May 1926 - On-Line Newspaper Archives of Ocean City

May 1926 - On-Line Newspaper Archives of Ocean City

May 1926 - On-Line Newspaper Archives of Ocean City


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°°ean City High iohool Th# mbjact rpr Snnitay ev»n- May Klwinl« Olubi, at the

anquet. Prof.

.«" -l '" ! 'Psl of the

~???K"!»3 Kft|a*W?l M=*|»ii*eu Pflor last a to Broker this ""^ 0 , b9 tr| M on a charge 1 of team during the can.BaLns £

gtmmm Mng eligible for

C o u r t N e

8 ' > ° of the speaii £Si3£

0I ""lonarintereit

feR . • utT? White, of Cap, May%l8 was "IS L'" af If S

^i^^^^. >~y { r^ . „;


, of the Cap* May

miiiii— n,m,r,rmm

»ermi,tpj _ — season. Dr. Hersehel 'Pttiu

Eleven cases are on the docket P





r « ild enl of the Board of Bdu-

; for the Cape May County Court e «"°n, and Dr. J, Thorniey

which' will itart next Tuesday u rtB«, vice president of the

with Judge Herbert Bartlett, * choo l body, also addressed the

Judge of the Cumberland County young people. Both Mia, itlriani

-. ' Colift, presiding. The coses listed HeJebly, coach of the stria* ream"I

are those resulting from the

tl Adams, mentor for the

tu "f Hit IndietmentB Ind by wys" Wlldwoed

.Kf" " ° ~ to * ~ ! ^ «« was thrown ,n.

t" for Past

i, of the Wildwaod

J charged with nu.

. merous offenses. pen!y wm

iMt Sunday evening"' •""* """"" f 0 " 1 " 1 «"««y Hr "Judge" Palmer

The morning service will he (w' lm SI » COIIIllSl """ tl18 D*"

eondusted by tte paste* S,,* fS "i. " AU8Ul1 ""»»« reiulted In an automatic slowing iefe««ed In value,'

^4jB«i^,i -B^^^^, ^« n down in the use of notatnuB hsl ^— : =^n= .==

gf. uBBBiMea|, ,{her foods for potatoes, FoWo •JUUICrs roint LOCElS

ipuUiUcBliy,,copper»how»4 no ocreags seems sufficient, and un. -

illrial chanlH dnrl|g| Htob, der normal Browing conditions • Pred Oricme, of neadlng Pa

i|;byoyBnl oBeet itj/tyinggfoff the nnal output should |ie ma- brother of Mrs. A, Waldo of

Ijport Ansoelutlon nccniB to have terlally over that of IIJS. It Fourth and New Jersey Avenues

in tomewhat upiet by the re- is noteworiliy that of late the »"d manager of the Taubei

at stock market Humps, There Importing or potaloea has been Slocking Mlils, . married Mrs

a been more ncwJcoptier than much encouraged. Carrie Bfrger. also of neadins'

lilt iliice tbe flnl or the year, • • • — «•

B| productfoR capacity t

siple Is well equipped to handle ,

Soft coal pfiees, f.o.b, mines,,

have continued the downward I

t, and are no


il has '

I On the return of her husbaBd,

a short dlnanee The Olyic Olub will meet inlBtalrs, whore she had fallen. Be I spent the week end

and Mrs. Hilton Thurlow,

re Boaii, enlertalnsd th»

an Endeavor Thursday

|^5^f rMI 'ror,hrflr,n"

ft 1 * * ^•'• 7 '-^ : this year was fai lwl,t ,

Paptr Mill Stocks Rat Large year ago. Hard coal prJc

Mfi paper Industry has not holding relatively sti

(fed up as much as many will lake tlmo to adjust the j,",,,,,^ _im „„„,„.„„

tltir industries. Much paper statigticai position to a normal "* "'' VJ

[I being produced, yet wo are basis. Total production of hard Thelma Turner, I-year-old

< m( the supplies right along, coal for the calendar year is daughter of George Turner, of

^N& result, there are no big still 50 per cent, under the Fierssn Avenue, had ' forgotten

JSrts on hand at the mills. Pro. average el recent yea, lief pockelbooH on Sunday morn-

Idngeestg are holding relative; --—-•;-. ing,. Not tnlnkini of Butomo-

••Pjtiady ' although weakneiis T ., a , T- a *u ll " eB * lle crossed the street and

tali to have appeared in both iel ' s Kealton lo Build was hit by an auto. Her coliar

terlals and certain grades Only Best Homee hone wan broken In the very

;and chemical pulp are holdfnlrly

steady, Proiluc

jnlpls relatively hjgh.

nree ists pre ugt^d for the build.

iig and grounds, the value of the

i|.linber Prices tower. will

of both softwood and iniDQ

^wopd have turned dt I

\ There Is a better balance "When When the Gardens 0 lots

|W»n supply and demand. The place'

^paodi of the building Indus- t

ry can be properly taker '

ft New softwood orders ron* [ prices as low .

)M» to exceed the amount on at that time a ,

JjWwd cut, but .the margin Is j three to'five Ih

Mraw. Hardwood prlc*

not far froi

illlary of Yoluntee

iny,' No. 1, .held i

1 —' —ting Mon

leii's Ball



John V. Pointiere,

840 Central Avenue OCEAN CITY,

-^i* 6 —- th ? n " prti ? nt '?. Oee ? n Cit y- Your diaiiM of inveatlng money hers and doubling tin same

for better prices as property values rise.

We submit for your eonjijaration the following worth-while b

In the hiart of the

Gardens near the

beach, 496-ft, frontage

on Surf and Pinnacle

Roads. $60,000

1st Mirtgaffl $24,900

2.FamiIy, 3 Bedroom

Apartnient House, All

year 'round residence.

Hot water heat and all

conveniences. Central

location, ,


J0 M

100 ft. Ocean Front

at 17th Street.


per front foot.

Beautiful hotel site.

Well financed.

Beautiful B«nide^

well furnished, one

square from the beach

on North,Steet. All-,


We would be pleased to hear your particular Phone Ocean City 220, write or send a tele* |

wants in Ocean City properties, or any other gram. If you have properties in this dly'fe:^

lnfomiation we may be able to give you. sale or rent, we would be pleased to lilt them, jf

We Are Still Talking Beach Fronts

To Our Customers *



One of the shrewdest investors who ever bought in Ocean City--and who today has many thousands in

unimproved property in this resort --said within the past ten days:

M Oc«ui City^ in my judgment, will have at least five years of the best kind of

buiJniBK-bipn^:j-and I'm a bull on Beachfront."

We are commissioned by him to submit for his approval what we consider the best' buys in Beachfront

p r b p e r H e s . ; > ' , ; ; : ^ ^ p - . ' - • , • ••'/• : ' - ' y - '


} • ' ' / • • ' '.'' ••.• : :-'-\~- ' • • ' ; .':, -, • - ' . , { '••'. ; • : ' : " ' ' . • > • : >

•^s*#'!^'X'^^i? e r^; : ^i&»^ I:. M •• .• :; ^.-'.'~ : ' : "'.:':. ••• ! :••• ' ^ / r M M



^ f

it 1 '?*





' 'fj




§§|ourse Will Be Open

tatrs, Tree Pullers, Trench Diggers

.. _ .--- fee

p;the Greatest Developments in the State

' -r'*?' " " '"Oo-onI,I>,

»,-....„,„ »pJn for piny hy S(.p(i.mhi.i', ilcpnt, " ' •'

sa«i- -T-y---.--«» ,5>cari The staliuiiiil caiisnl iln Tin. offi,,|. la us,.,] by

fetotno..dr onii or the writer to journey u, thr. P"„,

fflfailrptanneU ^.plann real es. the prospective (.,„„..„, ,,, „,,,


'vlupiT.i. Nliii hales of the' allruiii only ilmai.

iirri- hnil MI-PII cliaiiMl. enlM- bcliw aJiiMjt i,f humi

alwl uhi] ii'iiily rnr unwiiij; uf rati'il mnl IN »IIV

FUKt smii liy (III' runupr owiisi'H. brut* of ihi< Ouj'

„„,„,„,„„;„ ,„,„ Bllill lm

I nt » -n ,, . A l '""' Pri'iii'iil Mini' iln - M i l .

Water Facilities LMII.IIIIK liialiwuj'. in,: ,„,„„!;,

J Abi.llt I hi' CfllliT of ih,. mil!!, rum,..,,! Oil' llinlmlshl ill U||

......... ,.lileh IK ITOICM li. thP hear, or ih,- h",.,^"""' "'""!' '* 1 " IB ?. |I ' U '""Jrn.nl I'IHIIIII-IIIIIIB, IH,II,,.|H HI

ten and acMed wlileli WOB "roniplHert in ' '""' ''* "' l1 "' ««=

s i,0l, ar, ,,„„ !iy „„„,, ^f^,^ I* 1 ,, V 8 . 1 ?' 7,'" -"".-111,. I- bin „>„. ml,,,,,

achine «li.lp. »»,,•, ihn „, «' «»*«> Hie work

,r cun- ' At lll, jm no naniefl it.' , , Oolf Course Clearei

"**°" " '" * ' ftn U not been as'flr&

it abeut tso.ooo

eB fiKi^W «i>ewMng, | had been spent on the prc'

• ' ".= * • * - ' . = = ' " = ' ' ' - - . '

jWjihout huMiioHhs Oeeih city, HirhWwllt:be a wont joSuIir

" " " ""i T *M*W^'» « Phots of»on«'j)f the noHTjiomea,

Lpealeil at (hi onlrani


._-i the Baijlwurd.

The Weal HomeSite


An Ideal Investment

The Development of

1 ".V 1 •' • ' ) ! . • ' • > ~ ij.

Your Dreams

.' •". . y i >,


•. ,

• • • • Passes Into Discard


that the reign of heavy hitting is causing the Long Dfivei Pass With

1 ',v t'".'^-'^;^

« 't i.

n ^J 1 .-a.fij_'OJ

Local Athletei |N« W Yaten Wild Shakeup Due

To Enter Real I Over Y ^ r ^ ca in Standings of

Ferate Fi^y Have Forsaken 'High'Hats'

Lsiarerieia _Are D o^j 0 Buiin9is

|0tt Ad. Md Cop piay^HtedB&^^S

Uardmer, Native Sons, To Now Vork Yankees this year i«

gw oJ the art of base stealing. Only three play last sen- ga|t L,!,, Qity Franchise

mable to stMl more than thirty bases, while'in I SB 1 ) Harry _—,

$kt up the record for all time by stealing 158 sacks, Tlie The parniltae of the slugger

Wir the old Philadelphia player advance,! a base l« tinws. P"Hl out of organKed Imiobali

A rules for te.se stealinR have been ckuwd from tin,,, m """^ ' ^ X ,n ttf wSE'

«M PErhaps it is soiiiewliat ipifjur to coiiiparc the records of OmM L,,ngui, t0 Hollywood Cal

Bwith those, of the present day players, I'layars uscil to Bit TIIO rnrined alnioHphere of the

Ml, base if they took two bases on an infielil out. They also Utah cnpiuil, offering leas re.

j^ditld with a theft if they scared from third on a ily ball, iitatnnee to hulled baila limn in.

raised to he scared with a stolon base if they were tagEcd alter cailliea nuamr lhe sou level, wan

Mpf the base as v.qll as when one part o

wtfWith disaster.

TOnter scoring reeords have changed tilin

felonger do any huge records show thenis

gSntury (lerformance wns that of Cohh's

BJ'Bar outivincd the pppasitinn 90 times.

psinong niodcrn day pjayers and is good

nftfImong the all-time itoiHds. r ,r

MVndtr lht obi statin of smriiw five players

Atoum irMmt


"Denutlfui poplar troos sul-

«>«*«/ mark, Stovey myi Blld UJ, w,1(,|ln|, ,!,„ taN, Thu probablUUeg ate tint tin

Long Among Sec- imike it po*ibk. mi- the HiiihbiHin Kuutueky Derby, which will be

id Division Clubs '« *'n. even thouish the UPPO- run at the fnmoua Ohurrtilil

"" -"— _ ' " Hiiion niiiclit ilcvtiop mii8l,l..raii(e Bownn nent montli, will ho tie

of an ofToiMive heuvloat atlair in Its long hUtory,

i and Browns To Rke Out lo ilaie umru liao hei'ti Thin in proved by the early

very mile rial punch shown by wiigerinB on the race, .In tlio

— — ,lle aliampiona, II him bum, Iho "winter" ftwM. Ths piny has

r nenson butiliijf avorasen hiit,. thiii inivt fallen down. "">'o |J ni! men hnvo llveil

,t the same time showing the siiirillcst proportion of ,"« «"•'" »»« «' "">lr llv

„„ tt&n\ In Ooiirm Cllyanilhelhari! grncH

' ^____ " nl Of llllJ iaml '"S 1 I1B fsamvn linn been peurile, l'

inly in wilt.when tliu hy ti

sultry. ' hit t

re me eluBs wliieli | uway,

rwrnltH are playing so well at the

moat important |in«IMon» of the

iiillolcl tins eriUNeil many to ex.

uni of the local IIIBII gclionl.

Their eonni'ctlnnR with

' ScllOill.



Their eonni'ctlnnR with Ocean

I flair





nuts n

and WHS Illruwn tint II limes, Cily










•j/o/f 41 baitf, Imi t

fur 111'. r*.iil itiiati* nohi. Ailaiim

nl bj.-ttc/U 41 limi

lias lii'i'ii a in.mil,•,. of Hi'' IIPIII

p. They tlw only ptnyris lo uml iwn llum IShiale Jiimi'il fur the. liafll fnilr

yeni'ii, iiiiriiiH wlliell limi. lit' wnii

ji Imi star.

i*!nr!!'*!!.(t wllh thi. offirr fil J,

It, Jn I. uml. HI lilt' IIIWIIIIX

lii.lii Ill-Ht TuiTiiliiy (.yrnliijl ilir

tiriv firm wan afliiiiiit-tJ IIIIH ar-

ih Cuyler anil, MmtH are tnin'li yin

tlve miMiiiii.i'sliip in tin. rcsluim'

Jnite oi this Max retaina liis right to


j of prcssiit day base, ruiuiers, Thi

AilaiiiH wan a iiion! vf.f?iaiile

|d, but, nf cimrsa, bruifi work Inm

bmvs how hi (Id it aptl lie nlso I

ifwho liioks over Carey's retoril imi

le f0 " (

.iigerlne on the race, In tlio r

winter" haokli. The play hag ' Autsnii

een very much aeattend. i4>«fal —--°-^--—-

.nines being woil thought of by mm m»p

it turn Jaekiiil Una and vifu, io far carlnriB, the TIB Juann

ClianeiiH galoro tu win gaineii Bonsntlen, la a favorite nt J to S,

by the Introduction of a timely and H«npoy eoracs new »t Bhoul

hit or iwo iiavii been Ilirown 0 lo ] anil Brndlers entry, Bui).

iiway, ilue to tho inaliillly of nling Over, at I to 1, HBSie, win

liaiierN wllh BPliimllil reeorilH well piayod by gonif folka, but

Awnlnoi, BHMii'

niaik. Inat Heuwin. to come Ham Hoerie. who truing for Jo.

ihreiiEli wlib a biiigie when it «o»h »• WWener, riaa withorewn

wan m>!!ili'!l. i^e colt, gtalin^ that he eould

A gljllip; ipw at the mai

Tlie I'lrat' Ural wciiK of ne- not get him runny in lime for a

the iiiajor Ir league CIUIIH

tlvliy ni'iii'ri JiiHi two vloioii gooJ raee^

tin. Tw*t wWl'i.k

-Eillnwell II

anil llvi, ileri», In only one or E. B> Broaley IB aliuagt «ure EMPLOYMENT

prcufl wonder, ani HiiDh a good I In wicli uh ili'i.i!jt ttmt in it ihiw m n KKIHIII illil Hie flue. tlinL ho will ionii the winner of

iiulge a» aeorge Pa ley iiellevt.fi

lniiifiii.il lung,

liw ubiiiv imyililiiK llki> a real the derby to Iho poat. and hail

Unit thrrc In nn

Nulliiuiil h'iiKlli

..rr.niivr in Mi.. ni>cniiil gaiiin at pi'aelleiiily nnnieil Bubbling Over

pal cnii'klnif,

plli'il up 10 I-IIII

Mile wlilcti will torn the

New Ynrk lia.: i

" lloiiwby- trick. ll« hils Hlnleil Uiat he will

I hi' BluintliiR Urn

n one. two, ihriw In (he n

Imllvlilnnl In tu; i,

n thiii'M nentiiii to bo gQme

im ma Uah,. n'mli

vMiD» .ilon in his My ujiier, liiller. jr^^jBTLa

Ihc niily riouii'l-

Th•' cluh haiiii'l li selling Ihc

lii.'Hl of iiii.lilii;: , yei, Ilii I II

rreiiiti in hi. iilpPn

puHliinii Hrwrai n

II" im PI ml lllcunli

1 !

i .I'llHi Iho nllier day ho bet 130,- H3? Went Aveiiiio, oeeaii qili

ouli w11li "Long OeiirKe" a«rnter ;_ ''- -^

lhal riillllillllg Over would heal BI^IHHWW W(WftJ!3

P,iiiiti'^y in Ilie i'lCi. 1 , Tlio rnlonei ,,* ,,„-, i.i^,*^.

if of prsssnt day Iiase. ruiuiers. Thu sleuiiiijs nf haws Willis Mm » i"" nl VMBIHIIIII

B, but, .rf course, brain work ta a heap to ,1.. with it, "ij t'" ..T."n«h,C TrinC oT'll

j^n how f" -I,, i, «,d He also know, *hn, u, ,ry it, ^ «,'"„'"I'laJ'^'Lit";K^'

Kwho luoks aver Careys retonl must iiiiilmtnnd that the ,mck „„,( baakiitbali lenniii, l|..

^captain is funrtianiiig woll at both ends of his athletic ta u,w presorit title holder of ihe

jjp.t lie stands on gmfc feet, supported by good legs ,nnd is college polo vault reeoril. Dur^

»)y brains that are elickiiij! right all the tinii'. Ing the pant seanon ho esaeheil w

lung Kiki Cuyler, a teammate of Max and schooled in the Hie Ocean City High haskoiliall Ih

p?o'f the leading pilferer of the league last season, wasn't '»' » ni1 ln « 'o 0 " 1 srtiool enjoy, vl

Ifc to meet the'pcreentiiee of success of his tutor, ,81)7, hut c " sn " »/ "» >»»' "iieeoasrui at

^ J^til with a percentage of .760 M . * per- t ^Z?%%& %

n ,673. Most,! a a fast bpy and one who is being taught „,-„,„ ,„„.,„„,,„„!. AMmiKh er

it points of base stealinjj by no other expert than Eddie ,lul.|im ,,|N canem „„„„,, h]( ,,-„ cl

{, Mostil is perhaps as speedy as Kiki, but he simply has not altempieil no eompelliion on the m

jsjend the fine points of strategy which are necessary to make gym floor, he was rated os one en

-'—h grade, Mostil failed twenty-one times while Carey of the cleverest football playerB tl

combined were caught only twenty-four times. It is In ioutH Jersey schoolboy ranks

Wn that Mostil wai amoiig the leaders because he everlasting. * f j w ? mn °« 0 tl»f oiliiit agjiiial hie iluii,

if, 11 ueeliin lull ha» "fMV

Camp6 To Box

in Australian Rings

in ink'

coileBc polo vault reeoril. Dur^ f'eiha camiio, the pcflpaleile D.B

Ing iho paat Beanoii ho eoaolioil whs film from ring la ring like nnil'",

the Ocean City High haskoiliail lhe firefly. Is contemplating a ijnne

leani and the local srtiool enjoy, vialt to Aummlla, lie piano to oi.'-iK

oil one of Ha most HueeOHaruI fllnrl In two tvoekn for Hit Innil y,,| n

Hi'iiHoiiH, Girillner IH alaii onu of or ihe haiigaioo. In maklne ihia ih-u

illege nnreer lie ha» Clabhy, our. of lhe ohl-ilniert

conipelliinn on the mnmng regular (rips ami final!

! was rated os one establishing a long residence li

oat football playerB tho Antipodes,

iey schoolboy ranks Campo Imn boon one of Hi

ago, ' most

•atlsfylng boxorti that eve

B,_,!__ Tho new onibe nice has boon very si stepped about PiillaHeipliln.rlrig

altraellvoly ileeoralod leeoralod by Leslie and if past performance!! performance! ar

Z. Smith, a stuilonl stuiient at tho In- lii- taken takon IIH a basis baajg for predie predictloni

f:- Carey's bvii rtroril 'for slsltn haws was in 1916, when dustrial Aria anil a former ola»a. class, the Philadelphia Filipino will tor Ih« f

lypUlirttl siiUy-ttirtc tacks. In 1913 lit stale sixty-one, mate of tile young bunlnc«ii men plcono i the. fans out the.

MP18 ht hat Ihe throw fifty-tlgkt liiriesi In WIO lie In ihe Ocean City schools, ,- —

pn/c en fifty-two altfitipts. He slele mte less in 1V23,

n 1914 lie Imit ihe till'forty-nine till'farty-ninc limes limes ami and in IVI7 in IVIT uiitilt iiiiuh

hiliaine reeord as m last seffltin, semtiii, /oriy-iix, jnrly-six. •

HittCrS* HcftVCIl

1 ;u v.i ili, liny wen- lilanli. him-., t 111:-, j-oiif, II iieelnn. Inn ha»


eball in ii

line that IM Impossible

iih any *li';

iori'l nvcr a long eliii:

IN iuiiiit, aiiil fiiu iiprhi

ay bo the lii'iit io fade. Inlaiit w

TH of certain ti.an ! won't h

VIJ failed tliiiii fur In s.


:|. uml lhi.y IriBl i he otln'ij or ll' i'i' liln ii/T'iili! In Nuw York

•niii-M" hy i' niiiir.iii of | in l«'i da liftTh [in iloii.oov oa lilr

Ily. ill ih.iii'lj. -til of ihii',." liOi'i: r ,' itutiblitifT Over tvgainiii any

. liny ralll'-ii nrnr ihi; "Iher Inillvliluaieiiiry, that In all "

lmi fnlli'il in ».| ui:incil Imt Cariaria,

• i'i Piahi- their oireniilvij . 1(13 well.known bi'dMor ovl- .

wliili-. dotitly thlnko very mueh of Ihlp d

-••'— —::—-—~— horiio, which itiycnie quarters In E

in ymi set n law passixl belittled bojatiss he la o "winter" -

•viiy mini, woiiHiii and horoo, for ho has eliminated him .

Moriosoe Monty

iviiy IniltiHiry anil hunk In,all his bolting arrangements,

I will In. mobilised the In- And when a man ilko E, B, Brad, j

war In declared—I here ley mrike» mieh nn attitude It'n f

be any morn war!"— something for the doubtful ones n

olil-llnicrs, whleli have failed thuii fur In set

UIIH. t° Inliik over, p

iinil finally the world afire, or to accomplish

^^~^-. - Tho fiict inat I'omrn'y is almost I!

lalilenee. In what was expected of them, "have A iMellinilist u- sro exliorler a euro atarler In thr) race now_ ^

no reason to feel diseoiiraggil. for Hhnulod: ^'Cflniu on up liiiil jlne la pleasing ngws le home lovers, ^

no of the jt IN curtain Hint better Minus lie army of lie Lord " "I'se done The Coo eult hag beon doing


that ever Mu |» utorc for tbolr favorltei), iinotl," replietl one if tho oongre- sroat work of laio and the otasr —

gallon, "Wliar'd yi ii jliief" ask. day stepped n, ml|e and an eighth

Ftffioh Sadly Itolciiig

jiliorler, "Al do Daptls' In 1:B5. which is proof positive

It Is not difficult io aece

"Why, ebir," sttiii the of IHH condition and the posaibilu

"you ain't in de army; tlej of iniproylng hjm onjl wlihln

Pirates to get off toyoh's In do navy," ' thei noxf throo' weeHB.*


niiiirQ liv int^Hrnir nn adv-grtlii

III thy K m claaltlDd advert

A View of the Beaeli in Oeei

The »hrew

vrt» :;

I. #*• v

Ei,ht / I " / /l '/) of un, nn Hrw. OPEAH mi u r

Qhnrlos Kane u'nd In i- Lrnyr ,. _ ,, ,, h ' . . .

Iowa loft liw cily Wddnesdny la.,° ,„'., „, * ' " '„" '" B ", ,

SO* «ho mnje ration Con "« I-"'; X ',''„„'" "r, •",';,!'

/esHen at Anbury Park Thuy j l u,^ ( n i l ) nrf ^ IC M intH

Jire planning is remain thtre un- __ ]_ '_ il ** fi

r^&Jr Wiliiain^ Bonks Again in

HfghMui vlait lo Atlantic Cily Wlllluii Unnk< mlnrp.l nf ;:_•

lin.1 Mrs Dorothy B.ireforii look I > O!ii "; s " lrin " r " '"'^ 1" -111111 ,if

Cooper ami Mm I MaI11 " * 1* «»Bl>urn un Jlurirtay

lnt. i*illiiifj HiHil 111* frll in finnl nf

lucnl! "" Pi'Hn rar uini

Waters* Laugh

a Feature of

Coming Show

Actor Playing Role of Isaac

Cohen Gains Fame By

Famous "Guffaw"

rtcmu Jnraoa It, WhUiiu ' Alice

Uudisy, Charles W. Qulhrlo flnd

John F Wsbher*

Sensational Film

At Moorlyn Monday

"Go To Grass" Means Sea

Moving Picture Attraction

' Go to Grass" 1

Ir I hat phrunr Is hurled at

A. B* i M * e i i5 f "i nnyitnir betwuin now and

At Moorlyn Next Saturday | ncx[ Tm.a.ny avlninB, don't

offensp things are nnl whal

' • VTi, H B

I irj i group of prcsnint-lit

J WII II a who lull Wednesday

lltl* iiil tho fonvenllon aE Aahi

I'll h 5

It CliarlCM Fiolny, of Phi

tf« iDlila, who has been « humni

(" ri i M, nt In this resort fnr HOI

JIIII-H was killed in an nuto i

f illl nt rreontly

Mi*\ Eva Mali era wag nIs

1 ilRliuif? the group of local wen

\whn metsred to Brldgeton filon

alftl Afternoon

, . Mi i Sydney Montgtimurj (

JHfl Grave, Cliratcr County, Pa

Irlio fias biin residing at lie;

JjJMIHI st eii Central Avenui, li

^liowr Iflgving fSF her home town

r' Sifcly First in

i Clean-up Advises Chie

* (' ootlDutd from Pass 1)

V^lMitfttfoa durjfig the spring

will (be ehltt "Much rubbish

iUdtf little of all kinds accumu

HlTlilOHil ond airing la not eu>

" i during tbo ivlntir when

It is natilral tne broom and

din Bow should be siuch }n


' {$ an excellent liahlt, too

t must caujlnn peppli

lunt 6nn or two flfo Imznnls

, - J and common

II "fold, and in so doing I'd

16- have people realize 1

ff@m Jong e^psrlenco sup-

by tht rccorda of the y t< been coated with BOOI

• • '- )|B lbe, »rt coal burned In

my cases they will be found

t IHI t cqmpk'.ely choked up If

^Chimney ini furnaco plpci are

—I clojaad out I cah predict

1U I'ortainty many bundrcdi

di I t#lXgtl¥e flrts when eool

cemea around again—

111 area, every ona of thsm

Tlli> most eonyeniept time to

It Illl of thi.) soot in during

.Jh HPrlng-ereasIng season whilti

It 11 HUH nft Use a ivrappeil

fh lower It into the chimney

« Pipe long fnougb to TLXcb

K";ltli> liuttom of the flue Am

rjl iiTuhit down the ssiokc pipe and

At in II ont.

'V.'Oiun City will contlnui- to

•nllM 1 I'N) many fires without pil

••*—•,• UII top of them soorBs of

ll> avoided blazes, such

n II' y "%nd Sue fires always

III. pull

mn uur

nitnkn ph iid( ii puillj t(t tin

ehurf,) ur hHiig ilnink ului] ]h

V. ui ljrnughi hirnrn Minimi ih

Wuro Tiujilii mijinliiE Ji"l »n

flnml fill W Iif n lilriM.d Binkh

pagsesHiil a -fiiiall hallU cuiniili

III^ hnmt iUiuui anij u lu n i|iii%

liunid by PmiEhuifi itm

strand Hniigll In bt. list il fur

prop* 1 i, tht. iphielf

*liwrl>n Thi .IIit an Saiunluy | m * '"'* ^ a ^ ^ ^ picture

'itfilni, MJ> 3 juiiMlt Wntep* I , * " sh ° Wn &i tha

nliijiiife ill. ink i,r -ihuac Cnhen ' MoDrl > n Thentra on Monday and

^IH., 1U.RI. IR1»I. nlliK-nl Ihal 1 - 1111 "

plai i^ -puhi n I Gjass" in »M New York prc>

Si irni cm ii Hit un J*.jae cohm l | l w . council a Hensaiian by

it iMipl> tiigiii^iii in a comic i R'«!ifeing rerordH ami winning

fiiippli'hif in ur oni «f IIIG mi'tro I tllD strangest


puli hsti join iiiik Oi

{KflU fsa K mil (H<

Iniiii lsngh

iiilkiiLi ful t

rj» "i not a

iii^pitiiliun It



California Night Hawks

pfa^jdi-t in th»' Annt.

Nkhiils' cnmetlj li U a ereat

aifl in ihp eliunrttiizailan. lypi-

CJi! i nrJ dppairnlli

Its hit i fTt tt itDQii th

mi riming iht rihrinnati

£BCMiieni itmt Mr Wntfrs rfpvel

ttpul liffe laiifeii HP mliztri ilmt

Ul» Ijnifcli nuahl u Jul iu Isdnr

nil tht »,tj lliiDugh ihc plus

Whit wan flr«t a rhutkU fiLcamt

aeciaim from


i It t^n t fiction "Grass ' Is an

J ai-iudl I>ln thuununfl ftct high, and tor

rtruiuJ ri\£ s io rtfflch the green

pasturr lands To tills e|\ IJi-

Hponlaneoua ' zatioii of oiira their fortitude in

nudloiice Ii i awreomlne lerriflc abgtaclu§


Nature In her most overwhelm

Ing agpetts for the right to egiBl,

arc a reminder of sur racial lierl

tage it mukea our daily tasks

louk mighty tmsy

California Night


Hawks Pleiisc Crowd

Thr Cnllfornla Nlslit llnwlm.

Ill nrlglnal Victor recdrding or

histri made a distinct hit in

their flrnt iippearatH-0 at tfie

Maorlyn Tlieatro last night THe

twelve lively muilelans will fea-

ture iht lill] at llie loeel the-

atre tonight and laaigrfew

Thlr* nrganlzotlon °f Jazz ami

iitelndy lioa crnuttsi n il.stlnrt

diiRSiUlon in lia traveln from eoaai

to coaai Thi«y hate juat re

cuni ly ruturnud from a miGeesa-

Tul t'nfiaEfment In Miami and

Palm Butch and Man^gur itan-



For Congress


Atlantic City

For Assembly


Ocean City

For Board of Chosen Freeholder!


' Cape May Court House


Beeiley's Point

For Coroner*

Ity yrm m«t fortunate in BceurT

Ing £hy nolsd attractjes far the

Miiorlyn, Every inoramit tlioy

were an the utagg at Just Dlgiit*g

perfonnanee the audience

thrUIcd br their mslndlu.

TlilB niunlcal nttrnctlon • will

bp given In ranjun^tlan with tb@

feature phutoplay, "The Tough

Buy," with Prod Thompson nni


iis gan

tonJtht.,, The Pi

evening Richard

J'Jujt Buppom " |«

isle l

f The Iho. W. Bennclhnm '

Scientifically Ventilated EiedltnUy ]

Complete Change of Program Every J


upon thi all;

slw ihai he

II mn



Uaariyn Theatn

Night Hiiw

at ihe lucal

dsy enga^e


'Ii-Uiltfl In eliiti*

Entert^D Penn HBlI l liln; l n n ,: il no e w*o n n 1 u h o l f \l tf*

fur Abh & Ifl"h Riw* "

• T ' 1 thL cmiritgy nf tlii* in * »,.

J Vl — Annr Nirfials is hofll |

thi California

hn art

ire In

plaj lii


Hall girls at fhi> HO(P1

andern last night with a forty

e injnutt program

The concert »at* gl*cn nn he

helf of the cnmtniitLv of the

Ghftmber nf Cepimeree who art

making *>^er> fffori tn at 1 that

the HchooJ ia given every fni m

sf enttsrta^nment aidUabla in ihi*


JUthor ifi*| pt-uriiirtr of Hie pjn>

jnd s*ht is ending to this eitj

the i miie egMt anci protlueEion

wjiirh placed Jong engagpmisntK

iri Cincinnati St Louis, Pjtfa

but ? Colisnby^ Daj lun Intlian,

pills Loul^i iilf and KnmmH

jrn> Prominent among th^ mem

i be * nf tht ias[ arf P^ggy Barry

Sttann L*.n Ho>t HlJT B


I ihllf notiti in hcr« hy ghen m

I In trtultorft af rt*ch a Qtnrh BiUldlnE

l.pl it in nnd flii under onih*^ ih< Er j |

fiiDuthH team thf- dun* oi ihf» nuilr

Ji i inniii> %'li! ifihcnoncr httiJed""'

T in miinp rrrnj he nirtl with anj o.

) hi Una* ruiprii fl Triwlit » iippainlod

Tap Ih riirpoHi of llHifianlliu, Hit. uf.

Oilrti of thr sflld \wfoeiiiiinn

f Irsi KetlonnJ Bunk Ocean Cits



d red md Pjid FPF Li> Iiuhtirl s Milli B Vny Court


Pit* (I nl Qt

M>pll 1 112c

Mi lii 3H pfjgs 50

Tlllt> j


n CI1J.


Truol Co

F Inc worst nazarii

jniiii[.d -With spring cleaning

u from the burning of ref.

lii dangerous places—too

III fences or BulldlDgB, or

V" ffljdil of tlrr srasn. or

pn there are high winds blow-

which rooy carry sparks ami

tit tong dlstaBces, In burn-

IllhbUn, take care, to set

flriK'far eoyugb from Guild-

s'to eliminate the risk of dl

t vuiitact with the flames. Be

fnlly careful of burning

- llryigrass and Hubble

No outdoor lire,-whatever Its

'should rioicr be startril

thb; wind* Is strong, jin'd a

wntvr bucket should always

tpt handy along with a

i,* Ihb latter to ip.lnk out

iiPitrks and flamen "

Estate Board

To Remove Signs

f/ -(ruiitlnued from Pago J)

llm lnuril or not. will be great-

'i »in Mien hy 'lie removal or

mJT«C tltte^ ..signs Tho Bminl

•fttiirnlU lie uaed only at the In-

"• i nt the owncra nna the

r ,„ htnh (tedded that they

rlty itf persaadff the ownets

" " " i *uch B iwiuest

J«, 'jfapardlug of eiory

> In ^jr Block wltti a large

i_ln_ l Jilg7y-jmd lii'some caaen

" ",v ,- r tti^four i)HTori>nt

-»' fll^nn On tna anine prop-

"(iiilii-«"il >1* ulhiTHlir I linn

Imnn JI|I II Not

A Illl tyrr prrd^i

wri> r 11 pr union

tluin or nri|i(ilj In tlto

unnlRhlJInini if IU

will ti ml lo low.i r (in |

,' . I

i ownifti nf Ilici^lir

liny of *(njin Ilin '


Somers Point


For Development


Sleidow on corntr of pro

poscil contmuition of blatc

HiBhlv,n, Nciv York to

Cape lln, and Bndgt to

Bccalci 's J'amf 4bnut

100() fcer an ititr High

»i>. About JnIJtl fur

Bay franrngc BritlgL to

Bculey's Point takr^ tnr

ner of propcrti

Line of prnpcrrv joins

"CILCSII Cifi Harbors un

one side, and the "Del

Riy" dfulupinint on other

side of State highu.n Jt

is rnnst beautifully located,

and bceay*e nf ifts loearlon

in eoiinpetion with ndjoln

ing properties is tlig thoierst

and mosE valuable piece of

mcadou in all Soiirh Jersey

and tin be bought at a




Sonera Point, N. J,

Phone 34



SNsa r,.

l« iijiiftil

1-ID.i In


i-irt'i inrn lit xiv, |3 igg

I l.nL Ol

«\\ 10 cnell

eyiRvoNE ow ABOVE IS




Somers Point, N. J.

:BUrt£s]e$ estendgd ia gmken



To Wllnnr Itovn-r Irene Bower

lohn H Uowi-r \mclla Itauir

l.diinril novicr Iwila UK Huwcr

HcrhLrt rlo^tr KcnneLh Ila^cr

Hnlrrt LuwLf StarEiiFet IJn^cr

Ind.rkk rourr KiUllorln, Do»

tf ^jifun Hotter %dlQ c oni

fb.rl comfort Sn4 KII


nidi r of tho Court

u It-m.1 rniiclc

IH.U inrr-ui In

I * *lFtur* ef

(if I'linntirv (if

thti dm aT !h, MH.*. u» 1>IU Sf saifl

rniiipltiinnnl^ oi or bt run* Ihr rnurth

j ^j^ *»^ r ""' nrxt nr ihp fmld dill

ih" siiirl I fit In nM for fhi pur

l>t.« of ruii-HUn,, nf ,, rliiiit limdrt nnd

1 pn flllH (• If! Iht TnKfiKhlp nf Uintlroa

UP fViiml^ of fiimdrii fifirf in th"

rnivnuliir* sf Uavttr Counij of niffC

Mm und li>fh ID Ing |n fh. ^int> of

^Ptt JfPH*J Id «Jlicii nnp llfiFrV I

'"W Hfwl s.!z.d mid mu Mfi.,,!r

llniii^ Ir-nt- Iw,r Jnlm H Lmttr

Vmrlli J-ow r Mbypj] itowu i^

lull i Ua^er tfuHit-n Ilnuci Hcm» ih

llti«cr IN-, n Ilfivier Uaranrri

I.nurp }=r«i(Firk BowPr KiithiFinf

IluViPp unmn Ilawep Hiidi. Tom

fcft Hiflsft rornfnri nnd l\ Illbtm

r«rnfoF! JifT ftindc dffindnnlfl tin

flillm ¥QII HFC one uf ihr itnurilH In

LBFiiman Ihrrcln


BDllrllor «f CtampfnlnniiUi

3lf Mnrk»l IHT.




Mail Orders Accepted—Seat Sale Opens

Wednesday at Theatre,





You will see same company that played in Pitts-

burg, St. Louis, Cincinnati, Kansas City—Long

Engagements—To Capacity Crowds.

PRICES: Lower Hoop—$2.00, $ 1.S0

Balcony—$1.00 Plus Tax

Buy Yours Early and Avoid Disappointment.

Itlii-n ihut 1 rukir/i i wi>r«

t tin Ir hnumii vtili DIKRII

ii^alln BlrtnKtl^i.f, lur-

jrrir JIMft H« .niljurj

Added Attraction Extraordinary


April 29th, 30th and May 1st


California Night Hawks

, The Victor Recording Orchestra _, '


\Z~ Ptppy Boys~12;

In addition to our feature pdoto pky».'

Admiuion # , _ vl- ,


The Bay Front

Always hai made and always will

make the- strongest dppcal to the sum-

mer sojourner who loves the water for

the pleasure he gets from it by rod,

boat and bath

Now is the time to make a purchase

there of a new cottage, cKarmingly

situated on all aides, and we are posi-

tive that such a buyer can dispose of

it in the fall for more than the purchase

price now. and'enjoy his season's use*

without cost

Let us inspect this cottage with you.

Fresh from the builder's hands It rep-

resents the "Last Word" in compact-

ness and convenience ,


Eighth and Central Avenue?! I,

Today, Friday, April 30th— ,

—Added Attraction Extraordinary-,!?

(Thureday, Friiay and Saturday)

The Famous

California Night Hai

The Victor Recording Orchestra n

In addition to our Feature Photoplayii'i

—Feature Today—

Fred Thompson and Silver King (His I

"A Tough Guy"]

Hie story of a two-fisted plainsman.

Added Comedy- Arthur Lake in


Extra—A new episode of "CASEY OF:

COAST GUARD" with George O'Hw i

Helen Ferguson, Fox N§ "

Tomorrow, Saturday, May lit—

Matinee at 2 P. M.

Last Day of the Famous


The Emperors of Melody

—Feature Attraction—

Firtt rational presents 4?j!

Richard Barthelmess

"Just Suppose'^

A love story of an Ace who trumpsd a King!)

a Queen, Played in Hearts.

Added C-m^dy—Neely Edwards h


EXTRA—A naw stary of 'THE ADVI

OF MAZIE," with Alberta Vaughn, AI (__„

Kit Guard, Topics of the D»y Pathe I

^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^i^^B^mm^m^^^^^m^^^^maammajm Jn^M

"Give More Th;u:h l . To M.ule"


This is National Music Week.

Music Week Celebrations will be held

theatre Wednesday and Friday evenings. ,

brations will be under the direction and ,

supervision of MRS. HOWARD O. MAC-

SON, Director General of Music Week in '


Monday and Tuesday—May 3rd & 4th—

Two Days Only

Reginald Denny in

"Skinner's Dress

With Laura La Plante and a special i»

The famous star of "Win! Happened To

in hit latest and greatest comedy.

Added Attraction Extraordinary


The only picture of its kind ever ma

record of a forgotten people in a land

Destiny wields the lash. It is wo *

Aesop's Foble—'THE MERRY BLA

Wednesday, May 5th— . -

Special Music Week Celebration at S:'4

Under the direction of Mrs? H; O. Ma ~

—Feature Attraction—

Wanda Hawley and Robert Go

"Hearts and Sj

The »tr tin

I I till il

ThU Miinig,

bit, lnifciiiB IIII

.mil ihr Din ihi

watt pLnhi^ t

Mill} him* tl


Brilliantly in Defeat of I One of Best Centers He Has Ever Seen in Action

Sea Isle

prlii Ihr



Wainwnght Played Well

Tlmi hj Hi,

Selects Bossier, of Wildwood, As Class of Forwards n» ihinrn he

fans \tere startled on th? ripening di>

with the sfuiffnig DUE nf the



Tin William p!it}ing or GfniEt

ihc unheralded Bropkl^n Hinger fhe> m'rr won i trj OhfihriUd and Allt-n fkianU r HHI

arid then promptU forget it IH mu ni fhr^t irt.ik | nfi Illllr h t'Jr ihi

All iaut'i Jersey Lepguc

Ilu IK'S 0(10

< nil k 'I [it

Tin M «h ill flwlllnl \ilwi-

u it nm of llK| ufa Lipy il 1 nil nl rmifiibin fid Mimal'

hill Id IUl nililt'd f"l JIIUF lllllitlll. lit! Ill llilH

lili imlii" ''i"' 11 " "" ul H' u «»»»»! J "

' 1 }

III ll

are happening ©nee in i ikculc 1 hi prcjtigtt

had dmpped a do/rn ai thfir pre M*I«O fjlr**

g the sdiU nerc he.m tint the iKn of Mtti


thf DU ih IO I1H 3J HLfrj Inc jt i diluhlc bj

ll the might j ^cw Vyrker'* could j^lran frmn hi5 nffrr

ne^cr got anj further -ind HIS flu. onlj phjif uhu



I1B acLidfiit IVftj went up .ignn^t tin

Phillies fi\e da>£ later and »nn i pittlurs' bittl" from

h Quaker^ but sr^en hit* irnl m\r ru

c it> Iji-krtbHli outfit In iht

c!fi*infc Sinn tir iht PniHnn luti

l\U\i¥ !\t*nlug Tht \\vn Aihtu

ric ( f[> alar* pli^Ing ini.lti rhi

ColniB *if ttJIdwooil writ jhr big

tunt In ihn 1127 lUnai of ihi

bf i Ifh f|!iliilf>t

Th* IlilrlKimiJ If nit Hhtih «i.

hihuliilni to oiipofi, tht 1 Rt>it l^li

itiim fnlini to put in .Hi ripp. ir

lt»fi Hlih lln fXLfplirjn Ol I llfT

Iniw II I



II lain Ih Ih I'oi.l ""'* lo » ll i.

.i^i }i u lli i! tun ilh

iikul I mi ill i, hi i,

ii lln } inkn il M



oanl \ 111. If


O t.*ihaisi ]

DLlin U

th f ilj


llil I.UI. r

r ihi to


l. d \dd ..

il lnfQrm3tl6n

11 il . in il mi I i

Honorable Mention

luin.nil I nli\ Mi.uMf.ii.nl Kill. It.l.i, nn mil

Mllhllli I. H. i- I illl MllMlli (.mil I 111 II. Mn ll,

(h•«> AH B.,,,1,, ,!„»'. „, t"p Z\'"" " li> ""'!'>• in "; ri , in , 0 ".; n Walker

S i e Igain^t Broakhn'* nra »i ami lhL ihm! Mi inn « ,H 1,1, ,luh * u lurninl •„ ih. ,1-ii ,"*,*"","',{, ^1,!',", ,,,,n",,ini!i»| -pi r 1 1

iBjjn Analher hurlcrs 1 durl niirLcd hn lonrtli gJini tin. Ing t-jiu (mil hlii pln> *nt Inrai , , ,,,, ,1,., ' ,, ,»„ ,,|| ,,,' I p a m H PflrPlH

rffaml b» Jack Knight ond rh. Iwibw,,,' ChiU Im «lt » r..pr1Bl.i..i. ro, ,h. .kr... or ' ,„„ r,n, , " ,i. l C a m ^ CarCQ

t VfV"^ _ •», c ii • • / i l ^ i . - C n k E ^ . ^ A ^ . - » n i E _ I 1 H i m P H I * - " U M rill a * i * * ^ ^ ^_^^ ^

By Lngland

I.iilli.l in Ihi } ink.. il si "'I "' mil »ni I

. Mm |,i (.mill, li.niji.iii, • hi- HBiliik unl lin •'•"iiii'..,'l! 1 |ii 1."

ICII,III Mll'iilli a HIM, |, I ,11. | n, ahnh ulT III | ' '• • \"\ - J '

I inliml II nl iimi .Iful in III linn,mli I ill II •""•••"••

\i ilkn tt il l*iml Hill v u

UNI li lin ui-iiii 1 mil ni« MIIII in. ill In '111' nlii

!•- ml Ih II 111, mi » ill n Y,'l, T,,",'! 1 " |"|-

MM 1*11 I'll! Il III I Mi Ullli

i Minn li unl in 1 n il Imil

ih ii „ ni h, h ^iiii in ini it,

i HI li In I HiiWi il ih II un

lilt n i p I i M i n i lilt l i n t , n II

i n 11 i]]i l i n n ) il jiii I li i I


,.»h tliii^

UI. r!l3lt jg


1^ rill i

i ill fin mi

1 4ii,t Htm 3uu ui»h lu

i i if ill Ml,-.! \il

111 ii U li i an III I lo I hi Ir HFoIit!

* flniiiiifi in I is ilu r, fculir

I tt- ., .1 i,|i fin 1 «S ..

n > ih ni-1,1 li .iln ur i j,u mn

fjltuiilgni W.nnd


rk InqiitFi- Ilfllph Alillllh

AiLHiK OUUI Cliy, N J-*


tiun nr vuuil ft iieili F spi., uss Sf

Nkl^ I liiiiBlHnl Ad 1'hQiie 1110

—3 litf


LI, BWISI Indlnj, 1" 16 AI Hi

*lan of ihi wennd half Ihi Mi .

I-iiid uhicn they malntiiint.d

ihruughnut the ri>nialnrli.r of thi

UllIM fl itll ^Oll '1 JiiRIJ 1 fllCiU

u hu h i It HU •! iiiniili Vk li h iln

Mllhllli U.IIII .irrlilmid cllimn

bilinrk N ».ll i|ilillliril Im 111.

IiiaH 01 ilirihiii ,in h nil lli Ptin

IHIIII II. bii,in MA lltFkdliill

,i.llilli.M III Ihli- L1IJ I" II'H »Hi'

lln nlii O IMI1 ( If) % A Hi

lilnj.'l vllh 19ii in urn il l'lu'l

«hm Kith lln ipn iilinK " r hl *

ruin In « in hiiililiiil lij iln 1

Jnhnphui> \l I lull (Hit fif 111

fillungHBl pmn K^lnll.il It mil uf

ih ii Hint Mn tumpi Mnj, In

Niw EnEluiul fm !Hi I-I IIIUIIIH I"

cairn Miiilh iu phllmli Ifihlu nmi

MOHTQ lam-r.N'UMlT- -o

In miidiiiiln muffing freiB Pg

lign Ut SililHi mi r^iil mtnli In Ocean

t lu find \lilnl'> fur u Itnii RQl C1E'

KIHIII, IllNi li>nr^ Hud pIUHbln Ih

itictiihU Inuli hniulM Sri!lenifcnE ,

inn,!, in mill i iglli IIQIIFS Umttii Cily ^'

I il ••> If) it il >*• uunl* ,honlil ii I lining iind MfiFtffiiE*' rompa^,

- imFiiil iiiiiii llnih If ill* fniill nf I Lminii, 311 I* IJ Urcnn I'lu Tilio A

[IJi il Ihilh iiihiu unl ^1 il I M h n tt'fiE I ih MH^ullli F, I run! Ihilliilni, — 3 1 I Ife

ii. i. ,i, -, ik .mi , fi.\r "• • •• •" •• '»

ui in iin

II in i ui MM.

,0111 li lui I I, l^il ill 'i n'lHillt, 1 if'lNjtii'i

111 illl II Hi, I illll, I iii „ . '.f. /".,"'. '"'I"' ,'!" 'i'"?

uiii.ii >.ili I IK. I In rh


til il i

in li

. ml in

IK li> mull

III. lk.ll.1 1


, , InluiiMl «lih Ihi- Uueliiliii Fit lit

Iho 1,1, point dlff.f )' ? r | u b l w, „„, l w u

cnep in thv seofi ihr


i ht.


Managir Culu, jnnnundd ,a Iho „_,„ ,„ ,„„ , ,„, p „ „„,, „; thl

Ban,!. lh,t for iho pr^tnl thi h.» „,„„„„ ,„ „,, , l k h Hi||, Mn,

inn- loam *lll piny no mori IEllnwick, n|j occiin Lily limn

giinioa He slnterl ihai It lu nnn ... , _r itl f^,, tillt

llt 'gchnefe hlm^lf N i%cill,iulj

.qUiIIBnl lu tniki -llrh .1 M iirllon

did and in the c»rh iraimng season Jew uii burning »"""" »*m . ' ."" "" "''"•*< woni'l " oplnliiim ul muni

lone before the other pitcher. «cre nen ihroHing _*?"!*'•._"'. I".- 1 '- 1 !.'! Jr n P. |uf ih, l.udini; »pnii»in. n or ihi

klbli that

miiuV to Hla&i- nonle^lH during I

p. He would h$ve hurled cverj t\hibition had his bo s per

iii earli sedisn shoeing iindufilis tht Rftlnns irndir

ldicalri that Jia u gamf H frovt himself uarlh thi

ihBBiand dsll&ru If he dees renfmsr m he u gmtiq

Present, Brssklyn may yet surprise rViryhodi find ffpt up

ipiilB the miney.

