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IT professionals


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Title CIO


Postal address Postfach 40 04 67, D-80704 München

Lyonel-Feininger-Str. 26, D-80807 München

Telephone +49 (0)89/36086 - 566

Telefax +49 (0)89/36086 - 195


Managing Director York von Heimburg

Publishing Manager Michael Beilfuß

Editor-in-Chief Horst Ellermann

Advertising Manager Sebastian Wörle

Volume 8th volume

Frequency 10 times per year +

2 CIO special e-paper

Distribution procedure Controlled Qualified Circulation

ITC specialized


System vendors



CE retail

Targeting / Publisher

Technical IT


Technical IT

decision makers

Strategic IT

decision makers

Senior IT


IT professionals

IT and business

decision makers

at CXO level

Our open IDG information portals offer individual dialogue-marketing tools for effective lead generation: whitepapers, webcasts, case studies, virtual fairs, e-mail marketing, telemarketing



Web events




Web events





Web events

Custom events




Web events

Custom events




Web events

Custom events




Web events

Custom events


As of August 2008

Terms of payment

3 % discount: for advance payment or direct debit

2 % discount: for payment within 8 days / 20 days net

All agreements subject to our standard terms of

trading (see page 15)

Bank details

HypoVereinsbank, München

sort code 700 202 70, account number 32 246 087

Post Office giro, München

sort code 700 100 80, account number 480 868 803

CIO – IT strategies for managers

The integration of IT and business

Editorial profile

CIO is the innovative information forum for CIOs and CXOs.

More than ever, IT is a fixed component of corporate business

strategy. IT makes it possible to explore new fields of business,

optimises processes and often delivers the deciding competitive

advantage. A company’s IT is no longer anchored only in the

IT department, but is penetrating into all company departments.

Due to this change, increasing demands are made on

IT strategy as well as those responsible for it in every company.

As an integrated media brand, CIO provides the target decisionmaker

group 365 times a year with the basis to meet this rising

requirement and to understand and practise the efficient use of

IT in the company.

Based on best practices, CIO demonstrates the successful implementation

of IT, preferably in globally positioned corporations

and multinational players. The strategic and economic aspects

of IT are thus always top priorities. Furthermore, CIO tracks the

most important technological trends and management methods.

The target groups

CIO is aimed at IT and business executives who recognize

IT as a strategic tool necessary for attaining business goals.

CIOs (Chief Information Officers)

‰ Board of managers

‰ Managing directors

‰ IT and business managers

‰ Regional and division managers

Special issues

CIO magazine is supplemented by the twice-yearly “CIO

spezial” issues. “CIO spezial” is marketed as an e-paper.

CIO spezial is the logical extension of the successful CIO

concept. The special issue expands on existing management

knowledge for decision makers responsible for implementing

the standardised ROI and TCO calculations in companies. In

addition, the readers of CIO spezial receive a systematic and

comparative overview of IT in Germany‘s largest companies.

Information hotline: 089 / 360 86 - 566

Cross-media platform

Editorial profile / Cross-media

CIO provides an extensive advertising kit with various marketing

techniques, which can help you to always reach your exact target

group, generate leads and create brand awareness.

Print Online Event

Classic print advertising

Communication on all channels

Classic online advertising Classic event marketing

Customized and Corporate Solutions

Awareness and Leads

Depending upon your specific requirements, CIO offers a large

number of communication solutions far beyond the classic print


By linking to various media channels, CIO offers you the perfect

media platform for your specific needs. From individual printing

solutions to custom-tailored online offers and exclusive executive

events, to customised services, CIO offers a competent and innovative

communication forum.

Working closely with you, we will develop intelligent and efficient

cross-media and lead-generating strategies for all relevant media.

What was only a vision yesterday is already a reality with CIO.

Put us to the test – we’ll be happy to develop an individual

cross-media concept for you.





CIO – Addressing your target group at the highest level

The CIO magazine is distributed primarily as a controlled qualified

circulation. In this way, CIO offers a special capabilities

in addressing and covering the target group of top decision


In exchange for personal data such as function, company size,

industry branch and IT budget, IT and business decision makers

in large and medium-sized companies can receive regular subscriptions

to CIO magazine. This method of marketing provides

for a maximum of target-group transparency and planning

security for media executives.

CIO magazine is a member of BPA Worldwide.

BPA Worldwide is an independent and globally recognised

accreditation company for the circulation of print and online

media. Twice a year, the updated accreditation report of CIO

is published in BPA Worldwide.

To request the BPA World Wide inspection report on CIO, as

well as additional information concerning BPA, please call

+49 (0) 89 /36086 -566 or go to

Circulation figures

Printed copies* 0, 67

Circulated copies* 19,

Qualified recipients** 17,0 9

Copies sold* 1,658

* IVW, 2nd Quarter 2008

** BPA Business Publication Circulation Statement for the 6 month

period ended June 2008, Mid-year report

CIO recipients –

Decision makers among themselves

Occupational designation

Consultants, board of directors, other

Percentage below 100

= “unknown”




Processing and manufacturing industries

7.3 %

IT and business executives

(CIOs, management/corporate heads,

regional and division managers)

Credit and insurance companies

Percentage below 100 = “other”

Service companies, consultancies,

software and system houses

6.8 % Healthcare sector, pharmaceutical and chemical industry

6.5 %

6.3 %


20.7 %

32.6 %

Public administration, organisations, universities

CIO recipients – Top executives

from medium-sized and large companies

Number of employees

> 2,000




16.2 %

16.2 %

26.7 %

31.4 %

99 or less 8.1 %

No information: 1.4 %

Source: BPA Business Publication Circulation Statement

for the 6 month period ended June 2008, Analysed issue 06/2008.

Base: 16,464 qualified recipients

Affinities of target groups – hierarchy

CIO Magazin is read at senior managerial levels

1 Senior management

2 Senior IT management

3 IT managers

4 ITC decision-makers

Affinities of target groups – company size

A disproportionately high number of CIO Magazin readers

work in large and medium-sized companies

Number of employees

1 to19

20 to 49

50 to199

200 to 499







Index figures (affinities)*

Affinities of target groups – ITC budgets

The CIO readership is responsible for extremely high

ITC budgets

ITC budget

< 10 Tsd.

10 to

CIO publication dates 2008/2009*








CIO 12/08 10.11.2008 14.10.2008 28.10.2008

CIO 01-02/09 08.12.2008 11.11.2008 25.11.2008


Exhibition date

CIO 03/09 09.02.2009 13.01.2009 27.01.2009 CeBIT 2009, Hanover 03.- 08.03.2009

CIO special e-paper 03.03.2009 03.02.2009 16.02.2009

CIO 04/09 16.03.2009 17.02.2009 03.03.2009

CIO 05/09 20.04.2009 24.03.2009 02.04.2009

CIO 06/09 18.05.2009 21.04.2009 05.05.2009

CIO 07/09 22.06.2009 26.05.2009 08.06.2009

CIO 08-09/09 27.07.2009 30.06.2009 14.07.2009

CIO 10/09 21.09.2009 25.08.2009 08.09.2009

CIO 11/09 19.10.2009 22.09.2009 06.10.2009

CIO special e-paper 03.11.2009 05.10.2009 20.10.2009

CIO 12/09 16.11.2009 20.10.2009 03.11.2009

CIO 01-02/10 14.12.2009 17.11.2009 01.12.2009

Range of topics with examples from our knowledge center

Business Intelligence

• Companies learn from Facebook

• Market: BI continues its success story

• Open Source causes a stir in the market

Customer Relationship Management

• Bayer MaterialScience embraces CRM

• Kabel BW installs SAP CRM

• CRM 2.0 on the wish list

Desktop trends

• Slow uptake at the user helpdesk

• Client management becomes a

matter for managers

• “Talk about HR policy”

Enterprise Content Management

• Finding suitable email archiving

more quickly

• No more paper receipts

• Conflict over OOXML continues

to smoulder

Enterprise Resource Planning

• Hilti CIO Martin Petry on ERP in

the CIO Video News

• SAP maintenance costs now at

22 per cent

IT integration (EAI)

• How successful CIOs manage complex


• Battle for the Unified Communications

market erupts

• ITIL doesn’t always meet expectations

Mobile IT

• What CIOs expect of the new iPhone

• Security gaps in the smartphone

• The employee of the future is hyperconnected


• Potential of web conferencing still lies


• Checklist for Unified Communications

• Unified Communications requires

change of culture among employees


• Little interest in SaaS

• Business ByDesign with performance


• Software companies focus increasingly

on SaaS

Open Source

• Microsoft contract does not release

authorities from obligation to invite


• Setback for Viennese Linux project

• Linux puts pressure on Unix


• Europe breaks all outsourcing records

• German Post Office stops outsourcing

• Hochtief Property entrusts IBM

* Deadlines subject to change.

