Annual Report - French Chamber of Commerce and Industry in ...

Annual Report - French Chamber of Commerce and Industry in ...


Annual Report


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12 Membership profile in 2008/2009

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44 Financial Report

President’s Note

think you will all agree that the

I past year has been marked by

challenging times. Over the past

months, the world has seen the

worst financial crisis since the Great

Depression and no industry, nor

any country, has been immune

to its effects. We are now in a

recession and the recovery will most

probably take time. Despite these

uncertainties and some casualties,

our community of entrepreneurs

should keep in good spirits as we

are living in the most vibrant part of

the globe.

And in this dynamic region, Hong

Kong is certainly the place to be in!

Indeed, our city has shown signs

of weaknesses during the past

year, with a rise in unemployment

and a significant number of

SMEs collapsing. But we all know

Hong Kong’s resilience and its

extraordinary capacity to rebound.

Throughout this difficult year, your

Chamber has been actively pushing

the views of French companies

in Hong Kong and lobbying the

Government on various issues,

notably during the second part of

2008 under the French presidency

of the EU. We will continue to

do so, with the other European

Chambers as it is of the utmost

importance to develop a common

approach on different topics such

as relief measures for the business

community, double taxation

agreements, the environment, etc.

French companies also continued

to demonstrate their dynamism

during this tumultuous period: the

SME Awards, which were presented

during our Annual Gala dinner to

two performing SMEs selected

from many competitors, are a good

illustration of the entrepreneurial

spirit which prevails in our


The French Chamber of Commerce

and Industry accomplished much

this year in spite of the very

difficult environment. We have

reached a record number of

members, a clear indication of the

attractiveness of our services and

events. Our committees have also

been very active and were the

driving force behind outstanding

accomplishments such as our IP

Seminar and the visit of MTRC

managers in Paris to meet with

French SMEs. More information

on these events and other highly

successful initiatives can be found

within the pages of this report.


My first thanks goes to the

permanent staff of the French

Chamber for their dedication

under the leadership of Maryse

Kraatz, our General Manager. They

have been enthusiastic, proactive

and professional throughout this

challenging year. I would also like

to thank the Committee Presidents,

the members of the Executive

Committee and the Councilors:

their support is essential to the

Chamber’s life!

Last, I wish to stress the importance

of having a cohesive ‘Equipe de

France’ in Hong Kong during

these challenging times. I take this

opportunity to thank the French

Consulate-General and the French

Trade Commissioner for their

constant support this year and

would also like to bid ‘Au revoir’

to Jean-Pierre Thébault who has

been a fervent supporter of French

business in Hong Kong.

Xavier Jacquemain


French Chamber 2008-2009 Annual Report

French Chamber 2008-2009 Annual Report

Executive Director’s

Maryse Kraatz

Executive Director

What a year! We were witness

to virtually all stages of the

economic cycle in one single year,

with many experts now expecting

the the recovery of the economy by

the end of 2009. During this time, we

have kept adapting our services to

the changing economic climate and

have worked hard to be as close as

possible to our members and to best

represent their interests in Hong


Despite the tumultuous period,

the Chamber recorded its highest

number of new members this year

with more than 100 newcomers. In

2009, the Chamber has become,

more than ever, a multicultural

organization, with a vibrant mix

of French, Hong Kong and other

Western companies.

We continued to try to serve both

our multinational companies, for

whom Hong Kong is frequently the

regional headquarters, and our

entrepreneurs, heading the SMEs

that they, more often than not,

created here. The number of French

entrepreneurs has continued to

grow at an impressive rate and we

feel very proud to help promote the

excellence of these professionals

by increasing their visibility in Hong




Our passion for Hong Kong has

helped us fulfill one of our most

important missions – a mission

which many members may not be

aware of – to help French SMEs

based in France to develop their

business abroad, as well as to

promote Hong Kong as an attractive

business destination in France.

A great illustration of how large firms

and SMEs can join forces to create

a successful event is the MTRC

Roadshow, organized in June by

members of the French Chamber’s

Infrastructure Committee: This

business-matching event in Paris

between MTR Corporation and

French companies involved in the

railway industry gave SMEs the

opportunity to present their product

offering to MTR while also allowing

major players to strengthen already

established ties with the Hong Kongbased


At a more internal level, the

Chamber has equipped itself with

more professional tools to serve

you better and to enhance its image

within the Hong Kong business

community: We developed our first

graphic chart, refurbished all our

publications and introduced a new

CRM linked to our new website.

Executive Director’s

In addition to our quarterly magazine,

Hong Kong Echo, which now has

a circulation of 6,500 copies, our

website is a great platform for

you to share your corporate news.

You will also have the chance to

update your profile directly on the

website all year long and our annual

Directory will be derived from your

latest updates, saving us both a

tremendous amount of time.

Our 12 Committees are now among

the best reasons for new members

to join the Chamber: While each one

is different and specific, all of them

have worked towards establishing

a platform of discussion between

members related to a given sector

or industry. I would like to take the

opportunity to celebrate the launch

of two new Committees this

year: The Sourcing Committee

and our “Think Tank”, the Policy

& Consultation Committee. The

latter will help determine the official

views of the French Chamber on

government policies and initiatives in

Hong Kong. Just as we have in the

past on issues such as eurocodes,

wine taxes and double taxation, the

French Chamber is determined to

continue, more than ever, to fight

for you on policy, economic and

environmental matters.

It is impossible for me to mention

all our major events, so I hope that

you’ll take the time to go through

the next pages of this report for

an overview of our informative

seminars, successful business

missions and engaging networking

events. I’ll still mention a few of

them: We are happy to have helped

the Chamber’s luxury retailers

through the co-organization, with

Hong Kong Land, of the third annual

Boutique Boulevard, a festive

event celebrating luxury which this

year involved more than 40 luxury


Another major initiative in 2009 was

our IP Seminar which gathered

more than 160 professionals,

including 15 from Mainland China, to

discuss current issues in Intellectual

Property Protection. The event

was an outstanding success with

dazzling presentations from 21

experts in the IP field.

Our Annual Gala Dinner was also

hugely successful with 530 guests

attending the event which was

dedicated to the passion and fervour

of French design.



I also wish to mention that many of

our initiatives would not have been

possible without the continuous

support of some of our largest

member companies. Given the

economic climate of the past year,

their unwavering support has been

particularly appreciated and I take

this opportunity to sincerely thank


I would also like to express

my deepest gratitude to our

President, our Councilors and

all our Committee members for

their countless hours and heartfelt

dedication to this Chamber.

Last but not least, let me tell you

that the various actions outlined in

this text are only a pale reflection of

your dynamism and of the close ties

you have helped us build with our

Hong Kong partners during the past

23 years. I wish to thank you all for

the important role that you continue

to play in our organization.

Maryse Kraatz

Executive Director

French Chamber 2008-2009 Annual Report

French Chamber 2008-2009 Annual Report

Who’s who

at the French Chamber

President and Executive Committee


Xavier Jacquemain (SOCIETE GENERALE)





Philippe Neveu (SINO LINKER LTD)



General Secretary



Hélène Bayssette (CALYON)

Executive Members



Honorary Presidents

Richard Burton (COFACE HONG KONG)

Paul Clerc-Renaud (FARGO GROUP)



List on 30 June 2009


Who’s who


at the French Chamber

Hélène Bayssette CALYON




Florence Calla AIR FRANCE

Frédéric Caubert HSBC

Paul Clerc-Renaud FARGO GROUP

Damien Dernoncourt JOHN HARDY LTD

Anne-Laure Descours LI & FUNG (TRADING)




Pascale Dutronc GREEN & TECH

Serge G. Fafalen S.G. FAFALEN & Co.







Bertrand Jubault WINESHOP.HK



Thibaud de Loynes THE TMS WAY



Philippe Neveu SINO LINKER LTD





Jean-Christian Séguret LVMH ASIA PACIFIC LTD


Arnaud de Surville DEXTRA PACIFIC LTD







List on 30 June 2009


French Chamber 2008-2009 Annual Report

French Chamber 2008-2009 Annual Report

Who’s who

at the French Chamber


China Committee

President: Paul Clerc-Renaud (Fargo Group)

Vice Presidents: Kin-Lap Ho (Fok Ying Tung Group), Rebecca Silli (Gide Loyrette Nouel)

Events and Gala Committee

President: Jacques Boissier (Classic Fine Foods)

Human Resources Committee

President: Vicky Wong (EPC Consulting)

Vice President: Hélène Krieff (Neumann Partners)

Infrastructure & Technology Committee

President: Nicolas Borit (Dragages Hong Kong Ltd)

Vice President: Vincent Tung (Alstom Hong Kong Ltd)

Luxury & Retail Committee

President: Eric Douilhet (Bluebell)

Vice President: Daniel Plane (Gide Loyrette Nouel)

NTIC Committee

President: Thibaud de Loynes (The TMS Way)

Vice President: Raul Abreu (Realeyes 3D)

Policy & Consultation Committee

President: Rebecca Silli (Gide Loyrette Nouel)

Vice President: Thomas Feld (Mayer Brown JSM)

Publications Committee

President: Hélène Bayssette (Calyon)

Vice President: Paul Clerc-Renaud (Fargo Group)

SME Committee

President: Philippe Neveu (Sino Linker)

Vice President: Bertrand Jubault (

Sourcing Committee

President: Laurent Ruhlmann (Seb)

Vice President: Antony Guinvarch (Fnac Eveil & Jeux)

Sustainable Development Committee

President: Christopher Tung (Mallesons Stephen Jaques)

Vice President: Christophe Bongars (SustainAsia)

Young Professionals’ Committee

President: Orianne Rainero-Pagès (Forceten Ltd)

Vice President: Nathalie Tortellier (Thomas, Mayer & Associés)


Who’s who

at the French Chamber

Permanent Staff

Executive Director

Maryse Kraatz

Administrative Manager

Grace Cheng

Head of Business Development Department

Maxime Bourboulon

Business Development Manager

Eak Hong Loui

Business Development Executive

Amélie Cheung

Committees Manager

Catherine Pielawa-Ko

Events & PR Manager

Caroline Boisson

Membership Manager

Julie Bourgeois

Publications Manager

Genevieve Du Sault

Head of Recruitment/Training Department

Sabine Bouchara (also Deputy General Manager)

Recruitment/Training Consultant

Cathy Blanc

Administrative Assistant

Ashley Pang


French Chamber 2008-2009 Annual Report

French Chamber 2008-2009 Annual Report












At the end of our 2008-2009 financial year, the French Chamber in Hong Kong

counted 625 members, an increase of 15% (100 members) compared with the previous year.