• • • 9



hn\p O^PM maclt

The lint, up

_ word that MIB Mir}' IlroHni- ii iisiling Lugland no

I ciptun of the invading American women's fcnnis team, hu

. j lie purpose of attempting to make some sort of arrangement'

Itrmitirmal golf matches for nomeii along lines similar to the

Cup matches for men, is welcome news to those Hho reie


\t It would seem to be rather unusual that iiuh msiehri had noi

'fa pn^ress before this, but prior to the pre«,nt ihi uornii

It Bf the United Stttej Jiasc hardlj been ol the calibre of the

£ BJmg British plajers and such matches »ould lime gained little

far this country. In tennis there has btcn great iport as the

'of tht Weiihtman Cup matches bet«cen the British and

on women, and Miss Browne sa>i that she sees no reason nhi

ialry could not be emended to golf.

[At no time in the history of Amencin golf has this eouiitrj

'•Me to boist of so many great golfers miong the "»caker se\ '

IM as Glcnna Collett. Virginia VanWic, Horothj Klot/

Tordjce, Edith Cummings, Helm Pa\son, Urrnicc Wall

fK. DroH-ne and Alcsa Sterling offer a nonderful group from

i'to select a team,

Tht condition! are iameli-h0 reversed from uhnt Ihn

ttBi a rouple o/ jfflrJ 090, it is nf»« qmstmnnhlr if tht

}liskuomen n'oulit be able to find a group uhieh etuld

ttttfail) hold up agamtl such an Imcrirltn ham

• s a »


opening race at the new AtlantL Citv Specdnaj on hitur

Harry Harts set up a HCH «orld's record for the JOU

' ' race, markfj the successful idiiht into Smith jLr

totomobile race, marked the successful idvt J

luiotlier sport. A cremd estimated at man than MWHHJ, at

* inaugurjl raoc and saw ihc first tlirtc driicr* t-sucd all


E records

visited the huge uooden

h h h b

tlurnlg till lri.ll*

f 1 h

_v —-dntdy caught with the bug and becanu facing 1w 1 h

^g,»« greatly increued I»st Saturday A number of the more

'nW suyed away from the elsisic meeting fearing that iccidonts

B'fcrely occur when the driien uould whirl about the track

ri of greater than rno miles a minuh. The fact that not

'- Iteiblance of an accident took place will he the cause nf

massei attending the nc-it race, w hich is scheduled for

Besides three drivers smashing the rererds far the

11 hundred mrfc-mee three others fell. MiDonotmh

I the first ueenty.fiiie miles m thieti-lue minutes, ihirh-

~r teesnds, and also broke the txuting marts for the /BO

i-miie dnlanei. Marl Dtl'ere, who B,»I fareni nut

he triuUe wai ahead o/ all schedules at Ih' me

' fiftj-mile mart.

• B B S


l«i EvansT tht veteran golfer, was not includerl among thim.'

fw the Walker Cup {cam. Ncierthcles? Chict is gouig to

¥ with the array of American golfers that mil try to bring

Jweial championships to th» country.

' "'"> accompanied by Hoover Bankard, .1 Chicjgo Eoier, kit

' and both-will ttke part in the British open and British

' .ftWrnamcnts. In both of tbtse events Elans ml get in

. mty to beat out lomc of thp« named fnr inc Walker dip

Kff which he has been a member several time

to make the henm

> bottom of equal

• makes It poealblfi to

uptldt) down otter A

ut mucb Ji&'gijr

If nU'riyn hum;


1O|C< " •"" l0Bl fronl

i l

Should a O|

tho effoctB o( a eolil, a simple,

l i fihed by


Plcid Foul rm

Bowl, r V J

Ji fferjlon. F J

tulicr C I

ian Pyko o I

OhLrholzir C 4

llnjl Ihokra Thi lnllnnliiiJ In

what It* >Mi}i ,ibuut ih,

Plcklnj,- 1*0 fiimJii'n *ho

null,I hi huiium! v. I1I1 tin l"i

' »»rd poKltlonii on un All baulli

° jLr,, j I am »w ihi hiuilfd

En 5 lium In Un. li igili ollb

8 lln pOMlhlc

rl m n

]« II

in Isle City

fill F S

Whlltlnglnh F

Kuihnlo C

Hanktnn G


nty prndund .lllfJ

~ Uttollml fnrmirdii

** I Allm Bn^h I ,1 roiniir Allm

I tii I'll) I.i.j h ,ul-. I lii' rni\>,iifli

jj'nf Ihi ehcnlt islthniii Un lu=i









of duiibt B

ftOfkrf Mu floor n

with a -nnanihneuM

ful to hc.> Lul GO\L

a blunkoL {|iid lg

tp£im plajei

1 AN fai Sn^lci

i r not nub

i*f bt>uull

l« man Hkt


^lci H 1 mining ism I'

llirrt. ift unnif 1 debate but I flmilly

picknii Fhiimipug Tfif hia li^Iit

iiing llko floor \tnrk, .ihlllly iu

ijnjit hln m=in \o th( ball iicrj

time mid his nigh maidm

powtit? * Chlek" C«fc! II, ot

Brlds^ton ind Jot* Moan of

Injury Hard

Dlow 10 craves ^_"-"- i .•» J;!!" 1 ' *>

Third Base Job Seems TQ

Te Be Jinx Position en

Boston Club

Big Task For Bancroft

iniiiis iu Iln 115

11,1,,] himi 1111 n of Ihi- Ba>-1 hniidlf "tie I ip-urf

nn> «'II

1 hi

ight an ihu hcolu nf Phranu

pu^ ior a flrui ttain brrth

"Moving IntP emiU'i ptpsiikm

aimihrr iiiiuiitlancf of flMt i IH**N

nun riul U run rid v-Eili EMU

BiaiKil fninji'I CiiHUltn Cnuiit>

liy^ue plityrr and foi si feiLiitj

purl nf llij. ili'UiiniT with Ocmu

rilj. lading ilir li«l Dmnili in

nnc of tht H««(-ii*si crnKr** Imr

non< I hn\ t in'i PLL'n i M (iCtioii

Jot Ri gtin ] J guoil unil i uiilii


kntH oi the Boston t*uni »

any ii nn in Hit tauuij ,n

! f.mlgt OinMhoI^it Hill

Wlim ID hi Nunm HUM uf |T,n|hl nll. ,„, 1BI1 n,a|



pillion on



ilit Ili,nt* iiani Thi 1 ttrsi

blnu ilni on* j Bnnnian nut

Rrert a*, inanity* i ol Hi* 1 iKnin nan

tin urn Iniilj

Uaciki 1 in an iiuio 1

nl Nuimnii


h.ui hU ^

t all uihu>?


imii nt m ,i«nii mill

Doll 11 ru hlH ix

11 int.HH H hH 11111

,fnrp tlmi tlmi Uaitrloll lum

labored dllls'in'S to flnd nuini-

nm 10 pi is ll^ f » imnn In

Lat! year Andj High ami

joung Ulll Mnr lotl lahored

there, Man-ton *»« nllomd tn

U i

nnk Ci mrnnl and !>»(

Of Ulliluunil u il| lit Ill.t

ly Into IJie nlhii tun guuiil pfi,

tlnnx l,ij,-lli''i "Illl Ci.ui

JMour urn] ntgm

1 'Tin elloiLi- rtntl f*n : ioHl I

-Ty ow of the prehtuni Hi

iiinnoL 111 miera] of tin mi

depart 16

Biookbn Dodgers,


[11 ]$2i Col ton

flmlfli and


Hsipp>* or "\lorrla

Ciia i\a, Keller of Bridg^tou ifirl

...jd In Illl lln Rip Tin nu « n

timli-d, noli biiilih * IH 1111 mil

into a pltcliLr nut riilf v itl ki pi

until lliix y u m illllll> Inllilfli 1 1

Ho h wl'll Clciilinil no» I nbo plniul Inti oIT foi MllMlli

nlcontli uiici t led 0111 l)> Ihi 'I,, ,|, ],!lt ttinlI, of thl „,„,„„

Athletic* nun counted on 10 ,, iinm Ihi Guaidn I, tt,,. bc« In

Bill iDiing. of MMMIK HI.- H.itolil II IlHihn .. 1. hi.U

ti! ronin i i htuuphni in t.»li II


\\t ttlll lilt l ^UUil H HH

md mil M ij ul.fulU >ukr|(il Ht

lift diitj f(u us ii hi \mlii ftrf uii

Jun, 2 iiml t ^iy^ Hlliuii

I hiii utit II httn ii^kiil ir iIn

*il mrlHiil nl Hiitl P IMU Hk* tn ?ii> Ui'Ii in ittir.

Lniifjtij If ' 1(j[ »nit ii** «HH Ii

i^ "linhttimf tkin in piinln^ ntu

I ut oil* I Tii ii _ i \i i ^ftiit In [i il

! Hhli ilni -.ii i.-I iMhni th i! h

miU II in UI 111 hi- uiN,

II nn 1>LO- OI iln tfhi Mhh 'U

U,-MI iu till Hi- tn rh ii -A i\ iiiiii

« innt

Hi *> mu ii f,nuil liilli i ti* i

S'KMI nm s.ihi Jic-i|iK^ rnUUiiii

uf Ul Hf"lM \*

Tlil^ mnj >

II U ^i\|im

\\hti h I,, plu-.l t»il^ i

-nil-, Ol I. ,M1< tii.t Illlll

; Jll-I MliiiMl Jii- .Jinl }• it ruliv

*lili hfi^ iu Hi Hit i uliit kiip

HU thiiirm ,in :.nn,l ||HHI\H

• Ut* Iti- Ih. ,.bllil\ )H \\A, lln

Ii inp< l.ilm til ilid tit ]iu*s I Ii*

!i KkguJiim! A ti ttht nf th<

Sui I Uiiic


I "I'I'I" '"

IUM , ti I

Ml Illll Ii

NI i i i i (

I Ml I I


I Iii M

\- ih

Ih M \\ '

tiuiiiiii m\% t

11* hitllit, ih

nun tint ht ti in |

lot 101 a in in j

fl hi,

[ i.n.l I . mill

• nolil li, i<

! i \ * ti JII,4 ^hiul

="- \i Mini \b ilur

.1 — 1 II m «H h, i\u

J Hi iMifiL-i "tin

ii Eatils


l for

f*\l I — nSK

lM tt'iik IKHB^P

ifilit, if nhi kllKl ki Vli^im e

iln Miti ttMuii \jiph Mm S Pon-

i U PS|. ^ i'lilnt i J3-P


for Sals—Uiei

I'M f \\ >S|| I WH II OI II I-I H-

ni IP. Ij inoirDnif mi n U-'flltwinerit

in thi. M^ttS iiiisalfi.il lidiPFtiaine

—J 1211

di r fulls,

. ii in am

U tk

litliiH n« J ] nil

< ir^llll ll "(II MM 1'

>\llh l> I ..I i

- I I

I ThjflQi ts g=ii SI

11^ I fl \1 r \NT,

., r ;, *f i i h i , il jg

i I < • Ilk I i

h\\\ nll tin luck

\ P, ifilt i I»P^ Mil III 111 }

iht.i llllj 111 lilliililH il Hi III

I lit u ttvli luiiliy tu " L |,ooii

efH nu%v iliaii In tin* fill ilijrf— Ij i** tlin ixniiipli nF Pin if Rrnil

iiriii In iiHN pmitiiily mini i Di!.. I'iiulll Jimnn t n\ n * unl "i Vui""m^

Tin n IMP feiiitlj i niiiiti tnnn nihn luill ills w hit pi mil Hn ii |' Upihci^nrti

bi ur M>rulM;, (U-l bi^hnll »h Tih^i.ilth Hill I? M,'lp\\u'

,.'i%nl iin


il Hk 1 ivtinn

I luirriii klr

= r- Ij MifiL I

-' -I "ini^i..^

*T h iflh fi! fi

* 1 . fir n>

( I Hllil.ilf i.

I \1 i i r i

^ in It i 1.1 h*

nl>. i t HI

In 11 « il

lui li. Ih

"l \ II 1 '



11 11 Hi.

lli.ui 111, in lit L,i2i irl I.INI of il" HI

111 W ill hill 1 1IBI! till. MUld ][t

H 1 iKlil-inlly lliiy Jii

IIH'li Ij ill' I l^r

15 hr tht



Silici Ih, un 111 him Illl \T 1 f> I ]• p J'ivikii|.i Mil i

mitlnd four MH-III-IUU nl.iju" ' INOmaU UaCldieS ««""••'-'«'-

limiiPlj 4h Eilitit llalili.nu.iw I ' Livt ilnck

Are Barred at ir'-ivi^'iVC...

JNational Upens, „„.,, ,,t*!:,r ai "»

Urll Tollii IIiii.il Williind .ind I

Wllhe Hunter mitt IUIIHHI profii-,

HIOII il Protj.ibl^ liuiftiiii tin

limit imlind mid rfiti^Nifllt aim

It In plu>ri hi IhN lOUIIIlJF In tin

tni-ih in chiiiiipiuii I

M MM 4ii

—1 li Mi I 1 I

I —*• ill* 1 1MII«

(< ^iii^ i iU nt tin


ihnnghf to win in which ihi% ihi up ti tlunmiiini^hlji tills

in v* luillld III

Ki [II

H iM

4 ii^uit ^ linlr iMliMimi I mm iin mi !!-\%l!ir! [!! snip h, m

Has a Schcdnlc ' J°' P° If f"»iip*ffiluii nr tin HI ' «"iiMi-U.M,r i

Tin- Amtilfdii >cjiiiitfrifii plfi\a wm ill lift il !•> ihi I H t* \

n ii 1 fill ll "rh, illtlt uhlth 1^ ii]) 'flTU 1 tlf* bihilHi I tn 11 ii i h in J 1

Iflniuii In nl^ n u n \it^{* it mn^iihlifl lit IlllU li in f il^uiol T r I mth S a ft

Millie 111-- •ifilllli mil he N nn! .ill/llin iffn! oh liii iti dull nu ^ IJ^j 1 J* j " '(

litni'f tMitl) hi Im^ phiI.M[ i,i h lifi^ tll.ilUf) in infllil "fi}! m T'=1^ Mih*i^ii> I

HE iqiiiril] T i m U v h ) i,HI. illMimi ihi i trniliii^ untit ^ 1 RCni E U U I PSP I

i No Mian} (aftiifl jiillugsHlfi Ijtfinin F n ftinl inn M III in I H | t,k*iB in j , ,| j f ,t

ijlilff Siill Ill AiiMlldi l h i \ ntt\l MiijuItHit- i\|iii|iiii.fl L I I I I « = | 1 I |"| I 1'1" "-• '

iriMlillfc Mid fc lilting inuilii ^ii^ « h " InlNiu iH'li t^ull iiUsI? \ -il'u'J

h knnw I* d^i> iioin uMii n mti m in tfini iiuiuf tn 1 *' !*" '? V ', " '*f

Bill I linn mil in iiHJ n i} , I m l\n iim iim? in lIH hUtni t s _^\ ,,,i,if_ j ' ,[|' j

it'll tir* hup I'tntllllh ""1 l m « "! » lli ijni Liiiii|n ijlhtll I Iif h IL =

(l^ ill MiU

litite Fef Renl

fur IU nt

, I cum

Uf 1-lHl 1*

ill itrh

tin Wa

liu ;f Witllfil

I** ihap,, ni ilin

tmrihii^ ^jll uiH

l liii\t f*!t;if Ilrif

Hip [illtiliM I nliiiniii


Tony Lazzeri

May Be Best


,.f ulll h, innliUMl

lilt in xt Jtll\


1 hi IMII will tilTtu nmif% • ti

Hi i« ur Umk • tp' ft' DM iiiiuu

« hniu \i it iii nfe jsmlij^imi iH unj

I (in ill in-. l| m it lit rl nut ufll)

, tni - (fill. Ill • l\hf hnl luf In

iiiriii.Hhin iiiNl iiihiit at < itii I il

\u 1 inils uf


-fill, i* ti o

ill- I

\ ]|J! 1 %

m I- >i

on at I It

1*111*1 ii

fSr Rfiji ?7 _

!%t* HI 1 UT,I I flR


*. \\ M stin 1-in 1

1 l\i»l> J \\t i' *-iUl i 115 N

ilium c»i K

CUM Kit lull und 1 I I LUI i

i MIL v cjonn niisn^

i « i if \iu ^^ \ MOI- nn M.TDIE

111 ftl 1 IS THIH tfll.L MS \

1 itnl't IIT^ II \M TO Vh. MSRK


1.AT ii \ iintii) I'oiii \* ia I'lEiCE

\Sli I IS iV'ISU

N « ( *.F I'IIII Hirr*t mill Antmry

\\ nui IHisKHJ ft 11 Imctirliiiil liUil^

M« srf tnnn r ii fortune ni rt for a

i|iif< k ,u\rf rrlr'r niowL iitiFueliva

I IHJ \a finite fitt Uiili the hlg

it* i linmmiH iuithr v*a} nn the Bay

riifiif thlpt \MIIUI> \M mn tiirm r In

I1 uini in ink* ii Mini JIIIIIU in tiling

thU fiUinnitr

! \sa \"huht \M U,\n 1 Tf»c*-fi

III |,il .n4l «!l!.iP U|l ID feFfl^D,

i»tih l i{lit null i itifinnd

Leil md Fsund

\\nh f i nlfiil \s* nu

t.i -i I .inmiiiB tn

i I if ft* i,ish n^inl

< \" mir hlhi. pi >• i*«

n= hriiiiii- mil t. Mi.


Automoblli; Ag«tdc»

Big Money Ballyhoo Ap ^ „','„„ TIJ!,""I"I tn °'o j',' n»

parently I lain t Affected U»i I milli 11 lMhimih it ii'

New Yankee Star .nii..i>io.,~i.it> ,,,,,i, m

Ifll M \\^ i I \^S)| M )> \[j^

ulll li li iuit ll ilium mi 1 I li i

- l i(

\t i)si hut.

( Kit ltnri


tudilli TIM


Automobile* for

Is Exception To Old Rule Fom« iinti tin uiiili . , ih „, u u tii-u^n ih< \ n \ i

'MH! if ir th liilltmill piomliiiilii |lln».ilMl lUin i llmirJIV

.rniuiily, tht 1 -. MK

hoo fiutrt th^-nilnor

tun.-lt nt ktiiBt si yW I]L

plsanant remeiy

hentlnc up the «hlto or »n teg.

iil t It tho i ulc0 •' o" 0

to It

i ulc0 •'


g to It tho i

nTon. tnd BffceletiliiK It wltn

hile mlisar to tiwtc Tako n

mey iifpdr

'BlD0'nda"w||l be lwt to iho

team for Bcvorn! weeke. Mean

' Bancroft will M\t to »io -i

fnni limo to ttmo.

htcshlft llne-np.




open. thin spring and


any busy

Undertaking lit hardly n bunl

new one would uipert uomrn to

adopt, yat there art: ;mot*« than

160 women undertakers,In Eng

d" i h h

land", j

of London,


of thrni Iri.thn elty

iufnt, it nil. su-M.woik Apply at

ri Ojan Ajt-HUo, OninClo N' J

—3 23 .6 JO 3(fO


nd Ti-nrk lu ilm rtn* wr

m 1 ivuktr Its WIBLJ

tL ifl

111*' ll






tiuilndi. Proparty fur 3P'e


1n>U-J With HO nwniw, Ilnmn

ilti t II kuihn fe

I OTS—I ()V\I T * IlEAJP _„..

iu tlinUtir ndxlCH) fill cvn tril tH)\k.

in ni i I j nitoti linn imly fi» a / !

in itttu. I Union WmiU'lnn 411 ^%

uul \lu ntk \^ Uiono iim fcj

1 I \( Ml ltON4 - TO VM-T HI 1

uitu inili tiiul 2'ith Stn-tn will,

fpnHiin Utfhf a HJH-LIHI |ir)C4 fnr

ill It nn]' IfnuTicyU Hov I JjUfKn .

hiMiipIfm flh unJ Atlnntli, \it *-*i


IWI HT IN o( l w un rtioi

niplrilv I lot ^our rrupprty with V4 f -

iinu Tor qiiiflt rulr UolH.n fl Hti*M h

•I •» timn \\o I'ltatt^ 601, Hfi 1

1 inut tM Kont, Aih ona J ""

ln\o«t In Oennn Cily real*i

W*rtted-Real fttAtil^l

RimnlfHl If VOL

n 4.1 FAXAn


1 *4l


—H" _ , „ -** 1. ' JK±*_ s> •> I ' i, ^ ^ rf.a^Ll^^i^L' t£iJJjfcfci.?Lj^ h , i i '.*•,.

* r V, & t\ If '

i I"" ' *

- 'l t*u I." *

' I I


' -

m \

' ". « ' 1


;^rd(in'Ho&. therefore, hu to I

i MqPle Ayeniin anti gh^r^ jiflaj

»n as substitute, J nnuff V

1 in.-thta #«,.#?,„,

§ our team

flve men will

County Track Meet

| wan aljowed, , iujl npiwenfatioB-to thig meet

„ • ' and If this proves successful It la

I « ,J i .t r r • ••.. jrtsIbiB that this will.he an an-

| May l4 1*.0iedar»tMhliyeBr nuii aBs|r_ •

haadg, Mr, Kueha ban 1*1' M W* 11 rrom «» *«> « eiattsB wu diuged

the laundry and|J*J ?}¥" w ?'*/W"*""- * tlfls'year'» boys to

l ^ m M pureBa^ed the laundry and|J*J ?}¥ ?/W

WaVte*d builnti, MondBy, It will ^ MfUBt of what will ^ -

m M MfUBt of what will

rtrn,,rty ( o W a

jf, wet wash a. well as "Wp «W»en »»> wm *J M '• In •»'•. thli column >iirai a!letter a. slayer had to parti. 1'

FMrMrylB Ml - bruelua.' »*« ««k, P»r«iti jni friendi, clpate In three wimrlBg saprt;

—= ' yen are cordially IBMted to at- BOW the ruling makes (he award

m H or Bagwrty'. «» OBteway, the-^w^CMlno tend thl««hibltlon. ., ,.. „..»/, p.lamwM w« in "2

land thettaioBa "wflr buU«laf, hod a slight ire on ; \ ~3"« _ , tblHi.or the |oial auaber of m

WMomiBt law him Monday, Tie are eompaniei «• Taaaa Katt f& Be F«W^ gaWe* "Itii apping to allspdria, p

del. As toon at pos- »I"Bded and In a ihort time the WIUi Buch fine tonnlo courU HH|, ••-•-• «

Stttt of'Manaieri'of ft" 1 *•» ••"iBfui&bed, are dlrectjy opportte the . ,^18

Sen will be called Into , ——• |B(nooI, th'erg Is no reaioB why ,, , . , ,w,^ ^ . .*t_» (

1^ totato Wtte __]S«« lll r nl »« 'h«,» «•«" O»,i|- Oily Bigb.Sbfcert M,o«ld 1, JMSrlfil'M^ll&b 'I

Ue, H»ffej>!y i»

a •llgbt bl*i#, "pere ,S«t B^n a .tail for'.^n-. 1

TT- ,.,,U«itM Md^atoit, twelfe, ftaye

>-noon eiplred, but Itlaratlone

to his home.

Ihle now whether he Mr, and Mm, Barld Smith en-

!B»-pf^p)itr«et.*B ^d ijrtsoredJy.thB *rt|eR,M.ttli

j cblsmli " '

T^MWimi tfWei 1M

,m,^Ctaiter Oonotfer, MM t and ;*»

u« going to U

Mrs, Forreat Oonorer

tms m : one inu4oli with Winchester

p, rf bosgpsrt, TWB resffl

*•• «»B'eoBia to an

r" and agreement about' a eouri,* there

Edgar "If ke an elinuatloB i Browns


,, .Kalbertne

and MB. Ah

nd,Mn. Albert WreniBn

bi"BB waT^BBB Bfsa'Mk °» T - «t Shore Koaf nJay tiam went to Franklin

tfc '• »»•«'•« '• Bew *"• ' aeld. and In their 1 flrtt attempt

. . . _ »tS~o«ii«» «.dio» " ribMMntatlves of tbelr Alma

« w " Blwon

Mlabeut the elty that vlilteflMri, John Araold oa SUB-

«:taefc on.hU Tlilts. day,

WSii rfachsd Warden " ^^^^——^**^^^^^^^-^—

The lean), eompoied of_0apWin

ItotMtfty wai a patron itaini on knife handle! mBy



















a Kmkminn, Broadioy, Danneily

So frequent did then paite'ff whiting and turcentlne. Bnd.MomlilBweg aa. funnera, and

,^B»to the priioB head •

aetldcd to do a little ln-

W-and Baturday eveii,

01:11. be made a lur.

ft'-to Lterturg.

gWkUin Along

pBptt took along four*

HTaey weM Ohief Depot?

tail H. Brown, AHiiM

toeputy Joseph Me.

jttianey and peputy I*.

.tti.et,thi fBlta ihort.

•iWliiMi in the evinlng

|Wt, further a.do; the

•tfdjone.of hls.iartyat

iitntiilo Mints" in the

m. iacludlni the telekmt

so cDBtmunieatlhg


MWe were lii" meB

f U

Want The Best

; witKioufJjitqtp''

., <

, - * •


itouMSBtouia'-bocleared iu»

!i jS&5S5Sea

.-*"» L .


We ha^ xipadle thousands of dollars for our clients

the past few years and we wiB tffe ft^^p inc

year fbrihe #|ie clients &AialJtBk »&& 1 sugg

I 7*lrf.*Itoritob^^•!;.••••4J


-LV .-*-.


»Wv';i :S v'M 1 ':

i f *• % *" ' . 1



•& i

^ ^


|J ; . X"

i •


,s a,



•.'t( ! ?J''


Traiman Co. It will ull at, auction a. highly tale the wrlnkl out of prtinfolof the people *ae'3Bi

Improved Mellon at HadilonflnU- Is ' to rub them ssvoUl nights lurid 1 • whole fc,i fflffl

Ha frill conduct a large ule of with sold crtatn. , • ' ipaih twhlnd * op

Wildwood property. ' '"'"' '•''''

A sale which will oe of Interest

to the regidesu of Ocean City la f

that of Uiisvood Oalies, ut Lin- I

wood. The data for this ule has I

During May

_ i, but flie Bdvsi

_ — ...o .,-., |j oolMnun of the NEWS ......

nM an announMment in the

f, , -, . J, '»««• future regarding thin tract.

Engaged Throughout East Thli development, which adjourn

- nereral etner high dasn tracts,

— "• eoBUlos about 250 building lots,

Louli Trglman. auctioneer of ;;—

Louis Trglman, auctioneer of

I (lie Heal Bstale Auction Company.

I Inc., with offices in Octan city;

ils unusually May preparing for

j hil auction mi lei of real estate

W, 0, T. V. T« But

tin unusually buay preparing for| A neettns of the Ocean City

| nil auction tales of real eilate I Women's Christian Temperance

; during the spring and minimer of! Union wHI be Reid at the home

i tfitn asiuon. He wn« retlclent but I "f Mrs. C, jlnnttum. Ill Central

anally agreed to he Interviewed,! Avenue, on Wednesdaj' afternoon,

The auctioneer hag planned All members of the organ lia-

what he consldera the greatest tion are urged to attend tin

c lulilimllor, auction gale of Ocean meeting as several matters of un-

City anrt nearby properties ever usual Importance win he conskl-

1 held here. The sole will include end.

liutela, apartments, lots, trieu _i •

, and homsii. Me Mntei that he en- slmmtai, IM, m i

BKIB an unusual number'of Dur. Jtaataf_^e Isle

eri at the initial Mle and bases The annual American Mglon

hit belief on the fact that nun- cake sale will be held Mav 29


p« Attembly . « H "-••• , -T


The annual Amerioan L*slon

cake ule will be held May II.

Maee will ho announced later,

Memheri and the post com-

; ;• •>'•'• . HQIOI Brighton

S * " rt ^%f^ mi *° "? lhe o Mnmei wl "«li Pfovidod for the vacating that leetlen of the alley

wt I A f ' Br l shtm m t t L M c « tt 6s ss «" »n ">e- photograpii- the alley has never been used. Accord-

eBt reached between the property owne the alley will he opened and srsded wilhih the n«t few week.

B low at tne centre, higher at the the machinery, but lnUUigence e.,11;. T_ « „

I curb, eoncavi, instead or eon- hasn-t yet supplied worthy nm. s u l l l v a n •" v^sin

| j ve* Moisture will run to the torlal. lut that will eome. In ' Fruit Market Here

TMei on the

pmpMitlon to

- *ke prite

• That in the

plain BoEllab

i '

eBJWMer tot

m&go will

be reflected In

tti Tote,

Prtaf, jght^

lot is brutal

fie before

; j

iB|BiEnttj»i "to he eour-

fla defend their coun-

&& »#-'AJMl

I Men learn slowly, Needlef

"fere used for 100,000 years he.

fora anybody thought of putting

tiff eye In the point of the needle

thus making Lhe •owing machine


Bra. Drake, vice president or

the Child Study Association, says

parental Instinct is disappearing.

There a no more "natural horn

parents,' 1 There art still for-

tunalely plenty of natural horn

BIOTHEnS, millions of th*m.

It Is not affection, but knon-1-

edge,.that mothers lack,

: Jive million radio seli' in the

United States have 27.000,000

human beings listening in. Sad

that so little broadcasting is

worti attention. Science perfects

lowing an audience o( 100,000,.

000 or JOO.OOg.OOO, The written

word will no longer cDmpete,

Ten Million dollars 1 worts of

oil burned in "-"•—'- -—

man killed. I..

two itorage lakes to explode.

Those tliat spend money on light-

ning rods will wonder how vslu.

able they really are. Cannot i

•ilentlstu flnd a way, with high |

JIIHIOD wireg or otherwise, to

protect oil wells and oil storage?

Mow loag before great conduc-

tors escort the lightning safely

down,,from, .tne cloudi -and Use-

It ai It comes down? Edison

should work at that.


Thqmai Buliiyen, who for two

years has operated t " ~ ~

stem, will open a wngieuit Iran

market at Blghto and Uavea A,

nue, next Monday, Sullivan ki

been engaged in piuinMs ID Ocean

Clt» for thi '

Sullivan Intends to continue

his express buiiai " '

that the two will „„,

conjunction, as it will be easy for

him to then keep a plentiful ond 1

freih supply at his market

through Big daily runs through,

out the various section! of the


areds of requests for als asta- Warn will bo announced later,

IflgJ have h?im mad.. «( 1.1. „? Mimlnn and the post com-

flees. Thla auction will bo held I minder want to~TBI(nEirThi

on SatuiTlay, May SI, and the banner ye»r. Watch for future

.following Monday, announcement of place and corns

1 ilr. Traiman states that jae kw • I«d home made sake,

lorgeii auetlon sals of seisiiorf —•— •»— - .

Iota ever attempted will be that yBIUUj w w «_

of the Ocean City Qnbies tract Kmnajftw Tto

which contalni 2.100 lots, Thl» W. 0, Hynor, of ISOB J»asss.

sale will bo held on July a and % Wnk Avenue, Philadelphia, found

The tract situated Between Oerto a new Goodyear tire and cover

City and Bm Isle Olty Is now he. «IOBB Asbury Avenue on Sunday

ing improved Bad whan the work and turned it over to the pollee,

ii completed will present ISO im- Ohitf Johnson is holding the

proved ocean frmU lots, Tfci» property wading the inquiry of

sale will be conducted alone most the owner.

elaborate Hats according to the —'— ••

auctioneer. • TIlW Alwsjl fonif In*

The ami mie by tie Real Bs- . _... . . --

'jtjdiedule for the blgseet jart of

ped out, will be held in Chester.'

on May 16. A flno group of busl-

ness blocks and desirable aome

|sltei are listed wits the COBJ-

jpany. On Mar 22 Mr, Traltnan

i will conduct a tuUo of the Hi-

iMelii Btateg, six miles froai

| Oamden and ]u»t of the White

iMone pike, H# slite» that this

is one of the anew inland devel-

| opments In the country.


Hot Se Mncfl

NaBiitratei— "I give you go

days for impersonating a police.


Man to officers— "OueiB ie

don't think much of you."

«8^»JB bed, wHeii

hB(,{ir they tan

ators jjn epnjp. far

UBgl > vToa. cannot

prnflt. A

atauld dUgwea

l^iftB: lifter MeiBB

aiu^ with -COIODCI Ew

itethn ;NB» Orleani


ine for work! "When you eome

me a ess of urdinu,"


il • Prescription for


BiHoui Fever ind Mahru.

It Kill* tlii Qtrau.


Cm Mmf Court HOUM fl


Bwalty'i Print (VrtefwhSp

Coroner . » , ---^

Dr. tt R» HORNS!!

d and Paid For by Babert i, Mlil

* IN 20 years we have built l^ffl

shore homo and completed llfjM

RfiCOrd K< " th ° f rcplir work ani) *lttflij|f

without a distatiifTcd customer. 'M

Wi an ready to Mart your home taj

•ad turn it ovtr to you wltta M

wt will. Wire or irtito.

Otis M. Townsend


717 A^ury Aw. ,. Oetu,Cfrj$

Expert* in Seashore Comtrudioo :


County ;(!,,,« C. 1

*i¥*Si•"•••• >.i w I unanes sicKei. or pniiaaelplila,

fflftljl Tour New York State Mrs. William Havilin. of Denver,

ffl»ii, ,* ' pol.j Mis, Brnegt Jig, of Paiia.

__ j HeBa, Gal,; Sirs. Leo Fesl, anil

^Ufliol.rtturn 10 Of con Cliy next | fcinbia. BUH one 1

'Saturday wSth the lour of the 1 gmnj,

(fcaiio May County Chamber of, __ _ ..

|plpi|lret will officially end, but I __ -, *«V«ii

.JgHlifitfirt Immediately on anotBer 1 U . J , . \X/ill

^gi«in!b'n SWSiuniioii booiUBff bowUnf this resort.: resort,: i 1 \aUlU ^OUiu »» Will HI

Editor's Mother Buried into Mm dp)*ii work ,withi M

vigor, THtie an Jiuf a ft* ol

UKuBuisr. ner oeain wai not i Timi ft

unexpected, ihe Is Hurvlved by firemen HBsy

wfEujfttfls Second (rip the praties of j A * 1 f" 1 1 *

M^^^TES' Aid Education

fepnstera par,o, Ne. y,r* Qf ^mg^g

spyijiypini tho Wg bui reaches j

jJWtllsdelphlu noil Saturday after-'.

W^-M will drop out of the i Broadcasting Will Makt

fluiif ?• prtocemlmis and will be i ,, e «,,, n ••,

liWihe proper cleanlne: and, U. i, Utizens Beit^Edur|ipe

reloaBedielih the booklets i eated People of Time

i&$f-prepaginda relative to Oeean ; •

^Mift''On lunilar, again undei'lite' "~ '

»S*" d «,"Z o "'^^, wl " > |jp§fJtKCSbuniy: trip, I( will jonrney . " | Opionion —1—•—-—— of School Head

^jK^^reHten, the first slop on the . ^o give every one in ih? 1'nlted

B*WB*'J«Miit. On MonilBy the buBisiaiea a Blgh school uducotlaii Is

giW' vl«|t New Bnmswick, jersey | ,he m n ra^|a Is destined 01 play

KftW »M Newarlj, sfopping at the jn twentieth eenturj 1 »choollnB,

ftMJlW.Mty «r the night. On accordlnc to Ira- Cammaek. gup.

^ W » i J' t»o plaag do not go erlntondeiit of schools of Kansas

ffiWiy- tht W» "HI proceed 10! city. Mo,, and a pioneer in ieaeh-

B S JUrk city, j ins y, radlo,

S«S'*Mi* lannw ' '° toke lbe _ tr| P "Kadio will make Pulled Hales

S§Bfe«B» Hide of the Hudson River j citizens the best educated people

IIMS^JOW an < uowi >he other i of all time," luperlntendent C»m-

|«la» oil the return trip, with | mae^ predicted, "In Iwo ways—

g«IUe»lde eMursions to the larger,jfgt. yy coineying insiruetlon to

«MtW in the eaitern part of the|adttns Who were compelled to

teittis, Troy and sebenectady are.leave Mbooi prematurely, and,

WmPfi#Pi o'fcer oltlet where I second, by making methods of

BpSF*? 1 * 11 ' » t0 >" h » b " n Wlo,—"Bteond MaJUr.

ia,""by aoddard, Helin scull.

^'Mano 10I0, "Souvenler," ny

niter, Jane droves,

Jtaii4iy iTtauii, I O'oloek

Organ Recital, ll. E. Church

Lutheran Church—

• Organ solo, aeiected.

Tenor aolo, (r 1 ••—-— • •

(b) "Venice," by RichardiOn,

. Prof, Murphey, Accompanist,

Mrs, Charles Austin,

Baptiit Church-^

Organ solo, "Triumphal MBrcu

tram Hunan," by Michael

GostB, Mr, Clinton Lowden,

Aceompaulat, Mr. Walter Scot!.

Baritone eolo, (a) "West of

the Oreat Divide," by Ernc-at

1 BaU; (b) "Just a Cottage

• Bmali," by Charles Hanley, Mr,

Iherman, Accompanist Mr,


M, B, Church—

Oreait »h]n. nvfirtnrr,. "Mnrii.

, __0 soprano,

solo (a) "The Little Itamozcl,"

by Loor Nuvello; (b) "Little

Grade j _ .

"A Little Dutch''Garden,"

Victor Herbert,

"Twilight Bong,"

. Jas, L, Fullerton,

Piano solo—, -


Margaret Hippie, Junior Clout

Sarah Bevans, Sophomore Olnls,

Senior Class Mixed Quartet—

"Dry Yo' Byes,"

sigmund Landgberg,

"Mighty Lak' a nose,"

Elhclbert Nevtn,

Soprano, Mildred Loniara;

contralto, Emily Pellggli tenor,

Bldridge Austin; balsa, Arthur


Piano sole =


Mary Caroline Fogg,

Soprano solo—

"At Dawning,'* Cadman

Mary Coilisson, Sophomore Class,


Wldenor; Tenors — Eldridge

Austin, Onstave Imiih; Bassos

—Jos. Kassab, Arthur IDyles,

,.__.j 7 aiid J—

"Lullaby" (from "Brnilne")

Kdw, Jatfobowskl,

Drum neleetlon—Itobt, Hughes.

Margaret slpple at the Fiario,

Junior 01ass=Toe pance,

Miss Ruth Jones

Pance—icotch Lilt—Sophomore

Class, Miss lara Bevan, Miss

Catherine Maginnis,

BfffirWl'i|filher peopiM

iB war tti tttttr leBiitiBiM aot.

„„ t ..,., uiB war tti tttttr leBiitiBiM aot,

"Melody of Love," Bng|em»n Mofa M Kwito.tno mnltljUcanobert

Hughes tlon ot expeditious to the Antic

"Prelude In C. Sharp Minor," it might won bn necessary to

RacbmanloS Ralstos Miller, place a raw tratflc algss on Ibe

"Narelssua," Nevln iMields,—.Boston Transcript,

Helen MacNamee An evening paper leader-writer

"II Trovatore," Verdi thinks popular government Is the

Oustave Mornhlnweg only form of government. It

"Valle in B. Sat," Durand would certainly be a good idea if

Mildred Grubb, auch a government c#uid be

"Flower Bong," Lange found,—Punch,

•iitabelh PH, Tte popular Science Monthly

soprano iplo, "Sprlng-a Awaken- itves roinu,e dlreBttoni on how

ini," Bandenon ,„ u(t „ i,eayy weight, such an n

Louisa T, corson, batni 0, MheSi emnj ma W|y,.

"Old Folks at Home" (with varl- oUt lnjUfr ta oneself, but there

ationi) Medan afe mmo things we'd rather hot

Mary Oollison, know.—Ohio Slate Journa!,

"Valie in C. Sharp Minor," As we hear every day now

K°»f w duty of every true eiilien. Until

Concert Valse,

« trlld « Htalnton. funhir nM we ihmtom

, K I "f iteadfaslly believe that man was

J s «»" s « e 5 r evolved from a lower order of


"Kamennoi-Ostrow." Buben- f. mnk H ViMlelly, managstln

Lincoln Bau '"• ' Mtar °f the Funk ft Wag.

„„"".„.. aihShii n «lta Dieiisnary, nnnouncea that

' Virginia Adflodt *• twenty-,,!* letter, of our ai-

"Lieheslraum" Lifat phabet can=4* tmmpoMd-SM^It

Llebestraum, J>» «011TM.IM,4S9.»M.«00 times, ft

C&iirch on Sunday Hofle, Mrs, II. o, MncPherBon.

l^tmohg tbf *jipi££ Accompanist, Mrii, ltelen Cor.

% heard li Ocean son,

itjaeert last nlrtt St. Augustine's church—

Jcjiool auditorium Organ sola, (a) "Overture hi

itth iqual jAtbusF Mlgnonne," Cb) "Narcissus,' 1

tl beUg of 'by Nevin, Miss Emily Boxler,

_-J Jlecltatlon, (a) "In The Usual

"jor tnli Sfenint Way," (h) "When Oraniinm

ite of thsdeat it Danced the Minuet," .Mi E,

rnfi illeiwOfSB ' •Vanholier, Aceompanlst, Mm,

E^Sr opeiaUc COB- Mlddleton,

jBJrt will be held at Presbyterian Church—

Ufihe High School organ solo, (a) "jubllale Angms

iollowlBg are thera, by Klmtsr: Cb) "Will

ilor this evening antfJ.of-the Wisp," by Nevln, Mr,

Sir of the week! ,'Leslie Hughes, Soprano utilu,

' u ,j w £ "With Verdue ClBil." by HaymHo

Concert, Hl|ff » din. Mlsit Louisa Coreon,

jtt Itett, Hw 4 8 Episcopal Church—

iEI «, J - Organ solo, "Chant of the

; M. Tuesday 4 Nuns." Mr. Murpliey: Ladies'

# ^M" qunrtet, "Th- »»«"• «"•'">"

, —, jiTOnj. , ty H. Roger

I Ohules Vail. \ ^ Mrs. cirey, 1.

'-•-•• >|o!eido,", I*'. **•', «lo* W. Coiburn, M, At

B, Dnnltan. Accora-

At Centm Iwane School, it-


||j;Acconip»nlBt. * Mrs.

B^lolo — •'foreador,* 1

"Dally Down-Dilly.

•rilrs. 1, Carey, Accom-

•Urs. Charles Austin.

HJSIS — ^Meditation,"

•r^I«i;e Hughei,

[jp Bio—"Nil Fernan

Siiwrtefa, Miss B, Bal

' Bill Mrs. O, Mid

fo. "Won Ccur Bount

touon et ualila. Mr,


.„"" Hmlth

Virginia Aderholdt,

Moorlyn Thtatn, FriaBJ

8:45 P. M.

Solo—Mrs. Howard MacPheraon,

Drums—Robert HugheH,

Danee^—Margaret Jones,

iolo^—Mrs. Ruby Dunston,

senior High School Quartet,

Piano Recital by the Fnpils of

Hughes' Mnsic School at the

Ocean City HJRh School,

istorda; Aftirnoon at 3 P, M.

"poet and Peasant," iuppe

Prlsollla Iroadiey,

"March of the Fireflies," Hewitt

Mildred emith,

"Over the •ummcr sea," Verdi

Hjlon Unier,

"The Swan," saint Baens

Blva MaePherSon

"Lucia dl Lammermoor Doniiettl

"Knock at the Poo

Eleanor Roth, Frances Roth.

"Melody in r," Ruhensleln

Kathryn Fitch,

Virilnla, Aderholt, Junior Oil—

"Flower Ions," Gounod

Qrades S and 4—

Richard McPherion,

"The Wise Bird,"

"Iweet Evening star," Wagner

Thelma Snlth.

A. W. Johnaione

"Pur Hllso," Beethoven

"The Little Bird,"

Margaret Qmbb.

wm, 1, Wood

"icottish March," Roberts

"My Sisters HBBI ••»••

Paul Pettit

Verna Imith, Freshman Class, "Reveue d'Amour. . Kinder

Jeaneite Italnton,

"Mydltailon," Lack

li ul

H » B y wonder that proofreadera

,„ i i «J,.I,.M, Bli have that hunted look?—

Leslie 0, Hughes,

Louisville Times,

It won't be healthy for the

f world If four hundred million

Chinese keep on practising uotli

they really learn warfare,—•Pub.

Ushers' Syndicate,

Editors Think j . ,

_ ~ . . - nation .has been reading what the

Timely Topica Taken Ram wets and the drya say about one

Leading Publication!! rf fte another,—Boston TraniBript.

Ifal^d itltes —** American financier esti-

" J mates that Great Britain pays

— • "~ - , 1117.12 per head In taxation per

BrleBy described, Mr, Mussolini i annum. Thiii may or may not be

Is Italy's one-man top.—Detroit i quite accurate, but nt least he in

News, correct In reckoning in dollar,—

One-fifth of the cost of a car Is | Punch,

in the engine and m " '

Is In the back r

st thBt 176 ofBcers


" J for croo 1 -

i eorkscre

!, we lake It—F

folk vlrgtniBn-Pllot, |r

Still, th« HBBlBh i

bagpipes __

cessful an o pt to Bsr g

Scotch.—Pet !„

It would seem that where the >•

Weil begins, the Wets e J

kansas Oaiette,

Henry Ford Is for ......

and It's a good thing for Ford t

drivers, too,—Indianapolis Ne— '

PresenUday love at Brst sight I Tons or

lo based on more iutarmation grenades mi

than a year's aeanalntanee • in, found in

the past,—Arkansas Oaiette, I this Is ii.-,

One great difflouHy is to tqll' roont,- Arlc

lunette Johnion.

Home at tht Cany Organizatwn

No Matter 1926

What will be

kind of L

Property ******

\ you have in yearin

mind, we tlw history

"'•can. serve Qt

you right CtamGty.

OurcMefuland Whether

reliable service you want

Has won for us ; 7;-"V',-t6 buy or

" a clientefe ttiat sell, ^t in :

Our Primary

5 an institution, we an primarily interested

in two things—namely, the .

welfare of our patrons, whole succca* is

a part of our own—end the welfare of

Ocean City. These go hand in hand— .

"they are unscparable. We hold^a film—_

belief in the sound and stable growth of

Ocean City, and with for our patrons the

abundant prosperity that must inevitably

result front such a growth.

We add intentt at 4% to

all interest-bearing



First National Bank


"ta Inatitntion Bf TJiefulncss to Octan City"

We Offer You the Opportunit

Of the Day

In Ocean Gity Real Estate

indisputable profit potentialities of this wonderful section. Properties are selling here todays *g

fraction of their real value and are substantially lower than those of surrounding properties. W||i

urge you to take immediate advantage of this profit opportunity. Place you* mvertmerit with -ijjigj

now and be rewarded by the tremendous value increase destined for this section this auttnur^i^

We Offer These Cottages a



on Central Ave, Lot 50x100

one block from the beach.

Price $15,000


l309 Central Ave. Lot

40x100. Beautiful


price and terms on application



on Central Aye. Lot 4(

Fine Location, "h

Water Heat. Pricerll


1 ,

Id SS;? = *S!SJHSSH^«^^smai^^^«Ki^^^Si

J , S 5 ,

It-' -••/':' < \'7

h '•,."''•.«:


esort, '•'•.•

Sbie's Irish

Change of Site ^Iecei»aiy.!

I Th bathing beaeh for nsldenuj

I In the vicinity ai pfty-niatli't

illreet w|ll be moved this season f

j at the request of Jack Jernee, i

captain of the beach patrol. T' '

ifciilldlng of the stone Jetty h

Mrs. joMph Irtoh, yet „ pod natured and irtll., lsB^, ohlmh; „„*;

true that It is InoBensive, while Hak, tomorrow. A reception will

«ent the ° S t*f JM * 1CV " with eqU11 "» "*" «• "•• b"»e «"«""» bride

Say! Mr ? """f 1 ' after the wedding ceremony

SSn "or ,(? " L" nl " a ,'W |t "S- «W- » which will he attended by severa,

The Sand lilt Mete Ins steering

whMI la the hand tfcaf mr

up the Kenny,

f f t '

"Can 1 Interest you In aotomobile


"I haven't an , automobile on

ide it unsuitable for bathers What thu country needs Is

ff«fi--prfiM«atif |M*

I at the former site and the pro- """"• Parting space.

; tected station will De moved f f f

northward beyond the rite of the Nowaday, when a man comes

, old coa., gnard station. ,Wo „ „,„ ,, «„ ne n TL,,^ : L_._j.Ut the former site and the pro- >« Parting space.

I nrOUgnOUt t«ted station will oe moved f f f

„ F northward beyond fhe rite of the Nowadays when a n f*

, old coac guard statton. mto „ i iMo» I

J- INlcnoll A- . __.__.. famous w the Engineer beach hat CoIIIson Built nated up at that thll new |«,O0O ear with it

_. __ .'tly for about im

lyn Theatre This Week hundred feet of the old piling u

mm'Mm ftlBii 'rraakliii. — ~ b " removed and felt thai soon H

-imJWBJWBdiruja w«« g ^ |n ^ v m m pIam StBrt Bai,y more. Mayor champion

lidelDbli iauUnT Jire _- • m u lh »< ">"" Piling were now

HB©Be*W*UMriuBl practically worthless and were

WmWm^maM^i'hi WpreaHouslr funny from start nothing hut an eyesore .lone ihe

WpfSfr* JMMtri iMarty to flnlih i« "Abie's Irish Rose," beach. The engineer win- make

iiksSBEij.,..,:.,«.ife ^g, Nmola. tamBm sqmedy, * report concerning the cost of

«#»»« Rowley of i"hlla- "W" 1 e0BI * lo th j •ttme, and yet you have no burglar

on your premises,"

f f t

The trouble with the intoxicated

motorist Is that he Is not

» t W.t dMlNd resl. It must bo admitted that the «£ TfiSrlSillDt^ Htisei)

ffttloM •loni the Ma. wriWr skeptical and thought Kiockner. This doe. not Include

m «rt'M IMitW perhaps sentiment and optimism ^ men ugtd .„ the trucks,

ircity Harbor*.' had caused the assertion. After Twellts,,nve ,,uoks afe ,„ operai^Oitr

Barbon h a tract visiting the tract last Saturday „„„*,„ tw0,Wn MoU tmeiohi

I'M tat Oreat tig Hirbor morning and noting the reyela- Md iwQ Un,lon HJJJ iractora

ytfl what la g*B«mlly tlon that bad already transpired, operaiiiiB last iaturday

M'SUp Ohanntl. It Is If the writer does not play on ^^nlni • "

to a plateau overlook- this course this ye»r it will be J|( (h,a yleMly the i,|dewalfcs,

m City proper, because he has brolten a, ijg or curj^.Bnrt wlller malmi have been

M'nurt of thli. tract will *« '""^ le i"" t he .I° lf alas must con- brl(lie whlcll l8 ,he eonncotlni

s rool T

»- B« link between Cape May and Attrench

digger moves merrily jBn(j( Caunty, is completed,

• ig until a tree root Is struck. Ocesa Qur Harbor will be on the

ever, the removal of a tree ma(n houlevard between tf-

Is a small matter with the worlt. Mu(h gnd, north, for the 0a»,

men, Onleis It Is so situated It jiay.^ewes rerry, the cohnectlng

must bo ehof^ed out, a, chain u^ tetween Delaware and New

At tho pnaont time about SOB

feel of water amln Is laid each

working day,

wan) Atlar. io Clly, Asbury Pai

< Fire Protection anB New York Clly will pn_

Ocean Oily Harbors will have through Ocean Oily Harbors,

Ore prelection. Numerous are The bridge, according to en,

plugs situated at every inter- glneersi will crois south of the

section and midway between the' Ocean tRty Harbors tract.

longer blocks show the develop, In a recent issue of the NEW!

era were considering the future. It waa stated that the new short

The golf course Is situated in line of the Pennsylvania llall.

ihe heart of the tract. Restricted road would be eleclrlned Into

lots surround the entire courso. Ocean City, this statement was

One of tho restrictions In thegiven

from what i^eonsldortid an

deorls for the lots that will ap. authentic source, Tho new route

peal to tho builder of homes In muni pass through Bonm Point

""B ]Uli1, Tlie roa.lB have - been this tract Is 4hni none of lli« and it will moan inui liio r

ffijhas been tfc«-dKBnv of In pawn, • gravolLd, biit.niuHl Bcraplng bolots

e«n ho sub-divided. niiig time biitwuun ocean City

J»:vliiforB and nildenta Lik« War Timei fore gulinblu ror pleasure ear All the lots are spaeleus. They Harbors and Philadolphia will bo

PS!!?—»_BH pourM, A conception of the operation use. The heavy trucks cause

average about a frontage of Ttshorter

than any other resort,

feet with a depth varying from with the poHlblo exception of

a&Myja jtMtlnpSf-ftlp. qannot be gained from the road, groat ruts, .

