Pinsapos Penthouses

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Lighting<br />

The entire community has LED lighting sources with<br />

low energy consumption and high luminous efficacy,<br />

obtaining high-quality lighting both inside the homes<br />

and in the indoor and outdoor communal areas.<br />

The lighting strategies employed avoid generating<br />

light pollution, and the buildings are designed with<br />

large window openings that allow for optimal natural<br />

lighting and views of the sky.<br />

Climate Control<br />

Palo Alto’s homes and community buildings are equipped<br />

with aerothermal and underfloor heating systems, as well as<br />

individualised mechanical ventilation systems to regulate the<br />

temperature in different rooms, thus ensuring greater energy<br />

efficiency. The fan coil cooling system has an outdoor unit located<br />

on the roof of the building and a compact indoor unit/tank<br />

where the air conditioning water is stored. In addition, envelope<br />

solutions have been applied to the exterior walls to reduce the<br />

dwelling’s energy demand, as well as energy losses.<br />

Water<br />

All the building’s sanitary installations are designed<br />

to minimise potable water consumption, and energy<br />

and water efficient appliances have been installed<br />

in all the dwellings. An ecologist has been hired<br />

for the outdoor areas and has carried out several<br />

environmental reports that have defined measures for<br />

rational water use by planting several native species.<br />


Sustainability is one of the four pillars on which<br />

Palo Alto is based, applying the latest trends and<br />

formulas to achieve not only a more responsible<br />

construction process, but also housing and services<br />

with a reduced impact on the environment. Some<br />

of the communities are already BREEAM certified,<br />

while others are in the process of evaluation, where<br />

the following measures are considered:<br />

Recycling<br />

Selective waste collection is offered, with distinct<br />

containers assigned to each community. Information<br />

on recycling options for large materials or products<br />

is also provided, and a composting area has been<br />

designed for pruning waste from the gardens.<br />

Conservation<br />

Palo Alto’s construction process has been based on<br />

environmentally responsible methodologies, with the aim of<br />

preserving and conserving the surroundings, reducing the<br />

impact on the environment as much as possible and managing<br />

more than 80% of the waste generated at the construction site.<br />

Environmentally certified materials have been used to determine<br />

the impact associated with their use. The characteristics of the<br />

terrain, orography and climatic conditions have also been taken<br />

into account to guarantee the conservation of the buildings.<br />

In addition, all natural environments have been nurtured with<br />

native vegetation in order to guarantee their adaptation and<br />

minimise the impact on the ecosystems as much as possible.<br />

46<br />


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