l)l-.(. T.MI'.I K I'M 2



rxiox LIST

Collections on European History



Compiled for the Committee on Bibliography

of the American Historical Association

by E. C. Richardson, Chairman.

Trial edition.





E. C. Richardson, Chairman.

W. Dawson Johnston.

George Parker Winship.

C. S. Brigham.

F. J. Teggart.



This trial edition of a union list of sets of collected works by


various authors on

European History is in effect an exhibit to the report of the Committee on Bibliography

of the American Historical Association, and is published for the Committee. It is intended,

in case support by the libraries and individuals will warrant, to publish next year a regular

Million, corrected and edited by Dr. Lichtenstem, Librarian of Northwestern University

and Curator of the Hohenzollern collection in the Harvard University Library, who has

become in a unique sense the chief American expert in this line of books, and whose casual

memoranda have contributed much to the improvement of this edition over the proof edition

printed in March.

How nearly impossible it is to make even a fairly accurate edition of a work of this

sort on the bibliographical side at this time will be readily seen from the facts stated in

the report of the Committee in 1911 that there were then some 300 out of the 2,197 works

mentioned that could not be found in this country at all, and nearly 1,000 sets which could

be examined at first hand only by going to very scattered and distant points. On the

other hand, this is perhaps the most intricate of all classes of entry matter to handle without

referring to the books themselves periodicals, even, hardly being excepted. Many of

the co-operating libraiies have sent memoranda for revision of the first check list or the

proof edition, both of which were issued quite without proof corrections, and some four

hundred such corrections have been made in this edition, but it has not eemed worth while

or possible, without delaying the issue, to improve farther before issuing, and farther

painstaking would contribute little to the immediate practical end to be served by the list.

The irregular form too has not been changed, since the retention is an aid to prompt publication

and a mechanical convenience for farther editing and insertion. Each page is, as

in the case of the proof edition, in general one-half page of the original check list with

the varying amounts of insertion matter.

Besides corrections, this edition contains eighteen additional titles of the more important

sets overlooked in previous printings and nearly two thousand additfons to the located

copies. On the other hand, however, about a score of duplicate or faulty titles have been


The thanks of the Committee and of all historical students are due to the libraries

which have so cordially co-operated. The considerable amount of work implied on the

part of each co-operating library naturally made some hesitate at first and until the meaning

and usefulness to both libraries and historical students was fully explained and understood,

but the universally cordial and even enthusiastic response, after the matter was

understood, has been most gratifying.

The check list was sent out last year (1911) and the results compiled and presented

as a report at the annual meeting >f tin- American Historical Association at Buffalo in

December of that year. Some of the figures and inferences of this report will be found

following this preface. The (.'heck List, uncorrected as to bars, but with indication of



of copies added, as in the present edition, was issued in March as a proof

The main objects served l>y such a check list are: (1) Guidance of research students

to the places where they can consult needed books, (2) facilitation of inter-library loans,

and (3) sen-ice as purchase list by showing librarians and historical students just the

points which mos* need strengthening. The amount of use of this list on the first two

counts could be .judged by experience, but as to the third matter there was not much

experience from which to judge.


It was the hope of the Committee that the circulation of tin list would result at least

in Miiuewhat strengthening the apparatus for historical work in American libraries, but

tin- prompt and large response went beyond their utmost expectations. Harvard, Yale,

Columbia, and the Library of Congress, have perhaps been most active in supplying their

lacks, but the greatest public libraries and many of the university libraries, especially

libraries about Chicago, have been alert, with the results that several thousand additional

copies are indicated in this edition, the total number of copies which cannot be consulted

in America has been reduced, and the general situation in several geographical localities

has been distinctly improved. In the report of last year, Harvard, with 1,267 out of 2,197

sets, had already a nuiMilerably larger number than the Library of Congress, its nearest

runner up. At once on the issue of the Check List in January, 1911, it began purchasing

in>\v yets, and, after the report in December, it continued the careful searching of its

libraries for copies, so that before issuance of the proof edition in March of this year

(1912), it had sent in additional titles, bringing the number of its sets up to about 1,600.

Since that time some three hundred more sets have been added, so that, at the present

time, Harvard alone has more titles than there were altogether in all American libraries at

the time of the report a year ago. Tt now lacks less than 300 sets, while it was reported

a year ago that there were :u:> sets which were not to be found anywhere in this country.

Yale, too, has very greatly increased the number of sets reported over the number reported

last year.

The most significant fact of the statistics of last year remains, however, substantially

unchanged the fact that only ten or a dozen libraries have as many as 10% of the

collections, and that out of 786 institutions which profess to do work of college grade,

only about fifty libraries have as much as \%. The actual situation is even much worse

than appears from the figures since two 01 three inexpensive volumes of illustrative source

books for class-room use are in the list through inadvertance, and undoubtedly swell the

record of the minor institutions. It is safe to say that a majority even of the institutions

included in the Babcock list have less than one-tenth of 1% of these sets, and yet these

are titles which have been gathered from actual references and are the books which are

liable to meet any men engaged in historical research at every turn.

The moral drawn from this last December as to the need of some organized co-operation

to meet the want, which cannot by any possibility be met individually by each library,

has become even more pointed by the experience of the year, and especially by the rapidly

growing prices of the more useful and scarcer sets here listed.

The problem of the distribution of the burden of lending in the inter-library loan

system has also been increased by the list in direct proportion as it is used. The list itself,

however, affords a certain means of relief and the Committee feels that it owes to Harvard,

Yale, Columbia, the Library of Congress, the University of Pennsylvania. Cornell, and

the other large libraries which have so freely contributed in the inter-library loan system,

to urge on historical students borrowing from other libraries that they borrow always,

so far as possible, when using out of this list, from the smaller libraries whenever they are

shown to have copies. Some of the libraries, like the New York Public, cannot lend out,

and in many cases the larger libraries ought not to lend many of the seta here indicated,

even out of their library building, as they are so likely to be called on at any moment for

use in verifications, if not for research use. It is in fact in the interest of scholarship that

some one large library in every geographical center should make its collection as nearly

complete as possible, and not lend out at all (except duplicates) although it is to be greatly

hoped that, while the present poverty of our libraries in research books continues, a liberal

policy may prevail as to the large class of books of which the probable local use is only

very occasional on terms, of course, requiring instant return in case of need.

It becomes pretty clear that a thorough practical solution of the present problem for

historical students involves: (1) Better knowledge of the location of books that we already

have, (2) better geographical distribution of those that shall be purchased, and (3) cheape.transportation

of books. The ideal solution would be the provision of the Library of

Congress with means to systematically provide five depository centers each with a reference

copy an

Extract* from tlu report of the Committee on Bibliography of the American Historical

Association, December 1911.

This check list contains the titles of 2,11*7 rolWtiun.s on Kurupcan history, comprising

about 25,000 volumes. It was sent out to 305 libraries ^distributed as follows: Eastern

section 86, Middle 77, South Atlantic 24, South Central 11, North Central 83, Western 24.

All these libraries contain over 30,000 volumes each.

Answers were received from 162 librares of which 83 libraries sent check lists as-

follows: Eastern section 22, Middle 26, South Atlantic 6, North Atlantic 22, Western 7.

The South Central section did not report any copies.

Eighty-three libraries are thus represented in the edition as prepared. Of these only

one has as many as half the collections, 16 have less than five sets each, 26 have less than

one-half of one per cent., 33 less than one per cent., 56 less than two per cent., 64 leas than

five per cent, 74 less than ten per cent., leaving thus only nine libraries of the 83 with

more than ten per cent., or 220 out of the 2,200 collections. These nine will, however,

undoubtedly be increased to twelve when delayed returns from five others art received.

Although 1,884 collections are to be found in one or another of tnese 83 libraries,

4;J7 can be found each only in one library, 328 in two libraries, 232 in three, 200 in four,

153 in five, and 90 in six. Three hundred and eighty-one works are to be found each in

from seven to 20 libraries, 39 in from 20 to 40 libraries and four in 40 or more libraries;

one being in 43, one in 47, one in 51, and one in 61 libraries.

In the matter of quantity, thus, it appears that on an average the libraries reporting

contain about one in 20 of the seta, but excluding the nine or twelve largest, the remaining

large libraries of this country contain, each, but one in 50. The smallest deficiency of any

library is 930 out of 2,197 sets and 313 are not found in any library.

It is clear from this situation that no library is self-sufficient even Harvard lacking

930 sets and all but 12 lacking on the average 2,153 out of 2,197 works. Even as good

colleges as Amheret and Williams, having but 26 and 17 respectively, lack 2,171 and 2,180

respectively out of 2.197, while probably 700 of the 786 institutions doing work of college

grade in the United States are worse off than these.

On the other hand, however, it is equally clear that these libraries are by way of being

able to do a good deal to help one another. Altogether these libraries supply 1,884 sets.

Even Harvard can thus find 617 of her 930 lacking sets somewhere in America. Harvard

is thus by way of lending 1,267 sets and borrowing 617 sets, the Library of Congress of

lending 917 and borrowing 913, and all others need to borrow more than they can lend.

This fact has laid a pretty heavy burden on Harvard in the past, but with the use of such

lists as this she should in the future be able to put off much of the burden on smaller


Adding estimates for the five other libraries gives in round numbers a total qf 10,700

copies in 88 libraries, distributed: Eastern section, 22 libraries, 3,250 copies; Middle, 28

libraries, 4,100 copies; South Atlantic, 6 libraries, 1,060 copies; North Central, 24

libraries, 1,750 copies; Western, 8 libraries, 540 copies.

Analyzing a little more closely it appears that 267 works can be found in New England

only, 126 in the Middle States only, 90 in the South Atlantic section only, 6 in the North

Central only, and one in the Western only. New England must draw on other sections for

221 works and all other sections draw on it for 267.

On the other band, however, in some cases where there is want in one section there is

superfluity in another. New England has for example two or three copies each of 39

works which cannot be found in any other section and the Middle State* nave two to four

copies each of 12 works found in no other section. Again, taking the North Atlantic

States together, it appears that there are 348 works which can be found in no other section

of the country, but of which within this section there are from two to nine copies each;

65 having three copies, 55 four copies, 25 five copies, eleven six copies and eleven 7 copies.

The practical problem which caused this list starts from the facts: (1) That no

American library contains all the sets which may be needed by any historical worker in

his work, (2) that the co-operation between libraries in the matter of inter-library loan

is seriously limited by lack of knowledge as to where copies are located, (3) that the

desultory attempt of individual libraries to supply lacks by purchase results In waste from

unnecessary duplication and competition for copies,

of present books is bad.

(4) that the geographical distribution

The conclusions from the figures are: (1) That the grounds were amply justified and

that a list in fact helps on each count, (2) that it is neither to be expected nor desired

that every working library should contain every set, (3) that efficiency and economy

require that the co-operative finding-list method should be extended to all works which are

not to be found in practically every library of 50,000 volumes, (4) that full solution of tho

problem requires at least one lending copy of each work in each geographical

very great reduction in the cost of transportation.

section an'l


Amh. Amherst College Library, Amherst, Massachusetts.

Annap. U. S. Naval Aca.lcmy Library, Annapolis, Maryland.

Halt!'. K. 1'ratt Frvr Library, Baltimore, Maryland.

Bang. Public Library, Hanynr, Maine.

BoP. Boston Public Library.

Bowd. Bowdoin College Library, HriuiM\is.

LC. Library of Congress, Washington, D. C.

L8T. Leland Stanford Jr. Univ. Lib., Leland Stanford, Cal.

Min. University of Minnesota Library, Minneapolis, Minn.

MinnP. Public Library, Minneapolis, Minn.

Mo. University of Missouri Library, Columbia, Mo.

MtHol. Mt. Holyokc College Library, South Hadley, Mat*.

Musk. Hackley Public Library, Muskegon, Michigan.

Newb. Newberry Library, Chicago, 111.

Nthw. Northwestern University Library, Evanatown, IB.

NVr. College of City of New York Library, New York.

NVI'. N-\\ York 1'ublii- Library, New York, N. Y.

Oberl. Oberlin College Library, Oberlin, Ohio.

Omah. Public Library, Omaha, Nebraska.

PaS. State Library, Harrisburg, Pennsyh-ania.

Pen. University of Pennsylvania Library, Philadelphia, Pa.

I'hila. Free Library, Philadelphia, Pa.

PortO. Library Association, Portland, Oregon.

Pough. Adriance Memorial Library, Poughkeepsie, New York.

Pr. Library of Princeton University, Princeton, N. J.

Pratt. Pratt Institute Free Library, Brooklyn, New York.

ProvA. Athanaeum Library, Providence, Rhode Island.

ProvP. Public Library, Providence, Rhode Island.

PrT. Theological Seminary Library, Princeton, N. J.

RochR. Reynolds Library, Rochester, N. Y.

Rutg. Rutgers College Library, New Brunswick, N. J.

Sage. The Gardner A. Sage Library, New Brunswick, N. J.

Salem. Public Library, Salem, Mass.

SaltLU. University Library, Salt Lake City, Utah.

SanFranP. Public Library, San Francisco, California.

StL. Public Library, St. Louis, Mo.

Swed. Swedish Historical Society of America, Evanstowii, 111.

Syr. University Library, Syracuse, New York.

SyrP. Public Library, Syracuse, New York.

Tor. University of Toronto Library, Toronto, Ont.

TorP. Public Library, Toronto, Ont., Canada.

UnionS. Union Theological Seminary, New York, N. Y.

Utica. Public Library, Utica, New York.

VaS. State Library, Richmond, Virginia.

Vass. Vassar College Library, Poughkeepaie, New York.

VtU. Vermont University Library, Burlington, Vermont.

WashU. University of Washington Library, Seattle, Wash.

Well. Wellesley College Library, Wellesley, Mass.

Weal. Wesleyan University Library, Middletown, Conn.

WestP. U. S. Military Academy Library, West Point, New York.

WilkesB. Osterhout Free Library, Wilkes-Barre, Peennsylvania.

Will. Williams College, Williamstown, Mass.

Wis. Wisconsin State Historical Library, Madison, Wis.

Wob. Public Library, Woburn, Mass.

Wore. Free Public Library, Worcester, Mass.

Ya. Yale University Library, New Haven, Conn.

'>ii:o'.> '.jo /;

() Set substantially romplete.

(t) Set inure than half complete.


(t) Set Uws than half complete.

(I) Another e-lition of same work.

NOTE. This sign roulil not be accurately applied from .l.va >.-nt

in, and has been

omitted. It must be understood that the location indication always refers to the same

work and generally to the same edition, but occasionally it means only "some edition."

(1) New England.

(2) Middle States.

(3) South Atlantic Division.

(4) South Central Division.

(6) Western Division.

(5) North Central Division.

European History Collections

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(1 II:. r

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Itvjr.-.VJ. 4*.

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'(1) i;op liar ,. .


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Bannatyno club publications. Kdln.

(1) ]-..,r r.i-.mn Hiir Vil Va (2) CorJ NYP| TorP (3) LCt (.1) Detr Nwb

Baquet. Sri' Recueil dea fdlts. etc. concern, le jurisdiction de la Cbambre da trfsor.

Barack, K. A. Si> Zimmerische chronlk.

Baronius, Caes. [Unynaldii-*, I.iidcrolilns ot Tlidncrl. Annnles eccl. Par. 1SC3-70. 37 T.

Hi IMP liar Hart* Yat (2) Coi DrewtHnv.-r PrT Sage Syr Tor (3) Cath TX3 (5) ChU Nwb

Barralis, V. Sci> Chronologia sanctorum sacrno Insulae I,crlm-nsl.

Bartsch, K. Sci> Deutsche llcdcrdichtcr d. 1J-H Jh.

Basler dinmlkon (Hist. Kc

Beck, J. See Geschichtabucher der WiedertBufer la Oesterreicb-L'ngarn. . . 1883.

Bedjan, P. Sec Acta martyrum ct sanctorum.

Beehr, 1C. J. S-e Rcrum merklcnburglcarum llbrl; cd. J. E. Eappltu.

Beitrage ru elnem nrilnsterUcbcn urkundcnbuche (J. NeUort). MUnster, 1823.

Hi Hui Ya

Etitrage zur gescblcbte Bfibmcns i V. r. in f. gescb. d. Deutscben In BObmen). Prag. 18C3-76. 1-4.

(1) Hai (S NYl- Syr* (3) LC (0) OalJ

Beitrage zur vaterlflndlsolien gescblcbte. Basel, 1838-88. 12 v.

(1) Hart C!) Cor NYPf (''> If (;i CalJ

Beli, R. See Scriptorea rerum hispanlcarum aliquot.

Below, G. T. Set* Auagewablte nrktinderi zur deutscben vorfassungfigescblcbtc.

Benzeliua, E. See Monumenta lilstnrli-a vdcra ccclealae aueogothlcae.

Bergner, H. Sec Urkunden zur geucblcbte d. stadt Kabla.

Berichte u. acton der banstacben gosandtacbaft (O. BKlmcke). Halle, 1894.

(1) Har Hurl. (6) 1


Berliner atadtbuch a. d. ende d. 14. Jabrb. Ber. 1SS:?.

(1) llnr Hurl. (3) LC

Berliniaohe cbronik, nebst urkundenbucb (E. Fldlcln). Ber. 1868-88. 25 pt.

(1) Har

Bernard, A. J. St-CP l.r (51 CbP Crix-P ColOS His Indlowa Kan Mchf Mln MlnnP Mo Nwb (6) Coburn

LSt SanFranl-

Biblioteoa il

Bibliotheca classlca latlna; B!TC, Collecllo auctorum classlcorum lattnorum. Tar. Lemalre 1810-38.

(1) Amli n>l' Bou.l I:; .,MI Il.ir \V.-.sl\Vorc Ya (2) Col NYC XYP Sage (3) F.r


iM.r fin.-r Kan M (C) Cal I-Stt

Bibliotheca. clunlacensU (Ducuesne). (M. Marrler). Par. 1014.

(1) Har Hart

Bibliotheca iliunl..-iisls; .m. llci-u.-il . . . :\ 1'hlst. de Dombos. (Valentln-Smltb). TrC-voux, 1854-85. 2 T.

il) Har (2) Col .

Bibliotheca i-i-d.-slastlca (A. Mlraeus). Antverplae, 1630.

(1) Bol- Har (2) Col CorUnlcmS

Bibliotheca eccleslastlca (Fabrlclus). llnmt.nri:!. 1718.

BoF liar Mar-All. I H:irl V:i i2i C..1 l'i Sny C'.l LC (5) Xwh

Bibliotheca Fratnim |...l..n..rnm quos Unltarlos vocant. Amst. 1656. ST.

(1) BoP Yat Iliir Ami .^i C..r X^p I'rT S;ii;.- VulonSJ (3) LC (5) Oberl

Bibliotheca. lilstorlca (J. Sousa). Llsboa, 1801.


Bibliotheca lilstorlca goettlngensls (Chr. L. Scheldt). GCt. 1758. pt. 1.

(1) Har atr!sHii incdll aevl (Horoy). Par. 1870-82. 6 T.

(1) Har (2) ColT NYPt PrT (3) LC i.') Nwb

Bibliotheca patrum conclonatorla (Franc. Combefls). Par. 1662. 8 T.

ill Hnr Yn (2) PrT

Bibliotheca j-atrum ecclos. anpllranae ad. a. 1300 (J. A. Giles). Ox. 1834. 36 T.

1 i Har Hartt rnionSt Yat (..) T.c

Bibliotheca r.Tiim ir.-rnianlraniiu (Pb. Jaffe). Ber. 1864-73. 6 T.

1) H..P Brown* Hnr Ya (2) Hryn.Mt Col Cor Krewf NYP Pen Prt Syr Tort (3) LO

i.-.) CinoPt TolOS Mint Nwb (6) LSt

Bibliotbeca srrlptnrum prai-corum ft romanorum Teubnerlana. Lpz. 418 T.

di I'...|'t Bowdt Dart Hart MtHolt Yat (2) Colt Cor Drew| NYC NYP$ Pent Pr PrTt Saj;.-

Tort WestPt


(3) Catli DCP LCt rrlptoram qui res In Slcllla... retulere (Ros. Grejrorlo). Panorml. 1701-02. 2 T.

(1) Har Ya

Bibliotheca sobualana. . . (S. Gulchenon). Lyon, 1660.

II I Hurt

BibTothc.a to| oL-rapliloa brltannlra IJ. NlrlioKi I., n.l. 1780-1810. 12 T.

ill .-I't llar| Ya (2) XYP| :i) '< () Nwb<

Bibliotheca v. t.-ruin patrum antlq. script, crrl. (A. Gallaniliut). VenetlH, 176T)-81. 14 T.

Ill 1 1.-i I' I'Ji NYP S:.: . i:'.i \A-

Bibliotbeek van

(1) RoP



Bibliothek der anin-Uaolisiachen poesle


Biker, J. F. J. See Colleccao de tratados e concertos de pazes...

Biker, J. F. J. See Collecgio des tratados, convenc,5es. [etc.] ... Portugal (de Borges de Castro), sup.

Bilard, E. Sec Analyse des documents hist. dans... les archives... la Sartbe.

Bind!, V. See Monument! Htorlol cd artlstlcl degll Abruzzl.

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B'rch, W. de Gray. >' Cartularium snxonlcum with Index saxonlcus.

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Blok, F. J. See Oorkondenboek van Gronlngen en Drenthe...

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Boehmer, F. See Fontes renim germanlcarum; geschlcbtsquellen Deutschlands.

Bbhmer, 7. F. See Acta imperii selecta; Urkunden deutscher kSulge und kaiser (J. Picker).

Boehmer. J. F. See Codez d!ploinaticns moenofrancofurtano.

Boehmer, J. Fr. 3e Fontes rernm . germanicarum. .

Bbhmer, J. F. See Regesta imperii.

Boehmer, J. F, See Regesta regum atque imperatorum romanoruin.

Bbhmer, J. F. See Reichsgesetze r. 900-1400 nachgewlesen.