100 to iiO feet.

Atlantic Oily.

ilTrourt that would need though the entrances Into the Another object that attracted

Iplnthip IS-kale"course traef have been partially con- attention was the concrete ma- Offers Mis; Advantages Tho water front is n'part or

JtftoBBare wltb any «ea- strucied. But once inio the do. chine"u8ed for bulldlnf the «Ido. the tract has many nilvwit- tho Great Inland Wntnrwiiy. Thin

Wit matte anywhere, velbpniont proper ft nciim fa- wallis ami iiurhH. The, mlwr jtages that cannot bo rivalled CIHO- ni'ctloii of tho tract linn nut boon

lilttrB AmBletejlW'work mlliar ahptll eight yuan ago ,,t,|f |H not unllko luany-of iho whoro Bioiig tho • South joraoy sold, .

|*r thl'eouiw^'biJIMtra. will greet your ej-eM, concnue miners frequently seen,

W. 2 • Tractors of 'various slies, iisod eitceptliig the httBchmeiit used

OPW ^MiBewni • for all pufposeii, are seen plough, for pouring the wot mixture,

flj,'IB,*, courne-wlll be ,jng up Ond down ihe_ hlBhways The mjiter l» located • inij the

rtEioi jopep IBJ pjajp iiiit (under construction. These trac- road. A long arm extends to the

njo le|temheti jlpeBralng ^0Ig- ploughing througii tho sidewnik. Through thli arm and

tm »rauec( and builder. woolis giVe every Bembiance to spout the concrete la poured

""'-' '"" '-r°%ltt'.-'. Mlf|ti,0 wkrtlnie la.nks, eicoptlng tho while the machlno slowly, moves

Mifhert »Mli)t«nt 1* we watch, iho tractors grUnt power, A host of woffcnliB fol. |



in tho



other obstacles,

. .

water hose along after It. The

,q»de,- tho ,gjfWi» Ore trip L stumos K nlimc of other ovof the obstacles. stump water hose looks like a giant

»eroipondB,' ' and thg rider Is jarred and snake or tall Blurting In the

^JyMrtI,e:«oUrsi.forms shaNcn as though ho was break- woods and ending on the.ma-

1 picture; tMt'taoIi ing a wild bronchi). How the chine. . ...... » •

"Mtirsg la DroDfirlv eon-1 mvaiery prieiato the remarkajiln head-

»SSwi«i*^ f |aa m A^unny son ofAfrica was WBy the constmctlbn «mp.W Is

W^h Cltr*»li vWune appfoaohed by the wrlteiv

glfcst tfcB,:Bttti of oSfhe wsiaumed, ; _L ,

l«Bt 4 courso as, quickly I times- ihe

oiie•obstacle, that*Is -low-grMBd.

.he sidewalks are made or the hiirlmn electric lino to Atlantic

itreets are graveled. city Is nearby.

One of the obstacles that the %ybm iia Beesley's pilot

THE Tmun owiOB or OCEAN CITY lunnons

Located at the entrance of the tract from the Boulevard,

The Ideal


An Ideal Investm^rtt

The Development of

Your Drearm

Ocean Gty

i i\ r ; f

vltatlmi to cntert the door opened

quickly and In miked Ltnioyiic.

"0 men enfant!" glo began•

•peaking French* M Bin. invarlliuiy

diti under Bront emotional'

ulrcifii. "word has just conic from

lny manager thai I am to ling

M »«»••• lovat frto was Informally en-,

5iy«autffa a woman-j nsir "v. i do, oiiiquBa , mr' Moaied on tub dilsc-ionfiuo,

Jijovsnlnlo our poetry, (oik. knowledge of (he Book of Books f-when r 01, I hope wUie we am

^mO-MUg," the younj; Cos- In ncaiit. It'll the fifteenth veraeihere,"

ffi®OBtlnu«a npeaklng, "we (f the Bieventh eSapter (if First "Teal's one reajon I'm go

J i ~-"'*^ WflWen ,jt » Corinthian!—it rsad§—•im if a happy about it all, Tads; U

id In many in- woman have long hair it la a Monday, tomorrow 1 * Tuenday and

, . / a girt wea« (lory to Sen for her hair is then—Wednesday is tht night of

|gljj|jg.:Jjaa-.a SPOOHU glinlfl. givon hir for a covsringV I tii(hts~ai ieam fr L j



rIMIw of Opera an() j ca

MBSe Marguerite ,jrqr in

ptflfiJ* boyten boh,"

|S| fii WJ" J


.aU laughed

bnt b S r » le88e wsrw-'i — •—"i -•»—• •• — •- 'here,' she added;

iJjPlpni : rlBBOns;; a^d who bob," put, in Andre Molrtre. aloud, thoufh I was «ure sbe

S.i'coycriid filth. floiiierB. "I undentaad thai a w«ll-kno


* > i i,* * ?* i ^ L ^*i •* t v \ -i v

u enUra world fen children In play

, inrVBllnniiB of iho neneh patrol,


TOE BBACW ' >'" -


may or mar

on Ita ocean City toaeh is building ihlp* >HIy 'M e

death. Banqueters never ex-1

' peeled him to eat. Hit business

i was to talk. Thu§ lie was able

| | di j D* i.1 1 tB eis'sll only occasional morsels

Harness on 9ird Birthday s'^«^^ fr Hacness on 93rd Bir


WQ« compelled 10 fortify him-

self against the deprivations Of

* - * » - i D^ illa *=nj

J I „. I (.

W " B him. Thli probably saved,

and Long Life

his lite- at the moment and In-

Bured for him a happf and a

nrly! No. Just the usual nrMpsroui, career despite the rail

Depew] 1 run or Amertnaii HIWIIH Hulfji me |nll.MI or (ho nuper-ehcfi.


^i the ranking wi<

stiQSKifStfae I«n4 keeps in

Swie'd wlillc DppraaislilnR


iwapr flinre of a man with

^ReH* blIlld, the utmnsly

*0lM* features, the facial

ffiMM hinting or the (alhion

iK8|p dafi. Mf sgrtBloui,

^l^^ihlliiDf as aiwafi*

ve liud one prlnolpnl rule of

ng/' ;ha uld, leaolne back In

^Ujfio^^r' S& tM&l tils W^lf (€

outlined aislnat a

•A Madame Butterilg

dMk, Certainly

u, at hit desto. In

,] hrond, • Never ran much to up for ^ ^ n e mm who Mn

!B|S ' mlk casnally or his meetine with

In one piece of ad. ..Mr Uneoln the President and

presided df,

"V^ '»

eavlars an

a la kinxi

tries hovt

wllll!h 1 clired MniMlr t« he Dior- i]

1 ereamed tniffln. and ,„ ortnolllH£. - 1

, and paniiF>tnR P». ,., nel1)sv(! ln B j u s t QM," is

played the r deadly - me . way h ne -»ni«il. eKpmmn iiia flia faith lann.. II

...»j i. , htliu falher. AH I II

J2&1 ^"Si I" SSS^nd-the'haB'Sn, ItavS

g TTT. •

ibe NawTdrk Cen-

T .

pew eipla

?-^ ^ nilahaii. the niuiitk ntia tne.III


Ha taken hl» own

of iuper-e

ham sas^

In otaer

be banque

0» an nf

wai in.d

l0 '"• ' hnv# lmd my P e tltlons

»«!». L tne! Sertre » J •«« ">- "» » »*

SriSnSmr^ %'«ri« .^ woman

iiffijjilB to| whleh I

8wSith mt'i and out tlft

"Itti'do ipy hest to ellmljftijtadi,

Mr lnttancB,.! W|

SHMIIB I lllw best #pl

f$ Years Young

— - i*==«, ^hiirt tira An wrong. •

Democracy Is Snperior

"No tif faith was not ulmkcn

by the xvar. I believe it.

Dened as a reaulf of the a.

mulotlon of evil years. Through'

it the world is rid of man? it

the old families, the forces thBt

tryaBnlsed over the peopM, W

people Save come into tlwlr otoi,- 1

Musaollnif A paasiiig phase;

•fttFj is the nupeflor fOBnyi

,... D_.jnirnent, Bven la Qu^ial

I "Prosperity! It Is bofaflc 1 -"

ore bappln

id the ehlldren., ___.

' " J1 is have donei

id cnmintmity.l

r ll»s added'Ib"

mafVying a ehlld? I eiW get l»- """Yni^kno'w'tiierc'H'on old »ay-

Bldo of "rlllior or Jiie-pBrBeB. so tollt „ BrWjt hepefaetor be-

I cannot Wl|, Rftff : ^ ^ ^ W ng n man who «if nmM two

about Ihem; Bt"T" W*npw ow where, ne-

liii' 1 ;

OBJ who offliBtiBiU«.»wiiy Win mWwnea, ^HT^

btMi per. we Hm tWUrn atop of Mr. " ^

SfK ObmmV ° t9m '* hm * mi "" H

(jiWAnEgg rth IlioiMHft

n with a few 'herrlM

Mn la tne gnam . .,..,„-,

'in tM world and we lident that tBg

well t» follow her ex- Wrts«...?_»J


The Home Seeker—The hvestor—Tb PIeasw«

The Speculator

It mekm no diff^fence firom wh^t a^je you»e ^^t^

intefw^d, die fact remams dtat #c^m C^

'* ••'',



t 'I




s of the meat pnplihi

i. la "Happy" U

th the mail.

Busy, But Happy ,____

Vtry likely

By n Court Houan Poet

I like your lips «o IWMI, m red,

i 1 like your nose, your eyes of,

I blue. I

I 1 like your teeth BO pearly white.

; i like your hair of golden hue.

And since last night, after the

•how, |

Befuw rd had a chance to

SBeafe, i

ill me for my whole week's r

I pay— I

I must admit I like four ehers. .

My girl plays Mob Jong with n '

aolld ivory set—hrr two brothers.

You can tell a man's hobby by '

His tubes he buy8—radio or Inner. j

A group of men were sitting '

abom ihe liig air-tight healer In

the general merehaniliM atore of!

Orandpa Illbtts, ilaie Lynn rir.

vaied lib f«w and sput iiilfl ihi'

coal HCUIlll- »« he YOln-ii.'ar.-! iii»

tor's bank In in (f»^ (uwl ton.

BB_'P,nut to fall.' 1 j

_ j?" Inquired Grandpa,

siiiB in the distribution of

g.ueer 1 know, after

LS robbDd eight Units

i I in three years, finally got the

I ....... .... .h|eves

s did he do It?

'•'. Clyde: He sold out and -went

.{^ Into the undertaklnf business.

• The average man has all the ;

spec! and deference In the world ;

Ti. niirtlMiiarly with ror the weaker «t That ex. j

Hiribuii'K pood cheer plains why » many •of 'em will i

see a woman hanging on a street

car strap—they believe the physi • I


= cal exercise will be good for her I

"Mother, mother, mother, turn

the BOH on me!" sang little Wll>

lie, aa his mania, WM dreMlng

him one morning.

"What do you meani" »he ask.

ed, "You've put mr itoekin'a on

wrong side out," he said, ,

ll'man doe»n't have to bo a A cynlCx vmion of It; ». 'Tl. Thi Buffllllf BBenWter

iidmt to act small 4'MUT lo have loved and lost than

Iff ' over to have loved and won,"

1» •Ants are educated anliiialii that ,

i^ipw where picnics are held, "j guess this niie mumps me,"

M,{,,; said the swimmer as tho shark

p}J«gmlth ii a superstitious "CUM, snapped off a member, - • • •

toi'Phe"' said Irown

I've taken It to pieces

And put 'em back again,

And still I can't determine

What makesH make it rain,

,_ n^ZZl a. it

"J *w«wi Bay It

vlolet Bo8s Bt » O'clock and


* wjle sure is" nEreed JonfH. Vminlly when a newspaper Tulip shouted Morning Glory as

#nw he would consider it un. writer loses pep he flndii plagiar- Johnny Jump.up itrolled out in

iulkr to find 113 on the street." Urn.

ln " Clover ^wltn Pansy and Uly.


are turning their attention toward Ocean City and its developmtnte,

Here ii where the Real Estate activities are centered. It is here

where INVESTORS are devoting their intereit and money, and all

b«e»uie OPPORTUNITIES are found here ai they are no place «lie,

This office will be glad to give you information as to any development

in the vicinity .of Ocean City.

Garden Lbts^lBO per foot.

Exceptional valuM not to be


2-Eamily Apartment Haute

on- Central Avenue-^-Third

Street, 3 bedrooms and bath

each floor.

, iii,ood •••*•

Financed ,

"Wai, saiq_ Hale, "I seen a

heck Frank levee wrote for IJ, I

,1 was relumed, marked 'No ,

' ' a bank that ain't ]

ibie to easn a check for fS must

bs Brolly nigh busted."

"That'a so." agreed the rein of

Asbury Ave. Lot—-Between

27th and 28th Streets, Price.


We have a complete list of cottages, apartments, stores for rent

for the summer season, and Will be glad to answer inquiries or to

show you around; '

tmm tm,wm,fiOEas cm, s.».

an who play, upon your "Whs were y«u yesterday,

in danger or hanging |

you nftsii, bey? You

at on your wife and do if your tooth has

don't Ed slanBtd aching?"


The old-fashioned working girl

Ott Rich ttatek I with mi *

lie you a plan for galnlnf And evgry tin


your atli in your hands Beauty I.

Phenomenal Sales Success


k A hAU EXPECTED a rush, but a deluge is

a v| h;re. The staffs of the four sales

mjkM offices of Ocean City Center have

been besieged with people anxious to learn

all about America's greatest seashore offer.

The character of those inter- personal recommendation from

estcd, apart from their huge an authoritative source,

numbers, justifies us in saying To the investor, this represents

that not only will the high absolute certainty of enhanced

standard of Ocean City Center VAiues |n the near future.

residents be maintained, but

ifciishore residence sections of

the Atlantic Coast,

To the home seeker, this is like

a card of introduction with a

a month

buys o/of



Hon. lug



Our four gales office* are at your

service. We invite you to visit any

one of them. We also invite you to

visit the property itself.

ious that there should be no obsta-

a home site in ideal surroundings

or an investment that is sure to

bring you big returns if you act

quickly. '


838 Boardwalk

108 W. 34th St. (on the property)


values will soar just as values at

Ocean City itselt have increased

and millions will be made by

sagacious investors who have

bought early in the game.


Ritienhouse 9792

Mark well our generous terms, |

which place Ocean City Center |

lots within the scope of the aver. |

age citizen's pocket book. |


Take into consideration the won. .jg

itself, right inside the heartof th©J|j

Luxe," deicribing Ocean City Center with aetuil

photographs and containing a road map ihowini

the good roadi riiht to the property,

We want to get this wonderful folder into

your handi as quickly as we can.



Special Notice

To Ocean City Residents

and Visitors

Sci; yuur local real estate Broker tot full par?

titulars concerning ' the advantgp! of purchasing

early at Ocean City Center, ' .


838 Boardwalk

•: 101 W, J4th St. (on the prorurty) '.. •'.''.'

.'. Atlantic City' Officei Ills DoarJwglfc \' '''''

Improvements guaranteed by Coloni

Company, Philadelphia. ., ii

mmomt, r

iff)-- i •« k. . :

Ifeifhe re«ort«nMd a pub.

intiiig a nun f

TOL I^-Ho. 87

at FtanifyS^wapaperM^meTka'a Greatest Family Reiort


Booster Caravan Tells of Intoxicated Legion Band \T.

Cape May County Attractions Driver Gets' WjHJroadcast Addresses

H Kiwanis Club

Officials and Extol Merits of Our Invitin

— in Atlanta City When

elf Received Warm Welcome in Keystone State Cities Car Broke Down

, fgf.S ft n JThe Iny^ Aim.r-lniti Lpglp

Haiid-wirrnoanoast from WPO, j jror Mew lersev Qov-

Allanlle city's municipal broad.

' Tha eounijr boome boomer caravan J-, . _ , I Given Minimum Sentence

•*piWjo*(y di. whleU leri for a tou a tour through Complete Flan

'nepd ,an idver. "aw Joni6y. Ponniiyivii

nsylvanla, Mary. _ **

Milton Hieks, young

eo ror ' - w J enpe y «- ov

- Advantages TRroug1i

Muting station, on Friday eve- ernor of Organization

ning May M, The broadcasting

Publicity Bui Starts on

wilt be held in conjunction

a tostimonai dinner given in be. I Attendance Contest Ends

half of tho Now Jersey Stale!

Tho local band, which is tho William T, BlnEham, of Mill,

ly band 111 the Stale composed vllls, Lleutonant-Ooveinor of the

nlng by Chief Joan- enllruly of Lcglonalres, plan a Kiwl,nig »„.. .,,,1,, i«Pallv ,,

CW I Ofk Sta

-n In bihalf of Mayor making stops at all cities. Tho

ho "•£_,* nef =Se ^, T«_"=!. S


Chamber, told the v,sitorfl Home- llh planned lta« stops shaii he

son and Officer Fordney when the very active season. Last night Klwanls '»' "> aih Je " e ^ al

_ _ _ _ _ _ ofhe higher up

More Will Be Buih +g *£*•

>* '

IT :• Q --Si' L'WSSmMffE?XWi

• • •.'

Get Rid /.

of Squattew/

S^sC. ofG.

.or ». tank needi in

»i met by a police

the elty limits of y[

ikveeii a sraihore resort Uiayu,. King, of Canide

'•"tad city.. TTiii rsortHother city ofaoiais gr«ei

,i great valuations, id""* 1 * »'"" m i avor Walker To Crr

Ocean City Booiters



south jersey fax- n

lartein, the now oe S

i not self- Canidun city square and through

•and newr; will be, ttle VWor »">i Machine plant. t(

' ' , Monday night the Boomers ,!(„,

filch supplies were in Allentown and entertain- mni

Blood of the resort comes «'I members of tho chamber of fnr

Jppi.or, the _ r rcsi- ^ fiotif AlS 1pea£ ^

gjjinvestor and tht vses- representing Uapc May County „„,„

MJijirive the resort of these *»d Alleniown vied In their ef. ln (

I lone would it exist*

tm '' 8 (0 ""' fonh th6 ttdfonlagea ,„„

||qnB wouiy ii emit. or l M r rafH!UvB mmIlinil|,tall *V|

-p ii but one way to suj- t« the best advantage,' Dlm]

brtit uftl stimulate grawth Dr, iamuei A. Harker concisely .,

%iuin a« In gnu hnimou Mt 'of 11 * lho llcipateV in the lied Mon

Begirf journiy This Sunday

H, B, Dean, tho city's pi

director, today untigutini

advantages of the lh,

Resort, ii inmv hinmai, mmbarB rM()rU HeaUb aBd tap. tba

^htttng the world kiiow plnoss, ho told tho AJleatown men ||,"

p& have to W!i. There are "» the chief products of Capo *

M..'., .-j. ,ii,, u ii May County, and he said virtually J"j.

^ of the coun. WMI

,,.1 a to grow, it* advan- tjr is In some way or another con. T,"

ault ot advertised or elie neeteil with lhe Industry. Even „-~*'

; s dreB80d Ule offlcers noiicod that ho was driv. JI partlcipttted in the lied Men's nieotiiig of th6 Ocean

ve, which was hold In Cits' orBaniMtion at Ihalr wefkly

n. On May 30 it hni been luncheon on Wednesday. The

'Ml for a program at tho Blliu, erncer gave a very sirong

1 lh C MM

" d ssod the meoting or tho Ocoa

Ing In a rather shaky manfter. Conclave, which was held In City organisation at Ihelr week!

Wnlle attempting to - turn

block. Hicks backed into another auditorium on the Camp' Meeting ff^ 1 - 1 ',, 1 '. *?" ^hl'lH.'rt 11

car and this caused the police to efouiidB

lalk on 1)(!lll!r " l » lie «"6ndono

Investigate, The members of the band and "' " 10 wee l || l' ""s" Bntl i> rt

He was taken before Dr. Bu- post plan to attend the Paris »cnted many points whereby th

gene Darby, who-staled that ai. convention of the Legion, which Kiwunls Club could be of greatt

though the young man was not !• scheduled for no*! 5aar. A Mrvlea to the coinniuniiy.

drunk ho was under the Influence uvlng fund ror^thls purpose has M], g|nfiham was introi1ue<

of liquor. Magistrate Ware, who beon nrgaiilieil. Thirly.tlirue by PiWldenl Floyd ilmms aatl.

conducted the hearing on the fpumben have sigtilfleii Inton- pioliuhlo eovernor of Kiwanis i

case, stated that he was sorryfjtions of making a. return trip New Jeiwy for 1917 The boot

that the thing had occurred andUo France. for the •Millvllle mon was slnrto

ln 0BGll Bll {or the

Walkor will mw-t

ber . of Conn,

7 n im

V}° "L' 0 "" 10

Ware gave the man his choice ef

paying a J20D Bne or taking

thirty days In Jail. Being unable

to raise the money ilicks was

taken to the county Jail,

The unfortunate young man

stated thai he hod gone to Alinnllc

City on Sunday and had had

trouble ouble with his car. ear. While While he --— ' has been waging for ton weeks

was repairing the auioinoblio he

was offered a drink by a man who

m a m tave "» mad » '0' aev- fuBoUon, as* will

i, ho told the AJleatown men S I'll *"*T "in"'*! i".i""iFi U i rl i WM ""opalrlng the niiioinobllo he ..." , _. _ _ . .among tho Washington. Bosloti, onl1 W Wward lho removal of ]of J,Kjti Mmm

»- •>->" —.-...., of Cape „„,! r H, . f* 1 offered a drink by a man who Atlantic City Court Startled Athietlw and Philadelphia traims. u>e "shacks," but in ovary instance; Chanibiir of Con

Id virtually f,[f " nB .' r h ^ »h ri ! p „v° """"I l0 1 > l!| i' ""»• » required ;. fly Statements of Ocean elmM wlUl Wednesday'!, meeting; «•>" HMm of the project have 1W0O piece, or,

, of lhe eoun. %'T b lera : Photographs „,„„ or lno ^gM ,„ flJ( ^ „„ By Btatements ot Ucean Wlu),,|nftlon wUh n pmmUiell Bl given up tbeir tank and the milq.havo Men dial

_ . . .„, _r another con. „" "" lakon of the popular ,hlne and It was not until Men-' City Attorney 85, led Tor the past week with^ the «»«»• romnln, T, Lo» Adams, the chanuela, which ,

it be advertised or elie »««»* w"n lhe industry. Even ».l« e "«« J^._°**!" t ! «ay morning that he was able to ' Athletic a close locond with a Smlla ofllcer. nttempted two year«;«uiM. ••- •.

n n navcriiKa or cue ^ ^^^ Jarmn fcs mji Me by newspaper photographers and eomo back lo Ocean city. It was • percentaBo of 84. The winner of W lo have the .elllemonl wlpadl LilerBtUfp hm

jnie a b»eM numfcer. viia||y interested in the induatry mDV|nE plclur0 mel1 ' on his arrival here that tha of. WpmBn Sticka To Story lho contest will bo announced P u t. »« W that ho

lbs little difference because the visitors to the re- Through his connections with neors notieed his condition and _^ noxt wegk. Tlio raeo between the Uie lurch by the authorlHos, land re»or> mi' I

*i idvuniiiinn I 'A'-'-V- 80rU » °"> Pr'nolBBi consumers t ho N »>» Vork American, Pean matle lho arrest, ~ "" A's and Washington has been It Is contended at present, a» It Ull) roilowlnf p

ye •uvcnuing u oone gf lM f&nn producU of (ha ceun has made plans with the news- In Addition lo the session which Harry Elaeiiheru. iillus "Moxle," close throughout, but tho Bonn- was two years ago, that Ui» coiH| 1 ' W'^'W

|UU> or th( eomrnunity, ty ' papor to arrange for the iecur- is boliig spent with tho county wl ' s ' »«ordl»B to thy charges of tori! appear to have a slight ad- ditlons nriiund tho homes is mosti^American, Tlrncn

ioUl u this is the ve. Dr. Harker drove horns in a ! ns J" B " kll >« " PBM f0f th6 bu " authorities, the now la* make* It M ' ««"' oaLnno. estranged wlfo vantaR.). The three losing t,nn,»

i«. . L , i m.1,1, •-,,, (i,« .,rf i I" CoIunibuB Circle, where ward mandatory that tho d.iveni 1 ii

may be disiributed

.JI southern to tho best advantage, '• «•"' " I "

Jersey and they Ward Beam, who is nceom- . .' " ln »'

their presence panylng the bus on Its Irlp this by w" ' ne

^—.„»« ^.^othrian^ * ^nii^aiWaiK *5r"a»"

|pj.Se« We City is spwid. wlldwood and Ocemi uity in and camurn Poiinaylvania. will ., v, '"^

a>*efjp $1 ,itm ty this Mse "loiuje auto buses, and head the ».jcond eipoilition. He, j. ' B ,,,, — ,„"

Sif r *" |rem "? • Siono llnrbor, Capo May. North will make short nddresios ox- J, °, on S

| i , , ;. ' •:'• Wlldwood anil Aviilon In gayly- loilng me advanlagos of this re. ,,,*,,,, ,j '

MicininB feptufe, IiO(V" doBpraiod automobiles made an sort ai well as distributing the ~"r Jj .""If


"t the btisinestJiiMrBts Impressive entry in neaiiing. lho phnmpleis prepared by the city's Blay|.B on ',,

fjjn, •;•SB.:. . oaravan boliig met on lho out- publicity bureau. „„*,,' s ,,°" ."

m lpe W ^Hiyi;time4 Bk(rw of ih^ei.j, by „ dotajl of Mf; uBSn is irylng to arrange '"^TaihS- i£

4aaverti«ing thin 1 the motofeyele patrolmen and amort- his work in order that he may hv ih« -ii

^•V ••''".,/*:• . •-.•;-•} ad safely to ih6 rtueiiiig place of he with Doam for at least threo J,',*, ' 1

weoK no Better time ior Buirung i niMe on Thursa»y etanlngtf

The charge*) against "Atoxic" of the American Legion, COII- on ituuh a project eouhJ be found, M. There WBI Bo ehar» fjnHfi

have been changed to uliduotlon graiuioted the local legion post - - •• The result ot the iBOliftr"

and assault and battery, and ror Its efforts In procuring Its

i^ Orois waived a hearing g on the quota for a national fund to'be

jUh,,tity commltiff The

%nrt4^^i±t.:irtHMiarlzm, ; _ days on. the trip. ,. .. ?""„%,;" ^

eh « r « s md Magistrate Phsson used in educatin

•"""' « 8 - e ', "- inimediiitoly in,medi«toly eontlmied eentimied the case ease Ocean City's CIty-8 quota quot for this fund . L

nnd '°

The Key Fa

and Pern,"

r " le srand Jury. Oreis said was place at 1100, The local

erlim lllal lhe * 6 .°4° hi' 1 °n «ho kid- Lsgionlonalros rallied i»04,15.

rn» napping charge was excessive and All the contrlbutinus w«ro in y

*•"•»• that lho ndldtional 10,000 ball for tunaii simm. tvi . . . . . .

aSHauit and bailery wall lieyond The Loglonalros made a house. on New Development time to-let the world lifti

b""" reason. The Maiisifato refuaed to-houso oonviis with banks. Th'i -—- 0 * n G>1 * '• um ' *? fll >8S

iri'ui '" lowt ''' Hi*' 1 1 ' al ihe lime of mono of the soliellofs was Baleii of the Ocean Oily Cohter *«rm weather In approaMUn

•For lllB ll(!alll " r ' bllt Birungeil a moet- "Bverybody give a little" und iraet have passed a half million !v)Ulll » ° fow wec H s SI < m o{!»

_.; I»B or the two attorneyii for everybody did, : iiinrk, is niinauneed by 8. H, ffnl

llBhi Walllel * lr morninB. Mm, De- The fallowing eoiiiiiiunioaiions Lludiiay.. Hales manager of the «««on. will l». tare... WW

, eh Lano's lawyer failed lo attend tho wore received by lho local pest: company. The tract is located " DW thinking of vacatlphi

,f," oonferonco and Faxson reduced "American Lesion Pout. No. ilf, BlonE hoosevelt ioulevard, „. "i"i"»w noinei and^lor'tlfl;

IglitodboaHl placed " l0 ^ a " '* tlM0 m m m 'r' 0 " 1 C'ly- -Hew Jersey:. tending from Bay Aventii

orL' orglnKallon is n f lB « eharge and to IB00 on -Wo gratefully acknowledge Inland Waterway.

Abu°y Avtnue hi- "?? m

^ it

- t a -^ Ml£^ra.i&arg^ 1^4- * i -2>

, .. lllnj the Volitead Act,! •

SWSWJ:* v>'



(Freeholders pirfeet •Plans

j and Specifications For '

: One Mile f tretch

j Is On Waihington Avenue

"ho Freeholder* passed a

ilullon last Wednesday direct.

1 IIIK plans null opecincallonfl pro-



flPoBhlar Ocean city misses will «n,... .. ,„ ,„„,,„,, He ,

WMmti of tllli NnUonal Biseult Company. Tlie Cnecda Biscuit costume won u prize for the BlrU —^ ^ " ,,

IPfilfB •ehool at the last Hallowe'en i'arnlviil. Permission lias tain Brant-d !,;• the company, wbow wMh ,ll6 worh lminediBW(y

^®fc»|prsienttd,:'to-reproduce taa photograph, Remiinji from U-ri: Kulhi'r Prom, JMnelie QiilTPison, wttlll,,,| llle improvement to

tWlmilb, Betty 1011011 Kitty Harris, .MnrguKi siMile, iiiie the consideration of

•sjiwr.---- - - — — linani: All iho Freeholders vo

t o C. . Af. by Ihc resideni physician, who Is • fiivomhb.- on the resolution,

•*• OeeS DJSter /\rter reBJio'iitiiliie in li leilleii! dl.it- I'reehnliler Miller also cal

rtfflf^* D* j I wenty Year Lapse »mn« i.. wim mo .Mm,. ut ih» r

ilwIGW XXOBOS IliMlliHi'in Ihiin iu«I year so us In I

Pf?t ; i* Wm 3ister M An r ony ?r*" -/::;;1::;t::%""-j

l&i'«4jOTt iDCBraOn no Here From Italy ,,.„„,.. ,, „,„...,. ,,,..,,..„,, M, ,,.il

Incwaie. in

ill 1 'of toe year, one of th

HMlijiM of eohstniBtlon an

BrMd#ai : Spruce Sir^un .liiiiies McjKeu, M. !

!»., Siileenili anil Walnilt Hirijeisi |

h^ hatl not seen for I he pasf Juif» OilillllKiiniiiil. M, U,. 2203 <

$4,000,000 twenty years, arrlvid al hisWalnut

it reel, Phiiaiielpitia. j

home, Mrs. Cappucfila arrived

Laryngnlisl and olologlsl—Wm, 1

*^^ on Wednesday morning en the-

H. Spencer, 1830 Illtlvnlisliw! I

•hi State Dulllo Hlftiimn from Italy.

Square, Phliiuleiphla. • I

„, ^asen ^^g geteiiration conilniied unto

lie ,|j esPjy Thursday morning.. Mr*, Vlsiilng pe!llalrk-!ans=H, liar-i

eto, aecordiog I QappUec|g pigns lo leave for New

lent by the | Haven, after unending » *»on

ebullt bridges! v|a|t with her hrather, H»r him. hn Townsend, M, D., Ocean

total for the I bBn;| |8 gimpioy^ there in n ii-: Ilownnineeii. JI. P., Phila-

OBd work was e,0Bi{ fojioij.. Mr. Tnncarliio ilihia: John Whllicar, M. D.,

• > • = has another siHter. Mrs, rteginii, tiiii City; Aldrieh C. Crowe, M,

" Highway who resides in Peler.hurg, The

, Otean City; Joseph H, .Mareiw,

ontlng on mother or the family, eighty.

jr, one of the years of age, sill! lives In Iialy.

'"- an- Mr, Taccarino is eniplo.vvt1 UBCounty

High School '•

a stratoD. iten, of forty* forty an engineer 111 ihe • new WKII

English Contest i

TBilM'ion Bouts Noi Noi 4, whic which School during the school inonthii|

fjggtum RatwBF ray to to Ne'w Neand

manages the Palace Oarage j The result of the county high i

'The i during the summer season, school linglish contest .held StiU!

urdns'. May I, liiSS, In Jlldnlcj

Township High 'School,. 1 Is as foN (

lows; j

A pri5«c> of live diiilars liajs iteen |

warded io the winner la mieli'

- T = 1 ' • • . ^ " • '•

^JEminent Staff

t|*ffi;;i«aclilng the Jersey

rquehout its entire length,

>ijife Completion of the

work; Route 4 has a haril

pam ^nd'«ifend nad rep-

B|B t .«Mt/P t M |1Bl¥ « o»era-

(J^j?t Itfn ye a

Kprcscnla, It is said, the laht

iffiS«anency of construe;

^WmV praduatea curies mid


Dr, H, Harrii Perlman.Secures

Unusually, Fine

Staff For Season

Bi'nitir, Kl


flllvinn; Ciiiie Slajf.

''BliiiUld Examin:t-i

.Iiinlor, Goorge (Mark, Mldiile I

Township, Exriosilioii, "My Ideal

T(fnCher.." |

Sophomore, Beatrice Krinsky.'

ly May, Narration, ".My, Worst Scare,"

^^ Kireh of the four ehisses w:is

; ^ ' "^^ T reiifesenied ijy a contestant from

Dr. II. Har.is pMriman,'medical four different hlfeii schools nr the

ilireetor of the Ocean Clly Sea- cjuunty. : . i

ghero*Heffle for Bubit-s, ha

ed eminent physlelanH i

suftants on the medical H 1

ur- TUO HuljjeclM were chnHim iiy the I

R" As^isLinL (.linimisHloner of Edue-rt.'

•d tlon. {iSHlgneii to Reeoniinry sehaais. :

•it" and tiiese were' 'opened in the

be presence nf the iiiiplis at tile heth

ff"" f a * " "t ltle ""'* wests at tlie ginning of the conto.i

ling *_ *" **^ Babies* Baoles* Homo this sumluftr, sunnier. one Qne hour was ulio allowed for the

De opened Or pjfimnn is an indefatigable |]rl)i WPning and thirly-flve min- •

worker, end spares neither ilme uic,B fOr ro-wrtJng in ink. :

U. eitenslv islve_ con- nor .expensq to make the medical . ' I

T ^y (|epar|fflM|t jjg near perfect x

Home Parfly Bnrned

lu ' ' ' ^ n ^ ^^


It Is ponsible for iiim to do, 'II.

^f work of lafll summer shows! Ills nunii! raiuj naiuiiu

"'~ B interest |n the cause ana the uf- F|lr., ,,i iinkiiciwn origin, pmily

» ttcers of the OoWeTi Rule ioclety '(ijiairoyed tha lieme of Elwond

eitendlng are deeply anprecIiBlyo tot the Hhwell, at Dias creek, Sunday af.

'•_' '•••;. ;•; splendid results of. his laborii, and ternoon. Ths famiiy 'was at Bunarvroadi'In

tlie^' are looking forward to the ilay school at the llnie. Only a

m^ It. la coialnff season's work with Brent part of the •lonienus of tile .house

W 8 ; "S Interest. The striciest obsorvn- was saved. The iir.?men from

Brnulhof- ilonof all 'coses entering the court llouso, Bionis Harbor'' and!

["ijjurinf home wl! reduco: the danger of WHdwood fought the flames

hijoket hrlgade nhtii tlie arenjen

"^he loss•• was : .partly

Meehan Held Under

Bail For Assault

Pummelled Colored Youth

After Verbal Battle

William lleehan. a young man

emplaned at Oorden'8 market. Is

the oul ^, j,^^ - -

J^ many moods. But Bile's , " %IOS ^

Ite, of course, go why not? liOLLINC UP THE HUMBLE

Purely change!! now and then POTATO

I 1 '"! Thln l klnB W In I1 fern.8 of ?&' VmsM Valpm bj Foyr

U fabric, latriy. for after Hmow took,

I-I'iu lroprosBBd with ihe lerved potatoes mashed,

land different materials iriimid, and fried you've put

I,, Last .yeaiM-or was It the jhein through all their paces.

a in pemHet-«H«—MJNiMt

lions vis with Milken UIIIIKV

Bhjn and coloring. This Is

"natural, for wH6 silk housen

ftliioh wonderful work In ilojjnd

color, the makers of cot-

peating the old

! —"TTory. Thtre

1 ue many de.

lifhtful ways

0 f preparing

, the humble

m% small nll-iivel- design In

Wand white and a 5 Inch Ttmulpali falmltu

Hit the plain color ahinn mi« Tatptlmit POUIOM, soeia't tin

'^y' .?ivlii>>. ihi' hiirfli.].|r ¥sr ^ Rssie make ysur meuth WKter?

tl|l.00 a jiard. These were very _ ^—»»

mn quailiy with hair-line £"•>

& on a llKht background ami \^1

me happens to ho slim enpiiRh, ^^Z3J

t|iU-evcr tnlght ho used fiii' the

Bt'and the border form the ;

^sof the lumper, ' ' T'~

"fltens are as lovely as silks— «' -

(oVmly good and the sheen i

ma Is Hi

around 7Sc and all I

are 38 inchei In width,

>e beautiful silk

laoncs that •-' - '

of'ths' more ex]

Do's and Don'ti

from the

Etiquette Book


[ Etique,teBook j'^ru .r^s s*s^-'

« pies cadmar,,

f t T

rued. I Fable: "Oo riglil

HI.,, 1 mull nones from cigar-^he traflic cop, "Yuu ,.«.., ,,..«

elies or elKars on rugs or fumU not have stopc~d at all, I thought

Inn 1 . of miuHf. you knew I was foollnB.

It Is III bred to try to be Never W in* attention to my

funny about subjects fur which "'Snals."

most people feel reverence an,! |t ^ ^ ^ 1J ^ .......

Uon'l leave your spoon In your l° J>}Jl ,.^ 1Ol) " e - N0HI '

cqffiu nr lea uup, pul II oil I....

saucer, f T T

It In not well bred to protend BtftnitJOBj

|n have donu tlilimn nr know Deloiir—Longest dlslnnee be.

Hi,.,1. if Mm iiiiv,,,,., ,i,,IULjjii'-i |WH!B lwo •irlvcn pnlnli..

ami diin'i know ihem. "Juy IlidT—One who rides

Don't bo a chronic critic, Crlll- wll "° "wJkrJ'-Ona who walki

eisni has Us place in conversation . Jw w " **'—° n0 wll ° W " 1M "

but II shoulil nol be all of il. wll¥n *° """• f

TiS^n^nofm^: .^ia'ftSm ?STJl£

IfM- ut Ilitniihiellnn, wlwllier il Is ' •

aililrwwwl in a mini ur wiimuii, .

A man mite 1111 ennipimy ami „ ,

ifavi-s tlin Ii-IIi r wllh Ills own '.-...„

lo »luady Her, ^ ^ ^ 1||1(,k , ,„ „„, mlw...

— — — :t — Owner of Uuhy Lincoln;

Storage , A hatterl -•-—•••

never be tested with a., ,,

or a low-resistance voltmeter, as

these Instrumenis cause the hat-

Flflf $*$$r

I 1st tl

•» "Bill air te«l

L napkin.

111. s [ork. fa*eharaed It ill

1280 and 130)1,


n J^ af h|m ne ,„,, ,|r,ver

«Blepped on his horn," and the

shrill shriek caused the old man

Thi "Esir" Wai Inteasl lo stop suddenly in the (ail's


n old piece of tin carelessly ifija driver jammed on his

• m-own aBnlnst'a transformer on i,^,,,, nhd yelled at the old man,

a laoo-volt eleclrlo light and I>QCI ouiia my way. say you

er Hno In Oklahoma was 0UghIa he wheeling ft baby hup>

,»_,ni the dause of many com- g,.»

plaints from radio listeners In ' "yeah," answered the old man,

that vielnliy niici was noticeable os ho leisurely grasper! the

for more than fifteen eily blocks, nnndlea of his wheolharow, "anil


Marcaret Allen il111, nulrl- according to a report to the you ought to bo in It"

giptrl at tho Biltlo Cre K em. Raiiio Uiiican of the Deparlinenl f t f

if'Huliiq EcqnQmiys, hii a. die of Commerce. Removal of the T,|g gupP6me iml ot' personaiitj'

There was a, ehtufHur, _

And Wi nnnm was Fred *' were mads did nojt fiinfct.-thf ttrtttiJitiSjf «fcSlttftlBi

Ha raced with a train, Bctua! values, 'burviB 1 toli* U\m?m$^W iJiifpoae of Uqnfdalintf I ho aU

of Ihe ulilti An&dckttldn,

t3L¥OE= W: STttpBLE;


li £ CtiiHPfti.Avo,, Qeean L


You enter an uncrowned, unrestricted field o

become a property owner of our city. You 1

broken working for you. •'•• ., ;

. , . , • „ • :.-•'•'r.'H$i

Health, Happing and Profit AwoHl

r r

• • . • • • . ' ^ • • ^

.. Act Now! ' - .^;:;-|.

We Have the Best Investments in Qeea^ jf|

For Rent or Sale—Cottages, Bungalows, Apartrtie

• _ - • " '• '• VI '8j

For Sale—Beach Fronts and Lots , ii -1

• -••.•'-• - i i

Other PropertiM of all deecriptioni For Sale and Rent at all t

Robert S. Sbreteh Ernest M.

428 Ocean Avenue 4th and Weslq

Phones 604 OR Phone: 2fi

Ocean City,R j. Ocean Wy,



Spending Your Vacatioif

America's Greatest Family Resort'




1,1, 1


, - : • ' • • ' • • ' .




, .rated'thqif^sisty-H.ieouii

jStfe'fwaf pSiV the four^seoro mark, ,iiie,j, eoiiple n:'<

RffltiAf JLjiBe Brothors, wim founded qemin f'ii/.

'? ftp

.'i M

EVLBB. alto

- . '.

inolljj, Jiillll Ita

Tcninkiiii., Cur

tllti fmtUJSI of Ui

• Miw KS him «

l ""i" 1 MeAUhM

lid Jon Kll.....

•Tlic next fc

ii: busy mil's for .tlii

iiinaiing i••" •"•

third speaker will hi> announecil '

i by "Pop" imlHi

:er and of (living


,ihe, oin Movie Which Caused !

^rqd • Law SbfcHi. MOndBy j

School Ph}!SIC(lH PireCt&re I city, Friday, May H. ISSO, lit, i

' , feather be unravorable, the

.....-.-"-' V '•"" '_.%' "•'•'• UeiKohstration will be held on

Will BB Finer Than Ever thi following Monday. May IT,

_^_______ "JAJIBBM, 1TBVBNS, I

, ^ • , '-City siiperintend'Jnt, 1 '

The .qqvenih annual fluid .day * .

foBilvarwiii yi, simiJHkt jfunl- - W'« rollpivlii« Is-.IBP program

eipal Field, Fifth and Bay, Ava- /arrange by ihq IIIHU lielelily anil

line, on Friday afternoon of next Mf. Uns*r:

week anil from iljn Indications W I'IIBIIB imseniiiiij, .

Hid afriilrwlil hqaii oiieii griiat- (h! '"Our-Untied ilaies. (song)

tr HIIOBCIBI thnii the iiiawrolnim I*'" 1 by Thornus W, Murphy,

cKhibiiionii which hare heeii (•> ^tag Sijlute.

held in previous yeam, ' W to B'lP 1 ' .fumes M, sierant,

. nroftrani tliiin any ihai

unnniiiUit liefrttn Hwry.

IIH- final Mhrail »yWcm

(l..n,nn«ln,.l8i,. I,Mi Llli, Senior Hlfth 01 rU.,

Tin. mniw .U 111. which IH a|. J,|mp|ng Juck Drill. '

iviiyn niinr of ihd rciitun'H, lirom. Junior UlKll Boyn

^ '^ SI

no henliii. Mr, J*K« I. lh»'TwurfJtv working Wly »lHl Pl)lk r,an«-±

Hiuli-.gloMM ni, the IIIBU iohopl ,„, chllilfdnH' i

=_-_ - - ~r-.-^. ami (hd iimqlHmt or (ho vjirloiiH (|,j pjij,|,, iiKiim

iu uninniciimiiiPni InvHiiilonn K"" 1 " » h ool» nrc qnrrytilf( oui

linen ilnclilml iipoli and iiliv'i' -

,c) ^v,,,, j, I M I n

1 ' .n ln n» of the two illlfclorn ThltA ami Ii'oilrl

ID (ho ewtruver. "" ll II|O | 1 ' rmolw In Hic-lr own ,ii,rtinn niuh Drill

• - •• t up. 'iliim n»mn. Junlur mill Renl Renliir IHKII fllr

illy; Thi' fiiiinaliiiii of Ofirnil Cllly, llnrkniilul mill riirull.l riiiln-

_., „...-uy Warrrli. In Wliloli nil .Urn plinjlH .will take ,Doya anil Hlrls tiyiii Team

iliulMiiiin; riiiiik Oraiimr uiiil Inn-; I'ufl. Is An Innnvailan wlilcli In


i, anil OHJ^ B. Dean, amatfipR,.,Soqn«;i

ichols' merry comedy, VAtiMie Moortttj

in City. Saturday nlghMfay I, . ffl

i, , f - J

Stars tJoppt World Miwks lete at Oftpo May Oaurt, hp'ugf! Players Rather .Than

Iri Eviry Gtoe \ ««*J ff^^in YounBitera; Ttt TjW*K

fam mpfctoU** mn Pm Oitiot.o* |Hom8^ y&s Oppb^nity SKf- j^hnS'lmoif 1 ' wfi &K Over 30 Ypari of Age

~ •. . ! _ f ihq inaliisiny of the rofllijajiil. ' • ' lf " '

ptl I . ., ' ^^ ^ ' b.ishctbail, haHobalt aiiil traeU ' ^^^-^ ^^^..^^.,

B>'G«fW»Eafilihn«', tefnicf Swnrthmore CollsBc hurler' Bis pl»yary |n Iho: American (C,,,H-, whiiili l« ubu

tt.,,« tht li-iiliin. nlhlinr in rkr ]niyni-,t,,,,,,1 l>,,,,,, LcugllB nro ili'Kllnttl lu bryalt Kclii:.lul,- provides,

ail-miho Thl< iH'iiiiii to lie. ilin efn

. ' Uosclj-iil nf Iiii; iiiiildf';-aijod ysi

Ihq 1920 tmaMin It; ^sean; City sf t

will lit- singed at Munieipal rtelil i" 1

Sev, ..:" .. i.. ,,JB „( -t-j, n,,j, ,,,i,j, L' , v»« i uevuuu iiirau iu^-,„,,,„ uwn nuiumi [luinty rainor tuan Hi UK. Win ever It 0, I no nig 1 e 1 1

' »' « , it is nisi

iJlrply IO'the-Use of psyelialo^. boost thqlr'tolaiii, Probahiv, too, f«et Is shown iiy bin work a.t bcotnihig a nttalom to iut thera


j| pitclitfia^i that the fans all.over the circuit haw the .they will incfeasq' thqir tbtailH to: Miililnnuore, wiiore he in niiw o ;ip»n nnir blck ihijin late,

(ft)unn's coHeitioii'of atliletes am gf> nut there any inning j a High pelnt which ho maii :nay , f-qshniiiii. All he ban dnn.: tlila Two yiais HKO, stunlqy HHIIIH,

el " Bt - wh0 lmt Buiiuay hanUsil

• {' ..J" thc Woodbine.sun a trimming,

to in inu.1 wlI( tl|)1)0HC lhp ]ocl(| aggtem-


§„„ will »«fe»r; \m affect Aq.a.titi.d,' of ,h, pl^r.1

Sopporfng th^BMtlnmre WJin. I the root, feel that

ffle M..nm^.44 nlaye« thw*fc» are hkely to fo,

^rtiiili^Jjr ;

|S us qUes«6ii hut 1 MM.. Mr . >«.«

Ty ta made ! more runs thsi. nny |'«' ^

""J" » ° le """"»• » "«•'*• «» »'* «" l » '" The o'«BHi Cliy umnag..r ha, »

0,0. He k» stolen n,o? l*« K ; - — ^ — — ^e m,^ tajgue, who nevqr nlm^ ^ncl| C ^ ^ Jln^| -jjjy.

«M, .Thererore, every tinio Tjlf «,,4,#.i,, I V a r.h f K • , H, n *i for til., lliillai sorics and IIBH sov- SBuliliil

licoi a rim, makes a «arc till, iWOUnCy 1 raCK

Hhuns til,, ball for extra bases o,:»» 4 , n

blriliilny, which In |ho Winl ., ," ^;j, ,Q mm, f

• J wh«i;o ihe aprsp tall phiver tj»- ;^S^"X.rS «?$8 '

nteals a sack, he Is boosting 1, In 1 Meet IO DC Held itlr'Tr"!" ¥t 1 ^,, 1 ''' 1 "^ "th sq Aarl ^ ll '" ll.lnlf"w«k." «el«: jc Tl1 " H

own world record to a new -Well | 1 V 1 C C l * U • * l 1 C I U \[ «'""*;„, .^. l ,J1!' tl : g : , Bf ,, Ul fie In iho nini'wenl. rif the season, ?

the Woodbine star, will pilch «ne ih

r ilie piiio". "".1 F, TowiiKiiil

imnjediatelj. after-, with the

.f * N »'••• bri-ii.*:>-=

Wagiifci'i fiiijioim nii-ate tfhfmatop, j

P!Miiit.,:fffJtiia' iiilul Mil in /}( iprrsiui linn' uiili

}p tif t&itigli' mtiiilfn ilmi iiiitigins h Inking

i Istbp ihii frflieH. Thry an* rmUy, \r,r ihv prrttiijt

the awi iiiin0niti hum*h s/ ItiHrn in viiher •

[ he iiqqdH bin appear Glj iltiu's Ihin May 15

[year io cquai WariiHn''s iniirli:

land the Tiger's sisiy-Hrsi nppiutranyq

will net a nesv recLiril Linl for liio Ihc!


basqbiill world,

Fnvorito 1

i But Ty IB not the only one, Tr!«

IBpenker plaeeil the world two-


iliaie iiit reto'rd at «76 la»i year.

