‘Nanarh Yukpapi’ - somos yukpa | we are yukpa


‘Nanarh Yukpapi’ representa un paso firme de lxs
Sokorpa-Yukpa hacia el público. Quieren que el
mundo sepa sobre su existencia, su forma de vida y
la lucha incansable por su territorio en el noreste de
Colombia. Para este libro de fotos, lxs líderes y residentes
del resguardo Sokorpa se han unido con un
fotógrafo y una antropóloga social y cultural. Fotos
únicas e historias individuales proporcionan un acercamiento
personal hacia las personas fotografiadas.
Textos adicionales informan sobre las condiciones
locales y el contexto sociopolítico.

‘Nanarh Yukpapi’ represents the Sokorpa-Yukpa’s
confident step into the public domain. They want
the world to know about their existence, their way
of life and their tireless struggle for their territory
in Northeastern Colombia. For this photo book,
the leaders and inhabitants of the Sokorpa territorial
unit have teamed up with a photographer and a
social and cultural anthropologist. Unique photos
and individual stories allow for a personal approach
to the photographees. Additional texts provide
information about local living conditions and the
socio-political context.


My name is Esneda. I am cabilda gobernadora (official representative)

of the Sokorpa resguardo (indigenous territorial

unit) in the Serrania del Perijá, within the jurisdiction

of the municipality of Becerril in the Cesar department. I

was first elected as cabilda gobernadora in 2015 and reelected

in 2017. The Yukpa are located in three municipalities

of Cesar: Becerril, Codazzi and La Paz. In Becerril,

there is the Sokorpa resguardo; in Codazzi, there is the

Iroka resguardo and the Menkwe resguardo; and in La Paz,

there are three resguardos, namely, Caño Padilla, El Koso

and El Rosario.

As cabilda gobernadora of the Sokorpa resguardo, I have

dedicated myself to the struggle for our territory. We

have over 25,000 hectares of land, which have been legally

assigned to us; but, of these 25,000 hectares, only 20% are

in our hands. Half of them are areas with sacred sites and

rivers, which cannot be cultivated. The other half comprise

what is left for the 2,500 people who live in the Sokorpa

resguardo. Today, only a small part of our territory

belongs to us, the Yukpa people. This is not enough to

maintain our families. With the formation of the resguardos,

the government spatially limited us and took away our

territory. Today, my community and I, as gobernadora, are

in a process of struggle because there is no political will on

the part of the national government here in Colombia to

return our lands to us.

Esneda Saavedra Restrepo

Cabilda Gobernadora of the Sokorpa Resguardo

Global warming, caused by so much mining exploitation

here in Colombia, especially in the Cesar department, is

causing us harm. Here, in the municipality of Becerril, mining

is intensifying every day. This contributes to the destruction

of our natural environment. The senior authorities of


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