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GeoVision V8.5 Feature Guide (PDF) - XTECHCAM

GeoVision V8.5 Feature Guide (PDF) - XTECHCAM

4. Use the options below

4. Use the options below to customize object tracking. 18 � Mask Region: Use the mouse to outline a mask region where motion will be ignored. � Object Size: Click the button to pause the live view and then use the mouse to outline the maximum and minimum size of the targeted object. � Dwell Time of Motion: After a targeted object stops moving, the highlighted region and the top-right channel will remain fixed on the area for the number of seconds specified. Any new motion detected during the dwell time will be ignored to prevent the camera view from frequently jumping from one area to another. � Schedule: Click Schedule to activate object tracking at certain times only. Refer to Video Analysis Schedule, Chapter 3, DVR User's Manual on the Surveillance System Software DVD for more details. 5. Right-click the fisheye view, select Fisheye Option, select 360 Object Tracking and select Tracking to enable object tracking.

2.9 Enhanced Object Definition in Intrusion Alarm 2 Main System In Intrusion Alarm, you can now define two sets of object sizes for objects that will be moving toward or away from the camera along a path, for example, a hallway. Since objects appear larger when closer to the camera, defining a larger object size for areas closer to the camera will make object detection more precise. Follow the steps below to define different object sizes according to proximity to the camera. 1. Click the Configure button, select Video Analysis and select Counter/Intruder Alarm Setting. 2. Select the cameras to be configured and click Configure. The Setup dialog box appears. 3. Click the Alarm tab. Figure 2–13 4. Select Define Image Depth and select With Depth in the drop-down list. A line appears. 5. Place the line along the path where the objects will be moving by dragging the line. The larger icon indicates the point closer to the camera and the smaller icon indicates the point farther away from the camera. 6. Select Define Object Size. Click the button to pause the live image and click the larger icon . Use the mouse to outline the maximum and minimum size of objects when they are close to the camera. 19

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