Bbhmer, 7. Fr. See Wittelsbachische regesten bis 1340.

Bofarull. See Coleccion de documentor del Arcblvlo gen. de... Afagon.

Bogdan, 7. See Cronice moldovenescl; Nechlle, pana la Urecbia.

Boiilisle. de. See Chambre des com ptes. . .pieces justlflcatlves (1506-1791).

Bollandus, 7. See Acta sanctorum. Antw. etc.

Bonainius, F. See Acta Henrici VII. Romanor. imperat. et monumeata.

Bongars, 7. fV'e Gesta Del per Francos.

Bongars, 7. See Rerum bungaricar. scriptures varll.

Bonnardot & Guerin. See Regittre .les deliberations do Bureau de la rllle de Paris (1490-1376).

Bonnin. Th. > Cartulaire de I>ouTlors.


Booa, H. s.-. Quellen zur n.'-n r. Gclilerland en Kruaven v. . .-


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Bouraaii. abbe. See Cartulaire At Courmi-ry.

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A miens.

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Boysen, F. . See monument* Inedtta rerum germanlcarum. . .Llpslae et Quedl.

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(1) ll:ir (2) Col (3) l.r

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(1) Bar - 1

Bremiichea nrkundenbucb (D. R. Ebmok. u. W. TOD Blppen). Brem. 1863-93. r. 1-5. 1. 2,

(1) Har (2) NYPf Tort (:!) LC

Briquigny. L. O. 0. F. de. See Diplomat*, chartae...

Erequigny, L. G. 0. F. de. See Lettres de rnis. reines, et nutres. dupula Louis VII.

Brequigny, L. O. O. F. de. Sen Table des diplomes, etc. concernant France Jusqu'en 1314.

Bretlauer ^tudtlmcli. enth. d. ratbollnle T. 1287 ab. u. urkunden. Bresl. 1SS2.

(1) Har Ya (2) Col r.-n

Bretlauer iirknndenlwch (G. Horn). 1870.

(1) Har cj) NYP

Brette, A. So- Recueil de documents relat. & la conrocatlon des fetats gfneraux de 1788.

Brevei otironU-ae ix-rgomenses. nunc prlmnm edltae (Joa. Flnaszl). Aug. Taurln. 1800.

(1) I5oP Bar

Brewer, J. 8. See Letters and papers, foreign and domestic, of the reign of Ilinry VIII.

Briefe an kaiser Karl V (G. Loayxa). Her. 1848.

(1> Bar (2) Coif Cor Syr

Briefe der Srhwelzrr Bodmcr,

(1) brown liar (2)



uml Gesxner (W. KBrte). ZUrlch,

(3) LC (5) Ills (C) LSt


Briefe und akten zur gesclilelite d. 10. jhrli. mlt t-snd.

(1) Har Ya (2) Cor Syr* (5) Nwb

rOckalcbt auf Bayerns furstenhans. 1873-98.

Briefe n. akten zur K esr |ilelite ,1.

(1) Bol

::n jillir. krleges (M. Hitter u. F. Stieve). MOn. 1870 aq. (1909).

1 Mar Hartt YH (2) On XYI' S\ r I.C (3) Ills Nwb

'a Grarenh. 1723-25.

Brink, B. ten. See Quellen a. forscbungen zur spracb u. culturgescb. d. germ. vBlk.

Britannicarum gentium blstorlae antlquae scrlptores (G. Bertramns). Hamiae. 1757.

(1) Hnr Hart

Britith and fureisn stal.- paper* (K. \

(1) i:.,i-ilai Ya i2i Col Cor

K. C. . . . M.-rtslet) 1812 to 106... Ixjnd. 1840 sq. (T. 99, 1909).

XYP Pen Tor TorP (3) Annapt LC (5) CbP Detr Ills Kan

Mllw Nwb Wls

Biichon, J. A. C. SIT Rechcrchrs d iiinicrhiii\ i>. >. a. mi.' lil*t. df la ilomloatlon franc.

B;i Urkundenbuch di-r stadt Arnstadt ( 1495).

Bussordnungcn d. abcndlflnd. klrchc (F. \V. II. WassiTsclik'bpn). Ilalle, 1851.

(1) Har narL Ya (2) Col Cor PrT (3) I.C

Byrantinae historlae acrlptores vartl. Par. 1045-1711. from 24 to 47 T.

H) IlarJ >-2) Cal Sage

Byxantinischen n'^clilcbtsclirelber. aus d. grlochlschen [In Uusslan]. St. -Pet. 18CO-C3. 4 T.

CabiS & Xazens. See Tin cartulaire et divers actes des Alnmnn. de I an tree, Levla. etc.

Cabinet d< s f et s (ed. Mayer). Anist. (Part*) 1785-89. 41 v.

Hi P...P liar Yaf (2) ('.>! Cor NYP KochRt (:$) LC

Cabinet des m


Cartulaire ! Noyon). Noyon, 1S83.

tl) lur (2) Col CU LC

Cartulaire .1.- 1'abbayp cardinal.- de la Trlnlte de Vendome (Cb. Metals). Par. 1893-1004. 5 T.

(1) Hur

Cartulairc e .lc I'abbaye dp Saint-IMoro de Chartres (Guerard). Par. 1840. 2 T. (Coir. doc. InM.)

il) P...P Har MtJlol Ya (2) Col Cor NYP Pen Pr Tor (3) LC (5) ChP Ills \VN

i'-. i CalLst

Cartulaire tie I'abbaye d.' Salnt-Sllrln d'Auchj pn Artols (? Betencourt) n. d. v. 1.

Cartulaire ile I'abbaye do Salnt-Va:ist d'Arraa (A. Guesnon). Par. 1896.

c:i l.c

Cartulaire de 1'abbaye de Salnt-Vaast d'Arrat (R. van. Drlral). Arras, 1875.

in Hnr i:; i l.c

Cartulaire de 1'abhaye de

(1) BoP Har YH


< (2) c.,|

de Marseille (Gnerard). Par.

NIP P. n P Tor CM LC

1857. 2?. (Coll. doc. Ined.)

1.1) Ills Nb \\ CalLst

Cartulaire dp Tabhaye .!. Snlnto IIoHdo (M. Alfred Jacob). Har-le-Diic. 1882.

(1) Hop Har CJ) l.(

Cartu'.aire .1.- 1; -.'vlgny. [.t] d'Alnny (A. J. Bernard). Par. is.13. 2 .

ic.,11. .Ilr. In.)

.1) 15.. 1' Har Ya (2) On NVP P. n P Tn t i: 1

. > l.c (5) Clif Ills Nwb (0) Cal LSt

f!*rtulaire .le I'abbayi- de BenMlctln* de Saint Sarln on Lavedan (Charles Durlor). Par. 1880.

C.t) l.c

Cartulaire de 1'abbaye Not re-Dame de Leoncel au Aloe, de Die (C. 0. J. Chevalier). Montellmar, 1869.

ill Hiir (S) I.C

Cartulaire do I'alilmye ror. de Notre Dame de Bon-Port d'fcrreux (Andrleuz). fcvreux. 1802.

1 1 1 llur Ya ("i l.i-





I'aiulonno abbaye de St. Nicolas

Cartulaire do Saint-Michel de 1'Abbayette, prteurt de... Mt. Saint-Michel (B. de Broostllon). 1894.

,1, II:n (8) 1C

Cartulaire d.- St. I'i.rr.-... do Manx l.c

Cartulaire de Sauxlllanges (B. Donoil). Clermont, 1864.

(1) liar Yu (3) I.' 1

Cartulaire des comtcs de llainaut... (L. Dovlllers). Brux. 1SS1-06. 7 T.

(I) BOP Hiir YaJ i m Col c,,i NYP c'.) LC (5) Nwb

Cartulaire des franca-flef du Fores, 1090-1292 (Charpin-Feugerolles). Lyon, 1882

II) Har Ya (2) Col CM I.C

Cartulaire Har Yn (2) C.d . :, .


Cartulaire ronsolllonnals (B. Alart). Perplgnan. 1880.

(1) lar '- 'I :: LC

Cartulair.-i liu.llts ,1.- la Salntooge (Tli. CbU Clm-Pf Ills 1m! M.-li Nwli wis () Calf LSI

Cartulanum; live. Terrarluiii plperacensl* monasterll (Payrard). Le Puy, 1875.



Carutti, D. Set- Regestn com ltd in Satiaudlae. Aug. Taurin. (Blbl. stor. It. P. 5.)

Catalogue .le* documents rel. a... France... & Llsbonne (Cb. Llrel). Par. 1809.

I.'! I I.I'

Catholic record society.

(1) BoP Harf

Publications. Lend. 1905 (1904)- (r.8 In 1910).

Wore Ya (2) NYP Pen PrT Syr (3) LC (5) Nwb Wls.

Cau, C. So- Qroot placcautboek van de I Staten-ceneni: en van de ataten v. Holland en Zeeland...

Cavrois, Louis. See Cartulaire ilc Xotre-Dame-des-Ardents & Arras.

Caxton society.

(1) l.i.P


Hart YaJ

Lond. 1844-54.16 T.

(2) Col Cor NYP Pent Pblla Pr (3) LCt (5) Dtr Newb WU.

Cederschibld, 0., Gering, H. und Mogk, E. Sec- Altnordische saga-blbliotbek.

Cclikovsky, J. See Codex Juris innnl.-ip.-ilis rejrnl I!olieinl:i< .

Cenni, C. See Mrnumenta dnrnlnatlonls pontlflciao. Codex Carollnu^.



Chemey wnrthlo* library (Cmsart). Killn. 1873-81. 14 v.

(1) Ainli It"!' Ilia Miilol \\Vli Yu ill) BrynMf Colt C,,r Pent I'r Torf TorP (3) I.C

i.-.i MI-II Mln Mliinf Nwb (O)Calt LStf

Clieruel, A. Sec Normanniae nova chronlca.

Chetham society. Publications. MiiiiPbcster, 1844-1000 ab. 172 T.


Nwb Wls (6) CaU Color IT

]'. I 11 H.-irit YII (2) Col C,,r NYI I'r Torf TorP (3} I.C (.*.) CbUJ Detr Mcb

Chevalier. C. IT. J. abb*. SIT Ord. del. r|s do Kniin-o nu Dauphlne.

Chevalic-. C.U.J. See Bibliotheque llttirgique.

Chevalier. C. U. J. See Bibliothdque pntroloclnne.

Chevalier. C. U. J. S.-o Cartulaire .! I'alil.nyo ilc NOV.T-.

Chevalier, C.-U.-J. SPP Cartulaire ile I'ulibayv Nutre-Paniv de T.oonecl au dloc. d* Die.

Chevalier, C.-U.-J. See Cartulaire dn prleiirf do s.-ilm I'lorre z. Rt-sclilclite den baiisen Habstiure 1m zletaltcr MaxlmllUni I.

Cbmel, J S-o Bcytragre zur grschlchte k. Frledrichs IV.

Chmel, J. SCP Regeita chronologlco-dlplomatlra Frlderlcl III. Rom. Imp. (regls IV.).

Chmel. J. Sec Regesta chronoloKloo-dlpIomntlc'u Rupert! rogls Romanorum. . . 1400-141".

Chmel, J. Sec Regesta Uuportl (1400-10).

Chmel, J. See Urkunden, brlefe, u. actenstfickc zur gescblcbte Maximilians I. u. s. zelt.

Choiieul, L. See Statuti aynodanx du dlocesp d'Alby.

Cboiz de rhronlques et mfmolros (J. A. C. Buchon). Par. 1830-38. 17 v.

(1) Iinl'J Htr Vtl Yt (i'i Colt NYl't P'" PrT Syrt (5) ChPt Nwb (0) Cal

Choiz de pitcc lndltes... Cliarles VI. (L. DouCt-d'Arcq). Par. 1863-04. 2 T.

(1) BoP Hnr Ya (2) Col Cor Pjn Pr (.T) I.C (.") Mch Nwb (0) Oal LSt

Cholet, M. Sw Cartulaire do 1'abbaye de St.-fttlonno de Balgne.

Choquetius, H. SOP Sancti Belfrl ordlnN praedlcatorum.

Chronica (J. F. C. Mnnso). Vratislnv. 1823. 2 v.

Chronica duo... Sueclae rojtum (Job. Hadorpliy). Stookh. 1074. 2 v.

(1) Har (?) M I'

Chronica mond. 1507-74. 4 v.

Chronioler and rpCordB( (T. Henrne). Ox. 1710-35.

(1) Har Ilnrtt Vat (3) I.c

Chronicle! nnd Memorials. See Great Britain. Public Record Office. Puh-.

Chroniclet of Knpland. Scotland. Ireland, France, etc. (H. Ellis). Lond. 1803-15. 28 v. In 30.

(1) Har Yaf (2) Pr CO I.C VaS (5) Iowa

Chronicle* of Scotland (R. Lindsay). Lond. 1815. 2 v.

(1) Brown Har Wesl (2) Col NYP IT Syr (3) LC (.")) ChP CincP Detr (C) Cal LSt

Chronicle! of the Plcts (W. F. Skene). Kdln. 1867.

(1) BoP Har Ya (2) Cor NYC NYP Pr Tor (3) LC (5) Nwb WU

Chroniccn cnnllttaslin. nutornm (Jo. SldiardusK Basil. l.V.'n.

Chronicorum torclroruin t. 8. (Pbll. Lonlcer). Frnncofiirtl. 1578. 3 v. In 1.

(1) Hr (2) Col Pen i::i I.C

Chronik & nrknnden der... Parclilm (F. I. C. Cleemnnn). Parohlm. 1^

Chroniken dor .l.ut-"lion st-idte. vom 14. bis Ins 10. Jahrlnindert. (Hist. Cnniin. Mfln.). Miin. lvr.'-19rtl. 29 v.

(1) liar Ya (2) for NYP Pen Pr Syr (3) I.c (5) ChP flit; ClncPf !" M.-II Nwb

(C.) Cult I.SIf



Codex llplomatlcu!> ad historian! raeticam T. v. Mohr). Cliur. 1348 SC. ST.

(1) Har (2) Cat

Codex diplomatics at-vl Haxoolcl (J.

(1) Bo!' Bar Well Ya CO

M. Kemble). Lond. 1839-48. 6 T.

("1 r.,r XVI' Pen IT (3) LC (5) CbP ClncP 111* Kan Nw

\\l- (i!) Cal LSI

Codex diplomatics Alemannlae ft Bur-gaud. (T. Neugart). Sanblas (Freyb.) 1791-95. 2 T.

(l> Har

Codex dlpl mintlnm alrenaU-blauus (G. A. T. Mulveratedt * J. MUller). Magdeb. 1877-1900. 4 T.

(1) Il:il

Codex dlplomatlcus andegavrnsN: >!. K. Nagy

(1) Har i-Ji M

(Q. Krjfr). 1878-91. C-T.

Codex dlplouiatlcus anccdotorum res moguntlnns 111. (V. F. T. Gudenns). Got. [etc.] 1743-58. 5 T.

(1) BoPJ liar (2) NYPJ I'm

Codex dlplnmatlcuH anlialtlnus. ( 1400) (O. T. Helnemann). Dessau. 1867-83. T.

(1) Hnr

Codex diplomat Icus antlqultatum nordganlenslum (J. H. T. Falckensteln). Frft. 1733.



dlplomatlcus Arpadianus contlnuatus ed G. W enrol (G. Fejer). 1888. 12 r.

(1) BoP Hnr (2) Col

Codex diplmiiaticus anstrlaeo frlstngenls (J. Zahn). Wlen, 1870-71. ST.

(1) liar Ya

Codex itlploni. monastcrll . . tyia-ct-u.-Is. t\V. Krtrzyfiskl). Lwow, 1873. 2 T. ID 1.


Codex itliiUiiiintlnis Nnsstolou- 1 & W. 8au--r>. \V|.->t>. JSS5-87. ST.

(1) liar Ya (2) Col IT (8) Lc

Codex di|.l munii-u^


nnllnl- Sanctr.f Marlae Teutonlcoram (J. II. Hennes). Mains. 1S4.V01. 2 T.


Codex dlplouiatk-us Tolonlno < 15OO) (L. Riyaxcewskl & A. Mezkovrikl). Van. 1847-58. ST.


Codex lomuttu.* . ITII--I.-HI. . ,.l. \..i_; >. KSnlgsb. 1830-C1. 6 T.

Mi Har ''.it I.c

Codex ili|itn:nnilcuK gooUllnhurgi-nsIa (A. V. ab Kratli). Francof. 1764.


Codex dlplomatlcus rcunl 1'oloaino ft... Lltuanlnp (M. Uoglcl). Vllnae. 1758-64. 5 r.

1 1 :

Codex dii.i.-inatii i:- rlii-iio-inoMst'liiiiiis .

\\ . (iiln(Uer).

Cobleni. 1822-26. 5 v.

i 1 i liar ll'i S\r (.".I I.C

Codex diplomatic!!* ^alrmltanus. . . (F. v. Wrech). Karlsr. 1883-95. ST.

(1) Har

Codex luuiatlcus; saiuiulunz r urkundi-n z. KI -rh. Cur Itiitl.-n- u. -1... (Mobr). Cor, 1SJ8. ST.

il i Har

(3) ir

Crdex illplmatlcu saxoolae reglae... Lps. 1AC4-1902. 23 T.

U. r..P Bar Hartt r (5) IllsJ JCt () Cal

Codex il'pluuiat. ; Crkuuili-n. . . pommergch-rQKlanlscb-u. camln. 1. (F. T. Dregcr). Steetln, 1748.

(1) I!..r r.M Col

Codex dlplom. Tleliclensla (1290-1407) (A. Rudynsky). Lwow.

(1) Har

Codex i-pUtotnrU Johannls resin Bohemlao (T. Jacobl). Ber. 1S41.


Ccdex I'i'ti-larls Kii-l..lplil I. i V |). S. -Rlaslan. 17Ti.

(1) llnr ,-_( Svr

Ccdex hlritauglcnuU. Stut. 1S43.

il) r..,i- Hnr U in -.-. I,M c,,i |-r Syr (S) I.r (5) Ills In.l Moh Nwb (G) Cal

Codex Itallae diplomatics (J. Cb. LOnlp). Lps. 1726-35. 4 T.

U) Har HarL :.r

.irl. i H..IIn>ccl:). I'rnpiip.

(1) llarl.

Codex JurU crclphlastlcl angllcanl. . . K. i;it.-on). Lend. 1713. 2 T.

il) r...l Hnr Hart Ya < r l'r.-\v NVI> iv n ITT S

Codex juris c.-nttiim dlplotnatlcoii (G. G. Leibnltlos). Hannorcr, 1003. 2 T.

H' r.-.P Hi:r llsrO (2) Col NYt Tr .. I.r

Codex Juris ir.-ntlum r.T.-inlxslml (17:i.V72) (F. A. W. Wenck). I.p. 1781-05. ST.

(1) Mr.nvn Har Ya (2) Syr (3) ir ir.) Mrh iC) Cal

Codex jurts iininlclpaUa Gi-rmniilm- i.i-iHl novl (II. G. I'll. Gengler). Aach. 1863. T. 1.

(1) Pop Harl. (U) LSt

Codex ]Tir!s mi nlctpalU r.-jrnl Bobemlae (J. Cflakorsky). Praxe. 1895. T. 2.

Hi H:ir

Codex llfiirclcus ecclealac onUeraae (J. A. Asspiuanux). Romae. 1740-66. 1ST.

(1) Hnr Hart 't Ya r \nb

Codex Pomeranlae diplomat l.-m (K. F. W. Hasaolbach ft J. G. L. Kosocarten).

i I i llnr i-.'.i NVT Syrt

Qrvlfaw. 1862 . T. 1,

Codex Potncrar.lat- \ lrlnaniin


Codex Tburinglac dlplomatlcu* (A. L. J. Mlcbelsen). Jena. 1854.

(1) Bar

Codez trailltlununi corl't i. n. -him (J. F. Falke). Lpz. 1752.

(1) B>P liar H') Syr

Codex tra-litlonura westfallcarum. Mlinst. 1872 .

(1) liar

Codlce diplomat. li-cMariln pnrtugneza. Llboa, 1821-94. >'' v.

it C'"- NYPt ''' 1 c

Collecion loclslatlva dc E^paHa; odlclon offlclal. Madrid, 1705-1889. 2:.", T.

i1 lT:-rI i-.M Colt NYP (3) I.C


Collectanea archaoologlca : communications tnado to the Brit, arcbaeol. ass'n. Lond. 1802-71. 2 T.

(1) HoP Har Yaf (2) Col (3) I.C (5) Wli

Collectanea ex arrhlvo Collegll blstorlcl Academlae lit. Cracor. 1891. 6 T. (Scr. rer. pol.)


> 1 Hnr

Collectanea tcnoaloclrn (Foster). Ixnd. ISR1-84. 4 v.

(1) BoP Hnr Wore Yn (2) NYPPaSSyrP (3> VaS (5) Nwb \YN


Collectio ronclllornm Hlspanlae (J. Aguirre). Romae, 1093. 4 T.

(1) Hurt \

Collectio constitutionum Imperlallum (M. Goldaftt). Francof. 1073. 2 T.

(1) BoP Har Hart Ya (2) Syr

Collectio constltutlonura Imperlallum; (M. Goldistus) Frankf. 1713. 4 T.

(1) I!oP Har Yn i -' C.d P.-n I'nlonS

Collectio monumentorum is. F. Halm).

(1) Har c.-i NYPt Sir

Brungrlgae. 1724-20. 2 T.

OtoeP Nwb

Collectio nova patrum et scrlptorum graccorum (B. de Montfaiioon). Par. 1706. 2 T.

(1) B..P liar Hart Ya (2) Cor NYP ir.i lll

Collectio uovls-dma scrlptornm et rer. wlrceburgenslum (Ign. Gropp). Erf. [etc.] 1741-50. 4 T.

. (1) Har (2) C..r NYPt

Collectio regla maxima conclllorum (J. Hardouln). Par. 1715. 12 T.

