Edición de 2011 - Ayuntamiento de Azuqueca de Henares


Edición de 2011 - Ayuntamiento de Azuqueca de Henares

CLOSING DATE: Photographs may be submitted from the date the contest opens

through to 30 April 2013.


Participants certify that their work does not infringe other parties’

image rights and that they have received consent to reproduce and exhibit the

images submitted.

JURY: The jury will comprise staff from the Town Council’s Departments for

Sustainable Development and Culture along with representatives of photography

and apiculture groups. It will be presided over by the Mayor or his appointed

designee, whose decision will be final.


Single photograph category:

- First prize: 800 Euros and diploma.

- Second prize: 600 Euros and diploma.

- Third prize: 400 Euros and diploma.

Illustrated report category (3–5 photographs): Single prize of 800 Euros and diploma.

Historical category: Single prize of 400 Euros and diploma.

The prizes stated are gross of transfer fees and tax.

CONTEST RESULTS: The winning photographs will be announced to the media on 18

May 2012. The winners will also be notified in person. The winning photographs will

become property of Azuqueca de Henares Town Council, which may request a copy

of the negatives, slides or digital images.

EXHIBITION: A selection of participating photographs will be displayed in Azuqueca

de Henares from 18 May to 30 June 2012. The photographs selected will also be shown

at an itinerant exhibition and may be viewed free of charge until 30 June 2013.

CATALOGUE: A full-colour catalogue featuring the photographs selected will be

published and will include each author’s description beside his/her submission. A

copy of the catalogue will be sent free of charge to every participant. The catalogue

will be also published on the Municipal Apiculture Centre’s website:

http://www.aulaapicolazuqueca.com and Town Council's website,


RETURN OF NON-WINNING PHOTOGRAPHS: All non-winning photographs will be

returned to the author free of charge at the end of the exhibition if so requested on

submission. All non-returned photographs will be added to the Municipal Apiculture

Centre’s archives and credited to the author.

DIPLOMA: All participants will receive a diploma.

Participation in this contest implies full acceptance of these rules.

aulaapicola@gmail.com http://www.aulaapicolazuqueca.com


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