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All my life I have enjoyed helping others. I have had the pleasure

of owning and operating various businesses for 15 years.

My favorite was a beauty salon, but I often thought, in the back

of my mind, there was a bigger plan in store for me.

One day while I was working in my salon, I had a breathing

problem and had to be rushed to the emergency room where the

doctor said my throat was swollen shut because of chemicals I

had inhaled. Then he said, “Quit doing what you’re doing.” I

was devastated because I had no idea what my future might

hold. Shortly after this I received a call from my father, which

changed my life. He had just returned from a vacation at the

Atlantis Resort on Paradise Island. He told me each day he saw

dozens of energetic ladies carrying colorful tote bags, and since

he was curious, he asked them what was inside. After listening

to their enthusiastic Arbonne stories, he knew this would be a

perfect fit for me, and that I would be a perfect fit for Arbonne.

My first experience with Arbonne was attending NVP Debbie

Zug’s Mercedes-Benz car presentation. I knew that evening after

Kathleen with her mother, Joan Brady.

Kathleen with her father, James Brady.

k a t h l e e n b r a d y

Independent Consultant, Regional Vice President

Kathleen Brady Region; Millville, PA

meeting with NVP Debbie Zug, ERVP Alonna Smith and ENVP

Cecilia Stoll that Arbonne was a definite fit for me. I quickly recognized

the quality of the Arbonne products, and the outstanding

Arbonne opportunity. I could not wait to share it with others!

Little did I know one year later I would be an RVP. My goal in

life is to pass this opportunity on to many others.

First and foremost I would like to thank God.

continued ...

Kathleen with boyfriend, DM Dave Bronsburg, picking up her

new Mercedes-Benz.

success strategy:

The only time you will find success

before work is in the dictionary.

To my father: A thousand thanks. You are my pillar of strength

in more ways than one. You are the wind beneath my wings.

Dad knows best! To my mom: Thank you for taking care of my

two German Shepherds, Hans and Greta, when I worked those

long hours. You are always there for me and your support is my

lifeline. Thank you for believing in me, your daughter.

To ENVP Cecilia Stoll: You are an inspiration to me and I am

blessed to be a part of your awesome team. To NVP Debbie Zug

and ERVP Alonna Smith: Thank you very much for believing in

me and giving me the incredible support that has helped me

immensely on my Arbonne journey. Your great passion and

leadership, and most importantly, friendship, have made my

journey more enriching.

To my boyfriend, Dave: You are the backbone in my life and my

best friend. To Brenda Bennett: You are the sister I never had,

but always wanted. To AM Robyn Styer: Your humor, enthusiasm

and dedication are contagious. It is an inspiration to work

this business with you.

To all my DMs, Brenda Bennett, Nancy Gelbert-Flick, Karin

Bernstein, Ron Smith, Rosann Burock, Taryn Flick, Nadine

Murdock and Dave Bronsburg: Your abilities are endless and I

am behind you 100 percent of the way. Thank you for your trust

and belief in me. To my Region: You are an incredible team and

with a whatever-it-takes attitude, we will most definitely go all the

way to the top of this business. I am blessed to have all of you

as my team and part of my Arbonne family. I love you all.

To the Home Office staff: I am honored to be a part of the

Arbonne family. The integrity, support and motivation are what

attracted me to this company. Thank you, President Rita

Kathleen with ENVP Cecilia Stoll.

AM Robyn Styer and DM Brenda Bennett.

FRONT, L–R: DM Nancy Gelber Flick and DM Brenda Bennett. BACK, L–R: NVP

Debbie Zug, ERVP Alonna Smith, RVP Kathleen Brady, ENVP Cecila Stoll, Anna Marie

Hanchulak and AM Robyn Styer.

Davenport, Founder Petter Mørck, Executive Vice President Stian

Mørck and Sr. VP Product Development & Marketing, Candace

Keefe, and the rest of the staff.

My Region is dedicated in honor of my father. Without him,

Arbonne may have never crossed my path in life. Thank you! I

encourage anyone reading this who is not already a part of the

Arbonne family; if this is a fit for you, join us for an opportunity

of a lifetime.

To reach your goal is great. Helping others reach their goals

is priceless!

Kathleen with dear

friend and sponsor,

ERVP Alonna Smith.



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