(1) Har And Hurt Ya (2) Col Cor Drew XYP Sage C!) LC

Collection cnpiideti- des ].!. d.Vn-t-.. etc. (J. B. Duvergler). Par. (1788 ft 1907, 108).

U' Hnrl. CM Bryi'M Col NYPt Pen NYP Syr* CnlonS WestPt H) LC (.") Ind

Collection .1. r servir a Tetude et ft I'enselgn. de 1'hlst. Par. 1S86 aq.

(1) BoP Brown Har MtHolt Ya (2) Br.vnMt Col Cor NYP Pen Prt PrTt '">> I.r i*.)Ill

In-'t Mint (0) Cal

Collection des anclens monuments de I'hNtoire et de la langue frangolse (G. A. Crapelet). Par. 1826-35. 14 T.

(1) BoP Hnr Yn (2) Colt Cort NYP

Collection d. * nuteurs latins arec la traductlon en francals (Xlsard). Par. 1844-48. 27 T.

il) Brown Dart Hnr Well Wesl Ya (2) Colt Tort XYPt Pent (3) LO (6) CbP

Collection de* cartulalres de Troyes (C. Lalore). Par. 1871-83. 7 T.

U) I'nr (2) Col (3) I C

Collection des rhroniques natlonales frane.alM>*. 13.-10. . (J. A. C. Bnchon). Par. 1SC4-29. 47 T.

> .U I'.. I' HIT Hart Ya (2) C. t NYP Pent Pr Syrt Tor ChP

111* M

Collection des mcmolre* relatlfs a 1'blstolre de France (Ouliot). Par. 1823-35. 81 T.

(1) B-r II a: ProvA Well Ya (2) BryuMt Od NM' P* Pr PrT Tor WestP (3) LC

ChP ChU M.-l, Mln Mlnnl' Nwl-

Collecticn 1 Cor I'r Tor (:; . I.c

Collection ..f l.-it.-r

Collection of scarce and valuable tracts (Lord Somers). Lond. 1809-15. 13 T.

(1) BoP Broun Har HarL ProvA$ Well Wore Ya (2) Col Cor Haverf NYPfP*S Pen

I'r Syr i3 I.C VaS (5) ChP ChU Cinc-P Ills Ind Kan Mch Mllw Mln Mlnnl 1 Nwb


Collection of state papers... pub... by Th. Birch (J. Thnrloe). Lond. 1742. 7 T.

(1) BoP Brown Har ProvA Well Wore Ya (2) Col Co Haver NYP PaS Pen Pr TorP

(3) Annap LC VaS i.'t ChP Cat ClncP In.lKan Mlnnl' Nwl. wis

Collection unlversello des memotres de... France (A. Perrln). Lond. 1785-1806. 72 T.

(1) Har (2) NYPf Pent Prt Syr (3) LC

Collections for :i history of Siaffoi-.Niiir.- ( William Salt archat-ol. soc.). Lond. 1880 q.

(1) UoP Hur Yat

Concilia n.-vl Meroringicl (F. Maanen). Mann. 1883.

(1) Har (2)* Col Cor N\l'

ConciHa. decreta,... in re eccl. Brit. (H. Spelman). Loml 1039-64. 2 T.

(1) Har Hart CJ) Colt PrT L'nlonS i:.i Nwl


Concilia, (ii-rmaniae (J. F. Schannnt). Colon. 17M-90. 11 T.

> (1) BoP Har (2 c.,1 PrT

Concilia Mngnae Brltannlae ct Hlhernlae. n. d. 440-1718 (D. \Vllkln-). Lond. 1737. 4 T.

..P Mar Hart Ya >'j> G>1 tw P. n PrT Syr I'nionS CH I.c (5) Cbf 111* Moli Nwb

Conciliorum antlquorum Galllae (J.

Corpus Juris drills... opera

(1) H..P Har Hart

ot studio

Hurl. Vu

S. van

< c:

Leawen (J.

HY* r



Corpus Jurii Confederations germanlcae; 3 aufl. (P. A. O. T. Meyer). Frank f. 1838-68. 8 (4) ?.

(1) Har (3) LC (.'.) Ills

Corpus jurl- , li-ia-tirl oatli. nor. per Germanlam (C. Gartner). SalUb. 1797-00. 2 .

Corpus jurU f.-udalts germanlcl (H. C. T. Senckenberg). Glesscn. 1740.

(1) Dart Iliu- Harl. Va


Corpus Jin i, fi-uilalls germanlcl. (J. C. Ldulg). Kranf. u. Lpz. IT^'7. 8 v.

(1) Har Hurl- Ya

Corpus Juris f.-udalls germanlcl. 2. aufll. (J. F. Elsenbart). Halle. 1772.

(1) liar (2) Col

Corpus JurU Genoanlcl antlqul (F. Walter). Her. 1824. 3 T.

(1) Har Va (2) Col NVP Pen Syr C!i l.C C.) C1U

Corpus Juris Germanlcl antiqul (P. Georglscb). Hall. & Madgb. 1738.

(1) Har Ya (2) Col NYP (3) LC

Corpus poetlcum boreale (G. Vlgfosson). Ox. 1883. 2 T.

(1) BoP Rrmvn Dart Har MtHol Pen Well Wetl Ya (2) BrynM Col C.>r SYP Pr Tor Va*

(3) ChP Cln.-P Ills In.) Mcli Mln N\M, (8) Cal r.durl

Corpus prarclpnorum medll aeyl scrlptorum (J. Cb. Kranse). Halae, 1797.

1 1 1 Har (2) Col

Corpuii n-fnruiatori'ni. Hulls et lirans. 1KV4 T. 04, 1010).

(1) BoP Dart Har Hartt Ya (2) Colt Cor Drew NYP Pent TrT Syr Unions (3) i.i'

(5) CIncP X\vb oiMTl (0) Cal

Corpus scrlptorum chrlstlanorum orlentallum. Paris.

HI Har Hart (2) Col NYPf PrT Syrf Unions :!> I.r

Corpus scrlptorum eccleslastlcorum latlnorum. Vlndebon. 1806 . (T/ 40. 1906.)

il) BoP Har Har-And Hart Wel Yn (2) BrynMt Cl for NYPt Pen Pr PrT 8yrt Tor

Unions :i) Cath LC (5) Ills ln.lt Mch MOT (*) Cal I.Si:

Corpus s.Tlptorum hlstorlae Byzantlnae (B. S. Nidxihr). Bonnae, 1828-97. 50 T.

(1) BoP Dart Har Har-And Hart Wo-

Off Chi; t cin.-P llUKan Nl. \V|. ;> CalLSt

Courson, A. de. s.i- Cartjtaire d

Coustumes : In vllli-

Coutum'cts ilc Normandle (K. J. Tardlf). Ronon. 1881.

il) I!..I* liar HnrL YII i2> Col NYPt (5) ChVI Xwl. (0> LSt

Crape-let. O. A. Soo Collection dcs aiu-li-ii-< tiimuimonts do VhMolre et de la langue francolae.

Crawford rnlloctlon of rnrly charters and documents in the Bodlolan lib. (A. S. Napk-r). Ox. 1890.

(1) r.'>I' Mar Wore Yn (2) ItrynM NYP TorP (.*.) Cln.-P Ills Ind Mrh Nwb (0) Cal

Crouache anttcho toacane (L. Carrer). Venecia, 1841.

i -' i Col

Cronache IM llunose Ineditl (Fl. Mlarl). Bolluno. 180S.

Cronache dol iiocoll XIII. e XIV. Fir. isTH

i 11 Ilnr Y: CJl NYP (S) I (

Cronuhe d.'llo rltta dl PoniRla. Tor. 1*> 7 :m. n r.

(1) Har

Cronache e docmm-iitl por la storla Havonnatr del sec 1C... (C. Rlccl). Bol. 1882.

in !..! I>arl liar VtD T (*) Col I) Xwb (''

Cronache florontlno (filiornrdl). Fir. 1 s-

IlrynM r.-l C..r Pen Pr (.T) I.r (*) Nl>

Cronache vene/.lano (O. Montlcolo). Roma. 1890.

(1) Ilnr Yn C.M Col (3) I.C

Cronache reronesl (C. Clpolla). Venoila. 1890.

(1) Hnr (2) NYP

Cronicarii un-cl '. Krtilc.-aniii. p.m-ur. 1880.

(It Har (2) Col

Crdnioas de lo rpyes de Castllla (C. Ro-cll). Madrid. 1875-78. 3 T.

Hi Hiir >:i HM UryuM NYP Pen I'r .'I. J,C (5) CliP CIncP 111* In.l () Cal LSI


Cror.ice in lili.vm.-sri; Yi-diilr. PUIIK la 1'ivi-lilii (J. Itnplati>. Itnrur, 1891.



Cronichettc nutlche dl varll scrlttorl (Mannl). Fir. 1733.

i...l'Har Ya (2) Col Pen

CronUti i- scrlttorl napoletanl (Ii-l Re). Napoll, 1845. 2 T.

(1) Hiir Coif

Cruceui, Guil. S< e Series et acta eplxcoporum cailurcenslum.

Cureton, W. S|>.pra|,l.l. .-i. . iClir. Hniiui). Kopn-. 1SK5-79. 12 T.

(l)Har VtUt ( Mln

Danske trnotater 1751 [ 188T,]... KJob. 1874-85. 4v.?

(1) HarL 5. 17 T.

(1) BoP Har i2i NYPt (5) ChU

Delisle, L. See Album paloographlqtie; ou. Recuell de doc. Import, rel. a 1'blst.

Delisle, L4op. Sec Le cabinet des mss. de la Blbllotheque natlonale.

Delisle, L. See Recueil des hlstorlens Gaules et de la France. . .

Delpit, J. See Collection generate dos documents franqals qtil se trouvent en Anglelc-rre.

Demme, L. See Nachrichten u. urk. z. cbronlk T. Hersfeld.

Denis, abb*. See Cartulaire du prleure de Salnt-Hlppolyte de Vlvoln et de ses annexe:) (1000-1258).

Denisart. J. B. See Collection de decisions nouvelles rel. & la jurisprudence act.


Depping. Si- Corrctpondince ailmlnNtratlTe voua It recne de I-oul* XIV...

Descriptiones Terrae Saoctae ex saec. VIII.. IX.. XII.. .t XV. iT.Tobl.-r). I.|.z. 1874.

(1) liar Hart Yn CM O.I Cor 1'. PrT fiilmiS

Desjardini, A. i Cancstrini, G. Si-.- Negotiations dlplo. de la France avvc la Toscine.


Desjardina, Gustavr. See Crtul.-.ire de 1'abliaye >t nntlquoruro scrlptorum ecclealastlcorum.

Deutn.he i -. iMi'k'i 1 1.. Srhlenlnger). Prag. 1870-R4. ST.

i! i llur ,-J. c,,| Syr , .1 LCI

DeuUche p-illcbte de* mltl* !:ilt. r- i F. II. r. d. Huu'eu und J. O. BQscblng). Ber. 1808-25. 2 pt. to 3 ?.

ill p.,.p l.Tuun iiii.j y u (2) Col C.ir HIIV.T Pent IT f Tor (.".i I.c n;, Cal

De;the I .. -I. I. n-;t;:c i\V. Crlmm). Got. 1820.

(1) B"P Bn.Mi Hnr W.-ll Ya (2) Col C.>r N \ I' IT Syr i:'.) I.-' (5) ColOS Ilia In.l Oberl


Deutsche li.-l.lriisage: 2. aufl. (W. Grimm). RT. 1^'^.

(1) ;:. MI II Wi-ll C.'i C.. (.".) Cin. I' Nub StI. nil LSI

DcuUt.be liiKlensuge; a. aufl. T. K. Stetg (W. Grimm). Gdtersloli, 1880.

(1) PoP hrown Har (l'i Col Pen Pr Vass C.i Ills Ind Men Mln Xwb ni) Cal

Deutsche lu-ldensagen, n. 1 (O. L. Jlrlezek). Strassb. 1000.

(1) Brown Har r %

Col XYP Pr Vass (3) LC (5) Ills Ind Mllw (0> Cal

Toutiche kl>-chd yon der Bltesten it-It bis 17. Jalirh. (P. Wackornajtel). Lpx. 18C4-77. ST.

ili P...P Brown Hnr Har-And Hart W.-ll Ya (2) HrynM Ol Cor XYP Pen Pr Sago for

InlonS (3) LC (5) CbP Chi Chi Coins Ills in,l Mihv Mln Ob. rl ( i) Cal

Deutache klasslker des mlttelalters. (Pf.'lff.-r n. Itartsoh). Lpz. 1873

(1) BoP Bowd Brown Bar Hart Mtllolf Wt-slt Ya (2) Br.vnM Col 'or XYCt XYP Pen Pr

Tor Syrf (3) 1 C (.*) CUP Cln.-P Ills Kan Mln >! Xwb (C,, LSt

Deutsche llteraturdeokmalc des 18. n. 19. jahrh. In noiidruck (B. Seuffert). Hellbrnnn. 1881 .

(1) BoP Dart Har Well* W-sI Ya (2) HrynM Col Cor Pr Pen Tor i."I.c (5) ColOS

Ills Ind lowat Kan Mcb Mln Mo Xthw Xwb (6) Cal LSt WaabC

Deuttrhc Xntlonalllti'iiiliir. historU. li-l;rll Isrln- Aiist-:il>i- i.I. Kiir-.-lim-r i. Stnttg. 1882 (T. 222. 1899).

(1) BoP Bowd Brown Clark Dartfllar MtHolJ Wellt Weal Ya (2) Bryn.M Col C-.r

XYPt Pent Prt BxKbK gyr Tor Va Cor

Deutache prUatbriefe des mlttelalters

ill B.-P Har Well Ya (2)




Cor NYP Tor

Ber. 1899 . T. 1.

Deutsche r.-chtsnltertUmrr (J. Grimm & others). Got. & Lps. 1828-99.

(1) BoP l>rown Dart Har Well Yn (2) Col Cor NYPf Pen Pr Syr Tor (3) Cntb I.C

r 111-t Mrb Mln Nwbt Oberl (6) Cal LSt

Deutache rochtuquellen den mittelalt.-rs ill. \Vassersclileben). Lps. 1892.

(1) BoP Har II:, rl. (2) Pea

Deutache reel tsprlchwBrter (J. H. Hlllebrand). Zilr. 18-"iS.

(1) Brown Bar (5) Nwb

Deutsche Relchstagsakten. Ootba n. MQn. 1807-190fl. 10 T.

(1) Hrr Ya (2) Col Cor XYP Pen PrJ Syrt ir.) CbDf Xwb

Deutsche sacen (Grimm). Ber. ISifi-is. 2 T.

il) "oP liar Well (2) Cor Pen Syr nil LSt

DeuUche xatren... 2. and. (Grimm, ed ). Lpi. 1805-60. 2 T.

ill Hnr Well (2) Pen Vass i.'.iMllw

Deutache sapen... 3. and. (H. Grimm, ed.). Ber. 1891.

'' i I'--! 1

l.r --- -i Clark Har Mart MtHol Yn (2) Col XYP Pr Tor (.") CbP Illn In I Xwb

Deutsche soldaten- und krlegsllrder aim fflnf Jnlirhunderten (irV

Deutiche stadtrpcbte de mtttelaltprs (T. Gaopp). Bresel. l8ol-.'>2. 2 f .


(1) H.'P liar

Deutiche stai1rpchtsaltTt(luier (II. O. Ph. Gengler). Krlang. 1882.


. 1 . I ...!' liar Vn '-' Col NM'



Deuttchen runcml.-nkmalcr. . .

II) l?nl> r

Hennlng). Strassb. 1889.

W.-ll 12) BrynM r..l c,,r (SI

I.C (T,) \n ITnr Ya (2) Col C..r p r (6) LSI

Deutscb r ai:>r:ilinnd>-l. nint.-rlnl. n uml N-tr.-i.-litiiiiv M n;. ln). Ber. 1901. 2 T. In 1.

(1) I'oP Dart Ya


Diplomatische boitrUge (J. A. GrUsner. ed.). Frankf. 177.' 77. 4 T.

Diplomatische beltrttge z. bebufe d. dotitschen gosehlchtiikunde (Cb. J. Kremer). Frnnkf. 1750-01. 3 T.

(1) liar

Diploma* iichc l-ltriiKIatlfa a la TtromtC de Carlat (G. Saiga ft de Dlennt). Monaco. 1800. 2 v.


Documenta blatorlques snr la province du Geraadan (G. de Burdln). Tooloua*. 1840-47. 2 T.

(1) Har

Documents hlstorlques sur le Conite de la vllle oux, 1868. 3 T.

(1) liar

Documents InC-.nts pour sorvlr ft 1'lilstolre. . .on Bourgogne (J. Slmonnet). Dijon. 1867.

il. Hnr Ya

Documents Inedits r.-lat. ft 1'lilst. de la Grece au moyen Age (C. N. Sathas). Par. 1880-00. 9 .


(1) Uol'Hur YuJ 12) 'I i.: l.< ") Xx\l>

Documents InMit-* rolatlfs a In vllle do Ballleul on Flandre (C. B. H. de Cousiemaker. ed.). Par. 1877-78. ST.

(1) Bar (2) Col

Documents In.'dlts n latlfs an Dauphin? (AuTergne). Crenoble, 18G5-G8. 2 T.

(1) Yiit audan (1585-95) (J. Roucaute). 1894.

Documents pour serrlr ft 1'hlstolre rellgieuse des 17-18 slec. (A. M. P. Ingold). Par. 1901.

(1) YaJ

Documents pub. par 1'Acad^mle de Savole. ChnmMry, 1859-83. 5 T.

(1) Bar c:i l.c

Documents rares ou InMlts de 1'hlst. des Vosges (L. Dubamel). fiplnal, 1868-82. 7 T.

(1) Har i:: i LC

Documents lelatlfn ft Vhlst. de Franco (A. de Kcntxlnger). Strasub. 1818-19. 2 T.

1 1 i Har i li i N v

. 1'

Documents relatlfs ft la Flandre maritime (C. E. H. de Coussemaker, ed.). Lille, I860.

(1) Bar (2) Col

Documents sur I'ancienne province de Languedoc (mgr. Douals). 1901.

(1) Har (3) l.i (5) Ills

Documents sur la reunion d* . Avignon. .ft la France (1790-1791) (L. Dubamel). 1891.

(2) Col

Doeberl, M. Set- Monuments, Gormanlae selecta ab a. 768 usque ad a. 1250.

Doebner, R. s.-i- Urkundenbuch d. stadt Hildesbeim.

Dogiel, X. Si-t- Codex dlplomatlcus regnl Pnlnnlae et magnl ducatus Lltuanlae.

DolUnger, P. See Urkundenbuch d. stadt. Abensbg.

Domesday book (H. Kills). Southampton. 1783-1816. 4 v.

(1) Amh Bowd Dart Hur MtHnltProTA Ta (2) Col Cor NYP IVn IMilla 1'r Snc.. Sjrl'

Tor (S)

Doniol, H. Sec Cartulaire de Brlonde.

i.r VnS (5) CbP Cine I' Ills Mcht MlnnP Xut, \vi- H 1

.) Cal

Doniol, H. Sec Cartulaire de Sauxlllmi

Doorninck. P. N. See Acten betreffende Gelre en Zutphcn 1370-1404.

Dortmundcr tirkundenbncb (K. Rultol). Dortmund, 1881-85. pt. 1 in 2 v.

II) Har

Douais ("ifT.). See Acti cspitulorum provlnclallum ord. Krntr. prucd.

Douais, mgr. Si Inedltes. . .Charles VI.

Doujat, J. St-c Specimen Jurl- eeeleslastlcl apud Gallos...

Dreger, V. v. See Codex diplomat.; Orkunden... pommerscb-rflglanlscb- a. camlnsche lande.

Dreger, F. T. See Codex Pomeranlae vlclnarumque terrarum diplomat.

Drei bayerische tradltlonsbtlcher aus dem 12. Jahrhundert (H. PeU ft others). MUn. 1880.

(1) liar

Dreramler, L. See Epiitolae Karollul aevl.

Dricisen. R. K. SIT Monuments ^ ;-o:iiii^:::iii M i.-ri- :u-vl lii'-dltn.

Drival, E. van. See Cartulaire de 1'abbaye d>> Salnt-Vaast d'Arras.

Dronke, E. F. J. & Schmincke. See Codex diplomatics fuldensls.

Drot, E. See Becueil de documents... de 1'Yonne (15-18 s.).

DuBreuil. G. Sec Stylus parlnmeiitl; M. Ix>t.

Du. her & Glry. See Cartulaire de 1'dgllse de Tlifirouanne.

Duchesne, A. & Duchesne, F. Sec Historiae Francorum ncrlptores coaetanel.

Duchesne, A. See Historiae Normannorum scrlptores antlqul, (838-1220).

Duchesne, A. S

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TorP Vass (S) itniip c..,r,: l.c (5) ChP CiiK-i' Coins I).-(r ind Iowa M,-h MlnnP Mllwt Mln

Mo Ntuw Xwb I'-lierl gtL Wist (6) Calt ColorU J LSI WashO

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(X) PrT

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(1) liar

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Einhundert .l,iit-

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il) liar (To Ills Mi) Cal

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di Hr Well .Li N\ I

'.\.C (3) Ills

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(1) Amh BoP Bowdf Dartt Hur WU Ya (2) BrynMt Col Cor NYP Prl Tort TorP i3) I,C

(0) ChP ClneP Ills Mln Nwb WIs (6) LSt

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H t BoP liar Ya (2) Cor

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(2) Col

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t c

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Faitei epHcopaus

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11) Har Ya (0) Cnl

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ii' r...l' lliir Ya (2) Col Cor NYP Pent PrTJ Syr Tor| t3) LC (5) CM' ClnH' Ill-t

Mrlil Nwb () Calf

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r. I Hur

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1 1) Har c.'i c..l 9] i.c i :.i ChP Nwb

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il) HoP Mar 'tr Nwb (fi) Cal

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Chronica Mluora.

