiseley (Loren) Galapagos: the Flow of Wildness, 2 vol., colour

photographic illustrations, original cloth, dust-jacket, slip-case,

Sierra Club, Ca., [1968]; and 7 others, on the Galapagos, v.s. (10).

£100 – £150

265. Salomonsen (Finn) gr o n L a n d s F u g L e; t h e b i r d s o F gr e e n L a n d,

52 coloured plates by Aage Gitz-Johansen, folding coloured map,

original blue cloth, stamped in red to a design by the artist, a little

rubbed, folio, Copenhagen, 1950-51. £200 – £300

Lot 266

266. Seebohm (Henry) or n i t h o L o g i c a L n o t e b o o k, may 1860

to Ju n e 1866 120pp. text, with 20pp. index, c.20 sketches, by

Seebohm (one coloured) and a number of feather samples pasted

in, contemporary vellum, gilt., g.e., loosely inserted a description

of another volume of the diary, 1869-72, identically bound, for sale

with the Traylens in the 1980s (priced £4,500, but with 12 coloured

drawings), 4to, 1869-72. £1200 – £1800

* * * An absolutely charming manuscript, mostly birding in

Northern England; Sheffield, Derby, etc., with a visit to Norwich.

The sketches include a number of musical examples of bird song.

267. Seebohm (Henry) co L o u r e d Fi g u r e s o F t h e eg g s o F british

bi r d s, Sheffield, 1896 § Butler (A. G.) Birds’ Eggs of the British

Isles, a little stained, considerable annotation perhaps by H. E.

Marshall, 1907, colour plates of Birds’ Eggs, original cloth, the

second worn; and 5 others, on Birds’ Eggs, v.s. (7). £60 – £80

268. Seebohm (Henry) a m o n o g r a p h o F t h e tu r d i d a e o r Fa m iLy

o F t h r u s h e s, 2 vol., portrait, 149 hand-coloured lithographs by

Keulemans, contemporary half scarlet morocco, t.e.g., minor

scuffing but in nice state, A.J. Dearden’s copy (of Walcot Hall,

Stamford, Lincs; he had a large ornithological collection, the best

of which was sold at Hodgsons in 1963), with his signature dated

1924, and cutting from (probably) his purchase tipped in (it cost 14

guineas), 4to, [1899-1902]. £2000 – £3000

269. Selous (Edmund) th e bi r d wat c h e r in t h e sh e t L a n d s, 1905

§ Saxby (Henry L.) The Birds of Shetland, Edinburgh, 1874 §

Wiglesworth (J.) St. Kilda and Its Birds, Liverpool, 1903 § Duncan

(Neil) and others. The Boreray 1980 Expedition, typescript, 1981,

plates and illustrations, occasional foxing, the first two original

gilt pictorial cloth, the third contemporary half morocco, the

last original wrappers (faded); and c.70 others, similar, many

pamphlets, v.s. (c.75). £60 – £80

270. Sharpe (R.B.) a m o n o g r a p h o F t h e aL c e d i n a e: o r Fa m iLy

o F k i n g F i s h e r s, plain plate of detail, coloured map of family

relationships (trimmed), 137 hand-coloured plates only (of 140,

lacking pls.26, 43 & 112, these supplied in plain facsimile), some

foxing, old half roan, 4to, published by the author, 1868-71.

£800 – £1200

271. Sharpe (R.B.) cata L o g u e o F t h e passeriFormes o r p e r c h i n g

b i r d s in t h e coLLection o F t h e british mu s e u m. Fr i n g iL L i F o r m e s:

pa rt i & iii [o n Ly] 2 vol., 28 hand-coloured lithographs, some by

Keulemans, original brown cloth, Cat. Birds, X & XII, 1885-88 § Lynes

(H.) Review of the Genus Cisticola, 2 vol., coloured plates, cloth, not

uniform, 1930; and others, including 8 vol. of The Naturalists’ Library,

8vo; sold not subject to return (24). £150 – £200

Lot 268

Lot 272

272. Sharpe (R.B.) and CW Wyatt. a m o n o g r a p h o F t h e

hi r u n d i n i d a e o r Fa m iLy o F swa L L o w s, 2 vol., 103 hand-coloured

plates, 26 partly coloured maps, 15 double-page tables, last few

leaves of index a little soiled but generally a clean copy in later half

brown leather, t.e.g., 4to, 1885-94. £2500 – £3000

Important Books and Manuscripts




Lot 273

273. Sharpe (R.B.) and others. cata L o g u e o F t h e b i r d s in t h e

british mu s e u m, 27 vol., 387 coloured plates (214 hand-coloured,

rest very skilful chromolithographs) mostly by Keulemans, 3 vol.

with library stamps on plate versos (one of these an official copy,

with BM stamps), vol.14 with ink spots on fore-edge, a made up

but respectable set, original cloth, some wear, vol.3 rebacked, 8vo,

1874-98. £1000 – £1500

* * * A complete set, rare thus.

274. Sharpe (R. B.) and others. buLLetin o F t h e british

or n i t h o L o g i s t s’ cL u b, vol. 1-62, original cloth, the 2 Migration vol.

in half calf, 1893-1941 § British Trust for Ornithology. Bird Study,

vol.1-43 in 32, binder’s cloth, some later vol. rather amateur, 1954-

1996; and c.15 others, similar, 8vo (c.100). £60 – £80

275. Simpson (Francis) FL o r a o F su F F o L k, Ipswich, 1982 § Petch (Dr.

C. P.) Flora of Norfolk, 2 vol. including supplement, Norwich, 1968-

75 § Jermy (S. T.) Flora of Essex, Colchester, 1974, plates, supplement

in original wrappers, the rest original cloth with dust-jackets; and c.80

others, similar, some pamphlets, v.s. (c.85). £60 – £80

276. Skinner (E.R.) [List o F t h e b i r d s o F british in d i a], [iv],

44pp., lacking the front wrapper, with title, loose, staples rusting,

annotation of Indian taken species, with clutch sizes, the list

clearly used as a template to sell eggs, St. Mary Cray (printed in

Nottingham), 1905 § Catalogue (List) of birds’ eggs in the collection

of Philip Crowley, 96pp., original printed wrappers, [only the

NHM copy on Copac], Croydon, 1883; and 6 others, similar, 8vo

(8). £100 – £200

* * * Skinner was probably Kenneth L. Skinner trading as an egg

dealer under his father’s name (he is listed in the trade section for

birds’ eggs in Upcott Gill’s Naturalists Directory 1902-03); Cole,

pp. 51-2. .

277. Skutch (A. F.) LiFe o F t h e ta n a g e r, 1989; Life of the

Woodpecker, 1985, plates, original cloth, dust-jackets; and c.20

others, some by the same, v.s. (c.20). £60 – £80

278. Slater (H.H.) ma n u a L o F t h e b i r d s o F ic e L a n d, 3 plates,

coloured map, original cloth, F.C.R. Jourdain’s copy with his

monogram on endpaper, and notes, Edinburgh, 1901; and 4 others,

similar, 8vo (5). £100 – £150

279. Smith (A.C.) th e bi r d s o F wiLtshire, 1887 § Arnold (E. C.)

Birds of Eastbourne, Eastbourne, 1936 § Taverner (J. H.) Wildfowl

in Hampshire, Winchester, 1962, original cloth, the last with dustjacket;

and 12 others, similar, 8vo & 4to (15). £60 – £80

280. Snow (David) th e co t i n g a s, 1982 § Goodwin (Derek)

Crows of the World, 1986; Estrildid Finches, 1982; Pigeons and

Doves, 1983, colour plates, original cloth, dust-jackets; and c.155

others, similar, including 12 vol. of the OUP Bird Families series,

v.s. (c.160). £300 – £400

281. Sterland (W. J.) th e bi r d s o F sh e rw o o d Fo r e s t, 4 lithograph

plates, 3 hand-coloured, original cloth, scuffed, 1869; Descriptive

List of the Birds of Nottinghamshire, inscribed, original cloth,

stained, Mansfield, 1879 § Robson (Thomas) Birds of the Derwent

Valley, later cloth, Consett, 1896 § A Selection of the Birds of

Teesmouth, original wrappers, Stockton, 1965; and c.70 others,

similar, many pamphlets, v.s. (c.75). £100 – £200

282. Stevenson (H.) th e bi r d s o F no r F o L k, 3 vol., portrait, 4

hand-coloured plates, 4 tinted lithograph views, a nice copy in

full dark green morocco, t.e.g., inner gilt dentelles, by Zaehnsdorf,

minor rubbing, 8vo, 1866-90. £150 – £200

283. Strickland (M. J.) a gu i d e to t h e bi r d s o F ba h r a i n,

duplicated, Muharraq, R.O.A.C. Press, 1969 § Adamian (M. S.) A

Field Guides to the Birds of Armenia, Yerevan, 1997 § Shirihai (H.)

The Birds of Israel, San Diego, 1996 § Gallagher (M.) The Birds

of Oman, 1980, illustrations, the first two original wrappers, the

rest original cloth with dust-jackets; and c.55 others, similar, v.s.

(c.60). £75 – £100

284. Swayne (Major H. G. C.) th r o u g h t h e hi g h L a n d s o F si b e r i a,

plates and map, original cloth, rubbed, Rowland Ward, 1904 §

Hagerup (A. T.) The Birds of Greenland, original wrappers, spine

repaired with tape, Boston, 1891 § Levick (G. M.) Natural History

of the Adélie Penguin, plates, original wrappers, 1915 § O’Brien

(R.) Report of the University of Dundee: North East Greenland

Expedition 1972, original wrappers, Dundee, [1973]; and c.35

others, similar, v.s. (c.40). £100 – £200

Lot 285

285. Sweet (Robert) th e british wa r b L e r s, 16 hand-coloured

plates, issue of the text with final signature E2 [pp. 45-48] which

has short descriptions of plates 10-16 but the names do not agree

with the fuller text placed opposite the plates, and this was perhaps

intended to be cancelled, half calf, worn, bound at the end 2pp.

from a letter apparently from Sweet (perhaps a copy) “as soon as

I can procure the remainder of the species I intend to have them

figured and will then publish the second part ”, inscription “Altena

Palace library” on flyleaf and signature (trimmed) on title of Sarah

Anne Bright, 8vo, for the author, 1823. £150 – £200

286. Swinhoe (Robert) th e nat u r a L hi s t o ry o F ha i n a n 7 parts

in 1 vol., nonce collection, 5 coloured plates (4 coloured by hand),

original printed boards, worn, inscribed by the author to Tegetmeier

(1816-1912, pigeon fancier) with a letter and Swinhoe’s obituary

inserted, 8vo, 1871. £100 – £150

* * * “I was at the Crystal Palace I enjoyed myself but could not get

the Pigeons to coo much.”

287. Tait (William C.) th e bi r d s o F po rt u g a L, 1924 § Verner

(Willoughby) My Life Among the Wild Birds in Spain, 1909;

The Natural History Diaries, Otley, 2002 § Partida (Fernando

Barrios) Nomads of the Strait of Gibraltar, Tarifa, 2007, plates and

illustrations, occasional spotting, the first three original cloth, the

last original boards, the third with dust-jacket, all slightly rubbed;

and c.30 others, similar, 8vo & 4to (c.35). £60 – £80

288. Tunnicliffe (C. F.).- Calcraft (Helen) un c L e da n’s

bi r d bo o k, original cloth, endpapers and mounted front cover

illustration by C. F. Tunnicliffe, [1944] § Priestley (Mary) A Book

of Birds, illustrations by C. F. Tunnicliffe, original cloth with rare

dust-jacket misprinting artist’s name as ‘Tunnycliffe’, wrapper

defective in places, 1937 § Lockley (R. M.) The Cinnamon Bird,

colour plates by Tunnicliffe, original cloth, dust-jacket, 1948 §

Tunnicliffe (C. F.) Shorelands Summer [& Winter] Diary, 2 vol.,

original cloth, dust-jackets, 1952-92; and c.20 others, illustrated by

the same, v.s. (c.25). £150 – £200

289. Vaurie (C.) ti b e t a n d i t s b i r d s, n u m b e r 4 o F 65 speciaL

c o p i e s, signed by the author, and with a note from the publisher to

PT about dinner with Vaurie, original half red morocco, gilt, t.e.g.,

by Sangorski, 1972; and a copy of the standard edition, in dustjacket,

8vo (2). £100 – £200

290. Vorobyov (K. A.) bi r d s o F t h e ussuriski re g i o n, colour

plates, Moscow, 1954 § Sevastyanov (A.) The Physiology of Birds,

Tallin, 1967, texts in Russian, original cloth; and 48 others, Russian

Birds, v.s. (c.50). £40 – £60

291. White (Gilbert) th e nat u r a L hi s t o ry a n d an t i q u i t i e s o F

se L b o r n e First e d i t i o n, 2 engraved vignette titles, 7 engraved

plates, several folding, Halifax Circulating Library label, dated

1816, on front pastedown and their stamp on plates, later label of

the Halifax Lit. & Phil., the book soiled in places, and the plates

rubbed and with slight loss at the folds, half calf, worn, rebacked

and furbished, 4to, 1789. £500 – £700

292. White (Gilbert) th e n at u r a L h i s to ry a n d a n t i q u i t i e s o F se L b o r n e

n e w e d i t i o n, 2 vignettes, 10 engraved plates (1 hand-coloured), half

russia, gilt, repaired, 4to, 1813; and 5 others, early White (includes

the first volume only of the large paper issue of the mentioned item,

limited to 50 copies), 8vo and 4to (6). £150 – £200

293. White ( Gilbert) th e nat u r a L hi s t o ry a n d an t i q u i t i e s o F

se L b o r n e, edited by Thomas Bell. 2 vol., First issue with the Greek

and Latin quotations incorrectly given at p.xvii, 1877; another

edition, L a r g e pa p e r c o p y, second issue with the Greek and Latin

quotations correctly given at p.xi, and the list of contents reprinted to

agree, 1877; another edition, edited by Grant Allen, illustrations by

E. H. New, 2 copies, uncut, 1900; another edition, colour plates by G.

E. Collins, 1911, all original cloth, a little rubbed; and c.80 others,

by or about Gilbert White, v.s. (c.85). £200 – £300

Lot 294

294. White (Gilbert) an at t r a c t i v e c o L L e c t i o n o F m at e r i a L

g at h e r e d b y a r p e F o r h i s e d i t i o n o F wh i t e’s se L b o u r n e.

2 vol., comprising: portfolio: c.15 letters, c.15 contemporary

photographs of Selbourne and surrounds, and c.10 plates (4

engravings from the first edition, a proof of a Keulemans plate from

Sharpe’s edition, etc.), modern plastic loose leaf folder; Notebook,

c.120 pp., notes and transcripts by or for Sharpe, including White

wills, church warden’s accounts, etc., cloth-backed binding a bit

worn, 4to and 8vo, [c. 1895-1905]. £300 – £500

* * * “Dear Dr. Sharpe, In order to ascertain whether Mr. Holt White

has taken extracts from the unpublished Pennant Letters direct from

the MS or had simply copied then from your book, I have collated

several of the said extracts as you wished and have found several

instances of slight errors in your book, occuring again in his ” Eva

J Jeayes, British Museum, 1902, other correspondents include J.E.

Harting and W.H. Hudson (2). We reproduce the photograph of the

The Annual Court [Leet] meeting.

Sharpe “paid many visits to the district of Selborne and became so

enamoured of the spot that he purchased a small piece of ground in

the neighbourhood and there built himself a cottage ” - obituary of

RBS, included with the lot.

Important Books and Manuscripts



295. Wilkinson (E. S.) sh a n g h a i bi r d s, 1929; The Shanghai

Bird Year, 1935 § Touche (J. D. D. la) A Handbook of the Birds of

Eastern China, 2 vol., 1925-34 § Caldwell (H. & J.) South China

Birds, [2 copies], stamped 339 ?limitation, [1931], plates, some

colour, all original cloth, rubbed, the last in dust-jacket, all but the

third Shanghai; and c.20 others, Birds in China, v.s. (c.25).

£200 – £300

296. Witherby (H.F., editor) british bi r d s, vol.1-98, 1907-2005

§ Alauda: Revue internationale d’Ornithologie. vol.24-64 in 29,

Paris, 1956 -95 L’Oiseau et la Revue Française d’Ornithologie,

vol.26-50 in 27, Paris, 1956-80, plates, mostly binder’s cloth, a

few of the later vol. loose in cases, 8vo; sold not subject to return

(c.160). £100 – £200

297. Witherby (H.F.) and others. th e ha n d b o o k o F british bi r d s,

5 vol., First e d i t i o n, 1938-41 § Lack (David) Darwin’s Finches,

Cambridge, 1947; Population Studies of Birds, Oxford, 1966;

Ecological Adaptations for Breeding in Birds, 1968 § Huntley

(Brian) and others. A Climatic Atlas of European Breeding Birds,

Durham, 2007, illustrations, all but the last original cloth with

dust-jackets, the last original boards; and c.150 others, on Birds,

v.s. (c. 160). £200 – £300

* * * The first mentioned is rarely found in such good condition.


Other Properties

298. Bird Stamps. ch r i s t i n e Ja c k s o n’s o w n c o L L e c t i o n o F b i r d

stamps, 21 York & Byron stamp albums, the stamps arranged in

systematic order (vol.1 Struthioniformes to Pelecanifromes; vol. 21

Fringillidae to Ploceidae), upwards of 5800 mint stamps mounted

in Howid strips, together with some ancilliary material, c.1970-

2003. (box). £2500 – £3000

* * * Could justly be called the definitive collection, since Christine

Jackson wrote the first book on the subject; Collecting Bird Stamps,

Witherby, 1977 and all the illustrations in the book are from the

present collection. Also included are the manuscript and proofs of

her book (and correspondence with the publisher), the bronze medal

and certificate awarded by the British Philatelic Society, several other

books on the subject, including those by Eliasson and Lanspeary,

packets of commemorative stamps issued by the GPO and the US

postal authorities (US BIrds; WIldlife America) and some used bird

stamps. A more detailed description is available on request.

Lot 298

299. [Bowdich (Sarah)] ta x i d e r m y F o r t h e u s e o F m u s e u m s a n d

traveLLers, second edition, 5 engraved plates, recent half cloth,

bit browned, 1821 § Clancey (P.A.) Gamebirds of Southern Africa,

coloured plates, original cloth, dust-jacket a bit worn, Cape Town,

1967; and others, similar, 8vo and 4to (14). £50 – £100

Lot 300

300. Donovan (Edward) th e nat u r a L hi s t o ry o F british bi r d s,

vol.1-5 only in 3 (of 10), 124 hand-coloured engraved plates, plates

generally clean but foxing and light offsetting to text, bookplate of

James Coates Sowerby on front pastedowns, contemporary green

straight-grain morocco, gilt, spines gilt with morocco labels, g.e.,

rubbed, spines a little faded, [Nissen 257], 8vo, for the Author,

1799. £2000 – £3000

301. [Dresser (H.E.) th e bi r d s o F eu r o p e], 87 hand-coloured

plates only (46 plovers etc; 41 ducks etc.), by Keulemans, disbound,

in two brown paper parcels, ex-Quaritch, marked up in Howard

Radclyffe’s hand, 4to, [1871-96]. (2). £100 – £200

302. [Gould (John) th e bi r d s o F eu r o p e] 8 uncoloured lithographs

by Edward Lear, disbound, blank margin of one plate damaged,

folio, [1832-37]. £50 – £100

Lot 303

303. Gould (John) th e bi r d s o F asia, vol.1, 2 & 3 only, First

e d i t i o n s, 229 hand-coloured plates by Gould, H.C. Richter and W.

Hart, vol.1 plate list with closed tear, plate 10 and opposite text

leaf with repaired tear, one or two plates stained, vol.2 plate 43

with closed tear approx 85mm. long, all with occasional foxing

and offsetting and a few small closed tears to edges, Wadhwan

State private library bookplate on front pastedowns, paper label

on spines and ink shelf number on title, contemporary morocco,

t.e.g., rubbed, [Nissen, 368; Fine Bird Books, p.78; Anker 178;

Wood p.365], folio, by the Author, 1850-83.

£15000 – £20000

* * * Vol. 1 (76 plates): Birds of Prey, Owls, Swifts, Swallows, Beeeaters,

Kingfishers, Rollers, Eurylaimes and Trogons.

Vol. 2 (75 plates): Pericrocoti, Flycatchers, Sun-birds, Nuthatches,

Tits and Orioles.

Vol. 3 (78 plates): Thrushes, Phyllornis, Bluebirds, Garrulaxes,

Suthoras and Paradoxornis.

Important Books and Manuscripts



304. [Gould (John) a mo n o g r a p h o F t h e ra m p h a s t i d a e o r Fa m iLy

o F to u c a n s], 20 uncoloured lithographs, 8 by Edward Lear, some

imprints trimmed, disbound, folio, [1852-54]. £60 – £120

305. Gould (John) an in t r o d u c t i o n to t h e tr o c h i L i d æ, o r Fa m iLy

o F hu m m i n g bi r d s, First s e pa r at e e d i t i o n, p r e s e n tat i o n c o p y F r o m

t h e a u t h o r, half-title, 4pp. advertisements at end, original cloth,

rebacked, preserving original backstrip, stained, 8vo, 1861.

£350 – £450

* * * The presentation inscription reads ‘Mrs. Amherst, presented

by, the author, August ?1st, 1862’.

306. [Gould (John) th e bi r d s o F gr e at britain] 39 uncoloured

lithograph plates, disbound, folio, [1862-73]. £100 – £200

307. Greene (W.T.) pa r r o t s in ca p t i v i t y, 3 vol., First e d i t i o n s, 81

wood-engraved plates printed in colours and finished by hand, tissue

guards, small ink stamp on reverse of plates some gatherings slightly

sprung with occasional tape reinforcement to gutters, later ownership

inscription on preliminary blank ff., original blind-tooled cloth with

gilt illustration to upper covers, worn at corner-tips, otherwise

externally very good, large 8vo, 1884-87. £1200 – £1800

308. Legge (W.V.) a hi s t o ry o F t h e bi r d s o F ce y L o n, First e d i t i o n,

key plate, coloured, map, 34 hand-coloured plates by Keulemans,

minor worming in first few leaves, title loose, some browning, few

blank margins frayed, one or two tears repaired, later binder’s cloth,

[Anker 284; Fine Bird Books p.115; Nissen 539; Wood p.430], 4to,

published by the author, 1880. £3500 – £4000


Lot 309

309. Levaillant (Francois) histoire nat u r e L L e d e s oi s e a u x

d’aF r i q u e, 6 vol., half-titles, 300 engraved plates, printed in colour

and finished by hand, 4 double-page, a few with imprints/captions

trimmed, one slightly creased, a few short tears, foxing, vol.5 with

light water-stain to inner lower corner throughout, 20th century

red half crushed morocco, gilt by Sangorski and Sutcliffe, t.e.g.,

4to, Paris, 1799-1808. £8000 – £12000

* * * A handsome set of the issue with J.J.Fuchs to imprint of vol.1-3

and Delachaussée to vol.4-6.

310. Macgillivray (W.) a hi s t o ry o F british bi r d s, 5 vol., First e d i t i o n,

26 engraved plates, later tree calf, by Holloway of Birmingham, joints

repaired, 2 new labels, 8vo, 1837-52. £200 – £250

Lot 307

Lot 309

Important Books and Manuscripts



311. Meyer (Henry Leonard) Il l u s t r at I o n s o f BrItIsh BI r d s,

4 vol., lithographed titles and plate lists, 319 hand-coloured

lithograph plates, most with guards, some foxing, contemporary

green half morocco, gilt, g.e., spines very slightly faded, [Nissen

627; Sitwell p.123], folio, [1835-41]. £5000 – £7000

* * * A very good set. This issue with no dates on title-pages. “With

the possible exception of Lord Lilford’s Birds, this is the finest

and most complete atlas of portraits of British avifauna (with their

eggs) ever published”, Wood p.462.

312. Smythies (Bertram E.) BI r d s o f Bu r m a , fIrst e d I t I o n, colour

plates with captioned guards, folding map, bookplate of Ernst

Mayr, loosely inserted prospectus, T.L.s. from the author to “Dear

Dr. Mayr”, and folded/worn dust-jacket, original cloth, hinges

repaired, text block resewn and reglued, 8vo, Rangoon, American

Baptist Mission Press, 1940. £400 – £600

* * * According to the author’s typed letter “only 1000 copies of the

first edition were printed, and most of these were left behind when

their owners walked out of Burma in 1942; we heard subsequently

on good authority that the Japs collected many copies and took

them off to Tokyo where they were housed in the library of the

Royal Veterinary College, later destroyed in an air raid.”


Lot 311

Lot 312

Important Books and Manuscripts



313. a g r o u p o f 8 a l l e g o r I c a l p l at e s, classical scenes relating

to horticulture and pomology, by or after Poussin, Bloemaert,

Reni, and others, hand-coloured engravings, each c.305 x 205mm.,

foxing, slight spotting, 17th century; with 4 similar plates also

related to horticulture (12). £150 – £250

314. Blankaart (Steven) sc h o u-B u r g d e r rupsen, w o r m e n ,

m a ’d e n e n v l I e g e n d e d I e r k e n s, [ee r s t e n de e l; a l l p u B l I s h e d] fIrst

e d I t I o n, engraved title, 16 engraved plates, as described in the

text, with the extra plates 17-22, a l l c o l o u r e d B y a c o n t e m p o r a ry

h a n d, t o g e t h e r w It h 13 wat e r c o l o u r s o f B I r d s, 10 on blank leaves

at beginning and end, the other 3 on blanks in the book (title verso,

N8, O1), contemporary vellum, bit soiled, the Macclesfield copy

(sale I, lot 14) with South Library bookplate and blindstamp on

first few leaves as usual, contemporary number 803 on first blank,

18th century Shirburn pressmark VIII.e.39, 8vo, Amsterdam, Jan

ten Hoorn, 1688. £6000 – £8000

* * * The additional plates are rarely found; both Dryander II,

211 & Hagen 56 call for 16 plates, as does Copac (the British

Library copy). They, and the bird plates, may be connected with

the unpublished continuation, the manuscript for which is in the

Royal Library at The Hague (they seem not to have the book itself).

Blanckaart was a doctor but also an artist; he practised painting as

well as paper-cutting (papieren snijkunst); perhaps we have here an

example of his art.


❦ Other Natural History

Lot 314

Lot 315

315. Bloch (Marcus Elieser) [Ic h t h y o l o g I e, o u h I s t o I r e

n at u r e l l e], a bound group of 55 plates, original hand-coloured

engravings, a few part-printed in colours, each c.200 x 360mm.,

marginal damp-staining to a few plates and occasional slight

surface dirt, otherwise generally clean and the colours bright,

later vellum-backed marbled board, manuscript title on spine,

oblong folio, [c.f. Nissen 415], folio, [Berlin, 1782-85].

£3000 – £4000

Lot 316

316. Donovan (Edward) th e nat u r a l hI s t o ry o f BrItIsh In s e c t s,

vol.1-10 only in 5 (of 16, 6 vol. published later), 360 engraved

plates, all but a few hand-coloured or partly so, tissue guards, errata

leaves at end of vol.1, 2, 3, 5 & 6, plates generally clean but foxing

and light offsetting to text, one or two leaves slightly defective at

fore-edge where badly opened, bookplate of James Coates Sowerby

on pastedowns, contemporary half green morocco, spines gilt with

morocco labels, g.e., rubbed, spines a little faded, [Nissen 1142],

8vo, for the Author, 1792-1801. £1000 – £1500

* * * Donovan originally planned the work to be complete in 10

vols, but later added a further six after an interval of several years.

317. Donovan (Edward) nat u r a l hIs t o ry o f t h e Insects o f In d I a,

new edition, 58 hand-coloured engraved plates, a few ff. and plates

loose, a few plates lightly foxed, but generally all in good condition,

text ff. spotted, original pictorial cloth, gilt, upper hinge broken, some

fraing, a little loss on upper cover, 4to, 1842. £700 – £900

Lot 318

318. Donovan (Edward) nat u r a l hI s t o ry o f t h e In s e c t s o f

In d I a , 44 hand-coloured engraved plates only (of 57), a few plates

lightly foxed, contemporary half tan morocco, rubbed and worn,

4to, T.Bensley, 1800 [-04]. £600 – £800

319. G[urney] (R.H.J.) me m o Ir o f Jo h n he n ry gu r n e y, limited to

50 copies, portrait, original cloth, rubbed, inscribed by the author

to Mrs. (Eliza) Brightwen, and with a note of the limitation, [no

copy on Copac], Norwich, privately printed, 1893 § [Harting (J.E.)

and T. Southwell]. Memoir of the late John Henry Gurney, 8pp.,

offprint from ‘The zoologist’, original cloth, 1890; and 5 others,

Gurney interest, v.s. (7). £200 – £300

Lot 320

320. Hoefnagel (Jacob) [ar c h e t y pa s t u d I a q u e pat r Is a ], 23 plates

only, comprising [pars secunda], plates 1-5 & 8-12 & pars tertia,

engraved title (not called for in part 2) + plates 1-12 (complete),

later restrikes from the original plates, some soiling, 2 insect plates

by W. Hollar inserted, a large copy in recent half calf [by Bernard

Middleton], bound as 4to, [Frankfurt, 1592 (but c. 1740?)].

£600 – £800

321. Humphreys (Henry Noël) th e ge n e r a o f BrItIsh mo t h s,

2 vol., pictorial title, 62 hand-coloured engraved plates, 2pp.

advertisements, original gilt-pictorial blue cloth, slightly rubbed,

g.e., large 8vo, [c.1860]. £450 – £550

322. Humphreys (Henry Noël) th e ge n e r a a n d sp e c I e s o f

BrItIsh Bu t t e r f l I e s, hand-coloured pictorial title, 32 handcoloured

engraved plates, original gilt-pictorial blue cloth, slightly

rubbed, g.e., large 8vo, [c.1860]. £250 – £350

323. Sharrock (J.) and others. th e nat u r a l hI s t o ry o f ca p e

cl e a r Is l a n d, illustrations by Robert Gilmor, original cloth, dustjacket,

a nice copy, Berkhamstead, Poyser, 1973 § Priestley (Sir

Raymond) and others. Antarctic research; a review of British

scientific achievement, plates, cloth, slip-case, the map in a

separate porfolio, 1964; and others, v.s. £50 – £100

en d o f mo r n I n g sessIon

sa l e w Il l r e c o m m e n c e at 2.00pm p r e c I s e ly

Important Books and Manuscripts




se c o n d sessIon

co m m e n c I n g at 2.00pm p r e c I s e ly

Books from the Library at Crowe Hall, Bath

An elegant mansion in the Regency style, set in a superb landscaped garden just outside the centre

of Bath, Crowe Hall was until recently the home of John Barratt, an eccentric schoolmaster and

historian. To walk into the magnificently gloomy library at Crowe was to enter an Edwardian

time-capsule, in which a fabulous treasury of rare books had been miraculously preserved from the

ravages of time.

The collection was built up by three generations of the family and reflects their remarkably

eclectic tastes and interests. Barratt’s grandfather, a doctor in Bristol, collected antiquarian books

about Bath, Bristol and the West Country as well as many first editions of 19th and early 20th

century novels. This strand of the collection was augmented by Barratt’s father, the eminent scientist

and industrialist Sir Sydney Barratt. Sir Sydney was also passionately interested in art, architecture,

furniture, gardening and natural history, and acquired many classic and rare editions of works in

these areas.

John Barratt continued to add to the collection after his father’s death in 1975, with a

particular interest in history and travel. An adventurous traveller himself, he loved to prepare

for his journeys to remote places by exploring exotic byways of world history in front of a

blazing log-fire in his library, which had something of the atmosphere of a gentleman’s club in

the years before World War One.

Further books from Crowe Hall will be offered in our Bibliophile sale on Thursday 17 June.

Lot 324

324. Ackermann (Rudolph, publisher) th e hI s t o ry o f t h e aB B e y

ch u r c h o f st. pe t e r’s we s t m I n s t e r, 2 vol., fIrst e d I t I o n, engraved

portrait and plan, 81 hand-coloured aquatint plates, browned,

some foxing and spotting, later half calf over contemporary

marbled boards, rubbed, [Abbey, Scenery, 213], 4to, 1812.

£300 – £400

Lot 325

325. Berain (Jean) or n e m e n s d e pe I n t u r e e t d e sc u l p t u r e, q u I

s o n d a n s l a ga l e r I e d’ap o l l o n, a u ch at e a u d u lo u v r e, e t d a n s l e

gr a n d ap pa rt e m e n t d u ro y a u pa l a I s d e s tu I l l e r I e s, fine engraved

pictorial title by Scotin after Berain, 11 plates by Jean Berain 13

plates by Chauveau and 4 plates by Lemoine, generally crisp and

clean, a few spots or minor marginal stains, [Paris], 1710 B o u n d

a f t e r 41 engraved plates of medallions from the reign of Louis

XIV by de la Boissiere, c o n t e m p o r a ry r e d m o r o c c o w It h g I lt a r m s

o f lo u I s XIv, covers with wide foliage scrolling borders, spine in

compartments and gilt, lacking 2 labels, joints split, but holding

firm, rubbed and scuffed, n.d. [18th century], folio £750 – £1000

ar c h I t e c t u r e & de s I g n

Lot 326

326. Bridgens (Richard) fu r n I t u r e w It h ca n d e l a B r a a n d

In t e r I o r de c o r at I o n, hand-coloured engraved title and 59 plates

on 58 sheets, 1 double-page, 2 plates (including double-page) with

repaired tear through image, the single plate across whole image,

contemporary morocco-backed cloth, rebacked, preserving original

backstrip, corners worn, cloth soiled, folio, William Pickering,

1838. £1000 – £1500

327. Busby (C.A.) a se r I e s o f des I g n s f o r vIl l a s a n d cou n t ry

ho u s e s. ad a p t e d w It h e c o n o m y to t h e comf o rt s a n d to t h e

el e g a n c e s o f mod e r n lIfe, fIrst e d I t I o n, half-title, 24 engraved

plates, 14 sepia-printed aquatints, water-stained at lower corner,

within platemark, but miraculoulsy not touching images, original

boards, ?later cloth spine, original paper label to spine, corners

worn, 4to, 1808. £300 – £400

Lot 328

328. Chippendale (Thomas) or n a m e n t s a n d In t e r I o r de c o r at I o n s

In t h e old fr e n c h style, 2 engraved pictorial titles and 49

plates, John Weale, 1834 B o u n d w It h Johnson (Thomas) A Book

of Ornaments, engraved pictorial title and 3 plates, John Weale,

1834 B o u n d w It h Lock (M.) ?and others A Book of Ornaments, 16

engraved plates, John Weale, 1834 B o u n d w It h 28 engraved plates of

window designs and interiors, n.d., Chippendale plates in generally

good clean condition ( a few spots), many of others spotted or foxed,

modern calf, spine gilt, 4to £750 – £1000

* * * A superb selection of plates. The Chippendale is rare.

