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FIND Find a string of

FIND Find a string of data Format FIND strl [::-ange) [NEXT ) [CHJ>.S ) [X ] [coll [col2)) F [ALL ][PREFIX)(NX] [FIRST) [SUFFIX) [LAST ) [WORD ] [PREV ] HEX Turn HEX display on or off Format HEX [ON ] [OFF] LOCATE Locata a given line Format LOCATE {line-number) LOC (label } L MOVE Move a file into the current file Format MOVE [ filename) [BEFORE label] [AFTER label) PROFILE Display current profile information Format PRO FILE PROF PRO nam.;. (nnmbr) number LOCK UNLOCK RENUM Renumber the current file Format RENUM [STD] [COBOL] [DISPLAY] REN Página 99 de 105

RE PLACE Replace a file on disk Format REPLACE (filename] (range] REPL REP RESET Reset all pendinq line cornmands Format RESET (LABEL) [COMMAND) (ERROR) [CHANGE) [SPECIAL) [EXCLUDED) [range) RES SAVE Save a file on disk Format SAVE SAV S SORT Sorts records or columns Format SORT [range) [X ) [[A) sort-field 1 . . . [A) sort-field n) [NX) [D] [D) Página 100 de 105