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Froisiart, CLroriques. i Kervyn dc I.etti-tilmvi >

il. dcutsrlien mlttelaltors.


28 v.

(1) Hoi 1 Har ProvAJ Well Ya C2) Hi.vnM Col I'r NYPf PrTt Sce Tor (3) Annap I.C

(B) ChP (hi Mo Xwb S.vrPj (6) Cal Lst

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Hi 1(..|' Har Hurt* Yaf i:M NYPf I'-" I'liila IT C.) CbU


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. . Kranclao. Par. 1715-1865. 10 T.

(1) HiirYa r.'i Cl SYPf PrT CD Cnth LC (5) CfccPJ Nwb

Gallic-arum rerum 3 scrlptores

Gama, Pins Bon. Si-


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Mi ItoP Hrownllar Ya LC (5) Nwb

Gachicbtiquellen DrynM Col Cor Pen Prf (") LC

(.*) Chi' Ilia Ind Mob Mln Nwl- (Hi Cal LSI

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(1) BoP Har HarLYa (2) Col NYP Pen P Tor i:. III* Hi) Cal



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.-) 1V1

i . < ; -ia.stlcl unglK-anl. . .

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Giles, J. A. See


Biz old KnKllsli clironlol>-~.

hlstoriac bolicinlca.

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111. collectlo.

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z. gescb. benedlktinerstlftes Gottwelg.

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Goldait, M. >..- Reichshandlunf .

Goldait, M. .-

< c

Rerum aletnannloarum scrlptores.

Goldut, M. Set- Rerum Huevlrnrmn rr!;

Goldait, M. Si-e Scriptoret n rum xurvirnrnm. P =n.


B..I 1

Bmv.l Part liar llarl. Mtll-l Ya i2) BrynM 1 C-r NYPPaS Pen I'lnla IT TorP

(3) l.c VaSt (.",) CbP ChT't Cin.'P Petr UN In.' 3d Kan M. h MllwJ Mln MlnnP M" N-

\V|s () C,,l I.St

Grrgorio. Ros. See Bibliotheoa cr. qnl rei In Slcllla... refill.


Orein, C. W. M. See Bibliotbek dor angeli SYPt

Loon). Nljm, 1701-40.

' :

' !

. Gninoii. P. errf. >< Cor.ferr.o ,|l,. ,i. \:, ; -. til.

Guerard. >.-> Cartula re .1. I . LIN. Xoirr liui: ill- Purl-.

Guerard. B. > Polyptique

il> Cartulaire niunlri|>Hl il'Amn.

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Guirue, M. C. ? S 11 Km- it'itrt-rt.

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Guilhermy. de et Latteyrie. de. s.-.- Ini r pt.ot.s !< la rrn.-.- .hi V.- mi \\ III.

Guillaume, P. Si-c Chartes .!< Purlmn. . . 4. !ii n- .! I'oi.lrr .1. Cl.nrtr. n\.

Guillaume le Tarlturni-. . ..[ ri-s|xiii(liinr- iiInrliHr.il. Itriix. lSv47-".T. (! T.

(1) H.-r UHI Va 'l-i Col Cor NTPf Sm, Vn- (3) l.f (5) .Nut.

Guisot. s. ,- Collection nii'-nmiri's rdatlft A la r^volutlnn il' AIIL!. : -i r> .

Guitot. S.-.- Collection .!>< m.-inoiri'v :.-!:iiif- it I'hlMnIrr !< I'ran. < .

n't PrT

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Haardt, H. T. d. See Magnum Con>tantliMi>- rnnrlllum.

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Haeberlin. F. S.-,' Analecta niciMi acrl HI) illiistinii.tii jura

Scr Lrz romana Vll^

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diaries Halliwell, J. 0. Set- Collection of Ictd-rs. . QUITO KlIxelH-tU lo. . .

Hamburgisoho chronlkrn Hurt CJi Sjr



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(I. liar

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Mi Il)ir

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.I) I'.ol' . : ,r llnrL Ya (lit BrynM} Colt I'--'U (t} M'f i.', MI-II \VN

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Hand-book to the

(1) liol'


I.I-..H-II Dart

and other Saxonlc documents (John Earle, ed.). Ox. 18S8.

llnr Ilni-L MtHol Ya (2) HrjnM Col c,) Nwb

Hardouin, 3. Sre Collectio regla maxima conclllorum.

Hardt. S

Huleian iiili ll:in\ : a roll. M..II ..f *.un.-... |>nini-lili-ii> ami (nut-. I...H.I


- - 12 r.

(1) Arnli linP Uowilt Dart IlarlfarL Han Lane VltllolProvA VU W-i will Wore V:i

(2) BrjnM \.r Men-NY NM .\M- paa pen riillu Pr llochB S..,.. SjrP Tor

TorP (3> Aini:i|. pel 1

l.C ViiS

Nb StL Wls i iii Cal LSt

i '! CbP Hit Clm-l' UN In. I I.iwn Kan MIIK II. (J. A. v. Kli-|:t;i-r>. 1'raj;. 1TM -J. ^ \

JP I'liiuns

Hariter, G. S Portt)

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(1) Har W.-ll Will \a (^) col Cor NYC* XYP Pen Prt Vas*J (5) ChP ClncPt Mllw

Mot StI. > Cal

Heldenlieder der deutscben kalserzi-lt (W. Grundlncb). Innstir. 1894-1900. ST.

(D llj.i- i^ Col Pent

Heminf. s. . Chartularium eccl. wlgornlenitls; ed. T. Hearne.

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Hennei, J. H. Si. Codex .li|pl.>nin! irn- iinllnl* SHIU INI- Mur MI- Tri:tn:< i>ruiit

H- mug. E. >. . Btatuten ilot ili-< IMI. unli-r-.

Hennin. Si-. Monument! Hr.Mi.Mj Colt XYPt PhlU I'rl ITT Inl-nSt ,::, fmli l.r (3) Mcli

N\\l. U I-

Herbomez. A. d'. >..- Cartulaire i.lt inHlilnuM-u In TliOr.

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Heniiche denkwdrdlgketten (Justi & Hartmann). Marburg. ITUt) 190.*>. 4 v.

(1) Dartt Bar < , Cnion>

Hesaitoha lanrtta>:-akti-n (ir,ns-l.-,21) (H. Glasrau). Marb. 19O1. T 1.

(1) Bin

Heunchei urkumlrnbuch (A. \Vyx- tc. H. Relmer). Lpi. 1879-99. :< T.

(1) Hnl' Har Va i2) Col NM' Schweizisch nrkunilcnn-KlstiT.

Hildebrand, E. Sen Svenikt rlc

Hippeau, C. > L gouTernement >!< Xormandle mi 17. -18. . ; document*.

Him, J. So- Quellcn u. forxch. c. gecb. lit. a. pr. Oesterrelcbs (Leo-Ges.).

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Hirsch, Th. Sri- Bcriptores n-rum pruNslcarum.

H ipania Illuitmta (A. Scliutt). Francof urd. 1603-08. 4 r.

i I) Hop liar IS OB N\l' Cl) I.C i.M Xwb

Hiipaniae llln-'>:>?,.

.1) liar

Hiitoire .1- Charles VII.. roy de France (D. or T. ? Godefroy). Par. 16G1.

(It }\;e et

Hiitoire. !. Manx-Hie (Mery A Gulndon). Marseille, 1842-73. ST.


il) Hart Va (2) Col

. 1. d'ANni-*- (I'll. A. Grniidlilli-n. Alsuce. 1787. 2 v.

(1) Har

Hiitoire generule tie Paris. Par. 1856-93. 34 T.

(1) r,: liar Yat (2) Col XYPf *:> l.f '> Clnc-l't

Hiitoire lltteralre

'! la France. Par. 1733

(1) BoP Bar Will \a CJi Col i'..r XYP Phil.i Prt Syr (^5) Caili U c

Hiitoire lltteralr** tie la France Xouv. ed

:, Mln

(1) Dart ITar Wesl (2) BrynMt Col XYP Pr PrT Tor (o) CbPf CinoP 11\ Iowa Meh Mo

> Cal

Hiitorlarum P..IMU. tt I.illi. si-r. mil. 1

1.. Mltzler

Hiitoriae anplli-anao strlptores vnrll (J. SparkeK Lond. 1723. 2 T.

(1) BoPt Har Hurt Ya

Hiitoriae l>rituiiu.. naxon.. anplo-danlcae srripior.-* XV... ~>. ed.

(l)Har YH (2) Cl XYP Pent I 1

' 1-1 l.C

Hiitoriae; m-u. Vltae sanctorum; new M!. (L. Suriu-i Turin. 1875-80. i:; r.

i::i l.c

Hiltorica rrltli-a HollauilUe (A. Klult). M.-,li.>,iir^i. 1777. 4 T. in 2.

(1) liar (2) O>1 NYI 1

i.:i l.c

Hiitorical i-ollt-ctlon* of a cltlien of London In tbe XV. cent. (J. Galrdner). Lond. 1876.

(1) Har VtU Well WeslY* (2) Col Cor NYP I'm Pr C.> D.-tr Gran.lR III*. X\vb Wl

("i Cal

Hiitorical n-rorils of tbe Tlrltlsli army... caralry & Inf. Her. (R. Csinnon). Ix>nd. !S37-. r 3. 68 r.

ll) HIM Wcsl Yat i-2) Colt '..rt NYPf Prt TorP \Y.-stP (3) I. Nub

Hiitorie van saki n ran fttaet en oorlorb (L. Altzoma). '< Hapi-. inon-00. 11 r.

il) Har Yt i'.M Col Cor NYP Rntf CU Annnp LC

Historiich C.pnootycbap. Werken. Utrecht. 1846-1005. 153 T. 4*.

(1) Ilol't Hurt Yn (2> Coif Cor XYP Cil l.C I.') \VN

Hiitoriich Terhae! alder... jreBchledenlsaen. . . (1(521-32) (C. Wasm-naer & B. Lampe). Amst. 1022-32. 7 T.

(1) Ya 2> XYP i.'M !.(' PaSt i.'.iStLt

Hiitoriiche arclilr der itadt- Frankfurt M. Main (R. Jung). Frft. 1896.

il> Hnr

HiitorKbr miiMiilaslon ili-r KOnlpllchen akad.: deutsche rclchsakten. Miin. 1867. 9 T. A Ren.

il) Bar .'a (2) Col Cor NYP|

Hiitoriiche dlplomatlnche heltrage r. pt-srh. d. stadt Berlin (K. Fidicln). 1837. ST.

i 1) Har Yn (2) S.\ r

HJitoriiche v.ilkxllrr Hii4K-l7."il i F. \V. F. v. nitfnrtln. Il.-lll.ronn. 1877.

(1) Har Ya (2) Col XYP Pen Tor .:t) l.c (.*) Mln

Hiitoriiche volk-ll.nl.T .!.-r l

Hoefer, L. F. See Autwabl d. alteiten urk. deutscber iprache In k. arcbl? ta Berlin.

Hbfler, C. A. C. v. Sec Oetchichttohreibcr il. hu*lll

Huth library i


A. B. Grosart)... Loml. 188I-SC. 2U v.

ill Ami. Bol Bar \\vil \\v.lj Will Wore YH 1,2) BrjrnM C..1 C.u XVI' pi Tort Van*

< .. I.C i:.) C..HIS 1IU In. I !... M. ; Mln MlimP St.l.J U>lec.

la Franc*- 'In Ve :iu XVMe sK-cli- nlc (JuillitTiny). Par. I*i7.l-S:t. .IT. < Hoc. ln*d.)

il) H..P llni Yn r.'i p.ryii.M Col Cor NYP Pr Tor t

Institute: oov.T.mleres de la France... (A. Ix>lsel). Par. 1845. 2 \.

il) Mm Harl;

Inventaire ilo la Clianibre

Italioae himorlar scrlptore* (Jos. Sim. Asemann). Romae. 1751-53. 4 T.

. L'l IT Cil I.C

Italienische bellrajre s. gexch. il. pro?. Oxtpreussen < K. EUrenberir). KSnlftb. 1896.

(1) Bar

Itintra blerosolymltana (F. TVMer ft A.

(1) Ilnr Hartt Ya (2) Col I'or


(5) Nwb

(imevar. 1877-85. 3 v.

Itineraires a Jerusalem... franrals aux 11-13 . (U.

(1) 1-...I- lliir Har-Aii Bibliotheca rerum gfrinaulcarum.

Jaffi, Ph. Set- Diplomat* quadraglnta ez arclioiypN.

Jaffi, Ph. SP.' Regeita pnntlflrum rotnsnoruui. . .

.^i PrT

Jahrbucher .1. relrhsatlftea Ottenbeuren (764-1802). (P. M. K.-yerab. ul). Ottenb. 1818-16. 4 i

Jakich, A. T. Sec Monumenta hlstorlca ducatus Carlntblae ( 1202).

Janicke, K. See Urkundenbuch d. hochatlfta Hlldesbelm u. seiner blscuofe.

Jantcke, K. Sre Urkundenbuch

Johnitone, J. See Antiquitatei dclto scandlcae. . .

Jordanui. Dm. See Delectu* Hcrlptorutu reruiu nca|xill(auaruui.

Jordao de Paiva Manio, L. M S. Bullariura paiiuaatus 1 .


Jourdaiu. Cb. S.- ( - Index chronologlcus chartarum. . . liltnrlam 1'nlr. parlli-nl.

Journaux dn tresor de Philippe VI. de Valola (J. Vlard). Par. 18M.

(1) Mar (Ui 0.1 Cm Ten c:> l.i i:,i Nwb () Cl LSI

Juift (In I.MDciifilof. anterleuremcnt au XlVe alecle (G. Salge). Tar. 1881.

-I) liar ,-! NYl-

Jung-. R. St-f Da* histor. nn-hlv ,|.-r st,lt- Frankfurt a. Main.

Jura regni Zagrab.

Cr..:iti.i.- Duliiuitlti.' .1 Slav..iiln.- ij. KuknlJ.-vli > .

(1) liar Barl. Vi< r.' i O>1

1801-2. 3 T.

Jurii ii . l.'-intipl Graecoruro hint, et mon. (J. B. Pltra). Koniae, 1804.

il) Mar Hurl. Hail 1 1' i XVP SHK P-u P> cji I.c H; Cal

Katona. St. S


K.pomanua. Aloyi. See Hutoria Monument*

Klimtach, J. M. S


Koppman, K. Set- Kinmerei-rechnunrcn rtcr utadt Hamburg.

Horn, O. Sec Bl Calmer urkundcnbucli.

Korth, L. Sec Lftar ^rlTllcplorum majorl* ecrlenlr Colonlenala.

Koier, K. Sec FMWftM^en z. brandcnbiirplxchcn u. pren*s. gexchlchte.

Kovachkh. M. G. * tunmlunff klelner nm-h nniredrurkter utOoke... Hungr.

Kovachich. M. 0. Sec Scriptoret rcruin liiiiicarlriruro.

Xraute, G. See Urkund., aktensilk-ke, u. brlefe . gesoh.

Krauie, J. Ch. Sec Corpus pracclpuoruin meflll a*-vl srrlptoruin.

il. Anbalt. lande. 1928-80.

Krauae, J. G. S.-c Scriptorum ilc r--lnis Marclili- brandenborgcaiils. . . coll.

Kremer, Ch. J. SOP Diplomatiache Ix-ltrHec z. Ix-hufo d. driitscben geKblcbtakandr.

Krenner. F. Sec Bayeriiche laniltaKhan(Ilun);on 1-Jii'J l.M".

Krititche pnifmn: (leg Chronlkon oorbojense (S. Ilirnch it G. Waltz). Ber. 1839.

. 1) r..

Lamaniky. S-- Secrets d'etata de Veniie, document*, extralti. notices ft HoAem 15-18. site.

La Mantia. G. See Document! Inedltl ID liriRua . spagnuola. .

La JCaout. Cb. See Bibliotbique lin-tonnc.

Lambechu, Pr. See Commentarii


Laurent. J. C. X. Sir Peregrinatores uinlll aevl 4; ed. 2.

Laurent, J. See Aachener zuxtiuide tin II jalirli.

Layettes .In '1 resor

(1) H.ir Va

des .-lu.it. -s (J. H. A. T.


1') Col Cot NYP Pen

Tculet & J. Laborde). Par. 1803-75. ST.

Leben und ausRewiihlte achr.

(1) U..I- ll:ii linn Ya

il. vater u. bejrr. .1.

(2) Col Or Dn-\>

r.-f. klrclie. iK. II. llac.-iil.n. li

NM' PrT S. UnlonS

. Klln-rf.

Lcbtn i.:i.l nn>i:.-wiililte sebrirtiti ,1. viiter... in>tr snlla prnstitiizimn- flno allu . ailnln delta republic*.. Venexla. 1870-72.

Le Olay, A. G. See Correipondance de Maxlmilllaii I. et de Marguerite d'AutrMie. I,"i07-10.

c -J i PrT

Le Grand, A. & Van den Hane. See Couatumea et lots... de Flandre.

Legrand. See Coutumea de Tr


Lettenhove, Kervijn de. Sec Relations politlquea de Pays-Bas et de 1'Angleterre sous Philippe II.

i- PiT

Letten ami paper*, foreign nd domestic, of the reign of Henry VIII (J. 8. Brewer). Loud. 1870-72. 4 T.

(1) Amli llnr \;i .-) r,, r I., TIT N^l I'.-n Pi Syrt ;

Nb \YI- Hi) I.Stt



lettrei de Charles IX. ft M. (If FourqueTaux, 1505-72 (mgr. Douals). Montpelller. 1807.

.11 ll.ir

Lettres df Marguerite d'Angoulcme. relne de Nararrc (XI. Genln). Par. 1841.

il) HoP liar Well Vi C.'. C..I for P.-n Pi Syr Tor .



Lettrei de roll, relne*, et autres. depuls Louis VII. Jusqu'a Henri IV. (Breqolgny). Par. 183047. 2 .

d) HoP HHI- Yn f-'i for PCM Pi Tor cd I.C (5) Xb Hi) Cal LSt

Lcverkut, W. v. Si-.- Urkundenbuch des hlaturaa I.Qbeck.

Levesque, W. S-c Charter. U-ttr(-s, Ho... an Chantclt-t de Paris.

Lex romana Vlsleotliorunj it; Hnetiol). l.\oii:lf (E. de Rntlere). Par. 18CO.

(1) BoP Har ('2> f..l S.vr

Liber fun-latlonls eplscopatus vratlslavlcnsis (II. Markgraf & J. W. Schulto). Brealau, 1S80.

il) Iliii VH IL'I fol H!) Cal

Liber iMintlfli-ulU (I.. Ducliesiic).

d) Hnr Ya (2) Col for




Pen Pr

2 v.

PrT fnlonS i::i faiii ir.i fhl X\vb

Liber pontlflcalls, sou Vltne pontlflcnra romanonim Oth ed. Venlse, 1720.

(1) Uar

Liber privileplonim majorls eoclesio Colonlonsls (L. Korth). Trier. 1880.

d) Har (2) Col

Libertes de 1'egllse galllcane (P. T. Durand de Malllane). Lyon, 1771. ST.

(1) Har

Library of Anglo-Catholic theology. Ox. W41-07. 88 T.

(1) BoPt Hart Hart Ya

Liiidenbrog, E. So- Scriptores r.-ruin ccriuintcarum.


Lindenbrog, Erp. See Scriptoret rerum eermanlcaruui M ptmtrlonal.

Lindiay, Rob. See The chronicles of Scotland.

Link, O. See Klotterbuch

Lottin fc Liissus. Set- Recueil dc document)*. . .d U province du Maine.

Luce, M. 8. Froiuart, F. See Chroniques (Jusqu'cn 1400).

Lucht, J. E. S,v Kieler stadthuch T. d. J. bla x. J. 1829.

Ludewig, 3. P. von. See GeschichUchreiber von dem blucboftbam WUrzburg.

Ludewig, J. P v. Sot* Novum volumen scrlptorum rerun) gt-nnatikaruin.

Ludewig, J. P. See Reliquiae manuscrlptorum omnls acvl dlpl.

Ludewig, J. P. See Scriptorum rorum eplsc. bambergens.

Lubeckitclioa cbronlken In nlederdeutscber iprache (F. II. Grautoff). Ha tub. 1829-30. 2 T.

(1) Hur 11') Col

L-inebiirger chroniken d. ref. (Schaer). Hannover.

il) Har 1 2) PrT

Luneburger urkundenbucb (W. T. Hodenbrg). Hann. 1850-70.

Liinig, J. Ch. SPP Codex Itallap dlplomntlcus.

Liinig, J. C. Sco Corpus juris foudalls germanicl.

Liinig, J. Ch. SOP Dentschea rplchsarrhlT.

Lullin & Lefor:. Sop Charles inedltes rel. a Geneve...

Lullin & Lefort. See Regeite genevois.

Lusatia superior diplomatics (V. S. v. Bedern). Hlrscbberg, 1724.

(1) Har

Luxemburger welstdmer als nacblese s. J. Grimm's WelstQmern (Hardt). Luxemburg, 1870.

(1) Har (5) Ills (0) I.St

Lindwood. William. Svr Provincialc : si'ii Coii-ttitntiones Ancllae...

Maasen, F. See Concilia arvi Merovingicl.

Mabille. See LA pancarte noire de Saint-Martin de Tours.

Mabillon, J. See Acta sanctorum ordinls Sanctl Benedict!.

(2) PrT

Mabillon, J. ft Germain, M. See Museum italtcnm; sen, Collect io veterum scrlptornm.

Mabillon, J. See Vetera analecta.

Mader, J, J. Sec Antiquitates brunvicenoes.

Mahrens gescblchts-quellen (B. Dndik). BHinn, 18.V)

(1) Har (2) Col

Maetjens, A. See Actes et memoires des negoclations de la palx de Nlmegue.

Magdeburger scbSffensprOcbe (V. Friese & E. Liesegang). Ber. 1902 T. 1

(1) Har (3) LCt

Magen et Tbolin, O. See Archives d'Agen.