Risk management

• No more overview of IT assets

CIOs have insufficient insurance

against data risks

• SEPA forces banks to modernise IT

Supply Chain Management

• A compliance manager for the global

supply chain

• RFID in the fast lane


CIOs have insufficient insurance

against data risks

• Patch management often fails


• The right approach to virtualisation

• Computer centres need a consolidation


Service-oriented Architecture

• Chambers of commerce and industry

with an SOA solution

• SOA: competitive benefits only emerge

in the long term

• No industrialisation without SOA?


• Visions for the computer centre of the


• Microsoft, Oracle and Sun attack

dominant VMware


Prices and discounts

Prices / Formats

The price list is valid from 01.10.2008. Each price refers to the price for one advertisement, valid from the relevant number of

insertions. All discounts quoted are based on a booking period of 12 months. Bleed, gutter bleed and positioning surcharges are

not taken into account, as they are not discountable.

Advertising rates 4c

Format Basic price Discount

Premium / Special positions Discounts for series of advertisements

Inside front cover 13,310 E

Inside back cover 12,730 E

Outside back cover 13,310 E

1/3 page vertical in Editorial 4,630 E


Bleed, gutter bleed and fixed placement in general, each 10 %

of basic format price. Surcharges are not discountable.

Sample formats for advertisements

/1 page

Type area: 424 mm x 254 mm

Trim Size:* 450 mm x 280 mm

1/1 page

Type area:

200 mm x 254 mm

Trim Size:*

225 mm x 280 mm

1 x from x from 6 x from 10 x from 0 x from 0 x

5 % 10 % 15 % 0 % 5 %

1/1 page 11,580 € 11,001 € 10,422 € 9,843 € 9,246 € 8,685 €

1/2 page 6,050 € 5,748 € 5,445 € 5,143 € 4,840 € 4,538 €

1/3 page ,0 0 € 3,838 € 3,636 € 3,434 € 3,232 € 3,030 €

All rates are subject to German VAT.

1/ page horizontal

Type area:

200 mm x 120 mm

Trim Size:*

225 mm x 137 mm

Sample page

5 mm

1/ page vertical

Type area:

97 mm x 254 mm

Trim Size:*

110 mm x 280 mm

Series of advertisements

3 advertisements 5 % discount

4 – 5 advertisements 10 % discount

6 – 7 advertisements 15 % discount

>8 advertisements 0 % discount

For a series of advertisements on consecutive pages in one issue

CIO offers an additional series discount over and above the

agreed discount. Please note our IDG combinations as well.

80 mm

Magazine format Type area

Width: 225 mm Width: 200 mm

Height: 280 mm Height: 254 mm

Allowances based on type area:

Top: 9 mm

Bottom: 17 mm

Inside: 12 mm (by gutter)

Outside: 13 mm

Bleed allowance: 4 mm

* plus 4 mm bleed allowance on outside edges

1/ page horizontal

Type area:

200 mm x 74 mm

Trim Size:*

225 mm x 91 mm

1/ page vertical

Type area:

59 mm x 254 mm

Trim Size:*

72 mm x 280 mm


IDG Germany – Overall Portfolio


IDG Germany sells

about one million

copies per month with

first class information

from all areas of the

IT industry.

As of August 2008



IDG Germany

publishes about

50 special issues

per year

focussing on various

IT themes.



IDG Germany offers its

customers consultancy,

conception and production

of tailor-made

corporate publishing

solutions: Websites,

customer magazines,

tv commmercials

and much more.

IDG combination decision makers

Address specially-targeted IT investment

potential in companies of all sizes. A perfect

door-opener to your business target group.



The IDG network

achieves around

21 million visits

per month with a

coverage of over

1.4 million

unique users.

All information can

be remotely accessed.



Over 2,500

whitepapers, numerous


e-mail marketing,


and events.

Powerful datapool

with over 300,000

highly qualified b2b

decision makers.

IDG Publisher combination

IDG portfolio / IDG combis




IDG combis – Optimise your media plan and save up to 20%!

Get more for your advertising! The concentrated range and target group scope

of IDG Publishers Germany. With IDG media you’ll reach high-tech and computersavvy

individuals: from private users to strategic decision-makers in companies.

Combine your advertisement bookings within a period of two consecutive months with the same formats and capacities. Digital.World

appears in digital form as an e-paper. All print ad formats can be placed in digital form (PDF). You can vary your advertisements by

changing the subject within the combination booking. Save up to 20% with the combination discount and take advantage of our

additional bulk discount. Combination and bulk discounts are calculated consecutively, not additively. Please note: Bookings already

made cannot later be changed into combination bookings. Special advertisement forms and special placements are not included in

the combination. Further information concerning the initial sale dates of all titles and combinable publication intervals can be obtained

by contacting your media consultant or online at


IDG Germany

produces more than

500 minutes of

airtime per month

and achieves around

1 million video

retrievals on its

websites and data


More than 80 events

per year,

around 7,000


more than

120 sponsors.

IDG COMMUNICATIONS MEDIA AG • Lyonel-Feininger-Str. 26 • 80807 München • Phone +49 89 3 60 86 - 0 •



IT market research

by the world‘s leading

provider IDC and

in-house analyses.

IDG combinations Titel combinations Combi discount

IDG combination

Decision-maker I

IDG combination

Decision-maker IV

IDG combination

Decision-maker V

IDG combination

Decision-maker VI

IDG Publisher

combination 20 %

6 %

5 %

7 %

6 %


Special advertising formats


Cover page-flap

➊ 110 mm x 280 mm

➋ 110 mm x 280 mm


Double page-inside front cover

➊ 225 mm x 280 mm

➋ 225 mm x 280 mm

Bound-in inserts


Bound-in inserts are printed

items that are bound

into the magazine, mostly

into the centre.

Technical data

Bound-in inserts that are smaller than the magazine

format are in principle positioned at the top

and trimmed at the top. They must be supplied

folded and trimmed at the side and the foot.

Trim allowance: 5 mm at the top.

Bound-in inserts of more than four sides must be

closed at the top and folded in a cross-fold, and

also be laid out as one product. The smallest

possible format for a bound-in insert is 115 x

148 mm. The thickness of the bound-in insert

may be no more than 2 mm. Bound-in inserts in

the size of the magazine format (225x280 mm)

require a header and footer allowance of 5 mm

each, with a page bleed of min. 3 mm, max.

5 mm. Other types of bound-in insert on request.


4-sided bound-in insert up to 300gsm 11,580 e

6-sided bound-in insert up to 300gsm 17,370 e

8-sided bound-in insert up to 200gsm 23,160 e

There are no discounts on bound-in inserts.

