Annual Report 2011 - Cranbrook School

Annual Report 2011 - Cranbrook School

Annual Report 2011 - Cranbrook School


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Annual Report 2011


Table of Contents

2 Report from the President

4 Report from the Headmaster

10 Financial Statements

(including Report from the Treasurer)

22 The Cranbrook Foundation

(including Report from the Chairman)

30 School Council

32 Management Team


Report from the President

2011 saw the beginning of two major everyone who has contributed through

transitions in the life of Cranbrook. gifts or the Building a Better Cranbrook


Appeal, the School says an enormous thank

facilities. The construction of the new K to

you. You have made a profound difference

6 Junior School is a major transformational

to Cranbrook and a real difference to the

initiative. On completion, not only will

quality of education we can offer both today

Cranbrook have world class facilities

and for a very long time into the future.

at Dangar, but it will also give us the Thanks also go to Mr Timothy Burroughs

opportunity to revitalise the Senior School. who, with the help of Ms Elizabeth Pont,


has so ably led the Foundation over the

early in 2011 when the K to 2 boys

past nine years. Tim has decided that the

moved into their new building after we

completion of the Dangar facility is a timely

bid an emotional farewell to Dickins

point to retire from the Foundation and

House at the end of 2010. Boys, parents

hence from Council. On behalf of all the

and teachers are all delighted with the

School community, as well as his colleagues

spacious new premises which have

on Council, I extend our heartfelt thanks to

exceeded their expectations. Despite

more than a few construction headaches,

bricks and mortar have been transformed

into a wonderful world of enhanced

educational opportunity.

Boys in Years 3 to 6 will move into their

new building at the beginning of the

second term in 2012. While the delay

in moving into the new facilities is

unfortunate, Council and the Headmaster

have been unequivocally committed to

getting the quality of construction right.

We have built with a view to the very

long term. Our new builders, ADCO,

have shared our commitment to quality.

To them goes our profound appreciation

for dealing with the many and varied

construction issues that had emerged

and for moving the project forward to a

successful conclusion.

of Reggio Emilia principles of primary

education into the acclaimed design of

Alec Tzannes, our architect. Mr Madin

has personally managed every step of the

evolution of the design into the beautiful

teaching and learning spaces that Dangar


tribute to his time at Cranbrook.

The second major change that is underway

is the move to a new Headmaster, following

Mr Madin’s decision to retire.

Council was delighted earlier this

year to announce that an outstanding

educationalist, Mr Nicholas Sampson,

will become Cranbrook’s new Headmaster

in July 2012. Mr Sampson is a highly


outstanding contribution to Cranbrook.

It was Noel Coward who said, ‘Good

teachers must primarily be enthusiasts

like writers, painters and priests. They


rooted unsentimental desire to do good.’

Tim for his hard work and for the collegial

way in which he has worked to deliver such

an outstanding complex.

experienced and extremely well-­‐regarded

Headmaster and educator. Currently, as

Master at Marlborough College, he leads

In addition, Council acknowledges the one of the UK’s leading and most respected

huge contribution of Mr Roger Massy-­‐ schools. He will have held that role for

When the Junior School boys move in, Greene, who has played a critical role in eight years when he leaves to come to

they will have a world class facility. It will bringing the Dangar construction project Cranbrook. Prior to that, he was Principal

set Cranbrook apart, facilitating superior to fruition. The School will be forever in of Geelong Grammar School.

educational experiences and outcomes for Roger’s debt for his acumen, diligence,

our Junior School.

Mr Sampson has a demonstrated track

patience and skill in delivering this project.

record of achievement in the academic,

Senior boys will be able to share in the As Chair of the Building Development

sporting and co-­‐curricular areas. Even more


Committee, Roger has worked closely with


the gymnasium, including new basketball the Headmaster to help deliver the vision

values Cranbrook holds dear of a balanced

courts, and tennis courts. In addition, that was enunciated over seven years ago and expansive education. Indeed, there

the move of the Junior School to Dangar when Mr Madin led initiatives to acquire are strong and deep connections between

will enable change on the Bellevue Hill the Rose Bay Bowling Club site.

Cranbrook and Marlborough, which go

campus. In the short run, it will allow the This was the breakthrough that allowed the �����������������������������

continuing renovation and upgrading of construction of the new Junior School at School Council, as well as ties with three

the Senior School classrooms. In the longer Dangar. Mr Madin passionately managed Headmasters: Hone, Hewan and Bishop.

run, it will allow for the transformation of and led the project through a long and Mr Sampson’s appointment will strengthen

the Bellevue Hill campus as envisioned in ������������������������������������������

those connections. We look forward to

the Masterplan.

overseen the design and construction phases welcoming him to Cranbrook.

Some generous benefactors and supporters

are making this transition possible. To

of this transformational undertaking. The

Headmaster championed the embodiment

Finally, as we begin our farewell to Mr

and Mrs Madin, Council is extraordinarily


grateful to them for agreeing to delay their All of this and much more has been However, I would particularly like to

retirement until the middle of 2012 to achieved while nurturing the importance acknowledge and thank the members of

accommodate the timing of Mr Sampson’s Cranbrook attaches to pastoral care and the the Selection Committee, Mr Andrew

departure from Marlborough.

development of each boy as an individual. Keene, Mr Geoff Kimpton, Mr Philip


Every step of the way, he has been

Stern and Mr Roger Massy-­‐Greene, who

outstanding contribution to Cranbrook. supported by Mrs Madin. She has

joined me in overseeing that process.

It was Noel Coward who said, ‘Good embraced the School community and they

Council has no more important role than

teachers must primarily be enthusiasts like have embraced her for her warmth and

the selection of a new Headmaster. All the

writers, painters and priests. They must her humanity. She is a wonderful human

members of Council have worked hard,


being. Sally, the School will miss you.

as they also variously participate in the

unsentimental desire to do good’.

Building and Development, Education,

Finally, I would like to thank all of my Finance and Nomination Committees

Mr Madin must have been the role model hard-­‐working colleagues on Council. and the Foundation, each of which have


2011 was an extremely busy year. The a substantial workload in addition to

and captures his modus operandi and his extraordinary efforts of Mr Roger Massy-­‐ Council duties.

sense of a higher calling.

Greene and Mr Timothy Burroughs have

Unfailingly enthusiastic and optimistic, Mr

already been mentioned. In addition, Mr

Finally, we have been blessed with Mr

Madin has been dedicated to the vocation

Geoff Kimpton, as Honorary Treasurer,

Madin. We know we have chosen well with

of teaching. He pursues that commitment

provides wise and vigilant counsel that

Mr Sampson.

with passion, exemplifying why teaching

ensures the good governance of the School

is regarded as such a noble profession. His


work ethic is extraordinary. He will do

and Mr Jon North worked tirelessly with

whatever it takes to get the job done. He

Mr Massy-­‐Greene on Dangar, particularly

epitomises esse quam videri. In the way he

to enable the appointment of ADCO

acts, he epitomises the values of the School.

to complete the Dangar project. Ms

Susie Manfred, who has handed over the

Simply put, he has been committed to

Helen M Nugent AO

reins of CSPA President to Ms Soraya

making a difference to the future of our �����������������������������������������

boys. He has done that in the academic including initiating and overseeing the


Indigenous Scholarship Fundraising

made. He has led initiatives to bring more Dinner. Over and above that, all members

indigenous boys to Cranbrook, creating of Council were heavily engaged in the

links with the Shoalhaven community selection process for the new Headmaster.

and supporting them with Indigenous

scholarships. He has supported improved

pedagogy at the School, particularly

through the much praised Teaching and

Learning Framework.

He has worked assiduously to improve the

infrastructure of the School. This is evident

everywhere at the School, but nowhere more

so than at Dangar as I have noted above.

He has been passionate in his advocacy

for strengthening the arts at Cranbrook.

Indeed, he founded the annual literary

journal Benchmark and established a new

poetry competition and journal Esse.


improved in athletics and swimming,

although undoubtedly more can be done.

We have been state champions in sailing,

and winners in the CAS Cross Country

Championships for three years in a row. A

rowing revival has occurred. And none of

us will forget the famous 2009 rugby result

when Cranbrook beat Scots 13 to 7.


Report from the Headmaster

Of hopes and dreams

One of the most rewarding things about

teaching at Cranbrook is seeing so many

lively, open, enthusiastic and capable


Matthew Blake, Rory Brennan, Angus

of furniture will give him the project Buckland, Cameron Englman, Tycho


Hugh and Peter Richardson.

the resilience to manage a farm well, or

Cranbrook boys gained 176 merits (90 or

develop an innovative business plan, or


above in a subject) including 28 in English

establish a community enterprise that

young men.

and 51 in Mathematics. Other subjects


contributing strongly to the merits list

They have plenty of richly deserved �������������������������������

in 2011 were Modern History, History

successes, but confront their share of

Third, I hope that as well as the capacity Extension, Legal Studies, Latin and Drama.

failures too;; they have hopes dashed and

to think, the taste for learning and the

ideals disappointed;; they make mistakes

willingness to follow projects through to Academic highlights

and recover from them (and isn’t it often

completion, he lives a joyful life, enriched At many other levels academic endeavour

through taking risks and making mistakes


was celebrated. Year 6 boys showcased their

that we learn our most powerful lessons?);;

such friendship and mutual respect among work in the International Baccalaureate’s

and they delight us all with their care for

the Cranbrookians I met worldwide Primary Years Programme (PYP) by

each other, their creativity, their resilience,

a little earlier this year), creativity

mounting an exhibition of their major

their great ideas, their spirit and their

(what wonderful examples in the wider inquiries. They did so with tremendous


Cranbrook community), collaboration enthusiasm. All who attended were struck

Whether they began at one of our pre-­‐ (philosophers make the powerful point that by the seriousness of purpose of our young

schools or are recent arrivals, all have richly �������������������������������������������

researchers, and by the articulate ways they

varied, sometimes demanding and always ������������������������������������������


interesting journeys at Cranbrook. I have our sometimes sceptical, even cynical, 21st the spoken word, in visual displays and via

no doubt that when they leave it is with century world, it is often unfashionable to computer presentations.

idealistic and challenging dreams.

say what poets, songwriters and novelists

In the Senior School, science has been

I cannot know or even imagine each boy’s say again and again, that the most

in focus, with multiple opportunities for

dreams, but in this, my last Annual Report, profound instinct in mankind is love, given

engagement in interesting challenges. As an

I can tell you my hopes for them.

and received).

example, a Cranbrook team gained second

I hope that by the time they leave

As I said to our Year 12 leavers at the place in the NSW Science and Engineering

Cranbrook we have taught them to think. Valedictory Assembly this year, ‘you have Challenge, engaging in activities such as

I don’t measure that by HSC marks, given much to Cranbrook. I trust the bridge building, constructing Mars space

though of course I hope each boy does well School has given something in return. Live vehicles and designing an ecologically



friendly home. And at the end of Term 3

as he deserves. I measure his ability to think hopes … and go well’.

we received the results of the 2011 Trends

in the same way as did my Headmaster,

Dr James Darling, many years ago, by

his ‘freedom from prejudices, capacity to

collect and weigh evidence, thoroughness

in the search for truth, and courage to face

the conclusions at which one arrives after

These sentiments apply to all who pass

through Cranbrook’s cloistered hallways,

walk its sandstone stairs and play on its


Teaching and learning

in International Mathematics and Science

Study (TIMSS), providing feedback on the

achievement and attitudes of Cranbrook

students as compared to all of the students

participating in TIMSS in Australia.

