Errantes Magazine :: Issue # 4 :: Panama City


Errantes Magazine :: Issue # 4 :: Panama City






The Panama Canal is a 77.1-kilometre ship

canal in Panama that connects the Atlantic

Ocean to the Pacific Ocean. The canal cuts

across the Isthmus of Panama and is a key

conduit for international maritime trade

Panama City is home to all things shopping in

Panama. Outside of the city there are a few malls,

particularly in David, but if you want a wide

selection of stores and choices, then Panama

City is the place to be. In Panama City there are

various locations other than malls where you

can find stores, such as on Via España near to

Hotel El Panama, as well as in Marbella and Plaza

New York near the financial district. If you are

looking for handcrafts and souvenirs it is best

to visit the crafts makret located in Balboa. The

neighborhood Obarrio also offers some decent

shopping, and no list of places would be complete

without mentioning Avenida Central, which a

section of the avenue is pedestrian only and is

full of discount stores and various shops offering

a wide selection of things, mostly inexpensive

items and orientals bazaars that sell table linen,

oriental crafts, carpets, clothes and all kinds of


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