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<strong>CANINE</strong> <strong>ELISA</strong> <strong>KITS</strong><br />

Referencia Descripción<br />

CSB-E04796c Canine Transforming growth factor β1,TGF-β1 <strong>ELISA</strong> Kit<br />

CSB-E04907c Canine heparin cofactor Ⅱ,HCⅡ<strong>ELISA</strong> Kit<br />

CSB-E06529c Canine thrombomodulin,TM <strong>ELISA</strong> Kit<br />

CSB-E06790c Canine Luteinizing Hormone,LH <strong>ELISA</strong> Kit<br />

CSB-E06833c Canine Beta-Endorphin,β-EP <strong>ELISA</strong> Kit<br />

CSB-E06846c Canine Estradiol,E2 <strong>ELISA</strong> Kit<br />

CSB-E06868c Canine follicle-stimulating hormone,FSH <strong>ELISA</strong> Kit<br />

CSB-E06893c Canine Testoterone,T <strong>ELISA</strong> Kit<br />

CSB-E06940c Canine Endothelial nitric oxide synthase,eNOS <strong>ELISA</strong> Kit<br />

CSB-E06964c Canine Thromboxane B2,TX-B2 <strong>ELISA</strong> Kit<br />

CSB-E06982c Canine thrombus precursor protein,TpP <strong>ELISA</strong> Kit<br />

CSB-E07002c Canine Endothelin 1,ET-1 <strong>ELISA</strong> Kit<br />

CSB-E07009c Canine Insulin Receptor β,ISR-β <strong>ELISA</strong> KIT<br />

CSB-E07013c Canine Osteopontin,OPN <strong>ELISA</strong> Kit<br />

CSB-E07284c Canine estrogen,E <strong>ELISA</strong> Kit<br />

CSB-E07285c Canine Progesterone,PROG <strong>ELISA</strong> kit<br />

CSB-E07287c Canine Tri-iodothyronine,T3 <strong>ELISA</strong> Kit<br />

CSB-E07288c Canine thyroxine,T4 <strong>ELISA</strong> Kit<br />

CSB-E07881c Canine Dihydrotestosterone,DHT <strong>ELISA</strong> Kit<br />

CSB-E08052c Canine Interleukin-8,IL-8 <strong>ELISA</strong> Kit<br />

CSB-E08131c Canine major histocompatibility complex,MHC/DLA <strong>ELISA</strong> Kit<br />

CSB-E08366c Canine 5-Hydroxytryptamine,5HT <strong>ELISA</strong> Kit<br />

CSB-E08370c Canine Gamma-aminobutyric acid,GABA <strong>ELISA</strong> Kit<br />

CSB-E08375c Canine acetylcholine receptor antibody,AChRab <strong>ELISA</strong> Kit<br />

CSB-E08610c Canine prostate specific antigen,PSA <strong>ELISA</strong> Kit<br />

CSB-E08704c Canine Renin <strong>ELISA</strong> Kit<br />

CSB-E08759c Canine Folic acid,FA <strong>ELISA</strong> Kit<br />

CSB-E08766c Canine Myoglobin,MYO/MB <strong>ELISA</strong> Kit<br />

CSB-E08772c Canine Troponin Ⅰ,Tn-Ⅰ <strong>ELISA</strong> Kit<br />

CSB-E08898c Canine intercellular adhesion molecule 1,ICAM-1/CD54 <strong>ELISA</strong> Kit<br />

CSB-E09270c Canine Histamine,HIS <strong>ELISA</strong> Kit<br />

CSB-E09271c Canine Immunoglobulin E,IgE <strong>ELISA</strong> Kit<br />

CSB-E09836c Canine adrenomedullin,ADM <strong>ELISA</strong> Kit<br />

CSB-E09848c Canine Interleukin 18,IL-18 <strong>ELISA</strong> KIT<br />

CSB-E09849c Canine Interferon alpha-1/2 <strong>ELISA</strong> kit<br />

CSB-E10087c Canine 2,3-Disphosphoglycerate,2,3-DPG <strong>ELISA</strong> Kit<br />

CSB-E10088c Canine hepatitis B virus surface antigen,HBsAg <strong>ELISA</strong> Kit<br />

CSB-E11189c Canine cluster of differentiation 6,CD6 <strong>ELISA</strong> Kit<br />

CSB-E11190c Canine cluster of differentiation 8,CD8 <strong>ELISA</strong> Kit<br />

