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EDIT SESSION COMANDOS PRIMARIOS AUTOLIST Creates a sourca listinq afte r END Format AUTOLIST [ON ] [OFF] AUTONUM Renumber STO, COBOL, or BOTH upon aave Format AUTONUM [ ON ] AUTO [OFF] AUTOSAVE Turn autosava on/off Format AUTOSAVE [ON ] [OFF [ PROMPT ) ] [OFF [NOPROMPT)] BOUNDS Set/reset current bounds Format BOUNDS [left-column BNDS BND right-column] CANCEL Cancel or disreqard EDIT changas Format CANCEL CAN CAPS Turn upper case conversion on or off Format CAPS [ON ] [OFF] Página 97 de 105

CHANGE Chanqe a string of data CHANGE strl str2 CHG e Forrnat [range) [NEXT J [CHARS ) [X) [coll[col2] l [ALL ) [PREFIX) [NX) (FIRST) [SUFFIX] [LAST ) [WORD ] [PREV ] COPY Copy a file into the current file Forrnat COPY ( filenarne J [BEFORE label] [ range J [AFTER label] CREATE Create a new file Format CREATE [filename) [range] CRE DELE TE Delete a qroup of lines Fo rrnat DELETE ALL {X ) DEL {NX) [range) END Ends the EDIT session; returns to the prior menu Forrnat END EXCLUDE Exclude lines from viewing Forrnat EXCLUDE strl [range] [NEXT ] [CHARS ] [coll [col2]] EX (ALL ] [PREFIX] X [FIRST] [SUFFIX] [LAST ] [WORD ] [PREV ] Página 98 de 105