Cover page-mini dutch door

➊ 125 mm x 280 mm

➋ 115 mm x 280 mm

➌ 222 mm x 280 mm



Cover page gatefold (3 pages)

➊/➋ 210 mm x 280 mm

➌ 222 mm x 280 mm

Loose inserts Tip-on-card


Inserts are printed

materials that are

inserted loosely in

the magazine.

Technical data

Minimum format: 105 x 148 mm

Maximum format: 215 x 270 mm

Papierweight: between 90 and 250 gsm

Minimum Weight: 5 g

Technical requierements: A multiple sheets

insert must be closed at the gutter. A sample

test is required if the gutter exceeds 1mm.

Otherwise the "Fogra recommendation on the

composition of inserts from external sources"

will apply.


Full insert, Germany

Sides: up to 8

Weight: up to 25g

Price per thousand: 360 e

Postage per thousand: upon request

Partial insert, Germany

Sides: up to 8

Weight: up to 25g

Price per thousand: 375 e

Postage per thousand: upon request

Minimum order: 5,000 copies

There are no discounts for loose inserts.

Special advertising formats


mini dutch door

➊/➋ 125 mm x 280 mm

➌/➍ 115 mm x 280 mm

➎ 222 mm x 280 mm

Inside page gatefold (4 pages)

➊ 225 mm x 280 mm

➋ 222 mm x 280 mm

➌/➍ 210 mm x 280 mm

Special edition

All articles published in CIO are also available as special editions. Order your individual special edition for a professional

presentation of your company and your products to business partners, customers and the press. We take over the entire

process for you, from design through to printing.

Inserts and tip-ons



Only at the beginning


page) or end

(left-hand page)

of a print sheet,

in conjunction with a 1/1 page carrier


Technical data


min. 60 x 80 mm

max. 148 x 210 mm

Other formats, paper weights and other

materials by agreement.


Postcard tip-ons

(per thousand) 194 e

plus postal charges

(per thousand) upon request

The carrier advertisement will be calculated

and discounted according to the

prevailing price list.



CIO events

Concept Target group Date Sponsorships

The CIO Matinee is the CIO magazine’s proven

half-day road show in two cities, bringing together

selected IT and business decision-makers to

discuss one topic. The focus will be on current

and long-term topics of strategic importance to

IT and business. The new concept of dialogueoriented

roundtables enables partners to discuss

a thesis related to their product and service

strategy with different participant groups and

assures maximum interaction between participants

and partners!

CIO Matinee Select is the abbreviated

version of the successful matinee format.

One topic, one location, one industry-specific

target group.

On-site CIOs of wellknown companies present

strategic decisions and their practical implementation

– from business case to procedere.

This exclusive evening event offers interesting

talks and discussions and beyond that, a perfect

forum for exchanging experiences to a selected

circle of top-level decision makers and CIOs.

Germanys biggest IT management conference

under the name “The CIO 3.0 – Successful

Change and Business Managers”

Top-class CIOs discuss how they support their

internal clients at optimal costs. It also features

the results of Germany’s biggest survey of IT

user satisfaction.

• Exclusive event: only

selected guests are invited

• CXOs, CIOs, IT and

business decision-makers

• Max. 40 participants per


• Exclusive event –

by invitation only

• CXOs, CIOs, IT and

business decision-makers

• Max. 50 guests


• IT- / Business


• Max. 30 participants

• Exclusive event: only

selected invited guests

• CXOs, CIOs, IT and

business decision-makers

• Max. 20 participants per


• IT and business


• Approx. 600 participants

CIOs, IT and business


• Approx. 100 participants

CIO events

Events for the CIO Community are a major part of the integrated communication concept of IDG and CIO. This is where the

leading heads of important companies and organizations meet to discuss the strategic and operative questions that affect them.

CIO provides the platform in the proper framework – with the latest topics, top-class speakers and choice locations.

The event portfolio from CIO contains the formats:

CIO Matinee

CIO Soiree

‰ Hamburg IT Strategy Days (conference)

CIO Matinee live

‰ IT Excellence Benchmark

‰ NEW: CIO Matinee Select

‰ Customized events for manufacturers and service providers

Our services in detail:

‰ Advising for event topics and formats

‰ Joint identification of target groups

‰ Assistance in recruiting speakers

‰ Event marketing

‰ Event organisation

‰ Event moderation

CCustomized events – your stage for dialogueing with your target group:

Seut yourself in the spotlight – CIO will provide the support with a professional event service. Creative ideas and perfection in the

implementation make customized events an experience to remember for visitors and an ideal platform for manufacturers and

service providers to communicate directly with top-flight IT decision-makers. You benefit from the experience of numerous customer

projects with companies as Symantec, Hewlett-Packard or Nokia.

All rates are subject to German VAT. Subject to change.

„The Year ahead“

12./19.11.2008 |

Munich, Frankfurt/M.

„Convergence .0“

20./21.01.2009 |

Cologne, Frankfurt/M.

„Vision and Innovation“

22./23.04.2009 | Munich, Cologne

„Next Generation Outsourcing“

29./30.09.2009 | Munich, Cologne

„IT in Finance and Insurance“

February 2009 | Frankfurt/M.

Date and location to be agreed

upon the sponsor

Date and location to be agreed

upon the sponsor


Grand Elysee Hotel, Hamburg

Partner € 29,500.-

Sponsor € 12,500.-

Partner € 22,400.-

Sponsor € 9,500.-

Partner € 39,500.-

(single sponsored)

Sponsor € 31,500.-

(single sponsored)

Underwriter € 65,000.-

Partner€ 41,000.-

Platin € 27,000.-

Gold € 23,000,-

Silver€ 16,000.-

Exhibitor € 12,000.-

25.06.2009 | Munich Sold out


CIO spezial

Verlegerbeilage in Zusammenarbeit mit Microsoft Juli / 2008


Ihre Spezialisten

für Unified


Im Profil: Ansprechpartner

mit Lösungsschwerpunkten

und Branchenkompetenz

Foto: © MEV Verlag GmbH

Verlegerbeilage in Zusammenarbeit mit VMware Global, Inc.


4 Unified Communications


Hinzu kommt der Clou, der Mailbox-Pingpong tatsächlich

überflüssig macht: Presence. Über Kalenderinformationen,

Login-Status und Benutzerpräferenzen lässt sich anzeigen,

wie der gewünschte Kollege gerade am besten erreichbar ist.

Selbstverständlich kann Microsoft alles das auf die Bedürfnisse

der einzelnen Unternehmen maßschneidern. Zugänge

und Zugreifbarkeit lassen sich nach Wunsch steuern. Durch

ihre Anpassungsfähigkeit unterstützen die UC-Lösungen

laut Microsoft die IT-Abteilungen bei der Compliance, also

der Einhaltung von unternehmensinternen und gesetzlichen

Richtlinien. Die einfachste, aber vielleicht schlagendste Begründung

für eine Implementierung von UC jedoch lautet:

Integration fördert den geschäftlichen Erfolg.


Partner für UC

Microsoft-Partner helfen Firmen bei der Implementierung

von UC und selbstverständlich auch darüber hinaus.

Das Spektrum dieser Unternehmen ist vielfältig: Spezialisten

befinden sich ebenso darunter wie IT-Branchengrößen, für

die auch UC inzwischen ein Betätigungsfeld ist. Manche Partner

operieren weltweit, andere sind in bestimmten Regionen

besonders stark aufgestellt. Einige sammeln Expertise vor

allem in wenigen Branchen, andere betreuen eine enorme

Bandbreite von Kunden.