The number of members has been growing constantly since the Chamber’s creation 23 years ago:

This growth is the result of the growing

dynamism of the Chamber, namely:

- The initiatives undertaken by our 12


- The 60 high-profile events organized by

the Chamber, embracing a wide range

of interests for our members

- The multi-cultural nature of our

membership, attracting a variety of

business organizations

- The increasing number of French

companies established in Hong Kong,

another source of new members,

particularly companies relocating their

headquarters to HK or entrepreneurs

setting up a new company.

2003/2004 2004/2005 2005/2006 2006/2007 2007/2008

- The efficiency of the Recruitment

Department in finding ideal candidates

for our company members.

- Spontaneous interest in our Chamber,

thanks to its visibility in the business

community and the proactive approach

of some of our members in promoting

the Chamber to other companies.

- More awareness, since the economic

crisis, of the benefits of networking

opportunities, the need to increase

company visibility and the advantages

of sharing relevant information.



Membership categories

Our 625 members represent 408

companies in the following categories:

- 30 Sponsor companies

representing 114 people

- 198 Corporate companies

representing 303 people

- 76 Entrepreneur companies

representing 104 people

- 82 Individual members

- 22 Young Professionals


















Food & Beverage


Fashion & Cosmetics Industrial Goods

Consumer Goods






Membership Categories Company size Sectors of Activity Services Sectors of Activity





Young Professional

Strong representation of SMEs

We proudly count among our members

the majority of large French companies in

Hong Kong, though for the past several

years the number of SMEs has grown,

reaching approximately 50% of total


Companies considered to be Hong Kong


- in the manufacturing sector, any

company that employs fewer than 100

people in Hong Kong.

- in the non-manufacturing sector, any

company that employs fewer than 50

persons in Hong Kong.

These two types of members obviously

have very different needs and we always

keep in mind our dual function of serving

both sides of the equation, and adapting

our services to suit the entire spectrum of

our membership base.

Large Firms


Sectors of activity


The sectors of activity of our Members

are representative of the leading sectors

of Hong Kong’s economy.

Predominant sectors include:

- Services

- Fashion & Cosmetics

- Consumer Goods

- Financial

- Food & Beverage

- Transport & Tourism

- Technology

Transport & Tourism














With such a wide range of sectors

and industries represented through its

members, the French Chamber has

both the legitimacy and the influence to

support the French business community

through a variety of initiatives.

French Chamber 2008-2009 Annual Report

French Chamber 2008-2009 Annual Report















China Committee

Events & Gala Committee

Human Resources Committee

Infrastructure & Technology Committee

Luxury & Retail Committee

NTIC Committee

Policy & Consultation Committee

Publications Committee

SME Committee

Sourcing Committee

Sustainable Development Committee

Young Professionals Committee



President & Vice-Presidents:

Paul Clerc-Renaud (Fargo Group)

Kin-Lap Ho (Fok Ying Tung Group)

Rebecca Silli (Gide Loyrette Nouel)

Paul Clerc-Renaud, Alexander Pan, Vicky Wong,

Xavier Jacquemain, Andrew Kwok at the Taiwan

Straits Exchange & Cooperation presentation.


The China Committee is a forum where

members can exchange information and

experiences about the rapidly changing

Chinese business environment. Local

and foreign guest speakers are often

invited to present practical advice or

research findings on issues and events

relevant to doing business in China.


The Committee continued its active

participation in the Intercham PRD

Committee and friendly exchanges

with the CCIFC (French Chamber of

Commerce and Industry in China), the

CEFC (French Centre for Research on

Contemporary China), the HK Chinese

Enterprise Association, and the various

official representatives of China in Hong

Kong. A first networking luncheon was

held with the Chinese General Chamber

in April.


China Committee

The rapidly changing macro-economic

situation, the flurry of new regulations

and the short-term or more structural

changes now challenging our members

will give us ample matter for information

exchanges in the new Chamber year.

Our new year already started in

September with a very informative expert

overview of China’s new leadership drive

by Dr. Jacques Gravereau, the President

of HEC Eurasia Institute.

The main themes on our radar will be:

Macro themes

- China’s energy future / Cleantech

(Joint conference in October

with the Sustainable Development


- Domestic consumption stimulus

- World Expo Shanghai 2010

- HK/Macau PRD integration

(outline 2020)

- Infrastructure investments

Practical/Technical themes

Bankruptcy law

Anti-monopoly law

Mergers & Acquisitions

Value-added Tax reform

Experience sharing / Networking

Hong Kong Chinese Enterprise

Association: high-level networking

Experience sharing: we will continue to

invite experts at our Committee meetings.

The China Committee will endeavour

to address these and other issues that

existing or new members will raise over

the new year. It will continue to put

forward the views and preoccupations of

its members to the relevant authorities

and China business circles.

A number of events were organised by

the China Committee during the year


Taiwan Straits Exchange & Cooperation:

Now and Beyond

- 18 December 2008

Navigating through China’s land and realestate


- 8 January 2009


The Euro-Chinese relations: Feedback

on the French presidency and 2009


- 21 January 2009

Risk assessment and management in

turbulent times

- 25 February 2009

France and Europe: in recession,

but where next? Perspectives and

opportunities – Join Luncheon with the

Chinese General Chamber of Commerce

- 7 April 2009

Forces et fragilités de la Chine, les

incertitudes du grand dragon

- 4 June 2009

Crisis management, restructuring your

China operations in difficult economic


- 11 June 2009

Several speakers have been invited

to address various subjects during

Committee meetings:

Political/economical evolution of China,

with Dr. Jean-François Huchet (CEFC)

- 25 September 2008

China’s international relations after the

Olympics, financial crisis and cross

straight rapprochement, with Pr. Jean-

Pierre Cabestan

(Hong Kong Baptist University)

- 12 December 2008

Administrative regulations on special tax

adjustments in China

- 19 February 2009

Prospects for economic and political

reform further to the National People’s

Congress with Dr. Willy Lam

(Chinese University of Hong Kong and

University of Hong Kong, and Akita

International University, Japan)

- 23 April 2009

One event was organised with the

Sourcing Committee:

Will China-based manufacturing


- 23 September 2008

French Chamber 2008-2009 Annual Report

French Chamber 2008-2009 Annual Report



Jacques Boissier (Classic Fine Foods)


The Gala Committee is dedicated to

organizing the French Chamber Annual

Gala Dinner. The Gala is the occasion

for the French community to gather and

celebrate its gastronomy with a Michelinawarded

French Chef, its unsurpassed

design and fashion houses, and its

creative artists.


Events & Gala Committee


The French Chamber’s

Annual Gala Dinner 2009

- 22 May 2009

“Heart of…Design…du Coeur”

The French Chamber’s Annual Gala

Dinner held on May 22, at the Grand

Hyatt Hong Kong was a great success.

A total of 530 guests from a variety of

companies such as Dragages, LVMH,

Dior, SG, BNP, Ernst & Young and

Brandimage took part in this memorable


As France is the partner country of the

2009 Business of Design Week (BoDW),

the French Chamber dedicated this

year’s event to the passion and creative

fervour of French design.

A sumptuous dinner was prepared by

three-star Michelin chef Christian

Le Squer from Restaurant Ledoyen who

flew in from Paris especially for the event.

The four-course dinner was accompanied

by Château Vieux Maillet wine from

the Pomerol region for the red and

by Domaines Paul Mas wine from the

Languedoc region for the white.

Musical performances by the uplifting

Metro Vocal Group and by the renowned

City Chamber Orchestra of Hong Kong,

which played a contemporary piece from

composer Samson Young, punctuated

this memorable evening. Master of

Ceremonies Margaret Kutt’s excellent

impersonations also prompted many

laughs from the audience throughout the



This year, the French Chamber has

chosen to give all proceeds from lucky

draw ticket sales to the HKU Pasteur

Research Centre, a teaching and

research centre dedicated to infectious

diseases, and to the Fonds d’Entraide

des Français, a non-profit organization

that assists French people in Hong Kong

with financial difficulties. The fundraising

effort was a resounding success

with over $170,000 raised from ticket

sales, the highest amount ever collected

through this initiative.

We are delighted to say that guests

seemed very pleased with this year’s

Gala and that we received many

messages of congratulations from those

who attended the event.

Finally, we would like to thank the

permanent staff of the Chamber involved

in the organization of this successful

event for their excellent performance and

great contribution.


President & Vice-President:

Vicky Wong (EPC Consulting)

Hélène Krieff (Neumann Partners)

Xavier Jacquemain, Tarek Robbiati, Roger Steel,

Vicky Wong at the “Prospering with Hong Kong”



Human Resources Committee


The Human Resources Committee

aims to serve the French Chamber

members in the areas of knowledge

and experience-sharing among the

corporate and professional human

resources community, people-oriented

organizations and executives in Hong



2008-2009 has been a tough and

challenging year for business leaders

and the HR community. The global

downturn brought along drastic impacts

on the HR landscape, in addition to new

and dynamic issues for leaders and

the HR community. How to rationalize

profitability, right-size workforce, derive

prospering and survival strategies for the

new order? These are the crucial and

perhaps life and death issues that the

business community is having to face


During the past year, the HR

Committee has organized the

following knowledge-sharing

luncheons and seminars in

Hong Kong:

“Adapting your Business Strategy to

the Latest Compensation and Benefits

Trends”, with Mr. Stephen Mosely

(L’Oreal) and Ms. Deirdre Lander

(Watson Wyatt Worldwide)

- 29 September 2008

“Immigration Policies and Visa

Applications for Foreign Citizens”, by

Mr Raymond C. Y. Yeung (Immigration

Officer) and Mr. Eric Mayer (Thomas,

Mayer & Associés)

- 14 October 2008

“Surviving and Prospering with the New

World Order”, with Mr. Adam Salzer

(Salzer Consulting) and Ms. Christine Lai


- 15 January 2009

“Prospering with Hong Kong”, with Mr.

Tarek Robbiati (CSL Hong Kong Ltd.)

and Mr. Roger Steel (Sun Life Hong

Kong Ltd.).

- 16 April 2009


Thanks to Maryse Kraatz, Catherine,

Caroline and the Chamber team for their

dedicated support and professional work.

Thanks also to Helene Krieff for her drive

and dynamism in making HR initiatives

become reality.

2009-2010 Outlook:

How to create appropriate HR strategies

and innovative operation models for

the new world order? These will be the

major event highlights for the coming


For the months to come, the HR

Committee aims to work with the Hong

Kong business community, the HR

community, and the French community to

regain its energy and prosper.

We shall keep to our aim of contributing

to the French Chamber and serving our

members and the community.