Important Books and Manuscripts




Lot 329

329. Dart (Rev. John) we s t m o n a s t e r I u m, o r t h e hI s t o ry a n d

an t I q u I t I e s o f t h e aB B e y ch u r c h o f st. pe t e r s, we s t m I n s t e r, 2

vol., engraved titles, frontispiece (1 folding), portrait, 7 plates of

subscriber’s Arms and 126 plates, a few folding, list of subscribers,

some water-staining to last few ff. of vol.1, a few tears to folding

plates, contemporary panelled calf, joints split, but holding firm,

rubbed and scuffed, folio, James Cole, [c.1723]. £250 – £350

Lot 330

330. Elsam (Richard) hI n t s f o r Im p r o v I n g t h e co n d I t I o n o f

t h e pe a s a n t ry By pr o m o t I n g co m f o rt In t h e I r ha B I tat I o n s, halftitle,

11 aquatint plates, all but 1 hand-coloured, light offsetting,

occasional spotting or small areas of soiling, original printed

boards, sympathetically rebacked, slightly worn, soiled, [Abbey,

Life, 15], folio, 1816. £600 – £800

Lot 332

331. Fry (Priscilla A.) Il l u s t r at I o n s o f en g l I s h po r c e l a I n,

ea rt h e n wa r e, a n d en a m e l gl a s s , engraved frontispiece, portrait

of the author, signed beneath, A.L.s. from Hugh Owen, mounted

plates, many colour, contemporary red morocco, upper cover with

gilt armorial centre-piece, 4to, Cotham, Bristol, privately printed,

1913. £200 – £300

* * * Hugh Owen, writer on ceramics.

332. Lawford (Henry) al B u m [o f] de s I g n s f o r so fa s, &c.,

17 hand-coloured lithographed designs, linen-backed, folding

concertina style into original cloth, a little soiled and frayed, a

charming set of designs, narrow 4to, 1855. £600 – £800

Lot 333

333. Leeds Pottery.- [pat t e r n Bo o k], 71 fine engraved plates

depicting several hundred items, ?lacking engraved title page, a

few folding, a few with contemporary ink prices and notes, 1 folding

plate with repaired tears, slight loss to centre of image, replaced

in later ink, some foxing and soiling, engraved bookplate of John

Rutherfurd, later half calf, rebacked, preserving original, rather

worn, backstrip, rubbed, [c.1814]. £800 – £1200

* * * The pottery was founded in 1770 and took the name Hartley,

Greens & Co. in 1775. Its creamware designs rapidly established it

as a serious rival to Wedgwood. The first Leeds Pottery catalogue,

with 45 plates, appeared in 1783; a l l e d I t I o n s a r e n o w r a r e.

334. lo n d o n ca B I n e t Bo o k o f pr I c e s (th e), engraved pictorial

title and 20 plates only (?of 29), title laid down and with a minor

marginal tear, occasional spotting or finger-soiling, 20th century

half reversed calf, 4to, [c.1788]. £150 – £200

Lot 335

335. Loudon (John Claudius) a tr e at I s e o n fo r m I n g, Im p r o v I n g,

a n d ma n a g I n g co u n t ry re s I d e n c e s , 2 vol., half-titles, 32 engraved

plates, engraved overlay in untrimmed state, 2 additional engraved

views bound in at end, offsetting, a few minor stains, lightly

browned, modern half calf over old marbled boards, boards rubbed

and faded, 4to, 1806. £500 – £700

* * * Includes agriculture and gardens.

Lot 337

Lot 336

336. Malton (James) an essay o n BrItIsh co t ta g e ar c h I t e c t u r e,

second edition, half-title, 23 sepia-engraved aquatint plates, plate

15 dated 1800 and 22 & 23 1803, the rest 1798, contemporary half

calf, rather worn, but holding firm, 4to, 1804. £300 – £400

* * * With two additional plates not included in the first edition.

337. Morris (Richard) essays o n la n d s c a p e ga r d e n I n g, a n d o n

u n I t I n g pI c t u r e s q u e effect w It h ru r a l sc e n e ry , fIrst e d I t I o n,

half-title, 6 aquatint plates, 3 hand-coloured and 3 sepia (2 with

overslips), text spotted, original boards, original printed label to

spine (chipped with some loss), joints splitting, but holding firm,

corners worn, lightly soiled, [Abbey, Life, 40], a good copy, folio,

1825. £1000 – £1500

Important Books and Manuscripts




Lot 338

338. Pain (William) th e pr a c t I c a l ho u s e ca r p e n t e r, fifth

edition, 147 engraved plates, a few double-page, some light soiling

or spotting, later calf, covers detached, corners worn, rubbed, 4to,

I. and J. Taylor, 1794. £300 – £400

Lot 339

339. Palladio (Andrea) th e fI r s t Bo o k o f ar c h I t e c t u r e, third

edition, engraved additional pictorial title and 66 plates, some

marginal staining, occasional spotting, contemporary calf,

rebacked, new upper cover, old cover corners worn, rubbed, small

4to, for N. Simmons, 1676. £400 – £600

Lot 340

340. Papworth (John Buonarotti) ru r a l re s I d e n c e s, consisting

of a Series of Designs for Cottages, Decorated Cottages, Small

Villas, and other Ornamental Buildings, fIrst e d I t I o n, half-title, 27

hand-coloured aquatint plates, with the final blank, water-staining

to c.pp.11-15, occasional spotting or light foxing, contemporary

cloth, faded and stained, [Abbey Life 45; cf.Berlin Kat. 2321, 1832

edition], 8vo, R.Ackermann, 1818. £500 – £700

Lot 341

341. Papworth (John Buonarotti) hI n t s o n or n a m e n ta l

ga r d e n I n g: c o n s I s t I n g o f a s e r I e s o f d e s I g n s f o r g a r d e n B u I l d I n g s

, fIrst e d I t I o n, half-title, sepia-printed aquatint plan with overslip,

27 fine hand-coloured aquatint plates, a few illustrations and

diagrams in text, some offsetting and spotting, contemporary cloth,

chipped label to spine, faded, [Abbey, Life, 46; Berlin Kat. 3436],

4to, R.Ackermann, 1823. £600 – £800

* * * The fine aquatint plates include an aviary, dairy, ice house,

laundry, poultry house, Venetian tent, a bath and an apiary.

Lot 342

342. Percier (C.) & P.F.L. Fontaine. re c u e I l d e dé c o r at I o n s

In t é r I e u r e s, fine engraved head-piece and 80 hand-coloured

plates, plates with some soiling and spotting , a few with marginal

browning, a few slightly frayed at edges, 20th century half red

crushed morocco, spine gilt, slightly rubbed, folio, Paris, 1812.

£400 – £600

* * * Includes many ornate and luxurious beds, chairs and curtains.

343. Pilkington (Rev. Matthew) th e ge n t l e m a n’s a n d

co n n o I s s e u r’s dI c t I o n a ry o f pa I n t e r s, occasional ink marginalia

or notes, a few small stains, engraved bookplate of Duke of

Somerset, contemporary panelled calf, rebacked, preserving

original gilt backstrip, rubbed and spotted, 4to, for T. Cadell,

1770. £150 – £200

Lot 346

Lot 344

344. Plaw (John) fe r m e or n e e; o r ru r a l Im p r o v e m e n t s, 38 sepia

aquatint plates, ink spot to outer margin of title, marginal foxing,

some damp-staining, a few spots within images, contemporary half

calf, spines gilt, spine ends chipped, upper joint split, but holding

firm, rubbed, 4to, I. and J. Taylor at the Architectural Library,

1796. £300 – £400

345. Price (Uvedale, Sir) an essay o n t h e pI c t u r e s q u e, 2

parts in 1, light water-staining to outer margin of part of part 2,

contemporary mottled calf, rebacked, 8vo, J.Robson, 1794-1795.

£150 – £200

* * * The second part is A letter to H. Repton.

346. Pyne (William Henry) th e hI s t o ry o f t h e ro ya l re s I d e n c e s,

3 vol., l a r g e pa p e r c o p y, 100 hand-coloured aquatint plates, crisp

and clean internally, modern blue half crushed morocco, spines

in compartments and richly gilt, slight fading to spines, [Abbey,

Scenery, 397; Tooley 389], folio, 1819. £3000 – £4000

Important Books and Manuscripts



347. Repton (Humphry) sk e t c h e s a n d hI n t s o n la n d s c a p e

ga r d e n I n g. Collected from designs and observations now in the

possession of the different noblemen and gentlemen for whose use

they were originally made , fIrst e d I t I o n, with 83pp. Appendix and

‘explanation of plates’ f. at end, half-title, 16 aquatint plates of

which 10 hand-coloured with overlays (3 double-page, 1 folding, 4

plates with 2 overlays) and 6 uncoloured (4 with overlays, the other

two touched up with partial tinting or colouring), wood-engraved

tail-piece, lacking half-title, occasional spotting, Appendix with

some browning and spotting, contemporary burgundy half morocco,

gilt, slightly spotted, rubbed at extremities, [Abbey Scenery 388;

Henrey 1269], oblong folio, by W.Bulmer & Co. for J. & J.Boydell

and G.Nicol, [1794]. £5000 – £7000

* * * th e a u t h o r’s fIrst B o o k. The work was compiled from his famous

‘Red Books’ which were drawn up for prospective clients and included

watercolours with overlays showing before and after scenes.

348. Repton (Humphry) oB s e rvat I o n s o n t h e th e o ry a n d

pr a c t I c e o f la n d s c a p e ga r d e n I n g, fIrst e d I t I o n, stipple-engraved

frontispiece portrait by W.Holl after S.Shelley (spotted), 11 handcoloured

aquatint plates (9 with overlays, 1 folding), 13 engraved

plates (mostly aquatint, some tinted, 3 with overlays, 1 doublepage)

and 3 engraved plans (1 hand-coloured), 11 aquatint

illustrations in text, 2 with overlays, wood-engraved illustrations,

offsetting, occasional spotting, folding plate with two repaired

tears, endpapers damp-stained, engraved bookplate of Samuel

Gardiner, hinges reinforced, contemporary green straight-grain

morocco, by H. Walther, covers with triple gilt filet borders, spine in

compartments and richly gilt, water-stained, [Abbey Scenery 390;

Berlin Kat. 3431], 4to, J.Taylor, 1803. £4000 – £6000


Lot 347

349. Repton (Humphry) fr a g m e n t s o n t h e th e o ry a n d pr a c t I c e

o f la n d s c a p e ga r d e n I n g, 42 aquatint plates and plans, 21 handcoloured

(3 folding), others tinted, aquatint vignettes, 13 plates and

2 vignettes with overlays, light offsetting, else clean, modern green

half calf, richly gilt spine in compartments and with red and blue

leather labels, a few scuff marks to spine, [Abbey Scenery 391],

4to, 1816. £6000 – £8000

Lot 350

350. Robertson (William) de s I g n s In ar c h I t e c t u r e f o r ga r d e n

ch a I r s, sm a l l gat e s f o r vI l l a s, pa r k en t r a n c e s, av I a ry s,

te m p l e s, Bo at ho u s e s , fIrst e d I t I o n, hand-coloured aquatint

frontispiece and 24 plates, offsetting, original boards, joints split,

soiled, [Abbey, Life, 63], oblong folio, R. Ackermann, 1800.

£1200 – £1400

* * * Rare.

Lot 348

Lot 349

Important Books and Manuscripts




Lot 351

351. Robinson (Peter Frederick) de s I g n s f o r or n a m e n ta l vIllas

third edition, lithographed pictorial title and 96 plates, 1836; Village

Architecture, lithographed frontispiece and 40 plates, 1837, both

workes foxed, uniformly bound in later morocco-backed cloth,

morocco labels to upper covers, rubbed, 4to (2). £600 – £800

Lot 352

352. Rutter (John) de l I n e at I o n s o f fo n t h I l l a n d I t s aB B e y,

l a r g e pa p e r c o p y, hand-coloured aquatint frontispiece, additional

pictorial title and plate, 10 engraved plates, large folding plan,

hand-coloured in outline, engraved vignettes, double-page

genealogical table, engraved plates spotted, original boards,

original engraved pictorial label to upper cover, sympathetically

rebacked, corners worn, rubbed and soiled, [Abbey, Scenery, 418],

a good copy, folio, 1823. £400 – £600

* * * Home of William Beckford, author of Vathek.

353. Sandby (William) th e hI s t o ry o f t h e ro ya l ac a d e m y o f

art s, 2 vol., e X t r a-I l l u s t r at e d w It h c.90 e X t r a e n g r av e d p l at e s,

most on india paper, half-title, wood-engraved frontispiece and

plates, handsome later red crushed morocco by Morrell, spines in

compartments and richly gilt, t.e.g., thick 8vo, 1862. £200 – £300

Lot 354

354. Sheraton (Thomas) th e ca B I n e t dI c t I o n a ry c o n ta I n I n g

a n eX p l I n at I o n o f a l l t h e t e r m s u s e d In t h e ca B I n e t, ch a I r &

up h o l s t e ry Br a n c h e s, 86 engraved plates, some folding, list

of subscribers, a few plates trimmed, affecting captions, a few

repaired tears, some repaired, some foxing, staining or soiling,

contemporary calf, corners worn, rubbed and scuffed, 8vo, 1803.

£250 – £350

Lot 355

355. Smith (George) th e ca B I n e t-ma k e r a n d up h o l s t e r e r’s

gu I d e, c.149 engraved plates, 34 hand-coloured, offsetting, some

foxing, contemporary mottled calf, gilt, rebacked, preserving

original gilt backstrip, rubbed, 4to, 1828. £400 – £600

Lot 356

356. Thomson (James) re t r e at s: a se r I e s o f de s I g n s f o r

co t ta g e s, vI l l a s, a n d or n a m e n ta l Bu I l d I n g s, second edition, 41

engraved plates, 31 hand-coloured aquatints, offsetting, library

stamp and ink signature to title, light soiling to recto of 1 plate

and verso of 2 plates (charcoal powder??), else plates in very

good bright condition, a few marginal marks, contemporary half

morocco, spine gilt, rubbed, [cf.Abbey, Life, 76, 1827 edition], 4to,

1840. £400 – £600

357. Whitaker (Henry) ca B I n e t ma k e r & up h o l s t e r e r’s

tr e a s u ry o f de s I g n s, engraved pictorial title and 79 plates, foxed,

contemporary half calf, upper hinge broken, corners worn, rubbed,

4to, n.d. [c.1850]. £300 – £400

Lot 358

358. Wright (William) gr o t o s q u e ar c h I t e c t u r e, o r ru r a l

am u s e m e n t , new edition, 28 engraved plates, 3pp. advertisments,

lacking frontispiece, ink ownership inscription of William Wheeler

to title, title soiled and spotted, text lightly browned, contemporary

half calf, upper cover detached, rather worn, 8vo, for I. Taylor,

[c.1790]. £200 – £300

lI t e r at u r e & hI s t o ry

Lot 359

359. Binding.- Bo o k o f co m m o n pr ay e r (th e) handsome

contemporary red morocco, covers with wide scrolling floral and

foliage borders, spine in compartments and richly gilt, slightly

soiled, a little rubbing, g.e., [Gaskell 19], large 8vo, Cambridge,

John Baskerville, 1762. £300 – £400

Lot 360

360. Walpole (Horace) an e c d o t e s o f pa I n t I n g In en g l a n d, 4 vol.,

plus A Catalogue of Engravers, 5 vol. in total, vol.1-3 and 5 second

edition, vol.4 fIrst e d I t I o n, engraved frontispiece, title vignette and

112 plates, including 9 in the Catalogue of Engravers, vol.1 and 2

water-staining to foot, mostly marginal but within some plates and

touching text on a few ff., offsetting, t h e Jo h n he ly -hu t c h I n s o n

c o p y, with engraved bookplates, attractive contemporary red

straight-grain morocco, gilt, covers with gilt floral and butterfly

corner-pieces, spines faded, 3 reapirs to covers, rubbed, [Hazen

p.62], 4to, Strawberry-Hill, 1765. £500 – £700

Lot 361

361. [Johnson (Samuel)] a Jo u r n e y to t h e we s t e r n Is l a n d s o f

sc o t l a n d, second edition, 6-line errata, original boards, repaired,

soiled, preserved in a modern cloth chemise and slip-case, 8vo,

W.Strahan and T. Cadell, 8vo, 1775. £250 – £350

362. Johnson (Samuel) th e lI v e s o f t h e mo s t em I n e n t en g l I s h

po e t s, 4 vol., fIrst s e pa r at e e d I t I o n, engraved portrait frontispiece,

occasional spotting, contemporary polished calf, spines gilt and

with red morocco label, chipping to heads of spines, 8vo for C.

Bathurts [&c.], 1781. £150 – £200

Lot 363

363. Beckford (William) an ar a B I a n ta l e, fr o m a n u n p u B l I s h e d

m a n u s c r I p t [vat h e k], fIrst e d I t I o n, errata f., a few engraved

illustrations, occasional contemporary ink marginalia, title with

some staining and lightly soiled, repaired tear to lower margin of

D3, a few small stains, new endpapers, modern polished brown

calf, gilt, spine very slightly faded, g.e., [Rothschild 352], 8vo, for

J.Johnson, 1786. £300 – £400

Important Books and Manuscripts



364. Knight (Richard Payne) an an a ly t I c a l In q u I ry I n t o t h e

pr I n c I p l e s o f ta s t e, second edition, occasional light spotting,

contemporary mottled calf, sympathetically rebacked, 8vo, 1805.

£80 – £120


Lot 365

365. Jenkins (James) th e ma rt I a l ac h I e v e m e n t s o f gr e at

BrItaIn, hand-coloured aquatint frontispiece and vignette title,

hand-coloured engraved dedication, 51 hand-coloured aquatint

plates, paper guards, occasional spotting, but plates generally in

very good, bright, condition, contemporary half red straight-grain

morocco, gilt, spine marked, corners worn, rubbed, [Abbey, Life

365; Tooley 281], still a very good copy, folio, [1815].

£750 – £100

Lot 366

366. Baker (Mary) ca r a B o o: a na r r at I v e o f a sIng u l a r

Im p o s I t I o n, p r a c t I s e d u p o n t h e Ben e v o l e n c e o f a lad y r e s I d I n g

In t h e vIcInIty o f t h e cIt y o f BrI s t o l, fIrst e d I t I o n, half-title,

engraved portrait frontispiece by N. Braithwhite and folding

engraved plate by E.Bird, some light spotting, final two leaves with

marginal repairs, affecting a couple of letters of text, later half calf,

8vo, Bristol & London, 1817. £400 – £600

* * * The account of an elaborate hoax. In early 1817 a young

woman arrived at Almondsbury in Gloucestershire speaking in a

language which the villagers could not understand. Apparently of

oriental descent, she was taken in by a local couple and became

something of a cause celebre.

From interpretation of various signs, gestures and words it was

claimed she was Caraboo, a princess of Javasu in the Indian

Ocean who had been captured by pirates and sold to the captain

of a brig. She had escaped by jumping ship, swimming ashore and

then eventually, after six weeks of wandering, found herself at


The local newspapers of Bath and Bristol gave her increasing

attention but after about ten weeks she was exposed as Mary

Wilcocks, the daughter of a shoemaker Thomas Wilcocks and

Mary Burgess of Witheridge, Devon. She was also known as Mary

Baker, the name of her supposed first husband.

367. Ruskin (John) mo d e r n pa I n t e r s, 5 vol. in 4, engraved plates,

occasional spotting, bookplates of Belton House, contemporary

polished calf, spines richly gilt and with red and green leather labels,

vol.5 joints starting but holding firm, some scuffing to covers, 1848-

1856; The Stones of Venice, 3 vol., engraved plates, contemporary

dark green morocco, spines gilt, spines slightly darkened, rubbed,

1853; and 2 others, Ruskin, v.s. (10). £200 – £300

368. Clarendon (Edward Hyde, 1st Earl of) th e hI s t o ry o f t h e

re B e l l I o n a n d cIvIl wa r s In en g l a n d, 7 vol., attractive navy blue

crushed half morocco, gilt, spines in compartments, 1 raised band

damaged, but intact, 8vo, Oxford, 1849. £200 – £300

Lot 369

369. Chaucer (Geoffrey) po e m s , 6 vol., engraved portrait

frontispiece, a little water-staining, handsome contemporary

burgundy morocco, gilt, upper covers with gilt Aldine anchor

devices, spine in compartments, raised bands edged in gilt, some

light spotting and soiling, rubbed at extremities, but generally an

attractive set, g.e., William Pickering, 1852. £200 – £300

370. Kinglake (A.W.) th e In va s I o n o f t h e cr Im e a : It’s orIgIn,

a n d a n ac c o u n t o f I t s pr o g r e s s, 8 vol., folding maps and plans,

modern half red morocco, spines gilt, covers rubbed, 8vo, 1863-

1887. £250 – £350

Lot 371

371. Surtees (Robert Smith) [wo r k s], 6 vol., comprising:

Handley Cross, Ask Mama, Plain or Ringlets, Mr Romford’s

Hounds, Hawbuck Grange, Mr Sponge’s Sporting Tour, handcoloured

plates (1 loose), illustrations, original pictorial cloth,

gilt, some spines very slightly faded, one with small abrasions,

generally near fine, 8vo, [c.1880] £200 – £300

372. Blackmore (R. D.) ch r I s t o w e l l. a da rt m o o r ta l e., 3 vol.,

ink ownership inscription to front pastedowns and periodically

throughout all 3 vol., occasional spotting or finger-soiling, original

cloth, slightly cocked, spines faded, corners frayed, rubbed, 8vo,

1882. £150 – £200

Lot 373

373. Kipling (Rudyard) th e Ju n g l e Bo o k [- th e se c o n d Ju n g l e

Bo o k], 2 vol., fIrst e d I t I o n s, frontispiece and illustrations by

J.L.Kipling and others, 2pp. advertisements at end of Second,

occasional foxing or spotting, original blue gilt-pictorial cloth,

Jungle Book cocked, both rubbed at extremities, g.e., 8vo, 1894-

95. £500 – £700

Lot 374

374. Wilde (Oscar) rav e n n a. Recited in the Theatre, Oxford, June

26, 1878, from the Newdigate Prize Poem series, original printed

wrappers, splitting at spine, [Mason 1], 8vo, Oxford, Thomas

Shrimpton, 1878. £180 – £220

* * * The author’s first separately published work.

375. Wilde (Oscar) lo r d art h u r sav Il e ’s cr Im e & o t h e r s t o r I e s,

fIrst e d I t I o n, [one of 1500 copies for domestic circulation], pencil

markings to one p., spotting to endpapers, otherwise internally

very good, original salmon boards with lettering, devices and price

printed in brown, shelf-lean, slightly rubbed and darkened at spine,

split to paper at lower joint, some other light rubbing and surface

marking, [Mason 345], 8vo, 1891. £150 – £200

376. Wilde (Oscar) In t e n t I o n s, fIrst e d I t I o n, [one of 1500

copies], spotting and minor marking to endpapers, original green

buckram, lettered in gilt with gilt decorations by Charles Ricketts,

uncut, [Mason 840], 8vo, 1891. £120 – £180

Lot 377

377. Wilde (Oscar) la d y wI n d e r m e r e’s fa n: A Play About a Good

Woman, fIrst e d I t I o n, [one of 500 copies], 14pp. advertisements

dated September 1893 and printers f. at end, bookplate of Lily

Antrobus, internally excellent, original salmon cloth with gilt

decorations by Charles Shannon, slight dulling to spine, uncut,

[Mason 357], 8vo, 1893. £500 – £700

Lot 378

378. Wilde (Oscar) a wo m a n o f no Im p o rta n c e, fIrst e d I t I o n,

one of 500 copies, 14pp. advertisements dated March 1894 and

printer’s f. at end, bookplate of Lily Antrobus on front pastedown,

internally fine, original salmon cloth, gilt decorations by Charles

Shannon, spine slightly dulled, uncut, [Mason 364], 8vo, 1894.

£350 – £450

Important Books and Manuscripts




Lot 379

379. [Wilde (Oscar)] th e Ba l l a d o f re a d I n g ga o l, B y c.3.3.,

fIrst e d I t I o n, partly unopened, ink name on front free endpaper,

original two-tone buckram some marking and light soiling, uncut,

[Mason 371], 8vo, 1898. £400 – £600

Lot 380

380. [Wilde (Oscar)] an Id e a l hu s B a n d, fIrst e d I t I o n, one of

1000 copies, internally fine, original salmon cloth, gilt decorations

by Charles Shannon, shelf-lean, rubbed at corner-tips, spine very

slightly dulled, tiny amount of water-speckling, otherwise very

good, [Mason 385], 8vo, 1899. £500 – £700

Lot 381

381. [Wilde (Oscar)] th e Im p o rta n c e o f Be I n g ea r n e s t: A Trivial

Comedy for Serious People, fIrst e d I t I o n, number 150 of 1000

copies, very light foxing scattered throughout, original salmon

cloth, gilt decorations by Charles Shannon, a little light surface

marking, overall a near fine, sharp example, [Mason 381], 8vo,

1899. £750 – £1000

382. Wilde (Oscar) lo r d art h u r sav Il e ’s cr Im e . A Study of

Duty, pirated edition, “one of 300 copies”, original printed blue

wrappers, a very good copy, [Mason 598], small 4to, “Privately

Printed”, n.d. [c.1904]. £100 – £150

383. Doyle (Sir Arthur Conan) th e ho u n d o f t h e Ba s k e rv I l l e s,

fIrst s e pa r at e e d I t I o n, 13 plates by Sidney Paget only (of 16),

contemporary ink inscription and small blind-stamp on front flyleaf,

original gilt- & black-pictorial cloth, slight shelf lean, spine

slightly sunned, corners rubbed, 8vo, 1902. £150 – £200

Lot 384

384. Conrad (Joseph) th e re s c u e, fIrst e d I t I o n, bookplate,

original cloth, fine, dust-jacket, browned at spine with some loss

near head, otherwise very good, 8vo, 1920. £150 – £200

385. Austen (Jane) th e no v e l s, 5 vol., limited edition, half-titles,

colour frontispieces, plates, endpapers foxed or spotted, original

cloth-backed marbled boards, spines slightly soiled, a good set,

8vo, Oxford, Clarendon Press, 1923. £300 – £400

386. Plutarch. th e lI v e s o f t h e no B l e gr e c I a n s a n d ro m a n e s,

8 vol., n u m B e r 23 o f 100 c o p I e s s I g n e d B y t h e a rt I s t, decorations

by Thomas Lowinsky, original half morocco, by Morley, spines

gilt, t.e.g., others uncut, a near fine set, 8vo, Oxford, printed at the

Shakespeare Head Press of Stratford-upon-Avon, 1928.

£250 – £350

387. Avon.- Nattes (John Claude) Bat h , Il l u s t r at e d B y a

se r I e s o f vIe w s half-title, hand-coloured aquatint title vignette,

28 plates and a near full-page illustration, occasional spotting,

some offsetting, modern chestnut straight-grain morocco, gilt, by

Bayntun Riviere, Bath, [Abbey Scenery, 41; Tooley 340], folio,

1806. £3000 – £4000

* * * “The comparative scarcity of the book would appear to argue

for a limited circulation” (Abbey).

Lot 388

388. -. Rowlandson (Thomas) th e co m f o rt s o f Bat h , 12 aquatint

plates by Thomas Rowlandson, 1 with partial later hand-colouring,

a few small stains, occasional spotting, original printed upper

wrapper bound in (soiled), later half calf, rubbed, [Abbey, Scenery,

40], oblong 4to, 1858. £600 – £800

Lot 387

tr av e l & to p o g r a p h y

Lot 389

389. -. Woodroffe (R.) a se r I e s o f vIe w s In t h e cI t y o f Bat h ,

18 fine mounted hand-coloured aquatint plates on india paper,

some spotting, mostly marginal, a few marginal tears, but plates

generally in very good condition, original pictorial wrappers,

torn, with some loss, soiled, [Abbey, Scenery, 46], oblong 4to, C.

Duffield, [c.1840]. £1000 – £1500

* * * A rare copy of this charming work. We have been able to trace

only one other copy at auction in the last 25 years.

Important Books and Manuscripts




Lot 390

390. Britain.- Daniell (William) a vo ya g e r o u n d gr e at BrItaIn,

8 vol. in 4, fIrst e d I t I o n, aquatint vignette dedication leaf, 308

hand-coloured aquatint plates by and after Daniell, each within

grey wash border, plus one uncoloured aquatint plate of Kemaes

Head in vol.1, without the map, errata leaf at end of vol.1, vol.1

with 2 leaves (pp.123/4 and pp.125/6) on thicker paper, vol.2

corner of one leaf torn (no loss of text), occasional light soiling and

offsetting, but generally very clean internally, contemporary diced

russia, stamped in gilt and blind, rebacked but attractively giltdecorated

spines, edges rubbed, corners worn, [Abbey, Scenery

16; Tooley 177], 4to, 1814-25. £7000 – £9000

* * * “The most important colour plate book on British Topography”

(Tooley). An index chart was also published, but is not usually

included, the work being complete without it (Tooley)

Lot 391

391. -. Gilpin (William) [wo r k s o n t h e pI c t u r e s q u e], c.11 vol.

in 8, sepia aquatint plates, offsetting, attractive contemporary tree

calf, spines in compartments and richly gilt, each with 2 citron

and 1 dark green morocco label, vol. 5 (Forest Scenery) covers all

but detached and head of spine damaged, but still present, a few

joints starting, but holding firm, vol.10/11 upper cover scuffed, all

rubbed, g.e., 8vo, [c.1786-1809]. £600 – £800

* * * A handsome set. Comprises the principal works: Observations

Relative Chiefly to Picturesque Beauty Cumberland and

Westmorland, 2 vol., 1786; Highlands of Scotland, 2 vol. in 1,

1789; Remarks on Forest Scenery, 2 vol., 1791; West of England,

1808; Wye & South Wales, 2 vol. in 1, 1789 bound with An Essay

on Prints, 1802; Western parts on England, 1808; Observations

on the Coast of Hampshire 1804 bound with Observations on

Cambridge, Norfolk 1809, along with a few other smaller works

in later editions.

Lot 392

392. -. Lysons (Rev. Daniel and Samuel) ma g n a Br I ta n n I a;

B e I n g a co n c I s e to p o g r a p h I c a l ac c o u n t o f t h e se v e r a l co u n t I e s

o f gr e at BrItaIn, 6 vol. in 10, engraved plates and maps, some

double-page, a few hand-coloured, some plates trimmed, occasional

foxing and marginal staining, e X t r a-I l l u s t r at e d w It h u p wa r d s o f

130 e n g r av e d p l at e s, contemporary red half morocco, spines gilt,

g.e., 4to, 1806-22. (8). £1000 – £1500

* * * A handsome set.

393. Dorsetshire.- Hutchins (John) th e hI s t o ry a n d an t I q u I t I e s

o f t h e co u n t y o f do r s e t, 4 vol., third edition, c.127 engraved

plates and plans, a few minor spots or marks, later burgundy half

calf, spines gilt, folio, 1861-1870. £500 – £700

Lot 394

394. England.- Turner (J.M.W.) pI c t u r e s q u e vIe w s In en g l a n d

a n d wa l e s, 2 vol., l a r g e pa p e r c o p y, p r o o f p l at e s, 96 engraved

plates, some marginal damp-staining, original green morocco,

richly gilt, rubbed, g.e., 4to, 1838. £700 – £900

395. Ireland.- Bartlett (W.H.) and others. th e sc e n e ry a n d

an t I q u I t I e s o f Ir e l a n d, 2 vol. in 1, engraved frontispiece map, 2

additional pictorial titles and 118 plates, some marginal foxing,

contemporary green morocco, gilt, rebacked in modern green

morocco, rubbed, 4to, [c.1860]. £200 – £300

396. Scotland.- Murray (Hon. Mrs.) a co m pa n I o n a n d useful

gu I d e to t h e B e a u t I e s o f sc o t l a n d, to t h e la k e s o f we s t m o r e l a n d,

cu m B e r l a n d, a n d la n c a s h I r e, half-title, occasional light spotting,

later half calf, spine gilt, rubbed, 8vo, for the author, 1799.

£200 – £300

Lot 397

397. Staffordshire.- Shaw (Stebbing) th e hI s t o ry a n d an t I q u I t I e s

o f sta f f o r d s h I r e, Vol. I and II Part I [all published], l a r g e pa p e r

c o p y, engraved folding county map and plan of Wolverhampton, 82

engraved plates, folding genealogical tables, offsetting, occasional

spotting, handsome contemporary chestnut straight-grain russia,

?by L.Staggemeier and Welcher, t h e sIr ma r k ma s t e r m a n sy k e s

c o p y, with his central gilt arms to covers, covers with wide scrolling

borders, sympathetically rebacked and recornered, rubbed, g.e.,

folio, J.Nichols, 1798-1801. £600 – £800

* * * Provenance: Sir Mark Masterman Sykes, sale at Evans’ rooms,

part 3, June 1824, lot 581, sold to Thorpe for £17.

Important Books and Manuscripts




Lot 398

398. Africa.- Baker (Sir Samuel White) th e al B e rt n’ya n z a,

gr e at Ba s I n o f t h e nI l e, 2 vol., fIrst e d I t I o n, engraved portrait

frontispiece, tinted lithographed frontispiece, 2 maps, 1 folding, 13

plates, illustrations, occasional spotting, original pictorial cloth,

gilt, a few minto ink spots to vol.2, 8vo, a very good copy, 1866.

£150 – £200

Lot 399

399. -. Stanley (Sir Henry Morton) In da r k e s t af r I c a, 2 vol.,

fIrst e d I t I o n, frontispieces (1 portrait) 3 folding colour maps,

plates, illustrations, 2pp. advertisements at end of vol.2, lightly

foxed, bright and clean original pictorial cloth, gilt, small vol.2

nick to head of spine, 1 corner slightly frayed, a very good set, 8vo,

1890. £200 – £300

Lot 402

Lot 400

400. Greece.- Major (Thomas) th e ru I n s o f pæ s t u m , o t h e rw I s e

po s I d o n I a In ma g n a gr æ c I a, 25 fine engraved plates, fine engraved

head-pieces, minor water-staining to corners of a few ff., lightly

browned, later half calf over old marbled boards, boards rubbed

and scuffed, [Berlin Kat 1894; Blackmer 808; Cicognara 2680;

Fowler 187; Harris 538], a very good copy, folio, T. Major, 1768.

£1000 – £1500

* * * The first detailed account of the ruins, discovered in 1746.

401. Italy.- [Beckford (William)] Ita ly ; w It h sk e t c h e s o f spa I n

a n d po rt u g a l, second edition, half-titles, modern mottled half calf,

spines gilt, 1834; and another copy of the same, without half-titles,

8vo (4). £200 – £300

402. -. Buonaiuti (B. Serafino) Ita l I a n sc e n e ry, r e p r e s e n t I n g t h e

ma n n e r s, cu s t o m s, a n d amu s e m e n t s o f t h e dIf f e r e n t stat e s o f

Ita ly , text in English and French, 32 fine hand-coloured stippleengraved

plates, 1 engraved sheet of music, some light offsetting,

occasional spotting (mostly to text), a few small stains, engraved

bookplates to front pastedown, handsome contemporary olive

straight-grain morocco, blind-stamped floral centre-pieces within

wide dcoartive scrolling borders, spine in compartments, gilt,

slightly rubbed, [Abbey, Travel, 164], a very good copy, folio,

1806. £500 – £700

403. -. Italian Lakes.- vI a g g I o pI t to r I c o e sto r I c o a I tr e la g h I

ma g g I o r e, d I lu g a n o, e co m o , 46 fine hand-coloured aquatint

plates, occasional spotting or marking, but generally in very good

condition, contemporary calf-backed boards, red leather label to

spine, rubbed, oblong 4to, Milan, 1818. £6000 – £8000

* * * Rare. We have only been able to trace one other copy at auction

since 1987.