In sum:

having studied the facts’. Scholarly things In 2011 our Year 12 leavers performed very � ���������������������������

like that are universal. Together they are well. Eight boys received an ATAR of 99 7,600 Year 8 students from 280

what we call wisdom. And they imply ������������������������������������������

randomly selected schools

also the capacity to preserve a sense of the best result since 2005 when nine boys

� �������������������������

proportion, to do what Dr Darling phrased gained similar scores. 25 boys received

boys performed in the top 10% of the

as ‘to see our bit of the truth in relation to an ATAR of 95 or above, 50 (40% of

achievement scores, with just three boys

other truths’.

the candidature) gained 90 or more and

in the next 15%

Secondly, I hope that beyond School walls 88 boys (70% of the cohort) received an

each Old Cranbrookian does something ATAR of 80 or above.

� ��������������������������


really well. I hope that his years of school Three great contributors to the School’s

quarters of the Cranbrook sample

learning give him the power to tackle broad co-­‐curricular, leadership and pastoral


problems or completely new sets of programs took the top honours. Equal

half of the Australia-­‐wide sample


duxes, on 99.8, were Rupert Coy and

preparation. For example, his thorough Luca Moretti. Jack Brosnan was proxime � ��������������������������

planning and execution of a big project accessit with 99.65. They were joined on their School experiences of Science,

such as writing a well-­‐argued essay, the Premier’s Award List (90 or above in at 84% (compared to 70% Australia-­‐wide)

collaboratively mounting a challenging least ten units) by Louis Aboud-­‐Hogben, reported enjoying learning Science and


Live your dreams,


my hopes … and go well.


Report from the Headmaster

100% (compared to 80% Australia-­‐ Hindi and Liam Apter, with Ella Parker The new Director of Music, Mrs Charlotte

wide) reported that they learn many Talbot and Diana Read, acted with the Lush, and her team are energetically

interesting things in Science.

right mix of sensibility and toughness, �������������������������

As an academic footnote, but germane

sharp timing, beautiful diction: not a word music-­‐making, symptomatic of which was

to our commitment to the development

lost nor meaning obscured, tight lighting, this year’s superb Fine Music Dinner.

of thinking skills, Cranbrook hosted

superb set and clear direction … all in

The names of many OC artists are well

the inaugural National Philosothon in


known: Sharp, Kingston, Klippel, to

the last week of the mid-­‐year holidays.

Deft, exuberant and light-­‐hearted acting

name just three;; and it was exciting to

Fifteen schools competed: three from each

was the order of the day in The Small

see the work of younger OCs Kashell

State. Deputy Headmaster, Mr Michael


Robertson-­‐Swan and James McCallum

Parker, coordinated the Cranbrook

(often of multiple characters) from Jack

in OC David Handley’s Sculpture by the

team. The Philosothon gives students an

Cooper, Ziad Hindi, Sam Adler, Andre

Sea this year. Mrs Fiona Crawford, Head

opportunity to tackle weighty issues in a

Frino (incidentally, whose HSC individual

of Visual Arts, and her staff build on that

series of ‘communities of inquiry’ (groups

performance was selected for the NSW

tradition whether Reggio Emilia atelierista

of 8) led by facilitators. A separate judge

Board of Studies’ OnSTAGE), Nick Hart,

in our pre-­‐schools or Senior School theory

scores each participant. The overall topic

Jackson Pringle, Max Stanley and Simon

teachers. Curating Cranbrook 2011, the

was ‘Time’ and the discussions included

Hamilton, with Georgie Dowse and Laura

latest in our biennial showcases of P to

‘What is time?’, ‘What would the ethics

McDonald. We had no idea what to expect,

12 visual arts was symptomatic: a rich

of time travel be?’, ‘Is Mathematics a

and were surprised, delighted, moved and

celebration of ideas and individuality, of


entertained. Similarly with our boys’ parts

multiple techniques and collaborative

economy depend on illusion?’ Angus

in other schools’ productions: notably

endeavour. It is particularly pleasing to see

Haywood in Year 7 was the runner-­‐up for

Giordi Borzuola’s comic sense of timing in

how the new art facility at Dangar inspires

best 13 year-­‐old-­‐speaker.

the lead role in Kambala’s Hotel Paradiso

our younger artists. As their teacher Ms

and Timothy Ng’s standout performance as

Debbie Bourke wrote in the catalogue:

Beyond the classroom

the cowardly lion in Ascham’s The Wiz.

One of the biggest ticket items in art at

It was no accident that the winter 2011 The philosophy and contribution of

the Kindergarten to Year 2 part of the

edition of Schola Nostra focused on drama. Director of Drama, Mr Robert Wickham,

Junior School this year has of course

In noting that drama is an integral element was also highlighted in Schola Nostra, along

been a brand new space in which to

of the School’s fabric, Michael Parker said: ����������������������������������������

work. Our new art room triggers that

I believe that Cranbrook could offer a

who have succeeded in the world of

‘can’t wait to get started’ feeling when

subscription season along the lines of the

drama, actors Garry McDonald AO

you enter. It has amazing light and

Sydney Theatre Company or Belvoir Street


facilities and plenty of display areas to


Simon Wincer. They are not alone. Emile ����������������������������

the end of the year. Cranbrookians are so

Sherman’s Oscar this year for The King’s

in demand that we have become a mini-­‐

Speech (he also produced The Rabbit Proof We are thrilled to see the Dangar

export industry to the local girls’ schools,

Fence and Oranges and Sunshine), Oliver ���������������������������

with our boys regularly starring in plays

Ackland’s acting in Cloudstreet and The effectively.

at Kambala, Ascham, Kincoppal and

Slap, Tony Sheldon’s Tony nomination ��������������������������


for his role in Priscilla on Broadway, and on the water our boys competed well

Charlie Garber’s scene stealing at Belvoir in 2011.

He went on to say that he particularly Street, recent graduates Josh Brandon and

enjoyed the Junior School production

In athletics, Mr Simon Morrow has

Kip Williams carving out, respectively,

of Aladdin, directed by Ms Leah Carter.

overseen a transformation in both

careers in screenwriting in Hollywood and

‘The key roles of Aladdin (Jack North)

commitment and results. Symptomatic of

directing at the Sydney Theatre Company

and Omar (Maximilian Bereny) were

his encouragement of talent is the story of

… I could go on. All testament to a

played with pantomime gusto throughout

Steven Solomon, noticed by Simon for his

Cranbrook tradition of passion for the

and … evoked a wonderful sense of the


creative life.

fabular Middle East. The Junior School

now, in Year 12, Australian Open Mens

boys played men, women and household

We see that in music too;; sometimes 400m sprint champion with a time of

pets with equal conviction.’ I, too, loved

in unexpected ways, such as the success 45.58 seconds at the Nationals mid year.

the show, following hot on the heels of

of young OCs Chris Stracey and Jack

In basketball, Joey Hunter (in Term 1)

two powerful and engaging Senior School

Glass with their exuberant electronic pop

and Dylan Roos (in Term 4) captained a

productions, Terence Rattigan’s The

compositions, music making and album

club that achieved a 54% win rate from

Browning Version, directed by Mr Robert

production as the duo Bag Raiders. As they

all games contested by the 34 teams at all

Wickham, and Mr Conrad Page’s version

put it recently in a newspaper interview:

levels. Versus Waverley, Cranbrook won

of The Small Poppies��������������������

it is a long way from playing in orchestras

23 of 28 games, the best performance in

Pether, Giordi Borzuola, Jack Jahn, Faris

and singing together in choirs at school.

eight years.


Cricket is strong. The 2010/11 1st XI,

captained by Head Prefect James Deacon,

had an exciting season. James’ captain’s

knock of 177 v Waverley (the second

highest Cranbrook individual score ever)

was inspirational, on a day when the team

built a CAS one-­‐day record total of 6/268.

In Term 4 both 1st XI (captained by Jack

Holloway) and 10As were undefeated. At

the senior level we saw a swag of personal

successes, Josh Gavan’s maiden 1st XI

century (112) v Barker, Dugald Holloway’s

129 n.o. v Waverley, Jack Remond’s 85

v St Aloysius’ and Angus Forth’s 4/27 v

The names of many OC artists are well

known: Sharp, Kingston, Klippel, to

name just three;; and it was exciting to

see the work of younger OCs Kashell

Robertson-­‐Swan and James McCallum

in OC David Handley’s Sculpture by

the Sea this year.

sharpened under the guidance of MiC, ��������������������������

Mr Jonathan Burr, and 1st XV Coach and in the sport, did consistently well. We

Director of Coaching, Mr Luke Bower. On look forward to expanding the numbers of

top of that, rarely has a Captain of Rugby tennis players and building coaching and


playing opportunities once our four new


courts at Dangar come on stream in 2012.

Boulton this year, playing with his team In a multiplicity of other ways our boys

mates in the 1st XV white jersey with Mr threw themselves into the co-­‐curricular

Martin Pitt’s initials on the sleeve;; the latter program. Shared expeditioning challenges

an initiative of Mr Bower’s as a memorial in Cranbrook in the Field, vigorous,

to Martin in the year following his death, spirited House competitions, mentorship


of juniors by idealistic and effective seniors,

contribution to rugby during many years clubs in photography and ceramics, Duke

of service at Cranbrook. On top of that, of Edinburgh’s Award scheme, Crusaders

… the list is endless.

In particular, commitment to community


contributions not only to organisations

well supported in the past (such as Cole

Classic, Red Shield, Just Enough Faith,

Anglicare, CETOP and our Nepal and

Ladakh schools) but also in response to

more recent calls for assistance, from

Queensland and Kenya. The 22 boys who

accompanied Messrs Rod Farraway and

Paul Slavin, Rev David Hayman and Ms


shocked by the devastation wrought by the


cut out for us’.

Waverley. With every 2-­‐day team winning NSW Rugby Union decided to name the The Kenya community service expedition

at every age level one weekend in Term shield for State U16s rugby competition in led by Mrs Edwina Parsons and Messrs

4 it is clear that cricket is in good heart. honour of Martin.

Gareth Downey and Christophe Gauchat,

Hearing of OC Ed Cowan’s selection as

opening batsman for Australia was the icing

on the cake for our enthusiastic cricketers.