CIOs können auf dem Markt also Anbieter finden, die

punktgenau zu ihrem Unternehmen passen. Die Auswahl

sollen die folgenden Seiten erleichtern, auf denen sich sieben

UC-Partner vorstellen. Sie verfügen allesamt über Qualitätszertifikate

von Microsoft sowie beachtliche Referenzen: Glück

& Kanja, Dimension Data, infoWAN, Avanade, T-Systems,

Hewlett-Packard und Arvato.


Herausgeber: Microsoft Deutschland GmbH, Konrad-Zuse-Straße 1,

85716 Unterschleißheim, Verlag: IDG Business Media GmbH, Lyonel-

Feininger-Straße 26, 80807 München, Geschäftsführer: York von Heimburg,

Verlagsleitung: Michael Beilfuß, Gesamtanzeigenleitung: Oliver Fahle

(verantwortlich), +49 89 36086-115, Fax: +49 89 36086-425,

Redaktion: Werner Kurzlechner, +49 176 63161943, Titelbild:

George Doyle/getty images, Druck: Echter Druck GmbH, Stauffenberg-

/Delpstraße 15, 97084 Würzburg


IBM, Intel, VMware

Allianz für grüne IT

Stromsparen im Rechenzentrum senkt die IT-Ausgaben genauso wie den Ausstoß

klimaschädlichen Kohlendioxyds. Mit IBM, Intel und VMware treten drei

Marktführer an, moderne Stromsparkonzepte in den Rechenzentren zu realisieren.





Name Glück & Kanja Consulting AG

Adresse Christian-Pless-Straße 11-13

63069 Offenbach a. M.


Hauptansprechpartner Michael Breither

Mobil +49 172 6697272

Telefon +49 69 800706-551



Art des Unternehmens AG, IT-Beratung

Microsoft-Partnerstatus Gold Certified Partner; Microsoft Voice

Partner, RoundTable Reseller

Umsatz im Jahr 2006 k. A.

Großkundenanteil 80%

Branchenschwerpunkte Finanz, Industrie, Energie

Regionale Schwerpunkte Süd- und Westdeutschland

Mitarbeiter total 40

IW UC Sales & Marketing 5

IW UC Consultants 12

Kompentenzprofil Unified Communications

Real Time


Instant Messaging


Web- und Video-


Voice Integration


Mobile Solutions


Unified Messaging

Exchange Migration

and Development


• Flexible, web-basierte Konferenzlösungen

• Einführung oder Konsolidierung von Unified-Messaging-Diensten

• Einbindung von UC-Diensten in Ihre Telefoninfrastruktur

• Microsoft RoundTable 360° Videokonferenzkamera


• Merz Pharma

• Freudenberg

• EnBW Energie Baden-Württemberg

Team Collaboration





ie Diskussion um den weltweiten

tion seiner Chipset-Technologie mit dem

Klimawandel hat längst auch die

Namen X4 liefert IBM direkt ab Werk virtua-

Rechenzentren erreicht. Die IT, so

lisierungsbereit aus: Software-Setup- und

rechnet Marktforscher Gartner vor, ist mit dienen, ihre Rechenzentren auf VMware Installationszeiten werden dabei verkürzt

zwei Prozent am weltweiten CO2-Ausstoß Infrastructure auf Intel Xeon-basierten Ser- oder gleich ganz eliminiert. Dazu wird über

beteiligt und belaste damit die Umwelt ver-Plattformen zu migrieren. Die Zusam- eine interne USB-Schnittstelle eine chipba-

genauso wie der gesamte Flugverkehr. menarbeit wird es beiden Unternehmen sierte oder eingebettete Virtualisierungs-

Der Energieverbrauch in großen Data Cen- ermöglichen, langfristig die Unterstützung software aktiviert, die bereits auf einem

tern ist auch für die Unternehmen ein Pro- virtualisierter Arbeitslasten zu optimieren“, USB-Flashspeicher mit vier Gbyte vorinstalblem:

zu viel teurer Strom läuft im Dauerbe- kommentiert Intel-Vize Pat Gelsinger die liert ist. Zusätzlich verfügen die Hauptspeitrieb

ungenutzt durch die Leitungen; Küh- Initiative. Thomas Kühlewein, Regional cherslots des Systems im Vergleich zum Vorlung

und Abwärme großer Anlagen sind Sales Director Central Europe bei VMware, gängermodell über die doppelte Kapazität.

überdies eine kostenaufwändige Sache. setzt auf offene Richtlinien: „Das wird sich

VMware: Das eine tun,

Die Marktführer VMware, Intel und IBM als sehr hilfreich für Kunden erweisen, so-

ohne das andere zu lassen

bieten Technologien an, mit denen der Enerwohl bei der Planung als auch beim laufenden

giebedarf von Großrechenanlagen gesenkt Einsatz ihrer virtuellen Infrastruktur. Das Moderne Virtualisierungstechniken verhel-

werden kann.

Programm wird auch für die kontinuierliche fen den Unternehmen nach konservativen

technische Zusammenarbeit zur Optimie- Berechnungen von VMware zu 435 Euro

Intel: Virtualize ASAP

rung von VMware Infrastructure auf Intel- mehr im Geldbeutel – für jedes System, dass

„Virtualisierung so schnell es geht“ („Virtu- Architekturen wertvollen Input liefern.“ von einem physischen zu einem virtuellen

alize ASAP“) lautet beispielsweise das Motto

Server mutiert und das jedes Jahr.

IBM: Virtualisierung ab Werk

einer Initiative von Intel und VMware, die

Neben der eingesparten Energie reduziert

darauf abzielt, den Einsatz von Applikati- Auch IBM setzt voll auf Virtualisierung. sich auch die Klimabelastung. Und so bietet

onen in virtuellen Umgebungen auf Basis „Der Energieverbrauch in Rechenzentren Virtualisierung einerseits die Chance, im

von VMware Infrastructure und Hardware lässt sich damit um bis zu 50 Prozent sen- businesskritischen IT-Bereich deutliche

mit Intel Xeon-Prozessoren zu beschleuniken“, rechnet etwa Thomas Tauer, Global Kostensenkungen und -einsparungen zu

gen. „Dass wir IT-Profis ausgeklügelte Richt- Technology Services Manager bei IBM vor: erzielen und zugleich einen spürbaren Beilinien

für den Einsatz von Applikationen „Das ist ein wirklich fundamentaler Forttrag zum Senken umweltschädlicher CO2bieten,

wird ihnen als starker Katalysator schritt.“ Und so ist es nur folgerichtig, dass Emissionen zu leisten.

IBM seine System x Enterprise Server-Serie

längst fit gemacht hat für die Virtualisierung

mit VMware-Maschinen. Die vierte Genera-

Januar 2008

IBM, Intel, VMware:

Mächtige Allianz für grüne IT

Mit IBM, Intel und VMware treten drei Marktführer gemeinsam an, um moderne

Stromsparkonzepte in den Rechenzentren realisieren zu helfen. Das dient nicht nur

der Umwelt, sondern spart zudem echtes Geld bei Energie-, Klima- und Raumkosten.

Der Klimawandel hat die Diskussionen um Dabei stehen die Betreiber von Rechen- die Umweltfreundlichkeit von IT-Produkten

die Verringerung von CO2-Emissionen neu zentren gleich vor einem dreifachen bis 2009 ein echtes Beschaffungskriterium

angeheizt. In diesem Sinne ist es begrüßens- Dilemma: Jeder einzelne Server verbraucht sein wird – auch und besonders, weil

wert, wenn mancher IT-Manager auf das bis zu viermal mehr Energie als seine Vor- Umweltfreundlichkeit Geld sparen hilft.

umweltschädliche Fliegen verzichtet und gänger vor zehn Jahren. Die durchschnitt- Vorreiter, so Mingay, werden dabei westeu-

stattdessen auf umweltfreundliches Videoliche Zahl von Servern pro Rack hat sich ropäische Unternehmen sein, die auf die

conferencing setzt. So lobenswert das aus in den vergangenen Jahren von sieben auf Umweltbedrohungen deutlich schneller rea-

Sicht der Umwelt sein mag: Die wirkliche 14 verdoppelt. Und: Die Energiekosten gierten als US-Firmen.