Lot 403

404. -. Piozzi (Hester Lynch) oB s e rvat I o n s a n d re f l e c t I o n s m a d e

In t h e co u r s e o f a Jo u r n e y t h r o u g h fr a n c e, Ita ly a n d ge r m a n y,

2 vol., fIrst e d I t I o n, 6pp. advertisements at end, sig.B with a few

small blue stains to inner margins, occasional light spotting, new

endpapers, contemporary tree calf, rebacked, spine gilt with red

and green morocco labels, [Rothschild 1551], 8vo, for A. Strahan

and T. Cadell, 1789. £200 – £300

Important Books and Manuscripts




Lot 405

Lot 406

Lot 408

405. -. Smollett (Tobias) tr av e l s t h r o u g h fr a n c e a n d Ita ly , 2

vol., fIrst e d I t I o n, half-titles, some browning, occasional spotting,

contemporary calf, rebacked and recornered, spines gilt and with

a red morocco label, covers rubbed, [Rothschild 1921], 8vo, R.

Baldwin, 1766. £200 – £300

406. -. Volpari, publisher (A.) 55 ve d u t e d I ro m a e tI v o l I,

engraved pictorial title and 52 (of 55) views, some spotting or

foxing, mostly marginal, original wrappers, stitching perished,

creased, oblong folio, Rome, A. Volpari, 1870. £300 – £400

407. Mediterranean.- Boswell (James) an ac c o u n t o f co r s I c a,

fIrst e d I t I o n, half-title, engraved folding map, occasional light

spotting, a few small marks, contemporary polished calf, upper

joint split, corners slightly worn, rubbed, [Gaskell, 473; Rothschild

442], 8vo, Glasgow, Robert and Andrew Foulis for Edward and

Charles Dilly, 1768. £200 – £300

408. Middle East.- Burton (Sir Richard Francis) pe r s o n a l

na r r at I v e o f a pI l g r I m a g e to el-me d I n a h a n d me c c a h, 3 vol.,

fIrst e d I t I o n, v o l.3 p r e s e n tat I o n c o p y f r o m t h e a u t h o r, (in a

secretary’s hand), half-title to vol.3 only (not called for in vol.

1 and 2), 3 lithographed frontispieces (2 chromolithographed,

1 tinted), 11 lithographed plates (3 chromolithographed, rest,

bar 1, tinted), 4 maps or plans, 3 folding, terracotta pastedowns

with printed advertisements, 24pp. publisher’s catalogue at end

of vol.1, occasional spotting, a few endpapers foxed, a few ff.

or plates working loose, engraved bookplate of William Henry

Sykes, original blue cloth, spine lettered in gilt, covers with black

ornamental borders, spines darkened, some fraying to spine ends

and corners, rubbed at extremities, [Penzer pp.49-50 ‘very rare’],

8vo, 1855-1856. £4000 – £6000

* * * sc a r c e In t h e o r I g I n a l c l o t h.

“In 1853 Burton travelled in disguise as an Indian Muslem on a

pilgrimage to Mecca and Medina. The publication of his account of

the journey brought him fame as an adventurer and also as a man of

considerable knowledge about Arabs, their customs and way of life.

The Present work reflects Burton’s attraction to the Arabs and his

belief that Islam is an equal to Christianity and Judaism.” (Ghani).

Lot 409

409. -. Lortet (Louis) la sy r I e d’a u J o u r d’h u I, vo ya g e s d a n s l a

ph é n I c I e. le lI B a n e t l a Ju d é e 1875-1880, half-title, large folding

colour map, plates and illustration, original richly decorated

morocco, gilt, rubbed at extremities, g.e., a very good copy, folio,

Paris, 1884. £300 – £400

Lot 410

410. Mountaineering.- Collie (J. Norman) clImBIng o n t h e

hIm a l aya a n d o t h e r mo u n ta I n ra n g e s, fIrst e d I t I o n, half-title,

frontispiece, 3 folding colour maps, 17 plates, 1 double-page,

endpapers foxed, original cloth, corners bumped, lightly marked

andd spotted, t.e.g., [Neate C94; Perret 1059; Yakushi C315], a

very good copy, 8vo, 1902. £300 – £400

Lot 411

411. Polar.- Franklin (Capt. John) na r r at I v e o f a Jo u r n e y to

t h e sh o r e s o f t h e po l a r se a, In t h e ye a r s 1819, 20, 21, 22, fIrst

e d I t I o n, 4 folding engraved charts, 30 plates, 11 handcoloured

aquatints, offsetting, a few marginal water-stains, some foxing or

spotting, contemporary half calf, spine gilt, corners worn, rubbed,

[Abbey, Travel, 635; Sabin 25624], a good copy, 4to, 1823.

£400 – £600

Lot 412

412. -. Mawson (Sir Douglas) th e ho m e o f t h e Bl I z z a r d, B e I n g

t h e st o ry o f t h e au s t r a l a s I a n an ta r c t I c eX p e d I t I o n, 1911-1914,

2 vol., fIrst e d I t I o n, frontispieces, 1 of which a portrait, plates,

some colour, 3 folding maps in pocket at end of vol.2, endpapers

and verso of folding maps foxed, original pictorial cloth, gilt, a

vol.1 rubbed, vol.2 lightly soiled, [Spence 773; Taurus 100], 4to,

1915. £300 – £400

Important Books and Manuscripts




Lot 413

413. -. Shackleton (Ernest H.) and others, editors th e so u t h po l a r tIm e s , 3 vol., vol.1 and 2

number 223 of 250 copies, vol.3 number 100 of 350 copies, half-titles, frontispieces, numerous

plates, maps and illustrations, some chromolithographed, after Herbert Ponting, Edward Wilson and

others, a few ff. loose in vol.1 only (normally many more are loose as the gutta percha has perished

in the majority of copies), fine original pictorial blue cloth, gilt, w It h o r I g I n a l d u s t-J a c k e t s, those

to vol.1 and 2 with a few small tears, chips and small holes, minor loss, vol.3 torn with some loss,

including section c.6.5 x 10cms from lower panel, all dust-jacket spines browned and water-stained

at foot, [Spence 1094; Taurus 42], 4to, 1907-1914. £15000 – £20000

* * * th e B e s t c o p y o f t h I s c o r n e r s t o n e to a n y c o l l e c t I o n o f an ta r c t I c a w e h av e s e e n; m a d e e v e n

m o r e d e s I r a B l e B y t h e p r e s e n c e o f t h e e X c e e d I n g ly r a r e d u s t-J a c k e t s. The bindings are tight and

the gilt lettering and rope-work design fresh and bright.

Lot 414

414. Portugal.- Bradford (The Rev. William) sk e t c h e s o f t h e

co u n t ry, ch a r a c t e r, a n d co s t u m e In po rt u g a l a n d spa I n, Made

during the Campaign, and on the Route of the British Army, in

1808 and 1809, 2 parts in 1, first part text in English and French,

hand-coloured aquatint frontispiece and 54 plates, some offsetting,

marginal tear to upper left corner of ‘View on the Tagus’, not

affecting image, but plates generally in very good, bright, condition,

handsome contemporary dark blue straight-grain morocco, richly

gilt, g.e., [Abbey, Travel, 135; Colas 421; Tooley 108], a sumptuous

copy, 4to, [1809-1810]. £750 – £1000

* * * The second part deals with military costume and contains 13

hand-coloured plates.

nat u r a l hI s t o ry

Lot 415

415. Birds.- Howard (H.Eliot) th e BrItIsh wa r B l e r s, 9 parts in 2

vol., half-titles, errata, 85 plates, including 35 chromolithographed,

the rest photogravure, by Henrik Grönvold, 12 maps, contemporary

half black morocco, gilt, rubbed at extremities, t.e.g., 4to, 1907-

1914. £200 – £300

Lot 416

416. -. Morris (Rev. Francis Orpen) a hIs t o ry o f BrItIsh BI r d s,

6 vol., second edition, 365 hand-coloured wood-engraved plates,

original pictorial cloth, gilt, corners worn, 8vo, 1870. £300 – £400

417. -. Morris (Rev. Francis Orpen) a nat u r a l hI s t o ry o f t h e

ne s t s a n d eg g s o f BrItIsh BI r d s, 3 vol., second edition, colourprinted

wood-engraved plates, occasional spotting, near fine

original pictorial cloth, gilt, a very good set, 8vo, 1870-1871.

£200 – £300

Important Books and Manuscripts




Lot 418

418. Botany.- Curtis (William) fl o r a lo n d I n e n s I s, edited by

George Graves, 3 vol., only of 5, second edition, 428 fine handcoloured

engraved plates, very occasional spotting, some very light

offsetting, but generally In v e ry g o o d c r I s p a n d c l e a n c o n d I t I o n w It h

B r I g h t c o l o u r I n g, contemporary half calf, rebacked, preserving

original backstrips, rubbed and scuffed, folio, 1817-1821.

£3000 – £4000

Lot 419

419. -. Elwes (Henry John) and Augustine Henry. th e tr e e s

o f gr e at BrItaIn & Ir e l a n d, 8 vol. (including index) in 7, vol.1-5

with colour frontispiece, 7 colour-printed titles, portrait and 412

plates, occasional spotting, contemporary navy blue half crushed

morocco, spines gilt, a few chips, rubbed, some soiling, 4to,

Edinburgh, Privately Printed, 1906-13. £750 – £1000

Lot 420

420. -. Hogg (Robert) and Henry Graves Bull, editors.

th e he r e f o r d s h I r e po m o n a, 2 vol., fIrst e d I t I o n, 77 fine

chromolithograph and 4 plain plates, illustrations, some foxing

but tissue guards have largely protected the plates, small marginal

hole/tear to one plate, errata slip in vol.1, contemporary dark blue

half morocco, gilt, spines gilt in compartments, very occasional

slight rubbing, overall a handsome set, [Great Flower Books, p.59-

60; Nissen 294], large 4to, Hereford & London, 1876-85.

£3000 – £4000

* * * “One of the finest fruit books ever issued.” Great Flower Books

Lot 421

421. -. Loudon (Jane Webb) BrItIsh wI l d fl o w e r s, half-title, 60

hand-coloured lithographed plates, plate 3 yellow hand-colouring

smudged, plate 19 frayed at edges, some damp-staining to inner

margin of plate 40, a few plates at end spotted, original pictorial

cloth, gilt, spine faded, spine ends and corners frayed, stained and

marked, 4to, 1849. £400 – £600

Lot 422

422. Gardens.- Dezallier D’Argenville (Antoine Joseph) th e

th e o ry a n d pr a c t I c e o f ga r d e n I n g, second edition, title in red

and black, 38 folding engraved plates, 3pp. advertisements,

woodcut illustrations, occasional spotting, endpapers browned,

contemporary calf, rebacked, covers rubbed and scuffed, Bernard

Lintot, 1728. £250 – £350

* * * Provenance: Robert Melville, ?Governor of Grenada, the Grenadines,

Dominica, St. Vincent and Tobago, founder of the botanical gardens at

St. Vincent (ink inscription dated 1779 to front free endpaper); Whyte

Melville (bookplate); Francis Gray Smart (bookplate).

Lot 423

423. -. ga r d e n s ol d a n d ne w: t h e co u n t ry ho u s e a n d I t s ga r d e n

en v I r o n m e n t, 3 vol., plates and illustrations, some chapter-heading

vignettes by Arthur Rackham, original pictorial cloth, the last in

near fine dust-jacket, [1900]; and a duplicate of vol.1 (rebound),

folio (4). £300 – £400

424. -. Gilpin (William) pr a c t I c a l hI n t s u p o n la n d s c a p e

ga r d e n I n g, 16 lithographed plates, 2pp. advertisements at end, a

few plates trimmed to image, original cloth-backed boards, original

paper label to spine, spine faded, corners a little worn, a few light

stains to boards, 8vo, 1832. £200 – £300

425. -. Gilpin (William) pr a c t I c a l hI n t s u p o n la n d s c a p e

ga r d e n I n g, 16 lithographed plates, a few trimmed to image,

endpapers damp-stained or spotted, occasional spotting, 1832

B o u n d w It h Donaldson (Prof.) An Essay on Top-Dressing Land

with Mineral Manures , 1851, later half calf, slightly rubbed, 8vo

£150 – £200

426. -. [Marshall (William)] pl a n t I n g a n d ru r a l or n a m e n t, 2

vol., second edition, half-titles, contemporary half green straightgrain

morocco, spines in compartments and gilt, spines slightly

faded, rubbed at extremities, very good copies, 8vo, for G. Nicol

[&c.], 1796. £100 – £150

Lot 427

427. -. or n a m e n ta l fl o w e r ga r d e n a n d sh r u B B e ry (th e), 4

vol., half-title, 283 (of 288) hand-coloured engraved plates, some

heightened with gum arabic, tissue guards, occasional spotting,

but plates generally in good condition with bright colouring,

original morocco-backed cloth, rubbed, 8vo, 1854.

£2000 – £3000

428. -. Whately (Thomas) oB s e rvat I o n s o n mo d e r n ga r d e n I n g,

second edition, I1 repaired tear within text, loss of part of 1 letter,

but with no loss of sense of text, contemporary speckled calf, a few

marks, 8vo, for T. Payne, 1770. £150 – £200

429. White (Rev. Gilbert) a nat u r a l I s t’s ca l e n d a r, 1 handcoloured

engraved plate, offsetting, contemporary speckled calf,

sympathetically rebacked, corners repaired, 8vo, for B. and J.

White, 1795. £100 – £150

Important Books and Manuscripts




The Property of a Gentleman

The following 160 lots were collected by the vendor’s father,

mostly between the 1940s & 1970s.

430. à Beckett (Gilbert Abbott) th e co m Ic hI s t o ry o f en g l a n d,

2 vol., fIrst e d I t I o n, fIrst Issue with half-titles in red, 1847; The

Comic History of Rome, fIrst e d I t I o n, fIrst Issue with “Bradbury

and Evans, 11, Bouverie Street” imprint on title, [1851], both with

hand-coloured plates by John Leech, illustrations, some spotting

and browning, original pictorial cloth, gilt, a little rubbed, the first

with faded spines, [Tooley 295 & 298], 8vo (3). £100 – £150

Lot 431

431. à Beckett (Gilbert Abbott) th e co m Ic hI s t o ry o f ro m e , fIrst

e d I t I o n In t h e o r I g I n a l 10 pa rt s (In 9), part IX/X later issue with

imprint of Bradbury, Agnew & Co. on title, 10 hand-coloured plates

by John Leech, illustrations, with 4pp. Comic Rome Advertiser &

16pp. Guild of Literature prospectus in Part I and advertisement

slip on blue paper for Dickens’ ‘New Story’ in Part VII, a little

soiled and browned, plates lightly offset, original blue printed

wrappers with advertisements, slightly soiled, preserved in later

cloth folder and red morocco slip-case (a little rubbed), [Abbey,

Life 435; Tooley 298], 8vo, [1851]. £200 – £300

Lot 432

432. Abel (Clarke) na r r at I v e o f a Jo u r n e y In t h e In t e r I o r o f

ch I n a, fIrst e d I t I o n, 19 engraved plates by T.Fielding and others,

all but 2 aquatint, 8 hand-coloured, and 4 engraved maps, 3 folding,

wood-engraved illustrations, errata slip bound in, some foxing and

offsetting, one plate almost detached, contemporary half calf, spine

gilt, a little rubbed, [Abbey, Travel 537; Tooley 1], 4to, 1818.

£400 – £600

* * * Including botanical and zoological plates. The author was

naturalist to Lord Amherst’s embassy to China.

Lot 433

433. [Alken (Henry) qu a l I f I e d ho r s e s a n d un q u a l I f I e d rI d e r s,

o r th e re v e r s e o f sp o rt I n g ph r a s e s], the set of 7 hand-coloured

etchings, all trimmed to border but including caption at foot, no

title, one plate with very slight spotting, another with crease across

lower corner, loose in modern cloth portfolio, [Schwerdt I p.20;

Siltzer 69; Tooley 44], c.200 x 270mm., S. & J.Fuller, 1815.

£600 – £800

* * * The first of Alken’s coloured books. “A humorous set depicting

hunting accidents drawn in vigorous style. Alken’s colouring is

seen at its best in books of this class.” Schwerdt.

Lot 434

434. Alken (Henry) Il l u s t r at I o n s f o r la n d s c a p e sc e n e ry, fIrst

e d I t I o n, 24 hand-coloured soft-ground etchings by Alken, all with

multiple vignettes, plates 5 & 18 undated & unnumbered, some

soiling, plate 5 a little stained, a few other minor stains, original

boards with paper label on upper cover, rubbed and marked,

corners worn, rebacked, [Abbey, Life 89, note], oblong 4to, 1821.

£150 – £200

* * * Depicting military, rural, nautical and sporting subjects.

Lot 435

435. Alken (Henry) Il l u s t r at I o n s to po p u l a r so n g s, frontispiece

and 43 plates (lacking “A southerly Wind ” but with duplicates

of “The Sportsmen all rode ” and “When in Death ”), all handcoloured

soft-ground etchings, borders with water-colour wash,

some borders spotted and stained, final plate (second “The

Sportsmen all rode ”) torn and repaired, bookplate of Henry

H.Cochrane, original half red roan with gilt-stamped roan label on

upper cover, spine gilt, rubbed, [Tooley 37], oblong folio, 1826.

£200 – £300

Lot 438

Lot 436

436. Alken (Henry) ch a r a c t e r I s t I c sk e t c h e s o f hu n t I n g a n d

sh o o t I n g, with Caricatures of Middlesex Sporting, 24 handcoloured

soft-ground etchings, some light spotting, margins

browned and with water-staining at foot, original glazed &

embossed orange wrappers with black label titled in gilt on upper

cover, rubbed, rebacked in cloth, preserved in two modern cloth

slip-cases, one with paper spine labels, faded, [cf.Schwerdt I p.11-

12; Tooley 19], oblong 4to, J.Dickinson, [plates dated 1825-26].

£800 – £1200

* * * Tooley lists only one similar title, with 12 hunting plates;

Schwerdt lists two similar titles, each with 12 plates of shooting and

hunting respectively. This is a combination of Schwerdt’s two titles.

Lot 437

437. Barnes (John) a to u r t h r o u g h t h e wh o l e o f fr a n c e, handcoloured

folding engraved map, 12 hand-coloured engraved plates

of coaches, carts and streetsellers, 4pp. advertisements at end,

some light offsetting, contemporary roan-backed boards, rubbed,

spine worn at head and foot, 1815. £100 – £150

438. Barrett (Elizabeth) and Robert Browning. tw o po e m s ,

fIrst e d I t I o n, 16pp., original cream printed wrappers, slight foxing

to upper wrapper, preserved in later green calf portfolio with cloth

flaps, gilt, by Bayntun, spine faded, 8vo, 1854. £150 – £200

* * * This booklet was printed by Elizabeth’s sister, Arabella Barrett,

to sell at a charity bazaar held to benefit a refuge for destitute girls;

it has been estimated that 300 copies may have been printed. It

provided a model for Thomas J.Wise’s notorious forgeries.

Important Books and Manuscripts




Lot 439

439. Barrow (Sir John) tr av e l s In ch I n a, fIrst e d I t I o n, handcoloured

aquatint portrait frontispiece and 4 hand-coloured

aquatint or stipple-engraved plates, 3 other engraved plates, 2

double-page, occasional spotting to text, later half morocco, g.e.,

[Abbey, Travel 531; Tooley 84], 4to, 1804. £300 – £400

Lot 440

440. Barrow (Sir John) a vo ya g e to co c h I n c h I n a, fIrst e d I t I o n,

20 hand-coloured aquatint plates and plans, 2 folding, folding

engraved map with routes and boundaries supplied in red and

green (a little offset), very light offsetting from plates, bookplate of

Thomas Munro, contemporary calf, rubbed, upper joint split, spine

ends worn, [Abbey, Travel 514; Tooley 86], 4to, 1806.

£750 – £1000

* * * This is the first illustrated English work on what was then

Cochin China and is now known as Vietnam. The voyage visited

Madeira, the Canary Islands, and Rio de Janeiro; a description of

that city and of Brazil in general is given. Touching at Tristan da

Cunha, the ship rounded the Cape and eventually reached Cochin

China via Batavia on Java. The volume is also of Cook interest as

it describes finding Captain Cook’s Resolution transformed into a

smuggling whaler under the French flag. The supplementary article

covers an overland expedition from Cape Town to the interior of

South Africa

Lot 441

441. Bellasis (George Hutchins) vIe w s o f sa I n t he l e n a, fIrst

e d I t I o n, 6 fine hand-coloured aquatint plates by Robert Havell after

Bellasis, title with marginal soiling and a few small tears at edges

repaired, another at tip of lower outer corner of plate V, modern

half dark green morocco, uncut, original buff printed wrappers

bound in (a little spotted, small tears at edges repaired), [Abbey,

Travel 309; Tooley 87], oblong folio, 1815 [plates watermarked

1811]. £1000 – £1500

Lot 442

442. Benson (Robert) sk e t c h e s o f co r s I c a, fIrst e d I t I o n, halftitle,

aquatint frontispiece and 4 plates, a l l h a n d-c o l o u r e d, errata

leaf at end, plates a little browned, later half blue morocco, uncut,

spine faded, [Abbey, Travel 76, one plate only coloured, as usual],

8vo, 1825. £200 – £300

Lot 443

443. Binding.- Fitzgerald (Edward) ru B a Iyat o f om a r kh ay ya m,

contemporary crushed red morocco, sides gilt with broad border

onlaid in citron and dark blue, similarly gilt spine, g.e. inner gilt

dentelles, white silk liners, 8vo, 1909. £200 – £300

* * * Unsigned, but perhaps a Zaehnsdorf binding.

Lot 444

444. -. Philip, Comte d’Artois. LE s av E n t u r E s ro M a n E s q u E s

d’apres un ancien manuscrit par Mme Alice Hurtel, apparently

a special copy on papier de chine, illustrations, some printed

in colours, green morocco, E L a b o r at E Ly g i Lt b y sir Ed wa r d

suL L i va n, broad gilt borders with onlaid roses in red, shaped

central oval of citron and brown, with Sullivan initials in centre

of both covers, surrounded by border of carnations (petals onlaid

in red on front cover), similarly gilt spine, with slightly uncertain

lettering, minor rubbing but in good state, small 4to, Paris,

Hurtel, 1883. £300 – £500

Lot 445

445. bo u q u E t Pa r L a n t (LE) d u fL E u r i s t E aM at E u r , engraved

throughout on both sides of sheet, hand-coloured portrait

frontispiece of Mme. du Barry, hand-coloured view and 48 fullpage

illustrations of flowers with verse below and song opposite,

all by Chevalier, light soiling and staining, mostly marginal,

contemporary sheep, rather worn, [only 1 other copy found, in

Bibliothèque Nationale], Paris, Lamy, 1780 § Del[anglard] (C.-

F.-P.) Oracles de Flore, engraved title with hand-coloured vignette

of rose, 2 engraved plates listing flowers and 6 hand-coloured

botanical plates (each with 6 flowers), names at head of title,

another cut away from head of first leaf of text, text lightly foxed,

contemporary black calf elaborately stamped in blind, g.e., rubbed,

joints split, repairs to spine ends, Paris, Janet, [c.1850], 12mo (2).

£200 – £300

Lot 446

446. Bowdich (T. Edward) Ex c u r s i o n s in Ma d E i r a a n d Po rt o

sa n t o, during the autumn of 1823, while on his third voyage to

Africa , first E d i t i o n, 22 lithographed plates, 4 hand-coloured, 3

folding, with final leaf (blank but for imprint), title a little browned,

foxed affecting plain plates but coloured plates clean, w i t h 1 1 2PP.

a u t o g r a P h M a n u s c r i P t b y t h E a u t h o r concerning Ashantee and

Ethiopian customs tipped to sheet and loosely inserted, original

boards, uncut, paper label on spine, slightly rubbed and marked,

spine chipped at head, [Abbey, Travel 190], 4to, 1825.

£500 – £700

* * * Bowdich obtained a writership in the service of the Africa

Company and went to Cape Coast Castle in 1814. He negotiated a

treaty with the king of Ashanti granting peace to British settlements

on the Gold Coast. He returned to England in 1818, and in 1822

again went to Africa where, on reaching the mouth of the River

Gambia, he contracted a fever from which he died. The work

contains botanical and zoological plates and descriptions.

Lot 447

447. british bo ta n y , 28 hand-coloured engraved plates,

advertisement leaf at end, contemporary ink inscription at head of

preface, original patterned cloth, paper spine label, a little rubbed

and marked, spine faded, Dublin, 1835 § [Fitton (Sarah Mary)]

Conversations on Botany, 20 hand-coloured engraved plates, one

double-page, lightly browned, contemporary calf, slightly rubbed,

1817, 8vo & 12mo (2). £180 – £220

Important Books and Manuscripts




Lot 448

448. Brown (J.H., of Brighton) sP E c t r o P i a; o r su r P r i s i n g

sP E c t r a L iL L u s i o n s; s h o w i n g gh o s t s E v E ry w h E r E, a n d o f E v E ry

c o L o u r, First Series, fourth edition, 16 plates, all but three handcoloured,

original cloth-backed printed boards, rubbed, 4to,

1865. £200 – £300

* * * The introduction explains, “the following Illusions are founded

on two well-known facts; namely, the persistency of impressions,

and the production of complementary colours, on the retina.”

Lot 449

449. [Bunbury (Henry)], “Geoffrey Gambado”. an ac a d E M y

f o r gr o w n ho r s E M E n, 2 parts in 1 vol., 29 hand-coloured etched

plates by Rowlandson, lightly browned, text foxed, original boards,

uncut, paper label at head of spine, rubbed, corners bumped, spine

defective at foot, 8vo, 1809. £200 – £300

450. [Bunbury (Henry)], “Geoffrey Gambado”. an ac a d E M y f o r

gr o w n horsEMEn, 2 parts in 1 vol., hand-coloured aquatint portrait,

additional vignette title and 27 plates by Rowlandson, original

boards, rubbed, recased, later cloth drop-back box with morocco

label and slip-case, 1825 § [Goodhall (Walter)] The Sportsman’s

Pocket Companion, hand-coloured woodcut frontispiece by

J.Berryman, woodcut illustrations of game birds, spotted, later half

red morocco, gilt, by Sangorski & Sutcliffe, spine gilt, t.e.g., others

uncut, J.Bailey, [c.1815], 12mo (2). £200 – £300

451. Caldecott (Randolph) gr a P h i c Pi c t u r E s, 1883; More Graphic

Pictures, 1887; Last Graphic Pictures, 1888; Gleanings from the

Graphic, 1889, all with plates and illustrations by Caldecott,

most colour, some foxing, original cloth-backed pictorial boards,

rubbed, oblong folio (4). £60 – £80

Lot 452

452. Cambridge.- gr a d u s a d ca n ta b r i g i a M; o r nE w un i v E r s i t y

gu i d E b y a br a c E o f ca n ta b s, 8pp. publisher’s catalogue on yellow

paper, half-title, 6 hand-coloured aquatint plates of university

costumes and scenes, some light spotting, original boards, uncut,

rubbed and spotted, paper spine label chipped, 8vo, 1824.

£120 – £180

Lot 453

453. Campbell (Rev. John) tr av E L s in so u t h af r i c a b E i n g

a na r r at i v E o f a sE c o n d Jo u r n E y in t h E in t E r i o r , 2 vol., first

E d i t i o n, half-titles, folding hand-coloured engraved map, 12 handcoloured

aquatint plates, vol.1 lacking Directions to Binder leaf and

3pp. advertisements at end (as often) but with final leaf (blank but

for imprint), vol.2 lacking errata slip, plates offset but otherwise a

generally clean copy, vol.1 with an engraved portrait of the author

tipped in at beginning (foxed), contemporary mottled calf, gilt,

a little rubbed, rebacked with gilt spines & red morocco labels,

[Abbey, Travel 328; Tooley 127], 8vo, 1822. £300 – £400

Lot 454

454. Carr (Sir John) ca L E d o n i a n sk E t c h E s, o r a to u r t h r o u g h

sc o t L a n d in 1807, first E d i t i o n, folding aquatint frontispiece and

11 plates, all hand-coloured, frontispiece foxed, some other foxing

and offsetting, contemporary mottled calf, spine gilt, rubbed,

[Abbey, Scenery 488, uncoloured copy], 4to, 1809. £100 – £150

Lot 455

455. Cervantes Saavedra (Miguel de) do n qu i x o t E d E L a Ma n c h a,

translated by Charles Jarvis, 4 vol., half-titles, 24 hand-coloured

aquatint plates by J.Clark, occasional light spotting, original

boards, uncut, original paper label mounted on front pastedown

of vol.1, a little rubbed, corners bumped, rebacked preserving old

paper labels, preserved in modern cloth drop-backed box, [Abbey,

Life 238; Tooley 140], 8vo, 1819. £200 – £300

Lot 456

456. Cervantes Saavedra (Miguel de).- [Hayman (Francis)] th E

sPirit o f cE rva n t E s; o r, do n qu i x o t E ab r i d g E d, 4 hand-coloured

aquatint plates, some spotting to text, upper hinge broken, original

cloth-backed boards, paper label on spine, uncut, rubbed and

marked, preserved in cloth drop-back box, [Abbey, Life 239], 8vo,

1820. £150 – £200

Lot 457

457. [Chatto (William Andrew)], “John Careless.” th E oL d

En g L i s h ‘sq u i r E, first E d i t i o n, half-title, 24 hand-coloured aquatint

plates, a little offset, later half red calf, by Zaehnsdorf, spine gilt,

g.e., spine a little faded, [Abbey, Life 387; Tooley 128], large 8vo,

1821. £200 – £300

Lot 458

458. [Clowes (George)] a Pi c t u r E s q u E to u r b y t h E nE w ro a d

f r o M ch i av E n n a, over the Splügen, and along the Rhine, to Coira, in

the Grisons, first E d i t i o n, half-title, 13 hand-coloured lithographed

plates by F.Calvert after Clowes, title, text and tissue guards spotted

but plates clean, original pink boards with printed paper label on

upper cover, uncut, rubbed, spine worn and split, [Abbey, Travel

58; Tooley 148], 4to, 1826. £1000 – £1500

Lot 459

459. [Combe (William) th E th r E E to u r s o f do c t o r sy n ta x],

comprising: The Tour of Doctor Syntax in Search of the

Picturesque, 1812; The Second Tour of Doctor Syntax, in Search of

Consolation, 1820; The Third Tour of Doctor Syntax, in Search of

a Wife, 1821, 3 vol., second edition of vol.1, the rest first E d i t i o n s,

second issue of vol.2 with second state of plate 15 (corrected to

“Skimmington”), hand-coloured aquatint vignette titles in vol.1 &

3 and 78 hand-coloured aquatint plates after Thomas Rowlandson,

4pp. advertisements at end of vol.1 & 3, some foxing and soiling

particularly in vol.1, one or two marginal tears and repairs, vol.2

& 3 original boards, vol.1 later matching boards, all uncut, vol.2 &

3 rubbed, vol.2 rebacked, vol.3 with wear to spine ends and joints

split, [Abbey, Life 266-267; Tooley 427-429], 8vo, R.Ackermann,

1812-20-[21]. £400 – £600

Important Books and Manuscripts




Lot 460

460. [Combe (William)] th E En g L i s h da n c E o f dE at h, 2 vol.,

1815-16; The Dance of Life, [Abbey, Life 264], 1817, together 3

vol., first E d i t i o n s, additional vignette title in vol.1 & 3 and 98

plates by Thomas Rowlandson, all hand-coloured aquatints, some

soiling and browning, final plate of vol.1 shaved at fore-edge and

reinforced, one plate in vol.2 torn at edge (repaired), a few other

small tears and repairs, later black morocco, gilt, by Rivière and

Son, spines gilt in compartments, g.e., some cracks to joints, spines

very slightly rubbed, [Abbey, Life 263-264; Tooley 410-411], 8vo,

R. Ackermann £600 – £800

* * * “Indispensable to any Rowlandson collection, one of the

essential pivots of any colour plate library ” Tooley

Lot 461

461. [Combe (William)] a hi s t o ry o f Ma d E i r a, first E d i t i o n,

hand-coloured aquatint frontispiece, title vignette and 26 plates,

4pp. advertisements at end, some light soiling, mostly marginal,

tear to upper margin of title and to fore-edge of final plate just

touching image, original red roan-backed boards, spine gilt,

rubbed, corners bumped, upper joint split and spine worn at foot

(crudely reinforced with tape), [Abbey, Travel 189; Colas 1455;

Tooley 150], 4to, Ackermann, 1821. £1000 – £1500

462. [Combe (William)] th E hi s t o ry o f Jo h n n y qu a E gE n u s,

t h E Li t t L E fo u n d L i n g o f t h E L at E do c t o r sy n ta x, first E d i t i o n,

24 hand-coloured aquatint plates by Thomas Rowlandson, rather

soiled and stained, contemporary half calf, spine gilt, uncut,

rubbed, spine a little faded, [Abbey Life 268; Tooley 413], 8vo,

R.Ackermann, 1822. £150 – £200

463. [Combe (William), imitation] th E ad v E n t u r E s o f do c to r

co M i c u s, hand-coloured aquatint pictorial additional title and 14

plates, rather soiled and browned, plates offset, later calf, gilt, by

J.Larkins, spine gilt, t.e.g., others uncut, a little rubbed, original upper

printed wrapper bound in at end (stained and defective, laid down),

[Abbey Life 255; Tooley 431], 8vo, 1815. £150 – £200

Lot 464

464. [Combe (William), imitation] th E to u r o f do c t o r sy n ta x

t h r o u g h Lo n d o n, hand-coloured aquatint frontispiece, vignette title

and 18 plates, some marginal spotting or soiling, later burgundy

morocco, gilt, by Rivière & Son, spine gilt, t.e.g., others uncut,

spine slightly rubbed and faded, [Tooley 434], 8vo, 1820.

£120 – £180

Lot 465

465. [Combe (William), imitation] th E to u r o f do c t o r Pr o s o d y

t h r o u g h sc o t L a n d , first E d i t i o n, 20 hand-coloured aquatint plates

in the style of Rowlandson, the first plate by George Cruikshank,

the rest by C.Williams and W.Read, some foxing and offsetting

but plates generally clean, title with small repair to fore-edge,

bookplate removed from front pastedown, bookseller’s ticket of

T.Walsh of Dublin, original boards, uncut, rubbed, spine chipped

at head and foot, upper joint repaired, [Abbey Life 277; Cohn 675;

Tooley 433], 8vo, 1821. £150 – £200

Lot 466

466. Compton (Thomas) th E no rt h E r n ca M b r i a n Mo u n ta i n s,

o r a to u r t h r o u g h no rt h wa L E s, first E d i t i o n, first issuE b o u n d

f r o M t h E o r i g i n a L 10 Pa rt s, 30 hand-coloured aquatint plates

by Compton, Baily & Havell after Compton, contemporary ink

signature at head of title, title and text foxed, some plates with

marginal foxing or soiling but generally clean, contemporary half

red roan, a little worn, rebacked in red calf, spine gilt, [Abbey,

Scenery 522; Tooley 155], oblong 4to, 1817. £800 – £1200

Lot 467

467. Concanen (Edward) a nE w Mat r i M o n i a L La d d E r, handcoloured

aquatint additional pictorial title, 18 plates and tail-piece

by Charles Hunt after Onwhyn, very light marginal soiling, modern

cloth preserving original red pictorial gilt cloth on boards, joints

rubbed, 4to, [c.1840]. £200 – £300

gE o r g E cr u i k s h a n k

Lot 468

468. Mi d n i g h t ME r r i M E n t, o r a no c t u r n a L ra M b L E t h r o u g h L E s’s, first E d i t i o n, 42pp., hand-coloured etched frontispiece

by Isaac and George Cruikshank (soiled and frayed at edges,

repaired), text lightly browned, nineteenth century calf, gilt, spine

gilt with morocco label, t.e.g., original blue printed wrappers

bound in (laid down), a little soiled, [Cohn 556], 8vo, [1805].