The cross country runners, led by James

King, won the CAS Championship

for the third year in a row;; our 360 +

football players, led by sparkling player

and 1st XI Captain Rory Brennan, lifted

their competitiveness dramatically;; the

Our sailors, led by Harry Banks,

was made possible by our boys’ outstanding

won the NSW Schools Teams Racing efforts raising funds for Gitare Primary


School improvements. The ascent of




achievement, but fostering relationships

Captain Oliver Lotz’s example;; Mr Andrew with young Kenyans was clearly the most

O’Loughlin, ably supported by dedicated memorable, and valuable, experience

Captain of Swimming, Brandon Barton, for the boys. At the end of the day it is

lifted the organisation, commitment and relationships that count.

rowing fraternity, led in Term 1 by Luke

Brown, had a great season (Independent

Schools Rowing Association Regatta,

10 Gold Medals and overall Champion

School, NSW Schoolboy’s Head of the

River Regatta, 6 Gold Medals and overall

Champion School) and embarked on

2011/12 season training and competition

with immense dedication;; numbers of

players in rugby increased (to 360 +) and

enthusiasm in the swimming program,

not only in CAS competition but also by

introducing water polo to give the boys a

real sense of being members of a swimming

team, enhancing motivation thereby.

In combined CAS/GPS competition in

Term 4 Cranbrook led the 14A and 2nd

VII water polo competitions, beating

Riverview, Newington and Scots as well as

the CAS schools.

Supporting the School

In spite of an uncertain world economy

many parents, Old Cranbrookians and

friends of the School have most generously

supported fundraising for the Dangar

project, for the Ashton Pavilion, for the

Martin Pitt and Indigenous Scholarship

schemes and at multiple co-­‐curricular

activity support group functions.


Winter tennis, led by John Breen, saw ������������������������������

underage divisions (the Junior School’s Cranbrook win 75% of all games. The was made, emphatically, at the beautiful

50.5% win rate, in a strong competition, �����������������������������������������

spring evening opening of the B A (Mick)

was exemplary) and coaching was

Grace Boatshed on Rose Bay, where our


Report from the Headmaster

rowers and their parents gathered with

members of the Grace family to celebrate

the philanthropy of Mick’s wife, Mrs V J

Grace), daughter, Mrs Julie Drew, and son,

Mr Michael Grace, AM, and to enjoy the

superbly redeveloped facilities for sport

and fellowship.

Other Cranbrook families supported and

challenged our boys by endowing generous

awards: Mr Ray Hughes and his OC son


commitment to their pupils, efforts to

to a senior boy, each year, who excels at

make learning meaningful and enjoyable,

writing about art, Mr Christopher Innis

and professionalism in striving relentlessly

endowed an award for the most successful

to improve their practice.

debating team, and Bob and Axel Arnott In two illuminating ways the wider

established a prize for snowsports to educational community recognised that

encourage a rapidly growing sport. professionalism this year.

The Cranbrook School Parents Association

(CSPA), led with energy and warmth by

Marquet’s kitchen garden in the curriculum

plan, Ms Jacqueline Grassmayr’s Senior

School poet-­‐in-­‐residence and Ms Sunny

South’s involvement in the International

Information Communications in the

Curriculum Conference in 2012 in

the USA.

Common Room

I continue to be impressed by our teachers’

First, our Senior Librarian, Mrs Susan

Glasson, was recognised as the Australian

Work proceeded apace on the Dangar

Precinct Project;; a challenging enterprise,

but rewarding, too, particularly as beautiful,

Teacher Appraisal Advisory Group (TAAG)

charged with investigating best practice in

teacher appraisal and formulating models

for the implementation of appraisal in

NSW independent schools.

Late last year Mr Mark McAndrew,

Cranbrook’s Director of Teaching and

Learning, was appointed to membership of

the ISTAA Council and was invited to be

a member of TAAG. He presented the key

features of the Cranbrook School teacher

appraisal system at a number of meetings.

The underlying principles of our system

have now been adopted as the basis for

all appraisal models made available to all

NSW independent schools via a portal on

the Association of Independent Schools’

(AIS) website. In sum, the principles are:

� �������������������������

professional learning

� ������������������������

measured against, agreed professional

teaching standards

� ��������������������������

to, and supportive of, the accreditation

processes demanded by NSW Institute

of Teachers and ISTAA.


spaces emerged from the scaffolding (as one

parent wrote: ‘the feedback from parents

was overwhelmingly amazing. It is the

most incredible learning space’). The boys’

excitement sustained us all.

We are committed to our craft.

I offer warmest thanks to my colleague

teachers and to the ever-­‐helpful support

and administration staff, and I thank

and offer best wishes to those who leave

the School at the end of the year or left

during 2011.

Mrs Tessa Holt (PA to Senior Executive),


Mrs Susie Manfred, has been especially School Libraries Association (NSW) Mrs Caroline Ware (Learning Support

active. Over 800 parents were welcomed Teacher Librarian of the Year. The award teacher) resigned in March;; Mr Stephen

at the CSPA cocktail party at the start of ������������������������������������������

Foster (IT Manager), Ms Hazel McKenzie

the year, and the pace of events did not skills, cutting-­‐edge practice and generosity (School Counsellor), Mr Benjamin


in sharing her expertise, for example, �����������������������������

and Fête on Hordern, the highly effective via conference papers nationally and and Mrs Allison Gilpin (Junior School

Indigenous Scholarship Fundraising internationally, and via mentorship of class teacher) resigned in May;; Ms Emma

Dinner, a multiplicity of year group parent teacher librarians in other schools as well ������������������������������

gatherings and the Festival of Ideas dinners as voluntary appraisal and accreditation Diallo (Learning Support teacher),

supporting the Senior School Ethics consultancies on behalf of the AIS (NSW). ����������������������������

Program are but examples of our parents’ Dean of Studies Ms Hilary Dixon put it Learning Support teacher) and Mrs Gayl

constant engagement with the programs especially well: ‘commonly known as the McLachlan (PA to Director of Cranbrook

and life of the School. Teachers are human google, Mrs Glasson has a wealth Foundation) resigned in July;; Mr Mark

particularly pleased by the way the CSPA of knowledge and expertise she willingly O’Hara (Facilities and Services Manager)

continues to support their professional shares with her colleagues and students’. resigned in October, Mr David Houghton

development dreams through the Teacher

(Mathematics and English teacher), Mr

Second, in 2010 the Council of the

Endowment Grants. This year three staff

William Roberts (EES Coordinator and

Independent Schools Teacher Accreditation

projects were supported, Mrs Michele

Asst HoD Science), Mrs Heather Brodie

Authority (ISTAA) formed a sub-­‐group,



Management and Council

2011 was been a demanding year for the

senior management team.

(Child Care Worker at St Michael’s

Bishop (teacher at Marlborough for several

Pre-­‐school), Ms Junelle Geisel (Learning

years). We celebrate the link, and most

Support teacher), Mrs Clodagh Street

warmly look forward to Mr Sampson’s

(Junior School class teacher), Ms Deborah

arrival mid 2012.


Work proceeded apace on the Dangar

Councillors gave much of their expertise


Precinct Project;; a challenging enterprise,

and time to the big Dangar project. Boys,

end of Term 4 or soon thereafter.

but rewarding, too, particularly as

teachers and parents are in their debt. In


In particular I thank and congratulate three

particular, I thank President of Council,

and learning spaces emerged from the

major contributors.

Dr Helen Nugent AO, for her energetic and

scaffolding (as one parent wrote: ‘the

Mr Mark O’Hara (Facilities and Services

insightful leadership, Mr Roger Massy-­‐

feedback from parents was overwhelmingly

Manager) left in October to take on a role

Greene, Vice-­‐President and Chair of the

amazing. It is the most incredible learning

in facilities management at Neuroscience

Building and Development Committee,

space’). The boys’ excitement sustained

Research Australia. Mark has been with

for his wisdom and thoughtful dedication

us all.

Cranbrook for over eleven years and has

to the big project, Mr Geoff Kimpton,

Apart from making certain that the School

contributed thoughtfully and with great

Treasurer, for critical and effective guidance

ran smoothly, and introducing Mr Craig

steadiness of judgment to the School


Davies to his new role as Dean of Co-­‐

during that time. Of particular note

Michael Spence, Chair of the Education

curricular Programs, the team members

(and merit) has been his work as the

Committee, for strategic support of our


School’s ‘eyes and ears’, virtually a Clerk

core business as educators and Mr Timothy

strategic challenges: planning for the

of Works role, on the demanding Dangar

Burroughs, Chair of the Foundation, for

transition of Years 3 to 6 to Dangar and

Precinct Project.

his faith in our fundraising efforts and

the occupation of Furber by the Senior in the School community. I also thank

Mr Stephen Foster (Information


outgoing President of the CSPA, the

Technology Manager) resigned in


indefatigable and unfailingly positive

May to take on a newly created role at the study of Mandarin in 2012;; reviewing Ms Susie Manfred, whose judgment and

Sydney University. As teacher of physics, our gifted and talented programs in the balance was much valued on Council

then Director of IT, he made a major Junior School and considering enhanced and in the wider School community, and

contribution to information technology offerings for 2012;; and managing the was instrumental in ensuring that the

strategy in learning and in the management School when I took study leave, mid year, �������������������������


to attend the International Boys Schools communication triangle of boys, parents

twenty-­‐nine years at Cranbrook straddled Coalition conference in London, at which �����������������������������


Ms Hilary Dixon, Dean of Studies and Mr and effective.

of emerging technical, administrative, Mark McAndrew, Director of Teaching

database and testing and learning needs.

His ‘can-­‐do’ problem-­‐solving skills have

and Learning, presented an enthusiastically

received paper on Cranbrook’s Teaching

Esse quam videri

been essential, and his contribution is and Learning Framework, to take part in

much appreciated.


Mr William Roberts (Earth and

Environmental Science Coordinator,

Assistant Head of Science and Old

Cranbrookian) retired at the end of this

year, after more than 36 years at Cranbrook

teaching science with an emphasis on

work on the Canning Stock Route in the

Western Desert, to develop community

service contacts near Alice Springs and to

visit Old Cranbrookians and parents in

Adelaide, Perth, Singapore, London, New

York, Los Angeles and Melbourne.

J J S Madin

geology and the earth sciences, coaching, For Council, too, it was a big year.


A new Headmaster was appointed;;


and through Mr Nicholas Sampson,


experienced educational leader as Head

bivouac sheeting as a CITF leader on of Sutton Valence, Principal of Geelong

multiple camps in the rugged country of Grammar School and, currently Master of

the southern ACT and Kosciusko National Marlborough, we see a strengthening of a

Park. Bill has given much to his old School long-­‐standing Marlborough connection,

and to his colleagues.

from Marlburian Justice John Harvey,


to Headmasters Brian Hone (joining the

School directly from Head of English

and Acting Mastership of Marlborough),

Gethyn Hewan (Marlburian) and Mark


Financial Statements

Important Information about this Financial Report Extract

Important Information for Members

This report contains the Report from the Councillors, President’s Report, Honorary

Treasurer’s Report, Foundation Chairman’s Report and an Extract from the audited

Financial Statements.