Belastung für das Ökosystem ist dabei noch steigen seit Jahren, und sie werden weiter Das Primat der Umwelt bei Investitions-

nicht erfasst. Marktforscher von Gartner steigen. Das bedeutet: explodierende Ausentscheidungen im Rechenzentrum sieht

rechnen vor, die gewerbliche IT sei für zwei gaben und dramatisch wachsende Umwelt- auch der Marktforscher Forrester Research:

Prozent des weltweiten CO2-Ausstoßes verbelastungen. Einer Umfrage zufolge spielen für 85 Prozent

antwortlich und belaste damit die Umwelt Nicht nur Simon Mingay, Research Vice- der Befragten Umweltfaktoren eine wichtige

genau so wie der gesamte Flugverkehr. President von Gartner, erwartet deshalb, dass Rolle bei der Planung des IT-Betriebs.


Setzen Sie derzeit Virtualisierungslösungen ein oder

ist es, den Energiebedarf von Großrechenan-

planen Sie dies in den nächsten 12 bis 18 Monaten?

lagen zu senken. Unterstützt wird das Kon-

(Anteil der Nennungen mit „Ja“)

sortium von amerikanischen Umwelt- und


Der Serverproduzent IBM hat im Rah-


men seiner Initiative Project Big Green zusätz-


lich angekündigt, künftig jährlich eine Mil-


liarde Dollar in die Verbesserung der Energieeffizienz

in der IT stecken zu wollen.

Schwerpunkt bei Big Green ist aber auch die

��� ��� ���



Aufklärung der Verbraucher im Rechenzen-


trum: „Ein großes Problem“, so Thomas

Tauer, Global Technology Services Manager

bei IBM, „ist, dass die Anwenderunterneh-

��� ��� ����



men oft nicht wissen, dass ihre Systeme gar


nicht ausgelastet sind und völlig unnötig die

Stromkosten in ungeahnte Höhen treiben.“

������� ���������

Um diese Wissenslücken zu schließen, plant

das Unternehmen im Rahmen seiner Initia-

������ ��� �����������

������� �������� �����

tive die Ausbildung von 1000 Experten für

Insgesamt hohes Interesse an Virtualisierungslösungen – für Großunternehmen quasi ein Muss, „grüne Technologie“. Aber auch im eigenen

um die Kosten in einem vertretbaren Rahmen zu halten. Für 2008/09 erwartet Experton zumin- Hause geht IBM mit gutem Beispiel voran:

dest bei größeren Unternehmen noch wesentlich höhere Einsatzgrade.

So soll sich die Kapazität der hauseigenen

Data Center bis zum Jahr 2010 verdoppeln,

ohne dafür zusätzliche Energie zu verbrau-

Allerdings hat nur ein Viertel von ihnen Konzerne wie IBM, Intel und VMware chen. Unterm Strich möchte IBM so 500

für den Einkauf bereits „grüne“ Kriterien investieren erhebliche Summen in umwelt- Millionen Dollar Energiekosten einsparen,

aufgestellt. Wichtiger ist die Aussicht, mit schonende Initiativen wie energieeffiziente die bei herkömmlichem Serverbetrieb in

Stromspartechnologien bares Geld sparen zu Server, Strom- und Kühllösungen für Re - diesem Zeitraum anfielen.

können, heißt es bei Forrester.

chen zentren oder Geräterecycling.

Dabei denkt IBM nicht nur an größere

Welches Motiv auch immer vorherrscht:

Effizienz im Hardwarebereich. Zum Projekt

The Green Grid

Hier geht die Mehrheit der Befragten eben-

gehört außerdem die Data Center Stored Coofalls

davon aus, dass Umweltfaktoren in So haben führende PC-Produzenten un - ling Solution. Diese Lösung sorgt außerhalb

Zukunft ihre IT-Kaufentscheidung beein- längst das Konsortium The Green Grid ins des Rechenzentrums für das Kühlen der

flussen werden.

Leben gerufen [1]. Zu den Gründern gehö- Wärmetauscher mit einer speziellen synthe-

Hard- und Software-Hersteller haben auf ren unter anderem IBM, Intel und VMware. tischen Kühlflüssigkeit. Die Wärmetauscher

diesen Trend längst reagiert: Führende IT- Das Ziel der gemeinnützigen Organisation selber übernehmen anschließend die Regu-

s INSIGHT | Januar 2008

Aktionsprogramm für Green-IT

Möchten Sie auch in Ihrem Rechenzentrum „Grüne IT“ einziehen lassen, sollten Sie sich vorab mit den „zehn entscheidenden

Aktionspunkten“ auseinandersetzen, die das Beratungsunternehmen Gartner definiert hat:

1. Definieren Sie eine Umweltpolitik.

2. Beginnen Sie mit dem Messen und Analysieren.

3. Bilden sie „grüne“ Mitarbeiter aus.

4. Wagen Sie es, Geräte abzuschalten, wenn sie nicht benötigt werden, statt sie stand-by zu stellen.

5. Statt „immer an“ soll in Zukunft „immer verfügbar“ gelten.

6. Optimieren Sie die Kühlung im Rechenzentrum und übernehmen Sie grüne Aspekte für neue Rechenzentren.

7. Entwickeln Sie Umweltkriterien, die auch für die Beschaffung gelten.

8. Fangen Sie an, Ihre Lieferanten zu bewerten und vermeiden Sie solche, die nur „grünes Gerede“ produzieren.

9. Entwickeln Sie eine grüne Abfallpolitik, die Prozesse, Kontrollen und Prüfpfade enthält.

10. Beachten sie die globalen Gesetzgebungen zur Abfallbeseitigung von elektronischen Geräten.

CIO spezial / Custom publishing

CIO Magazin” is supplemented by the twice-yearly “CIO spezial” issues. “CIO spezial” is marketed as an e-paper giving better

effect to online content including films and interactive tables. Advertisers also have the option of placing animated spots in CIO.

The special issue deepens management know-how for corporate decision-makers performing standardised RoI and TCO calculations

at their companies. Furthermore, CIO readers are provided with a systematic and comparative overview of IT architectures

at Germany’s largest companies.

CIO spezial: e-paper Prices

1/1 page / Hockeystick* 11,580 E

1/ page / MPU* 6,050 E

1/ page / Skyscraper* ,0 0 E

* Further formats upon request.

All rates are subject to German VAT.

Custom publishing

On behalf of the editors, specialist journalists research

and highlight current high-interest topics. Combined

with the option of exclusively placing ads, the topical

focus provides a unique advertising approach for the

CIO readers.

Strategic IT topics like business intelligence, security,

outsourcing or even innovative technologies are presented

in detail with market analyses, interviews and

case studies. The topics and their content focus are

prepared individually.

Our custom publishing concept comprises all services

– from editorial research and design all the way to

printing and distribution to the target group.

Please ask for our attractive combination discounts.

Dimension Data


Name Dimension Data

Adresse In den Schwarzwiesen 8

61440 Oberursel

Internet &

Hauptansprechpartner Frank Beckereit

Mobil 0151 12528703

Telefon 0711 65860233



Art des Unternehmens Börsennotierter Systemintegrator

Microsoft-Partnerstatus Gold Certified Partner

Umsatz im Jahr 2006 k. A.

Großkundenanteil k. A.