£150 – £200

Lot 469

469. Andrewes (George) a di c t i o n a ry o f t h E sL a n g a n d ca n t

La n g u a g E s, folding hand-coloured etched frontispiece by Isaac and

George Cruikshank, with final leaf of “Sixty Orders of Offenders’’

and advertisement, frontispiece soiled and slightly frayed at lower

edge (laid down), text a little browned and with small chip to

fore-edge of first leaf, engraved bookplate of Thomas Stephens of

the Inner Temple, contemporary mottled calf, spine gilt with red

morocco label, slightly rubbed, [Cohn 29], 8vo, George Smeeton,

[c.1810]. £200 – £300

Lot 470

470. Charlotte (Princess).- au t h E n t i c ME M o i r s o f t h E LifE o f

Pr i n c E s s ch a r L o t t E, tenth edition, etched portrait by George

Cruikshank, with an additional hand-coloured aquatint of Warwick

House (the Princess’s residence) bound in, 1817; Authentic

Particulars of the Death of the Princess Charlotte and her infant,

tenth edition, 1817; A Most Correct Account of the Funeral of the

Princess Charlotte , fifth edition, 1817, together 3 works in 1 vol., all

with engraved frontispiece by George Cruikshank (2 portraits and

folding plate of funeral procession), later dark red morocco, gilt, by

Rivière & Son, t.e.g., others uncut, all grey printed wrappers bound

in, [Cohn 134, 137 & 132], W.Hone § Real or Constitutional House

that Jack Built (The), fifth edition, wood-engraved illustrations by

Cruikshank, later mottled calf, gilt, by Zaehnsdorf, morocco spine

label, g.e., 1819, 8vo (2). £150 – £200

Lot 471

471. En g L i s h M a n’s ME n t o r (th E). th E Pi c t u r E o f t h E Pa L a i s ro ya L

, first E d i t i o n, folding hand-coloured etched frontispiece by George

Cruikshank, title in red and black, 6pp. advertisements at end, some

light soiling or browning, later half blue morocco, spine gilt, t.e.g,

slightly rubbed, [Cohn 274], 12mo, 1819. £150 – £200

Important Books and Manuscripts



472. Moore (Francis, physician) th E ag E o f in t E L L E c t: o r

cL E r i c a L sh o w f o L k a n d wo n d E r f u L Lay f o L k, hand-coloured

etched frontispiece by George Cruikshank, rather foxed, later half

calf, William Hone, 1819 § [Daniel (G.)] The Modern Dunciad,

etched frontispiece by Cruikshank, later blue morocco, gilt, by

Rivière & Son, 1814, spines gilt, t.e.g., others uncut, [Cohn 574 &

223], 8vo (2). £150 – £200


Lot 473

473. [Political Pamphlets] th E Po L i t i c a L ho u s E t h at Ja c k bu i Lt,

44th edition, William Hone, 1820; The Queen’s Matrimonial

Ladder, 40th edition, with folding pictorial ladder on card loosely

inserted in pocket at end, Hone, 1820; The Man in the Moon, 5th

edition, Hone, 1820; “Non mi Ricordo!”, 28th edition, Hone, 1820;

The Political “A, Apple-Pie”, 5th edition, for the Author, 1820;

The Political Queen that Jack Loves, 13th edition, n.d.; A Political

Lecture on Heads. By the Black Dwarf, 4th edition, 1820; The

Kettle abusing the Pot, 6th edition, 1820; The Dorchester Guide;

or, a House that Jack Built, 4th edition, for the Author, n.d.; The

Real or Constitutional House that Jack Built, 12th edition, 1820;

The New Pilgrim’s Progress or, a Journey to Jerusalem, 1820, all

with wood-engraved illustrations by George Cruikshank, some

spotting and staining, original wrappers, the last printed, uncut,

some water-stained, preserved in contemporary half roan box,

rubbed, spine faded, 8vo (11). £120 – £180

Lot 474

474. Hunt (Henry) in v E s t i g at i o n at iLchEstEr ga o L i n to t h E

c o n d u c t o f wiLLiaM br i d L E, t h E g a o L E r , first E d i t i o n in b o o k f o r M,

etched portrait frontispiece of Bridle by George Cruikshank, 4 other

engraved portraits only, probably by Robert Cruikshank (of 5, lacking

Mr.Anstice the County Surveyor), with the supplementary address ‘To

the Sheriff, Magistrates, Freeholders of Somerset’ at end but lacking

that to Mr. Baron Graham, some foxing, later half burgundy morocco,

uncut, a little rubbed, spine faded, [Cohn 421; Goldsmiths’ 23262,

lacking Graham address], 8vo, 1821. £100 – £150

* * * The author was a radical politician who had been incarcerated

in Ilchester gaol for his involvement in the Peterloo Massacre of

1819. He was released in 1822 and brought a series of complaints

against the prison particularly the gaoler, William Bridle, instigating

an Inquiry into prison conditions.

Lot 475

475. th E Lo v E r s’ Pa n o r a M a; o r cu P i d’s va g a r i E s o n L E n t i n E’s day , 24pp., engraved title, 12 hand-coloured

vignettes by George and Robert Cruikshank including one on title,

some light spotting, contemporary blue wrappers, uncut, preserved

in burgundy silk folder and slip-case (rubbed), [Cohn 510], 12mo,

Hodgson & Co., n.d. £300 – £400

* * * A second issue of the work, previously published as Cupid’s

Vagaries, or the Lover’s Panorama on St.Valentine’s Day.

476. do L Ly a n d t h E rat , o r t h E br i s k E t fa M iLy , hand-coloured

etched frontispiece by George Cruikshank, 4pp. advertisements

at end, later half blue morocco, gilt, by Bayntun, g.e., spine very

slightly faded, 1823 § Dibdin (C.) Songs, Naval and National, first

E d i t i o n, 12 plates by Cruikshank, original pictorial cloth, gilt,

slightly faded, 1841, [Cohn 246 & 231]; and 3 others, Cruikshank,

[Cohn 496, 658 & 759], 8vo et infra (5). £180 – £220

Lot 477

477. Cruikshank (George) Po i n t s o f hu M o u r, Parts I & II in 1 vol.,

second issues, etched plates and wood-engraved illustrations by

Cruikshank, all on india paper and mounted, some light offsetting,

bookplate of Robert Pinkney, later dark blue straight-grained

morocco, gilt, by Zaehnsdorf, spine gilt, t.e.g., very slightly rubbed

at edges, [Cohn 176], 8vo, 1823-24. £150 – £200

Lot 478

478. Greenwood (Thomas) th E dE at h o f LifE in Lo n d o n; o r, to M

& JE r ry’s fu n E r a L , first E d i t i o n, folding hand-coloured aquatint

frontispiece by George Cruikshank (creased at fore-edge but not

affecting image), small ink stain to lower edge of title and some

leaves, later half blue morocco, by R.Wallis, t.e.g., others uncut,

[Cohn 368], 8vo, [1823]. £400 – £600

* * * Scarce.

Lot 479

479. [Apel (C.)] dEr fr E i s c h ü t z travEstiE, b y sEPtiMus gL o b u s, Esq.,

first E d i t i o n, 12 hand-coloured etched plates by George Cruikshank

after Alfred Crowquill, later mottled calf, gilt, by Bedford, spine gilt

with red morocco labels, t.e.g., others uncut, original printed wrappers

bound in at end (trimmed and window mounted), a little rubbed at

edges, [Cohn 36], 4to, 1824. £150 – £200

Lot 480

480. [Forrester (Charles Robert)], “W.F.von Kosewitz”.

Ec c E n t r i c ta L E s, first E d i t i o n, 20 hand-coloured aquatint plates

by George Cruikshank after Alfred Crowquill (Alfred Henry

Forrester), one or two with light marginal soiling, one with small

tear to fore-edge, one becoming loose, original cloth-backed

boards, uncut, rubbed, corners bumped, paper spine label chipped,

[Cohn 471], 8vo, 1827. £200 – £300

Lot 481

481. [Collier (John Payne)] Pu n c h a n d Ju d y, first E d i t i o n, 24

hand-coloured etched plates by George Cruikshank, wood-engraved

illustrations, without the advertisement slip, slight marginal soiling

to some plates, text lightly foxed, bookplate of J.Leveson Douglas

Stewart of Glenogil, contemporary sprinkled calf, gilt, by W.Pratt,

spine gilt with red morocco labels, t.e.g., others uncut, [Cohn 150;

Osborne 872, second edition], 8vo, 1828. £150 – £200

482. O’Neill (John) th E bL E s s i n g s o f tE M P E r a n c E , fourth

edition, engraved portrait and 4 hand-coloured etched plates

by George Cruikshank, soiled and browned, contemporary half

calf, by S.Kaufmann, 1851 § Diverting History of John Gilpin

(The), 2 advertisement leaves at end, a little soiled, original

printed wrappers, spine worn, Charles Tilt, 1828 § Pardoe

(Julia) Lady Arabella: or, the Adventures of a Doll, original

cloth, gilt, spine ends worn, a few ink stains, [1856] § History

of Jack & the Bean-stalk, plates a little foxed, original pictorial

wrappers, soiled, [1854], all illustrated by George Cruikshank,

rubbed, [Cohn 620,169, 525 & 197]; and 2 others, Cruikshank,

[Cohn 774 & another], 8vo et infra (5). £100 – £150

Lot 483

483. [Bowles (Caroline A.)], “Baroness de Katzleben”. th E

cat ’s ta i L: b E i n g t h E hi s t o ry o f ch i L d E ME r L i n. a ta L E, 32pp.,

half-title, 3 hand-coloured etched plates by George Cruikshank,

lightly browned, later cloth, morocco spine label, slightly rubbed

and marked, [Cohn 124], 8vo, 1831. £120 – £180

Important Books and Manuscripts




Lot 484

484. bE E a n d t h E wa s P (th E). a fa b L E, in vE r s E, 16pp., 4 etched

plates by George Cruikshank, without the 8pp. advertisements at

end (as often), later mottled calf, gilt, by F.Bedford, spine gilt with

red morocco labels, g.e., 1832 § [Bowles (Caroline A.)], “Baroness

de Katzleben”. The Cat’s Tail: being the History of Childe Merlin,

32pp., half-title, 3 etched plates by Cruikshank, lightly browned at

edges, original printed wrappers, a little soiled, 1831, [Cohn 65 &

124], 8vo (2). £150 – £200

Lot 485

485. [Cruikshank (George) a co M i c aL P h a b E t], 24 handcoloured

etched plates, all mounted on stubs, some light foxing or

soiling, contemporary half red morocco, by Tout & Sons, spine gilt,

t.e.g., others uncut, [Cohn 189], 12mo, [?1837]. £200 – £300

Lot 486

Lot 486

486. [Cruikshank (George) a co M i c aL P h a b E t], 24 hand-coloured

etched plates folding concertina style into original pictorial boards

(advertisement in Tilt’s shop dated 1837 on lower cover), preserved

in old board drop-front box (joints split), [Cohn 189], 12mo, 1836

but later. £150 – £200

Lot 487

487. [Dickens (Charles)] Mo r E hi n t s o n Et i q u E t t E , first E d i t i o n,

advertisement leaf, half-title, title-vignette and illustrations by

George Cruikshank, advertisment leaf and 4pp. catalogue at end,

original pictorial limp blue cloth, gilt, slight marks on lower cover

and corners a little bumped but a good copy, [Cohn 242], small

8vo, 1838. £100 – £150

Lot 488

488. [Thackeray (William Makepeace) and Charles Dickens.]

th E Lo v i n g ba L L a d o f Lo r d bat E M a n, first E d i t i o n, first issuE

with “wine” instead of “vine” line 2 stanza V p.13, 12 etched

plates by George Cruikshank including page of musical notation,

8pp. advertisements at end, lightly foxed, original limp pictorial

cloth, gilt, bookseller’s ticket of W. & T. Evans of Cork inside rear

cover, lightly rubbed and marked, spine slightly faded, [Cohn 243],

12mo, 1839. £300 – £400

* * * Thackeray wrote the verses which were edited by Dickens who

also wrote the tongue-in-cheek scholarly notes and preface.

Lot 489

489. gE o r g E cr u i k s h a n k’s oM n i b u s, first E d i t i o n in t h E o r i g i n a L

9 Pa rt s, engraved frontispiece, portrait and plates, most by

Cruikshank, wood-engraved illustrations, with advertisements and

slips, some on coloured paper, no Advertising Sheet No.V as in

Cohn, some foxing and staining, original cream printed wrappers

with advertisements, Parts I & II with ink signatures at head of

upper wrappers, a little rubbed and soiled, preserved in cloth dropback

box (spine faded), [Cohn 190], 8vo, 1841-42. £200 – £300

* * * There are a few minor differences to the advertisements listed

in Cohn:‘Periodical Works’ at end of Part I is printed on pink paper

not blue or white as in Cohn, and the advertising sheets in Parts VII

& VIII are numbered accurately.

Lot 490

490. gE o r g E cr u i k s h a n k’s oM n i b u s, s i g n E d PrEsEntation c o P y f r o M

t h E a u t h o r/a rt i s t to E b b i n g inscribed at head of half-title,

engraved portrait, etched plates, illustrations, some soiling, a few

leaves slightly frayed at edges, original pictorial cloth, gilt, a little

rubbed, corners bumped, recased, new endpapers, 1842 § Wight

(John) More Mornings at Bow Street, 8pp. advertisements, halftitle,

etched frontispiece, illustrations, frontispiece foxed, original

cloth-backed boards, paper label, uncut, rubbed and faded, boards

spotted, 1827 § [Clarke (W.)] Three Courses and a Dessert, 8pp.

advertisements at end, illustrations, 2 leaves torn and repaired at foreedge,

later half burgundy morocco, by Sangorski & Sutcliffe, spine

gilt, t.e.g., others uncut, 1830, all illustrated by George Cruikshank,

[Cohn 190, 845 & 144], 8vo (3). £200 – £300

491. Brough (Robert B.) th E LifE o f sir Jo h n fa L s ta f f, half-title,

20 etched plates, original pictorial cloth, gilt, spine ends a little

worn, [1858] § Mayhew (Henry & Horace) The Good Genius that

turned Everything into Gold, 4 etched plates, illustrations, later

mottled calf, gilt, by Grieve of Edinburgh, spine gilt, t.e.g., small

abraded patch on upper cover, original gilt pictorial cloth covers

bound in at end, 1847 § Gore (Mrs.) New Year’s Day, a Winter’s

Tale, half-title, 4 etched plates, 8pp. advertisements at end, front

free endpaper defective, original cloth, gilt, soiled, spine browned,

[1846], [Cohn 96, 543 & 357]; and 4 others, Cruikshank, [Cohn 11,

60, 782 & cf.702], v.s. (7). £200 – £300

Lot 492

492. Mayhew (Henry & Horace) wh o M to Ma r ry a n d ho w to

gE t Ma r r i E d!, first E d i t i o n in t h E o r i g i n a L 6 Pa rt s, 12 etched plates

by George Cruikshank, those in Part I a little foxed, advertisements,

original yellow printed wrappers with advertisements, a little rubbed

and soiled particularly Parts I & II, Part II with ink signature at

head of upper wrapper, preserved in modern cloth drop-back box,

[Cohn 545], 8vo, [1848]. £200 – £300

Lot 493

493. Mayhew (Henry & Horace) wh o M to Ma r ry a n d ho w to gE t

Ma r r i E d!, first E d i t i o n in b o o k f o r M, half-title, title-vignette and

12 etched plates by George Cruikshank, cropped slightly shaving a

few plates, final plate with small tear to fore-edge (repaired), later

calf, gilt, by Rivière & Son, spine gilt with morocco labels, g.e.,

[Cohn 545], 8vo, [1848]. £150 – £200

Lot 494

494. Mayhew (Horace) th E to o t h-a c h E, first E d i t i o n, first issuE

with advertisements pasted inside covers, 43 etched illustrations

by George Cruikshank on three conjoined sheets and folding

concertina style, one join partly split, slightly soiled and rubbed

at folds, folding into original hand-coloured pictorial boards, ink

signature dated 1849 at head of front pastedown, rather rubbed

and soiled, spine reinforced and torn at head, [Cohn 547], 12mo,

D.Bogue, [1849]. £150 – £200

Important Books and Manuscripts




Lot 495

495. Mayhew (Henry) 1851: o r, t h E ad v E n t u r E s o f Mr. a n d

Mr s. sa n d b o y s a n d fa M iLy , first E d i t i o n in t h E o r i g i n a L 8 Pa rt s,

later issue with the slip “Just Published” inserted before p.65 in

part 3, pictorial title and 10 etched plates by George Cruikshank,

most folding or double-page, with all advertisements as called

for in Cohn, plates foxed, original green pictorial wrappers with

advertisements, a little soiled and marked, Part VIII with pp.225-

238 supplied from another copy (smaller) and also rear wrapper

(different advertisement on rear cover), preserved in slip-case and

outer half morocco slip-case resembling a bound volume, a little

rubbed, [Cohn 548], 8vo, [1851]. £150 – £200

Lot 496

496. Blakey (Robert) oL d fa c E s in nE w Ma s k s, first E d i t i o n, halftitle,

etched frontispiece and additional pictorial title by George

Cruikshank (foxed), occasional light spotting to text, bookplate of

Francis Frederick Fox and bookseller’s ticket of William George’s

Sons Ltd. of Bristol, original blind-stamped claret cloth, spine

pictorial gilt, spine faded and worn at head, [Cohn 75; Westwood

& Satchell p.34], 8vo, 1859. £150 – £200

* * * The last and most elusive book by the angling writer, including

chapters on pike and eels as well as a long account of trout and

salmon fishing on the Tweed during the 1790s.

497. Cruikshank (George) a di s c o v E ry c o n c E r n i n g gh o s t s: w i t h

a r a P at t h E “sPirit-raPPErs”, second edition, [Cohn 210], 1864 §

Four Rare Etchings by the celebrated George Cruikshank, drawn

and etched for O’Neill’s “Blessings of Temperance”, 1876, both

with plates or illustrations by George Cruikshank, lightly soiled

at edges,original printed wrappers, soiled and slightly frayed, the

first with upper wrapper torn; and 3 others on or illustrated by

Cruikshank, 8vo et infra (5). £100 – £150

ro b E rt cr u i k s h a n k

Lot 498

498. british da n c E o f dE at h (th E), hand-coloured aquatint

frontispiece by Robert Cruikshank, letterpress title with vignette

and decorative border of skulls and winged timers, 18 handcoloured

aquatint plates after Van Assen, all offset, bookplate of

Malacrida, original boards, uncut, rubbed, rebacked, [Tooley 111],

8vo, Hodgson and Co., [1813]. £200 – £300

Lot 499

499. [Cruikshank (Robert)] LE s s o n s o f th r i f t, first E d i t i o n,

hand-coloured engraved title and 12 plates by Robert Cruikshank,

with advertisement leaf at end (often lacking), some light soiling

and browning, plates a little offset, original cloth, paper spine

label, uncut, rubbed, spine faded, corners bumped, [Abbey, Life

276; Tooley 165], 8vo, 1820. £150 – £200

Lot 500

500. [Hibbert (George, editor and translator)] ta L E s o f t h E

co r d E L i E r ME ta M o r P h o s E d, o n E o f 64 c o P i E s, texts in Italian,

English and French, etched title-vignette and 10 illustrations by

Robert Cruikshank, all on india paper and mounted, some foxing,

aL b E rt h n’s c o P y w i t h h i s b o o k P L at E, bookseller’s ticket of

Robson Kerslake, contemporary calf, gilt, by Rivière, spine gilt,

uncut, slightly rubbed at edges, 4to, printed at the Shakespeare

Press by W.Bulmer and W.Nicol, 1821. £150 – £200

* * * Privately printed for the bibliophile George Hibbert who had

bought the manuscript at the sale of the library of Count Borromeo

of Padua in 1817.

Albert M Cohn, author of George Cruikshank. A Catalogue

Raisonné 1806-1877, published in 1924 and still the definitive

work on the younger Cruikshank.

501. Egan (Pierce) th E LifE a n d Ex t r a o r d i n a ry ad v E n t u r E s o f

sa M u E L dE n M o r E hay wa r d, denominated the Modern Macheath

, hand-coloured etched portrait by Robert Cruikshank after Mrs.

Smart, engraved facsimile leaf, soiled and stained, later half

morocco, by G.Walters, t.e.g., spine gilt and slightly faded, 1822

§ Brighton!! A Comic Sketch, half-title, plates, original printed

wrappers, soiled, 1830 § [Birch (J.)] Fifty-One Original Fables,

title in red and black, plates and illustration, contemporary half

calf, spine gilt, rubbed, 1833 § [Barker (M.H.)] Jem Bunt, first

E d i t i o n, etched pictorial title and plates, a little soiled, cropped,

Mexborough bookplate, later half red morocco, by Bayntun, spine

gilt, g.e., [1841], all illustrated by Robert Cruikshank; and another

illustrated by the Cruikshanks, 8vo et infra (5). £200 – £300

502. Westmacott (Charles Molloy) Po i n t s o f Mi s E ry; o r fa b L E s

f o r Ma n k i n d, first E d i t i o n, half-title, 20 wood-engravings by

Robert Cruikshank including 10 hand-coloured plates, a few

with light marginal soiling or staining, modern half mottled calf,

by Bayntun, g.e., spine gilt, 1823; The Punster’s Pocket-Book by

Bernard Blackmantle, engraved portrait, wood-engraved plates

by Robert Cruikshank, nineteenth century half green morocco, by

Worsfold, spine gilt, 1826, both spines a little faded, 8vo (2).

£150 – £200

Lot 503

503. [Cruikshank (Robert) co M i c a L i t i E s], no title or text, 24

hand-coloured etched plates by Robert Cruikshank, later half green

morocco, t.e.g., others uncut, spine slightly faded, 12mo, [1830].

£200 – £300

Lot 504

504. [Hempel (Charles William)] th E co M M E r c i aL to u r i s t; o r,

gE n t L E M a n tr av E L L E r. a sat i r i c a L Po E M, fourth edition, half-title,

5 hand-coloured aquatint plates by Robert Cruikshank, a little

soiled and browned, upper hinge weak, original cloth, paper spine

label, rubbed and cockled, corners bumped, spine a little worn,

[cf. Abbey, Life 305 & Tooley 259, 1822 edition], 1839; w i t h t h E

5 o r i g i n a L coPPEr P L at E s f o r t h E b o o k, c.250 x 150mm. or 150 x

250mm. (6). £300 – £400

Important Books and Manuscripts



505. Davenport (W.) hi s t o r i c a L Po rt r a i t u r E o f LE a d i n g Ev E n t s

in t h E LifE o f aL i Pa c h a, vi z i E r o f EP i r u s , first E d i t i o n, half-title,

6 fine hand-coloured aquatint plates by G.Hunt after W.Davenport,

advertisement leaf at end, some light spotting and offsetting, a few

small adhesion spots to plate V, original boards, paper label on

spine, a little rubbed, [Abbey, Travel, 206; Atabey 325; Blackmer

454], folio, 1823. £2000 – £3000


Lot 506

506. Dawe (George, printer) th E LifE o f a no b L E M a n, 9 handcoloured

aquatint plates, no title or text as issued, light marginal

soiling, faint creasemark across one corner of first plate, later red

morocco, gilt, by Rivière & Son, spine gilt in compartments, t.e.g.,

one or two marks to lower cover, [Abbey, Life 310], 4to, [c.1825].

£400 – £600

* * * Depicting a young nobleman’s decline from his inheritance to

ruin through women, the turf, cards, moneylenders and a duel.

Lot 505

507. Dibdin (Charles) LifE in Lo n d o n; o r, t h E La r k s o f Lo g i c,

to M, a n d JE r ry, an Extravaganza, in three acts , second edition, handcoloured

etched frontispiece by Isaac Cruikshank, text foxed, first

two leaves frayed and reinforced at fore-edge, later half calf, t.e.g.,

others uncut, spine faded, 1822 § Moncrieff (W.T.) Tom and Jerry an

Operatic Extravaganza, hand-coloured aquatint frontispiece by Robert

Cruikshank (marginal soiling), some light spotting, original pink

printed wrappers, uncut, soiled and creased, spine defective, preserved

in old cloth portfolio, 1826, 8vo (2). £150 – £200

Lot 508

508. Dickens (Charles) Mr. ni g h t i n g a L E’s di a ry, with the rare

hand-coloured etched frontispiece by Pailthorpe (not always

issued with the book), endpapers with advertisements printed

in pink, original brown cloth blocked in black and titled in gilt,

very slight rubbing to extremities, otherwise a very good copy,

preserved in later red morocco slip-case with flap, spine gilt, tab to

flap becoming detached, [Eckel p.185], 16mo, Boston, 1877.

£300 – £400

* * * The original edition in 1851 seemed to been have produced in

an incredibly small number of copies, possibly as few as three. The

work was originally by Mark Lemon, editor of Punch, but Dickens

provided so many alterations that it is now attributed more to him

than Lemon.

Lot 509

509. Dickens (Charles).- [Browne (Hablot K.)], “Phiz”. Mr.

ra L P h ni c k L E b y’s “h o n E s t” c o M P o s u r E, o r i g i n a L s t E E L P L at E

for ‘Nicholas Nickleby’ engraved by Hablot K.Browne “Phiz”,

mounted in velvet frame, together with a print from the plate

(rather foxed and browned) and letter of authentication from the

publishers in old straight-grain morocco case, gilt, a little worn,

upper joint split, 4to, 1838. £300 – £400

Lot 510

510. Dix (John) Pr o g r E s s o f in t E M P E r a n c E, from the Original

Paintings by E.V.Rippingille with Poetical Illustrations, 6 handcoloured

engraved plates after Rippingille, a little soiled and

browned, some plates reinforced at inner margin, modern half

green morocco, spine gilt, original brown printed wrappers bound

in (a little rubbed), uncut, oblong small folio, Bristol and London,

[c.1840]. £150 – £200

Lot 511

511. E[gerton] (M[ichael]) ai ry no t h i n g s , first E d i t i o n, 23 handcoloured

aquatint plates by George Hunt after Egerton, rather

foxed and soiled mostly affecting text but some plates with marginal

staining, plates offset, contemporary half calf, rubbed, [Abbey, Life

290; Tooley 206], 4to, 1825. £600 – £800

Lot 512

512. Egan (Pierce) LifE in Lo n d o n , first E d i t i o n, second issue

with footnote on p.9 and first sheet of music unnumbered, half-title,

hand-coloured aquatint frontispiece and 35 plates by Isaac, Robert

& George Cruikshank, wood-engraved vignettes, 6pp. engraved

musical notation on 3 folding sheets (lightly foxed), title washed at

head and spotted, some light offsetting, plates a little cropped with

loss to a few imprints, a good copy in later blue morocco, gilt, by

Rivière & Son, spine gilt in compartments, t.e.g., joints and corners

a little rubbed, spine very slightly faded, [Abbey Life 281; Cohn

262; Tooley 196], 8vo, 1821; w i t h wat E r c o L o u r o va L P o rt r a i t o f

Eg a n, captioned in ink below, margins a little soiled and creased

at one edge, image c.135 x 110mm. a n d a c i r c u L a r Pat c h b o x w i t h

h a n d-c o L o u r E d E n g r av i n g o f LifE in Lo n d o n o n L i d based on ‘Tom

and Jerry “masquerading it” among the Cadgers’ plate opposite

p.346 but in reverse, lacquered, a few small scratches, 90mm.

diameter (3). £300 – £400

Lot 513

513. [Egan (Pierce), imitation] rE a L LifE in ir E L a n d, hand-coloured

aquatint frontispiece and 18 plates by Alken, Heath and others,

frontispiece from another copy (soiled & torn, laid down), browned,

plates soiled, later crushed burgundy morocco, gilt, by Rivière & Son,

spine gilt in compartments, t.e.g., [Abbey, Life 282; Tooley 201], 8vo,

1821 [but some plates dated 1822]. £200 – £300

Important Books and Manuscripts




Lot 514

514. Ellis (Henry) Jo u r n a L o f t h E Pr o c E E d i n g s o f t h E Lat E

EMbassy to ch i n a, first E d i t i o n, engraved portrait frontispiece

and 3 maps (1 large and folding), 7 hand-coloured aquatint plates,

errata leaf at end, maps foxed, some very light offsetting to plates,

text a little foxed and soiled, ex-library copy with stamp on verso of

portrait and folding map, contemporary half calf, rubbed, corners

worn, rebacked in morocco, spine a little faded, [Abbey, Travel

536; Tooley 208], 4to, 1817. £400 – £600

Lot 515

515. [Engelbach (Lewis)] naPLEs a n d t h E ca M Pa g n a fELicE in a

sEriEs o f LEttErs , hand-coloured aquatint additional decorative title

with vignette of Vesuvius, 3 hand-coloured maps and plans (1 folding)

and 14 hand-coloured aquatint plates after Thomas Rowlandson and

others, with list of plates at end, occasional light spotting and soiling,

tear to fore-edge of Cc2 (repaired, no loss), later half blue morocco,

by Zaehnsdorf, spine gilt, g.e., [Abbey, Travel 166; Tooley 228], 8vo,

R.Ackermann, [1815]. £400 – £600

516. Farquhar (Ferdinand) th E rE L i c k s o f a sa i n t. a r i g h t

M E r r y ta L E, half-title, hand-coloured etched frontispiece by

Rowlandson, 1816 § [Britton (John)] The Pleasures of Human Life,

hand-coloured engraved frontispiece and additional vignette title,

5 hand-coloured etched plates by Rowlandson, marginal staining

to frontispiece and title, 1807, both original boards, uncut, paper

spine labels, rubbed, the second a little stained and with spine

worn and defective, 16mo (2). £150 – £200

517. Fellowes (W.D.) a visit to t h E Mo n a s t E ry o f La traPPE, in 1817,

third edition, 15 engraved plates including 12 hand-coloured aquatints

by I.Clark after the author, text foxed but plates clean, contemporary

red straight-grain morocco, gilt, a little worn, 1820 § Glances at

Character, half-title, hand-coloured aquatint frontispiece and 7 plates

by I.Clark, lightly soiled, later half morocco, spine gilt, 1814 Select

Comic Tales. From the Best Authors, hand-coloured etched

frontispiece and vignette-title, a little browned, original blue printed

boards, slightly rubbed, Edinburgh, 1813 § Thackeray (W.M.) The

Book of Snobs, advertisement leaf, half-title, illustrations, original

pictorial green wrappers, soiled and browned, 1848; and another,

illustrated, 8vo et infra (5). £150 – £200

Lot 518

518. Fielding (Theodore Henry) british ca s t L E s , lacking halftitle,

25 hand-coloured aquatint plates, text foxed but plates clean,

modern half blue morocco, spine gilt and slightly faded, g.e.,

[Abbey, Scenery 20; Tooley 214], oblong 4to, 1825. £300 – £400

Lot 519

519. Fielding (Theodore Henry) a Pi c t u r E s q u E dE s c r i P t i o n o f

t h E ri v E r wy E, 12 hand-coloured aquatint plates, tissue guards, all

neatly numbered in ink in contemporary hand, ink signature at head

of title, marginal staining to one or two plates, original blind-stamped

cloth, a little rubbed, spine faded and slightly worn at ends, [Abbey,

Scenery, 550; Tooley, 218], 4to, 1841. £500 – £700

Lot 520

520. Fore-edge Painting.- Howard (Henry, Earl of Surrey)

th E Po E M s , Aldine Edition of the British Poets, engraved portrait

(foxed), front free endpaper torn, contemporary red morocco, g.e.,

w i t h a f o r E-E d g E Pa i n t i n g o f shiPs at s E a beneath the gilt, joints and

corners a little rubbed, 12mo, 1831. £150 – £200

Lot 521

521. fr E n c h co s t u M E, no text, 24 hand-coloured aquatint plates,

original buff wrappers with aquatint maritime vignette & title by

R.Havell on upper wrapper, slightly soiled, spine chipped at head,

12mo, Rodwell, 1826. £150 – £200

* * * Depicting the costumes of the women of Normandy.

Lot 522

522. G. (A.P.D.) skEtchEs o f Po rt u g u E s E LifE, Ma n n E r s, co s t u M E

a n d ch a r a c t E r, half-title, 20 hand-coloured aquatint plates,

engraved plate of music, plates offset, some a little foxed, later half red

morocco, by Zaehnsdorf, spine gilt and slightly faded, g.e., [Abbey,

Travel, 141; Tooley 453], 8vo, 1826. £500 – £700

Lot 523

523. Goldsmith (Oliver) th E vi c a r o f wakEfiELd, 24 handcoloured

aquatint plates by Thomas Rowlandson, with 3 duplicate

plates (trimmed, 1 mounted at beginning, the other 2 bound in), some

light spotting and browning, bookplate of S.A.Thompson Yates, later

green morocco, gilt, by Rivière & Son, g.e., spine gilt and faded,

[Tooley 436], 8vo, Ackermann, 1817. £200 – £300

Lot 524

524. [Grasset de Saint-Saveur (Jacques)] an 4M E d E L a

ré P u b L i q u E fr a n ç a i s E. 1795. co s t u M E s d E s rE P r é s E n ta n s d u

PE u P L E, Membres des deux Conseils, du Directoire Exécutif ,

hand-coloured aquatint additional pictorial title and 15 plates by

Labrousse after St.Sauveur, advertisement leaf at end, text foxed

and with light marginal water-staining but plates generally clean,

contemporary printed paste-paper boards with printed pink paper

label mounted on upper cover, also manuscript note of St.Sauveur’s

address, uncut, rubbed, rebacked, [Colas 1294], 8vo, Paris, Deroy,

1795. £200 – £300

Lot 525

525. Greenaway (Kate) bi rt h d ay bo o k f o r ch i L d r E n, s i g n E d

P r E s E n tat i o n c o P y f r o M t h E a u t h o r to ha r r i s o n wE i r sE P t.1880

inscribed on presentation leaf at beginning, original pictorial cloth

with circular illustration mounted on upper cover, [1880]; Songs for

the Nursery, original pictorial cloth, [1880]; Language of Flowers,

foxed, original boards, [1884] § Ranking (B.M.) and T.K.Tully.