The full Financial Report of Cranbrook School for the year ended

31 December 2011 will be sent free of charge upon request.

The Extract from the audited Financial Statements contained within this document,

derived from the full Financial Report of Cranbrook School for the year ended

31 December 2011, is for information purposes only and is not prepared in lieu

of the full Financial Report. This Extract from the Financial Statements cannot be



Financial Report.


Report from the Treasurer

Cranbrook performed well in 2011. The

School achieved a modest surplus from

its core business through the provision of

quality education and enrichment from

sports to the arts as well as service to the

community. It also continued to generate

funds for the future development of

the School.

IT is an increasingly important part of the

curriculum as well as in the delivery of

quality education. We continue to focus

on the quality and robustness of our IT

infrastructure. In 2011 we migrated to

of the gym and multi-­‐purpose hall. We are

appreciative of the receipt of such funds.

With the approaching completion of

Dangar we will be devoted to the Bellevue

Hill Masterplan.


installed an IP phone system. Wireless Our aim is to creatively develop the site to

networking has been upgraded and now deliver great teaching facilities for our boys


extends across all teaching and learning supported by excellent teachers.

enabled the enhancement of facilities across

areas at the Bellevue Hill campus. A high The Masterplan cannot be progressed

the Bellevue Hill campus. Dangar is almost

speed connection has been installed, without substantial support from the

complete and will realise our dreams of a

linking Bellevue Hill with Dangar. We Cranbrook community.


have created an additional Mac lab and

precinct. Work will start this year to enable

upgraded hardware.

Additional Comments

the ‘old’ Junior School to be converted into It should be noted the School received a The Finance Committee met ten times

classrooms for students in the Senior School. grant from the Federal Government to last year. It has an extensive agenda which

As has been our practice, we split our

fund student laptops. They will be rolled includes the preparation of the School’s

reporting between education and related

out in 2012. However, the preparation accounts, oversight of the budget and

activities. This enables us, on the one hand,

of the laptops for student use, as well as ��������������������������

to demonstrate the distinction between the

their ongoing maintenance along with ������������������������

revenue and running costs of the School


strategy of the School.

and, on the other, to assess the success we

funded from fees.

I thank my Finance Committee colleagues,

have had in building the endowment of the In 2011 the School received $4.1 million in Tim Burroughs, Patrick Forth, Jeremy

School to support future capital expenditure. grants from State and Federal Governments. Madin, Helen Nugent and Bill Rothery

This was the equivalent of $2,868 per for their insights, advice and wisdom.

Education activities

student. It was treated as income and The School is in their debt for their

The School achieved a surplus on education deployed to offset what would otherwise contributions and their commitment to the

activities of $624,792. This was up from be higher fees. In aggregate government �������������������������

the previous year’s result of $425,484. grants represent approximately 10% of the The School’s Deputy Headmaster, Michael

It was after education expenses rose by educational costs.

Parker, joined the Committee in 2011.


With the Gonski Committee having Jillian McCormick as Business Manager has

agreement adjustments, but more

reported, a close watching brief is being provided great support to our deliberations.

importantly greater teaching resources kept on any potential impact on the We covered much ground last year thanks

available to the boys. Our surplus represents School. We are actively engaged in to her hard work. Jillian has been ably

just 1.5% of revenue. The fee increase of discussions with Government via the supported by Gabrielle Brennan, the

5.5% was at the lower end for comparable Association of Independent Schools. Accounting Manager and their team.

schools. Nevertheless, we have been able to

I particularly thank our Headmaster for his

ensure there are adequate funds to support Other School activities

indefatigable support not just over the last

capital expenditure on the Bellevue Hill

The overall strength of the School year but over the entire time he has led the

campus at the same time as building the


School. Jeremy Madin has always regarded

new Junior School at Dangar. Last year we

through the philanthropic contributions �������������������������

spent over $3 million on Senior School

made by parents and alumni. The his core tasks as Head. His grasp of detail

projects, predominantly funded from cash

biggest contributions to the School’s has been remarkable, as well as his ability


endowment last year came from

to articulate the big picture. Jeremy will

of a number of classrooms within the

enrolment fees, donations and interest oversee the completion of Dangar before

main Senior School building as well as the

and distributions from investments. his retirement and will leave the School

Music Department, expansion of Design

With equity markets remaining subdued, well positioned for the years ahead. On

and Technology and Visual Arts facilities,

the School has continued its policy of behalf of my colleagues I thank Jeremy for

completion of the Rose Bay Boatshed, and

conservative investment.

his hard work and support for the Finance

commencement of a series of works to


Over the course of the year $19.7 million Committee. We wish him and Sally a

Hill site including the replacement of the lift was expended on the Dangar project. As wonderful retirement.

in the Carter building. These will continue has been noted on a number of occasions

in 2012 and will result in greatly improved these funds have been largely sourced from


the School’s own resources, bequests and

campus each day.

donations. BER funds amounting to $3

million have supported the construction G H Kimpton


Report from the Councillors (Directors)

The Councillors of Cranbrook School

submit their report in respect for the year

ended 31 December 2011.

T M Burroughs

C V Carroll

S Cary (appointed 24/11/2011)

S L England

C J P Forth

A C Keene

G H Kimpton (Hon. Treasurer)

A H B Lees

R B Massy-­‐Greene (Vice-­‐President)

J B North

H M Nugent AO (President)

W L Rothery

M J Spence

P W Stern

Rev C L Watkins




School has paid premiums of $1,190


(2010: $1,246) in respect of insuring

the state of affairs

Councillors against liabilities incurred in


their role as a Councillor of the School.

the state of the School’s affairs during the

Signed in accordance with a resolution by



the Council.


date of this report, unless otherwise stated.

S L Manfred (resigned 9/11/2011).

Councillors’ Meetings

Eligible Attended

to attend

T M Burroughs 11 7

C V Carroll (leave of

absence granted)

11 7

S Cary

(appointed 24/11/2011)

1 1

S L England 11 11

C J P Forth 11 9

A C Keene 11 8

G H Kimpton

(Hon. Treasurer)

11 11

A H B Lees 11 10

S L Manfred

(resigned 9/11/2011)

10 10

R B Massy-­‐Greene


11 10

J B North 11 9

H M Nugent AO


11 11

W L Rothery 11 9

M J Spence (leave of

absence granted)

11 6

P W Stern 11 9

Rev C L Watkins 11 10

Principal activity

The principal activity of the School

Review of operations

The consolidated revenue for the


after year end

In the opinion of the Councillors, no

matter or circumstance has arisen since


otherwise dealt with in this report, that has H M Nugent AO



the School, the results of those operations

or the state of affairs of the School in


Likely developments

and future results

In future years the School will continue to

focus on the education of boys. The School

has been developing the property at Rose

Bay and will continue the project in 2012.

Further commentary is included in the

Honorary Treasurer’s Report.

Environmental regulation

and performance

The school is not subject to any particular

or unusual environmental regulation.

Corporate information





educational institution.

is located at:



5 Victoria Road

the date of this report are:

The consolidated surplus from

Bellevue Hill NSW 2023


Corporate structure

period was $624,792 (2010: $425,484).

The consolidated surplus for the

Cranbrook School is a company limited by


guarantee and is domiciled in Australia.


Cranbrook School is the ultimate parent

entity of the consolidated entity.




G H Kimpton

Hon. Treasurer


Date: 2 April 2012

Statement of Comprehensive Income

For the year ended 31 December 2011

Continuing Operations


Note 2011


Educational activities


Tuition fees 34,860,782 31,412,775

Fee related income 1,502,098 1,491,481

Interest 115,861 147,655

Sundry income 789,149 749,932

Donations 14,928 25,367

37,282,818 33,827,210

Government subsidies

Commonwealth (per capita and integration) 2,522,695 2,250,941

State (per capita, interest subsidy & Pre-­‐schools) 1,607,310 1,479,373

4,130,005 3,730,314

Total revenue from educational activities 41,412,823 37,557,524


Educational expenses (25,785,175) (23,921,795)

Cost of sales (993,946) (978,667)

Property, grounds & other expenses (5,931,889) (5,377,362)

Depreciation expense 3 (3,274,301) (2,716,875)

Administration expenses (4,795,946) (4,111,900)

Finance costs 3 (6,774) (25,441)

Total expenditure on educational activities (40,788,031) (37,132,040)

Surplus from educational activities 624,792 425,484

Other School activities


Enrolment fees 2,131,910 1,738,517

Distributions from managed funds 818,630 485,553

Surplus from the sale of non-­‐current assets 51,915 32,608

Building the Education Revolution Grant 3 � 1,627,530

Donations 1,620,527 1,600,062

National Secondary School Computer Fund 3 403,050 �

Interest 1,412,393 1,736,001

Other revenue 282,681 265,384

Change in market value of managed funds � 63,408

Total revenue from other School activities 6,721,106 7,549,063


�������������������������������������������� 3 (37,500) (37,500)

Impairment of assets expense 3 (500,000) �

Foundation administration expenses (304,574) (320,763)

Scholarships awarded (308,349) (268,833)

Change in market value of managed funds (1,097,494) �

Total expenditure on other School activities (2,247,917) (627,096)

Surplus from other School activities 4,473,189 6,921,967

Total revenue 48,133,929 45,106,587

Total expenses (43,035,948) (37,759,136)

Net surplus for the period 5,097,981 7,347,451

Total comprehensive income for the period 5,097,981 7,347,451




Statement of Financial Position

As at 31 December 2011


Note 2011


Current assets

Cash and cash equivalents 21,360,724 28,809,066

Trade and other receivables 1,690,486 1,448,092

Inventories 448,586 422,911

Prepayments 776,250 727,522

Total current assets 24,276,046 31,407,591

Non-­‐current assets

Investments in managed funds 4,460,668 10,739,534

Property, plant and equipment 4 77,100,455 55,895,133

Investment properties 6 4,555,000 4,592,500

Total non-­‐current assets 86,116,123 71,227,167

Total assets 110,392,169 102,634,758

Current liabilities

Trade and other payables 5,880,182 3,238,511

Interest-­‐bearing liabilities 5 � 150,000

Provisions 2,551,599 2,394,368

Total current liabilities 8,431,781 5,782,879

Non-­‐current liabilities

Trade and other payables 498,664 546,688

Provisions 1,370,374 1,311,822

Total non-­‐current liabilities 1,869,038 1,858,510

Total liabilities 10,300,819 7,641,389

Net assets 100,091,350 94,993,369


Accumulated funds 100,091,350 94,993,369

Total equity 100,091,350 94,993,369




Statement of Cash Flows/

Statement of Changes in Equity

For the year ended 31 December 2011


Note 2011



School fee receipts 38,341,737 34,387,067

Payments to suppliers and employees (37,248,474) (34,430,263)

Government grants received 4,533,055 5,357,844

Interest received 1,527,983 1,883,655

Interest paid (6,774) (25,441)

Donations received 1,635,456 1,625,429

Bequest received � 100,000

Other revenue 977,006 1,015,319

������������������������������������������������� 9,759,989



��������������������������������������������������� � 20,769,001

Redemption of investments 6,000,000 �

Purchase of property, plant and equipment (23,153,852) (15,429,187)

Proceeds from the sale of property, plant and equipment 95,521 73,716

������������������������������������������������� (17,058,331)



Net repayment of borrowings and other liability (150,000) (335,472)

������������������������������������������������(150,000) (335,472)


(7,448,342) 14,991,666

Cash and cash equivalents at the beginning of year 28,809,066 13,817,398

Cash and cash equivalents at the end of year 21,360,724 28,809,066

Accumulated Funds

Balance at beginning of year

Total comprehensive income for the period:

94,993,369 87,645,918

Surplus for the period

5,097,981 7,347,451

Balance at end of year 100,091,350 94,993,369




Extract from Notes to the Financial Statements

31 December 2011

1. Corporate Information

Cranbrook School is a company limited by

guarantee and is domiciled in Australia.

statements and accompanying notes. Rental revenue

Although these estimates are based on Rental income from investment properties

Management’s knowledge of current events is accounted for on a straight-­‐line basis over

and actions that may be undertaken in the the lease term.

