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enfermedad no hacen algo

enfermedad no hacen algo para llevar una dieta adecuada y equilibrada así como realizar actividad física constante que les ayude a disminuir la problemática. Finalmente, la información resultante de esta investigación será de gran utilidad para poner en práctica las acciones preventivas del sobrepeso, como realizar actividad física y llevar una dieta balanceada, pues es una problemática de suma importancia. 10

A H E A L T H Y L I F E S T Y L E A healthy lifestyle is have a balanced diet do exercise, have hygiene. Because it is important to present teenagers illnesses. We have take a shower every day and we brush our teeth three times a day. We never drinks soda and we hardly ever drink coffee. We always do exercise three times a week, we never eat fast food and we always eat healthy food. We sometimes eat on time, we often go to parties and drink beer and smoke. We use the mobile phone or play games tree hours a day. We don’t sleep eight hours because we do homework very late. We usually have healthy lifestyle because we sometimes practice good habits but other times we have healthy habits so we don’t have a balanced diet and we don’t have time to rest. The life of our predecessors when they were young which was different with the way we live now we know that with the pass of the time the technology is innovating with our actual lifestyle. In the past our predecessors had a healthy lifestyle because they didn’t eat fast food they ate a lot of vegetables, they played traditional games and they didn’t have modern mobile phones like us. We consider that the changes are in our present day with day, thanks to innovations and lifestyles. Our predecessors were living a healthy life and there wasn't the same technology that is now. The technology help us a lot and that make us been useless because we live the same things as our predecessors but now with the big help of the technology and this make all the things easier, so we consider that the new changes has positive and negative things in daily life. 11

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