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GeoVision V8.5 Feature Guide (PDF) - XTECHCAM

GeoVision V8.5 Feature Guide (PDF) - XTECHCAM

Live View Buffer �

Live View Buffer � Frames to keep in live view buffer: Specifies the number of frames to keep in the live 12 view buffer. When CPU loading is high, selecting Live-View Key Frame Only can reduce CPU loading by jumping from key frame to key frame and dropping the non-key frames in between. When CPU performance is poor or live view display is slow, select Frames to keep in live view buffer to reduce the number of frames kept in buffer and achieve a real-time appearance by dropping frames. These settings do not affect the frame rate of the recorded videos. 2.3 Automatic Daylight Saving Time Synchronization You can now use the daylight saving time (DST) synchronization function to avoid manually setting the DST time on GV-IP devices every year. When DST period starts or ends on the GV-System, the time on the GV-IP device Web interface will be synchronized with the time of the GV-System. 1. Click the Configure button, select System Configure, select Camera Install and select IP Camera Install. 2. Right-click a GV-IP Device, select Automatically adjust DST and select Enable automatic adjustment of DST. 3. Click OK. Figure 2–4 To see how to set the GV-System to automatically adjust to DST time, see Daylight Saving Time Recording, Chapter 1, DVR User's Manual on the Surveillance System Software DVD.

2.4 Automatic Setup of IP Devices 2 Main System The Automatic Setup function allows you to quickly add all GeoVision and third-party IP cameras within an IP address range to GV-System. 1. Click the Configure button, select System Configure, select Camera Install and select IP Camera Install. 2. Click Automatic Setup. A dialog box appears. Figure 2–5 3. Type a Starting IP address and specify the number of addresses in the IP pool to include. In the case of the figure above, IP devices using IP address between and will be added. 4. Click OK. GV-System will automatically try to establish connection with IP devices within the defined IP range. The username and password are set to admin by default. If the camera does not use the default settings, the status will be displayed as “Connecting.” To change the login settings, right-click the camera and click Disconnect Camera. Right-click the camera again and click Change Setting to modify the username and password. 13

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