Branchenschwerpunkte Telekommunikation, Banken, Fertigung,


Regionale Schwerpunkte bundesweit, weltweit

Mitarbeiter total ca. 300 in DE,

ca. 10 500 Weltweit

IW UC Sales & Marketing 3

IW UC Consultants 5

Kompentenzprofil Unified Communications

Real Time



Instant Messaging

Unified Messaging


Web- und Video- Exchange Migration

Conferencing and Development

Voice Integration



• Installation und Roll-outs von Sprach- und Kollaborationslösungen

• Komplettlösungen m. Telefonie, Presence-Management & Video

• Dimension Data IPAD Connector f. konsistente Userdaten-Verwaltung

• Managed Services / Betreiberkonzepte / Innovative Finanzierung


Zahlreiche realisierte UC-Projekte u.a. in den Branchen Chemie &

Finanzdienstleistungen. Kundenreferenzen auf individuelle Anfrage.

lierung der Klimaanlagen im Rechenzent- intelligente Verteilung der Last ein Nutrum.

Für die American Society of Heating, zungsgrad von bis zu 80 Prozent möglich.

Refrigeration and Air Conditioning Engineers ist Das löst neben dem Energieproblem gleich

diese Lösung bereits das Best New Energy Pro- zwei weitere: Die Anschaffungskosten für

duct des Jahres.

neue Hardware sinken ebenso wie der Bedarf

für zusätzliche Räumlichkeiten und allen


damit verbundenen Folgekosten für Küh-


lung und Abwärme.

Als eine der wichtigsten Schlüsseltechnolo-

Geld sparen und Umwelt schonen

gien für den effizienten Umgang mit Energie

gilt die Virtualisierung von Serverleis- Virtuelle Maschinen verhalten sich – unabtungen.

Das US-amerikanische Unternehhängig von der Hardware – wie ein kommen

VMware, weltweit führender Hersteller plettes System bestehend aus Prozessor,

solcher Virtualisierungslösungen, gehört Arbeitsspeicher, Netzwerk- und Speicherka-

deshalb zu den wichtigsten Partnern im pazitäten. Auf einem Intel-basierten x86weltweiten

Verbund der klimaschützenden Server von IBM mit einem ESX Server von


VMware [2] etwa läuft Windows gleichzei- „Die Virtualisierung im Server-

Virtualisierung ist keine neue Erfindung. tig mit Linux, Solaris oder einem NetWare- bereich wird den Energieverbrauch

Schon in den neunziger Jahren des ver- Server von Novell – inklusive der Applikati- nachhaltig senken.“

gangenen Jahrhunderts haben Wissenschaftonen der verschiedenen Systeme. Mit dem

ler den Vorteil der Virtualisierung erkannt. neuen Distributed Power Management der ESX PAT GELSINGER, Senior Vice President

Aber erst jetzt setzt sich das Prinzip flächen- Server 3.5 hält bei VMware zudem die intel- und General Manager bei Intel

deckend durch, weil erst jetzt seine Bedeuligente Energieverteilung Einzug ins

tung für die Reduktion des Strombedarfs Rechenzentrum: Die Energieverwaltung Mit der eingesparten Energie reduziert

deutlich wird: „Der Energieverbrauch in schaltet schlecht ausgelastete Hostrechner sich auch die Klimabelastung: Mit dem

Rechenzentren lässt sich durch Virtualisie- vorübergehend ab und verteilt die aktiven skizzierten Szenario lassen sich rund 8 000

rung um etwa 50 Prozent senken“, sagt etwa virtuellen Maschinen einfach innerhalb des kWh Strom pro Jahr einsparen. Eine Kilo-

Thomas Tauer von der IBM: „Das ist ein VMware-Clusters auf andere Hosts.

wattstunde Energie sorgt für rund 800

wirklich fundamentaler Fortschritt.“

Solche Techniken bringen nach konserva- Gramm CO2-Emissionen. Bei einer

Die Idee der Virtualisierung ist bestechend tiven Berechnungen von VMware Energie- Gesamtzahl von mehr als einer Million

einfach, aber sie bedeutet einen Paradigmeneinsparungen pro Jahr und Einheit von rund virtueller Maschinen im Einsatz, rechnet

wechsel im Rechenzentrum. Lautete bislang 195 Euro. Dazu kommen Minderausgaben VMware vor, entspricht das einem Min-

die Antwort auf wachsenden Kapazitätsbe- von rund 240 Euro für Kühlleistungen. derverbrauch von acht Milliarden kWh

darf meistens: „Lasst uns neue Server kau- Macht 435 Euro mehr im Geldbeutel – für Strom und einer Einsparung von 6,4 Millifen“,

setzt Virtualisierung auf die bessere jedes System, dass von einem physischen zu onen Tonnen klimaschädlichen Kohlendi-

Nutzung des vorhandenen Equipments. Auf einem virtuellen Server mutiert. Und das oxyds. Zum Vergleich: Das entspricht dem

einem einzigen, entsprechend ausgerüsteten nicht nur einmalig, sondern jedes Jahr. Emissionsrechner von Atmosfair [3]

Server, rechnet Marktführer

VMware vor, könnten mehr


als 100 virtuelle Maschinen

laufen. Und weil der steigende

Jahr 0 Jahr 1 Jahr 2 Jahr3 Jahr 4 Jahr 5 Gesamt

Energiebedarf der letzten Kosten für Virtualisierung -52 000 € -12 000 € -12 000 € -12 000 € -12 000 € -12 000 € -112 000 €

Jahre vor allem auf die wach- Kosten für Green-IT -36 840 € -36 840 € -36 840 € -36 840 € -36 840 € -36 840 € -221 040 €

sende Anzahl physisch vor-

Kosten -88 840 € -48 840 € -48 840 € -48 840 € -48 840 € -48 840 € -333 040 €

handener Server zurückzu-

Stromeinsparung 82 300 € 82 300 € 82 300 € 82 300 € 82 300 € 411 500 €

führen sei, bringe die Virtualisierung

von Serverleistungen Net Cash Flow -88 840 € 33 460 € 33 460 € 33 460 € 33 460 € 33 460 € 78 460 €

eine dramatische Reduktion Cumulative Cash Flow -88 840 € -55 380 € -21 920 € 11 540 € 45 000 € 78 460 €

von Energie- und Kühlkosten Discout Rate 15 %

mit sich. Statt die Maschinen Net Present Value (NPV) 23 323

wie bisher im Schnitt gerade

Payback (month) 32

einmal zu 10 bis 15 Prozent

International Rate of Return (IRR) 26%

auszulasten, sei durch eine



Name infoWAN Datenkommunikation GmbH

Adresse Neuhofweg 5

85716 Unterschleißheim


Hauptansprechpartner Lars Riehn

Mobil k. A.

Telefon +49 89 32 47 560



Art des Unternehmens Unternehmensberatung für komplexe


Microsoft-Partnerstatus Gold Certified Partner

Umsatz im Jahr 2006 • Dienstleistungsumsatz total: 1,9 Mio.€

• Dienstleistungsumsatz mit Microsoft im

Bereich Information Worker: 1,5 Mio. €

Großkundenanteil > 80%

Branchenschwerpunkte kein Branchenfokus

Regionale Schwerpunkte bundesweiter Einsatz

Mitarbeiter total 21

IW UC Sales & Marketing 3

IW UC Consultants 7

Kompentenzprofil Unified Communications

Real Time


Instant Messaging


Web- und Video-


Voice Integration


Mobile Solutions

Unified Communications 5


Unified Messaging

Exchange Migration

and Development

Team Collaboration





• Beratung, Planung, Deployment Office Communications Server 2007

• Lösungen mit Berücksichtigung bestehender Investitionen

• Umfassende Dienstleistungen inklusive Vertrieb von MS RoundTable

• VoIP, Web-/Videokonferenzen, Exchange Migration, IM, UM


• Technische Universität München – Walter Schottky Institut

• BaumitBayosan



Januar 2008 | INSIGHT


CIO online

CIO‘s online service offers its target group of decision-makers a basis for

coping with the growing requirements for IT in their daily work. The aim

is for them to understand the strategic use of IT and to apply it effectively. draws on best practice to describe how an IT strategy can be successfully

implemented in all areas of a company. The focus is always on the

value-adding and economic aspects of IT. It places IT’s strategic and

economic aspects and topicality of news centre-stage. Target groups gain

in-depth knowledge at the 17 Knowledge Centres (as of August 2008),

which provide them with the latest information on SOA, Business Intelligence,

ERP and much more.