Magna Mbllotheca veteran) patrum; 3d ed. Colon. Agr. 1018. 14 v.

(2) Col SHK

Maitland Chit., Publications. Glasg.

1) r...|- Hart Ya rji r.r.MiM Colt Pr| (3) l.C (3) CbP Detr 111* Xwb

Makusccy, V. St'o Monument* histories SlaToruin merldtoo.

Manesse, R. >'>


Martini. P. SM- Pergamtna. eodlcl e focll cartaccl dl Arborea. can app...

Martiniana; Id rat. Lltterae. Illull. rartae. [.rlrllpfla.

Marty-Laveaux. Sre La Pleiade franc/rise.

Masarellus, Auf. See Acta genuina Concllil trident.

. . (M. Harrier). Tar. 1008.

Match, O. M. C. See Grichichte u. urkunden der famllle TOD Kardoff.

Maierei, F. S. Hiitoriae angllcanae circa tempos conquest u Angllae sel. moo.

Maikell, W. S-e Monumenta rltualla eccleslae angllcanae.

rj. prT

MaatOTiut. Job. See Vitii aqullonla.

Mitrraltn /.ur men. -\,-< d.-utM-iien vnlksli. ,1-s ill. It. Illld.-brand). l.|.r.. IIMMI.


Memoria storlcbe modcncal. . . (H. TlralM.sciiit. Mndcna, 1793-94. 4 T.

(1) Bol> (1!) Col

Memorial .1.- Frlbourg. Frlbourg. 1854-59. 6 T.

(1) liar




Hiir Ya

., afml. Mn.li 1.1, iv.1


i -') NYT* I.r



I v. 43,



Meraorie dortimenti per s.-rvlr.- alia storla ill Lucca. Lucca, 1813-80.

Yiif Coif

(1) 1S..1 1 Mar

Memoryen ofte

i 1) liar



yerhael. . . ghesclilcdenlsaen

I." > I.I (8) Nl.

van Nedorland. . . (W. Baudartlna). Arnherm, 1024. 2 .

Minard & Aubaii, d'. See Pieces fugitives pour aervlr a 1'hlst. de France.

Menckeniui, J. B. Sec Scriptores roruni pcrinanlcarum, pracclpue gaxonlcarum.

Mendei de Castro, M. See Repertorio das ordenagoens do reyno de Portugal ... DOT. addle, etc., por If. A. de.

Meniel, K. & Bauer, W, See Codex dlplomatlcua Nassolcus.

Meppenor urkundenbuch (H. Wenkur). Meppen, 1902. (T. 4. 1906).

(1) liar

Mercuriui gallobelglus. Francofurtl, 1014-2C. 23 T.

(lii N'Yl't

MerkwHirdlge aktenstQcke BUS d. reltalter der ref. (C. O. Nendecker). Nflrnberg, 1838. 2 pt.

(1) ll:ir Hurt (2i Col Or Svr (5) ChU (0) LSt

Merlet, L. See Cartulaire de 1'ubliaye de la Salnto Trlnlte de Tlron.

Merlet, L. See Cartulaire de 1'abbaye de Notre-Dame des Vanx de Gernay.

Miry & Guindon. See Hiitoire . . . de Marseille.

[Xeiaionike blhllotheku.] (C.nst. Sathaa). Yen. 1ST2

(1) Bui' liar Vn ('2) Coif

Metsingham, Th. See Florilegium Insulae Sanctorum.

M6tai, Ch. Sec Cartulaire de 1'abbaye cardlnale de la Trlnltf de VendOme.

Meterlalen zur gescb. dos deuUchen volkxlledes (H. R. Hlldebrand). Lps. 1900.

Hetger, C. See Statuen des Verbandes der schmlcdcgesellen In Flensburg (15-17. Jh.).

Metropolia sallsburgensU (F. II. T. Hund Sc, Wlgul). Ingolatadll, 1582.

(1) Bol' Har Hart

Mettig. C. ed. s.v Scbragen il. ^tliK-n 11. in-tntiT tadt Riga b. 1021.

Meyer. See Cabinet des f

Michelant, H. & Raymond. O. Sec Itinerairea a Jerusalem... francala BOX 11-13 .

Xicbelaen, A. L. J. S-c Codex Tburlnglae diplomatic-US.

Xichelsen, A. L. J. Sec Der tbemalire oberhof tu LUtieck and seine rechtprOche.

MicheUcn, A. L. J. See Recbtadenkmale aus ThUrlngen.

MicheUen, A. L. J. See Sammlung altdlthmarscher rechtsquelleB.

Xichelsen, A. L. J. See Urkundcn sammlung f. gesch.

Xicbelten, >. L. J. See Urkundenbuch zur geacblcbte d. landes der Dttbmaracben.

Micbelien, A. L. J. Sec Urkundlicher beltrag I. geach. d. landfrleden In Deutachl.

Mirkiewicz. See Bibliotbeka plzarzy poUklscb.

Mierii, F. van. See Groot cbarterboek der graven van Holland, T. Zeeland.


Xigne, J, P. Seo Fatrologiae craeco-latlnae curnug completus.


Migne, J. P. See Patrologiae latlnae cursns completa*.



Mignet. Sec Nigociations rrl. ft la succession iVKsjiagne sous Ix>ul XIV.

Xiklotich, F. s Acta et dlplomata graeca niedii aevl sacra et profana.

Xikloaicb, F. Sec Xonumenta serblca.

Xiraeui, A. Set- Bibliotheoa eccleslastlca.

Miraeui, A. See Opera dlplomatlca et hlstorlca, 2. f-d.

Miraeui, A. See Rerum toto orbe gestarum cbrontca.

Xireoourt, E. de. See Contemporaini (les).

Miscellanea (S. Raluzlus). Par. 1678-1715. 7 T.

(1) BoP Dart Har (2) Cor Syrf

Xiscellanea dl storla Italians. Tor. 1862- I:H.::. j:, \

(1) Kid1 1

Mar (2) Col (3) I.I

Miicellanr.-.; el. Mansl (Stepb. Balnzlns). I.ucae, 1761. 4 T.

I) BoP Har Va (2) Col Cor

Xiscellanea cenciilo:k-a et lu-ralilU-u (J. J. Hmvnnl). Txmd. 1868 sq. [v. 19, 1910].


Mohr, T. v. S-- Beteiten di-r

Molin, Chne de. Si-r Grand

archive d.





Molini. Si-.. Document! ill Ktorla Itallana.

Molitor, L. Set- Vrkundenbucb I. geticblchte d... ZwelbrUcken.

Holier, H. . See Bibliotbeek van mliliU-1 n. il.-rlun.U. In- l.-it. rkun.l,-.

Mombntiui, B. Soe Sanctuariun. ; B., Vltae sanctorum.


Monarchia S. Kouianl Imperil... (M. Goldast). Hanau * Francfort, 1010-14. ST.

ill liar CM Col (5) Nwb

Monaaticon angllcanum (Sir William Dngdale). Lend. 1817-30. 6 T. In 8.

(1) H..I' r.t-.i.vii Ihii CM Col Co,- XYP IVu I'r i::i VS (o) CbU Ciu.P UN M. a >Io Nub


Monaaticon angllcanum. . . (Sir William Dugdale & Roger Dodawortb). Lond. 1055-73. ST.

I nlonS ) Ills In.l () LSt

Montaiglon, A. de. See Reoueil de poCsles francalses da XV. et XVI. slides...

Montfaucon, B. de. See L'antiquit* expllqr.fe et repr^sentfte en flgares.

i -2 1 PrT

Montfaucon, B. de. See Colleotio nova patrum et scriptoram graecoram.

Montfaucon, B. de. See Lea monuments de la monarcble franchise.

Montioolo, O. See Cronaxhe reneslane.

Montieur ".-nn-ii-n iimi. 17vi-m>v. 1790.

(1) Har Ya (2) BrvtiM Col NYPJ IT (5) Din Nwb (0) Cal

Monument* ad nrapolltanl ducatus hist. Neapoll. 1SS1-02.

(1) II. rJi 'ol

Monument* aqaensla (J. Bd Uoriondus). Taurlnl, 1709. 2 T.

(1) liar (2) < l

Monument* Arpadlaoa

il) nr

rerun) hungarlcarum (St. L. Endllcber). Sangalll, 1849.

Monument* boica. Monachll. 1703-188.1. r>3 T. Indices. 1847-87. 2 T. (Coll. nor. T. 19. 1909).

(1) BoP Hnr Ya C!) Col NYPf '-i I.C i-'.) CincPf (0) LSt|

Monument* castellans; urkundenbucb t. gescb. d... berren so Castell ( IMfl) (P. WIttmanu). MOn. 1890.

(1) Har

Monument* comltlalia regnl Huncarlae (V. Fraknol). Budapest. 1873.

(1) BP (2) Col i:i1 I.C

Monument* coaclllorum gererallum. Vlennae. 1857-96. 3 T.

(1) Har Ya* (2) Col Syrt i:: I.C (5) Nwb

Monument* domlnatlonls pontlOclae. Codex Carollnus (C. Cennl). Romae. 17GO-C1. 2 T.

i 1) llnr ll:irt 'S M 'I'' C.-l S>r ::> I.C

Monument* domus Auxtrlacae (M. Herrgott A M. Gerbert). Vlenn.. Frlb.. St. Bla. 17M-72. 4 T. tn 7.

Monument* ecclmlae grsecse (Jo. Bspt. Cotelerin.). Lutetian ParNlonom, 1C77-W,. 3 T.

(1) Har- And (2) Col ::i I.(

IConument* fctlenle . . lllurglca. (F.

(I) llnr \ ; , .'.'. XM' PrT

Cabrol A H. Leclercq).

0?) Cath LCt

Par. 1002. T.I.

Monument* Ecclealae metropolltanae gneanensls; ed. aurta. (M. Slemleftskl). Pocnanlae, 1823.

Monument* egrann; denkm&ler dea

(1) Har Ter et I. pi. 1819.


(1) Har (2) Col (." CliT

Monument* uvungellcorom Aug. conf. in Hungarla historic* (F. Andreas). Pest, 1861-65. ST.

(1) Har

Monument* Germanlae hlstorlca. (G. H. Pert*) 1. Script.. 2. Leges. 3 Dlpl. 4 Eplst. 5. Ant. Hann A Ber.

(1) BoP brow nt M-r Hart Mtllolt Ya (2) BrynM Col Cor NYPf Pen Pr1 Syr Tor (3) Cath

I i- I.',) cur I-..IMS UN incl Kant Mrli Mint Mot N\vb (6) Cal I.St

Monument* Germanlae papdapoglca . . . Ber. 1880. (2.1 T. to

(1) BoP Clark Hur (2) Col Cor NYP Pen I'r PrT


C!) I.C (3) CbP 11U In.l JCt Nwb

() Cal

Monument* Gernnmlae select a

(1) Har YH C.M Coif

ab a. 70S usque ad a.

(3) U

1250 (M. Doebcrl). MUn. 1889-94. 1 T.

v i Pen (.'.) Ills ln I.C (3) ChUf

Monument* lilstnrlae jiatrlae. Augustae Taurin. 183G . [T. 22, 1901].

(1) BoP Har Ya (2) Col Pi Tor

Monument* hlstoriac warmlensls. . . Maine,

(ft) l.c i:-i ClncI'

Urns. & Lpz. 1860


. (T.

H;I 'al

4. 1906.)

(1) Har

Monument* hlstorloa (Harenbcrg). Brunovicl. 17.18. 3 pt.

Monument* hlstorlca

(1) Har Yt

ad provincias

(2) Col$ Pr

Parmensem et Placentinam pert. Parmae, 1856-69. 12 T.

Monument* hlstorica Bofarmlae (G. It.il.n.-ri. Vng, 18G4-85. G T.

(1) Har

Monument* hlsl >rlca brltannlca (H. Petrle). Lond. 1848. T. 1.

(1) BoP Brown Har Hart MtJIol Ya (?> BrynM Col Cor NYP Pi-n Pliila Pr Syr Tor (3) Clif

M-h Nxvb Win (C) Cal

Monument* hl-lorie-a ducatua Carlnthiac ( 1202) (A. T. Jakscb). Klagenf. 1896 (T. 4, 1005).

(1) Har

Monument* hlstorlca eccleslae colonlenala fJ. H. Kessel). Colonlae, 18C2. T. 1.

il) I'.rouu Bar

Monument* historic* Lib. Reg. Elv. Zagrabla- (J. B. TkalOif). Zagr. 18S9)-(T.ll in 1905).

(1) Hur

Monument* hlstorlca Norreglae.

(1) BoP I.rown Har Ya

(G. Storm). Krlstlanla,

i.".> LC (') ChU Ills



Monument* hlstorlca Portugalllae (Acad. ollslpon. ed.). Ollnlponr, !ST>C-7r>. 3 v.

(1) Har (2) Cor (3) I.C

Monument* historic* Rusalae... (A. J. Turgenev). Petrop. 1841-48. 2 T. et. sup.

(1) BoP Har

Monument* historic* Slavorum merldlon (V. Makuscer). Varsav. * d'lgrad. 1S74 -2. J v.

1i Har (2) XVI-

Monument* liNtorlca S.H-I, -lulls J.-su. Man-ill, ivu *\. IT. .in. lull).

(1) BoP Brownt Ilur iji C..r NYPt I'r PrT Cl) I.C i.*) Nwb

Monument* historic* Tetera eccledae raeogothlcae (E. Beosellos). Upsalae, 1704-09. T.

(1) XYPf

Monument* blstorlco-jaridlca SlaToram meridional. T. 1-8.

(1) Harl. C.>> XYPf

Monumenta Hiinparlae blstorlca, Magyar tortendml emlekek. Budap. 1857-(85. 66 T.).

U) RoP Har Yat i2) Col NYPt !


Monunuct* I.lvnnlae antlqua. Rift, Pnrpat. 4k I.pt. 1835-47. 5 v.

1) liar

Monumenta lulxn-U t\V. Wattenbacb). Brpulau. 1861.

i 1 i Mm- c'J) Syr i.'.I M.-h I.ft

Monumenti dl utorla Tenet*. 1879 (T. 56. 1900).

K Har (2) NTPt

Monument! dl Tarla Icttrratura trattl dal manoacr. (L. Boccadrlli). Bologna. 17*7-1804. 3 .

(1) BoP

Monumenti lutorlol pertinent! alle proTlnrle dl Romagna. Bologna. 18*3-79. 7 T.

(1) Har (2) NTPt '' l-< -

Monumeati iti.rli I ed artlstlcl degll Abrunl (V. Blndl). Napoll. 1888. 4* * *'r- In.

(1) Har (2) fol Pr (.1) I.f

Monumentorum Inrdltornm fanclcall XII (J. Fr. Feller). Jenae. 1714.

in Har


Monuments amlenx ft modernes (Gallhatiaud). Tar. 1830. 4 .

(1) BoI'Har Ya

Monuments de... 1'anclen

(2) sclilcii krclgt-8.

Moaer, F. C. von. See Bammlung Crala Ablscblede des oberalchlachen krelae*.

Moier, F. C. o. See Sammluna; gttmmtlicber cralsa ocblede.

Moasmann, X. SOP Cartulaire de Mulliouae.

Moulemq, F. Sr.> Documenta lilst. sur li> Tarn-et-Garonne.

Mouti*, Augustr. SIT Cartulaire de Vabbaye de NotreDame de la Roche.

Montie, Auruite. Sre Cartulairei de Saint-Thomas







-._ . .


... :v : :a*


ML jf


i ''.-









Muieuni polonum

(.1. oll, 17.'.2. T. 1 .

Muisely, C..-rlti. : . . Cartulaire de 1'anelenne Cgllse colleglale de Notre. Uaiue A Court r1.

Mutiut, H. Sec De Germanorum prlma orlglne morlbuB. . llbrl cbronlcl 3).

Myliui, C. 0. Sic Corpus comttitutlonum niarchlramra.

Nathrichlen u. nrk. z. cliroiiik v. llcrsfcld (I.. I'CIIMIIC). HIT*!. IM'l-HMNl. : v .

Napier, A. S. St> Crawford collection of early charter* and document* In tin- Bodleian lib.

Napieraky, J. G. L. See L.bebucher iler sin.lt Riga (1384-1579).

Nipieraky, J. G. Sec I.lbrl riilltiiuui .I.-r *ta.lt Riga.

Narbey, C. Sec Supplement aux Aria MHiictorimi poor... oalntn meroTlnitlenne.

Natiauiathes iirkmulciilnicli i\V. Saiu-n. \Vlcslunlcii. IWY :t v.

(1) Hnr Ya (3) l.r

National-literatur der Skan.llnavler. . . (Wolllielm ,lc Fnimeca). Her. 1877. 3 T.

(1) B..1- liar V (2) Col NVP

Nayy rrcunlx society. I'uMlcatlons. l.on.1. ISM .

(1) Hoi* liar Ya f.M BrynM f Col Tor XYP Pen TorP

Kidtk, X. Brouerius Tan. S.-.- Analecta medll aevl.

(l) BOP Bar '-'i r..i rrt

Niebubr. B. G. S.-,- Corpus >rrii>ii>rum lilstorlae Byzantlnac.

NiederdeutSihe sprli liuiirii-r uinl volkMiliiillrtn- r. .1. n-.iri. n (R. Kckart). Bra*. 1803.

(1) i,oP Iln.wn llnr Ya (2) f,,l Pea (0) Cl

Niederbsterreichischfcs urkundenbucb (076-1900) (A. V. Felger * J. Laropel). Wlen, 1881-1001. 2 *.

(1) liar (2) Ool


Kieiert, J. >> Beitrage i.j elnem niiln*ti-ri>'< Recueil d'actc.s International!! de 1'emplre ottoman.

Nordike oldagcr (O. Rygb & C. F. Mndberg). Cbrlstlnnn, 1S85. r-t. I, II. II.

(1) BoP Bar CD I.c C.) CliP Mln (lit LSt

Norfolk ; nCqrarlan mlacellanj (W. Rye). Norwich. 1S73-87. 3 (6) T.

(1) Bof Bar

Normanniae DOTS cbronlra (A. Cberuel). Cadoinl, 1850.

(1) Bar (2) Col NYi* cii l.r

Nortke rlfra-registranter. tlldorls 1 uddrag 1523-1060 (Heiborg). Krlstlanla, 1S01-01. 12 T.

(1) BoP Bar Va l.t) LC (5) Ills

North Killing record * Ilin (2) Coif

Occasional lusuen of unique and very rare books (Alex. B. Orosart). 1870-83. 44 pt.

(1) HarJ Ya (2) Coif Pent Tort (o) Mob MInnP t Nwb

Ocbsenbein, O. Fr. S

Oefelt, A. T. Sec Rerun Ixilrariiin -rriptnr,--

Oebler, Fr. Sec C:r?u haeroseologlcum; gr. et Ut.

(2) ivr

Oelsner. L. S, > ichleiiche nrkninli'ii z. :.-.!.. .1. .lii-li-n I. imti.-liili.-r.

Oeiterrrichiiche urbare. Wlen, 1904.


I ,,! 1 Mm


OeiterreiYn:i;:iu..v::i ukl KII^I.

(1) BoP HurMtHol Well Ya (2) Bryn.M Col

'!. Sl.|.h,:i.t. I.on.l. :in ,l Kj.V.. ivX-i'dil.

Cor NYP Pen PhlU Pr Tor (3) I.C (5)

.: T.


rin, I- D, ii l,.: M.-II Miiv Mlnnl 1 Nwb oin-i-1 Wls (0) SanFranP

Oldnordiike oldskirfter. Kjb. 1847-70. 32 T.

(1) Hiir Ya

Oitfrieiiichea urkundenbucb (E. Frledlinder) . Emden, 1874-81. ST.

II) Har

Otto FniingeniU, Rader.. et Guntberua (P. Pltboeua). Bail). 1509.

(1) liar >:> I.C

Oudhftnt. P. d'. Sf Cbroniquta et annale* < U-t.v. Publication*. 1884 aq. Ox. 1885 .

(1) H"P Ilin Wore Ya (2) BrynMt Col Cr Drew* NY I 1

Vass .1 l.i lj CbP CbU) Detr Kan M- ( Calt LSt PortO

Patrea ecclealae angllcanae (Gllea). Ox. [etc.] 1843-48. 35 T.

ill Har Hartt Ymf (2) NYPt (3) I.C (5) Nwb



rnrs completua; aer. gr. lat. (J. P.

I14.P Bow.lt Brownj Hnr ProvPJ (2)

Migne). Par. 1856. 85 T.

Col Co- HarerJ NYP Sr




Peigne-Delacourt, M. Set- Xonaiticon calllcnnum.

Pelet, O. : IT Mi'r.-.L rei mllltalrc*. . . laccemlon d'Kapagn toon Louis XIV.

Pelicier. P. S-e Cartulaire du cbapltre de 1'egllae cathedrale de Cbftlona-aur Marne.

Pelitiier, L. 8. Si-) ChP llli. In.l Md. Mll Mlu Nwb Oberl WN (0) Cl LSt

Percy wK-ifty. Publication*. Ix>nd. 1840-.'>2. (96 pt.< In 31.

(1) .\iuli Itol' Bowdf M'ovvii Har IlarlJ ITovA ProTP Vtt' \Vrll Wel \Vor.J Yu (J) Bryu.M Col

c ,,v MercNVt NYC* NYP Pen Pblln p r Pratt KocbR Syr TorP Va* (3) Haiti' I.C (5) ChP

cin.-r D.'tr GramlKt UN Iml lowii Kan Mob Mln Mliinl* N'lhw Nwb (0) Cal ColorU

Ferecrinatio ad loca aancta aaec. IV. exeunt... (J. Pomlalowaky). St. Pet. 1889.

(1) Mm


(1) Har

nn-ilil .n vl 4: (J. C. M. Ijturent). Lipniae. 1873.

Peregrini, C. Set- Hutor.a prlnclpum langubardorum.

Fergamena. codlct e fogll cartacel dl Artwrea, con app... (P. Martini). Cagllarl. 1863-65.