Flowers and Fancies, contemporary limp calf, spine faded, 1883 §

Mavor (W.) The English Spelling-Book, original pictorial boards,

spine browned, 1885, all with plates or illustrations by Kate

Greenaway, many colour, rubbed, 8vo et infra (5). £200 – £300

* * * Harrison Weir (1824-1906), animal artist and author.

Important Books and Manuscripts




Lot 526

526. Greenaway (Kate).- Ruskin (John, editor) da M E wi g g i n s

o f LE E, a n d h E r sE v E n wo n d E r f u L cat s , P r E s E n tat i o n c o P y f r o M

Jo h n ru s k i n to sa r a h an g E L i n a ac L a n d inscribed on front free

endpaper, woodcut illustrations by Kate Greenaway, book-label of

Sarah Angelina Acland annotated with manuscript explanation of

inscription on front pastedown, original pictorial cloth, gilt, very

slightly rubbed at edges, 8vo, Orpington, 1885. £250 – £350

* * * The inscription reads, “Angie/ From her poor little/ Hearth-

Cricket/ 29th November, 1885”. The note on the book-label

explains, “This book was given to her by Mr. Ruskin, who called

himself a ‘Cricket’ in consequence of one of the household asking

how a man could be a cricket (meaning critic).”

Sarah Angelina Acland (1849-1930) was the daughter of the

physician Sir Henry Wentworth Acland (1815-1900). Ruskin and

Acland met as undergraduates at Oxford and remained lifelong


Lot 527

Lot 527

527. Grimm (Jakob Ludwig and Wilhelm Carl) gE r M a n

Po P u L a r st o r i E s, translated from the Kinder und Hans Märchen ,

2 vol., first En g L i s h E d i t i o n, vol.1 second issue, half-titles, etched

vignette titles and 20 plates by George Cruikshank, those in vol.2

printed in brown, 12pp. advertisements at end of vol.1 but vol.2

without 12pp. advertisements at beginning and 2pp. at end, small

tear to upper edge of plate opposite p.217 in vol.1 (repaired, no

loss), small hole to p.iv-v (advertisement) in vol.2 with loss of two

letters, H gathering in vol.2 with some foxing, otherwise a fine copy

in later calf, gilt, by Zaehnsdorf, spines gilt in compartments with

morocco labels, g.e., very slight rubbing to extremities, small stain

to upper cover of vol.2, [Cohn 369], 12mo, C.Baldwyn, 1823 and

London, James Robins & Co., and Dublin, Joseph Robins Jun. &

Co., 1826. £1200 – £1800

Lot 528

528. Hardy (Joseph) a Pi c t u r E s q u E a n d dE s c r i P t i v E to u r in t h E

Mo u n ta i n s o f t h E hi g h Py r E n E E s, first E d i t i o n, P r E s E n tat i o n c o P y

f r o M t h E a u t h o r inscribed on front free endpaper, engraved map,

24 hand-coloured aquatint plates, mounted as issued, map foxed,

very slight offsetting from plates, original green cloth, paper label

on spine, uncut, a little rubbed and spotted, spine label slightly

chipped, spine faded and worn at head and foot, [Abbey, Travel

210], 8vo, R.Ackermann, 1825. £400 – £600

Lot 529

529. Hassell (John) th E ca M E r a ; o r, art o f dr aw i n g in wat E r

co L o u r s, first E d i t i o n, folding plate in 3 states (1 outline, 2

aquatint, 1 hand-coloured), advertisement leaf at end, plain

aquatint plate lightly soiled and partly detached at inner margin,

original boards with printed paper label on upper cover, uncut,

rubbed, a little worn at corners and spine ends, [Abbey, Life 142],

8vo, 1823. £150 – £200

* * * Scarce.

Lot 530

530. Heath (William) fo r E i g n Mi L i ta ry co s t u M E, engraved and

hand-coloured throughout with pictorial title and 6 plates, each of

4 vignettes, title very lightly soiled, modern half crimson morocco

with gilt-stamped roan label on upper cover, g.e., oblong folio,

Thos. McLean, 1823. £600 – £800

Lot 531

531. [Heath (William)] Ma r c h o f in t E L L E c t (th E), 6 handcoloured

etched plates by Robert Seymour, each with six vignettes,

some light foxing or browning, original blue wrappers, uncut,

upper wrapper foxed, lower renewed, preserved in modern cloth

portfolio, [Not in Abbey or Tooley], oblong folio, Thos.McLean,

1829. £200 – £300

* * * The subjects of the plates are Fashionable, Mechanical,

Philosophical, Philanthropical, Professional and Political.

Lot 532

532. [Heath (William)] a sE a r c h a f t E r t h E “co M f o rta b L E:”

being the adventures of a little gentleman of small fortune, 6

hand-coloured etched plates by Robert Seymour, each with many

vignettes, some light soiling, mostly marginal, original printed

wrappers, uncut, rather soiled and marked, lower wrapper a

little frayed at edges, becoming loose, preserved in modern cloth

portfolio, [Abbey, Life 318], oblong folio, Thos.M’Lean, 1829.

£200 – £300

* * * The subjects of the plates are Frolic & Fashion, Rural

Retirement, Arts & Sciences, Travelling I & II, Courtship.

533. [Heath (William)] a sE a r c h a f t E r t h E “co M f o rta b L E:”

being the adventures of a little gentleman of small fortune, 6

hand-coloured etched plates by Robert Seymour, each with many

vignettes, soiled and stained, plate 2 defective at lower edge and

plates 5 & 6 torn (all repaired), original printed wrappers, soiled

and marked, some tears repaired, rebacked, [Abbey, Life 318],

oblong folio, Thos.M’Lean, 1829. £150 – £200

Lot 534

534. Hogarth (William) and others. an ac c o u n t o f wh at sE E M E d

Mo s t rE M a r k a b L E in t h E fi v E day s PE r E g r i n at i o n , first E d i t i o n,

9 hand-coloured aquatint plates after Hogarth and others, title a

little browned, plates with light marginal staining to fore-edge just

affecting border of final plate, modern half tan morocco with giltstamped

calf label on upper cover, [Abbey, Life, 307], oblong folio,

for R.Livesay, 1782. £1000 – £1500

* * * Account of Hogarth’s jaunt with his friends from the Bedford

Arms Tavern in Covent Garden to the Isle of Sheppey.

Important Books and Manuscripts




Lot 535

535. Holbein (Hans) th E da n c E o f dE at h; f r o M t h E o r i g i n a L

d E s i g n s , 2 engraved portraits and 31 plates by Wenceslaus Hollar,

all hand-coloured, light marginal soiling or spotting, contemporary

red straight-grain morocco, gilt, g.e., rubbed, rebacked, spine gilt,

8vo, 1816. £150 – £200

Lot 536

536. Holderness (Mary) nE w russia. Jo u r n E y f r o M ri g a to t h E

cr iM E a , first E d i t i o n, 3 hand-coloured lithographed costume

plates, 2 plain lithographed plates, 1 folding, errata slip at end,

costume plates clean, others foxed, some other spotting to text,

contemporary half calf, spine gilt, rubbed, [cf. Atabey 588, second

edition; Not in Abbey or Tooley], 8vo, 1823. £250 – £350

Lot 537

537. Honan (Michael Burke, editor) th E an d a L u s i a n an n u a L,

f o r Mdcccxxxvii, first E d i t i o n, 12 hand-coloured lithographed

costume plates by Gauci and Hullmandel, some heightened with gum

arabic, musical notation, some spotting and soiling, mainly affecting

text, original pink cloth, covers with title and figure of dancing girl in

gilt within elaborate blind-stamped border, g.e., rubbed and faded,

a few small stains to upper cover, corners worn, rebacked, [Colas

1476; Palau 11860], 4to, 1836. £700 – £900

* * * The plates include bullfighters and bandits.

Lot 538

538. Howitt (Samuel) a nE w wo r k o f an i M a L s, 56 etched plates,

a L L h a n d-c o L o u r E d, marginal foxing and soiling, contemporary

half russia, rubbed, spine worn at head and foot, split to foot of

upper joint, [cf.Schwerdt I p.252, edition with 100 plates; Nissen

2018], 4to, Edward Orme, 1811. £400 – £600

Lot 539

539. Ibbetson (Julius Caesar), J.Laporte and J.Hassell. a

Pi c t u r E s q u E gu i d E to bat h , br i s t o L ho t-wE L L s, t h E ri v E r av o n,

a n d t h E a d J a c E n t c o u n t ry, first E d i t i o n, lacking half-title, with

16 fine hand-coloured aquatint plates, errata/advertisement leaf at

end, a clean copy, later half green morocco, spine gilt, t.e.g., others

uncut, spine faded, [Abbey, Scenery 38; Tooley 277], 4to, 1793.

£400 – £600

Lot 540

540. Ireland.- EM a n c i Pat i o n; o r PE t E r, Ma rt i n, a n d t h E sq u i r E.

a ta L E in rh y M E. to which is added as short account of the present

state of the Irish Catholics, folding etched frontispiece by “Lunar

Caustic” (a little browned), later blue morocco, gilt, by Zaehnsdorf,

g.e., spine faded, [2 copies only listed on COPAC, British Library

and Oxford], 8vo, [1808]. £150 – £200

Lot 541

541. Ireland (Samuel) Pi c t u r E s q u E viE w s o n t h E ri v E r th a M E s

, 2 vol., half-titles, hand-coloured aquatint additional pictorial

titles and 52 plates, 2 engraved maps, woodcut illustrations, some

foxing, boards, uncut, a little rubbed, [cf.Abbey, Scenery 430, 1792

edition], 8vo, 1801-02. £350 – £450

Lot 542

542. Ireland (Samuel) Pi c t u r E s q u E viE w s o n t h E ri v E r ME d w a y ,

half-title, leaf of verses, hand-coloured aquatint additional pictorial

title and 28 plates, engraved map, woodcut illustrations, advertisement

leaf at end, some plates foxed, contemporary diced russia, gilt, a little

rubbed, rebacked in calf, spine gilt, corners repaired, [Abbey, Scenery,

428], 8vo, T. & J.Egerton, 1793. £300 – £400

Lot 543

543. Ireland (Samuel) Pi c t u r E s q u E viE w s o n t h E uPPEr, o r

wa rw i c k s h i r E av o n, first E d i t i o n, half-title, hand-coloured aquatint

additional pictorial title and 29 plates, engraved map and 2 etched

portraits, woodcut illustrations, plates foxed, modern half green calf,

spine faded, [Abbey, Scenery 427], 8vo, 1795. £300 – £400

Lot 544

544. [Jermyn (Laetitia)] th E bu t t E r f Ly co L L E c to r’s va d E

ME c u M, first E d i t i o n, engraved title and 2 hand-coloured plates,

some foxing and offsetting, contemporary marbled boards, uncut,

rubbed, spine crudely repaired at head with sticky tape, 8vo,

Ipswich and London, [c.1824]. £80 – £120

Lot 545

545. Johnson (Capt.James) Li v E s a n d ad v E n t u r E s o f t h E M o s t

cE L E b r at E d hi g h way M E n, st r E E t ro b b E r s, &c., hand-coloured

engraved frontispiece, engraved title with decorative vignette

border depicting robberies, drinking scenes and executions, and 8

hand-coloured aquatint plates, some light spotting, contemporary

half red morocco, spine gilt, t.e.g., others uncut, very slightly

rubbed at edges, 8vo, [1822]. £150 – £200

Lot 546

546. [Johnson (Charles)] ch ry s a L; o r t h E ad v E n t u r E s o f a

gu i n E a: b y a n ad E P t, 3 vol., first E d i t i o n, half-titles, 15 handcoloured

aquatint plates, advertisement leaf at end, occasional

spotting, light offsetting from plates but a good copy, bookplate of

Frederick Greenwood, handsome contemporary burgundy straightgrain

morocco, gilt, spines gilt, g.e., a little rubbed, spine of vol.1

worn at head, [Tooley 283], 8vo, 1821. £150 – £200

Important Books and Manuscripts




Lot 547

547. Johnston (Robert) tr av E L s t h r o u g h Pa rt o f t h E ru s s i a n

EM P i rE a n d t h E co u n t ry o f Po L a n d, first E d i t i o n, half-title, 2

engraved maps, 21 plates, all but one hand-coloured aquatints,

wood-engraved plate of agricultural implements and illustration

of mammoth skeleton in text, with the List of Plates leaf (often

missing), some foxing and offsetting, slight staining to one or two

plates, Egremont bookplate on front pastedown, contemporary half

red morocco, pine gilt, rubbed, slight wear to head of spine, [Abbey,

Travel 15; Tooley 286], 4to, 1815. £400 – £600

Lot 548

548. König (Frans Niklaus) no u v E L L E coLLEction d E co s t u M E s

suissEs d E s xxii ca n to n s; nE u E sa M M L u n g v o n schwEizErtrachtEn ,

text in French and German, 60 hand-coloured aquatint costume plates

after König, Lory and Andern, tissue guards, ink inscription on title

(partly crossed out), contemporary green morocco-backed glazed

green boards, spine gilt, g.e., slightly rubbed, spine faded, [Colas1654],

Zurich, Orell, Füssli & Co., [c.1818]. £600 – £800

Lot 549

549. Latrobe (Rev. Christian Ignatius) Jo u r n a L o f a visit to so u t h

af r i c a, in 1815, a n d 1816. With some account of the missionary

settlements near the Cape of Good Hope, first E d i t i o n, folding

engraved map with routes supplied in red and blue, 4 engraved

outline panoramas and 12 hand-coloured aquatint plates, foxed at

beginning and end affecting title, otherwise very clean, 19th century

half sheep, spine gilt with red morocco label, a little rubbed, [Abbey,

Travel 325; Tooley 292], 4to, 1818. £500 – £700

* * * Latrobe was appointed by the Moravian Church to select a site

for a third mission station at the Cape.

Lot 550

550. Laurent (Peter Edmund) rE c o L L E c t i o n s o f a cL a s s i c a L

to u r t h r o u g h va r i o u s Pa rt s o f gr E E c E, tu r k E y, a n d ita Ly , first

E d i t i o n, 4 hand-coloured aquatint plates, plate of facsimile, text

foxed and browned but plates clean, original boards, uncut, a

little rubbed, rebacked in cloth, [Abbey, Travel 204; Atabey 680;

Blackmer 959; Tooley 293], 4to, 1821. £600 – £800

Lot 551

551. Le Sage (Alain René) th E ad v E n t u r E s o f giL bL a s d E

sa n t i L L a n E, translated by Tobias Smollett, 3 vol., half-titles, 15

hand-coloured aquatint plates, light offsetting to titles, text foxed,

later boards, uncut, a little rubbed, splits to joints, 8vo, 1819.

£150 – £200

Lot 552

552. [Little (Thomas)] co n f E s s i o n s o f a n ox o n i a n, 3 vol., first

E d i t i o n, ?lacking half-titles, 36 hand-coloured aquatint plates

by J.Findlay, advertisement leaf at end of vol.1, rather browned,

plates offset, handsome later crushed green morocco, gilt, by

Zaehnsdorf, spines gilt in compartments, uncut, [Not in Abbey or

Tooley], 12mo, J.J.Stockdale, 1826. £400 – £600

* * * Scarce.

Lot 553

553. [Lory (Gabriel, the younger)] Pi c t u r E s q u E to u r t h r o u g h

t h E ob E r L a n d in t h E ca n t o n o f bE r n E, in sw i t z E r L a n d, handcoloured

engraved map and 17 fine hand-coloured aquatint

plates, occasional light marginal soiling, original roan-backed

boards, uncut, rubbed, corners and spine ends worn, [Abbey,

Travel 57; Tooley 26], large 8vo, R.Ackermann, 1823.

£1500 – £2000

* * * Including an account of the first ascent of the Jungfrau and

Finsteraarhorn by the Meyer brothers in 1812 (p.60).

Lot 554

554. Lyall (Robert) th E ch a r a c t E r o f t h E ru s s i a n s, a n d a

d E ta i L E d hi s t o ry o f Mo s c o w, first E d i t i o n, 23 engraved plates,

14 aquatint of which all but one hand-coloured including folding

panorama of the Kremlin, 3 others folding, and large folding

engraved map of Moscow (torn and repaired), some light foxing,

mostly to uncoloured plates and map, later half morocco, spine

gilt, [Abbey, Travel 227], 4to, 1823. £800 – £1200

Important Books and Manuscripts




Lot 555

555. M’leod (John, surgeon) vo ya g E o f his Ma J E s t y’s sh i P

aL c E s t E, a L o n g t h E co a s t o f co r E a, to t h E is L a n d o f LE w c h E w,

second edition, half-title, engraved portrait frontispiece, 5 handcoloured

aquatint plates, 4pp. catalogue at end, occasional light

spotting, engraved bookplate of Erskine of Dun, original boards,

uncut, paper spine label, a little rubbed, corners bumped, [Abbey,

Travel 559], 8vo, 1818. £120 – £180

Lot 556

556. Maddock (James) th E fL o r i s t’s dirEctory; o r, a trEatisE o n t h E

cu Lt u r E o f fLowErs , first E d i t i o n, engraved title and 6 plates, 4 handcoloured,

some spotting and soiling, modern half calf, for the Author,

1792 § Martyn (Thomas) Thirty-Eight Plates, with Explanations to

illustrate Linnaeus’s System of Vegetables, 38 hand-coloured engraved

plates, advertisement leaf at end, later red morocco, gilt, by W.H.Smith

& Son, uncut, 1788, 8vo £200 – £300

Lot 559

Lot 557

557. Malcolm (James Peller) an E c d o t E s o f t h E Ma n n E r s a n d

cu s t o M s o f Lo n d o n, d u r i n g t h E Ei g h t E E n t h cE n t u ry, 3 vol., first

E d i t i o n, 50 engraved plates including 12 hand-coloured costume

plates, some light spotting and browning, original printed label

mounted on rear free endpaper, engraved bookplate, handsome

later mottled calf, spine gilt with black morocco labels, t.e.g.,

others uncut, very slightly rubbed at edges, cloth slip-case, 4to,

1808. £150 – £200

Lot 558

558. [Mitford (John)] My co u s i n in t h E ar M y : o r Jo h n n y

nE w c o M E o n t h E PE a c E Es ta b L i s h M E n t, 16 hand-coloured aquatint

plates by I.Cruikshank, C.Williams and others, plates a little shorter

than text, frontispiece offset on title, some other offsetting, some

spotting, later crushed red morocco, gilt, by Zaehnsdorf, spine gilt

in compartments, t.e.g., others uncut, a few spots to upper cover,

spine very slightly faded, [Abbey, Life 370; Tooley 166], 8vo,

1822. £200 – £300

559. Morris (Richard) Essays o n La n d s c a P E ga r d E n i n g, a n d o n

u n i t i n g Pi c t u r E s q u E EffEct w i t h ru r a L sc E n E ry , first E d i t i o n,

half-title, 6 aquatint plates, 3 hand-coloured and 3 sepia (2 with

overslips), some light marginal soiling but plates clean, original

boards, uncut, rubbed, corners worn, rebacked (slightly worn at

head of spine), [Abbey Life 40], 4to, J.Taylor, 1825.

£1000 – £1500

Lot 560

560. Napoleon.- ca r n E t d’u n vo ya g E u r, ou Recueil de Notes

Curieuses sur la Vie, les Occupations, les Habitudes de Buonaparte

a Longwood Sainte-Hélène , advertisement leaf, half-title, 3 handcoloured

aquatint plates (a little browned), original cream printed

wrappers, uncut, soiled and slightly frayed at edges, preserved in

later cloth portfolio and slip-case (spine faded), [Abbey, Travel

313], 8vo, Paris, 1819. £120 – £180

Lot 561

561. [Papworth (John B.) and others.] Po E t i c a L sk E t c h E s o f

sc a r b o r o u g h, first E d i t i o n, 21 hand-coloured aquatint plates by

Rowlandson after J.Green, one leaf with small tear to fore-edge

repaired, cropped, a fine copy in later crushed dark blue morocco,

gilt, by Zaehnsdorf, spine gilt, g.e., [Abbey Scenery 297; Tooley

422], 8vo, R.Ackermann, 1813. £200 – £300

Lot 562

562. Papworth (John Buonarotti) hi n t s o n or n a M E n ta L

ga r d E n i n g: c o n s i s t i n g o f a s E r i E s o f d E s i g n s f o r g a r d E n b u i L d i n g s ,

first E d i t i o n, lacking half-title, sepia-printed aquatint plan (lacking

overslip, lower margin defective where slip torn away), 27 handcoloured

aquatint plates, plate 2 with ‘Gates and Fences’ caption

pasted over ‘Park Entrances’, a few illustrations and diagrams in

text, a little soiled, 19th century half calf, bookseller’s ticket of Rees

Davies of Hull on front pastedown, rather worn, [Abbey, Life 46;

Berlin Kat. 3436], 4to, R.Ackermann, 1823. £500 – £700

* * * Including an aviary, dairy, ice house, laundry, poultry house,

Venetian tent, a bath and an apiary.

Lot 563

563. Pa r i s E t s E s En v i r o n s. Pr o M E n a d E s Pi t t o r E s q u E s, half-title,

engraved title with hand-coloured vignette and 10 hand-coloured

engraved plates, tissue guards, text a little foxed, contemporary ink

inscription on front free endpaper, contemporary calf elaborately

stamped in blind with architectural design around a central blank

medallion, spine gilt, g.e., slightly rubbed, 12mo, Paris, [c.1820].

£150 – £200

Lot 564

564. Pettigrew (Thomas Joseph) a hi s t o ry o f Eg y P t i a n Mu M M iE s

, first E d i t i o n, P r E s E n tat i o n c o P y f r o M t h E a u t h o r to dr co P L a n d

inscribed on front free endpaper, half-title, list of subscribers, 13

engraved or lithographed plates, 4 hand-coloured, 2 heightened

with gold, errata leaf, frontispiece offset on title, plates foxed and

water-stained at lower outer corner, original cloth-backed boards,

paper label on upper cover, a little worn particularly at spine ends,

splits to joints, [Cohn 644], 4to, 1834. £300 – £400

* * * Ten of the thirteen plates are by George Cruikshank and the one

of beetles by J.O.Westwood. Pettigrew was a surgeon and antiquary

who conducted researches into medical history and biography and

contributed to archaeological journals.

James Copland (1791-1870), physician and writer on medicine.

Important Books and Manuscripts



565. Poulson (George) th E hi s t o ry a n d an t i q u i t i E s o f t h E

sE i g n i o ry o f ho L d E r n E s s, in the East-Riding of the County of York,

2 vol., engraved plates, maps and plans, many folding, a few handcoloured,

foxed, particularly at beginnings and ends, bookplate of

John Knowsley Thornton, contemporary half calf, a little worn,

4to, Hull, 1840-41. £100 – £150


Lot 566

566. [Raspe (Rudolph Erich)] su r P r i s i n g ad v E n t u r E s o f t h E

rE n o w n E d ba r o n Mu n c h a u s E n, c o n ta i n i n g si n g u L a r tr av E L s ,

folding frontispiece and 8 plates by Rowlandson, all hand-coloured

etchings, a little soiled and browned, final plate frayed at fore-edge

(repaired), original boards, uncut, a little worn, rebacked, 12mo,

Thomas Tegg, 1809. £200 – £300

Lot 567

567. Raye (Charles) a Pi c t u r E s q u E to u r t h r o u g h t h E is L E o f

wi g h t, 24 hand-coloured plates, one etched, the rest aquatint,

tissue guards, occasional spotting, mostly marginal, plates

generally clean, original half roan with gilt-stamped roan label on

upper cover, a little rubbed and stained, corners and spine ends

worn, [Abbey, Scenery 349; Tooley 206], oblong 4to, 1825.

£600 – £800

Lot 568

568. [Roberts (Lt.-Col. David)] th E Mi L i ta ry ad v E n t u r E s o f

Jo h n n y nE w c o M E , first E d i t i o n, 15 hand-coloured aquatint plates

by Thomas Rowlandson, lightly browned, later crimson morocco,

gilt, by Rivière & Son, spine gilt in compartments, g.e., [Abbey, Life

378; Tooley 417], 8vo, 1815. £150 – £200

Lot 569

569. Rowlandson (Thomas) [co u n t ry fa c E s], set of 6 handcoloured

circular etchings by Rowlandson after Woodward, plate 1

a little browned, all with stains in corners from glue on verso where

previously tipped into album, diameter 190mm., 1799; and 2 other

coloured etchings after Rowlandson (8). £300 – £500

Lot 570

570. Rowlandson (Thomas).- an n a L s o f sP o rt i n g, b y ca L E b

qu i z E M, Es q r. a n d h i s va r i o u s c o r r E s P o n d E n t s, first E d i t i o n, handcoloured

folding etched frontispiece, vignette title and 27 plates by

Rowlandson and Woodward, a little spotted and browned, plates

offset, modern boards with original printed wrappers mounted on

covers, uncut, a little rubbed, [Schwerdt II p.119], 12mo, Thomas

Tegg, 1809. £300 – £400

Lot 571

571. Rowlandson (Thomas) ad v i c E to sP o rt s M E n, ru r a L o r

ME t r o P o L i ta n selected from the original notes, &c. of Marmaduke

Markwell, Esq., first E d i t i o n, half-title, 16 hand-coloured etched

plates by Rowlandson, rather browned, text foxed, original boards,

uncut, rubbed, rebacked, [Schwerdt II p.14; Tooley 407], 12mo,

Thomas Tegg, 1809. £300 – £400

Lot 572

572. Rowlandson (Thomas) ro w L a n d s o n’s ch a r a c t E r i s t i c

sk E t c h E s o f t h E Lo w E r or d E r s, intended as a companion to the new

picture of London, first E d i t i o n, 54 hand-coloured etched plates by

Rowlandson (lacking ‘Placard/Lottery Prizes’ but with duplicate

of ‘Cooper’), a little browned, slip with “Fifty-Four Engravings”

pasted over part of title, nineteenth century calf, gilt, spine gilt and

labelled ‘London Cries’, g.e., a little rubbed, joints cracked, crude

repair to foot of spine with sticky tape, [Tooley 424], 12mo, 1820.

£300 – £500

Lot 573

573. Rowlandson (Thomas) sk E t c h E s f r o M nat u r E , 16 handcoloured

etched plates only (of 18, lacking White Lion Inn, M’sex

and Newport, Isle of Wight), many with aquatint, tissue guards

spotted but plates very clean, with facsimile portrait of Rowlandson

mounted as frontispiece, handsome contemporary calf with triple

rule border and floral cornerpieces in gilt, by Larkins, spine gilt

in compartments with green calf labels, g.e., inner gilt dentelles,

very slightly rubbed at edges, [Abbey, Scenery 33; Tooley 426],

4to, [1822]. £500 – £700

* * * Views include Strawberry Hill but most are of Cornwall.

Lot 574

574. Schoberl (Frederic) th E wo r L d in Mi n i at u r E: Ja Pa n, 20

hand-coloured engraved plates, lightly offset, contemporary half

calf, spine gilt with floral motifs, slightly rubbed at edges, [Abbey,

Travel 6; Tooley 281], 12mo, R.Ackermann, [1823]. £200 – £300

Lot 575

575. [Shelley (Percy Bysshe)], “The Hermit of Marlow.” “wE

Pi t y t h E PL u M a g E, bu t fo r g E t t h E dy i n g bi r d”, An Address to the

People on The Death of the Princess Charlotte, 16pp., first and last

leaves browned, slight creasing to lower edge of first leaf (title),

with the original stitching but broken, preserved in old marbled

portfolio, rubbed, [Granniss pp.43-44; Wise p.46], 8vo, London,

Thomas Rodd, [c.1843]. £250 – £350

* * * Rare. Originally issued in 1817, no copy of the first edition is

known. Thomas Rodd issued the above reprint in or about 1843

and stated that the author printed only twenty copies of the original.

Wise states “no example of this mysterious original has ever been

unearthed; no trace of it beyond Rodd’s own statement has ever

been discovered; and no mention of any kind either of its printing

or distribution is to be found in the correspondence of Shelley or

any of his friends. My own opinion is that no original ever existed,

that the private impression of twenty copies was a myth, and that

Rodd’s so-called facsimile reprint of 1843 is in fact the actual

princeps of the Address.”

Lot 576

576. Sotheby (William) a to u r t h r o u g h Pa rt s o f wa L E s,

so n n E t s, od E s, a n d o t h E r Po E M s , first E d i t i o n, P r E s E n tat i o n c o P y

f r o M t h E a u t h o r “to Miss sta b L E s a.d. 1814” inscribed at head of

title, half-title, 13 hand-coloured aquatint plates by S.Alken, most

after J.Smith, some plates rather browned, one torn across corner

affecting image (repaired), dav i d LL o y d gE o r g E’s c o P y w i t h h i s

E t c h E d b o o k P L at E o n f r o n t Pa s t E d o w n, contemporary straightgrain

morocco, ruled and stamped in gilt and blind, g.e., a little

worn, [Abbey, Scenery 513; Tooley 462], 4to, 1794. £300 – £400

Important Books and Manuscripts




Lot 577

577. Spilsbury (Francis B.) Pi c t u r E s q u E sc E n E ry in t h E ho Ly

La n d a n d sy r i a, second edition, 19 hand-coloured aquatint plates,

light offsetting from plates, frontispiece and title loose, engraved

book-label of James Baldwin Brown of the Inner Temple on front

pastedown, original boards, gilt-stamped red morocco label on

upper cover, slightly rubbed, rebacked and recornered in red

straight-grain morocco, [Abbey, Travel, 383; cf.Tooley 464, 1819

edition], 4to, 1823. £400 – £600

Lot 578

578. Stoddart (John) rE M a r k s o n Lo c a L sc E n E ry & Ma n n E r s

in sc o t L a n d, 2 vol., engraved vignette titles, folding engraved

map with routes supplied in red, 26 hand-coloured aquatint plates

only (of 32), text a little foxed and browned but plates clean, one

plate and adjacent leaf of text torn and repaired (text leaf rather

crudely), contemporary calf, spine with wide raised bands, a little

worn, [Abbey, Scenery 483], 8vo, 1801. £200 – £300

Lot 580

Lot 579

579. Strutt (Joseph) gL i g-ga M E n a an g E L-dE o d, o r th E sP o rt s

a n d Pa s t i M E s o f t h E PE o P L E o f En g L a n d, first E d i t i o n, engraved

frontispiece and 39 plates, all printed in sepia and hand-coloured,

a little browned, some light foxing, engraved bookplate of Samuel

Peace Pratt, 19th century dark blue straight-grained morocco, gilt,

spine gilt, g.e., a little rubbed, 4to, 1810. £150 – £200

580. Sullivan (Dennis) a Pi c t u r E s q u E to u r t h r o u g h ir E L a n d,

first E d i t i o n, 25 hand-coloured aquatint plates, very light soiling

to title, plates clean, modern half green morocco, spine gilt and

slightly faded, g.e., [Abbey, Scenery 460; Tooley 469], oblong 4to,

1824. £2000 – £3000

581. [Surtees (Robert Smith)] Jo r r o c k s’s Ja u n t s a n d Jo L L i t i E s,

first E d i t i o n in b o o k f o r M, etched plates by Phiz, 1838; Hawbuck

Grange, etched plates by Phiz, n.d.; “Ask Mama”, first E d i t i o n

in b o o k f o r M, hand-coloured plates by John Leech, some foxing,

contemporary calf, gilt, by Root & Son, spine a little faded, 1858;

“Plain or Ringlets?”, hand-coloured additional pictorial title and

plates by John Leech, later red morocco, gilt, by Bayntun, 1860,

the first two uniform later half morocco, by Zaehnsdorf, all with

gilt spines featuring sporting motifs, t.e.g., all but the third with

original pictorial gilt cloth spines and upper covers bound in at

end, 8vo (4). £200 – £300

Lot 582

582. [Surtees (Robert Smith)] “ask Ma M a ”; o r, th E ri c h E s t

co M M o n E r in En g L a n d, first E d i t i o n, first issuE, in t h E o r i g i n a L

13 Pa rt s, 13 hand-coloured etched plates by John Leech, woodengraved

illustrations, with all advertisements/slips as called for

(some on yellow paper), some light spotting or soiling, original

red printed wrappers with advertisements, a little rubbed, edges

slightly frayed with one or two chips, spines a little worn, preserved

in later cloth slip-cases, spine faded, [Schwerdt II p.233; Tooley

472], 8vo, 1858. £200 – £300

Lot 583

583. [Surtees (Robert Smith)] “PL a i n o r ri n g L E t s?”, first E d i t i o n

in t h E o r i g i n a L 13 Pa rt s (in 12), hand-coloured etched pictorial title

and 12 plates by John Leech, wood-engraved illustrations, without

the 12pp. list of works by Bradbury and Evans at end of final part

but with tipped-in advertisements for Ackermann in several parts,

very occasional spotting, one plate lightly creased, but a good set

in original red printed wrappers with advertisements, Ackermann

label at foot of a few upper wrappers, very slightly rubbed and

soiled, small chip to one edge, preserved in later cloth drop-back

box and slip-case, [Schwerdt II p.238; Tooley 477], 8vo, 1860.

£200 – £300

Lot 586

Lot 584

584. [Surtees (Robert Smith)] Mr. fa c E y ro M f o r d’s ho u n d s, first

E d i t i o n in t h E o r i g i n a L 12 Pa rt s, 24 hand-coloured etched plates by

John Leech and Hablot K.Browne, wood-engraved illustrations, with

all advertisements/slips as called for (some on coloured paper) except

slip for ‘The Belle of the Village’ in part VII, some light spotting, a

good set in the original red printed wrappers with advertisements,

all upper wrappers titled “Mr.Romford’s Hounds”, very slightly

rubbed, preserved in later cloth slip-cases, spine faded, [Schwerdt II

p.237; Tooley 475], 8vo, 1864-65. £150 – £200

Lot 585

585. Thornton (Alfred) do n Ju a n, 2 vol., first E d i t i o n, 31 handcoloured

aquatint plates, occasional spotting and soiling, one plate

slightly creased, another with short tear repaired, later red morocco,

spines gilt, vol.1 with original printed wrappers bound in at end, [Abbey,

Life 323; Tooley 486], 8vo, 1821-22. £200 – £300

* * * “The first volume is a parody of Mozart’s and Byron’s Don

Juan, the second an imitation of Egan’s Life in London.” Abbey

586. Wallis (Edward, publisher) th E is L E o f wi g h t

ci r c u M n av i g at o r, from actual views taken on the spot, 19

hand-coloured aquatint views on conjoined sheets and folding

concertina style, hand-coloured aquatint pictorial title mounted on

verso of second view (soiled and spotted), views a little soiled with

occasional browning, folding into original floral embossed cloth

with title and vignette in gilt on upper cover, a little rubbed and

faded, rebacked preserving original spine, [Abbey, Travel 476],

c.110 x 2840mm., E.Wallis, [c.1820]. £750 – £1000

* * * Scarce.