French Chamber 2008-2009 Annual Report

French Chamber 2008-2009 Annual Report


President & Vice-President:

Nicolas Borit

(Dragages Hong Kong Ltd)

Vincent Tung

(Alstom Hong Kong Ltd)

MTRC executives and Nicolas Borit at the MTRC

Roadshow in Paris

Members from the Infrastructure Committee


Infrastructure & Technology Committee


The Infrastructure & Technology

Committee is a forum for companies

involved at all stages of the development

of infrastructures in Hong Kong, Macau

and China. Members are typically

contractors, equipment manufacturers,

material suppliers and service providers.

The objectives of the Infrastructure &

Technology Committee are:

- Encourage participants to exchange

information about projects, statutory

regulations, government policies,

market trends…

- Organize high-level meetings with

government officials, developers,

operators to obtain first-hand

information and promote the image of

French expertise.

- Provide a neutral front to suggest ideas

about inadequate company policies,

terms and conditions, specifications…

- Meet with counterparts in other


- Organize site visits


Main event:

MTRC Roadshow in Paris

– 8-9 June 2009

The French Chamber in Hong Kong,

under the initiative of its Infrastructure

Committee, organised a business

matching event in Paris between MTR

Corporation and French companies

involved in the railway industry.

In total, 45 companies (around 60

participants) attended a presentation

by three managers of MTR Corporation

who presented their projects in an

exceptionally open and transparent

manner, discussing their project

schedule over the next five years, the

competencies they are looking for, and

their approach to project management

and procurement.

The hands-on format of the meeting was

intended to facilitate future contracts,

and parties, whether from the MTRC

delegation or the French companies

invited, were very pleased with the

business-matching sessions.


Other event:

Tunnel Boring Machine site visit

– 9 May 2009

A large drainage tunnel is being built

across Hong Kong island from Tai Hang

to Cyberport, and participants visited the

largest underground work on-going in

Hong Kong at that time: 10,5 km of main

tunnel excavated by TBM (7.3 to 8.3 m

diameter), 7,8 km of drill and blast adits

and 32 intakes and drop shaft (from

30m to 160m deep), bringing water from

the surface to the main drain.

In the pipe:

Training on Euro orms:

Further to last year successful event

on Euro norms, the Infrastructure

Committee is offering its support to train

the trainers of the different Hong Kong

government departments involved in the

implementation of these Euro norms.

Roadshow on civil works:

The Hong Kong government is

launching huge civil works (highways,

bridges, ….) and the Infrastructure

Committee is ready to organise another

Roadshow to introduce the relevant

Hong Kong departments to French

companies in the field.


President & Vice-President:

Eric Douilhet (Bluebell)

Daniel Plane (Gide Loyrette Nouel)


The Chamber of Commerce’s Luxury and

Retail Committee (the “Committee”)’s

goal is to provide the Chamber’s

members, particularly managers and

business people working within the luxury

and retail sectors, the deepest and most

extensive knowledge possible on the

day-to-day challenges faced in these

industries in Hong Kong and Asia. It also

strives to strengthen the ability of our

members to face these problems head

on and to succeed in an increasingly

competitive environment.

In order to achieve this, the Committee

focuses on organizing events, seminars

and presentations involving top flight

speakers in the retail and luxury goods

industries who are able to share their

real-world experiences, permitting

attendees to obtain practical and

pragmatic information on how these

speakers achieved their successes and

overcame their challenges.

It also closely cooperates and

coordinates with other Committees of

the French Chamber, as well as other

countries’ Chambers of Commerce

in Hong Kong, in order to enlarge its

network and ensure a broader and

deeper view on topics of interest to our

membership and the business community

at large.


Luxury & Retail Committee


The Committee organised the following

events during the 2008-2009 year:

Market update

On 4th November, the Committee

organized a breakfast event in Macau

entitled ‘Bets on Macau - The Socio-

Political Consequences of the Macau

Economic Boom: Issues and Prospects’.

Macau, once a sleepy Portuguese

colony, now resembles a giant

construction site. Although it is quite

easy to get bleary-eyed about Macau’s

prospects, this meeting reminded its

attendees that the future of the city is not

without its problems and pitfalls.

IP Symposium

On 30th March, the Committee convened

the one-day IP Seminar ‘Brand Protection

– Voices of Experience.’ Held at Hong

Kong’s Grand Hyatt, the Seminar brought

together over 20 renowned speakers in

the IP Enforcement arena who shared

their insights on IP Protection challenges

in the Asia-Pacific market, with a special

emphasis on issues unique to the luxury

and wine and spirits industries. Over 140

participants attended the event.

Boutique Boulevard: So Chic, So Central

The Committee was also involved in the

organization of Boutique Boulevard, a

festive event celebrating luxury, which

involved more than 40 luxury brands from

France and around the world.

Outstanding business developments

‘Adidas’ Asian Race: How is its Training

in Japan Helping it win in Asia?’ was

a breakfast event held on 18 June. At

the meeting, Christophe Bezu, CEO of

Adidas in Asia, presented the Adidas

Vision Asia 2008, a strategy that is the

culmination of Adidas’ stellar successes

in Japan starting back in 1998 and

continuing on through the World Cup in

Japan and Korea. Mr. Bezu described

how the hard lessons learned in Japan

have been successfully implemented

across Asia, leading to Adidas China’s

status as the leading market worldwide

for Adidas.



The Committee will focus on the following

additional topics of interest to our

members over the rest of the year:

- Vietnam: General overview of the

market and prospectives in terms of


- Brand developments in the fashion and

jewelry industries in Hong Kong

- Links between fashion and art

- An additional Macau-based event,

focused more particularly on the

development of the consumer market


Over 140 participants attended the IP Symposium, a

world-class event

Christophe Bezu, CEO, Adidas Asia

French Chamber 2008-2009 Annual Report

French Chamber 2008-2009 Annual Report


President & Vice-President:

Thibaud de Loynes (The TMS Way)

Raul Abreu (Realeyes 3D)

Participants at the “Recent Developments and Future

of Barcodes” site visit and presentation

Attendees at the first Digital Petit Déjeuner


NTIC Committee:

Hi-Tech/Digital/IT/Media & Communication


The NTIC Committee provides a High-

Tech/IT/Media platform in order to

gather and exchange information on

the latest trends in technology and on

the current challenges for Hong Kong’s

bid to become an IT/Digital Content

Hub in Asia. The Committee also

helps members to develop business

opportunities for their organizations within

Hong Kong and China.

The NTIC Committee regroups

companies and entrepreneurs in Hong

Kong working in industries related to

new technologies of information and


The objectives are:

- Gather French Chamber members in

the different sectors of hi-tech, digital, IT,

new media internet and mobile, media,

communication and advertising;

- Organize events to show the different

industries and present initiatives and


- Share best practices, support and

networking for new entrants; and,

- Inform on Hong Kong developments

and support in related industries.


The NTIC Committee organized several

events during the course of the year

which were very well received by

participants. One of the highlights of the

year has been the Committee’s active

participation in the June issue of the

Hong Kong Echo whose central theme

was technology and innovation.

The NTIC Committee organized the

following events during the 2008/2009


Mobility Transformation: Trends and

Development, with James Wee and

Pieter Zylstra

(Orange Business Services Asia Pacific)

- 22 October 2008

Recent Developments and the Future

of Barcodes: GS1’s perspective, with

Ronald Cheung (GS1, RFID Centre) and

KK Suen (GS1, Principal Consultant)

- 15 December 2008


Roundtable discussion among NTIC

Committee members on Hong Kong’s

technology environment. An article

summarizing this discussion was

subsequently published in the June issue

of Hong Kong Echo.

Involvement of Thibaud de Loynes and

Raul Abreu in the editorial content of the


- 27 April 2009

First Digital Petit Déjeuner event:

Social Media and your brand, with

Thomas Crampton (Ogilvy PR

Worldwide, 360 Digital Influence).

Digital Petit Déjeuner is a new breakfast

series that focuses on social media.

- 30 June 2009

2009-2010 Outlook:

The Committee is planning to organize

general interest events in addition to

more industry-specific actions. Projects in

the pipeline include:

Continuation of the Digital Petit Dejeuner

series on Social Media

Events on the convergence of TV,

telecom and media industries

Event focusing on Green and Clean


Tech SMEs in Shenzhen

IT trends and digital


President & Vice-President:

Rebecca Silli (Gide Loyrette Nouel)

Thomas Feld (Mayer Brown JSM)


Policy & Consultation Committee


This new committee was created to act

as a think tank to help determine the

strategy of the French Chamber and

voice its views on government policies

and initiatives in Hong Kong. External

representatives may from time to time be

invited to participate in the Committee’s

meetings in order to get specialised

advice on particular issues.

More specifically, the Committee is to:

- ascertain the French Chamber’s

strategy when it comes to taking an

official position on issues that may affect

its members;

- help other committees of the French

Chamber with their lobbying needs;

- write “budget recommendations” and

“general policy papers” once a year; and,

- participate in other Hong Kong

Government consultations as and when


The Committee also monitors and

responds to business and tax issues

that are likely to have an impact on

members. The 12 committees of the

French Chamber are invited to forward

their concerns to the Committee in the

future so that any issue impacting on

the French Chamber’s members can be

brought to the attention of the relevant

Hong Kong authorities.


Launch of the Committee

- 22 January 2009

French Chamber’s Recommendation to

the Financial Secretary for the 2009-2010


- 12 February 2009

Development of a SME Financing

Survey covering trade financing issues

among Hong Kong-based SMEs. The

survey was sent to SME members of the

French and the German Chambers of


- May-June 2009

Article “ Corporate insolvency law: the

stone age of Hong Kong law” by Eric-

Jean Thomas

- HK Echo June 2009



Some of the topics that are currently

under study by the Committee include:

- Judiciary reform

- Relief measures for Companies to

sustain the crisis from the Hong Kong


- Insolvency and corporate rescue law in

Hong Kong

- Comprehensive double taxation

avoidance agreements

- Consultation on the modernisation of

the Trustee Ordinance

French Chamber 2008-2009 Annual Report

French Chamber 2008-2009 Annual Report


President & Vice-President:

Hélène Bayssette (Calyon)

Paul Clerc-Renaud (Fargo Group)


Publications Committee


The Publications Committee aims

to provide relevant and up-to-date

information to those interested in

business-related issues in Hong Kong

as well as in France. For over 15 years,

the Publications Committee has been

producing Hong Kong Echo, a highly

attractive quarterly magazine, which

features business-oriented articles

covering a broad range of topics. The

Committee is also supervising the

production of the annual French Business

in Hong Kong and Macau Directory

and also publishes other seasonal

publications and brochures.


