SENEGAL MALI Turquie ppt.pdf - Matrix

SENEGAL MALI Turquie ppt.pdf - Matrix

Senegal - Mali: New African Ports of Europe

Under the influence of the European migratory protectionism, Senegal and

Mali became, in the edge of the 2000s, spaces of convergence and\or transit

of the African candidates for the expatriation northward. Such an evolution is

the result of the politics of outsourcing the Schengen borders sanctioned by

the signature, under the pressure of the European Union, of agreements of

tighter control of traditional spaces of transit such as Northern Africa’s


By leaning on results of two fieldworks, the present communication aspires to

appreciate the short story look which profoundly modified the plan and the

modalities of the African western migration of the last five years.

Part one of the text analyzes the evolution of the international migratory

environment which led to the movement more in the South of the European

borders and the opening of new roads towards Europe;

Part two of the article tries to encircle the foundations of the craze always

more marked with the Africans for the international exodus and the wild

search for strategies of distortion structured around networks in perpetual


Finally, the third and last part of the paper estimates, thanks to the West

African experience, the euro-African policy of fight against irregular migration

to indicate its limits for a wholesome reorientation.

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