partys in den Staaten gibt, könnten die

bayerische Gemütlichkeit und das Dirndl

zu Exportschlagern werden.

LiM: Sie haben drei Labels, präsentieren

Ihre Mode bei dem Verkaufssender

HSE24 und haben heuer auch eine Puppen-Zubehör-Kollektion

kreiert. Dazu

kommen Mann und Sohn, zwei Pferde,

Hund, Katze...

L. Paltinger: ... und eine Bartagame! Ich

unterstütze die Reptil-Auffang-Station

in München, habe ein Terrain im Atelier.

Aber das übersehen die meisten Kundinnen,

sie haben nur Augen für die Dirndl.

LiM: Wie bekommen Sie das alles unter

einen Trachtenhut?

L. Paltinger: Mit Humor, Höflichkeit und

vielen engagierten Helfern wie meinen

Schneiderinnen, Reitbeteiligungen, Gassi-Gehern,

meinem Partner Andy und

meinem Sohn Lio.

LiM: Der ist zwölf und auch schon trachtig


L. Paltinger: Nein, leider gar nicht. Lio

geht in Jeans aufs Oktoberfest. Aber das

kann sich ja noch ändern (lächelt) ...

tryside style with leather and linen. It was designed

to death.

LiM: And then you gave the Tracht a new lease

of life!

L. Paltinger: But not the traditional one. I’ve got

a lot of respect for that one. It was originally

a garment for feast days for going to church

or special occasions. And lots of women who

aren’t from the region share this respect. They

would never have an original Tracht from Miesbach

made for them at the Tegernesee lake.

Because they have the feeling that it doesn‘t

suit them!

LiM: That’s why your dirndls suit these women,

and in fact all women actually, and give a sense

of belonging. As a DIY designer, you design all

materials, embroidery, buttons or hooks yourself.

Who or what inspires you?

L. Paltinger: (laughs) I don’t even know where

my ideas come from myself. Luckily, something

new always pops in my mind. And

finally, I top the whole thing off with a spray

of Lola.

LiM: What does it smell of?

L. Paltinger: Of Lola pure and simple! My customers

don’t get anything I don’t like. Never!

LiM: What is a no-go with dirndls?

L. Paltinger: The most important thing is that

the clothing – and this does not just apply to

dirndls – matches the personality of the person

wearing it and does not conceal who they


LiM: Do your famous American customers have

extra requirements?

L. Paltinger: They want it to be opulent, striking

and glamorous. There has to be a little bit more

of everything.

LiM: Do Katy, Paris & Co only wear their dirndls

at performances in Germany or in the US too?

L. Paltinger: Some of my dirndls have definitely

ended up in a costume stock. But given that

there are more and more Trachten parties in

the USA, Bavarian comfort and the dirndl could

become export successes.

LiM: You have three labels, present your fashion

on the shopping channel HSE24 and have

this year also launched a doll accessory collection.

Not to mention you’ve got a husband and

son, two horses, dog, cat...

L. Paltinger: ... and a bearded dragon! I support

the Munich Reptile Rescue Centre and have a

plot of land in the workshop. But most customers

overlook that, they’ve only got eyes for

the dirndls.

LiM: How do you manage to juggle all of that?

Foto: Lola Paltinger

Willkommen im Paltinger-Paradies: Die erfolgreiche Designerin kreiert alles selbst und würzt es mit „einem Schuss Lola“.

Welcome to Paltinger paradise!: the successful designer creates everything herself and tops it all off with “a spray of Lola”.

L. Paltinger: With humour, politeness, many

committed helpers such as my seamstresses,

horse shares, walking the dog, my partner,

Andy, and my son, Lio.

LiM: He’s twelve. Does he already have the

Trachten bug?

L. Paltinger: No, unfortunately not at all. Lio

wears jeans to Oktoberfest. But that could still

change (smiles) ...


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