(2) 0.1

Ferin. See Recherohea blbllograpblquea aur le departement de lAlane.

Perlbach. M. St-,- Fommerelliaohea urkundenbucb ( 131&).

Perlbacb, M. See Statuten dea Deutschen ordena, nacb d. llteat. baa.

Perrin, A. See Collection nnlTprHelle

Philippi. F. See iltfite ocnabrQrklM-lir cllliii ( l.'OO).


F. See Cir.abriicker urkundenbncb.

Philippi, F. See Siegener urkundenbnch.

Philippi, R. See Preusiiichri urkundenbucb.

Philippi eplsc. de eccl. Kystettensls. . . (Jar. Gretser). Ingolstadll, J617.

(1) Hin-tJ



x.elety. Publications;

BoPt Hart V P YH


f.M Colt XVI'

and blitorlcal

i::> I.C (5)

mlscellanle*. Load.

ChP UN Mcb Nub

1854-84. 13 T.

Ph.losophei (In nmyen-Age; textes et ftnde*. 1902.

d) XVI-

Ph loirphiache Rlhllothrk (T. H. T. K!rcliinann). Her. * Hcldelb. I8fiS-ISJ)4. 9.1 . 7

DBoPtHartt Yat (2) Col Or NYP| Pent Pr* (3) CUP Clncl't I1N| ln.lt (0) CalJ


Piicei fugitives pour servlr & 1'lilst. de France nl'M-nanl & Aubals). I'ar. 17o9. 3 T.

(1) Ilr (2) I'r

Piaoei lurdltcs. . . coocernant 1'lilstolre d'ArtolK (Acad. Arras). Arras, 18A2-58. 3 r.

(1) Bar

Piecet interesaxntpR (P. A. dp La Place). Rrnxolles A Par. 1781-90. 8 r.

(1) BoP Har (2) Colt Syr* (3) I.r (0) Cal

Pierlai, Caia de. See Cartulaire de I'enoleone cath^drale do Nice.

Pierlaa, Caia de. See Statuta et priTll^fces accorded au comte de Vlntlmllle et Val de Lantoaqae.

Fiolin. Sec Cartulaire de St. -Pierre. .. du Mann et...


. .' ,



O..-T? it': s

. :.*-



A .

: .-:: wiwavi^! Is ii






. J-S;.-.


;." '.


- :^ ->^-- .



Politic* linj-erialla; g., 1M-, i:r-n< p-lli . aeta pcbllcn... fMHob. Gildast). Francof. 1014.

i- Cur !

Folonicae hlstoria. corpus. (J. 1'lstorius). Basil. K>82. 3 T. In 1.

(1) Brown liar Bart (2) Col

Polowin, P. See Pisoowyia. Knlgl [Document*. . . Novgorod] ca. 1403. [Boston. Archaeograpulc 8oe.]



ci, Val.l.nye de St.-Reml de Reims (B. Guerard). Par. 1853.

(1) Mar

>l I'liMu* Irti.i ion i R. Gufrard). Tar. 1844. 2 T.

(1) BoP Hmr Ya (2) Col Cor NYP Pen (3) LC

Polytique ilr f.-ilibv Irmlnon... DOUT. fd. d'A. Longnon (B. Gue'rard). Par. 188C-99. 2 T.

(1) I'ur Vu

Pomialowsky, J. See Peregronatio ad loca xaucta saec. IV. exeunt...

Fommerellisches urkundt-nbuch ( i::i.*0 (M. Perlbach). Danzig, 1882.

(1) Hnr i::. l.r

Pommersihe g< *clilchtsdenkmler (Tli. I'.vl). Grelfgw. 1867-89. T.

i- 1 Pent

Pommerscbei urkiiudi-nbucli (1310) (R. PrUmers, ft G. Winter). Stfttln. 1868. 6 v.

(1) Har

Pontificum ron:unoruin (fl-13 s.) :t:u- (J. M. WattcrU-li). Llpslae, 1802. 2 T.

(1) Har Hart (2) Col Cor PrT

Fort, C. SIT Inventaire des archives anc. de 1'bopltal St. Jean d'Angcrs...

Portugalliae monumenta hlstorlca a sacculo VIII. I.isti. 1856 .

ill BoP HHI il'i Cor PrJ Tor CJ) LCt (.*> Nwb

Potcbinger, H. r. Soe Die wirttchaftlichen Tertrfige Deutsclilands.

Posse. 0. Si-o Codex

Procea-Tcrbal I.<

Prodromui Germanlae Mrrae (K. t'ssermann). Sangall, 17UU. 2 v.

Quellen nnd forselmnRen dor dt ulnrlu-n

(1) i;P IV -ut lUr YH CM


Co! Cur



J. Moui-).

nit Cml

All U CbapHIr, 1830.

Quelleo u. ForMcbgn. t. BraunachwelgUchen Grscli. Wnlfeub.ittrl. 1904 .

(1) Har

Quellen n. furscbuuReu xur gescUlcbtc tlrr abtel H.-lHii-nau. . . Hvlbelb. 1800-03. 2 .


liar i.) Pent


Quellen u. :or*eli. s. Resell, lit. u. spr. Oeatcrrelcba (Leo-Gee.) (J. Him). Gra*. 1803 . [10 T. 1000,]

il.ir CM NYPt Pent r.".t l.C I.") JCt (15) Cult


Reach, d. hausps Hohenxollern

ctil.c (5) Nwb

(K. Berner). Ber. 1001-1003. ST.

Quellen zur liayerlschen und deutachen Rechlchte. Mtln. 1850-64. 10 .

(1) Mar (2) Cor Syr (5) Ciiiel-

Quellen x. deutschen relohs u. reohtagescb. (H. P. Lebmann). Bcr. 1801.

(1) Bar HarL Hart (2) Col Pen ((i) I.st

Quellen zur frankfurter Resclilcbte (H. Grotefend, eil.). Frankf. 18JM -SS. 2 T.

(1) BoPf Bar (2) Col XYP

Quellen T.. Rescb. d. bauernkrlefres mis Rotbenburg a. d. Tauber (F. L. Kaumann). Stuttf. T 1878.

(1) ItoP Har Well V:i ilM I'.r.nM Col Cm XYP Pen Pr Syr CD l.C (5) Ills I ml Mob

Nwb (B) Cal

Quellen zur R*ch. d. bauernkr. In Oberacbvraben (F. I.. I'aumann). Tllblncen. 1870.

(1) BoP Hni Well Yu (2) BryuM Col Cor XYP Pen Pr Syr (3) I.C (5) ClncP ChU

lll Itnl Meh Nub (!) Cal l.s.

K. Quellen ^. fcesHilehte

(2) NYP

d. blatuni.s Sobleswlg i

Quellen r.ur Reschlchte

ili.iur \

d. feuerwaffen

i2> c'ol NYP

(A. Kssi-nwrln).

Pen Pr \..>-iP

Lpz. 1877.

(.'.) cbP

Quellen xur gexclilchte

(1) Har (2)

der stadt


Bayreuth (C. Meyer). Lpz. 18fl5.

Quellen rnr p.^i-bk-lite d. sta.lt II. if. (C. Meyer). Hof. 1804.

1 1 I Har

Hansen & W. Jesaen). 100-1.

Quellen zur cesrhlelite iler sta.lt KCln 1 1,. Knnen f. C,. K.-kertx. etlirlnjrlselien pe-wblchte. Mets. 1001 . T. 1 .

(1) Hnr Ya) '-( NYPf l.c () Cal L8t

Quellen xur |toiiinierseh>-n Kesrlilrlite. Si.-ttln. 188.*> . 4 T.

ill Har

Quellen zur S.-h\velz< r K. M-lil.-hte. BaHel. 1877-1006. '.:. T.

(1) KoP Hnr t2 ColJ Cor XYPf yrt ''ti l.C f.'.i ChU ""I USt*

Quellen r.ur srii\v.-lr.-rls< lien reformatlonmtrscblchte. Ha--l 10O1-O.V 3 T.

(1) KoP Har i2i Cor XYPt PrT mi ciii

Quellenbeitrae /.. K.M Mriitr der kreuxxdRe (H. Prutx). DanxlR. 1876. pt. 1.

i I i Har cj Col Syr C.) Clil"

Quellenbuoh z. i."->rbk'lite d. deutuchen uilttelalter* (R. Frltm-be). l.px. 1873.

il) Har (2) Cor C.) Ills


QufclltDkucde der jri-i-liii -lite .!- j.r. -IM- I:, n . Maats K.

MI , i:.,p ]>:irt llnr \ r.'i o.l c..i : . i.c Har (2) Cl (91 I.f

QuelUr.sxmmlunf d. badlscben landesgetu-lilrhte (F. J. Mne). KarUr. 1848.07. 4 T.

cri t iiu:es mluores (R. RSbricbta). GeDt-Tlae, 1879.

(1) Hoi' Har Hart Ya i2) Cor Col Pen Tor (5) Nwb

Raab, C. T. Se Regetten z. orts-u. famllleug. d. Vogtlamle*.

Ra*b. I. S.-

Recherchei biMlograiiblque* ur le ilrpuri.-in.nt


,1.- 1'ANne U'eriu). Par. 1800-07. 2 .

(1) Bar ... r..l c:> l.f

Reiherches .-t materlaux p. s. a. one historic de la .lomluatlon franc (J. A. C. Buchon). far. 1840. 2 pt.

(1) Bar i-J i Syr \V.->iP c:i l.f

Rechtid nkmaler .1.- . li. n nnlt.-Iall.-rs... (A. r. Daiili-Ui. 15 r. l-:,764. pt.

iJi I'i-nJ

Rechttdenkinale aim Tbllrlngcn (A. L. J. Mlchelsen). Jena, 1803.

(1) Ma. Hi' LSI

Rechttpraak van .1. n Hoogen raa.l. (L). I.POII). 2. ed. '* Urar. 1800-90.


i liar ll.nl. i.-.) i.i-

Rechisquellen v. I'.ascl. stadt u. lam) (J. J. S^-lin.-ll). Basel. 1850-65. 2 pt. In 3 T.

ill Har II... I.

Record fmml*slonerH. Publication*. See Great Rrltaln. Public Kecur.l Offlce. Pub*.

Record * < >ty for Lancashire unil flieHhlrc. I'ul'll.-iitlin.s. Load. 1879. v. 03, 1911.

ill Hop liar Harl. Won- Y ill) Col XYP PaSt Pent :{) LCt (Z) Detr Nwb Wl-

Hit I^tJ

Recueil d'a. t.-> Internatlonaux de I'pmplre ottoman (G. NoradoungUan). Tar. 18.171903. 4 T.

(1) BoP Har (2) Col NTPt :*> I-< -

Recueil .1.- i liartes de 1'abbaye civ Cluiiy... (A. Bruel). Par. 1870-1003. U T.

(1) Ilur Y:. iJ) I'ol for NYP Pen Tor (3) Ills Mch Nw b Hii L8t

Recueil >le chartes dp 1'abhayp de Salnt-RenoIt-sur-LoIre (M. Pron). 1900. T. 1.

.1. Mar .-'I XYP

Recueil ile cbronlqupii de Touralne... (A. Salmon). Tour*. 1854-50. 2 T. & sup.

(1) Har r.'i ColJ (T.j Nwb

Recueil >le . . chroniqiK-s. pul.. par

la S..-. d'eniulatlon de Bruges. Brugeii 1839 M). |v. 01, 1911].

(1) Har (2) NVPJ i:: LCJ

Recueil .! illversea relations reiuurqnableB dos principals* cours de 1'Europe. Cologne, 1C81.

Recueil lenis piece*... Thlst. de Bonrgogne (Perard). Par. IW4.

(J) I'.-r

Rec'jei! ile piW-alp* fnmcaHwi do XV -t XVI. l*ole... (A. de MontalglonK Par. 1855-78.

(1) BP Bowd Har Ya .'.M HrynM Col for NYf* XYP T ChP llln Nb


Cal l.st

Recueil de publlratlonx de la Soclete barratw d'etuden dlr. HaTre. 1834 81. 39 .

.::. I.ft

Recueil de queli|ue ln*er. romalnex Inedlten (Du Mege). Tourlouee.

(2) Col

Recueil de t.-xt.-* et de traductlon*. . . de 1'Acole det laneom ork-nt. Tlranten... Par. 1WW. 2 T.

(1) BoP Har Va i.".) l.f

Recueil de textes pour serr. A renselgnement de 1'blst. da drolt (A. Tardlf). Par. 1883.



! i.-,) Din (C) Cal

Etcuil ! trites ,rll!an . c|.-. il'.HXU it;. K. .! \lail.ii-i J ..I liultliiKUr ft l.|>. 1M7-1900 M|.

(1) liar l.urtt WeslJ Yn (2) Col Oa N -i r I Knit Syr (3> Annap i.c (5) Clit't


ln.l Miiinl 1 Nub

H;I CalT

Ercuril dm art-"' (In Conilte ilu xalut |mlllc... i F. A. Anlard). Par. 1KSO (1) B-P ll.-r Mtll.-l Vii i2) c.,r NYP Tor Van* C!i

m|. [T. 20. 1910].

I.c (5) Cbl 111. ln1 Kan Mch Mln

Mwb \Y|s (!) Cal L8t

Recueil de .- 'Iciim-s

Brux. 18.Vi sq. IT. 23, 1907],

Recueil de* eahler* penernux. . . d'Orleuns Blois, ParK I'ur. 1789. -4 r.

Recueil ilc- edits ct declaration* dn roy conccrnanl . . . la... Dauphin^, flrenotilp, 1720-30. 27 T.

Recueil i'-s rillts. etc. conct-rn. le jurldlction

Recueil general d>s

(l)I!ar Ya

formu!e. . . de* Francs du

(2) Cor XYP Pen Syr



u Xe s.


(E. de Ro*lere). Par. 1850-71. St.

Recueil pfnoral des lots et des arrets. (D. Slrey). Par. 1828-63. 05 T.

il) Hurl, CM NYI't I.'!) Li 1

Becueil general*.- annote des lols, decrets, ordonnancea, etc. 1780-1830. Par. 1834-40. 18 T.

(1) Har

Recueil . . Iilstorique. des arcberfche*. . . de

(1) Mar (2) Col PiT (5) Nwb

France (D. Beaanier). Par. 1720. 2 v.

Recueil l.-s lols. proclamations et arretes... en Bruxulle*. Brux. 1792-1812. 20 r.

Reoueil iniiiiin-l traltt-s... iCIi. .!.- Martens & F. de Casey). Lp. 1840-57. 10 T.

in liar HarL Ya (2) Col XYP Pen Tor W.-il- i:! LC (5) CbD

Recueil offirit-1


RtfeiU imperil XI; die nrknnden kaiser Slgmunda. (1410-1437.) (T. W. Altmann). Innbr. 1800-1900. 2 T.

(1) lt.il- hrown Hr Yaf (2) Col Cor NM- ..-.) Chi' (U) LSt

Reresta norTeglca. (O. Storm, ed.) 1809 .

(1) BoP liar C2> Cor (3) LC

Rerest* pODtlBcum Komanorum (P. F. Kebr). Roma. -Berlin 1906

(1) BoP Har Ya (2) Col Cor XYI* Pen PrT ir --'drIs' hen gpi-bli-litr. if. atf'-n ). Brut. 1875 *q. (C.l. dip. S|l.-. )

(li Har Harl t Y il'i C.,1 XYPt (0) Cal

Rrresten n:r schleliichen geKchlrhte. (C. Grflnbaren;)

(1) Har (2) XYP Svrt nil Cal

2. aufl. Brenlan, 1884. T.I.

Reciiteri en rekenlngen ran het blsdom ftrecbt. 1325-36 (F. Mullcr). ftrecht. 1880-91. 2 r.


(1) Har Ya i:'i i .-r

d.-i deliberations du Bureau de la rllle de Paris (1499-1576) iBonnardot A (Jufrln). Par. 18M. 8.

I. Har Yi t rJ) f"l NYP|


X. Sec Grands ecrlralai de li France.

Beich, M See Bibliothek ilentscher scbrlftsteller aus BObmeo.

R'ichigeietze v.

(1) Hnr

900-1400 nachgewlesen

(2) Col NYP

(J. F. Bobmer). Frankf. 1832. 4*.

Reichshandlung (M. Goldast). Hanau. 1009

i I i Hnr (2) Col SyrJ

Reichsbandlunaren n. aufl. Frankf. 1712-13.

Reicbskanzler, Tornehmllch des X.. XI., uinl XIII. Jalirliumlerts (K. F. Sturapf). Ion*br. 1SC5-83. ST.

(1) Hnr CM Cort i.-,) CbP 1' Hr.iwn liar Hart Weal Va (2) Col Cor Pen Pr Tor l.< (.',, Cbf Nwl,

Relations |Militliu^ ! I':i\s.I'.as .-t ilf 1'Angleterre. (Kervijn ile I.ettenhoTe). Brax. 1SS2-03. 11 T.

(1) Hnr Vn .2) Col I'or NYP Pen PrT

Rerum bcltlcaruui annak*, rbronlci, et historic!. (Fr. Sweertlns). Francof. 1620.

(1l liar Hart

Rerum bobemlcarum antlqul scrlptores aliquot Inslgnea (M. Fr.-h.r). HIDOT. 1002.

il) lh. Mart

Rerum bobeiolcarum antlqul scrlptores aliquot Inslgnps (M. Freher). HanoT. 1G07.

Rerum bo!curuin scrlptores (A. F. Oefele). Aug. Vlmlrl. 1703. 2 T.

(liHar Hart Vu (2) XYP Syr

Rerum brltannlcarum mcdll aerl scrlptorea: Cbronirlea A Memor. of G. B. I. Ixmd. 1858

Hi liar Mtllul; Wore Ya (2) DrewJ XYP PaS Pen 1'r Toe (3) Catb I.C Wab$

(:>) Cbf Clnrl' ColOS Nwb (0) Cal LSI


Rerum brltannlcarum medll aevl scrlptores. Chronicles, etc. See Great Britain. Public Record Office. Pub*,

Rerum lirltannlrarum scrlptores Tetustloren .Jerome Commelln). Heidelberg, 1587.

(1) Mar (2) 1'r

Rerum ot antlqultntum grrman. syntagma (Cbr. Fr. Faulllol). a. M. 1608.

(1) Har (2) NY1>

Rerum Germanlac magnae et Sasonlae vol. 2 (G. Fabrlclus). Lips. 1009. 2 r.

(1) BoP Har

Rerum gei -nanlcarum scrlptores (J. Pistorlus)* Franof. 1583-1007. 3 T.

(1. Hart (2) XYP

Rerum germanlcarum scriptori-s; 2 ed. (J. Pistorlus). Hanovine, (etc.] 1613-53. 8 T.

Rerum germaulcarum scrlptores; (J. 1'lstorlus) 3d ed. (B. C. StruTe). Argentoratl, 1717. 3 T.

(1) Har > XYP Col

R*rum germanicaruin script.; 3. ed.

(1) BoP brown Har Hart



Pistorlus). Ratlsb. 1726. ST.

Col NYP Syr i.li Xwl,

Rerum Rennanlcarom scrlptores. (J. Pistorlus). Regensb. 1736. 3 T.

(1) Browi Har

Rerum germanlcarum

i 1 i Har Hart

scrlptores; 3 ed. (M.

12) Cor NYP Syr

Freber). Argentoratl, 1717. 3 r.

Rerum geruianicRrnin

(1) Har Hart

scriptorcs aliquot Inslgnes

(2) Col Cor NYP

(M. Freber). Francfort, 1000-11. ST.

Rerum germanlcaruin toml 111... (H. Melbomlus). Helmstadt, 1088. ST.

il) Har Hunt (2) NYP Pr Syr

Rerum germanlcarum tres selecti scrlptores. Imprimis de Titls factls Caroll Magnl. etc. Frft. 1707.

i;j) i c

Rerum lilbernlcarum scrlptores Teteres (C. O'Conor). Buckingham, 1814. T. 1.

(1) Har Ya (2) XYP c;i dull i.'o Xwb

Rerum liunearlcar. scriptores varll (J. Bongars). Francof. 1COO.

ll) Har Hart VtUf

Beiweydui, Herib. Sic Vitae patrum.

Both, F. W. E. See Fontet riTiim nasaolrarum; geiwhlrhtaadan (1585-99).

Houisi: . >!


Supplement an Corps univ. diplomat, de Dumont.

Boutb, M. J. See Beliquiae sacrae...

Roxburgh? club. I'utilii-Htlnii-. Lond. 1814 .

.1) lartWob * Va CJi BrynMJ Coif CorJ NVl'J Pr) (3) B*HP LC (5) Md> Nwb

Boyal historical society. Pabllcatlons; Camden serlec. Lond. 1838-(v.l84 In 1909).

(1) BuP Bowd Brown Dart Hart HartJ MtHol ProTA Well Wecl Will Wore Va

(2) UBrynMt Col Cor Jew NYCf NYP Pen* Pr TorP (3K. BaltP LC VSf

(5) CbP ChD ClncP Detr GrandR Ills Indf Iowa Kan Mlcb Mllw Mln MlnoPf

Mo Newb Wls (6) LST PortO) WasbU

Boziere, E. de. See Cartulaire de 1'eglUe da Salnt-Si-pulcre

Boiiere, E. de. See Formulei Inedites.

.] Jeruoalvin.

Roxiere, E. de. See Liber dlurnus; recuell des formulcs. . . cbancellerie poutlf.

Boziere, E. de. Si>c Beoueil general des formates... des Francs da Ve an Xe t.

Bubel, K. SIP Dortmunder urkundenbacb 899-13T2.

Budloff, F. Si-i- 8. Codex rtlplomatlcus blstorlae megapolltanae.

Rudynsky, A. Sor Codex dlplom. vlrlicicn-is (1290-1467).

Bubel, 1C ft E. S. MansD. Flor. * Venet. 1759-98. 41 T.