CSB-E11258c Canine Interleukin 2,IL-2 <strong>ELISA</strong> Kit<br />

CSB-E11259c Canine interleukin 4,IL-4 <strong>ELISA</strong> Kit<br />

CSB-E11260c Canine Interleukin 6,IL-6 <strong>ELISA</strong> Kit<br />

CSB-E11261c Canine Interleukin 10,IL-10 <strong>ELISA</strong> Kit<br />

CSB-E11262c Canine Interferon γ ,IFN-γ <strong>ELISA</strong> Kit<br />

CSB-E11264c Canine Retinol-binding protein,RBP <strong>ELISA</strong> Kit<br />

CSB-E11284c Canine desmin,Des <strong>ELISA</strong> Kit<br />

CSB-E11303c Canine Erythropoietin,EPO <strong>ELISA</strong> Kit<br />

CSB-E11318c Canine Thymosin α1 <strong>ELISA</strong> Kit<br />

CSB-E11327c Canine Insulin,INS <strong>ELISA</strong> Kit<br />

CSB-E11737c Canine Tumor necrosis factor α,TNF-α <strong>ELISA</strong> Kit<br />

CSB-E11738c Canine Granulocyte-Macrophage Colony Stimulating Factor,GM-CSF <strong>ELISA</strong> Kit<br />

CSB-E11739c Canine Interleukin 1,IL-1 <strong>ELISA</strong> Kit<br />

CSB-E11744c Canine Vascular Endothelial cell Growth Factor,VEGF <strong>ELISA</strong> KIT<br />

CSB-E11745c Canine cyclooxygenase-2,COX-2 <strong>ELISA</strong> Kit<br />

CSB-E12127D Canine Interleukin 11 (IL-11) <strong>ELISA</strong> kit<br />

CSB-E12758c Canine Tissue Factor,TF <strong>ELISA</strong> Kit<br />

CSB-E12759c Canine von Willebrand Factor,vWF <strong>ELISA</strong> Kit<br />

-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------bioNova<br />

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CSB-E12760c Canine Corticosterone,CORT <strong>ELISA</strong> Kit<br />

CSB-E12761c Canine Epinephrine/Adrenaline,EPI <strong>ELISA</strong> Kit<br />

CSB-E12762c Canine myeloperoxidase,MPO <strong>ELISA</strong> Kit<br />

CSB-E12763c Canine corticotropin releasing hormone,CRH <strong>ELISA</strong> Kit<br />

CSB-E12764c Canine von Willebrand Factor,vWF <strong>ELISA</strong> Kit<br />

CSB-E12811c Canine bone morphogenetic protein 1,BMP-1 <strong>ELISA</strong> Kit<br />

CSB-E12812c Canine alkaline phosphatase,ALP <strong>ELISA</strong> Kit<br />

CSB-E12955c Canine aldosterone,ALD <strong>ELISA</strong> Kit<br />

CSB-E12959c Canine Thyroid Stimulating Hormone,TSH <strong>ELISA</strong> Kit<br />

CSB-E12960c Canine carcinoembryonic antign,CEA <strong>ELISA</strong> Kit<br />

CSB-E13035c Canine kidney injury molecule 1(Kim-1) <strong>ELISA</strong> Kit<br />

CSB-E13048c Canine surfactant protein D(SP-D) <strong>ELISA</strong> Kit<br />

CSB-E13070c Canine Cystatin C,Cys-C <strong>ELISA</strong> Kit<br />

CSB-E13185c Canine 17-Hydroxyprogesterone(17-OHP) <strong>ELISA</strong> Kit<br />

CSB-E13195c Canine Free Tri-iodothyronine Indes(Free-T3) <strong>ELISA</strong> Kit<br />

CSB-E13196c Canine Free Thyroxine,FT4 <strong>ELISA</strong> Kit<br />

CSB-E13252c Canine prealbumin,PA <strong>ELISA</strong> Kit<br />

CSB-E13253c Canine α1-microglobulin,α1-MG <strong>ELISA</strong> Kit<br />

CSB-E13292c Canine cluster of differentiation 31,CD31 <strong>ELISA</strong> Kit<br />

CSB-E13302c Canine Collagen-like Bioprotein I,RCB I <strong>ELISA</strong> Kit<br />

CSB-E13344c Canine bone morphogenetic protein 2,BMP-2 <strong>ELISA</strong> Kit<br />

CSB-E13345c Canine Osteocalcin/bone gla protein,OT/BGP <strong>ELISA</strong> Kit<br />

CSB-E13380c Canine endotoxin,ET <strong>ELISA</strong> Kit<br />

CSB-E13386c Canine connective tissue growth factor,CTGF <strong>ELISA</strong> Kit<br />

