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GeoVision V8.5 Feature Guide (PDF) - XTECHCAM

GeoVision V8.5 Feature Guide (PDF) - XTECHCAM

2.5 Accessing Control

2.5 Accessing Control Panel of GV-IP Devices You can now access the control panel of GV-IP Cameras from the Camera Configure page. The control panel allows you to quickly adjust image quality, view alarm notification and look up camera information. 1. Click the Configure button, select System Configure and select Camera Configure. Figure 2–6 2. Select the camera and next to Video Attributes, click the Advanced button. The camera’s live view appears. Figure 2–7 3. In the control panel, adjust the advanced image settings. For more details on the control panel, refer to The Control Panel of the Live View Window section in the manual of the connected GV-IP device. 14

2 Main System 2.6 Wide Angle Lens Dewarping to Correct Distortion If the camera image appears warped toward the edges, you can enable the Wide Angle Lens Dewarping function to correct the distortion. 1. Click the Configure button, select System Configure and select Camera Configure. 2. Use the Camera Lens drop-down list to select Wide Angle. Figure 2–8 3. Click the button. This dialog box appears. Figure 2–9 4. Move the slider at the bottom to adjust the degree of warping. The adjusted view is shown on the right. 5. Click OK. 6. On the main screen, right-click the live view, select the camera number and select Wide Angle Lens Dewarping to apply the setting. 15

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