JEvy.y iwo-iiagBei'Trlii adds thin

Hon, as has beeri stateir before, is a -very fickle group, if >mwm will put 1I1.-

S»I«iiiB they are •panned; if tiirf We winnhiR nobody at-! *f i"^m '«»

R-Vw? 1 ^ r*rf '•-»'

I* "5' J


l> oadcaster of WLlT Hurroupited lij me -nti-r

. of insas? OLC_B Hl> kiddies »hen tie sell kn

nl I r I fbc Maori} n ThuitrL Tbt aho t. photo H

HI i lair nnd Uu -iimad incc nf lull} pops shii


if the Jiick md Till "

\ iriler tit ijuHtme atorirK tntCFtdlntsd

mtiinritd un Hie Bo irduaik The

were diatrlliUlmi liUr


Tilt liBUl I lllltlillfe

iurkin Lcgiun Aiitilld

lie Id TUi-sclaj E^fnliib

gay night lire and *Iubs In Paris,

fimwiij Tearte takes its lend-

Ing male rslo ID the brilliant


The m ipmrock Hand leap ' a

dramnUzfiilan of the Hiory of

Peter B Iv> nc wHl appear on

Tbuisda? i. veiling Thl§ ig n

roeipg draino et Erin and Call-

fornis and In tt arc retained all

the deliEbifuli &8 af thy atoriei

of thi- famous uullior

Music ^eek Patren _" ^

Actor Must

Feel Comedy

To Be Success

Leo Hoyt i Excellent Role

in 'Abie'i Irish Roie"

at Maorlyn

Has An Artistic Make-up

Lea Hoyl v*ho BPBC&FR in the

the role of Solomon Levy ln

n event ^bit s Irish Rose waleh #111

ni be shown m Ihe Moorlyn Theatre

kiddies In boih perfornwncea tomorrow

declares that eomeny HIUSI be felt

_ before it can be successfully ex=

in Majg Landing

spent j I must tsenst; the humor of IE

[natilr Hj or else i am unwilling


i» tin

, |lt te t ry ami amuse an an

B Ul with a comic ehouact^rlz;

he Kiild Pantfedy Id Dot

thing of thi. eccentric externals

11 IU =___= j HOP ganlomlnif triekei> Indeed

s Nun Buan a! phll_del goed comedy nc^er nas this but

and Mrs George B Johnssn something tipresatd from *Il_in

ot Atlantic Clli me visiting Mr G* course an* musi k"ep always

L jflhumfful reUc of by gone

' slid should be Dlacfcd tn tbp

category as the

open sw^ep well wbtefr e

surface water anaies

frogs lnseeta anil germs

erlmiiiately yet was tho

of ihe family water supply


wure unnftnllars dangerguj and,

while picluresuo went * wnt>n

cpmmoii sense tame iu wtih ibi.

drl "?P trelb* j

Thefeo country schools IHLVC

been Fcijodelled froni time to

time and made as comrartablc

as a pandmsnouii yeheol boardn

would pei mil but they are still

a ghnnio to modern cli IltzaLion

In America the rich They arc

sold draughty dusty f make

shifts Moro than that ihi qsm

foi i Ktatlona attached there too

arc moral haiardg tu thn gfii-U

eliilditn white the playgrounds

art for the maul part att muddj

aad Trip eff

tus. and d( ret te

cations of Uio

mo|SF buses

bettor grade

better grade

modern eSi

thQ adVQBtagCH Of !

eil schools art bei

and ijisyo pupulap,

inevitable A.\ thr

7. fit Ion Thi child all

average eoun try

ofto to two \ oars

must carry just that

cap as euinpftreiJ a

fortunate relatUc

the larger school

Ons of the surtstjli

spring It* the rep

being robbed uf tlrtj {

I" IT*

,)li» Ann

iitltl, innloi

iff**" _

K?»li% Wirlnito Preston Mrs

i Pi I Ifi r Mrs Tfloman Miller

[( Ml i O orgo Brea nmlller

f qiDlMCil ID I lillttdilpnia on Thura.

i*V __

^'frniihi I* Dubbi ef Wondbuiy

jfrfiiin horn Uopulng at 84a Park

f Him fm a f * days.

Mr mill Mi Colbert Ellis of

fli 11 lia*e been Oc* an

Hy il Horn

s ==

r mil Mil George Brown

7 Jnlllcr wi n mnong the gu&iiB at

pita 'MUHill Lodge ef Elks on

In} inning-

IMuiiti of TTTH Haute

p mllng a raanth in

|m IIKII l> TayJor.of Phila

hit KM ii recent Pecan City

- Muilim itchier of Philadtl

City G\CT the

town, wi

Hi D Ellis of Woods

n niDior visitor to this

irlnii 4 I arks of tt timing

Uf\ ti i bjtm slopping in

f r ii few ilayfl

i Urniiwfn BrownmillLr en

"' '1 ^ John Aeknnnan of

lJi (li> jn Monday

I • • nlK aT Pbllvlilphii

, ficmt motor visitor htn

iil^ K Laniberl »rUultl

f 1*1 w IB in Ocean City on

ii'MMi week

J M IL "Sragty nf Nt^

Ocean Cily \Hltnr

rn 1> Ml nil IB of Yu

i IIKILUI visitor lo this

I) Al\ HIM afVefitnor

I*. Howe atttJiilu! the

Minq£ pinner held ot

lB Atlantic City

tt J i Knl ii r, of Trenton tas

hi 31 3341 Aabury

Qn fill u raw days

f. Kil/-ih (h Cindy was an

Pt1( C H> visitor on h

III- Imieb or Dais

(lii Ini week

Mrs Mar* I Dagle of

Cits was amone ou far afr ilfil

tors this fttek

T T RamharRL at Phil del

phla wag & business ^isiipr ia

Occ-an Cit> thb week

Mr and Mm Benjamin BarH

ha^e returned after spending iht

winter in Dajlona Fla

Mrs Haiel ByB»m ha« leturn

ed ta her home on Asbur> Avenue

after spending a fe^ da>a ^l!h

friends in Philadelphia

Ocean cHi Council k 15 D

of A will hold a rummage sale

May 21 and 22 The place will

bi_ announced ljt^r

Mrs Rajmond \ oung im! chll

dren af Newark arp spending a

re« {'ays with Mrs loungs par

ents Mr and Mrs George Plant

Q! \\eslcy A%enue

MIR \\ Ellis Gioben of Flitla

dclphia has been spending a few

daya In this reso t

E A gchneffer of 1308

Ml flarlkt Esq of Cam

den ftBN In lown \Vtdnc»da>

Take Charleston

Lessons at Movies

Excellent Bills at Moorlyn

For Csmmg Week

Tho D * who ha\e not jtt learn

ed !he various slepsp of the in

irinote Charleston shoiild not

fall m ptund tht Maori)n The

JII e rn th*> n»M four Mondaj

\eningn ta takt Itisons frani

Sed ^\ JJ burn and Ms famous

Follies rAr\B Waybuin ig tht

ant who Introduced the danc

to the movie folk at Hollywood

Tilt bill of attraction at thL

Maoibn nexi neik In Qnt. of th"

nn » of ill* ?en?nn On Man

^ay and Tue^diij £itilings the

famous Uugll enmeclj Till

Cohens and the Kcllys «ill b

shay n Thf Dancer of ParU

which rame* tu tht. loeal iftr

aire on ^..dnLsday is one of thi.

biggest hits of the HKd,san

Darath> MatKiiilt in the rale


of a Southern slrl is disappoint

Dr Frederick" Leetaeher of *d *n la*e h> an English nuble

uft Ocean City

Uaitof Thurada)

Mr and Mrs A G Caun«l

summer residents of lhi»? resort

«ere in town Tue>sdii}

man Sht promises that nhe will

follow him oil o^er the ^world

unri that he uill s^e her "e^erj

whert in the arms of other men

The beautiful actress reaches

nen heights in his picture of the

utllnes of in im person at Ion

and ne\er folget the part he is

piss ins and the character he


Mr Huj! «as the second aeiai

to plaj the ole or Solomon

Le\j Wl-n the second com

psnjr nas organized by Anne

Nichols in New ^ork Mr Hs3.

\*as assigned the part He went

Hllh tht company to the^ Pacific

zaam and thenge back East fur

the runs in Baltimore FIttsburg

and Kansas City

In ordtr to h_\e his Impersona

tion as r#ar perfect si possible he

grew tht little mu§tach# which

adorns his face H** Is not nearly

as old sm he leaks on the §tage an

his make up is one of the most

artistic that could og effected

Mrs Hnutrd t) MacFhcrsci nLtikno^in linger Much of

HiitLt^^ nf Mirnt \V i-ck can be itmbutid tn the tirclc^ tfforts ot

s MacPh^rsOii iwi^ttd b> thL membtr^ of tliL ^IlirgrD Club






$2.85 HATS AT



New, York Shop J

936 Asbury Avenue

Fint Baptist Chareh

li< I

MH 5

auk nnd

bj th

Oars Collide in Wildwood

HUBter Tugblngham a victor 1 Jj BahIn EtQn

coupe was badly damaged when " 5

Mt-uek hj Matthew Quirk s car at —^^

Andrews and Holly Biacb Ate O> • (iii:4 and lias biQUght to a

cllnux b> tht dtiih of a blx

ytur uld ho> when h* was >siruc

tning bj an auloinabih. a ftft hundred

niter ghtl fetf rrum the school hou«e dnur^

The Eniid gcboul is no bs.1

ei—nu worat—^than manj olhei

llttlf red irhnul ImUxts all ot

of j which art. painted white in thlt

cauntj The nld Unit enyntrj

was traveling south en

Beach Avenue,

Quirk .

Hollj I


Looks as if with thg multiplied

tion of expeditions to the Arctic I

It might soon be necessary to

place a few traffic signs on the

icefields.—Boston Transcript


g at

1 ft few

t TienUm^feas

3341 Asbfir/


Corny r, of

p visitors to

3 IK Stsclman wno a

! ti' in her honor

'Jon t her • recent

A Fine Apartment House

At 17th and Central Aye.


When you consider that the lot is a full 40x100 ft,

that the apartments are charmingly furnished; that it is

only 260 feet from the beach; that these apartments are

eagerly rented, and that it should easily bring $2,500

more at the_end_of the year, YOU MUST ADMIT that

it combines investment With speculation to a most attrac-

tive depee


the most comfortable purchase to make today, even

where you are anxious for a speculative profit.

For terms, details and inspection, inquire of

Eighth and Central Avenue




For Congress


Atlantic City

For Assembly


Ocean City

I ot Chosen freeholders


Cape May Court Home


Beeiley's Point (Vote for both)

For Coroner



Orri rt I i U 1 ihl 1 11 M 1 t)itH & Milltr Lupt> ^luv u url Hi ti



The play that has amazed the theatrical world be-

, cause of its tremendous popular appeal.







Lower Floor—$2.00, $1,50 ...L

Balcony—$1.00 \tJ-? Plm'

v r • < Seat* On Sale at Theatre +,

Direction of ^e Oeo W Benncthnm ThuWfj

eiintiically VentOiteS ExceUem^l

Complete Change of Program Every D»


Mondiy and Tutiday, May 10th and


—Feiti e

"The Cohens and the K<



And the entire Universal Jewel

Thii is the picture of Jtwiih and Irish fife

caused Ann Nicholi, authsr of "Abie's IiUU

to enter su.t ti i?;over damn^ei for an

fringement on thj plat of h» play.

"Abie" played ths Moorlyn Saturdiy, ^

and wms the first road show to ever plaf J

City. See "The Cohina and the Kellys" «J

for yourself if they are simila-

Added Comedy—Van BJsbe- m


• —Eitta AttracUon—


Produced by Ned Weyburn and hu

lies Girls." The complete course cc

lessons and a new one will be shown

day. See them all arid learn by the

od this difficult and popular dance,

Aesop's Fable—"THE BIG HEARTED

Wednesday, May 12th—

Benefit of the Alpha Zeta Tau

First National presents



"The Dancer of P

The love »tory of the {dpi of the

A gay and beautiful picture of night

tails and romance.

Added Comedy—Ralph Graves in


Fox New*

Thursday, May 13th—

William Fox presents Peter B. 1

The Shamrock Hani




A racing drama of* Erin's Me uid

There is something about a Kyne story I

caonot forget. 'A

Added Comedy—Wanda Wiley in -|








, .(dal I^ir Only) •

RIN-TIN-TlN,,thejf«njou» dog »t»r,

J Jpicture; •


Jports Colyum

Nation s


Early Spring

Lead Big Help

m League Race » l i'ii'»'in n l,',' o 'i",'!,r"i',,"pii l ii i r,i"i p ilh"1

g July _3» tft unit 1 itirjulinL

Swimming Stars IX/T K/\n If ^ -'

cOmpete >t sBSqU. ^ Mackenzie


Mlllnill) n d t Iiiiilhih HMIIII

If) [liin inuiiiiy »HI icinipiti


Jl ihl

Moat of Winners Since ' lljl 'inu

1900 w e r e U a * n g n;......,.,.^,, ,,,,»,„

Leagues on July 4 H „.,„! > ( ,,i, ,,,I,I i,, ,„„!!„„ ,i

Would Run Fast

Ball Club Here

IS U\S|;|I\L[ HtRt

jGnod Start Is Necessary

liherc m the column* mi fins pip then- is T Ittttr jrisin —

_ ,m »ho will be remembered i< thL mill &T nt thi h1M ' UlB ,„„ „,„„„„,„ „„„ ,,„, I t

_1 hen: Jar T fen ieawns MuKin/ir nffrr, tn pur i (cm! „ ,„ ,„ A p i n nl v IS |IU, II ,,i

i ojllege pl'liers en the field lit rt during tht lonnii^ *t iscin muilj htlpn I IIIUHS tlmnris u

r that he tan iecure the ^uppart ui ihL bu^iius-i nun md h < 'I* jniii}i un Uu uitit-i ruin»

l \ I i " lilt II Ulli.ll |,

mil i inilii i ,. I i kit

Th II I ill rl l|

x\il> mull, i -,h Ii >i

Mill i.r II,, 111 (ii

Forrntr Manager Sugi?psts

Pl.iVinu Only Sdturdny

Lame This Year

I' inilli i f I tli n klini rt! 1} ill I

illi *lll< Ui I M II Ml^ll IU "i

1 *% UK II tl 1 ul ll I tl ill Of. Ill

( II) V. Ill, » 111 ),h III il hlipp.Ml

III i jlinj tl ul Illi kill I \

mill llu mi I il ini li \» IM i

-111 lilt II -.ll III I il I ll I II

ill II ulflll i;

uill In 1.1, I

I I-


ill) I


Millville Grid Stars

Emulate Red Grange

II i I link Hull illliolli.li «iH

nl^ !H nil k< liliili 11111,111 lit niltll

iiuim MI i ifeli iu kt p Heil Cjiiiiign

I 111 lull Uu cnll HI fuutliull

^iiiihtil luoi iiiiliiouH «&ik Ic

h of ihi-

. Cln

In tin

i nil,,

|| 111 1 *

l i n k II I

\ (

i of tfii5 rewrt n Hi

"us pliril ht nould pi i) hi* ti mi lufi onh on * lftI )'

i md hue ;>sme other tc-im pi ij a t-impli ut utlur iltLF ^ ltlltl

! I inn in I 1 iiiiii II ih Dili | *l

\ \ \ ll 11 ir-1 V 1 I I inn » I b I

ll Hin I I 111 Wini ll I I !

Slullli i| ||, ] ,||, t ,| || ! II 1


I>ii, i

liu I 13 **

iii ^ \ I

i s i , „ ,1,

n Ii

Rivals Not To Clnsh


ft ul llu fit i ill

ti llu Siiiiloi" unil llu

In i h ii Mir Aim lit in

mg the «eek PcrMmlls «e «oul,l hkt ta ,tt , ulllll J,oi"",h'^i""*«il.V.* HHMI'"^'"!.!'".!

r ifleniuan, and we bclitic tint it i y m l ciiniiijh Ii mi 111,, "w „ '„, „„ ,,ilir i ilibri n, tuij.' |,lllk hI H „ ,3 , ,«„ n un mn ,,,, , (| v n~, ,,

• broURht here ai ihe ittrattium th it tin. lluriu uuiild bt iil llu » is uid II liirjiiii i i»i ,|nl hl |kl , v , „ u

| 1 paying blsis in nil ii'i Im IIIM II" *> n '>>i J tin, \||» m , | n |,

sier He muit adnnt tint we knmi iiDtlun^ ibimt tht un! "'I ili f Aililini-ri sinful wiiiiihii, ll(, h |M ^ j j j 4 j , k| ,

111 the summer tlllit m d 11 ickcn/u mil utilcri him r "i h l llum M " C|J ^ llu ' '•"'" m u n i I uhl II «i

It all several times in thi- put mil pruhihh Lu.m is hit ' •" ""' rl " - 1 * ul ' ' L '" H "'] 1] 'I tn il • I •

3W ibout In -.pur of tin. hu tint «lnt MiiKin/ii """ J ."""" In'P J««'""• h'" »„„ ui. lum I ^

[(%lt «holl> s,itiifai,tnrj ill nilr «i\ nl lliinkmji it it li i,t

J a stirt ind tint IH the thing th u ii Mirth Miidttl tin

1 If after the teini Trruts it is luiniil th it it unull In pi iht \ n\ th[


I I il


|i|iiii In ii in I .1 Ihl km I ""» " M " 1 "" 1 * h

ip il! Inn II I |,. ill in. ih I"" *«»»'il f. '•»' "• t'

u t iiiiiui i r iU t LI n ^ k° o i I 1 " ' L 1 < J

iV 1, III!,, II 1|, || || llll II ' "'' "' " l """ " " " l

.11 I I, Hilh „ i, "" k "' 1 ' 1 ""» NtMimilh luu,,,

I ,j ll1tI s|1 „ ,, nlll , Ill lill Im Join .1 ill siiiii.

GiLinnttcs SpLudi Team 1 i I.. . ,» r i in M.I '"•••'•• «'»P-"» ' ^ / ' « '

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Gives Hornsby issit

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Flaky Phins Win Qgme

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I'll in oil! III • 11.I11I1 !•! • 1

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I far the l¥^d miiimir hmtimU prfi/i in Stilt tl l\

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CuMlSTUS I'ltKb IllSFi, \i| \\II8(L 1 N Illsl

i in this togiitrj dilrin;; tilt him niutir yilt «i«

Jones as the best gulltr he hi* nut in the tuuiim miti out u! n

! of the fact that Wilrer Hlgeil heit thi imittiir clnm ihiiu 11 mi liilrf 1111. ml


1 II

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i 111 111 I Ml w II Mi K. '

on 1 1 11 1 ii 1 1 iii \i ii 1

I i! , Mi) II -u full 1,111 - li t,,, , „„ ,h| , „ „,, |, , ,

him in, 1 ,II,,E u in Ai,,i 11 ,,„„„ , , m i l , ,„, , ,,,!

ll,,,!,,!, M k Mniu * mill tlltl nul ,,„,„ „, , , ,

„!! IlH ll 1 I • III ll pllltt llllMI „,„„,„ ,

M IJ I I I ll J ,, I • I III II » I 1 I "If "

iVi'i'iiiT.'l u,'/,, 1 ?.'!";!, ']','" l".'.'l EuiopeM"chir»- f—»»

11, 1 P iitlmr^ iu Finn lull li i* 1 \,i i l l

h III « ll Hi" »l " Inliln Hi III I r It 1 I Ml II

MM 1 Ih ml Mil I lit} ll « .1 IN . I ill II 1 lili I 11 I 1 ll tin j «l 1

7~. ~~, , , , , , , 1 1111 im,, uutilii 1101 Ii Ii nil 11 hip 1 im p n 11 n ih ii

tilt n o t e d H i B l i * h I i n U u i 111 u l m i t t n u i d u u „ , ,, llllv Hllll , „ „ „ , „ phltu , i , I B , , ,,,,, VIlll, , , ,„ ,

111 Jtiti . 1 in I i n 1 Mill , , t i t i-iaut » i l l i m iu ihi ui

pi tt rJI m u t t ti> M i U iill ii 1 l u l l lint 11

till U U I I t h i|l| |I| M I f j, in Ih


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I i I 1 1

1 the 72 hole m-itch this mimr Lompitnn ritu not nnlj Out dm niuwiir or i-lii*

de Hsgen but also Tomnrt ^nnoiir and Hob LnubliinL '"j'j 1 *

r mined

,, 11 iht

of II

pi h 1I1IJ

Hi 1

ii 1 In |

1 1111

i comes fourth on Comptton , l,,t 111th Ji.hn,« 1 .rrt.II 1^",", ""afltilf 1"

1 Leo Diegel, Bill Millioni md (jtnt hara/m tht «a\ O|| j',"*, „, |iM1B|lu

I llll!

n h l i l i Iln I'tiin J i t m l u 1 II u., 11I1, I, 1 11 1 I , , , , . , |,,

It nu iu tiiii IIIII d l! ,, liniiii^ p i 111 Hitnitul! ii ^ 11 ifi J ii

, , _ , . , , , , , „ 1 , , , trill t_i a f l t i li l u i l i t d iln n i p K i h u f t i i W l l l l i !lt|i|i 11 I I I

11th Leo Diegel, Bill Jlilhoni md (jtnt hara/m tht «a, Ou Jnllt „ , ,,„ 1Bllll,h i,,,,, „„„ ^(,,U111

, „, ,, „ u,,, ,,,

I named C,HMI» md lusi .4 im 1 nm m imiii 1 riuii ipi m u 11 1 11

mpstoil mil hue manj "ho mil disigrtt mth him Hi ,Sr. ir 611 Dimtin J.1111 .I'uii i ninM mi ( 1

: man) to share his opinion tniiccrnini, Jonc» mil lljgpn ml llu mil ur iln -1 i-nu il"> — — — —

' ' ' ' »"ii r « mm. J'd m»i "1 mo" Young BIHIBIV On Wai,on

fin 1 putinlufci ul t21 Thin H _ _ _

plaillih Ihr aJin tiuidlil JCIOW J 1 hi MM,, 11 , 11

Ihi hu lid 1[ 1 11 t u ii, 1 t i N, !], Mil *

If iiVir AIurFilFtdili ulw u an tin. niiliuiml afi n 11111111 Ullinugli Ihi rlinl« m n sin s oil 1 nil 1111 I 1 I,

Wthip Irut fall ttoi nut mrntlBiieil thtippt I li.»n Mini HIIIIIII MI II hi |,t,,u niMiii|i!i 111 Mi |! 1 1

Ipluy tflei PlUHhuig itiiclipd Mn A A ,11,11111.1.11 |» him I,, hu

Inp B !„ ih 11 h illy un .0I01 T11 ),„,,,, „„„ 1,1,1,,


: m) p i, J g

1 few lull admit that Armour mid I. ruiUlnnk art Higciii

In fact Armour doesn t belong that high up

Jim. '9 lli.y hill wnn 40 mil lu'l ,,j_,u Ihi , M I U I,,.,, ,1 l h l ' ''1 1 h I I lum

.5 ffunii In 11 pirttnliife, of , ,„,, 1, ,, k l h „ ,, 1 ,, "I " < mill 1 ,1 1 »h

. , . . , , 1 1 1 '-» A n l 1| " 11 " h " ll! •* n -°" fu i-J-i 11 mini 111. ' '" ' P1 ' 11 i 11 I

r things bcfltlts the big strike in bung toivmlrred 111 PIIJ. |n 1LlnlilEL B ,„ 566 1 p t 1, 1 I I I I 1

.1 dip, pirtltularly at tl»ford ulieri thtir ithlctit tit T|, lull iruiii llm Uomn 1 ~ ~ I 1 I 1 I h 1 1 I 1 I I il , i I

f n Ittractillg nation Hide attciltiun Hrattn b, LmlhridM 'niun.l I Hu »inning rm 111 iliiiin. ...V 1 " 1 '*' " ' Tl1 ' "'' ' ',I I M '• « 1 ' il 1 ill,

in I 1 I

I Ml Ifl U

nt in i n , Mill ippi i 1

ii 1 I u l u III un It ul I II, h h

ih i limn ! in) ill " „ I it I

I!!U\ I I I II tl 1 I h 1 j) p II I

111 I I l i t t i l .

*|i II I III 111 1 t II, M ««,

(I 11 I I, N I

II ill \ 1 II 1 1 III 1

I * li 1** O iu III, r I

I llll Ml I 1 11 in ' lull

in 1 11, n 1 in I ()t ui

III I! |, 1 1 I ill II, MI, 1

I I 1 1 1 lit U « I ill

11II I , II lllhll-.il I

I* „ II ! Il I t 1 t I I II 111 fi

ill, III l l l l i I I I I I , ii

1 M pll I I I LI S\ I I th in

l! I ill I I I |l .1 I I l lu

lu ! Il ill 11 1111 Ilii 11 la in

III ! %l!il ill ^ |S 11 M l

I I ll II I I « II III

1* 1 111,1 I 11 III I

11111 Ml li) ii Ih

1 I Hi '-lull,

III 1 Il 1 II.

l l l l 111 1 III I 1 IJ

II •! II II! 1 I I ,1 |1 1

11 I ll t I I (I 11 I in Ih ll ll•••„

I II I II I I |! 1 I tl I ill J,ll I

III |U I ! « ll It 1 I I Oil! 1

I > I Ull hin I 1 1 1 I |,, ,

I 1 llll 11 11 III I pll II

111 I III II, II 1 I 1 I,

1 I I il II II l i l l l M i l ; I 11

l l l l n h l t h I I I, 1, !l I

1 II II 1! Il, I I III. Il ll ,

- I m i l l I 1 1 1 , I, , III 1%

I 11 SI, ul I 11 1 i si ,, |l(

1 I I111I I I 1111 I t il- in I ,1 11 1

'." « i ill I II" I n,,i llii i> null

In 1I1 i^^i Nt, M> 1 ,ltt u

I1111 I, ,i lum 11, MI 1

II I « 111! I I ll 11

1 1 1111 uhl li uill

I ,,ill lill i llll( lllllll k

111 m t illlu ill [I ttlMinul

ll lilt

111 Hi lltt.,1 It Will

1111 nutxprtliil play and llu Indl

nun Hint *uikt r let llii bull gut

uu 1, unil full, 11] with wild

Ihiuu m tht itiiiiui daidiid for

turn! Tht rt I ly to third bang

hu tin ruuiiti unil boundtU lulu

{In II Id nnd llu fcumt wan ac

iutll> «ttn on 11 piiKH

,, ill


< iu

k * I i\

d iii

I i K l i , r i , t i i l > * i j

II t I II ,,tt II Jul 1 ui I J

II I 1 » II

u null cn.=lii»a Bins

1 , Itt U u ' , 1 I \ 11 1 1 ilii

1 1, i u 1 11 11 i l

•mill 1 1 1 1 , IF. I 111 I, Fllai h

ID h I, I I II

I I til I II II I I r 1, .1 JI li

11 1

mn 11 1 1 1 H 1 1

^ in t) iniun HIM

"•"••Mi ,,',,'ii, 1 i ;,',' ;.'.„.,,!,n"i,,,

I,, nt, m n 1 I 1 I 1 n i 111! tt

Iiriluli. ih ill,, 11 1 ill .llll In

Hin,rd is being tnmmed bj the othtr member!, ot tin Iliglil, Ili-i innnlu 01 I, «..k8 ul J ri '""-, ''J '"'".' ' '" "

'Jneierj form or competition from boat ntm,, tu bdlnid, Ih. L.II.P.IMI h I«I I .,1.1 li .lnj." •"" l


t ,V^ 1 ^ _

Jord undcrgradiiates nrc Stirling i wrioui uiquiri into tin ji "I" pi""»» *h"*J- lo n'j ", ,

Big cauics of their lipsc into thi b-ick silt nhilt 11 spormi)! ,"" """ " '" "* "' ' . IUMI I I "«"

•• 1 s sin 1 lUlL I I rill 111 I"^I1 til III 1 M ^

loier the country the qutstion is being lsLd Wlnt 1* tut Bllllt-1 rium | lal oll ju|y 4 1311

nth Chford' ' t(, u p, ,llldnt ,iml a sdilil H chain

' Oxford students immcdlitih jumptd to tht tontlimnn piomhip Jim tin llkt of Ilmi

ird 111 this country nlun a unutrsiti tir inlltjji plltn. an nmi hippinul btTolt tn Hint

team on thi field—thi> state lint tliur inn «hnl Mn, mill IHI I IlkiK m linppui uBiln

«so high ii to be dctrimeiinl to -itliktit trii.inplis «hilt I in bolr 1 • 111 mi All I In n Iil-

dge, so thej allege huskv \ouths mth dull hrauii tn udtd ^"^ ijfcul" l " ( ^ ^

r obliging professor! so thti ma> rinnsiiit thtir \liiu M ittr |n ,I] 1 " 1 pl' 1 |I|^ "," u ,'vlliUr

Ihe rnti II111 Iht pllchin mil 1

lu fun 1 II. .; .1 ion L.IIS Inl 1

|lli) 111 FltUllll Hllllll, pill III I

in I Hit 11 lltf tuiim nul null,*

Him in 11 hipliin lu tllvpli} nu

, xr, ! ,1,11111,-- ih y 11 ill

iitiinink il mil ih« ppuliiltd 1,11,1 ;

Ihi mill li nu (,(!„ dltht iilinnl

Ilj llu Mint M11 niului plitlihu,


League batsmen must have gamed *erv little con«ala-

Bit iiewi diipateh Ihe latter part of lait «eck purporting

Uran, Wslter Johnsan in »hich he iaid that he expected 10

Biem across the plate for the Senators for several more

1 last jear that Barney »as about to leave the nnjop

to mil some speedy minor league club, but since the

•""' tne big hurler intendi 10 stick mih the big timers

1 bad enough to warrant hu hanging up his glove

on COBK through thii jear ipm. »>ul lt aPP caR

-uln, the iewtors may alter all fool those «ho pre-

Wjflieir Yereran tesm would collapse Reuiher, of little

£»r, and Curley Ogdin appear to have regained the

H «nee won their notice, and Covelwkie again is fooling

...WB and Johnion going gaud and uarm

ft Jet Bulk, thi iaalan' piltkmg ilaff tiill

'jtinl! WBrff shaiil.

hint in llll mn Ins

hoiifch Holm nf Hit rcsiiln

1 lo»t ihi ii roiui [lit 1 tin


A tinm lhai liaB 11111

lini,tin UNiIf anil Hit

ml ut the hoguc in ilia nprliib

ciin atfoid (o itrlki a kticak nr

titrtatu In mid stuion It ,,111 nol

loan ull the jdnnMEi II lm» gain

id and it li IH B dtccnl tliance In

c iteli Its «i eoiul ,, iml dntl UKUiui

I winning habit

II IN n m.illf, or 1, i:uitl ill II

lua Ililnls i>r the |.( iiiiiiillB nun

11 oi.i 1900 In ilutD v,em captuletl

ny ttanm lhat Ind Ibo tact on Iht

night 01 July A And of comet

the e&sltitt. „&} to lead tho raeo on

the night of Independence Day ji

to trtat 'em rough In thg upline

and ride over this other seven

rough shod TimL s the

aw method It ft a tilek tlln

the old Buiiinioie Orioles plain!

baek thi L In li§4 B-€ ,

Throws Igjng Siseos

I Bud * Houser qf tin,

Lnlverslty of Southern Call

fornls. traek learn has been using

same discus In competition


Tempting Delicacies—

Once Bifficult~>fow -So £asy/

Gompleti- refrigfriiers witn

Built in SERVEL ,n,y bn oil

lnin«d in several xiiei sr

ilRVIL mny &e Initiliei] In

yaiir present refrigersMiF

10 nuke—vhrn prcpjrtd Mth

' Kffngcraum' Aad Ihm the in

dehemnp deiscri. igladi anil .avory duhn UBkaava ui

unpouiblf untd die idvat of rlccmc nihgermuan.

Tht Im coil 11 nirpmoigly mill ond lilt apenuig II

p. uve> you mooiy SERVEL „ «.Id on d,e pan pay

mem elan Fop further informal, uleshose, wnlt or aJL

It I j ,1 M

M 1! t, I i i ! I , ,

II i , i

I 1 1 ,i

* 11

I I 1

,1 it 1. I i I


I I i I H


I I ll •- 1 1 1 I

I Ml I I I

I »' I , I I , , I j

M ll « II I

^ Uu I * I)

rin-iru 11

I tl 1 I 1

!', V IV 1 ,., - • ' -

1 n 1 1, ,11

II » ll ll I I n ,

Live gisth

II It. 9

, ,

is i 1 I J r 1 - %

, ii I l, - i _ i 1

II HI !,,,!„

I I s I t

! 11.111 - 1 1 mi 1 I,,,, „,

II1ISU A h D K E 1 3

U F 1 \Ui-l iili Anbury

,1 i w —1 IJ lie


Nulp winleti

nmll ,1 IIM I

1 , k 11 I 1 si

Mil I 'I' 1 II

I II 1,-1

situ liens Wanted

I \ y i , HUM u^

t I I 1 11 I ll 1

\, 1 I 1 U 11 Lit

M I I I I , 1 1 111 l \

• I I Ul

,1 nil

il, % J

1 1> lt



til I



*s\,l ^l^silllMli,!!, W

1 1 H 111 til lu I r ll in

I I 1 M It tMil i ti I ' s

ilk I ti km Us

I 1 I 1 I I. It I 111,

Mst-tgage Msfiey 42

•il 1 tn.il Mui ru 11 1 - I M IMir

l l l l li 1111 nu 1 * til 1. 1 -u tl

If • 1 1 1 nt III Ht Ii

j I , i 11 I j lur left 1 tt 1 s

I h II 1 , m nil 1 1 II III

i tlil, 11 pi lim 1 la & 111 lii nt

I ill run iblil lit ifrn Until 1 lly

In 1 1 I Mi


11 I II Illlii. ^3 IJ in.


Articles for Sile—U«S a

,11 I ll I M I rillllVVrioli

« .1 Uill f II 1 lum

null it ut 1 II vi rtiit.

u u 11! -fi • nr ,rl!< tkfx


, ill 1 ,is MI 1 1 \n\ 14 til 11 1 I 11

Mil I, It Itltk 11 dv illKitntnt

1 II NI \\*i Ll IEWIII 11 iiii,1 rtluinfc

—3 I.It

1111 mil — ihniis 1 ui

jrl 1 I It*, *l [ It ill r f LI1».

I I ll h n r 1 II I it

I I >*l Ui ti 1 Hi ft I IJ Ik

I til

It 1

I 111 1 iu lill Only

I I ill 1 11 1pm 1,1 \

II 11 nit Uill ill





Atlantic City Electric Company


\ I

1 I Mill VI 1 11.1,

I ni, i i i . in*

I Ii- II I II I . 1 i |||M<

— I i I I il I HIM? i It

•• . I 111,„. I,, I,(

i 'iii in I. riiiiiKi

i II u» Imld !H I,

I —Ii I in ,|||| «|.| ]„,

I.—VI II, i ,,| ] n l| B

. =-vi i»i i i, [rl)ll ,1M

I i i II a JII I I ml, t, i i

' * 1 I I IllH 1 I i I \ {IS

J—\\ lilll, \11 If 1

IV-VI nil |—i , 1 n

ftgeni ind msard

I i-l ill VAIII ir VVIIlinn I t nil

I— I i IlH I I Ikl Mil Illllh

j l-=vvii r I i I I

Hin I "(I in Ih I „„

—VV nih 1=1 mti^ ,1- I Q ,ji

r-\i in

—I iNIn

I Jl_l irtU!

lit-ile WST Rent

inn. tor If,nt

he last four

He has ml

many rtcoids Including Glymple

IntnrcolleKlfttn and Faelnc Coast

during his appearanes In compe

tllion BgBlnst tha world's best


Atliintic City I littriu Co, K

•Deli iml Wist A, 1 Oiein Litv \ [

Gentlernen ^ Without an> obligatitin on 111 *i ' ^u i^i stii^ IHL Iittrj

ture and full information on


Nime ______ , „ ___, _ _ __

I 71—VVliUlMl—IS titlll

Real Eitate W&r

fl_rffltiin in l£iul Littlti

^2—1 iFiiia it id Ij ml fur

SI—llnun Ilr Siili '

I "I—L*t* f JF s, It

, K .— III rl I»lin fnr lul


Automobile, for Salt 11

Gnnl Thi.lUs 10 C.I M

« 111 mi 11 i7-i~ 111 1 ChTTir"

I III 1 1 HI rllin, iitfil In

I I I I » I Hlirll 1, IU nl I.

t VI I, II nllilll! J fUl « t All-

li. J V,. -I l.lku

JcwC.y ind WiIEhn 61

llll 11 I 1 V 1 II 1 MO nt

I 11 k I mil ml •! t

II \ I II III 1 11 Hi imniidii

I , li

1 1 , 1,


\ i vi i n i ivrisri oi lEoiii l on

I I Iir ]Enl I mi aft ea In ntiv

I i if 111 iil 1 l*llnH RalEtltLd

I • I »| I Ir Tin lflh It


1 ViM Mil!.]

1,1 1\ t| , 1, O run rily N

I linn 1 SS II

insiim rilli nnd 111 II 1)1.U

~ irsntrijn Real Ellaht 10 •j

011 VN nrv—ifvniTvv VNT to

1 jit> it hintiit ef dollura thiB jenr,

It, 1 al 11 itt In Ofi nt Lit} Km! omuti

VV ill 1 ll Ku Im kill l,inl Allantlu

«j —3 Sue '

flyilneii PmUfirty far Sale 11

1 nil s VI P—CFhTltAi IA I,OC VT.

> I hold wllh 6(1 ,i,,s. llnnn, ill

VVnIltr II KiiiJin Ith and Alluntlo

Vn —3 12 tfs

•t jHily §9%

1 Iitirton Chsnipien !tu

it \n Fiisnft ins i

—IJ Ike

it] VOIfT nQK*!' — SB FSST ]

.tn J9th und SQth Streets \

rlRflrlan HithtB. S^cful ^ pries m r,

itulpk A \t i-lnnnsea _t4t I Barlei .

Oliuniplnii 4ih Bn4 Atlantis .wj,s

rhone SW _^*13t_g

crtlrs nnft

ninltlK Lji

no,, far itull




w.llj solyjd throiiBh th« NEWS M~s~



k % 1 H.

alarmed about her voice. But I


IBS—- '••"••.

a U iM Opera Ciml.

u it tU tfir-oitof

Sjos ani its WIBa

0 * Wmoyne," ho spoke in

lowered tones, "jhe's acted „

mU0B tlml

unless one knows hoc

iioinendous hit tonight!" 1 ei.

claimed going buck to the former

subject. "Lei's pray,"

"Your unselfish interest and

loyally for her arc unusually

nno," ho riiniarked. "Vou have

(*to takon I do to- meant much to Lemoyne nnd,"

he caught my gaie ami helit It

unwaveringly with his own

"much to ine,"

I blushed for there was sineerily

and warmth In his vibrant

, the .MM

„„ hhffl6ll t)l

jomo »BBr^ Biter


«»'">"» *««• drawn.

^ l y •'Tl»f daman,,,,, u u „,.

•'«»«•" whispered Mr, DoWlght.

"tho oilmtolon • lrorclla . , JllHt m Uairy hail Mid the

HUB reaoh of ail, notaudience

wan "on fanport" with

i'-'the mofle's at home, tho Hlngnra from the very first

ipppera liouia in qUlte note of Mumntit'i moiodlnifWm

yen (It nort t» self, "I forgot W send anythinf, 1

on Curilss rsoelvea get 1 more absent-minded daily, I

i cable frdin the of. do believe. But Lemoyne Knows

(result he had made ifs a stupid failure of mine-and

jt to meet a biuti; will torglvo my negligence I am

SbSho-had just'ar- sure." - -

U and with wSbm "Women ofien forgive tHe ]ae«

life. The Detognts of attention but It hurts Just

rtt.oepupriaBotnlE 'the same." I reBlied lowering mr

littaj- But Maoris; 'voice, r knew temoyne's adora:

SI ihottid be there, tlon for him and I felt wd

tfieome wltt^ aiW to think awry had neglected her

MBBi, ihe haaVMwe on her Bight of nights, • •__.__

;^eme4;to HBsMhtf " QBCB again thevcurtain ww

"•"-, w6yiat:nev4r drawn and revealed-Manon and

J * lil '- L "1iB her dashing Chevalier Jn _ the

,_j;w-•••'..• happy Btmosphero of their llttlo

ymffWBMr/X^inoffi!, slanon Ms heard, that 6er

Your Opportunity

A Very Limited Amount of .



Has Been Placed on Sale


Eadi Shitfe I%8 On Your Money

You must ACT QUICKLY if you do not wisTi

dkappointed, for there are only 3200 shares to bf


This Stock is SAFE and PAYS


• ^.t ; l#»,u

The Compare I^s N^^ Eaped To Pay DhMiends on ite ^§g

Stock. Dividends f4ve/|^-^

f,f - \ * i

i i' • '


" A;


pMtory i»fvW preferred as to useetg over the

As heretofore, common stock and the dividends

ij w~ *!«« *^ gyg i^^ from ihe present normal

,. federal income iai. Becauis the

t offered Its stock U a local one It U well

iWrtM*^' **B£» w all n«-r^.mika and

t|B(:e»B«iiy tWginyaiior tafrinjgi flan could


^tfJPBa^ jtte'tB^tlfflijf, mill pfe* r e8HpanJ'i,offl«l» tor the ben.

w 1

'i8-tliS SoiaWBrh*'? - •>' °' atockljqlders who may wlsli

i-has-lieCH luatlnod la In- to sell their ahares. Tbls depart.

libKlbo'fact tliut they nl- mnnt wag Instituted. In an effort

-*fii|Wb|> Mr (ilvlflenda to provide for every eonllngeney

tliMsSJMBt!S«i,itSt,eonipii!y wBieli might face the shareholder.


and the. price at

^.^|a«li#»lSrl^in( .minUinkat


^iwyi worn %

Electric C&nipnny preferred "

llRp'Sf Minnow Mil Will Begin Duties May IS

IfWyAwnrtii more (han *iifly ;.,; *

«.*IP : Wrt' lB ; (or tflcol L: Miw Maliel Mcllenrf. '

MWHgaif other Invest- hti,DWn among the • ' • "

ihUfpMdrwithout going OM,,,, 0|ty, iiai heei

mifflflwelal cents of ,ta O(fl0ial» of the First Methodist

•fflSr.W, wtryceinpanv, arteinMd position of church see.

lM|h|! distinct Bdavntago of the English department at MliisffiSBW

WHSfeWftBS'F* and ¥ine High •ehool, was an insirue. 1

p,fcl»«iWS! »>»' nlll B.J »f- tor of Bnglish^nsMTeraii Bftgons

|»»Wr«t:M*i^, WW' at\the OcoanfdltPsMinef ichooi.

ra^W^MWr and for 8be holds the*reputation of being

iMWJf- ' rae " • ' ' one of the ftnesl imtruetors ever

^&M f w!«'*iS. n«it•'•*

sftrsti'put-Into-general un,


:hasvoffercd an ioiitetandlns

t0 be «a«ne«ted with the New

i W l W MW: ? ,(hB JerMy ieheol lystem. •

; "-^B^Mrt'b'f-eliiirefi'^ieriiaiT

fflftyhiiW, monthi^iimount " * »aptily new one and i»

chuMh work, which with tht

The new Mcrotary li tscep.

onglr. well eaulppefl for hef

Wlfitffe TO

rinMnta he of great value to her in Martt4hiUtrof

Inf Jler work, while her educaTl

t T eemns «onal and religious tralnla**

am than oflaat her uauiuiily weli,*or tk^

J. I in. AT t.l

I n r „ ' \ " •

I'. I

than Wnlvewlly, « Wantylvania. BBo

. wUl auume her dutleg here on


> Drank Arrested

JMjiiWIlli oHeal» tffffl

sarloh fMih tfts Wsln

spring B:CeWM,jDfctii«

Ocean City and jGape May

(ir Hie Shv^tor anfl gold for the speculator, ;

The Most Vahobk Land in

on 1 bne'yid hf M fttkniD ©bean and on the othef i|e'"by thefDela. |

tunities galore. Si t ••';:.. -i

10 Rapidly Growing Resorts in Cape May County

county bverflo^ig with prosperity, / I

s :

••:,% ' . ' ^ . r e ,i •-. " • •."• ' • • • • ' •. • $

x • '^' M I * ' t l O M f \ ' . • • • • •••-• ; v/- • (( • - . • • . ' ' . ' . ' • ' • : - |

^j an illusion or the opportunities, we orrer: |

M'W SJi. M.

••- > - i © • ^ A W - i - i 1 % i : = £ & • • -^ >•

'|1 Water Fiont'Cob along the.Qneat Egg-

&§# lay^ ^Wahctfa pFflf deht. ; f Ms

an unexpected ^sale at twice the preient

PpAcrei, Truck and Dairy .Farm, inoluclmg S

talonial Homestead and tenaht-houiM.'WMi a

a frontage on the ^6ntrftte0hdre^Bdtilfi#lr^ ; ; 5p

-wftfcin 1,000 feet oft Mro^ te italfen^^wi 3 j

ta^rage distance' of 5 mlhss toijlix ^iahbra " |j

'Relorts. . ••.•••'••• - ; ' iri"j;'v. : *'^.i^i%^^i

3 V « saj.;


Sblorful rfnen finock

. irved in a pretty

n I with a detiort spoon for the ' fVul« Ar Nuurtiknmt

MB. Barer hM • V"!.-*'4*

,„ anllll an.i, i „„„ *ad d nouiiihiur iihiur nut


4n Soup—Soak 1 cup ^ , h , Mk, 1(.

in cold water over """A f:.^- —„,

aiid gjiiimef

'the 'hlpi hold j tal)ligpMn ininoea onion, i milk, nix urn » ,,

sB In a simple e|ov6 Ilrl|0 ,lf deg,rad)i i >Brlg ?,IL «| w *. BUM Int,

.Ilk, lilk. The round Tound „,, l , ,, d , i rtBjjj;-«le^ lk l

'the judgment of Odd Mere/

writer. (ptoSteur and

f^thiwlor, the most Interest-

Spin he ever, met l» Frank

ttB, ol Miami. Florida, He is

Sort of • fellow you might

ititlUier at tse forks of the

iljw: In knee brMohoi w*it-

Uo be presented ot court, Me.

||f|sil«i In tee ^urrint isiue

"esrefs InternaUoual Cosm.j-

utts comes nearest of any

, JVew Millionaire







Lewis, o nov.

ellst. think!

he doesn't bf.

lieve In God,

) and thlt hii

un belief it


Last "—

iliiy. I

FDle «i a

clergyman HP-

Bidg down,

A, BIUiBANS ' i mt l0 » vi

that "llwre ii

no God," Mr. Lewis publtdy d#.

fled Diving Power to strike bim

riuBd, He sold, with lack of got.,,

lutle. "I defy Him to strike mi!

down within the ne£t tea mlu-

nleB." *

Knitting happened, BO Sir.

Lenin and the sort that listen la

gush childishness doilbilesg bk-

Sieve that something impsrtsnt

has been demonstrated.

Mr. Htorey, of the Santa. Fe,

manages railroads from Chicago

, to the Pacific, with hundreds of

thousands of railroad llei, ond

as dangeroUD bunkiess ants everywhere busy between

•lib crime in any the ties. One ant says: "They my

• wordh the time that a mysterious w. B, Storey

has come to assert the sanctity of runs this railroad, but I know

life; the time las come to protect there is no such person. And juit

life ami property by the exercise to prove it I defy him to m i and

of all of the powers of constltu- strike me dead."

tional law. '

••' At the end of ten minutes that

"""'• ant feels at proud ai Mr, Sinclair

Cancelled Bail Lewis.

—— It would not mean that Mr,

On the recommendation of storey couldn't strike down the

Shier of Police Howard Johnson, ant, or that the Ruler of this unl-

" ' Camp, the tail driver who verse couldn't strike Sinclair

supreme power may bo. It b liinty

beyoni mail's comprohennlon.

•s w. B. Storey Is beyond the

ant's comprehension. .

"una Lei, great Hawailtn

no. lg showing us how those

Faeifle Islands we built up,

from below the sea. From the top

of llauna Laa melted rock enee

mote comes rushing down, burying

under lava ifty feet deep tan

native Tillage of Hoopuloa. hurry,

ing the Inhabitants to the Hawal-

•„„ >..„.,„„ .....lag ue ocean to

ndred feet out

cuunK. millions of ash. u well as

the one small native village.

Th us. for hundreds of millions

of yeam, old earth has been shaping

Itself, from the Inside, with

SIS* ^SSf i? mini Ar s" n < when •?• mt * T lrm w whlle - partmenl might Bnd out what

B«,,flK~ »f !, n?h,i^I troia the Ocean City-Somers Point The Point is that It isn't worth particular Influence, and whose

IpuBitaHer • • I Boulevard, just west of the first while. money, kept a prominent aulomo.

llSto * ?«f -i ^ «r brldse ' w treei without bail by Just what the power Is that "lie manufacturer from Betting

ffiSvJL ? P *.« ^T, n L ,, Magistrate Ware yesterday morn, manages tHis and other universes. Muscle ihoals, when he announc,

^B» great and^ mian—pei Is mg Camp ww Bi,d indir fa00 w,tn thgjf b|11|oIia of maB mm ed his plan to give the farmers


, All of England

ie creatur

Britain's chalk cliffs itn tnose

cliff, were at the wean's bottom.

For millions of yean more the

work -•"• •• '

jghly speaking. In gU

says, it was not quite finished In

that time,

A large "claim 11 of automobile

offenders. Including the young

lady who just couldn't keep her

foot off' the beautiful and aglls

dancer, Lillian B. Accelerator,

P, Rnsoell. of Los ingel

the "class" and invented It. He I

thlr- " '

and reflect when they „» „„

iiody looks like, after the automo-1

bile hits it.

boys to see those that had been

killed by the nest dreadful dineases,

or oven to the Insane o«y

lum to "Inspect 11 victim, Bf absinthe

and otler vices. It mutt

be a painful cure.

The Department of Justice will

investigate what is called "The

Two Hundred and Fifty Million

it^eo ."-" "IT'—^~^~ ' ' — ' • -_ }|jy Ljiy uuLVWI1I6 Ui E11G injuries QI tf^&EDItlg^ Qf T&i tQ vuyi^r wumu Utt>U i~yill€Q &F1V

s^S3j?4 h **' w 1U" ie '" i Bonner and this was cancelled by The ancient philosopher said: ferHliier trust. There wore indi-

IPiTO' 1 W 8 . 1 '" "TbJ ltl « » oUw cqleri fwommenda. "If the cainel had a god tils god MHons, at the time, that some

8HSw ; - • " *?. ve plell f a tion. Banner, wBose shoulder was would hava tour legs and a one was a good spender,

®^A"?dj*v IIC i"'»^ i Pa'nniHy e«l. Is Improylni rapid- hump," jlan, like that ImaBlBaw ::— — ,

I#P X*-^ "' camel inclined to create Ood in A BUldo at the soo

&»!*«, mJld ir*!,^ !: — W« own image, has Invented many Is Hannibal Zakers.

PnS« i ,i-,Ji -# lw. " Psul - |B IBBt yoa mBl "n» » Wn«« ot s»"«t attributlns to them He leaniM what he knew

BSwhii,! SL .kS mnl!hnol8sf " the base, human passions-re. Prom Mima! eraokors.

iBi-Sjnoer whta a visiting "Wo naina. It's my harn." yenge, jealousy, etc. Whatever —JudBo.

Mt^iqulrei as to hl» favor.

