Evaluation du Programme de Renforcement des Compétences et ...


Evaluation du Programme de Renforcement des Compétences et ...


management and administration.

Monitoring, reviews and evaluations form an integral part of establishing

sound partnership programmes. The evaluations are conducted by

external and independent consultants who have the sole responsibility for

drafting the reports and the conclusions. In most evaluations, consultants

are seconded by the DCHR project manager in charge of the programmes

together with local experts in order to ensure that relevant information is

retrieved, including non-documented communication. In addition, it is of

the utmost importance that the wealth of information that is gathered

during the evaluations, but which is not necessarily included in the

reports, remains with those who are responsible for the programmes.

DCHR intends to publish as many of the evaluations as possible.

However, evaluations which contain confidential information or which

are mainly administrative capacity assessments and do not focus on the

implementation of activities, will not be published.

The evaluations of DCHR’s partnership programmes have proven that

vision, planning, management, administration and profound

professionalism in the field of human rights are essential prerequisites for

performance and the ability to achieve results. In this respect, human

rights institutions do not differ from other institutions.

When considering the favourable evaluations, these programmes tend to

share a number of characteristics: i) ownership of the programmes is in

the hands of the partner institutions; ii) managers possess a high level of

integrity and professionalism and are committed to develop skills in the

fields of human rights and institution building; iii) the institutions are

developing proper administrative practices, including financial control;

iv) it is fairly impossible to raise funds locally; v) there is a high degree

of DCHR involvement and impact on the levels of institution building

and training in human rights standards; and vi) cooperation between state


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