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Premios de la UICN - IUCN Portals

Premios de la UICN - IUCN Portals

agricoles. Paris:

agricoles. Paris: Comité français pour l'UICN,2009.Biodiversity conservation and response toclimate variability at community level. Gland,Switzerland: IUCN; Nairobi, Kenya: UNEP;Tokyo, Japan: UNU, 2009.Un blanco en movimiento: recursos genéticos yopciones para rastrear y monitorear sus flujosinternacionales. A moving target: geneticresources and options for tracking andmonitoring their international flows. Gland:IUCN, 2009.Blue carbon: the role of healthy oceans inbinding carbon: a rapid response assessment.Nairobi: UNEP; Arendal, Norway:GRID-Arendal, 2009.Bois-énergie au Burkina Faso: consolidationdes moyens d'existence durable (2006-2009).Ouagadougou, BF: IUCN Burkina Faso, 2009.Bonde la Pangani: Uchambuzi wa Hali Halisi(Toleo la pili). Pangani basin: a situationanalysis (2nd edition). Uchambuzi wa HaliHalisi: Bonde la Mto Pangani (Toleo la pili).Nairobi: IUCN ESARO, 2009.Le cadre juridique international du bassin de laVolta. Gland: IUCN, 2009.Children's perception of the environment: ateacher's toolkit for investigating coastal andmarine ecosystems in Asia. Colombo, LK:IUCN, 2009.Une cible mobile: ressources génétiques etoptions de localisation et de surveillance deleurs mouvements internationaux. A movingtarget: genetic resources and options fortracking and monitoring their international flows.Gland: IUCN, 2009.La conservación en una nueva era. Gland:IUCN, 2009.Conservation for a new era. Gland: IUCN, 2009.Conservation for a new era (Chinese version).Gland: IUCN, 2009.Conservation for a new era (Japanese version).Gland: IUCN, 2009.Conservation for a new era (Korean version).Gland: IUCN, 2009.Conservation pour une ère nouvelle. Gland:IUCN, 2009.The conservation status of pelagic sharks andrays: report of the IUCN Shark Specialist GroupPelagic Shark Red List Workshop. Gland: IUCNSSC Shark Specialist Group, 2009.Conservation with justice: a rights-basedapproach. Gland: IUCN, 2009.Construire un avenir durable: le Programmequadriennal de l'UICN 2009-2012. Shaping asustainable future: the IUCN Programme2009-2012. Gland: IUCN, 2009.Contracting for ABS: the legal and scientificimplications of bioprospecting contracts. Gland:IUCN, 2009.Coral Reef Resilience Assessment of the NosyHara Marine Protected Area, NorthwestMadagascar. Gland: IUCN, 2009.Coral Reef Resilience Assessment of thePemba Channel Conservation Area, Tanzania.Gland: IUCN, 2009.Coral reefs, climate change and resilience: anagenda for action from the IUCN WorldConservation Congress in Barcelona, Spain.Gland: IUCN, 2009.Covering ABS: addressing the need forsectoral, geographical, legal and internationalintegration in the ABS regime: papers andstudies of the ABS project. Gland: IUCN, 2009.Derecho ambiental en Centroamérica, tomo 1.Gland: IUCN, 2009.Derecho ambiental en Centroamérica, tomo 2.Gland: IUCN, 2009.Diseñando un futuro sostenible: Programacuadrienal de la UICN 2009-2012. Gland:IUCN, 2009.Dryland opportunities: a new paradigm forpeople, ecosystems and development. Gland:IUCN; London: IIED; Nairobi: UNDP/DDC,2009.Economic costs of the 2009 floods in the Fijisugar belt and policy implications. Gland: IUCN,2009.The economics of ecosystems and biodiversity:climate issues update. TEEB climate issuesupdate. Bonn: European Communities, 2009.The economics of ecosystems and biodiversity:TEEB for policy makers: responding to thevalue of nature. TEEB: the economics of380