Hong Kong Echo Magazine

Hong Kong Echo provides high-quality,

focused editorial coverage of interest

to the Hong Kong business community.

Part of the publication is written by

experts drawn from the membership of

the Chamber and from the international

business community in Hong Kong.

Published in full colour, each 64-page

issue focuses on a specific theme and

also provides details on French Chamber

news and events.

Hong Kong Echo is widely distributed

to French Chamber members and other

business leaders via airport lounges,

select Hong Kong hotels and official

French institutions. In total, 6,500 copies

are distributed.

Past issues of 2008-2009

No 50 - Focus on the Environment in

Hong Kong and China

No 51 - Hong Kong, City of Design

No 52 - Special Sourcing in Greater


No 53 - Focus on Technology &

Innovation in Hong Kong

No 54 - Special Infrastructure Projects in

Hong Kong

– Circulation of 8,600 copies

Coming issue for 2009

No 55 - Hong Kong: Cultural City



Hachette has been an invaluable partner

since 2001 and we take this opportunity

to express our deep gratitude for the

excellence of their work as well as for

their continued and unfailing support. We

look forward to working with Hachette

again this year on the upcoming issues of

the magazine.


- Air France, British Airways

and Cathay Pacific:

3,850 copies

- French Chamber members,

the French business community in

Hong Kong and France, Hong Kong

Echo contributors, VIP’s:

2,000 copies

- Hotels and Institutional Partners:

650 copies

The French Business in Hong Kong &

Macau Directory

The French Business in Hong Kong and

Macau Directory is a prime marketing tool

for individuals and organizations working

or investing in Hong Kong. It provides

a detailed listing of all members of the

French Chamber and includes practical

information for doing business in Hong

Kong. It is a constant desk reference for

French companies and their associates.

Outlook for other Publications

“Your HR Guide to Hong Kong”:

First Quarter of 2010


President & Vice-President:

Philippe Neveu (Sino Linker)

Bertrand Jubault (

SME Awards Start-up winner Etienne Gad with

Christopher Jackson of HKTDC

The Committee’s monthly SME lunch


SME Committee


The Small & Medium Enterprises

Committee remains the place for SMEs

to meet and network. Our Committee

believes that diversity creates dynamism

and that experience-sharing benefits

each and every entrepreneur. In that

respect, we organize seminars and

networking events specifically targeted

to members’ needs. We also coordinate

informal meetings between French

entrepreneurs of Hong Kong and visiting

French personalities, should it be from

the business community or government



This year, we were happy to continue to

focus on “entrepreneurial” experiencesharing

with our monthly SME lunch.

Interest for these practical and

informative sessions on specific business

topics remained high all year long, with

participation averaging over 20 people

each time.

General experience-sharing

- 10 September 2008

Introduction to IT problems

and buying groups

- 08 October 2008

SME Awards 2009

- 12 November 2008

Supply-chain Management

- 10 December 2008

Cash management and factoring

- 14 January 2009

How to successfully set up a

business in China

- 11 March 2009

Brand management and communications

- 15 April 2009

The 30-minute people manager -

Effectiveness in Turbulent Times

- 13 May 2009

Open-source solutions

- 10 June 2009


How to take advantage of the downturn

in economic circles?

Helen Liu and Lily Ting

- 20 February 2009


SME Awards:

The French Chamber presented

its second SME Awards during the

Chamber’s Annual Gala dinner which

took place on May 22, 2009 at the Grand

Hyatt. Building on the success of the

first SME Awards last year, the French

Chamber awarded two prizes this year:

the “Excellence SME Award” and the

“Start-up SME Award”.

Seventeen dynamic SMEs, from various

industries and with very different profiles,

participated in this year’s awards.

SME Support Centre:

The SME Support Centre has been

implemented, with two main objectives:

- Providing general information on

existing help and a rapid assessment

of the company’s needs by the French

Chamber team; and,

- Meeting with established professionals

in Hong Kong to get direct and practical

advice from successful entrepreneurs

Business Angels/Advisors working group:

A ‘French Business Angels/Advisors

working group’ was also recently created.

Successful entrepreneurs, professionals

with valuable expertise, as well as

individuals who are looking to personally

invest in companies, could bring support

to needing companies.

This support could take the

form of general advice (project

screening, presentation assessment,

introductions...) or financial investment,

whether for activity start-up or business



‘Working together’:

This concept aims to enable French

SMEs and large French corporations

to meet through business-matching

initiatives. Such events will be organized

in the coming year.

The Committee will continue to focus

on assisting small and medium-sized

company members during this period

of economic slowdown. Because SMEs

create the majority of jobs and constitute

over 90% of all enterprises in Hong

Kong, it is imperative that we try to help

them continue to thrive.

As always, we welcome suggestions

from members and/or members-to-be for

new activities and topics.

French Chamber 2008-2009 Annual Report

French Chamber 2008-2009 Annual Report


President & Vice-President:

Laurent Ruhlmann (Seb)

Antony Guinvarch (Fnac Eveil & Jeux)

Members from the Sourcing Committee


Sourcing Committee


The Sourcing & Logistics working group

officially became a Sourcing Committee

in May 2009. The objectives of this new

committee are:

- Create a platform for discussion and

for sharing information and experiences

relevant to sourcing across all


- Select topical issues and identify

experts in the field to organise events

where these experts’ viewpoints can be

delivered to the sourcing community in

Hong Kong.

- And finally, while working towards the

above objectives, to acknowledge the

high proportion of regional sourcing

companies in Hong Kong while

accepting the significance of the PRC in

this industry.

Actions and topics of interest:

The Sourcing & Logistics working group

organised a very successful event on 23

September 2008 entitled “Will Chinabased

manufacturing relocate?” with

Dennis Yau, Director-General of the

Federation of Hong Kong Industries as

the speaker.

Many members of the Sourcing &

Logistics working group also contributed

to the March issue of Hong Kong Echo

magazine which was dedicated to the

Sourcing industry.

The newly formed committee

identified during its first meeting, a

number of broad topics it believes are

representative of issues faced by the

broader sourcing community in Hong


- The importance of China as a sourcing

center and other sourcing opportunities

in the region

- Legal issues: changes in legislation,

new labour laws, taxes and lobbying


- REACH and other regulations:

Environmental and chemical issues,

practical implementation of norms

- Competitiveness: What are the right

prices? Some costs are dropping –

what will be the next step?


- The supply chain: How to organize it?

How to optimize capacity and quality

across the supply chain?

- Partnerships: How to assess and

partner with companies in Asia?

These topics will be discussed during

committee meetings and could also

be addressed through presentations

whereby an industry expert is invited

to share his views on a given area of


Clearly, this is a very exciting business

and we can expect much discussion and

developments in the need to share and

collaborate over the next year. We do

hope that French Chamber members

will be interested in joining this new

committee to give their input and provide

ideas to support its activities for the

benefit of all in the year to come.

Dennis Yau


President & Vice-President:

Christopher Tung

(Mallesons Stephen Jaques)

Christophe Bongars



Sustainable Development Committee

The Sustainable Development Committee (“SDC”) has continued to engage members

in sustainable development issues including climate change, low-carbon economy,

environmental and corporate social responsibility matters. It has also worked closely

with the Business Environment Council on sustainable development and environmental

initiatives in Hong Kong. The SDC also provided input on policy submissions of the

FCCI to the Hong Kong Government. A key project of the SDC is to coordinate and

contribute to the Invitation for Response Document of the Council for Sustainable

Development on Building Design for a Quality & Sustainable Built Environment.

In the coming year, the SDC intends to engage members actively in SDC meetings and

events to talk about their experiences in sustainability and environmental matters and to

continue our work at an educational level with our children through presentations at the

French International School and field trips such as the beach clean-up days which we

have arranged on a regular basis over the years.

The SDC held committee meetings on 20 August, 21 October, 16 December 2008, 14

July and 8 September 2009.

We look forward to welcoming you to our events and activities!


French Chamber 2008-2009 Annual Report

French Chamber 2008-2009 Annual Report


Participants at the “How can you help charitable

organisations in Hong Kong?” presentation

President & Vice-President:

Orianne Rainero-Pagès

(Forceten Ltd)

Nathalie Tortellier

(Thomas, Mayer & Associés)

YP Cocktail at FINDS


Young Professionals Committee (YPC)


One of the objectives of the Young

Professionals Committee is to create

networking opportunities for newcomers

to Hong Kong. The committee also

provides information through informative

presentations and experience-sharing

talks, for anyone willing to learn more

about specific aspects of the local

business environment and the cultural



Over the last 12 months, the YPC

organised the following events:

“Top tips on how to find a job in Hong

Kong”, a seminar where HK and industry

coach experts shared their views on the

current job market dynamics and shared

tips on how to best approach a job

search in an economic downturn.

- 17 December 2008, 31 participants

“How can you help charitable

organisations in Hong Kong?” where

the following charities: Bethel, Hands

on Hong Kong (HOHK), Cooking for

Life and Football for Life, introduced

their organization and talked about their

respective mission and actions.

- 13 January 2009, 20 participants

“Experience-sharing with three Hong

Kong-based entrepreneurs” where Olivier

Burlot (Blu Inc Media), Olivier Partrat

(Vega Industry Limited) and Jean-

Baptiste Dabadie (Asiapack) discussed

their experience and gave useful tips on

starting or developing a business.

- 28 April 2009, 40 participants

This year, great efforts have been made

to promote the Young Professional

membership and the number of new

members in this category actually

doubled from last year, thanks in part to

a cocktail held at FINDS in September




Given the level of enthusiasm shown

during the experience-sharing session

with entrepreneurs, it appears that

creating one’s own company in Hong

Kong is generating a lot of interest

among YPs. To this end, the YPC

could work with the SME committee to

help potential entrepreneurs get more

information on starting a business.

We will also continue to encourage

networking by organizing cocktails in

unusual and fun venues such as art


Three successful entrepreneurs, Jean-Baptiste

Dabadie, Olivier Partrat and Olivier Burlot, discussed

their experience on starting a business in HK








Business Development


Events Department

Membership Department

Publications & Communications


Recruitment Department


French Chamber 2008-2009 Annual Report

French Chamber 2008-2009 Annual Report


Eak Loui

Business Development Manager

Amelie Cheung

Business Development Executive


Business Development Department

Collective Missions

For the first time, the French Chamber

has been accredited by the French

Government to set up a French Pavilion

at Eco Expo Asia, which will take place in

Hong Kong at the end of October 2009.

This will allow us to promote French

know-how in the environmental sector

and to provide French SMEs with real

business opportunities and relevant

information about large-scale projects in

the region.

