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+ In both cases, the following window will appear to allow you to change the IP address (or the NetBios name) of the machine selected. Use the CHECK button to check that the machine is accessible from your PC. + Click OK to save your change once you have entered the change. + Back in the PROPERTIES window, click the GENERAL tab then PRINT TEST PAGE. + Once the page is printed, click OK to close the window. 0$/)81&7,216 35,17,1* )81&7,21 '2(6 127 :25 + Check that the printing function has been enabled on the fax serving as printer. To use the printing function, you must use the installation keycard supplied with the LAN Driver product. + Check that the TCP/IP protocol appears in the network parameters for your network board. + Check that the fax is accessible from your PC via the local network: in a MSDOS COMMAND box under Windows 95/98/Me, or COMMANDS box under Windows NT4/2000/XP, enter the PING - 6 -

command followed by the IP address or the NetBIOS name of the fax (example: PING Validate using the Enter key. During execution of the command, the system will indicate if the fax is accessible or not from your PC. If not, check your network parameters or contact your network administrator. 7(&+1,&$/ &+$5$&7(5,67,&6 GDI printing usable with all applicatio ns compatible with Windows 95/98/Me/NT4/ 2000/XP. Function supervisable on PC and Network-sharable For the printing characteristics refer to th e User Manual of your Facsimile machine. - 7 -