Blah; .evlderitly «ipeetlng Urn

"*** fti' wllfc iho name of

HH Ohio Elver

»cotflsti. And after dinner,

i^ered the duke a rat-tailed

ItjJhuttB, according to thote

^iffi^lndwn' blnj many years

jinoiwlse eccentric. He has,

K^Sttt^re, Ber#ly learned

SlpiBle 'but neglected art of

iJjWBJljijf, ,0nIf Ainerlca,

iy»,>; could produce nucli an

geiMlhe Human- anomaly,

Mflfcuilli luceeM," the

iSw|;"a«rwo know It In

Mmplliifit ItB noteworthy

fiettWBt, than maintaining a

K»fSjB||iBei when fortune

•jBjitfii'-ltew ¥ork. one sees

lich uplns of the Brltlah^,

ttir.iiSanneni glosaing aerast*

rillroad-track origin, French

IpdlsgulslnB sot ticker as

naflVMe tevre*i^«Bd so much

'q^lqtcUcctuallBni that the

jifj'gaH ot the sod busier Li

nfpitm welcome to many ot

Slie Bparkllug sprint In; the


"tp get along,

InQUlrer: • Pilends

Hasten the coming of Your Ship by inveiting in Ocean

City Real Eitate. ;

Why wait for a Phantom Ship when you can make one

in Reality come in laden with wealth. ^

Charter your ship now and we will furnish the cargo.

Lot on Pinnacle Road


Large size

Large Colonial House on

Seabright Read,. New—four

bedrooms, baths, living room,

dining room, kitchen, library.

Piped for heal.

Price, $15,000


Lets on Surf Road

$95 per foot

Two Six-Room Houses on

Simpson Avenue, New.



J V* TV."* 1 -' *•' —

last Prldny night.

. "No. om

• Mr, Pearl.

otel for jtlnner and,Bail taincd ii «^tl«lf*B:B51iBBil«Wi ; 'Mi'T:VO.(lBByomi.ttf'tp-thB Swofla Of 'igo ip loij/ In

jM iiieetiiii^tellowiii^tJjs ty's protrwi ana iVJrtl^''.^-"-;? «j|S»Jiirtit ^CbinmaSair at Boy. c0UBty ia ? tH&Statt i

Mr, Peart' wai InOJgilwt " ^^-I!---*^'. 1 " »flJKiMK..i' v'\,'-. el; wiirtt'lSMmd


Banliatlo'n of tie i tain loin hoard, h r tana- J ijunior o r Stylft Style SJuWWWTJI 81«#? WlM* ;*hteStf * p S dirt wjHilN

' _ was elected to honorary MilSj ie HdMjMtt^W^lBBlf:?«««& W

M l ' i

toe ino^tio jgf

F=. Uerelilp, He urged that the board . i__!. ,*,-, ,1p-2^ «-'-'^--•—•'

|-,,;;Oountjf bitj^lve \vai-d HiBbW|plaee a month before this allesed work tor a 1OT per cent, attend- A Junior "— ' '"

'"•H atttte ,TreSpW Harry Cos,I purchase by the tor;" '"'"', *"'' r "• ""'" " ' —

-..aajjgi'g who MA»t*« tho BVl- None of the eyjaeSce by tftrL—.

Nettifs ajad maild the arrest, both itato otricora or' by iWe nttj tioh i

nild.fiBvthrwlWeiii Httt^d of inn. showed that air, ClBBntdifl *M].M«'I

HWnSrfd'WqpJWne anil thefe-ap. (•anncctcil with tire iuiiiisi,"' AWn *• 'iS inttfWhffBOTf .„.,, .,,,.,„. , •„„„ .-T»-„-*.-,, .,-,...„.,»«..

S held In mtii wllliln our Itate.

iy r ian Se New Jbrsoy youlhii ntt#e

soiiiii one whs eoulii, and iad: ',• ; .

gotten Into the nmomobllc and I " f;

adtered'neap tBe lite of NIek'i -J.. _. ...i ,

BartBSIionfl the miem rtore at «'»• I ^g. B «

rMril CiaBalonI, JoguBkl ihen oaeini City reilflenU

;BBW ohd hailed Walter Kafcy- throiish His uplendid

>*#*!, n I7.ytar-«jd boy, who on HuBiiei' Pliariiaoy te


£ Of M fa j W from th the Bt State very beat seats\at the Blnji jrtijen [liai'MBnd;

f 'J,' Imesell Cairbll, of Oamden,icon

fojiner Brotecutor fjr this coim-1 Ing

.•ty. wni,,the attorney (ot the Olo> 6°»

id. tried lo show thit mai

yoaag Kareyw^sKl owed Mr§, c 't:

"'*" * "•"* '"• J ime purchnsi-B the

iotlre for tho mm

i ag-Barn^ io, the • storo=

kefper, because " toe payment of

4hei bin, liati been'made.'

iny reierve», until tlie ovenale

of tlcketi starts at'ijrt

fliee, a nui8bs'« of; ''^hoie^

for the, benelil of the jteettB

- loplo, ArFBhjtnienii 'Mr

ts 'for any aho*

at the store.

ConUii't Toll titm ften. .•

,vj Mre,,ij0ipatohli oii, tie «and, y

niRiic an atitointo denial that the tl1 ' 1


oiee on the wir^=="HiiiQ.' is i%Q/fly^'f

i the Hub Department Blere? p|eari Oily


Vof had avor hteh in her stufg **' send me two pair of fleih In Bia'ttlB

aMielleated home, locatec! in one of

flo^s of Ocean tky, well furnished

JK^ffi Ma».^«ffiiMffifti aStfSBK CT

1Wl«ftitt«ttl««!;Sn«-hntt 'respon.

Utmneai of nociety.


Still, the new (llwer hna that

same iupDrellloUB cough as U


802 On

Walter CEi

Contrkotor and Buildil

Fourteenth and Bay Ave Ocean , - • • • • • " - " i i i - ' - " •'••'.• ''••••• ' • • ' r \ ' " i : ;

' - ^ • ••'•'•• •• • • • • • ' i - ^ ' '• ••''"'-' " S - V ^ ' ^ "

The; jjjp^tuni^ for a home at Ocean Gify is too good to past v|, Jt ne^



1 '' ' O . .

y' ' '

Pfc n 1

^K?r. •





SSBSS«t®S^^ -./;:. ;.;.,.....

r i

1 O


1 .Jt

8Mto»linlWer. "Do In am. Q 1 _ "TV

tfttjeeure An mueh hqMe M jngaKS 1 WO

iftfforijli* building ,doll»t*— " r _ ,

^SlPli^ Minutes and

iliiiifti* eeoBottileai to build. » « • ^ « «rt

IB modern homen

etterlor and

SiS^Kd^oS Makes $100

cs Bre seen J u ^ Bartlett Relents and

i, the sleep Reduces .Finft of Michael

•»J, l dwiM. "J: Widttr, •

ote; trial both a*


[tlon roonns. A vn-

ittojiil dlnins room; BOokca

ffai wlndoW seat tuat (111 ,

ijgsiBittB • cloiet; * built-in

In them days of frenzied 1

mice Michael Walters, of Ottens

! of a small grocery store at Qttens

I Harbor, and when the place was

1 by Itate troopers and men

tie Prosecutor's office last

B m sum

Walters visibly wilted when

himself to make his

or mercy. He stated

m m m t ln Philadelphia unUl

the flrit of April, when he had

pureiaaed ths place at otteni

,,Mb01, He ^ lBteBd,d ,o opeD

tjie store there on Monday of this

stated that ho hmi brought the

J beef ana Hauor with him from

at for iftli in the ttore.'

B Bartlett stated t

the fact (hat he had intended to

Mil, the liquor he weuld relent

soniewhut and reiluccd the ana to

iSOO, Walters stoted that he had

not thfe money and the judge

iMfHartlelt" jikrd 19» when ths ane will-bo paid or

ffl£8Sttf&Simiihui mitt in- th» .nan .will go to jail.

plBW»WinnafloV oh '• TT)ie;Tatd oniW«ltersi new esi


«a» tJhsr&ir «* J * .^ *&*••*• 5

fleures. This month, tBe. '• BO.

•^fgli, ipsiWlif To Erect Small House

called "adverse balance bf tVade,"

arid Retains 'All But Tendencies of BABSON FAitH,* UASi.—Al- J7O.0O0.00O. Is the larjMBt that

buufliirjg-Attrmctively Arranged Interior though many people Ȥera fear- this generation hab known^^Matiy

ful of general business through, people count upon its continua-

out moat part! of the country tion, with Interruption/'*ffli a

Predominant getting very dull the summer number of years to come. This

eomra along this year, It does situntlon is a aerious problem to

leem, at least nl thlt time, some, but to those who ean bene*

u. plough finy such fear should 111 by Increanlnc impoft ;bilBi-

cxirt. General business condiness it represents an opp^Hunlty,

tions stand now lit about B per The crying need today *« *«

cent, above normal, and a good

} veluin,e volume of of business buslne Into the sum- foreign goodg which ' cgmpetf


mer IS probable, although aver-



mor is



least wttli American products*

aging no



than present

Commodity litBitfsn Important

I levels,

The outstanding features from

! Today in our weekly business

a commodity standpoint during

ance at HUI of

irrent features

the unit quarter of this-year

or woman can may be summed up in the foi.

Und to influence lowing! (1) a Definite treii_

affaire through, downward In commodity prfeegi

nation as this praetleallS 1 Sings, lit Productions held. Joadlngi, though not funning at

" h fate, but the great record flgurei, have been well eneedhui them,^ eonBlllMtlMfp* tVf «ltles reMi

th In output during the pasl inaintalned, increased loadings of mow ot the Brjt •WjiUpr,; Srtast agsiji^

ear culminated some months bituminous coal having taken the MerehanillBe, less-tlmn-(iarload which declined.?,

go. Many leading lnduatrle« place of the Usual anthraUte lota, are about 1 per i cent, "foyer creaaq In actlili

mve curtailed operations. (4! shipment, lenional weakness Is ii!5, r

C«»narp;w$s sileied to have the eat; to get lo Irtt Tork, m

th«d .around and struek Oohnor and Borbert both doniod [M

r by his

head kilting the street, , . , _ .

Hanutoa went to to* aid of Announwd Engagem

Cietf, whom he thought to be I-Mt Sa

seriously Injured, and the two ,,„„ „„„—„, Mla

SBllorsi ned from the i

,;". KT 'he engagement of Miss Jessie


of (li« onicer in nut testimony,

Dorhert, when called to the

stand ,told of the evening's ex.

perlence, lie said that hn and

Connor were Aremen an one of

tlieLoaasl guard boats stationed

4 - i. Mistier, of Ooshen, to Milton

Walling, of Atlantic City, mi

f announced last iaturday. The

is testimony, prospective bride is the daughter'

illcd to the of Mr, and Mrs. oharles H. Mixevening's

ex* ner and Is very well known In

that he and Goshen and, court House,

I on one of Mr, Walling ramwrly lived, In

its stationed Cape May Court House and for


Big ' ,„.

a wqrd.: kind'

tell all you know,,

•••••• frf-t-'t

Don't go into i na

flei and aSk" tBs-

1 fane May and had id come come over over a number of years was connected

i Wlldwood to attend the with the office of jewe D, LuiU

moV|les, After the show how the pair lam, at Court House, Recently

had, met another sailor lor who was he accepted a position with the

wel| supplied with moonshine' moonshine Chelsea Title and Trust of At-j

and; all three Imbibed Ibed plenti* plentullantie Clly,

fully, , Dorfaert said lid that he he] The wedding will take place

couijd hardly make his is way along: along In the fall. The couple plan

the' street ,and when en he spied spied! to make their residence In At-

the'.car he decided that lot he would I lantlc City, Miss Mlnner has

sleep there for the





and I been n, stenographer for Proseeu-

catqh the early morning



bus! tor W, 11. Campbell Tor m-venil Sentence By Bartlett the ud

back to the base, lie



said that



"11 Is

he and Connor were Just getting ——--.-•-—i:————• . Ooorgo and Mary rinrltsasjjiiL

Into the ear when Hamilton Hot a Minute Later Oeorgo and Eva Alex, af Wildstopped

I hem.

— wood, were given a suspended

i Dorbert an

Willie at the cabinet makers— sentence when their case was

ud that the olfic


who started the light by

It Connor, Hu llton odmil

ed that he struck the nrst

bio , but said that Connor made

a p oa at him which missed,

1 e said that they had no metlvi

In entering the automobile

olhlr than resting for the rest

1 will our nora he nxed, Mr, bmtA ^ Jlldg(J Herbert Bnrilett

Wllkins?" , on Tuesday, They were charged

"Oh In n day or so, I sent Ii wuh rcaigting nn officer. There

awiiy for a new leg," were no blows struck during the

Willie—"Well, my sister soys alleged resistance, but the deshe'Ii

pay you a dollar extra If fonrtanta had refu—' •- -——->•you'll

have the sofa ready by the writ to di»~ &

1 Folks: A Pnl la tl

spree with In the

1 ouldn't do It,. Herta

camp with In the muni

: You itep j

one^you tell your pet sen rriend and nay, 'UUl.'

and your best girl's perfections,

1 you'd go over there-;

or if you're married, the faults that fellow a good cu

he little folks—and It Is ab. of your wife, at the hour when


In all marital conscUtics your

^_ ' '__^ head oufht to be on the pillow

• **""' beside 110, ' If he lends you

ding his authority In issu. money when you need It, worn

ith a writ, liut In spite of mli or comes to see you when

dvlee the aetlon was taken, yuu aro III, he ceases to he mtreone

of the most outrageous j y „ Pe| an(, becomes—that

3oiliBas_niid "'ipy* I

eight o'clock Wednesday even'. ,be|r home, Ii

Ing," caUfMj court, Alti, ,i~ ^,^-

———i! — Hildreih represented the defc

Piflesn hiindrcil dollars a year ants and both contended I..„.

Is an average Income for a stew- their clients were within their

ardess on ablglransuilunllc liner right* hi refusing to leuvs the

and when she gets well known home on which they h&d paid rent

and is given regular employment for the siimmcr months, Lloyd

h ln

»v» ever hmra of i rarest of mankind.

-.of Wild- Cupe May trgmity," J Ito "stared:

:,' ' t t t

_. --' , , „ Next to convincing your wife

Kit Wai Hurned Once vqu ar, f,gnti lne aipdest thing

Clerk of employment agency to In Iho world to do is to eonvlnca

woman applicant—"This party a slxteen-year-old girl there are

wants a woman who can cook, I some things sht doesn t know

sleon windows, sew, wash and yet.

[ran. keep house end.——^" t t t

Woman— "Wait a minute, not old Mis' Rollins lives a piece

so fast. That, man ain't lookln" below me; never gets a new

for mo What he wants Is a thing but she runs In to show

of the night. Officer Stephen — — — , iiiiiureiii represented me u, ivife," , me; never h * "*"" *

Salayl of Wildwood, stated Ihal Plfleen hundml dollars a year aiiia and both o

the boys had told him when be l» a" average Income for a stew- their clleiils were

had talked with them at the po- ardess on a big transuihinlie liner rlghta In refusing lc

lice station Immediaiely after and when she sets well known home on which they had pal

their apprehension that they, and is given regular employment for the Hiirmuer montlis.

=1 ° fci "

——^, M— : • — she runs In

A1 evening paper leader-wriinr times brings

jhlnlin popular government Is the she wants to sell n._,

only fui in of government. Il Pun proved l» _,.,., _

popular among Wlchito wom«n m

last Bummer, an4'tho^' fyoibpg Hi,

who were unable '.,to;',:pBNilp! il

them wandered nround- In WMfll| jj

comfort., easting enylaug glfmces ffi

at those persona WHO wciu fbrv ;*,.

tunate enough to be • abjo »W , ,-

Bweltcr In a wealth of fqrs.

'round when wo are nick—will

would eerliiinly lie a good idea If he when we dies Just ns good a

sucli a government could bi' neighbor as anyone Hveg byj

found.—Punch, ' wouldn't -swap Mis' Rollins off




^ ^




7 - r . : r^j



i', *„;• ,• .••V--. "

rf fht of sf John J, Font** ^ ds

eeied the NtAVS fh'Jtsiii

atte,Ha raid N, Paris, John J, hoilton,,

RiijinBml Worrell.

3.'" !>Btli.'".V»""

:::.'. ri'iiiliiij; ifom Irft tu rij

!„ I'liijiT, .Auburn T. Kami

s and IdM'iih M, N,aNjim!,

hehiers eHlIifmylzecl lilii ieillleMi,

According io ihn picae .of to

i''a ! Carp of Hvokin Hearts

: injnoiiiDrc oboiilerE thiii tnio .boulevard seuievacu wa wan QWr |n Hnele.... „ «..„

Uj • fa?- b;. ooasplBted ee^tlliU'ted hefuro sunim.il'. summm* i^^ llon BHm arsanisid mid

:• plnnn nsilitd for ft.eonilniia. lt |B BijdjJiaiJhero la a Haltlos

,,,, uf the On; shore Taa n. „„ of li600 , ,n ,t,0 ,--*

ili.'iiueii tho Wlldwood Manor appiicaimm, fof me

V!. Tfcla would elimlnat. a Upon Jo,lllng the |eaBUe

'iitlins untraiieo liiio the resin, uldBl0 ,j np,,elei ,„ „

The (ievoiOBinBiit .company that he will not hold ee

Teed to deed the neceiun:v ship or cnrr

cht of way to thn county allil i olhW woman

I Freuho!(1i.r GOIIIIII. who Intro- mar

H j duced a resolution for the Ini- ihei

ent, in explaining the by

in rtavni raB "* ri stated that the majority ye

? gf Hi'hpi- of persons in wildwood want ' & '

"I'u'SdBr ''"' w< "* o! l m Bf°vins t»e high- forn

way started and If net completed Mem

"'''rv- if lQ L ' lt >' !l "l " " 9 fBr ns e chiefly rejected

no particular ticii...

rroation of this kind unle

imbers wish to get t

rj weep In the same e

tl« Wild- uncl gloomy Gils who joins the

i u, ]Jn wood Manor iraei. A t

!_••>. mo. * Director OBdeii qajlwl atten- M>Vf

M. Hiinhni Coil tn HIP fai:t if (hlR wan ilonc hln

"i.'i in, II wnulil inriiii I lie hi(th*-,iy

„ ,..,.- wnulil bo tlinlcf iTpalr'ililfliij! |ni-

• >•»' Busy pan uf ill,' n-iiwiii unil

io" Brnii n*. I J«in..« ui »,„»!, ,„ iii,i,* PI!" 1 " 1 WBH fic

*_ People have ailus ged I'm dumb

Freeholder Ctaalln atated ^liat IIBII ineblle I ani, bdt when me

thlji waii illseup>l iliseupeil and ths,.«Bn- thi,. and my. gal goes to tho ,plelure

, tintout «. 11. or Pi-muuk-. linn, Lot JJ. mrtiori HI." mnsus iaiisUB of qf onltilon opinion wai Was thai I^e show anij her mother lags alone

ilitfrinil In N, Ii. 111. Veriiun IJ'illl I'.imiuiiiy. Milb









could uiie


ihe it ain't no aeejdent wSen I buy

North Wljdwbod DouWrard and two seals downstnim far us and

gsrsuph Qi itefiH Hflffcsr

Borougn of Will Cope May

rharisf w. '•--•• • - • • "

SI.(Kill, Tfnci

the improvements eoald. htj made ane up In the gallery.

,H, ,Wlllt8..,lnild and !m- Upn

" CotfiiKifty id Qe&rei* Hsbin- I 3Ia$°

h \htfi ^ "tiff fit, hiack «ertrf.

Adftl Rr.ivia? te

EH. e£ »i: ll.irti, I*

12, flcellon i* Wbllntliorn.

iteD H, Whits Umi nad I

—'-it Cpalpajiy tu R^l*?!" A

**• "3, Lgi?; 3,1 io iff, in*

... H, sfftUQR 1. Whiles^

jflruih Fire Got

A^gofloiig loiis ef property was

averted Jaal Tiiiidajf, wlion

hstt ieiKiiw.ct ••*. li.iwi. rna

si&s M-^ i-oiin Hoyai.-. iii.-jiriitliifr

sulcltjjp^ «f 3iain H ii • |

le tho .euianlc, Kmgn why |hw nPvl.r wunl.l |

Bb an

ol'ianso „„,,, i*..,, ,,1,1,. to hit It off a. mail,

pmatioB of anelr wildest ;Jn(| • ^rt.; r,ir „,„ tiH11,!llt of j

|Mmplementary domes-Uamrast, »o• doolslve an innuen' |

p'• , !in every laslina InfatilBiloll, waB |

'"•—•- "•? ehaarln of i mlssiiatl I Heiice, perlitiPB, their |


o.p.rlncl»ali-- I insbliuir(to "click." , i

lad curloiiji pgoplp Csnililer the steps liy wliloli s .

.„, • an) raekln'g theft .,,llc|, yi>iiLlii>il fame..—.every HIUP |

ll: ;the Itfeessani (jueryi leading to the siiiaKh-iib of Ihi'lr |

hlhg as. It Is pal- ijoconis more appAient as Ihla nar- |

ispuldn't,'elW[,'" rtttive. progresiea. |

— J " sllb when jjiin Lemtiaeher was no nierolr I

ftilnlaheej iaslsjed on fnfirnjsl nsplrant to tha title of |

ana ptrpftilnBiriddle; Venus; An instructor In drawing |

M#dn ' ol ' thf :i«jj- hy profUnloli, she iongeii 10 ei- »

fenbo; rohiineff li an tabliili herself as an honost.tp- |

Kiiimpl* ii the fact goodne«Si uri 1st and, wJ'h "»w I

'•:•'-.. ;f--"• <

M ,-.!•

Sykes & Sons

for Roofing and

mm Metd Work

The Srtnrlaid For 2J Yean

Consult us for your roofing pioblefas.

Our Roofing covered bjf f0 to 20 Year Bofatli

Seamier Elastic Hosier

TruMes Arch Supporter!

Surgical Corsets (made to order)

(U# Attondint)


Sorgical and Orthopedlo Appliances

S20HWiSt«tt MflMfe-KJ.

rt %> i w^WMf^m^fs^f « 3- SSS W^rTr^-^^mrW^'cam^m^^J^P^




FKehi,«*W ' •• •"

HIM. V. Townscnd

flomblsf and Hcatlni;

O0MS fflTf. ». I,


For the convenience of

City will mainta




=. Jl|||.A\, I, n/ L

The first two telephones In New Jersey were on a "private Iracrd

connecting only with tKe otheft

So it was with the next two; and the next.

Intercoinmunication between all ttlephtones in tlie cdmrnunity came.






* • ' , '

, s

jfc-7; PubUihad Twic«.».Week

S^Jitisnal Muiic Week

VOL. i_Ih, 18

^ C«fl< Family Newspaper in America's Greatest Family Resort

TlHMay and Friday Afternoon 00E4H raiT, HBW reillY, TOlroAY, MAT 11, IMS. Pybiieatlen Qtnmi

News Bulldlns, tss Adjurs AT".

— , _ , < 13—Thun, «.. s,i« m

Many Music Organizations iX Engineer's Act Improvements For ToGetBids Serious Auto Accidents S

Bid For Music Contract CausesWrath OceanCity Center For Gardens Mar Week End atTOs R|§

M..;«U, «... ,„_,;.„, „ , „.,. _ . of Robinson H;II 0,^ D,. Gets Per- Water Mains —— u — H

I lm ** '"'^Summ.r Music WU1 Start at Pavilion Saturday, June 19

•but a resume of plat!

C °^-j e i^ Bnd a "rJ °^ MtrM Collision Gives Phone- Co. mediate improvement, to the Plans Approved-Bids To

ersW.deM.ct.on For Ghoiee p ig ,,„ TQ Q^ A,,.y o «,, ^.teyrac^ «; B, Received For Instaik-

To Maintain Service Dredging Company was given lion on June 7

_ permission to dredge in Beach

Creek and Peck'a Bay in a reaolu-


Bid ago

.•«« minip




«» MIUUUUIJT iia» no cnarma

fo(, xbf QOmnl|M,ol,etg ,hlB week

"otial. At the present for on Monday an avalanche of LjltV

Commissioner Would com Wlllgh ms "" i b¥ " ! ° C " y Ea r 'y Comple

Fine Phone Company Over" a half million dollar» T

mic ti considered hat bids were received to furnish this

• to both mind and fnieftainment at Ocean city durr._,

a_ LJ 1

F lremen 0610

^ = worih "old In of tlii« lots trucl. have which been reported eitenda ^_^

"Never Again," Says Collis- sold from in Bay this Avenue trucl. which to the extenda Thor- Waverly ~ Boulevard Includ-

„. ing the summer aeason, Ilda were • —, . , *t

It ii of real value only received from twenty-one musical aI- I nvnin I iHf

oughrare. ulonir Rooaevell Doiile-

ion tj> to the intellect at organiiatlona, representing Janda ._ __T

i After Explaining vard. ed After Juyinger Rnhwitu


line emotion!, of every deiorlpilon — military I ______ . " , , . , , , J nil nnd making improVements win

gulg emotions, band3 „„«,,,,„„„,, comllinlllion By using hi. judgment and „„ , ,„„- a The City Clerk was directed

jilt from the general bands and orchestras, classic or- Saved Home and School- auihoruing the telephone com. necessary uiranaemeniB to lo lo advertise for bid. for the iny-

jt" fet h«v.- iong SS 1 :^'"' Rrlli "' m " Inlb " how When Raging Forest "XLZ ?ZXt.TJZ! £Z

K, that have long cnestras, ja« artlsta, marimhn house When Raging Forest f T,l '" < "' °? "'""' "J" 1 " '« «^» S^^nf waJa^'^liS H ' S P '° teSt A ^S M ^ M ^ mg is favorable to Includin

glien unleas there wi

" hioeka of ibis

'rioiifl objection.

ColllnHOn later slated the rel

son that Ibis section was not It

~—— = eluded In the plan was Hint 111


'lh she has an orgaiiiza- " j nTi-J whwioek who dl city aiding In battling ihe flames • or KAty ruDliclty uirector A till between Commissioner '

-ihshehaianorisaniEa- Jni", wheelock who fl, city aiding In battling the names of Qty Publicity Director

§ ,nd i, a^fnplW.- JJ^S^^^L^. Tb..^ j.r.M «t. .,«ird.j ' . -•

|in n,.kmg Ocean Cty «^'M- Wd «msh ^ |n ^ ^ ^ . ^ ^ A h m ^ ^ Argument Campbell Galni His Point

pllte to live. Now she The Smilationf In -the bids '"Sf'l .furiously and awept over • • _ .

hB operationa and work on

Jin and is accomplish- reeled: th* muaic here last seison" The fires started on gatuiday • .. - ••• . Robinson and Buvlnger occurred Bcttiaf •

gn and is aceomplnm reeled the muaic fcere in» .eamn. a(1M|tMn Bnd M m i a f nlght nnrt wh#n Ceniniiion-pr Robinson In- tniii i

k ln mAin t ° n Clt >' u, "sain th"» Salon aliliough in some .ections the Ore After Uvely Argument Campbell Galni His Point '«-i 'hw Duvhinei was more l«lnit «»n«»

plKe to live. Nowihr TkLSonW iB"Ahe ,„,,„ rageil fuiioiisly and awept over • . • • -. Interested in Increasing tbe val. cli'DWerl work will go apee

l.m the h«r »ii,U«ir« wa',^1^ ta the. renuh-ed roti ll "'«* 1 ' sections, in. other district. ~ : ~ °~ - • — ne or 111- land than hr' was. to forward.

£ thl!be «» uiwn «"'^eraWes udi b"fa« \£ coI th .">' «l'*m to wait until

l eB 'definitely III" 11 ^,'^'^, ^ ^ j ' M A

m- lion will be placed on Bale," Klaled Mr. Wallace apent a very reȤS

•lalns Mr. DeSIariB. yesterday, "but I ex- '"BB and j«lnfu( night followl^^

lubl- p^t"tlwtHtt.*MMM •ometlma In. t"" 5 "ldent. but yestenlair Ma^^

iorm i juno. There will lie more people I ««« lie Mtllinr'mueh i" 1 """*

inger here ihen and they will have an proved.

laughed at thia Idea and de'. opportunity, which, ibey dl* "'

clared the bench was making have when tbe Brut .eclion „,, •an slightly damnci

every day In thai locaiily, placed on Iho market, of Bettln»

-OBI-..- - ^

The apeclfleatlnna In Ihe eon- in on the bottom prices,"

tract will Kllpulate the early The dredge for the fllllnB of

Drtwr Hta Away %

coiilplellnii of the work. the tract Is already on iho field

'he aeeond accident ,ooeurfsdH

rtly after the Wallace eMj'i

M IB Apperson toufj5

i turn


I activities. Sometimes ': - ' B|, Mario'a Women's me lale afterhoon reaembled a Director without the eonaeni of . . brougbt a tart reply from So-

Paul Denocker Orcheatra, of of till* city

wh ", u " ! ' r *•? «f «- „, t , ••»' lhe head, bu

(mn!lc in the world Srenestrn Rita Mario Is the d|. huge typhoon eurilnf upward, al- the Board did net read to suit Among the matte that will Hcltor Doawell. nte'i aiolS Sfh, ' "" " =

bout the head, but the others.

e d witll only mlnjpi

rector of thia orchestra, ihe moat obscuring the aotllns iun, * mm. be diacusscd at the Chamber of . • • • • wf], probablfbe th. „.„

and ahock, Ilurtwell,

,;, |,n_.,«. lln;v»«,||« would alao play^ as violin «olol!t. A large niimher of the residents Mayor Champion obleeted to Commerce meeting whieh Is ~

B* language universally - n*L*L., n»,t,«,i nt of thl* city motored io the so,ne» any change In lhe minutes de- „.,„.,,„,,.,, ,,.. ,,,. .,,_,__ ill , /^i /"""I

——-— ~

* T T HKT I ' .

• tho lrttet Bl Eiehteenth

" tract ai Kignteenin ,

rl, of New Voik cili"

lit the proper tim

: j

esort, particularly th

Clean Up Next

,. «Y/ 1 A 1

D,C: Brcola Durbano Band'


Orcheatra, of Phil* •-•••-•

made Music

- , . Schamlih's symp]

P are appreciated and M i Military Ba

i" vcrtlsInB was Included in hia de.

Bit ofrthe occasion all lani, dlrMt from =,

^M1rfn, .,iS, Vork city- Harry P. Lambea!, i^jjj; itoB Staged Greiit Battle JJ*;

Mud. hMhh «imu » « » • •«•«.»-.».!. =«n(H ml on Sunday Evemng " "bmm

ifw,•••'»•»*,. stimu- r u m by M|ihdj,|,noim of phila- _ _ _ _ clared t,,B u,«

Ride, promotes thrift,, deiphia; Philiplerg. band or _,, „',,, . j _, very hli protest !

fatten Md aniso in orehwira. of ? heavy rain it is difficult to reach in ampaign

ih« Mull iilatrarni without — —

.... sh. water, A num- Announces Summer Pla;

ber of other Important civic rant,

(era will come up for action.

phiiadelphla; c, Didnt Undantand Charge aaid: ••Loit ween I proteitrt

t f, ," " Kuih cirler'8 New York City Or- • againit thli action and you

%me and eity beault. «»* J"/nd"l««»t Hlao Orchea- - ~ ^ — • (Mayor Champion) declared thai

gn » few adwntages SaV Sem the•"• Holei7.'.Sylv.iila| .; Too weh meonihine over the ,dvertlBlng •"

it, Itu tjme WhttliniManiBeini V

Sty in its best Held By l*efll Pdlee

I visit hliijnbihi^ I*? *'*^,

be' tia twd realoM '",^

Avenue of 17.(0 eaeh, Magla- jinyor Oharoi...

tral Ware completed- the eitrae. nothing was,going to appear-In

tion, yeiterday mBrnini at the theminiilei that waa not saldai

police eouri,: The unfortunatea the previous metting. »

were'Cora Jackson and Jamei Campbell aaserled h« did prti.

iildn't tjnderitand ,th

a pHchir and' * Wmf-'tiia qfflcer totnt-i had .teen; made ^without

iMkedI B* U»V \ I"Soirt ItnowUoniUitliig the bbftrd... ;:

Mothir'i Day

on Main Business Street

Jlayor Cham

Allen Cnrson by

Marry Valet


Bertwell was

: f

apprehended b"

Atlantic City detectives carl

iunday evening and held for tl

.der a warrant iiwued

here chorf

ing a violation of Beetlon 14 ;i

„...,„„.,«» «,u,I11I1Br , ,an9 thal. „,, nmendincnt; to the park. aMmm tbat the driver of MM

— — _— ing ordinance, which would couae ^, ln ^ mmtu% „„,,. grf

Next- week haa been deslg- »" »^ ^.f-"""! l*f WSSK aM r m i " M *

* b y * V « to * *,


J *;, >Vv< : ^ :y J**/if





• T'=i* = =


• ^.«AW^ififfiffi^^

itfjot tierpyp»I« paBaedHe.bus route oitllnante on /^-'i-- 'lV/la,. f^lt,,

Bri-(M»r- W mt- iu ieeand, thjBJ mi iaM .read- Mlpe ,IVIay KAiy

fojthe'fliie old "Ings, -The • BMiaded ordinance .- . -___ •

Uaimwhm «i3e« now niwti with tin Bill i»»nl , . j A ' i- • •

rit,: hand m hand qMhe bus opentBM Ud the hotel Legionaires and AuxilianeS

v3^'|5l ojwrstlon^ot lie : *p^ on

f*fi||I Ninth jWrt '"vif. iBute- whieh

iil-^* w> •• 4- '•' ' * »«**'* inrenaon now U a

•I] v f he-oalf, teflon of tte BB» pcdtitrlio with nn eye IB the

ql pm» •» back of 4H head,


i; Jlta ihejO«| |hai ofiir:oti Eleventh

UWMB 3»0Btt«»aftJ«»eBlB Ilnet

in t]ie Bteny building. Cope

HS.SS&.WS' ?W te JS!Sl«l*.Al«tollia thaaMUt. l»*l

I / M 1 iMj W v 0 - •'.. l "- i '"•*"•• :r>r ".:" ^ m ° - '•••• •/ -:..•

-•^•M-5. For Motors Opemting Under Excessive -

- • • • _ ' j , _ - • ' ' : • • • • • • • • - - s • • • . - • ' , s - W . ..•••• < * . • . • . . - • * ' • • • • . - • ' • • .

'• • " L o a d s .• . ••• ..- ^ :v\, •• •;..,.*;.,; >'*.,.:* . -. .^ .. -

..'..v..*? • •; ,-.-' ,:• • , " [ > '• ; i , j ^ ; ' . - % . i i . t i ' : / i • . - . s . j i j . :'•: ' .;•• • i

6, For any Car from which the Owner U : .








1 11 1 1 K


(Jurney Cannon colo-

I. ninetieth birthday

nde Joe" Cannon, belitlttiBBB

wio now ear

epiive Oaimotf itik :

» "Uncle Joe" now Irs b

in DanKlllBi Hev«nW« hta

good hfnuii.-nn* lnalie« a

ifMmj ljl» BdnW to Ma bank

Bars', 'IJoi'ipendi-muehi e

Keep L


ivmn of Danville, 111, was extlnguWie

If Joe" waa honi tn Ouil-iwas

taiy prey

po,, In IMS. Twaijtr. which spread

iri later be was ad-

_M the Uniwrilty of

tnd then began a pollll-

'V that Blandii uniiiue In

if of the United itMes,

Prominent' InSttti Annal

."Sj Won H«t«d rf frus'flrifi,h ZSSJ% ...

ilnH 'hrejaWnr a story- » » his EWart ItocMoB t' • I married bin daughter Julij. -• M an anenglve. agiiihM .Irrtlsft ready%Ken tin (he (Kiiiit ilpite;

•lifer it will b.i r«ady for ...blU Thrown' Intor. tho, common I > -•' • > ,'',,,; eraft, Ohtffef them!' touchine o,'('Bave!gho' BiiriaMOTnVypu'fMJi*:

tstlon In a yeat, .' - prison In-Mew York bpa- band Francis HopMmOn........ piece of lee iln- front er the. Mtf,: all." , - , ^ "' ". ,-vV

of loyallsuiiand Iregtedrwith tbo Helping a pretty girl to etaape pifploded anil created Infsnio « ,-,'-•-—,-.M-'.rJ'-v yya..

utmost severity during the nave- to anglaiid so that «ho mar'maW alarm. For- twonty.tour houn «• "lawn! a Wiadt $j»ihii>ffld; ««•

luMon, wait the role or IlioiiBrd the,man 1 ol Mr ehelt* is-ft noheuin afterward net a tiling-was seen 'eeptioBs by. the. youhgi" • ' *,-•

sioeliton, of New Jersey, ulgkr not usually astoeiaUd with 1 , sueh (liiiiing en- the.rlvon without be- •- -. • -/ii^a. -*,'.•

or the Declaration of lndepeiiB»ldigniaed worthi as lbs ilint ing Bred at by. tnusket or eannon; A'mart'in NartN 1 DaSota 1 ' bui

enee. to bo coiiimeraoroloil ,by[OT tho OTeiaratloii of Initopen* The event, gfoatly i 1 amused, the wltlslisWieven «el loHg.f •*Tbi~

I the BeaquhOentonnial Intornii.eniii), tlie one, hundred an* nftloth Anierlcanii und Hophlnun HU1>BI>> ought ii, mako neslcllW abMlmr 1 '

At Ibni cUrec[io# W eonerl^i, I pipnull l«

lenPraP I WanliinirKm, t i-niiiiin-! * r:ir -

vicinity of Twentieth •Ireot. A burned by th

eut, "Oneie Joe" wagfew

minutes later the Ire was occupied Prineeton at the c

fiflte'i altornoy of thedlseovertd.

or ms, and his

.Jsnntii diitriot of 1111- The are was discovered «t ' ^

jjji-served through seven

Sous sear*. It was hu


*^e went to Congteai in

I', the ant time, snd

rough nine concnmionnl

fttjinpailtli without de-

M"Mil he rstlred, only

pink In Ilia to remain

ijpears more—until 191S.

pi later he wai ehoien

liSlhlrd time to repw«nt

orven - '

p, M, and was not eilinguished .,__«, -_« . .

until Beveral hours later, The In- STYLE SHOES FOR

ability to get a water line on the , •-'

Ore handicapped the Bremen who I

battled the flames with shovels.


The ire threatened a house

near Twentieth Street, hut the

Bremen subdued the flames before |


any damage could be caused, I

T»f% using Asbury Avenue I

was diverted to central Avenue I

during the conflagration. The

in 1 nhlindelphlri

Drv Grass—Laek afterward, but hla Uieallh Bad|}HliB who anisled the lovely iBaJn and of Naples, anddraIbng

wry « - w » bMB pcrmtnonily

. imBaireil


I «li«abeth S Ihewell. ), to emape p from iueeeailoii of titled Men, generam

of Water Handicap!

the eustody of her brother m tliat tiid Bloteimen

Mal)e. Use of Shove

A gi-au (Ire

linvt been caue

was graduated' from Princeton

College, after which ho studied

hich In alleged t

d by •pirlu from

park, from move the prevailln» IBnoranee mmUm UA ,„ £,«,,„,, n m

Ui. regarding the Amiriean eolonUg. H,,,,,, ihackleton In "The Boo*

r,|. Eor a while he strove to oBeet a of Philadelphia/'

Tore It reeonelliation between the colon- .. . -•-,

tea and the mother country and :

was silent for a time in the

in imincB, opening debates on the aueatlon ,

Nineteenth of Indeileiidjnce, In the end,

o«fcftam "" J 1 ' 8 " F wl »»» »"• "• aeiigned to become the flrst BpU-

on".ne",, 1 S,lil l ^iS? l ffi «f »«< ft*** "-rary. one|

ashes from iho enilne in tba « «e jest I

usirieii any »#e ,~M«. .«== A call from Maley for aid In ir/\llTir>C

Ml, when at the age offighting

tah'M: ietiyJtr in the

ttfloniresi orflUBlit "Unele

ia.wiae leme. Always

l%BublMaih hli power

1 th» forest ore that swept YUUlltO '

that lection was received by the - - --,'•.

locall department during thia Missiuaippi & AfMtJo Avenues

blase. blate. By the time the loeal Ire. in. A^affe Ciflr.'W J.

men bad extinguished the local

men bad eitlngulshed the local «^M lire word was received the forest

Iriaiagl 'Ml • ,

tin was under control, -•

of .tMtJirtr «u «1

S»rrtkonW with.

ItiTIi Si' tei far the

on for president at the

lii national aonvention

,«pin 1908.

Iwnie Amerlean reineni-

Ue Joe" belt at ipealur

•"'-•'- -•* ~' itatlva


an and Mhooi ehild

ri "Unele Joe" from

M0lk «ree.ieare Mar.

^f|o>hii»«irtrletj- State

gatrj, "Unele Joe" always

i'to itand high in the

Jit the tickle public Firm

'•--••••• — — — ot

^MUght to riddle his

ft« nuif. have. eitraor|lijttwer

or; BeaonBinif.

Woi"' hadi WfMwtiftiiflli.

Httro eMBptloju he was

ttpto haita "of- ConBreis

?1ng maJorltltB each; dec-

0m: htt an^ne seen a,

M) of ! "Uneie^aoe'!' wlthi

joglt, iifaaya'hjH: at a



(kean City—Phila. |



From ocfin Clly to PhllKjclphl. ;

Hoiol Doliwar

Nilli Handifl

t 50UTHB00ND 1 j

- and lun. I |

«i«l from eeein eity


Seashore Building

The«'i,a Wg diffw

I an eiMt on buMlng

I that can N ^vereotet if

I von Rclect a Builder







^? jti&uv Ave.i Ocean siiy


The great diamond sjmdicate has diamondi storel aw^%;,bjn^:fip

it is said--but they releaie only such quantities as ihe^jnaricet win B|wjW

This Ireeps die price up and makes people want diamonds; ,,. ,;"•••/;.«••;

mile real «taW W Ocem C^,» not soldJfe diainonjJtglS^

"ilf ; itself, and d we fid find that tht property t owners have a a wry wry ^ '^^&y$f

^ & $ f

ie«% ipeaking, t ph h ||tW

.or casb except upon aifeal value basis. {i- \:-. t i »,: V > : :

Buyers who have been waiting for anticipated lo^er levels are finding that

such levels are mythical, • ' • ,> .,^-.>i*f,w--•^^Mm&^p.tt

You can rnake up^ur mmd to this axiom: • 4, Fculff

Ocean Ci#Westate-will never Wlower than irk today, ^sfkht0e

i t d o ^ W d a v ^ , •. • . - . ' • • ..• ; , • •;• . ;

- , | J * , ; . :

The tmth#this axiom wui hold good now, or a.year from now.; Q|r|ewj

yearslroin p." „ i 'f^ ;.,;•"•' .'; "" :,'. v^^l^S

BuyG^fif toestate:hpw. We urp you f ^dp this for #ufc|wi*

gq^jf vouam a^al inyep^r and want to .mab*|)>^v^:;>-Vi.^^iS^


S*f*L^is£ri&s.ti*&e^ "^Sfc-u %*k*£.t *?%& ^ui^i^^Mit^sSSlfl^i^ 1 ^*


Clean Up Next

weeit, /Mm

iummor. Collections of rubbish wards used, but that was the

,,,;. wl11 •' lo be M|B iM r In the Intent," ' •'

ervisor juuness Motion alone Anbury Mayor Champion aaldi "Oh,

ii Aventio, between Slito and well, let's have tl

e I)

niial to a slean and healthy

Iftee Prior, of Ft.

Ryto spending semo

Mile LaovTnier, of

Ue, O.. la •pending tr

jMay In Ocean Oily,

Idiiii'somo tiK"i h ii For Capture of

uShnir, or m» Plant Vandals

Another regulation which will all those who are not receiving

he strictly enforced during the the proper collection service Im.

if season Is the ordinance mediately telephone the police

against the placing of garbage department and their complaints

iind rubBUili ean on the siijewalks will be given prompt attention.

along the curb. Where this In ,.

practiced the frequent high '

Q f Ah l

q sor yestday morning eipectlng

w the rubbish about Question of Authority Tilt to attend the hearing of Derived

and creates an «« C i i ' M d bi hi

IW la Oeean Oily, _ .,

- —— ! Police Try To Locate Mean-

f,: Mo Mm P. ft Major, of, , Cook Shrubbery

iion N ¥„ nave beon Ocean WrooK—anruDBery


i h'

nstdn, N. Y., have be

1 Jfl«Ker» over tbt *»« ...»

-, F, leroyHowe entertain

.,., and Mrs. Qeorse Carlisle

ralip anil Sara C

£gtion, on Sunday,

_*ral. of Phil-

las a motor vlsltoi

re. 1 Sondj Hunt, or Bry

T Mary Laugher?, of Ger.

wn, Pa., spent lunriay lii

Jft, A, «, Kerigan, of Bar

ftiiBi, wu o week-end vl

arge W, Vernon, of Miami,

MrjpM in Ocean City on inn.

bmt William, of Mlllvlllfl,

ijJHSed etopplne ol 1116 Bay

jluq for a few day»,

1% W, I 1 ,. Clement, of Phil-

pWn. (ui motor vlHlter on

rj' and Mm. J, Wheaton

iui of Klrklyn, Pa-, were

lfHsnd vlsltora In Ocean City,

rjJgS-H. Vainlsrn, of Camden,

•b«Ji nendinR a few days

| Deatroyed and Stolen

iTake Moit Valuable Plants

A reward of 175 hǤ been

ed with the NBWi for the appre.

' hengion or information leading to

! the eapture oiid conviction of the

' vandal who has looted ihrubliery

| from lawni of several residences,

I The latest person to suffer from a

loss of thli kind is Join. M, Kyle,

I 2019 Central Avenue. He report.

1 ml that six plants were taken

from his grounds.

The owner stated Him he had >

Ipent several hundred dollars In |

! beautifying hlii property this

spring and sometime during the

past week the highest valued of

the plants were taken,

Several weeds a beautiful

blue spruce tree was removed

from the middle of the shriibliery

| bed on the grounds of the Wilson

home, at 1336 pleasure Avenue.

The tree which was about live

feet In height was greatly prized

by the owner, Clarence c. W.

Wilson, who lavished much euro j

On It for the pant elirht yearn.

From the manner in which the

tree was removed it Is doubtful if

the tree could live, as the roots

were torn at vital sections. •

Chief Johnson has Instructed I

the police to make every effort to !

apprehend the resort's meanest


the street ajid creates an un- a,

nightly condition. In those see.

tloni where there la no alley,

'he cans will be collected only oli

when placed just Inside the from wi

properly line, re

Estra trucks will be brought th

Into service next week and col. ho

lections will be mode dally. The Hi

supervisor requests thai all rub. gl

blah which may have aecumii- do

laled during the winter be sir

cleaned up at this time and have Pn

the needless eitru work liner In

Q y

at Commissioners' Meetinc

quests that bell's protest,

ot receiving ••

service Im. q.,;niia Aiirn AEcidanl*

the police ii S,.T?J U

complaints Mat Wiek fcno Here

turned on the Longnort-Somei*' BOW stirring shade* ; j I Wit not aeenj^

Point Boulevard on Sunday, The Bol« de rose hog been quite I softer, cooler ioiS

other memhen ol th» partr w»» iyeoesuul ilnee the "-*- "-- Ll -' •»-—•—- *« >

Many New Colon

For Spring Wear

(Continued fr

sort yesterday m

»nd to obtain

They' were m

(Continued from page 1) They' were much perturbed, to

eared It was not that he my the least, on discovering that

arned to handle It, but he wag the hearing was not to be held

sponsible for the payment of and that iertwell had gone to

e bills and wanted to know Philadelphia and their overcoats

w the money was being spent, were still In the automobile,

e said; "'There is nothing tliat it wr " * "

"'There la nothing tliat It wi

u this authority and I had "had o i

mt to feel like an out* though he

such matter!). When I when be ret

= day evening

Champion Interrupted: ,_ "•

i didn't protest," Com- Acoiaeal

Campbell continued Mm. Caro

orinis Will Be PromineBt

Each icason of the year brings

new shades and colors. This

spring ushers In gome many

brightened and shadowed color-

ings: Irlstol scarlet and char-

treuse green, lip stlok rose, a 1 —

her tan, plume blue and ma

All the shades of boia do I S|j.|e

are goad, ' from the { pile

rose ,hy some—to the deb, ,

which Is called "ehevreuje." '_.... ,„,„ „„ ln In .,_,,

ise tone Is lovelr -••••-1-1-• • "*'

n In all the ne" •

H"H rlbboni,

¥ Is quite Importtnt, hut an

in the light shades only. Navy to milt the fae

blue Is smart, and from all In. and a tuck tl

dicalions is here lo stay. Mats the famous "Oigiijj

of that color are worn well with papular In Parts, Jfi

the tailored suits and dresses used on the hil!|ni

being shewn now, both in taffeta are 'or««fi*««»a ~^5^

• nd wool materials. Shades of bone

nd red are talked about, shapej and deslgav*:.)

Atlantic city, ]

the needless eitrii work liner in Mayor Champion Interrupted: .

Ihe season, t "No, yon didn't protest," Com. AooiBettt On Mainland

Daglebih also announces his missioner Camplieli continued M- Caroline Crnfl, 14, of

plans for the sunimer seoson Ihal he illcl pioleal and offered Linwoed, was criticaiiy injured;

which will meet with much ap. a motion to correct the minutes, her daughter. Mrs, George Craft,

proval from the housewives 'of Commissioner Robinson fajled and Bev. and Mrs, J, Schmidt,

the cltj-. from July 1 until to second the motion until Mayor of %'lneiand .were hurt In a

leplember 15 there will be n champion declared: "The motion head^n crash at the entrance

daily collection of garbage in Is not seconded, so no vote can to the Country Club grounds at

the section between North street be taken." Northfleld, on the ihore Head,

and Thlrty-sillth Street. Another Commissioner Robinson said: Waiter 8, Jones, colored, of

change which has been secured "I don't Ihink It is necessary to PleasontvIIle, is held. It was

through Ihe efforts of the super- pass a motion to make such a his truck, making a left turn,

visor is the increase in the num- correction, but I will second It, which Mrs, Craft's oar hit,

her of cailectlens of rubbish He did protest aealiurt it." Ivy Krallon Wl

along the Boardwalk. This will Mayer Champion asked Com. lured and was taken to the At-

be made dally during the sum- mlssloner Robinson: "Do you lantic City Hospital for treat-

mer season. The daily eeilec. agree that Is who! he said?" mem when the jar in which he,

tlon in thin district will groully CnmmlRnioner Robinson replied: Jomos ItlKElnn, Thomns and flus-

1 wen the flrn haiarri during the "It might lint ns exactly the mi Krailnn were riding, ever.

%itt B, and William Me Moonshine Lands Colored

d, or Philadelphia, motored I" 1 --.—!.. •- t_if

' , ffltr on Byndar. _Coup!« in Jail

JiA. D, Hohman, of Imltn. t » V

(Lrgaret E. Fenli, of Oheater, f ry»r

M8SI Saturday In Ocean Pryor

fci ' h

ABM and Katheryn B.

'it Media, Fa,, were week-

nst the building.

d 17,50 for his

"i*£L. D, Philips, of Bellilo-

||n,, (pent Sunday In Ocean

M. nn« M, L, iterr, or Phil,

hia, have been spending a

jij»jn Ocean Olty,

U.H, Malin. or Phllailcl-

,,_fttared to Ocean City on

&$', J. • •

iri)W fethcl Hlldlnbcreer. of

rehem, Ps.. was among our

;-end visitors.