The nature of operations and principal future, actual results may ultimately differ

activities of Cranbrook School are to act as from estimates.

Government grants

an educational institution.

Government grants are recognised



when the entity obtains control of the

is located at 5 Victoria Road, Bellevue Hill,

Revenue is recognised to the extent that it contribution or the right to receive the

NSW 2023.


contribution and it is probable that






Accounting Policies

recognition criteria must also be met before from government grants relating to expense

revenue is recognised:

items are recognised in the Statement of


Comprehensive Income.

Rendering of services

The following accounting policies were


School fees are charged at the

Government grants are received for the

commencement of each billing period funding of educational and other activities.


and recognised as income when the right ���������������������������

on a historical cost basis, except for to be compensated for the services has contingencies attaching to the government

investments in managed funds which have been attained.

assistance that has been recognised.

been measured at fair value.




Australian dollars and all values are

Interest revenue is recognised as accrued Property, plant and equipment are stated at

rounded to the nearest dollar unless

using the effective interest method. This cost less accumulated depreciation and any

otherwise stated.

is the method of calculating the amortised accumulated impairment losses.




interest income over the relevant period

Depreciation is provided on a straight line


using the effective interest rate, which is the

basis on all property, plant and equipment


rate that exactly discounts estimated future

excluding land.

Cranbrook School, Cranbrook Foundation, receipts through the expected life of the

School Library Fund, Scholarship Fund ������������������������������������������

Major depreciation periods are:

and the Building Fund. The Cranbrook ����������������������

2011 & 2010


Enrolment fees

Buildings 40 years

various stand alone Special Scholarship

Enrolment fees are paid to secure entry to

Funds, in addition to the School’s


the School and are recognised as income

educational results.

���������������������������� 10 years

when received as they are not refundable.


Old Cranbrookians’ Association (OCA) is

Donations and bequests

marine, computers, vehicles �����������

accounted for as a separate entity and is not


Donations are recognised at the fair value

of either the Foundation or the School. of the consideration received or receivable. Impairment

Donation income is recognised at fair The carrying values of property, plant and


value of the asset received and when the equipment are reviewed for impairment at

statements, all inter-­‐company balances entity obtains control of the contribution each reporting date, with the recoverable

and transactions, income and expenses or the right to receive the contribution and amount being estimated when events or



changes in circumstances indicate that the

from intra-­‐group transactions have been ����������������������������������������

carrying value may be impaired.

eliminated in full.

the entity.

The recoverable amount of property,

�������������������� Investment income

plant and equipment is the higher of fair

In conforming with generally accepted Investment income comprises the income value less costs to sell and depreciated

accounting principles, the preparation of from investments in managed funds. replacement value.


Distributions from these investments

requires Management to make estimates include interest, dividends and realised

and assumptions that affect the reported capital gains. Movements in the fair value

amounts of assets, liabilities, income and of these investments are also recognised as

expenses, and the disclosure of contingent investment income.


An impairment exists when the

carrying amount exceeds its estimated

recoverable amount.

Impairment losses are recognised in the

statement of comprehensive income in the

‘Impairment expense’ line.


Extract from Notes to the Financial Statements 18



Investment properties are measured Income Tax


initially at cost, including transaction costs. The School by the nature of its operations

The carrying amount includes the cost of

In 2010, the School received $1,625,429 of

is exempt from the imposition of income

replacing part of an existing investment

Building the Education Revolution (BER)

tax. No income tax expense is therefore

property at the time that cost is incurred

grant. This grant was created by the Federal


if the recognition criteria are met and

Government to address the implications

excludes the costs of day-­‐to-­‐day servicing Goods and Services Tax (GST)

of the global economic downturn and

of an investment property. Investment The School is registered for GST and provide a stimulus package to schools for

property is stated at cost less accumulated complies with the relevant legislation. new or refurbished facilities. This grant has

depreciation and any accumulated

been used towards construction of the new

Revenues, expenses and assets are

impairment losses. Depreciation is

multipurpose facility at Rose Bay. In 2011,

recognised net of the amount of GST

provided on a straight line basis on the

the School received a grant of $403,050


buildings element of investment property

(2010: nil) from the National Secondary

over a period of 20 years.

� ��������������������������������������

Schools Computer Fund. This grant was

of goods and services is not recoverable to assist in providing new computers and

Transfers are made to and from investment from the taxation authority, in which other information and communication

property when, and only when, there is a case the GST is recognised as part of technology for students in Years 9 to 12.

change in use.

the cost of acquisition of the asset or as


part of the expense item as applicable;;


All loans and borrowings are initially

recognised at cost, being the fair value of � ������������������������������������������

the consideration received net of issue costs the amount of GST included.

associated with the borrowing.

The net amount of GST recoverable from,

or payable to, the taxation authority is

included as part of receivables or payables

in the Statement of Financial Position.

After initial recognition, interest bearing

loans and borrowings are subsequently

measured at amortised cost using the

effective interest method. Amortised cost is

calculated by taking into account any issue

costs, and any discount or premium on


Gains and losses are recognised in the

statement of comprehensive income

through the amortisation process.


statement on a gross basis and the GST



is recoverable from, or payable to, the



Commitments and contingencies are

disclosed net of the amount of GST

recoverable from, or payable to, the

taxation authority.

3. Revenue and Expenses





Depreciation and impairment of non-­‐current assets

Depreciation of non-­‐current assets

Buildings 1,293,536 1,184,279

Plant and equipment 1,980,765 1,532,596

Total depreciation of non-­‐current assets 3,274,301 2,716,875

Impairment of non-­‐current assets 500,000 �

Total depreciation and impairment of non-­‐current assets 3,774,301 2,716,875

Depreciation of investment properties 37,500 37,500

Total depreciation and impairment of investment properties and non-­‐current assets 3,811,801 2,754,375

Finance costs

Interest expense 6,774 25,441

������������������ 6,774 25,441

Bad and doubtful debts

Trade debtors 220,361 59,157

Total bad and doubtful debts 220,361 59,157

The School has made a provision for defective work at Dangar. Remedial work is underway and appropriate cost recovery action is

being explored.



At cost 7,645,544 7,645,544


At cost 82,451,643 61,401,989

Accumulated depreciation (21,201,980) (19,908,444)

Accumulated impairment (500,000) �

60,749,663 41,493,545

Total land and buildings 68,395,207 49,139,089

Plant and equipment

At cost 21,849,482 18,007,801

Accumulated depreciation (13,144,234) (11,251,757)

Total plant and equipment 8,705,248 6,756,044

Total at cost 111,946,669 87,055,334

Accumulated depreciation (34,846,214) (31,160,201)

Total written down value 77,100,455 55,895,133




Extract from Notes to the Financial Statements 20






Balance at the beginning of the year 7,645,544 7,645,544

Additions � �

Disposals � �

Balance at the end of the year


7,645,544 7,645,544

Balance at the beginning of the year 41,493,545 29,438,086

Additions 21,049,654 13,239,738

Disposals � �

Depreciation expense

(1,293,536) (1,184,279)

Impairment expense


Balance at the end of the year

Plant and Equipment

60,749,663 41,493,545

Balance at the beginning of the year 6,756,044 6,142,096

Additions 3,973,575 2,187,652

Disposals (43,606) (41,108)

Depreciation expense (1,980,765) (1,532,596)

Balance at the end of the year 8,705,248 6,756,044


Term loan � �

Other borrowings � 150,000

Total current interest-­‐bearing liabilities � 150,000

6. Investment Properties

Investment Properties

At cost 4,855,000 4,855,000

Accumulated depreciation (300,000) (262,500)

Total investment properties 4,555,000 4,592,500


Balance at the beginning of the year 4,592,500 4,630,000

Additions � �

Disposals � �

Depreciation expense (37,500) (37,500)

Balance at the end of the year 4,555,000 4,592,500










Statement by the Council

In accordance with a resolution of the

Councillors (directors) of Cranbrook

School on 2 April 2012, I state that:

In the opinion of the Councillors


��� ����������������������������������

statements and notes of the Company

and the consolidated entity are in

accordance with the Corporations Act

2001, including:

(i) giving a true and fair view of the H M Nugent AO

Company’s and consolidated President



31 December 2011 and of their

Date: 2 April 2012

performance for the year ended

on that date;; and

(ii) complying with Australian


Disclosure Requirements and the

Corporations Regulations 2001;;


(b) there are reasonable grounds to believe

that the Company will be able to pay

its debts as and when they become due

and payable.

On behalf of the Council


The Cranbrook Foundation


Philanthropy sits at the

heart of all we want

to achieve in further

improving Cranbrook.


The Cranbrook Foundation 24

Report from the Chairman

On 22 February 2012, the Foundation

hosted a function at Dangar to thank

all those who had contributed to the

fundraising for the new Junior School.

More than 150 people attended,

representing those who had supported

the original purchase of the Rose Bay

Bowling Club land through to those who

had supported the Headmaster’s Breakfast

Program, and of course those who had

given to the Building a Better Cranbrook

Appeal that closed last year. It was a broad

cross section of the Cranbrook community.

The Foundation was also involved in

successful campaigns for the Indigenous

Scholarship Fund which was organised by

Susie Manfred and launched at a superb

evening in August. Guests were extremely

generous with gifts in excess of $190,000

received on the evening. The Martin Pitt

Scholarship Fund, launched in February,

has been supported in particular by Old

Cranbrookians and past Cranbrook

parents. The Foundation’s Annual Giving

was reintroduced after a break in 2010

and received support from the wider

School community.

