Evaluation du Programme de Renforcement des Compétences et ...


Evaluation du Programme de Renforcement des Compétences et ...

About the Partners

The majority of the evaluator’s findings and recommendations were

consistent with the experience and lessons learned by all three project

partners: DCHR, ANDDH and FSEJ. Therefore, the new cooperation

phase has been elaborated and clearly shaped along many of the

recommendations of the review. The new programme targets the same

two Nigerien partners in many of the same fields as previously. However,

the focus of the cooperation with ANDDH during the new period is to

produce adequate training material for the 58 existing sections of the

organisation. This will enable the project to target some of the more

vulnerable groups of Nigerien society and taking more practical and

useable information into account. Moreover, the procedural aspects of the

cooperation have been carefully elaborated and enshrined in the new

project document and more weight has been given to DCHR’s presence

in the country by placing a Human Rights Officer in Niger for

approximately one year as of spring 2000.

Louise Krabbe Boserup

Project coordinator


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