M/E. and H. W. Street, of At-)

rticVCItjr; visited aur city on'

rptoa un, w, uoft MII-

Ill'lWllmoiit, N, ],, were

)/: vlflltors here on Sunday.

frrJMwiir, of Phlladel-

ned her. lummer borne,

Asbury Avenue, on sun-

, JI Ilarrla, of WUmilig-

waj a vliltor to our re.

the week end,

Sand Mra. S. Ooldwater, of

^W»sm*T,i nave been

dug; • few days In our re-

Ki : '

rs.J;ElIiabetli Qahdy, Mtaea

' Bpiajyli* •eull, 'Mlrt

Mftfiai.and Mm P. t*-

ifiowi.: attended the State

In8r!o< Republican Woman

ii^.Hadiion Hull on Friday

Mrs, Jackson also was loathe

to express her guilt to the

charge of being disorderly, "He

smaeked me and Ah hit him with

the pitcher and then when hi>

started flghtin* again noun! olhwr

fellowr jumped in and stoppvd

him, That> oil there was to it,"

Fangbi ' "

intoxicated and Ware placed her

fin** alga at I?_go_

, W. Va., have



do not give enough thought

lo fire iniurance until we

have a fire. Then iuddeiily

it becomts of the utmost Im.

portance arid we wonder if

the agfnt who wrote our

polio' knew his business.

The correct time to worry

about your iniuianee, how-

—ir, ii before any fire oc-

»..'s, .' .. •

We know the fire insurance

a company both able nnd

willing to pay. That in

why we repreient only the

itrong, aid-line fire itisur.

ice companies • who li.imv

! There ,U one very gioil rca^

ton why you need, not

wnrry; '».. to wheihtr we

"know our business," If is

•', ememj" will;

Money and


Short Haul or Long Pull-—

This Bank Can Help You

You may need commereial banking accommodation for

three months—«r you may need trust service for your

hein for years to come.

You may need a short-time investment—or a tavings

account that you will keep going year after year. _

You may need a title insured this lummer—or a safe

deposit box to hand down heirlooms to your children's


Any and every financial service, short haul or long

pull, is available to you here—with an extra measure

of courteous treatment.

Banking— Truth- Title Insurance

4% 7e

City; baseball team, la en-

i In too Initial contest of

bleb will bo Hayed

ilelpal Field, Fifth and


vlaltors and bati In the clean-

pars!" laughed toe

perralnaiyie bucuso Harper was born Ju

Three were UBOCI la US!, on a farm In Kentuc

il day, April 14, father had about forty


shoe is Using Ws head

thing more than the

Ing hord-hlttin

vine Eiga

brother oi

'tflOUBh » ki the cojirse difficult enough to attract the

rj to this city. They were unusually fortunate in this, as

n of the oriier links in South Jersey have been forced to

«»U n«» I. m*. «bdr course, hard enough » be

I April 17 to 21, Inclusive, the moat c

,' Yanks uDcrt two pliehors each waa eli

u day. Then from April 23 to May or plai

n I, Inclusive, the team had some. Into c<

* thing like real pitching. The the ha

iS 'batters were helping out, as they somyth

o have from the beginning of the And w

ie season, but the pitchcra who for niy

started were able to BnUh their

im shaping up rather riliidly now that they are getti

*ll now 1 looks as Ihough we will have a bigger sports ye

;j» die better golfefi.

i '


1 The frit event on the program will lit the game here

• alter noon between ihe Ocean Cit) nint and the

if Egg Hertar autfil. A number af the heal Inni are

iiibf to late in the teeand game 0/ the mrifj «( Egg

^f BB Bimdd]/ afternoon.

» ell her harvimllng or weeding

planting or getting tho ground

0 condition or looking after

1 harvested crop, to give you

ho harvested crop, to give you --- • •

iomothlng to do the year around, -°

Ind we needed to do something l •"

•or niy father was very poor," , TL * i

OBi*faioo« ,,L

"oa" of" I 1 "" got'wo.

lder Harper raised a fam. BI10tBBI. fnMl

letter event of the f

•nut iho Unto that ha made

rfith two bits,

ado -" " -

But hard times began May 2, M

The pliehors started to slump and „



they have since taken

d ih

rdont eampalgn aealnit knmkei|

do. By his ar»t wife OB Jhe


„„„ aus y

the, ho hBd eight children and by his



as a disti

n,.,y coming^ J-. through

5*«S' , ^"T~i 1 , J f i,', hM nani H n tbat Kind 01 naillo in wnicl

mi% virtue ol the marveloui fpurt of Connies ball towers | J-M __..„.„ .... .,

"tfflllt «up!e of weflo. The A's have usually been a gi

I ina uiu«ll». hover around the top of the league durii. (

Bkmb, regartlta of how they finish, and this fi« made it Th8 young plleherg of ihl

Via (or the sport dopesters to explain their failure to pick leMn a m i a better catcher t

greased slide with great aptitude, BeCBnd an even doion, for a round "

It baeomes obvious that this team lw6nty, Tho Harper of our sketch g," *"

i I bi dl ^'f"

lw6nty, Th


with baiting power Is being dls- holonged to the second brood, or

slpatci into the ether becauBO It >hlll, w0 m y er0B. Ana by that

hasn't got pllchers good enough Um(ii ,.„,„, „„,„ ha¥lBg run

IB keep it out ot the »»n« divl. ou(, thoy b0BM w i a th0 Pre,l=

s'on. dents and christened him after

now IM most imPortMt p«l m ,„,„„ of U. eountry, =.

I h ldtl

* of It is that It Is the old-tlsne ;

pitchers who aro failing. It may Tm

distiiirt shock be temporary, but If they don't |,8

ri,ad ever since I ean

r," says Harper, "but at

m w u M ra(1Bey in It,

look alike to Har-

only handle them than Pat Colll-

He may be gooil for the old I

% ^ ^ SVSt I Uon

" ,„,,,„ ,BB, w,lnB mhm mml


^ler I'rcakncss has been run and with pretty m

ipi the. five preceding years. It appears to

tea favorite to come through winner in the

^Man-o'.Ww won in 1920 has a warm

.Browns »re tht cause ot i..._. .....—. -- -. ••„. , h h, , t „„ (8 not

$tl* By the manner in which they fin ff ls ".» 1 mmer that young pitch.

"to were picked M ittong contenders for the Hag Ibis year, ha^g g|mp|y bmause he

'V Rrave to be to yet, but a big improvement in their pitel). plek (h0 puling rlihl

'will have to be forthcoming. At the present writing the hla Opp()ncnts and he

a torn is deep down In the cellar and plsying on foreign BtmAr klda.

Itai't likely to improve their standing a whole lot, judging _

j'r present suCMii, or lack of it, here in the tist, U

febb also ii hivhig his .troubles at Detroit, The infield. n

« Piper, looked pretty lood this spring, isnt going so well. Meet Tom

% tmaeWtood that Wirner, the Tiger's Pacifk coast ^cquiji- • IVICei 1 U1II

i Mullen, purchased from Port Worth, have not reached the — • .

apeaed of them. They are being tried at third base and Ocean City Team \

8t mi to be as strong there as Jones, who was allowed to por Honors a( Will

[to. tht coast it hli own request. The Ocean "iHy tra

imtMartedth, vtllraM Q-Ra^ea, y£ ZJ^SSnZ H

h. tut when Frant tauldnt gtt gomg right, young •,!,, cap* M»y Counw m

lIpiHr wot substituted. . • • y other schools will take

| . • . • • " " ' ' ' the "largest meet which

{• CANTIU'I FAILURI IN PMAKNISi A SuRPWSI . Yii\6 in lhi« section II

The Ocean Olty track team

ml will Journey to Wildwood to-

„» morrow Btternoon to compete In

the Cap* May County meet. Four

y other schools will take part. In

' the "largest meet which will be

held in thin section Ihls year,

Wildwood, cape May Court

he. same House, Cope May Oily and wood,

difficult bine are (lie olhor ieatnii entered,

race. The- wildwood team Is aim

e gone eonsiderMl Iho favorite for the

title, but their defeat on JVeii-

id Canter went far in advance of all except Drc»

s felt Hsured that either one or! the "«h" «°^»

ice told on both and they collapsed badly when the

'"caine u Display and Bloiidin,

tivdy.1 ' • '••-

m. Ffeaknesi, V' '

id making their |,(¥e a runaway of the meet,

ts in the his- Capo May Court House tea

' unusually strong and may b

r has been defeated peeled to give tbe. home lei

Je killed e,ch other

remit malt, Bubbling Over .««>„( t""">f

anhiM£il Kentueig Derbs.even; «*W* " ""- •

others. Ho awlngs from the identity,

handle of the bat and inkea a V, Toi,..«•..», .».,.

healthy cut at tbe bail, ' athlelo, wIJI go to the

__ 15^— —= against the Egg Harbor

4 woman told the doctor she the opening contest, Ti

was awfully tired—and he risked worked against the Wl

her to let him look at her tongue, toani two weeks ago, wbl

o team will be for su-

hleh has repr

„„,, _.»_,i City for many

yeara," staled Dennis,

The local club has been graat-

ly strengthened by the aeauui-

d h

"Froddy" Fhrampus, the

Eing first baseman for

ins with the Mill-

. team, Fred Is a

of "Bloomy" PhritmpUB,

-••••-• i on the *

during the past win.

wilh the local athlete!!,

brought out Leo Doui

starred In the bnckfu

ed with learn last rail. Do

„ .^=^ I an Ihn dia*" fi "«l I

week and onTyeida

open lines Eoste

A Short CBt

WiisUti Ad?nHila«


drill on Wednesday evening he

w m Knosklng them far and wide

10 all corners of the big Reid,

ho will

hut Pl»B '"I"" 1

'ham- «oi> "> thla

Wine olty

while play-

resorted tinitiedlatel^. If ths fault ef

thU nvwiBniier, Iho NEWS will ht —-

RPSnalble fsr Qnisf oils' cerrKt lni_-

Vlis NBWS Is • mcmlwr of Uu'New

rt P li d

upremaqr ?=card of Thgnks

3 p l Bi*

ekperleaci datlred. Apply

Brel, ear, fth slid A^fcurr, '•

_O¥ WANT SB j— "WES ffi


Mirtgim Mennr.

,rlj Wit a Redlcg j

Ing somewhat weary of . ' %

mill business,'' Harper ^—|

,,,„. mv....jd an opportunity to loin ,

i lulcihelnnatl In the season of 1DS2,


lined there parts of three .'

- l)u ' **• traded to phila- •

£ar*d"baille*"'"" dolphlti on Decoration Bayt UJ4, (

Ooaeh Meyer has been drilling for Curtis Walker, ]

his team'd'Bllr arid tbe Ocean Harper has an Inventive mind, I

City boys have shown groat prog, ife is alway* sobonilng to belter ,

roiia since their nrst track en- UiP basebail oauipment which be ,

deavnn'at th? Penh Holayi last uses and to improvo his work, . .. " J

inonih, Meyer is building his Take the stnple theme of bats, .; ...

team from inenporleneed material for oganiplo, avoryono knows that •• ,

and doesn't expect too much of bats; the better grades at least, i

his'jrotegis this Maaon, Mow- are made, ol ash, . Harper, not • ,

aver, the Improvement shown by wholly saHsBtd with ash,, e«por|. , , •

abme of the runners may cause monted with olaef woijds and hit , ,; : , _

aeverai upseli in the meet, to." upon a kind of;wood that he eon. Tountlg Car.

morrow On paper the local team alders Ideal for hla requirements, §|gg||g|g{i

In Ihe percenUge of CoiUy Chreme

Vanadium Steel used, Dodgo

Brother* Motor Car outrank* any

other automobile in the world,

regardlets of cost.

It ta iwefywhere Eoncedid tfctt ChroniB

VaBadhim Steel ia the touihist ind inert

enduring metal evaf ertated for ms in the

vital parts of a motor carj

It nay noi he BO weU known, hewew, thit

Dodge Brothers Motor Car rsnki .tint

in ihe world in the uie of thli rortly mi

fitipe-proof material

Dodie Brothers power iSiembly is almost

mtlfoly ChromB Vanadium — motor, eon-

neciirig redi, cranliihaft, traniintealon, unl.

venal Joint, drive shaft, diflerentW md

rearajde,, , . '

Even the front ajfls ta Chreme : V«nadium—

, ghad#B and iereeos

flees Qfferei

'^^. Renovatii—

r, TrBOking itsracs

.- intritig, »fin», Btmrailns

33—profesilonu Services


raaao lh forty-Mht bourt, owini

FiuMl and TlorlEW8_ com

Tnul BulUInt " r*U

fit (l.la^Hgw

•llgbtlj iurt. Hotel Dttaware, , •»;

Artlclu ftr lilersUtM m»

FOR BAi,a num oommoam

ud lire wood, WIU mil. ijMMfcffl

crinee at ones. csJl MadOBJ

_.. -, Qe«n Olty aii, or «iil«,iie««

01. " • -••»•««{£«



corn lid Beaniit nwchlno. • OMW

itlgetly used. Full eoulBBienb A

torWiUiL if jsjs amct Wjlts or off,

Jewelry :.nd wiunu,

i~~ of ~ dlttiiioiidKj^^

weft ud fitahMh • Bgudin. ••*•


&Jia. -A- t * -i^ A • -• »p6»lnm are Mrt AJf«d ''« n 1a « • rortf-two foot '

Weh.;«rtJl *iw >jf* »_• »f ">» IimHon sf (elepbone boyi and young men )jp M(^|

KSJOJBIlty ,\,1',..;: P 01 " '• iwtety-on. feef from otber raUniieg of ih* Btatt h«J

_ * * ' lh# eemer ef tbe. road eieepilng A temporary eeunly; eomrtiti

DOOlter Caravan W4W M 0 * 1 wnilltlon. prevented tee headed by sir. Ch»H« flfl*'

,- V j,. ,>„, ... t,,,Vr: Wrttiof at this point. Mil liu Been laaklng pBiii.dB^

, -j——•• .... . Dlreetdr Ogden Inquired If the Ing the'pait tnontli thi^pnmlMi

WiStilrenfc bonier caravan waly connnended •

Sl» gSiiioitai and the result*« ehrained sera "

till-(pounil cited by County Pnhlirlty plrec- WM .

ui'tdiBiakB tor Hall In a MlMiri, to the Free- el1 nKoinsi the location

UiftMv'•?-« boidefeiaM Wedne«]av. •" -itv walk* iwhirt: woold

ttated tbeitflfl

or receiving co-oper'aUgn ..ftol

I ipendlnE over n quart(!r--.flfK'a|of tbe evenidg wlir be'dellvireil

I secllon he la met wllh obstacles. I secretary town and country lie-

| Becslier declared the'only rat). I riartment. .National Y. M.. Q, A,

Wiiawdod" Baule.

i, live Involved was for Hie better-I.CouncIt. flw York Oily,. Mr,

h the Wlldwood

. vtMh e«end«

mem of wildwood, '9 '#- Rbberti 1i aipekker or national

After all the representatives I repiiluiloo. He (• often heard

' ' " >rd to Mill

tehiively In tble country an well

as Europe and upon ^oeiaglong

a traveling partner or Theo-'

dore Roosevelt on. a number of

alt speaking tours, *

Will Piganjf

ThU gathering, will also de»

(ermine whether or not Gape

May County shall fcare «I.T. M.i

0. A,

il^blff ort Aibury' Avenue

between 21st and 30th


$3,200 up

», """".."."."" «",*"•**, !•• Oaai, Cbalrmoir of the genii.

ary Organization^Backed nntlni commKtee. , .•„ ..

By Prominent jjlen "MM and Scsop." tto, ^M,

•' • - • • - ' J °' A ' "y»p"-Twlng from .? 4 ' i , j f ,t . ,-»'.'fcj.'.^J

811 Stenteh'PJM* !

Lot 72 ft, front M5 ft I ••*"»* %*!

4 Bedrooms, Bath, Uv- I \^j|^

ing and Dining Roqma, I ' i -

Kitchen, Gas Heaters,

Garage, immediate

$12,500.66 l^Sf'

Well Financed * Below

There Is No Better Place to Invest Your Mone


Oean City properties will be in greater deiMnd thii summer

ever before. ' ^ '\X*^i' : **

I s






ferge South

IJersey and

jKeystone Clubs


ittfy Membere Will Enjoy

j||ijl Privileges of Key-

Hjjpiie Automobile Club

% ! 1

Jub li Booster

jS^ of Good Highways

litributes Much Literature

jjipm Cape May County

'iikh nnnouneBrnen i rnnriu recemly

by J. Bsrtoii weeim, presl-

'2f»3#/«F thA l?*vuinn#j Aiilhmnbile

fihib^ stated that an Bgrt't'iiiE'ni

^ttillbsen reached whereby the

South Jersey Automobile Club haa

ejniiiiilfied with the Keystone Au-

TDjnobiki club.

^f^^to means that all the ninni.

j8Sj>of He ioulh Jentey, ailtoiiio-

JiUii^filuta will MMjL-ivu the Hainu

^IkrieBts and privileges that gi

33p|ie Keystone Automobile Club.

MSBO buttery aS the Keyslom-

^freinobllo Club takes one liliek

fi|P#Bfity years to n meeting

SSy at Gienolilim, Debrwari;

>iinty. Pa, There ihe nliili wa«

||tt, birth, m the. Autoiimtillc

ntoof Delaware Counly wlili

S©fliBhl member*, hy llrt Int.-

Jttjraint, JoHeph II, Wn!li«. 'I'"-

IlK'lt Is the larsem Autoniubl!..

:lub In the Ha»t, with appi-oni.

foflr twenty-one ilioussuil

iSl 1 ^ purpose of the elub Is In

juHJrtefand prqlMl the niotorlni!

Bi|6H^' ; and. \promdti. highway

fiifMy and furllier tha, cmiae nf

§p| : - . ' • • • • : . .

, " v ' . ' ; . : ; : : r ; : 1 ; :

. " • • ' • ' ' • '

' . . ' ? - , ' . ? ' ' ' • ' " . ' " . • • ' . ' • . ' • • ' , . . . •• • • ' • ' ' ' • ; • ' • > " ' . • ' ' . ' ' ' •

ough hundreds of thousands of dollars have ^een made

^f:|Sh^hOTe' invested i« QcetojCi^ real estate during

MJ#t|W"^Wi ; tiw-'^i^*t''pnifits will be made thii year

i^iK^is'BibeitiUirtt!rti|W hf the jFact that thoae^ho

ffiefc:!;prop«rtiM: 'uk'*'O^m;Cj^-U«t;year at large profits

Write us for more information on OceaiiGity.


ooEur OTf sros, ecMH flgy, w. r

that f.-IJow a

mi'. I'm a lltllu

the tramp who s t

in: the lu

.. '"»»"" youngster in the Wltl« «---_,--

—*~ 'I - --••--'• --Ko~^'i.- 0 ^ c -s

- -• li.low mi-i never geiH a new (hc nahi|l(,, ihe mall who mid I

' tlilliK hill Kin' ruii» ill in show {Yl.,'rv nl,vur wml|,l lie iinothcr

• mi 1 ; never hoars a new lulu but w a r; ,,,„ w,,iilil-bc dandy who

Hbe run* ill io i*II me; Buniq- ^.^ ||iri.,,.|,,ch-lllBli collars; the

; tliuw brllifi* li trinket in lliiil ri.rurlm,r who raid thai within |

>«**| - BIH- ivaiila Hi Hull me; always ^ yI,urg a[n,r prohibition ,wa«;

V 'round when w,i are pick-will ,lc|u,||w|| every Jail in the ciiUnlie

win II we lili'i Junt SIR good a ,,,„ wol||l( have to clnai' for lack

_i 111-lfihh.ir iin niiymiv liven by; • IMllil ,„„,.,,„.

' «,..,,l.l,,'l .iWsiil Ml*' IiuIliUM Uff i

„, ,„ „,.. ..,„,, ,»„ Kn..w"";*ll'"lT«r" rJik^'n l"'^ S A young woman who ihoushtj,

i ihe wiliiiT, mill B anll ,,vo hl,.ln| mf mother she i

i Ih" Hummer— Ihe ^V ,„,„,,• yul, .inii'l repent It- affection w.-nl •" «

yuur pet schemes. ;v||. a |llU. WUi) |I)M ,„,,, dausMer «f a Kcvi-lllli il

, Kirl's perTeeiltmr,, nM ,.,,-lll,|11.l Ui-m. . OM Sllsa' roi- li love piiwilcr.

imtrrli-.!. Hi.- muiia --- w ah(.,8 „,.,,„ „„„,„„ lni,i h.i "uei ii i"'«;;:"|

at 11,1- hour 1,-lw. "„;,"lll,lir,rw.1u|.l S,-i (he wli.ll.- beef, enf A«t. BBMl an » I; 1 ' Inen-iui-.l. an wi-il iii! ihi- lie- ihai eiiiii-iiH rmiiii mil • heiH iin-eiins im Tiii.».iiiy i-vi-nini; that Want Street

Ithod. The of liqiiOr in ihe pfi^e^iuii nf ilij, Wonien'f* Civle t:,nii ami for mi

Cleaned Up the corn

1 " 1 ! lor ^hmle iiiiH itidiliie II-IN from itit.ir ieijal rlKlitH . hy any lie Iuiil reef.ivi.il a leni>r fi-niii . Though thi di

Kurc PBlnl*r, who "us Illililiiil hy I lie seiilur CIIIHH fur ihe ilef raying fiir Ihe tomilriiulion ul hoiiii-H. evasion fiieh us fulirliiu nrf till- Hi" lli-liilliiK Hailrua.I VeleiiiiiH' ^^^~"^~"~ iranMrlMd on the tiooKs 1

" Panghiirn hefore he uiiulii


rill of liieir exneiii,e^ on the aitnnnl ^^ „ sire..I iiini thiii. Hoi niiiy tan til., Asfuii-iaiion, in niiJiwer to his re= BeeallBe other In the vicinity time aftif they are rieei? thai illne try lo pemiade Ihem I lull (lie alley htiween Ninth and »

tinwi'l I. I. a Btaie offlner, mi W.-.lmwIay Mliw Aiiilerh.ii were exiiemeiy Mlllly. The naiiifi of the pur- tiinpulatecl iilioill n year ngii nf- In eoine io Oeean Cily nest year, Tenlll Street, and IIIKO the wsit - ,„„..-,,, ,»., t M h f l

LW W me notne- morn|n(, .

1W all other idvan- '"'—- «-_ ••

rortmiate In heillK Hliln (o Been chaaer WIIB not Hindu nubile, ler n iunlor nceiiicul, II nevei Heireli.ry DevllI will iilM) wrlto aide of Haven Avenue, be cleaned w|ij h, „„„ .(..j"',,.^,,!." ,"

— h.-r al a rale which mains il • Another liilllilliiB ilint wan ld Properly hi'iiled aiiil a m>cnnil op- a ielior" to the anaoeiailnn heada up hy. Ihe city offielals. w n. Ui-..-i-y i-iiiii'liirty was grant- Jelly, whleh In practically com. _ _ _ _ — • j ; v

hi MM- hu-nl Imunii-i-a mid ihi. pii.tmi at rifty-nlnih itreei, used TSJ rteord« In tBB Oemtf'

I unkempt and dirty

jjf»pting to pat thi

J resort on the back

i » better kept that

her al a rale which mains ii , Aiiollier liilllilliiB Ilial ivim

" . ».n.ar. naiumiiy in-

Iiuasibli! in liolil siieli nil uiiiiHiiul- while unili>r coiisli'licilon wii

((tontinlleil on Piine 2) - (OniillHiieil oil I'nBo S)

! il.

IliioiiMli Ihnl i-lly iiioiiu iviiH IMP. irnckn for a runway and ottI^a OMM nnU Um» .-iBtot-^;

suv«7^r-t'ffi iirs'Si-rj^r'-s ±r"»±:-sia^^

M l "i:r'ften'"l "oTlJZ ^'I-.^.^ 'r 6 ^.^ The aeUrttr""» W «*** «

«»"« or WS6M1 tiir. m

* mh P*tIl(*n»I BMUrs lMt Mar

tllat WM

t h t (hi •«•»«* rtMj ipSraWri wo •"••i.'

""• "

i!i!iiipe,l out for Ihe Im-al men,

I'liji him alliTieliiii tniitii alien.

Mon, whili; jiarlti'ii in frniit of the

lillees nn Klfty-Ihtril Street, and

hixii Ben m aiid Lieait wery hept

hUHy ..^plitiiiiiig (he merilK of ihe

i-lly. • -

(Continued on Pago Five)

JllJ Have "to go BOBS" to eaua!

To date 11 Bu Ml only ' bteh

oqualled hut baa been iurpa' "

by several hundred ualen.

in the county olerk'a orflee, Pum


Stop Nuisance

Jl/onf R,.,,.t;.... B,;|m,,i

:: "fi

of mmm thil1


* nightly inore than one third

, , of tho deeds recorded fcoth.years

Chamber of Commerce Pro- are for Ocean Oily propertr. ,*:

ry in Cliro all aslihiR. that this city he injiiKileii rrenident Fred Manne stated


for J987, ' I {ContinusdoBPr— —•—'

The many denlopmestl trill

attract more bupn. At the uama

The Cape May County Chamber Of Commerce Booster Caravan Still Smiling In HagerstoWn, Mi.

tlmo the deve!e|ta#Bti abould In

no way Impair the sale of prop-.

(Continued on Fags 2)

* ;>,'

r t

•• -I T „ I,", • *

_ir, if Ca|ie:MayfiJi Murray!! pSu

mrAlbinGrithth, of North ;WI!dwootl'atit

r, Preiident ,of; ths sHartrtltosm 1 :

Chamber Selecto

Bureau Head

Will Supply Information To

Vieitori at Booth

J. Pred Manne, prealdent at*

the Chamber of Commerce, aniJ

at the meetinB of the

of the Information

thi! organliation

Roger, Williams

atipn ri

..._ i Oily, The bureau 1 ,

he lurnlshed dallf with tha llitHJ

of sueafk III the varleui hotiijv'

and upon aeking the person In .

charge the, reildenci of any vtilH ft

tor may be quickly located, Tml

and trolley schedules, boatln

and nihlng tripa. In fact t«tj

Ihlng whleh, one may deilre t

learn may be found Out at 111

meiit'e tiotlee, . ,-,

-AVLtii" ^Wlllianrt^ li -sell M

aualnted, with petan Ctiyand]'Ut

particularly well ' qusllfled to;

Btarttbe nii»:pB||ei:-^ .; -V.




jsf'p;*' 'i



,iiW :-:•••

, W$£fi


i 4 vfr/is/'flfc




hlcli hung %>* Edgtr Active

-a jrodD-iUil WuMtlull atari


aport talk to tte bourd on child

wan taken an Ihiu

g p

two->fa»rtiy npartniont o«' ITS*

Cittnt Atonuc. "it 'van being

erfrp««ied. BIOM of Walter a.

k to 1, Bdr- oH« and th« rtirMttn Whom;

pBiii to* •WifSP W


fcn. The last, ,

build on .the ';pou«!B' R.

MUroeful; ",

able, Kurt

W>r," the unaeelded; SHfirtj

Blather; "Mr, Barljett." tin,B|

ouBprofesiar; "Heath PfemoBJ,,,

the mfca ln'ihe eaiei "jMe.fj/Hle

rtald. J':

A«. I—The county Houie;»ef

iBt'Ipeneim,' •••».- ••••.. i^'M

Aot II—"Orola 1 --.Cat;'.' KfiftS

Deaniond'i Estate, ' • * •• >V-

', AM UI-^he •MBem .HOB ,

narked. Increase In the dumber

e f » t e a , , • • • > • • . • ' ••••••

Hi BepMT said a twofnmllr

apartment which lie own.

ed.^hrt-MI' Plymouth JUBefc- to «%WtU|p.Mik<

JlHi,*AmilrvtJ iWoiBiMn'i of #11111.


(Con'unuiMfrBni nyse, Oii«. , » ol « tid t ^ H

(Continued fron Paw

erty elsewttre •fn'W

whieh nia^lng just u .


, tm»r %

IK a pla« more -. Th« Int development to

st or :Wni er: it Thrown ,ii won into ^r- pi»«4 ^ ^ «n the miirtat tfcta

ef < h |,,j w -, t f, .wlUdr'tit.

cJ by the windi ni it into ii won someone's ^r- (j n trMiiiwrtatioB h|,j-tflUd , unezMl M

arf 'ivho Hiieivori to keep their, anrwlieri 1 ik'lilB 1 Hi»rt,i-fi«Be pf

. "• ::j::41 .t... 1 ' „•.._'_ I* dlitlaetl*e faaturtii ,i

ork tor iuch a person. Lu-(|,iB development' on ilhe

HI Is fortunately BttjialM at. fto

Jdnction of the Btnunit Boolevfird

and Main Seashore Boutovmrd.

A JMtt Jjertten or \W

SS31SHiB*I>' 7 AS&W. ! SWimi«;'«f •lit 'lots on Anbury A-re- jjon


1i'' i ,i/""2U[«. i . s' " '-

', I


j'l "rT3*'W.''9'


jltifipffslid weal wejtter.

B«|F . BlMmon defeat

IMP ta a t« t 0B

, HBU Hani won

JjwM of lue senior nnal

SUff been posted and

nellB getting In ihape for

KB?:fllliIl«> eomes on

lajjmomlng, May 27. with

From the Schools and Pupils

BTftwsfiSL, Bon-.,.,

rti? lift Ocean Ollf In Mr. He 8 ^" pUl w ' *

i0AUlot on Friday after. u, d dash—Kreekiiiattn

(wilmlnd tnerB_when It iroadley* Mornhlnwei.

Bif^i ^democracy In . the

jjjfi8t? v 0n Friday morning

itrjj-and commercial ecog-

?sri)'scheduled. Friday af-

Jijltflngs French, Monday

ijjHtBetitr Is senior Latin and

• ar4 B». -wltn mathematics


Javelin—not entered.

220 yard dash—Dannelly, Lan.

lara. Howe.

Broad jump —, Uornnlnweg,

Broadley, Howe.

ISO yard run — Zimmerman,

MeCulIough, Thompson.

Discus—Donnelly, Iroadley,

pole vault—Oarolhors, McCul-

louf h, Lake.

One mile relay—Mornhlnweg,

Laniard Broadley, Xreekmann,

Dannelly, Zimmerman,

Many students are expected to

go down and all the support our


Clean-Up and Paint-Up

this worthy movement we urge eaeh citizen to do his or her

best part to mike our community




V-M, Cooley rnnti • telegram I have to. ptoeHaJB; the propwtr,

ielilng Tom, ne li fired, Tom, fro


H "«S MM thSt Bull King WOUM


trwluetlon. We've heard them

before. Everybody will be there Thai. Whtrtm the

IPfiiEi^und'K ' ^ " "'

and tn making the "Home

and city Beautiful"

C *—'" I" safeguarding Health. In .tlmui..ing 01.1c Pride,

ft J'SJftoSSteS ftwmw Tnck Me* Si WUdwood la pn-nollng Thrift. __ and In -rtlM •». "Home

tlonu. and expect to g




> *•?

"' 1



'• '4

V s

/: ®i0j


\ ' «

jHWl ^atbiChSioBit kf Mil old-

SHE ; I fashioned children i who wire

'* -" Wiii lo wali' for the "second

i'^mMojfiMfn^ WM\ Boat-to wanrrbirpentea any

mBiiHjtmjIW.rW Btot8 (hat Itehee, V

f-'^r .H«.(«Cier the ftmtajnooBl—

ltr O* 1 ' Club »•*! ism Min of my soctil |an holes

«t|«^ : i^#» la iHn. •weitfitwt. 1

oWij of Oteaiji ' She—Put on both jialre. The

Hitd lut Frtdajr, I,01CB are in dlSenol places.

WM ChOBen BB lB!rit«IT,!i, "Uo«

pll B, MUItr 1« Wtunrer ,d ,„ ehtaam'for ."lon.1 M

i«UUb IP " !

he chic rjome OB, kid, do four staff,

11M preltet, e,a,.rbodra pepped, ike part;

r - -giettlDg rough.

" -—• 7 Wt that HUB, make

ft thi u,Ma to t»« wnpftoiie. heir

176.000 thoi^o wicked notes.

a. "Toe PUBO «jfi"»P*iioB, aotl Beg, jiiit

gsmrtny J

Uow etKUlt ,t> ban]o. Hlt . p

ft llflle more

,-SS f« » MrlsA


ehould ti WW etaM»trtltd,

' i buy the J^g, at every angle, watch jnu'i

sitter case r, \ not cut down.

, '••v

Como on, Bal, Iifi Bop, Now,!

"Clear off the floor,

j u, t like hjdrophobla. mitai the

doii go wild.

« «WJB» • man uian

If thorc was a

"What mm fan dot" atkU Ike

i \

"til^^t :»Be W " "ABfinlBBf replied th^e BUB, ;

us hive ajrtady been" "All rlght.7 answered the tatf

id';B«ter»J bt tho fair- rnan. "take this oil can and oil

Mlmoitrtady (or play. iSa polnU atfd croaslnga up tit

|^»W« *• UB.," \

iomatlniB later, but are* After an absence at three dayt

tothhj the orgauliers de- tj;e jorenun received a telegram

pri»nU»tlo*B Of the city, it Detroit, ' Please forward more

The tburw will he ready Y % B«piul

/,tbl» fill, and It In tfce TO( jooes' Sa»e • gaiaphone; ,

tlon; to get-eUrted a» aoltk- n e Jenkins 1 a.' 1 jadlb o»n;,

pppMBTBf tft^reftlon of ^ ^p^^pi beguiles the

isw.elubhouge, which will be ^ Flynrn";

dent J.-FreM Mahoe •««• {wln^

mre BpemJIng iver |1IO>

'^J^JU^L,. t^-a -.^ -~f irl.i.i . S— .g*.5"-fy~J.- f1s

AOwdBflUon hat Mari8..mr'liuillana nays It

Teaqher to mother or pupil: "1 don't look gotHjpfl.jmB^"..

came in to ask you wby rou Msrle to the MEsfrete: "ThBDia

made four My step tskliig nan- but ny bo> friend don't ilka It

phone lemons. Mh,. Smith?" on mi eittar, 11 *' .. ? - .

"We weMalrald tdlet olm go .?__,„,,;(

on after the Chief of Police • , Still Had

moved next door," Ebeneiur; "Lo holier does yon'

or u.., W a wu. .to «n't mrt (iJ U ^^, ff;,*-"

cook and does, ._

-—- WBea a man with ttn, children

A lil Break unites with • widow of numor-

Wontan: "It you can't get oui offoprlDg- It IJ not a jairrlage

Harold to Bleep maybe I bMMr '—U's • merier,

come up and line lo him!" ••.«•—*,# ,

ErrorvfTr v •

A torse belonging to Jed

Appleeate died last night (ram

• strnnge melody.,,i

Ss Ost I£

"ABd rour Jath»r who ni

uBBini lor Coiiirewintn—what

a he doing BOW?"

"NothlBi" •

"Oh. lh»t'i.iBe-^B, glad he

« elected "

£jl—Way WM i,«Bredf t


u eiectea. ,

lp ~JW ", tpajmnth.

Oal—to you get frtd around

Doctor!— "Anytbi— ' " - "

happen while 1 n away?" moving things that never will be'

"AiiiitaBi; — "W«Ii, let me needed from ni place, to another

ml Ob, yci, two patients got and bank again,

wtlL" ——

_ / • Ended on End

HI Cost 0' gnjbjff Cousin HlnB—b that . new

"Why don't you engage a ball clock om th'erif

lawyer and light ib» eaMf» wife or the Weceawd—Bh-h-h-

"I'd rather, fight it mynlf— thafe poor old John. I knew the

lew," ' • stood tbe coMn ui on end I


N » fan we bite built 1600 in.

inore homes and completed $(75,000

Record * wrt!l *' wir WD * *"' •'mitisiii

7 without • disMtiificd customer. '•'.,'"

^Wt «t dy to it»rt rmr hn^Ma,

and turn it am to jou when we uT

wtwdL Wirterwritt.

Otis M. Townsend


717 Atbwy Am Onu%, N, J.

Expert* in SuAsn Conrtruction

We have moved frpm our old Iocarion, 607 Eighth Street, to our

new office* »t *

V |rf M ^'^H", M »

( i 1 '.'\ I

„ IJ t r t.


$^y '






i i l * . • ^I.I.W-B -5J«^fa>-feifc 5 _ji

\ ,

f v ' l ,.V * >( i!'''Ji t-t\t" „ , ». - f »( <

Jf For Batfiing Season

of Workman

Over Gas Stove

wn In hln uluckiili;' feat and 1 one

shStd." totbw^Ji»°ipi£*? -. v Aaajreises Legion

Beach Patrol Captain EspBBW

Great SiBion

(in To Take At- Bench Patrol captain Jack Jer-.

*.^i RW'-'ww «• nB » >» «*«•»« *" •"* •«»'!»»'"•«

toJilil ! WPW S I In shape'for what Be anticipates

^Convention ' ito be Oeeun City's gnentest aea-

JBJHF _ 'wnii AH the. ilfehoais have Iwvn

«*'leeraj- nulldini, fane May

Cfty, lust Thursday evening. He

•aU, "I am glad to «ee the ae.

livtty of He Ueflon in Cape May

County and glad to nee tSnt it Is

doing Its share in promoting the

Thomw W. David, city sliltis-

"«•«»• «' Philadelphia. «Boko of

tM SesauLUetitennial. A combined

^ « " U - «-#»«* Auxiliary

160 tshareii or ihaltuck Co, to li f n ' v street


parade, led hy the

lne u

cancel his luncheon cheeks, but « if the Ocean city Post,

he is confident (hat these will

seen cover also his wife's midday

siistt nance on her frequent irlpn Drivw DriVW LOMI License

to the city. A purchase of BO ^After

Auts Accident

sharet of Aainclaled Dry Goods (Continued (Coal from Page One)

It) JM4 he ha* carefully concealed

from said wife, for fear stoi

of the psychological effect. Con. matter t




OaH has an Interest In the Infl

his local











the Influence


of liquor. 1*18

his local gas and electric com- man thinks lie can make a

pany, so 40 ahares of that mock monkey out of the Ocean cny

have been included to cover his police force."

annual llglH and cooking fuel Inspector Oevlne In HiiiiinilnK

bill. For 11 furnfls^ endowment itip the case gaid that it was evi.

Qlen Alden looks a little high, dint that Blrtwell was drlvlnj

But he i« itudyini tehi(h Valley ta a reqkleis manner and ad.

Coal and P. ft R. Coal while iBiitted that he failed to report

wandering whether he could take tie licelilent. He recommended

on an oil burner and 100 that he he Bjied and hie lleense

itanflard OH of New York at the itvoked,

same lime. Thirty nharts of last summer Blrtwell narrow.




m ,





I' J

s • ^ .o-jX, ,rk s >i» "»

o^tsgo for ttie •euoD,

Hitter Misses Minnie and Deborah

StesBaan, of Atlanllc City, are

visiting Mrs, BlUsbeih Candy, of

SSiliS. n» WHIadilpma. ha* been .sending a;

uepier. i ^_ M a e B( 57 g,,,,^,, Mlia ror |

& Hiker, of Ihe iummtr season, she mteiidB

fe f«k end returning nere the early part of

, Sfc^ukil H, ne« month. _^

\ "i *>• - Mr. and Mm, William Fogg, of

- Ffclledrtphia, ire In Ocean



i for a few iluyn Betting Iheir he

' «»ny 'of the

Mr, and Mrs. David i, Koaa, of

ton In this res

Prank- Mr. Edmund Itevena, of No

i end-la art, N, J., has been visiting his

brother, Prof, J-»«« " a '«»"»

of Ai- fttuwll O, FMk, of PKIladei.

I KW PW*. W In Ocean City on hi*

M recently. _,

of KBW Omoe Boerle, of Oaniden, N. J,,

OB tat- «w » wr T li| f BSre on Prh


Uej, A, H, Stewart and c. A. ite..

m in »rt, of Parlulde, N, J., were re-

' eenl Ocean City vliiton,


Tlic wife pt llio wnll-knowii iociil builder

if the Ladies' ^Auxiliary ut the Ar 1 —'•"•" ' ""'"

Worker. Part of llm f

iMlil lioaniUil ut Msnoniie



Do Men Like Freakishly Made-up Girli?

Bcaf Mlm Flo:— Wliy ilu slrln a hoyisih bob, WI-BRI the nhorteat

perslil ill lielriit Diiim roulH— of fliurl ilresses, Ihe IllghcHl of

when, mini are uon'cMnijd? Why Illsli-lieeloil Blipem, mid rollK bur

do they make up thilr facw like nhuer Bilk IIOBI?. And ileHpllo all

elicUB pertoiiiiers and dretw like that you any, I'v« an Idea that

freaks, olrtiously to allure Ihe Lhe men lik« hill— nice, wbole-

Frank Steelman and Mar- &.,.».»

I garet Doughty Nuptials • OWJUtUul \'^

Solemnized Saturday Your physician bends all of

• his energy for the welfare of

• r. •• _ T- yourself and, your family. He

Leave For Honeymoon Inp aiicriaees hii own comfort In «••

' order that you and youre may

A nn>itv wedding took nlaee be made happy and comfortable. ^lt1 .

last ? ia Xday aSfernoM when He !» « «»»»»»« »•«• «" "»«•; Wl

mL MniiaM( I Dousbty of Hii oonatani aim Is to io perfect *,'

SShSTK! hlca Sfbrldi htaBelf that he w render y«,, w|K

Hlille— lillil then wonder why mmo boys, loo—at) proved by , The next meeting will be held

iiim Mr i*»fl Mr*. r.Heara, of Oam. thoiie men whom they do weened yuur aiainiiciii that she Juat gave Wednesday livening at the home,

glaring ' adverllsemenl of Ihi. | WJp

Weil den, N, j,, were motor vlnliom u In nliracllilps mi tllf WOtis'lm- one tHenlr,

of Beryls Aeichley 141 Flua

gat- tola resort on Saturday,

proasliin (if llliin, Jly aluler la al- As for lllriiwiiR hiTHBif at aPlace.

Wtll Known ov*rfl«Bio, aVlrrtacaeuUBtlr. whta

Cabbage is Juat an bad as It I Bhe was only a bootlegger's mg'lU.lWv.Sm ^%MwM

HHhilu if nni n iitllb lilt nfnFug, I daughter, but all the reveiiuer, Mitt enough to iprtai

Verdle Hearn, of Parkslde, N

Mrs, !•• w waya eoniplatiiing Ibat llltM'i,

*» among the Sandsy vlsll.lurl


i ^ .*•* Rebekah Lodge Plan

^p;%iw Yoik, For Big Initiation

9W^.*«« M»i- State Officers To Attend

^mt^fm^Uma Ceremonies (^Organization

sr»•••• i'^r-J" Two new memberi weri IPl"

1 are iiiairs liMfn!==yMii"rt, Jirciiiably esno

nice bays k'fl. Then she gels uggt*rutiii(|. Or if yuur sisii'r Is

berself up In such u way that BUIIIB uilt of hei way lu win h|t7>

really nice fulluwa wuulit not be yiiu may be gun: II'K bucaliae •*

the leant bll intereale'd In. her. has ll-Ujil i^vtry otht-r iilt'lliOL

An a maiiiT of fact, nlie jusi Rave un,| faU«i, abu rwilly dimiiri like

ii nice biiy who likca hi*r the air, tlji, idea uf running right fnlo

anil is virtually throwing hemeit iil» iirnia—Hhe would iiiilfh preat

Ihe head of a (ioor sap who for hiivliig liim IIHISII:IHilly bailer

do«sin't give a Uarn for her. Oirls down her firm "no" ttnd goap ii

doii't show any judymeul at all. weak, fiiRhtenwl "ym"—lieco'ilic

Buiidy, it ttaiilii crrale lhe IllllHlnn of;|ie.

* * * lug eapmrei!aiid men like le

M-lti-m-ra well, uudtly, perhaps niplllre. Howevor, it lakes a"lot

^Btt»*Ol*hJ, of Alllwee m m M a ,h6 ocean Oily Re-

S»W 1 I«» *«* tte btkih Lodge, No. 10, at their

ffiSfiESii "•'•'« ta»t mtetlni, and iii are waiting

IHriiSfl"" inh.ain, «i to «omB In at the neit Initiation.

m^it J*ntoS?'ui£l K«e President Anna a. Benford,

**£•;,¥> W * 1 girls don't always show tin' liust to muke aniiiii men see wliul's besl

of judgment, hut u seeina to nw fur iliem—and Hie modem gifi

lhal it men displayed a II! lie =an llm cavv-WUhtau melhods II

imirr. jndgiiient In WIMUIIK necmoriry.

Hwerthenrta ami wlviia, Eirle Aa in why Hilt- lurniil riuwn the

wiiuldll'l go Id such extremes as nice, dcvi-nt chap who llfceil her

•"?" staw Vice President Mrs, Kelly,

"miiklnR lib their faces like circus '•"' 'Kf poor «Lip who iln'mi't give

(Jr\i" and Pigtriet Deputy Edith Zini.

perfnrmifri!—and dressing' like A darn— won, yoll'rr. Rolling inlo

Ostcr, of Bslti- msrman will be the guests of the

i:X l w'isi!\ti!«Snt vifiitor to lodge at the time ot the ceremV&P?^-


fe'"' • *"" : Invltatlsna have been eiletidtd

(ijlti^Cltel, of Boston, to WlUwoqd, Viaeland and Mill-

^-'-"•^tslftft-mnjli. of T(ili Rebekah Lodges to he prea.

.vtjjlfi'•'•:•'•' '•*" ent oa thli occailon, t

fi!ii*^*"k*-» .f« »• "•CommtttMs appointed for tjiia

^Wft^^^f » «• «enlnB,*oniprlse, Enfmtalnment.

ft#^;*' •? MesdameB Piul, McUuihlln and

a i

** *-*iC4>|A'' itotal"!' refrtihment, K--'—«

* * • ' • • • •- 1 freaks lo allure the male." Yem WBItr lhat'f a'llllle loo deep for

know. Ibis Is a nfiijy, colorful *««• Ohvlounly, ll was betjaune

crowd"* ngi'. coiiipetiilon is nhe didn't love him. Why ubo

keen, kfen. Jioilsi.llkB MoiwiilikB ulollies isloitvea and dlilli'l dliln'i love luvp him—well, she HIIU proli. prob.

quiet wny8 meant) being uvw- »bly cnulilii't'nn.wer Ihnt lliirself.

laaked entirely,, Tlio girl of to- Vo« HI»?, lovers i|o tlt,l nick eaeli

day has to be BH iip-lo-dale an ether mil iw I hey wouiii a coal or

piissible. In cetlturs, ceUture, ilreiM ill-ess and I drem-s-Wr dress-s-Wr ihe iiuiel pailein puitrrn and

conveniatliin. convematllin. By that I do not wearing Wearing riualillijs. qiwI.liliiH. There's Thuri-'ti no mmcBn

(hat girls ahoulil copy their cltl'llienl i abfilit that. Tilts nice

-- "»-••'—n, perk-

lnembprilhlp roll of the Rebekuhs

i of noW BUmbers over a hundred,

the The.Iodg* .beinj about about a

|ii aaltlnt Is a spurBB of iatlifac.

;.: tlon to ins raambaTt. .

g'in I

Blyifi after ail "advanced" model dmifilll. fillow who liken you Is no

—but the wise girl does keep In temptation, nti challenge, no tost

mind thai in spile of man's fie- of your powers, no thrlii; Love,

qiient remarka to the contrary, I Buddy, gsca whe

ho Ilk the nice .old-fashioned where it (hoiild i

'inciBles'pieaented In a smart »»»* Io lovu Ihe nlc

idern Wliy. cares, but wlmt ailnl

Men like smavi-lnoklng,' at- finl! 'i'"' 1 ' That's they way of

.......i,... ,-I.I.J » »|fi may iii! ovory "' e '

B friendly th

t' If Bhe M

nations, sne wore a headpiogo In p.isp.oaoinii of an easy way of

rhinestoneii and pearls. The makini money, there are many

IB was decorated for the oeea« „,!,„ .,,w. mutate Iiim, no far

. Only the Members of toe

ily attended the ceremony,

ediately after the cerr -alore: th*y even guarantee of the foods Which can b«

the couple startod on uresj they advertise to the made just as nch or Jult U

cynioon lour by motor world of . Ihelr alleged superior p\n^ (a the BOOB W»nti TO

miglt Pennsylvania. Upon their Skill, Reniembur—the capable

]| 2| y

make It.

phyaicton nev?r has need of mi-

bury Avenue,

vartiBlng, The Incapable impostor

The couple plan to visit the : his victim Into bin h

brlde*H parentB in Maine In Sep- vatoun by no other miithod, Bo *


long an people are gullible—so

In. will It,

long an people can he deseivcQ, _

lusi BO long will the charlatan w •*• CImtsm* rm

ail at the Con-Sorority

Girii Plan flourlih, , »!«* 9«»'.« F»»4 »"J,fl»i»K

Benefit and Straw Ride The quacK Is not aligned with -

lie PI Epsllon Tun Sorority .efforts to erndiGattf disease. It

held their meeting last Wednes-

wan no humbug that discovered cillHasi BBBMI sesajnaM •»«•

diphtheria antl.toiin; ihe «ilia tttt *• »« «*vorii,

day evening at the home of


Jeanneiia Smith, lot Pleasure are net hunilni for eure» for fjupi iiglr


cancer, fubbrouloils and oilier ins aiik

enemieg of the human race. No j

During this business meetlttg

C"J oour

the girla made plans for a movie advertlilnj quiielt. made the canal - f KSf^i-mtrtfn'n

beneut to be held In the near

future, A straw ride won SUB*

gesied and approved, the date to

be announced later.

Those present were- Lenora

Admus, Helen Bakely, Eatlicr

Freti, Katheiine Fawcfit, Jeannelte

Qarrellgon, Kathtrlne Harris,

Beryle Kulchlty, Margaret

Sipple, Betty Smith, Lillian

Wright, jeannette imllh.

p "'

»ne safe for liuman aelMIUw: i SSBw R ~""*^

nor drove yellow fever from Ihi crsam U"

South, , ««»f, B.

I And still there are those

decry the faithful, hard-working

family - physiolan, who happened .... „

to be tnere when.Baby lue came ""«•;,

Into the world; when Orandi

all but died of pneumonial In.

gratitude has neen called ihs iMttmttr rtettma

ehlefeiil ,of atn«. Think of this, I •« iu

when; you ' ar* tempted by the a iquarii chaeelate cat 0n»

You are,' 'light-hearted; sVlifpa,|

ihetlB ond jgoneroua, - 7 TreliWi'

Jr jltdulilfirt',

"""' 'Hated.

Fresh Seafood Daily

We are now open for the 1926 season

«- same location - - same low priees

- -f same quality sealood - - same

/; prompt service, ; "7 : %


• • . - i » • • . • "' • • ^ '

Fish Oysters Clams

.. * f > '





** , it



,,., f people of the islilml would jay

«,f V i > *» the eosl. After' this- task was

E'Jl eonipiitid, he Received his start

In the building ouiiness, a vooa-

« lion which he followed to the

• day of his death,

•-•* In manjf respeeu he was a

most remarkable man. H* pog=

>»e_,««k g ieised of uncanny retentive pow-

—;a..rr^ wrflKH r%€* er? anjj memory thai gauged

fibneer of Five wonder. He never kept books

4i]e Beath i • W ft 6 llew former Mayer * who baa just

passed on," More prulralily then

he 1B generally credited ."wltli.

Frank imiih probably died

poorer for his eivle nctlviUea. but

his activities made Wildweod

richer. It is a penalty thai

often applies to public life.

Yet what higher taken

.preeiatien could, -he rt*t,.*.

worth more than mere monetary

value— for hia friends wept,

einctly how uiuBh>«o

lit' Is survived by his wife and

iwu children.

*ii.fi= • ---^ - owed every workman employe*!