Company Set-up / Domiciliation

We built on last year’s excellent

performance by incorporating 33

companies in Hong Kong this year.

In addition, 62 companies have

registered at our office so far, a 100%

increase compared to the previous year.

Business Centre

We kept our Business Centre fully

occupied throughout the year with five

companies sharing our premises. All

our tenants are very satisfied with the

support given and we shall provide even

better services to them next year as we’ll

have a new “state-of-the-art” Business

Centre in our new premises.

Communication towards France

We launched our first newsletter in

French, France - Hong Kong express,

circulating through all Chambers of

Commerce, institutional players and

clusters in France. It aims to provide

updates on Hong Kong and the French

Chamber, industry focus and interviews

with SMEs recently settled in Hong Kong.

Further, we promoted Hong Kong within

different French cities including Paris,

Lyon, Lille, Bordeaux, Saint-Etienne, etc.


Relations with local players

During the year, we strengthened our

relationships with local institutional


. Hong Kong Trade Development Council

(HKTDC): we work closely with them

in terms of Trade Fairs in Hong Kong,

Business Matching and Seminar


. InvestHK: we communicate on a regular

basis and we appoint their key staff as

speakers for some of our seminars.

. French Chambers in Greater China:

we’ve been working more closely

with these Chambers by exchanging

information on a regular basis and

informing our clients about global

services in the region.

Objectives for the coming year:

- Continue to diversify our services and

make them more professional, as well

as to specialise our business sales force

by sector and launch new services such

as VAT Recovery for local companies

travelling to France.

- Develop a global package for

companies willing to establish

themselves in Hong Kong and keep our

new Business Centre fully occupied.

- Keep strengthening our relations with

French Chambers in Greater China.

- Keep improving our communications

with France by optimizing our

newsletter, making the Business

Development section on the website

more dynamic, and travelling to France.


Maxime Bourboulon

Head of Business Development



Business Development Department

The main role of this Department

is to assist and support business

development between France and

Hong Kong by offering a large range

of services to both members and

non-members, and providing relevant

information to everyone.

One of the main missions of the

Chamber is to help French SMEs based

in France to gain a better understanding

of the Hong Kong and Greater China

region. We are part of the “Equipe de

France de l’export” and try to help the

French government achieve its objectives

of “10,000 new SMEs in export”. This is

done through export & sourcing missions,

individual and collective missions,

searching for the right partner/distributor/

supplier and helping French SMEs get

established in Hong Kong.


Overview of the Department’s


The Department was impacted by the

economic crisis in terms of business

missions as we witnessed a drop in

demand. However, commendable

results in our “Aide à l’implantation”

services allowed us to achieve a good


2008/2009 Highlights:

- Improvement in our communications

with France thanks to the new quarterly


France – Hong Kong Express.

- Outstanding results in our “Company

Set-up / Domiciliation” service

- Fully occupied Business Centre

throughout the year

- Strengthening of our relationships with

local institutions (HKTDC, InvestHK

and French Chambers in Greater China)

- Promotion of Hong Kong within French

regional centres

Achievements for the year 2008/2009

Individual Missions

We assisted small and large SMEs in

their expansion in Hong Kong (55%

sourcing, 45% export), with very good

feedback from clients, and in various

sectors of activity:

- Real Estate

- Construction

- Jewellery

- Textile

- Food & Beverage

- Tableware

- Art

French Chamber 2008-2009 Annual Report

French Chamber 2008-2009 Annual Report


Catherine Pielawa-Ko

Committees Manager


Committees Department

Our Chamber offers 12 dynamic and

business-oriented committees that

give access to targeted information by

industry sector and focus on the business

interests of our members, discussing

relevant issues within their industry or

business area. Joining a committee

gives our members the opportunity

to share professional experience and

obtain industry updates, thus acquiring

valuable business information first-hand.

They also benefit from other committees’

expertise through cross-committee

involvement and communication.

When appropriate, priorities raised can

be relayed by the Policy & Consultation

committee to the relevant government

office through the French Chamber’s

various lobbying initiatives.

The Committees Department is here

to provide the logistics support needed

by the Committees to carry out their

activities in the most efficient – yet least

time-consuming for their members – way.

The Committees Manager also takes part

in regular events or meetings held by

other organizations in Hong Kong, and

tries to establish links with them, with a

view to helping the committees in their

activities by, for example, recommending

speakers, subjects, etc of interest to

them. The Department also tries to

keep up with the latest news and gather

relevant information for the Committees.


The Committees Department is in charge

of nine out of the 12 committees, and

organized more than 40 committee

meetings this year, all of them different

in the way they are carried out: some

Committees prefer to emphasize

experience-sharing, some invite keynote

speakers to inform the committee

members on hot subjects, and others

focus on the organization of key events.

The Committees Department also helped

the Committees organize 20 events,

mostly breakfast events, as well as

bigger fare such as a one-day seminar

on Intellectual Property that attracted

more than 140 participants. There

was also a two-day business matching

meeting in Paris, with a view to promote

French excellence in railway, and bearing

in mind the huge infrastructure projects

to be launched in Hong Kong in the next

five years.

The implementation of the French

Chamber’s new website provided

Committees with a very useful tool on

which to promote their activities,as

well as publish documents: minutes of

committee meetings, reports, studies,

audio documents, video files, etc. The

Committees Department is in charge of

feeding the Committees webpages, and

updating them.



Committees Department

Finally, and in accordance with the

strong dedication of the French Chamber

towards its SME members,

the Committees Department is also in

charge of:

The SME Support Centre

The assistance is two-fold:

Welcome centre within the French

Chamber: This centre will provide

advice and information on the types of

assistance available to the SMEs (Hong

Kong government, French government,

financial institutions, etc) and may also

help candidates fill out forms to obtain

financial help through existing French or

Hong Kong schemes.

Counseling to help the company choose

and implement the right solution: When

a SME comes to the French Chamber

for help, a short assessment of the

company situation is conducted. Should

there be a need for further information

and assistance, the candidate is referred

to the best ‘qualified’ member of the

SME Support Centre (depending on his

sector or the problems he faces). Our 40

counselors have agreed to provide onehour

counseling for SMEs.


The Committees Department met several

companies in that respect this year, most

of them start-up companies looking for

funding schemes.

The Business Angels/Advisors working


The idea is that successful

entrepreneurs, professionals with

valuable expertise, as well as individuals

who are looking to personally invest

in companies, can bring support to

companies that need it.

This support could take the form of:

- general advice

(project screening, presentation

assessment, introductions, etc)

- or financial investment, whether for

activity start-up or business expansion.

Though the Business Angels/Advisors

working group was only launched at

end of May, it has already met twice

with applicants and the Committees

Department has since received

information requests from other

companies. This working group is already

meeting the needs of some SMEs in

Hong Kong, and in that respect is already

providing a useful service that was

previously lacking.

French Chamber 2008-2009 Annual Report

French Chamber 2008-2009 Annual Report


Caroline Boisson

Events Manager


Events Department

In a dynamic and fast-changing market

such as Hong Kong, the Public

Relations and Events Department, with

the support of the 12 committees of the

French Chamber, tries to embrace this

change by organizing a wide range of

large and small corporate events focused

on topical subjects.

Through a series of events which are

practical and targeted to its members’

needs – such as corporate seminars,

workshops and social gatherings

– the Events Department provides

opportunities to facilitate business

development and networking. Our goal is

to provide a platform on which members

can forge better relationships with the

business community. We aim to keep

members informed of developments

in their field of interest and provide

opportunities for them to meet with other

people and promote their business.

Below is a breakdown of the different

types of events organised during the past


Seminars 45

Large-scale events 4

SME Committee lunches 9

Cocktails, receptions or

networking gatherings: 12

Delegations or business missions

outside Hong Kong: 3

In 2008-2009, the Events Department

organised a total of 73 events alone or

through cooperation with our institutional


- 51 events initiated by committees of the

French Chamber

- 10 events organized jointly with other

chambers in Hong Kong

- 6 events with “InterCham”

- 7 events co-promoted with local

institutional partners:

(BCE, BEC, EUBIP, Invest HK)


These events were:


30 July 2008:

Business Environment Council

Financial innovations for

a sustainable future


Paul Yeung - Division Director,

Commercial Banking, HSBC

Simon Chan - Principal Trade Officer,

Trade and Industry Department

Binh Quoc Nguyen - Associate

Investment Officer, IFC, Global Financial


Moderator: Dr. Thomas Tang - Executive

Director, Global Institute for Tomorrow


20 August 2008:

Joint event organized by

the Canadian Chamber

Adapting to a carbon-constrained

world Session 3: Manufacturing


Raymond Cheng - General Manager,

Supply Chain - Environment, for Swire


Ms. Karen Ho - Business Engagement

Leader of the Climate Programme for

WWF Hong Kong

Mr. Dodie Hung - Associate Director

of Marketing and Communications at

Esquel Group

Mr. Kevin O’Donnell - Regional

Environmental Engineering Manager for

Nike, Inc.

17 September 2008: French Chamber

How deep will Asia be hurt?

Speaker: Carl Berrisford - Equity Analyst

(Theme-based equity research for APAC)

Wealth Management Research, UBS

23 September 2008:

Sourcing workgroup & China Committee

Will China-based manufacturing


Speaker: Dennis Yau - Director-General

of The Federation of Hong Kong



29 September 2008:

Human Resources Committee

Adapting your business strategy to

the latest compensation and benefits



Mr. Stephen Mosely - Managing Director,

L’Oréal Hong Kong.

Ms. Deirdre Lander - Head of Human

Capital Group, Hong Kong/Director,

Organization Measurement, Asia Pacific,

Watson Wyatt Worldwide.

14 October 2008:

Human Resources Committee

Immigration policies and visa

applications for foreign citizens


Mr. Raymond C. Y. Yeung - Acting

Assistant Principal Immigration Officer

Mr. Eric Mayer - Managing Partner with

Thomas, Mayer & Associés (law firm)

and Secretary General of the French

Chamber of Commerce.

16 October 2008: French Chamber

Annual General Meeting

17 October 2008:

Joint Business Community

Luncheon with Donald Tsang

Speaker: Hon. Donald Tsang

22 October 2008: NTIC Committee

Mobility transformation:

Trends & Developments


Mr. James Wee - Orange Business

Services (AsiaPac)

Mr. Pieter Zylstra - Orange Business

Services (AsiaPac)

4 November 2008:

Luxury and Retail Committee

Bets on Macau - The socio-political

consequences of the Macau economic

boom: Issues and Prospects


Mr. Eric Sautede - coordinator of the

Licentiate in government studies at the

Inter-University Institute of Macau (IIUM)

and of research for the university

Mr. Daniel Bettembourg - senior advisor

of the executive committee of CEM


Events Department

11 November 2008: French Chamber

“Structuring foreign investments

in China” How to optimize its

investment vehicle and minimize

transactional costs?