Elizabeth Pont and the Foundation Board

have also been active in reviewing the

strategy for fundraising in the School going

There was a feeling of achievement and

forward, learning from our experiences

pride in the air as we could all see and feel

with the Building a Better Cranbrook

what the efforts of so many had made real.

Appeal and Elizabeth’s experience at other

It was also wonderful to hear the comments

schools. Philanthropy sits at the heart of all

of those who were seeing the School for the

Tim Burroughs

we want to achieve in further improving


Cranbrook and the Foundation’s aim is to

the development and maybe had become

keep developing the culture of giving, that

used to its scale, the range of facilities for

has served the School so well, throughout

boys and staff and the quality of the design,

the broader School community. This has

but those for whom it was new were clearly

been discussed at School Council and work

delighted by what they had helped build.

has commenced to further improve the

This is what the philanthropic culture

School’s ability to communicate with all

of the School allows to happen and we

Old Cranbrookians and past Cranbrook

know that if the private sector schools are

parents keeping them informed about what

to continue to thrive, they will continue

is happening at the School. Many people

to have to rely on private funds for their

want to remain connected with Cranbrook

capital works.

and we plan to improve the ways in which

2011 was a challenging year for the this can happen.

Foundation. The Building a Better

All of this takes a great deal of work and is

Cranbrook Appeal closed in June and

managed with limited resources. I would

there was only limited further support to

like to thank Elizabeth Pont as Foundation

add to the $5m we had announced at the

Director and also to Gayl McLachlan who


retired as Personal Assistant to Director

which continued to haunt the economy,

of Foundation at the end of July after

caused uncertainty among some within the


Cranbrook community. This uncertainty

contribution to the Foundation was very


much appreciated. Rhonda Nelson replaced

Foundation in what it had hoped would

Gayl and I thank her for her contribution

have been a better outcome for the Building

to the Foundation in the second half of

a Better Cranbrook Appeal. Having said

2011. Of course, the Headmaster has

this, many members of our community,

been at the centre of all the fundraising

Old Cranbrookians, and past and present

for Dangar. I would also like to thank all

families and friends were generous in

my colleagues on the Foundation Board

their support. However, the number

for the time and wisdom they have made

of contributors as a proportion of the

available as well as their very tangible

community was similar to our other recent

�������� ���������

appeals, and we had hoped for more. Clearly

we can all only contribute what we can but

equally, we all need to contribute if we can

for the School to continue to prosper.

I have served as Chair of the Foundation

for over nine years. Now that the Building

a Better Cranbrook Appeal is completed

and Elizabeth is well established as

Director, I feel this is the appropriate

time to hand the role over to someone

who can lead the Board in the next phase

of its development. I am delighted that

John Porter has agreed to step into the

role of Chair and also to replace me as a

member of School Council. John has a

very successful business career as a Chief

Executive and has also been very involved

in the Cranbrook community as a parent

for over ten years. I believe he has the

skills and energy to make a wonderful

contribution and I wish him every success

in the future.

Our heartfelt thanks are extended to all who have so generously

supported the School through the Cranbrook Foundation

during 2011 by donating to the Building, Library and

Scholarship Funds. All gifts have been most warmly received

and greatly appreciated.


The Cranbrook Foundation assists the

School to remain faithful to its founding

heritage while securing its long term

independence. The Foundation is most

grateful to all who have supported

the School in any way: by donating,

considering a bequest, attending events,

volunteering, or by offering encouragement

as committee members. The School is a

worthy recipient of the support.

Building Fund

Gifts to the Building Fund during 2011

totalled $940,212.

Mr & Mrs S Aboud

Mr E A’ de Lima & Mrs M Hanzawa

Aftron Pty Ltd as Trustee for the Constantine

Emil Family Trust

Mr A L N Anderson

Mr R Anderson & Ms C Kingsford Smith

Mr & Mrs R Anthony

Donors to the Cranbrook Foundation can Mr C Antico & Ms S Green


Mr & Mrs W Antonelli

deductible fund. Some donors generously

gift to more than one fund in the same

calendar year. Listed below are members

of the Cranbrook community who made a

Mr & Mrs J Apter

Mr R D H Armstrong

Mr & Mrs W R Arnott


Mr B H Badgery

during 2011 with a single gift or as part of Mr & Mrs J R Balderstone

a pledge.

Mr & Mrs D A Baldwin

Library Fund

Mr & Mrs D E Banks


Mr M Barclay


Mr & Mrs G J Bartley

generous voluntary support has made

possible the refurbishment of the Senior

School Library, including enclosing an

under-­‐utilised verandah to improve private

Mr S Bassett & Ms J Dobson

Mr & Mrs K Beckman

Mr R Bishop & Ms J Levis

study opportunities for senior boys, Mr & Ms S A Bouvier

opening up the central area to provide Mr & Mrs M C Brial

more teaching and study space, and Mr & Mrs J G Broinowski

building a properly organised work area for

Mr B A Brooke OBE OAM

our busy librarians.

Mr & Mrs C Buckley


Mr & Mrs T Burroughs

Dangar was fully funded by contributions


Mr & Mrs K Butcher

substantial achievement. Donors are most Mrs J Cai

warmly thanked. We look forward to Mr & Mrs C V Carroll

your visit to our superb new library, now

known as the iCentre because it combines

traditional library resources with state-­‐

of-­‐the-­‐art technology for information

Mr & Mrs S Cary

Mr R D Champness

Mr B Chan

retrieval, research and communication. Mr J Chirnside

In 2011 gifts totalling $192,700 were Mr C Chiu & Ms E Poon

received as Library Fund donations. Mr & Mrs T Christian & William

Mr R Christie & Ms H Vanderwerff

Mr D R Chrystal

Mr & Mrs A Clark

Mr & Mrs P Clark

Mr J Clayton & Ms C Grassby

Mr & Mrs N Correy

Mr & Mrs P Crammond

Mr & Mrs M Culhane

Mr J Da Cruz

Mr M Dan

Dr A & Dr G Deacon

Mr P J Dent


Ms H Dixon

Mr S Donoghue-­‐Cox & Ms B Chapman

Mr & Mrs H R Dowling

Mr & Mrs M F Dunn

Dr & Mrs D Durkin

East Gardens Pty Ltd

Mr & Mrs I England

Mr & Mrs J Erskine



Mr & Mrs G Feitelberg

Mr & Mrs R S Fendall

Mr T Feng & Mrs R Shi

Mr & Mrs J L Fischer

Dr F Fisher

Mr L Fitz-­‐Gerald & Ms R Keeper

Mrs M Fricker

Mr & Mrs A D Gall

Mr & Mrs D Gallop

Mr & Mrs G H Georgas

Mr & Mrs R Giesser

Mr & Mrs J Gosse

Mrs M Grace

Mr S Greenaway

Mr & Mrs R B Guth

Hon Mr Justice K R Handley AO

Mr & Mrs W Hara

The Cranbrook Foundation

Mr & Mrs C Haralambis

Mr & Mrs S A Harvey

Mr A & Dr P Harvey Sutton

Mrs R Hasten

Mr & Mrs D Heath

Dr T Heath & Dr A Patel

Ms S Herman

Ms J Hershon

Mr & Mrs G Heys

Mr & Mrs W P D Holt

Mr & Mrs M A Horn

Mrs C J Howard

Mr P Howard & Ms L Chung

Mr & Mrs J Hulks

The Ingram Nettleton Family

Master Jack Jackson

Mr & Mrs B Karras

Mr A Keene

Mr & Mrs A R Kemeny

Mr & Mrs R Kennedy

Mr & Mrs G Kimpton

Mr D Klimenko & Ms B Saunders-­‐Klimenko

Ms M Lane

Dr M Lau & Mrs S Lau

Mr & Mrs A H Lee

Mr Z Lejins & Ms C Armour

Mrs P R Lemaire

Mr & Mrs W Lewin

Mr P A Lincoln-­‐Smith

Mr & Mrs A Liu

Mr S Loomba & Dr S Loomba

Mr Y Luo & Mrs Y Wang

Mr & Mrs A MacKenzie

Messrs E & J MacSmith &

Mrs D Southwell-­‐Keely

Mr & Mrs J Madin

Mr E Maetzler

Mr J F Maffey OAM

Mr J R Mallam

Mr J H D Marsden

Mrs D Marsh

Mr R Marshall

Mr J H Mason

Mr & Mrs R Massy-­‐Greene

Mr & Mrs J Maxwell

Mr D McDougall & Ms S Barrkman

Mrs G A McLachlan

Mr H McPherson & Ms S Manfred

Mr & Mrs B McWilliam

Mr & Mrs P Mercera

Dr G Miller & Ms M Sixel

Mr J A Morrow

The Mort Family

Dr & Mrs M Nelson

Mr & Mrs R Ng

Mr M P Nicholas

Mr W K Nicholl

Mr D Nolan

Mr & Mrs J B North

Dr H Nugent AO

Masters F & S O’Connor

Old Cranbrookians Association

Dr G Papatheodorakis & Dr S Lloyd

Mr & Mrs T Park

Mrs E Parsons

Dr M Patch & Mrs S Horton

Mr & Mrs M Peak

Mr J Pelly & Ms K L Phin

Ms R Penfold-­‐Russell

Mr A W Perry

Mr & Mrs P Placek

Mrs E Pont

Mr A Pryer

Mr I Pryer

Mr J Punch & Ms P Akopiantz

Mr & Mrs A Purcell

Mr D F Qiu & Mrs J Huang

Mr J Read & Ms L Greenhow

Mr W Roberts

Mrs S Rush

Mr & Mrs W Rothery

Mr & Mrs R Rutledge

Mr & Mrs J M B Ryan

Mr P J & Mrs T Ryan

Mr & Mrs M Samios

The Schwartz Family

Mr L Seaman

Mr & Mrs C Selby


Mr M J Sewell & Ms J Killen

Mrs M Sheppard

Ms M Sixel

Mrs L Solomon

Mr A Storch & Ms K Merrick

Mr & Mrs M Swadling

Mr S Swaney & Ms C Kay

Mr & Mrs J Szangolies

Mr & Mrs F B Tagg

The Taylor Family

The Tehan Family

Mr D A Thomas

Mr & Mrs T Throsby

Mr H M Vallance

Mr & Mrs J W Vicars

Mr & Mrs N Vozzo

The Hon Lloyd Waddy

Mr & Mrs P Wikramanayake

Mr & Mrs E J Williams

Mrs K Wilson

Dr H Wolfenden & Dr B Weiss

Mr & Mrs A Wong

Mr G Woodger

Mr H O Woodhouse

Plus 24 anonymous donations

Scholarship Fund

During 2011 two new Scholarships were

established: the Martin Pitt Scholarship

and the Indigenous Scholarship. The

Foundation also encouraged support

of the Old Cranbrookians’ Association

Scholarship. Scholarship fund gifts

totalled $365,242.