Important Books and Manuscripts




Lot 587

587. White (John) Jo u r n a L o f a vo ya g E to nE w so u t h wa L E s,

first E d i t i o n, engraved vignette title, list of subscribers, 65 handcoloured

engraved plates, 4pp. advertisements at end, title and

tissue guards foxed, plates very clean, Dd2 soiled, old ink signature

of J.W. Rimington Wilson on front pastedown, also book-label of

Westdean Library, contemporary sprinkled calf, spine gilt with red

morocco label, rubbed, a little worn at edges and spine ends, splits

to joints, [Ferguson 97], 4to, 1790. £3500 – £4500

* * * Including 30 ornithological plates, 9 botanical and 24


Lot 588

588. Wigstead (Henry) rE M a r k s o n a to u r to no rt h a n d so u t h

wa L E s, first E d i t i o n, half-title, engraved additional title and 22

hand-coloured aquatint plates after Rowlandson and others,

advertisement leaf at end, plates lightly soiled, occasional spotting,

contemporary half roan, uncut, a little worn, especially corners

and spine ends, [Abbey, Scenery 516, uncoloured copy], 8vo, 1799

[engraved title 1800]. £400 – £600

Lot 589

589. Witton (P.H., artist) viE w s o f t h E ru i n s o f t h E Pr i n c i Pa L

ho u s E s d E s t r o y E d d u r i n g t h E ri o t s at bi r M i n g h a M, 8 aquatint

plates by W.Ellis after P.H.Witton, a L L h a n d-c o L o u r E d, each with

accompanying leaf of descriptive text in English and French, plates

with tissue guards, no title as issued, spotting to one or two plates,

some marginal soiling and water-staining but images generally

bright and clean, old cloth with gilt-stamped morocco label on

upper cover, uncut, a little rubbed and spotted, original printed

wrappers bound in (soiled and creased, contemporary ink signature

at head of upper wrapper slightly cropped), [Abbey, Scenery 48,

uncoloured copy], oblong 4to, [J.Johnson], 1791 [plates dated

1792]. £400 – £600

* * * Scarce. The views include the house and “elaboratory” of

Dr.Priestley, and Baskerville House, the residence of John Ryland

Esq. (formerly that of John Baskerville the printer).

Important Books and Manuscripts




Lot 590

Lot 592

❦ Continental Literature

and History

Other Properties

590. Bible, Latin. [bi b L E], s i n g L E L E a f , [from Jeremiah], double

column, 48 lines plus headline, headlines supplied in red and blue,

2-line initial supplied in blue with large marginal flourish in red,

another 10-line marginal decoration in red, chapter numbers XXIX

and XXX supplied in red, ruled in black, folio, 402 x 301mm.,

Mainz, Johann Fust & Peter Schoeffer, 14 August 1462.

£1500 – £2000

* * * An attractive leaf from the first dated Bible.

591. Blockbook Leaf.- ar s Mo r i E n d i [in s P i r at i o n a g a i n s t

dE s Pa i r], single leaf from a blockbook, contemporary handcoloured

woodcut printed on one side of the leaf only, a few small

repairs to verso, mounted and preserved in a folding cloth case,

4to (leaf size 248 x 188mm., actual woodcut 212 x 155mm.), South

Germany, [c.1470-80]. £15000 – £20000

* * * This image is the ninth in the series of eleven images and shows

the dying man being watched over and protected from despair by

a vision of Christ’s crucifixion, with St Peter, Mary Magdalene

(carrying a jar of ointment) and an angel standing by his deathbed,

a cockerel on the bedstead and animals in the foreground.

A rare survival, one of only two leaves known from this edition.

Provenance: H.P. Kraus, catalogue 193 (1993), where it was

offered with another woodcut leaf (Temptation against Faith) from

the same blockbook.

Reference: W.L. Schreiber, Manuel de l’amateur de la gravure sur

bois et sur metal (Leipzig, 1902), Ars moriendi group I.V

592. Poggio Florentinus. historia fi o r E n t i n a, t r a n s L at E d b y

Ja c o b u s Po g g i u s, first E d i t i o n o f t h i s t r a n s L at i o n, 116 ff., including

final blank f., 41 lines, Roman type, large decorated initials on a1

and a3 in gold and colours, coat-of-arms in gold and colours at

foot of a1 (little scuffed), large panel in lower margin of a2, with

miniature of 2 putti, one on rocks, the other with a lion, decorated

with flowers and foliage, blank capital spaces, some with guideletters,

faint ownership inscription at head of title ‘Collegii Barie

(?) Soc. Jesu’, note on fly-leaf, with catalogue cutting pasted in,

bookplates on back of front free endpaper, title lightly soiled and

with small crease at foot, sporadic spotting elsewhere, heavier

to a few ff., handsome 18th century red morocco, spine gilt in

six compartments, with floral decoration, rules on covers, inner

dentelles, marbled endpapers, little rubbed, covers scratched, g.e.,

[BMV V 215; Goff P873], folio, Venice, Jacobus Rubeus, 1476.

£4000 – £6000

* * * A handsome copy of this work that covers Florentine history in

the period 1350-1455.

Lot 591

Important Books and Manuscripts




Lot 593

593. Bible, French. LE s Pa r a b o L L E s s a L o M o n f i L s d E d av i d a P P E L E E s P r o v E r b E s. - LE s Pa r o L L E s d u f i L z d E d av i d d i c t E s

E c c L E s i a s t E. - Li v r E d E s a P i E n c E, illuminated manuscript on vellum, in French, 104 ff., collation: i-v8, vi6, vii 8, viii10,

ix-xiii8, including blank (except for ruling) final ff. in vi and viii, original foliation on most of first 18 ff., 23 lines,

written in brown ink in a handsome lettre bâtarde, 30 2- or 3-line initials in gold on blue and white backgrounds, many

1-line initials in gold on red or blue and white, and a few on brown and gold, 3 large miniatures (c.130 x 120mm.)

with 4 lines of text beneath, ruled in red, staining, heavy in places, seriously affecting the last miniature, and a number

of other ff., wrinkling throughout, small hole in lower border of the second miniature, s i g n at u r E ‘La r o c h E f o u c a u L d’

at f o o t o f first P., armorial bookplate on first fly-leaf of H.C.Embleton, sixteenth-century brown morocco, covers

with double blind-stamped roll, paste-downs made up of fragments of an early liturgical book, printed in red and

black, rubbed, rebacked, covers repaired, 4to, c.240 x 160mm., Northern France, late 15th century.

£10000 – £15000

* * * A fine manuscript, though sadly affected by water-damage, of three of the ‘sapiental’ books of the Bible associated

with King Solomon: Proverbs, Ecclesiastes and Wisdom, in the bible historiale version by Guyart des Moulins, based

on Peter Comestor’s Latin Historica Scholastica. The miniatures depict (f. 1r) Solomon enthroned, with a group of

courtiers beside him, insructing his son Rehoboam, in an architectural setting, with a glimpse of a hilly landscape

visible through an open door; (f. 47r) Solomon enthroned between two groups of courtiers (or students?). behind

them a wall, and behind that glimpses of landscape; (f. 64r) Solomon seated at a large desk, writing on a scroll, in an

architectural setting, with shelves of books high up on either side, with lansdcape visible through a window above. The

three miniatures are in similar architectural borders, predominantly in gold, with coloured pillars on either side, and a

tasseled cord on the right, on which a small golden manikin is climbing, at the foot a gilt pedestal on which is a panel

or scroll with 4 lines of text.

Provenance: from the La Rochefoucauld family library, with signature at foot of first page very similar to that found in books

in the Bibliothèque du Château de la Roche-Guyon, sold by Sotheby’s in Monaco, 9th Dec, 1987 (cf lot 753), though unlike

the books in that sale, this manuscript has neither the library stamp on title, nor the family arms on the covers.

Lot 594 Lot 595

594. Hermes Trismegistus. De p o t e s tat e e t s a p i e n t i a De i, 40ff.

only (of 44, lacking sig f), initial and final blank leaves present,

28 lines, Roman letter, occasional marginal soiling, later vellum,

[Goff H79; Hain 8460], small 4to, Venice, Lucas Domenici, 15

May 1481. £2000 – £3000

* * * Provenance: 18th century inscription on first blank “Ex dono

Cl. V. Antonii Bettini Fanen. A.1794.”

595. Aristotle. or g a n o n, edited by Nicoletus Vernia, commentary

by Averroes, 116ff. (?of 119, lacking blank q10 and ?initial and

final blank), double column, 66 lines and headline, italic letter,

initial spaces, woodcut printer’s device printed in red to final text

f. (z8), occasional early ink marginalia, a1 browned and stained,

a few wormholes, affecting part of a letter or two on several ff.,

occasional foxing or spotting, a few stains, some marginal repairs,

especially to upper gutters, old wooden boards, rebacked in

antique style calf, lacking clasps, upper corners of boards worn,

some worming, rubbed, [not in BMC, Goff A-962; HC 1660],

folio, Venice, Andreas Torresanus de Asula and Bartholomaeus de

Blavis, 1483. £4000 – £6000

* * * Rare. First in a series of separately issued parts of the works of

Aristotle by the Venice based printers. Averroes was an Andalusian

Muslim polymath. Some consider him the founding father of

secular thought in Western Europe.

596. Jerome (Saint) th e Ly f f o f t h e oL D e au n c y e n t ho Ly fa D e r s,

s i n g L e iLLustrateD Leaf, double column, 41 lines plus headline, 3

woodcuts, marginal soiling, small folio, 277 x 200mm., [Westminster,

Wynkyn de Worde], [not after 21 August 1495]. £300 – £400

Lot 596

Important Books and Manuscripts




597. Pacioli (Luca) Di v i n a pr o p o rt i o n e, first e D i t i o n, title and final leaf with woodcut of the

tree of proportion and proportionality in red and black, woodcut initials, some criblé, diagrams

in margins, woodcut illustrations including the human head, 3 architectural subjects, the alphabet

(without Z) & the suite of polyhedral shapes, t h e L at t e r a f t e r Le o n a r D o D a vi n c i, some early ink

annotations in Italian, washed, trimmed and with some paper repairs (to blank margins and wormholes)

and the lower half of the final leaf (woodcut of tree of proportion) supplied in good facsimile,

2 leaves bound out of order, modern brown calf in period style with clasps, cloth drop-back box,

[Mortimer, Harvard Italian 346], folio (trimmed down to a 4to size), Venice, Alessandro & Paganino

de Paganini, 1509. £35000 – £50000

* * * A professionally restored copy of one of the great renaissance books. Pacioli was born in Borgo

Sansepolcro and entered the Franciscan order sometime between 1470 and 1476 where he taught

mathematics, first as a tutor and then as a lecturer at the University of Perugia.

In 1496 he went to Milan, where he met Leonardo da Vinci, who drew the various figures of polyhedra

for this work. He completed the work in 1498 and dedicated it to his Milanese patron, Ludovico il

Moro. It was eventually published in Venice in 1509 with the addition of a short tract on architecture

and an Italian version of Piero della Francesca’s De quinque corporibus regularibus.

Lot 597

Important Books and Manuscripts



598. Dahlberg (Edward) [pa n o r a m a o f fu n e r a L o f Ki n g ch a r L e s

X o f sw e D e n t h r o u g h st o c K h o L m], from Pufendorf’s Sieben

Buecher von denen Taten Carl Gustavs, Koenigs in Schweden,

linen-backed, 335 x 4580mm., Stockholm, 1696. £1500 – £2000

* * * The engraving (which has been deacidified, cleaned, pressed

and laid on linen by a professional conservator) comprises 14 plates

(12 full plates and 2 half-plates). Along the top 59 heraldic shields

are depicted while along the bottom are a series of cartouches with

an index. The funeral procession makes up the main body of the

engraving with a panorama of Stockholm in the middle-distance.


Lot 599

599. Bourdalouë (Louis) se r m o n s , 16 vol., engraved frontispiece

portrait, h a n D s o m e Ly b o u n D in f u L L c o n t e m p o r a ry r e D s t r a i g h tg

r a i n m o r o c c o, multiple elaborate gilt borders and corner-pieces,

gilt edges and dentelles, spines gilt compartments with floral

devices and pointillé lines, silk endpapers, g.e., 8vo, Paris, chez

Rigaud, 1707-34. £600 – £800

* * * Louis Bourdalouë (1632-1704), French Jesuit & preacher,

renowned for his adaptability and coherence as a preacher, of

whom Voltaire was an admirer, and in particular for the work he

did in Languedoc after the Revocation of the Edict of Nantes.

Lot 600

600. Goor (Thomas Ernst van) be s c h ry v i n g D e r sta D t en La n D e

va n br e D a , title printed in red & black, 4 engraved plans and maps

and 15 plates (a few with repaired tears), occasional browning

(partly powdered-out), washed, some leaves repaired (occasionally

affecting text), contemporary vellum, soiled, rebacked and resewn,

new endpapers, folio, The Hague, 1744. £600 – £800

Lot 598

Lot 601

601. La Fontaine (Jean de) Le s am o u r s D e ps y c h é e t D e cu p i D o n,

4 stipple-engraved plates in the first state before titles, by Madame

de Mouchy, C.Bonnefoy and Colibert after M.Schall, 19th century

full straight-grain morocco by De Samblanx & J. Weckesser, gilt

decorated covers, gilt spines, g.e., card marbled slip-case, [Cohende-Ricci

582], 4to, Paris, Defer de Maisonneuve, 1791.

£1000 – £1500

Lot 602

602. Florian (Jean Pierre Claris de) ga L at é e, ro m a n pa s t o r a L;

imité D e ce rva n t e s, L a r g e pa p e r c o p y, 4 colour-printed plates before

letters by Cazenave and Colibert after Monsiau, 19th century

full straight-grain morocco by De Samblanx & J. Weckesser,

gilt decorated covers, gilt spines, g.e., small hole top right-hand

corner to upper cover, card marbled slip-case, [Cohen de Ricci

400] 4to, Paris, chez Defer de Maisonneuve, 1793.

£1000 – £1500

Lot 603

603. Gessner (Salomon) mo rt D’ab e L, p o ë m e , translated by

Hubert, stipple-engraved frontispiece and 5 plates by Colibert,

Casenave and Clément after Monsiau, all printed in colours, all

plates in first state (before numbering), small paper flaw to edges

of title and D1, 19th century full straight-grain morocco by De

Samblanx & J. Weckesser, gilt decorated covers, full gilt decorated

spines, g.e., card marbled slip-case, [Cohen-de-Ricci 436], 4to,

Paris, Defer de Maisonneuve, 1793. £1000 – £1500

Lot 604

604. Vadé (J[ean] J[oseph]) oe u v r e s po i s s a r D e s, o n e o f 100

L a r g e pa p e r c o p i e s, from an edition limited to 300, 4 engraved

plates by Clément after Monsiau printed in colours, ‘l’An IV’

has been erased from the imprint on the title, some minor foxing,

19th century full straight-grain morocco by De Samblanx & J.

Weckesser, gilt decorated covers, full gilt decorated spines, g.e.,

card marbled slip-case, [Cohen-de-Ricci 1005], 4to, Paris, Defer

de Maisonneuve, 1796. £800 – £1200

Lot 605

605. Delacroix (Eugene).- Shakespeare (William) ha m L e t,

16 lithographed plates by Eugene Delacroix, occasional light

finger-soiling, Russian bookplate on front pastedown, original

cloth, a little rubbed and faded, folio, Paris, 1864.

£2000 – £3000

* * * “De nos jours, elle compte toutefois parmi les créations

importantes de l’artiste, l’une de celles où il mit l’essentiel de son

âme” (Musée Delacroix).

Important Books and Manuscripts




The Property of a Lady

606. Marx (Karl) Da s Ka p i ta L. Kritik der politischen Oekonomie Erster Band, first e D i t i o n,

i n s c r i b e D b y t h e a u t h o r to professor e.s. be e s Ly on verso of title, with further contemporary

inscription ?by Beesly below, inscription offset slightly onto printed dedication p., bound in later

half morocco, [PMM 359], 8vo, Hamburg & New York, 1867. £25000 – £35000

* * * “th e ne w re L i g i o n” Printing and the Mind of Man, 1967.

“Under the guise of a critical analysis of capital, Karl Marx’s work is principally a polemic against

capitalists and the capitalist mode of production, and it is this polemical tone which is its chief

charm.” Athenæum review of English edition, 1887.

The first volume of Marx’s magnum opus, and the only one to be published in his lifetime, the further

two volumes published posthumously under the editorship of Friedrich Engels. su c h p r e e m i n e n t

w o r K s s i g n e D a n D/o r i n s c r i b e D t h u s b y ma r X a r e i n c r e D i b Ly s c a r c e, with no comparable titles

seemingly appearing at auction in the last twenty-five years.

This is an excellent association copy, inscribed to Karl Marx’s friend Professor Edward Spencer

Beesly (1831–1915), positivist of the August Comte school of thought, historian, and one of the

founding editors of the Fortnightly Review.

In 1868, when Marx & Engels were trying to develop international momentum for the economic

philosophy contained in this work, they contacted the Fortnightly Review via Beesly to see if it

would be interested in publishing a critique of Das Kapital; at the time Marx wrote to Engels: “Prof.

Beesly, who is one of the triumvirate which secretly runs this rag, has declared, he is ‘morally

certain’ (it depends on him!) a criticism would be accepted” [8th January 1868].

An eventual review was passed on to the then chief editor John Morley by Beesly, but Morley

apparently found the piece unreadable and would not allow publication, even after Beesly

had suggested Marx could try and make the article less dry and more popularist in tone. Beesly

subsequently suggested Marx & Engels contact The Westminster Review, but nothing seems to have

come of this either.

The further inscription, possibly by Beesly, reads “Died 14 March 1883”, the date of Marx’s death.

Lot 606

Important Books and Manuscripts



607. Marx (Karl) au t o g r a p h Le t t e r s i g n e D [to professor

eD wa r D sp e n c e r be e s Ly], 1p., English & French, some light folds,

marginal browning, 8vo, [London], 14 October 1871, mentioning

an enclosed carte-de-visite (see below), briefly referencing the then

editor of the Pall Mall Gazette Frederick Greenwood, with a short

section in French quoting Voltaire, and intimating an imminent

visit from Jenny Marx (née von Westphalen) to Professor Beesly’s

wife; with Karl Marx’s carte-de-visite, s i g n e D & i n s c r i b e D b y h i m

to ‘Madame E.S.Beesly”, 100 x 60 mm., London, 15 October 1871

(2). £7000 – £10000

* * * The French section reads “Ce n’est pas Frederic le Grand. Vous

savez que Voltaire, dans sa retraite suisse, avait auprès de lui un

jésuite, nommé Adam, qu’il était accoutumé à representer à ses

visiteurs en disant: ce n’est pas le premier des hommes!”


Lot 608

Other Properties

608. Dostoevsky (Fyodor Mikhailovich) pr e s t u p L e n i e i na K a z a n i e

[cr i m e a n D pu n i s h m e n t], 2 vol., first e D i t i o n, half-titles bound

after titles, lightly browned throughout, ink stains to fore-edge

of vol.2 bleeding into margin, ink stamps to titles, contemporary

Russian half sheep over pebbled cloth, rubbed, [Kilgour 280], 8vo,

St. Petersburg, 1867. £15000 – £20000

* * * Rare first edition of Dostoevsky’s most important novel. Only

five other sets have appeared at auction in the last thirty years.The

words izdanie ispravlennoe (“revised edition”) on the title-pages

refer only to the earlier magazine appearance in Russki vestnik,


Lot 609

609. Tolstoy (Count Leo N.) vo i n a i mir [wa r a n D pe a c e], 6

vol., first e D i t i o n, half-titles, some foxing and browning, vol.1

in contemporary Russian sheep-backed pebbled cloth, vol.2-6 in

uniform contemporary Russian calf-backed boards, rubbed, some

repairs to leather, spines with title and volume numbers stamped in

blind, [Kilgour 1195], 8vo, Moscow, 1868-69.

£15000 – £20000

* * * a v e ry g o o D c o m p L e t e c o p y o f o n e o f t h e g r e at e s t n o v e L s o f

t h e 19t h c e n t u ry, rarely found in the six-volume format as most

sets were bound into three.

Lot 610

610. Dostoevsky (Fyodor Mikhailovich) be s y [th e possesseD],

3 vol., first e D i t i o n, half-titles, light water-stain through all 3 vol.,

some other darker staining, mostly to margins but significantly

affecting last c.20 leaves in vol.2, contemporary half russian sheep

over pebbled cloth, rubbed, in modern morocco-backed marbled

board drop-back box, [Kilgour 281], 8vo, St. Petersburg, 1873.

£12000 – £16000

* * * “As a political tract, a portrayal of sick minds, and a study of

the manipulation of groups, The Possessed remains Dostoevsky’s

masterpiece.” Victor Terras.

Important Books and Manuscripts




Lot 611

611. Tolstoy (Count Leo N.) an n a Ka r e n i n a, 3 vol., first

(c o m p L e t e) e D i t i o n, sporadic foxing or soiling, generally clean,

early 20th century half calf over contemporary marbled boards,

vol.1 hinges weak, vol.3 upper hinge broken and binding becoming

loose, [Kilgour 1196], 8vo, Moscow, 1878. £6000 – £8000

* * * a v e ry g o o D c o p y o f a r g u a b Ly to L s to y’s greatest w o r K , the

tragic story of Anna Karenina’s love affair with Count Vronsky, the

inspiration for which apparently derived from an occasion when

Tolstoy arrived at a railway station shortly after a young woman, who

had been the mistress of a nearby landowner, had committed suicide.

Lot 613

Lot 612

612. Dostoevsky (Fyodor Mikhailovich) br at ’ya Ka r a m a z o v y

[th e br o t h e r s Ka r a m a z o v], 2 vol., first e D i t i o n, half-titles, foxing

, soiling and some light water-staining, modern half Russian sheep

over contemporary pebbled cloth, vol.2 recased, [Kilgour 286],

8vo, St. Petersburg, 1881. £8000 – £12000

* * * Provenance: small ink stamp of Arthur Behrens on title of vol.1.

613. Barthou (Louis) La vie a m o u r e u s e D e ri c h a r D wa g n e r,

manuscript, 104pp. not including blank leaves, written in blue

ink on recto only except for one page, on light blue paper, large

margin to each page for corrections, each leaf mounted on guards,

contemporary full tan morocco by Marius Michel, leather doublures,

patterned silk free endleaves, marbled endpapers, lettered in gilt,

bookplate of Louis Barthou on front endpaper, 4to, [ Paris,1925].

£1200 – £1500

* * * Barthou was Prime Minister of France in1913 and he also

held a number of ministerial positions before and after WW1. His

biography of Richard Wagner was also translated into English by

Henry Irving Brock as The Prodigious Lover: New Aspects in the

life of Richard Wagner.

Important Books and Manuscripts




Lot 614

614. Wollstonecraft (Mary) a vi n D i c at i o n o f t h e ri g h t s o f

wo m a n: with strictures on political and moral subjects, vol.I (all

published), first e D i t i o n, very light marginal browning to a few

ff., but overall internally very good, contemporary marbled boards

with 19th century half calf, [PMM 242], 8vo, for J.Johnson, 1792.

£1500 – £2000

* * * A powerful yet rational essay on the dynamic of the relationship

between men & women, and how equality is a right of all women

but is repressed through the lack of education available to them.

Sadly it was the author’s personal life that garnered more interest

than her role as a proto-feminist, largely due to the well-intentioned

but somewhat damaging Memoir published by her husband William

Godwin in 1798, following Wollstonecraft’s death after delivering

their only child together, Mary Shelley.

❦ English Literature and History

The Property of a Collector

wi L L i a m mo r r i s a n D o t h e r w o r K s, m a n y r e L at i n g to so c i a L i s m

Lot 615

615. Dickens (Charles) ha r D ti m e s. For these Times, first e D i t i o n

in book form, half-title, internally very good, original, primary

green moiré cloth binding, with ‘Price 5/-’ to foot of spine, spine

browned, light circular mark to uper cover, but overall a very good

copy, 8vo, 1854. £400 – £600

* * * “[Hard Times] stamps and records the reality of Dickens’s emotion

on a great many things that were often considered unphilosophical

grumblings, but which since have swelled into the immense

phenomena of the socialist philosophy. To call Dickens a Socialist is a

wild exaggeration ” G.K. Chesterton, Charles Dickens, 1903.

616. Morris (William) th e go D o f t h e po o r, John Drinkwater’s

copy with his signature to head of title, original pink sewn

wrappers, offprint from the Fortnightly Review, 1868; The Pilgrims

of Hope. A Poem, in thirteen books, John Drinkwater’s copy with

his signature to head of front fly-leaf, original printed wrappers,

a n e X c e L L e n t c o p y, [Harry Buxton Forman], “brought together

from ‘The Common Weal’”, 1886, first e D i t i o n s, both preserved in

uniform green cloth chemise bearing bookplate of Oliver Sylvain

Baliol Brett, 3rd Viscount Esher, and John Drinkwater, 8vo (2).

£200 – £300

* * * The second mentioned was the subject of some controversy,

not least for Forman’s apparent association with T.J. Wise, but

regardless was defined as being one of only a “dozen or two copies”

he produced.

617. Morris (William, designer, author and visionary socialist,

1834-96) au t o g r a p h Le t t e r s i g n e D to fr a n K Ki t z, 2pp., 8vo,

Kelmscott House, Hammersmith, 7th September 1872, telling him

that he has provided a reference for him, “I have written to Mr.

Moore by this post telling him that you worked with us [?as a dyer]

for about 2 years (is that right) and that you worked satisfactorily

and knew your business: also that we parted with you because we

were reducing our staff”, folds, some soiling. £200 – £300

* * * Frank Kitz, born Francis Platt (1849-1923), anarchist and dyer.

618. Morris (William) th e De c o r at i v e art s An Address

Delivered before the Trades’ Guild of Learning, first issue, t.J.

[co b D e n-]sa n D e r s o n’s c o p y with ink signature to upper cover,

Ellis & White, [1878]; Chants for Socialists, original pink sewn

wrappers, Socialist League, 1885; Art and Socialism, large paper

edition of the Leek Bijou reprint, advertisements, original pictorial

wrappers, 1884; A Summary of the Principles of Socialism written

for Democratic Federation, issue without adverts and in white

decorative wrappers, ink stamp on last p. and title, 1884; Socialists

at Play, original pink sewn wrappers, South Place Institute, 1885;

How I Became a Socialist, portrait, edition in printed green

wrappers, 1896; and 16 others, Morris pamphlets, all from the

collection of Oliver Sylvain Baliol Brett, 3rd Viscount Esher, all

housed in his later uniform brown buckram chemise with bookplate,

v.s. (22). £400 – £600

Lot 616

619. Morris (William).- Crane (Walter, artist) so c i a L i s t Le a g u e:

Hammersmith Branch, membership card, 4pp. with red-printed

design by Walter Crane on first p., c.1880 § Morris (William) The

God of the Poor, original wrappers, splitting at spine, otherwise very

good, the Office of “Justice”, 1868 § Marx (Karl) Wage-Labour and

Capital, translated by Joynes, original wrappers, some marking and

chipping, preserved in modern buckram chemise, 1885 § Morris

(William) Monopoly, or How Labour is Robbed, ink name on title,

preserved in modern buckram chemise, Hammersmith Socialist

Society, 1893 § Municipal School of Art (The). Catalogue of an

Exhibition of the Work of William Morris, plates, tissue-guards,

original printed wrappers, worn at edges and corners with slight

browning, Manchester, 1908 § William Morris Society. The Work

of William Morris, one of 2000 copies, this inscribed to William

Morris Society co-founder and Honorary Treasurer Freeman Bass,

illustrations, original cloth-backed boards, [1965]; and a small

quantity of others relating to William Morris, including auction

catalogues, pamphlets, related 20th century correspondence, and

various periodical publications by the William Morris Society, v.s.

(sm.qty). £300 – £400

620. Morris (William, designer, author and visionary socialist,

1834-96) au t o g r a p h Letter s i g n e D to th o m a s ar m s t r o n g, 3pp.,

8vo, Kelmscott House, Hammersmith, 24th July 1883, referring to

judging an art competition, “… since you ask me my views; in such

work as you are adjudging I should consider whether the likeness

of a scholars’ work to something before the public came from

looking at the latter & getting it into his head, or from deliberately

copying it with his drawing with the original before him as our

friend has obviously done: in the latter case I shouldn’t think he

deserved a prize”, and a acquiring a well designed object for the

?South Kensington Museum, “I hope you bought the key, which was

certainly one of the most beautifully small piece of metal work I ever

saw, the execution quite astonishing”, folds. £300 – £400

* * * Thomas Armstrong (1832-1911), artist and applied arts

administrator; became Director of the Art Division of the

Department of Science and Art; friend of William Morris.

621. Morris (William) [so c i a L i s m], a collection of Morris’s

pamphlets, including Socialist League material, contained in 5 vol.,

vellum or half vellum, 8vo & 16mo (5). £100 – £150

Important Books and Manuscripts



622. Morris (William, designer, author and visionary socialist,

1834-96) 18 au t o g r a p h Le t t e r s s i g n e D a n D 3 po s t c a r D s s i g n e D

to t h e re v. Jo h n gLasse, m i n i s t e r o f t h e oL D gr e y f r i a r s Ki r K,

eD i n b u r g h, 57pp.(excluding postcards) & 14 envelopes, 8vo,

Kelmscott House, Hammersmith, 10th February 1886 - 11th March

1895, on Morris’s political work and showing his standpoint on

parliamentary activities from the Socialist League point of view

and others, many relating to arrangements for lectures & journeys

in Scotland, “My position to Parliament and the dealings of

Socialists with it, I will now [try] to state clearly. I believe that

the Socialists will certainly send members to Parliament when

they are strong enough to do so: in itself I see no harm in that,

so long as it is understood that they go there as rebels, and not

as members of the governing body prepared by passing palliative

measures to keep ‘Society’ alive”; relations with George Bernard

Shaw and the Fabians, “The attitude of Shaw also and his Fabians

is rather difficult to get over: they are distinctly pushing forward

that very useful association of lecturers as the only sound socialist

body in the country: which I think is nonsense”, and sending Glasse

a book, “I am sending you a large paper copy of my new book [A

Tale of the House of the Wolfings] (which I hope will not encumber

your shelves too much) as a memento of the jolly week we had

together”, folds (21). £6000 – £8000


Lot 622

* * * an eX c e p t i o n a L c o L L e c t i o n o f pa rt i a L Ly u n p u b L i s h e D L e t t e r s

D e ta i L i n g wi L L i a m mo r r i s’s s o c i a L i s t p h i L o s o p h y. 7 unpublished

letters and postcards comprise: 2 March, 28 February, 14 March,

12 October, 16 October 1888; 3 October, 11 October 1889. 17

February 1890 letter partially published.

Rev. John Glasse (1848-1918), minister of the Old Greyfriars Parish

Kirk, Edinburgh; attached to the Social-Democratic Federation and

later, the Socialist League.

Provenance: 14 letters published in Unpublished Letters of William

Morris, introduced by R. Page Arnot, 1951.

623. Carpenter (Edward) ch a n t s o f La b o u r: a so n g bo o K o f t h e

pe o p L e , frontispiece and pictorial title by Walter Crane, woodcut

decorations, original red-pictorial brown cloth, 8vo, 1888; plus a

mounted 19th century photograph of William Morris, inscribed on

the reverse from “Ted” [Edward Carpenter] (2). £80 – £120

Lot 624

624. Morris (William) th e ro o t s o f t h e mo u n ta i n s , first

e D i t i o n, o n e o f 250 c o p i e s o n wh at m a n pa p e r, original Morris

chintz patterned cloth, lettered on spine in gilt, a very good copy,

uncut, [Forman 47], small 4to, Chiswick Press for Reeves &

Turner, 1890 [1889]. £500 – £700

* * * “This book so satisifed its author that he never reprinted it at

his Kelmscott Press. He declared it to be the best-looking book

issued since the seventeenth century.” Forman.

Lot 626

Lot 625

625. Morris (William) Le t t e r s o n so c i a L i s m, first e D i t i o n, o n e o f

30 c o p i e s o n pa p e r, from an overall limitation of 34, 4pp. facsimile

letter bound in, Ashley Library device, Kelmscott House library

bookplate and bookplate of William Morris Society co-founder and

Honorary Treasurer Freeman Bass, original japanese paper boards

lettered in gilt to spine, covers rubbed, spine darkened, uncut,

[T.J.Wise], The Ashley Library, 1894. £200 – £300

626. Wells (H.G.) th e ti m e ma c h i n e: an in v e n t i o n, first e D i t i o n,

blind-stamped ‘presentation copy’ on title, author & francophile

William Henry Helm’s copy with his pencilled name and occasional

highlighting, original printed wrappers, browned and torn with

some loss, preserved in modern cloth drop-back box, [Wells 4],

8vo, 1895. £600 – £800

* * * Wells’ sci-fi classic, reflecting many of his own socialist

leanings and the increasing anxiety at industrialisation and the

yearning for a more atavistic lifestyle. Some speculate that several

of the characters contained are caricatures or representations of

fellow socialists of renown, including William Morris, possibly as

‘the Silent Man’, alongside other Fabians.

sc a r c e to s u rv i v e t h i s i n ta c t in t h e w r a p p e r s; this edition was

published simultaneously with the first issue cloth edition.

627. Morris (William) an aD D r e s s De L i v e r e D at the distribution

of prizes to students of the Birmingham Municipal School of

Art, 1898; Art and the Beauty of the Earth, 1898; Some Hints on

Pattern-Designing, 1899; Architecture and History and Westminster

Abbey, 1900; Art and its Producers, and the Arts & Crafts of Today,

1901; and 5 duplicates, a L L first e D i t i o n s, some tipped-in or loose

related ephemera, original cloth-backed boards, some light surface

soiling, 8vo, Chiswick Press (10). £200 – £300

Important Books and Manuscripts




Lot 628

628. Morris (William) th e ho L L o w La n D and other contributions

to the Oxford and Cambridge Magazine, printed in red & black in

the Kelmscott Golden type, b o u n D in c o n t e m p o r a ry g r e e n p i g s K i n

b y Kat h a r i n e aD a m s, gilt foliate dentelles, with binder’s mark,

lettered in gilt to spine, spine sunned, g.e., 8vo, Chiswick Press,

1903. £400 – £600

* * * An attractive copy from the library of Kelmscott Manor; Adams

was a friend of Jenny & May Morris, and a highly regarded binder

of her time and within the Arts & Crafts movement, working for

the likes of Morris, Emery Walker, Sir Sydey Cockerell, St. John

Hornby and Fairfax-Murray. She was particularly renowned for her

pointillé style of gilt-work.

629. Morris Family Archive.- Morris (Jane, embroiderer

and artist’s model, wife of William Morris, 1839-1914), Jenny

Morris (eldest daughter of William & Jane Morris, 1861-1936)

and May Morris, designer and craftswoman, younger daughter

of William & Jane Morris, 1862-1938. ar c h i v e c o m p r i s i n g:

Postcard signed from Jane Morris, 1 Autograph Letter signed (in

pencil) from Jenny Morris, 14 Autograph Letters (1 incomplete)

and 2 Postcards signed from May Morris, all to Ada [Morris]

and 7 photographs & an engraving of members of the Morris

family, 44pp. & postcards, 4to & 8vo, various places including:

Speldhurst [Kent], 8 Hammersmith Terrace [London], Kelmscott

Manor [Gloucestershire], SS Minnetonka & no place, Sunday, 10th

October 1909 - 31st December 1931 & n.d., Ja n e mo r r i s, legal

and domestic matters, “Many thanks… for getting the law business

through so well. I am relieved and glad to have it over… . May’s

friend Miss Sloane told me of the cook… I liked her clean looks,

got her character same day, a good one of a year - but is said to be

touchy-tempered - age 45 - £24”; Je n n y mo r r i s, on her sedentary

life, “Just before dinner George took me such a lovely walk over

those recreation grounds of Faversham”, and during the ?Great

War, “Nurse & I had such a splendid view yesterday evening of

the search lights from Sheppey… the whole sky seemed lit up”;

may mo r r i s, on a variety of subjects, including much about her

sister Jenny, “Jenny is going on very nicely, and enjoying life as

far as she is allowed, the dear sweet one. Her foot is a wonder of

recovery. I always hate leaving her and have a secret howl. But I

know quite well that the visit is a strain on her nerves and must

not be prolonged”, and other matters, including her father’s legacy,

“I am lecturing on my Father’s Art on Friday. Wish me luck”, the

erection of cottages at Kelmscott Manor in memory of her mother,

“Dear, do you remember making 2 or 3 very practical criticisms of

the plans of the cottages? I can’t recall what they were. I enclose

the small plan (please return) in case the sight of it will remind you

of something you thought missing, or better altered”, on financial

matters and leaving her London home permanently, “Well, my

news is that my income has dropped… and I have to give up No. 8.

