Exchange Program - Kaufmännische Schulen Hanau

Exchange Program - Kaufmännische Schulen Hanau

Exchange Program - Kaufmännische Schulen Hanau


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Exchange Program

Gateway Technical College, Wisconsin –

Kaufmännische Schulen, Hanau

03.10.2009 – 24.10.2009


Exchange Program


�Application Process

�Host Families

�Post processing

Gateway Technical College



�Johnson Wax




�Jelly Belly

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Job Shadowing

Classroom visits

�Hotel management

�Criminal Justice

�International Marketing

Project Class

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Exchange Program


Payment: 60% Heraeus and 40% by ourselves

7 days of vocations


Host families

Web- Conference

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Exchange Program

Application Process

Letter of application

Curriculum vitae

Selection process by instructors of KSH


Personal Introduction

Presentation about our companies, the German school

system and KSH

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Exchange Program

Exchange Program

Every year in fall

39 students took part since 2001

Partnership between GTC & KSH

Exchange students in 2009:

� Sina Wamser

� Janine Langen

� Christian Merz

� Stefanie Gallus

� Denise Ruth

� Alexander Angersbach

� Andrea Grein

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Exchange Program

Host Families

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Exchange Program

Host Families

Seite 8

Exchange Program

Host Families

Seite 9

Exchange Program

Host Families

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Exchange Program

Host Families

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Exchange Program

Post processing

Report in English

PowerPoint Presentation in English

Newspaper article

Article for the Heraeus Portal

Presence at the open-day of KSH

Host exchange students from America in March 2010

Project Class

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Gateway Technical


Gateway Technical College

Gateway Technical College

collaborates with communities in Kenosha, Racine and

Walworth counties

Gateway offers instructional programs from its campuses

and through distance learning opportunities

5,000 full time equivalent students in over 65 career

training programs

offers instructional programs

29,000 students annually

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Seite 15


Seite 16



headquartered in Kenosha, Wisconsin

founded in 1920

leading global innovator, manufacturer and marketer of




software and service solutions

Products and services

hand and power tools

tool storage

diagnostics software

information and management systems

shop equipment Seite 17


SC Johnson

one of the world’s leading makers of household brands

123-year-old family company

employ about 12,000 people globally

headquartered in Racine, Wisconsin

Global brands: Pledge®, Duck®, Mr. Muscle®, Windex®

and Ziploc®

Seite 18


Chrysler LLC

They produce engines (2.5 and 2.7 liter)

About 850 employees

Modernization in 2000

In June 2009 Fiat bought Chrysler

Will be closed in December 2010

Seite 19


Pioneer Products

founded 1965 in Racine, Wisconsin

Over 175 non-union employees

In 1970, Petersen Machine became a sister company

We find their parts in

Caterpillar engines

Ford Mustangs

Boeing 777s

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Harley Davidson Shop and historical exhibit


Seite 21


Jelly Belly

visitors can take a tour of the


taste "the original gourmet jelly bean“

Seite 22


Jelly Belly

start from Jelly Belly Junction

stops at a variety of Stations with large screen videos

showing the company's century of candy making

In the store hungry fans can taste samples of the 100


Job Shadowing

Seite 24

Kenosha Public Museum

Janine Langen

Museum Kenosha

Public Museum

Civil War Museum

Dinosaur Museum

Seite 26

Museum Kenosha

Working in the marketing department

� See how brochures become designed

� Search for new gifts for the gift shop

Create shelves at the gift shop

� Different stuffed animals

� Magnets

Tour the Museums

� See the exhibits

� Technical part

� Gift shops

� Administration rooms

Seite 27

Electrical Systems and

Services, Inc

Stefanie Gallus

Job Shadowing

Electrical Systems and Services, Inc

founded in 1977

based in Sturtevant County, Wisconsin

currently employs 35 people

Service provider for engineered solutions and superior

installations in SE Wisconsin and N Illionis

Big success with Windspire

Seite 29

Job Shadowing

Electrical Systems and Services, Inc

Visited two “departments “



Visited some projects and customers

Stayed two afternoons at SC Johnson

Seite 30

Andis Company

Denise Ruth


Job Shadowing

1921 Mr Andis built a working model of an electric clipper

clippers & trimmers for the barber-/beauty industry &

animal grooming

Products purchased all over the world

Headquarter: Racine County, Wisconsin

employs 350 people

Seite 32


Job Shadowing

Visited many different departments

� Product Engineering

� Production Control

� Quality Control

� Human Resources

� Marketing

� Purchasing

� Accounting

Visited lot of meetings

worked on a new marketing design and a newsletter


Seite 33

Chrysler LLC

Christian Merz

Job Shadowing

Chrysler LLC

Chrysler Engine Plant

Attended meetings

Visitation of the assembly line

Visited many different departments

� Scheduling Analyst

� Production Control

� Quality Control

� Human Resources

� Finance

� Controlling

Seite 35

Martin Peterson


Sina Wamser

Job Shadowing

Martin Peterson Company

1918 opened up a small sheet metal shop

mechanical contracting company

design, construct, and maintain their mechanical systems

commercial, industrial, institutional, healthcare, and

pharmaceutical markets

over 280 employees

Seite 37

Job Shadowing

Martin Peterson Company

company tour

Working in the accounting department

� Prepaid Checks

� Payroll Processing

� Book Inovoices

� WIP Report

Working in the estimating department

� Chose Projects

� Offers created

� Costs calculated

Seite 38

Job Shadowing

Martin Peterson Company

Seite 39

Classroom visits

At Gateway Technical College

Seite 40

Classroom vistis

Hotel Hospitality Management

hospitality profession

the opportunity to get hands-on work experience at a


We had a discussion with the students

Seite 41

Classroom vistis

Criminal Justice

prepares students to enter the challenging and exciting

world of law enforcement

Students looking for a career in crime fighting:

• Police officer

• Sherriff’s deputy

• U.S. Department of Homeland Security

• Private security

• Corrections

• Probation/Parole

Seite 42

Classroom vistis

Criminal Justice

Gateway has state-of-the art facilities and equipment to

provide scenario-based and other realistic training

Seite 43

Classroom vistis

International Marketing

trained to market goods, services and ideas

studying market research, product planning, pricing,

distribution, and promotion strategies

Discussion/ movie about the marketing strategies of KFC

involved in a speech of a self-employed person

Seite 44

Project Class

Project Class

About the Project Class:

Webpage for the Hispanic Center in Racine

Will start in 2012

Costumer is the Hispanic Center in Racine

American and German students work together

Brochures, business cards and logo

Seite 46

Project Class

Who is involved in the Project Class?

American students

� Create the website

German students

� Test the website

Seite 47

Project Class

Milestones of the German Team:

Questions for the interview

Draft of Project plan

Agenda for visit

Test concept

Final Project Presentation

Seite 48

Project Class

Collected Information's:

Team Kick off to gain a common understanding

Talked to the „Client“

Information's about the Hispanic Center

Defined the requirements for the webpage

Common understanding about the webpage

Seite 49

Thank you for your

attention and interest!

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