(1) BoP Brown Har lUr-And Hart Y (2) Col Drewf Pea Plilla PrJ PrT Sage Syr Tot

I'nlonS C!) Nl-


Rfussrns, E. S. . Analectei pour servlr A 1'blat. eccl. de ) Bflglque.

Revel. See Usages des pays de Bresse, Bugt-y, et Gez.

Revolution fran

Sanroiancta concilia ad reglam edltlonem exacta... (P. Lalibe, et 0. Comart). Par. 1671-72. 1ST.

PrT (5) ol.erl

(1) liar Hart

1 NM

Sammtliche werke der klrcbenrftter. . . Kempten,, 1830-54. 38 T.

(1) Hoi- Hart

Simtl. reformations urkunden d. stadt Aalon (O. W. Zapf). t'lm. 1770. 2 T.

(1) Har

Sa*a-bibliothek. Halle a. . 1802. 2 pt.

il) liar Ya (2) fur

Saggio dl codlce diplomat... delfarcblTlo dl Rtato dl Napoli (C. Mlnl.-rl Illccio). Nap. J878-Si J pt.

(1) llnr if] 0.1

Sagittarius, K. Sec Saalfeldiiche Hiatorleo.

Siig-e, O. See Cartulaire >le la scipneurie d Fontenay-le-Marmlon. . . (1105-1333).

Saige, O. See Collection de documents blatorlquea rel. a... Monaco.


Saige, O. See Document! blstorlques nlatlfs a la rictomte de Carlat.

Saige, G. < Let Juifa du I.anjcuedoc, anterieurement au XlVe slecle.

Saige, O. &. S.-.. Trewr des cbartea du comte de Retbd... (1081-1328).

Samt-Didier. H. de. See Recueil dea tltrea... conceraant lea privileges. . . Franc-Lyonnala. . .

St. GallUche pi^cblcbtsquellen (G. Meyer T. Knonau). St. Gallen, 1879. 4 T.

(1) liar i2) Col Cor

Saint-Lecr, A. See Cahieri de la Flandre maritime en 1788.

Sankt Pauler-formular; brlefe u. urkonden aus d. selt Wenxels II (J. Lottortb). Prag. 1886.

(1) Har

Saken ran staet en Torlogb... de Vereen. Nederlanden. . . (L. T. AlUema). '

GraT. 1668-71. 6 T. in 7.

(1) BoPf Brown Har Ya CJ) Col Cor Rutg Syr (3) Annap LC (5) Cbf Nwb

Salmon, A. See Livre des serfs de Marmoutiers.

Salmon, A. See Reoueil de cbronlqnea de Touralne. . .

Salva. X. Set- Collection de documentor inedltos para la historla de ExpaCa.

(1) Har (2) Pen|

Salzburger urkundenbutli tradltlonscodlces (W. Hautbaler). Salcburg, 1888 . T. 1, pt. 1-5.

(1) Har i.'i X\r

Simlin^er af ]>ulillqu e private stlfteUw-r, Danuiark of Norge (H. de Hoftnan). KJb, 1755-80. 11 T.

(1) Har

Samlinarer til det norake folks sprog og Ulstorie. Cbrlstlanla. 1833-38. 6 T.

(l)Har Ya i2> Col i::> I.c C.) Mln

Samlinrer til Kyens blatorle og topograpble (Pyens stifts litt. selakat). Odense, 1850-05. 3 T.

(l)Uar Yu (3) IX'

Sammarthani, D. See Gallia Christiana ed. arouratisslme correct*, cura P. PIollu.

Sammler fiir gescblcbte u. atatistlk T. Tirol. Innabr. 1807-08. 5 T.

(1) Har (2) f-l

Samml. aller hadeulacb rorordnungen (K. F. Geratlacber). KarNrulie, 1773 . T. 3 .

(1) Bar



altdltbmarscber recbtsquellen (A.

Br Har Ya (3) LC (6) Cal

L. J. Miehelsen). Altona, 1842.

Sammluna- baieriscber aktenstUcke. Frankf. 1800.

(1) Har

Sajnmlun* . frui^ All-. M.-.I. ij.-s friiuki- li.-n kre|s-s i K. 1\ ron MOMT). XOrnb. 1752. 2 T.

(1) Har

Sammluna;... Crais Abscblede dec obersicbsiacbeo krelsea (F. C. TOO Moser). Jena, 1752.

(1) Hi,

Eammlunc d. monumente Miruberg (J. C. Wolff ft F. Mayer). NOrnbjr. T. 2.

(1) liar C5) I.C

Samml. -I. i ReRenslmrj:'

Samrolung ileutxc-hcr rccbtsqaellcn (H. Wa*serscblet*D) . Clemen, I860. . I.

(l)Har (1!) NY)'


i-tli.-h.-r n...-li ulclit crdrucktr ali- cbronlki-u iCuij. Atn-1). Bnu. 1732.

iji NVT

Bamralung hlstorlscber scbrlften o. docnmcnte. (J. F. Scbannat). FnU. 1729.

(1) BbP Har

Sammlung hlstorischor tcbrlften nod nrkunden ([11. r. FrejrtxrgJ). Slot. 1827-37. ST.

il) Har (2) Col

Saxon ciiriinlflfH (J. Earle). Ox. 1805.


(1) Bowd Hur Hart Well Ya (2) HrynM Col Cor Barer Pr Kutg Va (3) UC (5) CbP Ills

Mcb Mln Nwb Hi) Cal

Saxonia iiiustra... (G. Fabrlclus). Lips. 1609.

(1) Har

Sbornik liuperatorakowo istorltacheakowo obacbtacbeatwa. St. Ptt. 1808-02. 82 T.

(1) Har Ya il!) Cor NY1' Pen SyrJ (3) LC (0) Calt

Schafer, D. St- Wurttemberf. r

Sohmourlo, E. SIT Recueil ! ut-.'h. stantK u. 1-

Schnell, J. J. s. R.-< htiquellen T. Baxel, utadt u. land.

Schonhuth, 0. F. H. >< Ordenibuch

Schwartzenberr, 6. F. T. Sc Groot pluiant- i-n cbartorboek T. Vrlcsland.

Schwe'zrrisihes iirkiiinU-nroglster (1200) (B. Illdber). Born. 1803-77. 2 T.

(1) BoP Hai (2) Oil

Schwind, E. V. See Ausgewahlte urk. z. Terfajiunjifti. J. deutscboesterr. erbland*.

Scottish Historians. 1871-80. 10 T.

(1) Hr YSI (2) Cor I'aSt Pratt SyrP Tor ) Col

Scriptores ordlnls Minorum il.. Wadding). Komae. 1COO.

(1) Har (2) Cor (3) LC

Scriptorea ordlnis Minorum (L. Wadding). Romae, 1806.

(1) Har (3) LC

Scriptores ordlnla praedlcatorum (Quftlf & Kcbard). Par. 1719-21. 2 T.

(1) llur (2) Cor 1 i.ioiiSt (3) LC

Scriptores r.-ruiu austrlacaruui veteres ac genulnl. (H. Pex) Llpslae, (etc.] 1721-45. 3 T.

(1) liar (2) NYP Pr Syr

Scriptorea r-nim belglcarum. (Relffenberg). Bruxelles, 1830. T. 1.

Scriptoies rcrum bohemicarum (F. M. IVlrcl). Pragae, 1783-1829. ST.

(1) Har Va , 1783-84. 2 T.

(1) Uar Ya (1!) Col (3) LC


rcriun britmnicarum medii a>Ti. S < Chronicles and memorials.

(1) ilur ilM Pt-n Pr

Scriptores r-rum lirunsTlcenslum ((5.

Scriptorei rcnun germanicarum In usum gcbolarum. HanooTer, 1830-(1901, 30 T.).

(1) Har \V-slt (2) KrynMl Col HaTerJ Pr (3) LC| (5) Xtliw if.) Cal

Scriptorci rerum . . germanlcarum .

(1) Har (2) NYP

none prim. ed. e Museo Lndewlg. Francof. 1718.

Sr.riptorri rernra germanicarum, praoclpue saxonlcarnm (J. B. Menckenlos). Lipslae. 1728-30. ST.

(1) P.oP Har Hart Yn (2) Col Cor NYP Syr

Scriptorei rerum permanicarum septentrional. (Erp. Mndenbrog). Francof. 1630.


(1) Har (2) Col Cor Hav.-r NY1' Svr C!) I.C

Scriptorei rernni germanicarum trea selectl (J. M. Helnecclui). Francof. 1707.

(1) HIM- ) Col NYP

Scriptoret rer 111 pcstaruni Wllbelml Conqnostorls (J. A. Gllon). Ixind. 1845.

(1) Bnl' bruwn Mm- (2) Col Cor NYC Pen Pr oP Brown Hnr Hartf Vtf Yn (2) Col NYPf Prt Tor (.">) CbD WU

Scriptorei rcrura guevlcarum (M. H. Golilast) ed. 2. Ulm.1727.



Siriptorei n-nnn \vuriiiifii.-iiini f. 1'. Wurlky u. J. M. Saagf). Uraunsburjr, lS.ucclcl medil aevl iKii-iz). I.unriae, 1842. 3 T.

(1) Har (3) l.c

Scriptorei ires galllcarum rerun). Francofurtl, 1578.

Scriptorei vnrll de hist, angllcana (Tli. Hearne). Oxon. 1709-35. 64 T.

(1) Har

Scriptorei vfUTc*. qul Caosarum et Imperatornm germanorum res gestas, lit. mand. 1584. T. 1.




Bcrittori i monument I .Mia gloria Italian*. Kir. 1835. T. 1.

(1) Har

Scber, V. A. SIT Corpua const itutlonum Danlae.

Scoutse. See Xemoires pour serTlr A 1'hlntolre de ('baric* ! Mauvala.

Secreta ,lY-i;,t tic Venlse, documenta, cxtralta. notices et etude* 15-14. alto. (Kamansky). St. Pet. 1884.

(1) boP Har (2) NV1' (C) Cl

Seibertx, J. 8. See Quellen der weatflllscben geach.

Seibertz, J. 8. :'

Silesiacaroni rertim xcrlptore*. (F. W. de So turners here). Llpslae. 1729-32. 8 T.

U) Har Hart (2) Col NYP IT

SilTa, L. A. B. da. Se Corpo diplomat! porturuei. . .actM c relacoe* . . . de Portueal.

Silfvertc!pe, C. See Hiitoritkt Blbllotbck.

Silf*MtJpe. C. s.'.- Svenikt dlplomatarlum. . . (-1414).

Simonixt. J. See Documents Inf-dlts pour nerrlr & I'hlitotre. . .ra Rourfogne.

B.monsftld. H. See Zur deutichen trench. as.

Simrock, K. SIT Deutichen S|>rleh\vgrter; 4. anfl.

Simrock, K. See Heldenbuch.

Sinold, v. Sfhiitx. C. P. See Corpus htstorlae brniidenburglrae d'plomatlcnm. Scbroabach. (1756?).

Sirey, D. See Kecueil general des loin et !< arrftn.

Sirmond, J. See Concilia, antiqua Galllue.

Sis old KiiiMish chronicles (J. A. Giles). I., a. I. 1848.

U) And) Bang BoP Bowd Br.ma Dart Har liar-Anil Hart Mtlloi I'rovA Salem VtU Well Weil

VVoh Wore Ya (2) BrynM Col Cor ftrow Barer I^nc MercNY NYC 1 KYI FaS IVu PhiU


Poagli Pr Pratt PrT BocbR Syr ByrP Tor Utlca Vans West I 1

WllkesB (3) DCP LC VaS

c.'.i Clif cincl 1 ColOS Detr GrandR Ills Ind Iowa Kan M-li Mil Mln Mln-iP Mhw Nwb Oberl

oiniih StL WU (6) Cal LSt WasbU

Skene, W. F. See Chronicles of the Plots.

Skene, W. F. S.-,. Four ancient books of Wale*.

(2) PrT

Sleidano, J. S- Gallicarum reruni 3 scrlptores noblllsslml.

Sloet, L. A. J. W. Sro Oorkondenboek dr Rraaf8cbappn Gelre en Zotpben...

Smedt, Ch. de. Sec Acta sanctorum Hlbernlae ex cod. salmant.

Smith, Valentin. s

Society of antiquaries of London; Arcbacologla. Load. 1770

(1) ivoP liar Wellt Wore Ya (2) Col Cor Jem NYP PaSt Pent IT Tort TorP J> LC

.:.) fill' Clnel 1

;ran,IK MlnnPt Xwb Stl.f Wls ,'HCal

Society of antiquaries of Newcantle-npon-Tyne, Archaeolofla aellana. Newcastle. 1822


(1) H..P Har (2) NVP| TorP i:i I.< ,.;, j- rto

Society 04 Cymnirodorloo. Record aeries. Lend. 1882

(1) BoP c.'i Nil' I-Ct (5) Nwb

So), . See Ar, hivei ombrieiiin--.

Soltau, F. L. T. See Einhundert deutsclip liiatorlsche Tolkslli-.l. r.

Somers, lord. S. Collection of scarce and valuable tracts.

Somerset record society. Publication*. Lond. 1887 .

(1) boP liar Hi-il. Ya r.'i BrynMJ XYP Pent Tor '

SomnursberT F. W. de. See 8 lesiaorum rt-rum scrlptorea.


Nwb Wl*


State trials (T. It. I low ell & T. J. Unwell). Lond. 1800-28. 34 v.

(1) B-.P BrowntHar Harl.ProTP Wellf Ya '.) CtiP CbU Cln. I'

GramlHJ Kan KanS Xwb l"u ''> Cat LSt

Statistik di- H.-iclis (K. Statist, amtc). BT. 1873-93. 1 f. C3 T.. 2 f . 30 r.

(1) boP Har Ya (2) Coif O.r Dr. t XVI- I'.-nj r Ills JC Mint Xwb

Statistique pf-nf-rale de la France (le Ministers de I'agrlculture, etc.) Par. [etc.] 1835-91. 53 T.

'..It XYP I'.-nt (."> I.C (5) JC

Statuten d.-s dt>rtm.

Strehlke, E. Sec TabluM nnlinl tbeutonlcl.


Strickler, J. s.-. Actensammlung z. schwdi. reformat k>ncerhlchtc-.

Etrutt, J. s..- Antiquarian \\mk-.

Struve, B. C. See Rerum gcrmanlcaruui scrlptorcs, 3d ed?

Etruviui B. O. Sec Bibl. hitt. Instr... aucta a C. G. Budero et J. G. MtunL

StruTius, B. O. See Rerum K> rmaniearum scrlptorm aliquot Iniigue*; prim. coll. J. Plitorlo; ed. 8.

Btruvius. B. O. Sec Scriptorct rerum germanlcaruin. . . a Carolo M. ad Carolum V. 3. ed.

Stubbi, \V. S.. Select charters an. I other 111. of English coast, hilt.

Btumpf, X. F. See Acta mafuntina saecnll Ml.

Etumpf, K F. See K.uierurkur.dcn de X. XI. uni] XII. jabrb.

Stumpf, K. F. See Reicbikanzler, Tornobmllcb tie* X.. XI.. and XII. J;ihrliuu :

tumpf. K. F. See Die Wirxburger Immunltfttlurkunden oP Har Ya (2) XYP (3) LC (5) Detr Mch Nwb Wlt

Surteei s-v-icty. rulilicatioue. 1834 q. [T. 119, 1910].

(1) boP Har HartJ Wellt Y (2) BrynMJ Col Cor NYP Pent Prt ByrP Tort TorP


X) Unit I i.r (5) CbP ClncP Detr GrandR '

Ills Mcb Nwb \VI< (V) Cal LStJ

Sussex urcliueoloKlcal society. Publications. 1847 .

(1) BoP Har Ya (2) Col NYP Tort (3) LC (3) Detr W1-.

STenska Kornskrlfttsallskapet. SeemUngar. 1660-(no.l36 In 1910).

(1) Har Yaf (2) Coif Cort NYPJ (3) LCJ (5) Ulsf Nthw Swi-d. WIsf

Svensk* incdeitl.ienH rlmkrSnlkor (G. R. Kl.-innilno. Stockholm, 1865-68. 3 T.


STfnikt dlplomatarlum... (1414). (C. Sllferstolpe). Stockholm, 1S75-87. 2 pt.

(1) Har Ya LC (") Mln

Svenskt illplomatarlum (J. G. I.lljepren). Stockb. 5 + 1 -f 3 T. (to 1902).

il) HarYaf


Everget traktatcr mrd frlmmande magtrr (O. 8. Bydberg). Stockholm, 1787. pt. 1-13.

(1) liar Yat (2) NYP (3) LC

Brer ire* rldderskaps och adela rlksdagnprotokoll. 1044-1747. Stockb. 1875-(T.24 ID 1902).

-I Colt (*>) Mln

Swetrtiui, Fr. See Rerum belvlcarum annalot chronlcl, et blitorlcl.

Sybel, H. v. See Kane rurkunden In ablilldiinpt-n.

Bylloge variorum . . illplomatarlorum. (V. F. de Gudenua. cd.). Francof. 1728.

il) liar (2) Pr

fizilacyi, A. Sc- Actea et dor. |K>ur servi 1 hint.

Table rlsroui.loRliiuc d< * 1-lmrten. . . de

(1) BoP Hnr rj

la HHglqiK- i.\. \Vautrr-O. Brux. 180MW. 4 T.

. r.,r NYP i.-.i l-CiS) fliT Nwb

Table chronologlque dea dlplomes, etc. concernent France (L. O. O. V. de Brequlgny). Par. 17;:-1S7.

(1) Broxv. Har C2) Col NYI' PrJ :) I.r (5) Nwb

Tableau priif-rxl numerlque par fonds dca arc-hire* depart, ant. ft 1790. Par. 1848.

(1) liar CJi XYI-

Tabulae Ordinls

(1) Bar


(2) NYP

(E. Streblke). Ber. 1869.

TabuUrium ccoleslae S. Marlae... (L. M. Hartmaon). Vlndobonae, 1899.

(1) liar CD I.C

Tabularum llterarumque reteram spiclleglom (G. Cb. Joannli). Francof. 1724-20. 2 T.

Tailliar. See Cbroniquea de Doual.

Tardif, A. See Costumier d'Artois.

Tardif, A. See Recueil de textes pour sorv. ft rengelgnement de I'blst.

Tardif, E. J. $< Coutumiera de Normaodle.

Tardif, J. See Archivet natlonales; monuroenta lilxtorlques (carton* del rols).

Tartinius, J. M. See Rerum Itallcarum scriptores.

Tftllea da Sylva. See CollecQam dos documentor e mem.


S. Set- Vetera monumenta contra acbigmatlcos.

Tetot. See Repertoire

Iheiner, A. See Veterm monument* historic* Hungarian) sacram llloatrantla.

Thesaurus win , (xlotoruni nurlsslnius. (B. Pel). Aug. Vlmlel. 1721-29. 6 T.

(I)' IlarYaf ot)!cl]tt-quellfn (K. J.

(1) Har Hart (2) NIPt SyrJ

Wegele & others).

(3) LC (5) CbUt

Jena, 1854-1902. T. 1-8.

Thunert, F. See Akten der StKiidetage Prenssena... (1466-79).

Jhurgauitihes Urkundenbuch. (J. Meyer). Frauenfeld, 1882.

(1) Har

Thuringia sacra; urkundenbncb. gech. u. N^ohrelbg. der Tburln*. kldater (\V. Rein). Weimar, 1S63-C5. 2 T.

i ill Pent 13) I-C < 5 ) Nwb

Thurloe. J. S. Collection of state papers... |>uli... ly Tb. Birch.

Tiraboachi, H. S Memoria storlcbe mo


Tiraboichi, H. See Storia dell'augusta Badia dl S. Silvestro dl Nonantola...

Tirabotchi, H. See Vetera bumlltatorum monuments...

Tlroliiche giiu-lilelitM|Ui ll>-n. lunsbr. 1867-1801. 3 r.

(1) Hr

Tischtr.dorf, S. C. de. See Monument*, sacra Inedlta.

Tiuler, B. See Bibliotbeea cUterclensls.

Titrei il- la r unuirni- il.- Haute-AYernea (IK-rlcourt, d'). Arrai, 1878.

Titres .1.- la ma I son de Bourbon (J. L. A. Hnmard-Brebolles). Par. 1847.74. 2 T.

,1) Hoi' Ilur VM (_) NYl'

Tkali-i.-, J. B., ed. Si. Monumenta liUtoriea Lib. Reg. dr. Zagrafclae.

Tobler, F. Sec Itinera hlerosolymllana.

Tobler, T. s,-.- Description** Terrae Sanctae ex saec. VIII.. IX., XII. .et XV.

il' > PrT

Toppen, M. See Akten der Sl&ndlage Freussens unter d.berrscb. d. Deutscben ordena.

Tommaieo, N. Sep Relations dos ambaosadears rfnltlens ur... Franco an XVIe t.

Torcy, de. s-c Memoires pour servlr a 1'blstolre des nggoclattons (Ryswyck juaqu'a Utrecht).

Torniellui, A. See Annalei saorl et ex profanls.

(2) PrT

Tousiaint, Quioet. See Recueil general de* estats... France...

Traditionen des Hocbstlfts Frelslng (Tb. Bltteraaf). MUnst. 1905. (Tell 4).

(1) Hat

Traditiones possesNloncsque \vizenbnrgensea (C. Zeuss). Splrae. 1842.

(1) Not' Bar (2) N VI-

Traites concerDiini ThUtolre de France (P. Dupuj). Par. 1654.

(1) Brown Hart C!) I.r

Traitis concornant 1'blstolre de France; 3e. (d. (P. Dupny). Par. 1700.

(2) Col (5) Nwb

Traitis... et documents cone... Chretiens av. les Arabea de 1'Afr. (L. de Mas Latrle). Par. 1866-72.

(1) Bar (2) NVl'(o) CbP

Traites .Irolts et llbertes de 1'egllse galllcane (Brunei). Par. 1731. S T.

(1) Har Hartt

Trimault, de. See Cartulaire de Marmoutlers pour Ie Vendomols, 1007-1220.