So Ive had a beastly time, fussing and considering what to do. The

long & short of it is, after consulting my lawyer… I was advised to

sell the remainder of the lease… Miss Sloane has taken it over…

What the move will cost, goodness knows. I am up here to begin

packing my own clothes & papers… . On the top of all this Ada,

the big barn (the Carpenters barn) at Kelmscott is dangerous and

will have to be practically rebuilt. So I have to sell out some capital,

as I can’t do it out of income. I’m trying to sell some of the fine

furniture that I can’t possibly place at Kelmscott, but haven’t found

purchasers yet. I can’t bear to send these pieces to the auction rooms

but want to sell to friends who will appreciate their having come

from Kelmscott House, and even Queen Square”, and a little later,

“I stood on the doorstep of the empty house yesterday and watched

the vans slowly chuff away - and that’s my London life gone… .

My dear, what luck I have had - perfect weather for packing and

moving and for delivery down here; now the men are gone (they

slept here) just the deluge!”, and her editorship of The Collected

Works of William Morris, (24 vol., 1910-15), “My present bunch of

books XIII to XVI will be out in August. I’m working on the next

already - the printers want them. I shall go down to Mother when

she wants me. She gives me no news”, ph o t o g r a p h s, including: 2

identical portraits of William Morris, group portrait of Jane, Jenny,

May & ?Ada Morris in the garden of Kelmscott Manor, May Morris

at her weaving loom in Kelmscott, s i g n e D a n D i n s c r i b e D b y may

mo r r i s, “With much love Kelmscott: June 1922 May Morris” &

“Ernest Hall Oxford” ?photographer and Kelmscott Manor, folds,

some slight creasing (sm.qty). £2000 – £3000

630. Hitler (Adolf).- Dreyer (Dr. Johannes) De u t s c h L a n D u n D

en g L a n D in i h r e r po L i t i K u n D presse im Ja h r e 1901, p r e s e n tat i o n

c o p y to hi t L e r, with latter’s bookplate, original printed wrappers,

upper joint splitting, preserved in modern cloth drop-back box,

8vo, Berlin, 1934. £100 – £150

631. Blake (William) Je r u s a L e m, a facsimile of the illuminated

book, one of 250 copies for the Trianon Press, colour plates

throughout, original blue buckram, with publisher’s prospectus,

together in original cloth-backed patterned board drop-back box,

4to, Trianon Press, [c.1950]. £100 – £150

Lot 632

632. [Fitzherbert (Sir John)] su rv e y i n g e, woodcut architectural

border, black letter, marginal worming, not affecting text, tape

repair to margin of sig.C7, light water-stain to lower margin, some

other light soiling, late 19th century morocco-backed boards, upper

cover detached, lower third of backstrip missing, [STC 11008],

Thomas Berthelet, 1539. £2000 – £3000

* * * Includes a chapter on the laws and tenures relating to angling,

entitled “Of mylnes, severall fishyng, and commen fyshyng, what

they be worth in the yere.”

Other Properties

Lot 633

633. Thucydides. th e hy s t o ry writtone by Thucidides the

Athenyan of the Warre, whiche was betwene the Peloponesians

and the Athenyans, translated by Thomas Nicholls , first e D i t i o n in

en g L i s h, title with elaborate woodcut border incorporating initials

of Edward IV, lacking errata leaf at end, title defective with severe

loss to border (laid down), old ink signature at head of dedication

and with a few ink annotations or markings, a little soiled and

stained, ?stab-holes affecting first third of volume with some loss,

2Diii, 2Niv & vi and 2Ov all with lower margin cut or torn away

(with loss of final line on recto of 2Ov, and torn). last few leaves

with hole to upper margin, modern morocco with contemporary

blind-stamped calf mounted on boards (rubbed), red morocco label,

[STC 24056], folio, [by William Tylle], [1550]; sold not subject to

return £3000 – £4000

634. Windsor, Berkshire.- Li b e r re c o r D o r u m b u r g i f i n e v i L L e

D e n o va w y n D e s o r… [w i t h L at e r n o t e s o n t h e h i s t o ry a n D p e o p L e

o f t h e c o r p o r at i o n], manuscript in Latin and English, on vellum,

98pp., ruled in red, presentation inscription on front pastedown:

““Robert Blunt Windsor Presented by Miss Egelston, daughter of

the late Alderman Egelston Died 13th Aug 1836” and an A.L.s.

from J. Edward Davis of 1 Elm Court, Temple to Robert Blunt

explaining the Ms., 1849” tipped-in on front free endpaper, slightly

yellowed and creased, some edges a little soiled, hinges a little

weak, eighteenth century half vellum, rubbed and soiled, 4to, 1597-

1863. £1000 – £1500

* * * “A fine is a final agreement or conveyance upon record for

conveying… lands and tenements acknowledged in open court by

the… defendant to be the property of the plaintiff.” - J. Edward


Important Books and Manuscripts




The Property of a Gentleman

635. [Shakespeare (William) co m e D i e s, histories, a n D tr a g e D i e s.

Published According to the true Originall Copies. The Second

Impression], s e c o n D c o L L e c t e D e D i t i o n, printed in double-column,

woodcut decorations and initials, 6 later ms. ff. bound in supplying

additional section of Cymbeline, A1 (‘To the Reader’), A2 (title

with portrait) and A5 (commendatory verses) plus 8 ff. of main

text (c2 and last 7 ff.) all replaced in modern facsimile, 7 further

preliminary ff. supplied from another, slightly shorter copy, A1 (first

f. of The Tempest) mounted & silked, 4 other ff. silked, a few ff. with

later repair to fore-corners, some minor marking and browning,

with very occasional 18th century marginalia, handsomely bound

in full antique-style calf with terracotta morocco spine label by

Bayntun, [STC 22274a; Greg III, p.1113-1115], folio [332 x 226

mm.], [Thomas Cotes, for Iohn Smethwick, William Aspley, Richard

Hawkins, Richard Meighen, and Robert Allot, 1632].

£30000 – £40000

* * * The second folio edition, and one of the most important editions

of Shakespeare’s collected writings.

“Though many errors were introduced in the course of reprinting,

the text of the present edition shows signs of careful, if unauthorised,

revision.” Greg, A Bibliography of the English Printed Drama to

the Restoration, vol.III, p.1113-1115.

The facsimile leaves are supplied from the 1909 Methuen edition,

sympathetically toned to fit.

Lot 635

Important Books and Manuscripts



636. Bentham (Jeremy) pa n o p t i c o n: o r, t h e in s p e c t i o n-ho u s e,

part 1 only, ?as issued (without the 2 postscripts), pp.[iv], 122,

[2], some ink and pencil corrections, [see Chuo pp.108-112],

Dublin, T.Byrne, Printer, no.15 Parliament Street, 1791; b o u n D

w i t h Jeremy Bentham to the National Convention of France, drophead

title, ink note at foot of first leaf “Written just before the

departure of Mr. Talleyrand on the occasion of the rupture. Copy

given to Talleyrand’s secretary, Gallois, who talked of translating

it”, pencil marginalia ?in Bentham’s hand (in most places cropped

by the binder), [ESTC T103431; Goldsmiths’ 15631], 1793; b o u n D

w i t h Supply without Burthen; or Escheat vice Taxation, 2 parts

in 1, p r e s e n tat i o n c o p y i n s c r i b e D o n t i t L e “to th e ri g h t ho n. e.

bu r K e f r o m t h e au t h o r” a n D in a n o t h e r h a n D “n o t s e n t”, part

2 bound after part 1, title to part 2 with extensive ink annotations

to verso and a few pencil notes (including the initials J.B.), in

Bentham’s hand, and some ink corrections to text, [ESTC T48958;

Goldsmiths’ 16310; Chuo pp.132 & 142], for J.Debrett, 1795;

b o u n D a f t e r Bergman (Sir Torbern) An Essay on the Usefulness

of Chemistry, first en g L i s h e D i t i o n, for J.Murray, 1783, together 4

works in 1 vol., some foxing, particularly to first mentioned work,

contemporary russia, gilt, worn, upper cover detached, spine

lettered in gilt, 8vo £6000 – £8000

* * * possibLy be n t h a m’s o w n o r p r o o f c o p i e s, with his annotations,

in ink and pencil, as well as other corrections made by a printer

or secretary. The Panopticon would appear to pre-date the “first”

edition (also Dublin, 1791, but with imprint “Thomas Byrne”),

which in turn pre-dated the London edition with the inclusion of

the two postscripts written by Bentham. Our copy does not have a

preface as called for by Chuo and the main body of text includes

a number of ink and pencil corrections (possibly by Bentham),

suggesting an earlier issue than the one commonly regarded as

the first edition. Arnold Muirhead A Jeremy Bentham collection

(The Library, 5th series, vol.1, no. 1, June 1946, pp.6-27) writes:

“ Bentham on his return from Russia was able to interest the

Irish Government in the scheme, and it was printed by order of

the Chancellor, Sir John Parnell, for private distribution among

members of the Government, although, of course, the matter got


Lot 636

Other Properties

no further. No copy of such an issue appears to be known, but

there seems no doubt that it was printed, for Bentham, sending a

copy of the book to George III says in a letter, dated 11 May 1791,

quoted by Bowring: ‘the enclosed copy printed in Dublin is in the

imperfect state in which by mistake it has been sent to me I am

reprinting it ‘, and a note dictated to Bowring in 1821 says: ‘The

main body of the Panopticon was sent to the press at Dublin by Sir

John Parnell’.”

The ink notes on the verso of the title to part 1 of Supply without

Burthen, read:

“Mem. Anno 1796. At a dinner at Mr. Moreton Pitt’s in Arlington

Street, Mr Rose (then Secretary of the Treasury) in the presence

of Mr William Pitt (then Minister) took me aside, & told me that

they had read my Pamphlet on Law Taxes, that the reasons against

them were unanswerable, and it was determined there should be no

more of them.

Ao 1804 July 10,12,14,18. This being in the number of

Mr.Addington’s Taxes, Mr Pitt, upon returning to Office, took up

all those Taxes in the lump. On the above days, the Tax was opposed

in the House of Commons: and Mr Wyndham, according to the

report in the Times, on one of those days, spoke of this pamphlet

as containing compleat information on the subject, observing at the

same time, that it was out of print. On behalf of Administration,

nothing like an answer to any of the objections was attempted: only

the Attorney general said that, the addition proposed to those Taxes

was no more than equal to the depretiation of money.

Mr Addington, before this, had recourse to the Tax on Medicine here

spoken of (p.21) so that, in the course of his short Administration,

he had contrived to find out & impose the two worst species of

taxation possible. Compare this with Denmark, and its Courts of

Natural Procedure called Reconciliation Courts.” The last few

words (here shown in italics) are in a ?different or later hand to that

of the rest of the notes. There are also some pencil notes including at

the head “Note to the 2. edition” and replacing the names Moreton

Pitt and Rose with initials. The foot is signed in pencil “J.B.”

The pencil notes (cropped) to National Convention, would also

appear to be in Bentham’s hand, although due to the trimming and

some offsetting, they are hard to decipher.

Lot 637

637. Smith (Adam) an in q u i ry i n t o t h e nat u r e a n D ca u s e s o f

t h e we a Lt h o f nat i o n s, 3 vol., eighth edition, half-titles, lightly

browned, handsome contemporary tree calf, gilt, spines with red

and green morocco labels, a little rubbed, neat repairs to corners

and spine ends, 8vo, for A. Strahan, T. Cadell, and W. Davies,

1796. £1000 – £1500

* * * Including the introductions to the third and fourth editions.

638. Panoramas.- Bullock (William) a co m pa n i o n to t h e

Li v e r p o o L mu s e u m, seventh edition, wood-engraved frontispiece,

Bath, for the proprietor, 1809 § Christ Rejected. Catalogue of the

Picture painted by Benjamin West , 1814 § M. (A.D.) Description

of the Picture, Christ Healing the Sick in the Temple, painted by

Benjamin West , 1812 § [Hale (James W.)] Account of the Siamese

Twin Brothers, engraved frontispiece, [1830] § Burns (Robert) The

Jolly Beggars: a Cantata, one fold-out leaf, n.d. § Description of a

View of the Battle of Navarin, folding engraved frontispiece, 1828

§ Description of the View of the Battle of Vittoria now exhibiting

in Henry Aston Barker’s Panorama, folding wood-engraved plate

at end, 1814 § A Short Description of Badajoz , folding woodengraved

plate at end, 1813 § Description of the Field of Battle

near Waterloo, folding wood-engraved plate, prospectus leaf at

end, 1816 § Military Carriage of Napoleon Buonaparte (The),

folding engraved frontispiece, 1816 § Catalogue of the Waterloo

Museum, 97, Pall Mall (A), 1815 § Explanation (An) of the View

of Rome, folding wood-engraved plate at end, 1817 § Description

of the View of Athens, folding etched plate at end, 1818 §

Description (A) of the City of La Valetta, and the surrounding

country of Malta, ?lacking plate, n.d. § Description of a View of

Hobart Town, Van Dieman’s Land, folding etched frontispiece with

short tear, 1831 § Description of a View of the Island and Harbour

of Bombay, folding etched frontispiece, 1831 § Description of a

View of the Town of Sydney, New South Wales; the Harbour of

Port Jackson , folding etched frontispiece, 1829 § Madras, painted

by Wm. Daniell, R.A. and E.T.Parris; from drawings made by Mr.

Aug. Earle now exhibiting in Coromandel Place, ?lacking plate,

[1829] § Description of a View of the City of Calcutta , folding

etched frontispiece, 1830 § Description of a View of the City of

Mexico, folding etched frontispiece, 1826 § Description of a View

of the City and Harbour of Amsterdam, folding etched frontispiece,

1830 § Description of a View of the City of Paris, folding etched

frontispiece, 1830 § Explanation of the View of the Interior of the

City of Paris, folding wood-engraved frontispiece slightly torn,

later inserted leaf of ms. notes, 1815 § Explanation of the View

Lot 638

of Paris, from Montmartre, folding wood-engraved frontispiece,

1814 § Brief Account of the Origin of the City of London (A),

drop-head title, folding plan, n.d. § Under the Patronage of His

Majesty: Description of the Eighteen Views of the British Diorama

and Physiorama exhibiting at the Royal Bazaar, 1830 § Petit

Louvre (The), being the Original Drawings from the Distinguished

Paintings that adorned the Louvre, during the Reign of Napoleon

Buonaparte, 1827 § Ottley (William Young) A Descriptive

Catalogue of the Pictures in the National Gallery, 1832 § Plan

(The) and New Descriptive Catalogue of the European Museum,

1806, together 29 works in 1 vol., contemporary half calf, worn,

8vo £4000 – £6000

* * * A rare collection of so many Barker and Burford panoramas

together. The panorama (from the Greek, “all-embracing view”)

was devised and patented in the 1780s by the Scottish portrait

painter Robert Barker. He opened the first custom-built panorama

near leicester Square in 1794, and after his death in 1806 it

continued to prosper under his son Henry Aston Barker and his

former pupil John Burford.

Important Books and Manuscripts



639. [Holstein (Anthony Frederick)] is a D o r a o f mi L a n, 5

vol., without half-titles, advertisment ff. at end of vol.1 & 4,

some spotting, 2 ink names at head of each title, 1 crossed-out,

contemporary half calf, spines gilt, rubbed, little damage to ends of

spines, joints scuffed, 12mo, Henry Colburn, 1811.

£2000 – £3000


Lot 640

The Property of a Lady

640. Austen (Jane) pr i D e a n D pr e J u D i c e, 3 vol., first e D i t i o n, halftitle

to vol.2 and 3 only, lacking in vol.1, vol.1 D7 lower corner

torn just touching text but no loss, vol.3 E1 torn and defective

at inner margin with slight loss of text to both sides, a few other

marginal tears and defects, generally clean, vol.1 lacks rear free

endpaper, engraved bookplate of William Kemmis, contemporary

tan straight-grain half morocco over marbled boards, spines with

seven gilt rules and lettered and numbered also in gilt, leather a

little rubbed, some peeling to marbled paper on vol.1 and 2 upper

covers, marbled edges to the same pattern as the boards, [Gilson

A3; Keynes 3], 12mo, for T.Egerton, 1813.

£20000 – £30000

* * * a v e r y g o o D c o p y o f au s t e n’s m a J o r w o r K in a

c o n t e m p o r a ry bi n D i n g.

Provenance: possibly the William Kemmis (1836-1900) of

Rathdrum, Co. Wicklow. An indecipherable ink inscription is visible

on the recto of the front pastedowns over which the bookplates

have been pasted, probably mid-late 19th century.

Lot 640

Important Books and Manuscripts




Other Properties

Lot 641

641. Austen (Jane) no rt h a n g e r ab b e y: a n D pe r s u a s i o n, 4 vol.,

first e D i t i o n, half-title in vol.I only (a11), lacking in remaining vol.,

vol. IV lacking P7 & 8 (final blanks), pencil signatures at head of

titles, some foxing and browning, B10 in vol.III defective at lower

outer corner with loss to 6 lines on p.19 (repaired), I11 & 12 in vol.

IV slightly defective at upper outer corner just touching first line of

pp.173-4 (repaired), one or two small marginal tears, modern calf

preserving old sprinkled calf on boards and gilt spines (rubbed),

[Gilson A9], 12mo, John Murray, 1818. £1500 – £2500

Lot 643

Lot 642

642. Mackay (Charles, poet and writer, 1812-89) th e

sa L a m a n D r i n e o r Lo v e a n D im m o r ta L i t y: a ro m a n c e, au t o g r a p h

m a n u s c r i p t c o r r e c t e D b y t h e a u t h o r, title and 150pp., written on

rectos only, numerous ink corrections, slightly browned, bookplate

with initials CM on front pastedown, original calf, gilt, rubbed, sm.

4to, last section inscription: “June 13th 20 minutes to three PM”,

14th August 1841. £2000 – £3000

* * * ‘th e po e t o f t h e pe o p L e’

“Mackay believed passionately that poetry conveyed truths superior

to those of political economy, had an exalted view of his own calling

as poet, and, looking back on his career in 1887, wrote that he was

‘painfully conscious’ that his ‘worst’ literary work had been the

most popular while the best had received ‘slight or no recognition’

(Mackay, Through the Long Day, 2.394).” - Oxford DNB.

643. Egan (Pierce) bo X i a n a; o r sK e t c h e s o f an t i e n t & mo D e r n

pu g i L i s m, 5 vol., engraved frontispiece, title (dated 1812) and

47 plates, occasional foxing and soiling, vol.1 ink presentation

inscription tipped-in at beginning, later half calf, new endpapers,

8vo, 1823-9. £1000 – £1500

644. aL D i n e eDit i o n (th e) o f t h e british poet s, vol.I-LVII,

series half-titles, engraved frontispieces, title vignette devices,

h a n D s o m e Ly b o u n D in L at e r c r u s h e D h a L f m o r o c c o in va r i o u s

c o L o u r s w i t h m a r b L e D b o a r D s, by Maclehose of Glasgow, raised

bands and neat gilt lettering to spines, some spines with slight loss

of tone, overall an excellent run, t.e.g., 8vo, 1866-92 (57).

£3000 – £4000

* * * “This excellent edition of the English classics, with their

complete texts and scholarly introductions, are something very

different from the cheap volumes of extracts which are just now so

much too common.” St James’s Gazette, 1896.

A magnificent continuous run of one of the definitive 19th century

compilations of poerty. Poets present comprise Chaucer, Surrey,

Wyatt, Spenser, Shakespeare, Milton, Dryden, Prior, Swift, Parnell,

Pope, Young, Butler, Thomson, Akenside, Churchill, Collins, Gray,

Falconer, Beattie, Goldsmith, Cowper, Burns, White and Scott (the

last, 5 vol., is number 17 of 150 large paper sets).

645. Stage Coach.- H[oare] (C[harles] A.R., previously Master of

the Vale of White Horse hounds, stage coach owner) to n b r i D g e,

Lo n D o n a n D se v e n oa K s co a c h be g u n en D e D, manuscript account

book,on blue paper, 342pp., ruled throughout, a few slight marks,

original vellum, ink title and initials “JLH” and “CARH” on upper

cover, yellowed and soiled, edges and corners worn, rebacked in

vellum, watermarked “W. Stradling 1863”, folio, Friday 1st May

1868 - 21st August 1872. £1200 – £1800

Lot 644

* * * a u n i q u e r e L i c o f a b y g o n e a g e.

Starts with a list of fares, including “London to Dulwich Inside 2. 0/

Outside 1.6.” Other destinations include: London to Crystal Palace,

Beckenham, Farnborough, Riverhead and Sevenoaks. Each page is

divided into columns listing the passengers’ names, the destinations,

the number and locations of their seats, and the fares paid.

“Towards the end of the season of 1867, Mr. Charles Hoare started

a coach between Beckenham and Sevenoaks. This developed the

following year into the Sevenoaks coach, starting from Hatchett’s

[White Horse Cellar, in London], and this carried such good loads,

that in 1868 its proprietor carried it on to Tunbridge Wells, to the

delight of thousands who have since enjoyed the exquisite scenery

it has introduced them to. Since 1868 the Brighton has continued

a single coach; but several new candidates for public favour have

appeared.” - Old and New London, p. 262, vol. IV, 1878.

“Mr. Charles Hoare appeared for the second year in the role of

coach proprietor; but this time ran from London to Sevenoaks

instead of between Beckenham and Sevenoaks, with Comley as

professional coachman, and Ike Simmons as guard. Mr. Hoare’s

coach was another link to the past. It was one of the mails built

in the year 1831 by Wright, and when it was bought by Messrs.

Holland & Holland (by whom it was let to Mr. Hoare on the usual

mileage terms) it had V.R. and a crown on it, a proof that it had seen

mail service during the reign of Her Majesty.” - Henry Charles Fitz

Roy, Duke of Beaufort, Driving, pp. 277-278, 1890.

Important Books and Manuscripts



646. Tenniel (Sir John) and Charles Lutwidge, “Lewis Carroll”.

au t o g r a p h L e t t e r s i g n e D f r o m t h e a rt i s t & i L L u s t r ato r Joh n

te n n i e L to cha r L e s Lut w i D g e Dog D s o n, 3 pp. on a single sheet

folded to make 4 pp., comprising 140 words with an original rough

ink sketch at head of first page, 8vo, Portsdown Road, [London],

June 1, 1870, t h e L o n g-L o s t “wa s p in a wig” L e t t e r, in which

Sir John Tenniel discusses revision of an illustration for Through

the Looking Glass and What Alice Found There, and proposes

the omission of the Wasp episode from the book. The letter was

reproduced in facsimile in The Life and Letters of Lewis Carroll

[London, 1898; New York, 1899] by Dodgson’s nephew Stuart

Dodgson Collingwood, but the location of the original document

has been a mystery for more than a century.

The contents of the episode itself were unknown until Dodgson’s

own galley proofs appeared at auction in 1974. In 1977 a scholarly

edition of the narrative was published, containing a copy of the

facsimile originally provided by Collingwood.

Despite the fact that Dodgson and Tenniel are immortally linked in

literary history, it is well known that the relationship between author &

artist was a prickly and difficult one. Tenniel found the Rev. Dodgson

to be pedantic and overbearing in his direction of the project of

illustrating Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland and tried to evade the

chore of illustrating its sequel. After the publication of Through the

Looking Glass Tenniel turned down later proposals from Dodgson,

claiming that he had entirely abandoned book illustration. Tenniel

himself was not always easy-going: it was at his insistence that the

first printing of Alice was suppressed, because the artist felt that the

illustrations had been too faintly printed, and he was apparently quite

hostile to the wasp passage; Collingwood quotes Tenniel as declaring

that “a Wasp in a Wig is altogether beyond the appliances of art,” a

phrase that does not appear in this letter.

Both parts of this brief letter are important. Tenniel heads the letter

with a rough but clear sketch of the nightmarish railway-carriage


The Property of a Gentleman

episode from Chapter Three: Alice is depicted seated across from a

billy goat and a man dressed in white paper, while a station guard

peers at her with opera glasses through the carriage window. In his

first paragraph Tenniel suggests that when the train leaps the brook

at the end of this passage, it would be preferable for the jarred Alice

to seize the goat’s whiskers than the hair of an old woman whom

Dodgson had evidently originally written into the scene. Tenniel’s

proposal was clearly successful, as there is no old lady in the

published text or illustration.

Then Tenniel goes on to confront his waspish adversary: “Don’t

think me brutal, but I am bound to say that the ‘wasp’ chapter

does not interest me in the least, & [that (crossed out)] I can’t see

my way to a picture. If you want to shorten the book. I can’t help

thinking—with all submission—that there is your opportunity.”

Again Tenniel got his way, and the peevish wasp disappeared for

more than a century.

It seems that little or none of the working correspondence between

Dodgson & Tenniel has survived, so this note furnishes a unique

glimpse of the process of developing and perfecting the Alice

books. A fair quantity of Tenniel’s sketches have been preserved,

but this may well be the only spontaneous drawing of its type.

The text of the letter and the drawing have been available since

1898, thanks to Collingwood; but this small sheet of paper is the

irreplaceable original, creased and lightly soiled, with a couple of

neat docketing numbers, but overall very good, housed in modern

cloth drop-back box. £15000 – £20000

* * * th e L e g e n D a ry Lo n g-Lo s t wa s p in a wig L e t t e r

[Collingwood, Life and Letters, pp.146-148.; Gardner, editor, The

Wasp in a Wig, passim.; Lewis Carroll Handbook” pp. 63-64, 232;

Schiller, Census [of] Sir John Tenniel’s original drawings to [the

Alice books] contained in Alice’s Adventure in Wonderland. An

1865 printing ,pp. 54-106 (but not mentioning this sketch)]

Lot 646

Important Books and Manuscripts




Lot 648

Lot 647

Other Properties

647. [Wilde (Oscar)].- [Clemens (Samuel Langhorne)], “Mark

Twain”. th e pr i n c e a n D t h e pa u p e r, first e D i t i o n, b i n D i n g s t at e

a, i n s c r i b e D b y os c a r wi L D e on page following dedication, “For

Joe Mack / from his / friend / Oscar Wilde, / affectionately / New

York / May. 11. / ‘82.”, frontispiece, illustrations, some wear to

page edges, original pictorial cloth, gilt, hinges skilfully restored,

housed in quarter morocco solander box, gilt, [BAL 3402], small

4to, Boston, 1882. £5000 – £8000

* * * The identity of ‘Joe Mack’ is to date unknown.

648. Stevenson (Robert Louis) Ki D n a p p e D, being Memoirs of the

Adventures of David Balfour in the Year 1751, first e D i t i o n, first

issue, with “business” on p.40 and advertisements coded ‘5G.4.86’

& ‘5B.4.86’, folding colour map, almost completely lacking halftitle,

Hatchlands bookplate, original blue cloth lettered in gilt on

spine, shelf-lean, corners and spine ends slightly worn, general

rubbing to edges, 8vo, 1886. £200 – £300

Lot 649

649. Wilde (Oscar) a ho u s e o f po m e g r a n at e s, first e D i t i o n,

[one of 1000 copies], 4 plates by Charles H.Shannon, woodcut

title, decorations and patterned endpapers by Charles Ricketts, ink

contemporary signature at head of title, original cloth comprising

green spine and off-white covers decorated in red & gilt, spine

lettered in gilt, uncut, a little rubbed and browned, spine slightly

stained, [Mason 347], small 4to, 1891. £400 – £600

* * * “Mr. Shannon is the drawer of dreams, and Mr. Ricketts is the

subtle and fantastic decorator.” Oscar Wilde, in letter to The Speaker,

December 5 1891, in defense & praise of this publication.

This is one of Ricketts & Shannon’s early collaborations, before

they went on to form the Vale Press in 1896.

Lot 650

650. Casanova De Seingalt (Jacob) th e me m o i r s, 12 vol., L i m i t e D

L a r g e pa p e r e D i t i o n o n J a pa n e s e v e L L u m, vol.1 with no limitation,

vol.2-8 one of 50 copies, vol.9-12 one of 3 copies, without

(?lacking) plates, bookplate of George Ansley, contemporary

turquoise/green straight grain morocco, gilt, spines elaborately

gilt-stamped in compartments with raised bands and morocco

labels, g.e., occasional slight scuffing but overall a sumptuous set,

8vo, Privately Printed, 1894. £1000 – £1500

Lot 651

651. Cosway Style Binding.- Du Haussay (Mme Nicolle) th e pr i vat e

me m o i r s o f Lo u i s Xv, o n e o f 505 c o p i e s, frontispiece, bookplates

of Estelle Doheny on front endpapers, full crushed red morocco, by

sa n g o r s K i a n D sutcLiffe, with full gilt decoration and floral onlays to

covers and spine, inside front cover with dark blue leather doublure

gilt extra, inset w i t h p o rt r a i t m i n i at u r e o f Lo u i s Xv w e a r i n g t h e

to i s o n D’or, in metal frame surrounded by recessed gilt-tooling,

watered silk endleaves, gauffered edges, housed in contemporary full

niger morocco box, gilt, the lower hinge carefully and almost invisibly

repaired, 8vo, 1895. £1800 – £2200

Lot 652

652. Cosway Binding.- Napier (George) th e ho m e s a n D ha u n t s

o f sir wa Lt e r sc o t t, ba rt., numerous illustrations throughout,

full dark green morroco, miniature inlaid to the upper cover of

Sir Walter Scott and his dog, under bevelled glass, gilt thistle

decoration surround, silk end leaves and doublures, full gilt

decorated spine, t.e.g., others uncut, signed on the fore-edges of

the covers, ‘Cosway Binding Invented by J.H.Stinehouse’, bound

by Riviere, upper and lower joints skilfully repaired, bookplate to

endpaper, 8vo, Glasgow, 1897. £1500 – £2000

* * * Limitation slip bound in before half-title, Cosway Binding No.

854 signed by the inventor, John Stonehouse and the miniaturist

Miss Curry.

Important Books and Manuscripts




The Property of a Lady The Property of a Gentleman

Lot 653

653. Stoker (Bram) Dr a c u L a, first e D i t i o n, first issue, i n s c r i b e D

f r o m t h e a u t h o r to mr s w.s. gi L b e rt on front fly-leaf, minor

spotting to endpapers, otherwise internally fine, original canaryyellow

cloth with lettering and single-roll borders & rules in red,

some very light surface marking, but overall a n e X c e L L e n t, c L e a n

& s h a r p c o p y, housed in custom-made black buckram drop-back

box, felt-lined, lettered in gilt, 8vo, Archibald Constable, 1897.

£7500 – £10000

* * * A wonderful, completely unsophisticated, copy of the scarce

first issue published in May 1897, with no advertisements as issued

and printed on slightly thicker stock.

The contemporary inscription reads “To Mrs. W.S. Glibert with

Bram Stoker’s very warm regards, 12/7/97”. Mrs W.S. Gilbert who

was the wife of William Schwenck Gilbert, of Gilbert & Sullivan

fame, was a friend of Stoker. Some mild controversy was attached

at the time to the friendship that existed between Gilbert and

Stoker’s young wife, Florence, as they often socialised together

and the former was seen by some as something of a “decadent”.

Lot 654

654. Crowley (Aleister [formerly Edward Alexander], author

and occultist, 1875-1947) ro n D e L s & so n g s &c., au t o g r a p h

m a n u s c r i p t s i g n e D m i n i at u r e n o t e b o o K, in pencil, 65pp. excluding

blanks, reverse entries, autograph pencil inscriptions: “About

1898… or earlier AC.” and “E. Aleister Crowley fecit” and

inscriptions in another hand: “Bought in Amsterdam?” in pencil

and “Very early MSS by A.C./Early MSS A.C.”, 1f. loose, some

slight browning, upper hinges split, original roan, rubbed, remains

of paper on covers, tail of spine chipped, g.e., 70 x 48mm., [c.

1898]. £6000 – £8000

* * * un p u b L i s h e D h o m o e r o t i c v e r s e b y ‘th e gr e at be a s t’ a s a

y o u n g m a n .

Perhaps connected with or inspired by Jerome Pollitt, Crowley’s

intimate at Cambridge.

“At the age of twenty [1895] Crowley went up to Trinity College,

Cambridge, to study for the natural sciences tripos… . In October

1897 a fevered vision convinced him that all human endeavours

are ephemeral, with one exception - the magical tradition. He

dedicated himself to esoteric studies and sought initiation by

genuine magi. po e t ry g r e at Ly at t r a c t e D h i m, and it was probably

Shelley’s ‘Alastor, or, The Spirit of Solitude’ that inspired Crowley

to call himself Aleister, a deliberate repudiation of his given name.

In White Stains, Crowley exhibited homosexual sentiments. He

was intimate with Herbert Charles Jerome Pollitt, a young stage

performer who came to mistrust Crowley’s ‘spiritual’ ambition;

they separated in 1898.” (Oxford DNB). Crowley still prefixes

“Aleister” with “E[dward]”.

Other Properties

Lot 655

655. Joyce (James) uLysses, second printing, first en g L i s h

e D i t i o n, number 1509 of 200 copies on handmade paper, 7 pp.

errata, unopened, loosely inserted, lower corner first few pp. little

creased, blue paper wrappers, rubbed, front cover partly loose,

edges of covers frayed, chipped and creased, ends of spine chipped,

[Slocum & Cahoon 18], 4to, Published for the Egoist Press,

London, by John Booker, Paris, 1922. £500 – £700

Lot 656

656. Rilke (Rainer Maria) th e st o ry o f t h e Lo v e a n D De at h o f

co r n e t ch r i s t o p h e r ri L K e, t r a n s L at e D b y r s e, typescript,

no. 2 of 3 copies, signed by the translator, bookplate of Castello di

Duino, half cloth, rubbed & marked, 4to, Osnabrück, 1927,

£1000 – £1500

* * * ‘Three typed copies of this edition were made. This is No.

2 and belongs to His Highness, The Prince of Thurn and Taxis.