„ ;•'..,, , «. by him. •

JJrV*' Man a Man Many"; many wildwoDd lmuaei>

WLt:' . he built. His methods nf eslh

^f^ = ~ :-- mating costs were unusual, lie

por Prank imlth y,auU\ survey a lioust from iln-

|id|nail BUtoniobllt! ,Hiriori examine Its Innlitr inn.

lf»!ngL Ho had been BlrllB,,on „„,! Rtve u mam- In

pine Bank to uraw mtielltf ,„„ bllii,i|i,s , -•• I

"W I" 11 ' riiiirhhiK fur II Isad ptiniill. Mini

jumedjo Montgomery Wlin, wm „,„ ,„„,,,..„,,.

pjie-BOardwalkrwiielS -Itr waa-nlwuvs -piiiniliu ut-ltli.

aarthail In the car al „,„ „„„,.!„„.,, win,), imlnraily

fffc,, led Ilim Illli) ilie pulltieliil IMii.

" —"hrinii for H,i was fli-cud .Mayor uf Molly

ftrr B,.iuih ami when llilH KOUnmiaily

was eilllfHilldyti'tj wli.h Wllfiwond

ill I!I12 he was I'li'rted Mayor

ntltll Inu passed mi, ,,|. xvijtiwam! and Hi'ivcil mull

tJJM former Mayor of ]yjj, ijmir |M. wan i>|i>i!lfil* Ciniijjjg-pBsson'

out of the minainnor anil wrvi-ri UN Director

Jpo ha* left behind „, uighwayd. Hi* mtliJiu'd thin

ptar^thal will remiiln |ia!l|||lm )v b,. a, eaniildali' In

IJAwdsd'H llfxwry. ,h(, pi,l|t|eni mfav WIIITI Miiyiir

tliriluy moriuni; the W, C. Ilmdee wan lielns ri'i-iilli'il

Irifr&aelied into Wild, by ihe voters, Ilia oripnniMii WILH

ilabl££d one of the few W, Cnlli'triMIH SniHh. IIHMI liiflii.j

^tfnfors who had been aging seeii'Iury uf (lie.liu

|ttjl the resort *Hiuee Ti'utie. Thi 4 Isllrr *';»« "I'

p, Smith wos uniting II •ii ihcn x

liE-sar. when, he was progressive. Vei Hiilay HIHIII' nf

as.j»i,^J-__.. ;, .,.. , wiii,,), i,,, iiiuiiBiiraiid

L*tler yeai's ugii are bpfil^^tiiltlliril. HIS*

s of hardest battles wurf' fnr heller

t,^^__¥£d, iitreetil and a hotter Boardwalk.

^WSf^Msitiess nieii of The present ComhiiffiilniifMs iiiilpid|ifllon

wept pnb. fulmiing ihe liieaiN iliat he WU.H

(n^tiii^S or bin death unable theii in aeeaiupiiHii.

|8t|iSJM J :' ' , In the i.arly ii,i¥H iiiH* of his

fl&i^'Vflf- thn- • formnr btrtereyt poliiie;[! foes was W.

iPRjjlA•"JWBMnrt ot a II. BrlKlli, The lolrlil i:unirialKllH

flfftt,^.linked the idd of tho^e tUiyH miiki. ihi> fiii?Hiitib

iSft *W camijniEiiB appear im iMnk

f " v Avenue, was iirri.Bli.ii at liin hoirii

\mt' eatne to (lolly tea affairs. In laier yfarp tlie

JS« wiw ften (hen kn known, pret,>ni .seiialur ami tin rurnipr

to kill the!

wild Major hiirleii their dlfferermM

-'-• thB 18id,

and heeamr warm rrlonds,

...Jn- Former Mayor Smith was n

ere u man's iiinn. He never''ducked a

, , fight and didn't cry when lie got

ia. tp permit lieked, .


HhorHy |n>rnri' 3 u'rlnrli Hlitliliiyj

mnruing by flflleer PiiuMburn. j

charged' wllh luting dfaiirderly,

llaloupy wail In u hilarious mate

and refused Io gq In bed and wa;i

annoying Itie neiiihliorlliinii will!

his luliil talking aiul singiiig. He

wan llnoi] 110 hy Magintlalc

Ware at the hearinB yesierday


S Bpring-' |a the iiaiuil season for

=» i ri.ptiiiilin^-: Bit! the niied to. r*>jome

risherman i>»ini uw whole iioutie every two

Bob Smith Nets Many in

• - - Urtie Bay ,

Hull Siiiiili. nil.

.•swenn nf -ifii

iniuIcoBi of tlii

'the, average

ij^pai thu

weather-proof by Healing ll|i all

of heat-ingijlatlon.

Nor does it ref

Bee of beauty,

on tin; niarket

stucco into the

whleb rnlneral i=til

at the factory,

rringe of coiiir il

anynhij'H tiuHtif. A

y'n I'iiiiii lust Wedliesilay

gsiid eouilltibu. thm ean ihe dony

hursday, wIiHri. be apr ead liiexpeiislvely. All (hat le tieedhfl Otily niii> pivc

liU nsbfiiK iiuiH uttij liaiileil I ,[ u is to see thai inn Hiding IH rtbHerved, aside frooi III

illii. culrh uf the nnny tribe. j nailed down tight, ihen nail on tioii of the pmpiT Hti

riy lumlvil I CO herring. » reinfpfalne fabric, anil, linaily

_ra, 1 iniaker, 11 weak- appjy (lie Ihree cnuls fli Htlicco.|

(I»li, ifi peril, mi.I i; Cnpii May The lira! two parts iO^ill* Johj Ideas Hku nii-n

iseiidl, CIuirliH Itnhk'll. Alvlu can bo done bV (he lioiiselioiiler*

WiHtlii'.hy, Alfred Nnrlnn. Rhas. hllnHSll';' reducing Ilii., fabrmi-om: I

they work.

in,. I !o o,Ie single Iti.'ni, Jtte plnsterer's

IIIIPII Siuiili, hill, •«'( '•;''•.

DurliiK ih» wihivf liiiiiiiliH, ni ' pBn M,,, ,„.,.rllR1. hnmi--iiwm>r

HUHI-I' liiniiii nl». many iif IIi«- (In- uffiirii this? Wnil. l! ms lin

IIIVII inukv IlshlHB mis which ;llf| a |,,4if ilnicw as rnui-li In

Illey spioail ill 111* viiriiiiiB Imyii i,vnoijal u home as io repiilnl

armiiiil im-nn t'liy WIUMI ih« n, Bin palni niiwt !«• I-I-^WIMI

wi'iitlii-r pt.rulils. ^ '

Sinpr Pined

James Maiiiney, nf 11*12 Ashilry

Joseph Broadley




731 Asbury Avenue


Howarf O, j

MacPherson j

Contractor and Builder |

'iatiafaotlen I« our Mono


ilthejigli bnrt-

„, largest In cape May C

hen the united iiaie» Though thi^ehief intarest

• ' r - I in oall get the noli! In operation «

• - .k. the elty began aetlon I© L-

apporiiiitity of

Tlie rmtmlli.iiH "IV

nliy .Miiiiafi 1 Caul A. Vnlr*

,tnil is ;i riiliHi, 1 iil'iicr frniii Mil. lii-iivoriim iu bring -about the]

Ibis avi.lf Iiy HBII- (if Ihe 1)IK hotel so Hint noli

I A VnIr«iT. silly III'' Iraek taxes could lie n>- •

i cl cliinux iliiiiN in iiiim'il I» the city coffers, but

munihs of wnrk nnd d legal IPKIII iii.Ml union.' uittit lo aiid Ihi- 1101*1 1» the livajl-

Tlii- Hotel (!upi. Miiy Mny WUK WH» iiuiiij IH iiblc facliltl. for »ii!iimor.vU|.

.,yS when liLiiti In. The purchaser of the hotel,

,.ii In uiiil ih.. I Ii SUB illselnHi'd by'thi' receiver's



For Congress •


Atlantic _Cjty

For Aiiembly -_ • _


\ OceMiCity

For Board of Chosen Freeholders *


Cape may Court Haute


_ Beeiley's Point (Voto for both)

For Coroner ' • ,



pnlerrd Mill t'.ilil 17or hy lluiiiri H. Millir. Cnl» Silly Court Ilouie





Il^us&of the locations indicated by various new communities or residential

toj^cts «being launched in the general neighborhood of Ocean City, there

§| developed among prospective investors not entirely familiar with the lay-

^^jfj|if resort, an uncertainty as to just what part of Ocean City represents

ptown's center,, .,'•,' : ••!.•'•.. - 11 :-' . ':.

ijlift dissipate any such confusion regarding the exact situation of the Riie|ajii{ption

of Ocean City that I am making this statement, ,

S^vT^Uantic City, its next door resort neighbor. Ocean City grew from the

orfrjerti «nd of the island upon which it is built. From" First Street, the avefemarking

the town's,earliest development, the built-up or populous section

iieean City now exteirtds to Twenty-third Street and the Bo a r d wa Tki

|ting the edge of the sea, running the whole Jength of these 23 blocb.

||^yieW Section QlnOceafl ,Gity iextends from Eighteenth to Twentyi^K^teeis.

T-psay \% is so many minutes drive or walk from :the; most fre-

^fe^ptftyofj#w^ ^uldjbe ijike.explaining ihe relation of Broad atid

ii^u^to^ejfeusiriesiijdistrjct fK?M^sjc*jJ of Philadelphia, The Riviera Spctipji' is:

S "for ^s eonstnictJon

gals, we 3re going fa

build tetter buildhip bath

hi np|K*:miiiLf- and ;ictual !

coiiitrU'jtlqii, Th^y will he*

insrceomfdrtable to live in

and tq work in, Pt'rhips

there is no indimfry that hits'.

eorae so_Jonvaflf as Ui4t of,

the 'building Industry which \

iiow stands enly sreond fc \

that of agfieultijre, ,

Lewis Cossaboon


CotteBpondence Invited

The Flanders Hotel is just 13 blocks distant from the Riviera; from the. City

Hall, 12 blocks. From the main Ocean City statiorfof the Readpg Rail-,

road, it is 9 blocks. From the Boardwalk and the most popular part of the

bathing beach, the Riviera is,550 yards, ._. , ,.;,-,•„.',,• ,:,

Tliui there need be no confusion as to just where the Riviera is located, no doubt as to whether

or not it is, in a practict! wnie, a part of Ocean City. As I stated be%«, the Riviera ia Ocean

City. . ' :. . ' , . • • ; • • • ' . • , , , = . ; ' . . .

That this immediate section of Ocean City should have gone undeveloped until now is your good

fortune, That I acquired the tract at a figure nja^ng it possible to offer at prices ranging from

^2Sp for weu-located huildiiii sites inthe cen^ of a peat resort is your opportunity^and

one not likely to repeated again in your lifetimfi, Certaintly not in Ocean City. s , ,

I^puld be gjad to tea you or have a representative call and explain in person the advantageB of

«qujring^ouBd in the Riviera Secjjon. Tem» of sale are ms invituii 1 w the locatM"* b«» ffl>

Wc«nt. iipaid ddwii, ffper cent, in 3ft Bays; Ifl^per cent, W day* l^ft^d '%Rer ceilt,^hen;

ail improvements have been made. A M per emit, rhortaie ^ye» ^ bjJta^bf c^. 's >

r f

%*u mm




Ocean City

and Egg Harbor

I Play "He Game


'•ning Game of Season

New y

(OontlnUDd rram Page One)

Tho annunl meeting Of . Hip

bowlora and doIeBaios ftom ihe

l h r n organhauons wns held at

the- Holel Dolawnre on Sstiirilny

Bvening and me following uf.



Jsfl '1


Hi "

1 A,

t, % %

S jS&H


rump ground with gravel

esuld tie used for this pur;

"Tho property ogneriLail.lt

ns to objeet to a p „


loner Campbell sug-

.rhapB the section

it of Anbury Avenue could bo

1 used. Mayor Champion replied

~ " 'as going to he


,ih anility: "Un-

)• Views, I WOUld

not coBilder it "

Wm. H. Colluson, Jr.

AB«O. M. Am.8«f,C, E,

Lads Attending C. M. T.

uc mndo a.plea that the city

'use this tract for the nccommotla. Oovc-rnniont aid la in sight

lion of the motorists. He. said:

"Wo am upending monoy to

bring people to Oaean City and

we should • be able to take carp

of thorn when Uio^ arrive. We

|Bttds«f mat- can't give, them our streets. Wo

tklsfiftSeaii Oli should Imvo some provision for

t.CoiIipiny. accord them," He continued: "Much

to my fiurprlse, I llftderslnnii tfflsl

Mr. AadTord opposed this action

at the meetlns here earlier, Mr,

yiSifled- on ouK tank Itadford led n to believe he wan

ffllStli-mdny Id wel> In favor of It,"

Kpittriiiy for toe

j/jgi&igjximtf, ,i MBI- Mayor OppMw It

rlin?ri)r tho cclobni- Mayor Champion said Vic

could answer for ono on the

question. He declared that parksWsStMfi*

MkuS'TO Ing on the camp ground was not

•rth;ub3Uiiitlal (^a think any public parking place

is desirable. The private parkins

grounds with their nominal

cliarecn are not woll patronized.

1 for

those niotbera of the > land wfen

despair in Initiating tholr SKI,,

Inj sons Ittto the mysteries of

dish washiilk, flro blllldlni, and

other Irksome chores around the


An official decree affecting 3H,.

000 youth!) who will attend this

summer's eltiiena 1 Military

Training Camps says eac 1 v-.peclally in evidence.

ladle* perrormed In truly pnfes>

olonal style.

Father—ion, tm3g

The following ii the program

keeping late louW-^n


Son—No, FatheJ, I : naven'l (a} .Pupils assemble,

been keeplnB Ihopi: 'l'vn been (b) Our United Slates, song, led

gpondlng ihein wlfh the sweet by Thomas W, Murphy,

woman.—flteveno Slone Mill, (a) nag Salute, led by Superintendent

James M. Bteveni.

May Dance with Orowntag of

' **"«*


do his bit as a kltehen ,_

mop attendant, or table waller. What la it (bjit•!UWat\rm Information Soueht By

Celebration ^ ^ ^ QJ Di8tant Points

A meetliiff of Ihe rnllee!iien'» „.. ,

n,,ii,.i,,ni AiMorlminn »•„,, iieln p;rsl prOars,m Will Be Bril-

H«nt Affair-Lepot, Band

Tne rrsulw of ihe niil.llclty trip

The Tueker iho Oompanr %.

not Involved Is any manner^

hatever In the reeelverBhlt at'

verlnad by B, 1, Unnn, manager,

of the Tueker Ihoree ObnipBn^

Atlantic City Board Extenda Mr, tlonn, in a itDtenieut to the,

Invitation Tn O C NEW! said: "J, H, TuoMrCoB*

invitation I o w. s-. psny m i th6 Tmkn Bbans p,^

pany are separate and diillnet

An invitation was eilendsd to eorparatlona and aro undtr 'la*

Ihn Ocean City reuHora by Ihe dependent raanngement. ' •'-

Atlnniic City tlcal Estiile Board to "Tho Tueker Horei Company

altenil the "Scuiiui.LionUinniiil glnca opfratlng In Oapi MM.

nlulit" hiini|iiei, wiiich will bo held county, has enjoyed unusual iUfilirtl

In Ihe Hotel Clielijen. Atlantiq City, mm and thero Is no question .otJ't

on nest t Wednesday Wdd evening, l |he solvency of Ihli (ompliBK.i i

Mayor Freeiiiad Kendrfck, J, R, Tuekier

hoi very iitlteft

I'hiirles H, OraNelow and many, capital inves ted In lho TuekerK

other well-known Fhlladelphlans, ghores Cnmpi

who are idontlned with the gesqul,

will make addresses oliliihinii the ^^

pilinB of the eoninilttee In charfo "

of the eipi

Mayor 'King, of ramden, will,

speak. Invitations havo boon

rirdeil to tho various rool os-

' nd f-ivie orifanitation

of South Jenny lo intend the af.

fair. The price of Iho tickets Is

¥5, They can he obtained from

Ihn Hecrijtliry of the n.011! Estate


of dm Doesn't Want Any

More Automobiles

r roeffam INears |h "" fif " ii! nrfi *' n ° i ° |11 |ht '

6 otficers that he had niislayeil iho

/"" l«|.i«-,« ereilenliais, bill chahged his

wOmpiCllOn Hliiry at the hearing the rollow-

. ing morning,

lie eiplalned thai hi' was buy.

hat The receivership of llie J,:


Work on Homea and Hotels Ing a ear, on lime, rrnm one of

h " • htl I ldl

• It'is.ieqnnv «•—»

inititution Djf tte pnn*arfaf •' .WE

dump,jn the resort It

lest, nonotiy,wants linear thim,

It.la tho iame thing. «hen. ft.la

carted jDUtbr^oresoKabo;^

i5! «

ru •* " "* ' ^ "

to „, „ ..._. .

gnselino at tho fllllai «tajrjbi)j}l'{

The omcliils deeldod tn Bcatcli'l'

tho piaeo. When ISey ^ir^^|i


• hiflir*5li»il






\ *1


* •->

Bids For Use


Fy gistert Sho\f

Resort Guests

Are Increasing

Mr, AjfO. JUet aB'l», i. OorJ

delie rficil. Bayonne, S. is i- /&

Loo and pas'iy, Madden Heights!

sir. and Mm J. D, BBBoflei^ MUs

Franca lehofield, B. HaPapland,

Philadelphia; P. H, BeHart. ste.

vans. Pa.: Mr. and MH. Muls

Bsdo and son, OlongldS! Mrs.

May RM.rvttiaBS.PoL Me. Igj^fareve; M, „„« „„.

morial Week End,' Season g, o. Smlih, Norrjiiown: Mr, J.

«t rt W.« W«t A. A Hisey. York: York; W, W. L,, L. Anderson,

Starts Next Week

Jr., E. I,

d m E snMh,





j.. Carney,


Philadelphia; Gibson Oariul. Chi-

Penn Hall at

Despite the Inclement weather tut..,

of ihe niiBI week end, the resort Hotel Delaware

hotels were well patronized, Mr, c. F, Cheater. New York;

While a good throng in eipected Mr. Rosa I. Mumclmnii. Woodthin

wiek end, the real rush la iiury, N. J.: Mr, Harvey L. Reno.

. not anticipated until next week. Newark; Mr, J. Boyol Nlion,

M;.'''•.,. , , . A I'EATURB OP THE ANNUAL FIELD DAY IV THE 01,'EAN I'lTY PUPILS This year Memorial Pay falls Mlllville. N. J.i Mr. J. C._ Kallag-

^ 0. mlnr, Drnir Hill, Pa,i Owrge, gtln^l

UK ami UN. R. H. Pools, two Is .making I1(i[,(|w,

chllrtren. WllDington; Mr. H olructlon of

Mr, ntiii 11M, frank alendehning, Mo reports this"A

FbiladelphlB, pitted very Bborlly,

The Ilowi'V

poration will

Matthew Byan. former roll- nl in celebrated the fol- York city; Mr. Earl R. Lello. Sa-

of Ball Park ii o« %a in sin «/- A lowing day. This will furiiinh an | [era. N. j,; F. A. Leyrw and lam-

,',.*;.H til Wins Appointment excellent opportunity 10 emiblne liy, Philadelphia: Mr, nnd Mrs.


t- use or ^ Naval AcademV » holiday with a pleainnL woek'j, a. Bradhead, Mr. and Mrs, J,

Commissioners Will Lease

___ ' end. i Faulkner. Mr. and Mrs, I. VVInn,

tion"^ Hie Olfford ieull, of iomer. Point, The Pen,, „„,, siunem,, at the * r W ^ ^ f ^ S ^

Park To Highest Bidder

rhtch iii as I won an appointment to the prespni lime ore the only guwls Bode. Inlon Clly. N J, Mr, and

Uommiisioners Will wate folfow>; "united State. Naval Academy of. the FUnde-s, Mm. c. B. oraha», Bmiliooni. M.

ireatcna To Sue City Un-

_ Park To Highe,t Bidder "Board-of Commlss.onerB. Md^^atHc^at^nbapollB , Stasnli Hotel ftr!^ Pa* M" lio K. S

p less Condition la

| i-^.-sr^ "Quickly Remedied ,i. ..« mtfx -rt'S «it

'«,, * -———

>rain Was Removed

fjKriJfiii 0, Briee,. or lOl Oorinlan

Avenue, voiced his Bbjee.

onB In no uncertain manner as

iiltie drainage conditions at

= ~*~29- 2 inr Point Srii/S «i .S^^S £. "i-^T iT-JKJS

«"n P ¥Sih and IU The daneeBwhleh u« being ond Bomer, ££,•££ S eKr *'«=*»•«: *»»•* *»?•»• ft" ^, H M» 8 of West beean City loll. One %

of the features it a giant map

which will be on display ihow.

Ing the location and advantageN

of this development,

l ? ' ^ TS?

i „ ., t,,..,, ive. conducted every Thursday eve- Annapolis. His predecessor was i-i W- HKIIBD. New York: 1. Me- York (Ity, Mr w, M«I«h, Mr,

lBB|, ulna by the Central Ocean City LtaUtmnnt Biehard Son,., fa. Far and, J, BJessara, M. B No- Oeo, D, HowlBB. Mr. F. Kuni.

: :::: ^^cond's sti-irj-s -.£ WKMT sis &r*r,^^r JS

£i are used. e«ep,|~-nu, «.>«-«.. 8o= j^T^ ra * ^ g^. |f< % * ~ . New garene,^ .^og.^CUy;

^,, ^Tt =%rd=erihffun^ SHtrti* Shfi "1: ^M'^S: 5'^p v1| f | f

,„„ .*jLfi2-r 2 4f - j ^ ^ enter Jhe Na^ ASfL the, g—^ " J ^ ; SSiVSX ££!*£

tei^a^S^^o^a^^,^ rhe folowmr^almed .eters =£. T £ SJ * » ^%^ «^-tf fciS,-^.S^^

mee Priet| Wie rf

Centra! Avenue, f

"Ishth street, to J^

"' Overtrook, Pa. .^

Wmilttef 1 mrst Street afl» in the »seri. lhe manage of the ar? al the pogi ofllc6;_l'.

Corilithttni Avenup at-voral times n|ng ,iH»inl1y faces a deficit nt the Z**k, Sirs, T, Downle, (ieon

•nrt^iwHhieiiltely no satiifartisn end sr the seMon, C'nrry, Mrs, Joe Burr, Mrs,

^|topid«n^rGliBfr ©ntiiig Ih* .Lsst year when bids were ney I*. Lucas, .Mrs, A,,Bat!tM

jr|fcji^i(^ 4-lioUflif! Mfi-liffblfiift ^iDUKhf, John Dennig, fh»> man, | Mlas Marian Bower,

^Bfl^iiiifl^M'liifofitfc^' that if lhe ager of the previous year's team -•" -••- _— j-— ^

mui|^uii|;:iiet gons dswnln %m sibmittpd a bid of SlDS.iQ, Th*! Wtfe.Loet, Tea

pj^fil^^'dpya 10 ler him know' birf was rejected hy the Commis= Lehigli—I JMt a let ef r

&Mjto;i>rou]d fionil u msn up to gloners and bids were advertised onee,


^^M]H3U^j-1j-?'i6©B: mw Mi*, Col- again* X^f @n|^ i?J(J receiver! Vaiii?y=How eonir?

I^B^^I^aA^ eenf 1 Carl'g restaurant made its

opining last latyrday. Thin C, Hnrrlson JOB

restaurant fg under new manage^ 332 Atlantic Av#n_

nu'lit thU year. Mr, Carl sold painful injury iMt']

out his interests last §mnm§r* he stepped upon Jy

nail pierced his i"

Another nhop that has been

open' on the walk for several

ThpUgh in no nil

weik§ U Walter Dale's art shop, ,h(, lnjmf cau d -.

the "Black Lantern*" Dale

spent the winter in Ca!ifornla,

U8e a cane for Br

While there he snapped a nutn- Y8U n#ver jaVe 1

ber of photos that are quite un^

mistake—youf rrltri

usiiaL As a matter of fast Dale

deals in the unusual and thai !§

one of the reasons that his shop

is one *of the moit popufsF on

later Laur-jMd,; Mrs. H, W, McConncll. iwothe

wooden way.

Moore and phtldren. Mr, and Mrs, Frank 0,

,Undsn, E* JMatihewB, Philadelphia; Mr, and Frank E. Schneider, smlltiig as

f. A, B, hi. way up through perneverance,

0r»6 W. He wa» as.lgned to the naval

a; w. C. Mre. Louis w. May, Aibui'y ever, is la town again, Fr&nlt

Ji, Syd. training school at Newifert, R. I.,

dettf, L&ti- Park: Alt. and Mrs, Chari.


Bauer and and d later transferred trans to Hampton


3 Waks Davis

oad^ He ha

Jt«[ js

, Wtalng, Sel.

ill regret j jjj

to learn that, be : ntemplalea. |j

dlicantinulnl ,bls yarn shop all

| Philadelphia

920 Boardwalk, . It Is nported I

Oerniaiitown; Mr. Waller Wa E, Wai'Field,

Gee-- city; M.' and Mrs.

son and family. y. Weat Weatmoni, N, J: S. M. Chai Columbus Ohio; Mr,

'-tamo ette .tft'ri'• *tliV Hwend' a'rfvertlsemtii! | Lsbiih—! proposed to a

FJorida ml estate operalorj

D. Cha«. H. Sullivan ullivan, Mrs, s. H A, T, Flows

n; Mm,

waa that of Dennli who reduced' thy girl and she refused.

^ V. Ayri"

hiffiLfaT^ 'Umpnrnri' i cH?r

'n the realty field h

ii'thn.runnldg boar.1 or an

lUtdinoblle, The 1 only 1 wif we

Sbuld get ID our house was in an

atliomobllo nnfl then had to

Ocean City

jrlyt; ,on the, tidewali.and step

pn5.tle seeond Hipp as the water

wair'over the Urn step, into the

tSVi: have..been adylsed that the

ipti\B^w_Ba tnkeri out or ihe end

;6ti't|ie ttreet no thai Mr Ooeti,

iwho.oiineii the land on the end

jplj'plrstiStreet. could iulld the

•M^^^Oa drain was removed

pjjjfflttjfliher work done,

i®/.¥^(Mi»yg itorm flooded my

fea^efSroom, and put the heater

|fln(i|:o^ ' ^ also have to have

jiho'^mtid cleaned from' the enpS^£i|"feit

of sir property af.

i^r|By|rJ itorni, I t»ve had a

^^Tllli is the fourth time that 1

jjpie'iliied the city of the eontlpiijof

Pfrat street and corin.

|U|^Yenue, and If this .coadl-

^-W^.sot cerreettd at onci

0i\$?rmatieni drain jiat RI

|||iipr^;jje i|riet. I Mpeet

JfBifilit Wtyifor dsnagei,

jjimjUflg ihm. this matter will

ji^Wr Immediate attention.

fe"' i'Voun very truly, .

ljg^irAB' ' W

Jpqinmlaeloner Hobinsoa stated

v K PHSjHfJoBibllssioBt* meeting

intjthe communlcaHon wan the

tgkld th h

nn 1 prteai: '.He itated

^bitql" been rimoved to


WitJ*D4b;tbb work wag not

lltjMBMm.,- :.. • : • , ...

^Engineer ColllnHin rccom-

|ti4cij:;tliat'ii boi drain should

H^iliWJi iTlif raMltr iu

Wrred'i to Commtitslonor Robln-

-^Jgj^tlaier^Collitaon, is ill

j ^ y ^ y

By S.h«mierhorn


t;, recently pufchMedlUe

; It Appeals Irresistibly To

I Home Owners


I At Ocean City you are on the beautiful Atlantic Ocean and you can hear the roar of

; the Atlantic's waves, breaking on the beach.

At Ocean City the fisherman, the lover of outdoor sports are right at home,

. Here is the place of places to have your summer or year 'round home, to live and work

; and play and be happy, Yes( Ocean City appeals irresistibly to home owners,

:V,.: •.v..;:;.H«^' : it.;Mi»t Be Profitable to Investors

iventually ppperty now being bought and sol^ for speculation in Ocean City must be

MM.TC. 1T? en $W$ command a higher price than it ever has for speculation.

•&$Af$$m_ property MOST dearable as homes prices will be paid that will run into

l|0u^ds*bi dollar* and cnake dreams of fortunes come actually true for those who had

infe f^sj^it to buy early, '

lV^:? r-/

For the Ear


Nine Lots

on Aibury Avenue, including

Fine Location

Price $20,000

Half Mortgage ,

•Si* Lots ^



,in the Theart of town.- j |

*W s Rpt and a Goodf

:n-toiulnB In'an |l,i ril«i united lhe railronii

City liiai I doubt if company uffi'l'sil in mipplj- llli'

.. very many deslrnhlo mavt,\ 10 nH " M" 11 " 111 "'" 1 U, ilia t of tliii inurt, hy

, ...ninioiiM, IruvHIim '" i AVLIIUI-. Ulihiide; Wlliiani Unrt- Mae|HlFali> Ware

mloiiiobll,,, ,,„,! IWO pnlltnall I..IH ,„„_ ,., m m r ,,,„,, L,,,d Jn. M %m^u „, itmm, of TIS Wt

m,, tuwn uy (!ll)) „ Hunijim. 6,1 aiisabefh Avenue, wan arrested by Oflloer

. ,,,„.,«. ,,,,,,,,„ ..roiciii, An'iiui', Ulizubi'tlii Proderkli t:, Foidn.y on Monday evening,

Ai 0 o'L-iiiiik nt Mm Hamilton, wiihii, iis Uavlsnii nmiri. New- i

t» til repii" I nrk: lOduuid [Ini.ll.y. Sea lnh> ,

„,,,„„„,, ,„ ,;hiilillM'r iifjci^; tliw Milfialilllli, i!03 Marsh .j..

•omiiiiTO,. iind I In- Howry, Kl-|n|| sneel, BlUabeth: l'ayiun ||| , •_ • ^


" " -

ulid i.iulij Crtllis, al II, Junes, 524 Wesl Broad Siren!, f

'- 1 " '-flW yi'MI- Hioi Newark; William T, Ihernian, '

ip (if nom-i n;i Eliiahelii Aveiiiie, BllsabMh:

Imp, 478 Highland

lonsiem. Avenue, Cilflnn; Freil BarneH,

W. II. I). Hull, publlrlty iiBCiit 12k' Chestur street, nidguilelil

if Cape May County, noted mi| Park; Williani auliiynnki, SOJ i

oasimnster. .Mr, Hall remarked Finti Street, BllMlielh; JanivH

ipnn tl» eoniiiiiinity spirit uti.l Hi Smith, 21 Bennelt ftoad,

iroKniwIvi-ni-iM of nianilfai:tiirern Kngiewooil; John j. Geoisliall,

lere un well n» llii'Ir opMnilmn 441 goillb Bread SIMM. BlUnn

Inokini! nil ihn brlRht slile of both; Prank Boyle, N South

IilIiKH, wllit'b lie until was n>- Mansion Avenue, Atlantic nily:

ponnibie for llii- ilr-vfliirtliii-iil ilf aeorg.. nogers, 35 Siissex Ave-

Ills rrftlun Illii'. MnlTiHIuwil.' Dlinjaiillll

"Wiliia ilTi-M. iililnr f,f lhe l *'"" k - Haikelliilnwii;

lupi- »iuy i- ity TIM KB. M,in Hans. 4S Pino Street, I

«le city." rwui nioniorU>n ,,f lialph cieone, Mayit binding;

ut y..ai'» visit ami «aid I hat •""!»

p T'. 1«» *> !«

Ifwy, The building of House on..Wulncsulny, tlm Riiml--

*"•' nivet- hrldBe 'will MeKally Compuny «f Nuw i.ir«.

*4 posqul-rentennlni was iiwiiriieil tin- foiilniot - ror

t he Innuontlitl In Uie nian of Cain- May County I"

»W. people to the iea- ho exhjbdeil at I He SiwiiiN.wi-

»a«* hniifs OTerjF day. lennlal Bihlhliion, The IUU was

»>)>ly a limited amount isilSO. No. other I.IIIM we" "",

nmfl pronorty and eott- eoived. The iiiap will he made on

iUii demand for it Is canvass ani| can he used fur u

Ri'In Qeean. city today pBrmanent exhibit after the ,Se».

«ifi» iave'n mllei of quI-Conlennlal Exhibition*

»S ; JomB of it ii solllBM The rreeaomers anliouneeil

W-taree ttouiaiul dollars, that the' wlldwood Boulevard.

>}few jears ago -fartieri' would ,nat he en 11 rely tern up

Kfln.tali land. BUB|. for iiaril surfaclnB ftt «!»'« H 1 -

Jffrls going up in price, slating ihM ony the (houlde

•am oolns more huntnum would ho repnlreil, the 'ff- J"

fl jarger depofjtijnd the' hard surfacing,;!" Im Htnrtml

-'' "'- •" u (B gi.ptcnihcr. : tlif! niiniermis biiulf>:i of the liiiir

wbi-n the erring .snmise would j

eoine home ilrillik. "When lie Is

• >


iirunk he ilghli^ nil the time nnii j

he is drunk all the . time," was '

the manner in wIlit-ii Mrs. rQmbii[?

o\iiliiiiied Hie iiiiiftrr. She e!aime-ii

iliat on the inu'iit* in question .

Miillhew linil Iriiiil to hll bi'r with

a lirli-k liiiil Mtli-h. hill nho had ;

lliivartei! his effnrls lifith linieK, i

iiiil Ihsii hi- linuily strm-k her over

Ih,. hem! with n linuril. :lilil u- .

nail U'bli'll Wilti ill thi' hiKUil hail \

tfirii' her iiaiiii aH ^hi- Wiinleil nFr ,

[In. iilipw.

Tin. hiisiinnfl, with nil the Mrnr:** ]

a lift iltii'hi-y nf ii Irained liarrlsler* ]

lolii of Iryiim in K.-i in Ilin hoiiHi!.

In. Me! some .11 ills [li-lnn^ill^H |n f

orilijr tiiiit he might elenr out ill= ,

iogether, and being iialleK*!!. from ,

onr rnotii tii tilt- other and ehnseii ^

nnitllii! the yards of hie iidjniiifnK

|irii|iertieii with ills wife lifter him. j

Mi. i-laiim-il Ilitii Hie wife hull j

hiu-ii biHititi?^ iiim with frcMiiii-iii t

ri'Miiljirily liir [lie [iiist iiiiir weckn.

. Mutslxtiiili! War,- sliileil Him. ill-

Mimmii lie ff-ll iiuit holt! worn iii**!

adhering elnsely lu flu- nehinl

ijii'ts, Mrs, t'u—' -

siMliInst her In

J-HUIII eliiti'ge iiild deeinijd her

eilUiilty reslionsible for jllly

iriiiible,. Hud he known the facts

the wiirraiii would hot have been

ISBiituI, in- stilted. Ho Hnid/timt

till: toiiiiiiiiiHnnt woiilil Imve to ntiy

the costs of.Ihn eniiri, IS, as the

oily liiid H»ne to ennHiilerahTe es-.

lii-iise to niiike ii trill io BrMgetnn

to return i'oniim hero for the tr'" 1

eil HI Avalnii when? shq teaehe..

|BC|1001 work with renewed vigor af

The Brsi year of their, mafrieii » vocation by the sea,

llfi). Mrs. Alien said, wan eom- "The three liagerstoi

parativt-Iy bnppy. Then her hiis- who spoke were Ray A. Lelt

ijilind hecumo u heavy drinker and Emmet W, Oana and M''

their I,million begun. When an C, Byron, ' Mr._ tfliter »

liii'uiit 'ntit'illint illvil In 1SSI Him ii«sei't»il I thi- caravan, Mr. OanH Oanii tolii

Aili-n IIH laiiBhnd. laiiBhed. told her not to liaBt-raiuwii's liaBeraiuwii's natural nilvaiitiiKi nilvaiitiiK

worry irry iinil iind that II I! would wouhl mean jtreHning stressing IIH im ngriciiliiirnl agricultural pnin points,

i.ns s work In in I lm iionae. house. and Major Byron told of thi- vvnh

Allen Ineik delight In hoiincine up of Hagenstown an a home site.

ites of cups on her head lindar ''Hagerstown guests at the

t!lj- * Hlighli-si. Hlighii'St. Pi'i-vitftalion. Pi'i-Vitftalio Oiici' tmnnuet were: Mayor J. C By-

she i* was: HiAnt-wiiai Hrtmt-whai inriiy turi In get-; run. E, W, C " " E---.^-

Him a plali- nf iui? i-ri nil wllllej Fred Blgle, Prank Letter, Hi

hi' WUH III. When rihi! ri-llirni-il j Vielor'Miller, Frank Bents, I

hi- lhi*.'w the cfeaii) in Iier face, Jiunlii \y, iaxcii. A, P, Warm

•Mrs. Alien rueiti-d sy leral in- si, p, lioller, Jr., C. Walle

siiiiit'eH, wi!-?re he biaek •lied her I Baker, 9, B, Phillips, L. D, Em

Byj! wiu, |1 In Mix, iii June, 10J1, inert, Carl Brandt, AUiUfltini

!„. Ml Mm |,ll0aiim, of his al- Linlwig Dr. D. A. Walklnn, Dr

ej,1!c| nPUPUy.'|,m wa« .peniiimied w. D, 'Campbell, Jniilen Kollopni

,„ r|,|Uiii, HIB I cunduet c d was no IIH. JOB, W. Byron, l flay Ll L

|,i!ilei. nhi> .li.liii li.liii.il. and Illialiy, Mark Melloi'. "

_[„ Nuvcnilii-r. r. 11)24 11)24, nil,, left fiir ' "Aftiir th» biilli|iii>l lam

,h|, ir, W|ir(. masto llt

THE |i"AMf

ho Beit in



II. JUIIIIRIIII, Ihn "Suit Mill!"


N. jinln Hll'eet. I'len '""•'

' Untlium and Availing VViric


Wills Admitted To

Probate By Surrogate

The following wills hnvo Keen

admitted to probate at the Surro- Civic Growth

gate's office! , " ^ .

Lpuiii Dornifin, Cnpe May I'ltjr.

left, nn eltlnto (if., |2t500 to his

widow,: two nonsrrinit twp.ilnugh.

ters^ • . .".'" , ' ' •

jesBO Hand, Belieplaln, ho.

willow iind oBiidren; , : '

Bdward Jones. Avalon, mnBo

proriilons In his wjili leaving -nil

to hli brothei' and ^Uteri, -:

Ralph :8iliiit!!lla.> Bellitilain,, be-

HUgni, B«rth

nBJrBers Oamden and give(a I,M...««. --..

iWih-bfCamdon will own orjilnal mann

BliieiB, j it

fe.H-fA'-.'••>"•• ^•••:..*•••- poqttB^will he:H

'KMWW^"'- wiw su»if.po-

;|jjgBfl!ttt^s ••-'..•• gtatloW In..Clncl

JnttieB Maldney, as

ibury At "•""••

nlia^ statt: of


.ANKING it the '.PriiM^iFactoi' of

••—*•' Civk tirowth. .• Banking Claimi and

.Recaivis-tKe CdnfideBM of. the PBOpje.

. Banking: fWei :to the. business of the"

CpnimWBi^i'tl»tyStrt|tlity ^giput, which

'^lereji'no'prpiipBii.'V-. ••'ft^ftJw.-'.y ••"-'. '"•..

TftiE; Bi»in«» of Bmkinpenttii into

ES : jfe'






Make Your Reservations NOW

For Your Summer Cftttag^.;.,

Bungalow or^partmfflp*

We are prepared to give ybU the |irop«r titlention

in selecting n home with our large Hit of



ere s a Gatch

In This Somewhere'

Ihlnk that "there's a caleh in II

Biniplo and eaiily exnlained, namiilsf 18 ,.,,r-

, nD «n««n.iA in „ fFJi-flrilv. hiitniin way, Afle

i smi Uion to h

nb buslnoas, MB prlvaw afTalri, and to meet people generally '

i humnnlty. Buck-'a

happen to lie engagou.

particular line of endeiit

•J 1 -'





1 f:

111" *






^-«*fe*^~IIi« Im- fjirni. Mm, Saith refused to go


All Expenses ton by one who it fully ooaverwnt

Time Is Short For Action

with tha baseball r'—-••— •

like paiilbly taousanai

summer rosidipti of Oe<

havo rogretted UB BUSI

past aeaton of a high-glass eo!>

loElute team at tat Bummer resort,


AVery was ofor par only 1

on the honiostroteh, T* '

when he required three

tho Anal green. To offst

took tin blrdiei, making

home nine in 34, two under

Avary'i card and, par for

oourge follow:

Avtrj—Oyi „ 5 3 6 I I I s j

l»iip—Out - (5431113

Avtrr—In 411111111

Pur—In i SlIlHiSi

r, meets Jim Losdos In

the new Municipal stadium at

ih; IIIIIIIII tho AMoeWtltin j« th

Philadelphia, The •tadium, a illmlnaUon of (niuilutont anl »!• Jrtga5ISH.nl JiIj.LJL.irt-.

lutdoor track «««»,. h not so old, an,! ye. the per- ^ ^ T tno" o « ^ -

-, iprmg will probably make hittory wlmh will stand £ \r^d ^'trilL

A couple of weeks «|O the sporting world was stunned ,,„, vliit||,g tMm noisins mo

I that, a practically unknown sprinter, Roland Locke, of ,han an evtn brBak in the other

!ty of Nebraska, had beaten the time made many, many evonli,

by Drew in tht century dash. Two others have tied the Griffiths, a former daih

ft by the colored sprinter, but until Locke was clocked at at Ooorfetown Unlvtmur, u

ler nmnef had ever beaten the record. However, there comer to Oeean City, hm Mo

I in tRe repore Locke w«S aided by the wind at his •«-£ tb. rife « ht m

^wpeated his performance the following week, bu, agam J^> JJd" Jj

SM>,blewinE, and it is improbable that the mark will be ln( a i n A ,Mm m m s

(0 Wake him one of the greatest rW^ ._ i]MmMBt fcp

. • livDii tho Oeorgia, litla and waa

1... ,,,i.,i..l hack the enemy in °JL:. ,i»,, ,,n „» tinhi.v

i^llMk is abot»t.to rtalise on 11 Jo^; Fufthor,. he had dons

- putting a high.ela

> living in the city. Held should, I feel,',be given

j 1 An interesting letter, whieh ap- ous eonslderallon.

''.' tho athlotea of thii city to take pears below, written by Sillllafd "To my mind the elty will sup.

Aer, last Saturday Locke did set up a mark which It is porl |n tho Sesaui.Ceiitenniai _. , , ,, , , pert summer baseball, not only

i(j meet with the approval of the committee of the A. A, games at Philadelphia nestl num. F, Sloan, or Phjiadelphia, strongly

US in an exhibition race at the Nebraska State College he raer,

MO of a second off Paddock's world record for the 22O.yard The following are the prob-"fog

the distance in 20,3 seconds,

iih a tprmitr like Luke comint nhitp and uill,

lhe national ehmnpkn, juu tut tl hii teem, it

f r Ihiugh lhe United Slnlei can fount on the reltn.

Whonwi in tht dukes in tht next iue Qljmpki at

l m SBlurdlly, Mt at leM, „,„

'- ies the suggestion made by jayS „ Week, Of course, I nit.

1 slaekensle In the NEWS | that lalurday Ii the big day and

choices of coach Meyer In u»

various events in , tfct L meet to.

morrow' •fternoon:

100 yard dash— Dannelly,

Ootialnier, Mernhinwei,

Ihot put—Oorson, Donnelly,


HO yard dash—Krucknian,

parently ferine title aS the world's Jiornhlnweg, Powell

hich he Md jointly »^,«f^m,„ MornhlnK,g,

; With the wind blowing across the track into the faces mniln m n i l n How6i

inirs, Paddock equalled the time made d by b Ucke Uk two ,|0 fmi ,„«.•— ai aimmeraia

nous, 9.5 Mconds. Paddock's record will undoubtedly be Meoullough, Thompson.

; T .' Dlstiis Dannellyi Brondley.

ifbtvtsi of Paddock in the sprints and his breaking, of p8ie vault—Oarothars, SieOui

Ifftt» new sensatioti, but the fact that he was almost beaten louih, LaKe. Mopn1lln, -

U which he set up the new mark, is the fact thrt .nspires 0«.o m "|f"S~ M ^S

ICharley florah, a frihman at the University 0 Southern |an«ra, B«o* Krortt

tewa. iHdfs the Oftrmpic hero at the gu:yard mark by Donnelly, Zlmmermn, ^

'irtnd,it wa# erily fcy a superhurnan effort that Paddock L - • i; id for the week end the late

:e u fast.team, of

would more than he ampli to pay

the local diamond all oxpeneei. Then, if neeessary,

t iaturdays during the and the Ke^idinfji* iggaatod hasobail

„ _.joti, during tool, week, at ' leart two

lloan not only endorses the »ug- gamps could be booked that I feel

gmllon of Siackenjie, hut goes would be nelf-aupporUng,

evoii f'lrther by sugiestini that "During the pait two or throe

the Bt ic team could piny at leant weeks l.navo met ieverar

'""" —r games eneh week and i

_ ."JT.. .;

f t|M four ijichH ahead of the youngster, ( ,

flMiei- was all that separated Boral.; a collep fnshinan Qinn's Riie To Wiilker

_:". • a * . .i.a 1 fi... _r ^i__ inii =..,»J ;i-iiih a* s mart il'hfph i a*** •* *** "T* '-. DI^__

rano when ho »»y» H'B * 'tell sf

n road," Maybe he only meau

Paddock Will Make

I ""'

leaying reattoiii of Ocean city, and from my el^irienee •

him Jolnoil thai: most lelett of Maekenilo 1, know ho L _

all llnko organliQtlons. the oughly•'.. eapablt ot earrylne i

Hole.ln"pHB Club,, itreetft suo-. and fulfilling nny promise that h

. „ „ „ , ee«i took place oil ihoiBourse woillti.iii"alle«to«*our committe

,nt htmgi up trn shoti. tlllB llI110

lll8l year was unknown to golf.

at the -Notthflclil,. CJuntry ' i•aftoteiJijily'

Club on May it, while .litf.wtis

playing with, 0,H1J, iBuBqls,

——f— , J . . . Walker 'cup aeloetions were Besldea being fdtaitted•'• Into Boxing Tonrney at Sesqni

Mtching.of of Robert Moses Moiei ("Lefty") Oroves during _ihe made h« oeeupied a place that membershiD in the Hole-in- . Entries for the amateur box-

rtb h 1 been b the h mainspring i in the success of the Ath- mlge u impflsslhle to Ignore One Oluh the looal' golf oning tournameht to'be held W

••"•""" -• -~~--f--- '— ....enth place in the hint, . , . thualait '. hat been presented the Iciqui-Oentennlai Jnterna.

i a certlllculc by the

1, _i »t:,i.:,,,—•- --•— »- "•'-"i '-» tii«

tionol iKposition of Philadelph

"eld Oluh tolllns of his

nd hai been showered

»ith evoryihing from golf

balli, to iafety raEors by eB.

torprlsing business lioiiion.

1 AnnouiKtmenU

^In MemgHam

Crt Thto

SfUnr! rectors

t—FHmemi Fiew^fj

5—Cemetery Lull, MonuniBtt

s—Moufnlns yones

Tint-.; attempts will be made

by Charles Paddoek, aensatlonal

•printer, within the

neit thirty days to further

r the 100 yard daih that

II he set recently, ih the South,

ern Pacifliq A, A, U, moot,

II Plans for n sorles of dashes

„ jelaily construeieil

I track on tho properly of thy 42—Msflpiisc Moitey

I Moil of local Bportmncn,

II ni.iipunc.ei! today, eallilig I"< IB-=HeraaF, Ciattle ?

garaneo - of . the . niondo (fe_Pniillry 1.11,1 suullu

47—Wiinlea~I,lvd ifooK.

Iinireil flyer May 28. June 4

•and 11,

Is ,Arllf:len fo^iiffcHlw

|S^Artlfilefi fsp_^4ln.^tjBe4 •

; He wllr he (aoed by o Hold

of southern OnliforBia daili-

Si— liiiiln

inon Incldding Cliarlca Borah,

.brilliant university of I

ern' California freshmnn t

iwhotn some of the honors of

Paddock's recent race go. Me

l|od the record ««miifcin« nut


ilar iniahlng leap,


!'. As a mimfcer of the 1^

on June 24 and 2i

June 18 with Dr,

D'llliMU, aalstant jportii director

of the Ssposltion, which opens

Junej 1 ,Rn«, continues until Do-

O c"«°.i1i(1 Olllfe BmiW

d Held aggregation,

ill' partieipate ih tho No- I

i'adelphia InJuly, , ~'~ [ , \


Wiy ivhenever Glove's name i


Oupn wai an, iinfcnown nhd

malnlfiei iil-'the Buhlitf eitl

majbn In eenieiHonco, .:•

•" isyeiml ^ 0^ ^punn'iV^iiyain

mMti Ini ti)e'iWroi^Bj,:>'6W

syeft needad: no' enlargement,

HajiiuallnW wlthJtfKWatian

jtijj tijj in:hjiiflrifliftteJigrpjin


Ik Sglilved to be 4 *or|dir.ri

: hijii.Sjnnlng • flf t*#i»' f iftMijM

.t?4iMnes rs> Htat .>^

fs-Mtrheefc mm Hank Koorri '

70—Wonltd-to Hcnt ft,,

' V,. : RtU'eiiiitt JFsf iati, !

'|nBi«I«lnel Brtan:

|nBi«Iii«rlnne»l Brtan.:.


I - Bfokert Ih flUIMIH

*V* ^ / ¥ S J ^



3WiiTMP0lls Speedway

Theatre in Bniazy Comedy, alllWl1 " 1 ' -fM , r

.•a • L • tjii ..* ,• "B«r!f nMlmqnlK W will i*

Koinbow Rtley turn'to buriniM mater, flleUit.

llrange as 11 may Been, Johnny

navlng been remodeled and

finished In stucco.^

Prsetlealiy elf;My per ^ceiit,

Qt the hotel properties In t&e

Jon Ooileie, to recti In. M, A, °f, "if ' f "" l l f f l , '", lt «

degree, This latter honor Is .* «J bave bo In the hands. ,«

conferred only, upon,, students bull ** rl f ?J , "f sp ' lB '

who have achieved an eutjtand. ntbs, and aUhoiigb less eMen-

ing degree of: exeellene, as «'" |__ nm,,,nUnJ t0 ,lgJO00 The Moorlyn management

.1 Company, of AtlanUe city, to

•-——feid. •

• the office ofBdJ auests all' th ^ -

eive a copy of the program for


through ihliofflce tils JIB

Farm on Shore .Road ft

p> *. ^ h . to Harr^ VaM*

•—•-•-! Fifty.iljrtb and Central

...in Huaacll Hiinacom to Robert


lut despite his hi

o entire bill for nest week

at the Moorlyn la unusually fine.

"" ure," on Wednes.

in Thursday, are recent

hieh In their few show

Will Complete

Alley Intersections

, from fhomas

Owner Calls Attention To

Needed N»»dld Improvement

WHgnt to Waltef Potts; : ' —

.''tola .on Asbury Avenue at For- The need of completing the l_

tj^evanthStreet, from John Keck tersccllou of ,UIB alley; that e»

to Frank lore. ; tends betwceri vVesley and Central

" • - — * " • Ith the oross Btreets la

I vicinity of Twenty-slith •treet,

i called' to the CommlMlononi'

-,,v.^ , • . - . - „« "Cltr 0

Agnes Hand, •, •• "Highway DeputmeBU.

