Evaluation du Programme de Renforcement des Compétences et ...


Evaluation du Programme de Renforcement des Compétences et ...

Evaluations and Reviews of Partnership Programmes

The Danish Centre for Human Rights

No. 1. Mid-term Review 1995:

DITSHWANELO - Centre for Human Rights, Botswana

No. 2. Mid-term Evaluation 1996:

The Lega l Inform ation Cen tre, Estonia

No. 3. Mid-term Evaluation 1997:

The Lithu anian Centre for H uman Rights

No. 4. Mid-term Review 1998:

Rationalisation and Transformation of the Ministry of Justice,

South Africa

No. 5. Evaluations and Reviews 1998:

S Establishment of Human Rights Courses, University of Malawi

S Strengthening of the Ombudsman Institution, Malawi

S Strengthening of Human Rights NGOs, Malawi

No. 6. Evaluation 1998:

The African Co mmission on H uman and Peoples’ Rights

No. 7. Mid-term Review 1998:

The Uganda Human R ights Education and Docum entation Centre

No. 8. Programme Evaluation Report

Support to Human Rights and Democracy 1995 - 1999, Lesotho

No. 9. Review and Mid-term Evaluation 2000:

Programme de Renforcement des Compétences et des Capacités

Nigériennes en Matière de Droits de l’Homme.

The following evaluations and reviews are planned to be published in 2000:

• Final Evaluation 2000:

Human Rights Office Tuzla, Bosnia-Herzegovina.

• Review 2000

Albania Human Rights Sector Review, March 1999.

Evaluations and Reviews 2000:

S Esta blishin g a Huma n Rig hts R esource Centre in M alaw i.

S Strengthening of the Om budsma n Institution , Mala wi.

• Review 2000:

Faculty of Law and Legal Counsellors, Rwanda.

Evaluation 2000:

Human Rights Capacity Measures, Phase 1, Mozambique.

Evaluation 2000:

Strategic Planning for the Justice Sector in Guatemala.

Evaluation 2000:

Evaluation of DCHR Bi-annual Human Rights Courses.

Evaluation 2000:

Rev iew o f Child ren’s Righ ts Training in Nepal.

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