{Signed] B.J. Morse, Osnabruück, 23/II 1931’. Castello di Duino,

near Trieste, a residence of the Princes von Thurn und Taxis, the

inspiration for Rilke’s Duino Elegies, conceived while he was

visiting Princess Maria von Thurn und Taxis, one of his major


Lot 657

657. Radclyffe-Hall (Marguerite) th e we L L o f Lo n e L i n e s s,

first e D i t i o n, first issue, i n K p r e s e n tat i o n inscription f r o m un a

tr o w b r i D g e, ra D c Ly f f e ha L L’s L o v e r, to ri c h a r D ba L D r i D g e on

front free endpaper dated “Rome 1960” and with pencil inscription

which reads “Richard see p.50”, original cloth, edges very slightly

rubbed, dust-jacket, slightly rubbed, edges nicked with small loss

to corners and spine ends, 8vo, 1928. £600 – £800

* * * Recognised as the first novel in the English language to openly

address lesbianism; its publication provoked a fierce outcry and

lead to an obscenity trial that concluded with the book’s ban

and an order that all copies should be destroyed.

Important Books and Manuscripts




Lot 658

658. Churchill (Sir Winston Spencer) eu r o p e un i t e, sp e e c h e s

1947 a n D 1948, first e D i t i o n, s i g n e D p r e s e n tat i o n inscription o n

f r o n t f r e e e n D pa p e r, original cloth, ends of spine little knocked,

spine and covers little marked, dust-jacket, frayed and chipped at

head and foot with some loss, 8vo, 1950. £600 – £800

* * * Inscribed ‘To Donald Wolfit from Winston S. Churchill’.

Sir Donald Wolfit (1902-1968), actor and theatre manager.

Lot 659

659. Golding (William) Lo r D o f t h e fL i e s, first e D i t i o n, original

cloth, very light mottling to cloth, dust-jacket, slight browning to

fore-edges, very slight darkening to spine, otherwise fine, 8vo,

1954. £1500 – £2000

* * * An excellent copy of Golding’s dark, allegorical classic.

660. poe m o f t h e mo n t h cL u b, collected edition, comprising

all 48 broadsides from the four folios, limited editions signed by

the poets, Betjeman’s with autograph correction, fine and loose

as issued together in original half sheep portfolio with printed

boards, cloth ties, light marking & staining, folio, 1970-77.

£200 – £300

* * * Poets present include Seamus Heaney, W.H.Auden, Philip

Larkin, Robert Graves, Ruthven Todd, Brian Patten, Kathleen

Raine, Kingsley Amis and Fleur Adcock.

Important Books and Manuscripts




Lot 661

661. B. (J.L.) th e Bu t t e r f ly’s fu n e r A l, first e D i t i o n, engraved

frontispiece and 11 plates coloured by hand, 10 incorporating text,

original printed wrappers, slightly worn,16mo, John Wallis Jun.,

1808. £1000 – £1500

* * * Only two copies of this rare sequel to The Butterfly’s Ball have

been sold at auction. There appears to be no copy in the British


❦ Children’s and Illustrated Books

The Property of a Gentleman

Lot 662

662. Bartholomew Fair.- A De s c r i p t i v e po e m o f BA rt h o l o m e wfA

i r, for the Instruction and Amusement of Youth of both Sexes,

written by Ben. Johnson the younger, 8 engraved plates including

frontispiece, slightly offset, short split in inner margin of C1, original

Dutch floral boards, 16mo, H. Turpin, [c.1780]. £2500 – £3500

* * * An e x c e l l e n t c o p y o f t h i s r A r e c h i l D r e n’s B o o k. Only one

copy has appeared at auction in the last 35 years. The poem uses

the mayor’s stop at Newgate on his way to open the fair as an

opportunity to introduce the cautionary tale of a young man lured

into crime by his “temporary wife”. Once at the fair the reader is

introduced to Harlequin and Columbine, a merry Andrew, a rope

dancer, Te-de-dol [Tiddy Doll, the gingerbread baker], Mr.Punch

and his family, and the various wares on sale. A second part

describes the local institutions such as the Blue Coat School and

Charterhouse, and Smithfield market with its cheating jockeys.

where politicians of the day are compared to the cattle drovers.

Lot 663

663. ch r i s t m A s ho l i D Ay s, a poem written for the amusement &

instruction of all good masters and misses in the known world

by Tommy Tell-Truth. B.A., the Lilliputian Historian, engraved

frontispiece, pictorial title and two plates, slightly offset, two leaves

slightly spotted, original Dutch floral boards, small 8vo, H. Roberts

and H. Turpin, [imprints dated 1767]. £3500 – £5000

* * * The British Library Catalogue lists an edition of [?1765],

14pp. 16mo, issued by the same publishers. The present edition is

unrecorded, with the 84 stanza poem followed by “A Collection of

Letters from several Pretty Masters and Misses for the imitation

of others”.

Lot 664

664. Cranmer (Thomas, Archbishop) cAt e c h i s m u s, t h At is to

s Ay A s h o rt e in s t r u c t i o n i n t o ch r i s t i A n re l i g i o n for the synguler

commoditie and profite of children and yong people, title within

pictorial border, large illustration of Edward VI on verso, 26

illustrations in text, one signed in full by Hans Holbein, another

with initials, two repeated, one in text, the other above colophon, the

third and fourth leaf supplied in facsimile, contemporary inscription

on previous page noting their omission, other annotations in

Latin and presentation inscription on endleaf, a later note on the

author around margin of title, repeated passage on L1 deleted in

red, a few other contemporary markings, small library stamp on

four leaves erased, contemporary panelled calf, tooled in gilt and

blind, rebacked, lacking ties, various pieces of bibliographical

information and translation of the Latin inscriptions inserted,

[STC 5994], small 8vo, [N. Hill for] Gwalter Lynne, 1548.

£3000 – £4000

* * * This is the third issue listed in STC, all printed in the same

year. The work is a translation of Justus Jones’ Latin version of

the Kinderpredigt, and one of the earliest illustrated books for


Lot 665

665. [Dodgson (Charles Lutwidge)] “Lewis Carroll”. Al i c e’s

AD v e n t u r e s in wo n D e r l A n D, second (first published) edition, woodengraved

illustrations after John Tenniel, tissue guard between

frontispiece and title, original cloth gilt, g.e., by Burn, small stain

on both covers, joints worn, corners and top and bottom of spine

slightly worn, in morocco-backed fitted case, [Williams,Madan,

Green and Crutch 46], 8vo, Macmillan, 1866 [1865].

£7500 – £10000

Important Books and Manuscripts




Lot 666

666. Goldsmith (Oliver) Dr. go l D s m i t h’s ce l e B r At e D el e g y

o n t h At gl o ry o f h e r se x, mr s. mA ry Bl A i z e, first e D i t i o n, title

and 12 plates incorporating text, coloured by hand, slightly soiled,

inscription on title dated 1810, original printed wrappers, soiled

and worn, spine repaired, [Moon 391(1)], 16mo, J.Harris, 1808.

£1000 – £1500

Lot 667

667. Jo u r n e y o f go o D y fl i t c h A n D h e r co w (th e), 16 engraved

illustrations coloured by hand, one forming frontispiece, another

on title, original stiff wrappers, slightly worn, pictorial label with

title coloured by hand on upper cover, 8vo, John Marshall, 1819.

£800 – £1200

* * * This unusual verse tale in which Goody Flitch and her cow

visit a magical cat appears to be completely unrecorded.

Lot 668

668. [Martin (Sarah Catherine)] ol D mo t h e r hu B B A r D, 12

engraved plates incorporating title and text, coloured by hand,

original wrappers, engraved labels with full title “Old Mother

Hubbard and her Dog” and imprint on upper cover, restitched,

16mo, G. Martin, [watermarked 1810]. £1000 – £1500

* * * There is only one record of the Martin version sold at auction, titled

The History of Old Mother Hubbard and her Dog, and dated [c.1812].

The barber and seamstress verses are not included here, otherwise the

wording of the verses is almost identical to the Harris version.

Lot 669

669. Nicholson (William).-Williams (Margery) th e ve lv e t e e n

rA B B i t, Or How Toys Become Real, first e D i t i o n, 7 illustrations,

3 double-page, the remainder full page, and decorated endpapers

by William Nicholson, lithographed in colour, original pictorial

boards and dust-jacket, in fitted case, 4to, Heinemann, 1922.

£8000 – £12000

* * * An excellent c o p y, with the bookplate of Ruari McLean and others.

Lot 670

670. [Perrault (Charles)] histoires o u co n t e s D u te m p s pAsse, avec des Moralitez, first s t At e

o f t h e s e c o n D e D i t i o n, engraved pictorial title “Contes de ma Mere Loye”, preceding letterpress

title, 8 engraved pictorial headpieces, small hole in lower margin of A8, another in C6 slightly

affecting one letter of text, small piece torn from upper margin of G11 and G12, contemporary calf,

covers with blind-tooled lining at edges and fleurons at corners, compartments of spine and edges

of covers with gilt decoration, small 12mo, [Amsterdam, Jacques Desbordes] Suivant la Copie, à

Paris, 1697. £40000 – £60000

* * * An e x c e l l e n t c o p y o f t h e u n A u t h o r i s e D p r i n t i n g, issued the same year as the first edition

published by Claude Barbin, with the pictorial title and headpieces copied from the original

engravings of Antoine Clouzier printed in reverse. Bo t h 1697 e D i t i o n s A r e e x t r e m e ly r A r e, with

only six copies in all offered at auction in the last thirty years. The eight stories by Perrault include

six of the most popular fairy tales ever written: Sleeping Beauty, Little Red Riding Hood, Bluebeard,

Puss in Boots, Cinderella, and Tom Thumb.

Important Books and Manuscripts




Lot 671

Lot 672

671. pe t e r pi p e r’s pr A c t i c A l pr i n c i p l e s of Plain and Perfect

Pronunciation, wood-engraved frontispiece and 24 illustrations

coloured by hand, original stiff printed wrappers, slightly soiled,

[Moon 629 (5)], 8vo, [watermarked 1824]. £500 – £750

* * * The book comprises a series of alliterative verses including the

first appearance of “Peter Piper pick’d a Peck of Pepper”.

672. Topsell (Edward) th e hi s t o ry o f fo u r-f o o t e D Be A s t s A n D

se r p e n t s, whereunto is now added The Theatre of Insects by T.

Muffet, 3 parts in 1 vol., second edition, revised, corrected and

inlarged by J[ohn] R[owland], half-title, numerous woodcut

illustrations, one repeated on title, B4 and B5 repaired at inner

margin, short tear in lower margin of M1, lower outer corner of Bb3

repaired, small holes in Cc3, Rr6, Oo5, and 4U3, split in Hh4, and

wormhole in 4P5-5D4, all slightly affecting text, a few other short

marginal tears, the majority repaired, contemporary rough calf,

repaired at top of spine, with the bookplate and pencil annotations

of Sidney Roscoe and three earlier labels, [Wing G.624], folio, E.

Cotes, 1658. £3000 – £4000

* * * Roscoe’s notes and markings were presumably made while

researching the origin of the illustrations in Boreman’s Description

of Three Hundred Beasts [Roscoe J41], about sixty of which are

derived from those in Topsell’s natural history.

Other Properties

Lot 673

673. Dahl (Roald) th e gr e m l i n s f r o m t h e wA lt Di s n e y

pr o D u c t i o n, first e D i t i o n, 12 full-page and 1 double-page colour

illustrations, black & white vignette illustrations, original clothbacked

pictorial boards, slightly rubbed at extremities, D u s t-

J A c k e t, faded and creased at edges, a very good example, 4to, New

York, 1943. £600 – £800

* * * Dahl’s first book, scare in dust-jacket.

Lot 674

674. Dahl (Roald) ch A r l i e A n D t h e ch o c o l At e fA c t o ry, first

e D i t i o n, first issue, illustrations by Joseph Schindelman, original

cloth, dust-jacket, minor creasing, very minor tears at extremities,

head and tail of spine and corners, ink name to front free endpaper,

overall a fine example, 8vo, New York, 1964. £700 – £900

675. Dulac (Edmund).- Quiller-Couch (A.T.) th e sleeping Be A u t y,

number 911 of 1,000 copies signed by the artist, 30 tipped-in colour

plates by Edmund Dulac, a few creased, rebound in full blue morocco,

elaborate gilt and embosed design to covers and spine, lettered in

blind on spine, t.e.g., others uncut as issued, Hodder & Stoughton,

[1910]; Andersen (Hans) Stories, number 380 of 750 copies signed

by the artist, tipped-in colour frontispiece and 27 plates by Edmund

Dulac, damp-stain to first 20pp, rebound in quarter vellum over

marbled boards, original spine laid down, t.e.g., others uncut, Hodder

& Stoughton, 1911, 4to (2). £800 – £1200

676. -. Andersen (Hans Christian) st o r i e s , number 410 of 750

copies signed by the artist, tipped-in colour frontispiece and 27

plates by Edmund Dulac, patterned endpapers, original vellum,

gilt, lacking ties, soiled and rubbed, t.e.g., others uncut, 4to,

Hodder & Stoughton, 1911. £600 – £800

Lot 677

677. Grahame (Kenneth) th e wi n D in t h e wi l l o w s, first e D i t i o n,

frontispiece by Graham Robertson, original gilt-pictorial cloth,

rubbed at extremities, minor partial discolouration near head of

upper cover, t.e.g., others uncut, housed in custom morocco dropback

box by Bayntun-Riviere replicating book’s upper cover and

spine design in gilt, 8vo, 1908. £2500 – £3000

Lot 678

678. Grahame (Kenneth) th e wi n D in t h e willows, n u m B e r 14 o f

250 c o p i e s s i g n e D B y t h e A rt i s t, colour illustrations and map endpapers

by E.H. Shepard, original full green morocco, gilt, g.e., publisher’s

slip-case, A n excellent c o p y, 8vo, 1971. £1500 – £2000

Important Books and Manuscripts




Lot 679

679. Lewis (C.S.) th e li o n, t h e wi t c h A n D t h e wA r D r o B e, first

e D i t i o n of the first of the Narnia series, colour frontispiece and

plain illustrations by Pauline Baynes, bookseller’s small sticker on

front pastedown, original cloth, lightly sunned at extremities, slight

shelf lean, dust-jacket, sympathetic restoration to corners, spine

ends and spine image, but in effect A n u n u s u A l ly g o o D e x A m p l e,

preserved in custom-made cloth chemise and morocco slip-case,

8vo, 1950. £2500 – £3500

Lot 680

680. Lewis (C.S.) [th e ch r o n i c l e s o f nA r n i A], 7 vol., comprising

The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe, contemporary ink ownership

inscription on front free endpaper, jacket with light partial browning,

3 chips from top edge, spine ends and corners slightly worn, 1950;

Prince Caspian, contemporary ink ownership inscription on halftitle,

jacket slightly damp-affected at lower edge, a few small splits

with slight loss, 1951; The Voyage of the Dawn Treader, light

foxing to earlier ff., small ink name and bookseller’s small sticker

to front endpapers, light foxing to jacket, minor chipping to corners

and spine ends, 1952; The Silver Chair, small ink name to head

of front free endpaper, jacket spine faded, neat restoration work

to spine ends and corners, 1954; The Horse and his Boy, small

ink name and bookseller’s small sticker to front endpapers, fraying

with small splits and slight loss to corners and spine ends, spine

slightly sunned, 1954; The Magician’s Nephew, ink inscription on

front free endpaper, otherwise very good, 1955; The Last Battle,

jacket slightly rubbed at spine edges and fore-corners, overall a

very good copy, 1956, first e D i t i o n s, plates, illustrations and maps

by Pauline Baynes, original cloth/boards, dust-jackets, 8vo.

£5000 – £7000

Lot 681

681. [Martin (Sarah Catherine)] th e co m i c AD v e n t u r e s o f ol D

mo t h e r hu B B A r D A n D he r Do g, second edition, pictorial title-page,

dedication, and 14 illustrations, each with accompanying verse,

engraved throughout, original printed wrappers, backed and newly

sewn, 16mo, J.Harris, 1st May, 1806. £600 – £800

Lot 682

682. Meggendorfer (Lothar) co m i c Ac to r s, 8 full-page coloured

illustrations, the moving parts operated by levers, in good working

order, original cloth-backed pictorial boards, contemporary

inscription to head of preface, slightly worn at head and tail of

spine, folio, H. Grevel & Co., [c.1890]. £600 – £800

Lot 683

683. Milne (A.A.) [th e ch r i s t o p h e r ro B i n B o o k s], 4 vol.,

comprising When We Were Very Young, second issue with roman

numeral present on contents p., slightly torn to head of jacket

spine with minor loss and tape-burn on inside, spine darkened

and rubbed, 1924; Winnie-the-Pooh, map endpapers by Shepard,

small closed tear to head of spine, 1926; Now We Are Six, pictorial

endpapers by Shepard, jacket spine slightly darkened, 1927; The

House at Pooh Corner, pictorial silhouette endpapers by Shepard,

very light discolouration near jacket spine, 1928, first e D i t i o n s,

first impressions, illustrations by E.H. Shepard, original giltpictorial

cloth, fine, sharp copies, t.e.g., dust-jackets by Shepard,

some minor rubbing to extremities, but overall a very good set,

housed in modern cloth slip-case, 8vo. £2000 – £3000

kAy ni e l s e n

Lot 684

684. Quiller-Couch (Sir Arthur) in po w D e r A n D cr i n o l i n e,

n u m B e r 127 o f 500 c o p i e s s i g n e D B y t h e A rt i s t, 26 tipped-in colour

plates and illustrations by Kay Nielsen, captioned tissue guards,

pastedowns and endpapers lightly foxed, original pictorial vellum,

gilt, slightly rubbed at extremities, some scratches to back cover,

t.e.g., others uncut, contemporary cloth slip-case, a very good

copy, 4to, [1913]. £1200 – £1500

685. Quiller-Couch (Sir Arthur Thomas) in po w D e r & cr i n o l i n e,

24 mounted colour plates by Kay Nielsen, captioned tissue guards,

occasional foxing, original cloth-backed pictorial boards, spine

gilt, slightly rubbed at extremities, front hinge cracked, slightly

soiled, [1913] § [Asbjørnsen (Peter Christen) and Jørgen E.Moe],

East of the Sun and West of the Moon, 24 tipped-in colour plates

by Kay Nielsen, plain illustrations and decorations, original yellow

pictorial cloth lettered in black, spine slightly darkened, [1914],

4to (2). £400 – £600

Lot 686

686. Asbjørnsen (Peter Christen) and Jørgen E.Moe. eA s t o f

t h e su n A n D we s t o f t h e mo o n, number 5 of 500 copies signed

by the artist, 25 mounted colour plates by Kay Nielsen, captioned

tissue guards, pictorial endpapers, original pictorial vellum, gilt,

silk ties detached but loosely inserted, original board slip-case,

4to, [1914]. £8000 – £12000

* * * A near fine copy of this magnificent work, hard to find in such

good condition.

Lot 687

687. Andersen (Hans Christian) fA i ry tA l e s, number 222 of 500

copies signed by the artist, 12 mounted colour plates by Nielsen,

captioned tissue guards, other illustrations and decorations,

original pictorial vellum, gilt, slight foxing to limitation leaf, t.e.g.,

others uncut, cloth slip-case, 4to, [1924]. £1800 – £2200

Important Books and Manuscripts




Lot 688

688. Andersen (Hans Christian) fA i ry tA l e s, first ni e l s e n t r A D e

e D i t i o n, 12 tipped-in colour plates by Kay Nielsen, illustrations,

some spotting, original pictorial cloth, gilt, dust-jacket, a fine copy,

4to, [1924]. £500 – £800

Lot 689

689. Grimm (Jakob Ludwig & Wilhelm Carl) hA n s e l A n D

gr e t e l A n D o t h e r s t o r i e s, number 32 of 600 copies signed by the

artist, decorative title in red and black and 12 tipped-in colour

plates by Kay Nielsen, captioned tissue guards, black & white

plates, one plate and pages opposite with slight crease, original half

white parchment over orange paper sides, leather lettering label,

spine slightly darkened, original publisher’s slip-case, soiled, 4to,

New York, [1925]. £800 – £1200

Lot 690

690. Pogány (W.A., “Willy”).- Coleridge (Samuel Taylor) th e

ri m e o f t h e An c i e n t mA r i n e r, number 237 of 525 copies signed by

the artist, printed in black and colours and elaborately ornamented

throughout, 20 tipped-in colour plates by Willy Pogány, several

creased at corner, original pictorial calf, gilt, t.e.g., others uncut,

some light spotting and rubbing at edges and surface at corners,

also tail of spine rubbed with small loss, otherwise a good copy,

4to, [1910]. £500 – £700

This lot is sold on behalf of the Oak Tree Fine Press

Proceeds from the sale of this lot will go to help

children with HIV/Aids

Lot 691

691. Pullman (Philip) [his DA r k mAt e r i A l s], 3 vol., first e D i t i o n s,

first impressions, v o l.i first issue, A l l s i g n e D B y t h e A u t h o r w i t h

f u rt h e r A u t o g r A p h t e x t q u o t e B e l o w, slight toning to page edges,

original boards, dust-jackets, vol.I with Carnegie prize sticker, vol.

II with slight shelf lean, otherwise fine copies, 8vo, 1995-2000.

£1800 – £2200

Other Properties

692. Pullman (Philip) [his DA r k mAt e r i A l s], 3 vol., comprising

Northern Lights, first issue, w i t h A n e A r f u l l-pA g e o r i g i n A l

c o l o u r i l l u s t r At i o n B y t h e J A c k e t A rt i s t DAv iD sc u t t D e p i c t i n g

A l e t h i o m e t e r w i t h A n A i r s h i p B e l o w A n D ior e k Byr n i s o n A B o v e

on front free endpaper, w i t h o u t Carnegie prize sticker, 1995; The

Subtle Knife, w i t h A n e A r f u l l-pA g e o r i g i n A l c o l o u r i l l u s t r At i o n

B y t h e J A c k e t A rt i s t DAv iD scut t D e p i c t i n g t h e s u B t l e k n i f e

c u t t i n g t h r o u g h pA p e r/D i m e n s i o n s, 1997; The Amber Spyglass,

w i t h A n e A r f u l l-pA g e o r i g i n A l c o l o u r i l l u s t r At i o n B y t h e J A c k e t

A rt i s t DAv iD sc u t t D e p i c t i n g t h e s p y g l A s s A n D A n e y e on front free

endpaper, 2000, first e D i t i o n s, the last s i g n e D B y t h e A u t h o r on

title, original boards, dust-jackets, e x c e l l e n t c o p i e s, 8vo.

£4000 – £6000

* * * An excellent set of the trilogy that made Philip Pullman a

world-wide literary phenomenon; the wonderfully vibrant original

illustrations complement each title perfectly.

Lot 692

Lot 693

693. Pullman (Philip).- Scutt (David) [his DA r k mAt e r i A l s], 3

original giclée prints depicting the cover designs by David Scutt

for Pullman’s trilogy, each one of 150 signed by both the artist &

the author, from an overall limitation of 495, each blind-stamped

Charlock Editions containing limitation details, all actual images

c.390 x 265 mm., n.d. £220 – £280

* * * The double-signed limitation of 150 copies is not currently on

general release.

Important Books and Manuscripts




Lot 694

694. Rowling (J.K.) hA r ry po t t e r A n D t h e ph i l o s o p h e r’s st o n e,

first pA p e r B A c k e D i t i o n, slight toning to pages, original pictorial

wrappers, minor edge rubbing, otherwise very good, 8vo, 1997.

£800 – £1200

* * * Published simultaneously with the hardback edition.

Lot 695

695. [Rowling (J.K.)], “Kennilworthy Whisp”. qu i D D i t c h

th r o u g h t h e Ag e s, s i g n e D B y w l i n g, DA n i e l rA D c l i f f e

& ru p e rt gr i n t on title, 2001; “Newt Scamander”. Fantastic

Beasts and Where to Find Them, s i g n e D B y em m A wAt s o n ,

ro B B i e co lt r A n e & mA g g i e sm i t h on title, 2001, first Am e r i c A n

e D i t i o n s, first impressions, illustrations, original boards, fine

copies, no dust-jackets as issued, but without the publisher’s slipcase

often accompanying the pair, 8vo, New York (2).

£1000 – £1500

* * * The two volumes issued in between Harry Potter and the Goblet

of Fire and the Order of the Phoenix, net profits from which went

to Comic Relief. Seemingly scarce to find signed by the author. An

excellent, complementary pair signed thus with several of the key

actors from the film series.

Lot 696

696. Sewell (Anna) Bl A c k Be A u t y, first e D i t i o n, frontispiece,

8pp. advertisements, large contemporary ownership inscription

on blank recto of frontispiece, some marking, mostly to margins,

original cloth, Carter variant C, neatly rebacked preserving

original backstrip, slightly rubbed, later endpapers in style of

originals, 8vo, Jarrold & Sons, [1878]. £1000 – £1500

Lot 697

697. Wain (Louis) so m e B o y’s pussies, 15 colour illustrations

including front and rear covers, original boards, red cloth

spine, slightly faded, boards rubbed at edges, some early pencil

annotions, 4to, Raphael Tuck & Sons. Ltd., [c.1925].

£200 – £300

Important Books and Manuscripts




❦ Private Press and Limited Editions

Lot 698

698. Golden Cockerel Press.- Keats (John) lA m iA , is A B e l l A, th e

ev e o f sA i n t Ag n e s & o t h e r p o e m s , n u m B e r 26 o f 500 c o p i e s, title

in red and black with decorative wood-engraved border, initials

in red and blue, wood-engraved illustrations by Robert Gibbings,

original sharkskin-backed cloth, by Sangorski & Sutcliffe, t.e.g.,

others uncut, spine faded, [Chanticleer 62], small folio, Waltham

St.Lawrence, Golden Cockerel Press, 1928. £350 – £450

Lot 699

699. -. Chaucer (Geoffrey) th e cA n t e r B u ry tA l e s, 4 vol., n u m B e r

222 o f 485 c o p i e s, wood-engraved decorative borders, illustrations

and initials by Eric Gill, initials printed in red, blue and black,

small contemporary ink name and date on front free endpaper,

original morocco-backed patterned-paper boards, by Sangorski &

Sutcliffe, t.e.g., others uncut, spines faded but otherwise a good

copy with corners slightly bumped, [Chanticleer 63], small folio,

Waltham St.Lawrence, Golden Cockerel Press, 1929-31.

£3000 – £4000

* * * on e o f t h e finest i l l u s t r At e D B o o k s o f t h e 20t h c e n t u ry.

Lot 700

700. Ernst (Max) histoire nAt u r e l l e, n u m B e r 146 o f 306

c o p i e s s i g n e D B y t h e A rt i s t, t h i s o n e o f 250 o n v é l i n, 34 collotype

plates after frottages, introduction by Jean Arp, loose as issued in

contemporary cloth-backed boards with ties, paper label on upper

cover, lower edge of upper cover bumped, spine a little stained,

folio, Paris, 1926. £1500 – £2000

* * * The reproduced frottages were executed c.1925. In the following

passage, Ernst describes the beginning of the technique as he sat

one evening in a hotel, staring excitedly at cracks in the floorboards.

“To sustain my potential for meditation and hallucination, I made

a series of sketches on the floorboards by arbitrarily placing a few

sheets of paper on them and then began to rub on them with black

pencil. When I closely scrutinized the sketches thus made - ‘the

dark areas and other, delicately lit half-dark areas’ - I was amazed

at the sudden intensification of my visionary capabilities and the

hallucinatory result of the contrasting pictures.” Max Ernst cited in

W. Spies, Max Ernst: Frottages, London, 1986.

The Property of a Gentleman

Lot 701

701. Procktor (Patrick).- Coleridge (Samuel Taylor) th e ri m e

o f t h e An c i e n t mA r i n e r, n u m B e r viii o f xxv speciAl c o p i e s w i t h 4

A D D i t i o n A l p r i n t s A n D s i g n e D B y t h e A rt i s t, from an edition limited

to 140, aquatint portrait and 11 plates by Patrick Procktor, some

printed in colours, additional aquatints all numbered & signed in

pencil and loose in pocket at end, original black morocco-backed

blue-grey morocco, upper cover blocked with gilt albatross and

ship at sea, spine titled in gilt, uncut, slip-case, 4to, [printed by

Will Carter] for Editions Alecto, 1976. £1000 – £1500

Important Books and Manuscripts



702. Bartoli (Pietro Santi) AD m i r A n D A ro m A n A r u m A n t i q u i tAt u m

A c v e t e r i s s c u l p t u r A e v e s t i g i A, 2 vol., [first A n D s e c o n D e D i t i o n],

engraved titles, dedications & 160 plates only (of 161, the second

edition lacks plate 84), a little spotted and soiled, contemporary

calf, rebacked, joints cracking, rubbed, [cf.Berlin Kat. 4203],

oblong folio, Rome, [n.d.] & 1693. £2000 – £3000

* * * 31 plates which appear in the first edition were suppressed for

the second edition and replaced by 34 plates.


Lot 704

❦ Architecture & Design

Lot 702

703. Bonomi (Joseph, 1739-1808) De s i g n f o r t h e ce i l i n g o f

t h e Dr Aw i n g ro o m At fisherwick pA r k, stA f f o r D s h i r e, pen and

watercolour, 490 x 685mm., 19 1 4 x 27in., scale at foot, repaired

tears and small losses at sheet edges, verso with the small ink

stamp of the RIBA (where the drawing was on deposit) endorsed in

pencil “Returned to owner”. £2500 – £3500

* * * Provenance: By descent from Joseph Bonomi to the present

owner. A group of drawings by Bonomi from this collection was

sold in these rooms, 1 June 2000, lots 80-87.

Arthur Chichester, Baron Fisherwick, later 1st Marquess of

Donegal (1739-1799) bought the Tudor manor house of Fisherwick

and rebuilt it as a grand Palladian mansion. Bonomi was engaged

in 1787 and designed a summer house for the Park as well as

furniture and this ceiling for the principal drawing room of the

house. The design provides alternatives for the cornice, frieze and

borders surrounding the three painted panels. The project was a

collaboration between Bonomi and his friend J.F.Rigaud whose

paintings, with its centrepiece of Apollo in his Chariot, completed

the ceiling. The stucco work was by Joseph Rose and the colouring

and gilding by Pastorini and Borgnis.

The house was demolished 1814-1816.

The present drawing is illustrated in Peter Meadows, Joseph

Bonomi Architect 1739-1808, An Exhibition of Drawings from

Private Collections, London, RIBA, 1988, Fig.19.

704. Bonomi (Joseph Jnr., 1796-1878) D e s i g n f o r A p u B l i c

f o u n tA i n, south elevation of a sandstone fountain and rising

column with sundial, surmounted by a bronze statue in the Greek

style, representing Earth in the figure of a woman with hands

raised in praise to God, with a detail of the statue’s front facing

east, watercolour and ink over pencil, 485 x 295mm., framed and

glazed, with an extensive, 6pp., explanatory letter, containing an

alternative design for a cast iron fountain, pasted on backboard,

this signed with initials and dated, 1871. £500 – £750

* * * The letter on the verso is addressed from the Soane Museum,

where Bonomi had controversially been appointed curator in

1861, to “My dear Allanson”, probably Charles Allanson of

Harrogate, husband of Bonomi’s sister Justina. It describes

in some detail the “octangular column to be made in your best

native sandstone”, the allegorical significance of the large statue

(“the principal expense”), and his alternative design for an iron

fountain, complete with “iron umbrella”.

705. Clérisseau (Charles-Louis, 1721-1820) ro m A n ru i n s: A g r o u p

o f fourteen “v e D u t e D i fA n tA s i A”, drawings in pen, black ink with

grey and, occasionally, brown wash over etched outlines, six 355 x

294mm. (14 x 11.5in.) to 395 x 315mm. (15.5 x 12.25in.), remainder

175 x 175mm. (7 x 7in.), one circular, to 288 x 193mm. (11.3 x 7.6in.),

light browning to two drawings, a few old creases and very small

rubbed spots; with 3 drawings of geological features by another(?)

hand and a group of engraved studies of the human body from an 18th

century drawing book, mounted on large folio sheets of laid paper, a

disbound section of a larger album, 1760s or 1770s (14).

£5000 – £7000

* * * Provenance: from the collection of the architect James Paine, 1717-

1789. Paine visited Rome in 1755. (Ironically, as a confirmed Palladian,

he was to lose commissions in 1765 at both Nostell Priory and Kedleston

Hall to James Adam who completed the houses in neo-classical style.)

Charles-Louis Clérisseau, artist, architect and archaeologist, won the

Prix de Rome in 1746 and studied under Pannini at the French Academy

in Rome from 1749 to 1754. There he absorbed the influence of his

close friends Piranesi and Winckelman and after 1754 became tutor

in architectural drawing and theory first to William Chambers then to

Robert Adam with whom he travelled widely between 1754 and 1757.

His influence on the Adam brothers’ developing neo-classical style

was immense. McCormick (op. cit.) concludes an account of their

relationship thus: “Therefore, the true beginning of the Adam style,

with its wealth of delicate ancient-inspired decorations, vaulted ceilings,

screens of columns, niches, and rooms in a great variety of shapes,

derives from Clérisseau.”

The present group of drawings all appear to be vedute di fantasia,

imaginative works incorporating elements drawn from observation.

Drawing over an etched outline was a not uncommon technique for 18th

century artists but the circular drawing of a mausoleum or sepulchral

hall illustrated here appears to be Clérisseau’s only composition over an

etching to be hitherto recorded. Two other examples are known. One is

Lot 705

in the vast collection of Clérisseau’s drawings bought by Catherine the

Great in 1779 and now in the Hermitage, St. Petersburg. It is illustrated

as no.59 in the Louvre catalogue (see below) and described as the only

example of a drawing over etching in that collection. The other, with

minor variations of detail and shading, is in the Fitzwilliam Museum.

A version in gouache - Clérisseau’s more usual medium - is in Sir John

Soane’s Museum (Inv. P.97).

The dating of his drawings is problematic since he produced many with

only minor variations over a period of more than three decades. He was

selling drawings to Grand Tourists by 1753, exhibited his architectural

capricci in London in the early 1770s and continued to work in similar

style in St. Petersburg and Paris well into the 1780s. A date between

1760 and 1780 for the present group appears most probable.

References: Thomas J. McCormick, Charles-Louis Clérisseau and the

Genesis of Neo-Classicism, 1990; Charles-Louis Clérisseau: dessins du

musée de l’Ermitage Saint-Petersburg, Musée du Louvre, 1995.

Important Books and Manuscripts



706. Diesel (Matthias) erlustierenDe Au g e n w e i D e in vorstellung

he r r l i c h e r gArten u n D lu s t g e B A u D e, Part I (of 3), engraved

throughout with pictorial title and 50 plates of garden views, title with

light soiling and staining to fore-edge just affecting border, [Berlin

Kat. 3330], Augsburg, Jeremias Wolff, [c.1720] bound with a further

39 engraved plates by Wolff, Engelbracht, Weigel and others from a

variety of series including views of Venice, Switzerland, Bavaria and

the four seasons, a little browned at edges, together in contemporary

half calf, worn, folio £2000 – £3000

707. [Great Exhibition] th e A rt J o u r n A l illustrAteD c AtA l o g u e;

t h e i n D u s t ry o f A l l n At i o n s. very numerous text-illustrations, extrAillustrAteD

with 16 plates (13 h A n D-c o l o u r e D v i e w s, from Mighty

London, an anaglyptograph, 2 tinted lithographs by Lacchesi), with

the extra articles at the end not found in standard copies (collation

at Wellcome, but this copy has a 3rd pp. viii), elaborate binding of