Mr. Paul-Emmanuel Benachi - Lefèvre

Pelletier & associés,

Partner of Asia Offices

Mr. Nicolas Vanderchmitt - Lefèvre

Pelletier & associés, Senior Associate in

Charge of Hong Kong Office

Ms. Fanny Nguyen - Lefèvre Pelletier &

associés, Senior and Tax Legal Adviser

18 November 2008: French Chamber

Dunkerque Harbour


Mr. Francois Soulet de brugiere -

Chairman of the Board of Directors

(Dunkirk Port Authorities); Managing

Director of SRS; Foreign Trade Advisor

Mr. Daniel Deschodt - Commercial


Mr. Yvan Gomel - Director of

Development (Dunkirk Port Authorities)

Mr. Christophe Laurent - Far East

Director (Dunkirk Port Authorities)

24 November 2008:

Hong Kong Business Coalition

on the Environment

The Hon Edward Yau, Secretary for

the Environment

Speaker: The Hon Edward Yau,

Secretary for the Environment

25 November 2008: French Chamber

Prominent Speakers’ Series

“The banking crisis that never was” -

The view from Asia

Speaker: Dr. Andrew F. Freris - Senior

Investment Strategist, Asia BNP Paribas

Wealth Management

28 November 2008: Joint event

organized by the Swedish Chamber

What price property in Hong Kong -

Weathering the Storm

Speaker: Mr Nicholas Brooke -

Chairman, Professional Property

Services Limited


10 December 2008: French Chamber

Optimiser la gestion de votre

patrimoine pendant votre expatriation


Mr. Hervé Guinebert et Mr. Gaël

Berticat, Direction de la Gestion Privée

et de l’International de CIC-Banque


15 December 2008: NTIC Committee

Recent developments & future of

barcodes from GS1’s perspective

Speaker: Mr Ronald Heung - Senior

Project Manager, GS1 Hong Kong

17 December 2008:

Young Professionals Committee

Top tips on how to find a job in HK


Ms. Sabine Bouchara – Head of

Recruitment Services, Deputy General

Manager, French Chamber of Commerce

and Industry in HK

Ms. Betsy Chan – Manager, Banking

Division and Central Branch, Adecco

Personnel Ltd

Ms. Vicky Wong – Managing Consultant

- Hong Kong & China, EPC Consulting

LTD; Human Resources Committee

Chairman & Councillor of French


18 December 2008: China Committee

Taiwan Straits exchange &

cooperation: Now and Beyond

Speaker: Mr. Alexander Pan, the

chairman of Asia Pacific Taiwan

Federation of Industry & Commerce and

the CEO of Union Asia Pacific Group

8 January 2009: China Committee

Navigating through China’s land and

real-estate pitfalls

Speaker: Ms. Rebecca Silli - Partner of

Gide Loyrette Nouel, in charge of the

Hong Kong office

13 January 2009:

Young Professionals Committee

How can you help charitable

associations in Hong Kong?


Bethel, Hands On Hong Kong (HOHK),

Cooking for life and Football for life

French Chamber 2008-2009 Annual Report

French Chamber 2008-2009 Annual Report


15 January 2009:

Human Resources Committee

Surviving and prospering wih the new

world order


Mr. Adam Salzer - Chief Executive

Officer, Salzer Consulting

Ms. Christine Lai - Executive Director,

Head of Human Resources, RBS–ABN


21 January 2009: China Committee

The Euro-Chinese relations:

Feedback on the French Presidency

and 2009 perspectives

Speaker: His Excellency Mr. Hervé

Ladsous, French Ambassador to China

3 February 2009:

Intercham PRD Committee

Cleaner Production Partnership


Speaker: Mr. K. L. TSANG - General

Manager, Environmental Management

Division of the Hong Kong Productivity


5 February 2009:

Intercham PRD Committee

Update: Macau with Paulo Azevedo of

Macau Business

Speaker: Mr. Paulo A. Azevedo -

Executive Director Macau Business

20 February 2009: SME Committee

How to take advantage of the

downturn in economic circles?


Ms. Lily Ting

Ms. Helene Liu - Founder and lead

trainer of The MasterMinds

25 February 2009: China Committee

Risk assessment and management in

turbulent times


Mr. Xavier Farcot - Deputy Regional

Managing Director for Greater China,


Mr. Steve Vickers - President and Chief

Executive Office of International Risk


Events Department

26 February 2009: Joint event organized

by the German Chamber

Overcoming Counterfeits

Speaker: Mr. Alfons Futterer - co-founder

of NanoMatriX International Limited in

Hong Kong

9 March 2009: Intercham Committee

Joint Business Community Luncheon:

2009-2010 Budget

Speaker: The Hon. John Tsang –

Financial Secretary of the HKSARG

12 March 2009: Joint event organized

with the Swedish Chamber

China into the future - What comes

next? A political and economic



Mr. W. John Hoffmann - Co-Founder &

Principal, Exceptional Resources Group,

XRG and China Dialogues Network –


Mr. Michael J. Enright - Professor of

Business Administration, School of

Business, University of HK and Director,

Enright Scott & Associates.

24 March 2009: French Chamber

Retailing Crisis: When customers and

designers are reshaping our retailing



Mr. William To - Project Director of Hong

Kong Design Centre

Mrs. Caroline Le Gloan - Managing

Director of Volcan-Les Marchands

2 April 2009: InterCham PRD Committee

Funding scheme for SMEs - How to

Apply for a SME Funding Scheme?


Ms Belinda Kwan - Assistant Director-

General, Trade and Industry Department

Mr Robert Agnew - Managing Director,

Matrix Services Limited & outgoing

chairman of the Irish Chamber of


7 April 2009: France and Europe: in

recession, but where next? Perspectives

and opportunities – Join Luncheon

with the Chinese General Chamber of



16 April 2009:

Human Resources Committee

Prospering with Hong Kong


Mr. Tarek Robbiati - Chief Executive

Officer of CSL Hong Kong Ltd

Mr. Roger Steel - Chief Executive Officer

of Sun Life Hong Kong Ltd

28 April 2009:

Young Professionals Committee

3 entrepreneurs share their

experience in Hong Kong


Mr. Olivier Burlot - Managing Director of

Blu Inc Media (HK) Ltd

Mr. Jean-Baptiste Dabadie - Managing

Director of Asiapack Ltd Packaging &


Mr. Olivier Partrat - Managing Director of

Vega Industry Ltd

8 May 2009: EU Business Information

Programme (EUBIP)

Europe & Asia:

Partners or Competitors?

9 May 2009: Infrastructure Committee

Tunnel Boring Machine Site Visit

12 May 2009: Joint event organized by

the German Chamber

The magic and madness of making a

dream come true in China

Speaker: Peter Schindler, Adventurer

and Travel Guide

13 May 2009: Joint event organized by

the Swedish Chamber

Mr. Anders Ahnlid - Director General

for Trade Policy, Sweden


4 June 2009: China Committee

Forces et fragilités de la Chine, les

incertitudes du Grand Dragon

Speaker: Mr. Kham Vorapheth

11 June 2009: China Committee

Crisis management, restructuring your

China operations in difficult economic



Mr. Charles-Edouard Bouée, President

& Managing Partner of Greater China,

Regional Coordinator, Asia, Roland

Berger Strategy Consultants

Mr. Daniel Chan. Partner, China

Corporate and Tax, DLA Piper Hong


18 June 2009:

Luxury and Retail Committee

Adidas’ Asian Race - How its training

in Japan is helping it win in Asia?

Speaker: Christophe Bezu - Senior Vice

President and Head of Region Asia

Pacific, Adidas


Events Department

19 June 2009: Joint event organized by

the Canadian Chamber

Who rules the internet?

The internet governance forum as

a new governance model

Speaker: Mr. Markus Kummer -

Executive Coordinator of the Secretariat

supporting the Internet Governance

Forum, The United Nations

22 June 2009: EU Business Information

Programme (EUBIP)

EUBIP Full-Day Workshop: Protecting

and Enforcing your IP rights in China -

Practical solutions from the experts

24 June 2009: Joint event organized by

the Canadian Chamber

New impetus for heritage in

Hong Kong


Mr. Jack Chan, Commissioner for


Mrs. Maggie Brooke, CEO of Specialist

Real Estate Consultancy

Mr. Bob Dickensheets, Preservation

Specialist-Savannah College of Art and



30 June 2009: NTIC Committee

Digital Petit Dejeuner:

Social media and your brand

Speaker: Mr. Thomas Crampton - Asia-

Pacific Director, 360 Digital Influence,

Ogilvy Public Relations Worldwide

Large-scale events

30 March 2009:

Luxury and Retail Committee

IP Seminar

15 May 2009: French Chamber and

Hong Kong Land

Boutique Boulevard -

So Chic, So Central

22 May 2009: French Chamber

Annual Gala:

Heart of...Design...du Coeur

8-9 June 2009:

Infrastructure Committee

MTRC Roadshow

French Chamber 2008-2009 Annual Report

French Chamber 2008-2009 Annual Report



Events Department

Social Gatherings

21 August 2008: InterCham

37th Young Professionals’ Cocktail

9 September 2008:

Young Professionals Committee

French Chamber Young Professionals

Happy Hour

16 September 2008: French Chamber

French Toast

French Organic Wines

22 September 2008: Invest HK

The French Community Programme

(Cocktail reception)

16 October 2008: French Chamber

A Touch of White - Annual Dinner

30 October 2008: French Chamber

New members’ cocktail

12 November 2008: InterCham

38th Young Professionals’ Cocktail

10 December 2008: French Chamber

French Toast -

Banque Transatlantique

12 February 2009:

InterCham Committee

39th InterCham Young Professionals’

Cocktail: Valentine’s Day

17 February 2009: French Chamber

French Toast -

Meet the Executive Committee

7 April 2009: French Chamber

Chinese Chamber Luncheon

18 June 2009: InterCham Committee

Intercham Connecting People



Events taking place outside

Hong Kong

12 September 2008:

Business Environment Council

14th Green China Forum

26 September 2008:

InterCham PRD Committee

Mission to Nansha

26 September 2008:

InterCham PRD Committee

Mission to Zhuhai

SME Committee Lunches

10 September 2008

General experience-sharing

8 October 2008:

Introduction to IT problems and buying


12 November 2008

SME Award 2009

10 December 2008

Supply-chain Management

14 January 2009

Cash management and factoring

11 March 2009

How to successfully set up a business in


15 April 2009

Communication and Brand management

13 May 2009

The 30-minute people manager:

Effectiveness in Turbulent Times

10 June

Open-source solutions


Julie Bourgeois

Membership Manager


Membership Department

The Membership Department’s

strives to meet our member’s needs

all year long. The department’s target

is to increase membership so that

opportunities for business networking

continue to grow. It is our belief that a

strong membership base enhances the

returns and benefits for all members.

