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5(48,5(' &21),*85$7,216 To install and use the LAN Driver, regardless of the type of installation which you choose, you must have a PC running with Windows 95/98/Me/NT4 (service pack 5 minimum in this case) 2000 or XP. Your PC must be equipped with the following: Pentium 266 processor or higher. 64/64/64/128/ 128 or 128 Mbytes RAM. CD-ROM driver. 10 Mbytes HD space free for installation. • Network board on which you will have installed a TCP/IP protocol. For complete information on this subject, refer to the network parameters of your PC or contact your administrator. ,167$//$7,21 An installation keycard is supplied with the print driver to activate the network print function on the COLOR MF LAN or MF LAN machines. This card must be inserted in the fax prior to any printing from your PC. + If you have this type of machine, insert the installation keycard in the reader taking care that the chip is oriented as shown in the illustration below. ',5(&7 35,17,1* + Before performing an installation procedure, record the IP address (or NetBios name) of the fax which you wish to use as printer. To do so, print out the parameters of your fax (see user guide supplied with your machine). + Insert the print driver installation CD-ROM in your PC drive: the installation procedure is automatically run. If this is not the case on your PC, double-click the SETUP.EXE icon on the installation CD-ROM root to start the installation procedure. Remark: If your PC is operating under Windows NT 4, Windows 2000 or Windows XP, be sure you have administrator rights. If not, you will not be able to perform the installation procedure. - 2 -

+ In the window which appears, click the INSTALL button: + If the following window appears, click the button corresponding to your machine: FAX WITH B/W PRINTER, or FAX WITH COLOR PRINTER. + The following window is common to all machine types: in the PRINTER NAME field, you can keep the printer name proposed by default for the machine which you have installed, or you can enter another name. + In the HOST NAME OR IP ADDRESS field, enter the IP address (or NetBios name) of the fax which you recorded as indicated at the start of this section. + You can define this machine as default printer for your PC by ticking the corresponding box. - 3 - ,7$/,$12 (63$f2/ '87&+ '(876&+ )5$1d$,6 (1*/,6+

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Samsung Imprimante jet d'encre, 4-en-1, 7ppm - CJX-2000FW (CJX-2000FW/SEE ) - Installation Guide 4 MB, pdf, Anglais
Pour nous joindre : Tél. : 1-888-552-6467 poste 7515 Fax ... - Lumacell
Samsung Fax monochrome SF-760P (SF-760P/SEE ) - Manuel de l'utilisateur 7.27 MB, pdf, Anglais
Samsung ML-3051ND (ML-3051ND/SEE ) - Manuel de l'utilisateur 9.08 MB, pdf, Anglais
Samsung CLP-600 (CLP-600/SEE ) - Manuel de l'utilisateur 6.49 MB, PDF, Anglais
Samsung ML-3050 (ML-3050/SEE ) - Manuel de l'utilisateur 9.08 MB, pdf, Anglais
Samsung Imprimantes Laser Monochrome ML-2165 (ML-2165/SEE ) - Manuel de l'utilisateur 8.18 MB, pdf, Anglais
Samsung Imprimantes Laser Monochrome ML-2955DW (ML-2955DW/SEE ) - Manuel de l'utilisateur 29.21 MB, pdf, Anglais
Samsung ML-3561ND (ML-3561ND/SEE ) - Manuel de l'utilisateur 6.09 MB, pdf, Anglais
Samsung SL-M2022W Imprimante laser monochrome (20 ppm) (SL-M2022W/SEE ) - Manuel de l'utilisateur 21.21 MB, pdf, Anglais
Samsung CLP-550N (CLP-550N/SEE ) - Manuel de l'utilisateur 11.53 MB, pdf, Anglais
Samsung 28 ppm Imprimante laser mono ML-2950NDR (ML-2950NDR/SEE ) - Manuel de l'utilisateur 29.21 MB, pdf, Anglais
Samsung SL-M2070 Imprimante multifonction laser monochrome 3-en-1 (20 ppm) (SL-M2070/SEE ) - Manuel de l'utilisateur 36.61 MB, pdf, Anglais
Samsung SL-C460FW Imprimante multifonction laser couleur 4-en-1 (4/ 18 ppm) (SL-C460FW/SEE ) - Manuel de l'utilisateur 57.12 MB, pdf, Anglais
Samsung CLX-3305 Imprimante multifonction laser couleur 3-en-1 (18/ 4 ppm) (CLX-3305/SEE ) - Manuel de l'utilisateur 55.27 MB, pdf, Anglais
Samsung ML-2552W (ML-2552W/SEE ) - Manuel de l'utilisateur 7.75 MB, pdf, Anglais
Samsung SL-C1810W Imprimante Laser couleur (18/ 18 ppm) (SL-C1810W/SEE ) - Manuel de l'utilisateur 46.03 MB, pdf, Anglais
Samsung SL-C2620DW Imprimante Laser Couleur (26 ppm) (SL-C2620DW/SEE ) - Manuel de l'utilisateur 39.93 MB, pdf, Anglais
Samsung SCX-6345NJ (SCX-6345NJ/XEG ) - Manuel de l'utilisateur 10.48 MB, pdf, Anglais
Samsung 16ppm Multifonction laser mono SCX-4500W (SCX-4500W/SEE ) - Manuel de l'utilisateur 6.79 MB, pdf, Anglais
Samsung ML-2570 (ML-2570/SEE ) - Manuel de l'utilisateur 4.75 MB, pdf, Anglais
Samsung SCX-5330N (SCX-5330N/XEF ) - Manuel de l'utilisateur 8.21 MB, pdf, Anglais
Samsung ML-2251NP (ML-2251NP/SEE ) - Manuel de l'utilisateur 7.19 MB, pdf, Anglais
Samsung ML-2510 (ML-2510/SEE ) - Manuel de l'utilisateur 4.75 MB, pdf, Anglais
Samsung ML-2010 (ML-2010/SEE ) - Manuel de l'utilisateur 5.22 MB, pdf, Anglais