Since August 2007 hosts the largest community platform for IT

decision-makers in Germany. The 0,000 members of the CIO Network

can exchange ideas and views in exclusive forums, actively manage contacts

or act as mentors in their specialist areas. The website also gives

vertical communities a home: the Healthcare IT, Retail IT and Finance

IT sections provide specific industry know-how for IT decision-makers in

these areas.

Online advertising offers not only conventional online types of advertising but also

customised solutions, tailor-made to meet the needs of customers. These

include a wide range of special advertising formats such as wallpapers or

exclusive sponsorship of the print, PDF and read functions on the website,

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of achieving good coverage by positioning a company‘s own products and

solutions in customised areas such as CIO Subnets or Embedded Zones.

The CIO Top 500 database is another opportunity for exclusive sponsoring.

It contains financial and IT information on the 500 largest German companies.

New on the website is multimedia content. CIO Video News, for

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Webcast area, among others.

Address generation by means of whitepapers, case studies and

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‰ cost-efficient, time-efficient marketing and communication


‰ direct, prompt measurement of results (ROI), updated daily

reports if required

‰ quick response to new, up-to-date target groups and products

CIO online – Homepage – Network – Knowledge Center – Vertical – Subnet cio.deCIO Top 500

cio.deCIO Video News cio.deCIO Webcast

central IT is the data base

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Whitepaper – arranged by subject Webcasts for individual interaction

The lead generation process:

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central IT is available as a stand-alone website and, as a client, is also

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with the digital pre-press department. Special colours cannot be

printed; they must be put in CMYK.

Approx. 4 mm bleed for marginless printed advertisements.

Resolution of the Tiff or EPS images at least 300 dpi. If possible,

use Postscript type fonts.

Pre-press department: Phone: + 49 (0)89-36086-258

Print-out / Subject: With each data file please send us a corresponding

print-out; in the case of image products in colour, send

also a colour proof that simulates print and paper colouring.

Data transfer ISDN Apple Macintosh:

ISDN Grand Central Pro (Leonardo) + 49 (0)89-36086-493

(not possible with ftp-client)


E-mail (max. 0 MB):

Name of data file: Please always give an identification that

follows the publication Publication, for example (CIO…) and

output number, advertisement name, and if possible subject.

Data compression Apple Macintosh: Stuffit, SEA or SIT.

Data compression PC: Win-ZIP.

Technical requirements: The assumption for special advertisement

forms is that they can be processed mechanically. If

processing difficulties occur due to enclosures, supplements

or tip-ins, completion of the run has priority.

Masters: Before the order is accepted, binding masters (5 copies)

must have been submitted to the publisher, and if applicable, a

layout with size and weight specifications. The end date of the

advertisement is the final date for the master.

Size of delivery: Depending on ordered print run, plus 3%


Liability: Damages done by the publisher that occur as a result

of not following the instructions for processing special advertisement

forms are replaceable.

Delivery: The individual palettes should be marked with the

number of issues and the note “CIO Issue No. ...“, and delivered

no later than 14 days before publication date.

The delivery address is printed on the order confirmation form.

Data: Data should be delivered with 4 mm bleed on all outer


Print: The publisher will assume responsibility for printing

enclosures, supplements or tip-ins, at an extra charge. For such

services, digital data must be delivered (see Technical data for

printing material / Digital data transfer).


General terms of business

General terms of business IDG BuSINESS mEDIA GmBh (Print)

1. Order. An order within the meaning of the following General Terms of Business shall be

deemed to be the agreement governing publication of one or several advertisements of a Client for

the purpose of dissemination in magazines. The General Terms of Business of IDG Media shall also

apply accordingly to orders for third-party supplements such as tip-ins, bound inserts or other inserts,

provided they are suitable for publication and distribution. Any digression from these Terms of

Business shall not be effective unless made in writing. No terms and conditions of the Client to the

contrary shall apply, even if IDG Media does not object in a given instance.

The order shall not be effective until accepted by written order confirmation, unless agreement on

the conclusion of contract has been reached in a different manner, especially before written confirmation

of the order.

2. Execution. There shall be no entitlement to inclusion of advertisements in particular issues,

particular editions or at particular places in the publication. IDG Media will be free to position an

advertisement in an appropriate place, unless its placement has been agreed for a particular issue,

a particular edition and a particular place in the publication provided that the print material is

supplied to IDG Media in good time. IDG Media will otherwise be entitled to position it in a suitable

place in a different issue. Exclusion of competitors is not possible. In the case of classified advertisements

IDG Media guarantees that they will be printed in the relevant classified section, without this

requiring explicit agreement.

If the Client is granted the right to order individual advertisements within the purview of an Agreement,

the order is to be executed within one calendar year after the conclusion of agreement if nothing

else is agreed during the term of the master contract.

3. Right of refusal. IDG Media reserves the right to turn down advertising and supplement orders

– including individual advertising texts and supplements in the case of master contracts – on grounds

of content, origin or technical form in compliance with standard principles of IDG Media materially

justified by customary practice in the industry, if their content violates the law, infringes regulations

of the authorities or offends common decency or their publication is deemed to be unreasonable for

IDG Media. To this extent, IDG Media may withdraw from orders already confirmed – including from

individual part-orders based on master contracts – if it is not until after conclusion of the Agreement

that IDG Media becomes aware of the content, origin or technical form of an order that would have

entitled it to reject the same. Moreover, orders of supplements will not be binding on IDG Media until

after presentation of a sample of the supplement and its approval.

No supplements, whose format or getup give the reader the impression of their being an integral

part of the magazine or which contain third-party advertisements, will be accepted. The Client will

be notified of rejection of the order without delay. Any advertisements, which on account of their

artistic design are not recognizable as advertising, will be clearly marked by IDG Media with the word


4. Delivery of print material. The Client shall be responsible for the timely delivery of faultless

print material or supplements. The Client shall, when so required by IDG Media, immediately replace

any print material that is visibly unsuitable or damaged. The costs of producing ordered print material

as well as of major changes to originally agreed versions which are requested by the Client or are

attributable to the Client on account of the technical quality of the print material supplied, shall be

borne by the Client.

Where any defects in the print material are not immediately recognizable, but only become apparent

during the printing process, the Client shall not be entitled to file any claims in case of inadequate

printing. Print material will be returned only at the express wish of the Client. The obligation for safekeeping

ends three months after the last publication. IDG Media will have no obligation to examine

the content of advertisements and their legal admissibility.

5. Proofs. Proofs will be supplied only on express request; the Client shall bear responsibility for the

correctness of the returned proofs. IDG Media will consider only those corrections by the Client that

are notified to it within the period set on dispatch of the proof.

6. Warranty. In the case of bilateral mercantile transactions, the Client is obliged to notify possible

defects immediately after the placement of the advertisement, after they have come to his attention

or on discovery. In the case of a failure to fulfil the requirement to give notice of defects the placement

of the advertisement shall be deemed as approved.