We also seek to generate interest from

non-members by enhancing our visibility

in the business community. This interest

has been boosted lately by several

high-profile events and by the Chamber’s

dynamic committees. Department

representatives are present at all events

to ensure that membership opportunities

are maximized.

The department ensures members get

the most from their membership by

keeping them informed of all events and

activities organized by the Chamber

and by communicating these initiatives

beyond the existing membership to

potential new members.

With the launch of our new website this

year, we have enhanced our visibility

and can also keep visitors informed of

our members’ latest news, thanks to

new sections such as New Members,

Company News and Member Spotlight.

The recent implementation of our CRM

which is linked to our database will help

us gain an even better understanding of

our members’ needs.


The Directory, published every year in

January, is also a key tool in exposing

the membership beyond the Chamber

and enhancing business opportunities in

the community.

Last but not least, we have improved our

Member’s Club programme which now

offers even more attractive discounts and

advantages in the areas of insurance,

data services, hotels, restaurants and


Past and continued growth in

membership, which rose by 18% this

year, ensures that the French Chamber

continues to have both the legitimacy and

the influence to support the needs of our

business community.

French Chamber 2008-2009 Annual Report

French Chamber 2008-2009 Annual Report


Geneviève Du Sault

Publications Manager


Publications &

Communications Department

The Publications Department

produces all the French Chamber’s

publications, ensuring consistency and

relevance to meet the expectations

and needs of our 625 members. The

Department is also responsible for

communications to our members and

partners, as well as with the general

public and the press.



The 2009 edition of the French Business

in Hong Kong & Macau Directory has

been very well received both in terms

of its user-friendly format and the

usefulness of the information provided.

The Directory also incorporated the

French Chamber’s new graphic chart,

giving it an updated and fresh new look.

The Directory, with a circulation of 1100

copies, is used on a regular basis by our

members in addition to an increasing

number of non-members, that are part

of the business community in HK, China,

France or other countries in Asia. The

2009 directory’s net profit amounted to

HK$159,000, a 15% decrease over the

HK$187,000 generated last year, due to

a decrease in advertising revenues.

Hong Kong Echo Magazine

Hong Kong Echo is the French

Chamber’s quarterly magazine. It is

a business publication that aims to

be informative and relevant to French

Chamber members and, more generally,

to business people travelling to or living

in Hong Kong, Macau and Mainland


While this publication does incur

significant expenses both in terms

of publishing and distribution, it has

managed to break even in recent years

and occasionally to make decent profits.

This year, however, was particularly

challenging as many companies

significantly reduced their advertising

budgets due to the economic crisis.

Advertising revenues for the Hong Kong

Echo were, as a result, considerably

reduced though the magazine still

managed to make a small profit.


Despite the current downturn, many

companies such as BNP Paribas,

Calyon, Coface, AGS Four Winds, Fung,

Yu & Co, Hermès, Hong Kong Institute

of Languages, Louis Vuitton, Mazars

CPA Ltd and Thomas Mayer & Associés

continued to show their support for the


During the past year, many quality

articles were written by legal, fiscal

and industry experts drawn from the

membership of the Chamber. The

Publications Department also makes it

a point to include outside contributions

from academics, officials and business

people from diverse backgrounds.

Hong Kong Echo currently has a

circulation of 6,500, though we did

increase circulation on two occasions this

year to build awareness of the magazine

and raise the visibility of our advertisers:

The March 2009 issue went up to

6,850 copies as it was also distributed

in two major sourcing trade shows

and the September issue increased its

circulation to 8,600 as it was also sent to

consultants, construction companies and

suppliers of the Infrastructure sector.

About 60% of the magazines are

distributed to the business lounges of

Air France, British Airways and Cathay

Pacific (the only chamber’s magazine

to be distributed in the Business and

First class lounges of CX) while over

25% is sent to members of the French

Chamber, Government officials and other

members of the international business

community in Hong Kong and in France.

The magazine is also distributed in

select hotels and serviced apartments

throughout the city.

We are also pleased to report that

the French Chamber’s NTIC and

Infrastructure committees both made

significant contributions to the issues

that were dedicated to their respective

industries this year and we hope that

such partnerships will continue to take

place for the upcoming issues.


Graphic Chart + website

The integration of our new corporate

identity to all our communication tools

ranging from the Chamber’s logo,

business cards and brochures to its

revamped website, has been a major

action this year. We worked in close

collaboration with our corporate identity

consultant Brandimage for most of the

year and have been very pleased with

the final results. Members and nonmembers

alike have also made very

positive comments about our new visual


The launch of our new website in May

2009 has also been a very important

initiative which involved all departments

of the Chamber. The Publications

Department has been handling the

News section of the website and is also

responsible for managing the contents

and presentation of the Home Page. We

have been able to keep our News section

filled with relevant and timely information

through our partnership with AFP which

has been feeding us with news since the

launch of our new site.


Publications &

Communications Department

Flash Info

Flash Info is the French Chamber’s

bi-weekly newsletter that is sent to

our entire member base. In addition to

providing up-to-date news about our

members, it also fills readers in on the

French Chamber’s upcoming events in

addition to other local events of interest.

Flash Info also includes a Hong Kong

News section that provides a selection

of the latest economic news in Greater


Since May 2009, Flash Info boasts a

completely redesigned format which

makes it easier to read and reference.

The newsletter is also automatically

generated through our new website

which speeds up production and

increases consistency.


Due to several complaints received from

members who did not wish to receive

advertisements through the French

Chamber, we decided to stop offering

this e-mail service to companies wishing

to promote their products and services to

our members.



It is also one of our objectives for the

coming year to increase the visibility of

the French Chamber within the Hong

Kong business community. We hope

to achieve this by keeping the general

media more informed of our numerous

initiatives and making our website

even more interactive, more appealing

and more informative which will in turn

increase traffic.

We will also need to continue to find

creative ways to enhance the advertising

appeal of our magazine by increasing,

for example, circulation to attractive

audiences and developing packages that

include other media such as our new


French Chamber 2008-2009 Annual Report

French Chamber 2008-2009 Annual Report


Sabine Bouchara

Head of Recruitment/Training services


Recruitment Department

Executive Summary

Acting as a recruitment agency,

the Recruitment Department

specialises in recruiting French

speakers, multicultural and multilingual

professionals for its clients in Hong Kong.

The Department has achieved very

good results during this fiscal year, both

in terms of placements and net profit,

despite adverse economic conditions

and a depressed labour market. The

unemployment rate increased to 5.3

percent in May 2009 compared to 3.3

percent for the same period last year.

Given that the economy has yet to

recover from the recession and that

fresh graduates and school-leavers are

expected to enter the labour market in

the summer, the unemployment rate may

still face upward pressure in the coming


The Department has two full-time

recruitment consultants and uses a

flexible approach to recruiting. We are

committed to matching client needs to

candidate aspirations to create mutual

benefits for both. We have a diverse

client base, ranging from SMEs to

multinational companies and covering all

markets, as well as a database of around

4,500 candidates.


Candidates placed

A total of 87 candidates presented by

the Recruitment Department to its clients

have been offered a job and accepted it.

Candidates registered

The Department welcomes all

applications from French and local

candidates looking for jobs in Hong Kong.

Candidates are interviewed in order to

evaluate their experience and skills. The

Department is then able to fulfil quickly

and efficiently the requests of its clients.

In 2008/2009, 712 candidates have

been interviewed face-to-face by the


Events & Information

Twice a month, the Department

organizes information meetings, called

Réunion d’Information sur l’Emploi, or

RIE, with French-speaking candidates

recently arrived in Hong Kong. This is

an opportunity for the French Chamber

to welcome and inform French nationals

and French speakers about the working

environment, visa regulations, how to

adapt a CV to the local market and how

to look for a job in HK.


Cathy Blanc

Recruitment/Training consultant


Recruitment Department

Joblink is a bi-monthly newsletter which

introduces a selection of talents ready

for interview in (and around) Hong Kong.

This email publication is sent to all our

members and clients. It is a tool that

enables local and French companies

to be directly advised about our best

candidates’ skills and profiles. Even if

companies don’t have suitable positions

open to match these profiles, Joblink

helps prompt them to start thinking about

their recruitment needs.

Comité Consulaire pour l’Emploi

(Committee for Employment)

This year the Recruitment Department

became involved in the Comité

Consulaire pour l’Emploi (Committee

for Employment), which is dedicated to

supporting French nationals in their job

search in Hong Kong. The Department

provides candidates with information

about the job market and about how to

look for a job in Hong Kong. Particular

attention and additional resources have

been allocated to French candidates

who have lost their jobs in HK during this

difficult year.

Fresh graduates programme

Significant effort has also been made

this year to reinforce our relationship with

HK universities. The best example of a

very good and fruitful collaboration is with

Hong Kong Baptist University with whom

we closely collaborate in their Local

Attachment Program (LAP).


In order to continue to respond to the

increasing needs of our members and

clients, the Department is now working

with a number of reputable business

schools and engineering schools in

France, including HEC, Edhec, Essec,

Ecoles des Mines, Ensait, ENSEEG and


This has enabled us to build up a large

selection of fresh graduate candidates,

based in France and willing to find their

first job or training in HK and South


An active collaboration with the French

Chambers of Commerce in Guangzhou

and Shenzhen has been launched

because these FCC’s have experience

and contacts in the Guangdong area.

Training programme:

The Recruitment Department is now in

charge of the French Chamber’s training

activities. During the year, a survey was

sent to all our members to identify their

needs and requirements in terms of

training for themselves and their staff.

Following this survey, we have selected

and tested a large number of training

suppliers, members and non-members,

to be able to develop a catalogue and

programme that will be launched in

October 2009.

French Chamber 2008-2009 Annual Report

French Chamber 2008-2009 Annual Report



Relations with our Hong Kong and foreign partners

The French Chamber strives to

maintain constant and close relations

with the Hong Kong Government and

the various institutions dedicated to

the promotion of Hong Kong and/or

international business interests.

