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+ Then confirm a series of windows, checking the proposed settings. Make sure that you choose the printer model included in your fax. Note: Your PC will be restarted at the end of the installation process. 8QGHU :LQGRZV 17 You must perform the installation with your fax turned on and connected to the ECP parallel port on your PC. + With your fax connected to your PC, turn on the fax machine and make sure it is not in standby mode (by pressing a key on the terminal keyboard, for example). Then turn on your PC. + Log on as the PC administrator. + Make sure that all other applications are closed, then insert the CD-ROM in the drive. + Start manually the installation program on SETUP.EXE (located in the root directory of the CD-ROM). + Then confirm a series of windows, checking the proposed settings. Make sure that you choose your printer model. )RU DOO LQVWDOODWLRQV You must restart your PC. Once the system has restarted, you can install the applications for editing pictures, optical character recognition (OCR), and fax transmission. + When installing OCR and imaging software, the installation program allows you to register with the software update information service. This service is not mandatory, and all of the product’s features remain available if you do not choose to register. You can register later if you wish, after the product has been installed. + When installing the Classic Phonetools application for sending/receiving faxes, choose "MF FAX MODEM" if your PC has more than one modem. Now you must run a few tests to make sure the product is working correctly. First make sure the fax is turned on and connected to your PC. + Click the START button and select SETTINGS, then PRINTERS, and check that the MF FAX printer appears in the list; - 21 -

+ Select MF FAX, click the right mouse button to display its properties, and ask to print a test page. + Click the START button and select PROGRAMS, then start the Monitor program in the PC MF- F@X Driver program group. If you print a test page on your fax, an animation should be displayed. 5(029,1* 7+( 62)7:$5( To delete all the components of the PC MF-F@X Driver software from your hard disk, click (START> PROGRAMS > PC MF-F@X DRIVER > SETUPAPP). Choose PC MF-F@X Driver from the list of installed programs, then click the ADD/REMOVE button. Confirm that you want to delete the software. )$; 683(59,6,21 The software you installed contains a fax supervision program called the Monitor that allows you to: check that your fax machin e is properly connected to your PC graphically to monitor the activity of your fax machine receive a warning when a problem occurs on your fax machine to monitor the status of your fax consumables from your PC To supervise the fax machine, start the MONITOR application located in the PC MF-F@X Driver PROGRAM GROUP, or double-click the icon located on the Quick Launch toolbar next to the clock. According to the fax model, a window is displayed showing the screen of your terminal: - 22 - disable and enable the link between your fax machine and your PC quickly access the image editing, OCR, and fax transmission applications. quickly access the print queue (63$f2/ '(876&+ (1*/,6+ )5$1d$,6 '87&+ ,7$/,$12

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