CSB-E13430c Canine Estrone Sulphate(E1S)<strong>ELISA</strong> Kit<br />

CSB-E13460c Canine Creatinine(CR) <strong>ELISA</strong> KIT<br />

CSB-E13461c Canine trypsinogen activation peptide,TAP <strong>ELISA</strong> Kit<br />

CSB-E13493c Canine Prostaglandin E2,PG-E2 <strong>ELISA</strong> Kit<br />

CSB-E13494c Canine nitric oxide ,NO <strong>ELISA</strong> Kit<br />

CSB-E13507c Canine Adrencocorticotropic Hormone,ACTH <strong>ELISA</strong> Kit<br />

CSB-E13592c Canine Hyaluronic acid,HA <strong>ELISA</strong> Kit<br />

CSB-E13621c Canine Matrix metalloproteinase 3,MMP-3 <strong>ELISA</strong> kit<br />

CSB-E13748c Canine inducible nitric oxide synthase,iNOS <strong>ELISA</strong> Kit<br />

CSB-E13768c Canine β2-microglobulin,BMG/β2-MG <strong>ELISA</strong> Kit<br />

CSB-E13769c Canine N-acetyl-β-D-glucosaminidase,NAG <strong>ELISA</strong> Kit<br />

CSB-E13770c Canine clusterin,CLU <strong>ELISA</strong> Kit<br />

CSB-E13836c Canine Interleukin 1β (IL- 1β) <strong>ELISA</strong> Kit<br />

CSB-E13887c Canine matrix metalloproteinase 9/Gelatinase B,MMP-9 <strong>ELISA</strong> Kit<br />

CSB-E13932c Canine Immunoglobulin <strong>ELISA</strong> Kit<br />

CSB-E13961c Canine cyclic adenosine monophosphate,cAMP <strong>ELISA</strong> Kit<br />

CSB-E13973c Canine cyclic adenosine monophosphate,cAMP <strong>ELISA</strong> Kit<br />

CSB-E14055c Canine Matrix metalloproteinase 13,MMP-13 <strong>ELISA</strong> kit<br />

CSB-E14056c Canine Matrix metalloproteinase 2/Gelatinase A,MMP-2 <strong>ELISA</strong> kit<br />

CSB-E14057c Canine Matrix metalloproteinase 1,MMP-1 <strong>ELISA</strong> kit<br />

CSB-E14177c Canine toxoplasma circulating antigen,TCA <strong>ELISA</strong> Kit<br />

CSB-E14229c Canine Lipopolysaccharides(LPS) <strong>ELISA</strong> Kit<br />

CSB-E14262c Canine C-Reactive Protein,CRP <strong>ELISA</strong> Kit<br />

CSB-E14263c Canine thrombin-antithrombin complex,TAT <strong>ELISA</strong> Kit<br />

CSB-E14303c Canine Cortisol <strong>ELISA</strong> Kit<br />

CSB-E14376c Canine Neuronal Nitric Oxide Synthase (nNOS). <strong>ELISA</strong> Kit<br />

CSB-E14377c Canine cardiac isoform of Tropnin T,cTnT <strong>ELISA</strong> Kit<br />

CSB-E14930c Canine Prolactin/Luteotropic Hormone(PRL/LTH) <strong>ELISA</strong> Kit<br />

CSB-E14934c Canine Mullerian Inhibiting Substance/Anti-Mullerian Hormone,MIS/AMH <strong>ELISA</strong> Kit<br />

CSB-E14944c Canine insulin-like 3 (INSL3) <strong>ELISA</strong> Kit<br />

CSB-E14960c Canine luteinizing hormone(LH)<strong>ELISA</strong> kit<br />

CSB-E14962c Canine growth hormone,GH <strong>ELISA</strong> Kit<br />

CSB-E14970c Canine Immunoglobulin A,IgA <strong>ELISA</strong> Kit<br />

CSB-E14971c Canine Immunoglobulin G,IgG <strong>ELISA</strong> Kit<br />

CSB-E14972c Canine Immunoglobulin M,IgM <strong>ELISA</strong> Kit<br />

CSB-E14982c Canine Relaxin(RLN) <strong>ELISA</strong> Kit<br />

CSB-E14996c Canine Proinsulin,PI <strong>ELISA</strong> Kit<br />

CSB-E15085c Canine B-cell leukemia/lymphoma 2 (Bcl-2) <strong>ELISA</strong> Kit<br />

CSB-E15747c Canine Monocyte Chemotactic Protein 1/Monocyte Chemotactic And Activating Factor(MCP-1/MCAF) <strong>ELISA</strong> kit<br />