Tretor des chartes du comte de Retbel... (1081-1328). (Q. Salge & B. Lacallle). 1902.

(1) r.:M IlarL (3) LC

Trsor .l.-s pieces angoumolslnes inedltes. . . Angouleme, 1809-76. 2 T.

Trfsor des vU-ux poetes franc"l (P. B. Brunei). Par. 1S77-83. 14 T.

(1) BoPf

Tross, L. s.< Urkundcn f.

Ughelli, F. Sic Italia sacra.


Ugolini, B. S


Urkucden. die gescb. SUd- a. West-Rnnlands betreff. (1361-1659). St. Pet. 1862-83. 4 T.

tl) liar Ci) I.C

Urkunden fUr den redds su*. d. dent, nation (J. L. KMber). Mannheim, 1845,

(1) liar Y* .:>) ln.1

Urkunden t. d. R-SC|I. d. Febmgerlcbta (L. Tross). Hamm. 1826.


' (1) liar i.L N

1 1

* I

Urkundcn fllr die getcblcbte dor stadt Bern Ms... des 13. jabrb. (R. Zrerleder). Bern, 1853-53. 3 T.

(1) llr iL'i Col

Urkunden Mr die geach. Deutscb. (N. Kln.lllnger). Lps. 1800.

(1) Har



rog. a.


Urkunden zur gescblcbte des Ronierzuges Ludwlgs d. Bayera (J. Flcker). Insbr. 1809.

tl) i.P Hr (2) Pen (5) CbC

Urkunden zur gesch... Russland, Polen. Moldau. Walacbel o. TOrkel (V. A. Uljanltacbkl). Mcwkan, 1S87.

(1) Har

Urkunden zur hesslschen landea-. orts- and famlllengeschlcbte (L. Banr). Darnut. 1849-73. (6)5 T,

tl) Ha; ,-j, CulJ NY1 t IVu


Urkundenbuch ili-r studt Quedllngbg (K. Janl.-k.-). Hall*. 1873-82. 2 r.

(1) llur (2) Col (5) Nut>

Urkundenbiuh drr stadt San bis z. J. 1520 (L. Schleslnger). Prag, 1892.

Urkundenbuch d. stadt Torgau (C. Koabe). Torgaa, 1902.

(2) Coif

UrkunJenbjoh drr stadt u. land -rha ft ZUrlc-b bearb. (J. Bcber). ZOr. 1888-1900. (?. 7, 1006.)

(1) liar (2) Col) NYPt (3) LC

Urkundenbuch d. stadt Worms (B. Boos). Ber. 1880-90. 2 T.

(1) liar Ya t 'i NY I'

Urkund. nbuch d.r rnlvcrsltat Hi-idrlU-rK (E. Wlnk.-lmann). Heidelberg, 1886. 2 T.


(1) HarYa (2) Col Pea (3) i.c

Urkundenbuch dcr vBgte T. Weida, Gera a. Plaaen. (B. Schmidt) 1122-1427. Jena, 1885. 2 T.

(I)' Ihir Hart

Urkundenbuoh des

(1) Har Ya

Benedlktlner stifles St. Paul In Karnten

(2) Col NYP (.'{) LC

Urkundtnbuch u. cbronlk < li. 11 ( l.nuilk i K. Volgt). 1MB.

(1) IUr

Urkundenbuch zur gescbicbte der biscbofe zu Speyer (F. X. Remllnf ). Mainz, 1852-53. 2 T.


(1) Ilur

Urkundenbuch zur geschlcbte der... Braunschweig (H. Sudendorf). IlannoT. a. G8t. 1859-83. 11 r.

(1) Ho: Ya (2) Col P-u (3) LC (5) ChU| '


Urkundenbuch cur cesculcbte der Deatscben to Slebenbflrgen (F. Zlmmermann). Hennannstadt, 1893 . ST.

11) ll:ir

Urkundenbuch z. (teach, d. herren von Hanau u. ohemal. provlns Hanau (H. Relmer). Lp. 1801-97.

(1) BoP Har Ya (2) XVI-

Urkundenbuch z. gescb. d. beraflge T. Braanscb. a. Lflnebarg (H. Sadendorf). Hinnor. n. GCt. 1839-83. 11 T.

i 1 i IlHr Ya (2) Col Pm (3) LC (5) Nwb

TTrkundenbuch z. gescblcbte d... Zweibrflcken (L. Molltor). Zwelbrflckeo, 1888.

Mi Har

Urkundenbuch zur geschlcbte d. lande* der Dltbmarscben (A. L. J. Mlcbelaen). Altona, 1834.

(1) Har VtO Ya (2) Col (3) I.r

Urkundenbuch z. g. d. markgrafentoma Nleder-Laaslts (Tbeaoer). LObben, 1897.

(1) Bar

Urkundenbuch s. gescb. d mlttelrbelo. terrltorlen (1260) (H. Beyer). Coblens, 1800-74. ST.

H) Har

' Urkundenbuch zur geschlcbte Slebenbdrgena (G. D. Tentscb a. F. Flnibatx>r). Wlen, 1857.

(1) Har Ya (2) XYP (r.jChCt Nwb

Urkundenbu. h zur geschlcbte T. KrScker. Ber. 1864-05. T. 2.

( 1 ) Har

Urkundenbuch zur landes- und recbtsgescblcbte. . . Westfalen (J. 8. 8elbrts). Arnaberg, 1838-54. ST.

(1) BoP Har (2) Col

Urkundenbucher dt-r gelstllchen Stlftuogon des Xloderrbelns. (DOaaeld. Gescb.- Ver.). Bonn 1905-8.

(1) Har (3) LC

Urkundenregiiter filr


Usages ilea pays de Breast. Bngey, et Gex (Revel * Golcbenoo). Bourg-eo-BreM*. 1775. ST.

il) Hml.

Ue et coutumes de U mer (J. M. Pardessas). Par. 1847. 2 T.

tl) KoP Har (3) I.C

Vfitrmann. E. S.-c Prodromal Germanise name.

Unher. James. See Veterum cplxtolarum blbernlcarnm sylloge.

Valentin Smith. J. E. See Loi Gorabttte..

Valentinelli, J. See Regesta documentor. Germanise blstorlam lllastrant.

Vandenbroeck, H. See Eztraits analyt. des anclens reglstres de Toornal, 1422-1430.

Van Loon. So- Groot fielders . plneaet-boeck. . Nljm, 1701-40. 3 T. In 2.

Varin, P. See An hives de la Tllle de Rbetms...

Vatikan, Akten, z. dtsch. getcb. d. celt kaiser I.adw. d. Bayern (8. Rlexler). Innsbr. 1891.

(1) Har (3) Xwli

Vatikanisthe urknmlen and regenten en Lotbringens gescblcbte. (H. V. Ssuerland). Met*. 1900. pt, >.

M)BbPHar cii Colt NYP (3) LC

Vattier, A. S!


Vetera inoiiii. IlllnTDorum et Scotornm blit. ill. 1216-1547 (Augustln Tbelner). Rome. 1844.

(1) BoPBar (2) Col Cor prT (5) ClncP

Vetera mommx-nta hlitorlca Hungarlam aacram HluMrantla (A. Tbelner). Romae. 1804. 2 T.

Hi BoP Bar (2) Col Cor NY1>

Veteres ncrlptore*. qul caesarum... res gestaa lltterla mandarunt (J. Rvuber). Frft. 1720.

(1) Har (2) Col

VeterU a.-vl analecta (A. Mattbael). Lag. Bat. 1688-1710. 10 T.

(1) BoP Bar

Vctcria a.-vl analecta. ed. 2 (A. Mattbael). Bag. Com. 1738. 5 T.

il) Har Hart Ya (2) Col Cor (3) I.C

Veterum aliquot . . acrlptoram . aplclleglum (Lac d' Acberj). Par. 1655-77. 1ST.

U) BoP Har (2) Col Cor (3)

Wterum eplstolarum hlbernlcarum sylloge

(1) Ya r.'i XYP


(James Uaaber). Dab. 1632.

Veterum i-pistolarum hlbernlcarum sylloge

(1) Bar (2) XYP (3) LC

(James Uasber). Dob. 1847.

Veteram nxmuiucutorum

(1) Bar i i Col



(J. G. Eccard). Llpslae 1720.

Veterum srriptorum

(1) BoPBar

>t moo. aiupl. coll. (E. Martenp ft U. Durand). Par.

Ya (2) Col Cor NYP Sago Unions i.".) Nwb

1724-30. 9 T.

Veterum . . scriptorum . germanlc. red gpstas (Just Reober). Francof. 1584.

(1) Hart (2) XYP Syr

Vetuatiora latlnoruui scriptorum chronlca (Tb. Roncalllns). Patarll, 1787. 2 T.

(1) Bar Bart n'l BrynM Col Cor

Viaje liit.Turiu a las i K I.-sla (! EnpaDa (J. Villanm-Ta). Madrid et Valence, 1803 . T. 1-22.

(1) Har Yat (2) SYPf Pen (3) LC (5) Mch Xwb

Viard. J. St>o Journaux du trCsor de Philippe VI. de Valols.

Vigfutson, 0. See Corpua poetlcum boreale.

Vitfier, J. Sec Coutumea d'Angoumols, Aunts, et la Rot-belle.

Vignat, O. S.T Cartulaire du cliapltre de Salnt-Arit d'Orleana.

Vignat, O. See Cartulaire et blstoire de Notre-Dame de Beaogency.

Vignati. Sci- Codice diplomat, laudense...

Villanueva, Fr. J. See Viaje lltterarlo a las Igleslas de Espafla.

Villeneuve. P. de la Bigne. See Cartulaire de 1'abbaye de Saint-Georges de Rennet.

Vindemiae litcrariae; b. e.. Vet. monu. ad Germ. sac. spectant. (J. F. Scbannat). Foldae, 1723-24,

(1) BoP Har Hart (2) NYP

Vlrck, H SIM- Polit correspondent, der atadt Stratwburg 1m zeltalt. d. reformation.

Vitae patrum (Herlb Uosweydus). Antrerp. 1628.

(1) Har Bart (2) Col NYP UnlonS

Vitae SMiictorum; 3e ed. (L. Soring). Cologne, 1618. 12 T.

(1) Bar (3) Catb

Vitae .-aix-tnimn sk-uloruiu . . . coll. (O. Caletanua). Panorml, 1657. 2 T.

(1) Bar

Vitis aqulKinia (Job. MaMtovlus). fpiialae. 1708.

Voelliua, O. et. Juatellua, H. See Bibl. juris canon, vet. pr. ft lat.

Voigt, F. S.-i- Urkundenbuch z. iMTlinlsclicn cbronlk.

Voigt, J. Sf.- Codex diplomatics prugsicus...

Volger, E. See Urkunden. d. MxcbQfe T. Hlldeahelm.

Vuigcr, U. t. s-i- Urkundenbuch d. stadt Mm. imrk.


Volkaersloeke, Kervija de. Sec Documents bint. Ined. cone. Paya-Ras...

Volkmar, F. Sc- Geschichtsquellen tier grafacbaft Glatx.

Volktlieder .i.-r Deutacbcn. . . (F. K. F. v. Krlacb). Mannli. 1834-37. B T.

(1) Bol' Btown Bar Well

Nb StL (0) CalLSt

Y (2) Col Cor NVP I'.-n Syr Tor (.T) I,C (0) ClncP Ilia Meb

Volkitumliche llder d. Deotscben 1m

il) dink Ya (2) XYP ir.)

18. a. 10.

lu.lt Mllw

jabrb. (F. M.

Mln (G) Cal

Bohme). Lps. 1903.

Volumen rrnini (.cniiiuloanim uovuni; Hive. DC pace Imperil publlra Unrl 5 (J. P. Datt). Ulm, 1698.

(1) Ilur Ya

Voyage lltu-rnlr.- .]. deux beocdlctlos (K. Marten.- & U. Durand). Par. 1717. 2

(1) Iliir Ya (2) Col NYP

Voyage litteraralre de deux benedlctlns (K. Martene & U. Durand). 1'ar. 1723.

(1) Hart Ya (2) Col NYP

T. In

2 r.


Voyages plitorrMques ft romant. daon I'lim-iniuc France (Taylor Noiller, etc.). Par. 1833 . 18 T.

(1) boP (2) Col Pen$ Phi In

Vrai ityle dn cone. pr. du roy. etc. (Du Crot). Par. 1633-34.

Vreede, G. G. See Souabe (La) apre la palx de Bale, Recuell de document*.

Yriei, Be. de. Se Codicei graecl et la t In 1 pbotograpblce deplctl.

Vrije Frlttt; HM-ngelluKen (Frlesch. ynntsrhap van Resettled). Leeuward, 1830 sq. [T. 21, 1011],

M) Bar Ya (2) Col NYPt '' !>'

Vulcaniua, R. Sc Gothicarum et longonardlcarum rerum scrlptorex.

Wackernagel, P. See Deutsche klrcbenlled von der Bltesten celt bis sum anfang des 17. jabrbunder.

Wackernagel. B. See Urkundenbuch der stadt Basel.

Wackernael, W. See 8ohwabenspiea;el.

Wadding, L. Sre Bcriptores ordlnU Mlnorum.

Wascbke, H. Set- Regeaten u. urkunden d... archlvs cu Zerbst (1401-1500).

Waits, G. See Urkunden cur deutscben Terfassungsgescb. Im 11. a. 12. jabrb...

Waloh, C. W. F See Monumenta tnedll acvl.

Waliszewski, X. See Acta quae In arcblvo... gall, ad JoannU III regtiuin 111. spect.

Walker. See Collection . . . des lots, edits, etc.

Walter, F. Si < Corpus Juris Germanic! antlqul.

Walter. G. See Urkundenregister filr den Kanton ScbafTbausen.

Walther. A. B. See Silesia diplomatics.

Wartmann, H. SIT Urkundenbuch ili>r abtel St. Gallen, jabr 700-1300.

Wasaenaer, C. See Historisch vcrbael alder... geschledenlssea . . . (1621-32).

Wasserschleben, F. W. H. See Busiordnungen d. abendllnd. klrcbe.

(C) PrT

Wuserschleben. H See Deutsche recbtsquellen des mittelalters.

Wasserschlcbcn, H. See Irische . kanonensammlnng. .

Wasserschleben, H. See Sammlung deutscber recbtHquellen.

Water, J. v. d. See Oroot placcaatboek's lands Tan Utrecbt... Utr. 1728. ST.

Wattenbach. W See Oeschichtsschreiber il. deutscben rontelt; 2. ausg.

(1) BoP Hurt (^) NYPt

Wattenbftch, W. Sc Monument* lubensla.


Watterich, J. M. S. Pontiflcum roniioorum (0-13 .).

Wmuters, A. See Table cbronologlque des chart es...de la Belglqoe.

Weech, F. v. Sw Codex diplomatics salemltanos. ..

Wegele, F. J. See Thu>inciche crscblchtsqaellen.

Wegelin, R. Soe Theiaurui riTuin saeTlcarum.

Wehrmann, C. See ilteren lubecklscben zunftroll, n.

Weiike. J. S-e Sachientpiegel.

Weii. See Papier* d'etat do cardinal de GranTtlle...

Weiss, X. See Oeschichtiquellen der atadt Wlen.

Weiss, J. N. See Urkunden d. Clsterclenaerxt. Belllgenkreus Im Wlencrwalde.

Weiatiimer (J. Grimm A R. ScbrOder). UCt. 1840-78. 7 T.

(1) BoI'J Drt Bar Ym (2) Col Cor Pen 8yr Tor (3) LC (3) ChP ClncP Ills llcbt Kwb

t) Cal

Weller. J See Altea ana alien tbellen d. fescblcbte. ..

Weller, K. See Hobenlobiacbea urkundenbucb (1350).

Welti, E. See Stadtrecbnunfen TOD Bern (1375-1384) n. 1430 bis 1452.

Welti. F. E. Sit- Urkunden ilea atadtarcblrs xu Baden Im Aargau...( 1499).

Wenck, F. A. W. See Codex Juris gentiumr ecentlMlml (1735.72).

Wenker, H. See Meppener urkundenbocb.

Werken der Marnlz-Tereenlglng. Utr. 1870-89. 11 T. In 10.

(1) Bar Yat (2) Cor NYP PrT Safte UnlonS (3) LC (3) Nwb

Werken der Vereeniglng tot ultgare der bronnen ran bet onde Taderlandacbe recbt.'s Grar. 1880-08. 31 T.

(2) NYPt (H) Lf (.'.) Nwb

Werken nltgegeren door de Vereenlg. ter berord. d. oude Nederl. letterk. LelJ. 1844-49. 17(22)?.

(1) Yat (2) ColJ SYP| (3) LCf (5) Nwb

Werken uitgegeren door bet flUtorlMb genootscbap te Utrecht. Utr. 1846 (1897, T. 180).

(1) BoPf Bar Yat (2) Coif Cor NYPt (3) LCt (5) Nwb

Werunaky, E. See ExcerpU ex reglstrls dementis VI. et Innocent! VI. blst. . .Caroll IV. ill.

Wetaelofiky, IT. I. See Denkmiler der diplomat, a. commerclellen bexlebangen swlscben Motkau D. Penlen.

Weatfaliache* urkundenbucb (E. A. Beyden). 1876.

(1) Bar

Wettfaliaohei orknndenbacb (R. Wllmana). If Ouster, 1861. T. 2.

(1) Bar (2) NYP Syr

Weatphalen, E. J. de. See Monument* inedlta rerum germanlcarnm.

Wharton, H. See Anglia, sacra; a.. Collectio blstorlarum script.

Wiegand. See Urkunden D. akten d. stadt Strasabnrg.

Wienbowaki, Th. See Uchafisciana,; Collectio docnmentorum 111. Titam J. Ccbaoskl.

Wiesand, F. W. See Bamml. d. Regensburger decrete.

Wilkins, D. See Concilia Magnae Brltannlae et BlDernlae. a. d. 446-1718.

(2) PrT


Wilma&i, R. See Xaiserurkunden d. prorlni Westfalen, 777-1313.

Willemin. See Monument! frnr*ls Inedlt*.

William Bait arcbaeol. soc. Collections for a history of Staffordshire.


(1) BoP Bar Ya (2) NYP nd. 1843-47. 4 T. In 3.

(1) BoP| (2) Colt NYPJ

Winkelmann, E. Set- Acta imperil Incdlt . . .

Winkelmann, Ed. Sec Urkundenbuch der unlrersltlt Heidelberg.

Winter. Se Pommertches nrkundenbucb. . .1301-1306.

Wirtembergischei urkundenbucb (1824). Stutt. 1849 (T. 9. 1907).

(1) Har YaJ HM Coif NYP* (3) LC

Wirticbaftlicben rertrige Deutschlands (H. T. Poschlnger). Ber. 1892-03. 3 T.

(1) Ear

Win, C. See Akten Ober die diplomat, bezleb. d. rOmlscben Carle zu der Scbweli, 1512-52.

Win, C. See Bullen und breren. . .ana Itallenlscben arcblTen (1116-1623).

Winburger Inminnltat-urknnden

(1) Bar

d. 10. a. 11. Jhdts. (K. F. Stampf ). Inntbr. 1874-76. 2 T.

Witichindl Sax. rer...llbrl 3. (Frecbt). Basil. 1532.

(1) Bar Hart (2) NVI>

Witt, J. de. See Brieyen. . .geTolmachtlgden

d. Vereen. Nederl., In Vranckryck. etc. 1652-69.'*.

Witt, 3. de. See Reiolutien en secrete res. Tan Holland! en W.-Vrleslandt, 1653-68.

Wittelsbaohische regesten bis 1340 (J. Fr. Bfibmer). Stut. 1854.

(1) Har (2) Syr

Wittmann, F. X. See Monument a wlttelsbacensla . ..

Wittmann, F. See Monument* rastellana; urkundenbnch *. gescb. d...herren so Castell ( 1546).

Wodrow society-Publications. Edlnb. 1841-49. 23r.


Wolky, K.

BoP Har Ya (2) Col Cort NYPJ Prf

P. See Neues preusslscbes urkandenbucb.

PrT TorP

* (3) LO* (5) CbU Dtr Nrwb

Wohlen. See Entscheidungen d. Bundesamlces. f. d. belmatwesen.

Wolff, J. G. See Sammlung d. monamente Nfirnhorc.

Wollbeim de Fonseca. See National-literatur der SkandinaTier. . .

Worceitershire historical society. Publications. Ox. 1893

(1) BoP Har Wore Yaf i2) NYPf (0) Nwb Wls

Worlky, C. P. See Scriptoret rerum warmlenslum.

Wright. Thomai, Ed. Si-*- Anglo-Saxon and Old Eng. vocabnUrles.

Wurtembergiiche gescblcbtsequellen (D. Schafer). Stgt. 1894

(1) Har (2) ColJ NYPJ (3> I.t

Wiirttembergitche gescblcbtsqaellen. Stut. 1887-91. 4 T.

(!) Har (2) NYP| (3) LC

Wurdwein, L. A. See Diplomataria maguntlna.

Wurdyerin, 8. A. See Nova tubfidia dlploin.

Wurdyerin, 8. A. See Subiidia dlplomatlca.

Wuscb, F. T. S-e Codex dlplomatlcns salernltanns.

Wuitmann, O. See Quellen sur gescblcbte der stadt Lelpslg.




Wyi, A. S> i Hrssiscbes urkundenbuch.

Xivry, Bcrger de. See Recueil ties lettres missile* de Henri IV.

Year books from K.lr.l 1. to Henry VIII. Ix>ml. 1587-1678. 11 T.

(1) Bol't Brnu nt liar Harl. Vat (2) Colt for XYP (3) l.C (5) CtocPI Ill| KanS Mch

Yorkshire archaeological and topographical association Record aerie*. Workshop, 1888

(1) Bar Harl. Ya (2) NYPt Tort (3) L< t

Yorkshire. North Killing r-or

American Historical Association.

6201 Committee on Bibliography

A68 A union list of collections





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