John Sweeney Scholarship

The John Sweeney Scholarship was

established by The Trust Company

Australia following the death of John

Sweeney OC 1946 in 2000. The

Scholarship supports boys from diverse


assistance would be unable to attend

Cranbrook. The School is most grateful

to the Trustees, Mr Jonathan Sweeney and

the late Mrs Doreen Sweeney for their

generosity and commitment.

Indigenous Scholarship

Mr & Mrs A Adams

Mr N Adler & Ms C Sherwood Adler

Mr & Mrs J Anderson

Mr J Atkinson & Ms S Hanrahan

Mr & Mrs D E Banks

Mr & Mrs M Banks

Mr & Mrs K Beckman

Mr & Mrs S Billingham

Mr & Mrs D Blackburn

Mr S Bloomer & Ms S Hunting

Mr & Mrs W J Bogaty

Mr & Ms S A Bouvier

Mr & Mrs G J Brennan

Mr G Brown & Ms P Henty

Mr & Mrs D Buckland

Mr J K Burke & Ms L McMorrow

Mr & Mrs C V Carroll

Mr & Mrs S Cary

Mr J Clayton & Ms C Grassby

Mr & Mrs S Conrad

Mrs R Cooper

Mr M Cordell & Ms J McAsey

Mr & Mrs P Crammond

Cranbrook Toastmasters

Mr & Mrs G J Crone

Mr & Mrs J M Deane


Mr & Mrs H Donaldson

Mr & Mrs A Droga

Mr D Ekins & Mrs T Ros-­‐Ekins

Mr & Mrs S Farr-­‐Jones

Mr & Mrs G Feitelberg

Mr C Finkelstein & Ms M Marish

Mr & Mrs A P Finlayson

Ms A Foley-­‐Quin

Mr & Mrs M B Fricker

Mr & Mrs D Garrard

Mr D Goode & Ms R Nicholas

Mrs M Grace

Mr J Grech & Ms L Bell

Mr & Ms R Gwyn

Mrs G Gye

Mr D Gyngell

Mr & Mrs C Haralambis

Mr T M Hardie & Ms E Cilli

Mr & Mrs S Harvey

Mr G Head & Ms G Collins

Mr & Mrs D Heath

Mr P Henchman

Mr R Henderson & Ms M Conrade

Ms S Herman

Mr & Mrs P Holloway

Mr & Mrs R Hosking

Mr P Howard & Ms L Chung

Mr & Mrs A Hupfau

Mr J Jayaraj

Mr & Mrs E Jewell-­‐Tait

Mr & Mrs B Karras

Mr & Mrs J Katehos

Mrs P Keith

Mr J Keith-­‐Cole

Mr, Mrs & Ms Maksimovich-­‐Kekovich

Mr & Mrs G Kimpton

Mr & Mrs D Lane

Ms M Lane

Mr A Lees

Mrs F Lei

Ms H Lochhead

Mr Y Luo & Mrs Y Wang

Mr & Mrs J Madin

Mr & Mrs I D Martin

Mrs M Maxwell

Ms E McDonald

Mr & Mrs J McGregor

Mr H McKay

Mr H McPherson & Ms S Manfred

Dr G Miller & Ms M Sixel

Ms J Mills

Mr & Mrs L Mitchell

Mr G Moretti & Ms P Ruscoe

Mr J Morrow

Mr B Moseley & Ms K Cato

Mr R Mugridge

Dr & Mrs M Nelson

Mr J Nettleton

Mr R Newton

Mr D Nolan

Dr H Nugent AO

Dr M Patch & Mrs S Horton

Mr & Mrs J Peppas

Mrs E Pont

Mr J Porter & Ms S Mougey

Ms L Elsing

Mr & Mrs G Pringle

Mr J Punch & Ms P Akopiantz

Mr & Mrs T Punch

Mr & Mrs A Purcell

Mr & Mrs A Reynolds

Mr G Riley & Ms K Hansen

Mr J Ring

Ms R Ritchie

Dr B Ross

Mr & Mrs J Ryan

Mr & Mrs A Scade

Mr & Mrs N Scheiff

Mr & Mrs T Schwartz

Mrs L Scott

Mr & Mrs D Selig


Mr T Sevil

Mrs J Shipway

Mr & Mrs T Simpson

Mr B Smith

Mr T Sprague

Mr N Stewart

Mr C Stodart

Mr & Mrs H Stollmann

Mr & Mrs S Street

Mr & Mrs A Strutt

Mr D Studdy & Ms C Scala

Mr S Swaney

Mr & Mrs J Szangolies

Mr P W Throsby

Mrs I Van Der Does

Mr J J Warton

Mr & Mrs J Warton

Mr J H Warton

Rev C Watkins

Mrs G Wheatley

Mr C White

Mr L Willard

Mr & Mrs J Williams

Mr & Mrs A Wong

Plus 11 anonymous donations

Martin Pitt Scholarship Fund

Mr R Adair

Mr C Adams

Mr & Mrs C Anderson

Mr C J Anderson

Dr S Andersen

Mr & Mrs J Apter

Mr C K W Arnott OAM

Mr & Mrs R Arnott

Mr P Au

Australian Independent Schools USA


Mr N Back

Ms N Barne

Mr S Bassett & Ms J Dobson

Mr B Bavin

Mr J Bell

Dr R Bennett

Mr W H Blakemore

Dr A F Bleasel

Mr C Blundell


The Cranbrook Foundation

Mr T Bowling

Mr & Mrs S Brandon

Mr H Bridgewater

Mr B A Brooke OBE OAM

Mr T Brough

Mr A J Bryan

Mr N I Burnham

Messrs T & S Carroll

Mr J Cary

Mr B Chan

Mr J Chatterton

Prof C Chesterman & Ms J Whitworth

Prof M Chesterman

Class of 1981

Dr P Clifton-­‐Bligh

Dr R J Clifton-­‐Bligh

Mr & Mrs M Cole

Mr & Mrs T Cominakis

Mr R Cook

Mr A Cooper

Mr N Cooper

Mr S A Cooper

Mr M Corlette

Mr G H Cowling

Mr M Crouch

Dr N Cunio & Dr J Dew

Mr J Da Cruz

Mr M J Dan

Mr B Dangar

Mr A Dawson

Dr R de Solom

Mr M de Vere

Mr P Dent

Mr H Dowling

Mrs J Eccles

Ms K Elliott & Dylan Swanborough

Messrs W & T Erskine

Mr W Etheridge & Ms S Williams

Mr R P Evans

Mr W J Ferguson

Mr P F Fogarty

Mr W Forbes

Dr & Mrs P Forth

Mr & Mrs D P Franklin

Mr P Franklin MBE

Mr J Gissing


Mr R A Goninan

Mr R I Goninan

Mr C Goodwin

Mr A Green

Mr M Green

Ms J Gregg

Mr A I Gregory

Mr G H Gulliver

Mr P Harriman

Dr & Mrs A Harris

Mr & Mrs S A Harvey

Mr A G Hatsatouris

Mr J Heap

Dr T C Heap

Mr D Hillaire

Dr & Mrs S M Hughes & sons

The Humphrey Family

Mrs J Ingham

Mr J S Ingham

Mrs M Ingham

Mr W Ireland

Mr S Johns

Mr & Mrs R Jones

Mr, Mrs & Ms M Maksimovich-­‐Kekovich

Messrs J & H Kimpton

Mr J H Knollema

Mr K Knox

Mr R Koskela

Dr K D Kwok

Messrs R & F Kwok

Ms M Lane

Mr M A Latchford

Emeritus Professor M Lawrence

Dr N C M Locke

Mr & Mrs R Locke

Mr P M Long

Mr & Mrs N Longworth

Dr M Lowy

Mr N D Lynch

Mr J Mackinnon

Mr I MacLeod

Messrs E & J MacSmith &

Mrs Southwell-­‐Keely

Mr & Mrs J Madin

Mr J F Maffey OAM

Mr E Malouf

Mr A Martin

Mr M B Mathews

Dr A M Maude

Mr S McCartney

Mr P McQueen

Mr & Mrs S Meade

Mr J Meakins

Mr J M C Mesley

Mr S Milson

Mr & Mrs D H Monro

Mr & Mrs T Morrison

Mr J A Morrow

Mr R Morrow

Mr & Mrs A Mueller

Mr A Murray

Dr L Muzikants

Dr A S Newman

Mr M C Newman

Dr G Norman

Mr & Mrs C Nuttall-­‐Smith

Mr P O’Brien

Mrs T Odillo Maher

Mr R J Oliver

Mr H P G Osborne

Prof E R Owen AO Legion d’Honneur

Mr & Mrs T P Park

Mrs E Parsons

Dr G R Paton

Mr M F B Pelly

Mr & Mrs G Pilcher

Mr R A Pitt

Mrs R Pitt

The Plasto Family

Mrs M Playfair

Dr S Pockley

Mrs E Pont

Mr G F M Quinn

The Ranken Family

Mr J Rankine

Mr M J Rembaum

The Remond Family

Mrs W Richardson

Mr N Ross

Mr M Royds

Mr D Saddington

Mr J D Saddington

Mr S Saddington

Mr D G Salier

Prof B Schedvin

Mr & Mrs N Scheiff

Mr A G Scott


Mr J Scott-­‐Stevenson

Mr L W Seaman

Mr B S Sebel

Mr N Shannon

Mr A Sharrock

Mr P K Skavaas

Mr P Slavin

Mr T W Smith

Mr P Sprokkreeff

Mrs N Stainlay

Mr & Mrs D Stone

Mr R Stone

Mr J Street

Mr S Tai

Mr W Tapp

Dr D A Thomas

Mr R Thompson

Mr G Thomson

Mr P A Throsby

Mr R Tompson

Mr D K Voss

The Hon Lloyd Waddy AM RFD QC


Mr J L Warrand

Mr & Mrs J D West

Mr A G Wharton

Mr C R Wharton

Mr E P Wharton

Mr R G Wharton

Mr A G D White AOM

Mr & Mrs D White

Mr G Willmott

Mr H L Wills

Mr & Mrs P Wilson

Mr R P Wilson

Dr & Mrs T Wilson

Mr S Wincer

Mr R W Winlaw

Dr G Wise

Mr J Wright

Mr R Wright

Mr & Mrs R B Zehner

Mr C Zinn & Ms J Feeney

Plus 15 anonymous donations

OCA Scholarship

Mr B A Brooke OBE OAM

Mr P L Gibson

Mr & Mrs B Handmer

Mr & Mrs D Heath

Mr W Ireland

Mr D Johnson

Mr & Mrs J Knights

Mr J H Knollema

Mr O P Lamb

Mr A H B Lees

Mrs V Babington Lees

Mr & Mrs N D Lynch

Mr & Mrs D H Monro

Mr J A Morrow

Mr A Moss

Dr A M Owen

Messrs G, R & B Plasto

Mr & Mrs M Shannessy

Mr O J Shannessy

Mr W Tapp

Mr B Vose

Mr J H Warton

Mr J J Warton

Mr L S Weston Abrahams

Mr & Mrs S A Wolkowicz

Mrs L Wong

Plus 3 anonymous donations

All care has been taken to ensure the accuracy of our donor lists. However, if any error has occurred,

please accept our apologies and notify the Director of Foundation so that our records can be amended.


