La Primera Enmienda de la Constitución de los Estados Unidos ...

La Primera Enmienda de la Constitución de los Estados Unidos ...

La Primera Enmienda de la Constitución de los Estados Unidos ...


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Original “Uno” character created by HIP Advertising of Springfield, IL.<br />

©2006 Illinois First Amendment Center.<br />

Recipient acknowledges and agrees to be bound by the following terms: The<br />

Illinois First Amendment Center (IFAC) has <strong>de</strong>veloped this coloring book for use<br />

in the elementary gra<strong>de</strong>s and other educational settings. Recipient (“Licensee”)<br />

acknowledges that the IFAC owns the copyright to this coloring book. In<br />

consi<strong>de</strong>ration for Licensee’s use of this coloring book in c<strong>la</strong>ssrooms or other<br />

educational setting, the IFAC, as licensor, agrees to grand Licensee a non-exclusive<br />

license to the coloring book for the following uses, and only the following<br />

uses: To reproduce the coloring book in copies, the number of copies not<br />

to exceed the number of Licensee’s stu<strong>de</strong>nts enrolled in Licensee’s c<strong>la</strong>sses at<br />

any point in time; to distribute copies of the coloring book to stu<strong>de</strong>nts enrolled<br />

in Licensee’s c<strong>la</strong>sses; and to disp<strong>la</strong>y the coloring book or any parts thereof in<br />

Licensee’s c<strong>la</strong>ssroom(s) and on adjacent disp<strong>la</strong>ys, including hallways and bulletin<br />

boards. In consi<strong>de</strong>ration for receipt of this coloring book and the granting<br />

of the aforementioned license, Licensee agrees to the terms of said license,<br />

including the uses of the coloring book. Licensee acknowledges that any other<br />

use of the coloring book is prohibited un<strong>de</strong>r this license without prior approval<br />

of the IFAC. Any commercial use of this product is expressly prohibited, and<br />

any effort to distribute for a commercial purpose or gain is likewise expressly<br />

prohibited. Unauthorized use of this coloring book may be subject to civil and<br />

criminal prosecution and damages un<strong>de</strong>r the Copyright Act of 1976, 17 United<br />

States Co<strong>de</strong> Section 101 et seq.<br />

<strong>La</strong> <strong>Primera</strong> <strong>Enmienda</strong><br />

<strong>La</strong> <strong>Constitución</strong><br />

<strong>de</strong> <strong>los</strong> <strong>Estados</strong> <strong>Unidos</strong><br />

Este libro para colorear fue creado<br />

en co<strong>la</strong>boración con <strong>los</strong> siguientes<br />

maestros <strong>de</strong>l Distrito Esco<strong>la</strong>r<br />

Comunitario #15 <strong>de</strong> Williamsburg …<br />

Rashel Bayless<br />

Ange<strong>la</strong> Chamness<br />

Joyce Cooper<br />

Kelly Groth<br />

Amy Haugh<br />

<strong>La</strong>ura Kennedy<br />

Julie Kittilstad<br />

Bev <strong>La</strong>France<br />

Janis Lindsey<br />

Peggy Lipe<br />

Karin McCarthy<br />

Janet Mc<strong>La</strong>y<br />

Jennifer Meister<br />

Pam Seanle<br />

Barbara Sullivan<br />

Donna Wa<strong>de</strong><br />

Melissa Willing

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