In the case of wholly or partially illegible, incorrect or incomplete printing of an advertisement attributable

to IDG Media, the Client shall be entitled to subsequent performance through placement of

a make-good advertisement free from any defects, however only to the extent to which the purpose

of the advertisement was impaired. Should IDG Media fail to meet this obligation within a reasonable

fixed period or if the makegood advertisement is also defective, then the Client may in the case

of single advertisements demand reduction of the remuneration or withdraw from the Agreement;

in the case of master contracts the Client may only demand reduction of the remuneration relating

to the defective partial service.

In the case of errors of any type whatsoever resulting from transmission by telephone, IDG Media

will not be liable for the correctness of the acceptance of the order.

7. Liability. IDG Media will be exclusively liable for damages arising from intent, gross negligence

and missing guaranteed properties. In all other instances, IDG Media will be liable only in the event

of breach of a substantial obligation, or upon delayed performance or owing to impossibility of

performance, for damages whose occurrence had to be reasonably expected at the time of the

conclusion of the Agreement, not, however, for damages that have arisen fortuitously or indirect

damages or consequential damages.

Liability with respect to businessmen for gross and ordinary negligence, in the case of vicarious

agents who are not statutory agents or senior executives, also in the case of intent, is limited to the

customarily and typically foreseeable damage in such cases as cannot be controlled by the Client.

With negligent breach of a substantial obligation the liability of IDG Media will be limited at the

utmost to the amount of the agreed remuneration.

Statutory liability for personal damage and in accordance with the German Product Liability Act

remains unaffected, IDG has the option of the plea of contributory negligence.

The Client is entitled only to claim damages from IDG Media owing to defects to the extent that

IDG is liable under Articles 276, 278 BGB (German Civil Code).

Insofar as IDG Media is obliged to pay damages it shall treat the Client as if the Agreement had not

been concluded; damages owing to non-performance are excluded.

8. Terms of payment. If the Client does not make an advance payment, any invoices and voucher

copy will – if so agreed – be sent forthwith, but where possible within 14 days of publication of

the advertisement. The prices of the advertisements will be based on the relevant valid price list. In the

event of any changes, the new conditions will in the case of price reductions also apply immediately

to current orders, and in the case of price increases one month after notification of the respective

valid conditions in the imprint or other suitable place in the magazine. In the case of a price increase

the Client has the right to withdraw from the Agreement. The Client is obliged to exercise this right

within 5 working days after receipt of the information of the price increase. The price will be due

immediately on publication of the advertisement and payable within 20 days of receipt of the invoice,

unless any other term of payment or advance payment is agreed in a given instance. Where the time

of receipt of the invoice is not certain, the Client – provided it is not the user – shall be deemed to

be in default no later than 20 days after the due date and publication of the advertisement.

In their contracts with, and offers and invoices to, the advertisers, advertising agencies and other

advertising brokers are obliged to adhere to the price lists of IDG Media.

9. Discounts. Any discounts for early payment will be granted as provided in the price list. Any

agreed or granted discounts for the placement of several advertisements or on conclusion of master

contracts will apply only if the respective quantity and time frame are adhered to. Failure to comply

with the agreed quantity or the time frame will entitle IDG Media to subsequently charge the

discount in proportion to the difference between the discount granted and that corresponding to the

quantity actually purchased.

The application of a group discount to subsidiaries shall be subject to written proof of a capital tie-up

at a minimum rate of 50%. Any remuneration granted by IDG Media for the procurement of business

may not be passed on by the Client either in whole or in part.

10. Default of payment. Should the Client be in default with a payment, IDG Media will be entitled

to demand without prior notice default interest until receipt of the payment pursuant to Art. 288 Para 2

BGB (German Civil Code), or pursuant to Art. 288 Para 1 BGB and to charge collection expenses.

If IDG Media learns after conclusion of the Agreement that its pecuniary claim against the Client is

jeopardized by lack of solvency on the part of the Client due to its poor financial circumstances then

IDG Media may – notwithstanding any payment agreements – demand advance payment for any

placements already made, immediate payment of any outstanding invoices, even if not yet due,

reject further placements of advertisements or withdraw from the Agreement.

11. Voucher copy. In the case of advertisements, IDG Media will, by special agreement, supply a

voucher copy with the invoice. Depending on the type and scope of the advertising order, excerpts

from the advertisements, tear sheets or complete voucher copies will be supplied. If it is no longer

possible to procure a voucher copy, a legally binding certificate from IDG Media on the publication

and dissemination of the advertisement will be provided in its

12. Keyed advertisements. In the case of keyed advertisements, IDG Media will exercise the

due prudence of a businessman with respect to the safekeeping and timely forwarding of offers.

Registered letters, express letters and other forms of delivery and communication will be forwarded

by IDG Media only by normal mail. The replies to keyed advertisements will be kept for 4 weeks. Any

communications which cannot be delivered in this period will be destroyed.

13. Defaults in performance. IDG Media will not be liable for any performance delays arising

as a result of force majeure, strike, lock-out, business disruptions or other equivalent events. After

cessation of such an event, IDG Media may publish advertisements in the next possible issue of the

printed publication or it may withdraw from the Agreement in whole or in part. To this extent, the

Client shall not be entitled to claim any damages.

14. Privacy policy. IDG Media gives its assurance that the order will be executed exclusively in

accordance with the provisions of the Federal Data Protection Act (Bundesdatenschutzgesetzes,

BDSG) and other legal regulations relating to data protection. The personal data provided by the

Client as part of the execution of the order, especially the placing and the processing of the order,

will be stored in a machine-readable manner, processed and used exclusively for this purpose, unless the

Client has consented to another type of use, as well as for the purpose of invoicing and remuneration.

The Client authorises IDG Media to acquire, process, store and use its personal data within the

scope of the order placing and processing insofar as this is necessary to carry out the placement

of the advertisement and the respective invoicing. IDG Media is furthermore authorised to access

the personal data relinquished to it for the maintenance of its working condition. To this extent

IDG Media guarantees that it will treat the data relinquished to it as confidential.

The Client may at any time view free of charge its personal data stored with IDG Media. The Client

may address an inquiry in writing to IDG Media for this purpose.

Within the purview of the statutory data protection regulations IDG Media undertakes to use the

Client’s data known to it from the mandate relationship, unless the Client has consented otherwise

to IDG Media making further use of these data, exclusively for the fulfilment of the purposes of these

General Terms of Business, to preserve the confidentiality of the data and to enjoin its employees to

observe the same secrecy in accordance with the legal requirements.

15. Granting and warranty of rights. In placing the order the Client gives its guarantee and

assurance that it is the unqualified holder of all exploitation rights in the advertisements that are

required for the placement of the advertisement. The Client shall to this extent indemnify IDG Media

against any and all claims of third parties that may arise from the violation of legal regulations. In

cases of dispute the Client undertakes to indemnify IDG Media from the costs of a necessary legal

defence and to support it with all necessary information and documents in a legal defence with

respect to third parties.

16. Place of jurisdiction and applicable law. The place of jurisdiction and performance shall

be Munich, where IDG Media is domiciled, if the Client is a qualified businessman, if it has no

general place of jurisdiction in Germany, it has moved its place of domicile or place of habitual

residence after conclusion of the Agreement to somewhere outside the territory covered by the law,

or if its place of domicile or place of habitual residence is not known at the time when legal proceedings

are instituted. Otherwise the general place of jurisdiction of the Client shall apply. The laws

of the Federal Republic of Germany shall apply to the exclusion of UN purchase law (CISG).

17. Final provisions. All information, consents, communications or inquiries about these Terms

of Business are binding only in writing. Dispatch by e-mail is equivalent to the written form. In the

case of dispatch by fax or e-mail the date when this is received by the other partner respectively is


The General Terms of Business and any other written agreements will retain their validity, even if any

individual provisions should prove to be invalid. The provision in question shall then be construed in

such a manner as to achieve as far as possible its originally intended commercial and legal objectives.


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