Essentia Health Employee Intranet “Coming Soon” - Essentia Daily ...

Essentia Health Employee Intranet “Coming Soon” - Essentia Daily ...

Date: March 13, 2012

Essentia Health Employee Intranet “Coming Soon”

Q: What does the “Coming Soon” Page contain?

A: The “Coming Soon” page contains prominent links to all three existing regional

intranets (Compass, IntraEast, PulsePoint), a key quality metric, a short list of key

integrated employee resources, a reminder of how to contact the IS Help Desk, a

reminder of our Mission/Vision/Values, and the link to provide feedback.

Screen Shot of Essentia Health Employee Intranet “Coming Soon” page

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Q: What is the address of the Employee Intranet “Coming Soon” page?

A: The browser shortcut is: http://in/

Q: What are the plans for redesigning the Essentia Health Employee Intranet?

A: The design of YOUR NEW Essentia Health Employee Intranet has begun! We are

working to create an integrated information space for all employees. The Employee

Intranet redesign will unfold in stages. Access to the existing work portals and intranets

will remain until all content and features have been integrated.

Q: Why is the Employee Intranet important?

A: “The future Essentia Health Employee Intranet will equip and empower all staff with

pertinent and current information to carry out our mission of making a healthy difference

in people’s lives. By having a single tool, the intranet will allow us to be more

productive, eliminate duplication of content, communicate important progress metrics

and encourage sharing of information across teams and locations in a systematic and

integrated way.” – John Smylie, Chief Operating Officer

Q: Why are we launching the “Coming Soon” Page as a browser default

homepage now?

A: The information space we create will be the browser default homepage for all

employees and may also be incorporated into other defaults such as the desktop, and

mobile/tablet views. The primary reason to set the browser default homepage now is to

allow employees to begin discussing it and providing feedback to the team now – during

design. This approach means that employees will have more impact on the project.

We need and expect involvement from all employees to make this a useful tool.

Please remember that this is just a “Coming Soon” page. The intranet redesign will be

launched in phases.

Q: What if I want a different browser default homepage?

A: The decision has been made to standardize all employees’ browser default

homepage. You will not be able to change it. You can still set as many browser

favorites as you would like.

All of your desktop shortcuts will remain.

None of your existing tools are going away at this time.

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Q: What if I can’t find my old browser default homepage?

A: Most users have one of the three regional intranets (Compass, IntraEast,

PulsePoint) as their browser default homepages. These links can be found prominently

on the new “Coming Soon” page. All clinical and work portals should already be set as

a desktop shortcut. Please look there for the paths.

Q: How can I provide feedback on the Employee Intranet Redesign?

A: We encourage and welcome your feedback. Please use the Feedback link on the

new “Coming Soon” page.

Q: What if I have a new request or enhancement request for an existing intranet

(Compass, IntraEast, PulsePoint) or for a work portal on SharePoint or


A: Requests for major changes to Compass, IntraEast and PulsePoint and for new

SharePoint and CompassPoint portals will be kept to a minimum and may require

Director level approval to be considered. Routine content updates will continue

according to current processes. These existing intranets and work portals will be retired

over time. Development efforts will be focused on the new Essentia Health Employee

Intranet to ensure timeline and alignment with organizational needs.

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