School Council

At 2 April 2012


Dr Helen M Nugent AO

BA(Hons) PhD(Qld) MBA(Dist)(Harv)


Chairman of the Nominations Committee

Member of the Finance Committee

Member of the Education Committee

Dr Nugent has a strong background in

education. She is currently Chancellor of

Bond University. Previously she has been

Professor in Management and Director

of the MBA Program at the Australian

Graduate School of Management,

University of New South Wales, a member

of the four-­‐person Bradley Review into

Higher Education and a member of

Council of Monash University. She has a

keen interest in the arts. Currently she is

Chairman of the National Portrait Gallery

and a member of the National Cultural

Policy Reference Group. Previously she

was Chairman of the Nugent Inquiry

into the Performing Arts, Chairman of

the Major Performing Arts Board of the

Australia Council, Deputy Chairman of

the Australia Council, Deputy Chairman

of Opera Australia and a Director of the

Playbox Theatre. She is currently a Non-­‐

Executive Director of Macquarie Group,

Origin Energy and Freehills as well as being

Chairman of Funds SA. She has been a

member of the School Council since 1993.

Mr Andrew Keene


Member of the Education Committee

Member of the IT Committee

Member of the Nominations Committee

Mr Keene joined the Council in 1999.

He was formerly a partner in Ernst &

Young Management Consulting and is

now a partner in The LiTMUS Group, a

management consultancy firm specialising

in performance management and

technology. He was on the IT Committee

that helped establish the IT direction of

the School.


Mr Roger Massy-­‐Greene

BSc BE(Hons)(Syd) MBA(Harvard)

Chairman of the Building and

Development Committee

Member of the Nominations Committee

Mr Massy-­‐Greene is Chairman of Eureka

Capital Partners, a company focused on

financing and development in the minerals

and energy sectors. He co-­‐founded the ASX

listed company Excel Coal Limited in 2002

and was its Chairman until its acquisition by

Peabody Energy in 2006. He founded and

served as the Managing Director of Excel’s

predecessor, Resource Finance Corporation

Ltd, from 1984 to 2002. Previously, he

worked for Bank of America in project and

corporate finance, and as an underground

mining engineer for Rio Tinto Limited.

He is a Director of OneVentures Pty Ltd,

a technology venture capital company.

Mr Massy-­‐Greene currently serves as the

Chairman of the Salvation Army’s Red

Shield Appeal Committee in Sydney

and Chairman of the Eureka Benevolent

Foundation, a family foundation focused

on social justice issues. He is the Chair of

the South Australian Centre for Geothermal

Energy Research at the University of

Adelaide and is a Director of The Hunger

Project Australia. He was appointed to the

School Council in 2004.

Mr Anthony Lees

BA(Macq) MA(Syd) CA

Director of the Board of Cranbrook


President of the Old Cranbrookians’


Mr Lees is a chartered accountant who

operated his own practice until 2002. His

business catered for small to medium-­‐sized

enterprises, including non-­‐business entities,

providing audit, financial planning and

taxation services. He has performed honorary

audit services for charitable organisations

such as the Lions Club of Woollahra. He is

currently a company Director of a family

property business. Mr Lees completed all his

school education at Cranbrook (OC 1972).

In 2005 he completed a Masters in Ancient

World Studies and continues to follow this

area of interest. Mr Lees held the position

of Treasurer of the Old Cranbrookians’

Association from 2004 until 2010. He

joined Council in June 2010.

Honorary Treasurer

Mr Geoff Kimpton

BA(Monash) MBA(Melbourne) FFin

Chairman of the Finance Committee

Member of the Building and

Development Committee

Mr Kimpton’s commercial career was

with Westpac where he held several

executive positions. He spent a number

of years on the Board of Baycorp

Advantage and was Chairman of its

Audit and Risk Committee. He acted

as Convenor of Cranbrook Carnivale in

2003. He was appointed the School’s

Treasurer in November 2008.

Mr Jon B North


Member of the Building and

Development Committee

Mr North is a Managing Director of

Gresham Advisory Partners Limited

which specialises in corporate advisory

services. Prior to joining Gresham in

2006, Mr North was a senior partner

of Allens Arthur Robinson where

he acted on a wide range of mergers

and acquisitions and capital markets

transactions. He has a keen interest in

the arts and education and is a Director

of the Sydney Youth Orchestras. He is

an old Cranbrookian.


Mr Tim Burroughs

MA(Hons)(Cantab) BPsych(Hons)

(Macq) FCA

Chairman of the Cranbrook Foundation

Mr Burroughs is a qualified chartered

accountant and has worked in the

investment banking industry as a

corporate financial advisor for over 30

years. He is Co-­‐Chairman of Investment

Banking at Goldman Sachs Australia.

Mr Bill Rothery


Member of the Finance Committee

Mr Rothery is Chairman and Chief

Executive of John Swire & Sons in

Australia. He has been with the Swire

Group for 30 years and has been based in

Asia, the Middle East and for 20 years in

Australia. He is Chairman of Steamships

Trading Company in Papua New

Guinea and is on the Board of several

subsidiary companies.

Mr Craig Carroll

BEc(Hons)(Syd) MBA(Dist)(Harvard)

Director of the Board of Cranbrook


Mr Carroll is the CEO and Founder of

the Rezolve Group, Inc., a company which

provides enrolment management technology

and services to the higher education industry

in the United States. Prior to this Mr Carroll

co-­‐founded two higher education-­‐related

businesses, Youth Media & Marketing

Networks, and eGrad Loans, and acted

as Executive Chairman and President of

both until 2004. Previously he worked for

the strategy consulting firm Bain & Co.

in Australia, the United States and South

East Asia. Mr Carroll completed his school

education at Cranbrook (OC 1987), and

has previously served as Secretary and

Vice-­‐President of the Old Cranbrookians’

Association and as a member of Cranbrook


United States. He was selected as Old

Cranbrookian of the Year in 2007.

Dr Michael Spence

BA(Hons) LLB(Hons)(USyd) DPhil PG


Chairman of the Education Committee

Dr Spence is the Vice-­‐Chancellor and

Principal of Sydney University. He was

Head of the Social Sciences Division at

the University of Oxford where he oversaw

significant growth of research activity

and funding in the Social Sciences. He is

internationally regarded as a leader in the

field of intellectual property theory. He was

consultant to the London law firm, Olswang

and served as a WIPO Arbitration and

Mediation Center panelist. He has lectured

in intellectual property related topics around

the world and has held a number of visiting

appointments in Boston, Munich and Siena.

He has twice been a Parsons Fellow at the

Law School of the University of Sydney

and he has also worked for the Australian

Copyright Council. In addition, he is an

ordained Anglican priest. He was appointed

as a member of the School Council in

February 2009.

Ms Soraya Cary

BA(Hons) Law(Sussex,UK)

President of the Cranbrook School

Parents Association

Ms Cary is the CSPA representative on

the Council. Prior to raising her three

children, she worked as a commercial

lawyer in London and in Perth. She

subsequently joined the Western

Australian Parliament’s Senior Standing

Committee, and the Public Accounts

and Expenditure Review Committee,

as a researcher. Ms Cary is currently

a Director of a private company. She

joined the Council in November 2011.

Mr Philip W Stern

BS(MechEng)(Rensselaer Polytechnic

Institute) MBA(Dist)(Harvard)

Member of the Nominations


Member of the Education Committee

Mr Stern is a Director of Port Jackson

Partners Limited, a management

consulting firm specialising in strategic

and organisational advice. Mr Stern

joined the Council in 1998 and served

as Treasurer from 2000 until the

end of 2008. His other community

involvements include the Harvard

Club of Australia, of which he is a

past President.

Mrs Sarita England


Council Representative on the

Cranbrook School Parents Association

Director of the Board of Cranbrook


Mrs England works as a consultant in

not-­‐for-­‐profit fundraising. After serving

a cadetship with News Ltd she worked

overseas before moving into copywriting

and fundraising. She is also involved in

a family business and is a member of

Sydney Synod. She was appointed to the

Council in 2001.

Reverend Clive Watkins

BSc(Eng)(N’cle) BTh DipMin (ACTh)

Member of the Building and

Development Committee

Reverend Watkins is the Anglican Minister

at St George’s Church, Paddington.

Prior to this, he was the Senior Assistant

Minister in the Hunters Hill parish.

Reverend Watkins trained for the ministry

in Melbourne after working at the

steelworks in Newcastle in engineering

and computing. Following his ordination

he served in parishes in Newcastle, the

Central Coast and the Upper Hunter,

where he also served for a time as chaplain

to Scone Grammar School.


Dr Patrick Forth

DPhil(Oxon) BScAeroEng(Manchester)

Member of the Finance Committee

Dr Forth is a senior partner at The

Boston Consulting Group, where he led

the Australian business for five years. He

currently runs the group’s technology,

media and telecoms business across Asia

Pacific. His interest in education stems

from being a lecturer and Research Fellow

in engineering at Oxford, where he served

on the Governing Body at Lady Margaret

Hall. He is a member of the Advisory

Boards of the Oxford Business Alumni

and the Australian School of Business at

UNSW. Dr Forth completed his schooling

in Zimbabwe, before being awarded a

Rhodes Scholarship to study at Oxford.

He has lived in several places in Europe

and Asia prior to moving to Sydney

in 2003.

Management Team

At 2 April 2012


Mr Jeremy Madin


Head of Senior School

Mr Michael Parker

Dean of Studies

Ms Hilary Dixon

Director of Admissions

Mr Michael Atkins

Head of Junior School

Mr Michael Dunn

Dean of Co-­‐curricular Programs

Mr Craig Davies

Director of Public Relations

Mrs Rhondda Anthony

Director of Early Learning

Mrs Michele Marquet

Business Manager

Mrs Jillian McCormick

Director of Foundation

Mrs Elizabeth Pont


Senior School

5 Victoria Road

Bellevue Hill NSW 2023

Telephone 02 9327 9000

Facsimile 02 9327 9033

Junior School

6 Kent Road

Rose Bay NSW 2029

Telephone 02 9327 9100

Facsimile 02 9327 9133

St Mark’s Pre-­‐school

St Mark’s Anglican Church

Greenoaks Avenue

Darling Point NSW 2027

Telephone 02 9363 2260

Facsimile 02 9362 0896

St Michael’s Pre-­‐school

St Michael’s Anglican Church

Gilliver Avenue

Vaucluse NSW 2030

Telephone 02 9371 9214

Facsimile 02 9388 2317

Cranbrook Foundation

5 Victoria Road

Bellevue Hill NSW 2023

Telephone 02 9327 9404

Facsimile 02 9362 8542


Photography by Jane Dempster, Angus Mordant and Paul Seiser

Designed and produced by Cranbrook Publications


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