% tfita m l Aihury, ,Annm,', ai ; "Dear ilri, SeToiii.

equity of $2.760."tin as nn

thnrp, eannbt^oily : satisfy VIM' ;j

dalnm of. all ^reaiiori,' but re, I

store this eompanf^to?a-saunf i

Orianelal basis,' on which It can I

serve real estate Investors of this |

lection." S

Kfli.a chiroprarior eao*t treat j

you for backbone trouble' if you 5


PiiBlls notlw i» htraBj flvtn » I

th« endltsn dt FKk'a flench Bulldlne i

and u« AMoolnltoo tlut they •null I

tiring in rind lilo, under esth, Iflelr ;

deMS, deiiinndi and clnlnu amjnat i

the Hid ABaochitign wltbfn three |

nioniha Irani tile dale of thta nollct {

or hy dr IH-lope Ihfi littl day sr July, a

13IS,' qr thai isnld otiiimii. debtp and; 1

demand* will tm therciifter Mrr#d ' s

Tile sainis Biav b« filed with any of t

Flrit NaHniiill Danll. Oman CltJ', I


Sth & CcntFBl AV6S. Ot^an City. :


Ocean City TlUB A Trust Co., 1

oegan Cltsf, •

Cat«;d fit OG^an City, K, J. , i

ADHl 9, ISM, 1


Invest in tirea that will

gj»i yon ft lorigtr wear

serrloe. Boy thtm at

'T'HERE'S a itory

L 'many scrap hegf

urn out months too

Tires, the kkid (ell, and

he they're on your car

you can forget them for

thousands of miles.

"Iiltmd Garagi '" -' -

gutd iinio taggctiton.




l P-Jd

wmmmmms-, Borner ;prbpprtjr,, inHudlBg+fwo|rrom attracted pu.; BTthis pic-







1 if


Wf ass M









Announce ihe openinjr of Uiei|

Oceph Gify Oi*

located at

Nbth St. md Weslejl

for the tale ef

Ocean City's Finest Suburban 'flp

h general real estate business will J

conducted. • f jf

List Your Propertfi

both For Rent and For Sals ^Ap




Phone connecting with'all offices, Ne

Somen Point OMeo ' fLmM

oppo,iie Gittwv "^P

Cmino *


I* '

BiteMff m«|Brf o/ tib'tMnf "/if^" u ifnoiin /Am n i// o/ wei-fiw o» Ilit itaehl Unit dnngtr o/ ihr Prim Hail iludtnn

ip'iliill after fallowing Ihii tarly morning rmttliit,

»'"' : ' ' • — =— — : — "


' /* s 3 5t\ j 6 li/i

1,1,1, did a "Cau, ai the Bat" in a baabM gaimin Ihc imeh, Nrtdltii la i«f «

fouM ttrike out and laugh at. tht mini lime, _ : ,


feillta Pffi^^^rV Scotteri 1 nulh • Jonoi, Joe 4U Kflecl8i w MJ^aelcbly with

2?=^ M m

irte sewed one point by taking

thlrj place ln lno jnal heat, of

fbe 100 yard dash.

The annual"hwiMhoftl nrta enhlblts.

under Mrs. HoMing, ani

the manual training oitliiblt, tindertMiv

Kilby, will be hold In

their respective .departmenti at

tho new Hlih iehooi, oh Jiieiday

oveningnojt. May i«, at 1,30

o'clock, The parents and friend.

/ A good suggestion (

West is thai signs b» dreeted .•*( "

railroad erosslttgs readings ^Beti >|

1 . What's going to happoll to used tar Stop n Mlnilto Thou •tpjf^pf- Ji

* oars It tho rnanuWoturers keep on ever," :Ap,\;' : S %;X J -/Sii^Mf^

| slashing the prices of new i

* FOLKS; On Sunday morning

Father grabs his coffee, toast and How can

eggs, and slips into his oldest a young mat

clothes and snoops around nod clad gniefly m u

^ a n d

•Tni goiiii to hurry out,

tires niay eseapBJWMqiiiI

says' he, "and grease us that old The question now on the Boor. Injury, W O »°K"

bu, is: What has eaused the most pro- aim, Uio principle (,.

"ill want the ear for Bunday fanity-Fords or radlosJ • win never make the pracUoBpopu.sh|wlnf,

school," says Mother, "John, please T~~", _„„ „,._ . . .. ' •• • •...i&itja-.i

cask and whistles as he gets bis

tools and starts upon his task.

In half an hour we kids go

dowli to see how he's progreislng;

because it Is high lime that ho

Was cleaning and dressing. He's

on bis back beneath the car, the

crankease slug Is out and all the

oil Is down bis ears and neck and


His eyes are gummed with

blackened grease, bis hair Is full

of oil; he looks just like some

chimney sweep returning from his

toll. His face Is black, his hands

a sight, and from his clothes a

smell arises very like the cat wo

(nice fished from the well,

"Oh, Dad, come hurry up and

wash and let us be away, for sooa

we shall bo late to church," we

klda b«ar .Mothor say. and ttoi) ho

lays his oil can dbwn and looks

at bar and splutters—but 'Mother

would not let us tell the words

that tssther utters.

JIOBALi l*t us assume all y»,,

service worries!

Five young men went Into a

store to buy a hat each. Boeing

they were In a joking mood, the

clork sa|d! "Are you married r

ley each said: "Yes,"

"Then I'll five a hat to tl

bo can truthfully say he hi

iy, John, how was It you

didn't brini one?"

Once upon a tlnie there was a

miser who oied to hide hli gold

at the foot ot a tree In his Iirden,

but every week he used to dli It

up and gloat over his gains,. A

robber who had noticed this, went

id dug up the gold and decamped

ith it. When the

t to gloat over his treasure

found nothing but the empty hole.

He tore his hair and raised such

an outcry that ail the nelghbora

same around him and he told them

how (e used to visit bis gold,

•'Did you ever take any of It

' - • ' f them,

"Why." said be, "I only looked

at it."

"Then come again and look at

the hole," said a neighbor, "it

da you just as much good,"

Ayenlth unused might JUL. _,

well not exist,

A little-firl bad been bothering

her mother nil day with questloni.

Finally the mother said: "Mary,

do you know that curiosity once

killed ii eat?"

"Well, Mother," naked" Mary,

"what did the eat want to know?"

Twelve-year-old i "1 gotta got an

onion to get those cigarettes off

Slghteen-year-oldi "I gotta get

a slgarette to got these onloas oil

By breath,"

Through a glaring mlitako, n

burly mnn was thrown Into a dark

cell'already occupied by a pretty

young sbeplKter, The latter, bop.

ins to escape any unwelcome attentions,

romarkedi "It's a cosy

sell, brother, but I hope you don't

mind me having scarllt fever," ij,,. •

pot a bit, I'm going to com- " "

niit suicide In the morning!" • bet*

(Ampvltig picture company mak-

Inf; ; a;, Bpeelalty; of filming; hlblicat



with «U B

4>h and Asbury

Real Estate

That Will I





* H

if •'




« ; «






if ft»'

B:iofi',.pfcn»yiib«»,:f«Tiiuw nalS


" '\ i K

nUon. of i eluded in the rands to* 'lie.: "hard

Bounty citiions, headed surfaced under' the •flve.year*»rQ»

it 3%£& or *« « jHi>

ok i,oldiira Uuthsr Old and Free- UUJ Bnrt that unlatt aoBietbJnB

fii hoWorMroh Champa, appear- w,» done thta y^lt, Wojiia m.i

tmi money than"had been iy with Capo ilay County when

d under the 1086 program | ibey gave $81,000 toward paying

|n in itnft'Main •oiuihBre BoaBi' The tions aa they,lad tnotioy, .yf:

net hTOioMt for which Bus'.-; delegation ~%ayof" JB^h-^hinnpion-JfJid

,ri. .fi , p]oa wj( tsSp jiofd ho knew evejybpdjr . wanted^ViSli

o road irom Tusk- (hey could got, but that flaps

[ays Landing and a son- May was Browing .into a .Ajjry

if the work on Route wealthy county through th*e' patvlllc.

- ronage of Its ocean resorts, was

i nireotor OEden was the ehief destined to become one of' the

"iV_j__>. Bpdtasman* lor the delegation -and wealthiest eoitntlei of Iho Hate,

* sailed, the attention, of. the Com- that there wai no question as. to

BIBHSH to the' fact that last year ita growth and (hat these facts

-«;--—•- pniy a iew miles of hard lurfae- warranted the county In asking

FOJU et |llc was done in Oapn Mar Coun- tot more than hud been granted

Tl -nTiT W~Onlnmrfld protest was made it by the Oommlsslon "in^this


37 Bn * IW"y increased, H» asked

vsoa for the hard surfacing of Route

, i 14 Irani .Tuekahoe to Mays Landln(,

so m to give Dope May Coun-

'~ ed outlet to

[Philadelphia and also that prog,

ite IB from

my wmiain I

Bd DHk 310, |

t been done. Mr, the CominlHlenora to the fact]

qeniinuing, Mr. Osden said m

boilevedthat Route 14 wai in

itiiIttmtit art, said to IIIIVB I • B»^«UB I «

»«•« vnorth pf Ma We Jnnt I MeWlgrS

"^ -• : "- iW, war, through | For Coroner


>, Thi a I

OnsibfL'tho hliiest in the I

ear; at railrtiia B-

n cue of l emti, I

,Bco,eftoed tne I,

I bridle; a»,it 1

nentlng the Cape May County

Ohanibar of Oommercei told; the

ConimlBalo.i that the business al \

the county wag furaighina sea-1

shore r

* criticism is ikHerved Nor

lesl called upon 10 make

ntrt claims of greatneta

the facts «lll not beur


Katnln nilsIiL compare

acr famous thiid gacki

UI mako no mti unit io null

la unquestionably one of

cst thiid bagonim in

and llml la BUfflclt lit

im ht^un Iih ni ijoi k irrtit

uudir picullttily utifavoi

comlltioiiH lit teas the fi

huudriil iliuuiniiii doiui

I Investment fiom tin Pulllt

Whirnii Iu nent the

hundred tliouftaiul tlnl

f.tlunf; to lllm Be^oin) doubt

1 a dccidul hini)icij>

1 van born In s in it m

', Col mi Hit -ICIIUII of hi I)

, 1000 Hi hu ii-Hltlf.1 ill

Ifo In ihii mi tn,IHIIIK of ill.

mil hi ti t i', in

talknl lit >oiinbslii 1111 Mi.

. afi .1 iiirmliii of ib« ball

j)Tulj_.wlilch rtpiLstni., lili mm,

~ "'or four >f,u« In pliyttl

PrtiiirlHco anil nit* t.f

atft .11 tht hot tin

i«vifi:it.uiuLt.-u cbai mom tht

ritinont The most miBillon il

lunscnian tilt HIINIHU p,o

waa tbe ltitl|rt jntl nil

major ItaRUL clulm cist

[ cyra hi hie dhtction Uut

Francisco owntrs wen

uuilndful of tin v,ihti or

Btir, anil tht-y pi 1Ct 1 a

4 upon his *?ei\lcfs which

_ . the innm tajjer

It-is purclituif r romlaki*}

cr, wan III desperato ntrnlla

Sub had been rulnid by tin

[ion of tlio Black Sox He

Iff afford tu plunge mil hi did

" 1 with this niUKlft playei at

which nould have pur

. an entire club franchise

ill, not many yt ,r» ago

|5. Baseball His Hobby

plajcd much

ho ever wore a San Fran

Basrbill to hin)

, hobby, an oniiisi mcnl and

pullon all in one "As a

*h* »)ra. " I Dialed all the

at I could get away Many

fcil havo played three full

i and practiced u\ hi*twecn

iU, didn't Just lettn tho

ortnnt thing in llfp it

continued Iv&mm.

i lovo for tht ,

', the. long" LTperlence

ned when I wan only a kin,

tho foundation for

»r~ eitccosa I havi known

* toy teammates Id

1 might baTB heim 0UCijrers

now "\r they hjil

ilt., There Vobw a rima

kid's experience when

tenure, lr ba J dropa out

li the) con-

-,,-„ friends or

n-nut.Vwent ta school,

iT J nnd - when

. flever&I

The Good Ship "New Hope" at the Riviera Tract

• ' ' • \ * % - .

£ 'ffi ,u *mip tin I, ill On

It ten I ofii.n thai u earn nun dim iln-dgt i^ Lhnsnnt I i i,rnj "hip bus m m ilulc,e

dredge Ne» Hopt its a ftuod hip in ihi i ni ihi im lui*, uf Ma RIU n luci uhkli

located from from Bu> Aunui iu ilit. Uij uml I nun Elh-hd Hli tin i in Twt 1113 l"lilli

ftgt Tile tlretigi wus pmr^a&ul hj Uu H ilpli L tin n 1ML I iiloptiEi uf ih 11 ict fni

of Oiling it ami biln^im. ii up (o pialt \i Hit pn* in. 1 inn 1 pi pi li 11 I- IIL-IIII,

to the Ktj-liiM nli sim.1 m u.nm «c[l(in m ih< 11 .u \nu ihirt block H al.nl in

It, will bo grafted shlo-wallm uml siiu is will IM LDIIHIIUILentl A C of East Pslt handed compliment to tht ^oml


^« In making ihot' Thnre ne^rr ^I my lire*.! in iu ,],„, Lamn ,]„

I light urniB or Iltiiimtr rulk

tht} il tlit«t€t S \ linn intued J

he dots not omit ihi ' t \p 1 lenee

dhln l

Itiiii i lit. nrolt.il foi iiiiiii full iiiiin in UH ^ illtj l-orgt. m

Jimmy Cnllln-; calli.il In I

Whm Ivanim hail

siriki ri-Di 1 tin mim

llllllililll V|,uhl,lll O! ill l p.Illlll ,1 till III IMnldiltlphii inuaihrn IJLI Jun

1 >{ in hU

l«u >LIIS uith BiOOkl

authoriliea ihe Cii.ai«.t lilt IOUISL Jt tht publlt seliuuls I n but [1


- in bt ht-Itl UIHlLr UK (Ultttlon hi! a ftw polntN ni 11

bniemsn whp nir lived To lit. »uii to soik In a KiiK.ny|olIt ,)„ ! ilQn t pilJ IIllIih dnf.ntlmi

(J!J Hi 1

el iht St^nul f« ntuininl luin 1b DadgiM lutdnt bj

lh£ Chief mi> bi calltiljHiait in ih, >t.d H thil followed ,„ whll lhi. fallil itil j[ mi but

1 hi! I

Jidiiorml L\pn^i[iun whjrh apm^ inrk up U-izzs \ ant

abseni! since h* he lackled iiilaun jut» 1 jiftPlry|Im hunmn and I don I mjo> in

uml 1 lit

Jilii** 1 nnd continuts umil Dt.

stole a nianufactui*lns plant antl suits

iban Hit i\c\i

bt But on Hit, olbi.r I111111I others But he ne^ei- lost sight

ctmbtr I TUP (jgntt i-unntr^ One bhoitcoming u m nnilnrl

Sla*f£rs» particularly yclu of Ilia fact Lhui baut,ball %ho ft tht Brazen Hi wanted a eu

eier cani£ the next season when slble mo\e by Majbg t-lglilli in the Boston A A11m

^ pitcher untl a bititr out

was hp rianned u ?lan Francisco un!

placing by Instinct Frank Martin and Jnhti R than Filflif ^ he traiieil

di ltd

eh Hun

»oulri Ii

Io ilu M1II1

t! ultt n Bntl

tthit my

1 li.rn lr I

h) hy\t- »lippMl In tjnlt-i

»b«?rvi:ii uml IX'Kim K.» Hliu

1 t;uuld do \vii]j(>n[ luniii

yen i-lvi!if>d hi in*. 1 . ^ ih

Ollld hnv« dulH' Illlicll Ill'I

onli I (Oil Uh l ibl\ I

anybody would haw done

i hil

Jones, Named Firbt on

Walker Cup Team, at

Height of Golf Career

IStiMij J.II, ~ , ,,„ ,

1^ il» 11 A I. Illllll I ll 1 v

(ri ^|| to ,t p) m l ll>, I nit,,I

IMJI'I in .fun

Ol blr, i tn

(In: pi T fsu;nl

Si ll


>• II Of ill*! inpollllllil III Ii !*,

bun rmiuiiiilj 1,11,11111,,1

Artii lijlnj, K,I ^ ,011,1 plan

in tht* opt 11 (,liin]]>Ioi!*}|ilpn ni

19J2 IM uon tin 111 If. In ihe

pi ij off wtili Bobh*, Liuitk

nhanlt in 13** flnMiiil ^11011 1

tin ncxi Mil mil Iti 1 In 1

duubli piny uff 10 Wllll. MJI

It ivii not tinlil lJ_ 1 n(

Mellon th.it Joiii*i nd iblc to

win thi iniatiiii rlumplon

ship but IIIH ilrtoiy Lt that

tlniL wai oni of Iht most di

UBI\ in 1124 antl

Bflchael 3cott ami nobert

Scott Jr In nle singles Jonru

defeated Major g c Hcilct

Joneit first took jiart In an

International team match In

1321 ivlitn ho accompanied n

ttaui of Anierlcaim on tllilr

quest of iht llrltlbh ainutiur

title In- the mictlngu at Hoylake

which were thq model

after which tin. Walker «up

mcating wau patterned Jones

vfon In, the doubles paired,

with Charles £i«ia, Jr, and

also won 1 bis nlnules match

In 1922 Jones paired with

Jem Sweetsi-r beat C V I*

Hooman and W B Tsrrance

and overcame' Roger Weihi

ereil In tho singles He was

unable to accompany tho team

In 1022.






Fish, Oysters, Clams, Crabs and Crabmeat

Everything in Seafood

at very reasonable prices.

Your Patronage Is Solicited.

Sea Isle Seafood Go.


S. NAPPEN, Rtop. v

Avenue • 5 Ocean City, N. J.

Jim JoIniBloii and Zack Tajrlui

to Ultf Brriven tar JLSB Uiirius

Mtekr^ O'Neill nml Lua Filix




liaili 1 |Mis

rni- i


Dionh la ncii uiily lilliliiu|lu i iiiKlH ^ g s w •

Iffet i itLiiiiiii but ii^tn unti In ii uil uf m

rrtt ILIII i" IiH »oik Inn lui mil j „,, , 1(|11

mil in hi nnt til ilii lii I Illlll isming


li, iMM'i Mi* nil !** S't-iitii* w* si

'I -wii.ii

I anil ili-i-hlwl in nu iiir n ( | u. h,.,|.

ili-. tii- i.- ii-.l, "yiiu n

|lllpiml mn "f 'll'' "•"'"

t (JnrtiHs t*fiinMis iii* • ti• "

im ih-ivi-. KviiltMiily inj

n|tn nir m* I'lmin'i'.

ml tiiiwii in lilt- i*tirii!*r lur

1 "

il Mini: Hll.l'l. Dill


Ililll 111 Illl."

••l.mti-n, H.llljt ." y.'ilil I'ill'lhs,

j'ii'a (.IfultlllSi my lli'illl III i'-ll

1 linn

uaililia lir In. I.Jtf.t'1. Tli

iir, n! : niii lii.ltj Iiiiiii t i

,,],, ...I 1 luh

I i l,i- ill Illl'

|lllliB im- 11 11.(ill in Hi!- iip)1 I,, i,,,

ill im I iiiliIri'il iln 1 „„,„„ M1 ai

in Ititili iiliiiiii ii IN I>!'H, : H,i,. y.-ar iiml

yiiih 1)11! ••ii ti


. imir iis



Hi iii

-•'•'••"I I-'".*

iii l i

W).;tl^ (li[i.

i IHiiMn i-niiii- iiliiiiu. .jp ,(M.|{ ih<

ill Iral'iily l.pRiin In allr, .-, I,...I

\ alonf? ul n lilisk puei'

i in ullnrcp I1H1II wi>

f IhE nral-hy jjurh. I

, Inn, werp llWm-i- «r\ ,),„


1 1 rijiy Miilii- Ail. j

Imiisi. ' I iliiyiiiilili !'!!**=

il, illlll Illlll Wl.

.•1:1 1,"I.',''

I'll ill i Vi'iiii'!-, I'll!

f ill. .illllrlV illl.

li.i.i I Iiiiiii ill III"

I ll: 1 Mll'ir fniiii u

i,i!»i i i u i i i 1 l.

i i.n'i Jiiiiiii HH -ili. 111

. IMu.-n. any Infiri 1 filiii ili lliii!iilii:ii:ilii Plllii :i>> I'vi*

l'l...-I.illl 111 1.1 iill II' 'lll'l ilil'i illl

i.i.i i,;i,H.. II': ill. ... Hi AI I-

:ili....l- iiiiil i- iii ii Iln. H.i'l ri-llli-l

. i.i ihi* Hi.ilili. Oil iii-i'iiiiiii iii ilii*

„„„,.•,!«. wli.-n Nh-i-. in w ili'Vi'lt.iimiMiu 11 ^hfiiilil lii* a ;

,m,| •Mnilli- c'riiln ntiil Cniiins wci:- , ,

iihit-i* lur Niy Hlti* iti

1,,, nin-i iiiNlil.iiniiili. ' wnivrinii-1 „;„,,, 1 lim,, iwn

in - woi-l.l. »-,. ,-i.ihiiiiii-il ,,„„,,_ „„,. hl ,'1,1,,,,

i,! wurk nil « n-nui.-n- ,,, |.,,n, ,,,„ | ,.,,„

flN . M i l l ii l:ili,IIi •>• Dl'sH-.U |||(,, ||,'li H

nil! illl* Hitiiii'

ililii* ymi In ,

I liuil npineil wlili; llii'ii•; |,.rl| ],iii«l> Ami wi 1

Basplili 111 llupiillluHH, ill*- |,.|V1. .Inn.. 11 M K'liiililii liuil

ili.i 'I i.ii.iiiiiui

h« [IDIIC iliisy liini !|,,i inn:"

, liisfti.'i* wllh fiihit'N,


i yi.ii iiit'iiii ynil

1 and till 11

niiincy ul nil? I'm-llw. l why illilii'I

eolisenl we »i

ynu ii'll in'- Iliiii nlKliiV"

I on ii bGiicli lii*n>*iiili I

"pli, I •Ilil 11 "1 wiini in ii-li Jim

biaiirli..» of nn us

I [lints.

:i! illl lui! iiflt*r ihiiiliim*; H' nvi*r

nil iilalil I ili'tiilKil ilnu ii w 1111I1I

fc wliBii cunlm upo

mil lii* full- in l»'"|i yiiii I" "I'

Ud 'not he in irfur to ilii'


Inn! iliiii ilii- iiiiiiii lii*roi'i* {4t'i*iiii'i|

pi'liy ii!il'*"il riimjiui'i'ii tn ililK. .

Niii Ifi iTHini In iiiy iiili liailH*

iiiiil In livi- llivny Irnin illy filthlMiinii

iilfitil^. I wonilPi'i-il 11' Ciir-

Has n?:illz-,l wlnit :i ITI-IIIIIHIOIIM

Miii.M'illrM hi* «!is liHkiim nil* III

Mil If.

IT11 Hi* Pniitlniiiiil N1..5I Wi-i-k)

Hiiik. Hiwlili-i'," In* vn* NUBIIIIy

'lCh H hOll |11|H«(J|I

! epjunijiij fnciiliy n

ily iT'iiinfine io 1111

m*-:ii rliiniM

*M)I : "in-1 ToiiMNmsit'i-: "Till' ill's! Niii-iiki'r

j nn 1 lie* Jiriifiriili! IK ii Itiiltl ynil ill!

I'liuiHi' ii will. CiiiiU**. Iknnw, HL* la (jrciilor known Ilinn

'Inaenlrt niuiiily vrilic ' »- wlili 01 nil. On"' 1 'jv(*"y fiimlly, iind tills iiwn l«f

.' . ivn.ry llKiimli,

lln- nml will

ili*!ii'i"p|. lii'i-iiiMi'j iiiiplily lirtjiiii til t-iiijin him. It IH


l So ••Tl...... il • yn.l. H.I1I, in!-"-!""-

fiiilliw, ilnii'i illiliik nf unliillillB hiw Inin hill .1 jniii- nmiii 1

wii!i plfiisum llml I inlrnfliii-n—n




' •* .| SPEAKING OF STRIKES By A, 1, CHAMN Jail Prtferable To

Leaving Ocean City

Tin 1 itm* sf Ocean City was

Hhisiirak'd hi a rut her unusual

»ay an Tuesday, Phillip Tur*

plii. ogi' 7y* whs has oh §f*v-

crui previous sceaaiona caused

the local peltee frQUbit was

ar/MiPtl by Olfleer Fangbtirii

iiii Momiay nigfti in Cranraer'a

How, charged ijtiLh, being

' drunk and disorderly^

When Tyrpin appeared bp-

larv singisiraie Ware a eeuple

pf us on t hs ago on a similar

chaigtv the Magistrate was

it-nieiii, but premlgoU the ef-

itMHl.T ihat slipylii he ^ver

cgiiie back he would be given

a it-nii in the eounty jail.

Dt^lilng is be pasy on the

ageii liiaii, Ware, after \hv

ht'itrlRg yH Ty^stlay morning,

ufftjrt'j him (hi.' ypportunify of

Ifaving tin* cfly for ai leani

liu* uuxt ihMPfi (fidnttiH or of

iicivijig Bisiy daya in the jail

ji Capi 1 Slay Court Hougt>,

Turpln did Name rapid caj-

eujaniig. If he left flip city

ht' would bo aiijorn from thi?

r^Mori for thirty more iiays

iliaii if he junk ihe alternative,

lht> jail ierm. and she Magl=

Him It* and the cyurt wen* OM=

tyuniJHd whfn Tlirpjn easily

replliHii 'Til take ibfe jail ri--n-

Judge Was


\ Prisoners

Several Drew Good Size

Fines, 'But Several Got

Off With Suspensions

Court Will Convene June 9

bin m

•^ n ll

Iff SH

V J. dC« Htrhirt nnrtktl of

3 Cumbtrltind County sal at (.apn

fr Mny Court Hoiinc on Weilneiduy

pi. The tallowing senll mos and flnei

f. nr* Jmponid

r Hollln thUlln Tuckahw

L |lli ailod cuilty to armull an 1 Iml

i ' 4< iy hy aillvmohllL bint, nit

Hairy Falrlwllz. PhlladnlDlilu

Jjltoilod nuli-iult ti> pOHiicEslon

'fU4 transportation of liquor. H«

Vu flnid »600 Prmtcumr

Climpbull wild Falilwllt wm thi

UOIlrce of supply to small dealer*

III the cuiinty

John Mitchell, tolDre.l. 11

Wlilunboro, rffj;ntly found Kullty

l>f usiault and battery hy Jury

(rial. lMltcbolI was Hned *150.

'file illBputi] iKidlng up to Ills nr-

rifit xvatl over u ten cent piece.

'.$ Jn connection with tbn . siinic

C81IB, Ann Mooro, colored, nf

'^Vhitesboro, whs c^nr^flil with re-

itlntlne arrcBt. Sf!nif!ul:e wim KUK-

i ' Laura White, culnrrd. Cap*

Mny City, pli tdeil nun lull 'to

dmlntainllie a disorderly JiotlKC.

•lie^aa Oned J25O

f l^b^rto. ErlleHt, Armando And

QllldOjJConzullo. nr Sf:a Inli; City.

rmieand ban, ry vn March 14

M^FSHOhinu A dlsputt iner

.non-payment or wacen due

a(lo Erntot Tonielln «u

Jjm Johnson or Ocean Cllj rei

1 Um italil

rill* I Ulltll I)«l it Hill lilt lllllril

in (I talk of tin i] uikhti r She

Slid hit* < HIM In it all lioni-4 ut

the nl lit and nfu^d to ob wiinl

tlmci MIM La>ton fin tht i

iliiri^ed IM r il Ulthti r ulih In Ins

liiiiiioi.il ( Ivlnp hi-mmcm

rh«m »i I^iyion In r hit Jit r

wlit n Qiiktd liy JmJM Udttlt tl

about hfi dniiKlitt r i heh i\ lor

rtaid he cuuliln t hi> an lu

w(»rk* ft a ntrlH "i i 'Id t"

thought I 1111.111 II Rood Kill iitd

would m\m lif r ** ry unit h m

hlu atttmhtt in hlri chllitirn IL>

clilin***t th it Jiti vk(f( in uU t led

OIL chllden IH ing aw a> f i ant

huniL must ill iht time

Mrs Layum admltttd that »1IL

WQH not La>ton i 1 ivt fuj ulft

hut hid ll\*d ufth him Hlntr

ah* was twenty iml h id bort

hi III ilillilten lJl>tOI» dilim d

nil of the jfx ehildrfti wen noi

Ii 1M tin t IM wnii If I mipput t I hi in

Mm Layton further iimd itiai

rht ton Id tiitt ntan I La}ton n

ihutve any longei t) ilmlnb h<

una try hit, tc# Ml rid uf In r

Jmlgt Daitlut in region 1 ** 1 1

Mra La>lon mill that It wan

lift dut> to take * ir* nr tht

children Me HIUM d iluin to

rtpitrite illouinfe them to mike

arrangenn nts mlth l'loucutor

nilihell In tefi n nf* m tin


LlllUn waft cominttltd to the

^tate Home r«r Mill nml w**l»

l>,i.«rly whin iintum wa? Im


Shift Troopera

Trooper Joseph Itellty has

bevn ininBffriKl from Court

House iu Fort Norris. TroupLu

Mury. of Port NorrlH, will takH

hlH plati? at the county seat sia=



keeping yur trunbliM to

Building Wonderful

Garden at Fogg Home

The resilience of A, Randolph

Pugg, ai Ninth ami Oet*an A\¥=

title, already un*? of the mom i

tractive in the reaurt, will bi?

ulie uf thu beauty jipois of I hi?

clly on the cyinnleilon nf work

now lit nrugrt*££ there. A. Mori-

arlef & Bun*, iandgr&pe garden

era, are hiiihHng an Italian

sUhkiMi garden un the groiinds

at aii appFosiniatt' iupt'sf (5,000

Among the other ghrubbery

which la being placwl about tlio

groutniH are several English bus

biqphea. which are ireMn the year

round and which ard rkittned tu

be moit? than uin 1


A brldi ebould be w

on her

BoatmaB to f&errym&kors; "I

must ask you to pay in udv;tnce_

The boat Isaks, M "

"Too afteii," says Carl HHdreth

posslmisUeany, "the glad hand

contains an ttchlpg palm."

iom Bhuttlewerth^ gays that

most men are qiifejt-' to emhruee

an opportunity—when it's wearing


This is an unkind worlds flfld

the only Uni# a Riaa g€U all the

' praise that he feels entitled to is

ttt hts funeral,

I "Prepare for thy I-ODE. Dreary

Evenings with a Radio." gaya an

advefti^ement. Oh, some, of the

prDgrfliiiA are pretty fair* at that

Fiv!?-year=oit! listening to the

radioi !i WIippe is the screw you

turn to makg ihe niUsle go

faster 7"

Our idea of an optimist is a

man who imagines that by getting

nsiirrled he ean make his running

espengea alow down to a walk.

The happiest p^aple, thlnkg Herb

Smith, are lhon« that never stop

to wonder whether tfitfy are hav-

ing a good time,

Mabel "s head Is like a dsor



''Because it's M easy tq turftS"

Walt Be^rs thinks the onljf ree-

ogni^'d liberal party la this coun-

try is dad.

It Is so much ettsi^r to dictate

letters. You can use fine big

words you haven't thy least idea

haw to spell,

rhap who went to sleep in ft

telephone booth while waiting to

the right number must bave

a rare disposition^

There is room at the top, but n

Wild wood groueb says much of. It

taken by relatives of the wife

of the boss,

l l uhlghm?n!

The Landlord; "You been lellln 1

(quer here! YQU beeu hreakln'

he law! Know what that means?

That means y'goita pay more



Why did you bob your fcair?

ji was ad very blead and fair.

It tookgd so very nice, I thought

Tied up wiih a ribbon, you bad


To pleasi me, §0 you said.

But H's not so mueh the babblni, | _ ^

But you h&d it ihiniied. rebbing - H wouWn-t be so hard to get up

You of the way te hide * j ln lhe "^niJiifi W the mercury

That aid fenotten boil mark* .would. ^

Hi* Soldi

J lifuby five rioiJi •* Ili/it my w Jf*

ban left,

M> huiiit haa been hrokeii I'm


coins from 1 *


larkg, hiitfl a

Another thing that pussies us

is when the poor flies sleep In an

ttll-nlfllit Greek restaurant.

i> doonn t the* criminal who

is (i) ditlft'il lilniH. If hi-ionie

tdtMOU i WOlll III 'I bUtlbillltl 4

I'll pa> DO bills thttt she nmj ron


Wr a Bhame and disfcriKC, Iln « i\

Mie did ntt

ll|iHtlt'kH would * j tilt

[ai Clin u.\[ you



Plenno excuBe my busbunil, hi' i We won

made it miMake, j IIIRHHI W:IH

He left his wife und child nnd ! \t\H conn Ivy

I i

mnuy a ht-ur tn tin | tillVi ii

In the t»o jfara weve betn mar I

IU d 1M> ho tight Hit 1 a ilresh jH ppj.

Tbat cost S9 cents und Bornt U

for 1('H«_ 11

His poor heart Is broken, he'M 11

gadly bereft,

Don't trust him Jit nil; If you do

you'll get left.

t'h*ny t

r if UvoiK' 1 Waitli

:i]lfMi tin- "futhcr *if

n^ h«* ohopin J

will pay a big "^

you Bet no





i! 802

E| pThHUTlLi!


Uirt Ii gomelhlng that irawn-

tips are always slalmfni to iid

ea a school boy's face or hoBdii.

Fablf' ODCg thsrg was an Am

lean who did without s thing even

though he had the money In buy


It la unfdflunaie that flrls hiivf.

nuly one pair of kBeea, is Ihslr

dreiiei eaa be bitted a iolnl nr


Correct (bin atntcnee: "I an

ilcllKhtid." nnluliiiBd (he mar

rletl matl, "that Ihey have founi!

a drug that will make anyliridj'

611 the trulh."

Road Hog Almost

Caused Accident

Picked Wrong Parties To

force From Highway

TttumnH brhflli iicir in ult. tilt

tutnki of liuc^fnf^ thc loai inin

All of Ihi mil viho will lie 11

In lid lo lirnti will be Turrcd to

tilie II11 uninl unmlniillun In

liLnilllnE tin llfi Im it ui'l In

Hiilimiilnc mil life iivlni. melhoili

Diihi Ii it 1 nIII he eonilmlid dur

ItiK the i 111> pirl uf lulie »h(n

^1 ill 1 lerm 1 »e It 1" Ihi llrel

no'lhi inter rtio examlniitlonn ire

(oniluilid unilir lli( muni tijlnc

eunilltlons In orilir lint Ihi 1" ieh

piliul leulir enn kit un nciunili

llni un Ihi nhllltlcii of eich ip

pllcnnl In the practical leit

lemei lian thrm nf thu funiKr

miiiihern uf tuc tmtrol wurklni,

nlth him dully nt prem nt prepnr

Inn Iho (qillpnnnt lor the eomliiK

m iRon Ihe work la prpkresilnj.

will and will bi In reaillniiw fui

the orii nlnq of llio tiro benehe 1 on

Snturdi) Tune Ii

Squatter's Row

Still a Target

Solons Declare the Owner

Can Eject Them,

irirbeil n Smith vlcn preBl

dint of llio Real Enlalo Board,

asked the Commissioners at their

M'llllB last Monday If the city

any action to

>v Squatter's




had taken

nolMtler'B q

Is a number of shacks" that havo

boon erectcil on tho entrwico

boulovard whlcli havo been a

target for the orBanl«4upils which

arc endeavoring to boayitlry ; llio

Pmlth wiia Informed that tho

clly was powerleso to tako any

action. It/theso tenant* were

to be reniOTea, it unaa declared,

tt had to In- done hy tho ownir or

ihe land

Delegation Protest Against _/

Entrance Boulevard Dump

Solons Duck Responsibility of Locating Dump on Ocean

City Somern Point Highwuy—Will M ill-: I'-ion Ullfl will >M; f}h\cri\

lMjlwciiii lln' rallrouita «" WoHt

mil IIHVDII Avtiiu«H »t Twrniy-

rirventh Struvt- It will lie mir-

niuiiilml liy u litfjli Imitiil fmico •«

hide ii fiotn ihu vtaw i>r (lie r»"''-

Thin wiiit dirchkd liy «hft City

CoiiiiiifwionorH Moiiilay ufU>riifH>u

uitoi- protrfiH wtri! IHIKMIMI by

i-otiroHcntatlvVri of ii liii'tftj (U'ICKSI-

llvii. Niim; nf tho OMimilHKloutirtt

wanted the honor of IH'IHK i'(?

iiponnH>l(i fnr tlif H^locllim o( Hit*

ontriiikcv l)im|i!Viii-(l Tor a dump.

Coinnitfl»ioiif;r Cftnililmll thxlal 1

t| it wiin in (he .Miiyor'n depart-

ment und if tho Mayor utithorl/od

I he coiitmctoiH lo um thltt pluco

h would hiLi:k him up. JVlnyor

ChiuupUMi (|i!f:liii t;oeond

(lour apart meiils :nifl ti rmiu tin p 1 HI nl it mil

hutliliuh UIII 1 itlon ill 1 In

Read Company Now

Have Complete Store

Open Department Wilh Full

Supply Flouse Furnishings

U'lth I hi. opening »l « " r ^ di»

pintincnl of hou^e funiiHlilnpn on

tin •i:(itnl floor., ttn> lt. iiiiw nffiT til** iiiOHt r'4npl Iniiny pt-lKOMct Wlm IIM- now

(t'iM:thip li"W tKHiU'K til thitt H'FtH't

Tti* 1 fouHttrtc ri|til|)|iln^ o( tin

llftni^ nti'iy Im doiM! wllli (hi! Of-0:iti

l.'lty lNfM'U( tlif h mdir ip fir Die

nvco *f irili (i unjifil (iiuiiirs

Inmllnon h IH In in fliihi^ i phe

.minimi Imdnps-i from tin itc

of (In Rin lint Mirch MtfHMi^li

lie hiH been un ililo to fltorL i ir»»

hi 4 fiilri of tin % mil ullH r uito

monllo nv(t Aoxivi ti ivi inrtenird

' r »o



t'ompauy. reiin*f.'ntatlvc sjntuii t«

Iho roporler Unit oh tho h:i«is of

llio 'prvfiflnL* ttnlew «f Mr. Tom I in

mm. Ills ull)i:ivspredlctn Ui;M hi> will

before Iho .cl'imu of the pretfi-lil

yrnir ho the lcjidlnj?. t(ro unleanmn

In c\ty.

Birthday Party

A happy group of ymingfiterfl

v/ure prcnont nt the pirly clvrn In

hdnor of tho nrat nlrthdrty.of

Master.Osctir Cecil' Townsend, ut

tlio homo of his. grandparents; Mr*

Wra. O. H. Vnnflnnt, hwt Sat-

urday, afternoon. - AmonK. tliosq

prcaotit were MIBSCH Pntikli 1 Mi

m, Kathryn, Vlrfiitila ml Mnrenrcl

Dolorls Iltllman; Masters

Maurice Bll7.znrdt jr,.,ChoBt(;r For-

Jr., Herbert Bardt Jr.. Bur-

tram Ililljnan, Jr, ami Ci tear O

Townapnd, Jr Mra OsCftr H Van

Snnt, Mrs Jobn M risbcr, Mra

Maurice Blizzard, ,Mrfl John V

Mor«of Mr«^+llerbort Bard, llrfl

Chester iPersitson, Mrs Cecil F



III' lilt,. • il' «•! U il i t lit

in Hi- Wrlnlly of On m < in

liming tin put ui (h HOM

tliiotu Ii th« offlf Hi John J

IMIiy Nmlli Ii TH! \\t t An tun

Mi Iliky r(tn^umnntL-l Lti ml

(ll l tiiLLl lL(> 000

I 1M Inil rt i |iUI(liiiti I 1)>

I iMiiiihn of AVIInitiikton titmfiuiH

im n Iln it uk c ml tuts l^i)

1< II Ir |()1 f tlU | t ( II ^f|1l IK h ll

ttAf«n tlic IJIIKIII Airnu Bnub

\fu I mid |In oif in

Tin ntv. mMiMH pi in ti> rilul

it ( nc( in ihi I|MI lopmi lit plm*

hit tin ii Let Thi rntln hlork

or Motnifl will In (i uli I mil

ihfcuiilld mil < Urtis ,il HI il in I

thf owncifi ircordiiih t« thf

tm Mill plmir i\lll pltcr fiewiil

|ifin>-( K nr llt< IHHU lypi on lh<

prt mult! lo itluint id tin tu

i v ] \ in tltcii piojtct

W ti In tc ilo1ii)>iil bi yond thi.

ii n toot il^ltl of Hny

Wlilimil qi], HI Inn If Ihi utility

compiny nll« to iln thin III, illy

I In hi), null nKiln.l il In tin

intinii llioclt> tiiiiiiiihi uiy

Ihn ill luj nisml m nun

ny iniln ll I llUHdiy |o ply

llio ciwt of Hilt, uoik hn thr um

limiiir nn cl< I tin Impioii

mi nt of Ilii lithinwiy in i|,il,_kl>

I Itlliy nilxiiri roinpiny

hlilih in tlic ronttiitoi lui Ihi

Im I mrriiiiif i,r ihi ,ii,d

I nliil lo liy um, i, I, In ^,0

•,inll,i,l of tin Noilly iiiinii my

11.1 Monrluy mil (xpi^n lo Il-IM

II nimril, inl lo Ailniij Aviiini

In iililllion to ili slr Inf, **p\

II il I xli t rul of IMXI I lif I, m th

Of till Klllll f III «Ollllllll III Ul.

iilmiij cntiMil thf iiiiictflo

i lo lit II u kn< In ulh.r me

IIH lint ulli |i ,M io |,, , „)„,,


It l> . Hunt, d il,, i u,f. nt,.,,,

horn Ai uni) AIIIHID to Iln

lll.llllH Ilk »lll ll muiplul |y


In IIJIIII llio main h.run ll,r

( .Illlllll-Mljll, Ih I Hy fii(,|M,-J I

(olllwoii ,1, ,lu,,| ,|n Wain

( iininnv >t,noi1 io mpliri Mm

h IHO \thlih ui4 iliini ir*fl h> lay

Ini of niilni mil ciiry othi r In

illilllllil lump my |, |,r-|,| injpo,,

Hlhli r»r Ihn ilinup tli it In .loin

lo illy piopirly mil Mi, Khun

Inn lino ulinulil noi I |,,|

liny illffi-ionl limn ,,,y othircon-

n oi liiillilrtinl


of Golf Club

Make Progress

Twenty five Signed Appli

cations Tor Membership

Have Been Received

Meeting Friday Evening

Tho nrntnotcrs of Ulo Ocrnn City

Gait ("lull, which was Inunction 1

llio tho preliminary Binges of or-

ganization it few wrukii aco nro

prococllns «cll with tholr plntlB

A meeting of uororal D[ tlio bllsl

Hens men of tho city y?ho Aro tn-

t^rp&tcd In tho now organlmUon

wns hold tn tho ComhilBAIon Cliam

hor or Uio City Hall on last Frl-

dfly evening i

At thlfi meeting It wan reported

Local High j'

Defeats Cape *

May in Meet

Reliiy Team Winning Last

Event Bring Victory To

Maroon and White

Dannelly Winner

in Two Sprints

Gtllaghnn, of Capes, Placed 1 ;

in Five EventB


The Ocean City Illph

Irticlf, teiim pulhd tni*

Hjiort titirprlst of the fuirem (wa^ 4

on Saturday afternoon when,

th* y i unit from behind and nosed

il Cuiui May High In the only

(rack iiiinniandjdg

)( ul during tho llrat half of tho

pn'^riin only to tw*u It dwindle

awiiy lo nothing nfl th< Occaii

City Minnem begun to c a *her In

ltit first plm^n

Ntith* 1 ! 11 um posstHsed any

ncoid breaking mntoilal, but

tmili M_\oml young athletes or

mm tlmn ordinary uhlllty Dob

LUntiilly Huny Kruknmn and

Lruizma Htutul out an the local

i cprcfti ntatlve? and < ullaghnn

md Dill AliKn-t. ii hunky colored

hoj were (In iPiiilinf iinitit get-

for iht IHII r«

Diinnclly Wins 100

King Holt Uiiintlly placed

it t II y on («P rlRhi al (hfl

stui win n hi ttpid ilown thn

mnlWi In ihe 100 yiird da^h nod

ill pll^hgy II\M I wo yards

ulHiil »f * nlln,lmn O Mono *aa

mit by fiiltatngei th^ other

Or* ui Oty mtitni Tor tlilrd

Dnnmlly ti>i>k a hnd uplll

win ii In fitiinthliil HM ho rrnwiPd

tin itnlih line, niid for n lima it

lUmurcil thai In wEiulil no( bu

iliif lo i|o hhi hfiU In Lh« 220-

ytul 1 IHII

(CnnthiUUl nn PnP' 7)

City To Own

Well Equipped


Commissioners Introduce

Ordinance To Raise Funds

For Purchase

$4,000 Approximate Cost

A. inwtPrn t>pc ambulance,

i|iil|infil with a pulmotar and

•unlilnlns n(ry kiiuwn tonven-

irnrt fnr making rmflithilo thfl

It nw[iDilntlun of fit rltiiinly in-

Jnrnl nu&otii will bo liur'liaBC-d

l»v Ihn milonu nt this rtitort and

pliird In rcafllnrafl at u ftntral

Ii i

} ;v;

I'U&,,u.intt«)nimuiiieiitloii h

t;yqu havo not granted

svbicauw, It (,u not been ,

MhjCrty (HginWr, I

;hou>s from .IS,Mj,000'/1

attdiHiKUtOf themjvniit to!

live by f be sea or visit it Ms

aa poulble, ;'*;•;'fi

"We liellevo 1Q s^n.e,^'.'

aSve'rtliing of Ocean Ok. ..... _.. . .

o[.HutgB« Unlveraliy, sailed the \f/«*«J U&na evefy realtor hers :ii .wlllll^W* ^* „_ «_ u

JBiKiitibn of uiirii school WJ-B ,, w anted fiere chip In bta hit, but no bBdmifim j, "Th'« wr-

! throughout the Stole to the eom. ' don't need thini, fh* pu^fl&lJ 16M7

jieilliw iiauiindtloiiB (Mich trill ^ ' .__ above tell the story and aHf ;

lu iii-ici in. i.nfh-cuuniy '"'• al " 1 " rl! mllds Mr, Hegan is a student of

i' > ^LrtiSrcKS to BoasiblB oy act of the iuite Legls- watea B1Hl , i0Ve» oomparisons,

te^L 1 1< " 1 "' 1 of m n b »••>"•• "tut rear," he Beniinued, •'1100.-

P?' s ." ; Two hundred and forty young goo was paid tor one small oorner

Mellred to Inmall an eignt . meB ara now enjoying educational |Ot gg fc» 100 feet, and today the

Sift 1 % •" ** »'» ln l tl1 "f 1 ! OBPofiunltles at KutgBre Unlver. same lot would sell for as much

MM ttur IBOB gat Biainisiij, beca,uso of these soholarshlps, m the »ntire value of the island

(t'.BdJflUfttely supplx • the I Mcmbor» of the senior elau of ,„ j,8f"

g,,the MoBh In OOf mt-; the local high aohools may seeure «]„ ijsO, Wildwood, which

Tlio Clerk had not issuea full Intormation concerning ihe WM • then known aa Holiday

rmjt hejailM Ijl had0 npt Mlleiarshipi from their school ieaoh, was worth, aceoraing to

fr'^f 1d*»-«Ili5j wlnel Fanners Help State

era are cooneratlng wlto the

,,..e, .this ye.r, In a M .«

lnoreue the supply of wild,.ring.

neek 'pheasants for nijifciaj

»•« *P "«"M »

i __r (fce B,B|nr B|Kk containing

- The eity pump house on th, aboul MM0 squafe f6e,

I Bay, at Ninth, ilreet, hiui hecn ••The dBvelepment of Cape May

,|»vedM fourth Street and ,he CflUnt5, CBn „£» he shown by


»«'*- *«»«I assessment Igures. the

W"'ikffih» SliKt •- niagnlncetit sum of 1171,000, In

t&rxim, V- w«• nesting »« • wildwood last summer over a.

T "' 8 » um|1 tow , useli io crnM it« tracks al 'i'weaty-

|fi JSJFhad to Bei-.'nth Btreei. provided it wai to

ba used as a privaia crossing


The work of constructing a

of inelr farnii^ inerioiF ifflprav* veaps- flsbtlns an the saft of tae than will be staHed at once.

ihg tieeuailty of fall mmtln, ffitU Clty'peopie t| k^v, ifte

tor thenuelve. and their friendi Xtlantlt Oltr dump fenioved froai

Under direction ot the iiale lu erilriiaw boulevard, , J City Tp Own We!!

Fish and Game Oominliiloii, Oomm|ssloner Oomm|ssloner Oaaipbrtl ».

wardens have been distributing pI|eH. ..^rby j B d faU|tf Lef, t Equipped Ambulance

thouiands or phea.ani eggi for ,a|k thouiands or phea.ani eggi for business, where will we

,a|k business, where will we

hatching. These eggs are from pu, u. where can we pyt It, ' (Continued ftopi W|i 1)

the •took of pheasants a}„. the. 1 „„, not mhilng for the pregent will be rreclvod by any, patiehi.

State game farms at Wrketf Nation. Wbot is gatlsfaetory to the need o( a needy modern

River and Boekport, wherj th» ; r - v ^ , ;

Pe^aw the Kt^nence an^ juppi^

l^li^fj, ahiiif jaj^r of your real estate operations^ >felave the detathed point of ^iew

^s to us and let ut see wh^

- n , I

£'•;.":; -A, :•»»*!•

ECAUSE iri it you wiU fto^

' budding values. Twenty-rjj

ning Hojnes designed to tnett |

described and fully illustrated wit

Each Prize Home is the results

skill among hundreds of America^

tecta submitting designs in the n|' v

petition conducted by the 1^

Cement Company. Each Prized

bines the five essentials in sui^

buMiiti . . IBS

1, Moderate Cost (without saerifljij

E. Attractive Ocsign (by the coimti'


r ' ...

a. Skilful Planning (most couveiu

4. Concrete Construction (reduttliS

«, Fiie-aafely(cancrrterriinimii^j|j

In addition, this book contains Vai'P

tion you must have b order to obti

sadsfQctidn in the hotne you buildg

May we send you a copy? Free & T

12th Street and West A


Six Lote on Centtdp

In the center of to||

Half Mortgage!

on ASipy Ave<



Pl*!aiibili, president

jjifowiiMiifl ObrporB"

JiClly and wlldwood,

yjitmMs oie«i|lng

9w,lM«n .niado in lotii

^Bliofog Blneo tho

'tilm-eil on tho mar.

Va ago. A jyndjBOlii

Troni Mlllvlll.. piir.

(jclt.iifloIB fur |M,jrta

(hoy tf["»t'l on

jil'rrofn Iwri real (•»•

ijil Ocean City, who

All uiiyiira uro frliln

grt'ft lii

••thM the Capi Hay.]

lias done more to st|L,,

lir MarFiand anil North and " " •!!——-, m


plMt th)s year, it s^omd- ,fce ,iii«,

eludfU in next year's program.

The longer it is ptjitponed tMi

more tronhlc anil expense is in

stort! for the city.

^ C TTJ*%^Z\ The _B» n ? -r, for the*. • j.,

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