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Fiestas Patronales del Rincón Mágico

Banda de Paz, Apopa, San

Banda de Paz, Apopa, San Salvador ands and Parades. They started in 1841, during the government of President Juan Lindo. The first military band of El Salvador in San Miguel was created as an initiative of Coronel Manuel Cañas; father of General Juan J. Cañas, author of the National anthem. This band has as a first antecedent to be of what it woud be in time the Band of the Supreme Power and the actual National Symphony Orchestra. The spanish masters hired to address the first band were Manuel Navarro and José Martínez and the Italian Juan Guido. The first director of this musical philharmonic was Rafael Orozco in 1859. With the arrival of the Guatemalan master José Escolástico Andrino (1816-1862), the salvadorean music received sudden impulse, because a school for music was opened in the capital and this institution was the one by which generations of musicians passed by. Among the musicians that were distinguished include the Dutch Joseph Kessels and santaneco composer David Granadino, who were honored with a park in the city of Santa Ana, and Henry Drews, of Prussian origin, who did the orchestration and arrangements that National Anthem of El Salvador premiered on September 15th in 1879. Since this period of time, there has not been salvadorean population who does not consider themselves to be respectful because they can count on a musical band which will go with them in their parades and civil acts. 24

Desfile de correos, San Marcos, San Salvador 25