CSB-E15748c Canine Fibrinogen Degradation Product(FDP) <strong>ELISA</strong> Kit<br />

CSB-E15757c Canine Albumin <strong>ELISA</strong> Kit<br />

CSB-E15778c Canine angiotension Ⅱ(ANG-Ⅱ) <strong>ELISA</strong> Kit<br />

-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------bioNova<br />

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CSB-E15779c Canine Heat Shock Protein 70 (HSP-70) <strong>ELISA</strong> Kit<br />

CSB-E15780c Canine Bcl-2 associated X protein (Bax) <strong>ELISA</strong> Kit<br />

CSB-E15816c Canine Lipoprotein Lipase (LPL) <strong>ELISA</strong> Kit<br />

CSB-E15817c Canine inhibin beta-B (Inhbb)<strong>ELISA</strong> Kit<br />

CSB-E15843c Canine trypsinogen 1 <strong>ELISA</strong> Kit<br />

CSB-E15852c Canine Creatine Kinase MB isoenzyme (CK-MB)<strong>ELISA</strong> Kit<br />

CSB-E15982c Canine Epidermal Growth Factor Receptor(EGFR) <strong>ELISA</strong> Kit<br />

CSB-E16100c Canine tryptase <strong>ELISA</strong> Kit<br />

CSB-E16180c Canine Prostaglandin F2α(PGF2α)<strong>ELISA</strong> Kit<br />

CSB-E16183c Canine heart fatty acid binding protein(h-FABP)<strong>ELISA</strong> Kit<br />

CSB-E16374c Canine Collagen Type Ⅲ (Col Ⅲ)<strong>ELISA</strong> Kit<br />

CSB-E16377c Canine bone Alkaline Phosphatase (BALP) <strong>ELISA</strong> Kit<br />

CSB-E16378c Canine Liver Alkaline Phosphatase (L-ALP) <strong>ELISA</strong> Kit<br />

CSB-E16500c Canine Retinol binding protein 4(RBP-4) <strong>ELISA</strong> Kit<br />

CSB-E16501c Canine Collagen Type Ⅳ(COL Ⅳ) <strong>ELISA</strong> Kit<br />

CSB-E16934c Canine Caspase 12(Casp-12) <strong>ELISA</strong> Kit<br />

CSB-E17003c Canine Interferon alpha-3(IFN-α3) <strong>ELISA</strong> kit<br />

CSB-E17041c Canine rheumatoid factor(RF)<strong>ELISA</strong> Kit<br />

CSB-E17152c Canine cholecystokinin octapeptide(CCK-8)<strong>ELISA</strong> Kit<br />

CSB-E17221c Canine S100 calcium binding protein A12/Calgranulin-C(S100A12) <strong>ELISA</strong> Kit<br />

CSB-E17400c Canine Procalcitonin(PCT)<strong>ELISA</strong> Kit<br />

CSB-E17401c Canine C-Peptide <strong>ELISA</strong> Kit<br />

CSB-E17436c Canine brain natriuretic peptide(BNP)<strong>ELISA</strong> Kit<br />

CSB-E17479c Canine Hyaluronidase 1(HAase 1)<strong>ELISA</strong> Kit<br />

CSB-E17480c Canine Hyaluronidase 2(HAase 2)<strong>ELISA</strong> Kit<br />

CSB-E17481c Canine Hyaluronidase 3(HAase 3)<strong>ELISA</strong> Kit<br />

CSB-E17482c Canine Hyaluronidase 4(HAase 4)<strong>ELISA</strong> Kit<br />

CSB-E17575c Canine Parathyroid hormone(PTH) <strong>ELISA</strong> Kit<br />

CSB-E17577c Canine N-terminal pro-brain natriuretic peptide(NT-proBNP)<strong>ELISA</strong> Kit<br />

CSB-E17577c Canine N-terminal pro-brain natriuretic peptide,NT-proBNP <strong>ELISA</strong> Kit<br />

-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------bioNova<br />

científica, s.l. • Abtao, 5 • 28007 MADRID<br />

Tel: 91 551 54 03 • Fax: 91 433 45 45 • e-mail: info@bionova.es • www.bionova.es

-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------bioNova<br />

científica, s.l. • Abtao, 5 • 28007 MADRID<br />

Tel: 91 551 54 03 • Fax: 91 433 45 45 • e-mail: info@bionova.es • www.bionova.es

F) <strong>ELISA</strong> kit<br />

-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------bioNova<br />

científica, s.l. • Abtao, 5 • 28007 MADRID<br />

Tel: 91 551 54 03 • Fax: 91 433 45 45 • e-mail: info@bionova.es • www.bionova.es

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