The Hong Kong SAR Government

Over the years, the French Chamber

has built strong ties with the Hong Kong

authorities. A new impulse was recently

given to this relationship through the

creation of a Policy & Consultation

committee whose primary aim is to voice

the Chamber’s views on government

policies and initiatives in Hong Kong.

The French Chamber was recently

consulted on a variety of issues such

as Competition Law, Liberalization

of Exchange of Information Article

for Comprehensive Double Taxation

Agreements, Review of the Trustee

Ordinance and Related Matters and

Review of the Personal Data (Privacy)


We submitted our recommendations to

the Financial Secretary for the 2009-

2010 Budget, and centered them around

three main areas: relieve medium-sized

enterprises from the cash flow pressure

they have been experiencing lately,

reinforce Hong Kong’s status as a

prominent global financial centre, and,

last but not least, increase efforts to

improve the quality of the environment in

Hong Kong through the implementation

of incentives and measures to further

integrate environmental concerns into

the daily lives of Hong Kong citizens. To

this end, numerous proposals were listed

such as the extension of the Producer

Responsibility Scheme, the introduction

of green taxes, the greater use of waste

disposal and water treatment charges

and the adoption of air quality standards

based on international guidelines such as

those of the WHO.


One of the proposals we submitted

pertained to the Exchange of

Information article and the subsequent

extension of its CDTA network. We

recommended their adoption so that

Hong Kong can enhance its reputation,

bring greater certainty for inward and

outward investors and improve its

competitiveness as a financial and

investment centre in Asia. The French

Chamber was most pleased to learn that

this has been the position adopted by the

Hong Kong government.

The International Business Committee


Our Chamber is an active member of the

IBC, an organization gathering the Chief

Secretary of the HKSAR government with

the chairmen of the foreign chambers

of commerce in Hong Kong. Various

subjects are raised in this committee

such as air pollution and cooperation

with the mainland; waste management;

education of foreign nationals in Hong

Kong; goods and services tax.

The committee is a unique forum in which

the international business community has

the opportunity to share its views with

the highest levels of government. On the

government side, the Chief Secretary of

Administration chairs. The government

pays great attention to the international

business community and takes their

views into account in policy formulation.


Invest Hong Kong

Invest HK is one of the main partners of

the French Chamber in promoting Hong

Kong to French companies in France.

Several collective missions were jointly

organised by our two organizations as

our services perfectly complement one

another. Over the past year and in spite

of the economic downturn, the number

of French companies investing in Hong

Kong has continued to rise and we

believe that our combined efforts were

instrumental to this increase.

We have worked with Invest HK on

their publications promoting Hong Kong

(French version of Insight which includes

French success stories) and, more

specifically, in identifying those new

French success stories in Hong Kong.

Invest HK was also a key partner for the

second edition of the SME Awards, which

was held in May 2009 during our Annual

Gala dinner. As the main sponsor of our

Excellence Award, InvestHK presented

Qeelin with the award during the event.


Hong Kong Trade Development Council


This organization is another crucial

partner of our Chamber and we work

with them on several fronts, with the

main ones being: Promoting their trade

fairs in Hong Kong to our members and

to companies in France, helping them

find partners for the organization of

joint missions in France and acting as a

natural partners when French companies

come to Hong Kong.

This year we collaborated with them

on several large fairs/seminars such as

BODW, with France being the partner

country, and Eco Expo, with the presence

of a French Pavilion.

HKTDC was also the main sponsor

of our Start-up SME Award, an

acknowledgement of the dynamism

and noticeable growth of French

entrepreneurs here in Hong Kong.

FB Solution was this year’s SME Awards

Start-up winner.


The European Chamber of Commerce


The ECC is an association gathering the

European Chambers of Commerce in

Hong Kong. The ECC works closely with

the Office of the European Commission

in Hong Kong and Mrs Maria Castillo

Fernandez, Head of the European

Community office in Hong Kong.

The ECC was awarded this year the

EUBIP project: The European Union

Business Information Programme

(EUBIP) is a three-year initiative that

aims to enhance business between

companies from the European Union,

Hong Kong and Macao. EUBIP is a

partnership between the European

Chamber of Commerce in Hong Kong,

the Macao Trade and Investment

Promotion Institute (IPIM) and the

Institute of European Studies of Macau

(IEEM). It is funded by grants from

the European Commission and IPIM.

The French Chamber, along with our

Swedish, German and Macanese

partners, is part of the Steering

Committee of EUBIP.


Intercham is an informal group whose

mission is to organize events such

as the annual lunch for the business

community with the Chief Executive and

the Financial Secretary of the Hong Kong


Intercham regularly organizes

business-matching events with the

business community as well as the

much appreciated Young Professional

cocktails. The profits generated by these

initiatives are allocated to a charity,

typically a scholarship fund.

The French Chamber continued its active

participation in the Intercham and in the

Intercham PRD.

A list of the events organised with

Intercham is provided on pages 30-33 of

this report.

French Chamber 2008-2009 Annual Report

French Chamber 2008-2009 Annual Report



Relations with our French partners in Hong Kong

The French Chamber of Commerce and Industry in Hong Kong also coordinates

actions with the different services of the French Consulate as well as with other

French Institutions in Hong Kong.

The Consulate General of France in

Hong Kong

The French Chamber collaborates with

the different departments of the French

Consulate and Cultural Affairs.

The French Trade Commission

The French Chamber and the French

Trade Commission continued to work

closely and through their complementary

actions, contributed to the reinforcement

of the French presence and its economic

influence in Hong Kong. As of next year,

the Chamber will work closely with the

newly set-up Ubifrance in Hong Kong.


The French International School

Founded in 1964, the French

International School has close to 1,800

students today. This growth is the result

of the excellent international reputation

of the School: its outstanding results

as well as its exceptional high-quality

curriculum are definite factors of choice

when families have to decide whether to

settle in Hong Kong.

The School has been able to keep

up with the increase of the French

population in Hong Kong and, thanks to

its very close relationship with the Hong

Kong government, has recently secured

a fourth site at the East of Hong Kong

island to welcome primary classes as

soon as 2010.

The French School, along with its Board

and high-qualified team, is definitely a

key factor of the success of the French

presence in Hong Kong, thanks to its

adaptability and commitment.



Relations with our partners in France

Union des CCI Françaises à l’Etranger


The French Chamber is a member

of UCCIFE (Association of French

Chambers of Commerce Abroad).

UCCIFE represents 114 French

Chambers abroad in 78 countries

and its mission is to act as a network

coordinator, sharing information,

cooperation and know-how, promoting

its members to business networks in

France and supporting a number of

specific services. The UCCIFE network

represents around 25,000 members

around the world. Belonging to this

network gives us the opportunity to share

experiences and to help our members

doing business around the world.

The French Chamber participates twice

a year in UCCIFE seminars, once with

all the international French chambers

and once with all the French chambers in

Asia, for experience-sharing.


The French Chamber has also strong

relations with the ACFCI (Association des

Chambres Françaises de Commerce et

d’Industrie or Association of the French

Chambers of Commerce and Industry),

which gathers together 155 French

chambers and 20 regional chambers

in France. In 2008-2009, our Chamber

participated once again in Cap Chine,

a group of Chambers of Commerce in

France particularly involved in assisting

French companies willing to tap into

Greater China.

ACFCI is a strong supporter of many

initiatives. In 2008, for instance, the

ACFCI supported our Chamber’s specific

actions towards better communication

with French Chambers in France through

the launch of a new quarterly newsletter.


French Ministry of Foreign Affairs

During the first six months of our fiscal

year, the French Chamber stopped its

“mission de service public” through which

it assists French citizens in finding jobs or

internships in Hong Kong.

When we finally reached an agreement

with the French Government, this service

was resumed for the second part of the

year. This mission to provide French

citizens with services to welcome and

help them find a job in Hong Kong was

particularly important during the first

semester of 2009. The economic crisis

saw a surge in the number of candidates

received and guided at the Chamber (see

page 38 in “Recruitment Department”) for

specific figures.

French Chamber 2008-2009 Annual Report

French Chamber 2008-2009 Annual Report



The financial statements for the year ended 30 June 2009 have been audited by Mazars CPA

Limited. The Chamber’s activities were profitable during the year with a net surplus before

taxation and effect of exchange rate changes of HK$394,048. The Chamber’s retained surplus

amounts to HK$5,691,755 as of June 30th 2009.

1. Income of HK$10,621,548, a slight decrease of 3.9% which can be explained by:

A drop in revenues for the following services, mostly due to the economic downturn:

- Missions, both collective and individual, of our Business Development department fell 20%;

- Advertising was down 10%; and,

- Events (mainly Gala) dropped 19%

(the Gala itself was fully booked with a waiting list but revenues were weighted down by the “10% early bird discount”).

But these “crisis-related” results should not overshadow the exceptional performance of:

- our Membership department, with revenues up 15% thanks to a record number of new members;

- our Recruitment department, which was able to sustain the same record performance of last year despite adverse economic

conditions; and,

- the continuous growth of our “Aide à l’implantation” services.

It is interesting to note that the main revenue streams of the Chamber are now Business Development (35%),

Membership (27%) and Recruitment (17%).

2. Expenses of HK$10,227,500

- Direct costs, in line with the slowdown of Business Services Department services, were down 18%.

- Large scale projects were put in place or finalized internally to enhance the Chamber’s image and services to its members through

a comprehensive CRM system linked to a brand new website. These projects are a perfect complement to the new graphic


3. The large euro position (related to our services to companies based in France) held last year

(generating a mark-to-market gain of HK$223,910) had to be sold this year in a reversal trend of the currency,

with a net loss of HK$396,219.

It should be noted that an internal procedure has been put in place to minimize the chamber’s exposure to foreign exchange risk.




2008/2009 2007/2008

Income HK$ 10,621,548 HK$ 11,050,757

of which Membership HK$ 2,828,607 HK$ 2,462,678

Expenses HK$ 10,227,500 HK$ 10,327,194

of which Direct Costs HK$ 2,806,175 HK$ 3,450,325

Staff expenses HK$ 4,927,160 HK$ 4,476,441

Other expenses HK$ 2,494,165 HK$ 2,400,428

Profit/(Loss) of the year(before taxation) HK$ 394,048 HK$ 723,563

Taxation HK$ 33,032 HK$ 57,046

Profit/(Loss) of the year (after taxation) HK$ 361,016 HK$ 666,517

Exchange gain/(Loss) HK$ (396,219) HK$ 223,910

Surplus/ (Loss) of the year (after taxation) HK$ (35,203) HK$ 890,427

Retained Profit

Brought Forward HK$ 5,691,755 HK$ 5,726,958


French Chamber 2008-2009 Annual Report

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