ecosystems and biodiversity for national andinternational policy makers: summary:responding to the value of nature. Bonn: TEEB,2009.Ecosystem-based adaptation: a naturalresponse to climate change. Gland: IUCN,2009.El clima está cambiando, mi vida también: 30testimonios.The climate is changing, so is mylife: 30 testimonies. Lima: Sociedad Peruana deDerecho Ambiental, 2009.The elephant and ivory trade in Thailand.Petaling Jaya, MY: TRAFFIC Southeast Asia,2009.Em Governança Partilhada: um guia práticopara as áreas marinhas protegidas da ÁfricaOcidental. Nouakchott, MR: PRCM, UICN,CEESP, 2009.Sharing governance: a practical guide formarine protected areas in West Africa.Nouakchott, MR: PRCM, IUCN, CEESP, 2009.En gouvernance partagée: un guide pratiquepour les aires marines protégées en Afrique del’Ouest. Nouakchott, MR: PRCM, UICN,CEESP, 2009.Environmental fiscal reform in Abbottabad:drinking water. Islamabad: IUCN, 2009.Environmental fiscal reform in Abbottabad:revenue and expenditure. Islamabad: IUCN,2009.Environmental fiscal reform in Abbottabad: solidwaste management. Islamabad: IUCN, 2009.Environmental Guidance Note for Disaster RiskReduction: Healthy Ecosystems for HumanSecurity. Gland: IUCN, 2009.Establishing resilient marine protected areanetworks making it happen: full technicalversion, including ecological, social andgovernance considerations, as well as casestudies (Chinese version). Washington, DC:IUCN World Commission on Protected Areas,NOAA, The Nature Conservancy, 2009.Estatutos del 5 octubre de 1948, revisados el22 de octubre de 1996 y últimamenteenmendados el 13 de octubre de 2008(incluyendo las Reglas de procedimiento delCongreso mundial de la naturaleza,últimamente enmendadas el 5 de octubre de2008) y Reglamento revisado el 22 de octubrede 1996 y últimamente enmendado el 13 deoctubre de 2008. Gland: IUCN, 2008.European Red List of amphibians. Luxembourg:Office for Official Publications of the EuropeanCommunities, 2009.European Red List of reptiles. Luxembourg:Office for Official Publications of the EuropeanCommunities, 2009.Evaluation de l’efficacité de gestion d’unéchantillon de sites RAMSAR en Afrique del’Ouest: évaluation de l'efficacité de la gestiondes aires protégées. Ouagadougou, BF:PACO/IUCN Regional Office for WesternAfrica, 2009.Evaluation de l'efficacité de la gestion des airesprotégées: parcs et réserves du Burkina Faso.Ouagadougou, BF: PACO/IUCN RegionalOffice for Western Africa, 2009.Evaluation de l’efficacité de la gestion des biensnaturels du patrimoine mondial en Afrique del’Ouest. Ouagadougou, BF: PACO/IUCNRegional Office for Western Africa, 2009.Evaluation économique d'une zone humide: lecas du Diawling, Mauritanie. Évaluationéconomique d'une zone humide: le cas duDiawling, Mauritanie. Gland: IUCN, 2009.The financial costs of REDD: Evidence fromBrazil and Indonesia. Gland: IUCN, 2009.A gateway to payments for ecosystem services:using payments for ecosystem services forlivelihoods and landscapes. A gateway to PES:using payments for ecosystem services forlivelihoods and landscapes. Gland: IUCN,2009.Gobernanza de aguas compartidas: aspectosjurídicos e institucionales. Gland: IUCN, 2009.Gobernanza del agua en Mesoamérica:dimensión ambiental. Gland: IUCN, 2009.Government of Pakistan's agriculture and waterpolicies with respect to climate change: policygap analysis. Policy gap analysis. Islamabad:IUCN, 2009.La grande chasse en Afrique de l'Ouest: quellecontribution à la conservation? Big gamehunting in West Africa: what is its contribution toconservation? Gland, CH: IUCN, 2009.381

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