Luca Rozália Száraz: Pro-environmental Characteristics of Urban Cohousing Communities
József Fekete: The Impact of Economic Development on the Environment: the Case of the BRICS
Katie Eccleston & Tamás Szelesi: The Geography of Textile Production and its Damaging Processes to the Environment
János Csapó: Responsible Tourism Destinations: A Win-Win Situation for Sustainable Tourism Development?
Chinyere Dara: Affordability and Energy Consumption: A Study on Zero Carbon New Built Homes in the United Kingdom
Viktória Nemes & Ádám Köbli: The Importance and Environmental Effects of Quality Health Tourism in Hungary, the Case-study of Hévíz
László Bokor & B. Levente Alpek: Coffee: A Popular Commodity and its Impact on the Physical, Social and Economic Environments
Béla Borsos & Béla Munkácsy: Locality, Mobility and Energy Sustainability in Settlement Planning
Luca Rozália Száraz: The Impact of Urban Green Spaces on Climate and Air Quality in Cities
Nándor Zagyi: Traditional Energy – Free Solutions for Ventilation and Air-Cooling in Arid Tropical Areas of Asia